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Ep.93 Miranda "Fear the" Maverick

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebel girl, the show where we interview high level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that very taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl. And now let's talk about what's happening hot stuff, what is up all my naughty listeners, I guess I should say. And viewers, now we are officially on video. So if you're listening on the Spotify, Apple, whatever app you're listening to, there is a full video version. And you can check that out on our YouTube page. Always those links will be in the show notes. So check those out. All right, this is the part of the show where I give you an update with my life. And you know, I just been buckling down on yoga, podcasting, and all these other little things. And I'm at this point where I have so much good news to tell you but until the ink is dry, I can't say anything. So I should have some really great news for you next week. proud of us for switching over to video. You know, we're gonna be constantly probably switching sets and working out some things off and on. So bear with us. And over the weekend, I actually got a new CBD sponsor, so they will probably you'll probably hear a new ad in the very near future for true hemp and that's a CBD company. They're based out of Minnesota, went out there over the weekend and I met Pete the owner, and it's just a really, really great family environment. It was cold as balls but we had a good time. They did a lunch party at the call of brewery like shooting star brewery in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mr. Anthony Smith, who was also at the event and it was really fun to catch up with him. Man, that guy is doing big things. He's also you know, a UFC fighter but he's an analyst. I think he's working on the UFC tonight. So he's like the post show on the desk. And then he's also doing like Sirius XM Radio, and some other he has a podcast with Mike Bisping, like, you know, this show that you guys are about to see with Miranda Maverick. We talk about how fighters really need to focus on their life after fighting and you know, this guy Anthony Lionheart Smith. He's killing it right now. So shout out to him. What else did I do this weekend? Look at my notes. I had a girls trip in Vegas, but it wasn't like ooh, crazy shenanigans. To my girlfriend's now live out there. And I was gonna have a photoshoot with Juan Cardenas who is at Daiso, Mateus and on Instagram, really, really good boudoir and UFC photographer, so check him out. He's having an art exhibit on May 6 from 6pm to 11pm in Las Vegas. If you guys are gonna be out there, check it out. I will be out there. So maybe I'll see you there. And then actually one helped me do some sexy naughty pictures because I started a fan time site. If you guys want to check that out. It's basically an adult website with exclusive content. I know sounds crazy for you longtime listeners. And now viewers. I kept saying that I would never do that only because I am lazy but fan time has they're just doing everything for me. They're they're helping with the photographer's and the makeup and the location like fan time. Check it out. If you're thinking about creating an exclusive content site, they really are great. Mine is www. Ashley rebel Subscribe, like my pictures, do whatever. Before we start before we get talked about fights this weekend. I want to remind you please please please. It is a free way to help the show. Go rate us and review us on Apple iTunes. Spotify only has ratings but if you can just shoot over to Apple iTunes, you know, hey, the show is good. The show sucks. Whatever. It helps us move up in the charts. I'm not really sure what chart we are. I feel like we are sports, sex, comedy. What would you categorize us as all

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Today's guest is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the flyweight division of the UFC. She previously competed in the flyweight division of Invicta FC, and this farm raised fighter start grappling at just 16 years old. Now at 24 years old, she holds a 10 and for record, we talk about Wonder Woman aspirations dating to marry type A personality dating checklist, learning from others dating mistakes. Tinder one and done a looping on Thanksgiving, MMA over PhD and much more. Here is your guest, Miranda fear the maverick.

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We signed the green green sweater Swing, swing. Swing the spinning stone. You wear those shoes in that dress?

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Right. We're here with Miranda, fear the maverick. I'm super excited. Thank you for being on the show, girl. I'm really happy to be here. All right, so sex and violence. Let's jump right into the violence aspect. Do you have a fight coming up? If so, tell us what you can about it.

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Unfortunately, I don't have a fight coming up. But I've had a couple you know, mishaps in the last couple of weeks. I've been calling out Mollie McCann trying to fight her. I've kind of been told there's not really interest from that side to fight her unfortunately. And then I've also had a short notice fight offered to me, that would have been April 30. Against Courtney Casey, and she actually rejected me as an opponent. I don't even know if she's gotten another fill in. So that's been an interesting one, too. I was of the mindset where maybe I should be the one on the card then. And she could be a fill in for somebody. But that's how it goes.

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Wow, you know, I, I really didn't even know that was an option to you know, if your opponent falls out and they find you a replacement. I didn't know you could decline that replacement. I actually thought that in the contract. You kind of maybe need to go back and read our contracts. But I thought that if your opponent falls out, you can't really dispute whether or not you want to fight the new filan person, but maybe I'm wrong. And it seems like if I was in Cortney Casey's position, I would just be grateful that there was someone willing to step up. So all that hard work and sacrifice didn't go to waste. But

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think so you think you just want a paycheck at the end of the day, but at the same time, if you're already on the verge of thinking you might be cut or something along those lines, and you're worried about that opponent? I guess they think long term it might be the better decision for them.

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Yeah, and there's two ways of going about your fight career. Right. It's like that cowboy Cerrone, Artem Loeb off mindset. We just had him on the show where it's like, I will fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. But then that's obviously not always the smartest if you maybe are climbing up the ranks and it's in this type of situation where it's a last minute fill in and you spent months and months for a grappler but they're a badass striker. I totally get that. And I think I kind of have that personally had that meathead fighter mentality of like, Oh, you want to fight? Let's fucking fight you know, I don't care, you know? So maybe she's being smart. You know, I should be impartial here. We don't know the whole story, what she's got going on. But in my head, I'm like, She's scared. She's afraid to fight. You

Unknown Speaker 14:43
know, I feel too but you know, at the end of the day, I just wanted to fight and I wanted my paycheck. And now I have to wait a little longer, but it's one of those things where you're always told you'll have to wait a few months and you know, I could be called tomorrow and have a fight in two weeks. So I'm ready. That's the

Unknown Speaker 14:57
beautiful and shitty thing about ours. right where it's like, you got to stay on your toes, you got to stay ready. You know, you could it could look like you're not gonna fight for a while, like you said, and then all of a sudden, you know, you're on a card, you're making a paycheck and a lot of fighters. They think that short notice fights are a bad thing, but in my opinion, haven't really taken too many. But it helps me because I'm such I'm such a weirdo inside my head over analyzing overthinking, you know, just things that don't even matter. And it takes that away, it takes out of the equation, right? You don't have that time to stress out and overanalyze. So do you prefer short notice fights

Unknown Speaker 15:35
when you're leading up to eight week fights and all that and you're in camp it's always like I wish the fibers just right now when short notice is it basically is you're cutting weight and then you're in the cage. Next thing you know.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
Yeah. And that's that's also an issue probably why don't take short notice fights because I'm a large woman. And I need a lot of time to cut weight. So do you walk around kind of close to your weight class?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Used to not so do you mind if I tell about the first time we were supposed to meet in the cage?

Unknown Speaker 16:02
No, this is the point of the show. Yeah. And it's so relevant because Molly McCann was my opponent. Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 16:10
I wasn't even sure about that. I remember I got called and they were like, do you want to fight Ashley and I was like, I want to fight anybody. You're giving me a four fight contract in the UFC? Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
I will tell you, I'll tell let me tell the beginning of the story. You tell the end. So March 2020. I think it was like 1617. Somewhere around there. I flew over to London to fight Molly McCann, literally, me and Marvin Vittori only fighters that flew over there because everyone was weirded out. It was like, oh, no, the, you know, travel might be shut down any minute. But just like we were talking about earlier, I was like, anytime, anywhere. Let's fight. I want to get paid. And we flew over there, spent less than 12 hours in London, and then got a phone call saying travel bans are in place, come back to the US. So I come back to the US. I'm like munching down on my hummus wrapping on the plane just like, you know, just so hungry because I'm not at 25 Or let's face it. And then I land and I find out for my agent like, Hey, you just got to stay ready because they might have an opponent for you. They don't know who it might be on an Indian reservation. And then I find out that it's Miranda Maverick who I had not heard of at this point. I'm like, Let's fucking go. I don't know who this girl is. They're like she's from Invicta. She's kind of shorter than you. I'm like, and I was already preparing for Molly who's like five foot nothing. So it was gonna happen you and I were gonna fight and then just because fight Island wasn't a thing yet. And the world was fucking closing down. You and I didn't fight and you continue the rest of the story.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Yeah, basically, it was the first card cancel from COVID. I think Tyron Woodley was the head of the card, right the main event. And I was really excited because I had gotten several offers from the UFC in the past, but they were all like the one fight contract thing. Or it'd be like three days notice. And I'm fairly big to even though I'm short. But at the time I walked around at 145 and I like to think I was lean even then, after I got in the UFC, I started leaning down and just staying leaner. Now I walked in about 141 39 so that on a week and a half, notice I can cut weight. But at the time, I was a little bit heavier. But I remember I got called pretty short notice I think it was like a nine days or something like that to fight you. And I was like, Sure, let's do it. Then canceled. I think my next one was against marble Raya. And then of course, I had something happened then too and got all the way to Vegas and couldn't fight because of medical issues that I didn't have any clue about. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:43
it's, it's so wild game, you know, and this is like a fun, full circle situation that I'm in where I actually get to interview, you know, potential opponents, you know, because I'm not done fighting maybe. Let's face it, I'm probably never going to make flyweight again with these new titties and all this weight I've acquired over the time, but, you know, you never know what's going to happen. So it's pretty cool now and I wanted to ask you, even though you don't have a fight plan right now who you know besides Molly McCann, who are you eyeing

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Joanne Calderwood? I think we're what? I guess it is. Yeah. I called her out as well. I kind of said, you know, Molly McCann is the girl that I want to fight the most on this hype coming off of it. I don't think she deserves it and I'm ready to kind of shut that train down. But Joannes the next one on my list of who I'd want to fight if I got the chance to fight who I wanted. And I do take a lot of short notice fights. My last two fights have been you know, short notice. I've taken them at last one again it against Aaron Blanchfield. It was an off night for me. And then I beat Sabina Mazal this last time and I'd like to have a fight that I got to pick you know, instead of just being thrown in there last second, and or used for what what people want to say was Macy's stepping stool, you know, even though I think I won that fight, so yeah, JOANNE What is the one that I'm kind of I and now we'll see if that happens though.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Yeah, I feel you on that. It's like we said before, it's just a weird situation where you got to stay ready. And you know, I also think the UFC really appreciates taking short notice fights, it's almost like a you scratch our back will scratch your type of situation. And you and you always play game, you're always ready, always ready to fight and they appreciate that. So that will pay off regardless of your situation right now people run in from you are scared. I want to touch on your eyes situation. Because, you know, we don't really want to talk about these scary situations that make us realize that we're in a profession that can be taken away from us in an instant. And you know, even CTE, we don't talk about it. You know, it's just a newer sport. There's not a lot of studies that are out there for football, but not for us, and especially not on women. So your situation, I know you suffered some kind of eye damage, and you were told that you were never going to fight again. And fucking look at you now. So could you just kind of briefly tell us that situation? Yeah, of course. So

Unknown Speaker 21:06
that was in June 2020. When I got you know, my what was supposed to be my first fight finally signed the actual contract with the UFC. It was official got down to Vegas. I'm on my last day of weight cutting on Thursday. Well, actually, Wednesday is when I went and got my eye exam, because for Invicta, you don't have eye exams? Right? They say, can you read that line? And if the answer is yes, then you're good to go. All right. So UFC had all these medicals I had to do. I did as many as I could in Virginia before I flew out to Vegas, since it was so such short notice, I think, seven days or something like that. And so we're three days out from the fight, they have me booked an eye exam in Vegas, because it was the only one they could get me scheduled for, after I flew out, go into the doctor. And he's, he's pretty honest. He was like, Hey, I just got out of like ophthalmology school, I see something a little bit funny. And I'm not sure what to diagnose it as so I'm going to send you to an actual retina specialist. And I was like freaking out a little bit. And I was like, I need to pass this exam, like, write your name on the line, right? And so many things crossed your mind. You're like, do I bribe these people? And he was like, oh, it's probably not a big deal. It's probably just something genetic. Like somebody your age is not going to have the issue I think I'm seeing and I was like, What is you? And he's like, I don't know, just something with your retina was like, okay, but he sends me to a retina specialist. I don't get in until the next morning. And I think it's like 8am. Like they just opened when in there, especially for me in the UFC, called him set it up, go in. And this lady is looking at my retinas. And she's like, you don't make it all the sound. And I'm like, what does that mean? And she basically says, I can't clear you to fight. I'm instantly crying. I'm really upset. Because here's my dream, right? And I've gotten there. I'm right there, and I'm about to touch the tip of it. And then boom, I can't fight. And not only she says that, but she kind of like lets the news off as easy as she can. But she was like, we need to go into emergency surgery for you. If you fly back to Virginia, it's quite likely that you'll be blind. And I was like, what? And she was like, well, you're both your retinas are torn. And I was like, what does that mean? What do you mean both my retinas are torn, I can see just fine. And she was like not if you focus on your periphery, you have your retinas, both of them are torn, but it's in your peripheral vision. And if you fly on a plane, the pressure could cause you to rip them the rest of the way. And you'll basically be blind in both eyes, potentially. And I was like, what and so they're suggesting I stay in Vegas for three months, get the surgery I need to do and I definitely won't be fighting again. I will give credit to the UFC. They ended up paying for my surgery. I was very happy, very grateful for that. But I did end up flying out to Virginia. I just told him I didn't care. Like I'm not going to be in some strange place where it's expensive to stay around people I don't know. So I was debating either going to Missouri where my family was or back in Virginia, where my boyfriend who we had only been dating two and a half weeks at the time, who's now my husband was back there and still at school that I was doing and all that so I decided to go back to Virginia. I think that was June 22, something like that. I ended up getting my first retinas surgery scheduled for July 1, which is my birthday, ironically, and so my dad flies all the way from Missouri who's not a big person into traveling, right, but he flies all the way out there. For my birthday slash for my first eye surgery. They do it on my left eye first than they did the right eye a week later, and my mom came out for that one and took care of me. And it was crazy. I went to four different surgeons to figure out who could actually fix my eyes and who might let me fight again because they were nothing but gloom and doom. I was told by many that I wouldn't be able to do so many things. And this kind of gets into the other side of your show. So by one of them, they told me like you're not going to be able to do any athletic events because what we have to do is put an air bubble behind your eyes to keep your retina patched and this is As a surgery, mind you, that's usually for 80 year olds, right? Like, it's for these older people who don't really do physical activity or high strength things. But they're like, you can't do athletic activities, you probably can never be a mother. And if you do, you're gonna have to, like get the surgery all over again, because the pressure of childbirth will like, basically make you blind. And, you know, just so many things. And I was like, You're telling me I can't go on a farm and like live feed says, I can't do anything I enjoy doing with my life. And they told me computer screens would be bad for me, which is literally my job and school, you know, and this was during COVID. So what else are you supposed to be doing? Yeah. So it was very scary. And we went to I think our fourth surgeon, Pete drove me there. And she met me on a Sunday afternoon in her own office all by herself. And she was like, you know, I've done this on two children before, and I can do it on YouTube. It's an older surgery, but let's get it done. And so like, within two days, we had the surgery scheduled. And now I have two buckles on my eyes like to like these nylon buckles that are sewn on my eyes to basically keep me good.

Unknown Speaker 26:03
That's amazing. So I mean, I guess the moral of the story is, don't listen to the first doctor, that

Unknown Speaker 26:09
totally don't get that but also what you said like fighting can be over in an instant, and you already set it good. But I always tell everybody, if anything, it made me not take things for granted. Like this can be over and so quickly, all it takes is one injury, one anything so enjoy the ride and find other ways to make it you know, you're doing this podcast, I'm sure you're doing other things to fighters that unfortunately only have fighting going for them. It can be really not beneficial at all right? Again, it can hurt them in the long run, because they don't have anything else to do if they do get hurt or the career ends.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
Yeah, I mean, it's so corny. Right, but blessing in disguise, I guess you know, you start you appreciate the fact that you can fight and you appreciate the fact that you're a smart cookie, you've been going to school for years. Give us some of your accolades. I have it all written down. And you know, in the intro, I give you all your credit, but I don't want to misquote you.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
Oh, you're good. So I got my undergrad in psychology, sociology and during university moved out to Virginia, which is why I trained out there for so long for PhD program and Old Dominion University and industrial psychology ended up just getting my masters that's a whole nother story. But basically, they gave me an ultimatum to choose MMA or school and I decided obviously MMA, so I left the Ph. D program, getting half my masters. And now I work for Hershey, like the chocolate company as a contract statistician and do that nearly full time, 25 hours a week, and then obviously, train full time and do a lot of other things on the side. I love doing seminars and things of that nature and try to fill my time with that when I don't have a bite scheduled or non fightcamp. That's about it. Now I'm in Denver, Colorado training with the team elevation. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
And that's where Alex Hernandez is. Whoo. Alex did very long term

Unknown Speaker 28:10
with a lot of the guys so the girls kind of train separately from the guys now so really, the top ones like you know, Neil Magny or Neil Magny Yeah, just engaged Lee and a lot of them Nice

Unknown Speaker 28:24
Nice nice. Okay, well shit I just had to ask because I know you know you you went to school for quite a while but it feels like the universe continually is testing your love of Mixed Martial Arts. How bad do you want it you know your eyeball situation and now the the master's program and all that so way to stick to it you know you got to follow your heart whatever happens you don't look like it work for Hershey you know you look like it worked for Gatorade or something. You know, like granola bars. So you talked briefly about it? Let's segue right into your romantic situation. I usually ask each guest How do you identify check sexually and then also your current relationships relation ship status that I already know you're married and you know straight I'm assuming so tell us a little bit about you know all the mushy stuff How'd you guys meet we already know that you were two weeks in and you had a retina situation to deal with which he could have ran right he could have been like too much for me to deal with this girl's got her issues she's a fighter you know which sometimes scares guy away guys away in general. So yeah, like this guy must be a great guy ended up marrying him he stuck around

Unknown Speaker 29:35
it's actually a pretty good story and pretty wild. So I will go ahead and like tell the whole thing from the beginning. But I do you know you said it's a blessing in disguise I think for my relationship but also being was a blessing in disguise. Especially when he chose to basically stick around. I called him when I found out about my eyes failing basically and this is after I talked to my dad. He was the first one I talked to just see sitting on my bathroom floor in the hotel, just bawling my eyes out for like two hours straight. But I called Pete afterwards. And like I said, we hadn't been dating long at all, like weren't serious in the slightest. And I was like, hey, like, Listen, you know, I'm dating to marry, basically, you know, like, it's long term for me if I'm dating you. And if you don't want to stick around, I understand. Because I'm potentially going to go blind, right? I was like, I have no idea. There's high risk of the surgery, there's high risk of everything I'm doing right now. If you want to stick around, please do. But I'm going to be pretty hectic the next couple of weeks. So please ignore anything I say or do for the next little while. If I'm depressed or whatever, you already know. That's not who I am. But if you're going to leave leave now, so I don't have to deal with that pain afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 30:49
Wow. You gave him an out?

Unknown Speaker 30:50
I did. I did. Because you can ask him if he was on the show, too. But I've always been very blunt starting relationships, right. And part of it is I'm a professional fighter. You can't, like people will like you just for status at this point. Right? And so you have to like draw lines of where that is like, what's the truth in this relationship? And once you just liking me for who I am in public, and I've gone on dates, where it's like, oh, this is the profiler. And I'll be like, Sia, like, I'm not doing that game. Like I don't. You're not going to introduce me by my career. Yeah. Your friend. Yeah. Yeah. Don't introduce them by their career like, pizza. You know, a contractor. No, yeah. Yeah. So I actually met Pete based on basically a bet. kind of silly to tell. I had a friend back in Missouri, I was complaining to you about boys. And she was a female friend of mine from the gym that I used to teach years ago. And, and now we're just friends. And she was like, Well, you're the one that doesn't get out and do anything. Like all you do is put your head in a book and go to the gym and you refuse to date within your own gym. So what do you expect? I'm like, Well, I guess,

Unknown Speaker 32:01
to share what she you're like to Shay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
That's fair. That's fair. And I can't, I can't date my own students at school. So school isn't an option to date within there, either. Because of all the legal grounds. Yeah, well, they're my age or older, usually. And I was pretty young going through grad school. And so anyway, she was like, You need to start online dating that was like, Absolutely not. I once again, status as part of that, right. I was like, be some Invicta pro fighter and every guy in my gym or other gyms, like, see me on there and be like home, Miranda's, you know, free to date. Usually kept it pretty close to the vest. And she was like, fine. If you get submitted the night, you're starting a online dating profile, I'll even start one for you. And I was like, Alright, fine. I'm not gonna get submitted tonight. And I already knew my coach wasn't supposed to be like, at the gym and everything. And this is my old gym back in Missouri. And I went to visit and here pops in my coach. And he's like, Hey, Miranda, how are you? And I was like, What? What the heck, and I'm looking around and she's over there. giggling and I swear like they've never admitted it. But I think it was like all of back. Yes, setup, and got on my flight to Virginia. I thought maybe she'd forgotten about it. Because she hadn't said anything about it. We went to dinner, there was no mention of it. I left and I get a ping on my phone. As soon as I hop on the plane, I'm already boarded. And it has a username and a password. And I was like, Oh my goodness. I was like, all right. Which dating forum is it for? Right? Nothing and she's gonna be corny and make fun of me because I you know, I grew up on a farm and stuff. So it's gonna be like farmers. Maybe Christian Mingle, you know? Like, it's Tinder. Oh, no. That's like the high school hookup app. I was like, did you have to make it that one? Like, oh, you're fine. Like, it's gonna be fine. And I eventually, like work myself up to it. And I just start swiping and I'm like you. And the crazy thing is Pete was my first and only swipe. Really? Yep. And my only match and I actually messaged him, and I was like, you know, something corny, like, what's a guy like you doing on an app like this? You like returned it and we started a little conversation and I think it was the next day or two days later. We met on the beach for 30 minutes on May 31 of 2020. And yeah, we started talking and I told him I would have to leave pretty soon I was only gonna stay for 30 minutes. I bought dinner brought like Tropical Smoothie to the beach because I didn't want him to have something over me to where he was like, Well, I bought you dinner, you know? Like, nope, I bought dinner. Here you go. He met me. We ended up talking for like three hours on the beach. Set up a second date set up a third date went hiking did all kinds of things. I didn't meet my Friends to make sure he wasn't, you know, full of crap. Yeah, because I thought he was a joke. Like I told my best friend at the time, Heather. I was like, This guy is going to be a douche. But I promised I go on one date from this online dating app. We'll see how it goes. But I already know it's not

Unknown Speaker 35:16
gonna work. Why do you think it was? Okay?

Unknown Speaker 35:19
So the pictures are tender. All you got to do is Judge visuals, right? You don't have anything else. So it's like he's a military dude has a shirtless picture on file, has a motorcycle. He's as good looking as he is. And he's single on Tinder. Like, that never adds up to anything great, right? And I was like, This guy's all muscular. And Jim wrote out like, There's no way he's gonna have a huge ego, and definitely be intimidated by what I do. Yeah. And it wasn't super obvious what I did on my profile, she made it a bunch of pretty pictures of me, and was just like, I'm looking for a serious relationship. And don't ask, yes, I can beat you up. Like, that was, what the profile she was, um, and I met him and he was super introverted, like, super introverted. And I was like, this is weird. This is not matching what I imagined, you know, and super gentlemanly. Like, grew up homeschooled, which was kind of like, in my wheelhouse, like, my siblings were homeschooled. Super Christian, like, all these things that didn't match up. And I was like, All right, and he was Air Force, not Navy, which in Virginia always means a step up not to insult anyone in the Navy out there. But in the dating world, it's kind of unknown factor. Because they're always, you know, gone two weeks at a time or a month or a year. And, yeah, he ended up being Indiana two and a half weeks in, he met my dad who had never met a guy I was dating before. And Pete told me, the second guy ever have dated? My dad didn't know about him. It was okay, you know, but nothing, nothing special. He was like, he doesn't talk very well, you know, the conversation was a little rough. But he seems all right, you know, at least he looks like a man, you know, super super. And my mom liked him. But I think she'd like just about any of the guys that I would pick, you know, and it just slowly developed. And he proposed to me August of last year, we technically got married on Thanksgiving last year. But We eloped. And we're having our actual wedding October 1 of this year.

Unknown Speaker 37:20
Amazing. Well, exciting for the wedding that already happened, I guess. I don't know. Congratulations. But. So I want to backtrack a little bit. Because when you first started talking, you said, I told Pete write his name. I'm dating to marry. And I'm like, Okay, I hear that. And I'm assuming that you were like, 23 at the time. 20 to 22. And yeah, so I'm like, Who the hell at 22 years old is dating to marry? And I, you know, I'll let you explain that. But my first thought is, it doesn't have to do with your religion at all. And then kind of like a follow up question. Did you have a check sheet? We all have our own check sheet. Right? You know, he's funny, he's educated, you know, whatever. Some people it's like, you know, he cool car, you know, whatever your check sheet is, you know, he checks the boxes. So, explain just like why you wanted to date to marry at such a young age? And did Pete check all your boxes at first?

Unknown Speaker 38:19
Yeah, so several different ways to answer that one. Yes, I am a Christian I, I tried to stick to the whole you know, sex before marriage is bad, all that I'll be honest, that that didn't, you know, work out. And that's part of the reason we got married, when we did is like we both kind of felt I at least felt pretty guilty for my past and wanted to just kind of remedy that, you know, and be like, this is the person I want to be with. But at the beginning of dating, it was just I've seen all these girls already. I'm friends with a lot of older women and mature women. And I started you know, at the gym when I was 18. I saw how guys acted and talked around girls when they thought you were a bro, you know, and I was on a college wrestling team. And I'm like, Wow, you guys are dicks. And, you know, not every guy. A lot of them

Unknown Speaker 39:10
especially definitely college wrestlers.

Unknown Speaker 39:14
Like these super egotistical like not to put them all in a category, but in general, they're some of the more egotistical guys like they think they look good, a big strong, they're all manly, and I got to hear what they're saying about their girlfriends and all that behind the scenes like basically locker room talk and I was like, oh, like I don't want some guy talking about me that way someday and I don't want to be just sleeping around for that reason, you know, like the respect that I saw them lack and so many women and for myself and you know, Big Daddy's Girl, I don't hide that either. And I just think like, what would he want me to do? Yeah, yeah. And that and my religious base. I just always knew like, if I wanted to date somebody, then why just date them for fun when I could have fun with them and want to spend my rest To my life with him. Yeah. So that's what I kind of started looking for once I decided I wanted to date and I was late to that scene, you know, I waited until I got out of my house and could pay for my own bills before I acted like an adult. And sexually, you know, yeah. So when I moved to Virginia is the first time that I ever, like, dated at all and started like seeking that out, if that makes sense. Like, be like, Oh, that person's cute. Let me go on a date with them and see if I like it. And I was always super, like I said, blunt, like, I was the girl who went up and asked out the guys, I was never shy about that nonsense, like to meet the guys More than I agreed to go on dates with guys that asked me out. And yeah, so that's kind of just how I was started off. And I'd be like, are you willing to move from this location? Because I know, I don't want to live in this location. And they'd be like, what? And I'm like, well, just, I'm just curious. Like,

Unknown Speaker 40:55
are you get down to brass tacks, you know?

Unknown Speaker 40:58
Like, are you a Christian? Because if you're not a Christian, like, from my point of view, all my life values kind of align with my religious values. Yeah, right. Yeah. So based on that, and you could say what you will people like, oh, that's super judgmental, I'm like, can be whatever. But for me to be with me, it's kind of like got a match. That's such a big part of my life. That's who I am. Right? Just like any value. Maybe you don't like somebody with red hair. You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 41:22
if you are me, you know, perfect example. You and I are complete opposites. But we're also very similar, right? You're a Christian, I just know that I couldn't be with someone who had a strong faith, not because I think that there's anything wrong with that. That's just not what I believe. Why are you going to put two puzzle pieces that don't match together? And there's a large world out there? So like, I just asked the question about, like, dating to marry because I was confused, you know, my path, you know, my journey to love, you know, with my partner, I had, we call it the whole phase, you know, which traditionally young girls do heartbreak, you know, unfortunately, you learned through your female peers at the gym, kind of like, learn through their mistakes, right? So you knew what you wanted, you followed your faith, which is great. You know, it's like, if you know what you want at a young age, you know, save yourself the heartache and wasting of the time, you know, start your happy marriage with your significant other early so I'm so happy. It's it's really like a beautiful love story here. No, I love that, that during that hard time of your life, you found a partner who aligned with your, you know, morals and values and spirituality. And he didn't judge you based on the crazy profession you have chosen, which has happened to me a lot.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
And I don't know how you are, but I always thought I'd have to date somebody in martial arts. i There's no way.

Unknown Speaker 42:50
You know, that's a big question I asked, you know, because I'm always talking to female or male fighters. And it's like, the pros and cons of dating in the industry. Okay, obviously, you share the passion, you know, maybe if they're the same similar weight class, you guys can train together, you know, they understand what you're going through, but then vice versa. It's like, God damn, I don't always want to talk about fighting. You know, I don't I don't always want to see your goddamn face at the gym. You know, I need my own time. You know, I just want to focus and sometimes you love someone so much. Even if you love your sport. It's like, they're right here. You can't focus and you just need space. So there's, there's pros and cons. I can't say anything because I'll be biased. I'm dating a jujitsu black belt, but he's not a fighter. So

Unknown Speaker 43:38
and that does help. You know, I always thought I'd have to find somebody or find somebody it was in martial arts. And that's what I had always dated. He was my first non martial arts guy, I attempted to date. And I thought I would hate it. He literally didn't even know what MMA was, like, I had to explain it to him. It'd be like, this is the point. And I was surprised because military, like all the things that pointed to who he was, I thought he'd at least know what it was. But his brother knew, but he didn't really have any clue right? And almost loved it. Because he learned the journey through me. Yeah, he watched the fights before he watched anybody else's fights. Now he's started jujitsu, he comes to my fights and corners me not to coach me, of course, but like, just to be there as a support system. Usually, my dad takes that place. But when my dad can't make it, he'll come instead. Yeah. And, you know, it ended up working out that way. And I like that I'm able to come home and not have to talk about martial arts. I like that. Also, this is something for me personally, you know, as I guess, an independent woman and having a lot of dreams and goals, and I'm super ambitious throughout my life. I couldn't have another guy who was also the same level of that. Because if that were the case, it's always a struggle of whose dreams do we follow? Right? Who do we agree with this time? And for me, it's more of pizza supporting person in my life, who's like, Yeah, whatever. We'll move there. That's fine. Whatever you need for your career. I'm coming with you, instead of vice versa to where if he was like, well, I need to move to England for me, sorry, there's no gyms there. I would be like, oh my goodness, like my career's over now to where his is able to move around, and it works for both of us. And it just ended up perfect in that way.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
Yeah, that's your right. That's a weird thing that we also talk about how this sport is very selfish, right? We have chosen a career where if you don't fully commit training, you sleep eating, you know, you ain't gonna be successful. And it's not like we're playing volleyball, we're fighting, you know, for a lot more than money, you know, for our legacy and for our jobs, pretty much and, you know, family name, and whatever it is, right? But then it's like, for me, like, I'm my number one, attraction to a male is drive and ambition and work ethic, like, Damn, it turns me on. And I think that's kind of like, why I ended up dating my, my boyfriend, my partners, because it's like, even seeing them just like sweating and working hard and grinding. It's like, I love that value. So it's like, I thought I always had to be with someone and I am who has high ambitions and big dreams. And I actually got into a situation over the pandemic, where I thought that I might have to move to Texas because he wanted to open a gym there. And I had to ask myself that question, like, you know, if I don't go with him, I'm going to be, you know, saying no to love, because I knew I was with someone who I want to be with for the rest of my life. But if I did go I thought to myself, like, oh, shit, I've got to start all over find new gyms. You know, masala, I got as a massage sponsor here, just all the little intricacies that really make our fight camps run smooth, and I was just like, damn, and then long story short, we didn't have to move. So I understand what you mean. Because when you have a partner who is more of like the supporting role, as opposed to equal ambition and dreams, you don't run into those kinds of conflicts. But you know, it's just, I'd rather to have a partner who has ambition and you know, dreams as opposed to some of the other dudes I've dated in the past.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
Yeah, I hear what you mean. And so p when I say that, like, yes, separate ones that don't luckily interfere with what I'm doing, like his jobs. He'd rather work remotely anyway. Right? Okay. So contracting acquisition just so he can move anywhere, get any job, that's pretty dang good. And do well. And then he does lifting on the side. Like, you might have seen him on my Instagram and stuff. Like he looks like an athlete. If he ever comes to my fights, I get jealous, because they're always like, dude, what, what weight class are you in? And I'm like, It's me. I'm a fighter, right. But he looks like a fighter, but just because he lifts. And that's like his hobby. But luckily, it's something to where it's not so serious that he has to move for that. Yeah. And then, like, go to a certain gym. And one of my big things when I started dating is I was trying to buy land connected to my dad's property, I want to live on the family ranch when I get older and decide to have kids. And so I was like, This person has to be willing to basically move to Missouri. If they're not, then they're probably not going to be with me, or I'm not going to be very happy, at least right? I want my kids to have a grandfather and grandmother in their life. And that's, you know, my parents and to be able to have all this land to run on and have this privacy and all that. So that was important to me. And that's another reason I decided to get married early on, you know, is I wanted to have kids, I know I want to have kids and I don't want to be at an age to where a lot of risks start coming in, you know, and it's amazing how young you can be that they'll consider you a geriatric mother. I think it's what 32 Like, it's

Unknown Speaker 48:40
crazy. Yeah, I thought it was 35 Because I'm 34 They changed it. They changed us to make my day. Now I'm geriatric. I thought I had one more year.

Unknown Speaker 48:53
Maybe you do, you can just live with that. Just just run with that. But I always was like, I want to have these two kids, I better like start early on to where I can at least be done with my career and already have a very established relationship to where I know. That's what I want, right? Yeah, I'm trying to mess up, basically. So yeah, dating at the time that I knew I should. And I had a couple of relationships that didn't go as planned. Luckily, not serious enough to, I don't know, give me that sense of heartbreak too much like a lot of people go through. Yeah. So that's why I wanted to start so early in dating and married wise, I think it's a maturity thing more than it is an age thing, sometimes in different couples do it different ways. Like I learned from my mom and dad was too young, you know, they got married when they were 1819. And that didn't work out. You know, like, I'm still there involved in my life, but, and my dad, you know, supermom, and my mom supports too, but they didn't work out and I was like, oh, that's probably a little young to be able to decide what you want in life. And at that age, I was just starting college who wants to date another freshman in college, you know, and yeah, I'm forever you don't have your life figured out at all. You don't even know You're gonna be

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Yeah, well, all of that makes sense, you know. And that's one of the reasons I love having this podcast because I only have my own life experiences to draw from. And then I talked to someone like you who's, I'd say, pretty opposite end of the spectrum with a lot of things. And I'm like, Oh, that is one way you could do it didn't even really think about that. But, you know, you seem like a type A personality, just methodical, you know, and tell me if I'm wrong, but much so. Okay. And it sounds like you've got this timeline of how you want to live your life. And not everybody does that. But so far, you sound on fucking track like you. You're gonna finish out your career at whatever age you decide to. You're gonna start, you know, trying to have a baby, you'll have the baby, you know, like, good for you. My question, I guess, would be relating to kids and fighting. When do you want to hang it up? You know, for me, personally, I don't want children. I'm 34. I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna rock it till the wheels fall off. Can't be fighting at 40. But like, I got a few more good years. What kind of a type A Type A personality timeline do you have going for yourself?

Unknown Speaker 51:08
I got it all figured out? You do. So I am one of those that has the old granny books that I pull out during the day like you told me the podcast was gonna be this time. I'm like, check mark. All right, let me write this time down in my book, right. And I schedule every 30 minutes. I also like scheduled yearly plans through your plans for your plans, 10 year plans. And that's something where Pete and I are very opposite. Live the day the best you can and wake up again tomorrow. No, yeah. Lay him out for the next day. And that's who I am as a person. So the same way with kids. And the same with retirement and mind you that could all change based on how much I get a fight like I'm getting 200 300 grand a fight, I'm probably not going to hang up the gloves as soon because that's going to mean a lot for my future in the future. My children. Yeah. But you know, if I'm staying in, let's say, I stay in the top 510. And the last, like, you know, the next five, seven years, I'll probably be done at that point. Like, I would say, 30 is the latest I want to fight at this point, in my own mind. And I know that's not late. I know, that's not even a long time. But I started when I was 18, which a lot of people do. But I feel like I've got so many other opportunities in life that are so much easier on my on my body, like right now. And I don't say this to be boastful in any way. But right now, if I wanted to quit fighting, I could easily have a six figure job tomorrow, right with my degree and my job history with Hershey and just even in Hershey, I could probably just be like, Hi, I'm ready for a full time job. And we call it good. I mean, right now if I work full time, I'd have a six figure job. So it's one of those things where it'll become a weighing of do I want to keep beating up my body? Do I want to wait to have kids? I already have property and a house waiting for me? Or do you have a loving family already have my husband is ready to have kids like, Okay, time for me to decide what's the most important I've already achieved the goals that I set out to do in my career. Yeah, and for my Outlook, if I haven't achieved what I want to an MMA in the next five, six years, then what the hell am I doing? You have already made it this far right now. I'm already almost ranked like, surely I can get there by then. If not, I'll be pretty much past what I consider would be my prime anyway, for for when I started. Yeah, no, maybe not. Maybe it'll still be learning, hopefully. But yeah, that's something where it just becomes a priority matter in my mind,

Unknown Speaker 53:29
that all makes sense. And give yourself more credit. Not everybody starts at 18 You know, that's badass, you know, I know it you know, I started before you and so there were even less women at that time. I guess you're right. Like there's definitely a younger generation that starting early on, but you made it to the UFC at a young age very, like pretty fast. And you know, you're right, you can you can be in the UFC for another 567 years, but you got to think about what we you know, circle back to the eye problem, the CTE you know, like, and you're in a really good position, a rare position, I think, where you're not fighting for money, you know, you Yeah, the money is great, but you're not between a rock and a hard place. Like a lot of your fellow fighters and co workers are and there can be pros and cons with that right? Like literally hungry to fight you gotta win like that buyer comes out but then some people don't do well with that type of pressure and anxiety. So that must be nice to not have to worry about that.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
And to tell you the truth, like the whole hunger for it, I would almost argue and this is what I've argued before. It almost makes me fight better because I don't have to go in there with everything on my shoulder thinking if I fail and lose this fight my whole life is in shambles. Yeah, right? Yeah. And yeah, you could say it's a lot of pressure some people fight really well under that pressure. But then when you lose it just goes Yeah. blows you up. Yeah, so for me I'm like I'm gonna go out here risk it off. I'm losing around I'm gonna go even if I lose the fight it We'll be fine. So why do I care if we can go in there and put on a show? Yeah. And so I try to put on exciting fights, usually the only exciting non exciting ones are when I lose, you know, so unfortunately, like as they hold me or whatever ends up happening, but I think it gives me a freedom to go in there with more aggressiveness and more willingness to put on a show instead of just trying to go in there and not lose.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Yeah, and like I said, you know, it could go both ways. But I think all of us, if all of us fighters could choose, we would choose to be in the position that you're in because, you know, you just you adapt, you know, not everybody is as lucky or maybe smart, you know, with their money and you know, they didn't make all the right choices growing up, but, you know, we do what we can and I can't believe it's already getting close to the end of the show time. I have so much more You're so easy to talk to. But we're going to finish off with some fan questions. Is that okay, crossly.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
Awesome. Okay, we got at Shana scar 53. What's your routine the night before the fight? And do you have any crazy superstitions before the fight.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
I do not have any crazy superstitions really, I'm not like, you know, people are like, I can't see my opponent. I can't do that. Like, I don't have any really. And as far as patterns before fight day, I sleep a lot the day of weigh ins like I just pass out as soon as I get back to my room and I wake up like every three hours and I eat and drink and make sure that I'm completely fueled, you know, my dad makes fun of me, I'll have my alarm going off at like 1am 4am 7am. And then, yeah, I usually have dinner with whoever's there with me and my coaches, my dad, and then just pass out that night before and nothing really special. But then morning of the fight, I wake up, do a real quick shakeout, depending on the time of the fight, of course, depends on the time that I train, and then sleep some more, eat a little bit more. And before the fight, I always like to do a team prayer with everybody. And for me, that just helps my anxiety like from my religious view, I give all my anxiety to God, and trust him with anything that I'm not in control of which you know, in a fight, we're not in control of our lungs, you got to be confident and go in there knowing that you did everything you could to be ready for it. And that's pretty much it. Sometimes I'll read beforehand. And I'm one of those people that is super type A. So I always have to find something to keep my mind occupied. I don't care about like, watch a TV show, I never watch because I don't care about it, or find, you know, you can see my drawing stuff in the back. Like I'll draw some times just to like, entertain myself, whatever the case may

Unknown Speaker 57:48
be. Yeah, that in that the all that makes sense. I do similar situations. But I love being around all my teammates, and I'll go socialize with some of the other fighters not because it's like time to shoot the shit and socialize. But what's the other choice? Sit in your room and think about the fight the impending situation fair.

Unknown Speaker 58:08
I've only fought in COVID environments except for once. So I just go in my room and sit there usually. That's true.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Yeah, cuz you can't really socialize. But God, it's so nice to not have that situation. I'm very grateful that we had the opportunity to fight but fighting at the apex with nobody there was so weird, and I hope I never have to do that. You know, if, if it's no fight at all, and that I'll take that, but I love the crowd. Like it's, you know, okay, so let's moving on. You're so easy to talk to at Zacky B, what is the most? Real quick? At Zacky? B? What is the most sexually appealing characteristic that is in your partner?

Unknown Speaker 58:53
Hmm, sexually appealing. I mean, for me, and this is super superficial of me, you know, but probably just the muscular guy and could probably stand on his own if I tried to beat him up, you know, and for me, being you know, we're dominant people were able to do our sport very well. And I've never been able to be around somebody that I'm like, Yeah, I could probably just break them in half like a toothpick if I wanted to. I want to feel safe around that person. So like the size the muscles have always been like, something I'm very attracted to. Yep, yep,

Unknown Speaker 59:25
totally agree. I you know, one thing I was gonna ask you earlier, we got off on a tangent. You said something about you get a little jealous when during fight week because he's like buff, and they're like, oh, what? You know who you fighting? Then it made me think I'm like, Are you a jealous person in general? Let's say it was a girl. You know, like, Oh, hey, like, you know She's flirting with him. Are you a jealous person?

Unknown Speaker 59:46
I am. person but it's one of those things where I have enough reasoning and logic to where I never get mad at the girl like I would get mad at Pete if he reacted poorly to it. Yeah, yo, like, it's one thing to be nice and like people will come To me, the prior girlfriends, right and there'll be flirty, whatever. They'll be like, hey, like, this is my girlfriend like chill? Or if it's somebody who doesn't know, and they're like, Wow, you look really good. And he's like, Thanks, I appreciate it and moves on. Like, I don't care. I don't care at all. But if it's like messaging, or like, this girl's just getting all over him, and he's kind of flirty back, I'm like, No, that doesn't fly with me. You know? Like, I'll tell a little story that he may not want me to. But at the beginning of our relationship, he asked me like, a couple of weeks, and he was like, Are we exclusive? And for me, and my background, I was like, I looked at you were exclusive. That's how that works. You know, in today's day and age, and him being military and all that I was like, okay, that's actually a legitimate question, even though I'm mad about it. But yes, we are like We've kissed we're freaking exclusive. Right? And he was like, sorry, I didn't know. I'm legitimately asking, you know, and so we've gotten past that, but it's just, you know, it's kind of things that you have to communicate and I was happy that he did instead of just assuming we weren't and doing whatever you wanted.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
That's exactly what I was gonna say you got a good one girl because I would say, statistically, most men would be like, she didn't say we're exclusive. You definitely gotta go. Okay, moving on. Davonne underscore DC. What's the transition like from Norfolk, Virginia, to mile high, Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
I love it. I love it here in Colorado, everyone's active, everybody's energetic. You know, you see people walking, riding bikes, taking the dogs like, or skiing or whatever that activity is. Tons of people go into the gym all the time. And so that alone makes me happy because all these motivated people around you, too. And then of course, like the beauty here, like there's not a better place on earth hardly. That has as much nature here. You can just go out for hikes wherever you want all the time. Love that. And also, like the people out here, more Midwest style, which is kind of what I grew up in. So I enjoy that too. Like, even though you're in a city, it's almost a country feel if you're not right in the city. Plus, I'm closer to home. I'm like, only 10 hours away from home instead of what like 26. So that's been nice. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
awesome. Okay, we got at Shayla underscore ran, how do you deal? How do you and your man deal with being apart so much while you're traveling?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
A lot of times I bring him with me. So other times, it is hard on us like that's when we have our hardest issues and will get little spats about nothing, right? Well, I'll be like, I feel lonely, even when you're around, you know, whatever the case may be. And it'll just be like back and forth. Sometimes it's like him feeling like he's not getting enough attention, or he's not a priority in my life. Because a lot of times, you know, right after my fight, I've been gone a weekend, like five weekends in a row, I think to teach seminars and stuff. Now mind you, like I would throw back at him like you could have came with me, you know, but you didn't so and so it became just a challenge, and especially five weeks when I'm gone for six days, and he's not there six, seven days, that that becomes hard. But overall, we just get through it. And it almost helps once we get back. It's like we want to be around each other even more.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Oh, yeah, I feel the same way. Me and my partner spent the whole pandemic together. And, you know, we just, we had a lot of time together. And then he ended up getting a job where he was flying to the Midwest consistently, like, you know, once or twice a weekend, or once or twice a month. And I realized I'm like, Man, you literally need time to miss that person. You know, it just creates a bond for sure. Definitely

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
does create like a different scenario, though. Like, I'm lucky that pandemic happened in terms of my relationship, because he probably wouldn't have ever been with me because of my crazy schedule. And it gave us time to just, I didn't know my work and the gym was closed for like two months, the first couple of months we were dating and it just was perfect for us because we got to spend day in day out with each other. And by the time things got back into session, he was kind of used to it and used to my pattern wife, which was nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
Yeah, most things in life are all about timing and relationships are no different. Right? Yeah, I was a fucking wild girl for a majority of my life. And then as soon as I was like, that's it. I don't want to live my life like that anymore. My partner came into my life and I'm like, literally, if you came in anytime before that, it would have not worked out. Right? Okay, we got at she fights to media. If you could avenge only one loss in your MMA career, but avenging this loss will end your opponent's career. Ouch. Which loss would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
Dana's kind of crane. I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
know. I was like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
I mean, oh, that's a really hard one. I'm trying to think of my losses. So three out of my four losses have into their career. So it was kind of like choose one of them. Because they're already done, right? Yeah, true. So Samantha girl, and I'll just do that because of the way she talked afterwards. Or were Heather Joe Clark. Not Joe Clark. I'm sorry, not Heather Joe Clark, Heather Walker. He was like the same dash Yeah, he's gonna do that and be like, wow Heather Walker Leahy back in DC like her and her wife were like on Facebook Live shit talking me calling me every name in the book. I've never even met these people before we were fighting at 135 I stepped up to fight her. And like it was a fairly short notice and I was like trying to come back from a loss. Oh wait, they said I had to have lost against them. Yeah. Well, nevermind. Samantha Gilleland was my amateur loss. It was my only amateur loss and she ended up saying she was using me as a stepping stone to turn pro and then she never even turned pro. Oh, she kind of frustrated me. And I was like, wow. So she's here in Colorado, which is the crazy part.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
Well, look, look everything. Look at everything you've done with your career so far, so I'd say you won realistically. The same person at she fights to media these people always have the best questions. Yeah. Name your dream dinner immediately after winning a UFC Flyweight Championship title.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
Woof my dream. What dinner? What food? Oh, cool. I can spend whatever money I like. Yeah. I probably just go somewhere and literally find like the best ice cream and desserts on the planet. I don't even care about dinner. Maybe nice sushi. And then a bunch of chocolate ice cream.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
Are you a chocolate girl? I mean, you work at Hershey. I know. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
love ice cream. I love chocolate. Cheese all the desserts. Like I could live on desserts if I was allowed, but Texas Roadhouse is also like my place to go. So like that, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:39
I'm not surprised by that answer. Last question for you fan questions. Same person at she fights to media name three celebrities that you would love to switch places with for 48 hours. Oh, wow. random questions, right. They're kind of fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
They are kind of fun. I got to think about some of them. GSP it would have been cool to be him. I wonder if we could have switched places like certain times in their life, but like right after he wasn't? Yeah, something like that. Let's see another one. And I'm just so bad at female celebrities probably Ronda Rousey just because the whole WWE experience when I was young, she was definitely a role model. Because, you know, she basically was a pioneer for women's MMA no matter what anybody wants to say bad about her. No, like, I may not respect her as a person as much as I do a fighter but she really started the trend for everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Yeah, you gotta give credit where credit is due regardless of someone's morals or ethics. You know, it's like thank you for paving the way could have done or done it a little more nicer and graceful way. But if I get Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
exactly. And then I don't know. That's so hard. Can we pick fictional? All right, sure. Wonder Woman. Love to have some hours one day. Those are my own, but it's not that easy.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
Those are great answers, girl. And then my last question, I always ask the guest who would you like to hear next? If you could pick here on sex and violence of the rebel girl doo doo doo, doo.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13
I'd be curious about Kay Hanson especially now, you know, she's been cut and all that she's had a lot of changes through her life. You know, I would even and she can be insulted by this if she wants but I would venture to say she had more of my like thoughts on relationship and like religious views and conservative views, if you want to say that. And then like had the whole like split with her dad and stuff and kind of almost went the other direction I'd say you know, all the way down to like only fans and stuff like that. I just like to hear like kind of her views on stuff and like, where she kind of like changed her realm of thinking and lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
That's a really interesting thing to point out. I don't know too much about her background. But yeah, you're right now that I realized that I'm like, she did kind of make a jelly from the you know, social media perspective. You know, we don't know someone's personal situation you know, but from the outside looking in, you're right. And she did she does seem to have taken a different turn with the way that she represents herself and goes about our lives. So yeah, thanks for that. That's a good recommendation for sure. So we know you don't have a fight booked right now otherwise, I'd say you know Don't forget to tune in to Miranda's fight but you know, where can we follow you on social media, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever you have. I'm assuming you don't have an only fans. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
But Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it's all at fear the maverick pretty simple to find me there. I have my own website for the maverick dotnet and I'm actually working on strike setting up my own striking system Maverick striking system for like, boxing gyms and stuff like that to take in. sort of throw it out there for the very first time. Is that good enough now, and you know only fans is an interesting topic because I know they aren't just what they were like no Before back then like, I know, they're sponsoring some guy fighters now. And like they're asking them to only post like training gear and stuff. And it's like a legitimate sponsorship and stuff. And I'm like, that'd be cool if it. And for me, like if it weren't for the reputation that kind of comes with stigma, right, I would be willing to do that. But the second util, let's say, my manager at Hershey, I'm on only fans, they're like,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Well, you know, not to promote because they're not paying me but I have a similar platform, it's called Fan time, and it doesn't have the same adult content stigma, and you can use it G all the way to triple X, you know, and then somewhere in between and so, you know, I've talked to plenty of fighters, males and females about what they have on their platform, how it's helped them, you know, even you, you know, I can see you getting a fan time using it for him on the farm, you know, like different it doesn't even matter.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
Like, I would love to do it and put training videos and all kinds of things on there. Yeah, I'm about my left that are just not on Instagram, where I post separately, but it's just the stigma, right? With only fans, but maybe another one of those is something to look into.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
I recommend fan time for sure. Because all it is is exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else. You know, just like you said, Okay, Twitter, whatever, you know, but it's just, you know, maybe it's an intellectual conversation, answering all the questions. You got so many fan questions. I want to let you know you have a really good strong supportive fan base and you know, one or two pervs but that's okay. All right, well, I just want to thank you one last time this has been a really awesome conversation. I know people are gonna be like where's the sex talk but you know what? I'm always grateful for my guests coming on because we all have different comfortability levels right? And what we're willing to talk about and you've really opened up about, you know, your physical situation, your your relationship, your marriage to your husband and kind of like the pros and cons of dating to marry. My mind is blown. Thank you so much. I learned a lot and you know, it's just this is the beautiful thing about podcasting where I can find out about a Christian married 24 year old you know, me plugins swinger 34 year old over here.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
So thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I have fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
I'll talk to you soon. I'm looking forward to your next fight. I hope you get that Molly McCann fight just because I think that would be a banger. I really do you know, or Joanne Calderwood whatever. All right, I'll be rooting for you. All right, thank you Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
You need me call me no matter where you are. No matter how common name I'll be there in a hurry. You don't have to remember that I set you free and told you you can always count on me I'll be there when you need some ways somehow.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
That's it guys. We are finally getting close to 100 episodes. You know, I think I have a guest but I don't want to jinx myself. It's gonna be a good one. Thank you so much for tuning in. Next week. We are talking to Sheree ERISA. The Her nickname is the BK FC sweetheart Segalla. She's a bare knuckle boxer who is looking to climb the stacked flyweight rankings. I feel like we've had almost the entire division on Pearl Taylor Star League. Yeah, we're gonna start matchmaking for Bare Knuckle FC flyweight division, so we're adding Sharifa to the list. I'm really excited to have her on she really does personality wise seem like a sweetheart, but a badass you know. So. All the fun stuff I want to remind you about please go check out our website www sex violence with rebel Buy some merch when you do, you're automatically entered into our signed UFC glove giveaway. The more merch you buy, the more times you are entered. You can email us always sex and violence for whatever it is a guest suggestion. If you want to hear more about certain topics, relationships, dating, sex, whatever it is, or if you want to sponsor the show, now would be the time to do Do it. Thank you guys as very special thank you to our audio engineer. You can find him on Instagram at DJ Zol. Tomorrow kids studio where this is happening and it's at tomorrow kids official, our amazing videographer, Judas, find him at curious Judas. And again, you can always find myself at Ashley MMA, and the podcast account is at sex and violence with rebel girl on Instagram. Don't forget to follow our backup account at sex and violence with rebel girl number two at the end. That's it guys. What do I say every week? Be kind, be grateful. But don't fix it for 30 days next week.

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