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Ep.95 Emily "Spitfire" Whitmire

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Sex and violence you guys, welcome back to sex environmental rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance in that way to have the subject. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl. Evans-Smith. Let's talk about sex and violence what's happening? Hot stuff.

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What's up monatti listeners, we are back with another episode. I'm really excited. We've had some great guests. This past few months. We're getting close to Episode 100. I'm going to tell you some great news. I know I keep teasing that but it's coming. It's coming. And so it just feels like all this hard work. I've been putting in the last you know, oh, gosh, I think our two year birthdays coming up. So on May 21. So Right. Right around the corner. Yeah. And, you know, good shifts happening. So with that said, I just want to tell you guys a few things. Some housekeeping things before we get to fight talk. And before we get to our amazing guests today. So congratulations to Richie E. Well, lol. barbero, Richie from its Des Moines, Iowa. You are the winner of this signed UFC glove. You bought a sex and violence with rebel girl t shirt from the website sex violence with rebel And you were automatically entered into the sign UFC glove giveaway and you have won my man so I already mailed out a few days ago should be coming any day now. So expect that Richie, I did not get your Instagram so I I don't know if you're gonna listen to this, but you will get that glove. And all of you out there who were hoping that you were going to win the glove or maybe you just bought merch. Thank you so much. We appreciate it every t shirt every mug, every phone case that we sell just goes back into money for the studio and eventually what we've been working on the past couple of weeks, especially full video, so thank you for supporting us we will continue to do giveaways. If you don't want a glove. Maybe you want something else you can let me know. Always available is our email sex and violence. Tell me you know Ashley, we don't want to find UFC glove. We want a t shirt or we want a poster or some other crap something else. And if you guys have any companies or brands that you want to put on the podcast, we are accepting sponsors. And yeah, just write me an email if you want. Other than that some good news. If you are a consistent listener you heard last week I got a new job preparing Oh yeah, something else that's really good. And I will be the official backstage interviewer for up next fighting that is a brand new local promotion here in Orange County. The promoter George was originally working with lights out LX F if you're familiar with that promotion. So it's not like promotion that doesn't know what the know what the heck they're doing. I see great things happening for this promotion in the future. It's always good when there's another new local MMA promotion. It's good for everybody. It's good for the fighters, coaches and everybody involved in the mixed martial arts community. So I'm very proud to be an official part of their team. I'll be interviewing and talking to the fighters just like I do on this podcast. But instead of talking about butts, Duff's and blow jobs we'll be talking about, you know how they felt in the fight did the fight go the way they wanted, you know, those normal post fight interviews, if you want to check them out, they are up next fighting. Their website is up next Instagram and Twitter are the same it's at up next fighting and the first show hashtag the beginning is May 1 at the Burbank Marriott I'll be there. Hopefully see you guys there. I know that tickets are actually already sold out. But there are a few reserved seats left if you're looking to get fancy and get a table or something like that. So check them out. Up next. Something else I got going on. pulled the trigger a few weeks ago started doing sexy photo shoots if you guys want to check out the exclu some content adult content that I wouldn't be putting on Instagram. You can go to my website that's www. Ashley rebel That's not for the kiddies. So yeah, check that out. And as always, we would really love it if you could please rate and review the show. It just helps us out helps more people discover the show. The more downloads, the more listens, the more monies we get, which means like I said before, we can put more money into creating full video podcasts for you guys because I don't know Do you want to see my face? I don't even know if you do but we're working on it. Alright, let's talk about the fights. The fights tomorrow are pretty fucking epic. I know I say they're great every weekend but this card is ridiculous. The UFC is set to take place tomorrow at the footprint center in Phoenix, Arizona and two titles will be on the line. In the main event of USC 274 lightweight champion Charles Olivera defends his belt against former interim champ just engaging in a fight that has virtually zero chance of being boring, boring. As the CO main event we have rose nama Yunus, who lost a Carlos Barza, our hometown girl here in Orange County for you the inaugural strawweight title back in 2015. And now she gets a chance to avenge that loss. Can Carla get the title back? I say yes, I would put money on that. But that's just my opinion. And the featured non title bow is Michael Chandler versus Tony Ferguson. And they're set for what could probably be a legendary three round contest. The former pride and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Marisa Hua rematches Obon St. Prue and a fan favorite veterans, Donald Cerrone and Joe lows on kick off the main card. That card the main card is stacked That's crazy. That's like I would pay just to watch that. It's amazing it's amazing and then listen to this the the prelim card is is just as badass you've got, you know, less less seasoned fighters but exciting fighters. Okay, we got Randy Brown versus chaos Williams Macy chessell versus Norma Dumas. Those are two fun names. Brandon Roy vol versus Matt Schnell, blog boy Ivanoff I had to practice that one, don't me. I did good guys. Versus Marcos Rodrigo de Lima. We got Francisco trinaldo vs. Danny hot chocolate Roberts. I liked that nickname.

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Tracy Cortez versus Melissa Gato. Klay Thompson Rodriguez versus CJ Vergara are Jani Karna lossy versus loopy Godinez journey Newsome versus Ferny Garcia and finally starting off the entire card Andre V. Harlow versus Cameron VanCamp. Shout out to one Cardenas who sent me some a fighter pronunciations, so I can stop disrespecting these badass athletes every every week by butchering their names. Like I said before we can all be John Anik and be perfect. All right, let's get to our guests. I'm so excited guys. Okay, and I say guys, not the girls. Sorry, ladies, this one's not for you. This one is for all my listeners with some whiskers. You know, like mutton chops, a goatee? Mustache? A filament? No, no one has full men shoes anymore. But about like a side beard or a neck beard or just a good old fashion. You know, face beard. This is for you guys. We are now in partnership with the best facial hair oil in the business. And they're called Rebel apothecary how fitting is that is perfect, right? We didn't even plan that these guys are the best. They're the best beard oil in the game. And they I know this because not because I have a beard. But I know many hairy men jujitsu guys, MMA fighters, and I've given this product to them. And they said it's great. It keeps your face maintained. And it smells good to guys. Please check them out. They are a family owned and operated business. And you can use our discount code rebel to get 25% off your entire order. Find them on Instagram at rebel dot apothecary or online at rebel Check them out rebel apothecary beard oil. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you were meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best, perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed, pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports TM, again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. TM choose perfect sports be great. Today's guest is an American mixed martial artist who currently competes in the strawweight division. She had previously competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and RFA. This Las Vegas based fighter also participated in the Ultimate Fighter 26 at flyweight and was born in Portland, Oregon, and grew up in waa schugel. We talk about smoking with Snoop Dogg, Sean Strickland's dirty fan question. Losing virginity twice in one night. Micro dosing mushrooms being a nose person. Anti manscaping oral give and take and much more. Here's your guest Emily Spitfire wittmeyer. This fall for two? Yes, oh, it is to sit down and get a kick back, relax. Make sure that God just back down Mophie

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Okay, we're here. I'm so excited. We have Emily. Spitfire. Super cool name wittmeyer. Thanks for being on the show. Girl. How are you?

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I'm doing really good. Thanks for having me. I'm super excited to do this. A little nervous. But I'm excited.

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You know, it's funny, because I've had a few people say that it's usually the ladies who just don't want to be perceived as a certain way, you know, but each time that someone's told me, they were nervous. They've always DM me later and been like, wow, that was like, very freeing, and I got to showcase a part of myself that I don't normally get to. So I hope that that's the case and this is fun for you.

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Yeah, I think you shared a quote on your story the other day where it's a shame dies in a safe space. So it's stories are told in safe places. Yeah, and I love that and I think that's like such a good motto for this podcast and like, really breaks like that, like, you know, talking about sex and like it'd be like taboo bad

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or Yeah, I love that. Okay, well, let's get right into it. I'll let's talk about the violence aspect of sex and violence first. I know you were in the UFC. I know. Actually, I don't even know if you're a straw weight or a flyweight? Since you were on the Ultimate Fighter 26 as a flyweight, but it seems like you are naturally a straightaway.

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Yeah, I think so I walk around around 130 pounds. So when I find that 25 I don't really cut any weight. But I am a lean 130 So getting to that 115 isn't always like it's not horrible, but it's not like fun, you know, like I'm not eating treats and you know, delicious things along the way. And so like I have to be really strict with my diet. So I'm, I'm in between, I wish there was a 120 class.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
Okay, well, you know, let's get it out of the way early. It's kind of for me, I think I have more anxiety talking about it than you do. We had a pre episode call but you were with the UFC for a while and then you were released. I forget the date, but um, how has it been a year?

Unknown Speaker 15:03
I'm not part of your it's I think around like six months, my last fight with the EEOC was, I think, the end of September or somewhere in there. I'm bad with that date, I've kind of tried to link it up. But yeah, I found out my Ultimate Fighter contract. So I'm really thankful I got to do that I did set the fastest strawweight submission, and no one's broke it still, you know. So I did some really cool things. And I just kind of let my personal life while I was in the UFC get kind of really messy. And it was just really hard to compete at such a high level when I was dealing with so much like on the back end. And my goal is to win some fights outside of the UFC and get back in there, because I still have that like hunger to show like, what I'm made of, and like, my skills have gotten so much better, even in this last like six months. You know, like, I feel like I'm in a really like, big growth stage right now where everything's just kind of clicking and coming together. And so I'm hoping I get to like rewrite my story a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Yeah, I mean, you're only 30. And it really would only take a few wins on a different promotion, you know, Invicta fury, any other one. And they want, you know, women like you who have already proved yourself, they want to give you another opportunity. So I can see you working yourself back to that for sure. We haven't got a chance to talk to someone who's been released on this show. And, you know, I asked you beforehand, I'm like a touchy subject. But, you know, could you share with us like, the initial thoughts? For me, I'm a big old cry, baby. I'm just so emotional. And I just know, I would not take it well. But you know, what was it like for you? And how did you kind of, if you did get into any kind of depression, or sadness, how did you pull yourself out of that,

Unknown Speaker 16:49
I think I just really had to, like, decide my perspective on it, you know, and so, going into the fight, I knew that I was in a situation where I had to win, otherwise, they obviously weren't gonna give me a new contract. And so I think leading up to it, I had so much like, kind of anxiety about that, that it was kind of taking a lot of the fun out of it for me. And it was just this, like, you know, so much pressure on not only performing, but also, you know, getting a new contract, and like proving my x wrong, and like, you know, what I mean, like all of this stuff on the back end, where it just wasn't about going out there and being an athlete. And so it just kind of, I almost like, don't want to say I'm glad that it happened this way. But I think my first round in the UFC got so tied to a certain part of my life, that I just kind of wanted to shut out. And now I just want to redo it. So after the fight, I went home to the Pacific Northwest, and I kind of was in a spot where, like, maybe I should move home and be around my grandparents. And, you know, like, I don't know how much longer they're gonna be here. And then like, within a week of being up there, I was, like, no, like, this is not what I want. And so I think that, like, I really had the opportunity where like, I was at this crossroad, like, either I could be done with it, and ride off into the sunset and, you know, hide away or whatever, or I could, you know, face the music work hard, and like, you know, come back and like, so that's kind of what the road that I'm taking. And I just, I don't think is the end for me, like, every time I've like, felt like it was like, there's like a feeling I have inside where I just know that there's more for me out there. And I just have to keep doing what I was doing and working hard and getting better and keeping a positive perspective. Like, realizing I was on the Ultimate Fighter I did set of, you know, a record, I did really, you know, I did do awesome things. And then I think my fights that I lost, like, you can just really see in my performance, like I just didn't show up, like you could just, you could tell you know, and so I think there's something to be said about that, you know, like I just have to work on that, like personally and not letting like outside things affects, you know, my fighting so much. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 18:59
think that's a great point of view. That's a great outlook, and you are still in a really good position, I do think that you made an impact you made your mark. And you know, in the short time that you were in the UFC, not to belittle that but I still think you have plenty of time to you know, rack up a few more wins. Get back in the UFC, if that's what you want to do, but we all know that UFC is not the only promotion out there. You know, you the world is your oyster, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
One of my good friends Jasmine, she just got signed, like their contender series and stuff like that. And she's just turned 33 You know what I mean? So she's just now starting that where I've already done you know, so I just really trying to think of the cup like half full and not half empty.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
I love that so much and I want to get some clarity on you know, I'm doing my research on you. And we all know that just because you find it online doesn't mean it's true. So I'm researching. I'm like she had a fight lined up with Invicta, a girl named Hillary rose. But then it was canceled due to unknown reasons. And I'm like, ooh, unknown reasons. Like what is that? Yeah. It could just be like somebody had a tummy ache, but I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Well, kinda. So I think Hillary got COVID That was like kind of dairy like that December like outbreak, you know. And then I had a knee injury that I was like, kind of training around and that I thought by, like, you know, X amount of weeks out, I was going to be able to start scoring harder and things like that, and I just wasn't getting better. And so she had COVID My knee hurt and the fight just fell through right there, you know, and then I just have like, such a rough go since my last fight. So like, after I had COVID Then I hurt my knee. And like, in between all these I've been like training a little bit, you know, just enough to be feeling really good. Like, Okay, I'm ready to take a fight. And then I had a fight with Siri, and then I broke my foot. Oh, I know. I know. I'm having like a some setbacks, you know, but I don't know why, but it's just kind of the way it's going.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
You seem like you're taking them in stride. And you seem like a pretty positive person. I just met you, but I can I get that energy, I get that vibe. Like what are you doing to remind yourself that it's gonna be okay, like, how are you like continually overcoming these annoying fucking like, fall throughs.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
So I think somebody's like, I've struggled with like, I hate using the word depression, but like, the big sad, you know, depression, I do have anxiety and like, things like that, you know, so I am somebody that really understands my emotions, and kind of what like the ebbs and flows of them. And I know if I try and let that stuff consume me, I'm gonna get into like a really dark place. And so I think I just try to stay really positive and like, look at the positive things that have happened in my life. Don't get me wrong, not every day is easy. And I do have my days where I, you know, I'm like, Man, why is all this happening? You know, but my friend, she said it the best. She's like, you're getting ready for a big upswing. She's

Unknown Speaker 22:08
like, there's no way bad things can keep.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
Right, I was like, I am getting ready for a big up. So. Um, yeah, I just, I think I just really understand myself, you know, and I've done you know, I try and read about like, your brain and the way things work and increasing serotonin and, you know, things like that. I do like to microdose mushrooms. And so I think that like, kind of helps, like, keep, you know, your mind in a more like, peaceful space than just, like negative and ran down.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
I love that. Yeah, I mean, I'm not asking for the podcast, I'm asking for myself. You know, it seems like, you know, every time I pull my head above water, like something else shitty happens, you know, and it's, it's the worst when you are legitimately trying your best, you know, if you're, like, kind of being an asshole, and you're like partying a little bit, you're doing this, you're not giving it your all when shit doesn't work out. You're like, Darn, but when you're really just being a fucking good girl. I mean, as good as we can be, you know, and then shit falls through. You're like, Fuck my life. Like, why? Why me?

Unknown Speaker 23:18
100% I do have those moments where I'm like, when is it gonna get? Why does this keep happening? But at the same time, like, I do have good things happening in my life. And so I just kind of that's like, kind of my life in a nutshell, like, always my whole life. So it's like, I just have to stay on the positive side, because I don't want

Unknown Speaker 23:39
to be in that dark place. That's great. That's great. Yeah, I have not I've also not been given a golden spoon my life. So I think that makes us I don't know, durable, emotionally durable. I feel like I really am like, I can take a lunch that goes wrong in my life. And I know that if I was just some rich girl given everything that I probably would fall apart with all the stuff that's happened, especially in these last few years. So I'm happier, you found a way to deal with things and cope?

Unknown Speaker 24:09
Yeah, you have to and I like on that note to like not being like, given the silver spoon or the golden spoon or whatever. Like, you're more susceptible to like those kinds of things happening because you're figuring life out on your own. You don't have like a mom or a dad in the background, you know, telling you what to do and paying for things and like really trying to give their life lessons down to you. You know, so you're like a blank slate you're learning all of this on your own. So I've really had to learn a lot of compassion for myself and like really just try and love myself and it's like, I'm feeling bad or sad. Like, I love you like you're gonna be okay, like you've done amazing things like you really do have to like parent your own self. So that's like, something you learned over time, I guess. And

Unknown Speaker 24:56
is that was that your background? Did you not have Parents to kind of teach you about things growing up. And, you know, I'll segue into the point of the show, but did you not have anyone kind of explaining love and dating and sex to you?

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Yeah. So my dad died when I was six months old. And him and my mom had just gotten married, had me, they were together for seven years before. So they were a very, you know, strong relationship. And he died in a car wreck. And I think that kind of just really affected my mom and a lot of people that were supposed to love her and be there for her kind of abandoned her. And so she really struggled with like alcohol and drugs my whole life. And she was really just an emotionally unavailable, like she was in depression and never had like, a healthy relationship. And I just saw her get used and just treated so bad. And like growing up and seeing that I was like, I want anything like that. Like, I don't want to be in that situation. Unfortunately, I have found myself in similar situations, because you don't know you don't realize, like what love is supposed to look like. So you just kind of mirror it. Yeah, exactly. And you don't realize you're doing it even though you like in my mind. I'm like, I know, I don't want that, you know, you just kind of ended up you know, taking a lot of the same steps as your parents did. And so my mom ended up like we were living in hotels and bouncing around like staying at her like ex boyfriends house when she was like a teenager like just literally living out of a storage unit. And so she ended up going to jail and my sister got taken away and I was 15. So I started just living out of a backpack and going from like party to party and really just slipped outside underneath the Burnside Bridge before in downtown Portland. Like I really like, when I think of where I've come from. I'm like, it blows my mind still, when I think about it, and I just think of like the environment I was in like the people I was around. And I don't know, I just always had something inside of me telling me like things were gonna end up okay, or like I was going to make, I was going to make it in some way. Like, I didn't know what it was going to be. But I just knew that I had something out there for me and I didn't know what it was gonna be.

Unknown Speaker 27:08
Yeah, yeah, I'm so happy you found mixed martial arts because I can definitely relate to your story on a certain, you know, a few a few levels with, you know, parents who were kind of unavailable emotionally and or even physically. And, you know, I personally found wrestling at a young age in high school. And then that led me to mixed martial arts. And, you know, it sounds like mixed martial arts is something that has given you kind of like a new lease on life like purpose. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:37
yeah. 100% I was kind of around 16 Or like closer to 17. I. I was kind of in and out of juvie and stuff. And so I spent my 16th birthday in juvie. And then I got out kind of was partying and being a bad kid still. And then I made the decision. I was like, you know, like, this isn't what I want for my life. Like, I really want to like turn things around. And so I got my GED. I turned myself into I went to and got my GED, I, you know, went got a job. Like, I remember walking down Highway 99, and Vancouver, Washington and I like was just turning in my resume everywhere and getting hired at this little place called steakburger. And I worked there for a little bit. And then I ended up moving over to Oregon and was just like, just turned 18 was found another sports bar to work at and was just kind of felt lost. Like I just had come out of this like rough childhood. And I was just trying to figure out what I was finding yourself. Exactly. And I was smoking cigarettes. Yeah, we work in a restaurant, like,

Unknown Speaker 28:43
restaurant thing. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
I remember it was a Wednesday night and one of my friends in Vancouver, Washington, and I lived in Forest Grove, Oregon at the time, and he had messaged me, it was like, oh, there's an MMA show. Like come to it. Our friend Steve, I was fighting. And I was like, no, like, I'm, you know, tomorrow is my first day off, like, I'm so tired. Like, I just really want to stay home and I was laying on the couch. And I was like, trying to fall asleep and I couldn't fall asleep. And I was like, Do you know, I was like, either lay here and like, be depressed or I can like go out and try to live my life. And so I had a fake ID with the show was in a bar. It was called Club Zoo. And I use my fake ID I got in like, no problem. And I just remember feeling like the energy in the room and being like, this is awesome. The announcer that night ended up asking if any girls wanted to grapple and I didn't even know what grappling was. But do you know who Lisa Ellis?

Unknown Speaker 29:34
I do? Yeah. She was

Unknown Speaker 29:36
a guest judge there and we asked if anybody wanted to grapple her. And I had no idea and I my hand like fluid in there, I would raise my hand

Unknown Speaker 29:48
and the guy comes up and he's

Unknown Speaker 29:49
like, Are you sure you want to do this? And he was kind of playing a joke on her like, she didn't know that he was going to announce this, you know? So this was all like kind of happening really organically. And I was like yeah of course I want to do this so I like take out these hot pink and I like put my hair in a ponytail and I get in the cage and we and are both wearing jeans and we start grappling and I have no idea what I'm doing I just grabbed onto a head and in the midst of all of this I guess I like tough or whatever. And so she are barred me get at me like totally fucked me up like you had to go about it. Afterwards, someone came up to me and it Kenny his his name, he's a Washington I don't think he owns a gym anymore but he owned a gym up there for a while and he came up to me afterwards and was like where do you train at? I was like, I don't train he's like come to my gym and I was like,

Unknown Speaker 30:39
Okay What a great story.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
And it kind of snowballs even further from there like within the first like two months of training. I don't know if it was like the best way that it went about but I ended up taking a title fight against Patricia hedonic. I don't know if you know that name, either. She ended up fighting shot please, Harry Bellator. I know. I know. So I bought her for 125 pound title for my first fight effort.

Unknown Speaker 31:08
Wow. Totally got my ask.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
The first thing I think when I hear this story is like you like, like you crazy. Like, you know, it takes like a certain kind of crazy woman to go into a bar at a young age and be like, Yeah, I want to mix it up with that chick who probably knows way more than I do. Like, that's a that's a great story. And that says a lot about not like just who you are inside. You know, you don't even know how to fight. But you had that fight or like, Yes, I'm down to do this. I like this energy. Like, let's just see what happens.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Yeah, I love my whole life. change that. And I really am like, I always think back to that feeling of like, what if I wouldn't have won, like, would I have found it in a different way. But like, literally after I got out of that cage, I was like, I never smoked another cigarette again. And I never smoked another cigarette like after that day, like I started running and like trying to eat healthy even though I didn't know what I was doing. Ya

Unknown Speaker 32:06
know? You know this, this is the shows about you. But for the listeners that listen to the show consistently, and they know my story. I also went to I also went to juvie at 17, for stabbing somebody did some jail time. I had a scholarship to go to college, the judge let me out during my summer vacation to go serve the remainder of my time so that I could actually go to college, a wild story, but I know like It's wild. I was a bad kid. And I was living this double life of like wrestling and punk rock and partying. And but yeah, so like, I'm hearing your story. And you're like, I know like crazy, right? And I'm like, this girl and I would have been best friends in high school. would have gotten way too much trouble together.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Oh my gosh, yeah. No, that was like, what you did kind of when you were young, you would feed off your friends. And you guys can just kind of like, how much trouble can we get

Unknown Speaker 33:02
into? Yeah, a goal kind

Unknown Speaker 33:05
of so like, I love hearing like other people that I've had that like rough background and that I've needed because sometimes I think I feel disconnected, sometimes around, you know, people in the sport that had like, the good upbringing, and their parents are involved in like, I'm like, just don't get it like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:22
And I shouldn't you know, I guess we shouldn't sell those people short, like, you know, but you know, there's just, it's so nice. And I guess this is a good segue for talking about partners. But it's so like, there's you get this, like, sense of relief from, you know, somebody having the same background as you like, they're not gonna judge you, you know, like, your parents are like this, or, you know, drinking or drugs or, or jail, you know, and it's just like, you want to be accepted. And so sometimes hearing this, I'm like, Oh, I'm not the only crazy one in this sport. But,

Unknown Speaker 33:57
you know, like, connection, like, you're like, I understand what you were you understand where I've been? So it's just like, a refreshing

Unknown Speaker 34:06
for sure. So I guess we'll talk about partners, because sometimes, you know, we want partners that are, you know, same background, they can understand what we've been through. But then a lot of times, especially like fighters, you hear people say, Oh, I don't date in the industry, but it is so hard, not today in the industry, because don't you want to share your passion with that person that you you know, are in a relationship with so I guess my question is, what is your opinion on dating in the industry? And do you try to do that or stay away from it?

Unknown Speaker 34:40
So I think being a woman I think it's a little bit different than if you're a man for some reason, where like, I've tried to date outside the industry and I always feel like if it's like new, you're kind of spectacle like, they're fringe like oh, you do what? As hard as I can in the stomach or like, you know what I mean? Yeah, like, it's just like they don't understand the sport. And so, you know, there's pluses and you know, positive and, and negatives to dating in the industry. But I think being a woman like having that, like man to meet that energy, I think is really important. And I don't think there's enough girls for all the guys today, so it makes sense why they would do this sport, you know what, I beat a woman or like, I don't want to say I'm an alpha woman, because I don't really think of myself like that. But like a strong woman, like you want a strong man to meet you in that sense. And I'm like, if something happens on the streets, like, I don't want to be the only one responsible like, you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:39
I mean, I, I don't I don't like saying like, Oh, I'm an alpha, but we are. Let's face it. Yeah. If you lined up 100 women, you know, a very, very small fraction of them would be able to kill someone with their bare hands. Take a bar fight out of nowhere.

Unknown Speaker 35:56
Yeah, no, 100 we're not normal. We're not normal girl for sure. You know, so I think I just want a guy to share that with you know, and it just is easy when you're around the guys and you know, things ended up happening. I definitely don't recommend dating in the gym. Like I think it should be a different. But 100% It just, it's more natural with a fighter I tried. And it anytime I've tried to hang out with a guy that wasn't a fighter. It was never good. I didn't I wasn't sexually attracted to them. I didn't. I just I didn't like

Unknown Speaker 36:30
you're right. No one's actually said it like that before. But you are like a spectacle. Like, oh, like, you know, like, look at you, the fighter girl like it. It's just like, okay, like, there's some there's some sense of flattery in it, but it's more like, they're looking at us. Like, like, like, we're weird, you know?

Unknown Speaker 36:49
get punched in the face. Like, you don't get it. You know where like, if you're dating another guy fighter, like no one's ever going to, you're never going to be in a situation because you usually you're around other fighters, I feel like once you're in it, like you just kind of want to spew with people you're, you know, kind of like minded with

Unknown Speaker 37:05
for sure. Are you currently in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Um, yes, it's a new one. But we I, you know, had the exclusive talk. And he's been gone a lot since you know that. So it's still new and a little long distance, but we're really a new each other, and we have a really good time together. So I'm really, you know, excited to see where it

Unknown Speaker 37:28
goes. I love that. In your opinion. In your words, obviously, I know I'm a female fighter. But what's it like dating for a female fighter? We just spoke a little bit about how if that person's not a fighter, you you end up being like, a freaking monster. But, uh, you know, in your, in your words, like, how has it gone? Otherwise, have you had plenty of success? Or is it a struggle?

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Definitely a struggle. I think like the Cena small here. And so like, you don't really want to date like a lot of people here in town, because you just don't want that, you know, and then trying to date outside of the scene. I never like I've been on coffee day, and like, just kind of like, nothing ever really came of it. So it's always just happened for me better just organically with somebody that I wasn't really trying with, you know, like, the guy that I'm seeing now, it just happened really randomly, like, we knew who each other was. And like we had smiled at each other a couple of times in passing, but never really like, you know, talked or whatever. And then we finally like ran into each other and like the SATA the PI and started talking and then like, we just, you know, really connected good that day. And then the next day we hung out and like, totally didn't mean for it to happen, like on the like the first Hangout, but like, yeah, we hooked up and it was just like, fireworks, you know, and so then it just, you know, we were like attached at the hip kind of really after that. So anytime I've tried to do like the right way of dating, where it was, like, go out to dinner and like, you know, go slow, like, I just never was like into it. Like I just kind of when I meet somebody and it's like instant chemistry, like that's always kind of what's gotten me I guess, I mean, it doesn't happen very often. So I've gone long periods of time with like, no sex, no hanging out with anybody, like, not even like talking to somebody, like on my phone really like flirting or whatever, you know, so I've gotten pretty lonely because of that, I think but when it does happen, it's always like really exciting.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
So it sounds like you're not into online dating.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
Not at all. I've tried it and I've had a Bumble and I didn't put anything about being a fighter on there. I was like, I'm just gonna be like totally incognito and like, yeah, just try and date like I'm a normal person and see if I can do I actually went out on like, a dinner with this guy. He did something for the Air Force, but he was like, super tall and like, just He was a handsome guy. Like if I like you know, saw him I was like oh Wow, he's a good looking guy. And like we had a good time at dinner and stuff like that. But I don't know, there was never like that sexual attraction and like, I feel like anytime I've like gone into, like a bumble date, where I'm like, I'm just gonna find someone and hook up with that, like, right when I meet them. I'm like, I'm not boring anymore.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Yeah, I mean, chemistry is a big thing, right? It's like, you either have it or you don't, and you can't force it. And in my opinion, it's, you know, you kind of know right away. I mean, there's like that statistic. It's like, you know, if you would fuck somebody in the first like, seven seconds of meeting them. I don't know if that's true.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
I think it's true. I think I know, like,

Unknown Speaker 40:37
I don't think I've ever

Unknown Speaker 40:41
I don't think I've ever slept with somebody I knew. Like, for like, a long time, like, usually, like somebody I sleep with, like, it kind of is just like that instant, like, oh, my gosh, you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:53
I don't think it. I know, you don't do online dating. But we all have like that checklist, right? Whether it's the physical checklists, like what you want them to look like. And that doesn't always work out, obviously. And then we have that personal personality like characteristics kind of checklist. I know you're dating somebody, so it doesn't have to be about him. But what type of guy attracts you physically, and then also kind of like personality wise.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
So personality wise, I really do like funny. Don't ever really date me funny people. I've always been funny. So like, I do really like funny or like somebody I at least feel comfortable being funny with and then think, somebody that's just like, a good person, like, and I know, that's like a broad term or whatever. But I feel like you can tell a lot about somebody in the way they treat their friends, their family and the way they speak about people like are they using bad words? And like talking about them in a negative way? Or like, if they're talking about people in a negative way at all? Like, I usually am not about that at all. Yeah. So I think somebody that's just, you know, just good. Like, has a good heart. Like, I don't want to, I don't want to chase I don't want to be in that like toxic. Like, unavailable, unavailable person, like I don't, I'm not attracted to that. So like, if you're showing interest and things like that. And physical wise, I would say, I was a hard one here. Here's a big one for me, actually. So you got to have hair like I don't know why. And like I hung out with somebody that was had a bald head and like, I always just wanted to touch their head and I just never felt good when I was bald. And so for me I really liked hair. So yeah, I'm dating right now has like the best hair like is actually and enjoys me while you see a mullet. Mullet like

Unknown Speaker 42:49
this, this man better be facially hot. Because he's so high. So high.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
I love that. Okay, all right.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
Not tall, but like just a little bit taller than me or like, like, not so tall where it's awkward and not like shorter than me.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. I think

Unknown Speaker 43:13
that's really it. Other than that, I mean, I'm pretty open. Lips. You have to have lips. I guess that's another one. Another one.

Unknown Speaker 43:21
All right. You never know, I had a friend who she was a nose person. And I was like, nose like what the hell? I actually am a nose versus nose person. Oh, right.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
Like, I don't know, like, you have to have like, a nice note was like, I don't know what to do. And it's like a certain knows that. Like, I don't know, I don't know, but I get my friends saying I understand.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
Okay, so you know, you've dated while you're in camp, and you probably dated while you're out of camp? In your opinion. Is it better for a fighter who's still actively competing to be in a relationship? Or, you know, it's hard. It's hard not to we all have needs, right? But or is it better to not be in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 44:12
I think that's like such a hard question to answer because I think like a lot of guys in my mind, they benefit from being in a relationship because like the girls are usually cooking and cleaning and and like kind of my experience, I'm always like, these frickin guys out here. They're just really limited. And then like, you know, girl, I unfortunately, the only relationship I really been in while I was a fighter was like, horrible, like they would it was so bad. And so for me, I have a little bit of a different like idea towards it. I think it's really important for to be a good person, a healthy person, somebody that's going to support you somebody that's not gonna try and tear you down and like, feel insecure about you being in the light or anything like that and you So I think that's something that's like really important. Like, it just has to be a healthy relationship. And I think that's with, you know, the biggest thing is it healthy or not, if it's not healthy, then no runaway healthy, it can totally benefit you, like you do see a lot of fighters like, seems like their relationship really like does, you know bring the best out of them and they're, you know, significant others really involved and I always envy that a little bit of like, like you have your person and like you guys like must have like a really strong connection in that way where I was dealing with somebody that would you know, told me I'm gonna go get knocked out if I wasn't like acting the way that they wanted me to act like supernatants Oh, yeah. Wait, like super, like abusive? Like, yeah, like not okay. And so that's like a scary one for me, you know, and luckily the guy that I'm seeing now, I feel really safe with him like emotionally, physically, also, but like, emotionally, I've never felt so like steak with somebody where they're not like a hothead, where I don't think he would ever get nasty to me, because we're having a disagreement. Like, he was really calm and like, just really, like, there's been like, things that we've talked about where, like, I talked about getting a job at a strip club cocktailing. And he didn't even like blink twice. He was like, oh, yeah, that would be awesome. Like, if you could, like really supportive and like outside for like some guys who kind of want you to buy or Oh, yeah, we're close. And he was like, just so like, so kind. And like, I just, I'm really, I'm really excited to see what happened with him. Because I really just feel like emotionally, it's been a blessing.

Unknown Speaker 46:33
I love that. Yeah. And you just, you know, you know, you're dealing with a different kind of man, when you like you said you are in the spotlight, and they don't get any kind of way, whether that's jealous or insecure, you know, I have a fan time, which is similar to only fans. And you know, that alone takes, you know, a strong type of ban to allow that type of visual access to your partner. And not everybody is okay with that. So I

Unknown Speaker 47:05
would practice to me when a guy allows that of their significant other and like, like, and I just think that's a testament to like their connection, like they both are so sure connection, like, it doesn't matter if they're sharing, like, their physique with other people. Like they're so sure of the emotional connection, which I think is like the most important thing because trauma emotional, you'll have that strong physical and like, you're the only one that gets it in real life. You know, like people can think about it or fantasize about it. But like, you're really the only one that gets it. So it makes it like, in my mind even more special.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
Yeah. What is something that you used to put up with in your younger dating years that you won't put up with now?

Unknown Speaker 47:51
I think back and I'm like, I can't believe some of the shit that I put up with. I'm like, Did I not respect myself? Like, that guy definitely didn't. Shit.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
I don't know, I think I think I've just dated like, like, I've had, you know, good relationships, like not, like, before I moved to Las Vegas, I was dating somebody. And they were so good to me. And like, we had just like a really beautiful relationship. But I think like, right before that I dated somebody who was like, just awful. Like, we like when we first started dating. It was really good. And we were both like, I was really young. I was 18. And like, you know what I mean? Like, but then like, as things gone on, like I remember he like, would always be like, talking to other girls on his phone and like getting like naughty pictures. And like, just always like, Yeah, and like, coming over and like kind of using me and then leaving and then like, just kind of like treating me like an object in a lot of ways. Yeah. And so I think I just don't want to ever be treated like an object. I don't mind. There's any, like, one particular thing that I've like put up with, but I think like just being not respected. I think that's like, the biggest thing is like, I want somebody to respect me, my time when I'm doing like me, sexually, you know, every way like, just respect me like, and I want to be with somebody in the same term that I respect. Like, I don't want somebody that I'm like, disgusted by or like don't like think of them in a high

Unknown Speaker 49:22
aspect. Yeah, I'm the same way and you know, I, I think about like, the checklist that I used to have and I was like, you know, good in bed, like, funny, you know, and I'm like, okay, okay, but now like my checklist is like, like hard fucking worker like has their goals set high like works towards them every like, you know, like your checklist changes over time. Like step still gotta be good at bed, you know, but you add more things that are actually really important.

Unknown Speaker 49:52
Yeah. You can only be good there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
So I've definitely raised the bar for my partner who about who I like to be with over time. And yeah, I just think back to what I used to put up with. And it's like, as we get older, and we have these experiences and find out that there are people out there that will treat you with love and respect and kindness, and have their own goal so that they're not, you know, have so much free time that they would worry about your shit. You're like, do your own shit, dude.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
Yeah, 100% I think just a healthy person, overall, somebody with Drive and like, like you said, goals and works hard and just wants good things out of life. Like somebody that's not just like, you know, by minute by and not doing anything. Like the older you get, the more that's really unattractive.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
So you have an only fans, and I wanted to talk about that just because it's, it's awesome, you know, but it's also just like talking about sex. It's like so much taboo behind it. It's like, especially if you're a female UFC fighter. It's like, oh, no, like, you can't do that. You're some kind of role model. And it's like, yeah, like, this is an adult content site for adults. Like, I just want to get your opinion on it. Like I'm new to it, but I'm really loving it, obviously loving, making money and monetizing, you know, using this platform, in a way, especially as I'm coming back from an injury and so what's your experience been like?

Unknown Speaker 51:21
So it's been a blessing in my life. Like, it's weird to put it in that like, aspect. I remember before that I thought about it for like a year, like I had known girls were doing only fans, and I had no idea what it was really about. Or like, what, uh, like, I didn't really understand. And I was just like, people are making so much money, like, blew my mind. And I was like, I just didn't quite like understand it. And then finally, I was like, at a point where I was, like, you know, needed to make extra money. I waited tables for since I was 16. And I really didn't want to go back to that. And like that is just like, drained your soul? Yeah, does it physically, you know. And so, I was like you, I'm going to try it. And I felt really nervous about it. But as time has gone on, I love it. There's things that like, I don't feel comfortable posting on Instagram, like, my dad's girlfriend from like, high school follows me on Instagram, you know what I like, I don't want to like, share some pictures. But at the same time, like I do find like, nudity and like loving your body. And like, I do find that empowering in a lot of ways, like, and I think having only fans is like, that's the perfect place to share that. Like if people are willing to pay to see that side of you. Like and you want to share that side of you. Like why not like I just came out of that unhealthy relationship. And so it was kind of a way to take my body back in a way where like, that was the only person I was with for a long time. They were always accusing me of like, cheating, like, I wasn't allowed to wear like certain clothes. They were the cheater. So like that's like,

Unknown Speaker 52:50
oh, projecting. Yeah, exactly. You

Unknown Speaker 52:53
know? And so, like, if I wore certain clothes, or like, why are you wearing that? Are you trying to get attention and like, like, I couldn't post certain things. Like, I wouldn't even ask them to take a picture of me because it would literally be like of my face and like the ceiling. Like they would never allow my body to be like, shown you know, and so it was like really an hour and once I started doing it and like I've had people say more disgusting things to me on Instagram than I have only fans like a lot of fans are just super nice. They're like, thank you so much. You're so beautiful. Like I really like enjoyed your fights. Like I love that you haven't only fans like really nice and I like it. That was what kind of shocked me the most was like, how just really nice people were on there and they weren't gross. And like, you know, I do share my like, I show my boobs on there. And like for me being a smaller chested girl, like, I don't get the luxury of wearing certain outfits and being able to go out in public and have my whole cleavage. Can you now like what's the difference of like somebody showing their whole boob and then somebody showing their nipple? Like once the nipples out of the question. Like, I just I love Kate Moss, like I just like think that she was like so empowering and and like being a topless model and, like, so beautiful and like being a smaller chested girl herself, you know, like, I think being, you know, smaller chested, and then being able to show your boobs, like it, it really does feel good, because you're not like that normal, like, Oh, you have to have big boobs, like you grew up in, like the 90s with Pamela Anderson, who jobs is really exploding. And so you like there's times where you go and you buy an extra small dress and it like is completely hanging off your chest and you're kind of like, fuck, like anytime I feel like bad and sometimes like when it comes time to wear those clothes, you know, and then being able to like, take your shirt off and feel hot like it. For me. It's been really fun, you know? And so I think it's just about like the way you look at it like for me, only fans can be whatever you want it to be you don't have to be sexier. You can Be sexy, you can actually do sex like, I mean, it can literally be whatever you want it to be. And I feel more comfortable sharing like those kinds of photos than on Instagram, you know where it's like, sometimes if you're in line at the grocery store,

Unknown Speaker 55:15
like someone's really hot picture shows up and you're like, oh, oh, nobody saw that. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
That's what only fans is for. And I, it's, you know, I've made money on it. I've, you know, had more time to train I, I just, I've enjoyed it.

Unknown Speaker 55:34
Yeah, yeah, I mean, my fan time is pretty much funding this podcast right now. And you know, you with small boobies, you know, I told you before, just got a new payer, you know, had to go to the doctor to get upset. But, you know, now it's like, instead of like, for you like being like, smaller breasted and feeling empowered. For me, it's like, I've been on the bench for like, over a year and a half. And I just feel fat and ugly. And then I did like a couple photo shoots. And all of a sudden, I felt sexy. And I felt, you know, like, and then yeah, the love from the subscribers that were like, very appreciative of like, hey, we just want to support you. So you can get back in the cage. And then obviously, like, they want to look at movies, too. And but, you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:22
I love that. That's what it's for, you know what I mean? Like, it's like, that's the place where you're not like, you know, shoving it down people's throats in other areas. Like, it's like, people want to come and see that side of you. Like, I think that's so sweet. Like, Oh, you want to help me, like, recover from my injury and fund my podcast? You know what I mean? Like, that's, like, awesome that somebody out there, like, loves you enough to follow your story and like, do all that.

Unknown Speaker 56:45
Yeah. And I mean, part of me, part of my story is sharing other people's stories like yours, you know, so I feel like it's, it's a circle, it's not a triangle. So let's segue into some more sex talk. Do you abstain from sex before a fight? You know, there's that myth where, you know, males kind of use it more so than females. But you know, sex before a fight is bad. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 57:11
Um, I guess there's like, depends on who I'm with, or like, what kind of sex it's going to be like, obviously, you don't want to be like doing all this crazy stuff like that, like you want to take care of yourself. But it's like a little, like, sweet Quickie, you know, like, I'm all about that. You know, I probably went on to like, maybe like a couple days out, but I at the same time, like you're cutting Wait, am I you're busy. You have things going on, but definitely like Monday, Tuesday. It's on

Unknown Speaker 57:42
that's funny. Yeah, cuz, you know, I always say it's like, my boyfriend pretty much knows. Like, if I'm in fight camp, he's gonna be towards the end of fight camp. I'm like, You're doing all the work, buddy. You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 57:54
I mean, like, just something sweet. You know? Like, like, you know, standing over, you know, holding yourself up.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
For sure, do you remember losing your virginity that your first time it's always super awkward. And either like a really weird story. So we're just diving into your awkward history? No.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Oh my gosh, my first time was like super trashy and not romantic at all. Like, it was me and one of my like, skater guy friends, like we were walking over to our friend's house. And I don't know why we were just like, let's have sex. And so I think the first time was in the bathroom on the counter. So embarrassing, but then on the way back, when we were walking back to wherever we were coming from, we like did it under a tree in a field. And that was like, really, really like my

Unknown Speaker 58:56
bathroom counter tree in a field. That's hilarious. Twice in one night.

Unknown Speaker 59:04
And he didn't even know he was taking my virginity. So that's the other thing. So like, I was like, kind of like, I don't know, like playing along that I had done it before. And like, I don't know, like I was young, really young. I was 14, like, just being one of those like street kids like, oh, you smoking weed? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:25

Unknown Speaker 59:27
And I was like, everyone kind of talks about sex at that age, but like, I think a lot of people do lie about it at that age and say that they know done more than they have. And so I felt all this pressure to have sex like I was like, I can't be a weirdo. That's a virgin. Like I got to get out there. You know? I would say that's maybe like, a little too young. But when you're have no parents and you're like living a more mature life, I guess like it's kind of just comes along, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
I mean, yeah, I guess you know, for me Hopefully no young kids are listening to this podcast. This is not for them, but definitely not. Yeah, so you know, I lost my when I was 15. But I do know that there's kids like 12 Like, like younger I don't even want to say it because it sounds gross coming out of my mouth. Like, what the hell? What are you guys doing? Stop that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
I know, I've heard those stories too. And I'm just like, oh, no, like, I felt like 14 was like, bang, you know, but I was a freshman in high school. Like, I like started my freshman year at least like,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
yeah, yeah, I was. I was 15 it was like my 15th birthday. I think guys like that summer between freshman year and sophomore year. And I remember there was like, just such an urgency to lose your virginity. Because if you didn't, you weren't cool. And I hung out with a lot of those street kids too. That probably wasn't the mentality with the kids that were going to volleyball practice but you know, in our mentality was like, Oh, you haven't fucked like, No, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
like, still little girl. Here have said, Yeah, you know, like, sad looking back, but

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
in the midst of it, you are

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
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Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
I think one of my pet peeves is like not like warming up to it. Like there has to be some play back and forth. You know, like, kiss me and you know, touch me and, you know, like, I just want to play a little bit before. So I think that's like a big one. Like, you got to get things going like it's both of us like, I don't want

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
to turn like turn turn like rev the engine up first.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
I hate when somebody like tries to spit on their, like use it and I'm like, no. It gets out there. That's really you're rushing things. You're rushing things. Exactly. You have to use spit. You're rushing. Yeah. And then I think oral is like a big one for me. Like I giving and receiving. Like if somebody isn't willing to do that to me like peace out like yeah, I'm not gonna waste my time. Like I love that. I love doing that. So for me like orals a big one. I think that's really it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
Yeah. Have you ever been asked to do something too freaky or too weird that you were like, Okay, I'm gonna pass on this one.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
Um, no, I don't think so. I like I don't think I've really been with anybody that was like, super crazy. And, like, want to like crazy things. There was somebody I was with, I kind of liked a little bit more like the roleplay. And like, a little bit, like the dominant submissive, like, and I didn't really like that, like, the first time. It was like, kind of cool and exciting. But the way like, it was a little like, mean, I guess, like the dominant submissive, where it was like to mean for me where I like, I didn't like the feeling of like being submissive. Yeah, like, I don't like that. Like, I like the little bit of like, give and take, like, you can, you know, like, have some top time than I will sometimes. Yeah. You know, like, I just want to really, like share the experience where I felt like in that situation, and like, it just wasn't

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
good. Yeah. And I think that for certain people, I don't know about you, but probably myself. For sure. It's like, if you've been in toxic relationships before, it's hard to differentiate when someone's play speaking badly to you sometimes. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love when my boyfriend calls me a dirty little slit in bed, you know, but like, you know, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
like, a hallway is a lot different than in like, an actual like that dominant. Like, mean, like, they're like, it's actually like kind of felt real. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody like if you've experienced, like, toxic relationships, like it does kind of trigger you in some way. So like, just like, I like sweet, like, be sweet to me, like, connect with me. You know? Like, that's what I love. Like, look at my face. Look at my eyes, like really? Like, see me? Like, that's when it's the best. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
yeah, and I'm with you, too, like. So going back to kind of like revving up the engine? What are some things that are turn ons for you?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
like, like action, like actual actions.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
I mean, for me, I'll just give you an example. My boyfriend knows I'm a big sucker for like, small bites on my neck or, you know, he's got like, a thing about like, whispering in his ear, you know, like these little turnarounds, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
For me my boobs. Like, when a guy like kisses my boobs, like, in a good way. Yeah. That's like, kind of how like, I knew it was gonna be so amazing with the guy I'm dating now is some guy was like, kind of like, oh, like, this is moving really quickly. Like, this is the first night we hung out, you know, because he tried to go down on me like, right away. And I was like, this is really soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
good problems to have good, good, good problems.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
I was like, this would be great. If it was like, a couple of days from now. The way he started kissing my boobs, I was like, Oh, he clearly knows what he's doing and like Have at it you know? And so that's a big one for me like, because he might nipples and like, neck and just like kissing me and looking at me and like really trying to connect with me like as like, corny as that sounds, you know, like, I want that like, look, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
sexual chemistry is so important. You know, like my partner is half Mexican. And I always say like he's got that like spicy like passion Latin part of him and I love that so much. It's because you're right, like we will get wet by you know, the things that you say to us, you know, let alone like touching Yeah, like so. I'm with you there girl. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
And he's from Mexico and so I don't know if it's like that like Latin lover like he said like they just like literally, like stare at my eyes like the whole time and I'm just like, it like my whole body like I feel that connected with him. Like my body wants to get there faster. Like I it's not like a chore to orgasm with him. Like it just like happened. So naturally, we're like people in the past that I've been with, like we had attraction and stuff like that, but they didn't connect with me in that way where like, my mind would sometimes wander and I like had to really like force myself to orgasm or like really think about it. Or like, you know, way too long where I was like it shouldn't be this hard. Yeah, somebody like that. Like it was just so easy and it happens, you know, just naturally.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
Yeah. Do you have a favorite? Like wild sexual experience story or your favorite quickie story?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
I don't think so. I don't have any like, I haven't hooked up anywhere weird, like, three and a feel. I know and I don't want. I don't think so. No, like I haven't. And I don't know if I like blocking things out. And

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
trust me, so many people have like, text me later. And like, I forgot about this story. And I'm like, It's okay. It's so you could come back on you come back.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
No, like, I don't think. I don't think I've really been anywhere like wild or crazy and like, done anything. And then like, quickie wise, like, no, like nothing that's like, worth talking about you

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
sound like you're not a quickie, girl. It sounds like you want to like take your time and enjoy the whole process and do the damn thing. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
And I think that's maybe why I don't have those experiences. Because I don't like, I wait till I have really good chemistry with somebody. And usually when you have really good chemistry with somebody, that's kind of what happens. Like it's exactly, you know, like, I mean, the guy that I'm seeing now, like, I guess, like all I can just talk about that because that's like, what's like, the first day we hooked up, like, we had like sex three times, and all three times it was like crazy. And like super, like passionate and like we were like,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
all over the house acrobatic.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39
Yeah. And like, it was, like crazy, like fun. And, like, every time with him is just like, so like, good. You know? So I think like, I think not enough people do that. Like, they don't wait to find that good chemistry with somebody and they just kind of like, oh, you fit my checkbox in life area, but maybe not the bedroom area, you know? And so, like, I think that people may be like, let go of some of that sexual chemistry because they the other things that they want out of life.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
I mean, I did that myself, because I didn't want to be alone. You know, like, I look back now on you know, how I used to be and I'm still like, I have so much work to do on myself, right? But I think when you start really like trying to self improve, like not like get buff, but you know, like improve here, you know, you kind of see what you used to put up with and what you shouldn't put up with anymore and and I realized that a lot of times in my life in my past that I just didn't want to be alone and I'm sure that stems from neglect from childhood and yada yada yada I'm not a fucking psychologists but I'm like, Yeah, I should have been more picky more choosy with who I spend my time with. Not to just like well, I don't want to be by myself,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
you know? Yeah, or like just because a guy thinks you're hot wants to be with you doesn't mean you have to be with them you know? Yeah. So I think that's like something where like you if you didn't feel wanted by your parents or you didn't come from like a place of feeling unwanted the first person that wants you you're like I'm in like I don't really know much about you but you want me to you know comes from that you know? Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
for sure. When you grow up and you start loving yourself more and you know, you set that bar for me personally, you know, I start setting that bar much higher and I'm like, Wow, all you motherfuckers got real lucky that I did love myself much much back then. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
I'm like looking back again like

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
I feel like this is a good time for the lightning six round. Are you ready? Let's do it. Okay, for you guys who are not familiar. It is a rapid fire yes or no segment where I'm going to ask Emily. One phrase or one word and she will just say yes or no. Unless she would like to elaborate in which we will not stop her. Are you ready? Yes. Okay, here we go. Lightning six round. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
Yes, kind of bank or like to be spanked? Yes. Biting. Lightly, choking. Yes. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:14:27
I've never done one.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
Oh, man. Okay. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31
I do. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
any fetishes like a foot fetish? No, bodily fluid fetish. No, bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. No roleplaying?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
No. I would elaborate on that one like in a fun like I would totally do like that like, oh, let's pretend to meet each other at a bar or whatever. Something fun like that, you know? But I don't want to be like, like I said, like that, you know, like, over role play, I guess. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
mean, that one just didn't seem like the right scenario. You know, like, maybe you can be put in the more dominant position or, like, I don't know, I wish I had more ideas. It's like always like, teacher and student comes to mind, you know, but like, maybe you're the, like the librarian, and he's the naughty boy in the library, book. Whatever, I don't know, let me know how that goes for you and your guy. Okay, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
I've tried and I didn't like so no.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
Okay. Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
Um, I do have a little vibrator. But that's it. Never with a partner. Um, I have with a partner like we, you know, shared like it back and forth. But it's not like a big one. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
yeah. I just feel like that's like a, you know, a next level of a relationship, right? Because it's like, you gotta wait a while before you're like, can we use this? Yeah. Okay. Have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
no. Body hair? Yes or no? Yes. Oh, okay. Ever. I want okay, we found our first difference.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:33
I love that. Like, I

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
don't want it to be like, overly hairy like a wool like a bear or something. Like, I like a little like chest hair. And like, I feel like sometimes like guys like the like, shave it too short or something. And when you're on top it like hurts. Oh, no. Like, we're

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
sure. I'm gonna get razor burn from your razor burn. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
Like, like a little bit shorter, but not like gone. Yeah, like, I like groomed hair.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:04
Grim got it. Okay. Have you ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
Oh, no, I don't think so. Like maybe I was like having sex with a boyfriend at like a party or somewhere like maybe somebody like knock on the door. Like, no kid walk in.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22
I enter. Yeah, yeah. Okay, and then we always end with a game of Fuck, Marry kill and fan questions. Are you down to play? One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. Yes, let's do it. Okay, awesome. So, you know, we didn't really talk about this, but oh, this is the first podcast where I was going to smoke weed. Because we had talked about medical marijuana and and all its benefits and all that. So for this Fuck, Marry kill I gave you each time. It's like a certain type of edition, right? Cowboy edition. You know, whatever. So you get famous stoners, and your people are Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson. And Seth Rogen. I didn't say I was gonna make it easy for you. Do not hot stoners.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Oh my gosh. Honestly, I feel like I would marry Snoop Dogg. So I've actually smoked weed with Snoop Dogg.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
So I actually, I'll finish the Okay. Fuck, Marry, Kill. And then and then we'll touch on the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
sleep story. So I would marry Snoop Dogg. I guess I would fuck Willie. No. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
Not even folks. This Seth Rogen.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:53
I guess maybe and he's funny, dude, I have you. I don't know. I was thinking of like the, like, maybe him being like a little bit younger, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
Nelson. Okay. All I think about I'm a big Adam Sandler freak. You see Big Daddy where he's like, Oh, old wrinkly balls. Gross.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
Oh, yeah. I don't know. I think I've always had like a little bit of a fantasy of hooking up with like a little bit of an older man. Not like a grandpa but like a little bit of like an older man. I've never done it. But again, like I think that's one of those things where it's like a fant just a fantasy. Like, I don't actually want to do it. But it's kind of like nice to think about.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
I love that so much. And I gotta tell you this story. He's joking, but there's like a kind of truth to it. Every time I see. Do you know who Sam Elliott is? I don't he is like the OG old man. Like in every Western. He's got the broom mustache. Okay, he's real tall and lean, like and he's just like, very rugged. And what is he in his old us? Hi, I'm Elliot what's in everything? He's in everything but every time he comes on the TV, I look over my boyfriend like, Huh? And he's like, Hey, I'm like, I'm just kidding. He's old. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
Oh, have you ever seen the movie Tombstone? He's done talk holiday.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:16
I think some soul bows are remember. Yeah, but like, forget about it at all guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
Okay, so back to your Fuck, Marry kill we got on a tangent. And this is what happens when I smoke marijuana. Snoop Dogg, you're gonna marry Willie Nelson. You're gonna fuck and you're killing Seth Rogen. Okay, girl

Unknown Speaker 1:20:40
Willie Nelson could really go either way. But I'm definitely wearing Snoop Dogg because I would always have like a really good time. We'd go places. Smoke. Good. We eat good food. Can you tell us that? Snoop Dogg story was actually a really good. Okay, so remember, when Snoop and Uriah were doing the commentary for contender series. So on the Ultimate Fighter, we went to a contender series. And after the show, Dana comes over, and he's like, Oh, hey, girls, like how did you guys like the show? We're like, Oh, we love to Daytona. We want to meet Snoop Dogg. And so he's like, yeah, no problem. So literally walks us upstairs into the room that Snoop in your IRA. And it's like 16 Girls, and like, right away like your eyes like, Oh, hey, girls, and we all beeline for snoop. Like, totally ignore your eye thievery. Like, what the hell. You're so excited to be used to be more like smooth. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
so good to meet you. Oh, my God. And he's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:36
do you guys want to come to my trailer? And we're like, yes. And he follows me back out to his trailer that's in front of the old UFC gym. And so we go in there, there's like, trashy a snack, like Oreos, like different flavors, like keto, like just total, like junk food. And like all of a sudden layers, all these bloods going around, and we're all like me, and I think that there was like a few girls that didn't end up going into the trailer. But there was like, 12 of us out of the 16 You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:05
so cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
So we're all smoking weed. And we're like,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
I'm like, just like, holy shit. We're hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Crazy. And two of the girls, I don't know who they are, but they did like a shotgun. Like a they blew like smoke into each other's mouth. And I remember looking at this meme, like, wow, this is crazy. And then right as this is happening, one of the producers saw comes walking in the door. And he's like, Oh, no, this cannot be. And he's like, Come on, girl. Come on, girls. You guys got to get out of here. And we're like, no, so we want to stay out was literally like word for word. It's like girls, do you want to stay in hang out with me? And we're like, yes. He's like, tiny. Get this motherfucker out of my trailer. And tiny pieces. Big Ass bodyguard. So we literally get a producer from the Ultimate Fighter kicked out of the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:58
Wow, are all

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
in there just smoking blunts. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
Yeah, fuck the ultimate cider. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:23:06
it was like the end, like towards the end. So all of us, like most of us had lost and we're like, out of the competition, you know? Yeah. And so time goes by and we end up coming out of the trailer. And literally, there was like a line of all the producers with their, like, arms crossed,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:23
waiting for us. And we were all like, she like hadn't smoked. Like months, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:30
your tolerance is all down you everyone's just super high. And David,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:35
like, we're all just like shaking their head at us. Like come on. We're going to the vans, or the vans and we're all giggling and laughing and when we pull up to the house, Gary Franco the main producer is standing outside and he's like when you guys go in no talking about this on camera, like, act like nothing happen. And so we're like, yeah, okay, whatever. And literally, like we all like grabbed all the cookie butter and and like sat in a big like sharing circle and just all like we're eating and like this. You can tell your hi and like all the cameras left. Like we can film this. So yeah, that was that. Ultimate Fighter.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:17
That's an epic story. Wow. Like that's, that's not like a cool Ultimate Fighter story. That's a cool like life story. Like, you know, 20 years from now. You'd be like one time I smoked weed with Snoop Dogg and 15 other badass female ladies and got the producer kicked out. Yeah, that's such a gangster move for Snoop to be like, Get this man out of here. Like whoa, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
he also said he's like, Dude, I knew what he was doing when he brought him to. You said that you didn't knew what he was doing. He brought it to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:48
And it was so funny because the next morning the producer that got kicked out of the trailer was driving the blue van, the blue team van and sometimes if there was no cameras they would turn on the music for For us, and it was so funny because he would tell he was like giving us the silent treatment a little bit and we're like, come on now like, you know, that's like, you're gonna be telling everyone that forever like you got kicked out of snooze trailer blah blah blah. And then finally he like did like the dad thing and like two out of like in the rearview mirror he's like you're right. Forever and then he turned on the radio for us. And it was a Snoop Dogg song. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28
Dude, the universe is pretty awesome sometimes. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:33
We were like, oh, like we were like super obnoxious. Like it was a it was the best. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:39
Oh, that's actually a perfect segue into the fan questions crossed. I don't want to take up too much your time. You're one of the people that I have met where I'm like, Oh, shit, we could do like a four hour podcast. No problem. So. All right, right into it at Zacky B. Do you masturbate?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:03
I do. Not all the time. But yeah, I definitely. I do

Unknown Speaker 1:26:09
all right, honestly. Yeah, honestly, who the fuck does it if you if you say you don't you got damn liar.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
Or you're really not in tune with who you are sexually and you really need to go

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
explore. That's I just feel bad for you if you don't. This next question is from UFC is Sean Strickland. At s Strickland MMA I believe that's because he got nuked from his other account. With you being such a germaphobe I imagine you give the worst dry blow jobs. neglect the balls. This is Shawn Strickland's real question. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:50
John Stricklin. Um, I don't think so. I think I probably get really good flow jobs because oral is like such a big one for me giving and receiving. And being a germaphobe I really want to clean it before it goes in my bodies. Clean out with my mouth and brush my teeth.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:12
I didn't understand what you were saying. And you're like, I clean it with my mouth.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
I can clean it with my mouth. He doesn't.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:19
Oh, that's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
Have you ever been with somebody and you can just tell they have like a lot of like laundry soap like leftover on their clothes or whatever. Like they're like clothes.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:29
That is the last thing I'm worried about. I'm more worried about the other smell and I'll take laundry soap any day.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:37
Well, I just have like, some perfumes are really bad for like, our hormones.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:41
Yeah, pH like

Unknown Speaker 1:27:43
pH and all that, you know. So like, I smell like too much laundry stuff. I'm like, oh, we gotta get all that off before we do.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:50
Wow, wow. Oh. I mean, that's like, okay, okay, gerbil.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:56
oversharing so I might have a lot of anxiety about this.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
There's no okay, we won't overshare we won't overshare I can't. You're you're awesome to answer Shawn's ridiculous question, Shawn. You better come on the show next.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:10
Better and then I'm gonna ask him a noxious question. Honestly, I can't really picture strong Stricklin eating good pussy anyway. So I think he

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
probably gives horrible oral Yeah, he's projected lover stuff to meet me seems like a very selfish like rough lover. So projecting shot. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:32
All right. It's a great question. Moving on at Daryl one. Why? 23 Do you know you're an MMA? 9.5

Unknown Speaker 1:28:42
What? Oh, like I'm not a full time but I'm a nine point.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:45
I think he meant it as a compliment. But it feels like a burn like Why couldn't you just call her a 10 You jerk.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
Right? I mean, I'll take it

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55
you're hot you're a 10 You're a 10 at the Golden Eagle nipple play huge nipple fetish here and favorite position

Unknown Speaker 1:29:05
I really do like my nipples played with and I think I that's like something I like and a guy to like I don't think I'm with them nice nipples too. So guy both ways. Like nipples are nice. I guess I might I won't say it's a fetish but it's a thing for me like I do. And then favorite sex position. I think it's always different like with different partners like they're shaped differently so they feel like we're like I've been with certain people were like a certain position like just didn't feel good. And I think it was like kind of the way they were shaped. Yep. And then other positions though. Felt really good on the same end with them you know? So

Unknown Speaker 1:29:46
it was really political answer about sex position.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:52
Things from like two sides. But I didn't really like mean on top like that's a good One for me

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
one of the faves got it okay at A T dot papi Have you not gonna ask that one with the hill at Omar? Cortina? Sorry, my bed at Gino for Rocco. You have a cute dog and a great booty. How is Bruce? I'm assuming Bruce is your dog's name? Yeah, Bruce

Unknown Speaker 1:30:22
is my dog. He's almost fellas. He's the old man. But I've had him since I was 19. So he's been along for the whole ride.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31
Oh, wait, how old is he?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
He's 12. Almost 12. He'll be 12 in October

Unknown Speaker 1:30:37
through so that's adorable. My dogs only he's gonna be six next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:42
And so fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
Is this weird? Okay, tell me I'm probably morbid, but I'm like trying to prepare myself for the day he goes. So I look at him and I say you're gonna die soon. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:56
I did this. I did this, like, all the time. Like, I think like, randomly, I'll be driving down the road. And I'm like, he's gonna die soon. And I just started crying. I think it's so hard when you like love something so much. And they give you such a sense of like, security, security and like, they're always happy to see you. Still precious and like knowing they just don't live as long as you do. It's heartbreaking. So I think when you get one, and then you realize how much you're loving them. It's only natural and if you've experienced loss and abandonment and things like that, I think you have like an unhealthy beer. Way You know, I love this thing so much like it's going to not purposely abandoned me but essentially it's going to begin in you because they just don't want as long as every day is a blessing with Bruce. He's like Ben, he's I feel so bad. Sometimes I'm like, I just in my mind. I'm like, you deserve like a big house. Tree and like, just the best and I'm like he's moved around with me like all over like we've lived in like shitty bedrooms and like, like, I've worked a lot. You know what I mean? So like, sometimes I feel guilty and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:04
Oh, way man. No way, man, Bruce. Bruce. Okay. All dogs care about is how much he loves you give them so if you measured Bruce's life, in that he's living in a mansion, you know, because you know how much love you give him? Like they don't give a fuck about apartments. It was California Vegas. Who the fuck cares? They just want love. So don't worry about that. Okay, sorry, we I love my dog, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:31
When you're a dog, Mom, it's easy to get off on

Unknown Speaker 1:32:33
dog tangents. Yeah. Oh, so that guy had a couple. It was like a two part question. I guess. How was Bruce? What was the tough house? Like we heard that awesome. Snoop Dogg story? And also do you like high sex since you're a stoner?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:49
Um, so the Ultimate Fighter how that's what they asked how the

Unknown Speaker 1:32:53
two part how was the ultimate fighter house? And do you like high six, since you're a stoner?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
High sex, like, I feel like I most of my sex is high just because I'm always high. It's more unfair for me to have sober sex, I guess. And then the Ultimate Fighter house, it was like kind of a blessing in so many ways. But at the same time, it was it was hard. Like you're lucked out in your life, you're put in a house where there's cameras on you, and you have to tell your life story. And there's no escaping anything. And you're, I had a lot of anxiety in the house about how I was gonna be betrayed. And like, I hurt myself within the first couple days, like I hurt my rib. And so I wasn't able to work out where I feel like that made my anxiety worse. You know, I have to go fight for my dreams and like, you know what I mean? Like, it's a big hard thing to do. But on the back end of it, I'm like, it was such a blessing. And I learned a lot about myself. A lot of what I needed to work on personally, I got to the UFC. I, you know, even though I hurt myself, I won my first fight in the house and like 40 seconds, like I proved to myself a lot about myself, you know, like, there may be things I had been doubting. And then I was like, Oh my God, you went through that experience and like came out on the other end of it. So, like, strong and so much better. So like, be proud of yourself. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
I love that answer. Because, you know, we forget sometimes that we live a life that's not like everybody else. It's very few people who do what we do, and then get to challenge themselves and test those, you know, our skill set in front of millions of people. You know, like, That's so crazy. And then the tough house is similar situation, right? Like how many people are even put in the position where you have to mentally and physically have all these challenges and then overcome them and you're plucked from your life and then you go home, you're like, Why the fuck are witches? That's why,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:51
like, there's no doors on your bedroom. Like there's like really like no privacy. Like you can't really talk to anybody about any thing that you're feeling cuz then you're like, oh, okay, there's gonna be cameras, and then they're gonna be videotaping it, and then they're gonna put on TV and like, you see how like they portray things on the show to before. So I think you go into it with a little bit of like, I don't want them to make me like look bad or a certain way, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 1:35:16
that does happen, that does happen to you know, I've had plenty of female fighter friends who were on the show, tell me that, what they what we saw was not the full story and that they cut cut up pieces. And I'm like, you know, and at the end of the day, like, it's television, it's entertainment, they want to make it entertaining. So drama.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:39
So, on the other end of that 100%, that happens, but there was a bullying night where we all were bullied, and they made it look super wholesome. It was not wholesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52
Like, it was a mess, like it was a tomato. So I think, on the same turn, they made us look a little better. Oh, okay. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:04
But there is like when you're on a reality TV show, they do kind of thrive off like toxicity. And that's like, what's entertaining and what people like to watch. And I think that's why they ended up having to take a break from the show, because when the show first started, they did this whole like, you know, drunk bar fighters and then a couple real fights. Yeah, yeah, that's a good TV. Well, now it's all real fighters, and everyone's going to bed at 730. And they're serious. And like, there just isn't a lot of drama. Serious fighters are serious athletes, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:36
Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay, moving on. We got short, thin and shiny. Question for Emily, the plant lady. Is she doing a veggie garden this year? And does she grow her own buds, her Insta is usually plant heavy.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:53
Um, so I don't have actual garden going. I live in a condo. So it's kind of hard to do that. I could do my patio and stuff like that. But it's hard to grow vegetables here. Like, there's a sweet spot of like, things being like good. And then all of a sudden, it gets too hot one night, and things are bolting, and it just doesn't come out good. And so I tried. I've had vegetable gardens in the past. And like, there were certain things that came out really good. But then at the same time, I was like, the amount of water I'm putting into this, unlike when I'm getting back I just didn't feel like I was doing it in a very eco friendly way where there are people here that do have vegetable gardens and they have tents and they're able to give the plants a better environment than I was able to give them and I live in a very similar situation now than I did then. So I just haven't really tried I've rosemary and like a potter, so like some herbs but nothing crazy. And I don't grow my own weed. But I really really do want to start trying to I just need to get a little bit of money together and buy like a tent and do it in like my extra bedroom. But I would really love to do it outdoors someday and like the right climate and Haas Yeah, that's something I really want to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:08
Yeah. Okay, awesome. Good question. At she fights to media, they've got I gotta choose, they always send so many good questions. If you could avenge one loss in your MMA career, but avenging this loss will end your opponent's career. Which loss would it be? This this, uh, this account, they always send in questions and they would like so like, yeah, they're like, and but they're also like, kinda like

Unknown Speaker 1:38:39
little black mirror. Yeah, it's like, last year.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:43
Yeah. You know, who just answered this one was Miranda Maverick. Same question, same people. And it's just a crazy question. Maybe I'm bad because I'm like, you know, I'm the catalyst I'm gonna answer this answer was no, hers was actually good. She had a really good answer, because it was a girl that had already retired from MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:04
So that's nice. Yeah, she

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
got she got Yeah, same question.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:09
I feel like was it Gracie Barber?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:12
No, it wasn't it wasn't but there was some animosity about that situation for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:17
Um, I don't like the idea of ending their career. Just decline this

Unknown Speaker 1:39:23
question. Yeah. Emily's too nice for that guys. What are you talking about? I just don't have any

Unknown Speaker 1:39:28
I don't harbor any like ill will tell anybody that I've really lost too and I just wouldn't want to end their career but I would like to get some of my losses back for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
Okay, same same person or at she fights to media same account. Where's the most awkward place you've ever been fully nude?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:46
Um, I missed wait one time I totally. I was really sick. So like two weeks before the fight i The girl that does all our medical work hit me up and was like, hey, like your bloodwork came? That's really bad, like you need to go in for more tests, my white blood cell count was really high. And they almost like I did almost like $2,000. In bloodwork, they almost wanted to give me a leukemia test. Like this was like, like, I was really sick. It was a scare. Yeah, but like, didn't understand like, what was going on? Exactly, you know. So I, you know, take a week off a training, don't train for a week, then fight week rolls around, I really need the money. And I'm like, You know what, my weights low, like, I can totally do this. Like, I've already like put in a whole camp like, fighter mentality. AKA, you know, get out. Well, my wait was low, but not a healthy low. And like, Thursday when I started trying to cut the weight, like, I just felt so bad, like, not like a normal weight cut, like something was wrong. And like literally, like less than, like, a half a pound was coming off an hour. So yeah, I was so bad. I shouldn't have I should have pulled out but I didn't. And I regret it. And I paid the ultimate price. Because the internet is like horrible to you when you miss weight. But I'm sorry, I missed weight and had to weigh in naked. And I only missed by a pound and a half, which is not crazy, you know, but it was still like I pushed my body really hard trying to get it. But being emaciated like that and having to get naked and like everyone's taking pictures and like a pay per view event. So like there was a heavy media presence. That was like, horrible. Like, that was like one of the worst experiences of my life like two days, like, just how like, sure you feel about my family being sick. I was in that abusive relationship, like, all together. It was horrible. And I just felt so like small like not like somebody that was going to compete at the highest level. Like I just felt so just small and I felt bad that I missed weight. Like I'm not gonna, I'm somebody that like is works hard. I always eat healthy. I don't party like I really like live a good life like for a fighter. And to have that happen. I just felt really bad. And the internet was so nasty and like me. And it was just like a horrible situation. So that was definitely the worst, most awkward place to be naked.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:02
Oh, God, girl, I feel bad for you. Yeah, the internet sucks. Not not you listeners, you guys are great. But people can be really fucking horrible. You know. And that's one of the, you know, it's amazing to be on the UFC platform, but you also are giving yourself access to everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:21
I think a lot of fighters that I've know personally that I've gotten signed, and they lose or like, you know, something bad happens and they realize all the hate they get, you can tell it changes, like they realize like they're looking at you like, Oh, you're in the UFC, like how do you feel sad or depressed, like, Oh, my God, you made it. And then they get there. And then maybe something similar happens to them or they lose or get knocked out. And then all of a sudden, your phone gets blown up with messages that are just so horrendous. Like, I don't even want to repeat the things that they say. And it's like, it is soul crushing. You're like, Here I am, I put like all of this energy, my whole life, my body, my soul, my mind into this sport, to go out there and put it all out on the line for people to come along and like hate on you in a dark awful way is it's hard to deal with. And you see this change in like, teammates of mine, like they one of my teammates, like he had a really big win. And then he got like, totally like smoked and a couple fights. And now like the whole internet is just like shitting on him. And you can tell it is like I just takes a lot of the fun out of it. And I'm like, You got to like shut it out. You like have to realize those people saying those things have nothing going on. Otherwise, they wouldn't be doing that, you know, like nobody that's busy and exceeding that life has time to go like, see those nasty things.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:33
Yeah, and we've come full circle, because part of the reason I started this podcast was because I thought how cool would it be if we could showcase another aspect of these fighters and maybe people would stop dehumanizing us and basically, you know, like internet bullying these fighters that they would never say these things to in real life. And it's like, yeah, we're talking about sex and this kind of stuff. But it's like, you know, we all can relate to somebody's story, right? Like you and I similar stories. I'm like, Whoa, me and this girl are super similar. And how many people are gonna hear this? And, you know, and maybe that will keep those people some of those people from you know, feeling like they have the right to look down on you for for losing a fight that you worked your ass off for, for missing weight for this for that, you know, so? Yeah, I understand that feeling. And, you know, you have to really love this sport, to keep coming back after you face that type of adversity.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:30
Oh, yeah. I think it's what bugs me most about it is a lot of us that ended up in this sport are people that have come from maybe not the best background or like struggled with things emotionally in martial arts was the thing that saved us. And it's crazy because you get to this point of making it and then at the time of making it you're faced with like, all of this negativity sometimes. And it's like really like, wow, I just like poured my whole, you know, healing process in a way into this and now I'm getting all of this net gonna have like, unnecessary, like feedback from these people and it just is like, it breaks my heart I hate when I see like other people getting bashed online I, it's not just with myself like, it's like anyone across the board that like does this as an athlete I have so much respect for and then like, see like people need me and I'm just like, I can't even look at the comments. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 1:45:21
mean, I just want to say that I feel like you are somebody who has had to deal with the online scrutiny, and you're still working towards your goals, you've got a really good positive mindset, you know, what you want to do? And, you know, that's kind of like, uh, I keep saying season two, but, you know, it's a veteran move, you know, it's like, you're not one of these, you know, brand new fighters who is going to take a loss and then be broken from it, you know, you're strong enough to know that the the path is going to be rough, but you can get back so don't listen to the internet shit. I know. You know, I know you're a strong girl, but even me, like, I need my partner to remind me all the time, like, no fucking shithead 677 from Iowa doesn't matter, you know? Like, but he said, I look like a guy. I'm like, Dude, my boyfriend's like, Babe, and I'm like, Okay, I'm being dumb. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:13
it's funny how like, sometimes like someone can say something so beautiful. But then it's like the negative thing that like holds on to it. And it's like, I hate that our brains work that way. It's a very natural reaction. And I just wish that was like, in my mind that's like a default like Mother Nature messed up there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:30
Yeah, that's, that's yeah, that's that's a typo for sure. Well, I don't want to take you too much. We've already went over our time. My last question to you. And I asked every guest this is if you could hear someone next another Nick guest on sex and violence the rebel girl who would you like to hear?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:52
I the one person I would love to hear but I know they won't do it as Roxanne.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:59
Roxy, please do our show. We don't have to talk about sex. We could talk about love and romance. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:08
exactly. Like it could be like sweet, like, it doesn't have to be like as personal. I would love to see Shawn Strickland on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:15
Yeah. Shawn Okay, Roxanne declined, but maybe she'll warm up to it. Especially she just retired. I would you know, kind of like to talk about her career, Shawn, he has told me he should not be trusted with a microphone talking about sex and violence. And I'm like, well, that's probably true, but I think he should do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:34
I'm gonna bug him to do

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
Okay, thank you so much Emily. I will always list your handles your social media handles and you're only fan so I want to give you all the love where can we find you on all the platforms because we want to follow your journey back to the UFC and back on your road to gold.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:52
So my Instagram is just an E M my last name wittmeyer And then 115 Twitter I believe is the same thing and then my only fans is just under M but actually I did two ends on that one. Like a longer M and then I did throw my last name in there so it's just under M wittmeyer.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:13
Okay, well good luck I'm sure we'll stay in touch now and tell Bruce I said hi. Yes, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:48:19
you so much for having me. This was really awesome. I really enjoyed this podcast so thanks. Alright, have a good one.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:27
When you do tell me last time so tell me are you finish oh you ain't got no money we want to solve baby you're big you know I swim without wish has to do with dogs when it's 10 feet over. Grab 300 Me ain't got no horse got got to go oh Are we and that's it. That's a wrap for episode 95 with Emily Spitfire wittmeyer. Next week we talked to Randy Rose City Phoenix Field. She's a Bellator flyweight who's just three knows she went pro in 2019. So, you know with all the pandemic she's basically brand spanking new to the MMA scene professionally. She is a sucker punch athlete. Shout out to sucker punch. And she just she's coming off a win Bellator when the other two weeks ago against Mariah Samurai, I forget her name, but she was a local girl. It's gonna be a great episode. Really looking forward to that tune in next week guys, don't forget all the bullshit www sex violence the rebel Pick up some merch to help us you know, keep the lights on and keep keep giving you guys all these episodes. We already said congratulations to Richie, you will have Des Moines, Iowa your glove is in the mail. And thank you guys so much for all your fan questions and for tuning in every week. It really means the world I know I say that every week. But every week you guys keep coming back and listening to us and we love you for that. Special thank you to audio engineer, DJ Zol you can find him on Instagram at DJ zone check out with stuff guys. He's here making magic with us each week and tomorrow kid studio where we make this magic at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I really hope you guys enjoyed this episode I did. And what do I say every week? Remember to be kind, be grateful. Don't take shit from anyone. Love you guys. Talk to you next week with more tales of sex and violence.

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