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Ep.96 Randi "Rose City Phoenix" Field

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence

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what's happening hot stuff? What is up my naughty listeners? Cool. So if you guys were naughty, and you fast forward through the intro, then you did not hear the good fucking news that we are now officially signed to UFC fight pass the world's number one combat sports streaming platform, you girl and some other podcasts are part of the inaugural group that's going to be streamed a lot not live but run streamed on a fight pass. So what that means is if you're listening right now, don't worry guys, you're going to always be able to get this content free 99. But there will be extra content that you can go to www UFC fight pass to listen to. And that's you know, maybe it's some extra good stuff, maybe it's some fan questions, I don't know, you will have to go subscribe and check it out. Plus, just go subscribe and support us that we're going to be doing lots of cool things. There's other podcasts that you guys are going to want to check out. I won't spoil the news for any other shows. But it's a really, really exciting time for us. We're just going to be doing audio for now for the first few months so we can get the hang of it. Because you know, your girl is a fighter and kind of a meathead sometimes. So I need to slowly integrate myself onto the platform audio based and then we'll be busting out some full video in the near future. I know I keep saying that. But but I'm not a tech wizard. Okay, um, uh, yeah, I'm not good at technology, guys. But that's great news. And that is basically some of the news that I've been alluding to the past few months.

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It's kind of like MMA. It once we signed the contract. It was basically hurry up and wait. So I've known about this for some time. But I haven't been able to tell you, but now it's here. And so just in time for our 100th episode for our two year birthday. And when you think about all the things that we've accomplished in these, you know, two years, getting this contract and signing this deal with UFC fight pass is really really big and basically shows that all our hard work is paying off. So

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first thing I got to say, thank you so much to the people who have been behind me this whole time. That is our guy, DJ Zol you can check him out at DJs on Instagram, but he has been here making the magic happen with me in the studio, which is tomorrow could studio here in Orange County. Check them out at tomorrow kids official. It's amazing. You know, I don't know if you guys know this, but the homie DJ Zol did this podcast for free for a whole fucking year. So now that things are finally starting to happen, I just got to say thank you so much all

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and then also our editor who makes these badass clips on social media that gets your guys's attention. That's Nick quarry. He is at Air media productions on Instagram. And he's really taken the whole production up a notch ever since we started working together. This guy you know, I hit him up that you know, whatever time it is here and he's over there in Amsterdam working on things. He's such a hard worker he has his own podcast called in the booth. Check that out at Air Media Productions. Okay, I just had to be very grateful for a second because fuck you know if you guys are a longtime listener, you know this has not been an easy two years for me. Surgeries pandemic losing my fucking fight. So much shit has gone wrong, that I am so grateful when things

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I really do go right. And I'm also grateful for my sobriety. Yes, this is that mushy time on the podcast where I will talk about what's going on with me. That's why we call this the ash update part, guys. So

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thank you so much for, for being with me through this whole journey. I know that this next chapter on UFC fight pass is only going to be more exciting. And don't worry, we were assured that we do not have to clean up or make it less explicit. Anything that we already do. So you'll still get the same level of amazing guests. And the same debauchery and ridiculousness that you didn't think you would be able to hear on a classy platform like UFC fight pass. So stay tuned, guys, that's all I really want to say. Some other things that are going well, if you guys are local to the Orange County or Southern California area, I will now be the official backstage interviewer for a local fight promotion that's called up next fighting their first ever promotion. Their first show called the beginning will be at the Burbank Marriott may 21. And I will be there backstage interviewing all the fighters post fight. So if you want to check that out, you can stalk them on Instagram, it's at up next fighting, and their website is www. Up next I think there's only a few reserved seats left. But yeah, if you want to check that out, be sure to say hi to me. A few other little housekeeping things. We are full of merchandise, and we got lots and lots of I designs. So go check it out the websites sex violence with rebel Every once in a while we'll do a giveaway. We're not doing one right now. But still go check out the website. Also, if you ever want to write us an email to talk to us for a guest suggestion or if you want to be a part of this amazing transition on the fight paths and you want to advertise we are also always accepting sponsors. I told you guys before now is the time to get in. So you know, you guys want to have your company brand product on the fight pass platform hit us up that's a sex and violence And the last thing if you guys want to see more of me, actually, you know, just me not the podcast. Literally more of me, you can go to www Ashley rebel I've been doing that naughty picture stuff. And I think we actually just did some videos and stuff like that. So support me, check out my fan time www Ashley rebel And lastly, before we talk about the fights, please guys, it's a free way to help the show. If you like the show and you want to keep hearing it just do one thing. Go rate and review the goddamn show. If you've already done it, thank you. You're badass. I love you. I'm giving you a virtual hug right now. Okay, and if you haven't, I still love you, but I would love you even more. If you go please give us a rating or review. And if you review us on iTunes, screenshot the actual review, DM our Instagram account, which is at sex and violence rebel girl, and send us your address and we'll send you some free stickers. Okay. All right. Now let's talk about the UFC fights that are tomorrow.

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So we've got who this is a great one.

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First and foremost, I mean, it would be crazy for me not to mention this, but congratulations to Karla as far as a she is the strawweight champion again and you know, we hear a sex and violence with rebel girl couldn't be more proud of her. You know, this is someone I've known for 17 years and I just I couldn't be more proud of this girl so Everybody give it up for Carla Esparza her and Rose got a lot of hate because of the performance that they gave. But no one knows what the fuck it's like to be in there so unless you've actually stepped in the cage and heard the door locked behind you shut the fuck up. But that's all I have to say about that. Now, this tomorrow this weekend we have some another action packed fight card we have heavyweight contenders battling it out that is the former champion and current number one ranked yawn and blah which takes on surging number three seed Alexander Rakesh, this is the first time Yan has returned to the Octagon since losing the belt and in Vegas 50 fours co main event number 13 ranked lightweight, light heavyweight Ryan Superman span battles a dangerous striker eon could Alaba shout out to Juan Cardenas for helping me with these pronunciations this week. I think I'm killing it so far.

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Also on the main card, we have Davey grant versus Louis smoker, Caitlin choquet universe and Amanda hibiscus

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Frank Camacho versus Manuel Torres and finally on the main card, we have Jake Hadley versus Alon Nascimento, then do that as well. And on the prelims we got Vivian Rougeau autoshow versus Andrea Lee and Michael Johnson vs Alon Kortrijk. Michael Johnson actually hasn't fought in 15 months and he's coming off the same surgery that I had. So I'm extra routing, rooting for Michael so hope they hope he can win this fight because I feel like I'm living vicariously through him. And then the last few fights on the prelims are Verna Genja roba versus Angela Hill really excited for that fight. I've been paying real close attention to Angie's fightcamp And I'm rooting for her Tatsuro Tyra versus Carlos, Kendall reo. And then finally, Nick maximum versus Andre petrosky Petrowski Petroski. Alright guys, check that out. Tomorrow should be an exciting card. Now let's get to our guest. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you were meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strengthen recovery, pre workout, or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports. T m again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. TM choose perfect sports be great.

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Today's guest is a Canadian mixed martial artist who's moved from rock bottom to competing on one of MMA grandest stages. Before her MMA journey began she survived a near death experience in her youth. The 32 year old flyweight stance five foot three and trains out of maximum Training Center, a professional since 2015. She holds a three in one record and is coming off a win at Bellator 279. In Hawaii. We talk about being a nerd trapped in a hot girl's body her unusual perfect date Canadians and their doughnuts sex under the bleachers and CN Tower. Midnight would annoyance love of squeezed boobies first kiss on New Year's Eve with head coach rough upbringing to three years of sobriety and much more. Here's your guest Randy

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Eat Rose City Phoenix Field

Unknown Speaker 15:50
All right, we're here with Randy Rose City Phoenix Field. First of all, tell me about that name. It sounds super inspiring. My guess is because you went through something very traumatic and you came out and you rose from the ashes. Is that true? Yeah, that's that's it for sure. Windsor is known for it's the Rose City actually here. So the Phoenix is everything that I am like, regardless if I'm in that cage or not. I'm a fighter, because I've had to my whole life. Yeah, I mean, I won't make you tell the whole elaborate story. But give us a brief synopsis of how you almost lost your life when you were I think eight years old. I was 13. There's an 18 year old, eight year old boy was with me actually. I was 13. We were just out in Alpena, Michigan on a four wheeler. And I remember.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
I remember we didn't have an extra helmet for me. So I just said, It's okay. Like, we won't go fast. But then we go around the corner and I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna see how fast I can make this thing. Go because I'm an adrenaline junkie. And I told the little boy, I'm like, Look at this, but Avineri. And he told me the last thing he remembered was it being on like, fully engaged. And then all of a sudden, we got sucked in and it like, flew the four wheeler up and got lodged between

Unknown Speaker 17:10
two trees, like five feet up in the air, and I, there was a branch that hit off the boy's helmet, but then it flung off his helmet and hit me in the head. Not flew me off the four wheeler, and then I smash my head off the second tree.

Unknown Speaker 17:22
And then you know, what you would think that would knock me out. But I don't know, if you've seen some of my fights, I get kicked in the face a lot. And it takes a lot to knock out. So I remember still crawling out of that bush. I remember sitting there and spinning and my dad's girlfriend running up to me. And she was covering her ears and just screaming so loud. And I remember just fighting to stay awake. And then next thing I knew I woke up in the ICU. So I was like, wow, and you're

Unknown Speaker 17:49
you're 13 at that time. Yep. How long did it take you to fully recover from that whole incident?

Unknown Speaker 17:56
To be honest, like, probably the worst part to me was my I shaved head but would you know, that's the thing now. So like, for rocket half.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Air was gone, my head was all dented. You know, that was probably the worst part for me as like a young girl that was just growing into her body and just understanding my son. And then I got my mangled face and everything healed pretty well. Like I don't have problems now from it. I don't think maybe my neck a little bit, but

Unknown Speaker 18:28
it's pretty good. That's amazing. And that's only one small little part of your upbringing. I don't really know much about you. I like to keep these things organic. I did do a little research. So I read that story. But all I know is you're from Canada. You know what was growing up like for you? And I've had great experiences, but it's always been from the inside of a wrestling gym. The women's wrestling program has always been really huge in Canada. So when I was in college, and like, Oh, God, I'm old now. Like,

Unknown Speaker 18:57
oh, 5209 we were going up to Canada to wrestle constantly. But every time we're up there, we had a great time.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
Yeah, it's a Canada, it's, it's really great here. I mean, I wished I was a part of something like that I never was. And honestly, I experienced like, Windsor can be pretty rough. And that's probably most of what I experienced down here. When I was I was a personal trainer at a gym and I had a

Unknown Speaker 19:25
client and I taught her her family. And they ended up taking me out to BC and I was able to see like the beauty in Canada because, you know, like I'm I wasn't able to travel much before that we didn't ever had money. So yeah, Windsor is really great. Like, like I have all my family here. So that's what made my young childhood very memorable. And I think I'm like such a sweet person probably because I had that. We were very close with our family and you know like, as thing as you get older you start to see things for what it is and families fall apart and you know when money gets involved everything

Unknown Speaker 20:00
changes and it's just like, oh warehouse or life just flipped, you know, did something dramatic happened when you were young to your family, like a loss of a job or loss of a family member? What was that big flip? That big flip I believe was, you know, my dad owned a tool and I business. And him and my mom were together and what is it, I'm sorry, oh, what kind of business it was a tool and dye business. So like, they made like molds for parts for machines, very successful business. But I think things went

Unknown Speaker 20:33
sour with my dad and his partner, he caught him having an affair with their secretary. And then, you know, my, my dad, and my mom's best friend had an affair, which then broke apart our family. So it was like, every would then became about money and that business and like, the parents just started fighting and like me, and my sister just totally got lost in that mix. And we just, we got thrown through a lot. Like I remember staying in hotels,

Unknown Speaker 21:00
really crappy hotels, like you drive by them. And you're like, that's where frickin escorts go. And we were as kids, you know, like, I still remember that. And

Unknown Speaker 21:11
yeah, you know, it was tough. We didn't have money to do for me to do sports. So instead, I fought on the streets for free. And so wow, I imagine you're like a rough, rougher kind of kid. Like, what kind of crowd were you hanging out with? If you know your your family dynamic was kind of breaking up and you didn't have probably guidance at that point. What was life like as a as a young kid?

Unknown Speaker 21:35
I would say up until grade eight, I would say I kind of kept my innocence quite a bit. Because, you know, I had a really good group of friends from grade school. And then it was like, I got into high school and I started getting bullied. And then it was like, that's when I was like, Oh my God, I need to fit in with this. These people because not fitting in with them. Frickin suck. Like, I got slammed into lockers, I got my book, my locker broken into and they would take my books and throw them all over the parking lots and write horror on it. And I was like, I'm a virgin. I've never looked to dec like, I don't even understand what is happening. But like, girls are mean. And I started to roll with that crowd once they accepted me because I fought back. Yeah, that's, that's wild. I mean, yeah, kids get bullied, but

Unknown Speaker 22:25
I can't believe it's still a thing. You know, like not cyber bullying before. It was like in person bullying, like beating kids up. But you know, what kind of place is Windsor? Is it more of like a? You said it's rough? I don't know what that means. Exactly. But you know, you're getting bullied. Is it just kind of?

Unknown Speaker 22:46
I don't know, maybe I'd more. It's just not like, I don't think it's beautiful, maybe

Unknown Speaker 22:51
beautiful places lately. Like I just come back to why you so what's your shit? Got it? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
I just mean, like, there's a lot of different types of people here. There's people from high class, middle class, low class. And, you know, I went to a high school where we all collaborated. So it was like, everybody together, just kind of like everybody's figuring themselves out. And it's like, you know, the insecure girls will pick on the pretty girls. And then the pretty girls are going to become insecure, because everyone's always picking up. It's just like, it's so weird how it is here. Whereas like, everyone was so like, it was so nice. Everybody's so nice. Yeah, like, I do want to talk about your experience in Hawaii, we kind of maybe we should we should talk about your fight life first. That's what you what we normally do on the podcast. We just jumped right in. But I guess let's pause and we'll go back to kind of Windsor and where you came from. But I know I'm super excited. You're fresh off of when it's less than a month ago. It was Bellator 279. Correct. Yeah. So just tell me about that experience. I know. So far. I know you're from Windsor, not the most beautiful place, but then you just recently got a win on one of the biggest stages in MMA.

Unknown Speaker 24:03
Yeah, that honestly, that whole experience everything about it was amazing. I know you and I had spoken about it earlier. Like I celebrated my three year sobriety, the day we left, you know, we thought

Unknown Speaker 24:16
you're still covered up. But like, everything just felt like really lined up. I came to, you know, that story that I posted about my accident. It wasn't on accident. I stumbled upon it. Like I was looking and I was looking for inspiration to be I need to be inspired by myself because I felt like especially after that last fight. I I was really upset and I almost didn't feel like I belonged where I'm at. And I felt like I kind of had like that impostor syndrome. And I'm like, then my psychologist asked me, you know, when's the time that you felt like you were strong? And my answer, like to me, it's my heart right now. Like, I don't feel like I've ever been strong. And I like I

Unknown Speaker 25:00
That's something that I aspire to be as strong as Beauvoir, and then I am like Fitch, do some reading about yourself. And like find a reason to be inspired by yourself because that person's there, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 25:12
I do believe especially after that last fight in Hawaii, like how everything just went like I, it wouldn't be me if I didn't keep people on the edge of their seats. You know, like, oh, Randy might have lost that. But no, she's coming back. She's gonna win. That's how that's how it's always been for me in my life. Like, I was like, you know, things get so rough and get pushed right to the edge. But I can always make my way back, you know? So I really think like even Rose City Phoenix for that fight. Like that's like that I almost died below morale. But then I rose above Mariah, and did it. So the whole experience was just like, really awakening. And, you know, it makes me like, I work hard. But I want to work harder now. You know? Yeah, I'm meeting great people. So where do you see yourself going? Now? I mean, do you want to get back in the cage? Do you want to take some time off and kind of reassess? Or do you have another opponent in mind?

Unknown Speaker 26:04
I don't have another opponent in mind. I'm just right now I absorbed that win. And I got promoted to my blue belt in jujitsu. So that was super exciting.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Thank you. Yeah, that was very exciting. And then, yeah, just whenever I can fight again, this, like this, it hurts. I was carrying out my Recycle Bin the other day in my hand, just let it go. So it's just rehabbing. Then, as soon as I'm ready, I'll be ready. You know, it was the same with my elbow. I dislocated that a couple years ago.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
Not a couple two. Yeah, two years ago, I got reconstructive surgery. 10 months later, I thought, how are you out for your hand?

Unknown Speaker 26:42
I don't know. I'm saying six weeks. That's my own day.

Unknown Speaker 26:49
Yeah, I think us fighters tend to diagnose on the lenient side time. timewise, you know, and we tend to be real disappointed because we think we have control over our healing abilities. But in all actuality, we don't.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
Don't but we have broken high pain tolerance. Doctors are like, did that hurt? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
Let's like Oh, popped out again, stuck it in with my nose. He was like, can you stop that? So what did you do exactly? To your wrist? I think I punched Mariah. And like, you know, she had butted my thumb at the same time, and we just collided and it just the bone popped right out. So it's like, these things happen to bite and you're like, what? rewatching? And you're like, oh, that's where it happened. I can tell by the look on my face, you know? Yeah. So it's cool to to watch that over. And yeah, so hopefully, I'll get in there again soon. Okay, well, we'll, we'll keep our eye out. So, you know, obviously, you want to keep moving up in the flyaway rigs, what are some other goals whether MMA or just in life

Unknown Speaker 27:53
goals for my MMA, I really, honestly, I hope Bellator loves me enough to create a strong weight category. Because I am a natural one. Sustainer I'm very, very comfortable. I was cutting to 120 this fight and like, the day before my weight cut, I had a huge Pokeball because, you know my way I'm, I'm little I'm tiny, you know. So it was, that would be my goal for MMA. And honestly, just, I don't sit here and think like, I want to be champion, like I don't have that I have three kids back at home. And I want my little kids to look at me and just be inspired to do anything that they want to do and not be afraid, you know, and not be afraid of there's gonna say this is I can't believe I go in a cage. And I allow other people there's things I have read about myself that people have said, I'm like, Oh my gosh, but you know, teaching my kids to let that stuff just roll off your shoulders and continue on. Yeah, you know, I? Yeah, that's what I think, you know, you learn early on that you gotta have thick skin. And, you know, it's not like we're robots we can ever completely turn it off. But you do got to learn how to not interact with the trolls or the people that don't mean shit. You know, no matter how persistent or mean they are? For sure. Yeah, for sure. We got thick skin. There's so much scar tissue under there. That's why for sure, for sure. So I'm excited to see what the future holds. I know, you know, the pandemic took a lot of time away from all of us fight wise, right? And for you and me, who are you know, we're in our 30s. Now, a year or two years pandemic wise or injury wise. It's a lot you know, and you you said, What, you have your three kids. So it's not like it's the only thing that matters in your life. But I feel like for me personally, right now I'm in my mid 30s. I feel an extra sense of urgency. Do you feel that you know, you're only 32 but sometimes spiders, we kind of put a lot of weight on ourselves. For sure. I've actually felt that way since I started. Like I feel like I started at 25 So it's kind

Unknown Speaker 30:00
have like, you know, I started late, I want to, I'm already on a huge stage.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
You know, and I really like we do a lot of one on one training. And that's why I've gotten to where I've gotten and why I'm so like, why I'm good the way I'm good because I had trainers come in, and they just break down everything that I'm doing.

Unknown Speaker 30:22
So I felt like, you know, oh, man, if I would have started when I was younger, or, but at the same time, I also see fighters who are very young, 2122 years old who are can barely walk. So it's like, really, you kind of figure it out right now like you are, I'm, we're stronger, we're in our peak of our strength as women and I do feel like, you know, everything, everything is lined up the way it's supposed to be injuries, everything, you know, you've made your splash. I'm hoping to make mine soon, you know, like, for sure, I think everything's right on time you are you're making your splash right now, you know, you could have one crazy knockout that goes viral. But for most of us, you know, it's a lot of hard work, you know, a lot of training sessions and just one fight after the next and you win one, you win another, you may lose one, you know, you gotta come back up, you gotta work your way up the ranks. And I think you're, you're right on point. And, you know, sometimes people do put too much urgency in their mind. And it's like, hindering, right? For me, I feel like it's lighting a fire and I'm using it to my advantage. And it sounds like you know, you are very clear headed. And you know that fighting is not the only thing you have. So, you know, I think it's all about kind of focusing your energy on the right things, right.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
Absolutely. And you got your podcasts I've got I'm a massage therapists too. So I do that. I have a full business. I love my clients. They're all spectacular. They realize sometimes I will walk in and I will be able to walk. So you might not get your appointment that day. I busted up some you're getting a one hour massage, but they're all like so supportive. And I have amazing, I love amazing.

Unknown Speaker 32:09
And you say you said you have three kids. So okay, let's take it back. We talked about how you came from Windsor, it's a little rougher, you got bullied, you know, but now I fast forward, you're this beautiful professional fighter with three kids. And and you're the you know, Rose City, Phoenix. Let's talk about that middle time, you know, where you started dating? And you know, just kind of coming into your own if you had to put into words, what your dating experience was like, what would you say?

Unknown Speaker 32:41
How many words you want? Because I would literally Trash? Trash? Trash. Yes. For like, I'm with my partner. Now he has shown me like,

Unknown Speaker 32:53
I dated boys. Like I've been with my partner now for five years now. So like, five years ago, I'm, how old am I now? I was 26. So 26. Before that, like I date, boys, you know, it was just like, it was just little kids in love. And you know, we did stupid things I put, you know, you asked me some questions that like, I the only way I want to answer is I put my butt in places that I wouldn't even put down my coffee cup. It's, you know, those were just it was just I don't think I ever really had a serious relationship before. I started training and figuring out what passion was because there was no way I could love anybody else at that time. I had no love for myself, you know? Yeah. And you and I are, you know, real open about our sobriety. And I tell, you know, people on the podcast guests that I have on and you know, I don't really think that I respected or loved myself until I stopped drinking. And so how the fuck you gonna respect and love someone else, and expect to have this healthy type of relationship if you can't even do that inside. So, ya know, that's mushy and corny, but like, You got to love yourself first. And it's, it's true that about RuPaul baby.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
And it's just fucking true. And like, you know, you don't even know what love is until you truly love yourself, and then you fall in love with someone else. And just like you said, you look back and you're like, you know, yeah, maybe you dated a bunch of boys. But, you know, for me, I put it on myself. It's like, I just, I wasn't loving myself. So how can I expect to really love someone else? Yep, yeah. And you know, you're just looking for fun and like, at that time, yeah, I drank a lot and like, these people were fun. They would do it with me. And, you know, it wasn't it wasn't like real life. Because when you go back to real life, like if your life is shit, your life is shit when you're not. You know, if you're not drinking, life's not great for sure you got to work when you started training, and you know, you're single at this point, correct? Yep. Did you ever have a partner that

Unknown Speaker 35:00
didn't like your training or didn't didn't mix martial arts or your training ever get in the way of any of your romantic relationships?

Unknown Speaker 35:07
Yeah, when I first started, I dated this guy.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
And I don't know it was he had box before he tried bringing me into another gym, which I found out that was a no go like our two gyms were big. And then I got in trouble. And I was like, Oh my gosh, and then he didn't like the attention that I got, like my head coach had, he seen me in the gym, he was like, Oh, my God, you have so much potential. And you know, he really put in the work. And he helped me and he brought me to where I am today. But this guy was very jealous of him. So you know,

Unknown Speaker 35:43
we tried to date but then we ended up going away to there's a an island around here called pili Island. And I was supposed to be not drinking, I was going to be training for a fight and my first boxing match. And, you know, I still I went and I drank and him and I drank. And then we got into an argument and he ended up punching me in the face. And he had a ring. And it was so hard that, you know, my face was unrecognizable on one side. So when I got back from that weekend, I called up coach and I was like, hey, you know, like, I can't make it into practice.

Unknown Speaker 36:20
You know, unfortunately, me and so and so got into an argument and he hit me and he was like, what he's like, show me a picture. And, you know, like, I kind of took a picture covering it. And he was like, it's not that bad show up at the gym. And when I got there, he was livid. Like, and the fight was, was over because of how much time I was putting in to what I was doing, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 36:43
where he wanted to be. So, yeah, that that was probably that was really tough. I ended up getting suspended. Because I wouldn't let my head coach take care of business or anything like I just wanted nothing done. I blamed myself. And he was like, You need to take a timeout and go figure yourself out because no woman deserves to get that. So Wow. Did anything happen? repercussion wise? Like legally?

Unknown Speaker 37:07
No, no. I to be honest, like, that's the thing. And you probably understand like, you blame yourself for a lot of things. And maybe think that it so.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
Yeah, that, that I do know that he he learned a lesson from what happened. For sure. That was good. That's good. That's good. Well, you know, that's, that is the worst case scenario, right? Well, not only girl we'd like any question that I got.

Unknown Speaker 37:37
Well, let's, let's, let's redirect it to a lighter note, you're in this relationship for the last five years. How'd you guys meet? And what's that relationship? Like?

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Oh, God, the pause was so dramatic.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
He's my head coach. A high he felt first. But yeah, we just, you know, we met in the gym, we became very close friends. We were both going through a lot at the time. And, you know, I developed a lot of respect for him because he was someone that genuinely cared about me and didn't want to get in my pants. And I was like, This guy has shown me so much. So, you know, he became my best friend. And then it was like, New Year's came the ball dropped. We both looked at each other and we were like, like, it was like a Yeah, bro head nod. Like let's do it. And then we just went in for the kiss and then the rest is history. Wow. So what he was was here your head coach first? Yep. Okay, how long did you guys train before that New Year's kiss? I want to say it was about two and a half years because I had my first boxing match November 8 2014. So he trained me for not too long because I got suspended for that month in the summer. So we suspended

Unknown Speaker 38:59
girls you had a you had a lot of hard work he saw like but I'm really happy he stuck by me. Like that's the importance of seeing potential in people and just like, just stick by them. You know? Yes, some people.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
I love that. So I mean, obviously there's probably more pros than cons because you're still with him and you guys have been together for five years but you know, what are the what are the good things and the bad things about dating your head coach? I mean, it could go either way right? It Yep. Oh yeah. We live so we bought a house together last year. That's nice. Thank you. Yes. But it's it's really hard not to bring shit home from the gym or to bring ship from home to the gym. You know, you could be arguing about a frickin and when utilities bill and then get to the gym and be like, Fuck you because we weren't done fighting, you know, but like, cutting it off is very important, which sometimes I have a hard time with that and that I think that even working

Unknown Speaker 40:00
With a psychologist to really be able to separate that has helped me

Unknown Speaker 40:06
just like going in there and like I'm, I'm in there and I have, we have the same goal. We're both very passionate.

Unknown Speaker 40:13
So I think that can just collide sometimes. So that would be a con. But the Pro is like he, you know, we went through fighting camps together, we fought on the same card. You know, we we go through these things together. And we

Unknown Speaker 40:27
are last one we both won together. And that was that was amazing. But going through the weight cuts, I mean, it's a little bit you're on edge. Yeah. But you're also like, you know, we're both super horny. So that was

Unknown Speaker 40:41
it's, there's, there's a lot of pros and cons for sure. But it's definitely worth it. Yeah. How does you know, he's your partner. And so, you know, you're obviously he's gonna be supportive of you no matter what, but there are certain people that do better with their partner being in the spotlight, and then other people who don't do well, you know, and so as your head coach, and must be, he must be one of the people that actually push you, you know, to be in the spotlight and to get the, you know, kind of camera time and you know, is there hopefully there's no jealousy there, right. Like, that's, it's a really big issue with, I guess, I don't want to say like, normies you know, if you, you know, if a professional athlete, you know, who's fighting on the biggest stage in the world date, someone who's not sometimes there can be kind of conflict, right? Is Have you experienced that?

Unknown Speaker 41:30
Um, to be honest, no, he pushes me to do things that

Unknown Speaker 41:35
like, I wasn't comfortable with, like posting my ass, you'll probably roll down my Instagram, you'll see I never did that. But then it was like, Holy crap. Like someone even made a comment when I posted my first butt picture. And they were like, holy shit, Randy's got a nice like, I

Unknown Speaker 41:50
just don't know, like, I'm really like, I don't show it off. But like, he's like, You are beautiful. You are someone that's going to be out there show show off. I love that. So, you know, jealousy is one of the most unflattering, you know, personality traits we can ever have. But what are some things that attract you, whether it's physically or personality wise?

Unknown Speaker 42:14
I really like stability.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
For me, that's something, you know, a career, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
You know, as a kid, I wonder what the answers would be so like, different but oh, you know, as

Unknown Speaker 42:29
ability I need someone that is resourceful. I need someone that is the quick thinker, you know, like, because even just with how our lives are like three kids,

Unknown Speaker 42:41
you know, you just, you know, there's a lot of things that come up, and you need to be able to deal with it, especially the politics of MMA. You know, all that, like?

Unknown Speaker 42:52
Yeah, I think that those are definitely things that go for I don't really say I'd like someone who drinks but that's just because I don't and it's not fun for me, but does your partner drink? No. Yeah, I mean, I told my partner who I was only four months sober. When we first started dating. I was like, Look, do you drink? And he was like, not really. And I'm like, is it a No? Or is it a Not really? And he was like, it's a no, I drink twice last year, you know, it was like, once when he got his black belt, and another time with his family at Christmas, and I was like, alright, well, I can't be with someone who drinks and he's like, I don't drink. I'm like, okay, and then pretty much ever since we've been together, we're not pretty much Yeah, but he hasn't taken a drink now because he has a problem, but because, you know, he just doesn't really like to drink. And I also think that as a, as a loving partner, you know, kind of out of solidarity too. So it's just so nice to when you are in recovery or you know, on your journey, whatever you want to say finding a partner who supports you, even on that level is fucking huge. So that's great. It is yeah, you know, he's in actually, you know, the pandemic. We had a some friends that we would hang out with, and, you know, they all actually drank and I didn't, but I was I'm, I'm really, like, it's done so much bad stuff to me in my life that I'm like, the devil get away.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
On it, too. It wouldn't bother me, but I really respect the fact that he makes a choice not to. It is the devil. So don't hate me. But let's take a trip down memory lane because we were different people at one point right. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition so make sure to get your orders in soon

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Unknown Speaker 45:27
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Unknown Speaker 47:32
Now back to our episode. What would you say was like your craziest? Do you have a crazy like quickie or like wild sexual experience that you think back now and you're like, wow, I cannot believe I did that.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Yeah, there's there's a tigers. There's all game. Well, and yet, it's called the home opener. It's a really big thing around here. And we just like slipped under

Unknown Speaker 48:02
it was it bleachers I don't even know. I remember anxiety pounding.

Unknown Speaker 48:09
There's a place in Toronto, the CN Tower. Um, these are different places. These are different to different places. So under the under the bleachers at a baseball field and then what is CN Tower? Drake took his picture. Oh, DJ Zol knows that it's where Drake took his picture.

Unknown Speaker 48:29
Picture that needle. Oh, I'm so not cool. I don't know that I thought Oh, wow. Our girl Randy fuck there.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Congratulations, Joe was zero wants to give you a clap. I'm gonna get a five male be like Excuse me, ma'am.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
That's an accomplishment. I love that. So I know you've been in this relationship for five years. But prior Did you ever do online dating?

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Never. Never. Yeah, it's a scary place. So you're not missing out. Like we had like MySpace ever MySpace. You'll watch my top eight. You know? I spaced and I think that's like, I don't know, like MSN. But I never got into anything like that. I know. My dad was like frickin plenty of fish advocate. I think he was like the poster child for that. That's adorable. But

Unknown Speaker 49:21
ya know, I never I never did it. All right, so what's your perfect date?

Unknown Speaker 49:27
My perfect date you actually date and it's just because I'm like, I'm actually like a nerd trapped in a hot girls body.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
I many and I actually we went to the mall. And I remember it was like when we first started dating and it was like, he completely just trusted me and what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do was go to the mall and lay on the floor in the middle of the mall. So at this time, I was like, I was like, okay, you know, like I'm going to

Unknown Speaker 50:00
start fighting.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
I am fighting and I am going to lay on the floor and I'm going to realize that no matter what if I'm doing something crazy or not crazy, people are gonna look, watch you and judge you. And

Unknown Speaker 50:13
you have to be okay being out of your comfort zone. And when we got to the mall, and I grabbed him by the hand, and he's like, What are you doing? And I was like, I want you to lay on the floor with me. He's like, what? I was like, I want you to lay on the floor with me. He's like, are you serious? You're freaking crazy. And like, we both like I started going down. And then he started going down with me. And then I was like, yes. Because, you know, you don't know if someone's gonna go down with you or not. It's pretty embarrassing, if not, so, you know, we went down and we were laying on the floor. And then I wrote him a letter and I gave it to him, and he read it. And, you know, I got pictures of our feet. And you can see people looking at us like what those

Unknown Speaker 50:46
but God like, I was just that was like a perfect date. Because, you know, I felt trust. I felt hope face everything. And then afterwards, we went and got Krispy Kreme donut.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Donut. That's a solid. That's like a Yeah, that was like such a bonding. Kind of like really? You kind of tested like how far he will go for you. And how long have you guys been dating at that point?

Unknown Speaker 51:16
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Wow, he was just down. I love that. That's so great. I don't even honestly, like I haven't you know, we all have our own insecurities. But I'm like, Would I lay down in the middle of a mall? I'm like, if somebody's paying me to do that. Yeah. And, you know, like, I was, like, I'm I'm like that I like I always I'm quirky. And I say stupid things. And I'll put myself at expense to make somebody laugh, you know? But like these things. I'm like, you know, I'm very spontaneous. And that was something that I was loving, loving to see him accepted about me. You know, so you seem like someone who knows her love languages. Do you know your love language? Okay, whatever. Yes, I really love like, time spent. And I'm like, very physical. You know, like, it's adorable. Like, I'll see my, like, we're laying in bed and like, he just has to put his foot on me just to know that he's touching me, you know, and like that. Lets me so much.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
My dog does that. Like when we're cuddling in bed, he'll just like put a little paw on me. And then I'll kind of like move over and he'll like, put his palm

Unknown Speaker 52:24
pull your leg people's my like back in towards him. Excuse me here too far.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
I love that. Are you a romantic?

Unknown Speaker 52:34
I would say like I love romantic things. But like, if you're gonna do something romantic for me expect to get make it like I'm gonna make fun of you. You know?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
I'm like, I hear uglier.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
But like, I just, I I love romantic and I just love the thoughts behind it. Because like, I'm like, oh, you know, he thought he planned it. And that's what's so cute to me is like the time and effort put in? Yeah, then I'm like, oh, TV.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Something that's not romantic is usually our first time. Do you remember your first time having sex? It? Was it awkward like the rest of us? Or was it actually nice and romantic? It was so awkward. It was in a pool? A pool pool sex for the first time? Pool? Yeah, with like other people there. And then probably they were probably having sex in the pool, too. It was like, Why are kids we were like 16 at my friend's house and a bunch of us were just in the pool with our boyfriends. And, you know, I don't I only know what was going on my corner. I can only assume what was going on in the other corners.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
I don't even think you're supposed to be a pool water in there. Yeah, I was just gonna say me and our last guest. Emily wittmeyer. She's a self proclaimed germaphobe. And she was saying how, you know, a lot of things if they get in there. They'll mess up the pH and you know, all of our Yeah. And so first thing I thought was like pool sex. I was like, Ooh, chlorine up in the whoo Ha is not good. Yeah. It's you don't think about that. Like the things that we did. I'm like, oh, adults, it's like, we're like today if you would ask me the wildest place. I've had sex I'd probably say like, my dresser. Yeah, I know. And it's a trade off. Right? Because, you know, I think now I'm like me and my partner. We have great sex super happy, but I'm like, we're not banging out in public or do we think wild and crazy? If someone was like, Ashley, where's the craziest place that you've had sex lately? I'd be like, Oh, God, hotel room. You know, like, that's

Unknown Speaker 54:35
just not as crazy when we're kids or when we're drinking I guess. Yeah, we're like we getting now we got people looking at us.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Yeah, I never really cared about that before. I was just doing my thing but you have little children's looking up to you as well. So you got to be extra careful.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
What is the thing that you used to put up with,

Unknown Speaker 54:58
you know, in your younger years

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Eating wise that you would never put up with now, you know, for me personally, I look, I look back at like, some of the way that some of these guys treated me and you know, call me late at night and fuck, I'm just like, I'm there. I'll be right there. You know what I'm like, oh my god, like, you know, you and I are almost the same age. I look back now. And I'm like, we thought we had it all figured out in our 20s I don't like we didn't know shit.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
Yeah, well, I, you know, looking back, like, I feel like I was a little bit of a savage. Because like,

Unknown Speaker 55:32
I would have guys like, I don't know, it was sad. It would be like falling in love with me. And then I would be like, Okay, you love me. I don't like you anymore. Bye. Bye. Like, there was one specific when I was younger, and like, he cheated on me over and over and over again. And it was like, you know, he got caught red handed. And it was like, I caught I found pictures and stuff on his computer, but it was like, Oh, she just wanted to show me her bathing suit. And I was like, Oh, I believe you. Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah, so like that, like now and I don't ever think my partner would never do anything either. He loves me so much, or he's terrified what I would do to someone.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
Yeah, he doesn't want you to commit murder. You know?

Unknown Speaker 56:24
What is your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom? I always give the example of poor hygiene but it can be anything somebody slipping into the backdoor without saying something or? I don't know guys. I don't know if any noises or body hair or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
A pet peeve? Definitely I won't do like morning breath shit. That's yeah, it's like I mentioned the hygiene.

Unknown Speaker 56:50
Or like waking up in the middle of the night and they just got frickin wood and then they just shove it to you like you I'm sorry. And a dead beef. I'm dreaming about frickin whatever after and then I just get poked. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no revving up the engine. No, no, you know, Romans just like hey, I got one of these for you.

Unknown Speaker 57:12

Unknown Speaker 57:15
well, I feel like it's time for the lightning sex round

Unknown Speaker 57:26
it is a rapid fire. Yes or no segment. Are you ready to play? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 57:32
here we go.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
All right. Okay. Lightning sex round with Randy field. Here we go. Do you do you talk in bed? Yes. Do you like to be spanked or spake?

Unknown Speaker 57:44

Unknown Speaker 57:46

Unknown Speaker 57:48
Ah, not too hard. Choking.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Take it easy. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 57:56

Unknown Speaker 57:58
Do you want

Unknown Speaker 58:02
do you want for?

Unknown Speaker 58:04
Yes, any fetishes like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 58:09
No, I just love my tits being squeezed love

Unknown Speaker 58:14
any bodily fluid fetish?

Unknown Speaker 58:18
Um, no, but I like watching it happen for sure turns me on. Got it. Bondage ropes, blindfold handcuffs, anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 58:28
Not got it. Roleplaying?

Unknown Speaker 58:32
No. But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 58:42
No, but I'm asked I

Unknown Speaker 58:45
who does it ever been to a sex club or a switch study?

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 58:54
I have not known Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 58:58
No let's just get naked body here yes or no? Nope. Ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 59:08

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Would you like to tell the story

Unknown Speaker 59:12
as a kid I just I remember like being younger and like you know my mom working Midnight's and you know, you'd have sleepovers and then your boyfriend get whatever and then you just hear the door open and you're like Oh my freaking god pretend you're sleeping. Like

Unknown Speaker 59:26
but like that's as close as it was. Thank god like in my adult life we have our own house so we don't have to worry about that. Yeah, sounds like you didn't get caught sounds like you just barely you know

Unknown Speaker 59:37
well, that's a lightning second round. Thank you so much for playing. The next segment is a game of fuck marry kill would you like to play

Unknown Speaker 59:51
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
She doesn't sound too exciting.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
All right, I'm gonna give you your three names. You gotta tell me who you want to fuck, who you want to marry and who you want to kill. Are you ready? Yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
my homies Pat and Dan Kenny, they always help me come up with these ones. This edition is older gentleman who seemed like they are wild in bed.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
So you've got Woody Harrelson, Billy Bob Thornton and Sean Penn.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
Okay. Oh my god. Do you know who all those are? I told you I was gonna fuck this. Oh, wow. Okay, don't worry. You told me that so I gave so I have some fallbacks. Would you like another? Yeah, okay. Kurt Russell.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
Oh, yeah, you know, that is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
Damn, she's gonna Google.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
Okay, how about Robert Downey Jr. Tom Hardy, Zac Efron. Come on. Those are all new dudes. Robert Downey Jr. Okay. What am I what am I doing? I'm fucking I'm marrying and I am killing. Killing. Killing a girl. Okay, Robert Downey Jr.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
I'm gonna marry Zack have fun. I'm going to kill Robert Downey Jr.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
and fuck Tom Hardy. Yep. Seems a good idea. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
All right. Congratulations. That was your foot. Very cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
We're going to answer some fan questions next. But for all of you who are not subscribed to UFC fight past, you'll have to head over to UFC fight To hear your fan questions real fan questions answered on the platform. Okay, so the last thing here I just want to ask you if you could hear someone next on sex and violence with rebel girl who would you like to be a guest?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
You know what, maybe just open up that shell of hers. Miss Jessie's? Yes. Oh, yeah. Love to hear some of these answers just as to say she's, you know what, like, I went down to CSA and just has such a sweet side of her but she's a fuckin badass, you know, and like she holds that up. And just to see her be goofy and giddy with you would be friggin awesome. Yeah, I would have her on the show. Yeah, I think she's best friends with Amber. Amber labor. Yeah, that we Yep. That we've had on the show. So yeah. Are you is that where you're at? Awesome. I love Amber. Do you go like do you like do part of your campus? He has a and then yeah. Oh, that's really cool. Yeah, I'm doing a traveling and they helped me the past two fight camps. This last one. It was kind of I got old about my

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
my fight probably five weeks before. So it was like all of a sudden I just had to up and change my whole schedule. And I just went out, like, trench coat. I love that. And did your coat go with you? And when I'm with the kids? No, he mainly stayed here with the kids. He stayed here and then he ended up coming up for four days because there was a coaches clinic at CSA. So he came and he learned from some amazing coaches out there. So we got to bring that stuff back to Windsor and back to our team and

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
what's special mean? Muay Thai coach. I just met him recently. It's like Kurian carry. It's given what is it a coach? Okay, Coach Aryans. Kurian. Coach cure. Yeah. Yeah, I met him recently down here. They had some guys fighting on it was either Gladiator, Celtic, Gladiator, or maybe LX F but um, yeah, he seems like a great coach. He coaches some badass. I've been paying attention on social media. It's like, dang, he, he has some great fighters. He does and he's so good at managing us to like, you know, when I was there, I seen there was a one of us girls crying every single day.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
He's just the G Man. I was like, I don't know how you deal with this shit. Because we all had issues. You know, like, I was there was so different. The but the first time I was an emotional wreck, really? And he's just used to it. He's used to the estrogen. Yeah, yep. But he's got a super badass buff baby. girlfriend to wife wife. Oh, yeah, they've been together for over 20 years. They have kids together maybe but Yeah, Coach K Dubb back.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
Hello, hottie.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
Randy where can we follow you on all your social media platforms anything else? I don't know if you have an only fans or a fan time or Patreon anything else you want to you know people to go follow subscribe, like to tell us now. You know the fan time and stuff. That's something that I've definitely thought about because at the end of the day, like

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
I really like I have dreams to chase and we need help.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
thing there and what I work very hard for my body and I definitely love to show it off and people want to pay. I'm doing it for free on Instagram anyway, so do something I'll freakin do it just like as someone who just did it, and it's helping me pay these podcasting bills, you know, like, it's, it's amazing. And you know, if we're doing it already through through Instagram, why not monetize it? Yeah, absolutely. So that's something I would love to do. So when that does come out, I will let everybody know. And then also, my Instagram is just Randy fields. Facebook, I really don't. Don't add me on there. My family don't want to see that stuff. I feel like everybody says no, it's like my Instagram. And you know, the younger kids are like, Oh, my tic tock. And then like us, like little, you know, in our 30s. We're like, I have Facebook, but it's only for my family. So don't talk to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
ya. Don't add me on there. Don't do that. But like, yeah, my Instagram is definitely something I'm trying to grow. And I want people to also like more of my posts that don't involve my ass. So I got going on in my life, too, guys. So like that, too. What about Twitter? Yeah, I don't I tried the Twitter thing. I actually gave Manny my username and password and asked him to take over. So he was me on Twitter for a while, but like, I think you could tell about people's.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
Well, I haven't posted in probably too hard, man. It's like, and people are. I don't know what I'm figuring it out what like time consuming. And you know, right now, I'm on the bench, and I'm injured and I'm not active. So, you know, I'm posting all this stuff. But like sometimes in fightcamp, like, even just having to make a few posts. It's just like, I just want to lay down so I feel you, you know, you're in the midst. You know, I know you're injured right now. But all this social media stuff can be so annoying and time consuming at times too. But we will follow you on all those other platforms. Thank you so much for being on the show. You were our first guest that will actually be on the UFC fight pass platform. So that's really exciting. Thank you. Yeah, stay in touch. You know, I know we're gonna be seeing a lot of each other through sucker punch, and I'll be watching you on the Bellator stage as well. Awesome. Wonderful. I can't wait to actually meet you one day. Yeah. Oh, yeah, that too.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
All right. Bye girl. Hey bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
That's it guys, Episode 96 with Randy row city Phoenix Field on sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at www UFC fight backslash sign up. Next week we talk to Kendall reusing who's an American grappler an Brazilian jujitsu competitor, a former freestyle wrestler. She's a five time Brazilian jujitsu world champion in colored belt, and the 2019 nogi jiu jitsu Black Belt world champion. This chick, she's a badass, and I'm honored to have her on the show. I've been trying to diversify our guests. We've had lots and lots of fighters, you know, but we want experts in any genre. Any sport and this girl This woman is an expert in Brazilian jujitsu and grappling. I can't wait to have her on don't miss it guys. Also, don't forget to check out the website sex violence with rebel Pick up a shirt, a hat, anything to support the show. We always do giveaway so if you buy something you are automatically drawn automatically entered into our giveaways. We just pull out from the hat of you know the list of names of people who are already buying our merchandise and supporting us because we want to support you guys right back. We love you guys. We appreciate all your fan questions for tuning in. And I just got to

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say a special thank you. I talked about this earlier in the show but I really love these guys. Please follow them on social media. They've helped me get to where we are now which is another fuckin UFC fight pass. So shout out to DJ ZL at DJs on Instagram tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official. And shout out to our amazing editor in Amsterdam and that's Nick quarry at Air Media Productions. And as always, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Like always guys, I hope you enjoyed this show. What do I say? Remember, be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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