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Ep.98 Brandon "Raw Dawg" Royval

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence

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what's happening hot stuff? What is up all my naughty listeners? Okay, we're back. We are what's today? We're at the end of May. Yeah. Okay, we're in the end of May. Summer is coming. I've got a lot of things to tell you. Let me do a quick little ash update recap like we always do. Last week if you tuned in, you know that I was working the up next fighting event in the city of Burbank at the Burbank Marriott. It was the first ever promotion for our first ever event for our local new promotion here. And I had an amazing time. I've actually worked with a lot of the same people. They use the same production production staff as formerly lights out fighting lights out FC. Anyway. So you know, I knew a lot of people there, I ran into a lot of friendly faces, the commission, other fighters, former coaches, so it's definitely a nice little baby step for me. You guys will see some of the clips on my social media. Maybe we'll put it on

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YouTube later. I don't know. But I just wanna let you guys know that it went really good. I know. I was kind of talking that up. That was a nice little baby step for me as someone who's trying to dip my toe into the, you know, post fight life world whether I want to be a backstage media correspondent or do some commentating whatever, whatever it is that I end up doing. This was a perfect little baby step and I had a lot of fun. I definitely want to do more. I'm going to be working with this promotion. From here on out, you know, for as long as they'll have me. And what else did I do over the weekend? Oh, me and my friend Zetas ang we went to Comic Con and we did a signing for the wrestling guy store. Shout out to David. He's super awesome. He brought me in my pro wrestling friend Zaid out there and we had a lot of fun. That was my first time at Comic Con. So I didn't really know what to expect. I thought I would see a lot of cool costumes. And I did it did not disappoint. Everyone was super friendly. Didn't get to stay for very long because I had to do a quick little costume change and then shoot over to Burbank from Ontario here in Southern California, which was crazy but doable. And it was all worth it at the end of the night. Last week. If you guys didn't tune in, you missed out the on the announcement. We are now officially a part of UFC fight pass. You probably hear that every time you hear the episode now because it's officially presented by a UFC fight pass. Something I wanted to tell you guys, that's you know, something that's already been talked about. But what you might not know is that July 1 is UFC international fight week. And that week will be I guess the official announcement the official release of all the podcasts on the UFC fight pass platform. So you know everyone was kind of talking about it, but the big official release will be July 1 at the UFC international fight week, they're going to have some of us go out there and do like a radio row where we're going to interview live in person. Some of the UFC fighters that will be in attendance, which I'm really excited about because you longtime listeners have heard, you know many guests on the podcast, but there's still so many fighters that I'm dying to talk to. And this is going to be a fun opportunity just to get the podcast. You know just get the name out there and the fact that we are a podcast because you guys listening you know you are faithful listeners, but some people don't know about us. So what you can do to help us spread awareness about the podcast is something free 99 Please just go to iTunes or Apple I mean iTunes or Spotify. Yeah, pod, Chaser, pod bean, whatever it is you listen and do a quick little rating and review that helps us move up the charts and which means more eyeballs are on us and more listeners, more downloads, more sponsorships, it's good for everybody. So please do that help us out. Also, if you want a piece of merch, you want to support us that way. Go over to sex violence with rebel And you can always email us at sex and violence If you want to email us about a guest suggestion, you have a question about maybe now UFC fight week, you know where we're gonna be or, you know, can you attend that kind of stuff? Please email us sex and violence Last thing guys before we talk about the UFC fight card. Well, there is no UFC fight card. But last thing before we get to our guest, WWE www Ashley rebel That is my exclusive adult content site if you want to support me there as well. That's where I post the stuff that's a little bit too sexy for Instagram and the other platforms so okay. No UFC fights this weekend, but Oh, it's okay. They are taking a much earned break this weekend as last weekend of May. But the action is back next Saturday, June 4, and that's in Las Vegas, Nevada at the UFC apex. That will be UFC fight nine a bull call versus Rosen stroke and that card is very, very exciting. But we will talk about that next week. All I will say is that Felice Herrig makes her return after a big injury and a layoff so I am really excited for her above all other fighters on this card, but we'll talk about that next week, guys. Okay, let's get to our guest

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All right, we are here with Brandon. Raw dog ROI vol. And am I saying that right ROI ball?

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Right ball? Yeah, robot. Yeah. Okay, great. That's me over that. I have to think about it. Because when they announced me they always fuck it up. It's like, Val or something. I think it's ROI, Paul ROI. Okay. Um, I fought for this Mexican promotion. And they were like sounds like my parents don't speak Spanish and what the fuck is going on? I was like, I'm told,

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you're like, actually, Bruce, if you could say you could roll your r's next time. That'd be really great. Awesome. So thank you so much for coming on this show the way it works. We talked about the violence aspect. Before we get into the sex part. You're coming off a win Fight of the Night, which your third one against match now, three weeks ago, so fresh off your victory? First of all, you know, quick little wrap up, how'd that camp go? Obviously, that's exactly how someone would want to end it right with a win with a fight of the night. But in your opinion, could that fight have gotten any better?

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Well, I mean, that was like, my exact goal is to go in there, get a win and get a bonus and then get my top five spot back. So that was like literally like my mom's goals was to go in there and do all those things, and then just get out of there as soon as possible. So I was happy. Like, when I was happy that methanol got like 50 G's to because really cool to kind of go in there. And the, the, you know, like, he ended up respecting people that you bite no matter what, you know, you think about him so much. And he spent so much time like, I don't know if I'm on them, or whatever it is, like you gave a certain amount of love for him and respect for him and all that stuff. And it was really cool to see him get 50 G's too, as well as like, Alright, cool.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Yeah, I, as a female, it's exactly the way you say, right. But then it's like, there's another level of respect that I have for these women because it takes a certain kind of person to be a fighter, but then as a female, like, takes a certain kind of female to be a fighter to write.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
It's interesting too, because like, I have like, maybe like a small female aspect or like a, like a fault, a small female aspect coming from because I'm a flyweight. And it's like, they don't they don't know what you guys have to overcome as far as like technique wise, and all that stuff, because there's nothing but grown ass men in that gym, you know, and most of them are over 150 180 pounds, you know, and it's like, you guys are going against a extremely disadvantage. You're extremely disadvantage every time you got to go in and train and it's like it Tim. Like, I was intimidated to go inside of like, inside of the gym. Like I like approached it like three times, you know, like, I looked in and then I was like, not not doing it. But I'm gonna go in and then just did it, you know? And so it took me a minute to even just gain courage to go in the gym, but like, as a female, I don't know, you'd be like, outnumbered. You know, it's a weird environment.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
I mean, I feel a little bit better because I'm a pretty big girl. I'm five, eight, and I walk around right now. 160 So, you know, I know you're five nine, you're really tall for a flyaway but what do you walk around at? Like 150? Okay, yeah, so like,

Unknown Speaker 14:19
around 150 I walk around probably like 140 but like right now I'm 150

Unknown Speaker 14:26
so, you know, you're, you know, on a win streak. Now you can you know, you're in the top five. You can probably call the shots like who do you want to fight next? That's a big thing. Are you gonna give us one of those answers? Like whoever the UFC puts in front of me?

Unknown Speaker 14:40
No, no, no, I want to they've already like threw me hands but it's like I've been fighting my last few fights were against number six or number seven. So I've been like number six or number five. And then it's like I fight the next guy behind and then he gets dropped down on the rankings then I fight the next number six. So it's like I kinda just want to fight someone ahead of me and the only way I can do that is by the winner of the interim title fight or are the losers the interim title fight because the winner gets a biggie, the loser the interim title fight, I think would be a good a good matchup for me and then the winner of ask Robin and Perez so it's just one of those two or two they're gonna line me up with and I'm just kind of waiting on that situation. And honestly, if an injury is coming up, I want to stay closed away and just get ready for like one that interim paddle shot or just gonna get in the mix anyhow, I can get you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:23
so you know, you're you're ranked number five now and you said, stay ready. But like, is that something that you would do? Because you are so close to you know, that number one spot? Would you take a short notice fight if it came up? Or would you kind of decide that you want to be a little bit smarter with the your game plan to the belt?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Anybody in the top five above, I've watched like videos on videos about like, you know, being in a sport, it's like, the best opportunities come short notice. No. And it's like all the biggest opportunities come really short notice. And it's like, I knew that like when I was almost to the UFC, I was like, I gotta stay ready, and I was getting ready for like, six months. I was like, I gotta stay ready because they're gonna call me maybe, you know, like, if somebody drops out they're gonna call me so anytime I saw a flyweight bite, like matched up on an unfortunate there's not that many flowers on a card. So I'd get like a month in advance. And I would see this, I was like, Okay, I'll start cutting weight a little bit and just kind of get through it and just be ready to pay for this fight. You know, and it never happened. It was just like a random call one time to add me on a card. But it was like I had a week notice to do it, you know, and just all those opportunities come really short notice. It's like if you're ready, then it's like it's nothing. You know,

Unknown Speaker 16:29
my UFC debut came on two weeks notice I was assigned to another promotion, thank goodness the promotion let me out they released me to you know, fulfill my UFC dreams. And I had to cut like 27 pounds. So but it was high risk, high reward Right? Like I took that. Lost it but I got that poor fight contract. You know, high risk, high reward.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Yeah, you're doing the podcast. Now. You got that UFC stuff. So that's all really good stuff that like you cuz you're ready to go do the damn thing. You know. And it's like, that led up to this moment. Right now you're doing the podcast, which is kind of cool. You know? And once you think about it,

Unknown Speaker 17:05
yeah, I'm having a good time. You know, I don't know how much you know about my story. All the listeners are tired of hearing about it. But I'm basically injured right now. I had spine surgery, I've had a little bit of trouble coming back. Like I still have pain being getting stem cells. It's a whole thing. But yeah, it's nice to do something besides fighting, because who knows what we're going to do. And who knows when this is all over? You're still young? I'm 34 gonna be 35 believe you're 29? Yeah, you know. So you know, you don't really have to think about this. But there will come a time when you have to hang up the gloves. Right? And are you doing anything in this time right now? So that there's no downtime? Like, do you know what you want to do? Post white life?

Unknown Speaker 17:44
Yeah. So so you can kind of see it right now. Like, I just moved into this house. Like a week ago, or this week, that was actually my other goal after that, like means I supposed to close on a house. And I was like, just try and do that. So my goal was just every like every fight or every other fight, you just buy a house and just try and invest in real estate in Colorado as of right now, because I don't really know what else to do. I've never really gotten good at anything besides fighting. So it's like, I know a little bit about real estate, like, I just want to try to bone as much and just set myself up for the future when I do have to retire because you never know like when it comes man, it just always comes by surprise, you know, injury, whatever it is, you know, and it's like, it's more forced upon all of us as fighters at this point. So it's like, I don't know, when my last fight I had two surgeries on each shoulder. And it's like you don't ever really know when your last day

Unknown Speaker 18:33
is you don't you really really don't sometimes you think you're gonna rock it to the wheels fall off. But you know, you don't know what your body has in store for you and could catch up to you last minute like mine did all of a sudden. You know, I started having pain in my shoulder and then spine surgery and now I'm battling with that. But it sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders. You know that? Now's the time to start, you know, Brian property and working on things for your post fight life. I read somewhere that you are were a juvenile correctional officer. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 19:03
Yeah, I worked at a job. He was really awesome. That's actually something I probably go back to for sure. And something that like I try to stay involved in to a degree

Unknown Speaker 19:10
nice. I was on the other side of that I was in juvie. So what this is about you, Brandon, but you it sounds crazy. I stabbed a kid when I was 17. I was partying and drinking and I got into a fight. I was blacked out drunk stab this guy. Sorry, Dustin. And, you know, it was a big thing. I almost lost my scholarship to go to college. Thank goodness I did it but turned my life around. kinda stopped drinking for four years in college and then picked it back up and now I'm like, yeah, actually next month, I'll be three three years sober in July, but

Unknown Speaker 19:49
like next month, I'm gonna stab somebody. No

Unknown Speaker 19:53
stabbing days are over. But I was gonna ask, you know, like a juvenile correctional facility like what a crazy He thinks it'd be a part of right? Because you're trying to be this like, and, you know, role model, you know, obviously, it's a job that you want to like, you know, help these kids, you know, rehabilitate, or you know, kind of learn a lesson so that they don't do the same things in their adult life. And so what was that experience? Like? And you know, you already said that you actually want to go back to it after fighting, so you must have enjoyed it.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Yeah, it was, it was a one, it was like, I worked at like, the worst facility in Colorado, and we were like, extremely short staffed. So it's kind of scary if you'd like, if you weren't like an MMA fighter or whatever. And it's like, also a Mexican. Like, I'm, like a younger Mexican cat working with like, pretty much like majorities Mexican and minority type of kids, you know, so I kind of went in there with like, a lot of respect right off the bat, just because, like, you know, like, the most educated like, the weird part of Colorado and how they advertised, it was like a, like a, kind of like a psychology psych psychology job. So you get like, a lot of like, people with a psychology background or like, just got their, like, associates, or whatever it is, and they're like, oh, I can help and they want to help, you know, and it's a, I just don't think they knew I didn't know what I was walking into that that was gonna be like, like a camp guidance counselor or something. advertises like, I was a youth service specialist. And I was like, Oh, cool. Like, I could be whatever that is, you know, and it sounds like it sounds pleasant, you know, all of his like psychological stuff. And then at the very bottom, it's like, oh, you might have to restrain somebody. And I'm like, okay, cool. I could do all that, like, you know, what I'm saying. But for the most part, the background of people get his, like, young, younger girls, and like, you know, and they don't know what they're walking into in the Colorado is a pretty liberal state. So it's like you get, you get kids up to 21. And dude, they got to do so if I committed a crime when I was 17. I'll go to jail once I'm 21 years old, so they have that kind of time to be an adult, like, while they're still in jail, you know, but they're still like, young and not thinking properly. So you run into some crazy situations, and I don't know how Judy was when you were there. But at least for the guys, I'm sure I heard girls are worse, but like, they were, it was, it was, it was pandemonium for a while, you know, and I was glad to have the respect that I had. And you know, I could talk to people really well. And I was just like, you know, I can ease over and like, like, at least like sympathize with people's situation, you know, so I had that on my side. And I don't think a lot of them had some of that. And you know what it really was due so I was going on those long asked, but it really was just lack of trading, you know, is if you're dealing with somebody hostile and you're scared, you're going to deal with it in a hostile way. You know, so they're responding, Kyle, how this Get Response gets screamed his ass off and cussing freaking out sales and hit somebody. And then then when you're in the background of it, and you don't have much experience of any fighting at all, maybe you got a fight with your kid, but that's about it. You know, and some kids say he's about to hit you. It's like, it gets pretty scary for a lot of those people. So they react in a panicked way where it's like, I fought forever. So it was like someone said, they hit me. I'm like, bro, send me on vacation. I'll make like about it, you know, over a little bit better than some of these dudes, but it was like, I had the advantage of I was fighting every goddamn day up until then.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
Yeah, and you know, I think this what you just said is so true. It's like if you're not trained to handle an aggressive situation, and you're not trained in number one, de escalation, right. Like you don't want to, you know, fight it's more about first and foremost, can we deescalate the situation just like with police work, right? You know, you don't want to shoot someone who and try and deescalate it. And then secondly, okay, if it has to get physical, you're the perfect kind of person, you know, you're someone who is trained in physical combat sports, so you know, how to restrain someone without seriously hurting them. And I think all juvenile correctional officers, and I think all police officers should be at least blue belts, you know, like, basic blue belt.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Yeah, because like, for the most part, these guys are getting chucked by some of these little kids, you know, they're fighting their kids grown up in gangs and stuff. So they're fighting like a lot, but you get the other side of it is a person who's freaked out doesn't know what they're doing only restraints, because we trained once a year, or like maybe once or twice a year. And it was like a, like a one day training, you know, where we practice like a takedown. And that's it, you know, it's like, if you don't retain that, that one day for the next six months, like you're gonna have a hard time restraining some kid the proper way, or whatever it is. So it's like, these guys are going in their panic, somebody's screaming at somebody screaming that they're going to if they go to restrain and they're going full speed at this kid, you know, whereas like, I was smaller, but I could finesse somebody and I could just shoot in, take their back, take them down really slowly, lightly. And, you know, and I could just finesse it, you know, I wasn't hurting, ever. And it was it was a nice little easy takedown. And yeah, the only time I was really successful at wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Well, I mean, like I said, I think that you're the perfect kind of person and maybe you'll go back to that after fighting. So that's in Denver, Colorado, that you worked at that facility.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Yeah, yeah. And that was like another interesting like, takeaway for me is just like, some of these kids man like some of these kids are so count Did and like so fucking like I like, just have all the potential in the world and it's just like if I had an opportunity, like, like, I don't know, it wouldn't be us if we were in their situation. It

Unknown Speaker 25:10
was me, Brandon. It literally was me. I went, I was a girl who went to juvie. And I got let out, because the judge knew I had a wrestling scholarship to go to college. I went to college and made something on myself. And I was one of those kids who I got a second chance I got an outlet and I wrestled and I worked my ass off. And then I got into MMA, and now look at me, you know, like, couldn't be doing better. But

Unknown Speaker 25:33
you said you went sober. Right? We went to college, too, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Yeah, for four years from freshman year to senior year, because you can reinvent yourself right as, as like a new person. But when out you know, from a really small town, you know, you stab somebody, you're never coming back from that, you know, you're the girl who steps up, buddy forever.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
They recognize you.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
Yeah, so you reinvent yourself. I went to college. Or go to

Unknown Speaker 25:55
the like, once they're there, like, yeah, she wants to have somebody of course.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Like not surprised. So what's going to ask about the Denver Colorado thing is that, you know, you're born and raised in Denver, Colorado, correct. And you end up working in this facility? I'm like, did he like know anybody that you know, is like,

Unknown Speaker 26:12
yeah, so I mean, like, I have a brother who maybe hasn't taken the correct the correct route. And like, I've never really mentioned his name or anything on there. But like, it was, like, quickly known in there. So like, I had, like, a reputation of like, like, I don't know, like, my brother had brother, like, my brother has a brother. Like, we have separate brothers. Okay, so my separate brother system, and they're, like, all gang related. So I've done like, associated with there for a second where they're like, Yo, he runs with this, and I'm like, that is not fucking true. Like, it's like, Yo, like, that's not true at all looking good. The most part, like, you know, I'm saying, so I got a little weird rep. And then I was like, also, just like, I knew some of their families like, like, you know, some of their families, I know, some of their backgrounds, like a lot of them, like Denver area, and like Denver, as small as it is, like the Mexican neighborhood stuff, you know, a lot of these people and like, I know, a lot of where these kids went to school and just their situation. So it was like, I think that's what really made me close with a lot of them is just I was like, you grew up right here, I grew up right here, like, you know, oh, I eat at that restaurant all the time. So it was like, it was a nice little, like, bonding moment that I could have with some of these, like, a good half of these kids. Because half these kids come from like West End where the other half like Eastern or for the most part, you know, and you get a couple of outliers, but like, those are the main main back portions of it. So it was like, like I said, it was just it was, it was kind of a weird opportunity. I always thought that there was gonna be like, a, like a little discourse, like, what type of kid was mad, and he's like, I'm gonna kill your brother or whatever. And I was like, He's not even like, my brother. Like, like, all right, whatever, like,

Unknown Speaker 27:41
so. So it's crazy. Because, you know, you're telling me about, you know, your brother to kind of a rougher route. I've got a brother who, you know, we're like, night and day. So, you know, my transition question is, you know, I want to talk about dating and love and relationships. Right? So who was that person that kind of explained love and dating to you? Did your parents sit you down? Or maybe your brother, you saw him out there with some ladies and you're like, that's how you date? You know? Like, how did that transpire growing up?

Unknown Speaker 28:09
I don't think my brother could cheat on like, dating. Like, you know, like, he got girls, but I remember my dad, like sat me down for a sex talk one time and he was like, I like flipped it on him and made it like super awkward. Like, I just made it like really awkward. I don't remember like exactly the question. But I remember it was like, I probably started off with like a joke, like, well, he's like, let's have a sec sock. And I probably started like a joke like, Well, what do you want to learn? Like, I was pretty young, but I remember like making a bunch of like weird jokes about it, and kind of making him super uncomfortable about it. And I just flipped it around. And so I remember first, like official sex times, it's probably like in like, fourth grade, something like that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
I love that you do sound kind of like a like you could have been like that smartass. Kid. What? Alright, dad? Well, what do you want to know? Well, I'll tell you.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
That's exactly, um, parents. So like, you know, they're always really cool. And they're always really funny. And they could go for jokes like that. Whereas, like, it wasn't such like a serious proper, like, you know, for sure. Obviously, I have great parents, but it's like, it wasn't like sterile. So proper, like, my parents be like, What the fuck are you doing? All that stuff? And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 29:17
so what was your initial dating experience? Like? I'm assuming High School ish time. Like, when did you kind of like really start dating girls? Or was it before that?

Unknown Speaker 29:26
I probably started like, seriously dating girls and like, like buying girls like Valentine's Day gifts and like seventh grade and stuff, like, yeah, we're all trying to like date girls, but like before, then it was like, I would date a girl and never say a word to her. You know? Like, I'm sure the relationships were like, I never broke up with this girl. She never broke. It's just we went to separate schools or whatever. So.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
So were you like a shy guy? Because it sounds like initially seventh grade seventh grade. You're making Valentine's it's like, oh, you're not too shy. Right?

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Yeah, so I wasn't, I wasn't like I was kind of shy like early but like seventh grades when I started getting like the swing of like, okay, this, like I could talk to girls and, you know, I thought it was way cooler than I was. I was trying to be like a ladies man. I had like a girlfriend a different girlfriend all throughout like, so I think all of us middle schoolers did but like, I was one of those. I always had a different girl I was dating, you know,

Unknown Speaker 30:20
were you like the funny guy? Were you the sweet guy? Were you the romantic guy? Like how'd you get these girls?

Unknown Speaker 30:25
I would always probably have to be like the Joker. I think like, my style is like, I don't think I'm really smooth with any words or anything but definitely not romantic. So,

Unknown Speaker 30:37
when did you start doing MMA and my n? When you started doing MMA? Yeah, what age did you actually know I already already know. You started doing jiu jitsu and Muay Thai around 15 1616

Unknown Speaker 30:47
years old.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
So my question is that were you super focused on mixed martial arts and training? Or did you kind of juggle girls because you know, you get both you get you know, your your guys and you know, you have

Unknown Speaker 31:03
always tie tie like my martial arts like me getting tomorrow, four o'clock to story. There's like one like, I remember my brother telling me we were driving past this place like, hey, we'd always be quick here. Like being here. We're huge into MMA. So he was always like talking about it. But he's like, Wouldn't it be cool to just be like a fighter for your like, career? Like, wouldn't it be cool to spy people as your job? And I remember, like thinking like, yeah, it would be cool. But I had a girlfriend when I was a freshman and, and I dated this girl, this is the second sorry, I dated this girl. And when I broke up with her and her neighbor, like her neighbor really hurt her neighbor, like super close. And this motherfucker was like the only guy who would state every year at our high school during wrestling. So if you wanted to bite me, so I was like, I always knew I kind of knew just because me and my brother practice and stuff. And but like, that was like the pressure pushing around. I was like, alright, this motherfucker wants to fight me. Like I'm gonna learn. For sure. You know? And yeah, so it kind of turned into that, like, so I was a little bit over, like, maybe not like over a girl, but like that push, like, help me for sure somebody wants to fight.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
I love that. I love that story. So you know, love kinda or, you know, I guess, women or whatever you want to, you know, pushed you a little bit towards the mixed martial arts route.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
Yeah, yeah, for sure. And like I was, I was little dickheads back that too, because like, I wasn't, I was like, blump is bumped into him in the hallways and stuff like that. It's like, I probably would have what my ass at that time I just ignorant, you know?

Unknown Speaker 32:28
So, you know, obviously, the high school data, you know, we're really young. What did you learn in your dating history? You know, you're almost in your 30s now, like, you know, if young Brandon, I mean, Brandon now could speak to young brand. And what would you tell him about love in dating and fix

Unknown Speaker 32:45
it especially like, in high school and stuff is like, I think that's hung up over like a girl for like, half the time. It's just like, who cares? Like, move on and then go, like, you know, saying, date everybody and just explore because I was just like, hung up over a girl for like, a portion of the time, you know, so it was like, if I was giving myself advice, it just be like, date everybody, because, you know, like, I would date somebody but then I'd always go back to like that same girl, you know, so it was just like, one of those things was like, ah, for sure. I'd be the move. And just like, you know, enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
Yeah, like, do you while you can while you're young? There's a lot of fish in the sea, right? Yeah, yeah, for sure. So, you know, you are a professional athlete. And we talk about this because how can you not but have you ever dated in the industry? And if you have, what's your opinion on that? Because, you know, it could be good and bad. I enjoy it because sharing a passion, but then vice versa. It's like, oh, shit, where you eat type situation, right?

Unknown Speaker 33:38
Yeah. So I've dated like I used to, like date, like maybe some of the open girls like the girls in the open classes and stuff like the girls that show up or kickboxing and like, Jujitsu like maybe some of the dates, but it's like, they were never really serious about it. So it was like, I would date like a couple of those girls but like never like actual fighter. I've never dated never do to fighter. I don't even I think we've had like five girls on our team since I've been at the gym, and they all like are in relationship with other fighters. So it's always been kind of like that situation. For the most part.

Unknown Speaker 34:08
What do you think would happen if you did date another fighter?

Unknown Speaker 34:12
I don't know. I don't think I could update another five. I feel like I don't know. I feel like, like, I buy all day, every day that it's like I need somewhere else to go. And it's like, you know, I'm like, like, I'm okay with being alone a lot of times. So it's like, I feel like I need to get away from a person for sure. So I'm like, they show up to the gym and I'm at the gym and then they show up at home and I'm at home and

Unknown Speaker 34:34
are you are you not a clingy person? I am a self proclaimed clingy as bit so, you know, what is your status?

Unknown Speaker 34:41
I would probably say I'm a little bit the opposite. Maybe I got I don't know, like I have like a little bit of like, like, I spent like a lot of my time alone, like when I was younger. So it's like, I think I just have like, be alone. I have a lot of alone time too. So it's like I feel like

Unknown Speaker 34:55
Yeah, I mean, some people kind of just prefer their space and they need to be you know, I could just be alone more often. And that's okay. So I wanted to ask you, in your opinion, do you think it's better to date someone while you're in the prime of your career? Or is it better to stay single? And you can have both sides, right? If you're dating someone who helps you and supports, you will make your meals you know, understand your trading schedule, but then vice versa, you might date someone who's like, you're always in the fucking gym, you know, like, what is your opinion, it doesn't help you to have a partner.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Exactly. Like it definitely just depends on like, who the partner is, right is like, like, I don't know, like, I dated a girl that I swear before every fight would freak out on me. Like, like, the day of the fight the day before the fight about what I don't know, I think I was like, an attention thing, like, attention doesn't go around her that kind of time. But I might be wrong on that. Like, I could be wrong. I dated a girl that like, freak out over, like, right before fights and all that stuff. And like, you'd always be like, we'll be arguing like, way to like, like, the day of weigh ins or something like that, or the day of the fight or the worst time possible. literally the worst time possible. And it's like, that's not a good person to be around, you know, like, like, at least especially for fighter but like, I don't know, like, it has to be like, it can be both man because like, like, if you ever ride or die, someone's going to stick with you that's cooking for you. And how can you believe me in here, and all that stuff is like, I always like, sometimes when I was in a relationship and fighting, it's like you have that. Like when you walk into the cage. I'm like, Alright, I'm gonna get my ass kicked, but at least I unblogged you know? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's like that, like a little bit. The back of the head was like, Okay, well, my niece loves me. She loves me like, so, you know, I'm saying, just like, I could go through those checklists in my head. I remember. Like, I had a big breakup right before like, one of my biggest fights and shit before the end. Like literally right before. And I remember. I remember walking into the cage, and I was like, dang, I can't really say that to myself. I remember thinking, oh, like, I lose this fight like, Michigan is gonna suck because like that, like fight right before you get into the UFC type of fight, you know, like, Yeah, but I couldn't go through that checklist. I remember thinking in my head, I'm like, Yeah, well, that's like, well, I guess I'd better hope this dude.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Yeah. I mean, that's one way to look at it. Right? If you use it as motivation, it can help you, you know, like, this bit, you just broke my heart. I'm gonna take it off this guy's face.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
When I first started getting to like MMA, like hard, and I was on the fight team, which I was like, pretty, I was pretty young. So I was like, 16 or 17. I was on the fight team, but I was like, all heartbroken over a girl in high school. And that's like, that was like, my missions. Like, I'll show everybody you know, like, I remember being like, thinking, I was like, I'll be the UFC at early age and like this and that and it was just like, I didn't know, I didn't know how hard it was really gonna be.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
So what do you look for in a partner characteristics, physical characteristics, let's get shallow first. And then after that, we'll talk about, you know, inside.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Yeah, I mean, I would definitely like a pretty girl. Like, I don't have any, like, specific characteristic trait that like, before anything, but like, I don't have tea tea at the property. Like, like, I like I like good tea, you know? And other than that, it's like, I don't really get too specific about anything, you know. But what was the other question?

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Okay, so that I just wanted to be shallow for a second like looks Do you like, you know, a petite little blonde girl? You're like a big Amazonian woman. What do you like, you know, but you said teeth. That's what you got.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
Thinking like, I like smaller, like, like girls that are smaller than me at least. But in order for my gene to like, maximum maximum. I want to do some big ol Amazonian shake. agnate that kind of have like a six foot talk. Yeah. Have you ever? Yeah, really?

Unknown Speaker 38:42
If you if you plan on having kids, which it sounds like you do, that's the way to do it. Right. And my question is, Have you ever dated a woman who was significantly taller than you?

Unknown Speaker 38:51
No, not at all. I've never dated anybody taller. Okay. So I've like, like, I've Yeah, I guess you could say I needed a girl that like was taller than you but as long like I was like, ever hanging around her tried to be seen but like, it wasn't like, going on dates. You know? I'm saying like, walking around. Public holding her hand.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
I'm gonna hook you up with my last guest. She's like, 510 and she's like, five time Brazilian world champion. blackbelt Kendall Rosing, I'm gonna set you guys up and you guys are just gonna be like, make me

Unknown Speaker 39:28
awesome prodigies. Exactly. I'm gonna hit the she do she do a mayor to just Jiu Jitsu.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
She's only jujitsu right now but she's really young. She's only 24 and she's already a five time Brazilian jujitsu world champion the 2019 nogi World Champion and she's just but actually right now she's not looking to date I know because my podcasts

Unknown Speaker 39:53
and just have some kids you know letter

Unknown Speaker 39:59
so besides adds physical appearances. What are some things that you look for in a partner? Now? You know, you're not dating another fighter. So, you know, maybe it's someone who isn't as busy. I've talked to different people on here, you know, it's almost 100 different guests. And when you're a fighter, it's a very selfish sport bucket. Like we know that right? So maybe we need to find a partner who isn't as busy as we are, who is, you know, someone who is okay with not being in the spotlight. So who do you look for characteristic wise,

Unknown Speaker 40:32
that's the opposite is like I have to be around someone super motivated, like someone that's like, like, on their shit at all times. And like, I've dated a few lazy people and like, that doesn't mix well at all with me and like, I like who I am as a person. I'm so like, scatterbrained over here, over here over here is like, I need someone to accept that and then be like, alright, well, he's doing his own thing. I need to go do my thing. And like, Get busy like that way. Because, yeah, like for, like, that's actually like, my new standard, too, is just like a hustler. Like, you know, I need a hustler. Like, I can't have someone that like is just waiting, waiting for me to be home because like, you know, I have long days, and, like, Adam mountain, and I'm just all over the place constantly. So it's like, if I have someone that's just waiting on me to make them happy at all times, and it would never work out. Because, you know, I, I'm doing what I need to make me happy or whatever. Just like we can meet that together. And we can make a better time and a better process through that. But like, I've gotten so much and I'm so like, focused on what I gotta do right now that it's like, I can't have someone who's just waiting around for me and just like, you know, not busy. And it's just this, this is the relationship and my work. Like I go to work and the relationship and like, that's it. I can never work with a girl like that.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
I know you haven't dated another female fighter, but you have had girlfriends now has the the amount of training that you do or how much you travel or how tired you are, or the fact that you can't go out to eat yummy meals, like Has this ever gotten in the way of your romantic relationships?

Unknown Speaker 42:00
100% So, yeah, all that honestly, like every single one of it, especially when you're when you're coming up for coming up as like a biter. Like, you know, you're working full, you have to work full time, and then you're trying to train as much as possible. I mean, it was like, I was doing all that, you know, I was barely any rest. So it was like, like, cut into like a, like a big portion of time, you know, I'm saying so, like, I think that that then it's like, okay, we're going on a date where we going out to is like, okay, like we're going out to a restaurant I have to eat this, this and this and then you know, come I'm pretty big fly with all things considered. So yeah, after after diet and drop weight, you know, so I have to be pretty strict about that and might not get too off target especially like on the come up with the UFC is like you never know when you're gonna fight Next, when the next important fights going to be. So it's like, I might get called up today, I might get called up in a couple months, whatever it is, like, I gotta be ready. So it was like I was so in that mindset that it was like, I was probably pretty Undateable back then. Honestly, like,

Unknown Speaker 42:59
No, you're not in dateable you just need to find someone who who mixes with your needs. And you know, you just said it's like, you know, you're not a cleaning person, someone who can have you know, someone who needs their own space, someone who does their own thing, so they're not always waiting by the phone, you know, waiting for you to get home. Like that's a perfect, you know exactly what you want. You just can't You can't change your standards when it comes to meeting a hot chick, right? You know, because you may meet this hot babe and then she's like clinging, you're like, I'll put up with the cleaning.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
And what is it like the honeymoon? The honeymoon phase goes away. You're like, I can't stand it.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
She Exactly. Yeah, yeah. Have you ever done online dating?

Unknown Speaker 43:40
No. Well, I have like, I downloaded Tinder for like, one day when I was really young. Like I went to I want to fight went to some college town and they're telling me about this Tinder app. And then I had it and then it was like, wild and then I just got off it after that day. I was like, wait, wait,

Unknown Speaker 43:55
wait, wait. Okay, we're not gonna judge you. But like, how wild was it?

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Tinder all for like maybe 10 minutes before some chick pick me up and like I went yeah, it was it was crazy. I was like, This is dangerous. This is so much not we fuck around with so

Unknown Speaker 44:13
dangerous in the sense that you'll just ruin your life and spend all your time just fucking

Unknown Speaker 44:19
Yeah. Like I got into like, like, like, it's probably a couple months when Tinder was around. So I don't know how long it's been around now. But we're probably like, at the very beginnings. I just got a smartphone and I'm like, I will try this out and within like, all my friends, like got drunk. I go to their college town to go visit them and I was trying to be an MMA fighter. They all went off to college and shit. So I go visit them and they all pass out drunk or early. So I'm up by myself. I will try this out. 10 minutes later, I have someone picking me up. It was the wildest thing and

Unknown Speaker 44:49
we can we hear a little bit about how that date went.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
It was I was drunk and she was it and I just I don't know, got used and abused

Unknown Speaker 44:59
which I'm sure college age Brandon did not care at all.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
No, not at all. I didn't even I like honestly didn't want to tell anybody. And I was like, you guys got to understand this is like the craziest thing you guys introduced me to? Yeah, so when I went back to like my hometown and stuff, I was like, I gotta get rid of this. I'm gonna end up seeing like a bunch of friends and all this shit on it. That's

Unknown Speaker 45:19
great self control. So what is your perfect date? Let's say you meet someone organically. I don't know what the grocery store. You ask her out. What's your perfect date?

Unknown Speaker 45:28
Um, I like going to like coffee shows. That's I'm huge into comedy shows. Like little shit like little shows and little concerts too. I'm not like one of those like club goers. I talk really lightly. So it's like, I don't know. I'm not trying to speak over anybody ever. So it's like, anywhere out. Oh, boy. But I do like go into like arcades and stuff. And like places like that. So

Unknown Speaker 45:49
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Unknown Speaker 49:20
Probably actually, I think about it. So I do remember my first time obviously but like I think like maybe the only embarrassing thing or like the the thing about I was like I was raised around the internet you know, like I was a kid that had a lot of alone time and freedom on the internet. So the first time I ever had sex, I was just like trying to be a porn star. I'm taking this little like this. This girl's virginity you know some teenagers virginity and I'm over here like picking her up doing dumb shit like that and I was just happy. But it was just like, some poor girl just lost her virginity which he thought was probably like romantic and all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
And oh yeah, it's never romantic. Got

Unknown Speaker 50:00
her legs up doing some dumb? Oh, poor girl

Unknown Speaker 50:03
was just probably just like so. Like this is sex damn crazy

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Everyone always has a weird first time story so you're not any different. Do you ever? Sorry say it again?

Unknown Speaker 50:21
It never just goes normal for anybody.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
No, no, I cried after my first time.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Like you're like I don't like you're like I'm gonna marry this guy.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
No not have like, so my first time was like with some, like sleazy like BMX guy, I was like 15 He was like 19 and like we did on his like dirty couch and then like I remember after just like tearing up because it was like, the weirdest like, you know, and it's kind of painful for girls at first to I was just like, sex sucks. And then obviously, it gets much better but horrible first time. And then he

Unknown Speaker 50:55
like, he probably like didn't like, I feel like girls picture themselves. It was never good at all romantically with like, flowers in the

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Exactly. It's always it's always gonna be like on a bed of roses. Yeah, it's never on somebody's dirty as couch. So a normal question we ask is Do you abstain from sex before a fight? Just because you've heard the myth that it helps or sometimes people think that you know, actually gives you some kind of superpower? Who knows? No, no,

Unknown Speaker 51:21
no. Like before weigh ins, I don't think I could have sex. I'm so like, depleted, like, I mean, at a certain point, like, like, maybe like the day of like weight cutting, there's no way I could have sex, but like, I would not anywhere else, you know, like, like, I probably wouldn't have sex the day of the fight. And I think about it. Like, I don't think I'd go that far. But like, I don't know, it's not like I have a timeline of when I stop, you know,

Unknown Speaker 51:46
so no, but there are some people who do they think that if they stop, you know, a week or two weeks before that, you know, you're building up that testosterone and for some reason that's going to help you in the fight.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
And I remember that like that one girl fighter was saying, I would say to Claudia Dalio, but it could have been someone different. Maybe it's Ronda Rousey, where she was saying, like, it's different with girls is like when girls have sex, like boosters up something and they're like, and that's really good for him and all that and I was like, I don't know what the difference is or what it is. But maybe right before a fight, I'm usually just around a bunch of like gangsters, like my all my, and I'm trying to be like, like, fight mode. I'm watching gangster movies, and you know, listen to Tupac and whatever. So it's like, I don't really think about like, I don't know, but like, before, like is it the I couldn't really find it? You know?

Unknown Speaker 52:35
For sure. Do you have any? Like, Favorite quickie story or like your wildest sexual experience or one of your wildest sexual experiences that you could share with us?

Unknown Speaker 52:44
Yeah, well, I mean, so I think this is gonna go into like one of the other questions that you're asking is just like so one time like when we were doing this like cancer benefit and like it was like It's like It's like 24 hours like a 24 hour counts cancer benefit you know, and like people try to stay out 24 hours and like that's the whole thing is you have to have someone on your team walk around the unit

Unknown Speaker 53:08
Yeah, I we didn't call it we didn't call it Yeah. Okay. It's like a walkathon and then the people set up like tents on the track because you can't sleep you just have to like keep walking.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
Yeah, so we had one of those tents on the track and so I had a girl and I brought her into a tent and yeah, so we're in the tent hooking up and whatnot but motherfuckers are now now we hear people shaking tents and pulling tents that wake up wake up wake up. So doing this someone's ganking and zipping up our tent.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
We like what we're pulling that like a yank the zipper back down to fuck are you doing tossed out kid so it was like I could get away with like, scaring people a little bit. But yeah, that was probably Wow, this place and one of the wildest things I've done.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
That is crazy. I feel so bad for the girl. I feel like guys, if you guys get caught, it's like, Ah, right. I'll did it. The girls like For shame. Horse.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
like alcohol, she's like, they're gonna know, they know. Maybe but it's like, I don't know what to do now. Like, it's like you could just stay in a tent for the rest of the night. You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:24
What is one of your biggest pet peeves in the bedroom? So you know and I always preface this with like, you know, poor hygiene or you know, women it's like Guy sticking in the back door without asking you like those are obviously two really big ones. The biggest ones we get but what about you

Unknown Speaker 54:40
when women stick in the bin?

Unknown Speaker 54:43
I hate when that happens. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
Awesome. We'll pick it up. So I mean, if hygiene is an option, I like highs you'd probably be gross, I would assume but I would say like, like my main issue is like I hate when people like overly bite my fucking look like big lips. Like biting my lip. I'm like, All right. It was cute a minute ago, but like, can you just like, ease up a little bit?

Unknown Speaker 55:07
Yeah. Yeah, that's like Yeah, someone said that before. It's like some people are really into like, kind of biting hard on the lip.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Well, I'm into like, like, I'm like a little. Like, I try to be good with it. Like I'm trying to leave marks I think like, like biting people and stuff too. But it's like, I'm not trying to have my book. I'm not trying to have like damage from this year.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
Well, I don't need you to draw blood. You know, there is a there's a kink. There's a blood kink. Oh, really? Yeah, I don't think I could. I do. I do. I was looking at my notes right now.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Like it's a blood King.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
No, no. Okay, so I always ask this question as well. We're aggressive fighters, even the females it's like super alpha is sexy time where you also like to be aggressive or is it kind of like a time where you can relinquish a little bit, be a little more submissive with your partner, you know, let her take control.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
I don't know. I don't think I can be submissive. I just I like to be in charge at all times. And like, I don't know like, maybe to a degree like a little bit I'll be like submissive, but like for the most part I'd like to be the one in charge and I don't know if that's a better quality or if that's just who I am as a person or like whatever. But somebody who was like it's because you're a Leo but it's like I was just like

Unknown Speaker 56:28
it's because you're a Leo like okay well, it's time for the lightning sex round Are you guys listening that don't know what the lightning second round is? It is a yes or no segment rapid fire. Are you ready, Brandon?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Oh, my six rounds are lightning so I've been burned. Wait, burn

Unknown Speaker 56:53
on yourself. Okay, here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 56:59
A little bit not like crazy. Do you spank or like to be spanked? I don't like to be spanked, but I do spec

Unknown Speaker 57:07
biting. A little bit. Choking? Yes. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 57:14
if possible.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Yes, please. Do you watch porn? Yeah. Do you have any fetish is like a foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
Um, like a laundry fetish.

Unknown Speaker 57:28
Okay. All right. Any bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Like, like what? Like no. Like, no.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
Okay. Bondage like ropes, blindfolds, handcuffs. That kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
Yeah. What do you say rose blindfolds, handcuffs. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Oh, okay. Roleplaying.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
Oh, no, I've never done that. Actually.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Yeah, a lot of people haven't done it. You know, Would you be open to

Unknown Speaker 57:56
wait? Yeah, actually. So yeah, nevermind. Yeah, yeah. Check me out for now. I think about it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:01
All right. I feel like there's a story there. But all right, we'll move on. But stuff on you or a partner? Yeah. What was that? But stuff on you or a partner? Do you sex toys? Yes. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No, I have not. Oh, lingerie lover. You already said you are body hair. Yes or no? Fucking ever been caught having sex? Yes. And ever been caught masturbating? No. You want to tell us the caught having sex story?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Yeah, it was it was one at that camp. But too so I was hooking up with this girl on her couch at her parents house but yeah and her I don't know like it he he just like kind of looked away and just kind of made a hey I'm here kind of thing but like I don't know who's been cool about it. Her dad was pretty cool about it was your dad. Yeah, got walked in by hand. And he's Hey, I'm here just so you guys know. Alright, cool. Thanks when I was younger, but yeah

Unknown Speaker 59:11
that's a cool dad like hey guys coming in time for the part of the show where we do fuck marry kill are familiar with that game

Unknown Speaker 59:35
marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done here. Yeah. Okay, so I'm gonna give you three names. And you're gonna tell me who you want to fuck. Who you want to marry and who you want to kill? Are you ready? Yeah. Okay, so my friends Pat Kenny and Dan Kenny. They always helped me out with this and they have given you the genre of hot, horrible women. So sorry, but you get to choose from On Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard and Linda Hogan who is the ex wife of Hulk Hogan who married her son's best friend.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
Oh, that is a horrible category. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
that's why I said sorry. So, Pat and dead Kenny you guys are asking.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
Jada Pinkett now or is it Jada Pinkett like yours? No Jada Pinkett now? Okay, I would kill Jacob. I would kill her. I would say Jada Pinkett is going to come out a while off this Will Smith thing so I marry Jada Pinkett. Okay, right here life a little bit and then what was the last one?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
Linda Hogan Hulk Hogan's ex wife who married her son's best friend. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
Linda Hulk is gonna have to get

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Okay, so you fucked up Hulk Hogan's ex wife you married Jada Pinkett Smith and killed Amber Heard yeah all right all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
All right gonna have to look at Amber looks like

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
you don't know she looks like she's the one who's in the Johnny Depp case right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
Yeah, but like I already see Johnny Depp's face in it you know I'm saying so it's like yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
she's the chick from Aquaman right Aquaman

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
what else is horrible with all day? She probably the previous one of MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
I think so. book deal. So we're gonna switch over to the UFC fight pass platform now guys if you're not if you're listening on Spotify, Apple all those other and you want to hear the fan questions your fan questions, please go tune in to the UFC fight pass podcast app we're brand spankin new and that's where you can hear your fan questions for the rest of the listeners Brandon where can they find you on all your social media platforms if they want to follow you on Instagram Facebook whatever else you have

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
it's just an interval and everything it's ROI and V as in victory all type of thing but yet spread robot I don't see anybody else.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Okay, and we'll always have those links in the show Notes guys. Right guys, that's it for episode 98 with Brandon raw dog ROI vol. I'm never gonna get tired of saying name. I remember the first time I ever heard that on like a good MMA show or someone say it I was like that can't really be his nickname. It is it is and He's ranked number five in the world. Moving on up. Who knows maybe a future flyweight champion is going to be named Rob. Guys, if you didn't know UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 Live fights the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at WWW dot UFC fight backslash sign up so next week guys we're talking to a hilarious person comedian George Perez is coming on the show he is in Orange County local here with me. He's appeared on numerous television shows such as Comedy Central Showtime pie Jaso comedy slam la TV Live, Local Comedy Jam, mind dementia masterpiece Black Superman and much more. I also did his podcast it's called the George Perez stories a month or two ago so much fun. We just smoked some weed and talks about life stories. That's really all we did. If you guys are ever trying to learn a little bit more about your host me Ashlee Evans-Smith You could always check out the podcast that I do. I know it's me interviewing the guest here and you're probably wondering, Well what about Ashlee? Check out the George Perez stories. I think it's like episode 260 But I'm not positive it's up there but Google my name and you get to hear some crazy stories about high school college you guys know I'm sober now and that's obviously for a reason. So check that out. George's podcast is really good. Not even just mine. Like a lot of other ones they they get down and that's about it guys. Don't forget to check out our website. www sex violence with rebel We got lots of merch coming out new designs every couple months. Shout out to our guy As Sergio he is always helping us out with some cool punk rock designs. I keep saying I'm gonna do some different designs, but hey, I like what I like. So hopefully you guys like it too. And if you guys ever want to send us an email, it's sex and violence You want to check out some exclusive content? Then check out www Ashley rebel That is my fan time website the pictures that are too sexy for Instagram and Facebook. And lastly, please rate and review the show guys. It really helps us out and it's free. 99 Alright, that's it. I love you. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for tuning in. And thank you for heading over to UFC fight pass to check out the fan questions so special thank you to audio engineer DJ zone at DJ Zol on Instagram tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and as always, you can find us at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA on Instagram. I really hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. We're gonna have a great guest next weekend. Remember, be kind be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sets.

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