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Ep.99 George Perez

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what's happening hot stuff? What is up all my naughty listeners? Happy Saturday. I apologize. We're a day late on our episodes this week, but we're bringing it to you regardless. So enjoy. I'm actually dead as fuck right now. I feel hungover even though I didn't drink or do drugs or party hardy. I just stayed up late and I guess I'm an old fucking lady. So went to the Suicide Silence show last night if you guys don't know who that is. Check them out. They are an amazing deathcore band. And all the guys in the band are just big sweethearts. And I go way back with them and they killed it. They played Anaheim House of Blues, which I guess that I totally thought it was over in Downtown Disney still, but they moved it. So the venue venue looks awesome. That was really fun. But yeah, this week, okay, so I don't have too much going on. If you guys tune in every week, then you know that international fight Week is coming up. The UFC does that every year. It's usually around my birthday, July, 1 week of July. And this year, they're bringing out all the brand new UFC fight pass podcasters. And that includes me and sex and violence with Rebel Girls. So we are headed out there on July 1. If you guys are out there. It's a big fan experience. I think he just, you know, there's booze you can go meet your favorite fighters and do different things. And so if you are attending that come check us out. I'm not really sure where we'll be exactly. But as it gets closer, we're still about a month away. I will give you guys some more details. Other than that, I don't really have much going on. Let's see. Yeah, I told you guys, I'm doing some fan time photo shoot stuff. I did a new one this week. So if you want to check that out, always let you guys know that's www. Ashley rebel If you guys want to buy any merchandise, you can always go to our website that's sex violence with rebel And you can always email us at sex and violence podcast at Gmail. If you have a question or guest suggestion, you want to jump in on sponsoring the podcast. That would be where you do that. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week, guys, I'm hurt and I'm hungover even though I didn't even drink but let's get to our guests. There's oh no UFC fights because we're a day late this week. So let's talk to our guest. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you were meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be be sensitive to dairy love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout, or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports. T m again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. TM choose perfect sports be great.

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Unknown Speaker 8:57
I'm great. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
No problem. You had me on your show. So I had to return the favor.

Unknown Speaker 9:03
No, it was great. Do they loved you, man. They're asking for you again like crazy. Are they? Yeah, my fans are ruthless. They're like how much for her to choke me out.

Unknown Speaker 9:14
Your fans are great. Because after I was on your show, I mean on your podcast, I came to your show in LA and when I was walking out, someone was like, hey, Ashlee Evans-Smith I heard you on the George Perez stories. You're awesome. I was like you're awesome. Wow. You got some cool fans for sure. And you were great live it was your birthday show you had the food's Gone Wild there.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
Yeah little mystery for fools Gone Wild. Packed was that

Unknown Speaker 9:44
do that was a great show. i Our homie Manny saw your both shows back to back and they were both packed. Yeah, talk. Yeah, you killed it. Yeah, cheers. I'm I'm hurt and I'm not hungover. I'm just tired. heard from last night I went saw metal concert.

Unknown Speaker 10:02
Oh yeah. Who did you go see?

Unknown Speaker 10:05
My homie. He's in a death metal band called Suicide Silence. And yeah, they played the House of Blues. It was real fun.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
I liked the name already. Yeah, Suicide Silence.

Unknown Speaker 10:14
So you obviously you're standing up comedian you got George Perez stories. Are you touring right now? I know that you did a show over the weekend. So tell us what you got going on.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
I'm doing a take a shower tour. Okay, take a shower tour. Just Hey, everyone needs to take a shower. When you get out the shower. How

Unknown Speaker 10:35
good do you feel like in the best,

Unknown Speaker 10:38
that's what I say hey, take a shower feel better. So we're doing a take a shower tour. I'm going to be in Palmdale. Bisbee Arizona. Tucson. Arizona. El Paso corpus. We're going to do San Diego again and then go everywhere. Everyone just keeps adding dates to it as it goes on. Oh, really? Yeah. I'm gonna be in New York with Joey Diaz. And I'm gonna do jersey. So yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 11:04
nice. That's awesome. Yeah. And you can just add dates like that. You don't got a lady at home who's gonna get pissed if you just keep on adding dates and adding dates?

Unknown Speaker 11:14
No, she's gonna get half because the more dates I add the more bank

Unknown Speaker 11:18

Unknown Speaker 11:21
that's true. Okay, so good luck with that tour. I any OC or LA two shows coming up?

Unknown Speaker 11:27
I'm not nothing for like the tour or anything but I'm gonna hit Orange County and La last.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Yeah, it's nice to end with the home. Right?

Unknown Speaker 11:37
Exactly. Like I want to like my final one probably be in Santa Ana.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Yeah. Oh, that's that's where I live. Exactly. All right. Well, I want to ask about MMA first. I know we're gonna get into love and and all that stuff. But what do you think about MMA? Do you watch it a lot? And if you do, who's your favorite fighter?

Unknown Speaker 11:56
What do I think of MMA? Yeah. I think MMA is a life changing sport for it. Nobody's in anybody's I like on nerds can now just go a trainee but you can't fuck with me no more.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
It's a crazy world. You can't judge a book by its cover at all,

Unknown Speaker 12:16
at all. At all, because I remember I seen Eddie Bravo before I knew he was Eddie Bravo. And I was like, why is this fool punk and Joe Rogan? He was just messy with Joe Rogan in the back and I was like, Yo, that's a Bravo dog. And I was like, Oh, damn, he's from Santa Ana as well. Yeah. Yeah. And Doherty's how crazy hot

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Gilbert Melendez to

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Melendez as well shout out you know, I love MMA. I don't study it like I should. I think it's great for the world. And my favorite fighters huh? John Jones?

Unknown Speaker 13:03
You like him? Because of what he does in the cage or outside the cage.

Unknown Speaker 13:08
Both of them

Unknown Speaker 13:10
isn't it fucking crazy how he can party hard and fight even harder? Like

Unknown Speaker 13:14
yes you but that's what it is. It's the whole like Zen to me how like when he gets in the ring it's a whole different mindset of all the discipline hard work he's put in it shows

Unknown Speaker 13:24
I mean, he's he's he's a unicorn though you're not everybody can live that lifestyle and then perform like they fucking got eight hours of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
I mean, Dennis Rodman did.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
Did he really is that is he notorious for fucking partying harder than doing you,

Unknown Speaker 13:42
man during the NBA Finals. left after the game flew to Vegas fought Hulk Hogan. What? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then he came back and did 20 rebounds and like

Unknown Speaker 14:00
yeah, freak of nature. They're out there, you know, but it's not what it recommended for everybody else. I mean, this is a dumb question, because I kind of know a little bit about your background. But have you ever been in a fight? And if so, when was your What was your first fight? And then tell us about your last fight?

Unknown Speaker 14:16
Wow, my first fight was probably fifth grade. Damn. Like, fight, fight. Fight a seventh grader. I won't forget it.

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Never. Yeah, it's your first fight.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
I remember getting beat up. I've been the guy coming to tell my brother. I didn't know who this guy was. I was being disrespectful. And he my brother beat him up afterwards, but he was just like, look, dawg, I know you guys. I have five brothers. So even just like I don't want to get job and my brother, but I just remember like, yeah, it was stupid. Yeah, it was a BMX bikes. I tried to hop over his bike and any I didn't even know the dude and I hit it. And I was like, What's up and then I didn't get beat the shit out of

Unknown Speaker 14:57
Yeah. Oh, yeah. My first bite. I was like At 15 I was playing basketball and this like kind of crackhead lady was walking by. And one of my girlfriends was talking shit to her. And the lady crackhead lady with her like grocery bags came up and like, was yelling at my friend and I like stood in front of my friend. And I got smacked the fuck up by this old lady who's little crackhead lady. And that was my first fight. I'll never remember because I went home and I was like looking in the mirror and had like a handprint on my face. And I was like, this never gonna happen again. Yeah, it was wild. And what about your last fight? Do you remember your last fight? I know we're older now. We try not to street fight, but

Unknown Speaker 15:38
I can't forget it. So I get out of prison. This is like 12 years ago. And I go to a taco shop in my hometown. And there was this guy being disrespectful as fuck, there was like a line of 20 people. And he kept telling everyone he kept walking by people am next I'm gonna head to you and people were kind of scared. And I was just like, Fuck, I'm on parole. And I'm in the shape of my life. I just got done doing three years in prison. Like I'm in the shape of my life. And I remember him just going Hey, homie, I'm gonna buy your food. I'm next. And I was like, Nah, I can't. I got my pride right here. And then he says something to me in Spanish and I said something back in Spanish and my Spanish wasn't acceptable enough for him. Yeah, he called me a pork chop. That means half dog half man. That's what that's what Mexican Mexicans from Mexico call Chicanos. I hear they consider us half Mexican and half of Americans so Portugal. Oh, wow. I didn't know that. That's what Chicano comes for. Chico. Chico means little and in Carlos Mexicanos. So it's half and half. Okay? And I just fucking lit him up. Like the most scandalous drop bag. He's not looking punch, boom. Then I got on top of him, like threw punches and then my friend owns a restaurant. grabs me he's like, get the fuck out of here.

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Yeah, you're in trouble.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Well, I'm lucky he took all the cameras he Oh, that's

Unknown Speaker 17:13
a homie. homie. Damn. So wait. Is Chicano. Is that like an insult then?

Unknown Speaker 17:20
No, it was an insult back then. But we took it with pride. Well, yeah, we are. Mexicans. Yes. That's me.

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Don't say it in a derogatory way. Like it's something to be proud of. Yeah, got it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Look at the N word was a derogatory word that people made proud work. Yeah, yeah, that's just the white people haven't caught up with

Unknown Speaker 17:40
cracker. Should I take it back? Should I just rep cracker? All right. I mean, I'm actually half Mexican and half white. So you're a cracker with beans. Your chili. Cracker would be like the whole soup. Yeah, yeah, I got some crackers and some folders over here. Waiting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:59
I mean, I've had other fights. I'm like, uh, you know, being in places and people just like quick hit and run you really rough on the bar?

Unknown Speaker 18:07
Yeah. So yeah, I don't want to you know, I won't make you tell the whole story. But, you know, I told a little bit about my story in your podcast how when I was young, I was in a punk rockers. I ended up stabbing a guy went to juvie turned my life around, you know, my listeners know that I got a little crazy inside of me. But like, you know, like, what? You're from Orange County. I know, you got you. I read up on you. You want to be a comedian or early age? I know you did some time. What the fuck happened in between, you know, you're killing it now. You know? But like, what happened? What was what was your youth? Like?

Unknown Speaker 18:45
I stopped gangbanging, I never became a dad. Okay, that was that. But I was like, full time. Fuck, that's bullshit. Yeah. And then I started doing comedy. And then the guy that I beat up see me on TV when I came out on MTV,

Unknown Speaker 18:59
what ages this

Unknown Speaker 19:03
I must be like, 2425. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 19:05
saw some MTV like, Yo, Mama stuff. I'm like, Oh, look at young shore dokay

Unknown Speaker 19:11
20 years ago, okay. And, yeah, I mean, he sees me on TV and the crime happened three years before that. Okay. But since John Doe, it doesn't have a statute of limitations.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Okay, so you you got in trouble three years after the crime.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Yeah. And then I fought it for for two years because I was doing MTV. I just did Comedy Central. I just did Showtime. And then why all these things are being processed. I get locked up before they're even fucking hair. Are you kidding me? No,

Unknown Speaker 19:47
no, I okay. So actually, I remember when I was on your podcast, you said one time you were watching fucking in jail. You're watching TV. And you saw your shit or something pop up, or somebody else was like Okay, did I just see you on TV?

Unknown Speaker 20:02
Yeah, delay are just supposed to be in Bakersfield and the prison. I was once in Bakersfield.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Oh that's fuckin stab in the heart.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
I remember even going to pick a warden is gonna let me go did he only short term talk to the warden? Concert? What am I gonna Where

Unknown Speaker 20:23
would I go so you got in trouble. You know you did your time. How much time did you do? Three years. Three years holy shit in the big boy Joe. I only did my little time while prison mainland. Yeah, yeah. And then and then you got out and then what happened after that because you are killing it. Now you're touring and you got your own pod? Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 20:46
I got out and I had to reintroduce myself to society for sure. You know, because I haven't. I haven't comedy's majority black people and whites. And I really haven't talked to any of them in three years. So you know what I mean? It was like weird to talk to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 21:04
Yeah. You had to integrate back into normal life. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
And then I'm on parole. So it's like, I can only be 50 miles from my house.

Unknown Speaker 21:17
So you can only like, play venues that are in that area.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Yeah, but I fucking cheat and all that shit.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
How'd you cheat?

Unknown Speaker 21:26
I just went to Texas. I told my I told my parole officer I said, Look, dude, I'm not gonna be able to live how you guys want me to? If I can't go to work, bro. I'm gonna have to start selling drugs or something. And I hope my honest he's good with you. But like, I'm gonna go to Texas. And if I do something wrong, no, I didn't lie to you. But if you if you don't hear nothing, dawg, just pretend it didn't happen. All right. Because, you know, I never gave him a bad dirty test. Yeah, like, I had custody of my kid. Like he knew I was doing good.

Unknown Speaker 21:58
Yeah, he understands that even though the system is about rehabilitation, they make it real fucking hard for you to rehabilitate.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Oh, it's the hardest shit ever.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
Yeah, I can only imagine. So what got you from, you know, trying to rehabilitate into society to where you're at now where you're, you know, you're good. You're playing shows. You're doing the podcast, like, like, what happened? Like what helped you out from in between?

Unknown Speaker 22:25
Just you know, grindon Joey Diaz is my mentor. I met I met Jodi's Revenant, did comedy. Then I got out of prison. I met this guy named Brian Redman at the Comedy Store. Okay. Yeah, he's a producer of Joe Rogan, the creator of all these other podcast and he was just like, Yo, bro, you have great stories. You need to start doing a podcast called George Perez stories and all you do is tell fun stories. I was like fucking that's genius.

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Yeah, yeah. It's it's entertaining as hell. And then you know, you're in the type of industry where you're traveling. You're meeting people from all walks of life. So then you network you're a cool guy, you know, you meet someone cool. And boom, there's a collaboration. You get to hear their stories like I love podcasting. And look at you and me what we're doing right now. Exactly. I love it. Yeah, George Perez stories guys check it out. I was on episode 200 And something super fun. The first half of the show we shot the shit. We took a smoke break and then we shot the shit and it was less kind of

Unknown Speaker 23:35
chronic in this house.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
It was great. It was so great. I want to eventually get to the point where I have you know my own studio as well and we can have people come in person we're working towards that for sure. We just got signed to UFC fight pass. No Congratulation. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 23:52
so took me like 120 episodes to get to where I was at.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
Really? Yeah, cuz

Unknown Speaker 23:58
you know, a lot a lot of these new people that has come through and I'm glad you're not doing like that you're getting you know, I mean, you're you're gonna get to this right? It's kind of it's just like MMA you know you're now you're disarm ready for the big show

Unknown Speaker 24:13
dude I literally said to the the listeners who are oh geez they know I was like guys I'm just gonna take this like a fight camp. You know like fucking it's gonna get rough you know and some podcasts some shows I'm not gonna kill it you know I'm gonna fucking you know get my ass kicked but I'm like I'm gonna keep showing because consistency is what fucking makes everything you know workout so they know that I've stuck with them through had fucking spine surgery. I was in a neck brace during the podcast like yeah don't knows but our studio burned down. I was like so we got to make this happen. I broke up with my boyfriend was like I'm here guys. So I'm fucking I'm treating it like I would my career you know, like fucking shit happens. You know you lose, but you quit. It fucking no way you know keep up with it was great.

Unknown Speaker 25:04
It is like I've lost a lot of things that I should have won. And I told myself fuck thinking your abilities is going to get you everywhere at this mo fucker train for you and you didn't train for him. I mean, I lost him a lot of roles, battles of fools that I will destroy

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Yeah. Yeah. Damn. So I want to get personal George. Are you currently seeing someone I know you're a dad. So what's what's your dating status? And then also don't get upset but how do you identify sexually? It's a new day and age. We got to ask everybody, George. All right.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
All right. All right. So I'm six years with my girlfriend. Nice. I gotta have a dick. So to put it in here,

Unknown Speaker 25:47
all right.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Yeah, you know, I've had I've had a rough journey in life as far as sexual Cheb DJ strip clubs for 20 years.

Unknown Speaker 26:02
Oh, wow. Yeah, I know. You told me that. And so I touring as a comedian, the background that you have, and a strip club DJ, I can only imagine the stories you have.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Again, you're doing well know what happened to me yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 26:17
Tell me right now, George.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
So we this girl comes in for an audition at nighttime and I tell her, Hey, I don't do auditions. The night guy might let you audition so she does the audition. After the audition. She doesn't even go back to the office. She just starts getting dances and we're like, Hey, you're not even hired. What's wrong? So all the plenty Hey, you know what, come back tomorrow. We still have to do your paperwork. So she showed up yesterday. In a fucking bikini half open. No shoes, just the bottom. Almost hits the club. takes her top off. So now she's just in a bikini bottom, bare feet in the front of our strip club on Beach Boulevard. hanging on the door. You guys are you guys don't want to use me because I'm beautiful. The girls hate me. And we were like, Dude, chill. Wow, man, he would have met if Manny was there. He wouldn't have to deal with this shit.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
And I mean, obviously there's I mean, drugs, alcohol. Like,

Unknown Speaker 27:21
you know, it was everything. It was. You know, when you deal with strippers? You're dealing with people that aren't used to hearing no. Yeah, I guess so. I'm saying they're just like, look, I'm gonna get what I want. What's gonna get one and so we had to call the cops on her. And the cops will only show up when there's a female police officer available to control her because she's half naked a guy. Yeah. So we waited like 10 minutes to this chick banging, trying to run in the club. We know it's all racist. So y'all are racist and the manager is black and she's black. Okay. And so the cops show up. Now she gets fully naked starts fucking dancing on the cop car.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
Oh my god. Stop.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
We were like, hey, they're gonna take her to jail.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
She's She's dancing on the cops car.

Unknown Speaker 28:17
Yeah. A male cop he can't grab her. So the females to go grab her.

Unknown Speaker 28:22
Wow, that's fucking wild.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
So they put her in the back seat where the hell yeah, they took her away.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
Just another day in paradise.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
10 minutes later.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Oh, yeah, her name was probably paradise.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
was like some weird shit. It was Randy.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
Damn. Randy's crazy. What the fuck? So you work at the DJ at the strip club. shit like this happens all the time. You've worked there for 20 years, you've been in this relationship for six. But you know, to dig into the past like has being a touring comedian or a strip club DJ interfered with your relationships, because not every woman is going to be like, Oh, you're leaving me all the time? Or, you know, around tidies all the time, and then they're not always going to be cool with it, right? No,

Unknown Speaker 29:14
exactly. Like I met her before. She knew me before we started dating for three years. So she knew my world. Yeah, she knows the kind of guy I am like, I don't mess with strippers. I just go in there, make my money, help them make their money. And give them a good clean, protective environment for the music they like. And when when I go on tour, I take my girlfriend sometimes. Oh, wow. Yeah, just so you know. I mean, not all the time. But sometimes, you know, I mean, yeah. It's just there's communication there you have plus,

Unknown Speaker 29:46
that's my life. Yeah, that's awesome. So

Unknown Speaker 29:49
you have the same problem. You're training all the damn time fighting podcast. I mean, what do you want?

Unknown Speaker 29:57
I mean, for me, it's a little different because my part is in the industry. So I literally train with it. Like, you know, we live together. We're always around each other. If anything, you know, people are like, you know, Do you guys ever spend time apart? But with you, you know, I'm assuming that you're ladies not in the strip club or tour you know, always touring

Unknown Speaker 30:21
ever, ever, ever

Unknown Speaker 30:23
You've never dated a stripper

Unknown Speaker 30:24
never, never dated a stripper seriously, I might have told her I was dating her for that day.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Ever. Have you ever dated a comedian? Never. What? Why not?

Unknown Speaker 30:37
I'm not gonna be with someone that has an opinion.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
Cancelled right now.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
It's just not my I don't know. I mean, I've seen some before the microphone. There's beautiful people in every world, but it's just kind of like, because I know people are competitive. And I've seen other comedians done dirty. Yeah, the girl. Then she gets all his emails. She's seeing them hooking up with all the managers that she took his job.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Yeah, yeah. I mean, it could be a dirty, dirty fucking world. It could go either way people use each other, for sure. But there are some perks right of dating someone who's in the same industry because like, they share that same passion. They can understand like, Dude, I gotta go on tour again. I gotta, you know, I can't do this, because I gotta wake up early. And oh, I don't know about you guys. You guys probably have late shows all the time. Right?

Unknown Speaker 31:34
Yeah, but we got to get up early for radio.

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Yeah, yeah, that's true. So you know, there's, there's perks of dating someone who understands what you're going through. You don't have to always make excuses or explain. Right?

Unknown Speaker 31:46
Yeah. I mean, she was a assistant manager to another comedian.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Okay, so she understands industry. Yes, that's actually perfect for you.

Unknown Speaker 31:56
Yeah, it is like we come from the same background. It just it finally. It took me years to get this shit. Yeah. Babies moms are sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Got a punch card. Damn. So you have four kids, right? Yes, four kids. Three baby mama. Hey, you had your fun. But my question is, you know, we talked about wild George during your time and all that when you had your first kid. Did you notice a change? Or you know, were you still kind of wild and out? Well, you know,

Unknown Speaker 32:38
while I was I was 18 Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:40
that's, that's too young man. What the heck?

Unknown Speaker 32:43
No, but I love it. My son's 26. And we can I'm 45 We can drink together.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
That's amazing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
It's a Mexican culture.

Unknown Speaker 32:53
Yeah. Damn. 18 Okay, so you had your first 118 What age did you have your second 121 All right. didn't learn your lesson. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
No. Lesson is just a. I don't know. It's the way my dad had 16 kids for five women. What? What the fuck? Okay, I'm Saxon, Dana White.

Unknown Speaker 33:21
Gods. Yeah, stereotypes are a thing for a reason.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
Yeah, I told her for the GF cable TV with a

Unknown Speaker 33:36
wild so what at what point though? I mean, there must have been a switch. You know, from 18 year old George till now, you know, you have four kids. Like when when did you start kind of realizing like, Hey, I gotta fucking provide for provided yeah, see?

Unknown Speaker 33:50
When I was 18 I was a construction worker. I did concrete. I was

Unknown Speaker 33:54
damn hard work. Yeah, it's not

Unknown Speaker 33:56
till I get like 20 to 23 I started doing comedy here and there off and on. You know? And then I took a super serious Yeah. And I was like, fuck construction. Guys crazy jobs. Yeah. Dejan at the strip club because I can DJ in the daytime. Come home, feed the kids and then do comedy at night.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Yeah, yeah, I mean, comedy and the DJ. Yeah, they just go hand in hand when I was coming up from, you know, being an amateur fighter to be a professional fighter. It was serving and bartending because you could serve and bartend all night and then wake up the next day and train, you know, and then if you were tired, or you had to go to a jujitsu tournament or a fight, you can give your shift away. It's kind of just like the industry. Yeah, they go hand in hand, you know, like or, you know, like, for me, I used to drink you know, like if I was hungover you know, from partying I could give my shift away because I needed rest because at a train later, you know, I don't drink anymore,

Unknown Speaker 34:58
but did you sweat it Oh wow, when you would train I did,

Unknown Speaker 35:02
but like me and fuckin Zol my audio engineer, we were just talking, we're like, do how fucking crazy where we would like, stay up all night, you know, and to me, I'm a fighter, I would wake up early and train and then sometimes I've just fucking smell like beer. You know, my coaches obviously are pissed at me and my trading partners are just like what the fuck? But you know now I'm older and I stayed up late last night at that metal show didn't drink, just smoked weed and I'm like, Ah, I feel hungover. Like, age is catching up to me.

Unknown Speaker 35:32
Yeah, look who's showing up every time I podcast she

Unknown Speaker 35:35
is. Oh, kitty kitty. For you listeners at home. You can't see but George has a kitty cat. Actually, you had a couple of cats at your house. They were so super cute.

Unknown Speaker 35:47
She's a MMA. She's a badass.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
Ah, she's cute. What's her name?

Unknown Speaker 35:51
Her name's Baby, baby.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
There was another one.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Yeah, the other one is awesome sprinkled cupcake. On their older brother. He's Rick. James.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
So are you a cat man, George.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Yeah, you know, I had a dog but I just like cats. I don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Yeah. Why? Like, why do you like cat?

Unknown Speaker 36:11
I? My mom told me that a person that has cats knows how to love someone because a cat needs attention of love for it to stay.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
Dude, I that's I always my boyfriend kind of jokes with me because he gives our dog like so much affection and love and I'm like, What's up food like, okay, like, you know, like, give him his food. I like take a full, you know, walk and then like, I kind of just let him do his thing. And my boyfriend's like, you need to give him more love. And like, sometimes I think about getting a cat and I'm like, Nah, cats are too needy. They're needy little bitches. You know, they're like, Oh, he's just like on you.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
What can they do their own shit as well. Once they leave they jam.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Yeah, that's true. So you like get what do you like in women like characteristic wise? Well, first, let's be shallow physically. Like what kind of chick Do you like?

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Ah, one with the liner.

Unknown Speaker 37:02
Okay, setting the standards will Hi. I like it. I gotta see baby pictures. baby pictures, so you know what she's going to create? A woman your whole life. All right. Oh, wow. That's why

Unknown Speaker 37:16
baby pictures. I'm a comedian. I make fun of all this shit. Yeah. You know, you gotta be smart. Just any kind of smart. If you don't love yourself, I can't love you. You know what I mean? It just, of course I have to be with someone beautiful. Who who doesn't want to be with someone beautiful. But my beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 37:36
Yeah. What is beautiful. Exactly. What is your beautiful What do you see as beautiful?

Unknown Speaker 37:42
I don't know. My girlfriend's beautiful to me. Yeah. Yeah, she only has one year.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
That's amazing. I can't tell if you're joking or not. I'm like, if I laugh right there, you'd be like, I'm serious.

Unknown Speaker 37:56
I mean, she I don't know. Just she's cool, beautiful person.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Yeah. So like, you know, good heart as well. You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 38:06
family values. Here. Yeah. I mean, hey, we're in a new era. And I feel any woman is a lot of dress all they want. Yeah, I really feel that. But if you're gonna dress how you want it better be good.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
What do you mean? Like no muffin top or like,

Unknown Speaker 38:25
the muffin top but like just fucking Eilish? Yeah, yeah. That's just how I am. Put some effort

Unknown Speaker 38:32
into your appearance. Exactly. Yeah. Don't. Don't be looking like the chick from the strip club with the bathing suit and no shoes. Okay, all right. George. Have you ever done online dating? No, no, none. What do you think about it?

Unknown Speaker 38:51
The party line was the only online dating I ever did.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
What's a party line? Zol knows what late I don't know what it is. What's a party line?

Unknown Speaker 38:59
So back in the days you'd steal a calling card and call this number and just leave like a message. So I'd be funny. I'm like, What's up? This is hammer I just got up the slammer. respond back and well, so where do you live? And I'd be like, Oh, shit, but the girls were horrible. Horrible

Unknown Speaker 39:23
boy. So were these real people?

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Yeah, yeah, it's, it's before the internet.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Oh, okay. You could just

Unknown Speaker 39:31
call what's what was going on? It'd be like chat rooms.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Okay, so this would be like telephone equivalent of chat roulette. Do you know what that is? No Chat Roulette. Basically, it would be like, Okay, same thing, like I'm logging on, but I don't know who's gonna log on and you just click a button and it just kind of like, spins the wheel and like, boom, you see my picture. I see your picture and you can choose to like, you know, stay or you can like next on basically. Yeah. And so, you know, I think it's like more I'll say it again.

Unknown Speaker 40:01
Same thing. No picture.

Unknown Speaker 40:03
Okay? Yeah, that's that's even more of a gamble that sketch. Oh, okay, and you press star or pounds all says and it takes you to another person damn okay Chatroulette. Yeah, I don't I don't know about that. But what do you think about online dating these days?

Unknown Speaker 40:22
You know, um, it for me it takes away a picture doesn't do shit for me. I gotta hang out with you chill and it just the way I am, you know, like

Unknown Speaker 40:33
the vibe. Yeah, yeah, it's a chemistry for sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Yeah, that's just how I do. I'm not really tripping off of. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Do you get crazy fan messages? Because I mean,

Unknown Speaker 40:47
ones I know you do too.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
Yeah, yeah. But I mean, it's got to be, it doesn't matter, you know, like crazy. Or, you know, like super fans like they don't everybody has them. You know, if you're in this spotlight, you know, if you're in your phone on some kind of platform, you have some kind of crazy messages. So like, What kind do you get? Are they sexual? Are they just, you know?

Unknown Speaker 41:10
Okay, mate. What I get is I want to do coke with you.

Unknown Speaker 41:13
Really? Yeah, that's because you're just see you seem like a finance guy. They're like, I just want to hang out with George.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Yeah, you remember that movie? Satan Silverman? Yes. Remember where the Jack Black? He's gonna go to Neil Diamond. He's like, I want to party we use Yeah, I get all that. I even get dick pics from fools.

Unknown Speaker 41:33
Wow. Are they just trying to like get with you or like flex and be like, Look how big my dick

Unknown Speaker 41:40
only we can get bits together. Got your trip and just to get I get hit by girls all the time, but I just tell them hey, look. Not to be a dick. I got a girlfriend and like I don't fuck fans. Yeah, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 41:58
Yeah, yeah. No. Yeah. I mean. The one that guy was like, yeah, we can get pitches together. Have you ever done that? You ever done the was it called? Devil's threesome or Eiffel Tower? What is? Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 42:16
I've never been in a threesome. I mean, when I was like, 1918 I'd go to these parties hook up and like, scam and jam shit. I don't know. I I would feel weird. I don't have threesome etiquette. You know? I mean, like, I don't like he'd probably be like, Yo, homie. That's my leg. Right? The arms like that's your part of the torso.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
Yeah. Or you're still in the spotlight the whole time. You're not letting him cut in. Yeah. I'm not done.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
I don't know. I've seen it so much at the club.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
intermingling like threesomes and stuff. Like,

Unknown Speaker 42:56
customers take two three girls down with them. Hey, I want to get a VIP with those three. And I'd be like, I'm good. Yeah, I don't know. Kind of just not my style.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you never had you never had a drunken night where like, one girl was like, hey, I want you to

Unknown Speaker 43:16
and I'd be like, I'm out. I've always lived in that world of never ever disrespect a woman and that kind of level and it's not disrespect. But it's more like I'm, what if this girl gets mad and she says hey, these fools rape me.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
Yeah, that's that's a huge thing. Like that's why I'm so happy. And the fact that I control whether or not I get pregnant, so happy about being a woman, you know, like we have that power.

Unknown Speaker 43:44
Yeah, so I'm just like, I'm cool. I'll do the one on one. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:48
yeah, yeah, you got to protect yourself it is and you know like you're a figure you're a public figures so it's like chicks you know, or wet or men. You know, they're crazy. They could be trying to you know, get your money your catches lipid, you know, set you up. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition, so make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Guys, this is a sexpot guess let's get down to it. What man doesn't want improve direction, strength, penis size or a better sex life in general, penis pumps are not just an Austin Powers gimmick. We're proud to announce our new partnership with Bathmate Bathmate are the world's best penis pump, harnessing the power of water for real, lasting improvements for your penis size, erection, strength, personal confidence and sex life. Bathmate hydro pumps have helped over 1 million satisfied users worldwide. It's safe, affordable, and backed with a money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? To check out the different products and for a 60 day money back guarantee and a massive two years manufacturer's warranty. Visit and start your journey today.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
The GM Pump It Up why your feet are stopping and the gym is pumping

Unknown Speaker 45:56
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Unknown Speaker 47:14
I've always caught it. I've always caught it. Yeah, I mean, yeah. It's just not my style. Like I'm not. I don't know. I love that about myself where it's just like I work at a fucking strip club. I see naked women all day. Yeah. Yes, yeah, I'm good.

Unknown Speaker 47:29
Yeah. Do you so that in fighting, they say that you should abstain from sex before a fight? You know, almost every single fighter we've had on here is like fuck that. We're fucking you know, do you? Is there anything? What would it take for you to have to abstain from sex? Prison prison. Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:54
we have sex before we do jokes. Really. But as for fighting, it's isn't a different? Is it the truth that you have more stamina?

Unknown Speaker 48:05
No, I mean, there's been studies and I don't know if any are very conclusive. If anything, men might benefit slightly from kind of saving your testosterone and not having that release. But women I think the studies actually say that having sexual intercourse like UPS your testosterone levels, so it could be beneficial, right? Ronda Rousey has gone on record as to say and she tries to fuck as much as possible before a fight, which is hilarious, but

Unknown Speaker 48:34
she's fucking ugly. Yeah, she looks like she was on like, Deadliest Catch. Oh, wait, does this

Unknown Speaker 48:47
grabbing crabs tuna. has a weird look to her to me. I don't know what it is. I remember

Unknown Speaker 48:54
when her and I were on the same amateur card before we went pro. Yeah, yeah. I mean, like, it's kind of like bittersweet, right? Because she like blew up and like I've had like a struggling career like UPS downs and whatever. But hey, we all have our fucking journey. Right? I'm still here. I'm still fucking here. Yeah. Table. Yeah. Some days. You know, but I remember when she was getting big. My coach at the time Eugene Jackson, who's like an OG older UFC fighter. He was like, she's gonna do so well. She's got that very marketable face, kind of like girl next door. And I was like, really like that, but then I was like, okay, and then he was so right. Ronda Rousey blew the fuck up. And you know, like, she may not be your cup of tea or even my cup of tea, but she's somebody's cup of tea.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Yeah, yeah, they put the cheese cold out. Ripped. No, I mean, it's just they protected her and you could see what happened when she fought some real people. She got smacked the fuck up.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean

Unknown Speaker 49:59
Really Now get the fuck Eddie,

Unknown Speaker 50:02
you can't hit on that because it's like, you know, I'm gonna be 35 next month George like, Fuck, how long can I be a cage fighter for real? And she's doing WWE and I think the lifespan on that is way longer than being an MMA fighter. You know? So like, she's making her money, right?

Unknown Speaker 50:21
Yeah, but you lose your credibility to me. It's just me who fucking choke me the fuck out?

Unknown Speaker 50:31
The captain, right? No, yeah, but I got mixed mixed feelings about her. You know, just because I think that even though she didn't ask to be a role model, like we are fucking it, you know. So even though I get in trouble, and, you know, I don't make the best choices. Like, I am cognizant that like I am looked up to from certain people, you know, especially young girls and stuff like that. I just remember her being such a fucking poor sport. Like, just never show it. You know, like this one. Like, you know, like, don't don't shake hands. You know? She's like,

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Yeah. Hey, it is what it is. For her time being she did her thing.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Yeah, I'm grateful. Honestly, I am grateful to her for paving the way for the rest of us. Always will. But you got to give credit where credit is due to female UFC fighters. Oh, for sure. For sure. You know, Dana White saw a star in her and opened the floodgates for the rest of us fighters. female fighters. So yeah, I'm fucking I'm grateful to that. And you got to look at it like that. Yeah, you know, you didn't like she did her thing. And she thought that whatever she was doing in the time was good for her or her career, whatever. And I've learned in this fucking industry and in life, you don't know what people are dealing with? Behind the scenes. So you can sit here and fucking judge all you want. But you know, you don't know what's going on?

Unknown Speaker 51:53
Yeah, but you're allowed to judge because they're on a platform for you to judge them.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Yeah, this is true.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
I tell people, hey, when I do my podcast, I already tell them all the bad things when I get on stage, and they're like that. Well, he already said he did that.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Yeah, yeah. I think honesty is the best policy because then no one can be like, Hey, you misrepresented yourself. I'm like, No, I'm fucking transparent as fuck. You know what you get when you when you talk to me?

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Yeah, because when I when I first started comedy, all the club owners were like, whoa, whoa, whoa. Like, you can't wear that outfit up there. To fuck you. What? Yeah, they're like, You look like a gang member. I was like, What the fuck? Like a gang member? They said that. What does it matter if I do look like a gang member? If I was a rapper, I can wear this outfit. And I'm a fucking comedian. Like, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Unknown Speaker 52:46
I thought comedians would be the Georgine

Unknown Speaker 52:49
to grow your hair where I was like,

Unknown Speaker 52:52
what? These were like venue promoters who said no. Big clubs. Oh, wow. And this was recently or back in the days

Unknown Speaker 53:03
1517 years ago. You know? I go by these clubs, and they're like, hey, we want it would you come to our club? And I was like, No, I got the same offer the same fucking air.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
Damn never forget. Never forget. Damn. That's. Yeah, that's important.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Yeah, that's why I kind of feel like I wouldn't same bow you are. And like these other comedians were getting work. And I was like, What the fuck? They're not even getting laughs Yeah. They have their he's wearing the suit. Yeah, he's a look. They want them to play. Yeah, well, they know. Not around.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
No. And it must feel so fucking good for you to be George Perez shaved head dress how you fucking want you know, like, kind of look like you know, even me. It's like, you look like you had a rougher background. You know? Like, you don't want to fuck with that person kind of vibe. And you still made it so it must be that much more rewarding.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
It just it feels good. That all my friends and everyone that I knew was like, hey, dawg, you didn't fucking change for Hollywood.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
No conformity.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
And you know, I don't care like the compliments that I have no nothing to what I'm set out for to do. And I might wear a suit one day, but it's going to be my choice of like, my style. My look

Unknown Speaker 54:27
nice. What are some comedy goals that you have?

Unknown Speaker 54:31
I definitely want to do a Netflix special. Just one for Netflix. I definitely want to do my own show like a sitcom and a sketch series. Yeah, that would be dope. And I want to do like a Cheech and Chong record album. Rather did like skits like that.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
Yeah. Are you gonna have sidekick Eddie and

Unknown Speaker 54:53
the G Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
Those guys are great. I was doing my research on you. I checked out, you know, sidekick, Eddie and I was scrolling down. I'm like, Oh, those three have been performing and homies for a long time.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
Yeah, yeah, I met sidekick Eddie in the strip club industry. Okay. He was he worked at another club that my cousin work that he's been. He's been doing this shit since he was 17 How old is he? He's 35 and he has he has three kids from strippers. All three strippers know from different strippers.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
Side Dick Eddie hashtag never learned.

Unknown Speaker 55:36
He's just yeah, he's

Unknown Speaker 55:39
he's funny, dude. He's funny. Yeah, oh my god, he opened up for George and then he was also just kind of CO hosting on the George press stories. Episode with me on there. And you guys got great chemistry dude.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
It goes with being around each other. It's like I said, I don't want to use what Hollywood wants. Yeah, all formulas work and I'm not gonna put a square guy next to me. Or bill about his prices now and give a fuck about the gas price and stock

Unknown Speaker 56:12
do but you know, like your fans. And just people in general who hear your comedy. They appreciate the realness so much. And you're gonna have, you know, real fans, real fucking fans who like your story resonates? And they feel like it's them onstage?

Unknown Speaker 56:30
Yeah, I mean, you get that in your career as well.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
For sure. For sure. I think people appreciate not trying to be who you're not, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:40
Yeah. Straight up.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
Break. Back to some sex talk. Have you ever fucked in the club?

Unknown Speaker 56:47
No, never. The strip club.

Unknown Speaker 56:50
No, no, no, no. The Comedy Club. Never you know, like in the bathroom?

Unknown Speaker 56:56
Always because like, I don't want them to have any reason to stay late or you can't come back here. Yeah, yeah, and that's just my style. I don't know what like people think like, Hey, I fuckin alley. I

Unknown Speaker 57:09
mean what's one of the wildest or craziest places that you've ever hooked up?

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Next door to a police station?

Unknown Speaker 57:19
Shut up.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
Yeah, I got I got released in the police station. And just went right next to it. Have the seat belt on my house? It was weird. To say click it or tickets I clicked it

Unknown Speaker 57:39
Wow That's hilarious. Has a chick ever asked you to do something in bed that you were like, oh, no, I'm out. Yeah, what was it?

Unknown Speaker 57:50
My name

Unknown Speaker 57:55
say my name

Unknown Speaker 57:58
I get all that like crazy request shit on me. No fucking way. Yeah, and I'm just like, I'm gay. I'm gonna shit on you. I'm not gonna call you again. But I'm not gonna.

Unknown Speaker 58:10
Like, figuratively shit on you. But I'm not going to literally sit on you.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
I get all of that shit. spit in my face or fuck the crazy shit all the girls that I've been like so chicks so crazy this girl's I want you to act like my uncle.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
Shut up.

Unknown Speaker 58:29
Now Oh my god. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 58:34
What's your what's your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom? You know, we always get kind of like hygiene. You know, chicks will come on here and be like a guy that tries to slip it in the back door without asking you know, like everyone has their their their pet peeves, right?

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Yeah, bad breath and dirty feet and hairy armpits.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
hairy armpits. You wait like like a stubble? Like hey, I forgot to shave quick. Oh my god. That's just lazy. What?

Unknown Speaker 59:04
Yeah, like this one shade straighten them out with the straighten. They're like condition.

Unknown Speaker 59:09
They're gross. But hell she's living in the 70s Yeah, no body hair. Not, not the not the business anymore.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
And clean underwear is a moss. Oh, God,

Unknown Speaker 59:25
who doesn't have clean underwear that you're messing with George

Unknown Speaker 59:28
back in the day. years and has endured.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
For sure. This is a mushy question. But if you could give young George some advice on women in love and dating, what would you tell him?

Unknown Speaker 59:43
George 20 year old George stop trying to play these girls and be more honest with them and they'll respect you later. Because I've had a lot of girls be like, Hey, you played you know, I was like, well, you let me like you wanted it but now that I'm older my honesty

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Everything. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
that's what I would tell. And we're a condom, but I love all my kids so I don't care.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
For sure for sure. All right, I feel like it's time for the lightning sex round. What do you think? All right, lightning SEC's round George, if you don't know it is a rapid fire yes or no segment. So I'm going to ask you one question or one and or, you know, and you're just gonna say yes or no. For example, say do you do a talk in bed? You say yes or no, we keep moving. Okay, ready? Okay. Lightning strikes round. Here we go. George. Do you dirty talk in bed? Oh, yeah. Spank or like to be spanked. Both biting. Choking. Talk Yeah. threesomes God no. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
To for comedy reasons.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Okay. Any kind of fetishes like foot fetish? No, bodily fluid fetish. No. Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. All right. Role playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
Yeah, but it has to be like dumb goofy, creative. Roleplay

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
I can't do that because I can't stay serious. And it's hard to like, want to have sex when you're laughing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
Yeah, but it's just when you come in. It just makes you a better comic.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
That's probably true. Okay, but stuff on you or a partner? I'm good. Do you sex toys? Oh, no. Ever been to a swingers club? Or a sex party?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
I've had to do comedy. I both

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
was okay. We're gonna come back to that. Lingerie lover.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
Only on the person I love.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
Okay. Body hair. we've ever been caught having sex? Yes. Ever been caught masturbating? Yes. All right. That is the lightning sex round. Congratulations. You did great. We gotta have to circle back. Yeah, like, comedy at a sex club. Like, how the fuck? How are you supposed to concentrate? I'd be like, and then he, you know, like, how would you concentrate?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
Oh, this is a thing as I show up, and everyone's like, with their little mask on to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
cover their face. Like Eyes Wide Shut. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
Like, hey, the special attractions here. So I was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
they stopped fucking to watch you. Yeah, come

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
on, and I'll just like, I have to pick the ice. So I told him to come up. I sprinkled cocaine on her. Katie did it and I said, Hey, I'm not gonna hump but I'm gonna go. I love that. I just did like 1520 minutes, and then boom. They gave me $1,000

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
to him. That's a great gig. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
it was cool. It was up in Silverlake

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
you see some wild shit? Weird? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
Yeah, it was weird. You could tell us a low budget one day this low budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Sleeping bags all over the floor top. No, like I made the joke. Um, are you guys making twigs right are two people.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
There's just like a cooler of like to cut the ice. Okay, well, do you want to play Fuck, Marry kill with us? One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done here. Okay. Okay. So I'm going to give you three names. And you're going to tell me who you want to fuck. Who you want to marry who you want to kill out of these three names. All right. Don't worry. I'm not gonna get you into trouble. It's not like female comedians or something. All right. Rip, you got Selena, Rosie Perez and Demi Lovato. These are all Hispanic women. Some more than others?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
No, they're actually Latina, Latina. Mexican. Uh, so I would fuck Rosie Perez and marry Selena. And I killed him and Lovato. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know what it is about her. She's just weird to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
One time someone burned me so bad, but it's also hilarious. So I'm like, I never forget it. Someone was like on social media or something. Yeah, they were like, You look like dollar store, Demi Lovato and I was like, Oh, that's a good burn.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
I remember one time I said on Twitter. It's hotter than the spoons at Demi Lovato house right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
Oh, my God. Burn. All right, George, last question that I'm going to ask you before we head over to UFC fight, pass and ask you some fight pass. Exclusive fan questions. My last question is Who would you like to see on the show? It could be a comedian or another fighter? Yeah. My show on sex and violence with rebel girl

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
I would love to see Joey Diaz on here.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
We the he's been on

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
Oh, yeah. guys in the studio.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
Yeah, yeah. And when I had him on it was only audio I didn't I wasn't like even on Zoom. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
There's another comedian that I just got turned on to men's fucking funny names Ryan O'Neal.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
Ryan O'Neal. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
this guy up. i He made me a fan. When he goes on I get my drink. I sit there and I just watch.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
Awesome. Where's he from? from Indiana. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
he lives out here in Hollywood.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
Ryan Neil Ryan O'Neal Ryan O'Neal. Okay, write that down zone got it? Your damn I will check them out. All right for the rest of the listeners where can they find you on social media? If you have a website if you want to link them to the George press stories anything you want to promote right now now's the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
George P comedy on all social media platforms. I was born here so I started the G or G P comedy. If you want to buy my merch or buy tickets for my tour, it's at George P Link is in my Instagram bio. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
I'll stick all those links

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
tour with them as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
Oh shit. Oh, yeah. Okay. And I will always put all those links in the show notes guys. So if you you know are driving right now and you can't you know you don't get a pen. Check that out

Unknown Speaker 1:07:01
all right, that is it for episode 99 with comedian George Perez, guys. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half the year off for a limited time at www UFC fight backslash sign up next week we are talking to sugar Rashad Evans is a UFC Hall of Famer winner of The Ultimate Fighter number two and the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He is our guest for episode 100. And I'm honored to have him on it's gonna be really, really good episode. So check that out. Tune in next week. And don't forget, you can always check out our merchandise at sex violence, rebel, pick up a shirt, a hat, anything and that supports the show guys, we really appreciate it. You can always check out some exclusive content from me your host at www Ashley rebel That is my fan time website. It's kind of like it only fans but better. So check that out. And lastly, I want to remind you guys please please please, if you could rate and review the show, it takes two seconds, but it's very, very helpful and it's free. It's a free way to help us out so pretty. Please go do that. I love you guys. I really hope you enjoyed this this week's show. I did Georgia is awesome. Really looking forward to Episode 100 That's a really big you know, just a mile marker for us that's that shows that we are making progress and I'm committed to this podcast we are already on UFC fight pass after just two years of being a show so excited about the future. I love you guys for tuning in every week for all your guest questions and just all the support special thank you to our audio engineer. That is DJ Zol check him out on Instagram at DJ soul tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashlee MMA all on Instagram. We actually have a Twitter now too. It's like, you know what I mean? I'll tell you guys next week. Remember guys, be kind be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex.

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