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Episode 1: Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall

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and violence.

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Guys, bonus checks and balances rebel girl, where we interview top level MMA fighters about love, dating romance, and the ultimate taboo subject, sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, and then Smith. Now let's talk about sex,

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and violence.

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Thanks for tuning in guys. This is the part of the show where I give a quick update about myself. Well, that's the first episode. So we're still working out the kinks, pun intended. Maybe you tuned in because you're a fan of mine, or maybe you tuned in because someone recommended the show. Or maybe you actually clicked on the show. And now you're here. Oops. Whatever the reason you're here. I'm glad you're listening. sex and violence is about bringing you closer to your favorite fighters letting you connect and get to know the person gloves off. I hope you're all doing well during this quarantine lockdown. So whether you're still locked down or getting back to normal life, I hope you're benefiting in some way, being creative or focusing on things that were maybe being neglected. And most importantly, I hope you have a quarantine partner. If you don't hope you're practicing lots of self love. That's masturbation for my slower listeners. Whether you're jerking off, or Wait, what's the female equivalent of jerking off? Maybe flicking your beam? Yeah, that's,

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by the way, maybe I should have said listener discretion is advised in the beginning of the show. So this is now the part of the show where you realize what type of podcast you're really listening to and you're either turning it off or maybe your ears just perked up. So if you're still listening, we're happy to have you here and sex and violence, a new slightly TMI version of MMA interviews. You can follow us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl or my personal page at Ashley MMA. I can't wait for you guys to hear our first guest have sex and violence. He's a UFC veteran, psychedelic integration coach, comedian and host of the podcast storytime with Uncle creepy. We've talked about psychedelics and sports and life his struggles with sobriety and overcoming them bathroom propositions, sexual adventures with Chuck Liddell and cuckold a plenty. Please welcome your guest, our first guest on sex and violence. Ian uncle creepy McCall.

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Number one sexy.

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While I've gotten the move,

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really move

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down. Just a sexy?

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And how are you? Thank you so much for being on the show. It's been a minute since I've talked to you, why don't you give me an update on what you've been up to since fighting?

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Oh, man, I've been up to a lot. Show. I am now a world's first psychedelic integration coach for high level athletes. I mean, psychedelics are having a renaissance of sorts. And you know, it's something that I've been very passionate about for my whole life. You know, my dad raised me the right way saying that, you know, if things were if something grows from the ground, it's good. You know, my dad, he just told my grandkids the other night, or not the other night, like a month or two ago, how he used to smuggle dope in the 70s. So I'm pretty sure I can tell people this now. Because he'll tell people. You know, he used to talk about eating 15 pod buttons and going out to the desert. Like it's just, it was always somebody that intrigued me. And obviously, the way they did it back in the 60s in the 70s was, was wrong. they they they screwed up and plus society wasn't ready for it. But I'm going on a tangent here. So now we have built a community, a landscape in psychedelics, where you have the the, the intellectuals in the world are in this space because that's where all the smartest people seem to congregate. And I know that because I'm around them all the time. I talked to them. by me, my girlfriend's one of them. It's kind of crazy. And through all this work that I've been doing in the space, I mean, I work on a political level with Deacon ca I am the one of the event coordinators. Well, the event coordinator for Orange County, but I work with unlimited sciences. So I work on the political level I work on a scientific level, we actually have a study that is in the works with unlimited sciences, my little brainchild with the UFC, Jeff Novitzky, you know, he, he knows a lot about psychedelic or a lot about least psilocybin specifically because I'm the one that told him I'm the one that teaches him about it. So I know that he knows a lot.

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And so you're working directly

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with the UFC on this.

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They can't publicly fund me because the schedule one substance and then a US based company, but like, you know, Jefferson, what can you still give me all the info like cuz he knows I'm going to contact all the fighters anyway, I don't need their permission. You know, and that's something I but I still I asked for it nicely first. And me being the very first person to ever come to a major sporting organization and talk about psychedelics. I mean, mind you, the UFC and Jeff Novitzky, know how I work. They know where I come from, as far as my intentions with all this, I had the I have the UFC first CBD deal, before Aurora came in and gave them all that money. And through that interaction, I have the world's first FDA and third party certified CBD lab and product. My friends and I pulled it off and, you know, again, efficiency, that's how I work. And so Jeff took me serious and he said, Okay, we'll get me FDA approval and major university. And I said, Well, I already got that before I called you because I know I work. So, you know, we're working with everyone at the top of the food chain

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directly working with, you know, the UFC, among others, to promote the use of psychedelics for athlete improvement. Yes,

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so number one, the first thing you have to enjoy getting very fit, I changed smoke. And I plus I we have a distribution center for cannabis in the back office of my CBD company. So I just have a lot of pot around my house. Anyways, so some questions.

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So I'm saying so now that you're into the psychedelics, you're an integration coach and how does that directly affect what do you coaching the athletes who you coaching

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Okay, so I put on I make a fancy title I say oh, I'm the world's first for high level athletes and performers. I work with anybody. I just make it sound fancy goes people like fancy shit. So what we do is we start with now we work specifically in psilocybin which which is which is the psychedelic compound in the active ingredient in magic mushrooms and so it's it heals the brain so you can heal trauma you can deal heal addiction you can you can heal depression, anxiety, all this stuff that affects someone emotionally. Okay, you that's your that's where you start, I always tell people to get to get to know a plant, or a plant medicine for that matter which mushrooms are not plants. They're more closely related to us and they are plants but we'll just they're in the plant medicine category because we're stupid, I guess I don't know. So I recommend it for my for my athletes or my people that I work with some of the big nose get to know get to know that the medicine first then we can get into micro dosing because what I want to do is I want to heal these people at their core, I want to make them better people first. Now with all the research I've been doing that it's it's crazy you learning about anti inflammatory properties and all this other crazy stuff that psychedelics do, I mean, now we'll get into that later but, but to be able to heal someone because we're all broken children, and I've been listening to Gabor Ma Tei Dr. Gabor Ma Tei too much. And, and you know, being someone you know, I was I was addicted to painkillers, I was addicted to fucking opiates in 14 to 34 I was high the whole time I was in USC. And, you know, they they just came out with that new the new drug testing policy thing change about taking opiates and and you're not like you can't take opiates anymore. And I'm like, I'd like to see my drug tests. Because they don't test for drugs of abuse, everybody. I just, I know loopholes. And you know, Jeff's my buddy. Like, it just you know, like it just a mentor to me and obviously not with the drug thing. But so I'm confused

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because initially, you said you would start with a big dose and then go into micro dosing. And I've heard a little bit about micro dosing. Yeah, but

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yeah, well, we'll get back to the bigger so big doses is what's going to change addictions feel that bring about bring up the childhood trauma that something called the default mode network is hiding from you. Most people don't know. They don't even know some of the stuff is happening to them growing up and it comes up into like, Whoa, holy shit. Now obviously that sounds really scary. But when you have something called the fear response that gets dropped, you can literally look at these issues that come up or even the ones you know, that you're already afraid of. You can see them and you can compartmentalize them and deal with them on a on a much different level. So you're able to be able to fix those issues that are manifesting themselves in agoraphobia or anxiety or depression or addiction. You know, this what happens are people go Oh, I'm, you know, because trauma is stored inside the tissue. That's, that's a fact. It's going to manifest itself when you're under pressure. And when are fighters under pressure, when are athletes performance under pressure? When they perform when you're climbing into a cage in your underwear? to fuck someone else out for blood money? If you if you want to tell me that that's not exciting in a lot of negative ways as well. Not only giving a receiving PTSD while you're in there, but it's going to bring about these things you think oh, I'm I'm not I'm a I'm a pussy because I got scared. I got octagon jitters. Well, you're not you're good. You're tough. You made it this far. You're not you're none of those things. You're amazing. But we have not dealt with those childhood traumas or the traumas the the you know, the the bad sexual stuff that happened or the the physical violence or the the abandonment, whatever it is that comes up. Okay, those things will manifest itself as doing finger quotes, octagon jitters, or however you want to put it like, Yeah, but you get you get what I'm saying. So

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performance anxiety, potentially.

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Yes. So to deal with that stuff. through daily practice. This is, you know, mindfulness, just being a better person. Like I said, waking up in the morning, and being fucking happy. Now understanding that if you're in a bad mood, or or you're you're you're have a fear response going. You have a chemical cascade of bad drugs in your body. Your body is all chemistry and vibrations. So why would you have a negative outlook or a bad outlook on all this, when it's going to affect you? I mean, when you're trying to survive from a bear, let's say,

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That's all we have a sound engineer, okay, continuing.

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Okay, so, bears trying to attack you, okay? Your body doesn't give a shit about anything else. But surviving. Cortisol is up, you know, everything's just not not performing. You're not not caring about your skin, or just functions of your body. If you're, let's say in love, for instance, your body's producing tons of growth hormone, like he did when you're happy, your make yourself smile. It actually has a chemical response to your body and your brain. And then you can get into connecting the gut, we'll get to that later. But so that's a big dose. Okay, that's the main purpose of a big dose. And that can translate to anybody. Okay, then you have performance. So with fighters, you we all have brain damage, we all have CTE. And of course, I'm working with fighters. But this will translate to any athlete. I have people close to me and surfing, in motocross, in all the sports where they've hurt themselves, short ball, whatever it is, three, the soccer. And their heads are messed up and you have the vets like there's so many people that have had these people that we celebrate, that are now jacked up when they're done, you know, and I need to fix them because I have a process I fix myself, I was on suicide watch when I retired. You know, I know how this works. So the microdosing when you have suicide in your brain for a longer period of time, something called epigenetic neurogenesis happens. And that's the actual healing of your brain. Okay, the healing of the brain matter itself. healing of the receptor sites, the pain sites as opioid receptors. neural pathways are being built new ones from different hemispheres of your brain that are talking that are actually talking now that don't do that before that never did that before. You're fixing the old ones, you are dealing with the daily anxiety and depression and the uptick in mood. And that's just just that stuff. Okay, when you look at the actual performance benefits of it, which is where I obsess you have an uptick in all these different senses. So the usual dose of microdose is point 05 milligram, 2.25 milligram or, you know, 50 milligrams to 250 milligrams, however you want to say. So you have it's supposed to be a sub perceptual dose where you're not supposed to feel it, but athletes like to perform when they're a little faded. And that's just how it goes. I haven't met any that that are into this. I don't so I Find that once you get to about point two, it becomes perceptual. And you start to feel it a little bit. And you have that uptick in your sight, your sound, your smell, your taste, your your, your cognitive your ever those wavering processes, okay? is incredibly fast, and it doesn't feel fast. You just, you get into this flow state because people say flow state, it's a very broad term. Now that I've done this research is very broad, because you have the heightening of all those senses, and then time just slows down. Okay, so then everything seems slower, yet you're processing at a speed that's, that's, that's a lot faster, five times, five, five times. You know, when you when you study someone like a fighter, should you see micro aggressions in their, in their body, okay, the way their body moves, their footwork, their breasts, their posture, their space, every faith. This is what fighters should be doing? Do you want to become elite? This is how you do it?

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Would you say it's safe to say that the big dose would be the initial, like, bubbling of all these suppressed fears, and you know, childhood traumas that you have to access initially assess initially, and then the microdose would then be, you know, like the medicine I guess, or like the, you know, the more like actively fixing those problems, like how do the two relate,

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mess, so so they relate in a way that is, like you said, you're bringing up these traumas, and you have a honeymoon period, and a psychedelic trip. Okay, so we'll start, we'll start with how I how I, a big dose should go you have set setting an intention. So obviously, if if, say, I was to take you through something that'd be homework before. I mean, it sounds a little silly. Whoo, whoo. But you're figuring out, you know, enneagram stuff, and you know, what sign are you and Moon cycle and all this stuff, it sounds a little silly, but when you get into the science of it all, and the work behind it all, it works, it's information that we should now get into that, then you have you have set setting an intention, you have mindset, why are we here? You know, what, what's your? What's your, what is your mindset going into this? Like? How do you feel? Then you have a setting? So you have who you with? What's the music? What's the feel? Where am I? And then intention, you know, obviously, what, what are we trying to do here? What's the point? What are we and you might you might miss, you might miss the ball completely, but something's going to come up. But it's having the intention to fix something that's that needs to be fixed. Or getting pure wrung out like a like a sponge. And after you have integration, integration is the most important part of psychedelics, not the medicine, not the breathwork, not the meditation, not the music, all that stuff is incredibly important. It's incredibly important from life. But But integration of this stuff is really a big deal. Because you have that honeymoon period where you're, you want to see everything's like, oh, man, this is so cool. I can fix all this, do all this and then it just falls off because you you don't put it into daily practice into ritual. And that goes down to being mindful, being a better parent, being less of a douchebag as a male, that whole toxic toxic masculinity thing that I used to laugh about. It's real, you know, gentlemen, we can't treat women this way anymore. Like, they're, they figured this out. We can't be douchebags anymore.

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So I mean, like me, like just trying to understand what the integration be, you know, after you've done this, you know, larger dose, basically, daily daily means maintaining the daily practices that you need, in order to fix those problems, like integrating the methods to, to they need to cope with to deal with these things. What is integration? Exactly.

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So psychedelic integration involves education about the theologians and psychedelics, psychedelics and fusion, same thing, different work, but pretty much so it's and that's in preparation for psychedelic experience, as well as the process of making sense and reducing any harm associated with what you what you go through, what's your brain, you know, so that's, that's, that's kind of, it goes down to neuro linguistic programming. Okay, so what are the stories we tell ourselves, we tell other people, you know, when some people have no idea how to meditate, they need help being rocked through it. Some people don't know breathwork they need to be walked through, they need to be walkthrough. They need to be held accountable. You know, the diet, the nutrition, the micro dosing, knowing that having someone like myself, especially for an athlete, I can I can figure out what they need, you know, more on a specific level working with them a lot, but, you know, teaching them that the benefits here are physical benefits. So you have your little say in the flow state with all those heightened heightened senses. Then the fear responses down. So you're, you know, you're able to engage with someone and not be afraid, because you've already

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worked on those deep seated fears and suppressed emotions.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
Yes. And because the actual fear response itself, the brain is that that fear response that holds you back, and kind of kind of, I don't want to say, Yeah, well, it saves you sometimes, you know, sometimes it saves you but a lot of times you know, you're doing something you you've become world class that you're in the UFC, that you don't need to fear for this, you need to flow, you need to flow and be able to see all the things that are happening, then you have the kinetic efficiency that that fear response itself will land into, especially if you'd mix with something say like a quarter cent mushroom, which has vasodilation, which is more oxygen in your blood, or cardio, you have sources of energy, like adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. And you're able to now have because the fear response being down, you're not afraid to get tired. So your breath and obviously, you know, you're a you're a you're a machine, you're a racehorse, you can breathe, so the fear is down, you're not you're not going to start over breathing, you know, and you're not you're not, you're just not worried about it happens, okay? I don't need to stimulate your body, I don't need to stimulate your heart like that's besides the point that's, that's maybe a little caffeine if that's what you want. But I want to minimize that I want to excite your brain. So then you have kinetic efficiency. So you're not going to be say more actual, like flexible, flexible, like THC has been found to do. But your mobility, so your strength under flexibility is much better. You can go much deeper into into into certain locks, like arm bars and whatnot like that will get will become, you know, you're more mobile, but you're strong there. And I know that can that can lead to danger. But guess what, you're in a fucking fistfight. Like you should know better, you know, like you got, you know, whatever is your hip, your knee, you just have better mobility. And you're not going to be physically stronger. Like say taking steroids, but you're going to move like silk, that kinetic efficiency, the stacking of all your joints, in certain positions, your posture, all that better.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
So I've got a question in Yes. I mean, I myself am a professional athlete. I am astonished at how many physical improvements one could take by you know, what could one could benefit from by taking psychedelics and working with the integration coach, but I am personally, you know, and I think there's probably a lot of people out there who are nervous or let's just face it scared to face those fears that are suppressed, because, you know, maybe we feel like they're suppressed for a reason. We don't want to open Pandora's box or something like that. Who What would you say to people like myself or other people that are wanting to dive into you know, your work psychedelic integration and and work with a coach, but they're a little afraid of, you know, the the hard hitting things, you know, I've never personally been to therapy, but maybe someone has, and they want to work with, you know, you or someone, you know, a psychedelic integration coach, but they're afraid to touch on those sensitive subjects. What would you say to them?

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Well, especially someone that's already in therapy, and not against, you know, therapy, therapists have friends that do it. But, again, the default mode network is protecting you from these things that have happened to you.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
Whether it's a pussy, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 23:24
no, whether it's, whether it's EMDR, or talk therapy, or, you know, hypnosis, hypnosis, I'm sure it can get in there better than any of it. But that's when people have decades, multiple decades long relationships with their doctors, all they see them all the time. I'm sorry, but that's bullshit. Because they barely figured out anything. And I have these really good doctors coming to us and going, Hey, I know I'm flawed. I know what I do is flawed, because it's not their fault. It's a broken, it's just like modern medicine at hospitals. It's bullshit. Like, there's so much wrong with it. And because it just a lot of it doesn't work, you know, so you have the psychology side of it, you can't get in the box. So picture a circle, okay, that's your brain, your default mode network is in the middle, a little square, that's where all the bad shit is that you naturally don't have a key to get in there. Because your body's hiding it from you. That's, that's how we function. And psychedelics are a proven way to get in those doors. Within minutes, instead of having, you know, 10 years of therapy, as they say, you can do 10 years of therapy and a couple hours with psychedelics, and that that's that's the 12 minutes with GMT shit. You know, it's how it works. And this is, like I said, I'm not I'm just parrot and parroting what I'm just repeating what these really smart people that I listened to on a daily basis Tell me like this stuff is this is this is real facts, you know, and, and it's, it's it's amazing, but you know, people need to realize that you know, you are doing some something illegal and You know, I'm not a drug dealer, I can't help you get these substances but but as a whole, the psychedelic community is growing by 40% every year. And that's people who admit it. You'd be pretty shocked about the people that I talk to me, you know, the kind of weird friends that I have in like celebrity types. It's crazy. the kind of people that are not only doing it already, but are talking about it. That would never admit it, because they can't think Hollywood has cannabis everywhere. And the actual actors in Hollywood can't talk about it like they should because everyone smokes weed, Nollywood, because of movies because of the movie industry. And you know what, I get it because you have other countries like the Philippines that will kill you. If you smoke weed. Like Did you hear about why the UFC didn't go to the Philippines? No, I did not. Oh, because Duarte and the whole crew, they're fucking psychos. The bad people in the Philippines that now run the government or murdering all these people for drug use. They wanted to drug test everyone in the sea. They wanted to drug test all everyone that worked there. And and what what I heard back then it was they would keep they would put you in jail. If they drug test you and you flew it. And you wrote to us, like I just fucking got here, you know, sort of thing. I mean, the President of the Philippines is openly saying he's been murdering people and drug dealers and whatever, right, dude, that's crazy. You know, and, and it's, it's, it's just insane to know, that, sure. Drugs are bad. I was a drug dealer growing up. And I grew up on the beach, you know, I was just just a sure as a rich kid, but I was, you know, I wasn't selling good shit. or selling pills or whatever. It was just everything. I didn't

Unknown Speaker 26:40
say that certain quote, and I'm using air quotes in certain drugs are better than others. And certain drugs, in air quotes, can help you become a better human. And obviously, this is what your you're doing. Now you're using these drugs, and it could help people. I mean, what what have you seen Have you become? I mean, in probably in many aspects of your life, you know, I know you're retired now. But do you think it's helped you become you still do yoga and you still train people? So do you think it's helped you become a better athlete? a better coach?

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Oh, yeah, definitely. Hands down. Way better coach, better athlete, but a person

Unknown Speaker 27:21
so much that it would maybe call for a return does it?

Unknown Speaker 27:28
People keep asking you that I'm like, nope. I'm so happy right now. I'm sitting in a beautiful backyard with my feet in the jacuzzi. And, you know, my laptops and by the fire pit where I work and you know, there's a little vineyard in the back and like, life is fucking beautiful. My girlfriend's so hot and amazing and smart and make me feel like my child doing everything is good. When I was fighting, I was fucking miserable. I was tortured. And I don't know. I don't I don't have any hurt anybody anymore. either. I don't want to. I don't want to hurt anybody.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Well, anything.

Unknown Speaker 28:04
Anything at all? I mean, I know you're not gonna miss the waker I know you're not gonna miss that crap. But is there anything you really do miss about fighting?

Unknown Speaker 28:11
Oh, yeah. That walkout? That just the whole process of it. Like, I mean, you can miss me with fight week and all that. I love attention Well, obviously, but it was the the walk and yeah, just that excitement picture. Bert Watson streaming my name, you know, and, and the excitement behind it. And then you got the lockout, and you get out there before screen, oh, pollens rubbing my shoulder and someone's whispering in my ear and jivas here and that's just, it's the talk. And then all of a sudden his screen. You know, the curtain opens, your song is playing and you march out there and you just absorb it, whether they're whether you're in Ireland, and the fans are insane, because they think I'm Irish and I'm going to fight them killing. I'm gonna kill an Englishman. And I want to see in Brad Pickett and again, sorry, Brad. I just hadn't played on that one.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
I mean, essentially is kind of like a drug. Right? That's what how I describe it to people. I'm like, it's like the best drug you've never taken unless you've trained your ass off, suffered, put everything on the line and then taking the walk and then that's the drug.

Unknown Speaker 29:15
It's a dopamine response that I was chasing my whole life. And I mean, those sure the one time I became sober, I became the best fighter on the planet. And that's kind of funny. But you know, like, it's funny, just because I read this. I'm not the only super talented person out there that fucked up their their whole life everything they ever wanted, you know? I'm not the only one like it's just kind of funny now I'm not bitter about it. I laugh Of course fucking great. I you know, I'm a business owner now and I've got a bunch of stuff. Yeah. But like, Okay, so this this whole I mean, this this psychedelic world also leads me into the nutrition. Also he helps me with the coaching how With parenting helps me with my relationship, you know, helps me with my relationship with my parents or just it just makes me better on all levels, you know, and I just stress to people. I don't care if you want to do psychedelics or not, but you, you have to move, you have to do exercise and diet, those two things. Of course, I push the Miko diet because I understand the performance and just just just nutrient benefit. The food benefit of a mushroom is just crazy. I mean, there's the show good for you. They're very incredibly good for you. But you need to be eating all the time. I eat a proper healthy meal. I can pretty much every meal I cook especially cuz I'm cooking for you know, six of us. It's myself, my daughter, my girlfriend and her three kids. And it's you know, that's fine. That's fine. There's another son that he's not here anymore. So he's in Denmark, but anyways, you know, all those people. Yeah, my mom was a chef. So I thoroughly enjoyed cooking and, and I I'm good at soccer. I'm super good at it, but I Trager sent me my own free grill like I I know what I'm doing.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
A quick question about when you said you were sober. Yeah, you're you know, do you consider taking mushrooms? You know to be you're sober. You're just it makes it into quote unquote drug. Are you sober? Are you not sober right now?

Unknown Speaker 31:23
No, but I'm not I'm not sober. I, you know, like, I don't, I don't drink. I mean, like, I can't say on alcohol. But I have, you know, if I'm at a nice dinner, like when my parents or something, you know, like, rich people, I'll have a nice glass of wine or something. You know, cuz my mom I grew up with a mother that's a chef that she was a chef for Robert Mondavi wine or for Robert at his Event Center here in Orange County before he passed away so I've been around my ship my whole life you know, and then I enjoy it but i don't i probably wanted to finish that glass you know and shame on shame on me for not but you know, I just I constantly smoked pot. I eat about 100 milligrams of THC RSO oil or a gummy or something every night because my arthritis and my my I just like it helps me sleep. But yeah, I mean, I'm not silver and taking psychedelics. No, because I I've been in rehab twice. I get that whole world. It's gross substance broken. And I keep that I would love to be even though I want to be out of that world. I would love to be a part of a new age healing system. That because they're everywhere in Orange County as far as we have in Orange County, and alternative healing because we know you can do a Boga and then you can do a Boga lab. Again, you can do whether it's peyote de or Iosco or mushrooms, all this stuff's help helps with smoking cessation, sex addiction, any sort of addiction, and especially like, like invoca, right, again, it is specifically used for opiate addiction for heroin addiction. And people that are very close to me have I've used it, I almost used it for my healing, but I didn't. I use peptides and, and mushrooms. But you know, like you are

Unknown Speaker 33:11
actively, you know, you are now a part of, you know, healing people's addictions and in a positive way. And

Unknown Speaker 33:19
I'm talking about a rehab though, like a rehab attached to a hospital or, you know, attached to real doctors in the space because I know some of them. Some of them have treated me shit. But it's, it's, it's a community that's broken. I mean, a, like, Bill, whatever the guy, he he took LSD, he wanted to make LSD part of he knew how it helped people heal from alcoholism. Alcohol is the fucking worst. It is so bad for you. You know? Like, I don't know why people do it so much. They're so stupid. It's a depressant. It's, it's, it's like the only drug out there. You drink it. And then you start detoxing from it like almost immediately the next morning you're hung over that's you detoxing from withdrawing from this

Unknown Speaker 34:03
and you said that when you got sober when your career you you this is your quote you were the best fighter in the world.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Yeah, and it's kind of funny cuz i was i was sober for a while and and you know, my coach call it and Jeeva saw me fucking people up there were some other fighters that people know that maybe I caught him slipping but maybe not. I beat the shit out of them in front of crowds of people just spark fog around. I was like fat. Just maybe. I noticed that. I was out of shape. Okay, and calling goes Hey, man, you want to fight any money, right? I was like, yeah, guys want to fight this guy who I knew and I was like, okay, as cakewalk and I got to talk to my buddy, but, you know, I just I just knew I could win. And then at that point, it was super cocky. And I took the fight and won and then I was all going to go get tattooed, and I ended up using that as an excuse to fall off the wagon. Okay, the one time I follow The wagon I have this good long standing sobriety I died. I died. I woke up in the hospital while I was in the hospital. Jason house called me was Hey, where are you at? He explained the situation. And he goes, Oh, that's crazy. Well, do you want to fight? This little Brazilian guy? That's number one in the world and 125

Unknown Speaker 35:18
he transitioned right after.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
What if I mean, there was there was a lot more to it there. I mean, he's not such a he's not adding this shit. But you know, I just don't want to talk about because I was I was fucking angry at myself. They wanted to come visit me like, No, no, no one's visiting me. I'm gonna sit here and soak. Because I was in the hospital for a week. I aspirated like, I actually died. It was pretty gnarly. Anyway, so I signed a fight for me. I fought hidden for months later, I beat his ass. And I was I was I was still sober. I didn't fall off the wagon until that first fight with Demetrius. Okay. I that was a clusterfuck. And people don't know, but like, my ex wife. She knows I'm not saying this out of you know, I'm not talking shit. But she pulled a knife on my sister in law's dinner in Australia in front of everyone.

Unknown Speaker 36:03
Oh, shoot.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Okay, that we were both crazy back then. Again, for sure. And yeah, I had to hide and stay in someone else's room. And like, I was in a crazy situation, and people give her a lot of shit. But then it stopped because I wasn't any better back. Then I was just, I just had it. I've been looking at it.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
We all got things.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
Yeah, I'm a professional athlete. I make a lot of money. I know, I'm still fucking psycho. So when I when I got that bad call. I mean, most people don't have it on worldwide TV that's been viewed millions of times, the moment that their life fell apart. And I'm not blaming anybody, any judges or anything, I let this happen. I I did. And my I let my life slip away right there. When I should have been doing that should have driven me like it did Demetrius he used me as a catalyst to be the best fighter one of the best fighters ever. I use that as a catalyst to start using drugs again. And and, and then got my ascott you know, so many months later by him. And, and that, you know, it's, there's, that's that's an elite level. That's not good. That's not great. I got the fall from from rarified air.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yes. Everyone's saying that, you know, Henry, so Hutto is calling himself the king of the flyweight division. But I would go to say that, you know, you fought essentially the king of the flyweight division, you know, I mean, let's you just brought him up. Let's talk about that for a second. Like, in your opinion, who holds that title? You know, I mean, you follow up you know, it's not like you just completely detached from from MMA. You know, what are your thoughts on so Hutto being the king of the flyweight division or is

Unknown Speaker 37:40
he you know, what it was his use my tricks to be DJ if no one else seemed to figure out? No, they inside trip works, man. Cheaper than though I used so. Yeah, you know, it's just certain things and anyways, it's a situation but I mean, I gotta ask you DJ is the best ever 125 Henry is carry a hammer hate this. But Henry is sort of the Conor McGregor of 45 what he is the 55 because he sees a big Astoria he barely made 25 you know, like he's he's I think he's my size my height maybe but little sticker. I don't know if he's any taller than me. I don't think but you know, no, but you know, I barely made 20 fives you know I just because and they put me in the hospital three or four times like obviously wasn't a good choice you want to go

Unknown Speaker 38:32
there but if you were just you know the you know the state of the UFC in the world right now. You know everything that the UFC is doing with you know, fight Island potentially. Can I ask you your thoughts on what the UFC and Dana White are doing? Do you think they're they're making the right choices?

Unknown Speaker 38:49
Well, let's rewind. I would definitely come out of retirement for as a caveat. I'll fight Henry. Okay, but I don't want you to belt I want a BMS light belts. Okay. And I want Kevin Hart to give it to me because Fuck, they're making me nervous. Over there. Big and shiny. Kevin he's, the rock teacher takes up all this shell to shine. Okay, that is my size. I

Unknown Speaker 39:17
can push a lightweight, bad motherfucker about that.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
And I need I need at least a million dollars we'll see a very large backpack plus payment viewpoints. I know how to work with cash, man. This is my whole life. So let's figure this out.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Is your girlfriend in the in the house? I didn't I mean, I already know that your your your status. You know, I'm gonna ask people if they're single married. All that but you know, we're friends. So is she in the house right now?

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Yeah, she's she's, uh, I don't know what she's doing.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
She's so cool. You're

Unknown Speaker 39:49
she's cool with you. answering some of my dating questions. Oh, she's

Unknown Speaker 39:53
in your shirt. Yeah, we're we that's a big crazy thing cuz People like Mike catherwood or Kathy cycle Mike from loveline. I've known him forever and he got he had he was the first podcast she'd ever done with me and he looks at us and he is like, okay, lady. How the fuck did this happen? And it's, you know, because our stories are gnarly, you know, like, she's a five foot 11 you know, Serbian goddess that's, you know, was teaching at UCLA extension as a professor was on TV selling skincare. You know, it was just this incredible creatures and a scientist for 25 years like crazy genius smart. And then you look over me No. Okay. She She has just as a prize a unicorn. How the fuck did you do this? But

Unknown Speaker 40:42
that doesn't sound like too far from the girls. I've seen you. I mean, even if I can say one thing about you, you don't give a fuck how tall you are. I've seen you with the tallest of the tall the blondest of the blondes you know answer my question? Is that your type of girl do you seek out tall girls? Like what is your type of girl? What do you look for in a girl initially physically

Unknown Speaker 41:02
we are we are all the same. I playing down. And I've got a mean ground game. You know, I I okay, so obviously being a slept my whole life. And you know, boy toy or whatever. I've been just I love beautiful women. I've been obsessed with the field female form palette. And I'm lucky enough where I mean literally the most beautiful women in the world want to sleep with me. Some of them just just want to sleep with me and then fucking like, Okay, see, you're the Coachella boyfriend. Have fun. And I'm like, okay, reach out, you know, text them no text back look at their Instagram. Like, oh, you have a boyfriend

Unknown Speaker 41:42
gonna be like so? No, he can't say beautiful women are my type of woman What? Okay, let's just be shallow at first, aesthetically, what do you look for in a woman?

Unknown Speaker 41:50
Okay, okay. Okay, so at one point in my life, and I'm it is horrible, because I said this because I wanted to sound like a douchebag was that I won't sleep with anyone that doesn't have less than a million followers. But, you know, like, obviously, I like them tall. I like you know, let's know that the conundrum is funny as as as Jeezy put it, like, you know, transfer 11 with a big ass and, you know, tiny waist and big tits. And it was the people always ask me you would ask man or tip man, I don't know. I'm a face man. I like, I like I like to look at something I'm kissing and go Holy fuck, you're pretty like, we could work on the rest, you know, build the rest of the body.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
We live in Okay, come on. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
yeah, I got I got the spreadsheet. I'm gonna data woman I always think about like, breeding with them. Like, hey, look at these amazing genetics I want the kids will look like that. You know, I want to know what I'm getting myself into. Because Yeah, a lot of these girls and they're they were they started out beautiful. And now they're, I mean, I guess it's beautiful. It's just it's a different kind of beauty that you know, it's just it's a new age, big lift, you know, frozen face or beauty? I guess. I mean, and

Unknown Speaker 43:02
I don't mean if you're into it, you're into it. But it sounds like you're more interested in first the face which is, you know,

Unknown Speaker 43:08

Unknown Speaker 43:09
I agree. I

Unknown Speaker 43:10
think if you're going to you know, be with someone 24 seven, you want to look at something you're attracted to not just have to look up and down at their button their boobs and back to their face on the button. The boobs and back to the phase.

Unknown Speaker 43:19
Yeah, exactly. You know, and for me, it's uncertain six now, you know, like I I'm, I'm, I'm lucky enough where it just happens, you know, but I I am very sapiosexual having having a smart woman in my life.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Yeah, see, CPU CPU sexual

Unknown Speaker 43:38
is is something that is as been a danger to some, some smart women but not this sort of smart like this is literally a professor scientists sort of ship. So it's how

Unknown Speaker 43:49
did you guys meet? Did you do a dating app? The New School or did you do it? Oh, old school. And what is your preferred method?

Unknown Speaker 43:56
Oh, well, I was hosting a party. And she came and my friend said, Hey, you need to meet my friend I turned around with Oh, yeah, do Hi. How are you? You know, and she's strikingly good looking. And just in my sort of woman, I liked women from Eastern Europe. I don't like American chicks. I've never have really and I I like to import, you know, women but women that you know, women that are from, whether it's Russia or Serbia or that general area, they work hard. And women and women from America not saying they don't, but most of them don't, you know, like and education wise, like before I met my current girlfriend, I was I was you know, I found like, there was like three or four Russians in a row and they all want had to double masters. One had a regular math like they're also fucking driven to get out of, of where they're, you know, it's it. They all want to leave because it's a hard place to grow up. Yeah. And, you know, and it's where we live in America. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. And it's everything's better here because it's true. I've been everywhere and not and I don't like saying bad things about places because I love traveling. I love going to the third world and bringing my kid and going, look, these fucking people are still happy. And this kid has no shoes. Here's 20 bucks, go get some checklists, you know, and go figure some stuff out. Yeah, worked out that. But I appreciate so much from from all these different cultures. You know, it's just, it's really cool. But yeah, but back to the women. I Europeans are. I mean, they just, you know, you just pull up Instagram. Oh, yeah. Oh, you know, they're just, they're my type because they're long and tall. And they're waster like, I can put my hands around.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
Well, that's not hard. Come

Unknown Speaker 45:44
on. Do you have any deal breakers? I mean, like, I would say, for me, you know, it used to be kids now. I'm like, okay, Ashley, you're getting up there. So stopping and picking but like smoking or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
I hate cigarettes. I smoke. I smoke a gang of weed. And we literally, we change smoke. Because we work from home. You know, my daughter's home. So like, I changed smoke joints like their cigarettes outside. But cigarettes are no go. And, I mean, I've I've tried every race color creed like I don't. I don't discriminate. Really. It's I'm trying to think what else would be a no go?

Unknown Speaker 46:22
I say racism. That's one big thing if you know Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Oh, yeah. That's

Unknown Speaker 46:26
because I've been tricked before you know, you start dating someone and like three, four dates in. They drop a word and you're like, that's not cool.

Unknown Speaker 46:34
Yeah, you go. Wait a second here. It's that yeah, that that's definitely something he jagged, II jack. Yeah. But it's you know, it's there's certain moral compass stuff or, or, you know, being again, being able to be in Hollywood hang out with fucking celebrities and the chicks there. And then, you know, wherever you're at the craziest like, parties and you go to where everyone is, you know, all these pieces really silly.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Well, you're so lucky because you're you are you have the access to these Hollywood parties and stuff like that. So that mean, you've never done over dating apps? The old like the new way? Have you never done anything like that? Have you ever been catfished? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 47:14
yeah, back in the day. I was catfished. Yeah, of course. But like that's more or less like, it's funny. Or like, you know, me and Shane hanging out. We used to get in all kinds of weirdness.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
Come on. This is this, this podcast is about sex and violence, you're going to need to give me one funny, weird situation that you got into whether it was a candle or a dating app.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
So I when, when Tinder first came out, Shane and I were living together raising my daughter. And that was already there was already and I went like 2420 on the nose that mean, I've every single woman that in like a week or two that came by I've talked all of them. And I realized like these chicks are having a better and this was like the height of my fame. And I was like they're having a better time than I am. This is stupid. And then I got with this girl some you know, some some woman I was dating. I mean, it was Jade. I don't know. But, you know, Jade Bryce, like a weird setting a little bit. But anyways, who didn't know who I was? I got on dating apps. And then I hadn't gotten back on until before I met my current girlfriend. And I opened it in Los Angeles. Oh my God. It is I didn't even know there was that many good looking people in the world? chicks. And they throw it out there. Like, fuck, it's crazy. And and, of course that turned into a killing spree. And I just felt disgusting after. But no, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 48:41
are you just you just slayed because there's got to be a weird funny story in there. You got to put yourself on blast. Like, there wasn't a girl with a wiener like Whoopsie Daisy, you know,

Unknown Speaker 48:52
I'm so shocked. There hasn't been and I mean, honestly, some of them are super hot. It's kind of crazy. I was gonna be honest with some of them are so pretty. But no, anything weird. You would think more weird stuff has happened. All the stuff that happened to me is like, is cool. Like, I remember the first time I had I had you know, group sex with the girls. I came off kind of weird.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
No. My next question was actually going to be, you know, I feel like you tend to be in relationships. But have they been open relationships? Because, you know, you know, let's face it. I feel like fighters. You know,

Unknown Speaker 49:29
we are open for me.

Unknown Speaker 49:34
Julie open.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
I've dated a few women. More than a few that we'd like to bring other people into it. And, you know, I'm all for group sex like weird situations that happened to me like when I was 16 I just got my truck. I picked up three girls, which were all friends. And then I had my friends that were coming in. We were in high school and no one none of my guy friends could get out. So they're like these three girls. As I look at it, like, we're just talking, there's such a view. I was like, fine, great, you know, that's when you're incredible when you're that age, but when you get into the work that I do now I look back. I just realized why I was so fucked up. And so I was like, hyper sexualized, and I'm tiny. I don't know what it I don't know what it is, you know, like, I'm this little guy just was just thrown around, you know, like, I can be like, that

Unknown Speaker 50:25
is a bad famine. Like, I think some, you know, 16 year old hopefully not listening to this, but like, let's say some young 21 year old guy's not gonna feel sorry for you. Oh, poor he and three girls, I

Unknown Speaker 50:35
don't know, I'm not asking you about anyone to feel bad. But when you when you when you look deep inside, and and how that situation maybe made me look at women in a certain way. Or maybe, you know, look at sexual situations a certain way to where it it just it just perpetuated some sort of almost abusive myself, or abuse of other people in you know, and I'm not saying like, you know, I'm any rapey weird shit, but just this, this, this, you know, this constant battle for why I'm a sex addict and why I would always cheat on all my girlfriends, you know, and, and, you know, my wife and like, all this crazy shit that like, you know, that stuff that I'm just not proud of? I'm like, okay, like, cool, I get it. But like, I've heard a lot of people. And it's, it's, I look at it, like, how did those situations craft my, my reactions for my actions in the in the future and how it affects the people because I'm not, I'm okay. I'm not worried about myself. I've been through some shit, whether it's having my best friend dying by my arms, or dying myself for drug overdose, or car accidents or, you know, having other friends kill themselves, or murder people just, there's been so much shit in my life, and I'm so callous to it all. But I wasn't recently psychedelics have helped me deal with with all of it. And I'm sure I'm sure there's more.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
Yeah, sounds like now you're just more cognizant and aware of your actions and how they affect other people. Question. Do you think that you know, your sexuality and how promiscuous you were during your current? You know, I mean, your active MMA career? Do you think that affected your performance? I mean, you know, in a negative way or positive ways, is it better to be single? And you know, Young Buck is doing whatever you want in your prime as as a fighter? Or do you think it's better to be, let's say in a monogamous relationship, not wiling out every night? What what are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 52:36
So it's, that's just, it's different. Because you have different types of people. You have some people that are totally cool with it, are totally cool. Just doing the work. Okay. But then you have the savages because fighters are fucked up their fighters for a reason. Okay? Whether you grew up in a favela in Brazil, or on the beach with me here in Orange County, yeah, and there's something inherently wrong with you to want to do this for a living.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
No truer words have been spoken. You know.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
And it's, it's, I think that, you know, a lot of these young fighters are gonna want to party, they're gonna want to do drugs, they're gonna want to get laid. And that's, you know, men and women, they're gonna want to go out and win get crazy. That's just because they have to have that dopamine response. Okay, that's what your body's looking for. Dopamine, dopamine, dopamine is what you get from sex, and addictions, and, you know, risking your life and all this stuff, or what, what psychedelics is doing is getting your body in back into a serotonin response, like when you take psychedelics, whether it's LSD, or, I mean, LSD has has a very much a more dope dopamine or genic response when your body, but it's in a safer way than just like the other drugs, obviously. But the search on what happens like suicide will say, Trent or it converts from psilocybin to psilocin. Then into it's not it's not actually serotonin, but it is a serotonin receptor antagonists that works exactly like serotonin and we're using the same receptor. And then through that, that process or you know, through a lot of psychedelics are doing this, they have anti inflammatory properties. And you know, like, let's, let's say cannabis, for instance, where you have a cannabinoid receptor, and the cannabis molecule that comes together and works, okay, well, when you have the, the psychedelics in your system, it's not the actual drug bonding to the to the receptor like that, okay? It's mimicking that same, that same chemical that's in the receptor, but then it's also it's, it's making the pathway work better. So it's knocking down the inflammation in the pathway, so it's more efficient. And when you think, you know, inflammation is tied to every bad thing in the body. There's not one bad thing that happens to you, that is not tied to fucking inflammation. And I know that because I've been damaged figuring it out and and that there's so there's there's a lot of ways to heal you know your that it's tied to depression, inflammation is tied to IBS or whatever, it's, it's all the same.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
So let's say pre pre psilocybin, pre psychedelics, just you as an active fighter before,

Unknown Speaker 55:16

Unknown Speaker 55:17
you know, found out all these, you know, methodologies besides pills and drinking and all that. What do you think in your own? I mean, because you've had it all, you've you've been single and active fighter, you've got married, you had a kid? I mean, has there been any? Let's say, chapter in your life where you thought you performed better? You know, would you recommend? Do you think you perform better when you're married? Do you think you performed better when you had a kid because you had to put food on the table? Something like that? I want to know, you know, because you've done it all. You've been on pills. You've been sober. You know? Like, I mean, obviously, it's, it's probably sober, but is the answer. But in your opinion, what would be a better chapter of your life to be in to be an active fighter?

Unknown Speaker 56:02
For me, it was that I guess when it comes to relationship and non relationship, honestly single for someone like me single because with all that attention, all that fame and all that travel, I'm gonna cheat. You know, someone like me at that point. That's just what that's just what happened.

Unknown Speaker 56:25
I mean, I don't even I mean, yes, I do care about your significant other and not being cheated on. But I'm speaking just purely from a career. Let's say, we've got a list over here

Unknown Speaker 56:35
that that lends itself to the career. Because that's that's what sucks it up. Mike, my crazy sporadic babe behavior will then drive my girlfriend, or my wife, or what have you to act crazy, because I drove her to that point. Okay, and that messing up everywhere? Yes. And plus you have the anxiety and you feel naughty the show? Because you did it. You feel bad. You have you have guilt, tons of guilt stored up and that's not good. So if you can keep it in your pants and have a good relationship, then yes, that's that's a much better setup. You know, then than being some single guy or gal that's just out, you know, having fun and having too much fun. I mean, I that's, that's what it came down to is I at that point, cannot be trusted with too much fun in my life. You know, and, you know, there was a lot of money involved. You know, like, I am one of the Foo Fighters, especially that way that was fucking killing. Yeah, yeah. You know, I mean, I yeah, that's,

Unknown Speaker 57:37
I gotta ask you the sex questions because it is sex and violence. And, you know, you can't you can talk about mushrooms all you want, but you got to answer these questions. So the first weird question is, I want to know how you lost your virginity. Is it some epic, you know, three way story or is it awkward? I mean, tell us Is it is it boring?

Unknown Speaker 57:57
No, it's it was just basic, you know, like it was a woman, a girl that I met at summer camp. And her mom, I'm pretty sure was a stripper dropped, dropped her off and we had like, a day and a half together. And yeah, that was it. The second time though, I'd say okay, here's a good one. I was like, 15, maybe, I don't know. 14, whatever the age. And I wake up in the morning. And I'm my my buddy and his dad. And you know, we were up sure taking Valium or fucking oxycodone? Who knows when we take a bunch of dumb shit, and drink a wine cooler. I think we're wondering why COVID is like a joke because the girls were like, you know, fuck, and then like my age, so they were gonna drink anything hard. And they were laughing at me. And I was like, What? Like, what is like, you know what you did last night? I was like, no, what I do, I'd like to fuck. And my friend's girlfriend or my buddy's girlfriend her one of her best friends was this girl that I that I hated back that we fucking hated each other. And she had one eyebrow. She was she was a little round. She was she was definitely around it was me.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
And I had one eyebrow and was round and

Unknown Speaker 59:19
and, and we fuck I don't want to say her name. But we fucking hated each other so much. And I guess I fucked her in the bathroom. Like I had I still to this day have no recollection of it. But it was a

Unknown Speaker 59:40
blackout of many

Unknown Speaker 59:42
wasn't set was the second time Yeah, of course. You know that. There's been times where you know you wake up you're fucking covered in blood. There's fucking people. What's your house? Someone die, I don't hope.

Unknown Speaker 59:55
Has anyone okay and we know you're so open Has anyone you know. girl I'm assuming you know, who knows? I don't judge ever. What's the weirdest request sexual request in bed? You know, I know some girls are into some freaky stuff. You know, maybe you're under freakin stuff. What's the weirdest thing

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
someone's ever requested? I've done every single thing a young man would want to do in a city like Las Vegas, before I was even 20 outside and have another man Answer me, which I'm just not doing. Boys are fucking gross. Yeah, but Okay, so the weirdest thing. I'm sure I'm an extreme I used to be. I'm not this way. Of course. extremely violent when it came to like, my work. I loved it, and I wouldn't hurt other people outside of it. But I just loved violence. And when it came to sex, I was like, No, I don't want to beat you up like that's fucking weird. But you know the whole choking thing. I'm What's the weirdest nothing wears me out. I'm trying to. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
I don't know like did a girl. I don't know. Like, gay guys are kinda weird, right fee and I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
also treat my mother.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
I mean, this thing is is a new thing. You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Okay, there we go. How many times that's happened. Jesus Christ. I'm actually hanging out with Chuck. But Dell.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
Where are you gonna put on blast right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
Oh, we do all the time. He's like my best friend. I was supposed to go to his house after dammit. I totally spaced out today supposed to go either staying hunting. I told you his wife called is it? Oh, can we have the kids over? But anyways? So you know, being you know, 19 wherever it was with those guys. And how many times some dude using the tapout shirt or an affliction shirt would end there's always a guy with money. A guy with money that had some some smoke show wife would be like, hey, guess what a party. I wouldn't be in parties or you know, like, party party. Haha. Hey, boys. And they're like, yeah, you suck my wife. Yeah, I've been thinking about it for hours. Actually. She's incredibly pretty. And then I used to like to strike up conversations with these guys. Like while it's happening while you know that there's one or more of my friends are doing this and like over there in the corner naked. Drinking the drink smoking enjoying this guy. Okay, so like, What the fuck is this?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Did you ask him like, Why? Why

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
does this get you off? Like, what is it a boy?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
Yeah, one one guy specifically, super cool, super nerdy. And, and I guess, you know, made a lot of money. And this, this was one of the prettiest features I've ever seen. And like To this day, and I was like, Hey, man, like, this was a whole crazy, wild gangbang sort of thing. And I'm talking to him, we're both naked in the corner, like making a drink or whatever. And we're in some sweet Vegas and just whatever is going on. We're watching my son, I had a break it down. Because Listen, I know that, you know, I'm most likely wouldn't be able to pull this one. But I have to give him whatever she wants. I know, we grew up together. And I just so we fell in love When we were young, we're best friends. He's like, and I just so happened to make a lot of money. And I kept her because she's she's just one of those creatures. That's that's ready. He goes, but you know, she just wanted certain things. And this is the sort of affection she likes. And you know, because when growing up, I was the only person she was ever with. And she wanted to try new stuff. So we're doing it well, that message

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
just seemed so sweet. You know? Like I don't think I've ever heard and then

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
I got you friend.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
Don't worry. He gave me the good game smack on the button. Put me to work. There's there were there. There was a lot of stories like that. I mean, Chuck wrote about one and a blend his book. And my mom actually called me goes hey, yeah, you know that copy of the book that you had, you know, he sent me from just like, yep, what's up? She's like, are you in some of these stories? And I was like, Yeah, actually sure why I've called her you know, partying my balls off. And where are you what country who are you with? Oh, you with them? Okay, you're six.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
I mean, and you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
know when you say Chuck Liddell and you know partying at night teen, you can you start to wonder so I had to ask what some weird stories, but I'm sure there's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
a reason I'm so fucked up. I mean, yeah, Chuck Liddell is Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
saying I'm saying Chuck. I like to blame it on him and Antonio benway loves and Jake shields and all the guys that were in that group. But uh, when they found me I was fucked up already. So this is what just a little thing guys

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38
knew were damaged.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
So that that whole scene happens a lot fighter fighters, you know, men want to be them. Women want to fuck them sort of thing. And it's a it's a very interesting, you know, plane to navigate, especially, especially back then. I mean, that was, I mean, that was that was a long time ago. And still I'm sure it's probably maybe gotten worse, but As far as fighters partying and getting real crazy, I mean, that that old guard, whether it was, you know, Chuck or Tito or Kevin randleman or Mark Coleman or I mean, so Brony you feel

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
like you know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
mean, I'm assuming that this means that you did not abstain from fighting in order to become a more well rounded fighter like the people say is good to do. I mean, I personally think that is a bunch of, you know, not to crack but I'm a female. Yeah, do what do you think abstaining from sex is better for an active fighter?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
See, I believe in this thing called science. And it's scientifically proven that sex ups are so strong and other positive chemicals in your body performance chemicals, and since we can't take them, you might as well make your body naturally, you know, efficiently make them constantly.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
Yeah, that's one way to do an F and

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
there were some there were some I think a basketball coach said this I'm sure it was someone I don't watch sports. He said I'm not worried about my athletes having sex before the big night. The game it's about the time they spend trying to forget the sex go into a nightclub or bar spending a bunch of money being out super late. No, no, if you're an athlete and you have to perform the next day call up one of the regulars because you know you got some insane you know, your black book and just get it done and go to bed. That's how it should be if you're gonna be that dude be responsible that there's it's everything you want. Is is on the rise is at stake here.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36
You know, he agreed. Sex makes you know, everything better. Alright, yeah, and it's now that time of the show. We're we're gonna play our first game, and I hope you are excited. You are the first first contestant there's not a contest and it's only to a call, but you're gonna wait. So all right. Well, this one. I don't know if you want to win this word, but it's called Fuck, marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:07:08
one marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
I think we're done here.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
So you got to choose between these three people which one you want to fuck? which one you want to marry and which one you want to kill? And you got to tell us why. You got to choose Okay. All right. Do you know who? Layne Hart is? No. Pride Female Announcer Oh, Lenny Hart. Lenny. Lenny. I'm sorry. Joe exotic. Come on. Big Hit right now. Tiger King. And number three. China from WWE.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
Okay, okay, so gonna fuck

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
one marry one kill one. And he has a Why?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
I mean, China who the best provider would be my mighty China. Yeah, she might be the best provider as far as finances No,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
I'm gonna shut up I'm just gonna let you choose it we'll talk about

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
and yeah, I want to kill Joe exotic cuz he killed all those animals. And so now it just comes down to China. And Lenny. You know what I want? I want any heart to say my name while we're having sex. Yeah, just just just repeatedly just remit cuz I don't want to have either any one of these people. But you know, I want to be provide And plus, China will keep you safe. That's a big woman while she's doing that. But you know, she could see the structure that she probably weighed way over for surely a more ideal patient

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
to her to porn. So you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
she she said that she did with my friend with your friend. Yeah, well, you know, x clock. Sean waltman, the wrestler. I find most married a diva. I've got a bunch of friends in wrestling one of the original divas.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
Oh, we could talk about this stuff forever. Okay, but last last segment of the show. I'm really excited because I feel like I'm giving the fans and the followers a chance to directly connect with you. So I've got a couple fan questions if that's okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
You're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
on Instagram. I've been putting out you know, mass messages if you want to talk to Uncle creepy. First one that popped up. This guy's very enthusiastic. He's actually a friend of mine. But it's at underscore Pat Kenny wants to know, besides one of your spiritual adventures, which one of your favorite places you've gone to? Which one which one is your favorite places to be gone to? To have fun or party so anywhere in the world they've ever been to when your favorite places?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
I'll just I'll make it easy. I'll go to loom saloon being you know, having some sort of Native American in me and I think, you know, my family. My mom's side came from Spain to Nuevo Leon, Mexico and someone you know, mandate you know, ended up meeting with a native and I have this this strong feel when I'm down there. connection to music in the land the ruins and just everything something about that part I guess being an SEO a lot as a kid was was a big part I would say there or man Bali is pretty damn cool but not to lose my spot.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
I was supposed to go to Bali

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
we were supposed to go we're going to go to Bali eventually.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
Okay and lucky Coronavirus Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
you know, it's just like this is the new normal I mean, there's good the shits gonna be key it's gonna keep happening. So people need to start eating mushroom, get on the micro diet and build your immunities and take a bunch of stuff other supplements that I can go into later. I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
personally I personally am going to you know do my own in depth soul searching with you I've decided I'm definitely still scared but you know, like anything worth doing. It's a little scary at first. So of course, talk about my my experience with the followers and at the end of this I'm going to give you a little spot where you can let them know how they can contact you if they would like to work with you in a coach, you know, realm. But a second question from the same guy. Mr. Pat Kenny. At underscore Pat. Kenny wants to know have you ever been turned down by a girl because she thought fighting was too violent?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
Yeah, I'm sure you you're a fighter. Yeah, that's that's that's you guys are all douchebags. Yep. We are. Fine. We got a smart one here. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:28
We're obviously conversating because you are not the sharpest tool in the world. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
Mr. At Billy Bob Burns. If you could find any fictional character from a movie who would it be in wise?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Any fictional character the movie? The bad guys in cartoons I want to beat up.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:51
Cool. There's so many people that want punch. Who are sight? Oh, you know what? I want to get in a nice sight with Johnny Ringo.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01
I don't even know who that is.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04
I mean, my audio engineer has given you a big thumbs up right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
Yeah, cuz he's, he's the most deadly, the deadliest? pistolero and all the West. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
yes, Mr. fr EJA, Asia MMA wants to know, what's one of the creepiest fan moments you have ever experienced? Oh, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
a good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
Has anyone creeped out? Uncle creepy?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
No, but no. The rude people are the drunk dude that want that wants to take a picture and shake your hand in the bathroom while you're literally holding your dick in your

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
hand. Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
Yeah, or I'm a hobby comic. Now. I do Comic Con major company. I do comedy.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
Time and I know you have fans that show up. And a few times they fucking embarrass the shit out of me where I'm like, Dude, what why are you hammered? And you're not even you're you're talking but I haven't heard a real word yet. You know it's just like these motherfuckers please Don't ever show up to my show.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
So nothing too creepy just kind of overwhelming I guess.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
No and nothing shot nothing shocks you creeps me out. That's the thing is like I whether whether we're naked watching your wife get banged out or, or you know, like any situation I just always like I'm like, Okay, cool. Like I don't getting an emotional response to any sort of situation is just doesn't it's not how it worked. I have to analyze

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
it's hard to creep out the creepster I guess right. Last fan question from my friend. At Dan Kenny wants to know Would you rather sleep with two forefoot women or to seven foot women

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
seven foot women yes

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
to four four to seven of course seven.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:55
I knew the answer and that one we just

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
that right off the bat. Yes seven. He likes number 16

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
We're almost there.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:05
I was I was with I was with her she was the shortest one. We were in Vegas and there was my with my buddies his girlfriend's and her friends are like all actual runaway supermodels. Like it's kind of funny. And, and they all took too much acids, or training for the first time and I walk into a club and I see him He's like, hey, what

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
the fuck? I was like what? Oh, no, no, I didn't do this. I just got here. And I'm like, Oh, hold on. Oh, everyone's freeze. And of course,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32
you know me walking through the hotel trying to bring them back to my room so we can make sure they don't have a bad time. You know, like and help them because they were having a little bit of our time. Raina was the shortest one she's 511 with no shoes on. She's in heels. Okay. One of the girls was six five. Like, these in me mean sneakers because I don't wear condoms everywhere. Like maybe I'll wear boots sometimes. Usually, especially in my club. I don't want to wear shouldn't be fancy. So I'm in I'm in sneakers. And I'm like, I'm like sheep dogging, you know, if it was five or six human giraffes in my suite upstairs. And I just, I don't know, it's confidence that that's, that's what women have always told me the prettiest ones and anyone really, they just know, it's just confidence. Like, why or why me like, I didn't. I didn't say anything. You came up to me. I was busy. Like, you know, doing cartwheels in the fucking grass at Coachella, you know, like this. You just can't say, Hey, we want a party and like, Oh, yeah, yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
the confidence is great. But I could also speak for a lot of women when I say an attractive man is an attractive man. So whether you're five foot four or six foot one, like you said, you know, an attractive face is something you know, you can't you don't get tired of an attractive face. And so if I had to take you know, let's do uh, would you rather Would you rather a five foot four super attractive face or a six foot one? butterface you know, shredded body butter, butter butter face? Like I'm taking the five foot four attractive man.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
Yeah. All right, well, thank you so

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
much for being my first ever guest. I hope to have you on again, I have a feeling I'm gonna be dipping into the psychedelic realm with you on a personal level. And I'll share that with my followers as long as UFC doesn't, you know kick my ass.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
They don't know UFC because they know what I'm doing. They're all about it. And they know that they don't test for it, they're never gonna test for it cuz they know I'm healing you as a person. I'm healing your brain. And I'm protecting your brain from further damage, and you're gonna have a better performance.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:38
So there are a lot more please tell me where personally because I want this information and the followers do things where we can find you on social media and where we can get more information about your psychedelic integration, coaching.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
Okay, so my new website is up. It is z McCall method comm you can sign up there for you know, just your your basic stuff or packages, or just you know, you can get my email there. It's Ian McCall And that's on social media. I also have obviously my old social media uncle creepy MMA. I mean, I post just a bunch of information on both these pages about, you know, the science and the healing. Or every single part of it. I mean, I'm training taking a three year course to be to be certified by the LLC, or the Native American Council, to be you know, to be a facilitator, be a healer to be a shaman. I'm not trying to be a shaman, I'm doing it for personal growth. So it's, it's, you know, we're touching on every level here, I send out a lot of information. Also, if you want to, if you're on Facebook, go to South Orange County psychedelic integration circle. I know that's really wordy, but I did feel that way for a reason. Because not everyone needs to be there. So find itself Orange County psychedelic integration circle. And that's where I actually post the articles, to, for the most part there, there's 10 new articles a day on there from whatever whatever you're looking to do, it's in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
I'll also be posting all of this information that he just said, in the caption, where, you know, this is going to be available on Spotify and iTunes. So in the caption, I'm going to put all of our handles and all this information as well. I advise you guys if you have connected with Ian on any level, whether it was his crazy 19 year old shenanigans, or you just are interested in getting involved to better yourself as an athlete or human. Check him out. Thank you so much in. We'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
Of course, Hubert, thank you very much for having me.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:34
That's it for the first episode of sex and violence. My goal will always be to make the next episode better than the last. I promise to be relentless in the pursuit of improvement. What's that phrase? We're always told, be in competition with yourself, be better tomorrow than the version of yourself today. Something like that. Well, that's what I'm going to do here. And if you liked this podcast, help it grow, till at least one person. Send a text tweet, even slot into their dm. I don't care. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. A big thank you to our producer rickly at Wrigley audio engineer DJ wzl at DJs. Oh, tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official. And you can find us again on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex.

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