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Episode 10: Felice "Lil Bulldog" Herrig

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff. So if you're tuning in for the first time, welcome, and prepare yourself. We're a very different type of MMA podcast. We still talk to guests about fight preparation, upcoming fights and training but we are ask the questions no one else will ask. So far I've tried my best to get our guest open up about everything you wouldn't expect to hear on MMA podcast, dating horror stories, sexual preferences, love, lust and lewd tales. It's fun to dive into racy topics. And now we'll actually be hosting some new types of guests. Don't worry, we're not abandoning fighters and adult entertainers. But how would you guys feel about having on actors, comedians, MMA officials? Ever wonder what the love life of Bruce buffers like? Well, I do. I wonder if he'll come on the show. I bet you guys thought I had him booked. I do not. Maybe he'll do the show. Now that we are 10 episodes in, we have formed an amazingly dedicated support system of followers, you guys, so we'll be starting a Patreon. Forgive me, I'm not too versed on what Patreon is, but we'll be releasing bonus episodes only available through Patreon. On and it's my understanding that you pay a certain amount of money for extra content and then we deliver. But stay tuned for details I'll get back to you. And if any of you listeners want some free sex and violence with rebel girls stickers, dm us at our Instagram at sex and bands with rebel girl, and send your address and we'll send you some right out. Just a little thank you for all your support. We're ending July off with a great guest. I'm really excited for you guys to hear this one. And we're also ending off with a great fight card on fight Island, or at least the last fight card of July. My best friend just so happens to be fighting tomorrow as well. So tune in and cheer loud for Karla Cookie Monster Esparza. And a quick reminder before we talk to today's guest, the head UFC makeup artist of 13 years is battling stage four cancer. Her name is Susie she's pretty much like a ray of sunshine. If you've ever met her, you can feel her warmth and you basically you know, just want to Hang out with her more. Our guest today actually brought her up in our interview without leaving bringing her up. So that shows you how much of an impact this woman has made. She needs all the help we can get. And she's a part of the UFC family. So I've put her GoFundMe link in the show notes and if you can, please donate $1 $5 It doesn't matter anything helps. Also, if you liked this podcast, please help it grow by rating and reviewing us on Apple, Spotify, pretty much anywhere you listen that moves us up on the rankings so more people can listen. Okay, time for today's guest. Today's blonde bombshell of a guest is a bellator Invicta and i k f veteran, the number 15 rank strawweight in the world and an active UFC fighter about to make a comeback from an injury induced to lay off this Oji women's MMA pioneer is a personal friend and a woman I knew wouldn't have a problem being open and honest With us, we talked about her being the queen of feet brob in the cradle, men versus women spooning, and so much more. Here's your guest Felice. Little Bulldog Herrick.

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Hey, Phillies, thank

Unknown Speaker 4:44
you for joining us on the show. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 4:47
I'm so good. It's good to hear your voice. I feel like it's been forever. Yeah, it has been

Unknown Speaker 4:54
because you and Carla, I feel like you do more like the hermit status. When you get in. To fight camp and me I'm like, whatever. Who cares? Oh,

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totally. I know because I remember like, when Carla fought in Chicago, we're talking about Carlos barza. By the way, everyone, Carla fight in Chicago, and you and I were both there and I'm from Chicago. Carla like immediately after like her way and like breakfast like, when totally Mia ma m ay ay ay ay ay ay. and you're like, it's so weird when I say I just want every one of my people and comments like the opposite. And I'm like Carla, totally when it comes to like, fight can fight everything. I the less people around me the better.

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Yeah, and you know, I thought I was weird at first but what I'm realizing that you know, to each their own whatever gets you in the right mind state for me. Unfortunately, when I'm alone, I'm left to my own thoughts. I start you know, thinking negatively and stuff like that. So Friends around coaches that kind of distracts me from my own worst enemy, which is inner voice telling you like, you're gonna lose, you suck.

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Well, I'm the opposite with the, the the voices with that because I feel like too many people around, I start overthinking things because you know, everybody has their own opinion and everybody has something to say. Everyone has their own advice. And sometimes you don't want advice, especially, you know, depending on who it is. It's just like too many voices cause the voices in my head to spin up like those voices, talk to the other voices. And I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 6:36
yeah, I agree. Well, speaking of fight camp, I know. Everybody's very excited for your next fight. You're coming off an injury just quickly tell us you know, who you're fighting where and you know how you're feeling about that?

Unknown Speaker 6:50
Okay, um, the last two opponents I've been like, okay, so I think the girl's name is Vivian.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
I don't even say

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Foreigners, I like it's not worth learning their name.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
So can you tell everyone

Unknown Speaker 7:10
I would like to say that I know how to pronounce her name, but I don't.

Unknown Speaker 7:12
So, also a well I'm fighting August 15 Okay, there we go we

Unknown Speaker 7:20
have a date at least do we have a location alien? Yeah, but I'm also I'm, again with fighting as a lot of people like to like, study their opponents like hardcore, like, know everything about them. And I'm opposite I let my coaches you know, study them and then everything we're practicing and training is based off of that because if I study them too much, then I overthink and obsess about everything and I like start worrying about this and that and so simplicity is better for me when I when it comes to

Unknown Speaker 7:54
you to that I agree. Okay, well, you and I are the same, at least in that sense because I cannot watch tape Carlos the opposite. She'll even watch tape for me. But yeah, you just start obsessed with it.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
So I mean, but just so we can tell the listeners Her name is Veena gender roba. And

Unknown Speaker 8:19
oh, it's not even Vivian. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 8:23
yeah, what's her name?

Unknown Speaker 8:24
Okay. We're not gender roba and she's a Brazilian. Yeah, that's all we know about her. She's got that

Unknown Speaker 8:31

Unknown Speaker 8:32
Yeah. And all we know is she's gonna lose on August 15. And then do we have a location for that?

Unknown Speaker 8:39
Yes, that's in Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 8:41
Okay, at the apex center with no crowd. Now, Yeah, I know. It's, um, it's not something I am looking forward to experiencing. But gotta do what we gotta do.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
You weren't on the Ultimate Fighter right now. You weren't on anything else?

Unknown Speaker 8:56
No, no, no, no, I was never on the show. And so that's why I think people like you You and Carla have like, you know, a leg up or an advantage.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Yeah, I mean, it's, it's again, it's, um, it's kind of, I don't know, necessarily know if it's advantage or disadvantage like I kind of go into every fights thinking that all the outside stuff doesn't matter. You know all that matters is when I'm in there with my opponent and cage door shut like because a lot of times I don't a lot of people like you hear the audience The only time I hear the audience is if they're completely like, like booing me or they're like God getting crazy, like, excited. But all I hear I kind of get tunnel vision. I hear my coaches, and I hear my opponents coaches, which is

Unknown Speaker 9:39
good, right?

Unknown Speaker 9:42
No, it's totally good when they speak English. Yeah, when I hear them say like, watch out for the overhand throw overhand right then I'm like, Oh, I I probably was going to but now not Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Now I'm going to do opposite.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
Now I'm going to shoot a low single Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 10:01
So I kind of use that as an advantage where I be opponents of

Unknown Speaker 10:07
coaches, like I listened to them. And it's not something like I try to do I just it's just something that that happens. Yeah, here my coaches and their coaches and and I guess

Unknown Speaker 10:19
that's a good thing. Yeah, as long as you use it to your advantage one thing I'm sure Carla would tell you since she's experienced it and I've heard it from other people is that they can hear the commentators like DC john Anik, Dominick Cruz, and to the point where it's like, you know, for example, a little Felice seems to be backing up a lot and then you're gonna be like, Oh, I'm backing up, like

Unknown Speaker 10:43
so tired. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
I feel like as

Unknown Speaker 10:50
long as we can block the commentators, you know, which, you know, to the audience, is, you know, they're important but to us are not important if we can block them out. I think it's Gotta be fine.

Unknown Speaker 11:01
I honestly actually don't really hear them unless I'm in

Unknown Speaker 11:06
like right by them you know like when you're on the cage or I actually I don't really think I've heard that commentating a lot I'm trying to say I have I can't really recall right now

Unknown Speaker 11:16
but this is but this is during you're talking about when you're on the Ultimate Fighter right?

Unknown Speaker 11:23
Because otherwise you would you won't hear the commentators because of the crowd so this will be the first time with the commentators and no crowd you didn't have commentators on the Ultimate Fighter right?

Unknown Speaker 11:33
Oh, no, no, no, that I didn't realize that as you're talking Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
With like DC is gonna be cageside being like, well, felice looks jacked you know, and you'll be like, yeah, thanks, JC.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
Luckily, he won't like he's on that card. I think he's the main event.

Unknown Speaker 11:48
Okay, well DC per se won't be

Unknown Speaker 11:52
glad cuz DC hates me like he never says it's not like there's nothing personal but he never says a nice word about me like that. He's commentating about me, so I should

Unknown Speaker 12:08
probably jump over the cage and pick a fight with him.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
Okay, well, okay, so we know you're fighting and we all can't wait to see you fight but I think we all are dying to find out about Felice outside of the cage. No training talk, no fight talk. Let's just start off. So what's your current relationship status right now? Are you single? Are you widowed? I do not.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
I've been in a relationship for three years and one month.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Oh, you're one of those kind of girls. I'm three years old.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Because when you get to that, like three year mark, where it's like your anniversary, and then you start thinking like, Oh, well, why hasn't he proposes you're gonna propose, like, start? You start being like, it's been three years and one month

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Okay, so we know your mindset is you want him to pop the question already. You've been dating for three plus years. You know?

Unknown Speaker 13:06
What? Am I saving up for the ring that I want? princess cut?

Unknown Speaker 13:13
Oh, you know what, he probably knows you so well and he knows the right time to do it. And obviously right now is not so he's waiting for the perfect time.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
I don't know, he's anything like, he's not like super overly romantic. I'm like, wondering, is it gonna be like,

Unknown Speaker 13:32
I don't know, like,

Unknown Speaker 13:34
so chill or try to be really cool.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
I want to ask you, you know, is he a romantic kind of guy, but first tell us. How'd you guys meet?

Unknown Speaker 13:45
Um, well, I'm kind of we it's actually funny. So, my strength and conditioning coach, he, um, he's had his he had the gym for like, ah, I don't know, like 13 years. So my boyfriend was like, he, he was a trainer there, but he was never my trainer. And so one day, he said that, oh, you know, maybe we should hang out. And then I didn't hear from him for like three months. And I was like waiting. You know, I gave him my number. And I was like, waiting for him to maybe like,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
he didn't call for three months.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
Yeah, like, three months. Wait, no, and it gets worse and worse.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
He like, had our first day and it wasn't like one of those things where it's like, oh, you sleep with them, and then you never hear from them again. It was like, none of that happened. You know, we had a kiss. We had a nice date. We had a kiss. We plan on hanging out again. And then it wasn't till two years later, we started dating. What? Yeah, and I was really, really upset about that. I give him crap about it all the time. Because then So my strength and conditioning coach got, you know, tired of the gym like moved down to real estate. My boyfriend bought the gym from him my current boyfriend, and so he was forced to train me. And so we, we started, you know, training together, whatever and then, kind of just after a fight, I fought like, I fought Justin Kish. And then he like, congratulated me afterwards. And then I was drinking a lot of not your father's beer, and I just like called him out. I'm like, You haven't? Like, why did you never call me back?

Unknown Speaker 15:40
And my guess is that he didn't want to dip the pen in the company ink.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
Well, that's a good theory. But um, No, that's not it. That's not it. No, no, because he's younger. Like I never date younger guys. That's crazy. I always say older guys, you know, because it's there. more mature, more of what I'm looking for. And he's six years younger than me six years. Wow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
Me like, oh, when you were at your senior prom

Unknown Speaker 16:15
grade, I'm like, Okay, can we not? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Any woman like past 30 doesn't like to be called out for like dating someone younger or you know.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
I don't care. I'm like, Hey, I'm so good looking. I can get a younger man.

Unknown Speaker 16:34
That's the way I look at it. Like when you're, you know, as you start getting older, you want to feel like youthful and you're like, Yeah, he makes me youthful.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
So So now he's used training conditioning coach, has that formed any problems over the last three years?

Unknown Speaker 16:49
Not really, because strength and conditioning to me isn't like a basis of like MMA. Yeah, you know, it's not like he's like my boxing coach or my jujitsu coach or I didn't want it Who has like I could really go get a new strength and conditioning coach if I want.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Like, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
Bird sorry, babe.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Thing is and actually it's helped a lot like with my you know, because of my knee injury with my recovery um, he he really came into play with with all of that all his knowledge and stuff. Yeah it was helping my rehab and being able to get in you know, whenever I want and him always you know being there for me and training me it's hard sometimes because I don't like to listen to him. You know, and that's why I'm saying like i don't i don't really believe and you know, if you're a fighter like trying to, you know, dating coaches and stuff like that because it does cause it can cause problems, of course and we fight a lot. He tells me to do something sometimes if I don't want to do it. And when I used to do it, you know, with my my old strength and conditioning coach Dave, we bought The business from I would like no questions asked you, whatever, whatever. And like with him, I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 18:06
why? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Why do we do that? I'm so guilty of that, too. You know, it's, you would never, never even question it with another coach who had that, you know, a different kind of relationship, obviously. But as soon as it's, you know, your significant other telling you something, even if it's good for you, you tend to push back some for some reason. Why do we do that?

Unknown Speaker 18:28
I think sometimes it's like, oh, man, what to do. My dad,

Unknown Speaker 18:32
not the boss of me. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
That, you know, when somebody else is pushing you, you kind of thrive off of it. Like you're like, yeah, yeah, but when what you really don't ever want to do it, like when somebody's pushing you hard. It's like, oh, man, this sucks. But I'm gonna, I'm not gonna like say anything. But when it's your significant other you're like, like, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 19:01
Yeah, okay, so you guys have been dating for over three years and

Unknown Speaker 19:06
one month I know it's forever

Unknown Speaker 19:10
but, you know, I just turned 33 and I forget who Oh, who was I talking to about this who don't have on the podcast? I

Unknown Speaker 19:18
think it was was it Nina cuz she's already pregnant but she

Unknown Speaker 19:22
are yeah Nina Amanda Nunez baby yeah, he didn't know that.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
No yeah Nina's like about to pop with a baby yeah Amanda Nunez baby i mean you know not her baby baby but like she she the baby mama, you know

Unknown Speaker 19:40
call it Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:40
well, she so they did in vitro and it's all on you know, episode I think like five or six and yeah, she gets really personal tell us all about it.

Unknown Speaker 19:51
So I'm surprised she did that during her fight career

Unknown Speaker 19:54
is Yeah, she gets into it. Why? And you know why she didn't want to wait and all that but my question to you is d got any baby fever going on?

Unknown Speaker 20:02
Oh no, I've never had baby fever. I don't want a baby. I don't want babies ever.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
I've never want like, I think because I've, I've focused so much on my career for so long. And for a long time, even being in a relationship was out of the question, you know, but as you get older, you're like, yeah, you know, probably, you know, you're not you don't get better looking. It's harder to find a man as you age. You know, yeah, I better

Unknown Speaker 20:31
get cracking.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
I love my life as far as being able to, like travel and pick up and go when I want and not having to, you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:44
plan my life around a baby.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
Yeah, I mean, it's not just when they're a baby, it's forever.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Like that's, that's a full time, responsibility for life.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
I mean, you're preaching to the choir over here. I think you know that I've never had baby fever. You know, I've talked to my best girlfriends you know you specifically Carla. And I just don't think it's in the cards for me and I think it comes at a place of selfishness. I just want to travel. I don't want to have to pinch any more of my pennies than I already do. Give it to the baby and like me.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
That's a lot of money. I'm like, oh, but I really want this new purse.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
Baby Baby Gucci Prada. I don't

Unknown Speaker 21:31
I think you're that you're I don't think it is selfish. I think it's selfish to have a baby and not provide for them and be a good mom and be there for them. If that happened, if I had a baby, it totally be there for them. But I'm in a position you know, if I'm in a position right now to make a choice and I don't want a baby. I don't necessarily think that. That's selfish because that's, you know, that's my choice.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
So I mean, neither of us will have to really sacrifice anything because of the baby but you did. mentioned prior to being in your current relationship you sacrificed a lot of your personal life because of training in your career. What was the turning point what made you realize that you didn't need to sacrifice your personal life anymore?

Unknown Speaker 22:14
I think a lot of it came down to location you know a big part of making all the sacrifices is you're constantly going back and forth from you know from the gym, you know, have this commute your, your food prepping or this and that. So it's like, you don't really have a whole lot of time to hang out with someone else and dedicate time to somebody else. And my boyfriend Patrick, he's a very like, chill guy. You know, he lives super close. So we just I guess, it was easy for us to hang out.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
Yeah, he's already a gym with you, right?

Unknown Speaker 22:52
Yeah, but I didn't really see him that much. I saw him like, twice a week. You know? It was you know, for an hour at time

Unknown Speaker 23:00
so really just location, location location.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
He was he was nearby.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
I just went to Yelp and I said boys nearby. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:21
Sorry, Patrick.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
No. So, obviously the location is a big thing. I mean, I know two people don't really know unless they've been there but a fighters training schedule, especially when we're in camp. It's nonstop. It's not just at the gym training, like you said, there's meal prepping. And then between training sessions, you're fucking exhausted. You need to take a nap or just lay down still. Do you know? Like, I just don't want to move for like 45 minutes. You're like, what do you do? I was gonna lay here.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
Well, and he massages me. So

Unknown Speaker 23:59
like, Really?

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Well, you better put a ring on it right now for the

Unknown Speaker 24:03
beneficial release.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
What he's like, I think too, because he's not, you know, he's not a selfish person like he's very, you know, he understands my lifestyle. Yeah. And he's, you know, he's into working like, it's nice that he's not a fighter but he understands like, what being an athlete is and you know, he played football in college and, you know, so he's an athletic person. And, you know, he understands the lifestyle without, and I think because he's so calm and chill. He doesn't like his impression of me. And he's not like, Oh, I want to go out and drink tonight. Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 24:41
yeah, what I'm getting from a lot of these interviews with fellow female fighters is that it's very ideal to date someone who's into fitness and health but not a fighter. You want them close enough to your industry, but not in the industry, because it's number one, a very selfish sport and rightfully so. You know, to be the best, you just gotta, you know, all eyes on you kinda. But you still want someone who understands what you don't have to explain to them. You know why you're dieting? Why you're spending all your training, you know, time at the gym, why you're exhausted or whatever. And it sounds like you have something very similar to that.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Yeah. And it just kind of happened, you know, and it was, sometimes things in life just happen when you're not planning them. And it's just that the right time. And you know, the right person, so I wasn't looking for a relationship, but it happened, you know, but I also don't think I could date a fighter because of the selfishness and because especially then it's like, oh, you're both in camp at the same time. And then you're being selfish. And then there's no like, give or take. It's just like, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
No, no, I did. Tracy Cortez actually talked about it. And she's like, you know, it's just it's got to be about you at that time. And it can't be, you know, like about them and so what's what's a given take? If you're you know taking taking taking you need someone who's gonna give and you know to fighters just can't give,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
right it's the balance

Unknown Speaker 26:06
of it all. Yeah. So Patrick is just from what I you know, because I've met him a few times and he's always very soft spoken. Very polite. Not that you're not felice, but

Unknown Speaker 26:20
I don't know

Unknown Speaker 26:22
that soft spoken though. You okay, you are the definition of an outgoing extrovert life of the party. Like, literally, that's exactly how I would explain you to anyone. I'd say Felice has no problem being in the spotlight. In fact, I think she loves it. She loves it. So how did you know how did you guys get together? How does that work? If he's such like a introvert kind of chill kind of guy, like you said.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
I think it's, it works great because he's actually not I mean, he

Unknown Speaker 26:56
he's with me, he's very outgoing. And he's super funny, and he's really attentive to my needs. And he's sweet and he's, he's loyal and everything he is before you really get to know him would be opposite of what I would think that I would, you know, go for date, but I feel like he's the kind of guy I need. Imagine me with another really outgoing person. You know, I think he just balance I think we just balance each other and is super funny. Like, he's really funny.

Unknown Speaker 27:36
Yeah, no, I think you're right. I think I think you guys balance each other out and, you know, some of the best friendships or even relationships, you know, I can think of are, are that way, you know, even me and you I feel like or me and Carla, I feel like sometimes we hang out and the other person brings a different side of you out. Do you don't even mean

Unknown Speaker 27:58
Yeah, you're You're kind of like Patrick, you're like a little more call. So that's why we go together.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Yeah, I think it's good. So, I actually had a question for you about your extrovert kind of like your openness. does that translate into? I mean, let's just say pre Patrick. No, no, no, no, no. We'll get to that. Settle down. Police.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
Talking about sex. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 28:26
okay. It's called foreplay. Let me warm you up a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
Jumping all crazy. So I want to know, you're very extrovert, you're bubbly. Is it easy for you to talk to the opposite sex? Or is it just like, you know, a social thing talking to a group of people talking to women or, or does it translate over into the opposite sex? Is it easy to talk to guys

Unknown Speaker 28:51
and I think I'm really awkward sometimes like, my outgoing. This is like

Unknown Speaker 29:00
You know, oh, I have no filter.

Unknown Speaker 29:03
Say something and I'm like, Oh my God, why did I say that? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Oh gosh, please. Um, and I'm actually Oh, yeah, I'm outgoing but when I'm when I guess when I give a shit maybe it's it's not necessarily hard for me to talk to the opposite sex. But I question everything that I say because you're like when is your when it's girls or is your girlfriend you feel like more able to be goofy. I think that's the thing is I'm so Goofy, that I'm thinking the opposite sex thinks I'm a weirdo. Like, oh my god, she's so weird. Quit talking to me. Like I'm afraid that like want me to go away.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
So I don't know if that makes sense. Well, I just thought that because you are so extrovert that you'll you probably are more aggressive or you make the Move when it comes to your relationships, but

Unknown Speaker 30:03
maybe not your pan.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
I mean, did you know? Did you okay? Who will actually you said Patrick made the first move right? He asked if you guys if you want to hang out

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Yeah, but then he didn't text me for like three months. Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Zoom and it was it kind of came up like Oh, oh, we should hang out sometime and I was like, yeah, we totally should hang out and then and then oh no need anyone asked for my number for like, at all one day I would just like it was the weekend coming up

Unknown Speaker 30:46
this weekend, and I thought Oh, here it comes.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
He's gonna ask for my number. And then it didn't happen.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
Before I left I was like here My number in case you want to, you know, hang out

Unknown Speaker 31:06
I feel like that was a joint effort on both your parts he wanted to but didn't just didn't seal the deal.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
You know, he didn't close the deal, but you, you helped him out there. So well Patrick is an easygoing guy and I, I definitely noticed that right away because I feel like, you know, everyone knows what your social media you get a lot of a lot of love a lot of attention, you know, and I thought to myself, it definitely takes a secure and chill kind of guy to deal with that stuff. Unfortunately, I've had, you know, partners in the past who made a big deal out of a random guy that I don't even know commenting something flirtatious and then I get in trouble. And I'm like, how in the book, am I and

Unknown Speaker 31:53
what did I do? Bill

Unknown Speaker 31:54
from Kansas just said I have a nice, but now I'm in trouble, you know? So I was like, Oh man. Patrick must be, you know, how does he deal with all the attention that you get?

Unknown Speaker 32:06

Unknown Speaker 32:08
sometimes he bothers me a little bit, you know.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
But I think it helps now that like, I haven't been traveling as much, you know? Yeah, I think I think that's because that's where things because I'm so outgoing. That's where it's like, Oh, you're so outgoing, that like it maybe makes him a little insecure.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
Maybe he's afraid that your your outgoingness might give the opposite sex the wrong idea. He might think that, you know, you're interested when you're just being friendly. That tends to

Unknown Speaker 32:43
that's the thing like me being just outgoing. It's like you're flirting. It's like, I'm not then I flirt with girls.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
My grandpa was over yesterday, flirting with him.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Yeah, but those are things I think, you know, in any relationship. You're just there's some things you didn't like you just learned to deal with,

Unknown Speaker 33:10
but not but not really. It's not any relationship. It's it's a relationship with one or both partners are in the limelight or the spotlight. And you know you are in. I don't know what he's got going on, but I don't think he is so much so you don't have to deal with him. Getting a bunch of Huskies trying to throw themselves at him.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
Oh, I be so bad. Oh my god. I think that's it. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it. I think I try to put myself in his shoes. Mm hmm. Like for instance, he's, you know, with the gym, he trains a lot of high school athletes. You know, I'm not like fitness girls. You know what I mean? Yeah, if he did, I'll be like,

Unknown Speaker 33:54

Unknown Speaker 33:56
It makes me so insecure. I try to like think about it. like that and I really tried to not you know do anything that it might be considered flirtatious but at the same time I'm so outgoing that I also have to stay true to myself and I'm not gonna not be who I am.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
Yeah, and that's important you don't you need to be respectful of your partner. This is what I've learned in my dating career but respectable career

Unknown Speaker 34:23
What else can I call escapades a sad sad story

Unknown Speaker 34:31
what I realized is that you need to be respectful of your partner without losing yourself so yes, you know you you want to maybe limit what you say but not ignore people you know, still be extrovert but not over the top and you know, there's a fine line and it really just comes back to your partner having trust in you I think.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
And I still finding that fine line because again, like going so long without you know, be you know, with being selfish about myself. are not wanting to be in a relationship. I'm used to being able to do whatever I want, say whatever I want. And I have to think about that. And now I'm like, Oh, I gotta I gotta be respectful.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Is this the longest relationship you've ever been in?

Unknown Speaker 35:15
Huh? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
Girl you got me beat

Unknown Speaker 35:20
for like by three years.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
I'm like wow three

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Look at you. No,

Unknown Speaker 35:36
no, no aspiration.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
aspiration Oh

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Well speaking of aspiration and Ola got a lot of males have aspirations to talk to you. So you probably get a lot of weird DMS and requests and so I know I do I know Carla does. You specifically tend to get a lot of specific Feet requests.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
Yeah, so weird. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 36:05
there's just so much to

Unknown Speaker 36:07
unpack with this.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
I don't even know where to start. But I think go ahead and tell people how often you get foot requests.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
foot. Oh, like, if you look at my dams, which I don't really check my dams very often, but then when I do, nine out of 10 are about my feet.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Yes. And it's really sad to me because I'm like, Is there really my best?

Unknown Speaker 36:35
So I have to offer

Unknown Speaker 36:39
it almost makes me feel really bad about myself.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
You're like, I've been working on these ABS since I was 18. I know I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 36:47
What did you see my abs

Unknown Speaker 36:52
kind of 97 my abs I you know, everything I care about and I work hard that nobody cares about and I'm like, oh, feed

Unknown Speaker 37:01
So I

Unknown Speaker 37:04
I just don't even like I do I do know that you know, like, you know, Carla other girlfriends that I have that are fighters get these requests but I feel like you specifically specifically get so many requests and so much attention because your feet Do you purposely market yourself you know, foot rarely

Unknown Speaker 37:26
ever ever have it just always like would happen even like oh my foots in a picture. Oh my god, I want to suck. Yeah, like, like the comments. So then now I I try not to cut my feet out but just because it's like, yeah, you know, we we do crave likes and comments and, you know, so a lot of it too. And you know, when you have sponsors that you're trying to please not that I ever, you know, I'm like, I'm gonna post this foot picture for sponsors. You know, the more traction you get on your page. The easier it is to you know, get sell yourself. Yeah, yeah. And it's sad to me then, you know, like, people care so much because I've never I've never tried to market myself as like, foot girl

Unknown Speaker 38:17
that had Wi Fi. Yeah, I mean, look, okay, look, Pete you and I and other fighters males alike. We are constantly barefoot, you know, training, you know, like, we might be wearing sandals. But you know, our toes are still showing and who look those arches. So, I know. We love So, I mean, it's not like you know, felice is always barefoot, it's like, yeah, we are always barefoot, so there's gonna be a lot of pictures with your feet in it, so it's understandable, but I just like why you must just have the best feet in the game though.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Apparently, I do

Unknown Speaker 38:55
DMS like I really do. Here.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
We're here. Your feet are so pretty. I want to smell them. Can I please have a picture of your souls?

Unknown Speaker 39:07
these are these are actually from your dmws

Unknown Speaker 39:11
these are my DNS. Oh your feet. It's been a long time. I would suck a fart out of your asshole. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 39:19
you have hot seat theater so pretty. I want to smell them. I absolutely love your feet. Let's say you had to choose. Choose one me rubbing your feet or you kicking me in the balls as hard as you can. Which would it be?

Unknown Speaker 39:35
Damn, you have some beautiful feet.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
Yeah, I mean, that sounds

Unknown Speaker 39:44
so I need to suck your feet. I mean, does anything.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
I love your toes. these are these are normal. Yes, these are good. These are normal. But have you ever received anything that was like, like scary weird, you know? Like, that was just like alright, I have to block this person right now.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
As far as like, eat go.

Unknown Speaker 40:07
Yeah, I mean, or maybe the I mean

Unknown Speaker 40:09
no because I don't there I don't really need to block them anyways because these these are games that I have in my I follow you. You can't DM me so these are just sometimes when I just want to like get a good laugh.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
Scroll through my dm having a bad day.

Unknown Speaker 40:28
Check my dm because literally I kid you not like nine out of 10 or about my feet like not even joking. I would love to wake up every morning and just send you screenshots.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
I believe you girl I've seen you know, I posted your picture on our sex and violence with rebel girl Instagram and instantly ask her about her feet. And you know, ask her, ask her if she loves her foot fans. Do you love your fans?

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Have all the fans, you know, you can't?

Unknown Speaker 41:03
I do find I just don't understand why. Of all the fetishes. The most vocal ones are the feet people.

Unknown Speaker 41:12
So I was thinking about this too, I think that they're just there must be many more men and you and I realize or, you know, let's say like they went out and took a sexual census, right? And they asked all the guys what they're into. I just think that all the guys, it's so taboo that they don't feel comfortable saying that they're turned on by feet. So it's underrepresented. It's like, Oh, yes, feet are gross, but I feel like secretly, there is a buttload of dudes or women that love feet and I don't even think it's bad. I think you know, whatever floats your boat. I think they're a little dirty, but we also do a lot of other stuff in bed too. So we can't really you know, oh, this is clean that's dirty, like it's all dirty. But, you know, I just think it's, it's different. It's not so common in Society. I mean, what we're doing right now talking about sex and different fetishes and stuff like that. Like, that's not common either, but here we are talking about it. It's fun.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
No, but here's the thing. Okay, so it's not so common. So then why is it all of a sudden everybody's so vocal on social media about it? Because everyone

Unknown Speaker 42:17
gets to be behind a mask. You know what I mean? I highly doubt those guys. dming you have

Unknown Speaker 42:23
not just dm that's in my comment.

Unknown Speaker 42:25
Oh, yeah, those two but I mean, like, I feel like a lot of people have, or a lot of people who are saying the foot messages to you that you know, writing to you. They have like burner accounts. No,

Unknown Speaker 42:37
no. Oh, maybe maybe. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
I don't know. I mean, I didn't like look that hard, but I feel like I don't know people aren't

Unknown Speaker 42:46
what I do, because usually like when people leave me like weird, I'm gonna say weird foot comments, because that's like saying, like, I don't like foot fans, you know, but like, when they're like too much like over the top. Yeah. You know, I look at their There's social media and they're like, some of them are just like normal people like oh, I'm a doctor. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
Hey, you know, like, a good catfishing maybe they're in a lot of catfishing accounts. Yeah, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 43:17
I mean, tweets through

Unknown Speaker 43:18
well, girl I don't know we need a census.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
These commercials about Have you filled out your census for your community? I feel like they need to do but better my community.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
So okay, so foot fetishes. Have you had any other freaky weird requests in your DMS that are sexual?

Unknown Speaker 43:43
Well, yeah, they're used. I used to get these all the time like about beating that, you know? Can you jump on me? Can you beat me up? Oh, like s&m type? Yeah, I've gotten that a lot. Kick in the balls. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
And now you know, when you're I've been in the sport for so long that you know in the beginning you you love having fans and you you know you don't have as many so you you read all your you read your your dams and your messages a lot more and now I just don't like you don't have time for it it is as much anymore, you know. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:25
that's a thing, but I do want to

Unknown Speaker 44:28
ask what you're probably still there. So what I'm saying is, I don't necessarily see as much that's probably there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:35
yeah, I so you don't have time for it. But for me, I also recently had to stop looking at so many comments because, like, I hate saying this sounds corny, but like, I'm an empath, an empath, however you want to say it. So like, I try to be like, Oh, yeah, I have thick skin but someone writes a mean comment to me and I'm like, you know, felice, he said I looked, I looked like a man or like a man, you Like No, actually, you don't look like a man, you know, like, but then I spent like five minutes thinking like, Do I look like a man? You know? So it's like, I realized at that point, I can't, because I internalize A lot of it and it like takes a piece of me every time so I had to disconnect from the social media in that sense.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
no exact and I think that's even more of what I'm like getting at is that it's not necessarily the time but it's the time for actual real messages, you know, because a lot of them not just like perfect, like the perfect messages I can deal with like that. Just like you It probably doesn't upset you. No, no, because they're still like compliments. Me it's the mean ones and that's why I don't really check my dm You know, that's why I don't really look at my comments. That's why I can't you know, you do have to disconnect because it's, you know, people want for some reason, a lot of people want to make you feel bad they you know, and as much as you don't be you don't know these people and you want to say Oh, it doesn't bother me or I shouldn't let it bother me. Like your initial reaction is it? It probably does, it probably does hurt. And just so you know, people tell me I look like a man all the time. I think that's like the thing. That's the biggest insult that like people want to say to a girl. It's like, you look like a man.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
Like a strong woman, I feel like they want to suppress our, you know, like our strong attributes because they believe that we should be more quote unquote, feminine looking and that we don't fit society's standards or what have you know, a woman should look like because we have too many muscles or whatever, you know, but

Unknown Speaker 46:30
yeah, the times are changing so much. It's like what is like the standard anymore? I don't think they're ever you know, there shouldn't be standard. It's to each his own. You're into what you're into. I'm into what I'm into, like, we're we're all born a certain way. You know, we're all human, like, like, people put so much emphasis on looks and it's, it's, you know, yeah, sad.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
I love that you're very, you're very okay with your foot, you know, your feet fans and all that and you know, I just gotta ask. There seems to be a market for you to monetize your feet. Have you ever

Unknown Speaker 47:06
considered an ollie fans foot account? Cuz I feel like you would freaking kill it.

Unknown Speaker 47:12
Oh, I know. I know. And that was actually for a while as like, so many of my messages were about that. I just kind of don't know how I feel about it. You know, like, is that selling out? Is that kind of like being desperate for money is that you know, I don't I don't really know. I don't have any answer. I know

Unknown Speaker 47:32
like, and a lot of people have their own opinion just like with everything we do. I mean, I talked to Jessica penny. She was on the show. She has an only fans account. She's probably think the only girl fighter that I know on a personal level that has one. She didn't open up too much about it. But you know, for her, she said she uses it as a way to embrace her femininity, and it makes you know, empowers her makes her feel good. And I'm like, Damn great answer. And if you could get a couple bucks

Unknown Speaker 47:59
why Not

Unknown Speaker 48:01
It is a good answer but then if you think about it like is it really like you know that somebody's like jacking off to your feet?

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Well we know what it's also people are using your Instagram pictures that are not only fan you know to do the same thing so

Unknown Speaker 48:18
why not make a knock on it? Exactly. So

Unknown Speaker 48:22
look at it.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
I'm all for you make it only feet fans only fans.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
You can run it and take a percentage of it I

Unknown Speaker 48:30
would kill it. You know, I wouldn't kill it. I'd be hashtag Felice feet fans you

Unknown Speaker 48:37
know, actually, if there's one person I would trust to run my

Unknown Speaker 48:43
foot the holy

Unknown Speaker 48:45
fanpage it would be you please

Unknown Speaker 48:48
talk about this one. All right,

Unknown Speaker 48:50
cut for you. Let's tabletop this. We'll talk about that later. Yeah, yes. But I want to ask the question I asked all fighters. This is sex and violence. Here. We got To the sex aspect Yay. Do you abstain from sex before your fights?

Unknown Speaker 49:05
No, I will sometimes. Okay, yes. Just because you're I'm tired I'm exhausted. But sometimes I'm also horny so if you know

Unknown Speaker 49:17
so you it's not as if you abstain from sex before a fight. It has nothing to do with like the myth that it's not good for you it's just because you're tired.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Yeah, okay. I feel like that maybe for men means something because you like the testosterone and like, your you know, you release your, your spoons, and then you're all like

Unknown Speaker 49:38
tired. Good word.

Unknown Speaker 49:42
For me, I'm like, I feel good now.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
The general consensus Yeah, it's it's, you know, poor guys. So sorry. But for us, we're like bringing on

Unknown Speaker 49:54
whatever women to you know, like there's even psychological differences between you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 50:00
The chemicals our brains release and all that. Yeah, yeah like the serotonin and the dopamine and all that. Yeah and I think we just we've come to the agreement here on sex and violence that pre fight sex good for girls not so good for boys but that does not mean that all the boys abstain pretty much every guest has said no fuck it. I still fuck whenever I want.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
Which I think is a great you know, motto. Fuck whenever you want.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Yeah, I don't think about it. Like when it comes to the fight. It's like, oh, if I wanna I wanna if I don't I don't but I don't

Unknown Speaker 50:34
think about it. You know? So totally gonna get you know personal now but you're an extrovert. What we've been doing now how are we gonna get real personal? Okay, so so you're an extrovert outgoing person Patrick's more chill. does that translate into the bedroom? Do you are you more of the aggressor? And you know what I mean, vice versa or gave

Unknown Speaker 50:55
you this question earlier, and you vetoed it did I? Yeah, well, you didn't veto it, but I was like, oh, does it translate into the bad and you're like,

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Oh, yeah, you did. Okay, so does it translate to the bed? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 51:19
that one, I'm gonna plead the fifth. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 51:24
Over you're gonna like to revoke my fifth amendment.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
So that around the time that the guests are getting shy, we've come up with this thing called lightning sex rounds. So

Unknown Speaker 51:42
how it works is, I'm just gonna say one word or sentence. For example, do you dirty talk in bed? You just got to answer quick yes or no. You're talking about? Yeah, Yes, it was. Go on like that. Are you ready? Okay, was that okay? Yes. We're starting now. Do we start okay. Ready kick. Dirty talk in bed Yes or no? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 52:06
biting. Oh yeah, joking.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
Gently threesomes No. Do you watch porn? No. Any fetishes like feet?

Unknown Speaker 52:23
No. bondage ropes blindfolds, all that. No. No role playing. No. But stuff on your partner or you. Yes. sex toys.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Congratulations. You passed the lightning sex. I know I

Unknown Speaker 52:44
I wanted to elaborate more man. Did you

Unknown Speaker 52:47
feel free to elaborate on whatever you would like?

Unknown Speaker 52:50
No, I mean, like they weren't all yes or no answers, making you know, like we

Unknown Speaker 52:54
could be here all day talking about what you're into.

Unknown Speaker 52:58
Is there anything in that list that you just stood out to you and you're like, I gotta tell him about this.

Unknown Speaker 53:05

Unknown Speaker 53:06
no. Okay, sorry does your does your I know you're big into cosplay? does that translate into the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 53:13
No, that's like really weird

Unknown Speaker 53:16
for me, okay, okay. Oh hey, this superhero is like really powerful looking and I like pick superheroes that I can like, I just like to dress up man. Yeah, dressing

Unknown Speaker 53:29
up is fun and you kill it with your outfits. I know you and Carla are super big into in a different costumes and stuff. And I like costumes too, but it's just so much work. I get lazy.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
I know I haven't in a while but that's also because I've been injured so I haven't like when my body like, you know when I'm getting ready for a fight. My bio looks good. I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, superhero.

Unknown Speaker 53:52
Yeah, that's probably the only time I'll put on lingerie when I get ready for a fight and I'm like, I look sexy.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
Okay, so this is the last question before we get into our segments, but who would you like to hear on sex and violence next?

Unknown Speaker 54:09
George St. Pierre, make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 54:12
Well, let me give him a ringing right?

Unknown Speaker 54:16

Unknown Speaker 54:17
I'm right. Yep. He's been on the list. George, would you like to be on my podcast?

Unknown Speaker 54:23
No, actually, I am not impressed with your performance.

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Okay, so this is it's now time for the game called fuck. Marry kill. Go.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
I think we're done here. You know how to play this.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
Are you joking? Yes, I went to high school. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
All right. You got to choose one. Fuck one marry one kill one. Are you ready? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
I didn't want to get in trouble with the boyfriend so I didn't make it any guy fighters. Okay. Oh, that's good, but I didn't make any any girl fighters either. You get to choose from our referees. You get herb Dean, Mike Bell Tran and big john McCarthy go.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Oh, I wouldn't marry big john. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
Oh man.

Unknown Speaker 55:20
Oh, and then I gotta fuck one of them

Unknown Speaker 55:26
her game. Okay, you settle down with big john. Yeah, you bang her job. And then

Unknown Speaker 55:32
also that's like if you marry them Do you also get to bang them you gotta do the nasty with them No, no like bones

Unknown Speaker 55:42
it's a loveless relationship a mere loveless marriage I guess. Oh, okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 55:47
I still keep my answers the same. Okay, so you gotta marry big john. You're gonna fuck her up and then you're killing Mike with that cool facial hair

Unknown Speaker 55:55
yet like that

Unknown Speaker 55:58
part off and not even Question No elimination. You did good You did good. You didn't even

Unknown Speaker 56:05
take any time you're just like I'm gonna marry him fuck him kill him

Unknown Speaker 56:12
know what I want? Okay, I'm really excited for the fan questions because I feel like your fans are diehard and this is just a really fun fun way to connect us cross

Unknown Speaker 56:29
sometimes like you said it's you don't you don't want to message them if you don't know them on a personal level or you don't follow on back but so I know a lot of your fans are gonna feel very special. Are you ready? Yes. Okay, at SR dot dot Barba wants to know. What's one thing you would change to make the women's division better for fighters and fans?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Oh, so deep, man.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
They're not all deep, don't worry. Stay tuned.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
What would I do to make it better? I don't know man I think it's going so good I feel like women are really getting the recognition that they deserve actually I guess you know equal pay paid a little more.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
Isn't that all fighters though?

Unknown Speaker 57:13
Exactly in general to like if you like you know I feel like I might

Unknown Speaker 57:22
be a little bit more on even PayScale because it's so fight experience base

Unknown Speaker 57:27
that too so it's but that's what I'm saying I feel like it's the one sport that I'm at least in the UFC to where you know, like, you don't you know, you see like division with like NBA w NBA. You know, you see a division, you know, NFL powder puff, like lingerie League, you know, like baseball softball, like there's differences you know, but there's, I feel like the women in general do so. That's a good job at like, selling themselves, you know, promoting themselves like making it easier to get a lot of equal opportunity. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
All right. Well, at john miles dot 12 wants to know what are some things that turn your mind on?

Unknown Speaker 58:22
I don't know if that it like turn my mind

Unknown Speaker 58:24
on stimulate you mentally again, this is what he say.

Unknown Speaker 58:29
Well, I'd like to read, I read a lot and I really love being healthy. I love you know, I'm all into even just as an athlete, I'm not even, you know, I like reading about all like superfoods and you know, attrition and what can I do? You know, I feel like a lot of people forget that. Being a healthy person is an advantage in, in sports, too, you know, because if your body is healthy and you're feeling good, like it's gonna translate over into, you know, training recovery, your fights. So I'm very mind stimulated by you know, just reading a lot about you know, like health and nutrition and stuff like that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
At metal guy underscore bill wants to know what would you be doing if you weren't fighting?

Unknown Speaker 59:21
Um, well again it again it goes to um, well, I was an aesthetician before I didn't know that. Yeah, I can give you a facial like Lecture A bro.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
But so I did that. But um, I've done fighting I actually want to open up the juice bar. So I'm not going to give away Ashley already knows like the top secrets, you know, like being human and all that but I'm not gonna I don't want to put out all my ideas to the world. But I definitely plan on opening up the juice back.

Unknown Speaker 59:57
Oh, yeah. I mean, Carla will be there again. giving you good Yelp reviews.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
Carla, I am not so sure what.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
She's She's a foodie to the max, she might give you four stars.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Or one.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
She might be harder on me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
No, give her give her a free smoothie. She'll be fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Okay, so at C and o canal is what's the most money you've ever been offered for a foot picture?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Um, well, you don't really know when they're real or not. So I don't I don't really think I've ever been people haven't been like, I'll give you this amount of money for a foot picture until you know they have to ease into it. Like how much would you charge for foot picture or, you know, how much weight What's this guy's name? This guy's name is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
Jesse and o canal is canalis Sega Nala is one

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Want to know how much see you can

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
offer me?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
Hey, I'm running the foot page. Okay, you just let me handle that. I'll take my 10%

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Oh, nice you're ready. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Yes No no

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
I you know you do all the work it's cool I'll just take 10s I'm not asking for a loss cool. Okay at our Larson 2001 wants to know if you had to give up either Quinn which is her cat guys never sex or fighting who would get the axe? Oh, good question like that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
damn it that's a good question. Sex

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
can be an aggro cat Levin fighter.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
That's gonna make me really a weird cat. He probably Patrick's probably gonna bounce to by the way. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
keep your boyfriend's ago?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Okay, well this is a good one at super sand soldier. When does she feel her sexiest?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
Um definitely when I'm like, in really good shape getting ready for a fight? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
Fresh out the shower with shaved legs.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
Oh yeah, well, I feel the least sexy like during camp because it's like here they are from the gym never have time to do my hair makeup put on nice clothes. Shea My lady. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
yep, we're in shape. Yeah, we're in shape. Maybe Maybe that week like right after the fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
But then we're all fattest then, because I you know you binge nurlan Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
They don't know what we have to go through. It's hard just to feel sexy.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
Okay, this next one is kind of long winded but I think it's a really good question at Larry underscore l wants to, he says, The women seem to be much better about fighting each other and remaining friends. Is that because there are fewer female fighters, so you just end up fighting friends? Or are women just better at compartmentalizing the personal life from the professional life?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
I actually disagree with him to a degree I feel like men are better. But maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Maybe you see something I don't. Um, I think

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
as long as you don't make it emotional like Oh, that's a really

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
I bet he's probably thinking because of you and Carla being such close friends that like all girls, maybe or maybe he's you know, paid attention to other people but

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Cuz I'm not good at being like, I'm only good at like beings. Usually I'm only good at being friends with people if I beat them. You know what I mean? So obviously there's big emotional aspects for me. That's not um, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
Yeah, a lot of I think a lot of women are like that I don't I can't speak for the men because I have more experience talking to the girls about this, but I'm not like that, you know, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
right. You're not totally I just have like, it depends too honestly. I really think a lot of it depends on like, where you are right? Like, I feel like the closer you're getting to like a like a title or let you know where the where you're constantly fighting people that are really close and rain and stuff. I feel like it gets a lot more competitive because you're, you're fighting for like, you're like no, I'm you know, I'm the best. I'm, you know, I'm gonna be the next title contender, you know, but yeah, I think yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
I think Larry might not really know too much because actually now that we are Now that you know I think about it, sorry, Carlo totally throwing you under the bus here. But, you know, I've been told by Carla in a kind of joking way, like, you can't be friends with any of the straw weights. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
wait, why?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
She's like, I'm your friend and who said the strawweight division. I'm like, I can have multiple. But I'm like that. I know you guys are a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
Here's the thing. I think. It depends on how much respect your opponent gives you. If my opponent is like, respectable towards me and cool. I have no problem being cool with them. But if they're like shit talking before the fight or staying, you know, like, I don't it becomes more personal, but if they're respectful then yeah, cool. I can be friends with them, but not really. I've never like really. I'm friendly. Carla and I are like, rare like Carla and I have been friends for you know, because we've been in the sport for so long and we fought like what like 10 years ago, maybe you know, and she was probably the first girl who was actually nice to me. Because back in the day girls used to be really really mean to me. I'm nice to you. She was nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
She was really nice. And I was like, trained together. Oh, you mean she was nice after? And before?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
She could she's always like that she doesn't talk shit. She always respects her

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
opponent. No, no, she doesn't talk shit. But she also doesn't want to be friendly.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
which is understandable. friendly. We weren't friendly. We I respected her because she was the first girl I thought, you know, because she who didn't who wasn't caddy and mean to me, you know, girls would always back in the day girls would always talk about my looks and always say, Oh, she can't bite. She's just, you know, pretty. Like I don't like to say it like that, you know? But you

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
were mean to me, they were really mean to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
Yeah, you are beyond your time to because you were using your image to market yourself in a very smart way no one did back then. And, you know, I think it showed because when social media start blowing up, you were already ahead of everybody and had a buttload of followers because you were using your looks and everything, you know, your personality to market yourself, and you're smart in that sense. So I I think they're just a lot of bitter bitches.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
Oh, yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
But it's still, you know, was it was very frustrating that that girls were always and they would like, say things that weren't even true. You know, and just make stuff up. And Carla was the first girl who it was just about the fight. You know, it wasn't about weird catty stuff. That was Yeah, you know, and I just respected that about about her and that's how we became friends. But that's rare. Like, I don't want to be friends really like, hardcore friends was what I am. Being an Ultimate Fighter changes things so too, you know, cuz you're with all like the girls so I'm friends with a lot of girls. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13
Well I got one question that is not a fan questions. It's my question. So you You are very, very I don't care what you say you're like a very beautiful very fit, you know like all these women and men look up to you, but I know that you struggled off and on with the way that you look and the way that people talk to you either on social media. And so what I want to know is, you know, I know you probably get this question a lot in in different interviews and stuff but what would you tell your younger self to make yourself feel better about what you're about to go go through? You know, 20 year old 21 year old felice, what would you tell her?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
Um, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
actually here You know what, uh, you know, Suzy, makeup artists for the UFC? Yep. And she actually, years ago said like one of the most.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
They just hit me. She said, Have you ever met a hater doing better than you?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
Oh, it's so good.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
Yeah. And it really like it's so simple. It's so like, Oh, it's like an aha moment and it really makes sense. It's like, when you're doing good and when you're successful, and you're just doing what makes you happy and what you love, like people are gonna be envious and it doesn't necessarily have to do with your luck. Like, it doesn't have to do with you and I would tell myself it's it's not you, it's them. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
I love that. Well, I think that everyone should keep that piece of advice because there's a lot of people out there that are quick to judge quick to Hey, you know, for No reason because jealousy or like you said they're envious, so I love that answer. I'm gonna end on that awesome note. Thank you so much for being open and honest with us and tell Patrick sorry for putting them on blast. Suck it, suck it Patrick Thank you so much. We're all looking forward to your fight. We know you're gonna kill it. It's been a long layoff but with that corny phrase, somewhat like the best, the best setbacks make for great comebacks combat.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
Boom, boom.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
I love you, girl, and I'm going to talk to you probably tomorrow or later, so, talk to you soon. Okay. Okay. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
So amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
No vacation.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
Bob, man, grab your temptation. Fake

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
wow if you guys didn't finish that episode with more knowledge about sex or violence then you probably weren't paying attention or you're already one kinky mofo but I really want us to pay attention to the last thing police said. Have you ever met a hater doing better than you, actually, Susie, who is in our thoughts and prayers. She was the one that said that she's such a kind hearted, smart, wise woman. I think we should all try and remember that and that's what I'm going to leave you guys with. Also, please keep tuning in. Next week. We've got an amazing guest I won't tell you who it is but you guys are going to be in for a treat. And if you like The podcast, please rate and review it. It helps us get boosted to the top so more people can listen. Thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer, DJ zol at DJ zol to market studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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