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Episode 11: Cynthia Calvillo

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters about love, dating,

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romance and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley,

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Rebel girl, Evan Smith.

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Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff,

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and we're back Episode 11 of your new favorite, man, maybe secret podcast. It's okay guys, no one's gonna judge you for listening to a sex podcast. And if they do Well, they probably need to get laid. So if you're tuning in for the first time, welcome to an alternative MMA podcast, more risque, more personal, more about actual, you know, people are the fighters then what they do for a living? And man, do these types of outlets help us sometimes in order to deflect attention off our own crap, we, you know, kind of focus on celebrities or people of interest, and that's okay, because with the state of the world and 2020 I think we all need that. I know there are a lot of you who may be down or a little depressed because of the situation COVID the riots, no work or whatever you have going on. That's okay, too. It's okay to be sad, but not for too long. It's kind of like losing a fight in my opinion. You know, it hurts physically, emotionally and mentally. You take a few days to lick your wound, you heal up and you ask yourself, what could I have done better? You learn a lesson you dust yourself off You get back in the cage. I think that's what we all need to do during these COVID times, if COVID is kicking your ass, dust yourself off, pivot, get creative, find a way to win, even in 2020, the year that we will always remember summed up as what in the actual fuck. So whether you're tuning in for the MMA, or if you're here for the juicy gossip, I hope today's episode takes your mind off of 2020 and lets you zone out and laugh a little bit. Also, quick reminder before we talk to today's guest, the head UFC makeup artist of 13 years is battling stage four cancer. Suzy is one of the kindest people that I have ever met, and a big staple of the UFC family. She needs all the help we can give. And I've listed a link in the you know, episode notes below. So if you can donate please do anything helps. Also, if you liked this podcast, please help us grow, rate and review us on Apple, Spotify or anywhere else you listen That moves us up on the rankings and more people can listen. Now, let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is number two in the UFC flyweight rankings and number 13. In the UFC women's pound for pound rankings, she's built herself a nearly perfect record in the toughest by organization in the world. And within on 11 one and one record, she can practically taste gold. She's not shy or timid in the cage. But revealing her personal side is another story. We're lucky enough to be let in as she talks about no COVID rebounds. Being a tomboy doesn't mean being a lesbian, how blurry edgy pics are dicks and much more. Here's your guest, UFC fighter

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Cynthia calvia

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Hey Cynthia, how you doing? I'm doing great.

Unknown Speaker 4:06
Beautiful. Kelly here.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
Yeah, you're in. Right now you're up north.

Unknown Speaker 4:12
I'm in. Yeah, I'm in Northern California, San Jose California.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Nice. I love the Bay Area. I'm originally from Ukiah, which is not the Bay Area. It's the boondocks about three hours north. But yeah, I'm a North Cal girl you know

Unknown Speaker 4:26
by Yeah. By history. Like wrestle like in Menlo. Yeah, see below because

Unknown Speaker 4:36

Unknown Speaker 4:36
not gonna ganja is just cuz I followed like a lot of you guys like you know like a lot of MMA girl fighter so Danny just because I was following you.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
Screw you daddy, it's about you. I feel like daddy was the one that put mental wrestling on the map, you know with the UFC and then me and Carla followed and we had a couple extra, you know, Josh ma Kody Gibson was on there for a little bit. Yeah. So, Menlo shout out. So I want to talk real quick about just what a roll you've been on MMA wise you are coming off a win. How many weeks ago was that?

Unknown Speaker 5:17
Like a month and a half ago? I think

Unknown Speaker 5:20
it's COVID times don't

Unknown Speaker 5:22
we don't know. COVID brain right now. Okay. So, over a month ago, you beat Jessica I who was highly ranked. You had your debut at fly rate. Oh, correct. Yes. So successful debut, you headline to card.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
And well, I think you have flyweight in the UFC.

Unknown Speaker 5:41
Like Okay, so UFC flyweight debut still pretty cool, headlined a car. That was the first time we ever done that, right?

Unknown Speaker 5:48
Yeah, heck yeah, unexpected. And then

Unknown Speaker 5:52
I know that sounds kind of silly, but in my eyes, you're kind of like on a four fight winning streak. I know you had a draw before this last fight, but whatever. So, yeah, you just been on a roll. So how do you feel right now? And like, what's the feeling? Like? Is it life as normal? No big deal. Are you kind of feeling a little like, elated? What's it like right now?

Unknown Speaker 6:14
Um, well, I mean, I'm happy that I was able to get the opportunity, you know, something that I asked for, I didn't think I was gonna get it, but I got it and then so it's like when you take those opportunities, and if you do good, you better be willing to back it up once you get to that position. So like, I'm super excited, obviously that I got the win and that I like, freakin jumped, align, you know, for especially for me, moving up straight to number two. But if you're gonna do that, you better be willing to back it up for what's going to come up next. You know, and so for me is just kind of like, Ah, you know, be ready to fucking know what you're gonna get into because at the same time, it's like, you're still going to go through Cova times, like obviously we're going through like closures of gyms, on and off but I'm happy but also like Get to work. You got to stay work. You gotta keep working as hard as you can. And you know, we all know life's not really normal right now so you got to just kind of do it on your own so it's kind of lit a little fire up my ass.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's it's definitely you know, I always say this to people MMA specifically being in the UFC it's a high risk high reward profession you know? If you're willing to take that chance it can really pay off but it's if you don't if it doesn't work out you know you it's it's really unfortunate you can you know, obviously lose a lot of money you get cut, you've moved down in the rankings, people talk shit, all that kind of stuff. So I commend you for that. It's really scary because like you said, every fight in the UFC is a big fight but now everybody wants you right now you're Yeah, like blood in the water.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
That same feeling of when I made my UFC debut strongly, it was the same thing I got I popped into C and then all this always really cool bits came out. Nowhere you know and then years ago everybody was like you know fight me I'm like I'm good with that you know is it's a problem if you don't have fights so people are wanting to find me I'm like oh better for me yeah cuz like you know some fight most fighters are always like look I can only to so many signs a contract you know I can't wait to get in a fight you know and if you were wanting to find me That's way better for me so I'm pretty much on the same boat again you know kind of went down and now I'm back up there I feel like these girls to fly were kind of looking at me look as little as strongly came in and fucking jumped the line let me get her she's gonna you know it's a quick you know as B and I can get up to the top yeah basically

Unknown Speaker 8:39
I love it. Basically Stormin you make some moves you store bid you fucking let people know you're here and you like put a stamp on it too. You know, like I I was nervous because you know I looked up to Jessica I years ago before I was at the UFC and was like, wow, I love her striking you know, so like, I kind of became a Jessica I And then I became a fan of yours. Somewhere along the way, and then when you guys were fighting, I was like, I feel like I want Cynthia to win. But I think, you know, this isn't maybe don't call me an asshole, but I was like, I think just come by when I was just, yeah, you were moving up. And it was just I have to be totally unbiased, right? People are like, Who do you think is gonna win? I'm like, well, there's who I want to win. There's who I think is gonna win. And I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. And I'm really happy for you. So the big question is, what's next? Are you going to be cautious of the COVID times and try and postpone your next fight? Or do you feel obligated since you are at the top of the list now? Take a fight whenever they know.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
I feel like if anything, like I'm almost almost at the position where like, I can kind of like sit, you know if I really wanted to, because like, Okay, well, I'm up here, you know, but I know I don't want to I mean, I like fighting I want to fight. Um, the only thing obviously, we always have things out of our control, whether it be you know, your training where you trade If that, you know, that's something that's like an issue or injuries, you know, or just like, life outside, you know, and for me, like, I want to get busy, I honestly want to fight as much as I can if you're allowed to right now I am currently in a bit of recovery from my, you know, I don't want to talk specifically, but I have a few like injuries and so I got a few procedures done. And so now I'm just in the healing process. And as soon as I get clear, then we're gonna take a fight, but I think October or November for sure, for sure, for sure. Oh, the word Oh, that's good. Oh, da da da. It's like cuz I, yeah, I'm not I can't sit around for too long now. But I'm a person that I'll do other things to try to make sure and stay in shape even while I'm like dealing with injuries. I always like find a way to work around them like I don't stop. So. Yeah, I did kind of almost seem like oh, I'm dealing with injuries. I'm going to take longer. Grab like no, as soon as they're like, yeah, the green light on like, that's good. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 11:05
fortunately, and unfortunately for me, I've fortunately, have like, really not been injured that often. But unfortunately, since I am not used to injuries, I'm dealing with this one nagging one. And I've learned the hard way that you have to stay on your rehab. You know, it's like, doesn't feel like it's doing much at the time. It's not not a big deal if you miss a day and I'm like, Nope, wrong, wrong wrong. Like and I don't know if you've had a lot of injuries in the past or anyone listening but do your rehab. stick to it. Don't miss a day because you could think you're fine. You go back to training and then you know, your shoulder, your knee or whatever. So

Unknown Speaker 11:41
it sounds like you're on recovery, everything. It's very important even while you're training to avoid, you know, injury prevention. But yeah, I learned the hard way. When I tried to make my professional debut. I had to set off for three years waiting to make my professional debut because I kept breaking my forearm in the same place kind of like the same thing with Paige. You happen to her. That might happen before I went Pro. Funny enough. I mean it's it's kind of shitty but like she was actually one I think the second time I broke my arm was like when I was training with her because I was there. I wasn't ready to come back, but I kept coming back like way too early cuz spiders you know how we are we're too stubborn. And so I didn't do the same thing. I didn't do the rehab. So it took me Third time's a charm. I had to sit out for a year without like doing any sparring or taking any hits to that arm and then I made my debut and then six months later, I'm in the UFC. So yeah, yeah, it seemed it seemed like it took me a short time but actuality

Unknown Speaker 12:44
it took me a long time. Yeah, well, you said one thing and I it resonates with me fighters. Most fighters are stubborn. I'm very stubborn. And it can be good if you harness it in the right way. Right. We're tenacious.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Yeah. Well, I mean, That's why we're fighters like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 13:04
but it could also bite us in the house with our relationships everything else in life.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Sure, so onto relationship speaking of that, what do you got going on? Are you in one are you single ready to mingle What's going on? No, I'm single and I would say probably like completely convincing which is a good thing was like having like probably this year and then I would say the COVID side probably the The good thing because then you don't like jump into like these like you know, rebounds or something like that, you know? You can go out or do the No, you can't go see us the whole fucking deal with it. Get over there and then you know, so that's that's been the good thing about it like after something like fog because it's like going through this or like, not, you know, especially COVID movies, dude, all this shit everything going on, like fuck the whole world, you know, but, um, I think it was it was a good time.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
time together.

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Well, I think that's a really good way of looking at it because I've seen some funny memes when it comes to dating and it's like, a girl or a guy on their phone and they're like, just because it's COVID doesn't mean it's time to text your ex and I'm like, Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:12
like, no and I don't want to talk to anybody during like COVID either, because who knows what desperate shit they're telling you because it's a desperate time. weird

Unknown Speaker 14:24
weird time. You're gonna say some shit you know you start dating next time quarantines over then you're like out, like

Unknown Speaker 14:33
what did you mean? What do you said this year I became fully single. What is what is partially saying?

Unknown Speaker 14:39
I would stay fully single as in like, I'm not talking to anybody. here Yeah. Cuz you're always like, kind of like talking to someone or something.

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Yeah, you know, or you know what it is? So it's like, this is like the fairy like first I'm like, okay, yeah. All right. Is that because you don't want

Unknown Speaker 14:58
to talk to anybody. Is it just COVID? I mean, I know COVID is making it, you know, almost impossible if you're being cared about your health and other sales, but is it like did you make up and you know, decide in your mind like, I just want to focus on my career right now. You know, I'm doing so good. I'm on a roll like fuck guys or girls. Oh, by the way, sorry. How do you identify? sexually heterosexual?

Unknown Speaker 15:21
I'm straight. I like men.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
I keep forgetting to ask that. But I'm like, I feel like I'm gonna get in trouble one day because it's like, how dare you imply that I'm straight and oh, my bad.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
I mean, of course everybody's different. I mean, I've actually like gotten asked that a lot of times because I feel like on social media, I also don't come off like I'm like talking about like dating or like relationship stuff. So like people always kind of like skeptical and I'm like, not never post me guys and be like that, like, no, unless you're my training partners or coaches or whatever, family friends whatever, but and so it's always you know, they're always like they've asked me Hey, my friend wants to know hey,

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Mike and I'd so I've gotten hit on by both sides.

Unknown Speaker 16:03
Yeah, more more one than the other. Well men for sure, but I've got a lot of girls too. Isn't that I mean, I think it's like the biggest compliment because I feel like Sorry guys. us women are way pickier so it's like a bigger compliment to get hit over girl right yeah

Unknown Speaker 16:24
all right i mean

Unknown Speaker 16:26
i'm like way my

Unknown Speaker 16:28
boots like like a bunch do you like about welcome kind of vibe in my opinion be more girly? I feel like

Unknown Speaker 16:36
you and I probably because I'm a fighter, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:40
But you're also like more like tough girl, you know, like I would put you in I in the same category and like Paige Van Zandt in the other fighter girl category, you know, like her and like, I don't know who's another kind of like softer fighter girl like Caitlyn Jenner Kagan.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
You don't be like that's not really Another fighting skills

Unknown Speaker 17:03
even if it's common I like like Paige and Caitlin are like what you do for it like as far as like what they put out there as far as like being girly girl because like I don't see Caitlyn being

Unknown Speaker 17:14
though that page is over the top girly girl you know?

Unknown Speaker 17:16

Unknown Speaker 17:19
maybe like Rachel Rachel ostrich?

Unknown Speaker 17:21

Unknown Speaker 17:22
yeah, you know we're Tracy Tracy Cortez.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Yeah, just yeah, just your feminine and like less like rough around the waist kind of Yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty tomboyish I get dirty. I can't wear white.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Oh, no, no, I literally just bought a new top on Amazon. I was like, Oh, cute. racerback crap top. I'm gonna wear this mustard. I was like, Oh, I'm not gonna wear

Unknown Speaker 17:46
this anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Yeah, okay, so you're single, but I interrupted you. Are you are you just trying to stay away from the dating scene focused on your career? Are you just kind of taking it as it comes?

Unknown Speaker 17:58
I you know, I'm just taking it as a couple Like, I'd be lying to say like, I wouldn't want to, like someday find something, but it's not something I'm like, it's gonna weigh on my head and like, there's just so much shit going on. Like, and I know, I realized that if I ever tried to put my attention on that, then that's where most of my focus is from guidance gonna take away from my fight in truth. Oh, so I got to just put it I gotta put it first. I mean, I'm not gonna probably talk to like, I've, there's previous I was gonna talk to guys and they're jealous with, like, how much focus I'm in just like my trainings first like, sorry, dude. Like it has to be. Because before fighting, it wasn't like that. It was a game like me to put something out and never worked out and like doing that again.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Yeah, and some men have, you know, these are the really insecure ones. They have a problem with their woman or their girl, whoever they're dating being in the limelight. If they're not,

Unknown Speaker 18:48
you know, it's like, oh, I've been around a bunch of dudes too. You know? Yeah. Yeah. is a big

Unknown Speaker 18:54
number one sign of an insecure guy. Yeah. All right. All right. So let's say you No, I'm a dude. And I'm like, ooh, you know, I'm looking to impress Cynthia. What kind of like characteristics Do you go for? Do you have a type of guy or is just just like, you know?

Unknown Speaker 19:13
It depends on Well, I would probably say someone who is obviously active because I'm a very active person. I like being outside all the time. So

Unknown Speaker 19:22
I see you you're like little outdoorsy girl.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
I have a little Dora.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
My, since I was little, like, I cannot stay still or focus inside if I was inside of movies, like getting distracted by whatever is going outside. Always like I just, I just Yeah, exactly. Like I dress I'm like dog. Oh, like, I'll point out every single dog before I point out any celebrity. Yeah, so just you know, obviously. I mean, we could try it. A little Name all these things we want a guy to be, you know, but I mean, I honestly just want somebody who's a good person. I'm not high maintenance. Just show talk. Don't be jealous. Yeah. and hang out with me outside. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:16
any food obviously.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
Yeah, so I guess you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:20
and you better like dogs. That's another thing. Oh, you don't like my dog? We cannot talk.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
Yeah, as soon as like so my boyfriend. I don't know it's so stupid but like as soon as like my boyfriend got close to my dog and he like started taking them on walks like I even asked him and I was like, he came in and I was like, Where were you guys at? He was like, Oh, I took him for a walk. I just looked at him with like, hearts in my eyes was like, I love you.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
Yeah, I had

Unknown Speaker 20:45
to like come over and he just like automatically just take them for a walk as soon as he got there and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 20:51
oh, okay, this

Unknown Speaker 20:55
animal lover like outdoorsy kind of guy. Those are good characteristics. You You know like you said good person not jealous that's a must Are there any like physical traits so you like a tall dark and handsome you like blow they

Unknown Speaker 21:07
for sure have to be taller than me. Okay well that's taller and they can't beat them up by forcing you to be taller than by four okay okay you up

Unknown Speaker 21:20
yeah but okay so one is probably easy but the other one spider Cynthia you really set the bar high there Come on they have to be

Unknown Speaker 21:30
yeah cuz i mean if they can't fight like I can tell you up

Unknown Speaker 21:36
oh this is exactly what Jessica Pena was saying she's like it's not attractive if I can beat you up but I'm like, it is not Yeah, so yeah. And you know would not

Unknown Speaker 21:46
try to beat you up but just like let's say let's say we like one out some worrying we needed to protect each other one or the other. Like, please don't let me be the one that has to do the job.

Unknown Speaker 21:58
Back babe, I've got this Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Although Something tells me if I was drinking enough they probably wouldn't do that even if they could walk around. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:08
That girl but like a backyard fighting I love fighting. Yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 22:18
you definitely I mean I'm right there with you on how it's not like you have to know how to fight but you know it, you work out be in shape maybe be like

Unknown Speaker 22:29
okay so for example, if there's times where I can open a jar of my man open, you better be able to fucking open it before I do.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
Okay, I know this is stupid and you guys are gonna be like, dang girl you need to work on your grip strength, but

Unknown Speaker 22:42
sometimes Gatorade bottles are hard as hell to open. I don't know. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 22:47
Can you open this and he just looks at me like, yeah, I'm the man and I'm like, come down. It's just a gateway bottle.

Unknown Speaker 22:53

Unknown Speaker 22:56
I feel you on that.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
So you said that you know You want him to be able to fight? You know, does that mean that you tend to date fighters?

Unknown Speaker 23:05

Unknown Speaker 23:08
hmm. Not necessarily. I would probably say that I have like, since I started fighting, I probably have, like, dated or have talked to it not not many of them. But if I have every time is most the time they either trained or they're fighters. Yeah. But there's, you know, but it's not it's not a necessary thing. And it's obviously probably something you have to be really careful with. Like, if you want to talk to anybody in your gym, you don't want to like really do that because then you don't want to, you know, shoot where you eat. Yeah, exactly. Next thing you know, you gotta fucking do all kinds of crazy shit. You know? So it's like, it's just it's it's not good, you know, but it's unavoidable. I can understand it because people are gonna come and get like, have connections and stuff like that. But I think for me what helped out a lot is because I was older when I started. So a lot of the guys that were there like it even if it was like train, you're on the same was me I was already kind of like older than them. Yeah. So I always kind of looked at him like I was like, Oh, you know immature boys I see right through it already at that age.

Unknown Speaker 24:09
old were you when you started fighting?

Unknown Speaker 24:11
Um, I was 23 when I start training.

Unknown Speaker 24:14
Hey, me too. And now I'm 33

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Yeah, me too. When is your birthday? We just talked about we're both cancers.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
My birthday is July 13. And mine was

Unknown Speaker 24:25
July 9.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I remember you like telling me and then like, I never say

Unknown Speaker 24:32
Wait, when do we talk?

Unknown Speaker 24:34
You know, because originally when we were supposed to like do the show. Oh, yeah. It was going to be on your birthday. Oh, yes. That's right. That's right. And now we gotta like kept pushing it off.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
Yeah, Cynthia has been dodging me guys.

Unknown Speaker 24:49

Unknown Speaker 24:53

Unknown Speaker 24:55
Okay, so there's 33 and, and I only asked this because I've been getting this all the time. Like, I'm fucking Dustin my vagina or something. But people are like, Oh, he's 33 Are you having baby fever? I'm like, no, not No. Stay with

Unknown Speaker 25:13
like a number. Like if anything, I'm like, man, I don't feel any different from the time that I turned 21 except the number and I'm supposed to be having my ship more together. No. Yeah, no then that's about it. Panic more thing about that. But I want a baby of my son and my dog.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
Yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:32
I want kids sometime. But no, no, I don't think about kids right now.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
That's good. So I guess that means that um, if you say you'd start to date a guy and you find out he's got a kid. Is that a deal breaker since you are your own or?

Unknown Speaker 25:45
No, no, absolutely. It's not a deal breaker. I mean, it might be a deal breaker. Let's say if you have like five kids, baby mama.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
No, that's a red flag. That's a red

Unknown Speaker 25:55
flag flags right there. Now let's just say some nice guy. Maybe he's got a kid. I mean, You never know maybe I get older it might be somebody who did have you know two or three kids with one single woman that he was with a long time? I guess it depends but I'm, I'm not gonna be like, Oh, it's a deal breaker. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Okay, well kids aren't deal breakers any other deal breakers for me okay so I don't care if you're Brad Pitt if you're smoking cigarettes. I don't want nothing to do with you. I you know, anti cigarette, you know other smoking. Okay, not crack, but you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Oh, cannabis. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Yeah, actually, I might make it like, you know, I think like cannabis, smokers, marijuana, weed, whatever. Those people are way better to date. I've dated a lot of guys that drink. And the best guys are the weed smokers. They're just

Unknown Speaker 26:49
exactly like that's just the way it goes. Me too. I prefer guys that are definitely good. They have to be Oh, that's another thing. They have to be open to cannabis to because Yeah, otherwise

Unknown Speaker 27:03
no cuz

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Yeah, I've learned later in my life actually far too late in my life that with my personality trait in who I am. I am a much better smoker and drinker. I mean

Unknown Speaker 27:19
yeah, yeah. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
Yeah. I'm half Latina and it comes out on a drink or

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
So you are I saw someone post the other day. You were somebody woman crush Wednesday I'm sure you get this a lot. And especially you know, like when you're about ready to fight new people tag you it's like, makes you feel good makes me feel good. You know? And I want to know who your like celebrity crushes or fighter crush but I feel like you're gonna dance around the fighter question so we'll say fighter or celebrity crush

Unknown Speaker 27:55
to think what see

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Wait before I started fighting I mean, I'm sure a lot of girls and like probably have a crush on obviously. GSP I don't have a crush on him anymore. No.

Unknown Speaker 28:09

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Um, why am I have a crush. It's like probably like Rob Whitaker

Unknown Speaker 28:19
very handsome and he's like a family man. He's just personality. Yeah. You know, so he's kind of, yeah, kind of like one of those like, you know, I'll take questions just because like, the way he is a family man, and he's a fighter.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
Who's taller than me? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
You know who's similar to that handsome family? Man. If you know good fighter, Alan giovane.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:46
yeah. And he's a model boy. He looks. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Yeah. I don't like model looking guys. too pretty for me. Like, yeah. Okay, well, you lie you steer a door. realize their doors.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Yeah, I know you're talking. Last name, the main event guy.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Sure. No, I'm talking about the main.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
He looks like like, basically like our Karen Fabio. But,

Unknown Speaker 29:17
yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
So I want to ask them a little sensitive, but you touched on it earlier. You know, you gotta have a guy who's, you know, secure. You can't deal with jealousy has jealousy, or your career or jealousy because of your career been an issue in your past relationships?

Unknown Speaker 29:36
Oh, yeah. For sure. Yeah. have you dealt with that? Well,

Unknown Speaker 29:43
breaking up.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
boom, done.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
You are cut. Yeah, I mean, is this it's really hard to change by habits, you know, and sometimes whether it's up to you whether you want to do with them or not something you do with them when you're younger. I would say that's probably what got me into Fighting because I had a very jealous, insecure person that I was with at that time for many years. I always wanted to do trade martial arts but I never could because he was super jealous. He also would always be like, you know, you just want to go to the gym because you want to go hang out with all these dudes and bla bla bla and you know, it was very controlling and it wasn't so I finally got done with that, that I was able to like finally pursue martial arts and ever since then, I've been fighting professional UFC fighter you know, I had somebody hold me back because of those reasons because they're jealous they were controlling and

Unknown Speaker 30:39
didn't work out so this was like my big feed to them I guess.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
Yeah, for sure. I'm sure you did it mainly for yourself but icing on the cake to be like or

Unknown Speaker 30:49
human. Yeah, or even lean on when there's times where like the good guys you don't you're fighting and you say you ever do interviews are like they're like they asked me about like, my love life or personal stuff and Like, I'm a very private person told you very shy. So it's like, when I don't talk about it, and then I've gotten like, what I'm done with doing interviews or like talking about this and like, get away from it, then I've had them come up to me like, your shame, you don't want to talk about me, bla bla bla bla, and I'm just like, it's not about that, and just a private person. I don't like talking about stuff, you know. And it's very difficult to even when chalker like, bring somebody especially like, say you've been dating for not that long, maybe a couple of months or something like that, like, I don't know. And so it's just, it's just weird. Yeah, but I've definitely had to deal with that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:38
it all stems from, you know, and when you're a strong woman physically, mentally, emotionally, you have to have an equally strong man and hard to find, you know, we got a lot of Cynthia fellows these days that it's, you know, what, when you find one, it's, it's awesome, you know, and I said, One day, one day, one day, so

Unknown Speaker 31:59
Like, there was a lonely dog.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
No, No, No you won't. But I read you're my age. So I'm not like hip with the whole swipe left, swipe, swipe right. When you do you know, date, would you prefer to do old fashioned meet a guy at a bar? Or would you rather swipe, you know, through the Rolodex, you know, bing bing, bing, how do you date? Well?

Unknown Speaker 32:22
It's definitely probably organic. You know, um, I don't, I don't think I've ever like I've never met or talked to me through any, like online dating. You've never been on online dating? No, I've never done done any of that stuff. Why not? I'm just uncomfortable with it. And then then after I started, like trading and fighting and like getting into the UFC and become who I am like, man, they just almost like makes it even more difficult because it's like, do people want to talk to me because of what I do and who I am or because of like, you know, who I really really exist and so excited. I just I'm kind of screwed in that way because like, say like, okay, maybe I do want to try on one of these online dating sites and love that. You know what I mean? But it just doesn't, you know, No, I know. We're talking on the bar and like you're drinking and somehow it gets out to somebody that you're a fighter. And all of a sudden you get all these dudes try to like square up with your belly shut like fuck, there we go.

Unknown Speaker 33:26
It's a double edged sword for sure. I

Unknown Speaker 33:28
would rather than like, not know what I do, and it just kind of like makes it more difficult with that. So it's gonna take me some time. I think I've been

Unknown Speaker 33:35
shamed online dating and I'll tell you a quick story. So do you know what plenty of fishes I've heard of it was like the older one before Tinder and the newer ones or whatever, it's the only one I've been on. And never again, because so I had no middle profile. And then I met this boy we dated for like four months and I like you know, deactivated my account whatever. We broke up. It was pretty cool. Your relationship and then got back on, got back on and had a message from some guy. And he's like, this is not the real Ashlee Evans-Smith she's a UFC fighter. She wouldn't be on here and I'm like, Oh, she wouldn't delete Billy Billy.

Unknown Speaker 34:12
And I was like, so embarrassed. I'm like, Am I not allowed to do that?

Unknown Speaker 34:17
It's not that you wouldn't expect it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
It's just so much easier though. You know, it's like, Okay, my name is Brandon. I live in Moreno Valley. And

Unknown Speaker 34:29
I'm like, Oh, you hate dogs out. I mean, I've known people that have actually a very successful like, you know, relationships from growing that and

Unknown Speaker 34:37
you know, I'm not opposed to it is this it's hard for us, I think. But then I was like, looked into it. I mean, I don't know if there's like websites you know, for like certain people. I know. My friend was like telling me that like, there's sir in like,

Unknown Speaker 34:53
dating sites where you have to like, show your credentials and like, you know, get approved. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
So like the fighter version of like farmers only or

Unknown Speaker 35:03
I guess so. Yeah like it's tricky you know individuals like careers and Shanley got

Unknown Speaker 35:09

Unknown Speaker 35:10
okay like you gotta yeah you gotta have your shit together or either have similar likes obviously but it was just starting from now that would work

Unknown Speaker 35:19
yeah cuz there's dating in the fighting seemed like no thank you

Unknown Speaker 35:22
but I get what they're you know it's like okay maybe not to be shallow enough not that this means a lot but like let's say you make at least this much money or you have a full time job or you know like I don't know like that's hard because then it's like

Unknown Speaker 35:37
a lot I mean a patent on like what they're looking for you know what you're trying to see whether this person is just someone like in college looking around just trying to find a good you know quick hookup or try to like you know live off someone else yeah this shit together they had at least you know, I mean get the job. What do you do feel

Unknown Speaker 35:57
like I know someone in my life who has tried a matchmaking service. And I feel like, I don't know, like 30 and down is like Tinder, Bumble, you know, whatever other apps hinge or whatever it is. And then like, you know, 30 and up is like, we'll do a matchmaker service because we're really fucking serious about this shit. We want to like start a family, you know, but yeah, I don't have personal. Actually, I would like to get a matchmaker on the podcast. I think it'd be kind of cool to ask him or her questions and, you know, interview them, too. Yeah, that would be really cool.

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Yeah, give people like dating advice and stuff, you know, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Yeah. So no social media, you like to, you know, just have it happen organically. But

Unknown Speaker 36:37
I know you get hit on a

Unknown Speaker 36:38
lot on social media. You said it earlier. And I also know you get the creepy weirdos. I got it. So the reason I'm asking you're gonna be like, why are you asking about that actually, but Felice herrig was just on the show and the amount of feet requests this woman gets his astonishing. Yeah, I want to know like, do you get some some weirdo record? was like oh yeah I'm sure you know I've gotten you know can I can you send me your use clothes stuff you know um they've definitely sent me all their wiki feet shit oh yeah yeah okay I know I'm on there without my

Unknown Speaker 37:16
mom there gotta be Matt burn

Unknown Speaker 37:21
I gave up I'm like having like just like my skins it's like I train like I'm just like okay you know and so when like people are like oh you're cute like you're lying down with you

Unknown Speaker 37:34
yeah, but no definitely have I don't click on the blurry pics

Unknown Speaker 37:39
oh yeah no no no blurry pics.

Unknown Speaker 37:41
Don't even don't even try

Unknown Speaker 37:44
any free listening that don't understand what a blurry pic is maybe you know you're so fortunate that you have not had this situation. If you have a blurry pic pop in your outbox, you know, not your direct inbox. It is 99.999% of the time going to be a dick pic.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
You're supposed to be considered inappropriate. Oh or something

Unknown Speaker 38:06
can be insane. You

Unknown Speaker 38:08
know, haven't got any of those. I have actually there's this one girl on my Snapchat. And I don't know if I'm just perverted why I haven't blocked her but I've just I think every time it pops up, I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 38:19
you're a girl like, why are you doing this? But

Unknown Speaker 38:23
you don't have to unfollow her but

Unknown Speaker 38:26
Oh, I should do that too.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
I don't know if I'm just like, Oh, I feel so like she sent me boobs.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
But I don't want boobs guys. Anyway. All right, move

Unknown Speaker 38:39
on, you're getting a bus.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Just an influx of

Unknown Speaker 38:45
idioms moving along. Do you consider yourself like a romantic or do you really like when the guy's romantic or do you not really care?

Unknown Speaker 38:55
I do. And I would probably say in like a bit of a little hopeless romantic. No, I like all the romantic shit.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Do elaborate, please. Cuz you don't like you said you're

Unknown Speaker 39:06
a tomboy. Like, oh yeah, I mean obviously, you know how girls are sometimes like, if you meet a guy who's like too nice and he's just constantly doing shit then you can't you don't even like it but you know you just have to don't overdo it but obviously you want to acknowledge and show appreciation and love to the person that you know you're care about or you're interested. So, you know, like little small gestures. I'm not talking about like, oh, you're like flowers, you're gonna do this every week and I love you and I'm telling you, I'm beautiful every day blah, blah blah, just, you know, like, just like small little gestures you know that you know, that person likes you know, might be going to the store and like I see something cute that reminds me that person or I see something like that's funny, you know, but don't go over the top. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 39:54
agree with you and the little things, you know, just because it's a perfect example. Like you They go to the store. You know, we'll just say ice cream because I'm a fat kid and then they know your favorite ice cream and yeah, bring it home and you're just

Unknown Speaker 40:06
like, you would be

Unknown Speaker 40:10
like buy me a little 99 cent bag of gummy bears on

Unknown Speaker 40:15
bag. Yeah, cuz you said you're not high maintenance and I feel like I'm similar like, I'm not high maintenance but I but I do want a lot of love. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
Yeah, exactly. Like I love I don't like I'm not a very materialistic person. Yeah. I just I'm rough with everything like you know, and those are toys like I don't take care of anything. So don't worry about one unit by mistake because I'm gonna break it. Like, for example, like this last fight, I was like, okay, no, usually when I hang out my friends they like oh, what are you gonna buy yourself something you know, cue for you after your fight. You know, you deserve it. And they we all went shopping and they all bought themselves like person You know, I think Philly bought these girl uppers and we're at the Louis Vuitton store and then like we couldn't get in like, I don't like any of the shit. I'm gonna buy my mom first. I was like, I'm gonna buy my mom furs you guys gonna have all your ship I cannot wear this because I don't just it I just don't comprehend it myself like don't get having a walker older five grab

Unknown Speaker 41:24
bag like a girl. Well, I'm the same I put it on the floor.

Unknown Speaker 41:29
I throw it around. Yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 41:32
first of all, like it's got to be sturdy. If it's that much, you know, it's probably not durable, but you know, the way I see it is I don't know what your background is like, but for me, I came up very, very poor. So to spend money like frivolously especially when we work so fucking hard for it like bleed, sweat cry, you know? I'm like, I don't want to just throw it away on something materialistic that someone could steal I could lose it I you know, like I lose a lot of shit. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
So, I feel you on that.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
Yeah, it's not like I'm not against it. Like, I felt like I didn't like, you know, for like my friends or whatever. Like my sister. She's super, super girly girl and various enemies very, very girly. So she buys all the purses and everything so, you know, whatever you're into whatever makes you happy. You know, whatever. You not me, I just my dog.

Unknown Speaker 42:22
I'm jealous of you because you got a sister who does all that stuff. So like, you could just be like, Oh, I'm borrowing this tonight.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
Oh, she won't, but let me borrow shit.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
She knows you're rough with everything you'll

Unknown Speaker 42:34
know. Because Yeah, that and because like she's like, she's 10 years older than me. And so like, she kind of like was like my main babysitter she like pretty much she helped raise me you know, so she sees me more as a kid so it's never been like, oh, let you borrow stuff. Maybe me sneaking into it and like borrowing some of her clothes. Yeah, her calling me later and yelling at me. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:58
so your sister was a big Big part when you're growing up Is she the one that kind of told you about the birds and the bees?

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Nobody did. Oh, how'd you learn about it?

Unknown Speaker 43:09
I guess just been in it

Unknown Speaker 43:14
on the job

Unknown Speaker 43:16
well, my my culture my like, you know, I mean I can't say my specific culture but it's just like we don't talk about like intimate and that's why another reason why I'm so shy and like I don't really like talking about this stuff because they never talked about any of that stuff like even like woman's like you know time of the month and all that stuff like and they never really talked about it I just kind of how to figure it out or whatever I learned in school and stuff. But we we don't we don't talk about incident stuff. Just sick. We don't talk about problems. It's just a thing. Like in our family, so it's like, she played more of a mom thing, but I would say for sure we don't talk about those things. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 43:58
didn't. I didn't get like a talk. Anything like that, but I I learned just for my friends like, you know, they'd be like, well this is what French kissing and this is first bass

Unknown Speaker 44:06
and I'm like, oh, okay,

Unknown Speaker 44:08
no and then you think you know and then you like, you know hook up with a boy for the first time you're like I had no idea.

Unknown Speaker 44:14
Yeah, no, I was watching those like, you know I'm like in TV Cable and they're like the other porn channels and then sometimes it'd be like, kind of blurry you're like, Is this like, like, what is going on there? So that's how I learned like I was just flipping through the channels watching through those fuzzy cable

Unknown Speaker 44:32
TV. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:35
I know you're shy, but I'm gonna ask you some questions that you do it. You don't seem shy? You do. You're killing it right now. So whatever, I'm

Unknown Speaker 44:42

Unknown Speaker 44:46
it so. How and when did you lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 44:52
I was

Unknown Speaker 44:55
um, I think I was like 15 and it sounds crazy. Like, think about that. Like no that's not like yeah i know but then we need to put all your nieces and nephews and like everybody who's like younger than you they're like holy fuck I don't know what I was doing

Unknown Speaker 45:10
no no no I know I do it like it like way young now and I'm like oh my god I don't even think about that yeah cuz you must be close to your family cuz you're like

Unknown Speaker 45:21
well cuz my niece my niece and nephew and stuff like that I'm just like looking at them they're like 1817 you know

Unknown Speaker 45:27
they've been fuckin

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Okay, okay no we're talking about your family fucking sorry

Unknown Speaker 45:37
pretend it doesn't happen, you know? Yeah. So what about you? What

Unknown Speaker 45:41
did you have like a weird awkward story? It was a magical like we

Unknown Speaker 45:44
always plan

Unknown Speaker 45:47
No, it was not magical. Like literally probably had I had like the same person that I was with before. So if it knows we're the same person throughout high school, so I was like with my high school sweetheart for like, freakin eight, nine years. Oh dang. Yeah, I like since I was like 1415 since I was with them and obviously 2022 23 and yeah, so it was kind of gone.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
Dang, did you have that like, wild phase afterwards where like, I'm free I want to be crazy and you know, just live it up.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
Um, I mean, I did like I would go out linking all my friends and stuff like that, but honestly, as soon as I was done with that very controlling relationship, I started fighting I was just so obsessed with MMA. Like that just became like my number one thing like no matter what I'm sure that I've like there's probably times you're like hooked up during that time but like I can't really remember specific time without was like the only thing I was focused on. The one thing I remember I was focused was just like, training and fighting. Like, I don't know what it was about. As soon as I when I had my first training session. I was like, I just, I've, like, I almost like it would be the sense of like, all For guy like you found another love, and maybe became my new love. I love it. We keep saying you said a couple times now and you said, basically in so many words you get what you focus on, you know? And you say, yeah, at that time you're focusing, you know, on MMA and right now you're like, Ah, you know, I know, I understand that you get what you focus on. So I want to put all my focus on, you know, winning, you know, and my career right now. So that's, yeah, you know, it's good, because, you know, here's 33 you know, contrary to everybody else's belief, we ain't old. Like, we got plenty of time. We got our dogs no big deal. Yeah, I'm more experienced, I feel just as good but more experienced

Unknown Speaker 47:37
a little better. I'm definitely getting better looking and smarter.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
I haven't figured everything out yet. But I know

Unknown Speaker 47:45
we're close to that. My my boyfriend, actually, he was talking to his mom the other day, and, you know, she's probably like, 60 ish, somewhere around there. And he was like, he just turned 30. I'm robbing the cradle, and he's like, dirty mom. And She's like, kid, you are so young you are like just starting out and you know, and I was like laughing I'm like, yeah, we are in the big picture. Like, we're so young when you know we're not even in our 40s or 50s or 60s so we feel like we have a lot figured out but we got so much life left to live I think. Yeah. You Um, so you you do abstain from sex during a fight? I know you're focused. So you know, it's like obviously you're not dating anyone but you know, maybe you just got like a hookup buddy to relieve some tension. I don't know what what are your views on

Unknown Speaker 48:34
sex before a fight I said what I said completely signal that's what it means to everything.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Like no it doesn't say though. Do I say do it like before fights and No, I don't think it plays like a negative thing as it does for guys. actually try to like look up and like did like some research is good for you. I know. A lot of the guys would be like, you know, I think you you know those are cool, but I Just think it's more of our like, I think they did like studies and stuff like that it can affect the guy. But only if it's done the same day. You know, I mean, you'd probably, you know, there's some guys who can just like, you know, have sex up until the fight and stuff like that, but it'll only affect you the same day, you know. But for girls, like supposedly we're supposed to, like help out.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
Yeah, so we've come to that conclusion the last few you know, girls we've talked to it's like, Guys, not the best, you know, but I really feel like with a lot of things, sex included, it's mental so if you think it helps you, it probably helps you if you think it's harming you it's probably gonna harm you because that's you know, fighting and so mental You know,

Unknown Speaker 49:44
it would just be different for like guy I think for I can see why it would like physically be different for like women and men, but yeah, no, I mean, I'm definitely never, you know, done in the date of the fight. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 50:01
a little crazy here. Yeah, cuz.

Unknown Speaker 50:03
I mean, yeah, I mean, I don't know if other than but

Unknown Speaker 50:08
I'm sure they have.

Unknown Speaker 50:09

Unknown Speaker 50:10
I have weigh ins, like, you know when you're like cutting weight and you're like, hey.

Unknown Speaker 50:19
No, like, you've been like when you're like you're so sucked up and like you're so hungry and tired. You can't even sleep.

Unknown Speaker 50:27

Unknown Speaker 50:29
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 50:31
I mean, I usually can't sleep, but I will become like thinking about like sex because I probably feel like shit.

Unknown Speaker 50:37
What am I saying? I'm doing any of the work.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
I know, I know. I know, but

Unknown Speaker 50:45
just don't do it a couple hours before you.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
So you're, you're aggressive in the case. You're, you know, tomboy, but does that transfer into the bedroom? Do you feel like you're more of like an aggressive partner or like A little more submissive when it comes to being physical.

Unknown Speaker 51:03
Oh, my goodness. I know, I

Unknown Speaker 51:04
know, this is a part of the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
There's got to be some balance.

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Okay, okay. So I would say it's like there's times where obviously you want them to be aggressive because there's kind of like, dead zone disk drives. But then then there's times where you're just like, all right, like, for example, there's like this meme that like, the other day and it was like, you know, you know, first couple minutes into sex, you know, girl says, Please be gentle. 10 minutes later, All right, now throw a brick at me.

Unknown Speaker 51:44

Unknown Speaker 51:45
yeah, that's good. I feel like we want to be like, tender and caressed and like, You're so beautiful, but we also want to be like, dominated and like, held down and we're like, Alright, now.

Unknown Speaker 51:56
That's actually a really good answer.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
The balance you said. There's a balance. And that's true. Yeah. Because it's

Unknown Speaker 52:02
like when you ask the girls like, Hey, what do you want to eat? You know, like, Fuck, well Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 52:11
true. It's kind of like you know, different moods and like for me maybe I'm just being lazy but I have if I'm in training camp, and I'm sore as hell, like, I don't really want to be on top. I would much rather him be on top and do all the work, you know.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Yeah, I mean, or you could be like, this is another workout.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Oh, I like your mentality. See, you're

Unknown Speaker 52:30
like switching over to like the flyweight? Girl. Take it easy on this training session because I'm gonna give some more later. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:40
I've got another workout plan so you're gonna have to take over and

Unknown Speaker 52:43
sweat I have to slay

Unknown Speaker 52:47
has add any guy ever asked you or like tried anything like in the bedroom where you were like, what the hell? And you're like, Okay, that was weird. I'm gonna remember this for a long time. Like a freaky stuff.

Unknown Speaker 52:57

Unknown Speaker 53:02
No, actually I haven't encountered any weirdness like that.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
Sexual credit shot me if I get out of line.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
Yeah, no, you know, yeah, thank God I haven't. Okay, got that like awkward part but yeah, no I mean I've definitely seen it unlike other like, you know watching like TV and stuff like that I've done that but Atlanta. Yeah, lucky girl.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
There's time. Okay, so this the first segment of the podcast we have a couple segments left we have lightning second round, we have Fuck, Marry, Kill and then we end with fan questions. So right now, since I can tell you're getting a little timid. It's called lightning round. All you got to

Unknown Speaker 53:46
do is say yes or no. Okay, I'm gonna say either one word or a phrase and you just gotta go. Rapid Fire. Yes, no, yes, no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
I also cover your ears. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
Okay. He's like, yeah, you guys listening to this? They're turning the volume up right now. So.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Okay, you ready? Yeah. Okay lightning sex round. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Um, nope. Gotta be fast bastard.

Unknown Speaker 54:17

Unknown Speaker 54:18
all right spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 54:21

Unknown Speaker 54:23
Come on girl. Yes, no, it's okay. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 54:27
I mean, you know, I mean, I was like you can't be a fighter now say that.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
It's that like, Is that a real question when you get hit in the face? I said,

Unknown Speaker 54:37
babe, who's speaking you on the face? I bet your booty whatever.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
No, that's

Unknown Speaker 54:52
okay when you're when you're when your Tia was like come here I'm gonna give you a spanking you knew was on your butt. You knew it was not gonna be on your face. I don't

Unknown Speaker 55:00
know dude. I don't know did he a smack

Unknown Speaker 55:05
How about okay biting?

Unknown Speaker 55:08
Ah, goodness sakes.

Unknown Speaker 55:13
If you got to think about it, that's probably a No,

Unknown Speaker 55:15
no, I just don't want to say these things because I just don't like talking about sexual stuff. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 55:22
Okay, there you totally say pass. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Okay, I'm just gonna say I'm just gonna say pass. It doesn't mean No, but it does mean yes either.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
All right girl.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Let us say okay, I could depends what is porn? Do you watch porn? No. Yeah, I don't have a foot fetish. No, I don't do like bondage. No role playing.

Unknown Speaker 55:47
No but stuff on you are a partner. Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 55:54
No. lingerie, boys Baka lingerie.

Unknown Speaker 56:02
I guess it depends on the person.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
No, I mean not.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
We're finished.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Because I thought about it probably and I'm just like

Unknown Speaker 56:14
that's why it's called lightnings extra Cynthia.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
No, you're good. Hey, it takes a lot to get on this podcast. It's called sex and violence. It's not like, you know, we're talking about

Unknown Speaker 56:26
normal stuff just gonna say yes and no to every

Unknown Speaker 56:29
user. Yes. No. Yes. No. Article, Cynthia likes to watch porn will having fun zero being tied up tied. Sometimes. No, thank you, girl. That was the lightning section. The last segment is called fan questions. You ready? crashed.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Hmm. So these are all real fans of yours, that have you know, wrote into my social media or the Instagram of sex and violence or Little girl. First one is from JC he, Anton VC. Would you ever want to try your hand at pro wrestling?

Unknown Speaker 57:09
Um, yeah, why not? That'd be I think that'd be a ton of fun. You know, there's always a lot of tech things you want to do after fighting so, yeah, I'd be great.

Unknown Speaker 57:18
I haven't asked that too. I'm like, why not probably get paid more money for less injury.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
Oh, Hector. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
That Omar Kareena wants to know how did you deal How do you deal with bad publicity or negative comments?

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Oh, man, um,

Unknown Speaker 57:37
I would say that you know, most the time you just got to focus in what's in front of you and realize that like social media is like another reality that's you know what, you can make a reality which is not completely real. So it's stuff I'm not gonna lie definitely, you know, have like dealt with my ups and downs or, you know, people have said some negative things, but the best way to do is to To see what's in front of you, I what really matters. Like none of that stuff really matters. Because at the end of the day, they can't see what you do on a day to day basis, they can't see all the struggles, they can't see the hard work. So it's always reminding yourself what opinions really matter. I like that

Unknown Speaker 58:18
that's true, I need to remind myself to because I got, sometimes I got thick skin and other times I'm a little sensitive girl, and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 58:25
Yeah, they're always gonna try to just, you know, say, well, they want to say, you know, to get a feeling out of you to get something out of you, and that's what's gonna make them happy. So as long as you don't like a normal reaction, and that's fine. I think that's another reason to why I'm not very active in like, active or interacted with a lot of people on social media is for that reason, um, you know, you give a lot of people who don't know you the ability to reach out to you and talk to me about of your personal life. Like it's just that easy to reach, you know, and it shouldn't be that way. So there's fans who you know, have people are close friends that like, you know, Comments, stuff like that. And usually I don't even interact with that or with a lot of comments because then I feel like it askable or rude for not replying to everybody. Yeah. Let it be a good answer.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
You're never gonna make everybody happy. Exactly. Yeah. All right,

Unknown Speaker 59:15
so at Doug Liu five.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
He wants you to choose Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Ashley. Carla Felice. Oh, God.

Unknown Speaker 59:38
You want to be a lesbian? Here's a chat.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
Let's see.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
Kill me. I won't take anything personal. Don't worry.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Okay. Well, first of all, we got to go real fast is going to kill first. Okay. I mean, this is just a given.

Unknown Speaker 59:55
Gonna be Carla because you're out Carla. She's like my little Laws are like, I wouldn't want to know.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
Exactly, but don't have those kind of problems already, so we got to get rid of that would be unhealthy relationships at least. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
I would stay because I don't know, felice. I probably I don't know you very, very much. But I mean, I know you more than I know her. So that would make you better candidate for marriage.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Yes, I'd like to.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Yeah. Thankfully, she's feeling bogged.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
Yeah, I mean, yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Lorne Knights wants to know, what's it like training at Team Alpha Male and why did you leave? Ooh, that sounds like it could be personal.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
Ah, man, I love Team Alpha Male. I really love training there. It's pretty good. Universal high level trading never really good structure.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
I think for me because I was just so already used to the coaching that I had at the time and that were probably my main coaches like for example, Justin was like my main coach and probably was the first one were like really, really like a, you know, believe in me. So I when there was that whole Fallout and changes with Coach with coaches and stuff that was really difficult for me, I felt like my parents are going through a divorce and, you know, I just kind of felt that same feeling going to the gym over and over and there's a lot of changes. So it's like, I just, it wasn't like a comfortable situation for me to like, just go every day. So I ultimately that's why I made the decision to leave but it is a great gym. There's a highly high level trading partners there. You get people from all over the world fighters. I mean, just they come every single month every week they're there so you're never going to be a shortage of training partners. And of course at a high level so you know, like I said, Love it. And it's it's become more diverse a little bit more obviously was known before for having all the smaller guys there's a little bit bigger guys now so

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
yeah. Okay, and you're happy now you're at aka right?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
Yeah I mean it's honestly it's really tough for me to say at this moment a lot of people have been asking me about that and especially after my like my last fight or before my last fight but once the COVID hit, I mean in reality I was able to work with them maybe I was splitting my time from Sacramento and AK during the week and I was only there half the time and then COVID hit and then that's when I decided to fully move back home and be with my parents during this time and I didn't really get to spend too much time there. You know, really getting a feel for of, you know, the way it is. So, I'm here really to see but from from from the time that I have been there, it seems like it's it's going to be a good fit, but we'll see. We'll see. As time passes by, it's really difficult to really see what's going to happen. Okay? All right, so at Hector g 87 says, What's the first thing you notice on a man or woman when you're checking them out?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
it would just definitely just be like their their vibe and I would say like, how kind they are and like, you know, I'm definitely with Sam attracted to a person who is very, like considerate of like other people and they're very kind and acknowledged. They know you're not like to circle I'm over here I'm like a smile. No, no. Like his butt. No, no. Yeah, I mean, cuz you never know. Yeah, I'm very more talkative to personalities like their cares like characters like care if they're charismatic and stuff for sure. Or Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
good. Yeah. Feel like a pervert.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Like okay. At the end of the day, like I would probably definitely want somebody who's like active so they would say they have to take care of themselves, obviously, but for me it has to be there Krishna Lee, I see some good looking guy and they're fucking dickheads I'm like, Oh my God,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
this guy will punch him in the mouth doesn't matter. Alright, so at Charlie 105 says, and I already know the answer to this after our interview, would you ever make an only fans account? Oh, no. No, hell no. Cynthia could not even talk about lightning sex round. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
I feel like some kind of organic or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
My money

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
might be something but for for Android Nanos foreseen in my future.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
If you see Cynthia's only fans, her life has gone horribly wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
Okay. All right last fall.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
At 916 Chris wants to know, who's your favorite male and female fighters to watch.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
There's a lot I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
I mean honestly for female fighter I knowed as far as like well roundedness, I mean I love the men in US obviously so this is a very dominant champion. And I could easily say Wally too, but we haven't really see too much of her like ground game too much I mean, she's obviously a very exciting fighter but and now like I like watching Rose, Rose, Rose nomina she's just so well rounded fighter everywhere I've been I could have said Valentina team, but I haven't really I know she gets like you know she's gotten submissions and stuff like that obviously she's an amazing striker, but like as far as like scrambling and just being a legit like well rounded fighter like I enjoy watching rose. Roses. Awesome. How about the male's?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
The guys let's see

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
I try to think about why just weld like

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
being well rounded but also like exciting fighters Mmm Hmm

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
It's hard because there's so many you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
yeah dude I'm a fan I get I get excited about watching like everybody fight like I watch all the freakin fights all of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
Robert Whittaker okay we like watching Robert well yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
I like watching him

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
this thing that I've been asking all the guests to end the interview is Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36

Unknown Speaker 1:06:39
Oh, man, that would be good. Well, I probably want to hear one of the guys and said obviously I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
don't Yeah, it's not like that. Like I wouldn't like want to go like hook up with them. If I seen them. I'm just saying I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
crash I would wander fight and die. That's like that. That

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
doesn't mean I want to bring Adam Sandler.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:08
Cool well, nuts that's

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
a girl You did it. It was a painful

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
Was it hard? No was it you know, a was a little bit nervous because I smell these like weird sexual questions of like sex positions and shit. I'm just like, fuck, fuck, I'm just gonna like stay quiet.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
It means so much that you came on the show. I mean, it's easy for someone like, you know, Alex Hernandez or Ian McCall, or these guys that are very out and open and don't filter themselves, you know, but for someone like

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
yeah, boys.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
Yeah. Like, you know, and like, You're like a single girl and you just, you know, we're judged a lot by the things that we do or say or don't do or don't say so. I think you're awesome. Like I said, I've been a fan for a while, even if Carla hates me for that. But I'm really excited to see where you go from from here. You know, you're on a roll and The biggest thing I've taken away from this interview is you focus on you get what you focus on. And it seems like your focus is on point and it has been for a while. And if you don't let any dicks get in the way, you're going to be champion.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Okay, girl, thank you so much. Please come on in the future. Maybe after you get the belt. Who knows? Yeah, train hard and stay safe out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
I joined the dating site because I've just you know, 40

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
dusty ass vagina. Hurry up.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:36
All right, talk to you soon. All right, bye, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
Don't want no short man.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
Another in depth and probably a little too personal interview with an amazingly talented and single female UFC fighter. It takes a lot for these athletes and guests to open up and let us into their lives. Some people are shy like Cynthia or Jessica penny. And then you have people like Alex Hernandez or Ian McCall, who, I don't think care to filter themselves at all. Fighting is hard, it can be even harder with a partner. Finding love is hard. It can be even harder to be alone. I hope you're all happy and in a relationship or loving the thing of life. Or you're swiping away on Tinder like 2020 isn't packed with COVID-19 PSA, stay safe wear protection.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
Down below and up top. wear a mask and wear condom if you guys didn't get that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
Whether you're dating whatever your dating status Be happy, be healthy and be you stay positive. And if you're feeling down, that's okay. It's okay to be down every once in a while. I won't quote Rocky. I won't say it's not how many times you get knocked down. It's how many times you get back up. Okay, I like fuck it. And if you like this podcast to help it grow, tell at least one person send a text tweet dm. And if you're listening all the way through and you're we're on number 11 now and you haven't done a review, what are you guys doing with your lives? Come on write one. It helps us a ton.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
Do it. Do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
That's my best Ben Stiller voice.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
Thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all of your fan questions. Special thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer, DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and to Next week to hear more tales of sex and

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