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Episode 12: Jason Ellis

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Sex and

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sex and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance. And that's all too taboo subject six. I'm your host, Ashley. Rebel girl, Evan Smith. So let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff.

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Howdy, y'all. We're back, trying to dive deep into the lives of your favorite fighters, entertainers and other awesome people. I won't make this week's rebel girl update too long. I've got a feeling Today's guest is going to go a little over schedule. But that's a good thing. Things are still the same. For the most part. The world is in turmoil with social justice wars, pandemic hysteria, job loss and wage concerns in addition to whatever else we had going on in our lives pre 2020 fucking shitstorm. But the good news, things will get better. When Don't ask me hard questions. Just take your mind off the craziness for the next hour or so and listen to some tales of sex and violence. Also, quick reminder, before we talk to today's guest, the head UFC makeup artist of 13 years is battling stage four cancer. Her name is Susie and she's a sweetheart. She's truly one of the kindest people I've ever met. She's also a staple of the UFC family. And she needs all of our help we can give so I've listed a link to her GoFundMe in the Episode Notes. Please donate if you can. And if you like this podcast, please help it grow. rate and review on Apple Spotify or anywhere else you listen that moves us up on the rankings so more people can listen. And in appreciation for your review, we'll send you some free sex and violence with rebel girl stickers. Just dm on Instagram. With your address and a screenshot of your review. Just a little thank you for all your support. Now let's talk to our guest. Whether it's dropping into a 70 foot skateboard ramp, stepping into the cage boxing ring, racing trucks singing on a stage or authoring books, or just putting his personal life on display, including sexual escapades. It seems that this guy's got nothing to fear at all. Here's your guest, Jason Ellis. Okay, we have Jason Ellis today. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Jason. How are you doing?

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I'm good. Thanks for having me.

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Yeah, so you have been highly recommended by all my friends and colleagues. They say you are a perfect mix of sexual violent person.

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Wow. Well, that is an honor. I mean, I've always wanted to hang out with UFC fighters. And I always like go UFC fighters, but I'm like old and married. So it doesn't really work. It's always been a fairly close I can get.

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Yeah, I've heard your name off and on throughout the years, but I really feel like I might be the only person who didn't know your accolades, if you would, if you were

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there mostly bullshit. No, I

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I mean, I was a skateboarder and I'm on the radio. The rest is like here, right? No, no, I

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think it's pretty fucking cool. You wrote two books, you know, you have multiple podcasts. I mean, hell, it held a Guinness Book of World Records. At one point, I think, unfortunately, someone broke that. But

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yeah, it's actually not. Somebody asked, that was like a record that they didn't offer the person that could do it enough money. And he said, I know a guy who will do it for 10 grand, and they called me and then I did it. And then they finally paid him a lot of money. And then he did it.

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Well, that's

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it. You're like, you know,

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oh, I was pumped anyway, call me and said, Hey, Alice, do you want 10 grand to jump off something? And I was like, Fuck, Yeah, dude.

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That was like the first time I realized I was getting paid to fight professionally. I had like 10 amateur fights and then took my first pro fight and like one and was walking out the backstage and my coach was like, Where are you going? And I was like, going eat some food. And he's like, let's get paid. I was like, fight and get paid. This is great.

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How much you get paid for your first profile. If you don't mind me asking.

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I I got really lucky. So I joined a tournament. It was like a 145 pound women's tournament in Miami and the winner of the whole tournament gets $20,000. So I want three fights and got 20,000. But that's not that's unlikely for debut fighter, especially back in 2012. But doing good, but speaking of fighting, I don't want to sound like a psycho. But I've been basically living, breathing eating Jason Ellis research for the past week because like, I know, I've, I've had a great week of I feel educated on all things skateboard racing. It's been fun. So the one thing I got to ask because it is sex and violence, before we get into the sex talk, you are 48. But that is not holding you back from wanting to fight professionally again. Am I correct?

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That's right. Yeah,

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please, please tell me your future goals of fighting professionally.

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Well, I never had kickboxing fight. And I'm wanting to do that. So that I can be that I can have a fight in all striking genres. I wanted my claim was to be undefeated in all three striking genres. According, according to me, I keep boxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts. If I can win a kickboxing fight, then I can have that bullshit claim of being undefeated in all three in all three striking genres that I could say that when I had a few drinks at a bar, and everyone could say Shut up. But that was kind of the the main joke behind that. But I kind of like my knees been bad for some time. Now I actually got it. After I want to fight. A friend of mine kicked me in the knee and broke my imcl off and I was already retired skateboarder and I really didn't care. I was like, whatever it healed, then I didn't get a surgery. And then I tried to start skateboarding again recently. And I discovered that my knee just can't take that. And then the rest of my MCs fell off. And then when I got like, a cadaver got a dead man's MC I'll put in and it's been probably one of the hottest surgeries I've ever had in my life out of old escapable ones as well. So to me, I didn't get this so that I could, you know, walk with my kids. It's like, no, I got this, because I'm going to kick some fuckin ask. If the doctor told me that he never seen a knee so bad, which means he's like, you're gonna have so much more stability. And I know all these people now I'm so much wiser. So I am older and slower and stuff. But I know a lot of people that do a lot of different workouts and eat in Do you know, like, I'm on fucking steroids as well, like all the good ones. I just feel like I've got a few more years left in me to do the highest because to me, fighting is the highest level of sport because I'm on the highest level of fighting, but it's the intensity of when I was, you know, top 10 in the world and skateboarding just when you're like in it, the King of the Cage fight a couple years ago, and that ship was is gnarly as anything I've ever had happen to me in my life. I was like, holy shit. That was the most intense thing I've ever done. So I want to do one more. There's a guy, the comedian, Louis J. Gomez, and he wants to fight me and he's like, I want to fight you MMA fighter. I'm like an MMA fighter. Are you sure about that? Because he's he's really bad, like, way worse than I am. And, and I was like, Well, if you think you're good enough, like, Yeah, man, I'll give you a shot. And I like he wants to do it at Ellis mania. But at Ellis mania, you can't add Pro. If I have a pro MMA fighter at Ellis mania, that means that I because at Ellis mania, I also have a fight where there's, you know, there's like four people blindfolded with dog collars on our necks fighting each other when I gave the remotes the people in the crowd, like that's not going to get sanctioned. So it's so it's like one thing or the other and I don't want to have an endless mania, where I just have all serious fights. That's not what I do. I do comedy boxing, like it just always escalates. And I usually, if you want to go, I will go I'll fight anybody if it's like spray entertainment or for the competitive part of it. So if everybody who listens to the radio wants to see me fight, anybody, I'll fight them. Want to

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Louis J. Gomez, this comedian said he will find you in an MMA fight. You just need an organization to sanction it. Is that what you're saying?

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That's my that's my next step. Step with him is look, let's do it for real if you really want to do it, let's pitch it to balance Hawks. I want to go as high as I possibly can right obviously no date and why wouldn't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole. But if I do the bellacor thing, like we're gonna sell tickets we're gonna sell like, like, we might not be that great, but I've seen fights on a ballot or on the car where I might, maybe I wouldn't beat that guy but he wouldn't. He wouldn't. destroyed me like it'd be a close fight. I'm, I know what I'm doing. I'm not gonna look like an idiot, you know? Yeah,

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I can see that it's totally happening. You know, I mean, because at the end of the day, I hate to say this but, you know, if you put acid you know, asses in seats that's, you know if I don't

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I'm not living in a false reality like this is just bring some people bring some eyes to watch the real athletes do their thing. We're just there for entertainment. And you know, yeah, I

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mean, if we ever get back to normal crowd, you know, full crowds and all that I can totally see being on the undercard at the forum in LA and you know, pulling in lots of people that that'd be exciting. I'd love to watch that. I know there'd be some fighters piss the fuck off though, because they'd be like, what the fuck? I've got way more fights this guy's 48. But you know, whatever.

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Yeah, well, I mean, if you want to find me after I beat up, Louis, I'll fight you too. I don't I'm not saying you're not more worthy. I'm just saying, Don't don't don't you don't have an argument that I'm not helping your sport. And I might not be a good guy. But I love MMA till I die. Like I love to do it. And just because I'm not that good at it doesn't mean I can't be a part of it, especially if I'm going to bring you more people get more money if that happens in the end, you know?

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Yeah. If it if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense. And I know a lot of PR, you know, organizations, you know, follow that rule. Maybe the UFC doesn't but they've they've done some things and brought some fighters in that. Didn't really afford it.

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Yeah, I fought a King of the Cage in like, the middle of nowhere. It was packed. I know why it was packed. People came to see the stupid skateboard radio guy have an MMA fight. That's what it was. I knew it was like, I forget if it was two idiots. It would pack the place out and it would be fun.

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Well, I hope your knee gets better hope you stick to your rehab, and I hope Louis doesn't.

Unknown Speaker 11:56
So if he doesn't, then I'll probably I'll just find somebody normal. Who's better? I'm definitely going to have another fun.

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Yeah, okay. Well, you're still doing the LS show. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 12:10
Yeah, that's my real. That's my real job, the Jason Allen show on that Friday.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
Got that. And that's on Sirius. I didn't get a chance to listen to that. But I've been listening to the Jason podcast. And I think it's awesome. It's such a good place to start. If you're not familiar with who you are, you do a really good job of kind of giving a background of you know, your skateboarding and all that because I'm like, Well, when I was doing my research, I was like, Where the fuck do I start this guy? Should I read his book? Should I do this? You know, and, you know, first of all, you're how many episodes in to your podcast to?

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Yeah, I'm doing my third one tonight. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Okay. All right. Well, we won't take up too much your time. But, uh, but what do you I mean, I know, I don't want to tell everybody else. But what are you going to talk about? on the podcast, you already have the LS show you have, you know, done other things in the past? How is this one going to be different?

Unknown Speaker 13:01
The podcast is more just for the really hardcore people that listen to the Jason Ellis show. And it's a little bit more to me, it was the only reason I did it. I don't need to do it anymore. Like I don't need I don't even want a sponsor, if I just do it. And I don't, I don't know, undertaking a check. I don't care i'm doing because there's a lot of people that have helped me, the people that listen to the show have given me a life that I just it's not, it's pretty unbelievable. I still think that like every couple of days, I can't believe I live this life. And that's because all these people listen to the show. So I've been really honest with some of the struggles that I've gone through in my life. And a lot of people that listen to my radio show relate to me so that really hardcore fans usually kind of have something in common with me as in probably like some damage from their childhood. So that brings it closer connection to them and me. So the podcast is more about talking about surviving, you know, struggles of childhood also even injuries because that's really the thing that triggered me to start it again was being in here and people telling me, you know, knee replacements and being older and you know, the chances of coming back to it I'm like, you know, if you don't even fucking know who you're dealing with the mindset of the normal person out there, maybe you fucking might be done with but to me, it's just laughable that like half the world thinks like, oh, knee surgery might not come back to my kid. Just just people have already given up before they start. So it's a little bit of a podcast about mindset, because I feel like people don't I'm I'm educated. And I'm very successful. And I know how I got there. And it wasn't from reading anything. So there's certain things I can bring to the table. I think that people that have less opportunities have been given less of a chance can use my my shit to get something they want out of their life and then also have these fans on They'd have like really crazy stories that and the show has helped them. And they just tell their story and then all the bit of a community. So that means when they talk on the podcast, everybody else that listens to the show will be like, Oh, shit, you're on fucking Alice's podcast last night I token Alice. It's all like, I'm just trying to pay back Really? Because, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:22
I think you are, you know, in my humble opinion, I've listened to the two episodes so far. And I was telling my audio engineers all I'm like, it's it's uplifting, it's inspiring. It's basically about getting knocked down in a number of different ways. Whether it was you know, skateboarding or drugs or people, you know, bashing you, and you know, feeling bad or whatever. And, you know, like you said, you don't have this elaborate education, but you never let it get you down. Or maybe you get down, but you always get back up. And I feel like, especially with the shitstorm of 2020 going on. So many people, there's more, you know, depression, there's more suicide, there's more people drinking and the world needs a little Jason Ellis podcast right now. Or sorry, Jason podcast, you know.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
I mean, that's why I feel like people don't like talking about that on social media, too. That's why I've been trying to do that a little bit, because I feel that I've been drinking a bit. I've been depressed too. I fucking hate this shit. It's like, everyone's like, Oh, look at me. I'm working out again. Like, stay in pump stay in focus. It's like, bullshit. Sometimes here you are going to the gym. But don't act like sometimes you're having a bad you're not having a bad day too. And I feel like when people look up to other people, if that person can just admit they also have a bad day and still here tomorrow. I think that goes just as far as the can, you know, the constant positivity? Do I feel like it's a little bit more realistic that we all get down a little bit? You know, some people? It just happens.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
Yeah, I mean, everybody's everybody wants to post their best selfie out of the 20. They took everybody wants to, you know, I PR today, you know, but no one wants to talk about how they fuckin finished two bottles of wine and Xanax because they couldn't cope with the loss of their job. You know, you're like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 17:13
that's it. Because it's all of a sudden it's not a trend apart. Look, I have the same thing with the whole being bi thing. It's not cool. Like, when Jason taught like you're you got you're gonna look when you Google me that's bullshit accolade thing like, New York Times bestseller, fighter racecar driver skateboards, like fuck off. And then it's gay. But what? You know what? That's, you know, it's not cool. Dude with dude. Like, you know, what we will need to get past that is, but who would chicks make out with each other, but it's not cool for dudes to make out with each other?

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Well, that's where I don't know, I'm against. That's where you don't know me. So my, my hope is to, to get you on here. You know, now that you're on here is to talk about just that. I'm glad you brought it up. Because there's all many people unfortunately, that have this, you know, stigma with, with with men, men or men, you know, gay men, or by they put it all in the same category. And you are like this epitome of an alpha male, you know, like skateboarder fighter, like, you know, you talk about openly about being in chicks. But then again, you know, you don't mind hooking up with guys as well. And you're married to so I think it's such a mindfuck for people, but I think you're the perfect representative to be like, Look, not every bisexual man or gay man is some fragile, you know, wearing pink, you know, speaking, you know, with a list kind of guy. And I think that that makes people uncomfortable because they start, you know, the people that are a little homophobic basically. Oh my gosh, like, maybe that buff guy over there is gay. If he's gay. Who knows who could be gay? It's a really it's a really?

Unknown Speaker 18:56
I've never read any of this. This is just like life lessons. And to me, I am that guy. I am straight. I am hydro. I am. I don't. I have been uncomfortable when guys are made out near me. I don't I only recently have been okay with guys kissing me. I'm like this weird. Like, if you ever seen boondock Saints? Yeah, I'm like, hop in that where I'm like a gay guy that hates fags. It's taken me which means I've had the this poison in May as well. Like we're not we're I've hated myself for being interested in it. Where I frowned upon people for talking that way or acting that way or, or I'm like, oh, man, at least I didn't make out or you know, I've definitely made every comment that every other homophobic person has made in my life. And now to get where I am now. Where it's not so much the act of ensure that's one thing but for me to be okay with everybody loving each other in If it's same sex or it's trans or whatever it is to be completely okay with all of it is to mmm like 48 say I'm still trying to figure out all of it so I don't blame other people for being awkward around it because I too struggle with it even though I do so I get I get straight people for getting weird about it I just think the more people like me talk about it and still go about my day like you know like yes, I sleep with guys but guess what, believe it or not when I'm at the gym? I don't think about fucking due to their day that I think it has happened. No, I want to make a program like don't think about second Tony's dick. I've never been lucky Tony Wolkoff ever. It's not what you think it is everybody? Yeah, but the more I talk about it, the more you can be relaxed. And if you don't want who really

Unknown Speaker 21:00
gets it, it's all about normalizing it. I think that's just people are unaware and an educated and essentially just ignorant. You know, they don't know. And so when you you know, educate people and like I said, normalize it. Hopefully the goal, you know, 1020 however, however long the

Unknown Speaker 21:16
more it's just the more people come out. I mean, to me that the reason the biggest one for me is I'm the only so I'm the only person that's in the tattoos cheeks moto and fighting and Dude, I'm the only one on the planet. I don't think I am I think that there's like a lot of people Oh, yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 21:37
you're the only one who's spoken about it. Probably.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
Right. But they want and I because a couple people are gonna give the world really bro you're like that? I didn't know that. And then they get past it or, or they don't like you ever again in a duvet doesn't lock you for that can fuck off. Like really? Yeah, I mean, I didn't want everybody but who was like me or even on the spectrum would just say, you know, like, so wha and then and then it would be over? Because you probably find that that happy friends or has done something or thought about it? You know?

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people are scared for the backlash. You know, there's a lot of sensitive Sally's even when it comes to social media. You know, someone calls you ugly and your feelings are hurt. So imagine if someone calls you you know that fucking a faggot in real life. And it's happened

Unknown Speaker 22:26
to me 100 times I saw somebody play a video of Donald simony say that I'm affected Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Rogan podcast. And I watched that, and it broke my heart. didn't really know me, but I look up to them. You know, I know I'm older than them. I'm not as I was Joe, but I woke up to dumps like, I want to be like, Don't simony I'm like, I love MMA fighters. And he was been my friend for like, 10 years, like, every time you see me, hey, like, he doesn't want to talk. But he's like, hey, it's the funniest guy, whatever. And then to hear that I was like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 23:01
yeah, and those are the types of reasons that I'm sure added to you not being open with your sexuality sooner. Am I right?

Unknown Speaker 23:10
Yeah, because I actually had Rob Dyrdek on my radio show and he's from skateboarding. And he said, on the on the everybody in skateboarding, Jason would be on the bottom of the list for potential bisexual bigs. Like he was the most macho, he's like in the middle. Always hanging out with hot chicks. Just not not not hanging out with all the jocks in skateboarding that but the least understanding so yeah, there was a time they were applying had of added myself even though I wasn't sure what I was what I wasn't back then. But if I had got stomped out, like, regularly,

Unknown Speaker 23:49
yeah, yeah, I mean, especially how many years ago? That's a question. How many years? Did it take for you to feel okay with being vocal about your sexuality? I mean, you were how old when you were skateboarding. Until recently? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
Well, the thing The difference is, is like I've listened when I was a kid from a couple people, a couple different people. Then I got a kind of less than a little bit when I was, like, 1615, from a couple of months. My ex, my stepmoms Golf wives were girls. So I had a confusing childhood when it came to that stuff. And then I think a couple of friends did some stuff to me and then a skateboarder, a skateboarder when I came to America blooming a Jacuzzi, who was my fucking friend, who, no, didn't say anything. I didn't say anything. I'm not gay. Nobody's gay. And all the sudden he's blown me in the jacuzzi. And I'm, No, I haven't slept with anybody. I'm in America, and I let it happen. And I thought to myself, why did I let that happen? And I'm like, you know what, let's not think about that. Jason. Maybe just drink some more. And then maybe another, another interaction to an MDMA in Australia. And all of a sudden, I'm in a gay bar and somebody's like, Hey, come on, man. I did. And I was like, wow, Jason, if you do enough drugs you will have, you will do gay stuff. And it wasn't like, it was more like, they just blew me. And I'm like, yeah, sure, I'll let you do that. And then I just hate from then. And then Okay, then the big one was, took us a party a lot, took a bunch of ecstasy at a fucking dinner party with a bunch of skateboarders in Australia, like the business people in a big party, and then one of the head of transplant that came, he was really pretty. And I just, I didn't know, I don't know, I don't care. And we started talking. And I just agreed to leave with her. And I left the restaurant with her. And people saw that. And then my girlfriend at the time, told this other skateboard guy who was also pro when we came to America, and he decided to not be my friend anymore. That's when he started telling people I was a trainee. And that's when there was little, he was really big in skateboarding. And people started to believe it. And that's when I was like, I'm out of here, like, that was I was probably 30, something like that, and maybe 35. And then I moved back to a che because it was him and I were going to fight and every contest, he wanted to fight me and I don't get what's happening anymore. And then people were asking me, dude, is that true? And I'm like, I can't, because I didn't know it. As far as I knew. Had I done some stuff? Yes. And back then if you do some stuff, does that make you gay? it from what I heard from all the other guys? Yes, it does. So I guess I am. But I still like girls, but I don't know what it is. And I don't know what you'd call it. And I just wanted to go away. I don't want anyone to know about it. And then I got kicked off a couple of sponsors, because that I told them, and they called me and said, you know, read your fag. See? Wow. So then I went back to my tail between my legs started doing heroin. I really gave up at that point. And then that's, you know, there was nothing happening anymore. When it came to the gay stuff. I just was more about doing heroin and trying to kill myself. And then I got a call about doing some stuff for ESPN in America. And I came back to being an alpha, so that I could dodge the skate the pro skateboard thing a little bit. They seem to forget about me a little bit. broke up with my wife. It's a mother and wife every year, American Girl, I had kids. She was just a friend. And she's like, I'm pregnant. I want to have the kid. I'm like, All right, I'll support you. And then before my son was born, I tried to tell her that I've had, I've had some experiences and she was like, seemed it seemed like, that was not a good idea. For me to say that. She was not that into that. So I sort of retracted on that one a little bit. And the girl before that, when she knew she started telling people that I was affected. So that was another one to remind, remind me not to tell the girl that you're with. So then when I broke up my wife, I knew don't go out with anybody. Because you can't tell anybody. No one will date you when they know that you've had experiences with men. And you can't lie because I don't I don't want to live that life or I have that one thing that I'm not telling my wife so I just figured I'd be like a bachelor guy like a like a an ugly George Clooney or something. And then my wife now then we hung out and had some really weird sex from the get go we had a real weird sexual connection that was way past anything I've ever had in my life already. And then she just from the way that was because we were so open and kind of crazy. When it came to that stuff. She asked me

Unknown Speaker 29:08
there was a trans calendar in my apartment in my one bedroom apartment. divorce. That was my my bounce back like the bounce back. I can't remember what it was. But anyway, he goes trans girls and I was like, oh maybe you're hot. I'm like what it is. If you aren't that cool then Yeah, I am. Really and I'm like yeah, yeah, I guess like I have never said never heard ago not get wigged out about it and be the even opposite be like getting pumped. Like she looked like she was gonna bond me saying that I would do that. Would you sleep with a god and I was a boy. I kind of have. And she's like, Oh my god, it's so hot. And then she told her friends and like their friends. Friends like oh my god, it's so hot. I'm like What? Who are they These people What is happening? And then that kind of gave me you know, I had some here, two girlfriends that are married, and I started sleeping with them. And they were, you know, they're gay. And they're like, fucking good for you, Jason. Like, it's funny. We think it's great. And when it gets hot, and then that made me talk about it in front of them. And then that just started to give me confidence every now and then I kind of hinted towards it. I felt like on the JCL show, I didn't know how to make that announcement. So, I the Howard Stern Show usually has me on and they were like, coming back on this year. And I was like, yep, we got anything to talk about. And I was like, I said, What? Yeah, you can ask me that if you want. And they're like, Whoa, okay. And I could tell them.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
So were you. You know, you talked about your wife and hooking up with her friends and stuff. Were you married at this time that, you know, the whole transgender calendar thing happened?

Unknown Speaker 31:09
No, no, no, I was divorced and then started dating. Katie.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Okay, so Katie, your wife now? from the get go knew that you were Bi?

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Yes. Yeah. So you got to start from like, yeah, I never. That's because I was, I was not planning on marrying Katie. I was not planning on marrying anyone. I was already I already had burned my bridges. You know, like, I've already I was pretty convinced that I'm not a bad guy. I'm just a bad husband. You know, and but it's not I was just gonna have with somebody that thinks that loves you for you. And it. It is rare. But but it's it's it's less rare than I would have thought. I think there's a lot of girls out there. That would be okay with someone like me. But I thought at one point that I accidentally found for one person.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
Katie? Yeah, that's it. Katie sounds awesome. You I mean, yeah. And a lot of people don't like labels. But would you call your relationship an open marriage?

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Yeah, sure. That makes it easier for sure. I mean, we've gone to swing of things every now and then. But it's really not our style. And usually people are not that hard. So that makes it difficult. And then when it comes to sleeping with guys and girls, these first it was like everybody can get it. You know? We'd be like Batman and Robin, like you take the top off the bottom. And then there's always these weird. You mean, it's a lot of it's a lot of crazies out there. Like if you don't know Katie, and I knew I want to fight the dots, you probably crazy, you know. And then now I got a crazy person in my house. That sometimes backfired. To the point where we kind of like, gave up on that it was more like, Look, if a girl wants to sleep with me. It's gonna be easier if it's just me, you know? Yeah, it's a guy. It's like, he's gonna be there. He's like, Whoa, and I'm like, you know, what, if you don't sleep with a guy doesn't handle it. You know, do go have fun. And then come back when you're done. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
The door swings both ways. There's a lot of communication and honesty with each other of what's going on. Be safe. I guess he's protection.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Hill that, well, these days, it's down to the swinging is my way. Because I'm the only walking dragonheart on the team. Like, I give it to her enough to the point where if she was trying to get some extra that he brought put some steroids in a vagina. So he's like, oh, man, I'm just not getting enough from Jason. I'm like, What? What Jason Cole that

Unknown Speaker 33:46
he makes sure she's all tuckered out and then

Unknown Speaker 33:49
then you continue.

Unknown Speaker 33:51
So she knows my issues. So she's like, he's not done. He's once more so he can go get some more into me these days. It's more about there's a couple of guys because guys are sketchy. They'll do anything all the time. Especially now so I just have like two or three people that I know. And we were not my boyfriends or anything, but I just safe. They don't do they're just gonna stick in their deck and everything.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
Casual fuck buddies.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
Yeah, that's what it is, I guess. And then maybe a girl and she is a guy but it's the guy the guy on girl thing. It's just harder. They're just, you know, I want to sleep with good guys. They're like, Oh, wait, you're married. It's not a turn on. The list is dwindling.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
Even if it's okay with the wife. I mean, a lot of women are turned off by infidelity. But if the wife doesn't care,

Unknown Speaker 34:43
yeah, but you know, you guys can get it. I mean, because everybody wants to sleep with you. So with all I'm offering some dig like, so what? So what? Anyway, have anyone really nice that you're out there offering it but it's not Like, dudes to me, like grinder camp days go oh my god. Can I When can I might you know maybe maybe to tender this I don't get handed on tender especially my account says open married yeah like it's just turn off turn off turn off girls don't everybody wants to date a guy like that they just do they don't want to you don't need to they don't just want to fuck buddy. I don't know I mean they're out there but their waiver error and like you know it's not like I said 48 you fucking wolf head on tattooed on you like not everybody's looking for it

Unknown Speaker 35:42
so you got the whole like you know famous person appeal going on a lot of people will fuck you just for that

Unknown Speaker 35:49
that's exactly what I'm looking for

Unknown Speaker 35:52
I'm just saying that there's a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 35:56
that just finish the day with a perfect random who's like wow like

Unknown Speaker 36:05
perfect a fan girl or a groupie,

Unknown Speaker 36:07
but that's but that's why I won't do it anymore because I have.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
Okay, your past. You're just swiping on Grindr for the real connection.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
Pretty much.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
So you brought it up. You're on Grindr and Tinder and I mean, like you just get bored. Or you and your wife are over here, just you know, like laughing at people or what? How does that work?

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Usually? Yeah, I mean, I'm on a just like, instead of looking at social media, I go in there and sometimes I get flattered. And I'm like, cool. People want to do me That's cool. But like I said, I can't just take everybody up on that cuz everybody's not to be trusted. bring that back into the house. And I kind of know what a lot more these days and then a lot of people don't have it like tops or the other comma. Everybody's everybody's squats, but everybody has a lot to get going because don't have just like flat bottoms. Everyone's kind of like me. It's not enough. You need to match me.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
So are you

Unknown Speaker 37:10
on a boat?

Unknown Speaker 37:13
And do you care? You need your bottom to have substantial equipment he needs? He needs to match me Got it cuz you want to switch off?

Unknown Speaker 37:22
Yeah. Oh, okay. So now I kind of know what it's like to be late because that's just, that's just job I've just become a switch. I used to just only be a top so I just only just do everybody. Just like guys do. Yeah, so now that I'm a bottom now I understand like, certain things guys have to have when it comes to that. That particular event. For this point, dude, this is very true. What a guy's game, and then they don't come through.

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Yeah. Welcome to the taker.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
Ridiculous. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:00
I was gonna ask you that. I mean, you're just dominant kind of alpha male do all these aggressive things. I was gonna ask does it transfer into the bedroom? Or do you like being submissive sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Are you out of my being submissive? I go to go to a dominatrix a little bit. I was fun. But not so much like a submissive a more I just like doing things I haven't done. But I don't. I don't. I like doing it. More obviously more dominant that I don't mind doing that at all. I'm kind of dismissive. It's weird. Like if it's a girl that's smaller, and she wants to dominate me, my girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
What's something that someone tried that you were like? Alright, that's where I Jason Ellis draw the line. Have you ever drawn the line?

Unknown Speaker 38:45
I don't like I don't like boys pushing me around. You're not gonna do me if you're a guy. Got it? Yeah. Like you can. You can talk me but if you're like, I tell Katie one time this guy. And he slapped me in the face. Like, no, he's what he was doing me slightly. Yeah. Like what? If he's like, what am I do? Don't do that.

Unknown Speaker 39:16
Awkward mid sex stuff.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
I did. I was like, I didn't know this, Katie, but it turns out if you do with me and you slap me, don't do it twice. Not good. I didn't like that. Feel good at all.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
I don't know if it's, you know, at a line to ask about Katie. But is she bisexual? Does she like girls as well? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Cool. So that makes her a lot of different recipes. That's fun.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Yeah, that's why that whole when the other two girls were involved a lot of that kind of made. That was probably the coolest thing I've ever been involved.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
I misunderstood I thought like individually like you were hooking up with her friends without her. You were being unfaithful.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
Oh, no. Oh, What? No, no, no, God. No. Oh, no. The way it works for me is if I do anything with anybody, or a boy or girl is I get the go ahead before.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
That's good.

Unknown Speaker 40:12
Yeah. So guess what I did not find that doesn't work.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
It's cool. Right? Cool. All right.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
So, I mean, you said you were kind of a little unfaithful the past was that always a problem until you met Katie? Yeah, you just need someone that was more sexual.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
Or just came down to the the people that I went out with weren't that sexually weren't intersex as much as me. And then I would try to keep the keep it right for them. But then it would be there'll be a certain amount of time that would go by where I would be deprived for long enough to the point where I would be breakable. And then because of either my job or my accent, or some some bullshit, somebody would say, because that's the other thing. I would always say, oh, you're a cheater. I'm like, Well, have you ever had a really hot chick put you in a corner and seven Saturday? What have you happened? And I have when they have it's? I would wish I could tell you. Oh, Ashley, the amount of times that No, I don't think so. Man. I just did it. I was like, please, no, done, and then I'm doing so now, I don't need to do that. If someone's like, that happens, but if they do, I can go Just give me one second. Katie? Katie,

Unknown Speaker 41:39
she's really he's really happy. Whatever.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Yeah, that's the other thing. Oh, if they're not if she doesn't like them, then there's no stuff that's happened. She's like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
That's funny. So like, if she thinks she's, you know, not pretty or

Unknown Speaker 41:56
more, she's got a pitch face or, like little things have happened before where she's like, hell no. And I'm like, Wait, what? Why not?

Unknown Speaker 42:04
Does she have a type that like, you're like, you know, physically a physical type that she's like, Oh, no, short girls aren't you know, I mean, large.

Unknown Speaker 42:18
Maybe. Maybe bigger girls. Like sometimes, man, I felt bad.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
Go to some some.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
Really? Like, I don't know if maybe it's not so much what you look like to me, like I definitely had like a like, I like black girls. I like girls with tattoos. But I also like girls, for complete. That's not. That's like we can catch me on those two. But there's also those that are meant to that don't look like anything that anybody would think I mean to same with guys. I don't I'm not a like twinks or fucking, but I don't care. It's like a thing. Where I know that if we sleep with each other, it's gonna be good.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
anymore. Like you feel a connection and a good vibe. And then you're like, Alright, if we have a second gonna be intense, or it's gonna be fun.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Yeah, yeah, I feel like there's a sexual connection or there's like a or there's a challenge. I'm not sure if it's gonna, like, what can I do that? Well, it's always some some weird thing that triggers it, or you're just super hot, which is, that's kind of

Unknown Speaker 43:21
that's good. Okay, well, I usually have this thing called the lightning sex round. Because people are not as open or comfortable talking about their sexuality as you are. So I'm going to go a little bit slower with a lightning sex round. So you can elaborate if you want to. Or you can just be like up. Yes. No moving on. So do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 43:53
A lot. My wife not that much. Lately, I've kind of started to add that read a bit

Unknown Speaker 44:04
dark when it happens. No degrading. And I'm not grading going to grade. It's more like I'm like a bit of a bit of a rib puncher.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Like a personal attack type situation.

Unknown Speaker 44:27
I get a bit kind of like a bear with gloves on. I kind of punch people and stuff around a little bit. But that's just every now and so. That's funny when people were being rough in the first place.

Unknown Speaker 44:38
Yeah, he liked it. Give it back. All right. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 44:43
I don't want to be spanked. I'd like to I'd like whipped but if you spank like thank my ads,

Unknown Speaker 44:49
but you'll be whipped but not spanked?

Unknown Speaker 44:52
Yeah, yeah, like if you don't understand. If you get whipped proper for a certain amount of time. It lets off into And then sex is better after there's the pleasure after the pain. So if we go through enough pain of the whipping because this mistress lady she's like, would chained me up, k my wrist up to the walk to the roof. And I'd be like in the middle of the room naked and she would whip my back with all these different whips and the last one would be the hardest one. And every time that she would hit my back and they were like, she that's her profession. So the last week she would give me would be the last amount of whipping that I can take like, whether it's like oh my god, she has gone way too fucking I'm freaking out. And then she comes over and starts touching me nice and stuff. Grabbing on me a little bit of iPod. Fuck. I mean, you're so confused. You're in hell that you're getting played with. You're like, what? Are all these things happening? And then they take you over to some other bed and other things happen? Those those are worth it. Just tickles like, tick.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
No, no. Okay. Did you have a safe word with this? Domini box?

Unknown Speaker 46:04
No safe word.

Unknown Speaker 46:05
No, I don't. I don't. I mean, if I had if I had to have a safe word, that means you don't know what you're doing. Like I'm not there to. I'm not trying to like prove anything. I don't need to bleed or anything. Like you're she's, um, she's taking me on a journey. I'm really not that well versed in it. I'm just like, I've already asked her after going there for a few times. I'm like, Am I this I'm gonna she's like you're not dumb or submissive. You're just you want to feel everything and do everything because every I would go and she do new stuff. She put me in like a suffocation bed. Like some you just in this? Like latex. Put Like a bed frame. And then when she presses this, there's like a vacuum and it just sucks at everything. You'd like that sealed mate. You don't have a big vacuum like vacuum yet vacuum a vacuum seal your ass and this is this little hallway Your mouth is and she like, suffocate here as well. She's turning me off and

Unknown Speaker 47:03
is that like, like, Is there like a sense of fear? Like, oh my god, I might Yeah. Okay. And so there's like fear and pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Yeah, yeah. And but it's not but it's not it's not real fear. It's, I know, I know. Well, I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I could rip out that fucking thing if I had to put it I also think that she's a professional who's gonna tell I'm like, I wonder how much she's gonna make me suffocate right now. And I'm sorry I'm suffocating. suffocating and I'm like, okay, skin free now I really want some air and I'm like, I wonder how well she knows how much I want and then sure enough, right when I fucking am gonna really need it. She gives it to me and I'm like

Unknown Speaker 47:45
good I watched this show on Netflix and it's you know pretty tame you can't show much but it was basically a dominatrix you know she didn't went to her job at night but there were there was a complication and with the guys kind of like zip up latex suit and he died and that's why I'm like no safe word. No say

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Yeah, well I feel like this is you know, there's your friends tabi and you're now you're in it with you know some hobby lady and then this is pros. You know, it's like not trying to hit on Bella.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
Chase and chase it you're trying to get them to sign you onto the belt or card. Let me stop you right there.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Scott Coker is back. Regardless Okay,

Unknown Speaker 48:33
so since you don't mind being suffocated Do you choke or like to be choked?

Unknown Speaker 48:39
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The fuck area?

Unknown Speaker 48:45
Okay, so we know your wife is by and you're by when you guys do you watch porn. First of all, if you do, what type of porn?

Unknown Speaker 48:54
My wife doesn't like it that much anymore. Which means I rewatch it by myself or with guys and escape on gay porn. Easily gang banger or black guys.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Bye guys.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Got it. But guys got bigger takes usually and black guys fuck with white guys. We're just like, nerdy little winner. Like Can he get too fast? You don't really get a good rhythm. It's like it's more like I don't give a fuck when they haven't sex like that. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 49:37
mean, I think what all the time, it's most likely that they're empathetic. So the, you know, I mean, I as an athlete who has been with mainly other athletes, athletes, just fucking better. So maybe that's

Unknown Speaker 49:51
it cuz I do like, I'll be okay with like, muscley bigger white guys doing it. They got to do like,

Unknown Speaker 49:59
more powerful. They're putting some emotion into it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 50:02
Yeah. I feel like gay stuff is so gay. And I'm like, I feel like they did bang when they're big muscley dude. Like the most manly should ever

Unknown Speaker 50:12
it's it's very masculine as weird as that sounds, but especially if you're getting like two ripped buff dudes, you know and they don't. It's not really passionate. It's just like animalistic.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Yes, that's animalistic stuff. Right?

Unknown Speaker 50:28
So we talked about the dominatrix with like this application and all that. Any other kind of type fetishes. I know there's a lot of people that like feet have been talking to some people on here, especially felices episode. Holy shit, that girl gets bombarded with feet, requests, anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
They want to see her feet up, but you gotta tell me she's in touch. She's got a foot fetish. I'm gonna start dming

Unknown Speaker 50:54
check these these out. This little piggy

Unknown Speaker 50:57
bank community for a guy I have Okay, fake is ever made guys. Oh, my God defeated the most disgusting shit I've ever seen.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
I know caveman and like, I'm not like in defeat, but when I see a nice pair of feet my boyfriend has. He's a jujitsu guy. And I like looked at his feet for the first time. Like, you know, kind of like, Alright, okay, I could do this. This

Unknown Speaker 51:18
is good. Oh, no. Okay. No, they're

Unknown Speaker 51:19
good. They're good. Like, he doesn't get pedicures or anything. But I've seen Bunyan's I've seen like black toenails. I've seen it all and it's just and I think that's why, you know, men especially like women's feed, I think I think it's a representation of kind of like how you take care of yourself. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:38
yeah, I've always thought that with girls the way they wear their shoes, that ankles and stuff. Like if you got heels into shit doesn't fit correctly. I got in trouble for being a Hooters judge and people were like, why keeps going? I'm like his fucking shoes don't fit shoes and I'm like, why am I not looking at their shoes?

Unknown Speaker 52:01
Okay, so fee not that big of a thing for you. But you can understand why people care about him, right?

Unknown Speaker 52:08
Yeah, I get I get all the things like I guess you know, okay, a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Well, what about bodily fluids? This is an intense one. You know you like there's people golden showers and then I won't even say the other one. You know? I think his name's car.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
Yeah, I don't want to I don't want to get shit on me. But up like up to you to my wife a bunch of times a painter mouth and stuff. Oh. Yeah. I mean, if you go do it, if you don't paint your mouth and you're just acting like you're into pain.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
I'm gonna ask I'm gonna ask does she swallow?

Unknown Speaker 52:42
Me he has done a couple times. I've seen

Unknown Speaker 52:47
your Savage.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
go pee into my out my balls like a cup and a girl peed into my balls. And then another girl drank the pee out of my bowl cup.

Unknown Speaker 52:59
Now I don't know if I'm more impressed at these girls or HOW stretchy your ball SEC is like is that?

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Yeah, well. I show you but. But what not to put it over my friend's face like a mask? You've seen the movie?

Unknown Speaker 53:16
beastmaster No, I haven't got

Unknown Speaker 53:19

Unknown Speaker 53:20
have you seen waiting? Waiting the movie waiting. It's about Restaurant Servers. Oh, man, it's great. They play this. They play a game with your ball sack and so like. You haven't heard it yet.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Hold on.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
So you basically have to get someone to look at your ball sack and if you do I don't know you like punch him in the arm or some shit. It's very, very weird game. You know you do like there's like the bat Wayne and then there's like, zone. One of the other ones. You know?

Unknown Speaker 53:53
If you look at this one way, the mask if they're bats, they're bad humans. And they have like eyes and they have this funny nose down. They just have skin.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
Oh god that does not say

Unknown Speaker 54:09
all right. Well,

Unknown Speaker 54:10
what about sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Yep, build those and some waves and some some some restraints.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Anything that vibrates?

Unknown Speaker 54:27
Yeah, it's a little less on the vibrating thing these days. It's more like, Oh my god, you can get one that vibrates. And then that kind of. I mean, every now and then I guess my wife would pull one out. If it's like, she wants to do a super fast one. Then she'll pull that out and I'll help her with it and then we can get out real quick.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Yeah, favorite.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
He has that the same thing that all the girls have. What is the one the proper one that massages people properly

Unknown Speaker 55:03
I know the rabbit

Unknown Speaker 55:05
it's like a thing that you miss up like it's, it's a massage. One thing.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
Massage one I'm thinking of like some kind of shower thing.

Unknown Speaker 55:15

Unknown Speaker 55:17
Bring your vibrator.

Unknown Speaker 55:20
Hey, what's the thing that you use? You know, the one that works? The dodgy. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
I'm gonna look that up later. Thank you, Katie. Okay. You said something about you know, you've been to one sex club. But was that like a bad? Like a bad story? Did you just not have a good time? Do you not see anybody attractive?

Unknown Speaker 55:42
No, I've been to a bunch of sex clubs. It just sort of in India, and we kind of died out on the, you know, sleeping with people, you kind of get STDs and stuff. Like, couples, everybody has their own line. Yeah. And we were just like, okay, committee are happening times, I'm like, I think I'm out. I think I'm, I think I'm ahead of the game. So we just, we've been to some of those things, but not that much anymore. Usually, they're not all that attractive. And then you kind of end up there, maybe they've got a nice wife, and the guy's not that hot, or it's the other way around. And then we don't want to we can't, you can't let one with the other and not with the other. It doesn't work that way. Kind of clubs. This funds, they're kind of fun just to hang out in because it's the community's pretty loose, but actual sex, it's just rather kind of get to know a couple and and then if we want to do it's like, if a guy really finds Katie attractive, and she really likes him, then they could just figure that shit out with themselves. If he's like, what really want Jason to be there. Hey, man, I usually don't want to do that. And that's fine. It's like, you know, it'd be better Jason if Katie was here. And sometimes that happens. And sometimes the girls the code that I've had this with a girl so indicated, blah, blah, blah, and then we come home. And then she's like, licking Katie, and I'm behind and Katie's looking at me, and I know what's happening. Like, you build up. And she's like, that you're there. If you don't know how to lick, Katie, and then you come over and talk that game and you don't do it and Katie's thinking, why am I here? So now I'm in this situation where I'm having sex with this girl who doesn't record the scenario is like, Whoa, okay, I've only got one penis. Yeah, you're not. You're not handling her correctly. So that should I do that, like, Jordan, do that with your head. Like, he's like, if we're gonna do that with your hands would be better if this guy just left and then you took care of it. So those those have happened a lot.

Unknown Speaker 57:56
Has the opposite happened? Where they were like, yeah, yeah, you know, you can come Jason and then the girl was just like, so focused on Katie, you're like, Why the fuck am I here?

Unknown Speaker 58:06
Well, that wouldn't that wouldn't bother me. Yeah, that'd be different. Because I'm the one guy, okay? Because it's like, well, then you guys are gonna do that. And I'll watch you guys do it. Like, if you don't even want me to be involved. Actually, I have done that. It's gonna be over. I've always wanted sleeve a tattoo Ching. I love it. And feels like I really love the walk. We can do a little bit, but I don't really want to do that much with you. And I might find

Unknown Speaker 58:30
a spectator.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Like every now every now and then I was in it a little bit. They'd be touching some stuff. And I'm like, woo. me get the whole thing here. What's happening in front of me? I'm still winning. Winning, for sure. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 58:45
I can talk about this all day. But I want to switch back to kind of like the heavier topics. I had one question. I just feel like, It's so fucking rad, that you're open, it doesn't matter how long it took. You're still very much in the public eye and looked up to by many people on different levels, whether it's skateboarding community, you know, I mean, fuck, I just found out who you are. And you know, you're podcasting. And this and so I'm a fan now. So what would you What advice would you give to someone who's kind of on the fence when it comes to like, Fuck, it's too 2020. But, you know, I'm by or I'm gay, and I want to come out, but I'm feeling kind of iffy, like, any kind of words of advice at all.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
or live? Or maybe you're religious and you think you're going to get another one after this. But this one is for sure. The only one you're going to get on this planet. Why not live it to your fullest? Like, if you really know who you are. Just be you. You know, it could it's like there's already been areas on this planet where being gay was looked upon is honorable like in the Roman times there were you if you you know, in Roman times, if you sat down with a guy who had a big dick, and he shot a big amount of come and you swallow it it did. That was cool. rageous thing to do when you will, and you are known around town as being courageous for doing such a thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
You were born in the wrong time Jason

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
posted and said the same thing. So killing yourself. Nothing wrong with being a gay guy. It's been tough for me to say it to people sometimes have been hurt sometimes I've cried and been very sad about it. But in the end for all that versus all the other, you know, I am who I am. I have people that love me. My kids know that I'm by and they love me. My wife loves me. You know, I get mobile jobs and all of you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
I think the argument right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
I'm having a great life. It's never been greater since I came out to be even with all the bad stuff. It's never been greater my just normal day to day. Dead normal stuff in my life. It's never been more enjoyable since I've been open with me. They may or may. Not it's not all. You know, I wasn't the guitars of Guns and Roses. I'm okay with it. I'm like me. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
I love that. We have four fan questions. They're pretty quick and easy process.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
You're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
at Frankie 99 wants to know who's your favorite metal band?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
easy at MMA posters wants to know, would you ever create an only fans account?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
Yeah, I actually was trying to I did at one point. And there was some stuff on there might have been some of the stuff that I just told you about. But I couldn't get it to work. I started to try to get one again the other day, and to follow my friends because a lot of my friends are on it. I was like, yeah, even once it's a pandemic, I'll just buy like a bunch of my friends accounts. And I was like, cool, I get to see everybody's pussies and stuff. And then my account kind of froze, and then at 1.1 of them followed me and I'm like, Whoa, follow me. I don't have any content. Content. I don't know. I get fired if I like my butthole on somebody. But I was like, I'm on the Howard Stern Show putting m&ms in my foreskin. If I if I if I'm on only fans. tracking my watch till I get fired? Like I'm not sure. So there's a lot of gray line probably what do I post my wife naked on Twitter all the time back because I got banned on Snapchat for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
She doesn't mind that she posts her naked.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
No, no, no. Oh, wow. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
this next question is probably going to be a yes. If it already hasn't been at Asia. 975 wants to know, would you ever do porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
I mean, I've already kind of been in it a little bit, just not as me because I don't want to be me. I just wanted to be I wanted I knew I'd be good at it. And I knew I'd like it. But you don't know unless you try. So I got some friends that were like, hey, come in and do this little thing for us. And I'm like, Really? So I've done a couple of things. The static,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
you're not gonna give me your stage name.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Well, then everybody will know. They know now, Jason. I'll tell you off there, but I don't want you to want to see my

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
I feel like you're highly tattooed. It's like if I did porn, they'd be like, that's actually you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
but what about what about if I did it with jeans on and leather gloves with the fingers cut off?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Well, now I'm just gonna Google leather glove. Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
Looking for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Okay, JC. That's it. That's all the crazy questions on sex and violence. You were the perfect guest. I am going to keep listening to your podcast. I hope your knee gets better.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
I don't know. One thing I want to say before you leave me

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
anything you want.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Because you've asked all these questions about my sex life. And as I said, the the if it this is never gonna work. And my wife told me she said don't say it and I'm I'm gonna say it. But this is in my like, Who would want people say who would you want to sleep with people saying well, I get a home pass and it's this person or that person? To me. It's if you're in the UFC and you're ago, I've always wanted to sleep with you. So I know that you've got a boyfriend and it's been inappropriate. I'm not pitching it at you. I'm just saying, what a girls. Listen to your show. Oh, yeah, a lot of girls that listen to your show, or in the UFC. Let's say that that is one that isn't married. doesn't think that 48 is that old? And it's like, hey, why wouldn't why not. Here's my hair. I here I am saying, get a fresh test. Again. Just come over. We can take you to dinner. To drive around town. We could stay the night, whatever you want. Whatever you want. You can never talk about what to tell our pros won't tell anyone or I could tell. It's up to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
I love how you just a proposition to the entire female roster. You're like, I don't care if you're a straw away. I don't fucking care if you fly.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
I mean, if Gabby Garcia was in the USA, she could be on the list.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
Dude, you would have to make a point then I feel like

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
I could beat him. You know, I slipped.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
Oh, did you?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Yeah. Oh, wow. How

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
was that?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
I really like that. She's a nice person.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
I mean, I'm sure she very nice. How was she in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
She was crying kind of good. She kind of drank too much. So she was kind of sloppy and sloppy. Yeah, but still, she was like shong and stuff. I'm like, I really, I really liked her. So like, people fucked her over and she was like, damaged and drinking too much. So I kind of bounced on that one. But I didn't. Because I tell the story how it's done thinks it's funny. But it kind of suck because it's Oh, you said that you're trying to guys think it's funny. But I as I always say when I tell that story, because people try to make fun of it. I'd really I liked her. Like I didn't. Sure China but I was like, she's a really nice person. And people really fucked

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
up. The whole wrestling. Like experience seems really detrimental to not just your body, but you know, like the painkillers and all of that, you know. You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
Yeah, they did it. I mean, they did they kind of like primetime days, but even less athleticism. You know, I mean, so they I didn't think any of them ran on the treadmill. I think they all just drank and did blow. Yeah, just like this crazy FUCKING HEART ATTACK pressure all the time. And she was like, man, she had all the money, everything one point so and nobody was looking out for her. You know, that's the way that is in that game. Nobody. Yeah, you're a commodity until you're not

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
you're gonna learn the hard way.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
Well, Jason, thank you so much. And all of you use the ladies. direct message me I'll be the wing woman already regretting it? Well, you gotta say thank you. Text if you get a DM and then happens. Thank you, Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
Oh, my god damn car.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
Okay, sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
We'll talk to you soon, hopefully. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
By your disease.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
You may have all you

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
got something you need.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
You got mail.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
We're starting a new segment today called Ask Ashley. It's essentially an advice column via podcast. You guys are now able to send in questions about love, dating, relationships, sex, or any other issues you're having morning. I am not a licensed professional by any means. Take all advice at your own risk. listener discretion is advised. And introducing our sound engineer, the one the only DJ zol, who will be reading the questions from you listeners.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
The My name is DJ Hazel have the speech impediments. And I have one so bear with me if I stutter through some of these. Alright, as we got some questions, and just to let you guys know, these are all anonymous, we will not be leaving your monikers or anything up. So with that said, let's get it going. I have one right here and let's go. I recently started seeing this girl. We went on a date and I had zero expectations. But we really hit it off the chemistry in all areas is unreal. I can't get her out of my head. But worried I'm just setting myself up. How do I just enjoy the wave not come across strong and enjoy it for whatever it is for however long. She makes me absolutely feel crazy. Almost adorable.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
Well, my advice is, all those emotions you're feeling are normal. And unless you're going to ask her to marry you in the first few weeks, you're probably not going to come off too strong. Men have this little game that they like to play well sorry women too. Sometimes. I feel like it's mainly men where they want to wait X amount of days before they call you. They want you to be be the first one to message so they don't look too needy or eager. But in my opinion, if the person you're talking to is truly interested in you don't waste their time playing games, just let them know how you feel. Fuck it, life is short. Maybe you play it cool. And they end up thinking that you don't like them too much. And then they start dating someone else. Where does that leave you? Chances are you're not, quote, how do you say setting yourself up for anything? That's just the name of the game. Sometimes you get butterflies, you start reading a person, you start being open and honest. And sometimes the feeling is reciprocated. And sometimes it's not. Keep hanging out with her. Tell her how you feel. And if the chemistry is as strong as you say it is, things are gonna work out. Good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
I like that one. Those sweet, sweet, sweet actually. just punch in the face. We sweet. Alright, so here's, here's a here's a quick one, but a doozy. Why is sex so much better with a side chick than your wife?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:06
That's a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
Okay, first of all, I hope you have an open relationship. Because if it's not, you've got more problems to worry about. But assuming that it is an open relationship, you might just need to spice things up with your wife. Communication, you know, obviously, it's corny to say but it's the key and communicate that you'd like to try something new, maybe adding in toys or a partner if that's open, watching porn together role playing or fulfilling a lifelong fantasy that you've been too shy to bring up or that she has. So if your marriage is worth saving, and I'm sure it is, then it's worth having an awkward conversation. Good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
Nice. Nice. Nice. Here we go. I got another one. From the the listeners here. All right, here we go. I recently ended a relationship with a married woman.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
She ended up saying she fell in love with me, but was staying with her husband because it's the right thing for her family. And financially. We hadn't talked in about 21 days, but she messaged me out of the blue. We've have talked all weekend, I'm falling again, help with a few exclamation points.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
Yeah, that's, that's really a hard one. So it sounds like this woman has been pretty clear that it's only a sexual relationship between you two, and that there's no future. And you seem to be the one that's much more interested and has real feelings here. So I think you need to decide if you're okay with that or not. If you are, then ride the wave, take it for what it is. But keep your options open. If a nice girl comes along, don't push her away, because you're already hooking up with this married woman. Go out with her. And maybe you'll be the one cutting off with this married woman eventually. And, you know, if if it's too hard to separate the two, which sounding like you know, you're kind of a bleeding heart lag like I am, I would say, it's probably going to kill you emotionally. And it's just not worth it. I'd say you need to cut all ties with this woman. You know, let her know how you feel. And then blocker, and it might be hard to block her. I've had to do this before just give your phone to a friend. Have them delete her number. And as much as it hurts, you need to move on. Find someone who's more available for the long term. And you deserve that. So good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
Nice. really wasn't a proper answer. All right, here comes another one big time question. My newer girlfriend recently became a bit upset with me after bed when I was finishing not too fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
Finishing not too far not too

Unknown Speaker 1:14:05
fast. She wanted to fast finish. It looks like one night she said that she must have a loose baggage, which I took as her telling me that I had a small tick, am I right?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
I'm wrong. You are wrong because women are intricate and cerebral creatures, yes. But she could mean exactly what she's saying. It could be that, you know, maybe you're actually the opposite of a small dick. If the sex is prolonged with a partner who's well endowed, the chances of her experiencing pain are definitely increased. She could you know, maybe she's a little bit older or you know, having issues down there. Maybe she's not as wet. And so that's gonna, you know, irritate the situation as well and add to the uncomfortableness so I would talk with your girlfriend, you know if there's something that you can do. Is there something she can do to help you climax Esther didn't talk about it, you know, then you come sooner and she's in less pain and everybody's happy. So good look. Alright,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:09
so here comes another one ash, do you think professional fighters have higher sex drive than a normal person? Most are in top physical shape, but also get pretty messed up from hard training. I could see you maybe knowing your fight is coming up and being in camp abstaining. But on a normal, not camp, you know? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
I'm no doctor or scientist, but I'd say fighters and athletes in general. Probably, you know, probably the key word here have higher sex drives, I can't go out and take a sex census or anything, but I believe it has to do with testosterone levels. I'm a female with a slightly higher testosterone. I've got my levels test. I have higher testosterone and higher estrogen. How's that work? But anyway, and I quite enjoy sex. My friends and colleagues are also quite fond of sex. And, you know, they're all I'm speaking from personal experience. They're speaking from personal experience. They're all 99% of fighters as well. So in my experience, yes, I would say that fighters have very high sex drives. Even during camp you know, it's, it's a great release. Tension, the worries of stress, you know, when you have sex, you release endorphins and all the good stuff. So, yeah, fighters most definitely have higher sex drives, in my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
Alright, Ashley got one last one. Dear Ashley, I've been in a relationship for a little bit over three years with my girlfriend. About two months before a year anniversary, she went on a trip with our friends, and one night had a little too much to drink and set. Another guy kissed her. She's very talkative when she drinks. So I'm pretty sure she wasn't flirting. And I'm not 100%. You know, she also didn't want to tell me who the guy was. But I figured it out. Until then. And since she's never given me a reason not to trust her, but still creeps into my head every so often. Any advice slash thoughts would be appreciated. And thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Okay, yeah, that is a lengthy one. But I totally understand your concerns. This is a little hard. It's borderline cheating, depending how strict you are on this topic, but I'd say if you didn't see the kiss coming, and she didn't reciprocate it, you know, kiss this person back, then there wasn't much she can do to stop it. So I'd say she really wasn't at fault here. And assuming this is the real story, I'd say you're dealing with it appropriately, appropriately. You know, some people would break up on the spot for something like this. But I think that's probably from an insecurity or some past traumatic situations. And I'd say it's a good sign that she came clean, even though it was a little bit later. And even though she didn't tell you who it was, maybe she wanted to prevent you from overthinking or second guessing yourself, if you knew it was somebody, maybe a little more, you know, prestigious, I guess you know, someone who made more money, you know, she might not want you to think that that's what she wants. So I'd give her credit for coming clean, first of all, and I'd say, since she's never given you a reason to, you know, second guess her before, I'd say continue with the relationship, I think everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt. And, you know, if these thoughts keep creeping into your mind, they're probably not going to go away. So my advice, with a lot of my advice is to talk to your partner. Tell her how you feel. And I know personally, sometimes I'm feeling a little insecure about how my relationship is going. And I just need reassurance. I don't need my boyfriend to do anything crazy. But talking it out and just getting that reassurance. Maybe she tells you, you know, it wasn't. It wasn't anything intentional, and meant nothing. And just hearing those words and hearing that reassurance can go a long way. That's my advice. So good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
Thank you so much for your questions, guys. You know, like I said, in the beginning, I am not a licensed therapist, but I do have my own personal experience. And, you know, I think that I can help you guys out. So keep sending in your questions. I will keep them anonymous. All of you requested to be anonymous this time. If you want us to say your name, we can do that as well. Either way, I hope I helped you. Thank you so much. Well, that's it for Episode 12 guys, so happy to have had a guest who is so open with his sexuality, and who can help others by being honest and sincere about his past and present. It's a strange world we live in, especially at the moment while we're navigating all the social and finance struggles we should at least be able to be ourselves. I hope you all feel safe and welcome to be whoever you want to be. And I truly hope that sharing the different lifestyles of others, helps put things in perspective and opens your heart a little bit more. We're all just trying to be happy for the short time we have on this planet. Jason is going to be a pretty hard guest to beat. But I've got some exciting and very open guests on the lineup that will shock you and make you laugh and keep you coming back. So if you like this podcast, help it grow to at least one friend send a text tweet dm ratings and reviews help us grow. Thank you so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions. Special thank you to producer Rick Lee at rectly audio engineer de Jaisal at D Jaisal. To our kids studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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