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Episode 13: Suzie Friton

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sexual violence with

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rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love dating romantic, and that's all too taboo subject.

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I'm your host Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith.

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Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff. Alright, let's do this. So, I hope all you guys had a good weekend. I hope your week is going good so far. I mean, COVID COVID times and sound like we can go to the movies or go bowling or do anything crazy fun. I went to Vegas over the weekend actually, Vegas is a little more open. You can eat in restaurants and stuff like that not everything is open, but um, it's kind of like normal. Normal and normal is normal over there. People are wearing masks. Not everybody, but it was fun. We actually went out there the boyfriend and I, the boyfriend is putting on a jujitsu tournament. He's a black belt under 10 planet and so he'll be putting on a it's called Sin City submission series, say that five times fast. And he was just going out there to look at venues. He's got one locked down and it was a fun time. So we made a little trip of it. stayed in a hotel and I was thinking I mean, okay, I have a question to ask you guys. When you stay in a hotel, does your sex drive go like fucking off the wall like I feel like as soon as I'm like in a hotel room Like, yeah, time to have sex? No. And I don't know, maybe I'm a big perv. But um, but yeah, we had it. We had a really good weekend to the point where at one point, we're trying to get into the door of our hotel room and our neighbors are coming out. And we're like, oh, shit, go, go, go, go go because we don't want to make eye contact. You know, I think that's a good a good measure of a fun weekend if you can't to look your neighbor in the eye. You probably had a fun weekend. But anyway, back to jujitsu. So I'm excited because obviously I want to support the boyfriend, but I'm going to be commentating and this is my debut as a commentator. It's not not super big show like the UFC but it'll be fun and maybe it's something I want to get into after fighting and, you know, simultaneously podcasting and movies and all this kind of stuff that I'm trying to do, because I ain't getting any younger. That's for sure. But don't worry guys, I will be co commentating. Kevin widows will be commentating with me he's got plenty of experience. And I guess I'll be like the color commentator so you won't hear silly, you know, or wrong jujitsu submissions from me. I'm there to, you know, I would say look pretty but that's pretty narcissistic but it's gonna be fun. So that's going to be September 19 in Las Vegas at nerd bar downtown Las Vegas. If you're a competitor, if you're a jujitsu guy, its weight classes 145 and 175. You can go to Sin City submissions on Instagram. And I'll put a link actually in the episode notes so you guys can sign up if you want. Yeah, but other than that life's been going pretty normal. I've been buying a lot of stuff on Amazon because I feel like well, it's cheaper but also COVID times make a little bit safer right? Except for it always doesn't always work out. This is a true story. This happened last week I was online I thought to myself, you know what a good thing to buy on Amazon would be not sex toys, but other things that you don't want to buy in the store. Okay, lube. I was buying lube guys, okay. And I saw, you know, I'm like, Alright, KY jelly, whatever, boom, boo, boom, click. And I didn't realize that I had clicked the value pack. So the boyfriend answers the door, Amazon packages arrive. And he opens it up and I wasn't at home at the time, but I come home and he just looks at me and he pulls out the giant pack of lube and says, What do you have planned? I was you know, I'm a little embarrassed because I looked like a huge perv. But yeah, be careful when you're clicking on the Amazon tabs. Don't click the value pack. But anyway, so this weekend Tomorrow actually is UFC 252. And I'm very very excited because our girl Felice herrig is on this card she is fighting. I would say this girl's name wrong but ver Verna Jen de roba. Verna Jenna roba. Say that three times fast. Yeah, it's a strawweight fight my girl Felice has been out for, I think, at least a year. Both of us have not been in the cage for a minute. Due to hers was an injury. Mine was an injury and COVID and blah, blah, blah, blah, but I know she's gonna kill it. If you guys want to tune in. I believe it. It's on ESPN plus. Let's go cheer for our favorite fitness girl. Just kidding fleece.

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But am I also a quick little teaser? I got a phone call today. So your girl might be getting back in the cage. Well, I am but I can't tell you guys when I'm very excited. It's a great matchup for me. At this point, I'm ready to fight anybody because I'm so hungry. Haven't been in the cage since last February, unfortunately. And so just stay tuned guys, I will let you know when I can. And yeah, so if you like this podcast, please help it grow rate and review us on Apple, Spotify or anywhere else you listen just so you guys know it helps us a lot i'm not saying that because I want to read great things about myself I promise I'm not it helps us move up on the rankings. So when you guys search for us, it's like one of the first ones that pops up. And in appreciation for your review. We'll send you some free stickers, sex and violence with rebel girls stickers, you can just dm your address and then screenshot your review and boom, I'll send them out. And so now let's talk to our guests. For the last 13 years, she's worked as the head makeup artist for the UFC. She's done makeup on females, males fighters, commentators, ring card girls, and pretty much anyone in need a little blush. She's traveled the world seen some of the best Chios live and been hit on by some The deadliest men on the planet. She applies makeup on the best fighters in the world and now she's in a fight of her own. We talk about being propositioned while at work life on the road, airbrushing bad tattoos, being safe do sexual and kicking cancers ass. Here's your guest Susie fritton.

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Make me Oh,

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I want to be

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Hey, Susie.

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Hello. Hey, thank you so much for coming on the show. Just so you know you are our first behind the scenes guest.

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Oh man, thank you so much for having me too.

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I'm really really excited. We've known each other since I was in the US, debuted 2014. So I'm bad at math, but quite a while we've known each other now.

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Very long.

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Well, you are by far one of my favorite behind the scenes people, you always have a very sunny disposition. I'm usually hangry at the time because I'm

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not you're always happy.

Unknown Speaker 8:28
No, that's a poker face because I'm just like food, food, food food.

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But yeah, so I know you as the makeup artist for the UFC. And now that I've been talking to all my followers about you, they're very eager to hear everything that is Susy and how you got involved with the UFC, how you got hired, and so just, you can just tell us whatever you'd like. When did you start working for the UFC? First of all

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right 2000 ships would have been up

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Yeah, yeah. 5353

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awesome. And we're on actually 252

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and then all the web sees and that's

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even an hour 200 years ago. Wow, that's so cool. I laugh

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a lot. There. Yeah, there you got to think of like, there's like one sport and

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there's so many different channels that we've been on to

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Yes, you've seen the company go from, you know, you know, pre Reebok and pre w m e. And you know, a lot of the people who are not hardcore fans, they have no idea what I'm talking about, but you know, we know.

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So, absolutely.

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I really want to find out how you got your job with the UFC because I know there are a lot of makeup artists out there, who are I think, also fight fans that this would be a dream job for them. So how did you Get Started.

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Hi. Okay. Well, I came from St. Louis and I was doing all the Anheuser Busch stuff, had a lot of high profile stuff with posters, metal frames, peel surface, but just wanted more. And I wanted to move out to LA. So all my friends gave me a place to live. And I kind of hit the ground running that an interview with Fox Sports through my friend DeMarco bar who's played for the Rams. And I met Mike Goldberg after doing a couple shows there. And I said, you know, hey, always kind of keep me in mind just in case. You know, somebody needs to be filled in for and he said sure. And a couple weeks later, I got a call. And I was able to actually hop on to number 63 and do that job and then the rest is history. So WTF, did you guys see that do that and then as time went on, I ended up morphing into Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and they coming out Tuesdays and Working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Isn't that fun? I still work on both fighters and the female fighters guys, you know, fold in and then grew over time. Now I do wardrobe too.

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Yeah, that's awesome. So I it would be impossible for you to travel to every event. Let's say there's, you know, four events or let's say there's actually Yeah, but let's say there's four events in a month, or however many in a year, like how many events do you go to Detroit? You don't travel to all of them, obviously, right?

Unknown Speaker 11:32
I know on average has been like I would say, earlier, I'm about one every three months, and then went to one of the two months like when I first started, we were doing eight to 10 maybe fights a year and I was doing maybe five to six of them. And then it went to we started getting but it was like size and all these different things. And then until I tried using 27 sites You know, all these fights are like whoa what happened? So I would say on average i did i want to say about 3030 to

Unknown Speaker 12:11
32 files in a week. And yeah, those sometimes you're traveling or those all away away games

Unknown Speaker 12:19
away Wait, wait, I was saying 90% I'm traveling somewhere and it's not like California where you can drive and stuff like that those are fun. You know, and the ones at home love the ones at home and live in a town but it is really you know, you come home Sundays, generally wait for the orange dot and as I did wardrobes, switch that all out. And then have one day on Mondays, kind of get your bearings, get everything done when you back out Tuesday start work. Eight o'clock Wednesday morning to wherever you go, you need to go a decent hour. Yeah, it got easier after a while it's hard, you know, you can you might do three weeks in a row because you got to be about I would say two two to four weeks are up. But I absolutely wouldn't change it for the world grateful love the people I work with who I work for what I do. I mean, I couldn't have asked for anything better, you know? I mean, I'm grateful for it. I really am. You know,

Unknown Speaker 13:18
yeah, it's a pretty it's a pretty cool organization. You know, it's uh huh. Like, I try to explain to people how warm and welcoming the behind the scenes people are for the UFC. It is a fighter organization, but you know, the UFC. It's very much like a family. Yeah, exactly. So I know I'm a fighter I'm not you know, staff employee, you know crew, but I've been we've grown up together. Yeah, I've been there for a minute now and and every time I come in, you know, whether it's a security guard, or you or commentator it's just like what's up ash? Hey, Anna. You know, I've always got my fight weak butterflies, but you guys make me feel sad. So welcome and at ease and, you know, I've seen seen a lot in my, you know, sometimes I feel like I've had a long career than other times. I'm like, I'm a baby compared to some of these. Oh, geez. You know, but um, what have been some? What are some of your favorite things about being the makeup artist for the UFC? I know traveling may take its toll on you. But what are some things that you love about it?

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Let's see here. I love the people that I get to work with. And when I get to do I love the different places that I get to see, you know, the different opportunities that it's been able to offer me because it just honestly everything about it. It really isn't.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
They're gonna hear so one good thing about it.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
I really can't even I want to say yes. Hey, there you go. TSA is the worst.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
Oh, yeah, that's what I was gonna say. So would you consider just the travel the worst part? Because it can be taxing on your body right hand down,

Unknown Speaker 15:03
travels the worst if I can have this little tube like the Jetsons.

Unknown Speaker 15:07

Unknown Speaker 15:10
amazing. Yeah, teleportation

Unknown Speaker 15:11
get on it. Let's go. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
Well, so I just want to briefly talk about your health situation that you have going on right now because I've been talking about you on my show a couple times. And I've been sharing your GoFundMe link. I love you so much, and I know how much we're gonna get through this together. But for those of you who don't know, Susie's in her own fight right now, and if you could just explain what you're going through and what kind of treatments you're doing that would be awesome.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
Few things. One, I like to say thank you, and thank you for doing that. Not being dramatic, but because of the GoFundMe, I'm actually that you guys will help me you're saving my life and nothing nothing by going overboard. That's like a serious like I can pay for the things that I'm going to explain here in a little bit. To be able to do that. Insurance won't take off on your army. Which is also good is my self esteem and everything that I can do on my own and I just I just want to say thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
It's a pleasure to see anyone who's donated guarantee we you know we couldn't have done it for a better person.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Thank you and I'm as you can, I don't know if you guys can hear someone's voice or anything of that. I'm feeling 1000 times better. And I've only had going on totally a treatment right now I'm with my boyfriend in South Carolina getting to see his family we have spent three and a half, four days down here. We'll come back tomorrow to just hear a little bit relaxation by the beach so I'm really excited about them getting my vitamin D which is one of the things I need to do. But I did three and a half weeks to protocol and treatments which I feel are helping to my slowing down. I feel like you have about a game two and a half pound skins there. I mean Oh Anything that would say that it's working is it's working either. So I'm gonna get tested in the next two weeks, I'm thinking I'm gonna get about two weeks when I get home for more treatments, solid month, and then go get tested isn't scanned and do all that.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
So, you know, I didn't tell anybody but so it's stage four breast cancer, correct. Oh, I'm sorry. Yes. Okay. I know your story, but just for the people who don't know.

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Yeah, I've had breast cancer twice before two different ones. And it was once in my left breast and then because that did radiation, and then it came back about two years later, in my once in a while around a lymph node where they took out underneath the left side of my armpit, on my left side, and it took them off divulgation it was on and now two years later, it metastasized into all my liver and in about two dozen places in my sign and in my in my chest. So we are working on getting rid of it.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
And this time around, you're doing alternative medicine, correct?

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Yes, absolutely. We all did it their way, the first few times didn't work. I did do one round of radiation, I will do radiation, I have, to some reason I don't have that big of a problem with radiation. I may change my mind. Not sure. But everything else is all natural alternatives. And I feel very, very confident with what I'm doing. And there's reason that I'm doing I haven't told you as much as I'd like to do. So I apologize for that guys.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
kind of been focused and in my little bubble,

Unknown Speaker 18:37
so Okay, you got something going on. We understand.

Unknown Speaker 18:41
We understand that you got stuff going on. So would you mind telling us exactly what types of treatment and I only ask because I feel like there might be some people out there in a similar situation that are wondering if they should go more the holistic route, what are the pros and cons and you know, Every one is different you know everyone has a different type of health situation and but for you, why did you chose Why did you chose to go this route? Okay

Unknown Speaker 19:13
The reason I chose to go this route and it was really a difficult decision but chemo made me feel really really really crappy. The other two times I've had cancer it came back and then I tried I every time I did what I wanted to do, I felt better and then I tried to do the hormone shots do all that stuff. I felt crappy again, do what I wouldn't do. What better I was done with it. I can't do this anymore. So I can't have one foot in one foot out. So I put those feet in and said I'm gonna do this 110% I'm gonna do everything that already says on its own. It can cure cancer like RSO CBD, alkaline water vegan diet or have getaria and that's where I'm at. I'm not quite vegan. All my regular meds from a I sound to gcmaf and then all my Chinese mad and then the red bed and the rice treatment which is something that a lot of people don't know about and I can explain that if you'd like yeah oh how long with well the rice treatment is actually a vibration they found a couple of doctors found out that you're mentally weak meaning you can be destroyed is one frequency that they can explode or being floated at and be destroyed that so everything has that one frequency like that. champagne glass over there can be destroyed at a certain frequency that walk over that can be destroyed in August frequency, they're all different. Wow. And each one has their own. So it gets tuned to the type of cancer that the AMA does having and destroys it, whether it be the bacteria of fungus, and you know, this is everyone's body or the tongue cancer there and it basically shaped it and shatters it. So I'm working on doing that in the red And when I do that I shove oxygen into my body and really try to get circulation going. So cancer wants to live in inflammation and hates oxygen to live in. So I'm making it really uncomfortable. And then with the budwig protocol, which is cottage cheese and black people know very simple was discovered by a German doctor that if it's mixed properly together, very simple, it can crack a cancer cell open and pop oxygen into it so fine, you just really screw up the cancer all the way around the water and make it very uncomfortable, very unhappy living because laughing every day making a good environment with that. And then also, you know, taking my meds as far as my trainees are.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
It's sounds like a lot and I, I know you are basically going about it like a professional athlete. I've been talking to you a few times. And I know you're, you know, scheduled morning, afternoon night and you're taking it very seriously. Obviously. I'm super excited about Because I feel like you've chosen a really, really, you know, healthy way to go about this not just, you know, the medicines and all that. But, you know, you can hear from the sound of your voice that you're staying positive and that's a huge part of it. I have one quick question you said, you are trying to, you know, put as much oxygen into your body as possible. I know, as an athlete, I've used the hyperbaric chambers for you know, athletic, you know, benefits or whatever. Are you using the athletic hyperbaric chamber at all?

Unknown Speaker 22:33
I'm not really familiar with that. I know I'm getting ready to do some cryo here soon. I know they wanted me to do the RepRap reboot and the red bed along with the rice and try to get my body used to

Unknown Speaker 22:47
and then add a couple things but I've never done the hyperbaric

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Yeah, I'm gonna send you a link after this. I'm sure you already have so much information but yeah, there's no I you know, any information as well. So because the more the merrier. It's really easy, right? You just sit there, you know, you just sit in there and they

Unknown Speaker 23:06
I'm gonna sound so stupid, but they basically

Unknown Speaker 23:10
you know what, I'm not gonna even try. But a hyperbaric chamber has to do with the Yeah, your oxygen oxygenating your blood. So it's really good for athletes, but I'm thinking if you know, adding oxygen, or maybe it's the opposite, maybe it's like, I don't even know. We'll talk about it. Well, I know you. Your friend, created the GoFundMe link. And you know, a lot of people have been responding to it. In your opinion, how has the MMA community been responding to your situation?

Unknown Speaker 23:45
I'm floored. Amazing. I mean, I honestly thought that I was like, people love me and everything like that. And but the outpour has been, I am floored. I mean, there's no As a way to say it other than Florida, and I'm so grateful. And

Unknown Speaker 24:06
I'm not exaggerating when I say that

Unknown Speaker 24:10
you guys have made it so that I can actually, I can I can save my life, I can actually figure out what how I'm going to do this for the next year, year and a half, you know, not only live but also pay for the treatment, and then also still have the insurance to go ahead. All the way around the board, I guess. Yeah. The woman that that started as well me is he's a second off wife and she went through breast cancer last year, and I kind of went through it with her and helps her with all the scenes to help me the first couple times now she's been such a big support for me, I can't even tell you. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Yeah, I actually was just kind of looking through some things up and someone wrote an article about the, you know, kind of outpour of help that you've gotten and, you know, I see Rose namajunas was raffling off her outfit to raise money for your GoFundMe and Dustin portugais donated like X amount of dollars as well as a few other fighters and I'm I'm so happy you know, like if you didn't know your line Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:16
yeah, like, you know, it sucks that it had to come to such an intense situation for this to for you to feel this but if you didn't know before you are so loved by the MMA community.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
While what rose did was I yeah. And she just I can't be an eight year old squad up and I just like I said, I'm floored. I am. I'm very grateful I am I'm really blessed and very grateful. And there's a lot of things that I want to do like I'm working on a couple of topics because I want to start a fund or lesions or cancer to that can help people that can't do a GoFundMe and can't get a response like that and do need help with a deductible. certain type of treatment can't do that. So we're working on I'm working on doing that with a CBD company right now. So I'm excited about doing a couple things. I love that and make lemonade out of lemons. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
As soon as that gets up and running, let me know. I would love to help share that as well.

Unknown Speaker 26:18
I'd be awesome. I would really appreciate it. Yeah, great.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
So let's talk about Suzy lips. Put your health situation aside. That's only a small part of who you are. The person that I want people to get to know is to me, you're like a little little ray of sunshine, especially in this like macho tough world. Mixed Martial Arts. You mentioned your boyfriend before. I didn't know you had a boyfriend. So you are in a relationship right now? Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 26:46
am. Okay, so how long have you guys been dating?

Unknown Speaker 26:50
since mid January, actually.

Unknown Speaker 26:55
Oh, so it's new. Yeah. Okay, cool. All right. I'm in a canoe. relationship to start in November but going good, and I feel like this year you too, obviously your health situation. So COVID brings out you know, it kind of like makes or breaks relationships. How has COVID and I guess now your health situation,

Unknown Speaker 27:20
you know, as it escalated your relationship I mean,

Unknown Speaker 27:26
I feel like, you know, COVID alone for me, me and my boyfriend had to move in together. We didn't have to, but we chose to move in together. And everyone's like, Oh, that's not gonna end well, but we realized, like, if it wasn't gonna work out, that's when we were going to find out and now we're going strong. So it escalated. I feel like did you run into anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 27:47
Absolutely. I mean, you don't want to see I got died. My first diagnosis was dumpster D on the third and then I went back in order for them to kind of give me like, oh boy, and then my final bonus is on March 10. So return and then Kota came right after that. around March 10, when it happened, he came to me and he's a wonderful man, it was like I'm in this, I'm all here view. I'm gonna, you know, stay with you on decided to move in during the first part of me getting diagnosed and help me with everything and be there and has the mission. And so I think for us it kind of probably is Yeah, like we went through five years of relationship in two months. Yeah, as a tiger like, it was like and then honestly, he just got rejected notes. He seems to be somewhat doing some really good getting some really good results on that. So lately, we had to go to mail but he got diagnosed with cancer too. So we went to Koval getting rebag now it's about a month later he got diagnosed. Now he's kind of he's run into a couple prelims here That's a whole nother story, but so it's been a lot. And then also a new relationship and moving in together, etc. Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 29:10
I'm sorry to hear about his health situation. But if there's anybody who can relate, I'm gonna say to you, right? Oh, absolutely. And I feel like you since you have been around this unfortunately a few times, you probably can help him a lot, right?

Unknown Speaker 29:25
Yeah. And, you know, his his his his every time this is the second time and he hasn't taken care of cancer. And luckily, where they caught it is on another stage. It's never easy, but luckily that that is a much more hopeful situation. So we're grateful for that for sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Wow. Well, you know what, that's, I think you guys are both going to come out of this. And, you know, what do they say it's, you know, like the things that happen early on in your relationship. I think you guys are building a really strong foundation right now. Like you guys are going through these things. That, you know, most people will never have to go through unfortunately. But I think it's gonna make you guys this is a great story in the long run, you know,

Unknown Speaker 30:10
you know and not to be silly but what doesn't kill you?

Unknown Speaker 30:16
I was thinking it but

Unknown Speaker 30:22
yeah and and you know, I'm very sensitive to the situation and you know, I'm your friend, you're my friend but But still I'm uneducated in this you hear about it all the time there's skin cancer, there's sun cancer, there's breast cancer, there's everything and until it affects you or a family member or you know, a close friend, you don't know, the treatment route, what the toll it takes on the person emotionally, physically, mentally, and so I'm, I'm empathetic, but I really don't have no clue what's going on, you know, and that's why I really wanted to have you on the show. Just I'm very proud of you and everything you're going through right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
But I also I hope sorry, I'm sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 31:04
No, no, no, I want to hear what you had to say because I'm gonna ask you some silly questions after this.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Like if I you know, I have to look at it this way I never looked at it as it's supposed to tell me I always think what am I supposed to do what you know, and I hear everything from the other person get negative people out of your life, you know, always try to be positive. And you know, really renew your relationship with flowers the last time and all the other ones always tell us to so it's just I never had it so because why would you like something you know? And and maybe I'm supposed to go this alternative route and show people that there is another way of curing this if it is another way of actually, you know, putting into remission, etc. that don't get off, you know? Yes, yes. I'm not gonna lie. It was completely devastating to actually get that news. I'm like, What the fuck you know?

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Anyway, so what the fuck situation for sure it's okay. So,

Unknown Speaker 32:04
really was it? Yeah, it wasn't. Yeah. Yeah, I guess that though

Unknown Speaker 32:10
you're right, you're right. I think that you know, it's corny as hell to say but things happen for a reason. I'm not a religious woman but I do you think that we all go through things, whether it's to you know, teach us a lesson or you know, become spiritual especially this past year probably. But you know, I I believe things happen for a reason I believe people come into your life specifically for reasons to and so I want to ask you a few silly questions. Okay. You're a beautiful woman and you are doing makeup I love you. You're up close and personal with all these you know, good looking macho and good looking ladies, too. How many times have you been hit on by a fighter

Unknown Speaker 32:55
pilot throughout auditing stability.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
At least a job making game that

Unknown Speaker 33:04
honest Okay, I would say at least a dozen and a half. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
Oh yeah, I expected more

Unknown Speaker 33:12
just because they're all really sweet and it's really yeah sometimes it's kind of funny to be somebody that some like definitely find this now, let's do something for every like I'll just like generally like you know, you just see me in the hallway of different hotels like the next few years really really awkward

Unknown Speaker 33:36
yeah you're down yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:38
I was sure and you know a lot like a lot of a lot of you know, I say men but men and women sometimes I guess you're such a sweet people mistake friendliness for flirting so I can see someone like Oh, she likes me. She's so she's so nice until she gave me extra blush.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Sometimes honestly, they also haven't seen another human being for like, eight weeks.

Unknown Speaker 34:05
Yeah, they're like, ooh, woman. Yes, I want. Like, if

Unknown Speaker 34:12
I won't ask you who, but I'll just say, Have you ever considered or been tempted?

Unknown Speaker 34:20

Unknown Speaker 34:21
All right.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
All right. I wouldn't.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I mean, we're talking a decade here.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
Yeah, of course. I mean, there's some attractive fellows in my organization.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
I work around the best and the most beautiful people in the world. The best athletes, and the smartest, they really are all the way around the board. We have I think we have to bet that.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
Yeah, I do. I think because our sport is relative, you know, one of the newer sports, you know, football, basketball, baseball. It's a new sport. I so I think, my fellow coworkers, we've got to be we've got to be what's the word? You know, we've got to do do a lot of things to make this lucrative because unfortunately yeah sometimes you get into the limelight yeah like you know we've got to really use our brains and you know work sponsorships and market ourselves and so you're right there's a lot of you have marketable, marketable. Yeah. And a lot of UC athletes, I think they don't get the credit that they deserve when it comes to being not just physically talented, but yeah, there's a lot of smart athletes out there

Unknown Speaker 35:26
are green and green. So

Unknown Speaker 35:29
I, you don't have to say but I gotta, I gotta ask Who do you think is the most attractive? Male fighter is?

Unknown Speaker 35:43
You know, I just always always love you. Like, such a good looking man. It's leotta Machida

Unknown Speaker 35:51
a cheetah. Yeah, he's a good looking man. You know, have you ever met his brother?

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Hmm. He has a brother named Shinzo. Yeah, I think

Unknown Speaker 36:02
was really nice to be in the hallway when they walked through the hallway. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Yeah, they're nice guys and they're nice to look at too. Ah, okay, how about vice versa? How about you think Who do you think the most attractive female fighter is?

Unknown Speaker 36:21
Hard this I find so many. I got my

Unknown Speaker 36:26

Unknown Speaker 36:27
there's so many Yeah, there's a lot of and because they I think the women in the UFC, they have a very, like a different kind of beauty you know, you know strengths and beauty together is like it's a great thing you know, not just this fragile little flower.

Unknown Speaker 36:44
Well, you know, I'm gonna say this is your inherent with her your

Unknown Speaker 36:49
her her personality is really important as Misha. Oh, yeah, I mean, I've talked to her recently. I know she's, and you can even see it through her first night comes up here. Smile. You're like that to your to your smile. I think your picture when you're holding them

Unknown Speaker 37:08
I'm holding I'm

Unknown Speaker 37:11
telling ya.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Yeah, smiling

Unknown Speaker 37:18
Thank you Susie. So you know, I won't I won't put your your new bow on blast but let's just say you were a single lady. Do you have a type that you normally go for a physical type like tall, dark and handsome, you know, short buff guy. I don't know

Unknown Speaker 37:36
why, you know, I like somebody who's definitely in shape or at least cares about it. I find that I like really kind of have a great smile and kind. I don't know if I have really a hair and that kind of thing. Type. I definitely like somebody who's super intelligent. I don't know why I like I liked intelligence.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Like I need to have the biggest concern Elan musk. I don't know. Really. Yeah, there's a word for that. I would say I

Unknown Speaker 38:10
think the word for that is called cepu. Sexual seppuku sexual. It's like,

Unknown Speaker 38:15
something like that. Yeah, I like it.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
Yeah, well, that's I mean, it's funny because I only really started weird.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
Weird, like weird.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
So those are your, you know, turn on what are some deal breakers for you?

Unknown Speaker 38:32
Before on smoking? Oh, me too. Like a cigarette? Yep. Yep, yep, yep. And cigars. So

Unknown Speaker 38:40
yeah, it goes without saying but you know.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
hygiene. good hygiene, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 38:47
Oh, yeah. I feel if you don't have good hygiene, I can't we can't even talk.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Yeah, and and yeah, intelligence. I think you know,

Unknown Speaker 38:57
what about kids

Unknown Speaker 39:00
I don't that doesn't bother me. No.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 39:04
realize like holy terrorism, like 50,000 of them 550 other women? Yeah. 17

Unknown Speaker 39:11
baby mamas.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
Yeah, you know?

Unknown Speaker 39:19
Well, so you're in a relationship right now. And I know you travel a lot you know, but not not at the moment so in the past Yeah. You know without bringing up you know, stupid exes, but has traveling affected your relationships before?

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Oh, God, it was a nightmare.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
I got this boyfriend and I had like Albuquerque. He came to Albuquerque with me could be able to travel and stuff like that job allows it but with other boys and so that's why I was kind of single for, like 10 years. Because Yeah, because they're like even when I'm traveling. Like a week in there like I go out on a date to March 10. And you know, they're like, hey, it's great. I can't, and they're like, Okay, how about the week after? I'm like, I can't, I'm busy. They're like, Oh, so I'm like, Well, I gotta work. I'll be out of town. And like, when you come back in town, I'm like, I'm back June 30. Okay, is an attempt to damper her relationship? Yeah. Three months. So that didn't really work and being on the road, people shuffle around on people that you're working with, or people that you've seen sometimes very, doesn't allow for a good relationship, not not a healthy environment. Really.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
So do you think that the reason you and your boyfriend your boyfriend are working out is because he has a job that allows him to travel

Unknown Speaker 40:53
that and then also in all honesty, I can't travel right now just because of my situation. He's also hiring. So, you know, we're here for this family thing right now, but we're not really, you know, I can't really work. So

Unknown Speaker 41:12
I think this might be good though. Because if you think about it, since you can't work right now, you guys are going through this, you know, heart wrenching type situation, you're building this strong foundation, and then when you do get back to work, it's not like he's gonna be like, peace out. I'm out.

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Yeah, and I

Unknown Speaker 41:31
know, he's kind of welded and everything. It's almost a blessing in disguise having to be locked down and locked in together, you know, and having to do all this together. So it is, you know, even though it's bittersweet, it's still kind of a blessing.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
I agree. I agree. And a lot of people, it's hard for them to see that right now. It doesn't even have to be a relationship situation. It can be your job situation. Me for example, you know, it's very simple, but Like starting the podcast and working on other avenues and pivoting and then I'm gonna go back to fighting when the world gets better, you know, actually, probably soon yeah. sooner than later. But you know, a lot of people aren't focusing on the small benefits of COVID you know, as weird as that sounds, but I'm like, if Suzy can be positive, guys get it together. So

Unknown Speaker 42:24
hard would be hard to find the little half glass half full and half empty in any situation here and it's just hard. It's not easy.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
It is, you know, but when you hear someone you know, in your situation, you know, I'm listening to your story, and I'm just like, you know what, like, you give a lot of people hope and a lot of people. I mean, I kind of feel like an asshole this morning. I had a bad morning. I'm like, coffee wasn't ready. He's like, I'm used to being a jerk.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
Yeah, and no one should add. Don't ever feel that way. You know each of our own classes and stuff to Barrett. But I guess I've heard because like, you know, I'd rather be happy each day than I have here right now. And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that I've got as many as possible. And I think I know what some of the keys are to do that. So I'm giving it everything I got. And in the meantime, I'm going to be happy. I'd rather be happy than scared or, you know, mocchi for the time that I do have to wonder if it's short, you know, then we started happy.

Unknown Speaker 43:28
Yeah, yeah. And you make a lot of other people happy too.

Unknown Speaker 43:32
I think yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:32
I imagine that you're a romantic kind of person just because you're such a, you know, bubbly person and a lover. Are you romantic?

Unknown Speaker 43:42
hopeless. hopeless. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
So what are some of the kind of like, most romantic things you've done or craziest things you've done for love? I guess you would say,

Unknown Speaker 43:52
Oh, God, I wonder if I could say

Unknown Speaker 43:55
yes, you can. Like you know,

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Nah, I like Uh, you know, I've been like, Okay, good example really simple, like where we are now. 30 because we have the little traffickers automate the amount that we could do it there and have like clearances and stuff like that and just be one of the, one of the cool things about it is that the people, they don't get fear, they don't know. And since I fly in and out, it's like, I don't do that, you know, and he had time there. So I just showed the little things like that. I love stuff like that, you know? Yeah. Do

Unknown Speaker 44:31
anything having to do with the beach?

Unknown Speaker 44:34
Okay, what? Well, so are you. You like to do romantic things? Or are you kind of like you like when your partner does romantic things for you? Both? Both. Yeah. That's good. I feel

Unknown Speaker 44:48
like my stuff is my cookie, even making stuff. You know, really good dinners or cakes or whatever, that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Oh, yeah, that's the easy way to guys. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 45:01
Oh yeah massages Yeah, that's so

Unknown Speaker 45:06
oil. Oh okay that sounds even better and to step my game up aroma therapy and oils check

Unknown Speaker 45:13
that so because of the treatments that you're doing you know the red bed all the different lists that we just talked about. I know it can probably be physically draining. Have you been doing anything specific or you know like different to kind of make you feel sexy?

Unknown Speaker 45:31
You know, I know you're a makeup artist so imagine like do you know are you doing your makeup extra because of you know, me whenever I put even lipstick on. I'm like I'm beautiful. I just feel pretty nice. Feel better. Yeah. I'm definitely taking care of my skin. I do take some collagen in my coffee in the morning. Which is part of my protocol. It doesn't really help with the character and again, but it does help you this can happen. The chemo kind of didn't know but on my glasses So I'm working on that again. But I could put on a face whenever I can. But if we try to do some good skincare with oils and just try to take care of my skin and see it why right with water and filtration, and then when I can, you know, put some lashes on and different things like that and just still be myself and my hair is still going back. It's going to take a moment so to go back evenly, so I shave it right now so I can hit the springs all in line and a couple of short characters that are wearing the wigs and stuff and I chose them because that way they will not just calories, but I'm like more Hey, they're fun. I love the fun with it. Yeah, well, you know me I'm like bright pink Susie. Yeah, I have like bright orange bright purple.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Yeah, I can't wait. You know, you're gonna I know you you know your makeup artist. But you're gonna have some cute hairdos too. I can already see it.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
Uh huh. I'm gonna try. I'm gonna get my bachelor's Got a cute little Mohawk line?

Unknown Speaker 47:03
So, um, now's the time and this is not the time to get shy Susie, but we're going to talk about sex. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:10
So, you know, I've got to ask, you know, we keep going circling back to the health issues just you know, I'm, I'm so shocked and so you know, surprised at how like I said chipper you are and I talked briefly about, you know, your sex drive before, you know, I want to make sure it was okay to ask about this have the treatments had effect in a negative or positive way on your sex drive.

Unknown Speaker 47:35
The chemo affected very negatively, it really did. for about three weeks, it was just, it was really just I felt like a shell. I had no drive whatsoever. Now that I'm on a NASA my sex drive is normal. It's actually above normal access. And that's all I can tell that you know everything positive or you well are wasn't feeling better. I do not think that like that drive will also come up, I will be down. You know, I just don't. So with what I'm doing I see that on an upswing too, from when I was trying to do the hormone shots, they're trying to Metapod they're saying it was a little Yeah, it was crazy. I'm like, Wait a second, my bi is working well why are you trying to throw it into this? Do that stop that and add that and I'm like, Okay, I'm done.

Unknown Speaker 48:29
So you're saying that with the chemo, you you know obviously had some negative effects but now with the more holistic treatments and now with the more holistic treatments you actually have an increased libido

Unknown Speaker 48:42
Yeah, absolutely. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
That's awesome. I mean, I think that that's important to put out there for someone who's going through this you know, when they're going through the chemo and if they're if

Unknown Speaker 48:54
it's healthy it's a healthy libido like it's not anything of Nocturne. Never says healthy. It's just healthy.

Unknown Speaker 49:03
Yeah, yeah. And that's essentially why I asked earlier about, you know, if, if you're feeling tired, you know, like if I'm, if I go and I work out and I'm tired, I'm sore sometimes I'm like, babe up on top, you know, so, I mean, I get it. I'm like, I don't know what I would do. You know, even if I like eating a large meal. I'm like, I just don't feel pretty. feel kind of yucky. So that's, that makes me extra happy. I got to ask you the awkward question. Right? How did you lose your virginity? like everyone's got an awkward story. Is it awkward? Or was it magical?

Unknown Speaker 49:39
It was awkward.

Unknown Speaker 49:42
So it's always awkward. It's never magic.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
How old were you? I was I was a freshman in high school. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 49:54
that's pretty it's pretty terrible.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
Here Anheuser Busch ballplayer?

Unknown Speaker 50:04
Yeah, well, you know what? I feel like girls these days are losing it like 1213 you know, so I think freshman in high school is a pretty good age to lose it at

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Do you I was I was just like this

Unknown Speaker 50:21
is at the end of freshman year says I wish it wasn't. Yeah. Oh wow. So

Unknown Speaker 50:30
it was it was more awkward. It wasn't it was not a fairy tale. Oh yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:34
it never is. I remember telling myself a fairy tale. Yeah, we all do. Especially girl. I think guys, they really give zero fucks but girls are like, okay, we're gonna be on a bed of roses and he's gonna bring me champagne, you know? And then it's like in the bath truck at a football game and you're like that. Alright, that wasn't what I expected.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
What just happened? What is happening here?

Unknown Speaker 50:58
I cried after my first time. I don't even know why I was just like, that was

Unknown Speaker 51:05
a big deal for us.

Unknown Speaker 51:08
So I know now we're both a little bit more experienced. Do you have anything any crazy stories? I mean, has anybody asked you to do something too freaky in bed has any funny stories that kind of come to mind?

Unknown Speaker 51:23
he's freaking what what is trying to freaky and bad girl?

Unknown Speaker 51:28
Is there no such thing for you to find?

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Well, yeah, okay, so I think it's time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 51:49
So normally,

Unknown Speaker 51:51
all the fighters that I've been having on they're like, super open about the dating and the love and the romance and then we get to the sex and they're like, Oh, so lightning sex round is basically where Tell you either one word or one phrase and you just say yes or no, it's very rapid fire. You know, I tell you. Yes, though. Are you ready? I okay, so lightning section on was Susie? Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Wait, hold on I can't do dirty talk in bed. Yeah. Spank or like to be spanked? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Both biting.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Yes Toki

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Yeah, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 52:31
No. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 52:34
Yeah, any fetishes like feet.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Right? Any any fetishes like foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Oh, oh, you pause there for a minute.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Yeah, I know. We can do that. We can go back.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Okay. Okay. bondage like ropes. blindfolds.

Unknown Speaker 52:56
Yes. rope. roleplaying.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Yeah, all right. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
All this way, right? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
No, no, it's happening. This is awesome. So, sex toys.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Yes. But stuff. Everyone thinks like what, but stuff or do you? I'm not gonna answer that.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
I will cross the line.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
And I'm not answering.

Unknown Speaker 53:29
Okay, we're getting to the end here. ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 53:34
What a sex club.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
effect club a store.

Unknown Speaker 53:41
Definitely different sex club. Lots more going on. Next door. Okay, no, no, no, no. Okay, we're a swingers party.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
No. Okay. Although I gotta tell you a funny story about that. Yes, yes, please, making flyers for a party. Like freshmen in college, and he's like thinking twice and he's like, hey, yeah, what do you think of us? Come to the swingers party? I was like, swing dance for him. Yeah, you can't put that there. Flat Out. He's like, Oh, yeah, it looks bad. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
It is funny.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Last one, lingerie lover. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:25
yes, Suzy, you sound like a good time.

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Okay, so no, you're totally gonna kill me and I I made this one. Very friendly. Okay, I didn't do any USA people. No commentators, no fighters, nothing but Oh, thank you. Okay, so, this is a segment called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
I think we're done. We're done here where you gotta give you three neighbors. And you got to choose to fuckwad marry one kill one, right?

Unknown Speaker 55:03

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Oh my goodness. All right, this is Susie's makeup addition. So I chose males that are notorious for wearing a lot of makeup and you cheese. All right. So we got number one on the list. Russell Brand.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
Okay, Adam Lambert.

Unknown Speaker 55:20
Okay. And Dave Navarro.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
He had a fuckwad marry one kill one. Go. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:33
Whenever you're ready,

Unknown Speaker 55:35
I would chill out. I don't remember. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:44
Novara and I marry brand. All right, good choices.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Alright Susie so our last segment is called fan questions crashed

Unknown Speaker 56:02
And these are all real fans that want to know the answers from Suzy. Are you ready? Okay. Okay, so at dirty Diaz 79 Oh, sorry, we already were you asked that one. So all right. So at Joe miggs, actually, oh, he's the host of a really cool podcast called MMA uncensored. He says, What's the weirdest makeup request you've been asked to perform?

Unknown Speaker 56:28
during that particular fight, or just ever, I can't put your face. I don't

Unknown Speaker 56:33
know. He just means like ever, like first one that comes to mind. I mean, I've seen you do some like some like a face paint type

Unknown Speaker 56:41
here, and I've added hearing on hairlines I've added as part of, actually I know exactly what it was. I can't remember exactly where the fighters kind of kill me doesn't fly for UFC only had like a couple fights, but his tattoo on his chest

Unknown Speaker 56:59
and I will find This ad guys I will post it on

Unknown Speaker 57:03
yours read on Instagram okay this ad because I will find it out the name of his ad on his tattoo on his chest and he was like oh god I'm gonna have it all of it's gonna be Carolina like I can get rid of it because this is something that is like anger it is that if you like they airbrush you notice I don't yeah yeah so so that's one of the reasons I got the job with UFC because of my coworker I can explain it another time but anyway so he's like really get the name on my gown anymore in real time like actually so test and sharing out I got the name out of there and she was really really pissed because his debuts on TV premiere was not anywhere near

Unknown Speaker 57:47
so you airbrush, an ex girlfriend's name and axis name to that. I love that

Unknown Speaker 57:55
countless back black and white shirt from here

Unknown Speaker 58:00

Unknown Speaker 58:01
that's awesome. Okay, so at tie dot Steven 73 wants to know, how many times have you had inappropriate comments, ones that you did not feel comfortable with comfortable with from male or female fighters? Oh God.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
You know,

Unknown Speaker 58:21
I do work in a pile of of, you know, predominantly males for a couple of years you inappropriate is a word anymore

Unknown Speaker 58:33
we all laugh about it you know?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
I can't I can't really remember any game that really made me comfortable. Yeah, does that make any sense?

Unknown Speaker 58:45
Yeah, no, I think number one you got thick skin. You know we're not easily have a sense of humor. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:51
like, it's too many people get so offended at the easiest stupidest things now and you can't even have funny watch. It's like honestly humorous humor and I think I have a good sense of humor and I think it's hilarious sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
I'm sure you just take it as a compliment. You're like, Alright, you know, I still got it. Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
With the punches too, right.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
Okay, at MMA uncensored Oh, okay, there's the podcast. Do male athletes or commentators wear lipstick or lip gloss

Unknown Speaker 59:29
and well, that's that, say and commentators it's a little different like if you're talking to Heidi and make it yourself or whenever you come and take, I would say a combination of lipstick and lip gloss and that are somewhat mixed together that day, but a lot of people like lipstick, clothes better but as far as topicals inspires like john Anik knows that chopsticks.

Unknown Speaker 59:56
Got it chapstick. I think they're looking for the juicy leg. JOHN Anik like

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
I would get my name on these people faces I cannot have my name.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
No no no selfish reason here.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Okay, at Mike dot ello y dot 33 says Who is the biggest asshole? Or the big or the nicest person in the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Who's as big as Apple or the nicest

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
so so who so who's the biggest asshole and then conversely, who's the nicest person?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
Honestly, I've never had problems with anybody other than God I'm gonna burn in hell for this one probably. Josh Koscheck as I was the only person who really had problems with and Nice's got one for you. You're extremely nice. We snack is always smiling, always happy. I would say literally all the girls are stat. All the girls are always surprised and always nice. I get to really find anybody that's not that pleasant. Yeah. And all the guys are the same way they really are. Yeah, what their significant others. I mean, everybody is always so nice to me. I I haven't had any complaint I I cannot even tell you one person as I said maybe just a little. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
I think since your demeanor is so welcoming, you know, you can I could be hungry and in a bad mood, but then I see you and I'm like, ah, Susie Yeah. So, you know, there's probably some a holes on the roster, but then they hang out with you. And they're like, you know, what, can't be nice. I can't be mean to this lady. She's the nicest. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
the thing is that into my I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
don't want

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
therapy, and I'm just paralyzed and do all kinds. It's like, I can't come to you with a different thing. I Never come to you with like, I'm asking you to do something like.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Yeah. So the last question is from us in your barber. And he says, What advice would you give your younger self prior to getting into your career?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
manage your money better. really keep an eye on things, save for a rainy day understand the other player freelance. And then when social media comes out, utilize it completely and build a platform. That's a very, very like every moment, every moment that you have to enjoy every moment, because those are your moments.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
For you, Susie, you are one of my favorite people, not just in the UFC, but ever. Thank you so much for doing the show. I know you're on a strict regimen of healthy stuff, and I'm rooting for you and it's not even like oh, I hope it's this. I know. I have 100 percent confidence I'm excited to look back in you know a year or two years when this thing is completely gone and we'll do a new a new episode maybe we'll get that boyfriend on

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
and then you got to elaborate on some of the lightning six round stuff okay yeah alright

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
buddy has any question for that as far as

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
me are you know asked on the last picture I posted sorry I haven't posted but I will do more.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
Wow Wow. And she means that guys she really is a very welcoming person. I know a lot of people like yeah, just shoot me a message but if you have questions, this is the woman I asked. She's like I said, you know, this is unfortunately the third go around but Third time's a charm. Right Susie? Yep, exactly. You are a symbol of strength, not just for you know, people going through this but for all of us, especially during this time. You know, you make me appreciate what's going on. What I have, you know, not just my house, but you know, who knows?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
me though. You guys really give me so much strength and just, you know, with the support that I have and going, you know, like, no you can do this and we believe in the route that you're taking. You don't even know who the route that I'm taking is still supportive that you know, they just don't say much. They just say hey, we're in our prayers, you know, and that means the world to me that is so just the support is just amazing. I can't even tell you what kind of strings I get.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
Keep smiling Susie because your smile makes me smile. And so please, please come back on the show. And I will keep me updated. Keep making those posts. I love them. We all just love being a part of your journey.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
Thank you, I will for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
All right. Love you Susie. Talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
Love you. Bye

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
Here we go again with our new segment. Dear Ashley, basically an advice column via podcast, you guys are now able to send in any questions about love, dating, relationships, sex, or any other issues you're having. Warning, I am not a licensed professional by any means. Take all advice at your own risk. listener discretion is advised. And as always our sound engineer DJ zol, who will be reading the questions is here with us right now. Yeah. Let's get ready to answer some questions. All right. We

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
have names with these ones this week. So shout outs to Sean Carlin 93 after one date, this girl had her friend FaceTime me, I need 24 hours later, grilling me This is too much.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
Okay, so one date and then her his her friend is grilling him about the date seems like the side friend. Oh gosh, I actually have a friend who stalks the boy well I'm in relationship now but she used to stalk the boy that I was about to date and then tell me all the information and I felt like it ruined the organic Miss of the relationship. So I would say yes, this is actually on another level it's it's it's bad because you've only been on one day it's been 24 hours and so I take this as a red flag. You can choose to run and hide right away or you can tell her like Hey, tell your friend to ease up please you know we barely know each other. Give this a little bit of time to form and then maybe you know you can you know appease her by talking to her friend because if her friends talking to you After 24 hours, then she must be a big part of her life. And and girls can get like that, you know, we can be very sister like, you know, and so it could, it could mean a lot to her, but I would just number one, ask her to wait a little while to see if this is even gonna work out, you know, maybe doesn't even go anywhere. Maybe you guys don't have that kind of chemistry. So good luck with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
Nice. Okay, cool. So here's another one. This is at Austin are green. And I hope I pronounced that right. I'm a photographer. How can I bring a sex positive heart into more conservative areas?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
Oh, this one's a typo. He was asking. How can he bring his sex positive art? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
yeah, that's my best. So yeah. But we get where you're at what you're saying there, Austin. So I actually saw this guy's art. So he's a photographer, so he'll do kind of like broodwar or lingerie. You know those types. have pictures. And, you know, without, with, without sounding narcissistic, I'd say, our show this podcast and the social media so, you know, maybe podcasts that are sex based or you know, sex related or dating related or you know, that kind of thing. I would reach out to those, you know, social media accounts and see if you could work out some kind of deal, you know, because I post all the time on our podcast, and it's, you know, whether it's a cartoon or a very, you know, artsy kind of risque picture. And, you know, maybe you would want to work with us. So, good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
Nice. All right, here we go. At Casper. Jeremiah asks, How often is healthy sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
How often is healthy sex? So a little confused on this one? I wonder if he's asking. Do you think he's asked me how often how often how often you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
Should two people have sex? You have? Daily? Is this a weekly?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
Okay, well, I guess he's looking for time period me Yeah, like specific numbers. Uh, you know, I posted on my social media on on our social media the sex and violence with rebel girl page. And I just said, You know, I looked this up actually recently because I was like, you know, I know how often I have sex, but I would say that I have an elevated sex drive. So I wanted to know what the average number of times in a week or you know, even in a day, and it really depends, there's no average, you can't do that kind of study, because each person and each relationship is different. So if you're with a partner, and you guys are extremely attracted to each other, and you want to have sex, you know, two, three times a day, that's fine, that's healthy. If you're with someone and you guys only want to have sex once a week, and that's, you know, that's enough for both of you, then that's healthy. It's whatever, both of you what it's whatever makes both of you happy. So you You know, I keep saying this. But mainly it's about communication. You got to tell your partner, you know what you want when you want it, you got to be open and that's hard for a lot of people. It's hard to talk about sex, you know, this podcast is essentially you know, my way of trying to open the dialogue and make it more normalized and just talk to your partner. And if you are, you know, very, if you if you have a high sex drive and high libido, and then you are gonna want to find a partner with a similar sex drive.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
So I kind of pre read into this one, this is a good one. This will be our last one for this episode. And this is from at Harley David 93. b prep. Do you girls find plumbers sexy? There's more? That's the question. Okay. Terrible question, but I got to know if my career path is right. Also, thanks for Oh, nice. Thanks for sending the podcast stickers. I have to slap them. Somewhere show you the love. Love the show. Keep up the amazing work. Hey, oh

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
yes, I love when you guys get the stickers in the mail and then you tag us on social media. It it helps I think it just kind of it's one way to market the show and as

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
I only like look at like a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:19
Okay, so, so the question

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
is, yeah, girl fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
Well, let me just say this.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
It is very, very sexy, to have a job. It's very, very sexy, to be responsible. It's very sexy to have your shit together. And it doesn't matter if you're a plumber. Or if you're a lawyer, if you are being a man and you're taking care of your shit, that's sexy. You know, do we want to go hang out with you at work? Probably not. But uh, I definitely wouldn't change your career. Just based on what women are going to think about you. the right woman is going to Love you for you and now what you do for a living. So I hope that helps. Good luck.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
Nice. That's it. No, that's the last one only

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09
couple this week all right well guys,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
a plumbing guy had a question about some plumbing. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
He lays down pipe below.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
Well guys, please, please, please keep sending in your questions. That segment is called dear Ashley, if you have any questions, send them in. Could be funny could be serious. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna always do my best to help you guys out. And that's it for dear Ashley. We all know love is not black and white. It's complicated and hard to navigate. Once you think you get it figured out, you realize you have nothing figured out at all and you have so much more to learn. Life is pretty much the same way. We never know what tomorrow will bring and all we can do is try and live every day to the fullest. Suzy is on her own journey and I'm so grateful she has had plenty of love and support all around. Her. I really think she's a light in this world and I know my heart goes out to her along with a lot of other people. She's gonna beat the odds. I know it. I hope her story and maybe a little bit of the other stuff we talked about inspires someone out there. If Susan can be so positive under her own circumstances, why can't we find it in us to appreciate life? No matter what we have going on? I've listed a link to her GoFundMe in the Episode Notes. So please, please, please donate if you can. And if not share the link gorgeous shooter a DM You heard her say if you have any questions, send her a DM she's the sweetest person. And just so you know, Susie, if we haven't told you, we love you. If you like this podcast, guys, please help it grow. ratings and reviews only take a minute but they help us a ton. Thank you so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions and your new dear Ashley questions. Special thank you to producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJs At DJ zol tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kid's official. And again, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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