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Episode 14: Pauly Shore (The Weasel!)

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to second balance with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and

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sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Let's talk about sex.

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Hot Stuff. I am really really hyped for today's guest. This person makes me laugh just thinking about them and all the amazing things they've done, but I'm getting ahead of myself. First let's talk about what's going on the world. Global pandemic check, race wars and protest, check political madness ahead of the election check. And all this is possibly not even your biggest concern. We're all struggling with finances, jobs, family relationships, and the voices in our heads that are basically telling us some messed up stuff. I know I talked about my relationship on here, and you know, I tell you guys how much sex we have and how great things are going. But, you know, in all actuality, we have our own problems as well. I haven't been super detailed about that, because I'm trying to be positive, but I think it's important to acknowledge that we have our hard times as well. I know a lot of you are going through the same stuff. And trust me, me and my partner have gone through some highs and some very low lows during the quarantine. I know a lot of you can relate. And I think that when we share our stories with one another or another, then we basically can relate and start to feel a little bit better. You're not alone basically is what I'm saying. A lot of couples have had to And together and share finances, sacrifice personal space. These conditions are not a recipe for success. And I'll admit that when times got tough, I have had a few times considered a split or a breakup. But that's on me. I think that it's because, you know, my own personal problems. My tendency in a relationship is to kind of get out when things start to go a little bumpy and not wanting to work on my own personal character flaws. This whole thing has made me very introspective. I knew that if this relationship was going to work out, I was going to have to change my personal flaws and basically communicate much better. We have good days and we have bad days and I know a lot of you out there in the same situation. But I will say this, we're still together. And when the dust settles and all this craziness of 2020 passes will be stronger because of it. I know that sounds corny, but you know all you guys out there who are pulling your hair out, but still in love with your significant other. Don't give up. Like Suzy said last week, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And speaking of that, next month I'll be commentating for Sin City submission series, a 155 and 175 grappling tournament of the best grapplers in Las Vegas, California and across the country, September 19. It's a $200 buy in and a $2,000 payout. So if you guys are looking to compete, I posted a link in the comments below. In the episode notes. Sign up there at Sin City submissions on Instagram. I'm going to be co commenting with the very experienced Kevin widow, so don't worry, I won't be me just on the mic by myself. He will be carrying the team first. And if you guys liked this podcast, please help it grow. rate and review. It helps us a lot. Also, I've been doing this and a lot of you guys like it. If you screenshot a picture of your review, then you take that screenshot. Send it to our Instagram and send your address we'll send you free stickers. So, on to the guest. Today's guest is an actor, comedian and filmmaker best known for his roles in the 90s comedy films like Encino Man, son in law and biodome son of comedy legend Sammy shore and Mitzi shore, who founded the Comedy Store in LA. He began his stand up career at the age of 17, before becoming an MTV vj, and later roles that will forever be in the hearts of all of us Gen Xers. We talked about his new movie guest house, the week 2.0 shifting and adapting during these crazy times, and our future wrestling date. Here's your guest Pauly Shore, also known as moving

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me down

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All right, Paulie, thanks for coming on the show. What are you up to right now?

Unknown Speaker 5:04
being scared if I was laid on my phone call you to killed me?

Unknown Speaker 5:08
Well, I'm actually really nice fighter so I won't wanna won't hurt you, but I'm happier on time cuz I know you're

Unknown Speaker 5:15
a nice kid. And I'm a nice comedian. Are you a nice comedian? Are you a nice fighter? I promise I am then I'm a nice comedian.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
Okay, all right. So thank you so much for coming on the show. I want to ask you first a little bit about MMA. Are you a fan of it?

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Yes, of course. I love watching guys beat the crap out of each other now the girls are doing it.

Unknown Speaker 5:41
Yeah, you actually had. Yeah, Jessica, I who's an UFC fighter on your podcast the other day, right?

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Yeah, no, I think you know, obviously, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm not in your business. And I watch it like everyone else watches it and we're all in awe of what you guys do. And it's pretty special i mean you know, you know women fighting is am I allowed to swear now?

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Yeah you are allowed to say anything

Unknown Speaker 6:10
well no you guys beating the shit out of each other is awesome it's hilarious and scary and awesome and all these things at once it's it's crazy you know you guys don't give a fuck so yeah I guess it's that high school that high school stuff when you're a kid he gets a ticket out in the schoolyard but instead on the ring you know, I mean, I assume you guys shift in the animals right when you start found right?

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Yeah, it's um it's amazing because you can have people be really really nice outside the cage and then it's like they're a different person inside the cage.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Crazy right? And we

Unknown Speaker 6:43
get paid for it which is awesome, you know?

Unknown Speaker 6:46
No one's better say that money babe gets get real estate. Oh, that's a good idea. Her

Unknown Speaker 6:51
Vegas is pretty cheap. But did he recently move out to Vegas?

Unknown Speaker 6:56
mentally I guess physically, I'm not sure Right now physically, I did mentally know I moved to Las Vegas about I'd say two months ago. I was in Maui on the quarantine. And I was hiking every day and I was just, you know, thinking about life in LA in California and where this whole thing was going and I just, just I didn't I was born and raised in LA my whole life I'm like, is oh G and La as Dr. Dre is? You know what I mean? I grew up on the Sunset Strip. My mom and dad started the Comedy Store. I went to Beverly Hills High School in Sunset Strip is my like bloodline, you know, and it's just different now. And the ceiling is different. La is different, and I just, I didn't want to be there anymore. And I just wanted to try something new. And plus, now I never have to fly into lax. I get to fly. I get to fly into Burbank.

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Yeah. So how's Vegas going?

Unknown Speaker 7:55
I love it. People are awesome. The restaurants are open. The gyms are open, everything is open except for you know, the shows no artist, I can't go on stage. There's no stand ups. I got my podcasts I'm doing that. And you know it's you know, life is about shifting you know we've got put everyone got thrown some crazy ass curveball so we all have to shift to stuff like this what you're doing what I'm doing, you know it's all online and you do it at your home and no one wants to leave their home and and it's just the way God wants us to be right now and it is what it is you can't really find it you just kind of can't do I can't you can't do a UFC you know, beaten up the babe thing, babe.

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Okay. Everybody who is adapting to the change. I think they are the ones that are going to be successful. People are doing podcasts, zoom calls, all that kind of stuff. I know you want to bring it up eventually. But let's just get right into it. You have a new movie coming out, right?

Unknown Speaker 8:59
Yeah, you Yeah, the SEC. It's funny. This is actually my first interview for the new movie, because I just got all this, this request stuff that starts coming in actually tomorrow and then all next week and the following week. So, yeah, I'm, you know, everyone's I think everyone seems more excited about it than I do. That's funny. And I think it's just my age and kind of what I've been through and where I'm at mentally, you know?

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Yeah, so you're meaning you're not as amped about it as you would be back in you know, 20s 30s

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Yeah, I kind of have made it my get my a dent in the business through my comedy and my stand up and my movies and, and I feel I've done well, and I'm okay. And anything else is kind of like, icing on the cake. You know, so this movie. I'm not, I'm not as maybe amped as I was when I was coming out in movies back in the day. But I'm excited because I think it's good and I think people are gonna like it. Yeah, but I'm just in a different place. I'm looking at you on a couch now you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 10:07
I mean, I'm just like, chillin, bro.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
Yeah. I mean, I'm excited about it.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
I hear you. You're young. So this is all like new to you.

Unknown Speaker 10:15
It's very new. And you know, I'm 33 Yeah. So you're at a great age. Yeah. So well, I'm excited for this movie.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
Yeah, I'm 52 now, so when you're 52 You know, you're a little bit. You got one toe in the retirement, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
Yeah, but But for you, I think it's just because you started so young in the movies here. So it's just like, well, another movie, no big deal. I would love to be like that someday. I guess I could I say I'm like that when it comes to fighting. You know, Okay, I'm gonna have another fight. Everyone's like, Oh, you gotta fight. I'm like, Yeah, I gotta fight. You know, you know? Yeah. So I understand a little

Unknown Speaker 10:53
bit of like, what we it's like what we do you know, I'm more excited for people than I am for me. That way. Yeah, way more excited for people that they're excited than I'm excited for me.

Unknown Speaker 11:06
Yeah, I mean, how long has it been since your last movie?

Unknown Speaker 11:11
starring. I don't know. It was a while ago I did a movie for CMT. I don't know if that counts, but it was a

Unknown Speaker 11:20

Unknown Speaker 11:21
For CMT. It was a comedy I did for them. Starring It's been a while.

Unknown Speaker 11:27
So are you allowed to tell us about the movie at all?

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Of course, it's out the trailers out, it's out. It's um, it's called guest house. And I play a guy that won't leave out of a guest house. And there's this young couple and they buy this house and there's this crazy guy that's parking in the back and in the agent is like, well, he'll, he's gonna leave. Don't worry. That's Randy. And he's going to get out and I never leave, and then he dies and then it turns into like this kind of neighbors. Were the roses were were like at each other and, you know, the stuff that we find out at the end and it is a polisher movie. So there are sweet there's like a very now a lot of heart. And it's, it's a sweet film and and i think people are gonna like it, you know, it's like you know, I kind of like the fact that you know, I haven't been in anything so like, the kids aren't gonna know the guy from biodome. You know, like the young kids that see it, they're gonna like oh my god, there's this couple I'm like, Who's this crazy guy? living in the back and then the parents family like that's Pauly Shore.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Yeah, do you mean the weasel is a persona you created and with

Unknown Speaker 12:46

Unknown Speaker 12:50
the weeds?

Unknown Speaker 12:51
Do you tell me your guns? Show me your guns, babe. Let me see.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Okay, I'm showing you my guns. You can't see them because this is just what I'm doing it. I swear.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Some of the ways that yeah, that we we so that was, you know, that's, that's part of who I am. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 13:07
yeah. And I'm so obviously each role is different, but are you allowed to kind of bring the weasel persona into the character if the you know, Director Producer allows it?

Unknown Speaker 13:18
Well, that's who they're hiring. So obviously if I didn't do that, it'd be a disaster.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
Got it. Okay, so they love

Unknown Speaker 13:24
I mean, if you look at the if you look at the trailer online, you can see that it's poly 2.0. What is it Josh polywire I'm like an older version of the weeds, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
Yeah. 2.0 Josh,

Unknown Speaker 13:40
see, that's exciting because we all love the weasel that persona. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Well, that's, that's what it is. It's this party guy that Randy's character. my character's name is Randy cockfield. And I just like this, like he put you they open the door and it looks like a scene at a Pirates of the Caribbean. It's like Got You know, I got Tommy Lee's Sex Swing back there I got missiles from Iraq I got you know, I got just I'm a collector of old artifacts my character

Unknown Speaker 14:11
so I'm assuming there's like a secret at the end where you find

Unknown Speaker 14:14
out what's what's going on. There's always a plot twist at the end, right? Yeah. All right. Well, so this shows called sex and violence we're talking a little bit about violence you know you dig MMA you appreciate it. Have you ever been into in a fight a fistfight?

Unknown Speaker 14:33
I got cold cocked when I was in high school. Does that count?

Unknown Speaker 14:37
No, no. I mean, you seem like a very passive chill dude. So I wasn't expecting you to come out with some crazy fighting story, but you never know.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Yeah, I was when I was in. When I was in second, third and fourth grade. I went to West Hollywood elementary school. So it's very urban. And I used to get in a lot of fights there and then I And then as fifth grade, I got transferred to a Beverly Hills school which was Hawthorne elementary school. And and then I started beating the shit out of kids. Like, like there would be kids like waiting in the, you know, in the, you know in the nurse's office so I go Polly just punched him you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:18
why did you punch him?

Unknown Speaker 15:21
Cuz I was gangsters from Hollywood step in the Beverly Hills. Okay. Take care of business.

Unknown Speaker 15:29
Greg Chris on the street.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Yeah. So you you have started you started your career? Stam comedy what 17 is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Yeah, about 17 Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
So I got a couple of questions that are basically about being around you know, being in the Comedy Store at an early age you were around you know, the likes of Sam Kinison.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
Your producer there.

Unknown Speaker 15:53

Unknown Speaker 15:55
by yourself right now.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
No, I've got a I got an audio engineer movie. zol say Hazel,

Unknown Speaker 16:02
was he excited that you're going to have the wheels on or he was like, why are we doing this interview? My name is My name is DJ zol and it's short for weasel

Unknown Speaker 16:13

Unknown Speaker 16:17
he looks he looks sexy, right? Always. why she's so hot. She's got her head shaved on the side. She's like bow bro.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
Well, candy.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
Well, candy. Yeah, we started at the store. You know, my mom is a legend and my dad and I'm taking over in their shoes, you know? So a lot of people don't know, my mom and dad. And you know, there's actually a big communist cert documentary coming out on Showtime on October 1, I think the trailers out and it's a five part series about the history of the Comedy Store so it should be pretty cool. That's awesome. Both See that? Yeah, my mom's pretty special, you know?

Unknown Speaker 17:03

Unknown Speaker 17:06
You know, comedy is just her as a person, you know?

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Yeah, I actually was very dumb. I listen to all these podcasts with Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz and they always talk about Mitzi shore Mitzi shore. And I've been a fan of yours since I was young, and never put the two together because, you know, I'm not super deep into the comedy world. And it just blew my mind when I was getting ready to interview and researching and I was like, Wow, I didn't know that you grew up in the Comedy Store and we're around you know, Sam Kinison and all the other big, big name comedians at the time. So my question to you is, do you think you kind of learned about sex and other adults topics earlier than most kids your age?

Unknown Speaker 17:47
Yeah, of course. I thought you're gonna say I learned it from the comedians. I said, No, I learned it from watching the UFC dudes fight each other.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
No, you did it. The UFC. probably wasn't even around then.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Yeah, no, you know, you, you, you know you. You know, you, you, you know you watch it. You know, I didn't have any parental supervision I am. I was never really, you know, I never was really told what to do. You know, I never had a weapon. You know, I had no, no one around except for the comedian.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
Yeah. Who all those comedians Do you think taught you the most?

Unknown Speaker 18:34
Just about anything.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
I taught myself everything. I just watched them. No one ever sat me down and said, This is what you got to do that, you know, I didn't have a coach. It wasn't like that, you know, like a comedy coach. It was like just thought they'd be like, just follow me and I'll just follow them. I mean, my mom's my mom's biggest thing was, you know, she liked you. She let you park cars. If she liked To shoot, you know, let you answer phones.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 19:05
that, you know, it's just like you you're a fighter, you know, like this champion, fighter, you know, your warrior. And it's like, if you saw a lot of young girls that want to be fighters and instead of just saying to them do this, do that just say Follow me. And they follow you and you just, they slowly, you know, they slowly learn. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:27
yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
So did I followed the comedians you know, I followed Sam Andrew Dice Clay, Roseanne Barr Howie Mendell, Jim Carrey. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:39
yeah. So you just kind of picked up

Unknown Speaker 19:41
and then I, I did it and then what I did I did it better than them. Oh, whoa, bro. Not cool.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Well, I think you did. I mean, I can't think of someone who made that persona, that character. So good. So so iconic. Like I mean, Roseanne

Unknown Speaker 19:58
me. It's me. It's People don't meet me and go oh my god, he's different than his persona. They meet me and it goes exactly the same. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
I like to think that you are the weasel to someone that you just create. You're like, oh, we're on in five and then he turned, turn on the weasel.

Unknown Speaker 20:16
So how does how does the weasel identify? sexually? You straight? bisexual? pansexual.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
so personal.

Unknown Speaker 20:27
We're just getting started.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Well, I have to say.

Unknown Speaker 20:36
I like babe.

Unknown Speaker 20:40
There's the pillow. There's a pause. I'm waiting for you to finish your sentence. Babe. Yeah, but I feel like there's a dot dot dot there. You know, like babes. And that's it just a bit.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
I don't like animals.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
Okay, all right. So you like the babes? Are you single? Are you married? Dating anybody?

Unknown Speaker 21:00
got kids all over America?

Unknown Speaker 21:04
I didn't read that in your wiki that surprised me. No, I'm just kidding. No, I just moved to Vegas. I'm you know, trying to meet someone nice and and have them you know, I don't know. So you're on the market. Yeah, I'm on the meat market if that was called.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
Yes. Vegas meat market.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
Yeah. No, I'm I would like to meet a cool chick, you know? And I mean, and I know cool chicks and I see a couple different girls that you know, but nothing. You know, there's nothing there. I mean, you're or you're married. You have kids or

Unknown Speaker 21:41
no, I have a boyfriend.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
When you guys gonna have kids? I don't want kids. Kids are not for me.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Or, Oh, well.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Yeah. So you just you know, you find someone you found someone and maybe I'll find someone. I won't It's important that you want to kind of appreciate wherever you're at at that time. Like right now like I'm by myself, you know, I have friends and hang out with people and and be appreciative of that. You you're in a relationship, you're right where you're at be appreciative are where you're at right now. People always like grass is always greener, it's like, Just be happy with where you're at, whether you're alone, or whether you're

Unknown Speaker 22:27
with someone. I agree. That's pretty much what I've been preaching on the podcast because a lot of people have had to move in during the quarantine their relationships have been, you know, fast forwarded. And, you know, whether you're kind of, quote unquote stuck with someone or you're alone I figure just embrace it, you know, make the best of it. Right. Well, you don't have a choice. Yeah, that too, but we're trying to be positive positive here, Polly.

Unknown Speaker 22:52
Oh, yeah. But it's kind of like you're not allowed to drink and drive the reality. So you don't have

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Some people do it I guess. Yeah, sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
Yeah, you're appreciating the moment but uh, you know you're looking for a babe You know you're gonna let it let it happen not looking not Oh,

Unknown Speaker 23:12
I want to date a UFC face so I can date her and she can be my bodyguard.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
No, we we actually get a lot of requests for that people are like any UFC babes want a date?

Unknown Speaker 23:24
Or last word? I would do the UFC babe. I think that'd be cool. And I can go watch her on stage and she can come watch me on stage.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
Yeah, I think it's important to, you know, understand what it's like to be in the limelight. Sometimes when you I know, I've dated people in the past who have not been in the limelight and it's caused some problems in the relationship. Have you ever experienced that?

Unknown Speaker 23:50
Yeah, that's just called insecurity. Yeah, pretty much. Oh, yeah. I think that I think the prettier The girl is the more insecure There isn't that interesting.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
I honestly I agree with you. Um, you know, I don't I don't

Unknown Speaker 24:06
know if you said it hesitant. I'm like, serious, serious, like, I know a lot of girls that are flawless like hot. And I'm friends with them. And they're super insecure.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
No, I agree with you. I completely agree. raizy while society is fucked up towards women, we are told we have to look a certain way act a certain way. You know, that's why I live kind of who I am as far as rebel girl, you know, doing whatever I want wearing whatever I want. You know, even the career I chose is kind of like, what that's different. Right? What did

Unknown Speaker 24:36
you do before you're doing UFC?

Unknown Speaker 24:40
I was well, I wrestled in high school. I was on our boys wrestling team. And then I wrestled in college. And I got my degree in journalism, because I was like, well, since I'm here, I might as well get a degree and then I just end up fighting in the cage for like the last 10 years and now I'm trying to, you know, make a smooth transition, as I'm getting a little little bit older. You know, not old in life but old in fighting in the ring. Doing a couple small small movies. No Pauly Shore level stuff, but um, maybe some stunt work in the future. Just dipping my toes in the water, you know?

Unknown Speaker 25:12
Yeah. So I bet your guy your guy's a fighter, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:16
He's not a fighter he has fought before, but he's a black belt in jujitsu. And so he he's about to open a school and teach Jiu Jitsu and, and all that. So that's his life. So very similar types of careers. I

Unknown Speaker 25:29
live in Orange County, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:31
Yeah, we live in Orange County. Santa Ana.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Yeah, cool. Yeah, that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
So besides UFC babes, what other types of girls physically Well, what's your kind of woman?

Unknown Speaker 25:45
You know, it's interesting. I mean, I don't I don't want a girlfriend that's obese, of course, but I don't mind a girl that's a little chubbier. I think it's fun, you know? Yeah. All right, Ash squeezer arms a little, you know? Yeah, I squeeze the Sharman

Unknown Speaker 26:05
I have to cut weight from my fight. And when I get skinny my boyfriend's like, Oh, I'm like, Hey, I gotta work hard to look like this. He's like, stop working hard.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Like, you're no good. It's like I think it's I think it's both I think I like both. I like girls that are you know, obviously, you know what the way most guys like I'm like, obviously really, really hot and sexy and sweet and someone that hugs you where you feel their hug, or you hold their hand and you feel their hand You know, they're not limping on me.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
And someone's got nice juicy lips.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
They're important.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
Yes. Yeah, I mean, it's not not cotton, no collagen lip crap. Fucking and fake fake boobies thought right? Me but

Unknown Speaker 26:59
man Um, I know I want to get them and my boyfriend is against them. And I just feel like after fighting, you know, like, you know, they won't be in the way when I'm, you know, trying to punch a girl. I just want to get a nice pair and he's just really against it. He said, natural boobs are the way to go. How do you feel about that? I agree with him. Really? Yeah, but you've seen so many fake boobs. I think

Unknown Speaker 27:23
the only I think the only

Unknown Speaker 27:27
the only

Unknown Speaker 27:30
reason to get fake fake titties is that if if he had a whole bunch of kids here, I mean, like, been sucked on and punched and kicked. You know what I mean? And there's a beat now. Life is just drained from them.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
Yeah. Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 27:49
but like girls that are young and hot like that have nice. boobs. Like, I don't understand why they get on. I really don't because

Unknown Speaker 27:56
society's like bigger, the better. You

Unknown Speaker 27:59
know. I don't agree with that. That's just in the girl's mind and maybe it looks good. looks good on pictures, but the reality when a guy touches a girl's boobs like he likes to not feel fake boobies.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Yeah, it doesn't feel like a bag of sand was the 40 year old virgin say he's like, he's like, oh, he

Unknown Speaker 28:19
just feels

Unknown Speaker 28:22
like a Ziploc bag with water

Unknown Speaker 28:24
in it. Yeah, I've actually never touched a fake buoy.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
touch touch my friends real boobies but not fake

Unknown Speaker 28:31
boobs. Number one UFC fighter girl.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
Oh, the like pound for pound Best Female at the moment. Her name is Amanda Nunez but so sorry. She's a lesbian and taken.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
No, I'm not saying I want to go out of date. It

Unknown Speaker 28:51
was the one girl the one girl with the short hair the blonde girl with her name.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
Short hair.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
You might be talking to her every time she gets beat or every time she wins or gets theater faces gets thrashed

Unknown Speaker 29:03
in our she's like got short blonde hair. She's pretty

Unknown Speaker 29:06
short blonde hair. That's not

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Zuzu What's her name?

Unknown Speaker 29:11
You're not talking about Rose namajunas

Unknown Speaker 29:14
maybe rose? Yeah. She's like

Unknown Speaker 29:15
a buzzed head. Yeah, yes, her name is Rose. She is a sweetheart.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Yeah, go on. She's a former champ. She's dating a guy named Pat Berry. She's got the same managers I do. What do you want? no better.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Nothing. I think she's adorable.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
She's so cute. She used to be a model actually.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
So she's so angry.

Unknown Speaker 29:41
She was hungry, although the whole time

Unknown Speaker 29:45
because they didn't feed her. So now she's kicking out.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
What about what about some turn offs? You know, like, you know, I don't have kids. Not that, you know, I wouldn't date someone with kids, but

Unknown Speaker 29:57
I feel okay. It's turn turn off. alcoholic.

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Oh yeah. Oh, well it's a good thing you just met me this year because I stopped drinking about a year and couple months ago and this is a way better Ashley I got my shit together. So it was sloppy before.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
Yeah, so I don't mind girls that drink I just go on a date and alcohol Hold on one sec. I don't want us to think about you know, like, Oh, she coming home drunk is worth it. I mean, it's just kind of like something.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
I think that's not a big ask.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
That's understanding that no one should have to worry about someone like that. That's hard enough. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:40
yeah, that's that's kind of

Unknown Speaker 30:43
Yeah, and then another turn off. I don't know like, so much perfume.

Unknown Speaker 30:50

Unknown Speaker 30:52
Yeah, man. What else?

Unknown Speaker 30:55
cigarette smokers. Do you smoke cigarettes

Unknown Speaker 30:58
once in a while. Don't smoke quick smoke for like a favorite drink. I'll maybe have one but yeah, that's not good either. Yeah. You got Yeah, you don't want it.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Were you had do you have? I mean, you're a celebrity This is a question I always ask the guests and I'm excited because you're, you know, probably definitely the biggest name that we've had on the podcast so far. We're Episode 14. So really excited to have you on your celebrity. Do you have a celebrity crush?

Unknown Speaker 31:29
Same crush that everyone else probably has. You know, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
Though everybody's crushes are different.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
I like I like when Stephanie She's adorable.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
That's a great crush. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
And this guy was in there, Blake Shelton. Oh, my God, like, please. I know. She went on that. If they weren't on that show. He wouldn't be dating her or American marrying or whatever. married.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
Yeah, it's all just said they're married me. Wow, that's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 31:59
So Well, that's what happens a lot of times and you work with people you get to like,

Unknown Speaker 32:05
hook up with some, you know?

Unknown Speaker 32:07
I don't know. Have you hooked up with any of your co stars?

Unknown Speaker 32:10
Well, where'd you meet your boyfriend?

Unknown Speaker 32:13
goddamnit you're good

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Yes, we've met while we were training so that's exactly what we did.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Right acting dumb to me. I'll turn around I'll put you in a fuckin headlock. God

Unknown Speaker 32:24
damn it. All right. All right. Well, you got to answer the

Unknown Speaker 32:30
What about you know, past films? Have you hooked up with any of your co stars? You don't got to say names. But

Unknown Speaker 32:37
yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Of course. No, no, no, because some people say you don't want to you know, quote No, it's coming gnarly phrase but shit where you eat you know, don't miss mix business and pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
You just did it with your Dude, why are you saying that to me? Because we weren't

Unknown Speaker 32:53
like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 32:56

Unknown Speaker 32:57
was different. Same thing.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Kinda Okay,

Unknown Speaker 33:01
you know, I mean, you hook up, you know, what's the what's the big deal? It's like you met your dude. You know, working, doing your thing and you guys vibed out and that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 33:11
Yeah, but what if it doesn't work out? You know what I mean? Then you go

Unknown Speaker 33:14
work, it doesn't work out on other shit to

Unknown Speaker 33:18
me, you don't get to see the person every day or like touch him, you know, we got to touch each other, like roll around on the mat. You got to like pretend to kiss or do other stuff, you know, where you can break up after you guys are finished like with the movie?

Unknown Speaker 33:33
That's true, I guess. So as far as relationships go, you know, you're, you're open to one right now, but in the past, Have you always been kind of relationship guy? Would you consider yourself kind of a bachelor?

Unknown Speaker 33:48
I'd say combo platter. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah, I like being in relationships, but I also like being a bachelor. So

Unknown Speaker 33:57
did it depend on where you were at career wise, like if you were shooting, you would prefer to be a bachelor. As you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:04
just like you, it's just like you and I were in Wait, hold on, give me some water one sec. It's just like you and I are in where we're in right now. So this is where I was then. And that was cool.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
So, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Yeah, I mean, I mean, I feel like for fighters it's you know, we we tend to be single while we're getting ready for a fight. It's just, there's too much work to do. And we're very selfish and all the fighters at the top level, we say that we're selfish, especially in the months leading up to the fight. I'm thinking like, it might be similar if you're shooting a movie.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Yeah, you might have a cracker Polly wants to crack.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
Speaking that song, hold on.

Unknown Speaker 34:53
I usually do this for people.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
It's okay. It's a real lack show. No big deal.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
You know what I mean? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Appreciate it. When especially since we're your first interview about the movie as well.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Yeah, that's cool. Well, I mean, I'm Jessica evil ice cool. I like her.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
Yeah. What did you guys do? I didn't get to see the podcast, but I saw that she was

Unknown Speaker 35:14
cool. Yeah, she was cool.

Unknown Speaker 35:16
You guys gonna work together in the future?

Unknown Speaker 35:20
Not on this particular podcast, but probably another stuff. Cool. I mean, she just showed one episode. Yeah, I'll be out there. I'm having crackers and tuna one sec. Sorry. That's so good. Sorry. I apologize. Sorry. No big deal. Are you mad? No. I'm gonna be mad. It's everyone's gonna get mad at me for eating on your show. No, it's all right there. Listen, a wrestler dude. wrestlers. We need to eat every 15 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
Did you wrestle? I will wrestle.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
I bet you bet you would not back down if I tried to wrestle you.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Well, when you do my podcast, we're gonna wrestle.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
All right. Right. I don't want to hurt you though.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
The audience does.

Unknown Speaker 36:05
He wants audience wants to see me hurt you.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
Yeah, the audience we're gonna definitely want to see you beat the shit out of me.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
All right, I'll practice some fake moves like WWE psycho. Have

Unknown Speaker 36:16
you ever? Have you ever?

Unknown Speaker 36:19
Have you ever thought just a normal guy?

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Like not in the cage?

Unknown Speaker 36:25
No. A normal guy in the cage. That is not a fighter, like just a dude off the street like a normal dude.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
No, because I don't do anything like that for free. And I don't think a normal guy off the street would fight me.

Unknown Speaker 36:44
I know. But I think that's what people would want to see. Yeah, that would be like, this is Stan. He's got three kids, a wife. He works in insurance. There's one today he's gonna be fighting ash for the UFC. You know what I'm Like, you know would love to see you beat the shit out just a normal dude

Unknown Speaker 37:04
as long as he signs a waiver and doesn't sue me. Alright, let's do it

Unknown Speaker 37:10
but I also got to get paid you get Did you get beat up a normal dude?

Unknown Speaker 37:14
A normal dude who has no martial arts training I'm going to go ahead and say yes unless he's like six foot seven and like 300 pounds.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
Oh wow really?

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Yeah, I mean I've been doing this since I was 15 years old I'm 33 studied Jiu Jitsu wrestling muy Thai boxing Judo it's like pretty much anything a normal dude comes at me like crazy haymaker lowers level for a double leg like I'm gonna see that shape coming from right. And I you know, I think most like Jessica I and most girls at my level would say the same thing and not being cocky. Just you know, when you're good at something and that's your profession.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
So Polly, do you do the online dating thing?

Unknown Speaker 37:56
I have

Unknown Speaker 37:58
what was your experience like?

Unknown Speaker 38:02
I don't want to say I mean, it was cool. I met a girl that I met and we hung out. And it was, it was cool. I don't want to get into that. All right. Well,

Unknown Speaker 38:11
you know, we just like to talk about love. I mean, are you romantic?

Unknown Speaker 38:16
Or just me? I like to meet nice people, whether it's online or whether it's out or whether it's through friends.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Yeah, I just feel like for certain people, we're really busy. We've got you know, we're traveling a lot. So like, online dating has become the norm. And so it could be good, but

Unknown Speaker 38:32
more people are dating online than they are. Yeah. I was fine going out, though. So much

Unknown Speaker 38:38
better, way better, way better connect

Unknown Speaker 38:40
right away. You're like, boom, you know, me

Unknown Speaker 38:43
and a woman like I when a guy approaches me. Even if he's unattractive? I literally like want to give him a round of applause because men don't approach women like they used to, because it's all digitally. So yeah, guys, if you're listening, just have some balls go up to the lady. You know, the worst that's gonna happen if she says no, she's not going to be rude most of the time, right? Yeah, I think I agree with you. And I did the online dating thing a couple years ago, like five or six years ago and someone was on there and they said, All this is not the real Ashlee Evans-Smith she wouldn't. She's a UFC fighter, she would never be on here. And I just felt embarrassed. And I was like, What an asshole. You know, so I never went back on but, I mean, I know there's people that are, you know, like you or some other friends that are more popular and they have really like a lot of success with it.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Yeah, I'm also not really good on the computer. No,

Unknown Speaker 39:39
no, I have been like an assistant that does a lot of my stuff, you know?

Unknown Speaker 39:42
Yeah. You're putting on like,

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Yeah, I don't sit on the bed and like, go online with my laptop. You know what I mean? Yeah, I'll do it. I'll like do it with my iPad. But you know what I mean? Like, I'll like go down. You know, in the all over the internet, you know me?

Unknown Speaker 40:01
Yeah, well, I'm guilty. I'm born in the age where it's all about scrolling and swiping. So yeah, it's not the best. Trust me. Like I said, I prefer old fashioned meeting, you know, someone walks into the bar buys you a drink. Like that's, that's beer. Exactly. It's nice. You know, a guy tells a joke, like, right away, you're gonna, you know, just, it's a vibe. It's an energy thing that you can't feel over the phone, in my opinion, right? So do you think you're Are you a romantic person? I know you're silly. But when you have a girl, you're dating girl, are you romantic at all? Do you do like little gestures, stuff like that?

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
You know, if I'm in love with someone, and I want to impress them, of course, you know, I do all the nice things. You know, a lot of times we'll go away on trips. You know, go to Mexico or Hawaii or you know, or have a nice dinner, you know? Yeah, that's nice. I mean, you say like, really? This is like really personal stuff.

Unknown Speaker 41:01
First of all,

Unknown Speaker 41:02
I know I don't know if I want to go into all this stuff, because I don't think you're amazing but I'm just not it's it's a little more emotional than I want to go.

Unknown Speaker 41:12
Yeah, well you definitely probably

Unknown Speaker 41:14
want to keep stuff I want to keep stuff light

Unknown Speaker 41:17
you know, I mean, yeah, this is I mean the podcast is definitely about sex and dating and all that so i don't

Unknown Speaker 41:27
i read if you're gonna get shy poly. That's okay. But we do have a couple little segments would you want to play the segments ones called in? I feel like I'm gonna scare you off once called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 41:48
done here. Do you know that game? No. Okay, so I'm going to give you three names. And you have to choose to fuck one, marry one and kill one.

Unknown Speaker 41:58
Okay, well, I'm not going to And the last one because you guys will have this on record. Okay. All right. Are you ready to play? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
All right. So fuck fuck, Marry, Kill. So Betty White, Martha Stewart and Bette Midler go

Unknown Speaker 42:16
Jesus, Chris. It on Oh, come up with this fucking game.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
I did. Actually one of my really good friends picked this it was either gonna be

Unknown Speaker 42:28
yeah so.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
So it's who Betty White I'm sorry Martha Stewart and Bette Midler.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
Ah, do this. You can do

Unknown Speaker 42:43
that as your friend. Your friend Nick came up with this game

Unknown Speaker 42:46
a deviant obviously a deviant.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Exactly. was no one to say they want to fuck that. medlar Why would they admit that? That's not cool. That's like rude.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
We no one wants to kill

Unknown Speaker 42:58
me. That's it. That's like she's an American treasure. I'm not gonna say that. That's not cool, so I'm gonna marry her. She's older fine. So you are your friend not to do this, this thing.

Unknown Speaker 43:12
Okay, okay, my friend Carla actually came up with one do you want to change yours? These are. These are younger ladies and they might be a little bit more up your alley. Are you ready? Yo, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra and Mandy Moore.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
Mary Jenny, Carmen and

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Mandy Moore give a high five.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
Yeah, the weasel is a nice guy. He doesn't want to kill anybody. No. All right. The last little segment is fan questions cross. Check.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
These are all questions from fans that once I posted your picture, we're excited to ask you questions. You ready? Yes, ma'am. Right at SR dot Barbara wants to know, is there anything you would do differently with your approach to your career if you had a chance to start over?

Unknown Speaker 44:09

Unknown Speaker 44:12
you know, I do a lot of I do, too. I do a lot of my choices by my ceiling as opposed to what's right, and what's wrong. So, I don't know, because at the time, when I would make choices, they might have been the wrong choices. But at the time, they felt right.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Yeah. You know what I mean? Do you mean it like you're impulsive? Or you just,

Unknown Speaker 44:38
yeah, I kind of get what you're meaning because I'm very similar.

Unknown Speaker 44:40
No, because like, sometimes you'll be in the middle of something. And you really, really think about it because your feeling is like you want this to do and then you do it. And then you find out later that you should have thought more. Yeah, I do the same thing. Like for instance, there's like a sitcom. They offered me on Fox years ago and it was bad. You know, but at the time, I'm like, Fuck, I'll make it good. You know, I mean, I'll figure it out. You know what I mean? And, and you know, you got to think, bigger than that, you know, and you're gonna commit to starting your own sitcom. And it's called Paulie.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
Yeah, but after a minute got at home. That was kid glass. Yeah. But at the moment, you thought that you can make that awesome. Great. Yeah. Yeah. See ya. I'm on that side. I yeah, I'm probably very mean. But sometimes

Unknown Speaker 45:34
you got to really scratch your head, who's the producer? Who's the director? You know, how is this script really written? You don't I mean, you got to ask way more questions. And I sometimes didn't, you know, I just wanted to work, you know? Yeah. And I think for me, like,

Unknown Speaker 45:50
oh, like,

Unknown Speaker 45:54
the way the world is now. We've all shift into this new world of online stuff. You know, it's the same thing. You know, when, when stuff slows down, you have to just shift into a different world. You can't you know, we're all not Leonardo DiCaprio. You don't I mean, we don't just have a stack of scripts that are sitting on our desk. You know, going, Alright, we'll do this one in December and this one here. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 46:24
yeah, you gotta adapt, like,

Unknown Speaker 46:26
like I had, you know, I had like a 10 year run where I was just doing movies and MTV and HBO and albums. And it was just that was my normal life. Yeah, you know, and I thought it was going to be like that forever. Yeah, that's, you know, and but it's not was in the you have to shift. So I shifted into, you know, producing and directing and writing and you know, and, you know, 20 years ago, I started producing and directing do my own projects, and I think that's why I feel like the stuff that I'm doing Now is good, you know, I'm able to even a guest house the movie, I was able to rewrite the whole script and clean it up and make my character more likeable and insert big celebrities and really, really help help the producers produce it help the director, you know, support him and be a team player. And I would have been able to done that if I was just starring in movies, my whole

Unknown Speaker 47:26
career. Yeah, but all that came with experience and you had to learn the hard way, right?

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Well, I my career had to slow down and I had to just deal with what what it was just like we're dealing with not being able to go out we're dealing with it we're becoming stronger from it where you know where it's like it's like a it's a a battle of what's the word? Our patients you know what I mean? Like how the fuck how, how many these fuck masks and the gyms are closed in the restaurants and the like. This is a big test. It is. It is you know, and it's way worse in LA and out here in Vegas. I'm not experiencing that as much.

Unknown Speaker 48:12
Yeah, no, it's it's minus 150 degree weather. I think Vegas is a much better place to be right now. Yeah. All right. So next at Irwin, underscore 87 wants to know, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Unknown Speaker 48:29
personally or professionally.

Unknown Speaker 48:34
I like personally, that sounds more interesting.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Personally, I'd have to say taking care of my mom her last part of her life.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
I love that.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
What about professionally?

Unknown Speaker 48:48
The movie Pauly Shore is dead. Yeah, I think it's a masterpiece.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
My daddy's seen it. No, I haven't actually I was gonna watch it last night, but I didn't want to Like we listen to watch it and then like talk about it the whole time because that's what I did on another episode and so I think that's what I'm gonna do tonight is watch that because zol who you just talked to loves that movie.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Yeah, it's a masterpiece.

Unknown Speaker 49:16
He did. No, seriously, you'll be like, Holy fuck the system heavy.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Did you really am funny cuz you were dead. That's what he was telling me that you really told people you were dead?

Unknown Speaker 49:27
No, it's a it's a mockumentary film. But when you watch it, it plays very real.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
Okay. Okay, because I think you

Unknown Speaker 49:34
I play myself and if I play a version of myself.

Unknown Speaker 49:39
I'll check it out. I'll tell you that. All right. So at Pat Kenny says, was there ever an actress to the movie that you start with that you were super excited to kiss in the movie?

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Kylie Minogue.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
Oh, when you kiss her.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
We did biodome.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
Nice. All right. got two more questions for you

Unknown Speaker 50:03
and then I can go and then I can go home doctor

Unknown Speaker 50:05
yes yes you can.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
When you you and your guy coming out here

Unknown Speaker 50:10
I am booked for your podcast on the 18th 18th

Unknown Speaker 50:14
and you know this being on my podcast next week is Roy Big Boy country.

Unknown Speaker 50:19
Nelson he's he's one of my favorite fighters I was joking around because I'm like not super shredded. I'm like yeah, I'm like the female Roy Nelson because I got to Bella alright so at Ken underscore p wants to know, would you rather spend a week incarcerated with Andy dick or spend one night in the octagon with Ashley Evan Smith?

Unknown Speaker 50:41
with you for sure anywhere with you?

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Oh, boy.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
All right. Last question. You're hot. I think you're so hot.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
I'm not everybody's cup of tea.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
My allowed to say that. Or no, I'm blushing.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Am I allowed to say that or no, you're allowed to say that. I'm taking it I'm taking I don't want to get your man mad at me. No. He's He's chill

Unknown Speaker 51:01
he knows you're hot

Unknown Speaker 51:02
right? Pauly Shore could say whatever he wants It's okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Oh my god Really?

Unknown Speaker 51:08
All right last question Pauline stay focused at PTI dot Stevens 73 says how many brain freezes were sustained while filming Encino Man and squeezing the juice?

Unknown Speaker 51:20
I don't remember.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Did you really drink? The frizzy? I think sorry. Yeah, of course. Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
All right. That's it. I'm sorry. I got really personalized try to try to give you a heads up but you got lucky. We didn't even like dive deep into the sexual aspect. But I would

Unknown Speaker 51:41
just I would say No comment.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
We can't say no comment. This is the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
I know it was too much for me.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
Okay. All right. Thank you so much. I can't wait to be on your podcast. I'm excited. What do I wear? It's video. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
were one of your outfit one. wrestling come out in a UFC fighting outfit?

Unknown Speaker 52:02
That'll be funny. Or a wrestling thing. I got a whole bunch of No,

Unknown Speaker 52:05
you gotta wear what you were like on UFC and carry your belt to

Unknown Speaker 52:09
the belt. I don't have a belt, but

Unknown Speaker 52:14
we'll just we'll get you on. All right. I'm excited. Yeah, it'll be good, but we should do some you should teach me how to fight on camera.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Let's do it. Yeah, man, where can people watch your podcast? Actually? Is it on?

Unknown Speaker 52:28
It's on everywhere. It's on all my social media, you know, Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
YouTube, it's all thing but can they do like, Is it just audio? Can they do like Spotify or

Unknown Speaker 52:37
audio and video? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Cool. All right. Well, guys, you heard it. I'm gonna be on his podcast. And so I'll probably talk about on my podcast, go watch his movie. Or you can't go watch it.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
Yeah, guest house. It'll be out September 4. I'll see you soon.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
All right. Thank you, Polly. Have a good night. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Go man, this is a song about a girl brother came out to Hollywood to make it from the farms totally fresh maybe. Atlanta, the Midwest. You know she smells cows that she's totally clean

Unknown Speaker 53:16
when I adopt

Unknown Speaker 53:19
a stone Stoney

Unknown Speaker 53:27
This is the part of the show where we usually answer some dear Ashley questions and advice column via podcast. You guys can send in any questions about love, dating, relationships, sex, etc. We'll be doing the dear Ashley segment, but we're gonna hold off this week due to the high demand for Polly questions. So don't be shy. No question is too small, weird, abstract or pervy. Talk to you guys next week. That's it for Episode 14. The weasel is one funny, funny crazy guy. Actually, everything's crazy right now. Some days are great some are normal and some days you contemplate what the hell is really going on in the world. This is your friendly reminder from rebel girl, things will get better. We've listened to Polly story as well as a few other people who have been on the podcast. They've all had a couple hard times and they always come out on the top, the common denominator, don't give up. To be corny in quote some more cliche terms. Sometimes it's darkest before the dawn. I like that one. So hang in there guys, we'll get through this together. If you're in a relationship, be kind to one another. Have patience. This is what I'm working on. Be gentle, even when there's a fire inside. If you're navigating these waters alone, love still helps love your family, love your friends and love yourself. I had a rad FaceTime call last night with our girl Suzy UFC, his makeup artist and I screenshots some pictures of her. And she when she wasn't looking actually so Suzy Don't kill me. I looked at them this morning and I felt extremely grateful. So find something to be grateful for guys. There's always Something I've listed a link to Susie's GoFundMe in episode notes. She's battling stage four cancer. Please donate if you guys can. If not share a link, share her link or just shoot her a DM with good vibes. We love you, Susie. And if you liked this podcast, help it grow, ratings and reviews take a quick minute but help a ton. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your questions. Keep sending in fan questions and dear Ashley questions. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales sex and violence.

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