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Episode 16: "Fancy" Laura Sanko

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, and then Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happened in the hot stuff? Okay, so for the ash update, I told you guys last week that I have a fight. I'm going to talk about again because it's pretty much the number one thing on my mind. I am now live breathe, eat sleep. November 28. I'm fighting Norma Dumont, she's purple belt, Brazilian chick. Let me I told you guys last week, she's got a big base. So bring that up because, you know, I'm a wrestler by background so I'm always thinking about using that but I really feel like this is gonna be a striking fight. I'm feeling really good lately with my striking and so, but you never know it could go to the ground. Anyway, stay tuned. I'll keep you guys updated. Just putting in all the hard work right now. And I'm a little fluffy. I'm not gonna lie, a little fluffy, but the weight will come off pretty soon. Oh, good news, guys. We have our Instagram page back. So if you were following along last week, I mentioned that we were disabled for a little bit, but we're back so the original page is sex and violence with rebel girl. But I would like you guys to still Follow the backup page because you know the internet is crazy people are crazy and maybe we get tattled on for something silly again. I'm assuming that's what happened. I don't really know. So yeah, the backup page is at sex and violence with rebel girl. Two, very simple

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but hope you guys had a good weekend. I didn't really do much kind of just I'm in camper mode now not like we can do too much stuff anyway since we're in quarantine but I did get to reconnect with some of my girlfriends and hope you guys are doing that too since things are slowly starting to open back up. It's good you know, just reach out to your friends more than a text more than a call. Try and meet up with somebody coffee date, where your mask and all that but yeah, it's just really good to reconnect and I didn't realize how much I needed my friends until actually came face to face with them. I think when I was getting ready actually felt really I don't know. I just didn't want to go And I was just at home with the boyfriend all cozy actually had a hard day and I was sometimes you know, when you have a hard day you just kind of want to stay hermit mode and kind of wallow. But then if you're forced to go out like oh, suddenly, you know, like you realize that's what we need. We need sunlight, we need human interaction. So I forced myself to go out and hang with my girlfriends and had an amazing time I missed them so much. But then I started thinking, what is that feeling? Like why? Why did I not want to go and start do a little googling and you know me all the love and the dating and the romance talk. I started thinking like, Am I codependent. And so I don't know, I looked it up. And this is the definition of codependency, quote, excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically, one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction. Hmm huh? Okay, so this is my little self analysis here. So I don't think I was super codependent partner wise before, but I was boozing it up quite a bit. So since it says what it say a one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction, I think this is my self diagnose diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis thing, whatever this is, this is me being a therapist with myself. I think I might have replaced love with. I replaced alcohol with love. And I don't know if that's a thing. I'll have to you know, research more maybe we should actually get on the whole therapist thing but don't think it's good, I think. But I do think it's good that I realize it now. And you know, the worst thing I'm going to do is probably be extremely needy to my boyfriend, so sorry, boyfriend. But other than that things have been going really good with the relationship. I'm very open with you guys because this is a very open podcast and we're in this together right? So Anyway, next month, actually two weeks in two weeks, I make my commentating debut. Actually, I'm very nervous because you guys out there in internet land can be very harsh, so I hope I don't mess up. It's going to be called Sin City submission series. And it's a 155 and 175 pound grappling tournament, September 19. In Las Vegas, you guys are free to come but you have to click on the link and buy tickets in advance. I can actually put that in the show notes so that will be down there. After you get done listening right now, it's a $200 buy in and a $2,000 payout, meaning these guys are paying $200 to compete, but the winner gets $2,000 so very Vegas II and very cool. So I'll be there I'll be commentating and yeah, it's good. I think it's mainly black belt so it's gonna be really high level competitors so if you want to check that out, check out Instagram at submissions, submissions city so Sin City submission serious matters. Bad. Yep. And if you guys liked this podcast again, I say it every week, but it really helps. And now that we have our page back, you guys can get some stickers. So write a review, and rate the podcast. Take a little screenshot of that, send it to the DM, send us your address, and then I will send you some stickers free 99 Okay. All right. Now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is a sports reporter who's worked for the UFC since 2016. We've seen her on Fox and ESPN, chatting it up with MMA biggest stars. But she's not just a pretty face or silver tongue. She's racked up a six in one amateur MMA record and a one to no Professional MMA record. This total package tells us how she chose babies over brutality, the pros and cons of being centerstage armpit allure, being homeys with Snoop Dogg, and so much more. Here's your guest fancy Laura sanko

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You keep saying you've got something for me

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something you call love, but confess

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you've been a message where you shouldn't have been on the message.

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And now someone else is getting to know your best.

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These boots on a ball.

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And that's just what they do. One of these days these boots, go no go over.

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Hey, Laura. So thanks for coming on the show. How is your crazy 2020 going?

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Oh, crazy is crazy as the word is the perfect word. I think everybody's a little turned upside down right now but I mean, I'm super thankful to still be working but yes, it has been topsy turvy. And I feel like I'm kind of taken day by day school to offer all of it all of it's crazy.

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Yeah, yeah, I guess we're in the same boat in the sense that we, you know, life is crazy. But we still have jobs thanks to the UFC. Thank you UFC. Yes. So I mean, you didn't have a job for a little while while things were kind of unwinding and unraveling and you know, UFC and Dana White were fighting for what we have now. Other than that short time, how have things changed? Like, what's the most? What's the biggest change this year so far for you?

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You know, it's interesting because I live in a part of the country that was not drastically affected by COVID. I live in Kansas City. So feel like things here while we're stealing some of the same impact that the rest of the country is. It's not been like our lockdowns have not been nearly as strict and mask requirements are not super strict. Although they're there. So, that part hasn't changed. But it really I mean, like I said, ultimately, I'm just so thankful to work with the UFC and to still be able to do what I do, but it has changed that part of it a lot. You know, it feels very different, but the fight nights feel different. And of course, now that my son is headed back to school, and thank goodness he is attending, there's still a lot of things that are just very, they just feel weird, you know, and I'm, I'm admittedly kind of a, an anxious person that likes to be in control of things and planning out and have everything, just go and this has been an exercise in me just letting things be as they are a little bit more and being okay with it. But

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yeah, so basically, the procedures have changed and you're getting used to it. So I agree, and I think that everybody has to have a little bit more patience because no one no one is in control and I just, you know, one to control everything, and we just have to be patient. And so I really, I side with you on that because I'm a planner, I literally have in my little note section, you know, hour by hour, almost. And so for us not to know what's going on, it drives me crazy. So I'm right there.

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Yeah, yes. And the way that the UFC is having to function right now, the scheduling and all that is much more last minute than it used to be like, before this, I would generally know, months in advance, at least I would say two months in advance what shows I was likely going to be doing. Um, but now it's like, senior parents and oh, we're going back to Abu Dhabi. And oh, we're causing contender and finish it later. And we're not really sure when that will be. And

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yeah, that part is been a challenge for me, but it's probably a good exercise for me to go through ultimately. Well, the fighters fill you on that too, because even though now they're starting to book a little farther out there, we're like tons and tons of two week notice calls for, you know, many fighters, and some fighters got to answer that and they reap the benefits of staying ready and other fighters, you know, because of gyms and COVID and crazy 2020 they weren't ready. So it's not just you. It's the fighters. It's everybody speaking.

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For sure.

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I wanted to touch on the fact that you used to be a fighter, because it's very, you know, I see you I see Oh, Laura. She's a fighter. How cool for her. She's now you know, interviewing and reporting. That's great. But I don't think I don't think it's common knowledge. I started posting about you on the Facebook page. And, you know, some MMA fans were shocked to know that used to be fighters. So could you just walk us through your career real quick. I know.

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You know, it's probably I won't take off.

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Well include your amateur fights as well.

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Yeah. Yeah. So I had I had Yeah, none of the websites actually have my my amateur crew. Correct. Correct. I was um, It was funny because it's so long ago and it's back in the day when some stuff was unregulated, a little bit more like people just wouldn't turn things into sherdog or topology. So, I honestly don't know if I'm either six and one or seven, one as an amateur and then one of those, I only lost one. So that's the only thing I know. Um, yeah, I you know, I got into MMA, I'm really just for my own psychological health, to be honest with you. It was just an exercise in having something to pour myself into. And then I just happened to join a gym that was really active in the Midwest, kind of regional scene and amateur scene and so I just eventually kind of got dared into having my first amateur fight and then fell in love with it, you know, so, but it was a time when like, so I wasn't adequate. And it's just it's a hard weight class to find fights in, especially them so I fought for Gosh, I want to say four years as an amateur, and still only got seven or eight fights or whatever it was, um, so and I was trying all the time, like I was I was scouring these really obscure message boards and like, I was, I mean, I was cyberstalking anyone within 15 pounds me just trying desperately to find fights and it was just a different time when it was just hard to do. And then when Invicta came along, it really opened up a lot of doors, and I was so excited to be able to be involved with them for what I thought was gonna be, you know, the beginning of this illustrious career, you know, and I certainly never planned on.

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I hate using the word implies,

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like quitting. I didn't plan on quitting after a while. I got pregnant my color exchange. And, you know, people ask me a lot of times now, Would you ever consider going back to fighting and I do miss it a lot. And I still train all the time. But the reality is, it's, you know, in my weight class, there just wasn't and kind of still isn't a future in it. Because there's, there's not an adequate weight class in the UFC. So there's not really an opportunity to make a real living at it. And when you have a kid, it just kind of becomes like, why am I spending six hours a day at the gym when I should be focusing on things that are maybe a higher priority? At least that's that's how I saw it. There are women and men, I bow down to the moms who get pregnant and come back into the sport full time. I'm so impressed by that.

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Yeah, I don't know what it's like to have a kid but I have a dog and I can barely, you know, sometimes Oh my God, I gotta, I gotta do this. And I'm just like, I think about what it would be like to have a kid it's a million times harder. And I'm like, No, I there's no way I mean Would love to say like, Oh, I'm a tenacious person, and I would come back. No, No, I wouldn't. I probably would just be like, Alright, I need to put all of my effort and all my love into racing. Yeah. So I yeah, I understand that, especially because I remember how hard it was for me to get a fight. And I was fighting at 145. So I feel like there's more 135 145 pound women as opposed to, you know, a buck Oh, five, you know, Buck five. So I understand in that in that sense, but, you know, it is what it is now and you have your your son or daughter

Unknown Speaker 15:35
as a little boy, yeah, my son, you have

Unknown Speaker 15:36
your son now, you know, in you know, fantasy land. Do you wish that maybe you would have gone back for a fight? You know, at one point you have any regrets? I mean, it was kind of a negative question.

Unknown Speaker 15:49
No, it's okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
It's, it's, it's an honest question. And it's really it's funny that you're asking me this because I would say I probably have struggled with how I really feel about that. So in the last year, six months, especially than ever before, and I think it's because he's starting to be, you know, he's not so much a baby anymore when he needs all of my attention. And I also am finding that even in the career that I have now doing stuff on camera, you know, if it would be much better to be able to rock up and say, yeah, we're thankful tena knows. However, it's hard to I have to kind of scrape for credibility, if that makes sense. And that's, that's, that's hard. that's frustrating because it'd be nice to just walk up and have a really cool record to show off and immediately have people go Oh, cool, she clearly she has to know what she's talking about, you know, whereas now, there's not like you said earlier most people don't even know So, um, I fight a lot of assumptions about my my knowledge of the sport, which is fine. Cuz I feel like I like proving people wrong. So it's okay. But, um, back to your question, which I'm wondering, I'm sorry. No, I don't know if I it's hard to say that I regret it because I am happy with my life. I'm very much so. But there's definitely like a little bit of bittersweet feelings when I like patriot dance a great example because papes debuted on the exact same card that I did. And we both wanted, like, there's part and I'm not saying like, ever could have been his biggest star. She's just she's turned out to be but part of me is like, you never know. I mean, maybe I would have made I mean, or maybe I would have, you know, broken my john and not been able to think clearly ever again. You can't it's it's a dangerous thing, I guess to play that game. But I will admit there are times where I do kind of daydream about what it maybe it could have been.

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Yeah, I mean, I don't blame you. You're around it. 24 seven, plus us Still train and you seem you're very fit looking, you know, so you seem to be in like amazing health. So I'm sure there's that itch and that itch may never go away because you're always around the sport and you had a clearly a real passion for it. You were doing it when there was no one to fight when you know, women were making money women were not in the UFC. And, you know, I'm guilty of doing that same thing me and Ronda Rousey debut, or we fought on the same tough enough card on our amateur scene. And, you know, like her, her path went like this to making a skyrocket, and I can see it, okay, good. And then, you know, mine had like, you know, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, you know, I'm gonna make it a bumpy roller coaster with my head right now, you know, so, but each person, each fighter, each athlete, each human being we all have these different paths, right? So yeah, I need to knock it off and not compare myself to anyone else because maybe the bumps that I've, you know, overcame and the bumps that you know, will be every bump that you overcame, and that you had to deal with the time and now that you get to, you know, enjoy. These are different things that make us who we are. So I understand what you're talking about when you say you kind of get wonder, but I think really, I think you chose the right, the right. life choice really, because, as you know, from talking to so many fighters, there are tons of fighters out there who do not think about the next step. You know, after fighting until it's too late, really, you know, there's there's this big gap where, you know, we should have been thinking about it in our prime, but then we stopped fighting and we're like, oh, what now? So you are all set to go You got that? You know, you got amateur career, you got your pro career and then now you have this wonderful broadcast career that can go in definitely, in my opinion, right?

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I hope so. Um, I will say if I'm being totally honest that I serve and this is not anything I ever, ever, ever feel about the people I work with the UFC because they are all Amazing and they're all very professional and awesome. But I will say that it's tough to like,

Unknown Speaker 20:09
I'm getting older.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
And hard. I mean, I don't know if I see myself doing this work 50 you know, I don't know if I, it's another thing that like if I'm being just totally, you know, brutally honest. It's such a weird thing because like, on one hand, I don't want people to watch me, because I look a certain way. I want them to watch me because what I say, is insightful, and I'm passionate about the sport and I help tell the athletes stories and all those things. That's the real reason why I want them to watch. But I'd be naive to think that there wasn't an element of like, you know, maybe the way that I look helps that or help sell that on Instagram or whatever the case may be. And there's part of me that's like, I got five good years left, maybe better. I don't know that that person They're like, I don't

Unknown Speaker 21:03
know if you're okay, if what I'm understanding is that you're worried that aesthetically you won't be as pleasing to people. And then they will. You'll have to rely on your fight knowledge. I don't think I would worry about that. You look amazing. And, you know, people as time has gone on, you know, you started with the contender series, right? And now you're doing major shows, not just the contender series. Am I correct?

Unknown Speaker 21:27
Yeah. Well, what's interesting was, I actually was doing I was doing Fox Sports one shows before this, but it's been it's been an interesting evolution because so I worked for Invicta first in a broadcast role, but obviously that's not super high profile, not everybody watches. You got to have to be like a diehard women's only people. Yeah, and then and then when I first got picked up by the UFC, I actually worked on the FS one cards. So make it a levy obviously has the most prominent role and she does all the pay per views and Back then what they called Big Fox cards, meaning they were actually on Fox, not Fs one. And so they would divvy up the FS one cards between myself and Heidi angele and john good and used to be a reporter and Carolyn Pierce was a reporter for a while. So I was kind of in that transition to where john was starting to do play by play. Caroline was working with BT Sport no longer with Yossi so all that to say I actually was doing Fight Night shows. It's just that back then, when the desk shows because technically, my role is backstage reporter is to report to the pre show on the post show. Even though I'm at the event and I'm interviewing the fighters that when after they win during the event, what actually was being taped, would air on the post show in the pre show. And the reality was not everybody was watching the post show on the pre show so it's easy to miss me and now on the ESPN era era. started incorporating the reporter quite a bit more into the broadcast, which is cool. I think that's why people are like, Oh, you're you're doing your official noun. You know, I was like, doing that. years before. contender, but Tinder actually like is really what helps people maybe get to know me a little bit better.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
Yeah, yeah, it definitely is. I'm, I am an active athlete, and I kind of feel bad. Like oh, contenders, right. You're like, No, no, I've been around Ashley. Oh, sorry. No,

Unknown Speaker 23:29
no, that no, it honestly like I this is really funny. So, you know, when I first got the job, you know, not coming from a television background. And then all of a sudden, I'm like, I'm holding this Fox microphone. I felt so cool. And I'm like, I can't believe this is happening. And I was telling all my girlfriends about it, of course, and they're all excited for me. And the running joke was like, Okay, cool. Like we believe you because we've seen pictures of you on Fox, but we've never actually been able to find you on TV. So that's how I mean, it was really shoved in there you literally have to be glued to show to see when Karen's like own. Or if we're on site Laura sago caught up with Jamie Meyer, whoever it was, you know, and you'd see my face for the first question then it would be their face for the rest of it. So like, It's not weird that you didn't know it was really hard to find.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Yeah, well I mean, I think like you said it's it's great now with the ESPN era and they're adding more kind of like you said in the moment or on site I forget what you said. Yeah, wording that's great. But I I'm just gonna make a statement. I can totally see you being the first UFC commentator female commentator because you give great on the spot fight analysis. I've heard you so many times now especially doing my little research for this specific interview and you just you're so well spoken people don't know it but you have the the in the cage on the mat experience that you know, not a lot of women who can speak eloquently and you know Can can do. So I think that that's going to be in your future for sure if that's what you want.

Unknown Speaker 25:06
I hope so it is it is what I want I think I think I have a long mountain to climb when it comes to that and not because there's any innate like, we don't want a women in that role. It's not that at all i think that there's a little I have a different stereotype almost to kind of battle in that in that they really want and this is understandable. I don't follow them for it. They really want former UFC fighters in that role. And I think part of the reason why they didn't have Jimmy Smith back when they moved it ESPN had nothing to do with like his abilities because clearly he's amazing at his job. But it was this directive like no we want x UFC fighters or current, you know with Paul current UFC fighters in that role, and I don't fit that mold now. Obviously Joe Rogan doesn't fit that mold either, but I'm also Joe, Joe breaks a whole bunch of rules. And that's, that's Joe, right? Like joking to whenever Joe wants and we all think it's awesome because he is awesome. Yeah. So, but I hope that I hope that one day, I hope that one day there's enough of a demand from fans to have a female voice. I would never even think of being like, Oh, well, I'm better than, you know, Paul or despair. Or I'm that's, it is not it at all. I don't, I'm not looking to replace any of those voices because those guys are incredible. And I think they're amazing. And they certainly have way more experience than I do. But I do think that there would be a place for a third voice, you know, Brendan Fitzgerald, Paul Felder, Laura sanko. Where I'm not the only color commentating voice but a third one, I think, I think people would like it. But, you know, that's, I think that's the million dollar question is whether the UFC will ever find enough of a reason to kind of go out out on a limb for me that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
Yeah. And I and I agree with you on you know all friends as far as Joe Rogan he you know gets away with this but even Joe Rogan had to start somewhere and he did exactly what you're doing. He got in there and he just proved himself by knowing what the heck he was talking about and sometimes he didn't know that he was talking about but i think you know, younger Joe probably faked it till he made it and he made it and I think you're doing you know not to really you know, to you know, toot your horn and you know, make your head so big but you're doing it in you know, as as we speak each show I feel like you're getting better and better and more comfortable and people are getting more familiar with you. So that means that your stock and you know, you're beautiful and so you're marketable as well let's just face it, that's how camera TV works. You know, it's a very visual medium. It's not we're not reading the newspaper. So yeah, you looking. The way you look definitely helps. We like looking at you and we like hearing from you as well. So just keep doing what you're doing. I think we're gonna see you color commentary. Very soon.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
And so

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I also know that you do actually I'm not sure if you still do it but you were doing was it fight breakdowns with me and Anderson It was called Yeah, fancy.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
Yeah, we haven't we haven't done that. And oh, man almost two years now. I guess it's been two years.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 28:20
yeah, a little over a year, not quite two years.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
Um, we both just had such hectic schedules, and especially me, and I know that like, it's so difficult, you know, to schedule anything. The consistency that you need to really be able to build a platform like that I didn't want to, you know, hold her back or cause any issues like that, and she's, she's busy in her world. I'm busy my world and so we honestly don't even see each other that much anymore. But I have found someone who is just as sporadic as I am and Anthony Smith and Oh, wow. Are you guys gonna start second? Yeah, we did it. It's really it's almost it's almost funny though, because we tried out like a pilot a pilot episode a couple months ago. And it was great. And it was people liked it. And I mean, it was just a starting point. Certainly not, you know, the where I hope we end up in terms of our production value. Yeah, it it's just another case of like me being busy. him being busy. He had a fight that I had. It's kind of a running joke. I mean, it's gonna be so far. It's a quarterly podcast about one

Unknown Speaker 29:35
you if anyone understands, it's me. I'm a fighter. I now have a podcast and honestly, the reason my podcast works is because it's just me. I don't got to worry about you know, coordinating my schedule with anyone except for the guest. And as we you know, found out you and I sometimes the guest is still hard. So I can't imagine what it's like to have to coordinate a schedule with either another fighter who could But potentially be in camp or someone like you who's traveling all over for the fights. He has a son at home you know that's you know I like I said my dog is a handful sometimes I don't even know what it would be like to have a kid so understandable but I know I've when I posted about you on my Instagram a lot of people were talking about fancy in the Aussie Aussie and and and so there's definitely a demand for your fight breakdowns whether it's with Meghan or with Anthony, I think you should definitely try and continue that.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Well, thank you. Yeah, that once I get my shit together,

Unknown Speaker 30:39
digit together.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
So this is this is a throwback and I just got to touch on it because, you know, sex and violence is the name of the podcast and it's such a awesome moment in MMA history. But only maybe diehard fans know about it. When Tanya Avenger kissed you After she won the belt, right? Yeah, yeah, so I I just real quick, you know, I don't want to beat a dead horse you know, we know what happened. It took you by surprise but just what was that moment like for you? And was that the first time? a fighter has gone fresh with you?

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Yes. Yeah, it was such a surprise. Now, while on one hand it was a total surprise in that moment like I know Tanya well enough to know that it wasn't a complete surprise. hilariously aggressively flirtatious towards straight women like she will in front like right in front of my husband. Grab my ass and just like say something completely inappropriate. It's so funny because like, there's this dynamic where she can get away with that right? And he finds it funny and I find it funny so like, that part of it was not necessarily a total shock on your we do something on us because like that's just something tiny would do. But the fact that she didn't ban on television on television was definitely shocking. I would say we actually became way better friends after that, than we even were before because I not to turn this into like a serious thing because it's actually pretty funny thing but I was blown away. And just, I'm so angry about the reaction that people had about that when it happens. What are your reaction toward hurt people? Like the the comments in the article, several articles came out about it in the comment section in the articles and then the forums, people were just horrible, like, about, you know, just calling her all sorts of derogatory terms and like, most most of the things to me if I'm being honest word, men being angry because they assumed that like, I only laughed about it because she was a woman, and that I would, you know, never find it funny or that like I had somehow We had planned it. And then I was a total home for trying to get attention on television and I asked her to do it and like, Oh gosh, but most of it was directed at her I mean, I mean like really awful stuff but charges should be pressed and she should be fired from the that was the biggest thing is people were calling for her to be fired from Invicta or fined or something like that. And I became like, a real quick keyboard warrior. Just like no one has a right to be offended on my on my behalf like it happened to me. And I like I say I released a statement but like I did, I think I tweeted out a picture of us that same night, just like arm and arm his friends laughing and trying to like set the record straight that hey, this was not some sort of sexual attack that you guys are making it out to be. It was a joke. I found it funny. She only did it because she knew I would find it funny and To say that it was an attack is ridiculous because like, I'm on television, I'm not in some dark alleyway where she's forcing herself on me. Right? Like, there was no attack there.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
And and and you guys had like a prior friendship or acquaintance?

Unknown Speaker 34:12
Yeah, exactly. She never, never would have done that. If she thought it would truly offend me or make me uncomfortable, make me feel uncomfortable. She likes to make people a little bit uncomfortable. Like enough about me to know that it wasn't going to truly offend me. And that's the difference is I feel it with a lot of stuff these days. People just throw intention and motivation completely out the window. Right? Because maybe I would have reacted differently if it had been a different person. But I there are certain guys, where I'm sure my husband would have had way more of a problem with it. But taking money equation. There are certain guys that I know well enough where if they had done that, like as a joke, I definitely would have pressed charges. After them to be fired, like I would have laughed about it and then I would have been telling my husband like I did not plan that. Yeah, but that's it you know? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Yeah, it was it was a strange funny kind of like I mean, I thought it was very I thought it was was really what's the word I'm looking for just like a light hearted way for Tonya to just celebrate and I mean yeah, I know even like you said even if it was a male who just really excited in the moment you know like when you when you know and even when when you lose like you don't even know what you're gonna do because you put so much work into a month and months and work it's just like this explosion of emotion sadness or happiness. And you know, maybe it took her by surprise I Who knows?

Unknown Speaker 35:48
Yeah, so and honestly that emotion in that moment is like, the thing that makes me the happiest about my job. I I have walked away from interviews less so now obviously, but we have to do them but I've walked away from interviews. covered in blood. Someone helped me while they were here. And I feel like covered in sweat or I've had a guy I've had guys like on the contender series. It's almost funny afterwards because we look like we're going to prom because we're like, he's got his hand around my waist and my arm or my, my arm around his shoulder and like we're just talking and I've had someone sit down in an interview because he was so tired and I sat down with him like I am so there for that moment of emotion that you can get away with a lot because I get it. I'm not going to get mad at if you act a little crazy. And that's

Unknown Speaker 36:34
in that right there. You know, even though it doesn't matter that people don't know that you yourself, were a fighter, you know, you know it and the your reaction to the fighters, bottled up emotion, and your coolness and your, your okayness. And, you know, going with the flow like that shows that you were there at one point you understand and so yeah, that's going to take you really really far. I think a lot of people who maybe were just You know went to school for journalism and then just that's all Yeah. And then they get thrown into the firing in the box. Yeah, they're just gonna be like, Oh, you know, they're gonna be by the book and they're going to be all rigid and they're not going to be as you know, easy breezy when it comes to kisses and sweat and blood. So I think that that sets you apart.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 37:19
Well, I want to get a little bit to your personal life because that's the name of their show. So you said you your husband So my first question was gonna be what's your dating status but you said married with a child I this blows me away because I was instant stalking you and I'm like, yeah, this this you know, kind of like yeah is hot blonde. And then as you're like, I'm married with a child. I'm like, Ah, you have a certain just demeanor about you on your social media that is real open, you know, but like very classy in the same way. And I actually use the word classy, because I'll call them my creative associates. They helped me with my my segments, the fan questions and the fuck, marry kill that will Leader, they were saying oh man, Laura, so classy look and we need to give her a classy fuck marry kill him like, I don't think those words go together but okay. But yeah, so your your relationship with your husband? Can you tell us a little bit about that? I don't want to dive too deep. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:17
no, no, no, it's fine. So he I met when I was in a previous career, I used to be in venture capital. And I was working with an early stage startup trying to raise in a round which is like Angel, angel investor money on the local level. And he wasn't is an angel investor. And so the sort of the funny story is, I was trying to get him in invest to invest in the company that I was working for. I was representing them at the time. And then I later went on to like, help them a company. And we kept meeting and meeting and like, I'm pitching it to him and he's got more questions and we have lunch again, I'm like, Okay, I'm answering all your questions where I was still at lunch. And I finally was just like, are you going to invest in this or not? Because we have I don't know how much time I've spent with you. And he was like, No, no, he's a very No, he's a very blunt he's a very blunt, blunt, blunt person. But apparently, he was. Clearly he was never really that interested in the company. So we dated, um, gosh, seven years, almost. And he so he's 13 years older than I am. And so I was in my mid to early 20s when we got together and he was about the age I am now and it's just so it's just it's so funny to me like he had never been married before. He's kind of one of those just confirmed bachelor's you know, like soon as things had had been successful with companies that he had founded. And yet like, he's not a guy that when you meet him, you think oh, rich guy like he drives Car wears, you know, not that great at clothes and like, he just he's not about outward stuff. He's just loves companies and loves business and loves entrepreneurship and all that since all that entails. So, um, he's a farm kid, you know? So we dated seven years and he's a commitment phobe, like big time, big time. And not just with relationships like, like us trying to build a new house is is I'm finding like that's like our next that's his next marriage. Like this is really hard for him to pull the trigger. We've got the plan. But can we please just start digging dirt? He has a really hard time with making really, really big commitments will drag out forever and I finally was like, Can I set a date? Like, are we gonna get married? And he just goes, Yeah, I guess. Yeah, I mean, I suppose. So. That was how I got proposed. Finally, in the kitchen out of frustration, I finally Like, can I just start planning a wedding please? Like, this is getting ridiculous. He's like, yeah, okay, I guess. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
So he's not the most romantic guy

Unknown Speaker 41:10
that would not like he's got a lot of really wonderful qualities that is definitely not one of them. This is very practical individual. And I sort of had the like, cattle prod him, but it worked out. And it's been it's it's interesting having the age difference that we do. But yet again, like he wasn't married before, and he'd never had kids before. So it's still as they were, we're not dealing with like, mixed families and that challenge. Yeah, you know, a challenge in and of itself, but of course, so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:39
you guys. You were not fighting when you first started dating and then you got into fighting while you were dating him.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
Okay, so kind of kind of, I literally what's interesting is, I bet him right when I started training, so I was and I'm talking like I was maybe training a couple months before he and I started Like romantically seeing each other. So, yes, it's kind of always been a part of the equation, but I was not fighting yet and that definitely changed

Unknown Speaker 42:09
God because that my question was gonna be, do you find it easier to have a partner while preparing for a fight or harder? But it sounds like you always had a partner while you're preparing for fire.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
Yeah, yeah, I did always but what I think is unique about us. Every and maybe you can think of some examples. Every woman and I'm a man that I know is married to someone who is in some way involved in the sport. Whether it's a guy that does Jiu Jitsu or coach or someone just

Unknown Speaker 42:44
describing my situation.

Unknown Speaker 42:46

Unknown Speaker 42:48
Like she looking at my Instagram, but she, Laura

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Yeah, but I think that's like, honestly, that's the right way to do it because they get it's just such a it's such a weird lifestyle, trying to get someone who's not in it to try to understand to be patient with. Exactly so while I'm sure it presents its own challenges because like, I thought it was interesting that Mallory Martin and oh shoot and I can't remember Duran when do you think? I hope I'm getting that right. I hope I'm not putting her with the wrong fighter but they have a relationship and she was very clear in our pre fight interview. She's like, no, he is not allowed to coach me if he thinks I need to change something about what I'm doing. He has to go to my coaches, because I don't hear from him. Very, very separate like that. You know, and then you see the opposite where sometimes women are being cornered by their husband or you know, more or whoever, but 99 times out of 100 the women are with someone who's in MMA, which I find fascinating because it's not true the other way around at all.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
Well, Sam Alvey has been cornered almost every single fight by his wife and that's like 50 fights and very unique but i'd love throwing him out there because he's such a sweetheart but Yeah, you you hit the head the nail on the head right there and I don't think it's MMA specifically I think it's when you when you have a passion so strong you want to share it with someone and yeah it feels good whether it's music or art or you know whatever and you know ours just happens to be bloody crazy MMA but I'm islands yeah so I'm so does he does he train does he

Unknown Speaker 44:26
know he doesn't do a single thing related to MMA The only thing I will say that would you share it in the sense that he is a massive fan and he really knows his stuff. He's a very educated fan. He's just never done any of it. I mean, he wrestled as a kid, but that's the extent of it. And but he watched UFC one live. Oh, wow, this is Yeah, I know. That's how he Yeah, he and his dad so he lived in a really small town in Kansas at the time. And apparently he said that the local the are at the Holiday Inn in their little town with buy the paper views and that's it because they couldn't buy paper views of their house at the time. And so he and his dad would go to the Holiday Inn and watch the fights there. So yeah, he saw UFC one and two live and has been following it the entire time. So he's very educated about the fighters and who's in what camp and like who does what, and it's pretty good even about moves as well. Like he really knows what he's watching. So that helps a lot. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:34
I mean, you from UFC One, two, what are we up to? 52 real?

Unknown Speaker 45:41
I don't even know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:42
So and,

Unknown Speaker 45:45
you know, they, his wife is, you know, working for the organization since 2016 or 1416. Yeah, so he better know some stuff. So now awesome. I I know that you got together many many you know years ago but and then you guys were in a work situation so you I'm assuming you've never had any experience with swiping left and right.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
I have not no yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:14
I haven't either actually but

Unknown Speaker 46:16
what like this I love and I don't mind putting them out there I needed a committed relationship now but a minute was not. And Paul, um used to be a big fan of to nerd Paul folder, and like, we'd be on the road. And just for fun, I'd be like poking your phone.

Unknown Speaker 46:33
And I would take over

Unknown Speaker 46:35
a nice girl.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I was trying like I was genuinely trying because he like, I can't like she just will commit to like meeting me or whatever. I'm like, give me your phone. I can I can handle this. I'll get her. Oh my gosh,

Unknown Speaker 46:48
I love that because Oh, she's gonna kill me but I do that for Carla all the time. Like, I'm like, let me be the puppeteer. haha you know like fun cuz I mean I'm in a happy relationship and you're obviously married, but like, it's fun kind of like, I mean, obviously we both like to talk, you know, so it's it's all fun and games and we're helping us like, Am I

Unknown Speaker 47:11
still good at flirting? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
Like just

Unknown Speaker 47:16
it's like a harmless way. I sort of practice although I'm practicing a woman. It's so fun. Yeah, actually.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
Well, that's awesome. Maybe Paul will come on the show sometime and tell us about his swiping left and right. Yeah, but I do know you case you're not swiping right for yourself. But I do know that you have got to get some creepy. DS.

Unknown Speaker 47:37

Unknown Speaker 47:38
Tell us a little bit about that. Just because I've had a lot of girls on here, felice, please. harig is the queen of creepy DMS. But what are you dealing with over there?

Unknown Speaker 47:47
Oh my gosh, everything. You name it. Everything. And I have sort of like one of my more popular things I do is my Nope. tweets like my nope segments on Twitter and Instagram. Where I i screenshot what they said and then how I responded but I always block the person right after I responded I always squeeze out their identity because apparently like and I almost got in trouble for this if you have too many people that come to your defense against a particular person like your account can be blocked or taken. Yeah disabled. Why? Okay, I'm cracking down is that crazy?

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Wait So okay, so I get that but I really don't get that I know

Unknown Speaker 48:29
what we don't like if you can provide proof that they are the one who came at you with all sorts of craziness. You say people Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:38
but social media world is not reality in so many ways. And Mike my podcast account and all if I told you this podcast got disabled about a week ago, for no reason and yeah, I've got some Hump Day pics, but like, there's plenty of humps all over social media.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Like nothing. No, your girl you're with it. Nothing that you've ever posted, you know, even remotely questionable and we know that there's a lot out there but for sure is Yeah. So yeah, no, it's it's it's been it's been literally a little bit of everything from the pics that you don't want to get to videos that you don't get see What's the

Unknown Speaker 49:19
weirdest request?

Unknown Speaker 49:21
Oh, so

Unknown Speaker 49:24
I get asked to get requests a lot to like have sweaty gym clothes or underwear socks and like that they will pay me money and I know and I'm not going to name the spider and it's actually guy and he did it as a joke but he actually made money doing that. Oh yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:40
no, no I know legit

Unknown Speaker 49:42
money was exchanged and all he had to do is I think socks.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Yeah, no, I I can't throw anybody on the bus either. But also I know a guy fighter. Who. Okay, I'm not gonna say but this fighter was taking his his teammates Gear sweaty gear, anything from shin pads to underwear and selling them and making money and he was just like anybody anything you guys want to give me you know, I guess he would like kick back a little bit of money but it was a lucrative business and I'm like, that's a little side hustle and I was like and it was like you know gay men looking for professional fighter use smelly underwear or smelly socks and I'm just like, okay if I ever thought I was weird or kinky No, nope, nope, I'm fucked. I'm taking

Unknown Speaker 50:29
a class for like pictures which I thought was unique feet away like a lot of neat pictures happened with the armpit when I was like wow, that's

Unknown Speaker 50:37
okay. You win you win now Laura you know have the the first place for weirdest request of armpit picture.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
But to be honest with you,

Unknown Speaker 50:45
I'm is like, you know what, that actually makes more sense to me than the feet because feet I'm just maybe I'm just not a foot person. I don't hate feet, but I don't really find them sexual but like, very personal and sort of patina shaped about There's like, I mean, there's like, you know, that here there but they couldn't hear it like it'd be like, almost makes more sense because it's extra personal. And

Unknown Speaker 51:11
it's just like hidden I guess you know, but yeah, call me weird. I'm gonna stick to butts and boobs and wieners Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Okay, well, we've come to the time where it's, it's the fun time. I know you're nervous about it, but we're gonna play. Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done.

Unknown Speaker 51:38
Are you familiar with how it works?

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Now although you know what I'm gonna do? Not that I cuss a lot. I say I've read plenty trust me, but only because I know that the internet lives forever and I don't want my son to one day happy. Oh, yeah, we're totally.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
Okay, date and we'll just know what that mean. Got

Unknown Speaker 51:57
it. Okay, totally cool. All right. So Date marry kill. Ready. We got Ron Ron Burgundy from anchorman. Okay, Phil conners from Groundhog's Day, and Okay, Clark kid from the Daily Planet. He had a date one marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Oh gosh, I'm

Unknown Speaker 52:17
definitely killing off Groundhog Day and I can't remember his name. I've haven't seen that movie. It's so Phil Connors.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Sorry, Phil.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Fictional character so it's all good, but

Unknown Speaker 52:27
I've got a

Unknown Speaker 52:29
I've got a Mary. I've got a Mary Clark Kent. I mean, he seems like a really good guy, although that'd be pretty nerve wracking. Having your husband got to work and potentially die every day. Like it's funny women. Yeah, and then I would I would go for a romp with Ron Burgundy where he would try real hard rope with

Unknown Speaker 52:49
rod. Okay, cool. Okay, so our last segment is just fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
These are real fans that want to know questions that have sent in their questions and what are the answers? Okay, so first one is from at Chris gayden. wants to know, are there any fighters that you wish you could have interviewed but left the sport I eat before you became a reporter?

Unknown Speaker 53:20
Good question. Great question.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
Yeah, um,

Unknown Speaker 53:27

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Rhonda. Oh, yeah, she's right before your time, I bet. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 53:30
yeah. Like she. Right. As I started working there, she was still there. But again, you know, Megan does all the really big cards. And that's, of course, what she would have been involved in today never would have been an opportunity for me to cross paths with her and I've actually talked to her briefly, but I've never had the chance to really sit down and do like I always had to be really cool to do a real sit down interview with her and because she just seemed like a really real open person, which I appreciate. So yeah, probably Rhonda Maybe GSP

Unknown Speaker 54:01
Okay, cool. At rabiei underscore artist says have you met any cool celebrities backstage?

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Oh, yes. Yeah. So um Anthony Kiedis I met Anthony

Unknown Speaker 54:12
Kiedis so cool. So cool. So for it, I had no

Unknown Speaker 54:15
idea. Sure. I feel like he's so tiny.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
He must be super skinny then because it Oh, Jaime Cray. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:23

Unknown Speaker 54:25
like crazy. Sexy cool. Nikita

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Yeah, little

Unknown Speaker 54:30
lil That's crazy. You must have like a Cody garbrandt body.

Unknown Speaker 54:35
Actually, actually very that is pretty accurate.

Unknown Speaker 54:39
him Um, let's see. Oh, Snoop. I was for sure. Like that first year of contender series. Well, yeah. Well, you see the fact

Unknown Speaker 54:47
that coworkers with Snoop Dogg?

Unknown Speaker 54:51
billion, billion years yeah convinced me like because I was such a fan of his grant up because I'm the brother. Yeah, that was nuts. Not like I actually got to see him every week for a while and I became I'm not gonna say friends like he knew me on a first name basis and invited me to his concert in the city. That's amazing.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
Yeah, I just went to

Unknown Speaker 55:14
a soccer fellow soccer mom girlfriend to his concert and I will never forget, like rocking up with this. I bought. I bought him a big ol bottle of homemade moonshine that one of our buddies made. Oh my god, and I walked in and he just goes

Unknown Speaker 55:30
by friends are like, Are you fucking

Unknown Speaker 55:36
awesome? Yeah, I remember kind of similar feeling. You know, he's not Snoop Dogg, but my debut fi in 2014 Robbie Lawler and Johnny Hendrix were headlining and I'm in the locker room and I you know, it's short notice fight, took it on two weeks notice and I'm in there and I'm just having one of those moments where I'm just like, I look over and like Robbie Lawler is warming up next to me. And I'm like, that's my coworker. My coworker. I'm like, why did You know, and I'm just saying like now it's just like, you know, oh yeah. Okay, there's, there's Robbie Lawler. There's this but but remember in that moment I'm like, I have made it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:09
I honestly still feel that way a lot of times even with like, Dana as well as I've gotten to know Him and and as much as I would almost call him a friend at this but not really a friend but like, more than it's a boss. Yeah, interview him so much. And he's such a great guy, but there's definitely times I'm like, I cannot believe like, I know Dana like this. Well, this is so weird, because I was a fan for so

Unknown Speaker 56:32
long. You know? I mean, it's cool. You know, it's, you know, you're doing something right if you are co workers with someone you idolize previously, yeah. Crazy. Okay, so at Prague beat what's better fighting or announcing?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
I'm hard.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
I'm gonna say announcing because there's less of a grind. I mean, it's still a lot of work. Probably more work than people would realize. A lot less glamourous type stuff that people might realize but not gym grind as well. But gym that in camp grind day to day feeling like exhausted and beat up all the time. This is rough. So I would say, at this point, I'm happy being on TV.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
Yeah. And there's just so many aspects that people don't understand, you know, when you're tired, and you have a family that transfers over and back up relationships that can mess up, you know, there's so much that goes into it that people don't know. Yeah. And that's actually why I love having this podcast because people are getting to see a part of the fighters or, you know, staff and you know, you had Suzy on a couple weeks ago. Yeah, I know, you know, so it's just told me, I love I love showcasing the lives and the parts of our lives that people don't get to see because, unfortunately, as we've talked about previously, social media is a weird workplace and people just like to, you know, type type type and not really think about what someone has to go through before. They press enter, you know, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:03
All right. Last question. You ready? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
At Arne obile, underscore lavon would you share a life struggle you faced and how you dealt with it?

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Oh, yeah, absolutely. Um, I have,

Unknown Speaker 58:20
as an adult struggled a lot with

Unknown Speaker 58:23
anxiety and depression. And I think that that's something that people are, it's not as uncommon as I once thought. And I think that people are feeling like they can talk about it more. But it's still it doesn't make it easier and it doesn't make it less debilitating the moment but honestly, MMA is like, when I said earlier, how I got into MMA and like how I just wanted to pour myself into something that was that was what I was dealing with at the time was just a really tough a personal situation that I was in and there's been three specific times throughout the last 12 years, but I can honestly say MMA, like, just saved me because I didn't know how to deal with the just feeling trapped inside my own head, you know. And there's something like, exercise obviously is helpful for any type of mental health, but sometimes jogging just would allow more time to think. Or lifting weights. Like I'm just, it's just I'm still there in my head, you know, I mean, but MMA and especially Jiu Jitsu for me, you have to be so in the moment, literally doing what you're about to do. And like it's so physical and so exhausting, that just that hour and a half that I'd spent on the max would be like this moment where my brain had not thought about all the bad things for a while and it was like, it allowed over time, my chemicals to kind of get back to where they were supposed to be. So that's definitely Yeah, that's for sure. Something I've dealt with and still deal with and It's funny that I have the type of job I do because you know that anxiety like anxiety and stage fright are like to go hand in hand. You know, I don't I put myself in a lot of situations that are potential triggers, but it's kind of good for me to kind of work through that and have success and know that like, it's going to be okay and that type of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Yeah. Wow. Talk about conquering of fear if you are struggling with anxiety, you know, depression, but anxiety specifically, and then you're like, Alright, look pretty. Don't mess up your words, actually. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
With fighting like, I mean, there's nothing I there was never a fight I had where I've asked like, James cos, obviously for my gym, and he's got, I don't like 67 fights can include exams. I mean, even 70. And I asked him like, what At what point did you quit feeling scared, walk into the octagon, and he's like, Oh, I was easily 40 fights in 30 fights and you know, yeah, so I never got even close to not feeling just utterly terrified like, why am I doing this wanting to turn around and by the way, and it was, honestly, I think that's what attracted to me or attracted me to it as weird as that sounds like I was had this sick fascination with forcing myself to feel that way. I mean, it's just kind of like with anything, sometimes the harder it is

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
to do it, the more satisfying the outcome. Yeah. So I'm, I would love to say that I walked to the cage with this confidence, and I'm just like, I'm gonna fuck it up. But I don't I'm just like, Okay, I have a college degree. I could be doing anything else. A smart girl. I'm not.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
What am I doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
And then we touch gloves, and we start fighting and it's just exactly what you said, we, I don't think about anything else. All the anxiety is gone in for that five to 25 minutes, however long you're just there. Why? All your chemicals are going in the right direction. And then afterwards, you're just elated. And even, you know, honestly, I've lost some fights where it was just like this release that I know, we will never be able to get anywhere else. And that's it. You know, when I do hang up my gloves, that will be a sad day and I'll probably take up skydiving or something like that. I don't know. But yeah, I'm so happy you said that. About I'm so happy you shared that struggle because there's always been anxiety. There's always been depression, but 2020 pandemic quarantine, you know, cover your mass. Don't talk to people six feet apart. It's Yeah, it's rampant. And for me, I'm newly sober. I've been. I got sober like a year and a couple months ago. And so I've noticed more being more. Thank you. I've noticed, you know, because I'm more present in the moment. I have to deal with my emotions and everyone like we said before, right? We have to be patient. We have to sit and deal with our emotions. and deal with what's going on in our head. So I'm actually going to see a therapist for the first time this year in my 33 years. And I recommend that to anybody just because life is so hard right now. And unfortunately, here in California and some other places, gyms are closed. So you and I would both suggest, Hey, get on the mat, you know, drill with a partner drill with a buddy, but you cannot do that. So, thank you so much for sharing that. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I think people if they don't know you're a fighter, it doesn't matter. I think that people are going to see that you are knowledgeable. You're great to look at. And, and you know, just just keep doing your thing. Laura, thank you so much for being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
Yeah, thank you for having me in your Yeah, this was really fun. I enjoyed it. I had like, one last like I go have coffee.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
Well, I fight November 28. And I'm hoping it's in Las Vegas and not fight ilogger So, so um, we'll be seeing you in a few months but um, last Question Actually, it's fun just to ask the guests who who would you like to hear on sex and violence next?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
Let me think about this.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
And we already talked about Paul a little bit swiping left and right. I know that'll be kind of cool. But anyone else you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
can think of might be a good one, I think would be a really on Oh, Tanya.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
Yeah, you know what? She would be open as

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
hell. It would be awkward at all. That would be a wild conversation. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
I'm actually very excited because we're gonna have Liz carmouche on in the future. We don't have a specific date yet. But you know, I don't know if you know this. She was the first openly gay fighter in the UFC and the first veteran or military. I don't wanna mess that up. But yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, we'll talk to Tanya, maybe, Paul, and again, yeah, thank you so much. I'll see you in November.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
Okay. All right. We'll see you then. Bye. Bye. Becky in

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
the second row, she's

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
got blond hair, blue eyes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
That's it for Episode 15. I love getting such a diverse range of guests on the show, man. I hope you guys like that as well. I think it's kind of fun hearing from all walks of life, genders, sexual preferences, and it's always fun to see who's willing to open up a little more, and who's a little bit more shy. One of my main goals on the podcast is to showcase the side of the guests that you don't get to see. I know a lot of people look at social media and, you know, take it for face value, but there's Much more than an Instagram page or a Facebook pic. For example, the next time you see the pretty little blonde talking to the big buff fighter after UFC fight, you now know she's a mini killer herself. Shout out to Laura think we're also wrapped up in our lives that we forget that other people have stuff going on as well. I hope this pandemic you know, or 2020 in particular, has helped you in some way to see life from someone else's point of view. I think we're all like Laura said, having to have more patience this year. And keep working hard guys, whatever it is, you know, a fight, a raise a new job, a better relationship, self improvement of some sort a degree, maybe just finishing a school or trying to keep a positive mindset. Also, I want to leave you with this. Closed mouths don't get fed. I mean, I usually live by that but last week, but the whole podcast thing. I mean, the Instagram thing. I was feeling a little different. heated and a friend reminded me that closed mouth don't get fit. So I took that advice and ended up boom, we got the page back. So I think there's a fine line between asking for a handout and putting yourself out there. So don't be afraid to ask for help, or present an idea or an offer. The worst that can happen is you get declined. In which case you're back at square one right? I stayed positive with the Instagram page and I reached reached out for help. Now look at us. Here we are, we're getting close to 10,000 followers and that's the goal right now because I want to be able to give you guys a little swipe up link so you can just swipe up and listen to the podcast. And you know, like I said last week, just never say die. So hang in there guys. You all you know who is also not saying never know who says Never Say Die is Susie from UFC. She is fighting stage for breast cancer right now and we spoke to her before. I'm going to continue to put a GoFundMe link in the episode notes you guys can donate please do so if not just shoot her a good dm with some good vibes. And if you like this podcast help it grow, right review or do a quick little rating you know five stars four stars, hopefully five stars. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your questions. Keep sending in the fan questions and we have not quit on the deer actually questions keep sending them in we want to kind of build up a few and then you know do really good episode with quite a few. Special thank you to our audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl. Also our backup page at sex and violence with rebel girl too. And myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales

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sex and violence.

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