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Episode 18: "Savage" Gillian Roberts

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters and other guests about love, dating, romance, and that type of subject, sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Devin Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening the

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hot stuff, and we're back. Hey, yo. Okay. So this next month has a variety of guests actually have to do research. I mean, for the fighters. I'm well versed and don't need to dig too deep. But what about musicians, comedians, actors? I mean, what types of things should I ask them? We all have similarities and what we do and I wonder if it transfers over into our dating lives. So I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks. Okay. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I almost had to cancel this episode, and I did not want to come in. But what sets great podcasts, more successful podcasts or anything really. What sets them apart from the good or the mediocre ones is consistency. So here I am. Not in the pickiest of moods, but I never want to let you guys down because I feel like it's a two way street. You guys have been very supportive of the podcast, and I'm always gonna be here for you guys with some kind of weird funny, slightly raunchy entertainment. Always As for me, though, I was hoping this day wouldn't come, but here it is. And after a year of getting sober, working hard on my character default and trying to be the best girlfriend possible, I've done it again and fucked up another relationship. Yeah. Well, I'll spare you guys the details even though I know some of you little TMZ lovers out there are dying to know. I feel. I mean, I'm being ironic here, but I feel like I should get an award for my ability to fuck up perfectly good relationships. So we're gonna need a round of applause right there. Not that anyone actually wants that award though. I mean, damn it. And I'll say this, unfortunately, I think I finally lost a good one. So this one hurts more. Sorry, I'm not sorry to my exes. But going through a breakup in the middle of Fight camp like I am, isn't ideal at all. But most fighters I would, you know, go out on a limb and say, have at least had to deal with a really hard fight in a relationship or maybe they were dating somebody and they got ghosted. That was such a funny word, but or, even worse, a divorce and the absolute worst. I know someone personally who had to deal with this, the death of a partner, and no one talks about that. But it is part of the job and it's part of life. And we all do what we got to do, right? We, meaning me cry a lot. Because I'm a big fucking baby. Maybe you don't cry so much, but you feel sorry for yourself and you reflect and then you pick yourself back up, and you get your ass in the gym. And that's what I'm gonna do.

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Basically, love is amazing, right? But we also know what's the Adam Sandler song Wedding Singer. Love stinks. Love blows or whatever it is. I've never been good at turning my emotions off or compartmentalizing work and personal life. So even though I'm one tough bitch, this will hurt for a long time. And maybe I'm holding on to some naive little thread that we will get back together. But um, but that's that's kind of sad. So I don't know what's gonna happen we never know what's gonna happen in 2020 right, so this is just one more curveball and hey, we've all had quote unquote put on a brave face or fake it till you make it right so here I am faking it till I make it with you guys. And some things that don't make me feel like crying are that I have a fight on November 28 in Las Vegas, I think right now. Maybe Fire Island but pretty sure it's Las Vegas against normal Dumont. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt with a big ol booty who swings for the fences. And so I'm really excited. Shout out to my new muy Thai coach Yoshi. Oh god, he's gonna kill me if I say this wrong but his his suck ta is suck. Okay, don't blame me He's so hard Japanese name. Yeah, I've been working with Yoshi at the yard in LA. And I'm really fine tuning a lot of my muy Thai skills. Along with chewy Gutierrez and Kenny Johnson, my boxing and wrestling coach, raw talent boxing and black house thing. Those guys are awesome. And my Apex dude, my Apex strength and conditioning coach, his name is Travis and this will be our first fight together. I know he's super excited, just like I am. So training hard, staying focused, and last week actually took a 24 hour girls trip to Vegas, everyone was like, oh, seems like such a lovely vacation. Not when you're the only sober girl out of you know, eight to 10 MMA fighter chicks. So that got a little crazy, but it actually made me feel very happy to be sober. So now it's time To keep my head down and grind away, forget about or try to forget about any of the negative stuff and focus on the positive. Even social media probably. I read this quote the other day it said excessive social media can create a negative self perpetuating cycle using often increases FOMO fear of missing out and feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and isolation. In turn these feelings negatively affect your mood and worsen symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. So, I'm not going to be your mom try to get off your phone every once in a while guys, but I did put a link to an article in the show notes that I think everyone could benefit from. It's just small little tips that will probably help you turn your brain off. Focus more on the stuff that matters and just get off the damn phone. But Alright guys, be who you are. Do what you want and keep your opinions to your damn self is what my motto is. If you're tuning in to the episode for the first time Welcome to a new spin on MMA journalism more risque, more personal and more about the actual fighter or guest then what they do for a living. So, I hope you guys enjoy today's episode. And a quick reminder, if you guys want any stickers free stickers, write a review on Apple, screenshot it, send it to our dm at sex and violence with rebel girl. And there's also a backup page at sex and violence with rebel girl to the number two at the end. Just send us those screenshots and your address and we'll send you out some free stickers for you tonight. Okay. Thank you guys for tuning in. And now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is a Canadian UFC fighter ranked number 15 in the women's UFC flyweight rankings. The fiery redhead is 25 years old and now lives in Florida and trains that American Top Team with some of the baddest men and women on the planet after a night in one amateur record, she went Pro. She's currently eight and four and holds a few other records such as most stoppage wins. UFC women's flyweight division five most submission wins in the women's UFC flyweight Division four. And here we are lucky enough to be let in as she talks about living life the way she wants Mary Jane and all its benefits being accused of being gay when you're straight, being a sturdy female, and so much more. Here's your guest savage Gillian Roberts.

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You got the we got the pie. We can get together.

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You got the we

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got the lie. We can get

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started. So we're looking communistic again. I'm about to get some herbs and kick it with my friends hit the beach and treat it like a weekend. Me and Jen ain't really speaking. So

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hey, Julian, thanks for coming on the show. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 8:53
I'm doing great. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 8:56
seen better days I ain't gonna lie but you know what the show must go on. So, I'm really excited about your interview and I didn't want to miss it because I feel like you're very very busy. You're in fight camp right now. And you're a what's a hot commodity? When people are talking about you, you know, it's like, I feel like you're on a roll, and you're jujitsu and you're fighting all around or what people are talking about, so I just didn't want to pass you by you know.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Thank you so much. It's an honor to be to be able to be on your podcast. Is he able to talk to you cool Yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 9:29
really I'm really glad that Valerie actually Valerie always mess up her name Loretta. She recommended you because you guys are friends.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
Yeah. Former trading partners that are still friends no matter what. I love Valerie so much. She is an awesome person all around

Unknown Speaker 9:47
nice. So you guys just Trina att together? Correct? Yes. Okay and and who has since moved.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
I have since moved. I live about an hour and a half actually. He trades down to Miami now more than anything too She lives like an hour south and I live like an hour north. So we moved opposite directions but it's probably one of my best trading partners losses that add.

Unknown Speaker 10:11
Okay, so you still both go there but you don't train as much together.

Unknown Speaker 10:16
Well, I she still goes there. I don't go there anymore. Oh, where do you turn? I actually kind of unique situation. Dean Thomas. He's been my coach since I was 16 years old. And he was with ACC and he decided to leave so whenever he left me, just ended up getting like a fight house kind of situation where it is me him and Jose shorty Torres. And we've just been drilling and working every single day. And then if we need training partners who've been able to fly them out or get them for us, so it's just a very, very small situation, but it's working for us. Wow. So was that situation going on before COVID? No, Dina actually just left the ATG during COVID. So it's kind of worked with The whole situation we get to be able to close off our training partners, not too many people not be at high risk.

Unknown Speaker 11:06
That's like the ideal scenario. You're like one really good training partner, your coach who your head coach has been with you forever. And you know, just testing your training partners as you fly him in and out. That's like, fucking perfect, good for you. Not everybody got that situation. I know, there's been some sad stories of people not sparring their whole camp or sparring like their husbands or something like that. Hopefully, at least the husband was a fighter, but that's cool that you got that situation going on. So and it seems like with all your success, it's paying off. It's working.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
It's literally a dream come true. What we have set up right now is just, I see myself getting so much better now that I have 100% of my coach. He's always paying attention to me were at ATG, he's spread so thin between 100 Pro fighters, but now I have him 100% and I somebody there to correct my mistake. So I see myself getting better every day.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
Yeah, yeah, I can I can see See that being a huge benefit. Also, you know, you guys are constantly talking. So it's not like oh, what do we work on last week? Or what do we work on Friday? It's just like, you know, and there's only two people that you train with. So that's, that's awesome. And you're doing good. Like I said, your last fight was against Courtney. Casey.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
Correct? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Okay. Do you think that that was your hardest fight to date?

Unknown Speaker 12:22
I think I think she probably was one of my harder opponents. If you look at her record, she's gone through like a close decision with a lot of high level girls and I'm not necessarily proud of that fight. I feel like it was kind of a boring fight. But then when I look at how, like, I feel like she's a little bit underrated herself.

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Yeah, I didn't think it was a boring fight. I remember watching that fight, and she had gone up from 15 to 25. And then, actually, I knew you were 25. But you look kind of like you could make 115 Have you ever.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
I said when I first started fighting, I was 18 years old. So all my amateur and all my early profiles are at 115. Because I used to walk like 122. Broadly, I was really tiny when I was an amateur. And once I hit like 22 years old, I gained 43, or like 20 pounds, like nothing's and I walk like 141 45. And I probably could make 15 if I really wanted to, but I'd rather focus on my fight fight a week than a week at

Unknown Speaker 13:24
141 45 for 25 is ideal. I cut down almost three times, but two times to fight and I was not anywhere around 145. And I hated that cut. So yeah, it's way better not to have to worry about how your performance is going to be the next day right?

Unknown Speaker 13:45
When my coach has always told me he's like, you'd be focused on the weight cut fight week and the fights last thing on your mind. And that's all you should be thinking about. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Yeah. So I love that you guys that you and Dan Thomas have been training that long. That's probably I mean, sometimes Unfortunately, you got to go from camp to camp. I'm in the middle of a muy Thai camp change right now and you got to take time to relearn, you know, the person's combos and the vocabulary and the verbiage you guys use and, you know, can you hear them? Can you hear them in your corner and all that and you guys never have to waste your time with any of that since you guys been together so long. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Yeah, I literally never played a sport in my life until I walked into Dean Thomas's gym when I was 16 years old. So he brought me from absolutely nothing to the UFC. So I trust him with my

Unknown Speaker 14:30
life. Yeah, that that guy should be in your wedding or whatever, whatever. You know, like

Unknown Speaker 14:36

Unknown Speaker 14:37
He should be a bridesmaid.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
That's cool. So do you have anyone you're in fight camp right now? Do you know who you're supposed to fight?

Unknown Speaker 14:46
I guess I'm fighting poliana botella.

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Okay, and when is that?

Unknown Speaker 14:51
That would be October 17. On fight Island.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Okay, nice. Thailand. I don't want to go. I'm fighting on November 28. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be in Vegas. And I'm like, Yes. Only like 14 those tests instead of 27 or something.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Yeah. And an 18 hour flight.

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that to know, thank you. So that's going to be October 18 against poliana botella.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
October 17.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:23
So what do you know about your opponent?

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I know she's fairly. She has been fine a year and a half for one thing. So you can't really tell too much about how much they've evolved in that last time period. But she's primarily a muy Thai girl who doesn't seem to have my level of ground capabilities.

Unknown Speaker 15:43
So I'm assuming you don't want to take it to the ground.

Unknown Speaker 15:47
I'm assuming every fight with me goes that way.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
How do you bet you're wrestling? I mean, you're great off your back. Do you feel like you have a solid wrestling game?

Unknown Speaker 15:57
Especially since I came into the UFC, I feel like I really started to develop my wrestling a lot more were pre like my early pro fights. I was winning fights off my back all the time because I was just pulling guard and going to arm bars and that's how I was getting my finishes. But then obviously once you start fighting a higher level girl then they start hitting hard and they start punching you a lot with hearing and guard. So yeah, once I got to that level, I was like, Alright, we need to learn how to wrestle a little bit more. Yeah, you're playing

Unknown Speaker 16:26
goes out the window when you get hit in the face for sure. Okay, so she's a striker, you want to get a good? gonna want to get it to the ground? Do you know where she ranked or do you know her record at all? I should have done my research, but she

Unknown Speaker 16:42
she's not currently ranked. She's eaten two I believe, right now. So I know in the UFC, she's lost this NBA coveo who I feel like is a fairly good comparison for how my site's gonna go.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
Yeah, yeah, so she's not ranked, but you're currently ranked number 15 right now. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Yes, finally,

Unknown Speaker 17:01
congratulations is such a great feeling. Just you know, you wake up one day and you're like, Okay, like you so when you make like number 15 you're like, Alright, the journey has begun and it just like you can see it you know, you could like see the top and you just start. You know, you're like one more fight two more fights three or five.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Close. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Well, congratulations on that. Besides this next fight, is there anyone in your division that you really want to test yourself against?

Unknown Speaker 17:27
There's someone that I was supposed to be matched up against in August. And that was a to me image of kenko. And I'm assuming it was just too short notice for I think it was on like three or four weeks notice that she said no to me, so I would love to get that matchup again.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
She said yes to me, but then I got hurt. And I was very sad. Yeah, I watched her fight with Caitlin Kagan. And I bet against her and my friend was like, Oh, no, I'm betting on the Shevchenko girl I'm like, and anyway, I want a lot of money.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
Yeah, I was really looking forward to that matchup and just hoping for it but fortunately didn't come through. So I know she is a higher rank girl than me. So I would love to see her across the cage. Wonder why she's hiring

Unknown Speaker 18:17
because she hasn't been doing the best. But you know what, it's not about her. It's about you. Okay, so let's talk about so your friend Val got criticized recently for being overly sexual. It's and I think the quote was selling sex instead of MMA. Has anyone ever accused you of you know, the something similar or even that being too sexual or maybe even something about being open with your smoking marijuana on your social media?

Unknown Speaker 18:43
I definitely get a lot for that.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
I guess they they want you to be a role model for everybody, but they don't want it like I'm just trying to live my life. I feel like so many people they criticize me that I'm promoting that but it's just it's a part of my life. So I'm going to share it with you guys.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
My my audio engineer, DJ soul is I wish you guys could see him he he just took a really big Bhangra

Unknown Speaker 19:18
for Tony friendly at the terminal kids studio. So I just wanted to know, like, if you've gotten, you know, crap for that, or even, you know, I think you're fine. You know, like, there's obviously varying degrees of sexualization on social media. I've been a little bit more risque lately as well, especially now that I have a six slash MMA podcast, but do you ever get kind of ripped on for being overly sexual?

Unknown Speaker 19:42
Oh, I don't think I necessarily get that too much. I don't feel like I mean, as a person, I'm out there as much. But if like people like Valerie, I know she is very out there. And if you got it, flaunt it, you can do it. She's, she's making money off that she's just bought a Porsche and that's also making those things Tag.

Unknown Speaker 20:02
I have nothing against that.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
That's awesome. So what what would you say to people who are basically giving you crap for, for promoting marijuana or or being not being as prudish as they would like you to be? What would you say to those people right now?

Unknown Speaker 20:21
It's for everybody. It's your life. And like I said, People always criticize you because they want you to be a certain, like role model for their kids, but they need to be the role model for their kids. Like, you just got it. Like, I wanted to be like my mom, when I grew up. I didn't want to be like some girl that was watching on TV.

Unknown Speaker 20:40
Oh, that's cute. I actually wanted to be, I remember thinking to myself, and this is a little sad, but I was like, Okay, my mom is a perfect example of what I don't want to be like, but either way they they teach you what you want to be like or what you don't want to be like, right?

Unknown Speaker 20:56
So I definitely and it is feel like you should live your own life and no matter what do what makes you happy. And no matter what, you're gonna have haters on each side.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
Yeah, that's something I say a lot is like, you're never gonna make everybody happy. So do what makes you happy. That's all that matters. Right?

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Exactly. 100%.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
So I want to dive deeper into who's savage Julian Roberts's, we know you on the surface level as this fighter, marijuana enthusiast if you will. But how do you identify sexually?

Unknown Speaker 21:30
I am single, and I was straight, single end strips, got

Unknown Speaker 21:33
it down. She's got the dating status and how she identifies Alright, so you're single, it's always so much fun when they're single, because I feel like, you know, I'm not trying to rock the boat in any of these relationships. So I'm not going to be like, hey, you have a boyfriend. Tell me about that last guy, you know? So I feel like when someone's single, it's like a clean slate. We can talk about anything. So are you looking for a partner right now? Or are you just trying to focus on fighting

Unknown Speaker 22:00
I guess it goes a little bit back and forth depending on the situation. Right? Like, I feel like you go and you talk to somebody for so long, you put too much effort into it. And then it just goes back to fighting anyway.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
If you're smart, yeah. Yeah. Well, when was your last boyfriend?

Unknown Speaker 22:23
My last boyfriend was

Unknown Speaker 22:25
four and a half five years ago.

Unknown Speaker 22:29
That might be a while that's like,

Unknown Speaker 22:33
on hold. You're 25. Right.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Greg is okay, so your last

Unknown Speaker 22:37
boyfriend was around 20. And if you were dating 20 year olds, you probably weren't getting prime pickins. Anyway, this is this is a sad story. It's a sad story. So why have you Why has it taken you so many years to be in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 22:53
I feel like especially being an MMA female. It's just hard to find somebody who can Want to support you in this lifestyle to understand how selfish you have to be to make your dreams come true? And they so many people want to treat you as almost like a spectacle because you are an amazing female?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
This is true. This is very true. Do you think it's the same for women who are in other sports like basketball players softball players, volleyball players? Do you think that they have the same struggles finding partners? Or is it just us MMA crazy girls?

Unknown Speaker 23:29
I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like it definitely is harder for MMA girls just because it's just what we do is so out there. It's not normal, like playing volleyball or playing softball. It's definitely something that people don't expect a girl to be doing. Especially an attractive

Unknown Speaker 23:46
girl. Yeah, it's weird. It's like

Unknown Speaker 23:50
yeah, it's very it's like Valerie like you I mean, people you know, people like Paige vanzant who come to mind who just have this like, wholesome you know Valerie silver lumps shoe is you No, like you're like so spicy red hair, you know, it's like, people look at you and they, they don't even think that you're capable of being that aggressive or brutal or Savage. Savage really, you know, so it's funny, it's like, but on the other side, they look at peak girls, some girls, I won't name names who have bus haircuts, and, you know, like crazy tattoos. Hopefully not my dad. Oh, wait, I'm blaming myself. But some people you know, they look at who have a little more of a rough exterior. They're like, Oh, yeah, that girl can fight. It's so weird to me.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
Yeah, it's a it's definitely something that you like you don't see it in other professions like others for other sports, like you're saying that it's just, it's something that you get. I feel like you get treated different because you are female in a sport, especially a straight female too, because I feel like a lot of people don't expect you to be straight up there.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
Do you? Okay, I gotta ask because I get this a lot. And I have gaydar at all. It's it's put me in some very questionable situations. But do you get hit on by women often like on a scale of one to 1010 being like, I only get hit on women. And one being like, I've never been hit on a woman woman hit on by a woman.

Unknown Speaker 25:16
I say it's probably like a two. It's more of the guys that I get accusing me of it. Just come out already. Yeah, I think anytime I posted a picture with like a girl online, they're like, Oh, are you guys together?

Unknown Speaker 25:34
It's cool. I probably has the fact it's two things now that I know you a little bit better. One that you have not been in a relationship for four or five years. So you're never posting and into Yeah, you're like an MMA fighter so probably lesbian. According to, you know, the social media world.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Believe it

Unknown Speaker 25:53
well, I get labeled, you know, most likely a lesbian as well probably because I'm an MMA fighter and I have a shaved head and tattoos and I don't know, like, I think I carry myself like differently. You know?

Unknown Speaker 26:05
Who knows? I can definitely get that like even just, I worked in a restaurant before I started before I got into the UFC. And just like even just like, if you touch with a regular female's arms like we're a lot sturdier we're

Unknown Speaker 26:22
definitely don't feel like regular females.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Dirty. I love that word. Actually, there's kind of a funny story. My friend Haley Cowen, she fights for LFA and she's managed by Brian Butler Sucker Punch, but she's super cool girl. And we always call ourself team sturdy, because one time I told her the story, I was walking outside of a 711 and there's this guy, and he was just like, kind of, you know, kind of shade aliy hanging out there and I walk out and he's like, dang girl, like, turn around. He's like, you is sturdy. And I'm like, I don't think he means that as a compliment. But I do. Hayley cuz she's like an inch taller than me and just a sturdy and world she's like I'm starting to fuck it. Let's own IT team sturdy and I was like, yeah, we are a teamster.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
So it's good. It's good to be sturdy, especially given the the career we chose, right?

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Exactly. Makes a little bit more durable.

Unknown Speaker 27:19
So let's say you weren't on this extremely long dry spell. You got going. And let's say you're on the prowl, physically, what's your kind of guy look like?

Unknown Speaker 27:31
Definitely tall, tall. And I think I I don't know if I feel like you'd have to be a fighter or coach or someone in the game somehow to understand it, but I've just never had a connection with anybody who's out there. It's just a different world in the fight game.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
And it's almost exhausting trying to explain simple fight life to an enormous I guess you would say a call. And, you know, they want to know like, why are you so starving yourself like why do you have to go for a run again? Like why are you worrying that garbage bag you're like, Okay, I know it looks crazy but it's really gonna pay off later.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
This is what it comes to like. Even when it comes to like posting pictures of yourself, they'll understand how you're it's marketing more than you're just trying to like sexualize yourself for the public

Unknown Speaker 28:19
to me anzahl we're just talking about this I just posted a hump day picture and I'm like he you know what I'm gonna post my hump if I want to post my hump Ito but it's like it was marketing the podcast and and whatever you know and like, and I will be the first to admit yes, it does feel good to get you know likes because I don't know the way our brain it's like a little drug. It's like Like, like, like, serotonin release and so you know, I'm not gonna say I don't like the attention but mainly I'd say for us it's like marketing the fact that like, yes, we are brutal and savage but like Valerie puts you can also be feminine and girly, and you know, and soft at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
Oh, yeah. 100% If we can meet two different people essentially really excited girls like we think I went and got my nails done inspired right after today I think that's a good example.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
Okay, so you like tall guys, you would prefer them to be somewhat in the fight world anything else like physically like

Unknown Speaker 29:22
physically? I guess I'm not into as much looks as as much as finding someone who can support me on this lifestyle. I feel like when I was younger a little bit that I guess I would go towards look for but I've never necessarily found anybody that's given me that type of connection where I'm like, this is the one

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Yeah, well, I mean, you still are young, you're only 25. So you got you got a long way to go. But what what what age would be, you know, out of the question, you know, I assume you don't want to date anybody younger than 25. But how old are you willing to go 3545

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Gonna take 35 I think that's a good range. 30 definitely not younger. Okay, absolutely not younger. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:06
I always always say that guys aren't even real real men until they're 25 like, I wouldn't even waste my time with anyone younger than 25 I'm so sorry guys. But I'm also older than you. I'm 33 so

Unknown Speaker 30:21
so you were saying 35 is your cutoff?

Unknown Speaker 30:24
Good? Yeah, probably about this. That's smart. You know?

Unknown Speaker 30:27
You don't want to be with some old guy.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
So what are you looking for sugar daddy right now so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:33
you good sugar daddy. I don't think they they could keep up anyway. It's all good. So what are some major like turn offs? I for me, it's smokers. Smokers I just I will never ever ever even dates weed smokers but to an extent like since I am like a weed smoker myself like it's okay. But I could see how if you know, I used to not smoke weed and then I used to They have a boyfriend who did smoke weed, and he always smell like it. And then it was like he if he got up before me it was like taking bong, bong hits and like coughing up the whole house. I'm just like, this is so annoying. So is there anything that turns you off?

Unknown Speaker 31:14
Definitely smoker like cigarette smokers, because I don't like any type of tobacco or the smell of it or anything like that. But also people are lazy, unmotivated people. Yeah, that's a good one. That's a really good one. I feel like I'm all I'm always so driven, always so motivated. And I want some of the energy to feed off of somebody. So I need them to be able to push themselves and want as much out of life as I do.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
Yeah, I've actually been told by a couple exes that, you know, I mean, working so hard, has made them want to work harder. And I'm like, Yay. But then I was thinking I'm like, it would be nice for me to date someone who wants you know, who makes me want to work harder. So yeah, I get you on that because I definitely have Have the kind of mentality of whether it's my friends or my boyfriend or my family, whoever I'm hanging out with, like, they're like, let's go do this. I'm like, okay, like, I'm barely go with the flow. And it's like, oh, I don't I'm not gonna go to train. Stan, you want to go grab some food? I'm like, you know, like, which is horrible, right? Actually, I'm focused all the time. But I'm susceptible to the people that I love. I'm like, oh, okay, I guess we'll just, you know, sleep in today or will you know, go get food or train later? And I'm like, so if I have a partner that is always go, go, go. I'm like, Alright, that's gonna keep me in line. I feel like you're similar.

Unknown Speaker 32:33
Oh, 100%. And then also, if you have somebody that's lazy, it's just draining too big. Kind of motivate them all the time when you there's some days when I wake up, and I don't feel motivated. I got to drag myself out of bed, but I make sure that I'm at the gym every single day.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Yeah, I totally understand that. That's a turnoff. Is it? Okay, so since you smoke weed might one my questions it's a new question because people you know, aren't as open about it. Just like some People are more sexual in the social media. Some people are more, you know, like the beast. What's his name? Derrick Lewis. He's like always posted funny. funny stuff. He sees his Instagram. Yeah, it's just like ridiculous. So everyone has kind of like this different vibe, right? And so when I when you agreed to be on the podcast, I was like, sweet. I'm gonna ask her about like marijuana and how it pertains to her dating life. So wondering if there's a dude you super like him, but he's like, marijuana, would you date him?

Unknown Speaker 33:40
I like I'm going back and forth with you gotta love me for me. And that's a part of my life. So if you can't love that, then, like, you got to accept me for all of me. But I really like I don't know, I've never felt that way about someone where I'm like, I would give a grade for you. Yeah, that's it. That's I feel like

Unknown Speaker 33:58
weed smokers. are very passionate about their weed, you know, like, and I think that if Okay, so here's here's my follow up question. What if a guy really liked you didn't mind that you smoked but was just like I'm not gonna smoke. Would you date him?

Unknown Speaker 34:16
Oh yeah, that's perfect and this is more for me

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Spoken like a true starter

Unknown Speaker 34:24
that's so great.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I get this I have this CBD sponsor and then they kind of kick me back some vape cartridges. And I used to be like, tell my boyfriend I'm like oh look babe weed and he's like, that's not real weed and he has it his real weed and then I started smoking his real weed and he was like, Cool back to your vape when he's like, I liked it. Would you smoke your vape because then there was more real weed for me. I was like, Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
You weed smokers talking. I was talking to a guy for a couple months and it was essentially like that where he might have hit a bowl like once a month. That was it. I like it. Nice talking to you. He's like I'm a smooth.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
You're like us give a little pat on the head like that's cute. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
So when do you like let's get into that a little bit because I'm a very non functional smoker so I have to make like I just get all my stuff done my training and my like to do list and my podcast and my nose and then at the end of the day, I'm like, Alright, I can smoke because I'm just not I can't drive a car. I can't like type very fast. I'm just like, go a little brown like brain dead so I only smoke at night. Do you? Are you like a more functional stoner? Can you smoke before training? Like, what does that entail?

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Yeah, I'm 100% functional stoner. I all day long for me. I know you're just

Unknown Speaker 35:51
so like, I put those together a lot.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
It's so much a big part of the Jiu Jitsu community and I feel like it it doesn't way, it just relaxes you. So you're able to open up your mind and get more creative in jujitsu. Obviously there's some negative side effects too, but I feel like there's a lot of positives that people don't recognize.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Yeah, I agree. And I think that if you're passionate about it, and it helps you, and you're, you know, obviously you're no dummy. There are Osada regulations, you're not allowed to have it in your system. 24 hours before the fight. That's not too hard to do. I feel like I feel like some of our unfortunate colleagues, they just I think they must just really love the earth

Unknown Speaker 36:35
and know that they were just like, ah, I can't wait any longer. He has to be smoking fight week. Like that's the only way that's possible.

Unknown Speaker 36:42
That's what I'm thinking. But I'm like, guys, like seven days or something or two weeks. I mean, I don't know like now that I've, you know, stop drinking and become more of an enthusiast. for smoking. I'm like, maybe this fight camp will be different. Maybe when it's time for me to cut it out. I'm gonna be like, God, dang it. I don't I guess we'll cross that bridge later, right?

Unknown Speaker 37:03
I've definitely pushed my limit with it sometimes, like getting close to a fight, but it's never like, there's no way that like, I know there's some fighters saying they stopped like a month out. I'm like, you could probably be smoking fight week and still be fine the way the UFC. Test it like you're allowed to have so much in your system. And it's only for that two day period.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Yeah, that's so crazy. But careful, girl. I don't need any of us to be getting in trouble for the world's happiest plant. You know, it's just so silly. Oh, yeah. Like, like, okay, steroids. I understand. Happy plant. No, I do not. But speaking of other things, we're talking about dating and you haven't had actual relationship for four years. You said your last one or four or five right? back then. Do you remember why ended? Did it have anything to do with training and that

Unknown Speaker 37:59
maybe A little bit, we were both fighters, we had every single one of our amateur fights during our relationship, so we both started together and then turn pro. And then we broke up as we were turning pro. So I just feel like also being with a fighter even though they get it and it's a little bit easier. It's also two very hard headed individuals together usually, yes,

Unknown Speaker 38:21
yes, yes, yes, it really is. makes it hard. And so you want someone who does what you do, but maybe not super alpha, because you're the alpha. It's a hard we talk about it all the time, because I actually read a book and it was all about how there should be one energy One, two types of energy in the relationship, the masculine energy and the feminine energy, and doesn't necessarily mean that the masculine energy has to come from the man and that the feminine has to come from the woman. It just means that if there's not each, you know, like a more dominant one in each partner, that is not going to work out. I don't know if that's true. I feel like usually someone Kind of is a horrible phrase but wears the pants in the relationship a little bit more and the other person is a little bit more submissive. Has that been how your relationships go at all?

Unknown Speaker 39:11
I guess like I said with that one, I feel like we're both fighters. So it's like, we're both trying to wear the pants. You're saying now it doesn't necessarily work. You guys, like, I'm, in my mind. I'm always right. And he couldn't tell me I was wrong. And I feel like it was always the same for him. Yeah, it definitely made like communicating. It was an issue. Definitely.

Unknown Speaker 39:33
So you're 25 and I feel like you're in the swipe left. Swipe right dating app generation, right?

Unknown Speaker 39:41

Unknown Speaker 39:42
What's your experience been like with online dating?

Unknown Speaker 39:48
I haven't like, I guess invested in it. I've I've definitely downloaded the apps and things like that. More looking through them if I got like drunk one night. Just

Unknown Speaker 40:03
never really investing time into it.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Yeah, it just shows. I think it just goes to show how focused you are on your career, which is great, but I would I, I know that there's gonna, it's gonna happen but so far, no one's been like, Oh, I have this horrible dating story. I am waiting for someone to come on here and be like, I was swiping left and right and then this chick and she catfished me like, I want to hear that. And no one is talking about it. And I know they're out there. So maybe whoever you recommend for the podcast, you'll maybe you know, a fighter or friend who has had some funny experiences with swiping left and right.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
Every human show passes through some insane things that come off and I'm sure there has to be excited as went through that. I love that show. Yes. It's like oh, yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 40:49
like looking at a car crash. You know? Yeah, I don't look but you can't look away.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
So you get a lot of

Unknown Speaker 40:56
unwanted like creepers like going into your DNA. And all that. I know you do. I guess a better question is what kind of creepers do you get?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
I feel like a big one for the MMA world his feet.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
Yes it is. And I still don't know why because I feel like it would be less of a turn on if we were I don't know, like clean you know like cuz you know how gross mats are Blood Sweat other bodily fluids? Like what the heck?

Unknown Speaker 41:28
I had some guy offer me I think it was like $500 for a pair of sweaty socks. And I'm like, just like, it's not even like I have to feed their cover. Do it. I'm on the mats all day long. Like I did not cute like why do you want

Unknown Speaker 41:43
$500 for two sweaty socks is hard to pass. Like,

Unknown Speaker 41:48
the world is such a weird place because I mean, you got girls out there making only fans posing nude for money. But like I'd much rather sell some old socks and be like touching. Didn't have to show my butt at all.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
Maybe that's just me. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
So, this is a kind of a mushy question. You said you had some relationships, but you know, dry spell. I don't wanna call it dry spell cuz that makes it sound like no one's around. I'm sure you've had plenty of offers, but you're just like, No, no, no. But do you have you ever been in love in those past relationships?

Unknown Speaker 42:24
Ah, yeah, I was we were together for three years, I would say that's the only time I've ever been in love. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:29
okay. Was that like 17 1819? or? Yeah. Wow, I know your whole life story now. It's so fun to get to know this side of people. And, you know, I think a lot of people are kind of weirded out about the title. They're like sex and violence. It's like, yeah, like us MMA fighters have other things going on in our lives besides sparring, and training in Jiu Jitsu, and boxing and wrestling and all that. So it's super happy to are super awesome to get to know the deeper, more personal Have you? And yeah, I know it's gonna be a little weird. But now I'm gonna ask you how did you learn about sex when you're a kid?

Unknown Speaker 43:10
I, I honestly don't know. Like, I don't think my parents like ever, like sat me down and like explained it to me. No worries.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
I'm used to talking.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
No, I think it was more of like, I just kind of, like, I know I took a sec, Cosmo's little but I don't think like I don't even think they like explained anything to us. I think it was in like fifth or sixth grade. We took it. Didn't you grow up in Canada? I actually I was born in Canada, but I've grown up in Florida. I've lived in Florida since I was 707.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Okay, yeah, and you're not learning about sex before that. So I was gonna say why do they teach you in Canada about sex? Is it different than here? Did you have to like put a put something on a banana when you're in school? Like they didn't do all that?

Unknown Speaker 43:56
No, absolutely nothing. I it's the Florida school system. That failed me. There must be

Unknown Speaker 44:01
a lot I get the Florida system.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
In my high school, we had a separate branch of my high school for pregnant girls.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
How many girls were there?

Unknown Speaker 44:13
I'm not sure exactly. But like there is definitely too many for high school.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
I mean, was there like two walking around? Or like 10?

Unknown Speaker 44:21
Yeah, probably not. 10 to 20

Unknown Speaker 44:24
I'm from a really small town, so like, I don't even think we had a pregnant girl. But if we did, she'd be like, ostracized. It'd be like, oh, everyone, like point and look at her poor girl. But I feel like if there's 20 that's just like, what were the pregnant girls and it's like, not a big deal. So good for them. I guess at least they had people go through it with right. But a little too soon. A little too soon, in my opinion. When did you lose your

Unknown Speaker 44:49
life a little too early? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old.

Unknown Speaker 44:57
That's a nice age. You know, like, I feel like it Anybody who says like, I lost my 15 anyone who says below 15 I'm like, dang, but I honestly feel like the average age nowadays, I don't even want to Google this because it's gonna make me sad, but I feel like it's closer to like, 11 1213 now,

Unknown Speaker 45:15
I was gonna say, I felt like it'd be closer to 14. But that's

Unknown Speaker 45:21
it's a terrible thought.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
That's what I'm saying. I was like, I don't want to Google it. I mean, if you want to Google Yeah, I was always looking at me. And he's like, Hell no, it's like, I don't want people like child porn popping up on my

Unknown Speaker 45:35
Yeah, you know, it's all don't

Unknown Speaker 45:36
don't don't Google that. I don't want you get in trouble for me. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
So that was a good age. Was it magical like we always want or was it horrible?

Unknown Speaker 45:45
But it was I had a boyfriend for about a year then. So it was with him. And I don't think it was necessarily magical. I don't know. It was like, I definitely had feelings. For him and we were together a long time, but yeah, I guess I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't even know it was when I had sex. I feel like before the school system let me down.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
Well, I feel like

Unknown Speaker 46:14
your parents could have told you your friends could have told you maybe you should. HBO I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
We got to learn some way you're I guess you're a kinesthetic learner you had a hands on

Unknown Speaker 46:29
so do you believe in the no sex before a fight type rule?

Unknown Speaker 46:35
I know I don't believe in that. I don't

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I I don't see maybe if you need to fear on mentality but that's about it. Like and they they say it for guys like that. It's they need to build up the testosterone but I don't think there's much truth to that either. I think that's a lot of minutes.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Yeah, I think you're gonna whatever makes you feel confident. Do that. I think I've my friend Carla. She is killing it. But I feel like I tell her this all the time. She does a lot of weird little things that she's like I gotta have, and I'm exaggerating, but like the same underwear or you know, like, you know, a braid on this side and walk out to this. I'm like, I just think that because she has all those same things happen when she fights, she feels confident. So and it works for her. Obviously, she's killing it. But I'm like, I can have a different song. I you know, underwear, no underwear, I really don't care. No. So that That's funny. Is there. Is there anything that you have to do before your fight like a little ritual?

Unknown Speaker 47:40
And not necessarily, like, Oh, I guess the one thing my coach told me that he does this, and then I started doing it because he did it. But he was like, you need to go in there and look in the mirror and realize that you all look the same when you walk out. And you need to come to terms with that. And feel like that's the only thing that's like really that I need to Do I need to sit there and get my mind right in that moment?

Unknown Speaker 48:03
I feel like that might freak me the fuck out a little bit like, because I've seen myself my face after a fight. I've been very lucky. I've never had like a bloody like, I've had two black guys actually think my last fight that was really ugly. But that definitely doesn't bother me. It's more like I wonder what his like what his like psychology of that is, you know?

Unknown Speaker 48:25
I, for me, it said, if you like it's,

Unknown Speaker 48:29
I don't know you can expect to go into a fight and not get touched. But if you sit in the back and you tell yourself this is gonna happen then when it happens, you're not surprised. That's true, assuming it's the same rationale as getting slapped or punched right before the fight and you're like, Okay, this is about to happen. This is really happening.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
People say they need to get people they're like, Oh, I need to get hit a few times before the fight starts. So it's like I'm trying to get that into my mind before the fight that I don't have to take those few hits.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
Okay, that's my guess. So Is there any truth to aggressive women outside the bedroom being just as aggressive inside the bedroom? Or do you think you're a little bit more submissive when it comes to the bed?

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Ah, um

Unknown Speaker 49:15
I guess something on the guy.

Unknown Speaker 49:18
That's a good that's a good point. Yeah, cuz it's not like you can be super submissive if he's like, just laying there rights to submissive people. Yeah, it's not it's

Unknown Speaker 49:27
not gonna work.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Okay, yeah. And then

Unknown Speaker 49:32
I don't mind being controlled a little bit. But if I got to take control, that's cool, too. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
All right, just to get you wear many hats. Good for you, girl. Have you ever been asked to do something a little too freaky that you're like, Oh, no, does not happen.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Ah, I don't think I've ever been

Unknown Speaker 49:50
like, it's been too weird that I've been with someone where I let it get that far. And they were they asked for something and there was like, two out there for me.

Unknown Speaker 49:58
No weird sex stories. Were like Something almost happened and then something weird happened nothing like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
Ah, I'm trying to think I'm not sure I didn't come prepared with this.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
I know actually it's funny because I, I forget Oh with Gina and Tim, Tim Ellie and Gina there who are getting married congrats guys. They were on months ago and I think my first couple and I gave them like a little cheat sheet ahead of time. I was like, think about this story, the story the story if you have anything good, and then they came on and they fucking killed they're like, okay, one time we went to the strip club with $1 buttholes and then we did this and I was like, should I always do this with guests so I'm feel like maybe I should to like prepare the guest

Unknown Speaker 50:39
give us a little bit of a scenario you can't just come up with something on the spot especially I don't know these horror stories. I'm trying to hide from my memory.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
I tried. I tried to re traumatize you tell me all the fucked up shit Gillian. Come on. Well, it's okay if you think of anything In the meantime, it's time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
And you have not listened to a podcast yet so you don't know what you're about to get yourself into. Do you?

Unknown Speaker 51:17
Not at all.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
Okay, so lightnings next round is make things. You know, sex is kind of hard for everybody, for most people to talk about. So, to make it a little bit easier, we break it down into a couple categories, and we just do like rapid fire. So like, first one is dirty talk in bed. You just say yes or no and we just go fast down the list. Are you ready? Okay, no, like, maybe just Yes or no? Ready?

Unknown Speaker 51:42
All right, okay. Lightning sex round, dirty talking bed.

Unknown Speaker 51:47
I guess.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Spank or like to be spanked? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 51:51

Unknown Speaker 51:54
Yes, choking. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 51:57

Unknown Speaker 52:00

Unknown Speaker 52:01
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 52:03
Yes, foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 52:07

Unknown Speaker 52:08
bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
No bondage like ropes or blindfolds or handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 52:17
It's never tried. Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 52:21

Unknown Speaker 52:22
But stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Yes. sex toys.

Unknown Speaker 52:30
Yes. Have you ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 52:35
I guess. swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 52:38

Unknown Speaker 52:39
Are you are lingerie lover? No.

Unknown Speaker 52:44
Okay. That is it. You did awesome. It's so funny because I feel like a lot of people are like, oh, they're gonna be so open and then I get to some of these questions and they're like, just like, It's okay. It's okay. Only a million people are listening to my podcast, no big deal. Thanks for letting us see it on the details of your sex life Delia. This next and last like game we're gonna play is called fuck. Marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Marry one kill one go. I think we've

Unknown Speaker 53:19
ever heard of it.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Yes. Okay. So since you're from Canada, we, my friend, my creative associates shout out to Pat and Dan Kenny. They made a Canadian version for you. Oh, I don't even know some of these people were Canadian. So are you ready? Yes, you got to choose. Fuck one, kill one, marry one. And they are Ryan Gosling. Ryan Reynolds and GSP

Unknown Speaker 53:53
I guess it has to marry Ryan Reynolds. I don't think there's any other way to do that.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
I don't want to kill GSP but I think it's gonna happen that way.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
Okay, so that means your your bonan Ryan Gosling. Yeah, okay, you know, not what I would have chosen but still good. You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:18
I thought you were a tough one.

Unknown Speaker 54:20
It's a tough one. And my friend was even like, Oh, you can do Justin Bieber instead of GSP. And I'm like, he got to put GSP in there because he's an MMA guy. So yeah. Good job. Okay, so lastly, this section is called fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
These are real questions from real fans that wanted to get the answers from you, Jillian. Ready?

Unknown Speaker 54:52
Like mania? Oh, sorry. At I like Mateus wants to know what's your favorite submission technique.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
rear naked choke 100% that's my go to nice nice

Unknown Speaker 55:04
at Austin. underscore a underscore k wants to know, do you think fighters will form a union or Association in the next decade?

Unknown Speaker 55:14
I think that's tough to say I know that fighters have already tried to start a union but I know that a lot of them haven't gotten the best treatment from the UFC because of it. So it's it's a point where it's like we're, we want to speak out but we're also scared for our job.

Unknown Speaker 55:28
you summarize that perfectly. Moving on, because you know, I don't get in trouble. So at B Ballard underscore 19 wants to know, will she go to prom with me? Of course we will have to be chaperoned. But I'll take that.

Unknown Speaker 55:44
Come on, and make this guy's dream. I didn't go to prom.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
I didn't go to my own prom. So this will be my first clue.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
Why did you not go to your own prom? I didn't either. I'll tell you why I didn't go to mine. If you tell me why you didn't go to yours.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Mine wasn't anything cool. I Actually, my last two years of high school I ended up going to college instead of high school, so I wasn't even like a part of my high school anyway, I I was just so focused on college at that point. Wow. Yours is way better, smarter classier.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
I guess in the rebel girl fashion. I didn't go to my prom because I was in juvie. So anyway, moving right along. Okay, sorry, Mr. Ballard. I don't think that's a she wants to go to prom with you. But next one at our underscore Mossad two says would you consider a rematch with Macy barber if you had a chance a huge fan of you.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
I wouldn't have to consider that at all. Yes, already. I'm any of my fights any winter loss. I'm really I'm willing to do anything to prove that I can be the best so wrong. So I feel like you got to fight your way to the top to get there.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Yeah, I love a rematch. It brings a whole new sense of urgency. My first profile was a rematch with someone I lost to in my ama Your career and someone who had coached me. She was in college when I was in high school at a wrestling camp. So it was like I wanted to beat her so bad and then I did and it was my first profile so it was like happy story happy ending. Have you ever had to this is just a question I want to ask you have you ever got to rematch anybody and one

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Oh man, I had two rematches. And they're both as amateurs It was like it. Yeah, so I won them both but I want them both like both times so one of the first time that I want them again the second time so it wasn't really like I got the redemption

Unknown Speaker 57:38
you just you just would press twice. That's all

Unknown Speaker 57:42
good for you. Okay, at savage underscore Lieutenant wants to know what was the best and worst thing about the tough house.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
The best thing about the tough house was torn between getting to work with all the girls and Justin DTC and getting to smoke weed with Snoop Dogg because those were two.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
Was that on the show?

Unknown Speaker 58:09
Yeah, it was. It was. No, they didn't show it on TV. But it was during the filming of the show that we we were able to go watch the contender series and after the contender series new patterns podcast upstairs so we all the girls were able to sneak up there and then brought down the trailer. So we did with him for like 30 minutes while he lived some blunts.

Unknown Speaker 58:30
Okay, so So who was it Laura cinco talked about Snoop Dogg when she was on. And I'm just jealous. Like, am I the only one that hasn't smoked weed with Snoop Dogg?

Unknown Speaker 58:40
Okay, lucky woman. It was absolutely like, mind blowing. I was just sitting there like this is in real life right now.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
That's cool. Okay, at Lewis Sol, it's a two part question wants to know, are you fan friendly? And would you make an only fans account? Two different questions are very different.

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Fan friendly so anytime I see my fans in public or anything like that I'm always happy to take pictures do whatever I love just being able to have that support it's so unreal to me when somebody tells me I'm their fan me I'm like oh, we should you are like I don't expect it. So I love all my fans but I don't know about an old new fan

Unknown Speaker 59:25
Yeah, that's right that okay at Mike pace wants to know Would you rather date a funny and less attractive guy or a really attractive and not funny guy?

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Probably funny and less attractive guy over extremely attractive guy cuz you need someone to talk to it at the end of the day looks will fade. Okay, this is very true.

Unknown Speaker 59:48
At I underscore, m underscore j will says is there a story behind your red hair.

Unknown Speaker 59:55
I make a lot of impulsive decisions in my life.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
So you did that. Time impulsively, but now you're sticking with it because it looks awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
Yeah, yeah, it was the only time I've ever only time I've ever dyed my hair in my life. My mom wouldn't let me when I was younger because she didn't want me to ruin my hair. So, the first time I dyed my hair and I dyed it bright red, and I just fell in love with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
It looks awesome. I used to have my hair red in high school and now I've dyed my hair a million times with blackbox dye and it's hard to lift and it's just too much work so I'm lazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
I'm just convinced this is my natural color now.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
Yeah, natural.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Okay, this one's kind of interesting one at Ravi underscore artists wants to know your Mount Rushmore of fighters that you find attractive. So I guess like how many people are on Mount Rushmore? like four or five?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
Okay, so the top four most attractive fighters to you, but basically what his question was

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
Mm hmm. is another one that needs extra thought. Sa Deus employees up there, huh? I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Luke rockhold if he doesn't talk

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
I totally dm him to be on the podcast and it like 99.9% of my brain was like, this guy's not gonna do it but I was like, closed mouths don't get fed right so whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
Ah, two more.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
How many attractive male fighters either

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
think I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
mean I don't really know your type you like I'm tall. No and weed smokers. Oh, you like the Diaz brothers.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
There's always burgers.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
I don't know about dating them or being attractive but they're on one of my Mount Rushmore of MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
No more no more Mount Rushmore.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
I am having trouble here. I don't I'm not 100% sure. I don't know. I just can't think of anything right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
You don't get to go to like whenever you're like on a card and you're like, Oh, this person's fighting on the same card. You're like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
say pedis. And I have

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
a friend who lives Paris and whenever he's on a card, she's like, what I'm like, Okay, yeah, he's alright. Okay, that's enough. Oh, probably the last one out of you. The last last question is Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
Oh, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
trying to think of a good girl now. I don't know. Boy, is a boy to you know, Jose. shorty Torres. She's my main training partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
Oh, yeah, he seems very open. Like he would say a lot of crazy stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
Yeah, he would be very open.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
Okay, let's try get him on the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
I'm sure he would love to

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
go well keep training hard on October 17 you're fighting poliana botella

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
correct. Did I say her name right?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
I'm so happy. I'm not an announcer commentators. I'm like I said the names. Like Alright, Julian. There we go. All right, well keep training hard. And I really, you know, we really appreciate you being so open and honest and cool. And I really hope you get some D sometime soon cuz dry spells are not fun. I hope you at least swipe left swipe. Wait, what's left or right, left is good.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
Right. He has left his foot, I think right?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
I have no idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
So I'm looking at my As all and he's like, I don't know, either. Okay, well, I hope you get some matches and go on some dates because he needs some decompression, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
He'll be fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
I do it too much. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
That's marijuana cannot substitute a man Julian Okay, indeed.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
Every once in a while, human contact.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
Well keep training hard and maybe after you win this fight, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
All right. Maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Thank you so much. We'll talk to you soon and good luck with your fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
I thank you so much. It's awesome idea. All right, by

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
just being one word.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
So we get

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
to see Shall we go

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
That sounds promising.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:08
I keep a rolled up sagging my pants I shall keep it real with my niggas keep a plan for these holes and look clean don't get washed it the other day Why should I you lean on me some 501 jeans on the road joints bigger fingers this month, the miles down to the fingers. You

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
thank you guys for tuning in again. And if it was your first episode, I hope you loved it and you tune in next week for more tales of unorthodox journalism. We've got some more fighters a Brazilian blackbelt who is a 27 time world champion, male adult film star who was awarded performer of the year, a hilarious comedian and we're also about to have on our first musician so keep tuning in to find out some of the names and the crazy stories of these lifestyles of these individuals. Until then, keep on keepin on well The garden dig. Those are my favorite Joe Dirt quotes. If you guys don't know Joe Dirt, I don't think we can be friends. And even the less applicable ones of the moment are show me their movies. And is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back. So I love Duterte Also, if you liked this podcast, help it grow, tell someone share a link, whatever ratings and reviews help a ton. If you guys want to sticker screenshot your review, send it to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl or backup one which is at sex and violence with rebel girl number two, and also send your address and we'll send you some free stickers. They're actually going fast and not sure if I'm going to make any more so get in on the stickers while you can. And also special thank you to as always our audio engineer what boop boop DJ zol at DJ so tomorrow kit studio at tomorrow kids official. Thank you guys for all of your fan questions and your dear Ashley questions which we'll be doing in the next few episodes on Instagram. You can find me at Ashley MMA and subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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