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Episode 19: Renato Laranja

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance. And that's all too taboo subject, sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex, and violence.

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What's happening the hot

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stuff? What's up friends, hope your week was awesome. And hope you have some fun weekend plans coming up. If you're listening to this episode, the day it's released, then you've already started your weekend off, right? We always post new episodes on Fridays. So look forward to those you can start your weekend off with a little bit of sex and violence hopefully before you protecting your own plans of sex and violence. This time last week, I was holding in my crying and snot nose breakup breaths. I'm doing much better this week, guys, for many reasons, throwing myself into training, recovery, podcast work, and other tasks is just to stay busy. Actually a quite quite a few of you guys reached out with your messages on the DM, you guys messaged me letting me know that you really appreciated that I soldiered through and still did the podcast. And honestly, I really appreciate that. So thank you to all of you guys who wrote to me, that's not why I did it wasn't looking for your sympathy. But I really appreciate you guys. So those messages were sweet. And I I'm glad I still did the podcast because I want you guys to know that we're all going through some shit. You know, whatever it is, you know, maybe it was a breakup or loss of a job or, you know, family stuff or health stuff right now with the pandemic, you are not alone. I repeat, you're not alone. We're all struggling this year, whether we post about it or not. Nobody really likes to, you know, make a video of them crying or complaining. Some people do. But the most important thing is to remember that we, you know, things will get better no matter what. It's hard to remember that in the moment. And some of us need to be reminded of that every once in a while. So this is your reminder, things will get better. We just got to keep our heads down and move forward with what's important regardless of the crappiness that's going on in our lives. And stick to your job or your friends or your family or your health. Anything that makes you happy. What makes me happy fighting. Still two months out from my fight, which is November 28. In Las Vegas. The UFC is back on fight Island this month, actually, and the fights will be tomorrow. So check them out. It's on pay per view, unfortunately. So you got to buy that it won't be on ESPN plus this time. I think everyone and their mom is looking forward to Costa versus out of Sanya. Wonder who you guys have I pick Costa by knockout. I know that's pretty ballsy because it's you know, pretty even matchup with two skilled guys, but that's my prediction. Also, we have a winner. A few weeks ago I did a giveaway on Instagram. I posted a picture of a signed UFC glove, and I asked you guys to tag a few people and that I would pick a winner on the 24th Well, today's a day. Your winner is Michael pace from Livermore, California. Congrats. You're signed UFC glove is in the mail already. Also quick reminder, if you like this podcast, please help us grow, rate and review on Apple or Spotify. All you got to do for a free sticker is to screenshot that review dm to our Instagram which is at sex and violence with rebel girl. And we'll send you a sticker in the mail. Oh, also add your address. I forgot to say that last time. Now. Let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is widely considered to be the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner of all time. He's the sports most polarizing figure. This 27 time moon deal champion currently sits atop an exclusive list of all time greats in BJJ Valley tudo and full contact capoeira is legendary rise from the streets of Rio de Janeiro to the very top of the martial arts world has left a multitude of opponents training partners and baby mamas in its wake. He's lucky enough to let us in as he talks about getting creative with masturbation during the pandemic. Benefits of an open relationship. The Hulk isn't the only one with a vain, prisoner love letters and so much more. Here is your guest the man the myth The legend Hinata larhonda

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Okay, we're here with Hinako thank you so much for coming on the show. I know you're very very busy and in high demand so we'll get right to it. How are you?

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Yeah, well first of all, that's true. And you walk on from that and you know, I want to get one thing out of the way. You know, you told me he was maybe gonna brought a friend or something like that. I didn't know it was gonna be a fucking dude.

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Oh, DJ Zola is our audio engineer. He's my friend You don't you don't like DJs Oh, that's okay. No, I can't allow that we can cuckold him he can watch that one.

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Well, you know a cuckold is huh?

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Yeah, he can kako he can watch as i as i as I'm going to talk to you. undress you with my my wife with the cadence of that one. Okay, okay, we're starting we're starting off good. So I thought maybe I thought maybe it was gonna be like when you said a DJ I thought you said DJ soul. I thought it was gonna be like a good looking mix black chick with like dreadlock blonde dreadlock and like have an earthy vibe to her. said it was fucking DJ zaal or whatever. Again?

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He did anyways he's a large white man with a beard and amendment

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Okay, thank you so much for joining us I for those who don't know your background, I mean, I'm a big fan. Most people know who you are. But I'll give a brief history of your martial arts background.

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Oh god are you I mean you know I I'm known from the old days you know I've been around for a long time you know, I I made my bones years ago is Jiu Jitsu I'm the most decorated you know, the most decorated chant champion of all time in that and also I had a career years ago you know, for contract couple were valid judo. You know? nhB and America what I you know, what I didn't do my hazard may speak for itself. You know, these people have Google, you know, that they don't need to be bored with my credentials. This is true. This is true. Well, I want to dive deeper into the personal life of Hanako. So, right. I need to know how you identify sexually. Are you heterosexual homosexual, bisexual? Oh, you're how identify? Yeah, do you like the ladies? Do you like the menu like ladies and then while I'm in prefer, I would prefer to let's put it this way. I I choose to be with a ladies okay. But I'm an opportunist. Okay. If if it I don't choose to be with a man or nothing like that. But I always say that if I was lockup, like, say in prison for many years or something like that, and I know I'm never gonna get out. Somebody is gonna get somebody getting Park. And I'm gonna be me for her.

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Okay, so you if it came down to you, you'd give it but you wouldn't take it.

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Look, I have to do what I have to do. I'm gonna get mine regardless. Yes, I mean, I I'm a big fan. I saw you played a role in this movie. Brokeback Mountain, ah, by Brokeback Mountain. In fact, that was the that was the original. And the one with what you call kif Roger and fucking Jerry gibberd Hall or whatever. chillin huh? Yeah, they did that one is a remake of the one then. Josh Barnett was ours was based on the novel Baja. Got it. Got it. Well, when you played

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that role, you you you kiss in. I think you got physical with Josh Barnett. So how did you feel? You know was Was it easy for you to get physical with another man?

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Well, Josh Barnett can be a very intoxicating, you know, he's he's big. He's a huben ask. He have like a salt and pepper beard. You know? And you know, he had a baby blue eyes and stuff like that, you know? So, you know, I said as I said in the film, I say you know, he looked like a young Jeff Daniel. And it can be intoxicating, but I was able to cap the professional. Well, you know, yeah,

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that's good. So you can you can act you can you can be but you know bisexual if you have to? Well, not you.

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I mean look, I'm talking about if the chips is down, but thankfully, I you know if you're if I have my druthers, I'm gonna be with a women's that's what I would prefer.

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Got it. Got it. So are you currently with a woman? Are you you married? Single dating? What's your relationship status

Unknown Speaker 9:57
now? I'm in like a fucking hobbins Cool so since the fuckin covenient came to town so I've been kind of on my own here on a fucking Island so that's why I'm double excited from this because this you know, unlike my my life in usual because I am single now but usually I got you know more options but right now it's it's a little dry for huh yeah the pandemic is is hard for the dating game for sure

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god are you what's the what's the biggest? What's the biggest challenge you're facing right now with a pandemic And in talking to the ladies.

Unknown Speaker 10:37
Oh and talk I thought you said just the biggest challenge in general Mike. My Johnson is the biggest. And I'm challenged to make that one exciting every night because you're not like when you have a maybe you're eating chicken You know, you're cooking chicken every night you got to spice it up. You're trying to you know, make a chicken our king, you know, making chicken, whatever, chicken cordon bleu, whatever. I gotta I gotta try to make my jerk off sessions to be you know, to spice that one because, you know, the same was stuffs. Yeah, it's at the end of the day. It's just, you know, it's my dick served, you know, different ways.

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Of course, I can imagine you maybe watch different kinds of porn, how do you make make things exciting? So

Unknown Speaker 11:20
yeah, I'm trying to do that, you know, I'm trying to, to get into some maybe, to try some some stuffs, you know, some nasty stuffs maybe or some stuff that I normally don't don't look at or whatever, you know, maybe, maybe, you know, I like I like a I'll give you an example. You know, the other day I I you know, said they give you some time I suggest but it's like, you wonder like, Why are you giving me this one I don't look at this kind of shit. You know, they you know, they give you on the thumbnail you can they give to you or recommendations

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share, like up next?

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Or just or just here's what we got today. You know, and then a lot of it is norm is the shit that you intro is like the algorithm and then one they got like, two old ladies sucking a guy's dick, you know, see? And then I go to myself like, I mean, I'm not talking about like a senior, not senior citizen but kind of old and kind of fat. You know? And I like like a park you know, like a big curvy women's but I don't like like that big, big fat one. But these women was look like, like they belong outside behind the mud hut. You know, back on Ukiah and, and you know, I would normally be turned off by that. But I said to myself, let me just see this. Okay. And then I saw the one of the women she looked like maybe she don't have a dancer and the chop. And she was give this guy a blowjob. Like she was a he'll hum dinner. And I said to myself, God, are you How come a good looking chicks can't do. I mean, I never seen anything like that in my life for her. She was she was have no gag reflex. She's with the guys balls at the bottom of the of the thing then. And she's and I said to myself that don't look half bad for her. So I was trying to, you know, widen my horizon. And, you know, I'm open to to look at that. But at the end of the day, I'm gonna went back to my basics, you know, my dad that, you know, I know where my brand is bada?

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Yeah, I mean that that type of skill set I think comes with experience and age lots and lots of

Unknown Speaker 13:26
audio. But and that's buresh.

Unknown Speaker 13:31
Yeah, yeah. So what is your bread and butter? I mean, if you're looking for a lady, what do you normally attracted to physically? not the only ones not too big.

Unknown Speaker 13:40
All while, you know, I if I get exactly what I want. I'm in like a woman that's maybe like about a, you know, in the five, five hands, you know, like, you know, I'm trying to like more of a shorter woman, you know, and I mean, like a carbs. You know, I like that what you would call sick fit. You know, where they like, you know, I it's no secret that I love a woman with a nice booty, you know? Yes. Why not? Yeah, but I'm also not like, for her to be strong you know to be like athletic but sick. You know? Like she has she have the genes to have a big fat ass, but she's also making it even big that one by working on.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Got it. Got it. So does that mean that Since you're a high level Grappler you like to date other grapplers and athletes as well?

Unknown Speaker 14:25
I don't matter. I mean, she could she could be a Grappler she can work at fucking No. baja fresh. I don't give a fuck. Okay, you know, she she just got a she just got a look. Attract to me. She didn't have to take care of herself and stay in shape. All that stuff's Yeah, but I don't give a fuck if she's a Grappler. Whatever. I mean, if she's Grappler that's cool. Maybe that's good in the beginning, so I can I can show some moves and stuff and that make it easy for me. So I go like this. Hey, why don't I show you some stuff sometimes. And then, and then I'll show I'll show you what I'm gonna show them. What

Unknown Speaker 14:59
have you. You That as kind of like your your go to move.

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Well god are you I mean that's that's a that's a that's a free throw. As easy as easy Yeah Okay,

Unknown Speaker 15:10
so that's a layup you like these healthy women I know that you are strong believer in fruits and veggies you yourself are vegan, does that mean that you try to date women who are healthy and vegan as well?

Unknown Speaker 15:22
You know I am I can be I'm I'm a marshal for hanage you know, I can be forgiving because I wasn't always a vegan, you know, I was immediate and most of my life so I don't hold it against somebody so I don't hit quiet nobody my friends or my you know, girlfriends or whatever to be vegans, you know? Now having said that, if they're going to show some effort and try to found out about it and to maybe experiment with that, then that's only gonna help you know, and then also if a woman just happened to be bigger, yeah, that's a plus. You know?

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Yeah, I mean willingness to kind of see how you see things and you know, dive into your life that's big. That's a personal that's a personal trait and a characteristic what other kind of characteristics Do you like women you like funny women? I mean, I love a guy who can make me laugh personally. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 16:20
you came to the high place you say but then but then after a while that jokes stop and then the music is turned on. Music on the left are gonna gonna stop. It depends, you know, it depends on the chick. You know, I'm not gonna want to listen to some shit that that that I'm getting off on and that the chick is like, oh, cara, you know? So if that's you know what, that's a big one. Being compatible with the music is someone that you dating I think that's one of the most important you know, because especially when I'm fuck around with maybe some younger women you know, these days the music get worse and worse the older you get the worst music gets not because the music really got worse but you just get farther away from understanding why people like that shit You understand? Yes, I completely agree as so. So it's like, like say I'm fuck around with like a young Latina or you call that one Latin x or whatever like a fucking PC like yes, like like x man's character. I'm too old for that stuff. But but you know you know if I'm data young one that she's gonna look gorgeous and everything but when we start to fuck she's gonna put on some like tag a tone or some kind of fucking bullshit you know? A Miami HNB haghaidh without without chocolate a guidebook? Yeah, I I can't I can't I can't fuck with that shit. Yeah. And so he's gonna That shit is hard for me to stomach that, you know? So so so I can I can say that chased? musical and movie chased. Is is some of the most important stuff for me. Because let's let's face it, it's not like you're going to be doing that fucking date night every night. You're not going to be going out to the to the fucking, you know, the symphony and going to the this place or that place? it most of the time. You're going to be you know, paddled onto the couch watching a movies. Yeah. And I want some music.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
Unfortunately. I mean, I totally agree. But I've dated younger men in the past. And I'm sure this happens with you. You put on a movie, and they have no idea what it is. And it's a classic and you just I can't believe it. You know, you feel so old?

Unknown Speaker 18:41
That's a hard one. I remember.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Oh, God, are you one of the first experience I have with that? This was years ago and I was on a date with a chick who was 20 and she said to me, I said to her something about Beverly Hills Cop and she had never even heard of like let's not forget about seeing it. She had never even heard of that one. And it kind of was it made me to realize oh there's a there's some barrier that there's some shit we were not seeing I don't know if that's a tough one. even know who Eddie Murphy was, you know who was Eddie Mark but the problem is you know the different version of Eddie marks like too hard that's that's the guy from like flubaroo or flu you're not I mean and then here was the one that hurt me and made me to this the one that make you to to really to feel depressed is I mentioned harbor De Niro. And at first she didn't know who it was and then I started to to describe and she goes all you mean the funny guy like a comedy to her comedy neurons are comedy activism fantasies again gangster so I was like, Oh, yeah, the funny guy. And so you're not shit like that. It can be it can be it can take the wind out of your sails. For sure, but you know with anything in so Okay, so then you go out with all the chick who's a little more older and dustier and then she know all she know all you have currencies and all that shit, but then she old and dusty, and then you go out with the fucking young one and she look gorgeous and you want to fuck that one, but then she don't know shit. And then so it's like, there's always gonna be you know, every every every Asai have a pet in there, you know? You're gonna have to get you're gonna get some seed. Yes, yes, yes. Speaking of seed.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
Okay, well, you know, older women, they they pose their issues, younger women, they pose their issues. What's too young and what's too old? What's your kind of age range

Unknown Speaker 20:44
of God? Are you? I'll tell you right now. Anything under 18 is too young for me. Okay, good. Okay. And then all the one listen. I think the oldest one I've had. I've had a woman maybe the oldest is somewhere deep into the 40s. Going off. Okay, well, I'm just being honest. Wow. I'm talking about this was years ago. I haven't. I haven't been with for old lady by in a long time except for my fantasy. The other day on the parking on the parking x video. inches guess. Yeah. But then when I was done with that one, I didn't have to entertain no more. You know, she was gone. I just closed the computer. I don't have to deal with hot issues and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
Yeah. So I want to know if there's any other deal breakers? I mean, I see your social media and it looks like you're not into women with kids or your own kids. Is that a turnoff? Is that a deal breaker? If, if I want to date you and I have, you know, children with another man? Is that, uh, is that a deal breaker?

Unknown Speaker 21:52
Next question.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
No, I'm kidding. I, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:57
I, if I'm gonna be honest, I could say some funny stuff here, you know, because, look, I don't blame nobody. Look, I don't want my kids around, you know. So I don't blame anyone for how I'm gonna put this at. I don't want to have if I'm not going to have my kids around, I want it to be fair, and not to have your kids around either.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
So I'm so sorry. I didn't even ask, Do you have children?

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Well, that's still up to the courts to decide I have a couple of stuffs tied up in there. And I don't, I'm not at a level is to say, to talk about that here. But I will say that, that, in my experience, to be honest, I'm the type of guy, okay, who is I am the first one to be, like, play with the kids and do voice with the kids and, and go, you know, pass the football or watch the stupid, you know, be interested in that choice or whatever, you know, if there's a adult around who know how to talk to kids, you know, so when somebody introduced me to their kids, they kids start to start to like me, and I'm starting to like them, you know, and it's usually go Haley good with that. The problem is, as soon as the shit hit the fan with the mommy, then you're not just dealing with to let somebody down. Or to deal with letting down a grown woman. Now you fucking up a kid, you know, and in my experience, if God hatching because I know that the woman is going to be okay, you know, you give her a couple years, maybe six, seven years, she's going to get over your ankle a notch. But the kid is like, that happened too many times to a fucking little kid. It can be confusing. It can be very sad. And and, you know, I I know what it's like to be the kid. So I tried. I tried to choose now have as a whole. You know, even though it's fun to hang out with the kids and stuff. Don't involve your kids with me until way later.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
That's smart. That's very nice. It's very respectable. And I actually, I try That's nice. That's nice. Well, I mean, what's a good amount of time? Let's say we've been dating for six months. Would you then?

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Slow down how many kids you got? I have zero kids, but

Unknown Speaker 24:25
hypothetically, you know, let's say I have two kids. And we've been dating for six months, would you? Would you meet them then?

Unknown Speaker 24:34
Well, hi fanatically. I don't want to meet the ones because what if after six months I'm already tired of you? poha. Hmm,

Unknown Speaker 24:41
that would suck. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:44
It depends if I'm still if I'm still like, Haley interest, you know, if I if I think that that there's going to be some kind of chemistry there, you know, yeah, yeah. If I think that you're going to let me see other people. Your kid got a lot better chance of me hanging around. Oh see other people so is that a lifestyle that you you like to to live? swingers I believe they call it I don't know about a swing or whatever like I'm not interested to see you'll get fucked by by somebody but I'm think maybe if if you in in you know if i mean shahidi and un farking wherever you have them you know if something happened there then you know that's what it is what it is for you Okay, well

Unknown Speaker 25:31
some people would call that an open relationship.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
Yeah, maybe it's open.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
No, you have a better chance then. Then Then I'm not going to get frustrated and I'm and the kids not gonna ignore me because my nerves gonna be very subtle. I'm gonna be very relaxed.

Unknown Speaker 25:47
You know what I settle my nerves and relax.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
All you want to do is smoke some weed. But no smoke you smoke natural marijuana for him? Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 25:56
do. How do you feel about the natural marijuana? Would you date a woman who smokes

Unknown Speaker 26:01
Yeah, I bet a lot of women who smoked in the past you know myself I know a lot of people who smoke a lot natural medicine or whatever. Pretty much most of my friend kind of is the kind of people like the kind of like a Cheech and Chong where they smoke all fucking day and night. And I can't I can't do that like especially if you if I'm in a public settings mostly because I get I get like why you call into dispatch you're not like I'm going inside myself. So for me it's not a very good social drug you know, you get a little paranoid Well, it can be bad or it can be just like I said, is the high water introspect you know i into my own dog my own philosophy and my you know, trying to think about shit I don't know meditate so so it's like not gonna bring out my it's not gonna bring me out it's not gonna I'm not gonna be able to give as much of myself to like the people you know and that people need to have that and when I'm but I will say this my my favorite chapter smoking marijuana smoker he for his to is with a female company. Yes, because I don't know what it is in there but sex sex with that is just I don't know what to do to you but the sex is become you just appreciate every fucking second of every moment of every fucking second your height there with you know yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 27:50
so glad you said that. I you know, I maybe I read wrong. I thought on social media that I saw you were an anti drug person, but

Unknown Speaker 27:57
oh, no, God, are you that was a misunderstandings with Joe Hogan years ago.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Got it. Got it. I also saw on social media. Man, the ladies love you your man crush Monday. I see some ladies. Yeah, I see. They post you all the time. You know? I mean, it seems like you're just a sex symbol is what you know. Well, you know, yes. women would say maybe you were. I saw this one woman she wrote you were God's gift to women.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Proud are you? What was her handle? I'll tell you. I'm gonna check that one.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
So you're a lot of women's man crush Mondays. Do you have any celebrity crushes or even like fighter crushes

Unknown Speaker 28:40
anything like that? I'm I'm enjoy. One woman I never got my hands on and i don't know i don't think now I'm gonna get got a chance ever. But I was always so interested in Eva Mendez. You remember the actress? Yes. Yes. Beautiful Eva everhot Cara is something about that one. It's like, I like that look like it's like she's, she's kind of kind of like a honey collar. You know? And we fought with like a little beauty mark and that little off and the lips and all that stuff. But all she got and she Yeah, she got a lot of stuff. So I like she, she checked a lot of the box on. She's

Unknown Speaker 29:19
also light skinned woman.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
And then in the world of MMA is funny because I've seen a lot of being in this world. I've seen a lot of the fighter up close and personal, you know, the female. And some of the ones that I would have thought is my favorite. You know, you see them in person and you like maybe not so, but then there's one that I thought was cute. But when I saw her in person, and dressed up not not fighting, she was to me the best one I ever seen, which is Michelle Addison. Oh yes. Beautiful. Yeah. Because, you know, she looked good. Okay. When she you know, when she fighting and when she's like in the press conference all that kind of shit. But see, I saw her in like a cocktail dress at like, at a fight that she was not fighting it, you know? And she was I like women with a little more meat meat on the bone, you know? And she wasn't not cutting way so she was a you know, a little thicker than normal You know? And and she has like a high heels and stuff like that. And then I was like god are you and they had these King card girls and all this kind of shit or how she was blowing other ones away and I said, I said okay, this one is that this is a she's a Kayla, that one. Yes, karate hottie is her nickname for a reason. Yeah, but I still I know all that shit. But I didn't felt that way before I saw him in person. And so sometimes you can't get an essence of somebody and show in person. You know, pictures and videos only do so much.

Unknown Speaker 30:58
Yes, yes. I think you're right. I think there's certain people who photograph better than what they actually look in person. And some people look better and are not so photogenic. That's true. What do you think you are you think you take better pictures or your bed

Unknown Speaker 31:13
in person? Well, I I'm known to look friends, you know, I look stunning in pictures and stuff. And then I hear from a lot of people I don't know, you know, God, are you are you so much better looking at your life? So I don't know what you think.

Unknown Speaker 31:28
So we've been talking a lot about the type of women you like, and I just want to talk about relationships, you know, they end for a multitude of reasons. I'm just gonna be very blunt. You seem like the kind of man, we've talked about it you like lots of different women. Have you ever had a problem with cheating or being loyal in the past?

Unknown Speaker 31:50
You know, I i've, it should be honest. Yeah. I mean, in the past as a young man, I, I definitely have did that. You know, I was I have scallion I was. I was Yeah, I was. Do a lot of stuff that I'm not supposed to do, like, going and founding other women and fucking That one's the best. Yeah, that's a phase that you've grown out of? Oh, God, are you Wow. I think it's kind of like eating healthy. You're not it's like, you learn to eat healthy, and you can eat healthy, but it's not like he's come natural. You know, it's not like you know, you know, I can I can eat my my my vegetable and I can stop you know, my drinking and stuff like that and cut some weight or whatever. But do I want to do that? Not always. But sometimes you've got to do that one, but do you? And so when I'm at this point my life is I choose not to cheat on somebody just out of respect for that one. But it's never by choice. It's like if if the woman wants to lead me to do to have extra affair or whatever, I would do that in our in our hotcakes.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
Yeah, it's a no no, it's Yes, it does. And it sounds like an open relationship would be best for you. Are you okay with allowing your partner to sleep with other people as well

Unknown Speaker 33:21
you're not because I don't Han into that a lot you know the opportunity to to to be in a relationship with somebody like that I don't have enough experience with having to be faced with that challenge you know, but I will say this I'm usually go through this pattern of when I meet an attractive woman I in the beginning I'm I can't even fall head on head over heels in love with that, you know, but I I'm not ever asking her like, are you seeing somebody else? Or you know, do you want to start seeing other people are you know, I think me and you should just be I'm always just enjoying the company and waiting for the next time I'm gonna solve that one You know? And it's always the girl who asked like, I want you to stop seeing other people you know? So up to that point. I'm like enjoying myself so maybe if he's gonna feel the same like that like just dating somebody then I'm fine with it is like what I don't if you if you fuck Joe Blow and you don't you don't bring home some you know, disease to your uncle and match what the fuck I care. You know, it's like, as long as not my friend you know, or my my family member or something like that. Like I don't want I don't want to have to be to have it put in my face. You know?

Unknown Speaker 34:39
Yeah, that's very very relaxed and easygoing of you that would be ideal for sure. That's definitely a newer way of dating. God are also newer is this whole swipe left swipe right. Have you done this online? You know, Tinder Bumble. Have you done any that?

Unknown Speaker 34:56
Oh, yeah, I did that. I never did the Bumble because I what happened like when Bumble came out I started to went into one of those halation and then when I came out of the relationship I didn't went to Bumble yet, but I never fuck with I don't understand that one in the halls I've done one but but it's like something that girls is hit on you or something like that. I don't know how that worked. But it to me that sounds like a heck of a life. The women is hit on me.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Yeah, no. But you do have founder experience.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I've had that. Look, I've have chenda I've have a good amount of chinda. And then look, like I said, one, two, well, there's one dry, I might have to dig a little more grimy and get into the planning dots of the fish, you know, and that's where you that's where you're digging into the digging into the grimy area.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
You know, hey, hey, I was on plenty of fish a long, long time ago.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
I bet you was it wasn't yours in but Ukiah dating.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
No, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
I get to take you to the brewery.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
No, no, no. So I gotta ask you

Unknown Speaker 36:12
had been catfished I have I have that's how I feel shame.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
Story, please. No, no. I mean, you know, there's not one story. I mean, it's happened. It's happened a number of times over the years, you know? Because imagine this we're not just talking about Facebook. And you know, black people may calm or whatever the fuck you're talking about, with you know, you'll have you'll have a Instagram, you have Twitter, you have you know, whatever fucking mindset, you know, there's so much shame over the years. And, of course, you know, you're gonna give people the benefit of the doubt like you forget that that exists some time you know, think that it matters and all that well, because you don't do that. No, not even filter just somebody is a phony baloney, you know, it's not even a heel purse or whatever. You know, it's who knows who the fuck is the purse? You know? But, you know, you can it hasn't happened in a long fucking time. But, you know, you can tell when when people get start to get squirrely about that challenge about when it's time to meet up, you know, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:18
they want to get it in person and then found out someone

Unknown Speaker 37:22
now but now because they don't they don't let it get to that part. Oh, there

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
All right. Because they to embarrass you know, they, they don't want they want it's like they want the fantasy or something like that. I

Unknown Speaker 37:34
don't understand that. Why waste your time because you're not going to actually physically meet up and

Unknown Speaker 37:40
touch each other. You're not actually I think it is the same stuff as like, you know, those troll who go on your account and say, like, you fucking ugly bitch are killed or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Yes, yes, there's shows like that.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Okay, so, you know, you can get mad at that one. But then you can also hear lies like, or I used to talk to myself, like, if you like somebody, like, obviously this person Follow me. So why they saying this shit to me. So it goes, because if I like somebody, I'm not going to go on their stuff and say that shit. But they know that if they say I love like, if somebody say if you've got 100 comments, and all of them say, Oh, you look so hot. You look for Gara yoga, I want to I want to beat them cheeks, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you all your tattoos, I'm sure a guy say all the stuff that you check or whatever. But then one guy goes gruff or something like that, for whatever he's in the human brain. You're gonna, you're gonna ignore all the other one and you're going to go to that one. Hi. Yes. And then he he know that if you put like, oh, you're beautiful. You're gonna you might like his comment, but you're just gonna go on to the next he made no impression on you. But so it's like, you have these people out there who is like, even if it's negative attention, they want to attach they want your energy and and they get off on to have like, I am part of her day. You know, I'm part of the life.

Unknown Speaker 39:08
Yeah, that's it. I honestly have never thought about it like that. But you're right. And I'm

Unknown Speaker 39:13
gonna I'm gonna talk you a lot of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 39:16
I'm sure. You're right about those social media trolls. I mean, as a female, I do get some weird messages as a male but I mean, you're so good looking and you get a lot of attention. Do you get weird messages as well?

Unknown Speaker 39:31
What kind of weird message you're talking about. You're talking about? Oh, actual stuff off. For sure. But women is a little more tasteful. You know, women Yeah, I get I get it. I get thoughts about women. Women have a different approach. You know, they don't come at you. They don't take a picture of their vagina lips and send it to you right off the bat.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Right off the bat.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
You know, they they come. They like to you can tell when the chicks like you know, they say stops or they they they Go a little too, too overboard in the comments. You know, like you say a funny stuff and they've given you the he'll like, you know, laughing too hard or whatever you know, and you say Oh, okay. And they like to play a little game you know, they like a bunch of your picture but they don't follow you and they waited for you to follow then also a cat is a cat and mouse for her.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Yeah, yeah. Well, I meant How about any any creepy men because you know, you're a male sex as well.

Unknown Speaker 40:24
Yeah, I've got some creepy man's and stuff like that, you know, and years ago, I used to do like, Chela novellas for her, you know? Oh, yes. Yes. And I used to get a lot of mail from prison and shit like that. So there was a lot of guys. Yeah, they had a sweet tooth for you on kohana.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Did you get any requests for pictures or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 40:48
Or anything you can imagine they wanted to do that. And then if you didn't send them like I stopped it, you know, I would. If I had chimey I was sent to them my headshot to prison or whatever, but I hit number one guy, I forgot or whatever. And the guy sent sent me back like some threatening like, I'll fucking kill you who you think you better than me and blah, blah, blah, blah. I had a women send me lockup our hair and said that she was we was meant to be together. Oh, wow. That See that's right there. That's crazy. Yeah, I'm in it. This is a burden. You know, it's not. Yeah, everybody think you saw you know? It's easy, you know? When you when you look like this, but it's nice. Come with is come with this challenge. You know, it's like, too heavy. You know, everybody think they want baby brown eyes and skin like Egyptian cinnamon. And the perfect body and stuff. But then when you have that one and everybody out there street you like a piece of niche? You know, like a like an object.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Yeah, everyone loves you. Wow. Have you ever been in real love before? Not just lust, not just you know, messing around and hooking up. But have you ever been in love real love? Wow.

Unknown Speaker 42:03
I'm gonna say yes. Even though it feels strange, because all the ones that you felt you was in love. They all fell by the wayside. You know? So it's like, I feel that I'm capable of that ones. But I don't know how. And I, you'll feel that intense love in the beginning. And then you know, things can can Wayne, I think that I think there's different kinds of love, you know. And I think that sometime, the love that I feel for a woman, that where you feel like you can't be without her and you feel like you want to hear her voice all the time and all that. I feel like that can go away. And then you're left with the same love that you have for like a family member, you know, where it's like, you would take a bullet for that person, but you kind of try to fucking them. Exactly. So I haven't found the answer to that dilemma yet, you know, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:58
so speaking of fucking, how did you learn about the birds and the bees growing up?

Unknown Speaker 43:04
How did I learned about that one? Wow, you know, I unflushed I grew up with a very unorthodox, you know, family situation where you know, where my dad have, you know, I'm a child of many of my dead child, and there was different moms and stuff like that. And, and there was, you know, a lot of people living in the same, you know, one home apartment and, and, you know, you'll get to hear maybe you'll get to hear some parking before you was old enough to know, you're not sure to understand that. And, and also, you know, when I was a kid, if I was to be left alone, like two very two young, I was able to there was no boundary or what I can watch on television. Yeah. And my dad had like, the legal hookup of the cable on the chart, the building, you know, we had, we had like, the hook up so you have it that all that channel on there, you know, and I could saw anything, you know, from the most violent shit to the most fucking, to the, you know, emanuelle I don't know if you're old enough to hear numbers like a softcore porn about this woman who is a manual. It's like a French woman, you know? And she's get fucked by all kinds of different guys and stuff. You know, you say like a, you're like, five, six years old seeing last Tango in Paris and you're like, What the fuck is this? Five, six years old? No, you're not I'm saying though. You I think that I appreciate that when I was a kid because I wanted to know about that stuff. But if I look back on that, maybe it's too early, you know? So I was taught the birds and the bees by just seeing that shit. And you know, growing up too early with that, you know, and experiment with you know, a little girl and when I when I was a little boy, you know? Yeah. And, and so, you know, it was that it was all around And to be honest, I don't even He remember not wanting to fuck girls, you know, it's always been a part of your life. I always remember wanting to like, my dad's friends and shit like that, like female friends would be like, Oh, if you want, you're so cute. If you was, you know, blah, blah, I would marry you. And I would think to myself, Gara You don't? Don't wait, we don't have to wait.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
You know, so when did you actually lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 45:21
Well, I tell you this.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Speaking of that kind of wild upbringing, where you kind of this, you know, you kind of left you on device and stuff like that, you know, in you know, it's a bunch of latchkey kid, you know, and in kind of, like, gentlemen, building style. And I remember doing stuff when I was like, nine years old, I remember was in the steps of the building the next door building. And we was, you know, in the middle of that day on, like, maybe a Saturday, something like that. And it's me and a couple kids, and we're not showing me, I show you this, and you show me that, you know, that kind of stuff. And then this one chick that I that I like, and I'm not gonna say the name, maybe she's gonna she probably listening to this. But she was like, a Puerto Rican girl. And she was like, half white, half Puerto Rican, and I had a crush on her. And then, and I showed her my boner. Okay. And I showed, you know, the other the other kid was looking at that one. And, and I guess she didn't like that they have a vein on there, you know? Really? And well, you know, cuz they not use you don't know what it's supposed to look like, you know? And then so I said to her, don't worry if Hulk is the Hulk. Yeah. So I thought to innocent way of describing a wiener guide is I was trying to like Pep pep talk, you know, like, like, look at the positive, you know. So, but she didn't care that it was How can she didn't want to have that one. So she kind of excused herself from from the conversation, whatever. And like, the other kids was Peace out, you know, and so I was left with I'm not gonna say the other girl name. But I was left with like, the last least this one I would ever want to fuck with, you know, who was like a little chubby. for another four. He can go by she was very light skinned. And she has like, a little, a little Afro, you know, like, a little hair, like his path from from from Saturday Night Live.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Yeah, no, it's patch where you don't know if the girl

Unknown Speaker 47:24
she was not she was not physically appealing, you know? And, but she was interested in learning how. And she was, yeah, she was wanted to know about that one, you know, she showed, she showed interest in that. So we, me and her, you know, she took her panties. And, you know, she was the same age as me, you know, maybe, maybe she was one year younger. I could be but basically the same age. And so, you know, I remember to see her vagina. And I was taken aback because it was, you know, I was used to seeing from movies, you know, or parties or any of those kinds, you know, all the the woman vagina or you seen a playboy or whatever. The Vagina had the hair on there, you know? Yes. But she was, you know, a kid like me. So it was looked more like an apricot. Okay. And then I said, Hey, while he was nothing, and then now I get to that one, I put that one. And, and both of us kind of didn't know what the fuck, which was to do from there, you know? So it was kind of like, well, I stuck in there and kind of went like, Okay, well, you're good. We're good. You know, like, when we did that, okay, you know, and then, so it wasn't Holy shit. You know, neither of us had a, you know, there was nothing to it. You know, it was just kind of we didn't know what the fuck was doing. And we didn't really did nothing. But of course, the day after that, of course, I was done one, you know, for my friend. I guess we got some pussies last night. Basically, I'm fucking nine years old, though. Okay, so so so. So then cut to you know, in the, in the, in the years after that, you know, you'll get some more makings out. As I get older, you get some wire, you get some blow job here, you get a whatever, they're you touching titties, this and that. And then finally, when I need 15 I think I was freshmen on high school, you know? And she was, she was a senior though. Okay, so I was doing big stuffs, you know? And I remember. So I'm 15 and I'm in there and I drunk, it's a party. You know, we was at a party first. And then she took me because she had a car and I didn't have a car. And she took me back to her parents place. And we went into like her father's like, what you call like a hump is home or Dan or whatever, you know, man cave. Yeah, whatever. But you know what he was in India. Thank God and we welcome Like I've kind of a shaggy shag carpet, you know, and, and I remember that, you know, she was old, an old hat at this one, you know? So she was she knew what the fuck she was doing. And so she, you know, I guess we said something about condoms or whatever when she said now I'm on the pill. And I was like, okay, that's, that's good enough for me for her. And, and then but I didn't realize you know is my first time in reality you know it's like of course that stuff when I was nine or whatever, but at this point you know so as soon as that stuff as soon as I went in there that she was feeling it that she felt too good, you know, kind of the bath and height off the bat I thought to myself Kira, you I don't know how long I'm going to be able to last on that one, you know? And then so we're going we're going and then you know, it was it not too long, you know, I took and then I fucking came way too quick, you know? And then you know, and then of course after we lay in there and shit and she, she go what that first Chinese? You know, and and what do you think I said to her? No? Yeah, no. Like a dumb fuck, you know, like a fucking dummy. Because if it's my first Chinese excusable, you know, Mm hmm. Then she's gonna be like, Oh, well, let me show you someone. But now I just look like the guy who that's how he fucks you know? So, you know, that was a that was a bittersweet experience, because it was fun, but I don't think she really, you know, got a lot out of it. Of course, but you're young and you learn and, you know, you get better, obviously. I mean, of course, but you know, you got to get that first ones out of the way. Because for her, this especially, I mean, that's like, that's like you never drove a car before and they like here drive this bus or, you know, like, it's hard. Like, like, you know, because without a condom, you know, like, if you do the first one with a condom, you're going to have some some some wiggle room, you know, you're gonna, but when you've got no condom on there, that's too good. You know, for the first Chinese.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Yeah, I mean, I'm not a male, but I'm assuming you're referring to the the ceiling. It felt too good.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
Yeah, it was. Yeah. Yeah, with a condom, you're gonna have a little bit of you know, it's like your training wheels, you know, but you put that you put in there when she's wet like that, and you know, is too much for privacy for our white belt.

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Yeah, you are a white belt back then for sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Yeah. Well, now I can lay there and either, you know, eat an apple and watch TV while she's doing that. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:36
speaking of her notch now, I mean, obviously, you're much more, you know, experienced, what are you know,

Unknown Speaker 52:43
you could said that again.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
Okay. Very, very experienced. So, you know, you're a very alpha male, you're dominant, you're very masculine, right? But sometimes masculine men enjoy being submissive in the bedroom. Do you ever enjoy kind of letting the woman take over?

Unknown Speaker 53:03
You know, here's the problem. I can only be who I who I am, you know, and I've found that I'm one of those people that I mean, I enjoy that dynamic of, of, you know, whatever you call SNM. You know, the dominant and submissive buzzes The problem is, I only like to, to be the dominant one though. Yeah. I mean, I, I'm one of those people where I'm gonna try shit. I've tried it, just don't do it for me. You know, I'm willing to let somebody have their fun. But to be honest, if don't do shit for me.

Unknown Speaker 53:43
Yeah. I mean, you like without, like, right? You can't cheat yourself.

Unknown Speaker 53:46
And thanks. You know what those thankfully, almost every woman I fought with, isn't that just happened to be the way they like, you know, thank goodness, you're lucky, like, a lot of women like that kind of dynamic. So that's the lucky luck for me, you know,

Unknown Speaker 54:00
have you ever been asked to do something a little too freaky in bed and you were like, whoa, whoa, no.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Never that. But the situation has happened. You know, when something is not organic, it is just like, it just become stupid to me. Like, I can't, I'm going to explain like this. Like, I was fucking with a girl. For example, you know, I was fucked with this one girl. And we had that dynamic where she like for me to talk shit to our and to it, you know, maybe to kind of degrade her, you know, and to, you know, most of face up and you know, midstate on or whatever, you know, and it but it was kind of like, we didn't need it to talk too much about it. It was just kind of happening organic, you know, you just kind of get the hidden you're finding out about each other. But then she wanted to kind of HAMP it up and put like some some like To put a leash on her and shit like that. Oh, wow. Okay. And and so I thought in theory, Yeah, fuck it. Yeah, walk out, walk out, doggy you know, fuck you or whatever, you know. But in reality, I just it felt fake to me at first, you know, it like felt like you weren't into it. I was just like, yeah, if I was to plan out or something like I something about it just made me feel like okay, you know, I don't I don't know so it's never that it is like this stage. To me it's more like is is like inorganic, you know? Yeah. And it's almost the same thing if you watch a porno I mean it's happening here like true but you can we all watch porn oh so when you seen you can see some women on there who you can see she's like to get she's enjoying the experience of being fucked, you know? And the shit that she's talking is genuine, then you see someone and they just say like, Oh, yeah, give me a big black cock or whatever, you know, like stuff like that and you're kind of like, ah, more more feeling.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
Yeah, you know when it's real and authentic and when it's fake?

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Yeah, and and it's like if he's gonna be fake. Like, I don't want you to say it because you think I need to hear that. I need you say because you have you can't say nothing else in the moment because you that's what's shooting out of your mouth. You know? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 56:29

Unknown Speaker 56:30
Yeah, so that's, that's my rule on that. You'd have to be genuine.

Unknown Speaker 56:35
That's true. We're coming. We're kind of again towards the end of our interview. And we we like to do this thing called lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
Yeah, that's not like the first experience.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
It was a lightning round for you. Yeah. Yeah. At nine and 15. Right.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
Well, I didn't came at nine thankfully. Oh, yeah. But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 57:06
okay. So how it works is I'm gonna, you know, say a word or a phrase and you're just gonna answer yes or no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
Now, this is stuff that you asking me if I if I'm gonna do with you know, not a proposition.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
This is a this is things that you like,

Unknown Speaker 57:25
Oh, okay. Okay. Okay, ready? Okay, you're you're trying to lay down the ground works and found out what I'm what I'm into. Maybe Maybe I'm doing research. Yes. No, no, you had you had your eye on yonko high notch for some time now. Focus on anyway. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 57:42
Yeah. All right. Do you dirty talk in bed? of 100% do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 57:49
I'm enjoying to spank. But it's not. I don't need it. I I I prefer more than even to spank. I like to to grab and chew to like, lag. Gotcha. Did you understand? Yes, yes. Not Not too much you put his face into the pillow like you goddamnit like bad girl. Yeah, like as if you peed on the carpet and I went like this like see what you did? Yes. Saw that turned me on more than to spank but if a girl Healy likes to be spanked. I'm happy to oblige you.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
Good. Okay, how about biting?

Unknown Speaker 58:30
up short button. I'm kind of neither here or and and also there.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Okay. What about choking?

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Sure, I have some light jogging, but I get a little bit paranoid from that one because a lot of girl like, like to keep taking it another level you know, and I'm thinking to myself, God, I you I do not want something fucking to go wrong with this situation. Understand? Gotta be careful. Sometimes the girl is like, want more and more and I am apprehensive. Yes, yes. You know, but yeah, I in theory, yes. You know, but you have to be careful though. Yes, threesomes Oh, yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
Yes. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 59:09

Unknown Speaker 59:11
Do you have any fetishes like foot fetishes?

Unknown Speaker 59:15
I'm don't have any foot fetish. I guess if you can call asfa I'm such an ass enthusiast. You know? It's one of the things like a that's the one thing I'm a snob with. You know I don't I can I can be with a girl even though of course I prefer some nice juicy cherries and stuff but you know it I can I can be with a girl with no cheese as long as you have like a great ass you know?

Unknown Speaker 59:37
Yes. Yes. Okay, what I

Unknown Speaker 59:38
do a lot for me at all. You know what stops or I can't? I can't understand where this come from. I don't know why I don't get it. But every girl to me looks sexier with glasses on. I don't know why. Huh? So a fetish like a girl. All she would had to do is like just put some heating glasses on and for some reason. It's like It's like, Oh shit, you know, I don't know what, that's great that don't make no sense to me. But it just it is what it is. I'm like, I'm the way is that alternative lifestyle behind?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
I bet Something happened at a young age where you got turned on by, you know a woman with glasses and now it's just in your psyche.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
Yeah, it's deep in there. I don't know what the fuck I put some glasses on there. Okay, you already said no, no. bondage. You know, you didn't like the No, I I don't hold anything out. You know, I just don't like, I'd like stuffs to be not to plan out. You know, like it. I just wanted to have if it's gonna happen, yes. Okay. What, uh, like I wanna I want it like points that leash. I want to like be fucking the girl and then catch out of the corner of my eye like he'll doggy leash and go You know what? Women put this fucking thing on you, you know? Instead of hard to bring in and go. Oh, you know what? We haven't dinner? Oh, yeah, by the way. I want you to try that leash on me later on. Okay, yeah, I'm gonna try that one on you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Yeah, not organic enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
Yeah, it's something about I like to be I'm not too keen on the moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
What about role playing, you know, she wants you to pretend to be a teacher and she wants a hottie school girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
I've had some now funny enough. That shit. I don't mind. You know, I enjoyed that shit. I like to play you know, to play characters and stuff. So I've have a lot of fun with that. And I can be I can be as you can imagine I can be very funny that with that stuff. Yeah. And and you know, some chimey just the chick she just put a simple wig. Can Haley spice something up like she's a she's a fucking blonde and she put on a fucking brunette wig. You good for the you know, it's like you're you cheating you know? At least the first few couple chimey so that can go a long way Get some get you a collection of wigs for her.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
Okay, this next one is probably going to be a dud. But But stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Okay. No, it's not adopt because because I you know, I? Here's my thoughts about but now what are we talking about? Who's bought we talking about here? First of all, will you tell me? Well, you're the one asking the question. Okay, let's just say on her. Okay on her in terms of the but, of course, I like to kiss that one and try to squeeze that one and to worship that one. But when it comes to like to like I know a lot of guys is like, Oh, she loved me fuck on the ass or whatever. It's like, show me if a girl Haley love that. And there's a there's a few girls that I've gone into my life that that that is like, they can't get off. They get off the best from that. Now, if that's the situation, I'm happy to oblige that one. Okay. What was that was that you bought?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
That time you want so much you went burn?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
and couldn't even hold on one

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
Okay, but so so. So I like, so I'm happy to do that. But if you had to deprive me of that for the rest of my life, and I'm just gonna have the vagina, and I'm gonna be just fine. Okay, okay. And, and then for myself, Oh, and and for myself, though, is like, in terms of my app is like, there's women who, who is very quick to like, stick a finger in your ass or try to put something you are. I don't have any interest in that. Not even 1% got it. I do not like the sensation of something being pushed up my app is remind me of the doctor putting his finger in my fuckin didn't understand. Everybody said however. I remember the first time I might have been maybe again, maybe in my life. Maybe 20 or 19 something like that. And I remember dislike Latina chick with some big old Jedi. She was she was you know, trying me like getting there and chopped my salad for her. And I was that was

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
eye opening.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
So you don't mind

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
that? Okay. I don't mind that one one bit as long as as long as I didn't just came from from from training or you know, playing basketball or something like that. As long as it fresh and clean. Then you can enjoy that. You can French Kiss my ass. Well, if you if that's what you want to. It's so nice of you. Well, it can be passionate there if you did that. Um, you even Yeah, you can do that one when you're not in camp. You can enjoy that. Good. Okay, but and for me, if I'm gonna did that too. I like Like I said, I mean have to be passion. If I'm going to do something like that, I have to be so turned on and she has to be so fucking attracted to me. attractive to me, you know? That. I'm can't help myself but you fast nickel ass. You know, you're not insane. Yeah, it's not something that I'm compelled to do all the time. It's like, but some time I it's like you're so turned on by the chick. You're just trying to find like to go higher and higher, you know, you're not insane. It's almost like drugs. You know, it's like you eating her pussy and you're like, I want to get higher, then. You're not I mean, it's like, it's like the pussy is weed and then and then you're like, you know, give to me. You know, the PCP? You know. Give to me some Sherm to smoke, and then you'll, you'll get to that asshole and you start to eat that one and you go, God, I Yo, I'm, ah, you I'm indeed you know. Dante's Inferno. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
All right, last one. What about sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
And I think that goes into the category of that that leash thing, you know, it's like, I'm not opposed to that one. But let's not make a big fucking issue out of it. Let's not, let's not talk too much about it. You know? Let me to know that it's there maybe and if in the heat of passion, you want me to grab your vibrator and put it on your posse or something fine. But I don't want to get into a whole setup. You know? We've got to do this and this is going on with the depth that the other stuffs Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
Yes, I understand. That seems like a lot of things with you sexually. Just need to go with the flow happen organic.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
Yeah, just don't show me and that's what's the fucking relationship is like, if you don't make me to do something, I'm probably gonna do it anyway. You know? Yeah, that's true. Just Just led me to be you know, I like to think of myself. I'm an outdoor cat. Just let me put the food led me to be I'm gonna I'm gonna go I'm gonna climb some tree. I'm gonna kill some birds. I'm gonna bring you some hat. But then at the same time, you know, then I'm gonna commit then I'm gonna eat your pussy. And you asshole. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
All right. Thank you that was the lightning six round probably the longest lightning section we've ever had but I love that you elaborated Thank you so much. Oh, nice for the people I'm only do this for the fam is good. Okay, now it's time to play Fuck, Marry, Kill. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
I think we're done. Are you familiar with this game?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
I bought that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
Okay. So I'm basically going to give you three names and you're going to tell me which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry and which one you don't want to kill? Okay. Okay, all right. Ready? Yeah, we got Halle Berry.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
Oh, God, we got JLo Oh, this is easy stuff. And Beyonce. Oh come on. I mean all kinds This is you make it easy for me here except for the kill box. Yeah, so who I'm gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
actually it's hard now. I

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
know. I was like, This is not easy, but you gotta kill one.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
Yeah by usually people give you the worst one like where's like people you wouldn't even want to touch with a champ football but you have to anyway and but you have to pick one. But but probably got a fuck. Probably got a fuck JLo because I just been so curious for so long about fucking that one. Got a fucking jello. Okay, that's JLo Fuck, because I have to fuck that one.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
Yeah, and who you're gonna marry who you're gonna kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
I hate to read this, but I feel like maybe Halle Berry is getting a little longer to choose. Who's getting what? I think she's getting long in the truth. She's getting she's getting ready to put out to pasture. Oh, no, now she's not getting it. But here's the problem. The answer is still got a lot of more miles left on that one, you know. So if I'm going to marry that one I need I need some China only because I don't want to see her too. I don't want to have to like to just see her on our old folks home or something like that. I don't want to have to visit her whatever. So I guess maybe I'm gonna marry Beyonce. And then can I fuck Halle Berry before I kill don't wanna know just got a killer. You know what I'll do. Okay, I'll watch the movie Catwoman beforehand so that I can build a hatred for her again, in her sleep and I'm gonna I'm gonna put like chloroform. That'd be I'm gonna put a hat. And then you know she's got and then peacefully. I close the eyes and I put the comfort of

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
her weave over. Whatever

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
method you are the first guest to explain how you would kill one of the options so thank you. I'm leaving no stone on non john.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
Thank you. Okay, our last segment and I'm sad to say because talking to you is amazing, but you know fan questions are very important. Ah the fan. They love you they love you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
My public

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Yes. Are you ready for fan questions cross

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
I'm having fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
Okay, so at Carla Esparza one oh god fasula she says what's it like to have everyone want you?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
That is simple like that, huh? Yeah, what's it like to have everyone who wants you? Well it's a it's a double edged sword because you know not everybody can have you and then when everyone wants you then you go with one and then you know you win that one and then the other one wants you and then you go Kara you I want to try that one and then the other one get mad at that and then she see you leaving comments on the the instagramming and then you know, they start to want to possess you won't go on lunch. And it can be stressful You know? So it's like it's like a King Midas you know? Or I remember our children both when I was a kid it was called like, like Charlie and that and the chocolate touch or something like that where it's like King Midas and but except for everything he touched was trying to chocolate, you know. And as far as he thought, though, he wanted that one and then after a while, everything he touched a lattice he touched you know, water, didn't touch anything is going to turn to chalk. And then after a while you go God, I had enough chocolate. Got it. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
So it could be too much sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
Yeah, but what I thought Carla? Yeah, why not? Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
Two questions. Okay. At Michelle, underscore, your underscore Belle underscore grow, wants to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
buy No, who is that one?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
No, this is just a fan

Unknown Speaker 1:12:04
of I have a woman. She says

Unknown Speaker 1:12:06
what is the professor's favorite choke on the mat? And does he like to be choked in bed, which we've already talked about?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
Okay, we already talked about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:16
Now, do I like to be talking bad? Not really. But I could imagine a scenario if I was like, maybe dating a chick who's like a very good jujitsu. I can imagine trying to like, like, trying to have hard try to to puking choke me, like, try to chat me out, you know, around. Yeah. Like, like, maybe we holding you know, and she's trying to win. And I'm, like, you know, going like 35%. And then and then she, but she's like a black belt. So I let it you know, what I want, get some position, whatever. But then, and then, you know, she's shy, but then I'm gonna fuck her and all that kind of stuff. You know, maybe they can be a power dynamics in there. You know? I could maybe to enjoy that, you know, okay. But then my favorite joke. You know, for a long time, I would say that the north south joke because I got that one down. So good. And a lot of people don't have that one. So it's like, kind of like a little secret weapon in there. But I would just say that the position of the back just being on someone's back, and all the different way that I have to isolate you, you're nakki it's just my favorite. I love the feeling of when I finally get to somewhat like if it took me a long chinee in any sort of good Hall and going back and forth. And then I finally got to your back. I get this feeling like oh, god are you in for long? You're in for a rude awakening. You know, and there's something i and i think is going into the sexual stuff in a way even if it's not sexual. Because I think at the end of the day, I'm probably a sadist. You know? Like, there's something I like, that don't mean I want to dress up in leather and all that bullshit. I don't I don't I don't really go for that static you know, that that that that kind of shit. You know how you see Fnm I don't need to wear leather boots and all that bullshit. But I like the idea of dominating somebody and and true to true to tell them you know to to say stuff to them and and you know I like I'm like I said this in that in that sense. Okay, so and I like to see people trip and fall you know stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:30

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31
Okay. At all of underscore power wants to know, how big is it? Oh, oh, god are you like it being my whole my, my john chamas. Like, wow,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
my browser beam.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:49
Well, I've got you. I tell you the way I would describe you, maybe I'm not going to give exact inch there. You know, I would say that I may have a big day but I do I mean don't have a like a monster car, you know? Yeah. If maybe somewhere is not. It's not a 12 inch, but it's not a below eight inch you know? Oh, wow, okay. Oh our whatever. Maybe I'm giving too much, but let's put it this way is is never gonna disappoint, but it's not talking out of this universe it's

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
not gonna knock you out a commission either.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
It's not a it's someone like a woman who has a fetish for like a monster car. If I'm not your guy, you know, if that's you know, but if you know but you're gonna get you're gonna get what you bargain. You know, you're gonna get what you what you need. All right, this is grown women, they they like the vein now, you know? Oh, yeah, the women is like a vampire. So that one they see the vein. It's like the interview of a vampire. They say that one a day one. I think they chief when she got

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
it. Okay, last fan question. Ready? Yeah. We are alive at night wants to know who is your hip hop, Mount Rushmore?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
How many guys you have on Mount Rushmore, you have a

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
you have a George Zimmer, you have the guy from crazy areas. You have the guy from audio on stereo on audio center. Who is on there? How many guys 444

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
guys on the actual Mount Rushmore, but who is your hip hop,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
Mount Rushmore? None of those guys did hip hop that came on way before hip hop.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
Who is your top four hip hop artists?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
Okay, that's a tough one. Because I'm gonna left out a lot, but I'm just going to set some that I like. I'm going to put hot cam on down from Eric B and Hakeem. Okay. I'm going to put Ms. Doom on there. Got it?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
It's just too hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
Can a group be one?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
I'll maybe I'm gonna put a tribe called class on there. Got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:18
Last one.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:22
I can't I it's like to. It's like a Sophie's Choice. It's like to let to choose one of your kids. Now that's a bad one. Because I don't want to. I would have left both that one. I don't know. I'm just gonna say epmd I don't know. God. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:40
Good. So just so you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
you got gangstar you've got Mobb Deep you got you know, it's, it's too much. My my

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
audio engineer, DJ zol says you have amazing taste in music.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Oh, I appreciate that. You know, and I appreciate anybody who enjoys music, you know, that's probably the most important that and movies to me, you know, I'm kind of a cinephile. You know, so, movies is very important to me, like the way people like, go back and listen to songs. I go back and watch movies over and over and find different stuffs about them and, and maybe to watch the director commentary, I'm found out how they do. You're into really into I love that one. I I love the black and white stuff. I love it. I love his shitty ones. You know, the, the bit like, yeah, speaking of the job, Josh Barnett, you know, the beginning of there like me and him. We bond over our love of like, z level movies, you know, like the ones that is so fucking awful. That nobody even heard of that one. But it's just, you know, I've never met another guy, especially in the MMA jujitsu world. Who knows that much as I do about just piece of shit movies, you know? Yeah, I can enjoy a piece of shit movie that it can't be just kind of a piece of shit, then it's a waste my time you know, but I enjoyed the best of the best and the fucking worst, the worst.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
So, you mentioned Josh Barnett. We usually close the show with asking our guests who they would like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl. Would you recommend Josh or do you have someone else in my mouth?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
I would want Okay, so when I said when I said about a fighter, I was thinking of like active fighter, but I think maybe the fighter that I would want it to fought more than anything for all chimey is Gina Carano for her? Oh, yes, yes. If you could got Gina Carano on there and you can tell her that I'm the one who hack Amanda one. Me and heart can compare note from that. And I'm gonna dress like the Mandalorian and I'm gonna put a bounty on that on that app. I'm gonna found that one

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
and you have been so amazing. I Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and your personal life with us. I can't thank you enough. Thank you. There was nothing

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
here that I know that's true. I can't I can't argue with with you on that one. Yeah, I mean, I guess you, you, you fans and all the listeners, you know, if they wanted to follow me, you know, they can go to Hannah to underscore that Anja

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
perfect. Yeah, what about Instagram or any other social media tools.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
That's the Instagram you know, and it's the same one on how not to underscore that on Twitter on Twitch, even which I just started, but I don't know what the fuck I'm doing yet, but I'm gonna figure that one. Maybe you can watch videos of me watching porn or something. Or playing video game or whatever, or basically stealing people's money for watching me to do ship. And then you can go to if you want to, if you enjoy, you know, to to look at your uncle Hannah and have people and to represent your love of uncle match. You can go to hang out a lot on and you can maybe to buy yourself some apparel, some case salt with some tasteful image of your uncle and match on there. And what about when this pandemic is over? Do you think I could get you for a seminar at one of my gyms? You're gonna get me for a seminar if you're not careful. But then also Yeah, we can do that you can do you know, I can give you a couple. I can give you my my private and I'm not even going to charge I'm going to charge you half price for my private Oh yeah. And and you know, you can avail yourself of that maybe one of your next fight something like that. And yeah, of course, we're gonna we're gonna discuss all this stuff. And and that goes for all the fans out there. And I'm going to avail myself, you know, because people are going to need that they're going to need to begin the healing process.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:53
Yeah, yes. We've already been helped us heal with this conversation. Thank you so much. And we will soon Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Okay. And DJ czar. What is it? xaro or whatever? Oh, yeah. Darn, you know, stay up my brother. Okay. And okay, and I'm gonna see you guys and whatever you need me to do to promote that one. Because you're going to get a lot of heat of this one. You're gonna get a lot of you're gonna get a lot of hits. Yeah, that's a hits for sure. Okay, and tall tall. Whatever name tres Cortez was

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
we will

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
take care of that body.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:33
Right now. English.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:56
And when you see us back

Unknown Speaker 1:22:59
when they say that to be true, do we do it? Tom The money is not a heavyweight, but I go 12 rounds with the Japanese steak. I'm going live. So give me the hand. Man, just relax. And I will like an eater. I'm giving you the best that I got. And I'll be taking the slot. Never missing the spot. Yes, caressing your back with just the joshy kissing. No, my freckles. I never man.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:24
We're awesome. Hope you guys enjoy.

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