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Episode 2: "Smilin" Sam Alvey

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sexual violence with rebel group, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff.

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Welcome back guys. If you're a repeat offender, or if this is your first episode you've chosen to check out let me warn you now this is not your average MMA podcast. You're going to hear more about bedroom behavior than fight IQ. More talk about turn off And turn off then fight camp preparation. And if you're lucky, our guest is a open individual. And you might hear a little TMI. We're now on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts. And if we're not in your favorite podcast streaming network, well, you're so well. shit out of luck as my grandma used to say. Just kidding. Send us a message and we'll work on that. We're in our infant stages here at sex and violence, but we've got high hopes, big dreams and dirty minds. Thanks for taking this ride with us. Keep tuning in and I promise things will never be boring. Follow us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and my personal page, Ashley MMA. This week's guest is a personal friend of mine. We've had the pleasure of traveling all over Europe together on a uso type military tour. We talked about fighting during the COVID times Harry testicles, his magical loss of virginity and much more. He's a UFC fighter in the light heavyweight division with over 48 Pro fights. He is smiling Sam Lv

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Hey, Sam, thanks for joining us. How are you today?

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I'm doing wonderful. How are you today?

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Doing good actually haven't talked to you since our shenanigans over in Europe and doing the pro sports MVP thing. So I mean, I know you've had a fight. I know you've been training. You know, I just want to ask real quick. I think everybody's wondering the difference in fight week, regularly pre COVID compared to COVID fight week. I just want to jump right into that. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

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Yeah, you know, for me, it is real similar I've always bought is laid back off fighters up there. I kind of run in the morning. If I'm heavy. I run at night too. And I just stick around the city the rest of time. Yeah. So it's I've always loved Traveling, I think I've fought in every country the UFC has ever fought. And I've been everywhere. And I get there and I just see everything while I'm there. I mean, I take full advantage of the week. This time was the funniest, the most different part was usually I'll get there the Saturday before my fight. Here, the UFC wouldn't bring me out until the Wednesday before my flight. So I personally flew myself the Monday the week of the fight. And I stayed out in Orlando for a couple days, just, you know, I went down to Daytona Beach and hung out for a couple days and then got up to Jacksonville where the fight was on the Wednesday like they wanted me to. And then And then from there, they stuck all the stuff up my nose and they prick my finger and they gave me masks and gloves and all that. And

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so besides the testing what what else was different? You know, I know a little bit because my friend Karla, has fought, you know, during the COVID, you know, pandemic but she said there's something like different different locker room setups, different, you know, facilities, can you tell us a little bit about what was different there. So,

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at the hotel room, typically what happens is They have the red locker room and the blue locker room in the hotel room where you can just go work out with your team whenever you want. This time they had every fighter, I'm not whole card had their own separate room. And every room had its own personal little hotbox on it. And so that was a difference in that in that regard. And then the actual Fight Night, they kept chipping us in they would take us over two fights at a time. We'd warm up we fight man and take us right back to the hotel room. So you're in the arena for maybe two hours. And so it was it was a little more rushed than than everywhere except New York.

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Wow. I mean, so far from my point of view as a fellow fighters sounds like it's actually better your own locker room. There's no waiting for hours at the actual arena. You just, you know, get their warm up and go I mean, depending on what kind of fighter you are, but do you think that these you know precautions and these new procedures are something that you liked or would you rather have the old procedures in place.

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You know, it didn't affect me in any way. So I'd like to just fine I would be just fine without it. You I did have to get the the test on the Colby test for the stick thing up your nose and they did it to me twice did it to a couple of us twice on Wednesday when I first got there they did it and it tickled it was a little uncomfortable it was over then they did it to me again on Friday so the day the Weigh ins It was after weigh ins right yeah afterwards. And that one just about killed me. They snuck it in there and I mean immediately I was coughing the lady's face My eyes are running my nose is all for like this five second test every everything in my head just exploded. It was terrible the second time around

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so was it painful or just uncomfortable?

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Oh, so the first time was just a little uncomfortable and that's what I was expecting the second time. The second time didn't hurt I just had no control of any of my body. I there's a little button up your nose I guess. I guess. Yeah, everything that was in my head wanted to get out of my head all I was confident lady's face. She thought it was hilarious. Oh, we got copper. So apparently it happens often enough, but I got me pretty hard that time.

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Wow. Okay, well, you know, it sounds like there weren't too many differences in it. You're such an easygoing guy I can tell that you were gonna say something like, no big deal but you know last question as far as COVID fight week goes, No fans now You seem like a guy who likes the fan energy I love the fan energy What was it like fighting without fans and would you prefer to fight with fans or without

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I prefer with fans because then I get to go hang out with them after the fight, which is always always as much fun as listening to cheer for me, but I was the guy in the card. I pretended there were fans and I walked out I slapped invisible hands after I got into the ring I was waving to everyone so I just made believe in and yeah, the internet loves it you know I lost the fight be a split decision but I might have won the fight

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based on the internet. I guarantee Sam every single time you fight your fan base your fan following increases exponentially. You know whether it's because of your you know, infectious smile or your antics like waving to pretend fans, you know, how could you not love that So, okay, cool. I just wanted a little bit of insight about you know, COVID fight week and I know a little bit about your back Because we toured seven countries in 23 days, but to the listeners, could you just give them a brief interesting look into how you got started fighting?

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Yes, I got started fighting because somebody asked, Hey, you wanna fight? Let's do it. I grew up I never watched UFC didn't know about the UFC. I was probably seven and one as a pro. Did didn't watch bill didn't watch boxing, I watched a lot of Jackie Chan and Ninja Turtles and in my head that's what fighting was. And I just had a blast doing it. I started in Wisconsin, I lost my debut as an amateur and then I went on to live in fight tear in there. I turned pro at some point and when I turned pro is a lot of fun because they said hey, we'll pay you in the back of my hands. Yeah, you're stupid for doing that. I do it for free. Yeah, I made like 150 bucks for that first bunch of fights I did. And and I just I just love doing it. I never meant to make a career out of it. I just wanted to fight because I enjoyed it finished college did all that and then, you know, a few years laters in the UFC so it's it's pretty, pretty amazing. I feel

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like we are we are such a lucky individual. To get to do something for a living, you know, we made our vacation or vocation sort of, so to speak, you know, corny saying, but I'm right there with you, Sam. And everyone loves that you love it because it comes out not only in your fighting style, but your personality, and that's why I'm so happy to have you on sex and violence. Speaking of sex, you know, I know you're married. And did you get married during your fight career or before you started fighting?

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No, I got married with this last fight in Jacksonville was the first fight over 70 fights. My wife has not been there. Yeah, I've got over over 70 fights and she's been to every one I'm she's wrapped my hands for every one of them except this one. Now.

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How many of those 70 fights was she in the corner? Oh, 100 all of them. How amazing is that? That's like a world record for relationships somewhere like

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that. You know, I always joke when I started, you get a corner person and it's a free ticket. So I didn't know any different and then I wouldn't have to buy a ticket. So she was my corner and she took it way more serious than I ever did. She was the reason I moved out to Colorado. You beat everyone in Wisconsin. She started learning about all these fighters work. But the first time I knew who Dan Anderson was, is when I shook his hand I moved, I moved to his gym, not having any idea who he was, until I met him. So hey, Dan, I'm Sam. And then I got this farm. So you're, you're somebody you're sure you know how to do this. But it was all she researched everything. She found three or four gyms in the country started emailing and talking to a couple of them and she decided on Team quest for me. And what a good decision she made. Yeah, I'm so blessed to be in my corner and she she manages me she does she does all that she manages you and she's also a brown belt in jujitsu. Am I correct? She is she's a brown belt. She got that four months ago, five months ago.

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Congrats to her. I super impressed with her. But my question earlier, did you marry her before you went pro? Or were you guys already married and then you start fighting?

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Ah, no, I before my first amateur fight, we were just dating. Okay.

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Okay. The reason I asked that because I want to ask you a little bit about your experiences fighting as a single man versus fighting as a married man. But if you Guys, we're already you know, thinking, I

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don't have any of those. She's been with me from day one.

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Okay, and how old were you when you guys started dating?

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See, I was 19. And she said she was 17. She lied. She was 16. She turned 17 A month later.

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Enjoy your birthday. She wasn't.

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She was 17.

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So you guys have been together many years now. You have five beautiful kids. I really want to touch on this story. Just because I thought it was an amazing thing that I got to witness and not a lot of people know about this. So I was a part of the athlete retreat that the UFC put on a few years back. And so we're you. We got the pleasure of being at a seminar, would you call that like a panel? Basically, Kobe, Kobe Bryant came and talked to us and we were lucky enough to sit in the audience and listen to what he had to say about you know, hard work and championships and all that right. Now, I remember this is the first time that you really stood out In my mind, and I thought, wow, that guy has got some balls. It was during the COBie speech and Kobe's up there talking. And it was not a time for questions, but you just stood up and said, Excuse me, Coby, and everyone stopped and looked at you. And everyone's like, this guy's crazy. And you're like, I was wondering, could you sign my glove? And at that time, I had no idea what this glove was. But I'll give you a chance here to explain what it is. But of course, Kobe's not gonna say no. So he said, Come on up, and you walked up and Coby signed your glove. Later, I found out that glove was to correct me if I'm wrong. fund your adoption process to adopt adopt a child correct?

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Yeah, yes, I had the idea. I said I brought two UFC gloves. And the one glove I was going to get every champion. And then at the time Cyborg hadn't been a champion yet, but I knew she was gonna be so I had her sign it preemptively. So I had every champion I could find, take a picture of me and sign this book for me. And my idea I was trying to adopt a child from from Africa at the time, and it was very expensive. And so my thought was, you know, I kind of got the money and I'm still newer. In the UFC. We're working towards And then I'll get this and I can always, you know, try and sell it try and make. I mean it has to I'll bet you I've got 16 or 17 champions, Kobe Bryant included, who signed his glove and proof of them signing, you know, a picture with me. And I actually lost the glove for a long time it turned back up. I have no idea where it went. So I've said, yeah, it turned backups I still got it in my house. You'd be adoption through Africa fell through they got a lot of my money and I didn't get a child. thing and a half, but it got me into the foster foster program. So I've got four biological children in the foster little girl just turned one last week, and I got her three days old. So she just turned one year with me also. We're very close to finalizing the adoption. It's just it's a process and a half with adopting a foster baby. But but we're so close to getting it done and she's she's just been just just a little blessing. She's just wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
You are truly human.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
You and your wife, your wife Do you when you're not doing it alone?

Unknown Speaker 13:01
was the big love was to help with all that part of it felt built through the adoption through Africa fell through, I still have the glove and I'll figure out what to do with that. So that's something I might end up just framing and giving it to do my little one.

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That's so cool. I'm really happy, Sam. And you know, another story that I already know. So I feel like I'm just asking you to tell stories, but you know if How are the fans gonna know if I don't ask you to tell them. I love this story about how you actually met your wife. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

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Yeah, so So like I said, I was 19 and she was well she was 16. My older brother's 13 years older than me. He worked at the Bristol Renaissance Fair for ever. He still works there during the summer. It's a part time job. He runs a couple of booths. So I worked there for five summers in his booth my second summer there and another booth down the way selling artists my wife got a job or my then stranger I first got the job got got a job my wife just just a note is pretty a pretty thing is there's ever been and everyone was hitting on I'm just beat people just always get on So her boss, and he buddy of mine said, Hey, I got you. Let's match him up. And so the buddy of mine went over grabbed Brett, my wife took her over to me said Sam, this is Brent Brent, this is Sam Converse. And then he left there very dramatic at the Renaissance Fair, everything's a sharp Converse. So, uh, and I kind of stumbled my way through forgot her name immediately. I sent her flowers later that day at the Renaissance where you can pay some guy say, hey, go give a flower to this to this gal and say it's for me I forgot her name. So I sent the Florida Becky the right place but to the wrong person. And so she got a kick out of that. And later that day, you know, I kind of stumbled my way through through talking with her all day and whenever I could, whenever I got a break or she got a break, make sure I got over and zarn after the Renaissance Fair, a bunch of people just down the road. There's a big truck, stop a TA. And hey, you want to go get some pint coffee. So our first day was at a truck stop just on the street from Bristol Renaissance Fair enough That was that was our first date. Our second date was a week later, I took a mud wrestling. So I was a classy guy. Wow. Yeah, that was our first day. We I think it was I took around an elephant ride that day too. I believe it's taking all the stops all the stops. She had, she remembered me.

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All right. Well, I love all those stories about your wife, but I want to touch on pre married Sam, for a minute. You know, you were 19 before you got married, but Okay, so let's just back up a little bit. You have yet to meet your wife. You're 19 years old. 18 years old. What kind of girl did you used to look for? What were like turn ons, turn offs, like that kind of thing. And was there any deal breakers?

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Yeah. My wife was my first girlfriend. Oh, yeah. I had never dated anyone else. I'd never kissed anyone else. I've never done anything with anyone else except my wife. So I can hit the jackpot when I walked into her room. For those of you that don't know listening, the millions and millions of fans want America's Next Top Model A few years ago. And so she she's she's a real pretty girl. Yes, she graduated college. She's got she's got two degrees. She's a brown belt. Now she outranks me, and she did, too. I mean, I couldn't have lucked into a better situation than her.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
You really, you knew early on, you needed to lock it down. Real quick.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Yeah, she's your manager. She helps with the kids. Obviously, she could be a training partner. She's your corner woman. I mean, she does it all. And you are a lucky man for sure. I mean, is there ever a part of you that's, and this is obviously kind of like touchy, but I mean, you're 19 and you know, got asked, Did you guys ever talk about you know, having an open relationship, you know, doing things that later in life kind of come You know, how many years you guys been together? Is it? You're over? 10? Right.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
We've been together for 14 years. 14

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Exactly. So 11 months and 22 days? Yeah, for almost 15 years. I mean, it's kind of it's kind of like a new age thing. But have you guys ever talked about an open relationship or experimenting outside of the relationship and is there any need for that?

Unknown Speaker 16:58
No, man, I wouldn't be stupid enough to talk about that. I don't know how I ended up with someone who's perfect she is. But no, I I couldn't imagine any girl being half half of what she is.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
Yeah, I mean why mess something up? You know don't don't ruin a good thing.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Yeah, I've never never wanted to. I had a pretty confident I couldn't have i mean i i was 19 before I had my first girlfriend that was for a reason I was not the smoothest with

Unknown Speaker 17:25
probably better now, but I'm probably just tricking myself by thinking that

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Okay, so if your wife was your first girlfriend then there's obviously no other, you know, relationships that I can base my questions off, but what is the most either romantic or craziest thing you've done for love? And this can be pre wife or with your wife? Whatever you want?

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Yeah, ah, craziest or most romantic thing.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
I mean, mud wrestling is pretty romantic. It was

Unknown Speaker 17:53

Unknown Speaker 17:54
special kind of girl goes for mud wrestling as me.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Trying to make more romance is probably not my strength. I like to think I'm super romantic but she'd probably probably argue with that. I just I just always i mean i you always see on TV saying oh I just want you to tell me I'm prettier this I spent just about every every time gorgeous oh my goodness I really do try and it's no big grand gestures but it's a lot of little things that I just keep keeping in here directions

Unknown Speaker 18:29
but that's great you know that the little things all the little things add up and women know that and I think that it's that constant you know you look pretty today or you know good night beautiful those little things that are constantly you know, working their way into your subconscious to where that's actually doing. You know beneficial work she's actually feeling that you know that confidence exude you know when you say those things as opposed to once a year you get her flowers and candy and rock her world you know?

Unknown Speaker 18:56
here's a here's a pro tip. This is something pass Sam did that. That's a Brilliant and I recommend it to everyone. Actually it's probably to one so I screwed her name up immediately so right after that so I'm not gonna I've been her pet name you know, Honey Boo or chicken frets wherever I've been calling her. Gorgeous. That's what I call it. I don't call her bread or McKeon you as a gorgeous What are you up to today? And that is always been the case I very rarely call or anything else other than gorgeous. So if you can come up with a pet name that is just a final compliment like that gold. Every time you say hi, it's it's a compliment. The other thing and this one, I'm I'm surprised I still do it as well as I do. We met on August August six. And so every month on the sixth I give her a little I give her a speech. I tell her, Hey, you remember back 14 years, eight months and 22 days ago or I guess it'd be just a month when I tell you that but I remember the day that the exact year the month today, and once a month I give her a little speech. Remember that I was very lucky day a very blessed day. You know the clouds part it is like the Simpsons episode. So once a month, she gets a little monthly anniversary candidate

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Sam, he's okay. The question earlier was what's the most romantic thing you're like? No, I don't think that is romantic. You got guys struggling to remember their yearly anniversary or your birthday or Valentine's Day for God's sake, you know, and you're over here said it two days 346 guess. So, I commend you on that. And it's extremely romantic. You should give yourself more credit, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
Oh, yeah, but it doesn't at this point it just what I do, it's not really a gesture anymore. I felt bad this this month May. So my birthday is may 6, may 6 is a monthly you know, we met on the sixth of may 6 happens to be that this may wait week was my birthday. So I was away from her. It was my birthday. I was coming I completely forgot about it slipped my mind until he's until he's like four or five days ago. But Gosh, I missed it. It's the first time in 15 years I forgot it. So I gave it to her late and I had two days all lined up. Is that what day it was? That should probably never let me forget that. I forgot.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Either, I'm sure she'll still forgive you. I mean, you guys have five children together, you know, as long as you keep remembering her birthday and maybe their birthdays, I think you're good. But that's, I don't think I could remember five birthdays. I don't.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
It's hard. It's hard.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Speaking of your kids, this is a very awkward question. I mean, what's the oldest one?

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Ah, six, seven. So next week,

Unknown Speaker 21:20
you got about, you know, five to six more years before you got to give the birds and the bees talk. Have you thought about how you're gonna introduce them to the birds and the bees?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
They already know all that stuff. No way not it's sick. Yeah. My mom was she told me everything right away. Oh, they know about periods and petals and hair and what to do what not to know their testicles. I did

Unknown Speaker 21:43
not call it balls. Your kids

Unknown Speaker 21:46
are gonna get a little hairier your

Unknown Speaker 21:49

Unknown Speaker 21:51
Your six year old your nuts are gonna get a little hairy in a couple years.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Excuse me testicles. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:01
they probably couldn't explain it themselves, but they, you know, they'll just through osmosis over the next years, we'll never have

Unknown Speaker 22:06
to have the talk. That's true. You know what, I think that's a great I mean, I don't have children but I think um, you know, transparency in anything as long as you're not showing them too much, you know, is is the best way to go because I think society especially with like drinking and drugs, we ostracize it so much and make it such a taboo thing that you know, I think human nature is to want to know more, especially about this mysterious thing. So if you make it mysterious and taboo and a No, no, I feel like you know, whether it's drinking or drugs or sex, the kids are going to want to do it you know, more so I think you got a good approach just you know, introducing them early on and the testicles getting hairy, you know, period.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
That's good. No at all. And every now and then I started talking about her vaginas.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
Word, no word.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
So, okay. You know, you and Britt your wife. Britt, right. You got together when you're 19. Was she your first time did you lose your virginity to

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Yeah, yeah no shoes shoes first everything

Unknown Speaker 23:02
first of everything I thought she was just first girlfriends they

Unknown Speaker 23:05
were never I never liked hugging people know that.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Do you have an embarrassing virginity story? Or was it magic? And you know what movies are made of?

Unknown Speaker 23:13
is pretty magical for me.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
Yeah, but that's not saying a lot boys could have sex in a cardboard box and it will be magical for them.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Am I right?

Unknown Speaker 23:29
So Nothing? Nothing. No funny story or anything like that when it comes to losing your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 23:34
No, not for me. Um, yeah, no, no. Thankfully, no, just a normal.

Unknown Speaker 23:39
Normal. Yeah. Wow. Okay, that's good. Did you did your parents explained early on about, you know, hairy testicles and periods? Or did you have to learn about it on Main Streets of Wisconsin?

Unknown Speaker 23:48
More than my dad. They said everything immediately. They never made any. There's never been any big speech or anything. Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 23:54
So you're just doing what you were taught?

Unknown Speaker 23:56
Yeah, yeah. And it worked really well. It was never awkward for anyone though. Never. really got brought up at all?

Unknown Speaker 24:01
That's great. Well, your parents aren't religious at all. I only ask because I know you're religious. We spent time together in Europe and, you know, you you did the the pray sometimes and all that. So that's

Unknown Speaker 24:10
Yeah, no, I was um I was raised in a in a very Christian household My parents are both very Christian I am my kids are so nice now because I have them say the prayer dinner breakfast lunch anytime they sit down, and they just how they're grown up. So I'm hoping it sticks. We're going to do everything we can to make sure make sure it sticks with them, too.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
Yeah, that's so great. Because I mean, I grew up without religion, so I don't have anything to base it off of but for some reason, in my mind, I feel like you know, religious parents don't talk about sex or they, you know, kind of, you know, what's the word? It's it's very, very bad. You know, sex is bad or they don't tell you they don't talk about it or whatever. But so it's interesting to hear that your parents are religious and that it was talked about openly.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
You know, very much so I think beyond sex is bad thing is a lot of Hollywood just trying to fill in blanks for people. You know, I mean, Hollywood is There's always a religious parents the uptight this that they don't ever want to talk about anything, you know, everything's kind of prudish, and it's not not really the case from at least from my experience. It's always been a pretty pretty forwards and forthright and they were never big deal. That's great. So

Unknown Speaker 25:14
you have five children with all these children when the heck do you and Britt find time to do the deed?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Whenever whenever we whenever we can I guess I've got five of them. So we apparently do make time for

Unknown Speaker 25:29

Unknown Speaker 25:32
Yeah, yeah, no, I, I just I bought a house about three years ago, my first house and body might today you know, the best 50 cent you'll ever spend is a good lock on your door.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
Wow. Yeah, that's probably a lesson that new parents learn right off the bat. That's also really quick, kind of weird. The parents you've talked about before. I'm wondering, are they still together?

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Yeah, my parents are still together. My wife's parents are still together. Yeah, my my, my mom did have a husband before I was ever in the picture. So my older brother is and a half brother, but he was just he's always just a brother. And my mom and her ex are there real tight. Also Actually, my mom's ex name is Daniel. My dad's name is Daniel. So she got thanks for Daniel.

Unknown Speaker 26:18
Yeah, my parents have been my parents. There's no one else and then her parents are the same way. Man, Sammy, just a

Unknown Speaker 26:23
good guy who had a good upbringing, and I'm trying to dig deep here for the traumas, and the fucked up shit, and I'm just getting sunshine and rainbows.

Unknown Speaker 26:32
Alright, so well, this is a very specific question about MMA and sex. So this is where I get to fuse them together. Do you think that abstaining from sex before a fight, let's say like a week, a month, you know, what is what is your take on that?

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah, um, yeah, so I've actually not been mike tyson was the one that made that famous. He doesn't do it for all of he doesn't do for all of his camp. He stays pre celibate. And so I was kind of curious about I asked a couple of my coaches in actually Lockhart leaf I talked to them too when you're sitting in the bathtub you know draining water out of yourself you just try and think anything's that I how you guys feel about this they're helping me go wait. So actually, you know there's you know you boost testosterone during the march you can actually be really good for training etc etc. So so they had me saying yeah, it's good for you. And then I don't remember the name of the show but years ago when I was in college, I watched this this episode of something and it was it was a science show and they're doing they were doing science. They played a game of soccer they had two teams play the game of soccer at halftime to flip the coin team they got to go and you know, deal with their wives or girlfriends back to the second half and the second half of the game the team they got laid just school the other team I mean turn it around, they they outperformed in every every way they could after after doing it. So

Unknown Speaker 27:50
well that's just science right there. Okay, so that he says sex makes everything better. It's literally a quote I said in the last episode with Ian sex makes everything better. And I think Sam would agree

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Yes, absolutely. So that's the way it is. It's just science approves it.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Science. That's all it is. All right, it's my last attempt to get any dirt. All right, do you I mean what I mean I can't put bread on blast too much because you know she's such a nice lady but do you like dirty talk in bed? You guys anything different than to like, I mean, you know, God tell me you know exactly, but I mean, are you a feat guy? I saw something. Give me something, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
I am not a feat guy. No, not a

Unknown Speaker 28:30
guy, but it would have been gold because she's got about as big as

Unknown Speaker 28:34
she is nice. Well, well, no, she doesn't show size. 1211 and a half. Yeah, we can switch shoes if we need to get

Unknown Speaker 28:41
another perk of marrying her. Wow, save.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Our children are gonna be massive. It's gonna be my wife and I were both the short ones in our family. I like her younger brother or your next younger Six, five youngest brother six, seven. My younger brother Six, five.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
She's six foot I'm 16 our kids are gonna be huge. So They're just gonna be ginormous model ginger fighters, knocking people out running down the runway.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
And they're all blonde like my wife. And then we have our little foster child who's kind of five foot three.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Oh, she's gonna there's gonna be a

Unknown Speaker 29:17
few like there's a lot of redheaded stepchild jokes there, but you know what, I'm just gonna hold back.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Okay, Sam Well, it's time for the segment of our show called Fuck, Marry, Kill. And if you don't know what that is, I'm gonna give you three names. Three people and I you know who all three of these people are and you get to choose whether you fucking marry him or kill him. And you got to say why. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
So the first one is do you know Corrado? We all know she is beautiful pioneer of the sport. Then we get number two. Ronda Rousey also beautiful pioneer the sport kind of more of modern day and then lastly, Virgin Mary Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa

Unknown Speaker 30:03
you have to book one marry one kill one go

Unknown Speaker 30:06
all right, well, I'm fucking I'm gonna kill Rhonda and I'm going to marry the Virgin Mary. Well you

Unknown Speaker 30:11
got that right.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
You are like ready to go You don't have to debate like who's a better provider who would be better in the sack you know yada yada.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
The Chrono was in Star Wars. Ronda Rousey was not and the Virgin Mary is a Virgin Mary. Okay again So who are you gonna fuck marry kill Chelsea again? uniform Tina. Okay, yo Rhonda, and you're gonna marry the Virgin Mary.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
Is there any bad blood with Rhonda or she just happens to be not so cool as Jean and Star Wars.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Not so cool. Is that?

Unknown Speaker 30:39

Unknown Speaker 30:40
cool. All right. And then lastly, we this is one of my favorite segments of the show. I don't even you know, ask these questions. It's all fan questions and actually give you their Instagram handle so that maybe you know this will give them a chance to connect with a fighter one on one cross.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
So First fan question, actually a fan of yours and also my best friend at Carla Esparza one wants to know, does the carpet match the drapes? Yes, Sam that's a real question Carlos was a really

Unknown Speaker 31:12
I am a ginger through and through.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
I love your honesty, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
properly to just real friends.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Lots of freckles everywhere. On your hairy testicles, like

Unknown Speaker 31:26
Okay, number two at eight six Motorsports wants to know. Is it uh, is it cut back to 185 in the future for you?

Unknown Speaker 31:33
Yeah, I think it is right now. Um, yeah, I can't seem to win a DAG on fight at 205. So maybe, like go back down to a fight. I haven't felt overpowered or any of that but I gotta do something. I am on a fourth flight skid and that is not not you know, I want to stay with the UFC. I can't be doing that anymore. So I think I'm going to work my way back down and you know, so knocking people out

Unknown Speaker 31:54
of 185 I think I think you will for sure I will put some moolah on it actually. All right. Third question is from DK spender. How many more fights do you have left in you?

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Ah, a lot I I might have reached my halfway point but if I did I just scratched halfway. I've got over 70 fights I could get over 100 easy. I always joked in Henderson my my head coach, he quit fighting I think he was 45 and a half. So I'm going to try and make it to 45 and three quarters.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
Yeah, and if people don't know I'm gonna mess this up but I believe you tied or just nudged him. Can you tied cowboy Sironi for most fights and a calendar year?

Unknown Speaker 32:32
Yeah, so it's me Angela Hill now. She just got in there too. And cowboy Sironi. We got six fights in a year but I got there like three months faster than those guys. Three months exactly how much faster those guys Hey, I got your first

Unknown Speaker 32:44
Yeah, I tell people the same thing because they're like oh cowboy fights a lot and this and that. I always bring you up. I'm like, actually, my friend Sam Lv. Just beat him. Okay, last fan question Sam at Frazier MMA. I'm hope I'm saying effete. Ja MMA. Should fighters have a say in what referee works their fights?

Unknown Speaker 33:04
Yes, yes, as a matter of fact, Mark Goddard will not ref anymore anymore. I doubt you'd want to, but I will not step in the cage again with with Mark Goddard really roughly

Unknown Speaker 33:14
for everyone but me. So I mean, I'm in the UFC I'm an active fighter but I didn't know that we have any say in our referee.

Unknown Speaker 33:21
I don't know either, but I will not fight with him as my referee Not again. It will be a distraction it will lead to it will not be good. I'll make sure I clear with the UFC the week of the fight.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
Good to know I

Unknown Speaker 33:32
have my last four fights two of them. I got hit. But I was far from dawn and Goddard. My thumb was God bless his daughter.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Wow, I'm glad I asked that question. I almost thought to myself now it's a silly question. Of course we're not gonna you know have a say in what referee works, our fight but you know, it's like you you've had a buttload of fights and you have certain experiences with specific referees and you know, whether it's a good or bad relationship, you start to start to form some sort of either, you know, maybe animosity with Mr. Gore Or, you know, you know, but then I think it could go either way, if you have some kind of bad blood with with Mark, maybe you have a good relationship with another rep, and then someone could say that that's, you know, a conflict of interest.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to ask for a referee.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
Yeah, I'm just not that guy.

Unknown Speaker 34:15
I mean, it was literally back to back fights he saw far too early. And I just thought it would be a distraction for us in that room with me. I would make mistakes because I couldn't give him the opportunity to stop it.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
Well, that's good. I like when fighters actually have a strong stance on what's going on in their career. You know, unfortunately, like I said, I don't I'm like, I don't know, do we have a say, but it's a newer sport. You know, as everyone knows, it's the fastest growing sport and yada yada yada. So I think we're all learning and growing together, but that is the last fan question and the end of our interview. Sam, thank you so much. This is the place the time now where I give you any you know, shout outs or thank yous and you know, you better say thank you to your beautiful wife, that's for sure.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
No, but thank you for having us. So it's may now it is foster Awareness Month, and I have a website smile, MMA calm. And we are trying to get people to sign up we're going to be, we're going to be giving away 20 $500 in Amazon gift cards and other products from from a bunch of different different vendors. In the grand prize winner of this contest where we're hosting is going to be getting $1,000 gift card And all we're asking is for emails, we're going to be sending out information about the foster community, what's going on in the foster world, especially, you know, the whole world shut down is rough on us adults, you know, with COVID, and Corona and all that. It's worse for the foster children, they have been lost in the system. I mean, it's, you gotta imagine these kids, a lot of them get caught, get detected as being abused because they're in school because they're seeing friends. And right now they're not allowed to see friends. They're not allowed to go to school, they're allowed to be at home with their abusive parents. And we're going to do I'm going to do everything in my power, being a foster parent myself, to raise as much awareness as to what to look for how you can help the community will have different fundraisers from time to time, but if you all can go to smile just give us a give us a An email and we're going to be posting how to how to enter the challenges and it's just going to be hashtag this or do funny thing that and the hashtag make me smile challenge is going to going to determine the winners and it's basically just do anything you think's funny.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Cheer it up over here.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
And, yeah, I just you check out the website, we're gonna be sending out information. My, my wife and I are part of it. Nutrition is a big part of it as well.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
I would love to be a part of it, Sam and I'm gonna just so you guys all know, all everything that Sam just said, all the links and the you know, the accounts that you need to click on, you know, smile. will all be listed in the show notes below, either in Spotify, or Apple podcasts and all that so they can also click there. Oh, fantastic. That'd be wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you, Sam. And, you know, I, I believe that you're going to be very, very successful, whether it's at 185. Or if you stay, you know, whatever weight class you know, we all have bumps in the road, Corona COVID. All this kind of crap that's going on. The part of the point of this podcast is to just kind of give everybody a little bit of Comic Relief you No things are serious. And you know, like you said, all the foster kids that are having to deal with all this stuff. So it's a hard time right now. And thank you so much for coming on and, and bringing some happiness to our lives and we'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
All right, we'll talk to you soon. Thank you so much

Unknown Speaker 37:12
for having me on. There you have it, Episode Two. So far, we've had small ones, big ones, creepy ones, smiley ones, sounding a lot like my past live life. But what I'm getting at is that we're just getting warmed up. I plan to have females, couples, LGBTQ representatives, older fighters, younger fighters, you name it. In fact, yeah, do that. Name it right in and tell us who you would like to hear on sex and violence. And if you like this podcast, help it grow until at least one person send a text a tweet a DM, whatever. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And thank you for all your fans. Questions. Keep writing us. Thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer D Jaisal. At D Jaisal. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official. You could find us again on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself, Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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