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Episode 20: Charles Dera (Carl Tough Love)

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebel group, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance. And that's all too taboo subject. I'm Ashley rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex. What's happening the hot stuff, happy spooky season, guys. I am excited. It's October, but sad into that most of the normal Halloween celebrations and activities will be most likely canceled due to COVID. I love this time of year. I love dressing up. I love the vibe of the decorations. I love the music. And the inner fat kid in me loves the candy. I don't care, you know what I end up doing this year, but I am still dressing up. And I know my friend Carla will too. We actually talked about her a little bit in this episode. So stay tuned. She's a little weirdo. And she dresses up every day of Halloween week, my festive friend. She's hilarious. It's actually been a really great week for me having tons of makeup sex, which is probably the bright side of having an argument with your boyfriend. Love is crazy and complicated. But as I get older, I feel like it's to make a relationship work. It isn't really about the relationship. It's about working on yourself. So, so many times when I was younger, I would make the excuse of, you know, we're not right for each other, or I got bored or whatever. I was kind of an asshole when I was younger. So, you know, I realized now I had and have many faults, but I just wasn't willing to work on those faults. And even at the time thought I didn't have any faults. So I mean, I was a little blind. And now that I'm older and wiser, I think if a relationship is meant to be both people involved grow as individuals, and you know, they grow even stronger as partners too. So if you can communicate well and are willing to work on the heart issues like character defects, then there's a chance for you. So you're telling me

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there's a chance? Yeah.

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This week, my friend Dan Kenny, turned me on to the show pen 15. If you guys well, first of all, it's on Hulu. So I don't know if you guys got that. But check it out pen 15. It's not for everyone. But I'm a 33 year old female and I'm in love with it. It makes you nostalgic and takes you back in time to when you're going through puberty and discovering your body and you know the world for the first time. The little wiki, I looked it up so you guys could kind of have a description of the plot. It's described as middle school as it really happens to 13 year old female outcasts in the year 2000 which was a hilarious year where the best day of your life can turn into the worst day of your life with the stroke of a gel pen. So I mean, it's awkward. It's hilarious. One character humps her pillow and learns to masturbate all in one episode. And then the next episode, they tackle racism for the first time and it's a little intense, but it's it's very real. And the boys on the on the other side are watching blurry titties on a scrambled TV, which I feel like from my brother and other boys that I know this age is exactly what all you little probes were doing around that time. But yeah, this week has actually not been all glittering gold. I actually learned some hard news a few days ago, and I'm going to share that with you guys. My first ever MMA coach was Eugene Jackson, the wolf, super awesome guy. He introduced me to the world of mixed martial arts. I trained with him and lived with him and his family for about a year before I moved to Orange County where I'm at now and went Pro. That was in 2011. So a decade ago, Nico Jackson, Eugene's oldest son has passed away. And he was a few years younger than me. So, you know, late 20s, maybe even 30

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unfortunately, Nico.

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We don't know how how he passed away. We don't know if it was suicide or anything like that. He was an amazing person. He was a better fighter. And so he's a great person inside the cage and outside the cage and there's not I could say a lot of things about him, but I'll just say that my heart goes out to his family and anyone who has lost someone this year. We don't know the cause of death, like I said, however, while talking to a NorCal Matchmaker, I was informed that nine amateur fighters this year, from the California amateur mixed martial arts organization, have committed suicide since the beginning of the pandemic, nine fighters, that number broke my heart. And I know I've been mushy on this podcast and extra little positive at times, and I always asked myself, you know, am I am I being over the top. But when I heard this news, I thought to myself, maybe more people should be reminded that we're going to get through this guy's This is not the end all be all. And this too shall pass. So if you're listening to this podcast, and life is hard for you, right now, you're having issues, you've got questions flowing through your mind. Please hang in there. You're doing great, and it's gonna get better, I promise. If you need someone to talk to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. I'd like to dedicate this episode Niko as well as Javier Carvalho, who also passed away last month of cancer. How was an older gentleman, and it's still very sad, but he was my first boxing coach. He was the coach at att in San Jose, and meant so much to so many other people. He was a true artist and a champion in life. you'll both be missed. And I'd like to take the opportunity that Nico and have don't have anymore and live this life to the fullest. not be afraid, I'm going to train hard. I'm going to strive for all my goals, and leave a legacy worth reading about. I hope and wish the same for all of you guys. 2020 shitstorm of year, it's not over yet. And after watching the presidential debate last night, who the heck knows what's gonna happen, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Like Susie said, quick reminder, this podcast needs you to rate and review it on Apple or Spotify. And I'll give you some stickers if you do. If you screenshot the the review and send it to our dm, which is at sex and violence with rebel girl. I'll mail you a sticker also mail me your address, and then we'll get that going. Also, if you're not already following our backup ID account, it's at sex and violence with rebel girl. Two, the number two at the end. Because Well, sometimes we piss people off and we get in trouble. So follow that just in case also, this is the first time that I'm saying this but if you'd like to sponsor the podcast, please contact us through our dm. Would you like to hear your brand company or product right here promoted on sex and violence? Let's make that happen. All right. With all that said, let's talk to our guest. Today's special guest is an American pornographic Actor, Dancer, model, martial artist and a former US Marine. In 2015. He was named playgirl magazine's Man of the Year in 2018. The EX biz Award Best Actor, let's face it. The research I had to do for this interview made me feel like doofy from Scary Movie. But I got through it just fine. He tells us about the porn industry adapting to COVID his surprising affinity for conservative women, the similarities of porn and MMA discipline, and so much more. Here's your special guest Charles dehra. AKA Mr stud shit, aka Carl tough love

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on 264 my love 264 my love loves going to lead

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my shirt. My shirt so 60

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to 6060 you're

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welcome to the show. Charles, thank you so much for joining us.

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We're happy to have you on how are you today?

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I am living the dream and elated that you had me on your show. Jay Thank you.

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Yeah, we talked briefly before we started this call about how it's just kind of ideal you you're a an adult film entertainer but you also have a background in mixed martial arts correct? That is absolutely correct. before asking about all those cool occupation's I also know that you have done a little bit of dancing, modeling. And you were, well, once a Marine, always a Marine, right?

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Sure, sure. If you ask a marine schweiger say that,

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okay, all right. We know

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we give us a brief background, you know, like you, you seem like you were a lot of hats. Is that all in your past? Are you? Do you mix that in nowadays? Are you just focused on adult entertainment?

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Well, yeah, everything I've ever done in my life is put me in the position on that today to be the best at what I'm currently doing. You know, I've taken a little bit of knowledge from everything I've done. So I have no regrets on things that I've done, because it definitely gave me the ability to do what I do today. But in the past, I was a Marine, I was a marine for three years. I worked for Chippendales, I was probably, I mean, some of the best choreographers in the world have seen me dance. And they all say I suck. And I modeled quite a bit, I would say, out of those three things, modeling was probably what I did the most, and it was the most proficient at when I worked at Chippendales. I was more of an emcee. So I spent a lot of time on the mic, just you know, leaving the show talking shit, I really enjoyed that.

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That's awesome. And I'm assuming it's because you have this deep sexy voice.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
Oh, no, that my voice didn't get like this until years later. That's kind of like a recent thing. I don't think it's I don't think it's element is healthy.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Yeah, that's that's probably a negative. I feel like your

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voice kind of goes with your image. You've got this, you know, kind of cop stash going on this you know, like,

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tight cut. That's,

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that's new to like, my hair. And mustache is only about two years old.

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Oh, really? This is? Yeah. So new image, new voice new you, huh?

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Yeah, because I created an alter ego. When I started my own company. It's called tough love. X is named my company. And the character, the alter ego I created was Carl tough love. And Carl wears a mustache and has a mohawk. And Carl is basically the guy that I would like to be. But generally, I can't be because I had to remain an actor my entire life. So I have play roles or fit characters. And then once I got to a point where I can make you know what I'm going to privateer my own site, and be able to just work from my shelf and look the way I want to look. That's when I did it.

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That's awesome. So you're doing what you've always wanted to do. And so if I'm going to go on tough love x calm, that's the website, right? Correct. Yes. What you know, Carl, tough love. Is he exactly what he sounds like? Is he is he a like an aggressive love maker? How would you describe Carl

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curls very dominant. And he co likes to get inside women's heads, because a lot of women that are submissive, and he likes to find out why they're submissive and tries to empower these women to be stronger for themselves, and not to be here just to be used. Wow, that is,

Unknown Speaker 13:10
by far, not what I was thinking, what you were saying?

Unknown Speaker 13:13
No, no one has any clue of what tough love is truly about. They think it's about Carl being of women. That's not what it's about at all. It's, it's about empowering women to love themselves, because most of the women that come to Carl don't. So he tries to give them the power to have self esteem, you know, to build them up and to stop relying on a master to give them commands.

Unknown Speaker 13:37
So in this scenario, we'll say let's give it a hypothetical. If I'm submissive, and I have an issue with my self esteem Are you then going to give me the tools to feel confident and then what I, in the end of the scene, potentially be not submissive, maybe be the more dominant one.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
It wouldn't be about you being more or less submissive, as so much as you being more confident and finding a purpose within yourself. You know, I realized through you know, Carl, that many people lack purpose. And that's across the globe, in life, men, women, whatever it is. And if you don't have a purpose that your walk working toward on a daily basis, you fall into these things of depression and anxiety and sadness, and, you know, you need to be working towards something all the time. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:29
I fully agree with that. Actually, this episode has been dedicated to a friend of mine that recently passed away we're not sure the details of his death, but he was a fighter. His name is Nico Jackson. And I found out recently that nine amateur fighters took their life, this past pandemic. And I feel like yeah, in Northern California, and I feel like it's all because everyone is losing their purpose. You know, things aren't closing down and or for whatever reason, whether it's COVID, you know, people are not able to do what, what that what drives them. And so you're so right when it's, we talk about purpose, it can be your job or your family. You know, I guess Karl's purpose is to help these women be more confident,

Unknown Speaker 15:22
confident, and just to be focused on themselves and finding their own purpose. I mean, you look at most people, I'm 41 years old, and most men my age have a family, most women, my age have a family. And that becomes their purpose. I think we're biologically biologically built that way. I didn't go down that path, you know. So I need a purpose within myself to go and get back and I think through martial arts, I became a martial artist and as a martial artist, to be a true martial arts in my opinion, it takes more than just being a fighter. There's a fighter and a martial artist, and they are not the same thing. As a martial artist, you are giving back to the community you're teaching, you are helping It's a whole new nother level.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
I agree. And a lot of people who

Unknown Speaker 16:09
are very vague, casual followers of mixed martial arts, they don't understand that mixed martial arts is rooted in respect and discipline. They just see UFC cage fighting blood guts, and all that. Yeah. And that's the surface level of it. Yes, there are blood. And there are, you know, not a lot of guts. But, you know, shit happens. And it looks brutal, but it's at the core of it. It's about respect. And like you said, having a purpose and giving back to your community. So let's talk about your mixed martial arts background. When did you start fighting? Or when did you start training, mixed martial arts?

Unknown Speaker 16:47
Probably 2002. I had stumbled across Joe Guido in when I was living in Northeast Philadelphia, hello. And there was like almost no jujitsu or MMA or anything back then. And this guy was a purple belt under the gracies. So I went, I would drive like 45 minutes, twice a week to go train with his purple belt, and he was like, the only jujitsu guy in the area. So I trained with him for a few months. And then I kind of got it, I started getting bit by the bug. And then I found out that john lewis, he was a black belt out of Las Vegas was training chocolate down. And I was like, wow, I can find a job that will I can get in Las Vegas. I can move there. And I can start training under john and maybe be able to fight in the UFC or something

Unknown Speaker 17:34
was all in 2002.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Correct. Okay. So I joined Chippendales in Las Vegas, and I when train john studio, like maybe a couple weeks later, I got the job. And I started training for john and that was it. That was kind of how I took off.

Unknown Speaker 17:53
That's awesome. So my bad for not establishing a timeline with your adult film career. At this point in 2002, you move from Philly out to Vegas join Chippendales as a source of income while you train. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Correct. Yeah, it was never my thing. I didn't love being a Chippendale. I could give two shits about it paid the bills go away to work two hours of night. So I could spend my time in an MMA gym training with the best fighters in the world. And at the time, there wasn't many gyms in 2002 it was so different than it is today.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
Yeah, of course. Yeah. I mean, I didn't even start trading MMA until 2012.

Unknown Speaker 18:35

Unknown Speaker 18:36
no, 2011 sorry. And women were not in the UFC. None of that. So you're talking another 10 years before that? I can't even imagine you are super edgy. So I'm assuming that you weren't in the film industry at this point.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
No, not whatsoever. I was a Chippendale and I was a model. I mean, I was modeling out in New York City quite a bit. And I left all that to come to Vegas, just to get that, you know, full time job with Chippendales. And, you know, so actually, john got me on the very first ultra fighter. I was like one of the first guys chosen for the show. Well, really? Yeah, I was actually the very first guy but I only been training like I said, for like months beforehand. And so I was pretty nervous about going onto the show. And then at the same time, Chippendale said, Listen, we're going to give you a full time position here, if someone out there was just a host. And that would that didn't pay much. They said, we're gonna give you a full time position. And I was like, oh, man, if I if I don't take this full time, if I go into the TV show, I might miss out on this full time position. So as a fool, a young man that put money before passion because that's what I was taught in life, which was now completely wrong, in my opinion, always passion before money. I went and I followed the money. And now you know, I still kick myself but it is what it is, you know?

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, I feel life has a way of working out for us or, you know, maybe you weren't destined to go that route injuries happen.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
You know, I certainly wasn't ready. I certainly wasn't ready to fight. I mean, I had three months mixed martial arts training,

Unknown Speaker 20:14
ya know, I mean, and that's the way it works. A lot of times I had three professional Sorry, no, I had one professional fight, when I tried to get on the first ever female version of the Ultimate Fighter. And they, you know, they called and said, You didn't have enough fights, I was crushed. But in the end, I end up fighting this transgender person that blew my name up and you know, like, that's perfect example of you think at one point in your life, like, Oh, you know, you're crushed. You know, it didn't work out the way I wanted. Turns out, it's even better than what you thought it could have been. So yeah, so that's, that's awesome. So what happened from Chippendales? You know, dancing full time and hosting, making all this money. Till now you continue to train MMA a little bit? Because I,

Unknown Speaker 21:04
so yeah, I had my first pro fight in 2004, I fought in Arizona. And after the 2004 fight, I mean, I wasn't focused enough on my training, I was in Las Vegas, I was half training, half partying, half working, I was so focused on real estate and making money. It was during the boom. So my motivation to train hard wasn't there as much as my motivation was to make money. So I got caught up again in the money and started flipping houses and you know, messing around and partying and I

Unknown Speaker 21:38
mean, Las Vegas, for, for even me, professional athlete on the highest level of fighting is distracting, let alone You're doing the kind of job that you're doing. And you're probably this, you know, in shape guy around, you know, you're a Chippendale dancer probably around beautiful women all the time. So that sounds like it can be distracting to say the least.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Yes. And I didn't. And the number one problem was I didn't believe in myself. I, to me, it was always like this a long shot. Because the reason I believe in myself is I never put the work in. Had I put the work in I would have believed in myself, but I did it.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
Yes. confidence comes from preparation.

Unknown Speaker 22:19

Unknown Speaker 22:20
Exactly. Well, you You fought the one time any other fights?

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Yeah. So I thought 2004 and what happened next? And then I was modeling for playground at the time. And then they said, means you go to the adn show. That's the adult video news. It's like the big show that you so for convention. So I went down and met a bunch of checks. I started banging the chicks. And they were like, do you want a job? And I was like, absolutely, because I don't like being a Chippendale. So, then I found that the money they made, so it was more money again, was money motivated, and I went and I started performing an adult movies.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Got it. And What year

Unknown Speaker 23:00
is this? That was maybe 2007.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
Seven. Okay. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
So now go for fast forward to 2007 I'm doing adult movies, but in the back of my mind, and what I want, what I need to feed my soul with is to self satisfaction to have pride of myself. And the only way I could have achieved that was being a fighter. So I never let that go. And I was stuck within me like this. This black hole. So as I was living out in California, I was up in like, the gore hills area, Malibu area right around there. I found bathrooms Jim, and I walked into boss's studio and I was like, hey, I want to start fighting with you guys. And they were like, absolutely. I started to train with boss I started training with Kimbo cool part of that group from like, 2009 to 2011 I think I had like, five more flights. Okay. And I and I did okay, when like 5050 and my flights, I'd win one, I'd lose one, you know, back and forth. But it's all in the ends because I didn't have the discipline training regimen that I needed to have. You know, I was a tough guy. I like to fight but that's all it was. I wasn't training like a professional athlete. I was working all the time. And then in my spare time I would train

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Yeah, and that's the thing is I'm so bitter sweet. So you've heard the phrase, you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Correct. And when you're first starting this is advice that I would give to someone who wants to be on the level that I am in the UFC. You know, I don't I don't have a perfect record, you know, things could I could have made a lot better choices in my life. But I will tell you tell you this. While you're starting out, you have to choose to sacrifice everything else meaning I wanted to play music, I wanted to act i want to do a lot of other things because, you know, I'm versatile. I've got other hobbies. I love fighting but it's not the end all be all so but somewhere along the way. knew from an early age actually wrestling, high school wrestling, they kind of instill in you, you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Meaning if you don't pick one to really master, you're just gonna be a jack and you won't be a master of any of them. So that's a piece of advice I would give the younger crowd listening. And you're gonna have to sacrifice a lot, you know, not just other hobbies, but friends and time and all that. But in the end, it pays off. I think that if you did probably pick fighting with your work ethic, seemingly, all these other things you've done, you would have most likely been very successful.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
Possibly, possibly, no, but I didn't. I didn't have that work ethic toward what I wanted to do. I was kind of all over the place.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
Yeah, yeah. You didn't pick it? Yeah. But it sounds like you're doing pretty good now. So you had, he said, How many fights total?

Unknown Speaker 25:54
Six, six pro fights.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
And you and I met a few months back at classic fight team, just think on a sparring night and Tyler Wombles had, you know, said, Oh, this is my friend. And he just for shits and giggles. He said, Why don't you Google his name? And I'm like, why? And he's like, just do it. And I'm like, Okay, and then I'm like, Oh, okay. So, um, so then at that moment, I was like, Alright, I want him on. As a guest on the podcast. He just seemed like the perfect fit. So you obviously still train martial arts? Is it just for fun? Or?

Unknown Speaker 26:32
Well, my story goes on from there. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
So in 2010, I believe it was my last pro fight and I got hammered. I got taken down and just annihilated grounded pounding elbows to the face over and over again. And as I was laying there getting beat on I was thinking, What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? I am not prepared. And that's when I swore to myself that I would learn the ground game and become a master of the ground game, right. So I left my buddy calls me up. He's like, Hey, listen, halltown corredera just moved into Huntington Beach. You should hit him up, train with him, check out his gym. So I hit a puppy. I started doing privates with hafjell. And then he's like, Hey, man, I just opened a new gym in Huntington. And at the time, my girlfriend had been on again, sounds like perfect. I'm going to go stay down there with her and train at his gym. So I started training at his gym. And then I met Joe alysus. And Joelle Cece was his black belt, Judo instructor. And Joe, and I hit it off, we became like, brothers, like, incredibly well, I couldn't ask for a better relationship. And I just kind of started mentoring underneath him immediately. Like I just kind of fell in love with him. And we spent all day together training and I started teaching the night classes at Kings, he would teach the day classes and then I would repeat what he taught I was at this time, I was a blue belt, and he gave my purple belt pretty quickly. And then I stayed with Joe until I got my black belt, actually in 2011 is when I finally decided to quit work. I said, you know what All I care about is being a proficient fighter. So to the 11 1111. I decided to quit working whatsoever and said fuck money. I don't care about money. All I care about is being the best fighter I can be. And then I just did nothing but you jitsu up until 2016. I already received my black belt. I competed in all the big jitsu tournament I did very well and all the tournament's and you have this time. Yes. Okay. And that's Thank you. And by this time, my body was just fucking thrashed, because I was in my mid 30s training two to three times a day, every day competing twice a month. And my back was just going out I was spending more time being broken and I was on the mat. And I was like, Fuck, what am I gonna do now like cuz I wanted to open a school and do all this but I got to the point where I didn't believe that Jiu Jitsu was a healthy activity anymore. Like, you fighting people all the time was destroying me. It wasn't like I had gotten what I needed spiritually out of it. And I was ready to move on to something else again, because my body was just taking such a hit physically got it. You know, I don't think training MMA and I was also a coach to the UFC gym. I don't think training MMA is a great hobby for people. I think training MMA is great if you want to be a fighter, but you shouldn't do it as to get in shape. You know what I'm saying? Like? It's so one sided because I've been a personal trainer often on my entire life. I have a good idea about anatomy in the human body in Kinesiology and how things work. And martial arts is very unbalanced. Especially jujitsu. And when you do these activities all the time, you're gonna throw your body out of whack. And I was way out of whack. And to this day, I can't train too much or too hard or as my body goes back out of whack here.

Unknown Speaker 30:11
Yeah. So there's a fine line between training and overtraining. And if you, I mean, if you train, first of all the likeliness, that you're just a little off. And I say this because I'm just a little off also is very high, meaning you probably trained to excess, you probably do a lot of things in excess. I feel like a lot of people that do mixed martial arts are extremists. Would you agree? For sure? Sure. Yeah. So it's not, it's not a sport where you can do it a little bit because you won't see results. And it's not as you can do it a little bit. Because it's kind of addicting. It's like tattoos

Unknown Speaker 30:48
or masturbation. If you're gonna be good at something, you're gonna pay a price no matter what that is. You know, like, you're always going to pay a price. Whether it be financially or physically, mentally, you're going to pay a price. Oh, yeah. Like one of the worst sports people have no idea is golf. Like, go ahead golf. Golf for the next 10 grand

Unknown Speaker 31:07
Karla golf, but I was making fun of her in color and nerd. I don't know about golfing.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
Oh, it's so it's so unbalanced. Think about it. She only putts to one side, she only drive to one side, you swing on one side of your body the entire time. Hmm, yeah, it's completely unbalanced. Stop

Unknown Speaker 31:24
putting. That's why

Unknown Speaker 31:26
that's why I be a fan more of going to the gym and doing structured workouts that keep you in balance. Because it all depends what your goal is. If your goal is to stay in shape for the rest of your life, and conserve your human body to the end of time, then there's certain things you don't want to do. But I think about working out a more longevity level. Now. I'm 41 years old, you know, I enjoy training. It's fun, but it's not fun when I pay a price and I can't walk the next day. Yeah, so I take everything to a minimal amount and just take it right to where I need to.

Unknown Speaker 31:59
That's a smart, that's a smart move. And I know there will come a day where, you know, hey, talking about it. But I'm still young in life, but a little bit older. In my career. I'm 33 I've been fighting since I was about proof. I mean, professionally. 23. You know, I could see myself going another three to five years for sure. But it all depends on how my body holds up. But then there's gonna come a point where I'm like, All right, I'm never gonna stop doing mixed martial arts. I'll probably do exactly what you're doing. I'll come You know, do a little more Thai. Here. I'll do a little jujitsu. And you know, maybe I'll do an old lady tournament, you know, and mop up on, but with my wrestling or something, but

Unknown Speaker 32:37
it's all about moderation and balance.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Yeah. So that's what you're doing now.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
You can't do anything in life to access without paying an extreme price.

Unknown Speaker 32:47

Unknown Speaker 32:48
I am notorious for excess. But I'm working on it working on goals, because

Unknown Speaker 32:52
you like because you like to be great at things. You know, and I understand that it makes total sense. And there's there's no black belt and anything that didn't pay a major price.

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Yes. Agree. Just like we talked about earlier, sacrificing, you know, choosing something to dedicate your life to.

Unknown Speaker 33:09

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Cool. So from 2016. till about now you're doing it more as a leisurely, you know, stay in shape and balance. And so does that mean you are a full time actor?

Unknown Speaker 33:22
Yes, I just my main goal every day is to run my production company and to make the best movies that I possibly can. I want to leave a legacy there. But through Carl, that's that's the goal, for sure. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
So it's kind of a weird question. I asked Kendra, something similar. Do you think that being an adult film actor and fighting have any similarities?

Unknown Speaker 33:47
As a male performer? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
Yeah. How so?

Unknown Speaker 33:51
Well, you know, I've done some podcasts before they taught me about my regimen. And as a male performer, it's imperative that I am in great shape all the time, I'm not talking about aesthetically, I'm talking about my performance. So number one, I need to have a strong heart. Because to be a solid, strong performer, you have to be able to try to have a flow where there's ups and downs in your performance. But your deck has to be hard the entire time. If my decks not staying hard, I'm not staying mentally focused, I'm not going to do it. There's a reason there's only about 20 of us across the entire world that perform on a regular basis. It's not an easy job to do. And I feel like I'm very gifted in this. It's a little easier for me than most people. But it's a lot of it's because of what I've learned through martial arts and my ability to hone my mind and to focus on the task I'm doing and not be distracted by anything that's going on around me or lose focus of the task at hand. That's a great answer. And I've never thought about it that way. I

Unknown Speaker 34:52
don't have a winner. So I don't know what it takes mentally to stay hard. But I imagine it's not mental, not physical, but mental and physical. So, you know, the working out aspect, maybe as a from a cardiovascular point of view, and then the mental strength mixed martial arts has given you, you know, and the ability to focus and really, you know, not be distracted by the other things going on in the room, I guess, because

Unknown Speaker 35:16
it's being a male performer, there's so much going on. Number one, I'm in a dance with my female partner. And I'm also in a dance with the cameraman. Because I need to stay open to camera, I'm watching the lighting. I'm watching the angles, I'm thinking about the dialogue. I'm thinking about staying in character. I'm thinking about opening her up, I'm thinking how is she doing? Is she feeling are right? is she getting hurt? Is this the right thing, there's a lot on my mind the whole time that I still need to stay focused to keep my erection. So it's a gentle bounce and, and other things like driving a race car. So I'm watching my gas tank, because I can't run out of gas, because then I'll be left stuck on the track and watching my RPMs because if they go too high, then I'm gonna burn out my engine. So it's his ad. And flow is kind of like in a fight. You're pacing yourself. You're, you're pacing yourself, and you know when to ramp it up. So say you just pass some buddies guard, and you get them out. take a breather, but until you get past that guard, hang out.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
Right, like, Yeah, you got to know when to break. And when the movie Yeah. When to when to maintain pressure and hold position?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
For sure. It's true. It's true. There are you know what that is? I'm thinking there are way more similarities in the industries than I thought. So that's, that's awesome. I have a logistics question. So you're performing let's say you're doing a scene. I mean, every every shoot is probably different. But let's say you're performing with your female partner. On average, how many times might they ask you to, like start restock or get hard? I mean, do you have to get hard on command? Do they give you some time? Like how does that work? Kind of like from behind the scenes point of view?

Unknown Speaker 37:04
In a perfect scenario? We take no cuts? No. Yeah, nobody tells me to get hard. Nobody tells me anything like that. I walk in, I see the girl, we go through our dialogue, we start kissing, I'm I come out hard. We get into it, I generally have such a strong relationship with the director slash cameraman, we work together so many times that they know my abin flow. And I know there's so immediately we just kind of go off on our own dance. And my job is a male performance, the show the girl off, the girl is the product. And I am there to make the product look good. And especially with the newer girl, she doesn't know how to show herself off. So I'm there to put her into position. Make sure that the lighting is heading in the right spots, making sure that the editor that cameraman is getting the angles that he needs, making sure that the hair is out of the way, things like that. There's a lot

Unknown Speaker 37:53
to it that a lot of people on the other end definitely are paying attention to.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
Yeah, I I'm not there for my own pleasure. I'm not there to just fucking it's an actual skill work. It's work. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
So, you know, this is not the nicest situation. But Has there ever been a time where your co star didn't arouse you and you had to pull from the depths of your mind to get hard?

Unknown Speaker 38:21
To that's where I think I'm kind of gifted. It's not that hard for me to get hard. I can just focus on one little thing. I mean, there's many girls, right? I don't like anything about them. But I can find something. Yeah, find that one thing. And I'm pretty visual.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
So super important in your industry?

Unknown Speaker 38:37
Absolutely. Yeah, just you know, us kind of got to have a strong mental mindset and be able to control your thoughts.

Unknown Speaker 38:44
Yeah. Do you film? Often? I mean, now that you have your own production company, correct?

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Yeah, I show almost every day,

Unknown Speaker 38:52
every day.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Yeah. So I got to ask this question. And hopefully you don't get offended. It's a sexual. How do you identify straight, bisexual, strike straight? So there's a I don't know if it's a myth, but I got to ask I'm very excited. And again, hopefully, I do not offend you. But I've been told by different people not in the industry. So this could be, you know, a myth. But while you're as a male while you're trying to get into straight porn, there's a necessity that you have to do guy on guy porn to get better opportunities. Is that a myth?

Unknown Speaker 39:30
That was a myth that was made up a long time ago to send people down the wrong path. Because many moons ago, you know, five years 10 years ago, if you had done gay porn, you couldn't come to the straight side, you were blacklisted. So they would see I gotta go do some gay porn. They were awesome, dude, go do some gay porn, and that would be a wrap on it. So it's not an industry where people really want more male talent. And once you're in you're kind of vetted and then you're solidified in that position. Thank you. Okay, so so last thing like this, like, I'm the wolf. And the last thing I want is a bunch of other wolves coming on my sheep.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
That is a great,

Unknown Speaker 40:10
thank you. I'm a sheep herder I got this, I got this herd, you can go elsewhere.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
So we talked earlier, you said, mixed martial arts has changed dramatically since you know 2002 till now, how has the porn industry or the adult film industry changed? Since you know, when you started?

Unknown Speaker 40:31
Oh, man, it's, it's constantly evolving on the business side every couple of years. It's a whole new business. I mean, it just goes on, there's been so many changes and things are so different before you can open up a website and you could be making millions of dollars a year. Now, you know, anybody can have an only fans account. And if they're popular, they can make millions of dollars a year. You know, it's just, it's constantly evolving, and you have to find new ways to recreate yourself and can make revenue.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
Yeah, you sound like someone who who will adapt no matter what do you think that all these new, you know, example? Only fans, these new ways for normies? Maybe not, you know, skilled actors such as yourself? Do you think these opportunities are making it easier or harder for you and other actors? You know, who maybe who have been doing it longer and put in, you know, harder, harder work ethic and all that? is it taking away from you guys.

Unknown Speaker 41:30
It's definitely changed with now the platforms with, you know, platforms such as like an only fans, the power is now in the girl's hands, because before it was in the studio's hands. But now the girls don't really need the studio as much once they have a name. So if they don't need the studios, then they don't need me because I'm a part of the studio, the studio hires me to fuck the girls. And now that I'm no longer as relevant because the studios aren't as relevant. I kind of have to readapt and find ways to make myself more relevant. So for instance, during the during the whole COVID thing, I lead you to learn to shoot camera. So now I'm shooting camera, so I should camera on my feet now.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
So you are the cameraman. Wait, sorry. A little confused. So you set up your own cameras, because obviously you can't film it. Well, maybe you can.

Unknown Speaker 42:20
Act and yeah, shoot POV stuff. Got it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 42:23
okay. Yeah, point of view.

Unknown Speaker 42:24
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
So I just learned to shoot camera, like you said, you need to keep constantly adapt with the times. And due to COVID, I can't have a crew, there's no crew allowed on set. So it's just me and the talent. So I needed to learn how to shoot camera and how to light and do all that.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
And all the other stuff you got to do. While you're, you know, acting and performing.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
You do wear a lot of hats. You constantly evolve and just adapt and move forward.

Unknown Speaker 42:51
So you said that the studio hires you to work with the girl. But times are changing. Now, I don't know how it works as far as like, if you're in contract with that studio. And then, you know, let's just say there's some kind of contract or agreement that you're going to work on something. Are you allowed to, let's say, Shelly over here has, you know, 100,000 followers, and she wants to you to come work with her and do some, some stuff like, you know, not in a studio. Is that against the rules? How does that work?

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Well, I'm not contracted. Some people are I am not. So I don't I am a freelance I can do whatever it is I want, which is worked out to my benefit, because I do on my own company.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Yeah. That seems extremely limiting. Kind of like

Unknown Speaker 43:39
fighting if I you know, say the UFC was unable to put on fights. And I was in contract. I'm not allowed to go fight for another organization and make money.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
Correct. But you would hope that your contract pays you sufficiently enough in that instance, so that it makes it work.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Exactly. So it's similar in like that in the industry that you're in, where you could be in contract. But you're not in that kind of a situation. No, I'm not. That's awesome. You're you're working. Mr. Tough Love

Unknown Speaker 44:10
at a tough love. correct. Upload

Unknown Speaker 44:16
Okay, so I, I wanted to know if there's anything that someone asked you to do during a shoot that you were like, Oh, hell no. Has there been a time like that?

Unknown Speaker 44:27
No, I mean, most of the shoots all the shoots that I've done, I've always worked in the higher level higher echelon of porn. It's more like the mainstream porn that you say. It's more like browsers, reality kings, things of that nature. So I mean, we're run by visa. And that's who really holds our balls and visa is the credit card company. Wow. I did not know that. The VSA holds. They're in charge of compliance and compliance as they look over our seeds and they decide what is allowed and what is not. So if I can't Excel it I'm not going to shoot it, you know. So we have a lot of rules. And corn has very strict, it's more stricter than a movie. Like you can do whatever you want in a regular movie you see on TV can't do anything that shouldn't porn. We are way stricter people think it's like these cowboys around wherever they want. Not at all. It's a very strict industry.

Unknown Speaker 45:19
For example, I mean, what's something that you might think that you'd be able to do in porn, but you can't? You can't do it.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
Okay, say I'm fucking a girl and a dog runs across the back of the scene. Mm hmm. You can't take that you can't have an animal within the scene.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
Yeah, something say Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
Say, say you and I are talking and you call me daddy over and over again? Nope. You can call me step daddy. But you can't call me. Really?

Unknown Speaker 45:47
No, I totally kind of kind of see. But like, isn't porn all of? Like, there's probably a lot of things

Unknown Speaker 45:56
you care about step Daddy, it's always step daddy. If you and I are in a scene and you have a drink in your hand, and it looks like it could be an alcoholic beverage. Nope. Really? Now you're now you're looking abbreviated. If you're in a scene, and I pretend to give you drugs, nope. There's a lot of rules. And but this is all with,

Unknown Speaker 46:18
like a more established company like razors. brazzers.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
Yes, that's all I've ever worked towards established companies. I mean, there are like underground companies. But those underground companies aren't being billed through a direct billing company such as visa. Got it, so that they might be on like the dark web or whatever. I don't know what goes on there. But I mean, anything goes on the dark web, but like actual real porn that you can see also great Pornhub Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 46:45
monitored. Have you ever done any like fetish porn or anything that would be described as you know, extreme.

Unknown Speaker 46:53
level but extreme. I've worked with a lot in BDSM. And that's kind of where I learned a lot about my my character for Carl. I worked used to work with a lot where I played a DOM cake. Okay, I nk o kink. So it's real big in the fetish world as far as BDSM goes. And that was pretty cool. I learned a lot about that world because it wasn't something I came from. Yeah. That would provide pretty beach more on that side that I worked in.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
Have there been any embarrassing moments on set?

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Yeah, yeah. I mean, the normal shit that you the craziest thing you could think of yet happened? You know?

Unknown Speaker 47:33
I mean, Kendra, she shared with us a story about one time she was coming into a shoe and they hadn't not cleaned up from the last shoot. And she slipped in a puddle of KY jelly and ate shit.

Unknown Speaker 47:49
I was like, Oh, that is a good story.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
Yeah, I mean, anything you can think of. I mean, doing anal scenes. I'm getting shit on.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
Oh, that's not embarrassing. That's uncomfortable.

Unknown Speaker 48:01
You name it. Your close up with real life. happens. Yeah, okay, well, girls have their periods. I mean, chicks suck in a deck, and it's too much gagging she poops that's not one of the chicks. puke Stern, dirty throat can't use it. Check it out.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Yeah, see? And now that I feel like that is a fetish that like you would see on maybe the dark web or a less established site. I think it's a fetish because you can get it as easily. Yeah, anything that's like taboo, or like yeah, you know, you're not supposed to do then turns into a fetish.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
But that's human sexuality. I don't get it. Like I just, I'm weird. I just like policy. That's it. Most people they have to have this long elaborate script of that is my daughter. And I'm fucking her and I'm blackmailing someone. These are the key the key search like no, incest is the number one key sir. In the world. Number one is incest. Number one, this world sucks. A little bit sucks. But it that's what it is. That's a fact. That's bad. But that's not to say like what and then part of the top five is blackmail they want to see people fail. They want to see resistance like the woman act No, no, no. And then she gets in Yeah, like if I just walk in and fuck that check. There's it's not there. They want to see they like the dominance they want to see a take in like force. Yeah, people want to see fucked up shit. And yeah, end of the day. I'm producing entertainment. It's kind of like you'd be in a fighter right? If you went in there and you did what you had to do to win, or you went in there guns blazing and put on a fucking show. What's good To sell better whether you win or lose,

Unknown Speaker 50:02
yep, that's true. You would I mean, I'm, I'm actually shocked that you said you just like, you know, you said, Oh, I'm weird. I just like pussy because there's kind of like, you know, when you when you start to do something it's you know, whether it's like let's say alcohol or drugs or you know, porn. There's this sense of like always wanting more, more more, right? So, you get these people that are like watching this crazy downward spiral of porn. And I'm thinking to myself, like, oh, Charles probably watches some weird, crazy shit, because he's seen it all, and must need more and more and more stimulation. But that's not the truth. I don't watch anything. I don't watch porn. I

Unknown Speaker 50:44
wish every day. I don't have a sex life outside of work. I really? Oh, every day I'm working. The last thing I want to do is fuck.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
Okay. I have to talk to you about Charles a sex live because, you know, I'm sure you have had partners. You know, you said that you had the girlfriend in Huntington Beach. So, you know, are you single? What's your dating status right now? I'm an old lady. You got an old lady. Okay. Are you comfortable talking about her? vaguely?

Unknown Speaker 51:14
Yeah, we can talk I don't want to get too much into our sex life. Yeah, personal. Okay. Well, I was just gonna ask Is she in the industry? No, I know I like very conservative women. very conservative. I've never really I've never dated a girl and she's wow a cup of tea. That's nothing against them. It's just not my cup of tea. Okay, I like my woman to be just for me I don't want to share I don't want to make her public I've always kept my my girl hidden away No one knows who she is God and she obviously because people people in this industry will not in the industry with fans will try to ruin your relationship. I mean, people are not so anything I care about I keep talking to Why do you guys have a

Unknown Speaker 52:00
you know, what is normal? But you know, normal relationship would be we only have sex with each other. Obviously you work but sometimes you might think that if you have the job that you have, it would be okay to have sex with other women even if you're not working or is there any kind of rules?

Unknown Speaker 52:18
No, we don't have rules but no i i don't give a shit about sex outside of work as i said i work almost every day on that. You know I don't hang out with women Really? I have my lady so the woman I spend time with and then I have hang up the homeys that's really it. You know it's just yeah, I'm not interested in dating or people all the time and oh my god is wild party guy with all the porn stars like that. You know that that's a guy that's not a successful porn talent. I need to stay hungry when I come to that table. Yeah, I don't need to add to Yeah, it has worked for me number one like it kind of goes back to my work ethic number one is always work like yeah, here though. I'm not here for a lifestyle porn is not my lifestyle. porn is my business. And this is my lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
And I really like that you're hi I've never heard anybody talk about the porn that they do the way that you talked about Carl tough love just the way that he wants to give women you know, some confidence and everything that comes in to curl tough love. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
I get like what the fuck are you doing here today? Why are you on my show? Why is it you sought out Carl? Why do you want to be treated like this? What's going on in your head? And I want to figure that out and try to help them you know?

Unknown Speaker 53:39
So you you know tell me if I'm praying too much about your you know your personal life but you know someone who's not someone like you who's who's out in the virtual world do you virtually date you know D or do Would you like to you know meet your women old fashion you know at the bar that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Oh, I said I don't date I don't fuck with women at all. Like I go to work and I have sex. I mean, oh, Lady at home and we have a private personal life and that's like, we don't swing you don't know.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Okay, well, good to know.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
I have no interest in sex outside of my relationship. Outside of work in the past dangerous It's dangerous. I couldn't imagine having sex with a chick that I meet at a bar that's just nothing but dangerous. Girl they fucking work there on camera and they're getting consent. Yes, you can do this. Yes, you can do that. It's very essential. We go overboard what I can do. They are tested as TD tested their COVID I know what I'm getting into. They're signing their fucking rights away I'm signing my rights away and now we can play now we can have a good time. At the end of it. I wipe my hands clean they walk away they're happy I'm happy we're good to go there's no pregnancy there's no STD there's no way I'm fucking with some chick at a bar. That is insane.

Unknown Speaker 54:59
Yeah. When you put it that way, you know consent. STD checks. No pregnancy is like, oh, seems like a way to go porn is the way to go.

Unknown Speaker 55:09
Yeah, I have nothing. I have nothing but to lose. If I'm just hooking up with chicks. It's just dangerous. What did they say? I did something. You know, I mean accusations. I don't know any of the chicks I work with outside of work. I believe the accusations, accusations have been through the roof lately. I don't want to run those risks. This isn't worth it. So my life is too good to fuck it up. By trying to go with extra credit. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Yeah, and I don't think you have time for extra credit. Let's just face it.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Okay, so we're at the point of the show where it's called lightening sex round.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Basically what we just talked about, but we're gonna, you know, rattle off some phrases or words to you. You're just gonna say yes, no and move on. Keep it going. Ready? Okay, dirty talking bed.

Unknown Speaker 56:05
No space.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
How do I answer this?

Unknown Speaker 56:08
As as Charles because I'm like, well, is that what you mean? You're like tough desert.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
So I just say yes or no.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
Yep, yes or no? Okay. Do you want to throw something else in there for a second? Go ahead. All right. So dirty talking bed. Yes. No, no. Okay. No. surprises, okay. Spank or like to be spanked. No.

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Biting. I get spanked. I would spank as opposed to like this.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Got it. Biting. No, choking. No. threesomes? No, do do you watch porn? You said no. No. Any foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 56:46
I like it. I do. I like

Unknown Speaker 56:48
any bodily fluid fetish. No. bondage like ropes blindfolds. No. Role Playing. No. But stuff on you or a partner? Neither. Neither. Do you sex toys. No. ever been to a sex club? Yes, or swingers party? Yes. All right. Congratulations. So you have completed and the last question before we do our two little segments is Who would you like to hear on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 57:25
That's a good question. Who out there? Ah. Chocolate out.

Unknown Speaker 57:29

Unknown Speaker 57:30
you know what? I really feel like we can make that happen. A lot of friends that are friends with him. Ian McCall. You know, Uncle creepy. Of course. I met him at Dr. castles. Yeah, he's he's the homie. He was actually our first guest guest episode number one. You're in number 20. Wow. We're really trucking along here. Okay, yeah, let's see if we get chocolate delaune. So now time for Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 58:03
Go. I think we're done. We're done here. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 58:08
now I would I think with this one. First, I have to say thank you to my creative associates, Pat and Dan Kenny. They're always helping me come up with these hilarious little tidbits. Also. You guys don't be so sensitive. Okay, so with that said, you got to choose one to fuck marry and want to kill. Ready. Go. Kylie Jenner. Kris Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner.

Unknown Speaker 58:34
I don't even know the difference between the three.

Unknown Speaker 58:41
Okay, Kylie is young. Chris is the mom and Caitlyn is the dad who is now

Unknown Speaker 58:49
the mom. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Okay, I would marry Caitlin because that that was a an Olympic athlete. So I'm assuming it's a good strong work ethic. Maybe somebody to work out with spend time with that would be the best. I love hanging out with homeys I love funk. I prefer younger checks. So let's go with the young rod. Kill Chris. Then kill Chris. There we go.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
All right. Cool. Good job.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Okay, so the last segments called fan question.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
These are real fans real questions. Specifically for you. You ready?

Unknown Speaker 59:37

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Okay, at Joey Latour says, Can you ask Charles deira What is the secret to get this porn star money shot?

Unknown Speaker 59:49
I don't know if I if I knew that answer. I would have Peter North loads. It's all it goes back to what I say everything in life. It's all genetics. I mean, you can eat zinc zinc helps you thicken it up and make it wider like I've got somebody like that thickest creamiest calm but I don't have the volume that I wish I did. If I knew the secret to volume I would be getting paid bigger checks.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
Is that true? They want the more the better.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Correct. Peter North was famous for posting huge amounts of ejaculate.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
That's crazy

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
zinc. Like I said, we're not equal. You know, everybody has a different fucking ability to do different things.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
Yeah. Okay. Great answer. At its underscore Strasse wants to know how many times a week do you have sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
At least five. At least five. Yeah, you need to rest a madman can't overtrain

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Okay, at optimism saltin What has been your longest relationship?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
I'm probably 14 years.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Okay, we did not get into that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Okay. Surprising but but cool. At Stacey fitness journey. Would you ever sleep with a fan?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
Would I ever sleep with a fan? No, that's fucking scary.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
I have to tell you. I was shocked at the aggressiveness of some of the women on my on our Instagram. You know, hook me up with Charles Bobo. Do you know her? Personally, I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
not a matchmaker here by gatos.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
This guy seems to know you work at jujitsu. hex says will there be

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
the homie that's the homie.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
He says will there be a resurrection of father Carl in the future?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
That's a good question. I wasn't planning on it. But if he writes me a script, I'll certainly do. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
At Rainey, Ra ny underscore beers 18 wants to know, how can a young man get his start as a pornographic actor?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
Okay, get your porn. Number one, you have to have a big cock. I'm the only successful guy with a small cog in the world. You need to have a big car. That's number one. Number two, it has to work well. Once you have those two things, come see me and I'll contract you to be on top of

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
it's great. I'm looking. I'm looking for a replacement for Carl. So if you've got a big car, and listen, you think you'll be able to use it all the time. Everybody says that. You can't it's most guys can't. But you know what if you've had that big cock and you really think you can, I'll give you a shot.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
That's great. See you helping people.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
I need someone to take over for me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
that's it's all about passing the torch pass them.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
At Carla Esparza one says

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
she's got I know Carla.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
She's always asking questions. The little perf card. She says it's a it's a three part but you could just answer whatever you want. One would you do an MMA themed porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
No, I would not. I've been offered that before and I haven't done it because I like to keep my martial arts separate. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
yeah, actually come heard about a Grappler who was sexualizing jujitsu and kind of profiting off of that and you know, it's one thing to kind of do that when you're not actually in the sport but to cross those lines was like oh, that's that's kind of weird because yeah, then when you go and really roll with some dudes, it's like Hey, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Yeah, they doesn't he don't take it seriously. And you got to respect the art and respect the sport. Respect the belt respect at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
pervy Carla says, Have you ever had sex with any MMA fighters?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
No, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Have you ever lost Carla question? Have you ever measured your penis? What What were your findings? If so?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
The findings is very, very scientific.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
Oh, yeah, of course. I've measured my penis. I'm not sure where the measurements should go. But I was let down so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
Okay, Carla, you know what, you just gotta go to tough love and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
get all the measurements for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
Tough Love for your viewing pleasure, Carla. Okay. All right. Thanks for the questions, Carla. Yeah. Okay, last question at farshid farshid dot k four m says Who is your favorite porn star?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
Oh, yes, that's a tough one. And it puts me in a bad position to answer them. I came out and said Oh, this one like interview with Kendra Kendra last like, it's not. I mean, it's great. Question but at the same time, it's always heard me, and it's too hard to narrow it down to one. You know what, but

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
that's not your last question. Just delete, delete, delete. Okay, your last question is from black models love. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
Back models?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
Do you like black girls? And can you please perform with more black girls?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
You know, I got a bunch of come down on top of

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Okay, Charles, you are the man. You are Mister. Mister stud shit on Instagram. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Yep, Stacia. That's my my new

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
brand of clothing. It's awesome. It's awesome. And I really want to check out, Carl tough love because actually everything that you said like the root of it. I don't know. I love it. I like the I like what you're what you're trying to promote. They're

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
awesome. Awesome. We've different series on there. And there's a series called tough love. And that's where I get deeper into that. And then the other series are just more comical or fun or just different genres. So check it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
Keep doing you keep working hard. I love your work ethic. And thank you so much for being on the show. Maybe I'll see you around in the gym.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
Thanks for taking the time. And hopefully I'll see you over class or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
Okay, bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
This is a man.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
This is a man.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
But it wouldn't be nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
Without a woman.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
Holy crap. That's 20 episodes in the books. I love getting to talk to different people with different backgrounds, different professions, different perspectives. But at the end of the day, they are really the same as you and I professional fighting is looked at with a raised eyebrow, as is the adult film industry. Maybe that's why the title sex and violence always gets the extra eyebrow raise when I tell people the name of the podcast, double trouble. But let's keep our minds and our hearts open to all types of lifestyles and professions. We all can't be doctors and lawyers can we? Someone's got to do the fucking and the fighting. And that's that's us. So we're back next week with a fighter who just headlined a Bella Tour event this past month. She holds many firsts in the sport and you won't want to miss but she has to say if you like this podcast, please help it grow need to share it or like it or send it to someone. Also, if you can write us a review that'd be awesome. We'll send you guys some stickers we told you about that. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ soul at DJ so tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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