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Episode 21: Liz "Girl-rilla" Carmouche

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Sex and

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sex and violence. Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and the altie taboo subject, sex.

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I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan

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Now let's talk about a six. And by the way,

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what's happening hot stuff,

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and we're back and we're back with it is spooky season? And I'm very sad because like I talked about last week, I just don't know what I'm gonna do for Halloween. I mean, we are already wearing masks. And are there going to be parties? Can we go out? Very, I'm very confused. So if you guys have any suggestions on what's going to happen for Halloween, send them to our DMS I'm baffled. I need to celebrate somehow Karla by the way. Carla's birthday is tomorrow She is 1010 so everyone go wish her a happy birthday. She is a birthday diva. She'll be celebrating her birthday all month long. She's one of those. Yeah, we usually all dress up and go hang out and so hopefully something happens I don't know. But this month is gonna be fun because every single weekend we have a UFC fight starting with this weekend tomorrow we have Mariah versus San Hagen that that fights gonna be epic. But more importantly, we got a girl Tracy Cortez on the fight card. She's a sex and violence with rebel girl alum and a great human if you guys have heard her episode, so I know she was gonna fight a girl named Bay or back. I probably pronouncing it wrong, but she had to pull out so now she has a new opponent doesn't really matter who she's gonna fight because she's gonna win. She's awesome. And that's this weekend. So tune in. I believe it's on. It's actually the last card in Abu Dhabi before they head back to the apex center. Then October 17 Ortega versus the Korean zombie who that is going to be a good fight. And we also have another alum on that card. October 17. We have our girl Gillian Roberts, so she's probably not smoking weed right now even though she wants to. But let's all tune in and watch her and root for her. Then we got October 24. That's UFC 245. Habib, and he I mean, come on. If you're not fired up about this fight. Are you really even an MMA fan? Are you I mean, come on. I don't know who's gonna win. It's just I know, it's one of those fights where you don't know who's gonna win, but it's gonna be a damn good fight. So that's on October 24. And our girl Cynthia calvillo is fighting on that card. So she's fighting lucky Lauren Murphy. I feel bad because I've met Lauren before in person very sweet girl actually love her background story. You know, I won't say anything. Actually. I would love to have her on this podcast someday so but I kind of go with Cynthia. I think she's gonna get that w even though lucky Lauren Murphy has been on quite the run lately. So and then we got Halloween if I don't find something to do, I'm going to fucking I don't know what to do. But at least we can you know, last resort. Just watch the UFC fights. We have Uriah Hall versus the goat. Anderson Silva. That's a awesome fight. So I don't even I don't even know who else is on the card doesn't matter. Just that fight alone is worth watching. So October is gonna be a great month. I hope all you guys have lots of plans even though the world is weird. And yeah, be sure to wish Carla Happy birthday. That's it for my update. Guys. If you like this podcast, please help it grow. rate and review us on Apple or Spotify or anywhere else you listen. Also, if you'd like a free sticker, I still got a couple left. You know they're running out so write that review. Send us your address to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl. There's also a backup account you should follow it's at sex and violence with rebel girl number two. all right now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is a bellator flyweight contender with an extensive list of accolades. Not only is she a UFC veteran, but she was the first openly gay athlete in the UFC. first female fight in the UFC and first female marine UFC fighter If it isn't clear already, this Trailblazer of MMA isn't afraid to be who she really is, and is leading the way for others to do the same thing. I'd call her an LGBTQ superhero, and amazing role model, no matter how you identify, we talked about growing up gay in Japan, her surprising spirit animal secretly dating women in the military, being catfished finding the lesbian dating app scissor, and so much more. Here is your guest, Liz, gorilla carmouche.

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Till I can get my satisfaction. Okay,

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we have Liz gorilla on the podcast today. Thank you so much for joining us live. Thank you. So I want to get into the violence and then we'll get into the sex aspect.

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Okay. Sounds good.

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Let's get the boring stuff out of the way and then into the juicy topics.

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So we know that you are this badass female, you're a former UFC fighter. So your UFC vet, but now you fight for bellator. And you just made your bellator debut against a very tough one, Deana Bennett, correct?

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Yes, that's great. Okay, I

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watched that fight. She's a tough cookie. And you know, a nice girl too. So I was like, Oh, be the best fighter when,

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you know,

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I did have my money on you just because of all your accolades. And, you know, even the opponents that unfortunately, my last two were just, you know, the test toughest of the tough. So I'm happy congrats on that. And I kind of just want to know, what's next moving forward.

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So there's some rumors out there. I mean, I'm hopeful for with both tour like I told everybody is my relevance in the UFC and the ranking that I was able to acquire there doesn't really play relevance to me in bellator, I want to work my way up the rankings and pay respects to the people that have been taking the time and the work and building up that division and let them have their first, their first go at the belt. Of course, there's an opportunity for me to slip it and go for it. I'm all about it. But I know how I felt when I was in the UFC and people that weren't even ranked were going up and fighting before I could say the last thing I want to do is pay that disrespect and do anybody like that. But again, like if the if the opportunity is there, I'm all for it. At this point, I'm just telling balls, or Hey, anybody you want to give me I'm ready, I just want to keep fighting, get as many fights as I can and before the year is over.

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Okay, so you know, first of all, that's a very kind stance, you know, I think, I don't know if everybody would be so generous as you I think a lot of people were like, you know, scuse me and skip the line. But there's, you know, minalima talked about the crazy possibility of you and her fighting for the 125 pound belt, if that ever does happen, which is not too crazy. It's just crazy, because you guys are awesomely close teammates and friends.

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How, how would you guys go about that?

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You know, so we've talked about it for a while. I mean, we've we've competed side by side and potentially against each other since we're both purple balls. I mean, we competed in a jujitsu tournament. And our coaches said, like, Look, if you guys end up being at any point facing each other, you need to tell them that you're not going to compete against each other, or you're willing to just tap out on the mat. We then proceeded to walk away from the goal like you and I both know, right, if we get up there, we're gonna throw it on harder. Anybody else? Yeah, cool. And it didn't end up happening. But we at every point that that possibility is in there. We've always said regardless what the coaches say, We're going out there and if there's anybody we'll we'll do the hardest we can just against each other. And that still stands true I honestly for coaches, it seems harder than anything. They almost want to be like just let the cut man go in there and we're not even going to go in because how can you coach against your friend against somebody you consider to be family and a teammate? Yeah. So as far as the dynamics of how the coaching aspect work, I don't know but believe it or like it doesn't matter if you see the cut men will go on

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in both are extremely seasoned veterans that with, you know, high profile opponents on your record, and you know, and I think that it would almost be comical in a sense because Tell me if I'm wrong, but you know, when you train with someone and you kind of learn their little tells, you know, the moves, so it's like, I feel like it could almost be like a choreographed, you're like alright, you know,

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Lima does this low single so I'm gonna do this. Yeah, absolutely. I

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feel like that's exactly how it look like did did they plan this out and I could honestly see fight fans coming out of it with the conspiracy that whoever it was that lost through the fight intentionally, just because of our experience with each other. I mean, I've been there for her since day one. I was the first person that signed her up at the gym. I've helped her through every single fight camp call cornered her for majority of them. So somebody might think like, Oh, yeah, you guys choreograph that? No, we just we've trained together that long that we know. Every little thing that we do.

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Yeah, but I think I mean, I don't know you both super well, but I feel like just the type of women and competitors you are, I can see you both going out there. And somebody's getting knocked out because you're just throwing blows. And everybody's like, john on the floor, like, Oh, I did not see that come in.

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Oh, yeah, definitely. I know how competitive both of us are. And just like we said that if it's in the tournament, like, well, just let them snap, let it happen to sleep. It's I wouldn't be any different to fight, like, just put it all on the line. If I'm gonna snap to anybody. It's gonna be you.

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That's awesome. Well, I it's weird, because I said the same thing to ilima. I'm like, I hope that happens, or I don't have like, I'm confused as a fan. And a friend of you guys, you know, I'm like, I don't know, I wouldn't know who to root for. But at the same time, you it's two people, you know, Manalo is your coach, right? Yeah. So it's two of them. And all those people fighting for the belt, like, better than one? I don't know. That's a weird, crazy situation. I'm sure it's happened in the past, but

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okay. And I'm sure like for our friends, and for the members that participate the gym that we both train that they're gonna be like, Who am I supposed to root for? Just root for 10th planet? home, it doesn't matter. Who's it for it's coming home. That's all that matters. Yeah, it's

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a win win for 10th planet, that's for sure. So, I know you said the very gracious, you know, comment earlier of, you know, whoever they put, you know, throw at me, you know, I want to work my way up in the rankings. But is there anyone on the roster that you're like, I hope at least at one point I get to fight her?

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Honestly, all the women on the roster, I mean, the the benefit that I had on being able to corner Lima is I had a close cage view of all her opponents, I feel their skill set. And honestly, that division is just building up. And everybody that's coming in, is getting so much better when they enter into it that everybody looks really appealing looks at great opponents, I think would make a great matchup. I can't see stylistically anybody in that division not being a great matchup for me.

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Yeah, yeah, I believe you're gonna have a dominant run, you know, it's gonna be a it's a good place for you. Now, just real quick, I don't know if it's a touchy subject, but you left the UFC range number four, and you were coming off of wins. Can any details on why you left the UFC?

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So what I was told, and what the rumor mill came down to was that I had already faced all the people that they had as prospects to build up to be the contenders to fight Valentina. and hoping that they would be the next rising star. And I was kind of supposed to be they're walking, they're walking that enter, like, congratulations, welcome to UFC promotion, make a name. And that didn't happen. So they're like, we really don't have anybody for you. All the girls have said no. So we don't have any possibility you lost one year out.

Unknown Speaker 13:07
Wow, that's a fun way of doing it. Yeah, exactly. And this is how you treat the first openly gay fighter. First, Marine, how dare you UFC? Well, honestly, I think a lot of people who didn't get the respect that they deserved in the UFC are now reaping the benefits of many things. Financial, you know, organization love fans. You know, I think that Bella Torre has a lot to offer. So I think I mean, you seem like you're happy already. But you just you've only had one fight with them, correct?

Unknown Speaker 13:43
Yeah, that's correct. It's just the one fight we had the original one and made but because of COVID. I mean, everybody that was booked it across the board for every organization have the same issue and that their original fights got cut, but they were able to rebook me last month, so it worked out anyway.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
But no one on the no contract inked at this moment. Nope, nothing yet. Right. I'm waiting at the edge of my seat.

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Okay, so enough talk about that fighting stuff. But let's get let's get down to it. And I want to get to know Liz carmouche. On a personal level. All right. I don't think it's any secret that you are an openly gay fighter. So I usually ask the guests How do you identify? Just to be clear, are you gay or bisexual?

Unknown Speaker 14:27
I am gay. Yes, gay.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Okay, so I really didn't do any research on your

Unknown Speaker 14:36
gayness award. I mean, I think it is. I mean, there's a bar there's how well on the scale that you hit for gayness. So I imagine it does have to be a phrase.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
I don't think it's the right word, but I didn't

Unknown Speaker 14:50
do any background on you. Your, your gay background. I don't know what to say this. I'm sorry. You know, I could have I know that. You've done a couple of interviews. Like I saw you had an article and out magazine and stuff like that, but I just want to learn her story on my podcast. So I want to know, you know, it's different for everybody. When did you know you were gay? And when did you come out? Because it's not always the same date?

Unknown Speaker 15:16
No, not even close to the same. Okay. I had suspicions since I was young since I was a little kid. But I mean, I can remember, I don't know, maybe kindergarten and telling I have a younger sister, and telling her that I was in love with my teacher who was a woman. And so we she knew, since we were little kids, I mean, we're talking that kindergarten year, what five years old, six years old. But I grew up in Japan. And as far as being openly gay and out, it's not something that you see very often. And I grew up in Okinawa, in particular, and I had never seen a gay couple ever. And you add on top of that, that I also went to a Christian school where we weren't even allowed to play music at school because it was considered a sin. They believed the sex which of course, was a sin. So I was such a closet case. It took it took until I was 22. Before I finally accepted and came out to myself, I came up to my family and my mom and my sister like, yeah, we've just been waiting for you to tell us Sherlock. With what age was is it 2222 Oh, man. Okay. Very late bloomer. And Previous to that I had, I had dated a guy for about two years. And he, he was super accepting. And I was I told him, I was like, I want to wait till marriage and the party. It's like, yeah, I want to wait till marriage, something just doesn't seem right. I want to hold my hand. I don't want to kiss him. I open the door for him. I pay for a food item. emasculating this poor guy at every turn. He's like, Hey, you really got to stop opening the door. For me. That's my job. Like, okay, just beat me to the door, then. You got to stop paying for food. I'm like, Well, you didn't bring in and you can't pay dollars here. This is how this works. Just certain red flags were like, Yeah, I don't really want him to, like kiss me or anything in public or anything at all. Should have should have let me know. But it didn't. It's a few different experiences took one. Having a friend that was asking me all these questions. I finally had that lightbulb moment, the day before I left for my first deployment in Iraq. And then being out there like talking. I'm like, oh, man, I think I'm really gay. Oh, how do I do this? And it was a marine Cornas. Don't Ask, Don't Tell. So it's not like I can go around be like, Hey, I think I'm gay, but I'm not really sure. Can you help me out? So here I am. Again. In another situation, I just back to back, right. There's no possibility of finding anybody that can help me. And then the unit I was with was on a witch hunt, trying to find homosexuals and help them and get them kicked out of the Marine Corps. So Mike, so I finally admit myself and accept it. But I can't tell anybody. I can't go out and figure this out. So here I am going to Hillcrest trying to go out and, and mingle and see gay couples, but also turning every corner worried that I'm going to get outed by one of the guys in my unit.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
What is hill?

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Hill crest Hillcrest is the LGBTQ community in San Diego. Oh, got it. And again, this is a thing to be right in. No, one of my friends, my dad's gonna he'll crush you'll meet tons of girls. What's Hillcrest? And I didn't fight. I didn't even find out. We had a safety briefing in the Marine Corps. They're like, Okay, you guys are going out in this weekend. If we see you guys in Hillcrest, we're going to out you so don't even go there. I'm like, What is this Hillcrest that everybody keeps talking about? They're talking about drugs and gay people. And it's, it's really bad. It shouldn't go there. And I'm like, get there. I'm like, Oh, this is exactly where I should be.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
My people.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Yeah, so my mom, my sister weren't in California. So when I did do the phone call to them, and they just knew immediately, and then coming out to some friends again, over the phone, I lost some friends, because they were Christian. And they believe that I was going to hell, and they just couldn't stand by me and thought I was making a poor choice. And it was a choice I was making. And then having to explain to him like, this isn't a choice. I tried falling in the way and believing that what I was doing was wrong and trying to be with men. And I was unhappy, and I couldn't accept it. And I'm finally happy and it just didn't matter. And so that was really difficult coming out. But I had so many people that were accepting, they made it really easy for me to make that transition.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
So when you did come out, I know you said you were 22 you were in the military, but you didn't tell the military. You just told people you know, family back home and that kind of stuff. But so knowing you what age were you when you completed your term in the military?

Unknown Speaker 19:34
I got out right before my 26th birthday.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
So does that mean you were like closeted in the military?

Unknown Speaker 19:41
Rogers? Pretty much I did. I dated a woman when I was in and again it was it was super hush hush even. She would because I didn't. When I came to Santa, I didn't have an American license. So I had to get my American license and then I had to get a car. So there was a period where for me to go hang out with her. She had to pick me up, but I would have to lay the chair down. And hide and cover myself at the blanket just to go off base with her because I couldn't be seen with her.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
That sucks, but it's also like sneaky and romantic. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 20:07
yeah. Yeah, I mean, everything's exciting. It's like a movie. Like, Oh, just just dating women is a huge rush. Like,

Unknown Speaker 20:19
this is not healthy. This is not.

Unknown Speaker 20:23
Yeah, so So four years closeted, breaks my heart, you know, I'm just Yes. I've said to you on the phone before I love how nowadays you just are free to be whoever you want to be in your, you know, maybe you always were back then. But you didn't want to, you know, deal with the repercussions and the backlash lash and like you said, losing friends. But like, I can't eat, what would you how if you had to put it in words, that feeling of knowing that you were gay, but not being able to tell anyone.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
I would say it's like pulling a blanket of your head and waterlogging yourself. That's what it felt like. Especially in the Marine Corps, going from Japan, going from the Marine Corps. And in the Marine Corps, it was super scary, because I was worried at every turn that somebody was gonna bust me and I was gonna get kicked out. And that goes as being a negative. It's not like you get honorably discharged. At that time, you get dishonorably discharged. So you can hold certain jobs, some applications trying to get apartments and homes you wouldn't be able to. So I knew that if if I got kicked out for that reason, it was going to ruin my whole future. Yeah. Which is really scary.

Unknown Speaker 21:34
I'm sorry, I'm not up to date on the military and the laws and all that. Do you know if those have changed since then?

Unknown Speaker 21:41
They have. Yeah, it's great. Actually, right after I got out. It was into discussion when Obama was in office. And he ultimately changed it. I think in 2010, I got out at the very end of 2009, December 29 2009. It's like the very end of 2009. And I want to say midway into 2010, he revoked and last don't tell. And it's made a huge difference in men coming out, which I feel like is the slowest of anybody, of course, even transgender people have been able to be open about that, which I thought was gonna take eons for that to happen. And that I feel like is the biggest change that I've noticed is for women to openly be accepted men to be accepted, and even the transgender community to be able to do that. And to make those adjustments while they're in.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Pink you Obama day. Super cool. Okay, so, I love that I love that you finally got to be who you are. You know, I actually, one of my questions was gonna be Did you ever I mean, I know you're strictly tacos now, but ask about burritos. So you did hang out with that guy for a while. So and you knew right off the bat? Do you want to touch you, let alone have sex?

Unknown Speaker 22:54
So I wish I could say that. If I'm being honest and open if I wish I could say that. He would have been like the Okay, well, at least I knew but no, I still had to do the drunken experiences, and figure out after like, 10 seconds like, I really don't like this. And then I feel so bad for any of the guys that tried to hook up with me tried to date me at that time. Because it's so bad for them. Because I'd be like, Hey, I think I dropped my wallet outside and I would just get dressed and just take off and never come back. So these poor guys are just like left in the wake of like, Oh, well at least you know why now like it wasn't it wasn't you. I mean, it could have been you. But it really wasn't you was me. I just wasn't into them.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
He didn't like the Oji ghosting before digital form was

Unknown Speaker 23:42
that climb out a window. any excuse to get out of there. I just like made sure whenever the clothes came off, they were in close vicinity. So I could book it as fast as possible.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
So So what's your dating status? Are you on the market? Are you in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 23:58
I am off the market and married.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Oh, you way off the market way off.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
How long have you been off the market? Two years now.

Unknown Speaker 24:07
Two years and What is her name?

Unknown Speaker 24:11
braelyn braelyn Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:12
she's actually cool. She started following the podcast and just shoot little comments. And I'm like she seems fiery and feisty like her.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Oh, yeah. I always think something's gonna keep me on my toes and and check me she's also she had to we have a son. So she had to take a hiatus for our son and she stays home with him and racism. Which power to her because I spend a week at home. I go back to work. Yeah. But what that also did is it put her amateur fighting career on hold. The way I actually met her is because she has a wrestling background. And she's an amateur fighter that hits like a brick house.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
She's got it all.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Oh, yeah. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 24:49
Okay, how long she been fighting.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
She was only training for about a year or two before she had her son and had to take some time off.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Okay, and oh, You know, that's, that's awesome. So but I mean with with the exception of 2020 she can come back, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the discussion is, is when my fight career is over, I will absolutely support her in any way. As well as being the body she can beat up and make her fight her happen.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Oh, is she younger than you?

Unknown Speaker 25:20
She's seven years younger, so she'll have some time. Yeah, I was gonna

Unknown Speaker 25:23
say, are you quitting tomorrow?

Unknown Speaker 25:27
Okay, so seven years younger. How'd you guys meet?

Unknown Speaker 25:32
in the gym, punching each other on the face?

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Yes, love it first punch.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
I wish I could even say that. But I, I, for one, I have no gaydar. And I think that being closet and shelter for so long, inhibited my ability to to find and pursue women there that are gay. So I didn't catch on to her hitting on me. I thought that she'd be nice. And then she gets a super serious face and RBF when she's in the gym, and so there'd be flirting, but then she gets super aggressive. Like, I think she likes me, but I'm not sure. And I don't want to cross that line because she's a teammate. So let's just keep it outside of the gym. And so it took about two and a half years for me to finally pick up on the fact that she actually wasn't me. Two and

Unknown Speaker 26:18
a half years. I mean, I feel like she could have made a more like direct move in the two and a half year time to so

Unknown Speaker 26:25
you guys, she kind of she kind of did but I'm just that slow. Takes it seems pretty much clubbing me over the head and dragging me to your house before I finally pick up on the q&a.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
Okay, yeah. I feel like you don't hear about that often. Again, with no gaydar.

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Yeah, you don't. I mean, everybody. Everybody to my knowledge seems to think that I'm a player. And I'm really not because I'm so awkward. Like I see before my wife like I see one like she's attracting gulps and like to say turn around, walk away. Like, Hey, can I buy you a drink? I find you endlessly like are very abrasive with what they want what they're saying. It's totally lost. I mean, I'll walk out of there at the time like going my friends want. Yeah, they're like what happened? You talk to her? But I don't know. You realize she was totally into you? I don't think so. Are you kidding? She'd no she came up to us and said she was Oh, why messed up? Let's just go like what is wrong with you go back.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
gaydar I think your social cues might just be off woman.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
My social cues are off as well as like having I have to ask people do you think she's gay? I don't know. She touched my arm. Does that mean she's gay?

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Have you ever been before you're married? Have you ever been approaching a woman? You know? Probably not. Since you said do you have? You know, you know, do that. But have you ever been put in a situation where like, Okay, I'm pretty sure she's gay. And then you went in and you're like, well,

Unknown Speaker 27:53
not gay. Yes. Oh, man. meeting a woman who played softball, and she was interested in learning in me, because it always finds where I find people. They're like, Hey, can you teach me? And in my early days, I was like, Yeah, absolutely. Of course I can. No, I'm like, No, I'm not. You're free transit into MMA. Nobody has time for that. I don't have time for that. So I thought like, she gave me her number. So we should hang out. She thought it was really cool. talking to each other and everything. And then finally one of the days meeting up with me. He's like, yeah, you know, I think you'd really like my boyfriend, boy. Oh, oh, give me your number. All this. All right. I was totally wrong. I have no gaydar. So bad at this. I just say that that happened more often than not. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:44
really? Okay. Well, I mean, you're married now. I've always wondered, and I didn't get a chance to ask Nina and Amanda. Actually, it was just Nina that we had on and off. And we had on T shirt and Raquel and I could ask them but I want to ask you, what's the best part of being in a same sex marriage?

Unknown Speaker 29:04
communicate well, okay. I don't know for men, but for women is communication. Being able to be open and be vulnerable and not feel judged and have somebody that understands when it's like, Okay, I'm on my period, and I have crazy emotions for no apparent reason. And I'm irrationally thinking and they totally understand they're like, I reciprocate What's going on? And it's it's fine. And having somebody that will go binge eat with you, because they're also having junk food.

Unknown Speaker 29:31
I am that's such a good answer. Right now. I literally, and I talked about my boyfriend on the podcast, it's I'm very open with it, but you know, and he's just like, Oh, I'm not gonna listen, but I just had a little conversation we will say and I was just so emotional. And he's literally just like,

Unknown Speaker 29:47
why are you crying? And I'm like, cuz I cry. He's like, okay, but stop crying. And I'm like, you can't just tell me to stop cry. doesn't work like that. You're not so post to say is don't cry. I know cry or Can't you need to calm down? I'm like, Oh, don't

Unknown Speaker 30:05
you tell me to calm?

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Chill, like okay, well, fine. I'm gonna go marry a woman.

Unknown Speaker 30:13
That's awesome. Okay, let's

Unknown Speaker 30:14
talk about Liz. Pre married marriage. Okay. Okay, I happen to know that you've had a couple online dating situations and I really really eager to hear about them a Lima les told me this, I usually talk to the guest and say, you know, do you prefer to meet someone in person? Or are you kind of hit with this millennial trend of swiping left and swiping right. So first, what do you prefer? And second, what's your perfect scenario to meet a person?

Unknown Speaker 30:46
So I definitely prefer meeting in person, I think getting to know who they are, when you can meet face to face as opposed to who they can create is definitely my preference. But with that being said, I also understand that like, I'm super awkward. So the possibility of me being able to like pull that off. isn't very good. So let's just go off the superficial. And I definitely was on most of the dating apps. I mean, there's been plenty of fish and Tinder before my wife.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
Yeah, plenty of fishes is dated. I feel like I feel like you know, is it still around?

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Yeah, plenty of fish. I found out so I was originally just on Tinder, especially because I would say I went through a phase where I was just like, Look, I'm not good at dating. I'm just too awkward and the way that my lifestyle is, let's just do the asshole route and just be like what everybody calls a fuck boy, but the lesbian version that just seems to work better. My favorite. Okay, so I decided to go that route. And just let's just do 100% superficial. But then people started telling me like, yeah, lesbians don't use Tinder. You have to go on plenty of fish. It's like what? But then talk to more people like Yeah, but it's for dating. I'm like, okay, but tenders the hookup app, why I'm not looking to date. Just get straight to the needs and move on from there. Yeah. So I spent more time on Tinder just swiping left swiping. Right. And that seemed to kind of work in my favor. But I had some really weird experiences on Tinder to say the least.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
So this was probably pre Bumble, right?

Unknown Speaker 32:12
Oh, yeah, that's pre Bumble.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
Because what I'm understanding is that Bumble, it's not necessarily for the gays, but it's like you can you know, it's more of a hookup app, but the woman Yeah. Okay. People people have to agree. I mean, I'm not super versed in it, but and then Are there any I know there's Grindr? But is that just for men?

Unknown Speaker 32:33
So there's an app called scissor pass.

Unknown Speaker 32:37
Very original. Guys. What do they do? The scissor? Yeah. Good job, Bob. What? What's the one the only the lesbians gonna do? Yeah. Great. Great idea.

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Yeah, I didn't get on scissor eggs. Mostly just on Tinder and plenty of fish.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
It's really called scissor.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
scissor. Yeah. Okay. Moving on.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
I bet a dude created that app. covad. Yeah, there's

Unknown Speaker 33:08
no ways that a woman did.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
The originality is ridiculous. Okay, so, so you're on your Tinder. And, you know, you're trying to find some hookups. Have you been catfished?

Unknown Speaker 33:21

Unknown Speaker 33:22
Oh, yes. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I'm so sorry. But yes.

Unknown Speaker 33:25
Tell me your story.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
So I had two experiences. One, when I decided like, Okay, you know what? I'm in person dating isn't working. I don't know where I'm supposed to meet lesbians. I mean, maybe there's like some special callsign that goes into the sky. I don't know where this place is. I didn't get the memo. And this is not working for me. I don't know where the lesbians are. I'm failing at life. So I was like, Okay, well, next best thing is let's do Tinder. The problem was is people wouldn't believe it was me. Hmm. So automatically Cuba, there's no way this is Liz carmouche. She can get whatever woman she wants. Like, okay, I wish that was true. But it's not true. woman I won't

Unknown Speaker 34:12
leave you on 100% I really you are way bigger name than I am. And I did the same thing on plenty of fish. And I actually dated a guy for a short time and then, you know, deleted the account went back on after we broke up and came back to a message that said, Oh, the real Ashlee Evans-Smith would never be on here. And I was like, yeah, delete, delete, delete. This is embarrassing. So I never went back on and I just like why is that why can't we as someone with a you know, higher profile or you know, a little famous not be on? Why is it like not socially accepted for you know, us to not be on dating apps?

Unknown Speaker 34:51
I and I don't get it. And I mean, there's plenty of women on there and they kept saying like, there's no way Liz carmouche should never be on here. I'm like, Look, guys, I really wish that was true. And I need somebody to hold my hand to God in the dating scene. And this is the hand. The virtual lab, if you knew me in person, like Yeah, I do great I have. I'm an articulate person when it comes to interviews, and I can stand in front of 1000s of people and talk, but the moment I have to go up to a woman, it's not good.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
It's like you want No, okay, walking away. That's very to make eye contact. I totally get it. I,

Unknown Speaker 35:29
I'm Liz.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I need the best wing man in the world, somebody that is there, they can sweep up everything and help me out not just a wing man. But they need to be ironclad and perfectly what they do.

Unknown Speaker 35:44
So, so what happened specifically with this catfish situation.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
So with the particular catfish is I had finally been talking to a woman on Tinder. And again, same thing, but she was much much nicer about not believing that it was me. Just wanted a picture just wanted a picture to prove it that showed that it was a relevant one. Like I didn't just take it off the internet or take it off my social media. And send her a picture. Okay, cool. So she also changes pictures. What I didn't know is her pictures were from 15 years before Oh, wow. And not relevance our age anymore. So I'm like, Okay, yeah, she looks great. She has a good job. That's great. Good because one of the other people might great conversation super attractive, has no job has no car, I have to go pick her up. That's not going to work for me. I'm all for like chivalry and picking them up. But the first date you have to show me that you're you have something to contribute as well other than just your your winning personality. And in fact, the beauty more than that. Yeah, I'm not gonna be your sugar Mama. It's not gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Did you meet up in person?

Unknown Speaker 36:51
So I kept telling her like, Look, I'd like to get to know you more, because I was worried like that people are like, Oh, you're Liz. And then there'll be so I had this weird fear because one she had told me before that she put a phone up in the bedroom and was willing to record and just not tell me. So then is like super suspicious. Like, fuck if they bring their phone in here, like I don't want a sex tape released. I don't want to do that. I'm not that person. Yeah, so I'm not comfortable. I don't want pictures taken of me naked. I my sports bra in my underwear weighing in that's as close as I get comfortable to being naked. And one step more than that I'm not okay with. So I had that suspicion. And she's like, yeah, you I just really want to be with him. Like, I want to get to know you and see no offense. But if you're dating material, I don't want to go on a date with you. If I don't feel like there's it's gonna go anywhere than that. So finally, I'm like, Alright, you know what? She seems nice. She has a job. Cool. We'll meet up. And we meet up. And we're doing late night coffee, because of course, I'm working till like nine o'clock or 10 o'clock at night. I have a service dog. So I take my service dog as my out like, he's my ticket out of there. Oh, yeah. You know what? I haven't fed him dinner. And he's so hungry. We've been at the gym all day. I can't do them dirty like that. That's cool. That's

Unknown Speaker 38:00
good move.

Unknown Speaker 38:01
Yeah. Perfect out. If that time. I mean, if we're talking about going to a club, then I'm in a whole troubled waters there. But maybe for coffee. We're good. So I drive by trying to find parking. And I see a woman outside. Like that kind of looks like the chicken the picture. But she put on about 20 pounds. And it's not attractive. 20 It's not attractive. I hope that's not her. So I go Park and I'm having that that bad feeling where I'm like, something just doesn't feel right. And she calls me and I'm already like, I have to know you a little bit before I do phone calls and the dating scene like I want to text you. And then once I feel open and get to meet you in person, otherwise, I'm awkward on the phone. So I go Park. As I'm walking up, I kind of do the like, just look over my shoulder. I'm like, Oh, God, I think it is her. And she looks nothing like her pictures. Yeah, and We're the same age. So for her to do pictures for she's 15 years younger. That's great. She's in her 20s she's on her 20s anymore. And that woman was in great shape. This woman is on the like, pushing to the obese side, which I like to pick women, but not obese. I'm just not okay with that. And so she comes up right away. It's like I'm like, oh, like, Oh shit. She saw me I can't possibly and I was like, Oh, hey, sorry. I almost walked past and like warm embrace practices jumping on me. I'm like, Okay, this is awkward. I'm stuck. I can't run off. She saw me there's no way. And I'm like, Okay, well, I'm already counting down like I got like five minutes. I've got to get out of here. How do I possibly disengage and get back to my truck and get the hell out of here. She already catfished me She tricked me into believing that she was way younger and she's not. And or look that she's good looking. We get there and now that we're talking stuff, she has a super awkward keep scooting her chair closer to me. He's touching me. She's like, Hey, I know. You said you had a dog. By looking at your social media and stalking. I'm like, okay, that's creepy. That's already hitting me so weird by just talking. I get like everybody does this talking social media. But again, I'm not That person I want to actually get to know you. Shake. Yeah, I saw your dog Charlie. I'm like, okay, that's that's really creepy. Now, you already know my dog's name. I brought him treats. I was like, haha, he won't. He doesn't like people. He's going to take treats for meal. Oh, well I figure if I can if I can win over your dog and he loves me that I'll win you over Mike. You already put The L Word out there. Oh, man. That's okay. You're You're pooping out pretty bad here. She's like, and I brought these scratcher tickets. I figure if you can if you can win here, you'll win for load. I'm like, oh. And the whole time just touching my leg and like, Hey, I really got to get the dog homie so hungry. You can tell he's stressing out. But I really want to win him over like 30 minutes even tried walking me to my truck. I was like, that's okay. You know like, you have a good night. Let me walk you and again like I'm the shippers person so Marty weirded out that she's trying to walk me? She walks me there clearly tries to go in for the kids. Like, is this the point where we like high five? My dad's just weird, okay. And the moment I disbarred from that she's calling me like, was that just super? Like, why are you calling me right away right away. And then was just blown on my phone. Like, I think I have to change my phone number. She won't leave me alone now. And this is super awkward.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Yeah. Oh, no, everything about that. So she was over the age limit or age that she said over? Wait,

Unknown Speaker 41:30
no, no, she was she was the age but the pictures that she submitted, she was like 23 or picture. Oh, god 24 in your picture. And so I thought like, Okay, well, like she carries herself well, but she was substantially more heavy than that. And definitely age like she'd been in the sun a lot. Look, well, honor. I'm like, Yeah, I know. We're both in our 30s but you look like you're in your 40s I think you've totally got me here lady.

Unknown Speaker 41:57
That's Yeah, that's that's definitely being catfished

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, and I wish I could say that was the only one but there was a few incidents.

Unknown Speaker 42:04
But that was probably the worst one.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Ah, well, the worst one because actually met her in person. So I had to go down or I had to be uncomfortable in person, as opposed to just online. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
Okay, well, any other words you want to share? Feel free because we love We love the stories.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
You see, oh, there was a there's another one where she talking super attractive too. And at that point, like okay, now I'm ready to meet up and I couldn't get her to meet up. And so finally she's like, Look, I need you to come by. I'm in I'm in trouble. I told you. I'm bisexual and my ex boyfriend broke into my house and destroyed my house. And I don't feel safe. Oh, that's like, Okay, well automatically like my protective mode goes up like yeah, I you know, I'm at work, but I'll figure something out. I can come by again. I'm not dating this person yet. We there hasn't been any meetup in person. like, Okay, sounds weird. But I don't remember what she said. But something she said didn't add up. And again, I'm having like, I really feel so comfortable about this. And sent me some pictures of her in a weird reflection with the glass broken like, I just need you. I'm like, I don't know. Ah, and then proceeds to blow up my phone about how I should have been there to help her and I should have rescued her and all these things. Okay, so glad I didn't go over. Yeah. Another creepy one. Drugs and kids drugs are bad. Yeah, you should. Whatever you and your boyfriend are smoking. You should probably stop. It's not good for you. Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 43:32
get a lot of creepers. I am sorry. Well,

Unknown Speaker 43:35
I mean, when you're when you're saying on on doing all the dating apps, you definitely have to get through quite a few to get to the good ones,

Unknown Speaker 43:44
I guess. Yeah. I mean, even on social media. I'm sure you get creepy, the D in your DMS and the trolls and all the I mean, the foot the foot questions. I mean, I have not talked to a female fighter yet that hasn't said she gets numerous requests for feet pictures. And I'm like, it's not it never gets old, but it's always shocking. I'm like, pictures. Still more feet.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Yeah, it hasn't happened in a while. But I know there's What is it? Wikipedia for feet?

Unknown Speaker 44:14
Oh, yeah, we studied this.

Unknown Speaker 44:16
And there's a rating. Okay. So my coach Manolo, he tells me like, Hey, you finally made it onto the Wikipedia for feet. Like what? Like, yeah, do you rate your feet like, have you seen my feet? They're enormous. They're oversized for women. And they've been broken multiple times. Like they're not attractive fees. Like you got a four star rating, but who would give me a four? Have you seen my feet? I've never gotten a pedicure manicure in my life. Those are not the type of feet you want my clip on and I washed them. But those are not the feet you want to give a rating to it should be a negative one star definitely not a fourth star. Yeah, I've had people ask for my worn shoes. And when they asked I was definitely in a place in my life or wasn't making a lot of money I was struggling to get by. So I'm like, Okay, well, how How much will you give me, the cost of the shoe is my what I wear these shoes, I'm not willing to give them up for the cost of them. I want to make some money off of this, especially because I don't know what you're going to do with those shoes later. And it's going to be that thoughts going to be in my head or I'm going to wonder and to be comfortable at night, knowing what you're doing with them. I'm going to need a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
call yourself a real fan. Come

Unknown Speaker 45:21

Unknown Speaker 45:23
So you said earlier that you'd never had a manicure pedicure in your life? And I know you definitely, you know, probably don't like a lot of you know, normal feminine. You know, I don't even like wearing makeup and you know, that kind of stuff. But you seem like you definitely don't you've always natural face, you know, no makeup on. So my question is, you know, you take kind of the quote unquote, male energy in the relationship most of the time. Is there anything where Bri, right?

Unknown Speaker 45:55
Braylon? Yeah

Unknown Speaker 45:56
braelyn? Is there any areas where braelyn? Is the kind of masculine energy? Are you just all masculine all the time?

Unknown Speaker 46:04
No, so we're both alphas. So that makes us relationship really interesting. Definitely, definitely, moments where we get like butt heads, and both of us refuse to be the one to settle and say that it was my fault. There's never my fault in this relationship. Nope, you're wrong. Let's just walk away in agreement. You were wrong, so we're just gonna leave it there. No, I think with Braylon, I'm definitely a lot more emotional and a lot more vulnerable than I am with most people. And when it comes to our son, I'm definitely willing like if he wants, like last year for for Halloween, you want me to dress up as Optimus Prime. And my wife chose the outfit. So not comfortable for me what I would consider myself to be promiscuous, promiscuous, and that it's tight fitting leggings, and a really cut, low cut v neck. For the opposite. It's a female optimus prime is definitely meant to show a lot more than I'm willing to. But he chose it. And of course, it's mobile about let's make him happy. And hey, he wanted me to do it. So we're gonna do this. One, my wife got to enjoy it. I'm like, I'm not comfortable with this at all. And Halloween is gonna destroy groceries and last for about 15 minutes before I run back, and I have to

Unknown Speaker 47:18
you sound like you would do a lot for your son. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
But yeah, for both of them, and I'm the person I wouldn't necessarily say it's a feminine energy to cook and to clean. But I'm definitely the only person that cooks in the house. I take that role because I love cooking. I love baking. And then my wife knows that if she can convey if she can start an argument with me, and we're not agreeing on something that I will then detail clean the entire house.

Unknown Speaker 47:43

Unknown Speaker 47:44
so she'll intentionally pick fights with me just to get me to clean.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
That's a very healthy outlet of like, oh, wish I could hypnotize myself into doing that when I'm upset.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Yeah, I don't think any of the women I've ever dated before picked up on that. But my wife apparently did really early and use the beginning of relationship to pick fights just so I would clean the house because she didn't want to.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
So breeze, breeze, also a fighter. So this next question is, I guess for both of you kind of and you can speak with her. But do you guys abstain from sex before the fight?

Unknown Speaker 48:20
No. When I first started fighting, so I started training in 2010. And there was a study that came out. And it said that for female fighters in general, that it lowered our progestogen and estrogen levels and increased testosterone if we engage in sexual activity, before fight. So I was convinced that I had to do it before every single fight if I was going to win and go out with my best performance. I'm not that obsessive anymore. I mean, especially because like I just went fought, and the COVID restrictions, my wife couldn't come with me. So it's not like okay, well, you're here. Let's do this. You know, it's your responsibility for my fight if you want me to win a burrito, but we got to do this. So I have I'm not as crazy as that. And I think like experiencing that first loss and knowing that, yeah, I had sex before the fight, it doesn't really change things one way or the other. So I'm not as crazy about it. But there was a few years period where I was convinced I had to have sex before my fight if I was gonna report my best, whatever, y'all not as crazy believe in that. I mean, if that's

Unknown Speaker 49:18
what you if that's what makes you feel good. And that's like, part of your like, routine. Maybe obviously, you know, having sex before a fight. That's not winning you the fight, but I know Carla, she has a lot of like, small. I don't want rituals, I guess you would say or what do you call them? Just little, little things that she does before the fight? And I'm always like, well, what if this doesn't happen? What is it? Is this gonna make you, you know, anxious that you might not win? And she's like, No, I just prefer it. So let's just say you prefer to have sex, if you can.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Yes, yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:50
I think every fighter so far has said that it's a myth, and that they do not, you know, agree with that. So you are not any different So as far as sex goes, you, you told me, kindergarten was when you started, you know, kind of liking your teacher and all that. When did you learn about the birds and the bees? And how Oh,

Unknown Speaker 50:14
so I have a hippie mother, who definitely enjoyed the 60s and 70s. So she was very open. And I mean, I think I was, I was getting into my pre teens when she's like, Look, I was living out on my own at this age. I don't know what to do with you. Here's a book about puberty and sex and everything in between. Read it, even you have questions asked me. And I've always been a very shy, awkward human being. That's just true to who I am an introvert. So of course, I'm like, I don't want to ask you any questions I don't even want to talk about. And I think if some if some part of me knew that I was gay, and that's why I didn't want to talk and ask those questions. Because like the idea of like sex with the man, I'm like, Oh, that's really disgusting. I don't want to do and it just didn't occur to me that there's a reason I thought it was so disgusting. And a reason why I always picture myself as a guy kissing the girl being in those shoes. So I think like 10 is probably when she gave me the book. And then when I hit puberty, you know, so not right around the same age. It was I think about 13. And finally, she's like, Look, I anticipated that you were going to come to me with questions and your sister. She's asked everything under the moon has no issues whatsoever talking about this. So we need to sit down and look sex is good. masturbation isn't like no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, stop. No, I don't want to just like Liz. It's perfectly normal to human aka Mike. I know. I don't want to talk about this. Not with you. Not with anybody.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
That sounds like you got a cool mom to me. She gave you a book. So everything is all laid out right in front of you. And then she doesn't even say like, the devil. You know, she just said like, it's perfectly natural. Like, I like your hippie mom.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
Oh, yeah. My mom is is is is a cool person. I mean, all my friends, my friends all knew like your mom's a cool mom. If you want to drink, she's cool. But if you want to try drugs, she just have to do it safely and run them all by her first and do them at home. run them off the natural drugs that the man made drugs.

Unknown Speaker 52:17
So you learned about sex at 10 I know you had a short, short relationship with that, man. Have you ever had sex with a man? Or did you just skip that once you figure it out? You like ladies?

Unknown Speaker 52:31
I wish I could say that I hadn't. But yes, I've had sex with men. And that's why I said like, it was like 10 seconds. And I'm like, You know what? I looked at the door and I'd have to run away.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
They're like, the guys egos like, Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 52:42
suck. I'm saying like, I feel so bad. I wish I could reach out to these guys and be like, Look, I am so sorry. Like it was never anything with you guys. If I ever hurt your ego, I apologize. It wasn't you. Because there are guys out there who I'm sure like she said she was gonna come back and she never did. You know it

Unknown Speaker 52:58
was I'm gonna speak for them. Okay. I think they see you in the UFC with your rainbow flag. bitches out there. Like,

Unknown Speaker 53:08
I don't think it was me.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
So don't feel bad. I think they understand. And then when was your first time with a woman? At what age

Unknown Speaker 53:20
22.2. So

Unknown Speaker 53:21
you figured it out. You're like, let's get started.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
Yeah, I was like, wow, this. I don't want this to end after 10 seconds actually like this.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
So what are some turn ons and turn offs?

Unknown Speaker 53:33
Oh, here we go. That's another one of those areas where again, I'm super awkward. And I have so many little weird things about me little quirks and stuff. I want I can't do smoking. It's such a huge turnoff. Just cigarette smoke. My mom's a smoker. And that's always just and my father was too so both of them being around smoking. Like that's never I never want to be around cigarette smoking. Yeah, so that's a huge turnoff, ditto. Somebody that doesn't have their health in mind is a huge turnoff. And they don't necessarily have to be a fighter and like, and being necessarily great shape and all that but I want their health to be concerned and then to has always been like, Oh, you know, like you're on a diet and, and I'm just gorging out and be like, Oh, you should do this too, is I don't like that. But at the same time a woman with this is ripped as me and has ABS is also a huge turnoff.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
I couldn't find one here. Yeah, exactly. Explain it to my coaches like yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 54:32
don't want to be in the bedroom and create a fire. It just doesn't make any

Unknown Speaker 54:36
ABS rubbing on each other.

Unknown Speaker 54:39
Breaking the bed because both of us are being tough. It's not cute.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
Okay, I understand that. That's actually my boyfriend. I'm like, I always show them pictures on my Instagram like of CrossFit girls. I'm like, look at her abs. I want these abs and he's just like, huh? And I'm like, do you know how much hard work this woman had to do? And he's like steroids. And not everybody. Everyone with steroids is like, Okay, I'm like, rain on my parade. I'm pretty sure I'll never have rock hard ABS even on the scale. I'm like, I see you a little tummy down there. Yeah. Yeah, you got the best abs in MMA you and also in Bella Torre Julia bud.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
Yeah, truly bloods got to say now

Unknown Speaker 55:24
I'm like I could wash clothes on those things. Have you ever? Have you ever been with someone and you know in a sexual situation and they were like, hey, let's do this something too freaky or weird or you're uncomfortable?

Unknown Speaker 55:39
I would say like, definitely in the beginning, everything was uncomfortable. Everything. Yeah, we're like, Okay, can you like, do this? I'm like, Oh, okay. I mean, I'll try it. I mean, one thing that I kind of pride myself as being open minded to even if I'm not comfortable with something, that I want to do anything that my, my partner is comfortable or wants to experience. And it's like, I may not like this, but I'll try it. If you're into it. If it's something you ultimately like, cool, we'll keep going with it. Just don't ask me to necessarily be like, bondage scares me in some ways? Because one, I'm afraid like one, I don't want to hurt them. Yeah, because if I'm dating a feminine woman, it's like, no harder. I'm like, that's a really fine line. But if I do this, we're like, I could really hurt you.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
I'm trying to kill here, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Like, 5%. That's okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:35

Unknown Speaker 56:37
your, you know, you told me you generally have a masculine energy in the bed? Is it the same? Are you submissive at times? Does it go back and forth? Are you just totally the dominant aggressive one?

Unknown Speaker 56:50
I would say that I'm usually the more dominant one. I mean, there are definitely elements. I think if you're the only person that's just the giver, not a taker, that you're kind of kind of leave there and a state being very unhappy. So there has to be given take. But I would say I'm definitely the more dominant one in the bedroom, please. The way

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Yeah, I mean, I would have guessed that Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:09
All right. So you're familiar with the show, which makes this makes this easy. The lightning sex round. Are you ready? I'm ready. Okay, I'm going to tell you a word or a phrase. You just got to go yes or no? Ready? Okay. Dirty talk in bed.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Not for me, but yes, for them

Unknown Speaker 57:33
spank or like to be spanked? Yes. for them. Biting. Yes. choking.

Unknown Speaker 57:41
Oh, fine line. Yes. But very cautiously because I could kill you.

Unknown Speaker 57:47
hair pulling.

Unknown Speaker 57:49
Not for me, but yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
He did. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 57:53

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 57:57
I have. I don't have respect for my wife.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
How nice of you. The whole don't ask don't tell situation going on over here. I'm like, he doesn't watch porn. But in my brain. I know. But I tell myself.

Unknown Speaker 58:10
Guy Of course he does. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:11
no, but I tell myself not my guy. But you know.

Unknown Speaker 58:16
Alright, bondage. Oh, you already said no. Right.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
No for me, but yes for them. Okay, on a fine, careful line.

Unknown Speaker 58:22
Yeah. pineapples are safety word.

Unknown Speaker 58:26

Unknown Speaker 58:28
No, yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:30
But stuff on you are a partner. Yes. Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 58:36

Unknown Speaker 58:36
I've ever been to a sex club. No, but I would. Or a swingers party.

Unknown Speaker 58:43
No, but I would. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Me but definitely

Unknown Speaker 58:50
not under me.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Have you ever worn lingerie? No, never. I know. Well, congratulations. That is the end of the lightning sex round. Always fun. Okay, so fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
I'm so happy that you've been listening to the episodes. This one brought to you by my creative associates. Pat Kenny and Dan Kenny is version chicks you fought before? All right, so you gotta choose fuck one. Marry one kill one. Ready? Okay. Okay, Ronda Rousey? Nisha tape, and Valentina Shevchenko.

Unknown Speaker 59:44
Okay, kill me to tape. Oh, Rob. That one marry Rhonda, because at this point she's loaded. It seems The responsible decision to have a sugar Mama. I like the way you think it only costs trade on fighting. And then fuck vallentuna

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
Yeah, but if you got you and Valentina bone, there's gonna be a fire made she because she's gonna do

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
one night in her place over and done. Get out of there. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
okay. Like, who's gonna be the top? It's so good.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
Okay, awesome. Okay, our last section is called fan questions. These are real questions from your fans already. Okay? At Oceanside. Oh, nine to zero says, Are you proud of your service in the Marines? Do you feel like a role model because you are.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
I am proud of my service in the Marines. I think that I wanted to do so much more. I never saw myself as being an electrician. And being a poke, I saw myself as being hard charging green marine doing Special Forces recon, first line of defense first line of attack. And that was the only thing that was weird to me. Because the one thing as a recruiter is, hey, whatever you do, just don't do anything with electricity, because I have really bad experiences that and that was my job for five years.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
Going buddy didn't like you.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
But what I was able to accomplish when I was in, and dispelling a lot of stereotypes about women, I'm proud about that, and that I stood strong to who I was, and that even during a climate of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and even when a witch hunt was out for me that I stood by and was true to who I was. And I think that for that has made my has made, in my experience a role model for a lot of the people that are serving now.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
That's awesome. And you're right, you have been a role model for so many people in so many different ways, including me. So alley cats, le cat sneakers, wants to know, what was the scariest part of being in Afghanistan.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
The scariest part was being attacked, I mean, being inside the wire and not having an opportunity to know the direction was coming from and having a way to defend myself and attack back when you're inside the wire. And what would happen a lot is they would freeze improvised devices. And then when the sun would come up the heat of Iraq, it would melt it, and then it would shoot off into the base. So the person had already left hours ago, they left in the middle of the night. And there's nothing you can do just to sitting ducks. So when you hear it go overhead, you just have to hope for the best and be wishful that that day isn't your day. But you just don't know. And always I mean, you're sleeping, you're working at any point, you can get hit. And I had a lot of close calls. I had my first tour. And that was probably the scariest part, not just for myself, because I came to terms with that I'm going out here I made this choice to join in a time of combat, and to volunteer to go out to combat. So I know that my life was signed over that there's no guarantee that I'm going to come back from this. But the hardest idea and the scary part was that my family they didn't want that didn't want me to join the Marine Corps or the military. And they knew because they just knew the person I was if someone who's in harm's way, I would sacrifice my life for them. And so the idea that there would be misery on their part was the scariest part that I could get hurt, and that they would suffer long term from it. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
can. I can tell that that was a great job for you just by that little story. But the crazy catfish like I need you to protect me and you're like, Okay, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:16
you're a superhero. Listen. You are kind of, like, real life superhero.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
That's awesome. Okay, at big room 70 on top or bottom most satisfying position to finish a fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Oh, on top.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Absolutely. You know, it's like there's

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
there's this dissatisfaction you can see as you're smashing. I know, this is just so, so aggressive. It is like, that's why I'm in the I'm in the sport. But that satisfying moment when you can see them break underneath you. Yeah. And you just you just get to watch the defeat where Yeah, you could take an arm, you could take the neck, but to watch some folder underneath you and give up and to tap to tap the strikes is such a satisfying feeling. I would want to experience it from bottom it has to be from top.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
One of my most satisfying feelings like that was a in World Series of fighting. I finished this girl I was getting beat beat up for two rounds boxing, but then my coach is like, take her down and you win. And I'm like, Alright, so I took her down and I put her in a crucifix and I started elbowing in the face, and the rest like fighter improve fighter improve and she just like I can't and I'm like, Oh, that's a good feeling. Like, yeah, I have totally dominated you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
Yeah, especially when you hear them quit or I mean, my first fight I it was I thought it was supposed to be at 135 and I showed up ready to go fully dressed at 130 for food and hand and my opponent was not even close. I think she was 165 155 and my coach had been like, what my coaches said like the day before Oh, by the way, why are you worrying about waiting? Like what cuz you said 135 is like, Oh yeah, your point is not going to make it Don't even worry. Like I wish I'd done that before. I wouldn't be trying to do my first cut ever and experienced that. Um, And as I'm on top from grotty powder out she kept on my face but the reference to see it and the satisfaction there like for one my jujitsu coach was fighting his last MMA fight at the time. And I wanted to prove to him that I wasn't stupid in jujitsu as he thought I was I wanted to win with a submission. That's the only time where I wanted to show it. I can do it with Jiu Jitsu, it doesn't need to be grounded power. And when she touched my face, I was like, No, I need to show I'm not stupid. Because I could see the defeat underneath her. That was the only time where I didn't have it. But otherwise, it's so satisfying to get that win from top and watch and break underneath you. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
Okay, at sabroso underscore 420 says, Do you remember a guy you bumped into at a gas station in New Mexico? Hint? Semper Fi marine?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
Yes, I do. He was he was super sweet. I you know, it always surprises me when I have sunglasses on. And now with the way that COVID is with sunglasses on the mask, because I don't feel like I recognize myself in the mirror. And I'm coming out of the gas station. He's like, holy shit. Are you Liz carmouche. How did you get tonight? Like, so like, Okay, well, I have a template San Diego shirt on? I guess that's kind of a big thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
If you're wearing a T shirt, those guns maybe to

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
cinema? Yeah, a few days out for my fight. Friend, it is so nice. He's like, Look, I really I don't want to bother you. And I understand it if you want to say no, I'm just a fellow marine. And I just want to say thank you for everything you do. You're awesome. I was like, if I can get a photo my absolutely you know your sweetheart. Of course you can. So I definitely remember him because we got to we got to have a little conversation about where his trip was going and where I was headed as well. Alright, this

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
last question is kind of silly. It's from my friend Dan, who helps me with the fuck Mary kills. At Dan Kenny says, if you could choose, oh, you can't choose gorilla. But what would your spirit animal be?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
A slot. A slot? Really? You don't

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
feel like you embody the opposite of a slot?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
But a soft can still hurt you. But they're still I mean, if you? Yes, I would say that I probably have more like I train more than any other fighter. I know. By far hands down 68 hours a day when I'm fightcamp is more than any other fighter I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
it probably doesn't represent that in the slot. But I'm either 100% full speed going 100 miles per hour forum slow moving like a slough. This is like in sludge and molasses and can't move very fast. And I feel like that my social cues represent that of a slot. Inability to pick up things. I'm just so slow and catching it that Yeah, I'm not really trying to hurt you. I didn't mean to do this. I'm just I'm not an idiot. I'm just slow to pick it up. So it's kind of like a slot. Liz, the slot car.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
Thank you for your interview.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
This has been so fun. I really, really appreciate it. Like I said before, I've looked up to you for a long time, pioneer in our sport Trailblazer not just an MMA in the LGBTQ community, just fucking a badass all around and you represent women in the best way possible. So thank you for everything you do for women for the sport. Yeah, you're the best.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
I'll talk to you soon. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:17
All right. Have a good one. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
Yeah, cuz it's a

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
sale and a bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
Yeah, cuz maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
Okay, that was hilarious. I didn't know that someone's so strong and confident seeming could be such an introvert. I actually thought Liz was, what's the word when you know, someone's very quiet and you think that, you know, they're kind of stuck up. I thought she was being stuck up to me before. But now I'm like, You know what? I think she's just a very calm, sloppy person. Like she says, I've always looked up to her. It's an honor to have her on the podcast, you know, all the accolades. She has, you know, those are the type of guests that I want to bring here. Because, you know, yeah, we talk about sex and we talk about, you know, but stuff, you know, you could laugh at the topics that we have, but at the end of the day, you should really look deeper. We're talking about things that matter. People like Liz that are leading the way for men, women, not even in MMA, the military and you know, in Japan, different cultures. So, Liz has, I think, taken a crappy situation and made the best of And now she's helping others. showing others that no matter where you are, who you are, you know who you love. You can be successful and find happiness and yeah, and we talk about sex too. Okay? But thank you guys for tuning in next week we have on a teammate of Liz Her name is Perla Gonzalez. mega bib. I don't even know what her descent is. She looks Latina. She might be Cuban or something like that. But stay tuned guys. She's got a crazy story. I talked to her briefly, but I can't wait to hear for you guys to hear. If you guys could please rate and review it takes a quick minute we'll get you one of those stickers out. Send it to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl or my Instagram. You can find me at Ashley MMA. special special thank you to our audio engineer D Jaisal. At D Jaisal. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official. Please guys keep sending in your fan questions, all the suggestions even for what you want to hear. There is no fence. There's no wall. I like to talk to all of you guys. So all everything you said is greatly appreciated. So until next time, subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex.

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