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Episode 24: Jessica "Evil" Eye

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening? Hot Stuff? Oh, what's up on my naughty listeners about you're all excited because Halloween is tomorrow. And we all know Halloween is for the freaks. If you're listening to this podcast, and you don't think you're a freak, well, I've got news for you. You freaky. I myself will not be going to a dress up Halloween party like I normally do. This is my favorite holiday. And I don't get to do anything because I'm in fight camp. So I'm going to be a good girl. And I'm going to watch the fights. And just let's face it, if I was to go out, it'd be too much temptation. So I'm gonna stay home as at home. But the fights will be on like I said, and what a fight card it's going to be. It's Uriah Hall versus Anderson Silva. And the reason this is so huge is because it's Anderson Silva's retirement fight. It's the last time one of the greatest of all time fighters will be fighting. Sad, but also very exciting. And you guys can watch that on ESPN. Plus, since we are still a no ticket, no crowd sport. Man. Imagine that though. Sitting in the stands. The night Anderson's Silva fights his last fight. That would be amazing, but I guess we should just be grateful that we get to watch the fights at all. So thank you to the UFC for doing that and putting them on and entertaining us and you know, giving me a job. So you know, I know that we all crave the day where we can cram our assets into an arena seat, buy overpriced beer, and feel the energy and smell the stinky guy next to you because Come on, there's always that one guy. But if you didn't watch the fight last weekend, you missed an amazing amazing, like a sports history moment. I feel like that's always gonna be talked about. One of the greatest of all time could be Naga medoff is he retired, and he retired undefeated. And that has only happened one other time in the UFC his career, I'm going to give a free sticker to whoever deems me first the name of the only other fighter who has gone out on top like that, with undefeated record in and while he held the belt. Speaking of free stuff, we have stickers. So if you rate and review the podcast on iTunes or Spotify, just screenshot that, send it to our Instagram dm with your address and we'll send you a sticker. If you guys want to buy a T shirt, we did a very very small batch we only have two smalls, two mediums and maybe like one large left $30 for the shirt, but you also get assigned eight by 10 and some stickers. So if you want to help out the podcast that goes directly to studio fees, pay in our awesome DJ, our awesome sound engineer DJ soul and keeping the lights on for the studio so we can have more awesome episodes. Besides that, just enjoy the show and let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is the number six ranked UFC flyweight, who's been called one of the best strikers in the division. The Ohio native brings a 15 and eight record to the table and has fought some of the toughest and most dangerous women in the world to name a few miesha Tate Sarah McMahon, Cynthia Calvo, Caitlin McKagan Valentina Shevchenko. In 2018 she was named comeback fighter of the year and rightfully so. No matter what it is that gets in the way of this spider injuries health problems a loss, there is no stopping her. We talk about her butt cheek peek only fans strip clubs at 15 years old sex while driving, no tall redheads and so much more. Here is your guest Jessica evil eye Monday.

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My back

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All right, we have Jessica evil eye on the podcast today. Super excited, Jessica. Thank you for being so flexible. I hate to admit this on the podcast, but we had a couple technical errors. And Jessica was super awesome. So thank you for that.

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And Cory I honestly like it's Thursday. chillin at home.

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Yeah, I mean, I, I feel like you're not quite in fight camp. I want to talk about, you know what fight you have next. So your last fight was last June. On you're booked for a fight in January, I believe. And so that's like, 12 weeks away? Yeah, I mean, some people would say that's far away, then some people think, you know, like us. That's right around the corner. But uh, so are you in fight camp right now?

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No, not quite. Like, I mean, I guess what everyone like considered like, what, it's their fight camp, you know, like, what is their mentality? Like, I'm training every day, but like, will I go hard? I should don't do anything until like nine hard nine weeks, like, nine hard weeks of like, no drinking, no thing I play like, no food indulgence, like, none of the extra stuff.

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Yeah, that's that's a good camp. You know, if you get enough notice, that's probably ideal. Some people actually like shorter camps because of the whole mental strain and, you know, overtraining and whatnot. What is your ideal timeframe for a fightcamp?

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Oh, cool. I like long I like long periods. I like I wish we had like seasons. I was like, I had like a day and like, I could like manipulate the weeks on my on my own time. Internally, me and Mike and we feel like imagine being like a football player, like a baseball player. Like you know, when your seasons are like, you know, when you're trying to you know, you're doing when you're doing it, it would make it a little bit easier to manage our lives but a lot of us don't like it usually last minute calls and like, my fight against Cynthia was the last minute two week notice fight. And it was you know, I mean, I feel like it was more just for like COVID and like for the fans and like to entertain the world that like it's hard not to like it turned out to be like the UFC was grabbing hold of their superstar the bag, pull us pull us a car together and me and Cynthia main event. And that was sweet. You know what I mean? Like, that's awesome that they were like, Hey, we can get people to tune in on a Saturday night. To watch these two chicks fight like even if it was on two week notice. I mean, what like it was fun just to say I did that. Yeah, I've been everything go my way. Like and I only look back because I'd like to have that better mindset because I'm usually the complete opposite where I'm like, screw that. Bullshit. I should win every fight. This is how it should be the trying to find life. Like it did a lot for a lot of people. It's got me a lot of fans to be honest. Our fans in a different way than I ever have.

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Yeah, I feel like if you if you gain a fan after a loss that fan is I don't want to say better than a fan after a win. But I feel like they're kind of a ride or die. They're like, you know, they care more about how you went out there and performed and left everything you know, in the cage, as opposed to getting the W or not.

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Yeah, they're willing to admit like they've been through hard times.

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Yeah, it's it's a double edged sword with the COVID thing. I feel like because yeah, we can't really complain because you know, basketball, baseball, all these other sports, they don't even get to compete. And here we are getting to compete. So it's great. We have to be appreciative, but at the same time it's like all right, there's all these new things that we have to do or don't get to do when fighting is already hard enough right?

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Yeah, I mean, I think that's the best way to look at it and something that helped me to look at it better. Is that like football team basketball teams like when they lose they lose the name loses right the Cavaliers lose when in fighting when we lose it's our name like they're like that name that like Jessica I lost you know like they so we picked on the chin more we have to realize like it's still a part of the sport like to not look down upon ourselves for rising up during such a like crazy time. Of course everybody wants someone just fighting so you gotta you gotta respect that any respect everyone. Yeah, I will take other fighters who stepped up like even you know, like it's, it was it was a fun experience like I'm at least can say like Do I find during COVID times, like in 20 years from now I can at least say I was a part of that and a part of like, some crazy movement. So I mean,

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that's fun, you know, trying to save other

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people appreciate it so much even, even if the fan sometimes, you know, are bandwagon II, that phrase, you're only as good as your last fight. You know what I mean? Like the fans are quick to forget all the other great stuff you've done. And they just see your last fight. And you have to know that you're not the equivalent of your last fight. And I You said it before you kind of take it harder. On the same way. Once I lose a fight. I'm like, I don't feel like the same person until I get back in the win column. I don't know if you're like that at all.

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Yeah, no, I'm but you know what it is, it's like, I don't want to be that person that I was, that was the loser. I want to be the winner, you know, and so that's it, you got this concept. You know, in that regard. I hate it. You know, I hate when you don't perform your capabilities. And really, I just, I feel like, my body's been screaming for a minute to like, hey, help me, help me, in my not making way twice is like totally not my thing. And it's not something I'm proud of, either. I mean, as much as people like hate me. I like always, like comments on it when people like tagged me in it in the book, but you can make weight again. And I just like it because I'm like, dude, you have no idea. Like, and I just don't take things like that to heart anymore. I took so many of them. 34. And I think I just learned it the past year that I'm like, Man, you don't even know dude, like, Did you lose a gallbladder? Like, did you suffer like other problems? So it's like, I don't want hair myself to other things and other people. And

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just for the record, let's you know, set the fan straight. So whoever's listening to this, you know, you know what you've been through? Could you describe some of the like health issues that you've had? Because I know you were a little vocal on social media. But sometimes people just scroll, they look at the picture. They don't read the the caption. But I know you went through some health issues. What specifically did you go through?

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I mean, it's crazy. Because like when we miss weight, and we don't think about anybody else you like Miss weight? Like why did they miss weight, if they were never missing weight, like white, all of a sudden, they started missing weight. And I think the first time that I struggled with ever making 125 was when I taught Valentino. And that's when like, I kind of told it the first time I started feeling like these weird stomach pains. And like, it was it's, it's crazy to look back at it because I looked at it. I was like nothing but it was so much at that time. But I'm down to even when we got the bibiani and like, I was eating all right foods I was doing, I was weighing out my food, I was doing everything I was fine. I was so close to cutting the 25. And it was never amount of like not having enough water to cut the white water weight off me. It was I would get these massive stomach pains that I would literally be like I can't do this guy's on. So I felt like my insides were cooking. So the habla viani and then happened again, it was Cynthia. And finally after missing weight and just not even performing correctly. I end up going to a GI doctor. Well, I'd landed myself at the hospital then. Which led me to a GI doctor which led to me getting my gallbladder removed. Like an organ like everyone does. So you don't need to know I was born with him. I need that. I need my gallbladder No. But really what it was telling me that my gallbladder was filtering out bad food that I was eating, and come to find out eggs. Like eggs. I'm allergic to egg. Really? Yes, I'm allergic to eggs. Like I can't even have it like in milk chocolate. I can't even have like any milk. I can't have dairy milk ever, ever. Like MP pen level. Like the point I can't have that. And it was crazy all these years. I'm 34 and been fighting for many years and making weight. But finally it took my gallbladder to go bad for these specific tests to be taken to say like, Hey, you can have these foods. So moving forward, it's like it's excited to take a fight against like someone like Joe Joe, who's you know, in the pilot division that's so top girl that's like to do it under the right circumstances. I do it under healthy. Yeah, right. Don't lose 30% of my five parts because I was 20 she had lost 20% and like, you know, I'm not rich over here. You're like I'm, I'm I'm a non UFC fighter. Come on. I'm pretty sure if you look at my wiki it does sound like worth at least a couple mil jealous cuz I wanna hang out with

Unknown Speaker 14:57
a wiki. Go listen to wiki now.

Unknown Speaker 14:59
It doesn't know Talking about crazy.

Unknown Speaker 15:02
So is this your first fight since getting your gallbladder taken out?

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Yeah, so I reached out to the FC after. So the we finally got the removal on August 12. And I'm finally reached out to things like adding up and getting staff and my belly buttons started like struggling with like all these crazy things. Um, so I went back to the Cleveland Clinic. I spoke with Dana Dana had Dana has had my back about it. Same with Merck, like anything I needed. So we started doing a little bit more testing as like what found out like what foods, only foods but like specific types I was allergic to. So now I've been working with the pi. And it's been like, you know, now it's like August. So it's like, holy crap, we're finally here. That's awesome. We're here or I mean October from August, October. We're finally here. Like with getting every move finding out the foods and like, obviously, more than just even dealing with the food allergy. Dealing with like vertebral bowel syndrome is totally crazy. It's totally completely different.

Unknown Speaker 16:11
So I'm sorry, if I sound ignorant is having your gallbladder being high is having your gallbladder removed, related to your irritable bowel syndrome, or is that two separate situations.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
So they're two separate things, but the one finally goes bad if you're not treating the first. And that's where it's like not eating the correct foods. Like, we don't think of our body in the same way. We just eat foods and we just do things. Just like all we don't think about a better body as filtering systems. And the bad foods I was eating was causing my body not to digest foods properly to over to overwork. So my gallbladder finally went and was like, Hey, stop eating this, these, even if they're good, like we're going bad and there's like your gallbladder is your first and a lot of people lose it. It's actually more common in women than men.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Is there any? I mean, it's probably a dumb question but you lose your gallbladder. What are the repercussions or side effects? I mean, you said it yourself it's an Oregon like you need that thing don't you? Like what now? What Oh?

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Yeah, so a lot of people that do keto diets right so like fat based diet like you're good peanut butters you're good. Be a sear good avocados like any your fishes, anything that filters your fats and even good good fats or bad fats. So like I used to eat a lot of eggs a lot of a lot of eggs in my in my diet, right? Like cuz it's a good fat and it's good for your brain. And we know that by like doing that, you know, the diet, the keto diet. So for me, I am like the complete opposite, like keto diet is bad for me. Like we did keto diet, the last two fights, and that was Viviani and even with Cynthia and my body was in like, complete overdrive. Like most people have a peanut allergy I do not have an almond allergy. So like man, almond milk. I know I can only have like little bits of it like very little bit.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
Well wait, okay, so you can't have regular milk. You can't have almond milk, you can do like soy or pee.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
I mean, there's a lot of milks and not even do so there's still a cashew and I'm glad to have a little bit of almond like it's as bad as like dairy or like regular cheese would be but you know, like with your gallbladder, like a lot of people go keto. And they don't realize like I'm just gonna go keto, it's helping my brain but they don't realize it's putting other stresses on other organs in your body. And particularly because of my pre diagnostic with having IBS and not really treating it the way that did. I think like 19 year old 20 year old Jeff, I like heard about it, compared to 34 year old jazz who like deals with I'm like, Oh my god, I don't want to be on the shitter 30 times. So I'm not gonna do that. So like, I feel like an old man. So, so many life changes have happened for me and it's like, and so empowering because like, the mind the gut the food that we I'm learning, like how to do it. Instead of emotionally like obviously making weight. Like we make weight you like I make weight I'm gonna gourd and then you eat all these things and you're like, Oh my god, I feel so terrible. When I'm thinking about it's like that constant battle with it and like I realized how much it was making me sick and like actually making me not right or anything like that anymore. So

Unknown Speaker 19:32
well I'm happy that you have it under control sounds like the weight cut, you know and just your whole the feeling you know, like you said you don't want to be on the shitter you don't want to feel probably like bloated and all these crappy things. The people I just had a thought everyone tuning in for like the sexy talk is like a they keep talking about the shitter

Unknown Speaker 19:53
it changes your body image you know of yourself. It changes like how you feel cuz like how can I feel beautiful when I'm chilling like that?

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, I feel good when I'm showing like that, like, so that's, like, that's how you find your like, I'm finding your confidence, right? Like you find your confidence. Like, how sexy you feel, or good you feel about yourself. So you, you obviously have this under control, and I'm sure you would, if you could, you would have done it sooner. But is there any advice that you would give? You know, like you said, 19 year old Jess, now that you're 34 years old, what would you tell yourself in regards to this kind of health situation you have going on?

Unknown Speaker 20:33
And we don't not like don't shout out the voice in your head that tells you like, something might not be right. But I'm really like, enjoy the moment without, I just enjoy the moment, but also listen to your body. Like listen to what your body tells you. Because like, if I listen back then I don't have this what happened but mean, it's hard to say I hate giving that kind of advice. Yeah, I mean, what's gonna be like, like, chip off all blog, kiddo. Like that, you know? Someone said that and it's like, so hard. Cuz it's like, almost like I don't know if I would love every bit about what I'm doing with myself, the way that I, the way that I feel about myself. how excited I am about be going back to flyweight the next time like how excited I am about my body changes. Like, it's fun. It's fun to like, go through that. Yeah, it's fun for people to accept it because there's so many people down, but there's so many people that do.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
But you're right. You know, we have this inner voice and it's usually right. But for many reasons, we shut it out. I think it's you probably shut yours out for the same reason I shut a lot of my little nagging voices. It's sometimes we're too tough for our own good. You know, we're just like, Oh, that's cool. I'll just

Unknown Speaker 21:50
plow through it. Anyone do it

Unknown Speaker 21:52
anyway, I'm a fighter. Yes, exactly. And then in hindsight, you're like, I'm such a fucking meathead such a jock. So okay, well, I'm happy you have that under control. We know you as this badass chick, you know, amazing fighter, you know, but I want to get to know just on kind of call you just,

Unknown Speaker 22:13
yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
I want to get to know just on a personal level. So I always ask everybody, to questions to start off, how do you identify sexually straight, gay by pansexual? And what is very straight, or strictly dickly? No tacos or, you?

Unknown Speaker 22:32
Know, I admire a woman. I totally admire my my brother, who is absolutely one of your biggest fans. And it's so yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, absolutely. Ready, because we were. We were drinking and having like a fun little fire and we just turned his music off. And I had to make sure I told you that tonight. Or you didn't know. We loved you. But his mother. It's so too like related to her. 32 there and our father fought like Matt when they were kids because his mother was a stripper. So we have your your father so this is your step. Father. Yes, Casey. So everyone sees like everywhere kid, my brother, the one brother they see everywhere. Okay, keep

Unknown Speaker 23:17
an eye out for him now.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Okay, so you're his your step mom was a stripper?

Unknown Speaker 23:25
Yeah. Oh, yeah. I've been a very like, I'm very open family. And that and that regard. Like, my dad did extroverts. He loved them. He loved. He loved. He loved my degree grew up in such like an open family in that way, which is so much farther than what most people really understand or even recognize. But yeah, we both went up my first strip club 1616. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Yeah, I went to one was 18 in San Francisco, but you're from Ohio, right? Mm hmm. So these were strip clubs in Ohio.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
Yeah, they were. They were like Akron native ones like Mitchell playoffs to be the name of it. So your

Unknown Speaker 24:07
dad dailies years? your stepmom was a stripper? And what was your real mom?

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Um, oh man. God, that's a whole nother story. But my I didn't grow up with my real mom. She um, I didn't meet her until I was like, 14. Oh, crazy or so on? Yeah, so Michelle, Casey's mother my stepmother was like the most like recognizable set mom besides like one other woman? Mm hmm. Again, we don't even want to go into that. Yeah, that's a whole nother Yeah. We can go into that but my No, my dad loved my dad but kids, exotic women but he didn't want me to be that way. Which is crazy. Because like it's exact opposite of me. And I think that's why like, people are so like thrown off by like me. They never really Understand like they're like chess guy. Like they don't understand the SEC shot at me in that regard. What is the sexuality of Jessica? I mean, you know, I don't. I'm not I'm not gay. I'm not I've never been with a woman. I have no plans to be with the moment. I admire them. I think they're beautiful. I think everything about them is great. Um, I admired the female body, but like for me, I'm just boys and strictly boys. Like, I'm so about a man. Totally like that check. Like, oh my god, did you see him? Yes, I am. Totally. I was never boy crazy, because my dad was so about that. So like, No, I don't think anybody compare, like regards of me from social media, or from anything. I'm very private in my, in my regards to what I do in that way. And I feel like that it's totally a part of my upbringing. Like, I don't talk about it, but like, a lot of my friends are in the sex industry. You know, I mean, like, it got me turned on to the most hot topic, I think of everything. And that was like, only fans. And like, how to interact with people on that, like, without being sexual, like, but being sexual, like being able to showcase like, Yeah, when I'm out with my friend, and we're drinking and we're having fun. Like, if I show my butt cheeks because I pull my dress up. It's because it's funny. Now because it's anything else other than that, yeah, that's not for, like, certain levels. certain level of my life to see that, like, that's just like, not how I like showcasing myself because most people don't understand that. And they don't get to see that tidy and most they earn it.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Yeah. or pay for it.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah. Or they pay for it. So you haven't even they deserved that interaction.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
Yeah. So you have your only fans, you have your social media and you just like to keep them separate social media. More for pG 13 public viewing? Yeah. Sometimes you get some butt cheeks. What Tell me about only fans just because I know what it is. But there's varying levels of nudity. Right? So you get some butt cheek here and there. And then you get other girls who are just doing full nude. Where do you fall into that category?

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Man, it's okay, dude. Like, you got that optimized you're following? And you gotta optimize like your life. Like I would never show full nude. Like, I can't wait for someone to like, offer me the right amount of money cuz I just can't wait to turn down. I would never, you would have to show me more than 50 grand to get me fully nude. But yeah, I'll show but chicharon they're like, but I want to show them that like, not only for like, I'm, you know, I smoke marijuana, like I use it medically for my medical problems is of a discipline because I need it and I know what I need for myself. And I don't feel like that's for everyone to see. And like as well as like, the rest of my life. Like I like being able to showcase myself the correct way. And whereas people are following you because they like you, you know, I mean, they want that interaction. Like I actually turned off my Instagram so you have to follow me first even comment on my stuff because like, who deserves that kind of like access to me and like nobody in the world that nobody can knock on my doors and come up to me and be like your your but she doesn't like me Didn't the last? Like I dare you to I dare you to do that to me in that regard. Like they can't so I'm not gonna let you let that kind of access and like even mentally or emotionally or even through you know, my in my social my HG Wells my I my my only thing do you want to pay $30 doing saw me please do it.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
Yeah, and like you said they shouldn't have that access. That's something I'm told a lot. But my boyfriend because, you know, I'm honest on this podcast. I'm a fucking bleeding heart. And sometimes, even though I have thick skin, I'll read a comment and I'll just be like, babe, Do I really look like what seven six? You know, Yogi Bear 767 said he's like, Ashley, what the hell are you doing? And I'm like, he's just like, don't even let them have that energy. But it's hard. And you know, most of the people 90 99% of people. If they had the option to knock on your door and tell you that comment. They're a bunch of pussies. They're not going to say that they're just trolls. How do you deal with the trolls that you get in your inbox? Because I know you begin foot offers and weird stuff.

Unknown Speaker 29:29
What is your Do you want my toes? I'm on Instagram. I'm on my only fans on Instagram. Do you have

Unknown Speaker 29:35
pictures on your only fans? I mean if they want to buy but they want to buy special pictures. Oh so you take special quest.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Yeah, only special requests. I'm regarding attire paid out at all you have to add. You have to pay me if you want me if you want to get my toes done. Thank you. This is what you want. I want I'm never doing for free. Why should I do for free at this point. I didn't I mean, I'm even at this. Like, I mean, at this point, we deserve that like, and I feel like what you were saying even even before, like those people would never like arrive that they would knock on our door. It took me so long. It took me losing fights, and even winning fights to like, come down to that point to be like, dude, these losers would never even knock on my door and say that to me, like, why am I getting so like worked up? Or like, even letting them have a moment? Like, and bothering me? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
So are you single? Are you dating anybody?

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Well, I don't want to talk.

Unknown Speaker 30:38
Recently, but I think that that just ended since the last time we spoke was like,

Unknown Speaker 30:47
you move fast girl

Unknown Speaker 30:48
on to the next one. I mean, it wasn't even it was just, you know, it's a lot. You know, it's again, it's hard. It's hard.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
It's hard doing this, and it's hard.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
dating. It's just hard dating. And essentially, it was even a bad thing. It wasn't it was totally nothing bad at all between me and this guy. I mean, we'll probably address it at one point. But, you know, again, I'm not. I'm not looking for a lot, but I'm not looking for a lot. So I think that bothers guys. You know, most guys want to like, be like, I'm kind of like, do your own thing. Like, I'll see you this day. And then that bothers them. You know what I mean? Like that bothers more men does, like excite them like Whitman. She's not of my answer. Like no why why? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:34
Yeah, you need a guy who's got his shit together who's doing his own stuff? So he's not, you know, doesn't have time to worry about you.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
So you're single then? Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, I was I was always at the table. Even before we even work. I was talking to someone. Yeah, he didn't get the Give me the change to like, no relationship.

Unknown Speaker 31:56
It didn't change my Facebook status. Okay. I don't know. So, I mean, fuck, it's hard enough to date in general. And then you add COVID and not wanting to get you know, whatever's you know, going around plus COVID on top of that, and you know, you're not really in fight camp, but you know, got a big fight coming up. So I can imagine it's hard. If you were looking, do you have a like a type physically?

Unknown Speaker 32:22
Oh, god, that's the worst problem was the type. You don't have a tanker combo.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
At the right time or the right in the right mood. I like this kind of guy. I'm like, they're like, What? What are you doing way

Unknown Speaker 32:37
so it's like, either like a tall ginger or like, you know, like my

Unknown Speaker 32:40
brother's a tall ginger. So I'm going to tell you probably raising chickens.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
Okay, so no tall gingers because that's too close to home.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
rank? Can't be Casey either. So that's even.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
But no, I mean, I don't have a I guess.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
I mean, a lot of girls who've been on the podcast,

Unknown Speaker 33:02
no bullshit at the same time. But um, I feel like I feel like I don't like I'm so sick. I would never did a fighter again, ever. Why not? Why would you not date a fighter again? Because Because I'm not a fighter. That is not my level. Because then then I'm like, I'm like the bad guy. I'm like, I can't believe you made it without me. And like, you know, you're ahead of me. And I'm not there. Like, I'm envious of you and like, you get all the attention. like super hot. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
I wish I could say I don't get like

Unknown Speaker 33:35

Unknown Speaker 33:36
No, I wish I could say I don't know what that's like, but I I've experienced that myself. And the animosity that comes from like that jealousy and especially if it's like not spoken about, but you feel it and like it comes out in their actions. And it's like, you're just nothing your Lord. Yeah. And and so I don't know if your guy vocalized it or not. But yeah, that's a problem. So, you know, you could date a fighter on your level and that wouldn't happen obviously. Or you could just stay stay away from fighters to

Unknown Speaker 34:06
Yeah, I'm cool. I joke about my thing. I wanted me to comment about

Unknown Speaker 34:12
that I was finding like minded after there was a about it.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
I think there's a hospital but I feel I hear

Unknown Speaker 34:23
a sweet potato from it from skinny fat. I'm sure you're familiar. It's

Unknown Speaker 34:27
long as it's not, you know, eggs or almonds. Were good. It's cool.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
No, potatoes are my friend.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
So okay, so you don't go to physical type? I'm varies. Do you have like characteristics? I mean, I like a funny guy. Like if you make me laugh, like, I love you. You know, anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 34:46
Um, I guess like, I mean, that's the funny type like I definitely like that. Like, I definitely would like talking to a more of a trendier guy which are like totally a little bit different for me, like trendy or what do you mean? Like Kenny like having like a dangly earring?

Unknown Speaker 35:04
You want to do the last?

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Like a trendy Okay, like a stylish guy?

Unknown Speaker 35:16
Yeah, like it was only marginally like it wasn't like wrestler tie. Like, I wear these shoes on this day when I wear this outfit. You know, like

Unknown Speaker 35:26
so. So wait, okay, I'm going to use Do you like a guy who's like fashionable?

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Dude, that's why I'm saying I'm confused too. I think that's why none of it's working.

Unknown Speaker 35:36
We want to solve this problem.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
He said it never works. Does that mean that you've had short relationships or that you're not really a relationship person?

Unknown Speaker 35:48
No, I've had long relationships.

Unknown Speaker 35:52
Really, most recently? Yeah, no, no, I've had very long relationships. Okay, but most recently, I'm three years now. Okay. So most recently, because it's not recent, but I feel like it is but three years I've been now like, in the dating world, since my most longest relationship and that was a couple years. What was your relationship? Um, four years? That's no, I have a four year spouse come before you a couple of them to like to a two year like a four year and four year and completely different guys still.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Yeah, that's good. That's good. Good. So no, now dude, 34. Dude, she's no more time for hauling around. No more time. Oh, no. So you're at old stuff.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
They'll say that. Well, the worst part about it is like now at this point. It's just drop your pants kind of working.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
So would you

Unknown Speaker 36:47

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Would you prefer a guy to send you a dick pic ahead of time or

Unknown Speaker 36:51
No, I don't want him to send it to me. You guys.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
person. I know the Bronwyn

Unknown Speaker 36:56
outscored they could

Unknown Speaker 36:58
begin the right the right angle and stuff. I want you to

Unknown Speaker 37:01
send it to me. I'm like completely offended and please don't send it again.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
So no dig fix. No. So I'll give you I know you're training and eating now. I'm sorry. I don't know. Don't worry about it. We totally like fudge this up. So it's all good. Um, but I'm still gonna ask you a question. So I want to know, are you into online dating or you prefer like traditional meet you at the bar meet you at the fights meet you whatever. Or do you are you swiping swiping left Friday?

Unknown Speaker 37:34
So I tried it right, like so I did the traditional like, Hey, be mean to people and not didn't work out. So when I moved to Vegas, I was like, Alright, I'll try match because my friends would tell me like, dude, you should just try it. and I was like, yeah, and they told me and they told me

Unknown Speaker 37:53
what's the other one? Tinder or

Unknown Speaker 37:56
both? So many Bumble Tinder Bumble. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
No, I never got a Tinder.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Um, so I downloaded Bumble. Until I saw married men that I know that are involved in the Mmm.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Oh, I'm good. I'm good. Hey, and then. And then.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
No, I miss good. Bye. If I pay if I pay, no driver paying? No, I was like, Oh my god, this is even worse. You

Unknown Speaker 38:26
were like that. Homer Simpson meme. Have you seen him when he's like backing into the bushes?

Unknown Speaker 38:32
Oh, no, probably. Okay, that's what you were like I was doing. I felt like I'm out of here. I'm

Unknown Speaker 38:41
pretty sure the guy that told me

Unknown Speaker 38:44
that knew that. I saw them. I knew that we saw like we saw each other. And I was like, oh, man, we've met. So did you ever go on a date? No. Nope. So you just

Unknown Speaker 38:56
looked around? We're like, this is not for me.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
Yeah. So I'm so picky. Probably by far the worst thing possible. Because the way I think about things, I'm like, oh, man, you can't even hang out my dogs. Like you won't fit in with my crew. Like, this is all bad already. Are you? I mean, you said you don't want to do fighters but at the same time, like let's say there's this guy, but you know, you could beat him up. Is that would you would you still date him? No, I'm, I'm my dad was a big guy. Like I'm totally like, I want a big man. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:30

Unknown Speaker 39:30
it's just you know, we're definitely alpha females. Obviously. I need like someone to the alpha me with me. Yeah, I can't. I can't be stronger than you.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
Ever I am. It's got to be in like a different way. Like you have to be. You have to be making way more money. Yeah, maybe?

Unknown Speaker 39:47
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Um, then like, you could if I'm the alpha, if I'm a strong one, but you are making 5.5 million a year. I'm like, yeah, it'd be all the alpha.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
Yeah, that's very true. So, you don't have a tie but like, Okay, are you? Are you romantic at all? You know, like, let's say, You are a little hopeless romantic, or,

Unknown Speaker 40:12
oh, I pick up on the little things like that was Jim.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Not very observant.

Unknown Speaker 40:20
Anyone by nature even means like a person. My friends will joke like get mad at me because I'll pick up the little things like I'll do remember like, but this is your favorite food place syrup. It's like your favorite napkin. Your favorite smell? Oh, you're sentimental. So I'm, I see things like that. I was like, like that like, and I see what they like. So I usually I like giving back like, was it the five love languages of the world? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I am a I like to give gifts and quality time are my like, ways my ways of giving love. Yeah, yeah. Because quality time is so hard for us to, to come by. I don't get much of it. But that's like when I give it like that to my art my wins. I don't get that like good. If I give you quality higher. Like I'm giving you quality time right now. Actually.

Unknown Speaker 41:14
I feel special. Just

Unknown Speaker 41:19
too bad. You don't like tacos? It's all good.

Unknown Speaker 41:25
So if those are your love languages, so those Okay, so those are your love languages? That, you know you you do that to show love? But what do you like for the your partner to do for you?

Unknown Speaker 41:37
What makes you feel good? and physical? Yeah, and physical? And, um, I would say acts of acts of service. Really? Huh? How many Am I because like, I like, I want to know why my life is taken care of like, for me, I'm like, are the the backyard great? all the dirt. You know, it's like all the like, I'm gonna throw like a man has me surrounded to like, my, or the chores done? Yeah, I know. It's like acts of service. Like is our is our priority done? Do you change the oil in the car? No. Like,

Unknown Speaker 42:17

Unknown Speaker 42:19
I feel so I feel like we're on the same page with that. Because, first of all, I don't know how to change the oil. And I'm horrible with technology. And I'm actually fucking horrible at math. And ever since I started dating my boyfriend, I'm like, Ah, so nice to have a man who's good at all

Unknown Speaker 42:36
these things. Like,

Unknown Speaker 42:38
I want to be like Miss independent woman, but I'm like, I can't lie. It's kind of nice to have all the other like, little shit taken care of. So yeah, that's good. I also I'm totally into words of affirmation, words of affirmation. Is that what it is? I think so. But like, you know, just like, I'm very, I mean, obviously, I love talking and talking to you. I'm really complimentary. And I like getting compliments. Maybe cuz I'm fucking insecure. I'm like, tell me I'm pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
Those are the things I love.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
Oh, my God, love it. But then by nature, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 43:13
I was very fortunate that my dad always gave me that.

Unknown Speaker 43:17
My dad was an asshole, but he always gave me flowers. And always, I always told me I was pretty like, he would be addicted me and he was like, on and like, two days later, I get flowers. And he told me I was beautiful for a whole day. So like for me, for some reason, like, when someone tells me I'm like, I look good. I'm like, Man, that's just the way I look. Tell me how you really feel.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
So I feel like your dad kind of spoiled you a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
He was like, boy, he was he was a complete fucking narcissist. So he loved me and you know what I mean? Like, he was like, Oh, I love you so much. And other times. It's like fucking die.

Unknown Speaker 43:54
so crazy relationship was he? I mean, So was he the one that gave you the birds and the bees talk? Was it your your strippers, that mom I know that sounds

Unknown Speaker 44:06
crazy. He did. He did kind of give it to me my first my first pet but my dad was such a. Like he was a very hard biker guy like he ran with a lot of biker gangs. Like he's just a very hard nosed guy. So like, the first thing he would say to me was I just got your thoroughbred, you can't be just going with anybody. And I like. And I would be like, Oh my god, and then he would be like, you can't be just like giving yourself to anybody. Yeah, you kind of had an act until it's on top of mine. But he was like, You didn't just give yourself to anybody. Like you got to be private. Though he was a very private man about gravity's only birth daughter that he had. So it was a lot for him to realize that what the kind of man that he was in he had been and that someone could do the things. Again, just take advantage of a

Unknown Speaker 44:59
book. Pretty Woman or even advantage of a situation?

Unknown Speaker 45:02
Yeah, so he didn't I mean, so how did you learn about sex? like actual sex? Not just like, you know, ob lady like, did you learn from TV? No, my

Unknown Speaker 45:11
dad was but he he was kind of like, do what they say don't do they do but like, first time I heard about sex was like him fucking a stripper name.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
Yo, yeah. Oh yeah. How old were you?

Unknown Speaker 45:26
Oh man, I think it was after my dad got his second divorce. And I was in fifth grade. So how did that make you in fifth grade? fiscal? 11? Yeah, somewhere around there.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
11 1111. Oh, yeah. So did you ask him like, you know, well,

Unknown Speaker 45:42

Unknown Speaker 45:44
know, I knew better out. I just felt like

Unknown Speaker 45:48
I knew it. My dad Bramlett and I've been around things. Like I've been around things before, so I just knew what kind of it was. He picked it up. So I knew Yeah, yeah. Oh, wow. Well, I knew what it was. I just wanted to observe it. Like I said, it was very observant. When you grow up in a fast manner like that. you'd become very observant.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah, I had similar situation you grow up fast, even if you don't really want to. So yeah, when did you lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Oh my god. I lost my virginity when I was a freshman in high school. I wasn't the guy for till I graduated. Oh, good girl. Right. My dad hated him. I dread to put him in jail. What do I do? Oh my god. It was so bad. girl is so bad. You lose your virginity. That's why I said we go back to this like melting. My dad never wanted anybody to ever touch me. So I lose my virginity and tries to put the man in prison. It's a pretend story. Right? How old was he? I was 15. I was 15. And the guy was 18 because it was a freshman and he was a senior. Oh, my brother was my oldest brother. I have an older brother named Randy, who was a senior when I was a freshman. So obviously, here's this cute little girl like I want to date your sister. So I didn't I dated that guy for a really long time. It was really bad for a while. Um, but yeah, I was with the same guy for many years until I was 18 years old till I graduated high school from the time I was with them and then we finally went our separate ways.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
Wow. But he never got put in jail by your dad.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Oh my god thing but it wasn't me. It was him. But I've been telling I was like, man, I was like literally mad at my dad was Are you fucking kidding me? Are you kidding? You're that mad that lost my virginity like a good handle. Apparently, someone goes back to control them. My dad couldn't handle the fact anybody touch me. Like, blew his fucking brains out made him crazy. It was probably one of the biggest things that like, goes back to how I got into fighting was you know, involved? It involved all that involved that time and we've gotten involved in a really bad car accident. I broke my back.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
Leg a whole nother story girl.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Yeah, I mean, I only heard about that. Because when I was doing my research on us, you know, looking up all your cool stuff you've done and that has there has a blip on in wiki, which obviously, like we said, you can take it with a grain of salt. I know that you got into a car accident, which you you know, kind of attribute to how successful you've been in mixed martial arts. And then I was just like, Oh, that's interesting, because, you know, like, like, we know some bad shit can happen but good stuff can come out of it. So it sounds like you know, that's what happened in that situation.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
I didn't I didn't

Unknown Speaker 48:42
know about your dad being so interesting it but

Unknown Speaker 48:47
it is crazy. He unfortunately passed away a couple years back and he's gone now. It's a fucking crazy story. With a crazy story and involves a UFC girl. And being crazy towards me, it's just been absorbed by him and him and I's relationship kind of comes back with my relationship as a woman now, right? Men are always going to be probably one of my biggest problem being a good and very bad relationship. Unfortunately, he ended up dying a couple years back now about four years ago from brain cancer from a terminal called glioblastoma extremely. I went from like this heavy nose you know your hells Angel style biker guy to like, you know much was absolutely crazy. But who unfortunately passed away now? Yeah, how many years ago?

Unknown Speaker 49:48
almost four now. Okay. Wow. So pretty fresh though. So I'm sorry about that. Do you think now that he's gone, you kind of you know, maybe subconsciously look for parts of Your dad in the men that you date. No,

Unknown Speaker 50:03
no the opposite. On a tear, I went on a tear, I went back to 20 513 fights and row. I made the move to Las Las Vegas and launder really fun things that left the boy that was, you know, that was hurting me. I made a lot of changes. And I think a lot of growth has happened from it. And I just think that he sends me his blessings from a distance even though things at times are their best. But

Unknown Speaker 50:31
I'm almost

Unknown Speaker 50:33
I don't I don't want to ever do that. So

Unknown Speaker 50:40
definitely did not know that about your father. But it sounds like you've got some great memories, regardless of all the crazy stuff you went through. So that's that's good, right?

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Yeah, I mean, you know, times I know when you're if you'd asked me that's in like an earlier when I was in my 20s compared to not be like me, you get two different interviews from somebody, you know. So now if I was different.

Unknown Speaker 51:03
Okay, well, that really mattered that person.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
I don't really know how to segue from that conversation to the lightning sex. So we're just gonna do it. The worst segway ever. It's time for the lightning sex.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
Oh, god, I'm going to hell. Okay, so the lightning sex round Jess is basically I'm going to call off either a word or a phrase and you just say yes or no. No time to be like, maybe. ready? I'm ready. Okay, lightning strikes round a dirty talking bed. Yeah, spank or like to be spanked? Yeah, biting.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Yeah, choking.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
Yeah, threesomes now, do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 51:56
A foot fetish now?

Unknown Speaker 51:58
No bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 52:01

Unknown Speaker 52:01
Do you into bondage like ropes blindfolds. Now

Unknown Speaker 52:05
role playing?

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Okay, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 52:13
No, no, but five approver problems.

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Okay. Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Have you ever been no a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Yeah. Or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 52:36
Yeah. Are you a lingerie lover? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
All right. That's it. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
You did kill it. made me laugh halfway through.

Unknown Speaker 52:50
Okay, so the last two segments are called Fuck, Marry, Kill and then fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 53:04
done here. So we'll go fuck. Marry, Kill first. Are you familiar with the game?

Unknown Speaker 53:10
Yeah, yeah, I am pretty easy. Something

Unknown Speaker 53:12
I've had some people be like, I don't know. I'm like, it's just book marry kill you. Fuck marry to kill someone. So I'm going to give you one that makes me so excited. It's Adam Sandler rolls. Are you ready? Yeah. And you're familiar with Adam Sandler movies? All of them. Okay, awesome. So am I I'm a huge fan. So Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, or Sonny from Big Daddy. You got a fuck one marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
Um, I think that I

Unknown Speaker 53:47
heard Let me see.

Unknown Speaker 53:50
I would kill Billy Madison.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
I would marry sonny.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
And whichever one I would happy from Happy Gilmore. And happy and happy to what what's the last one have to do with the fuckup Have we ever fucking Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm talking.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Yeah, that's exactly what I did. Because Sonny becomes a successful lawyer. Billy Madison is just a fuckup. So we kill him. And then Happy Gilmore. He's like an athlete. So you know, he's gonna be good.

Unknown Speaker 54:25
Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
All right. Good job. Yes. Okay, fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
These are real questions from real fans ready? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
At Kyle dot Fisher wants to know, what's been the biggest change moving to Vegas from Ohio. And what's the most fun or crazy thing she's done since moving?

Unknown Speaker 54:55
Oh my god, I think really skinny dipping. If I had to say like this skinny dipping in the summertime is the coolest thing in the world and having a pool and doing that. It's like a real thing. I was like, are we

Unknown Speaker 55:06
in your bubble? Or did you go like to the woods? I mean to like the

Unknown Speaker 55:10
No, no, we were in our pool. We were in our pool. Okay, we did party parties at our house in my pool. And you skinny dude at the party. Yeah, my party and my pool. I have a poem. I

Unknown Speaker 55:19
know. But I'm like, how many people saw your book naked?

Unknown Speaker 55:23
Well, enough.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
But um, yeah, I mean, the biggest change, I'll tell you that. It's like learning to be my own leader. You know, when you decide to leave like a camp, and our affiliate with like, really, any camp is like the biggest thing, like, learning how to be your own person and be your own leader not need to need a name behind a team to make you successful.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
Yeah, yeah. And a lot of people think that you have to have to do that. But you don't you know, you do need a team of people behind you, you know, and as you know, your nutritionists, your teammates, your partners, your coaches, but it doesn't have to be from this big gym name. Like everyone thinks, well, yeah, well, good for you. Okay, at she fights to media says to two part question. Number one, high sex or drunk sex?

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Can you do both? I guess I expect to be normal for me. Drunk text. I don't know, you know, I don't even think I would want to do that. And don't look like you always forget it. And then you're always they think it's better than it is. Or you think that it's like, you know, more something that is so I guess, high tech.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
Okay. And number two, was social media, making it easier for people to get to know each other more than ever before a first date? Is sex on the first date more acceptable now?

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Um, for me, no. But for the average individual. Yes. I think that I'm going to fuck someone on the first night I met them at all, you know, like, I have to at least know them. So no, not in the first night at least give it a second go. All right.

Unknown Speaker 57:09
At wolf King 30 at night says, Have you ever thought about a career in professional wrestling?

Unknown Speaker 57:16
Yes, am I actually I'm working towards that. I am actually working with the WWE and getting some really cool thing to do. So it was pre gallbladder. So again, I just my gallbladder really took a lot of things out. And you know, they want to see a winner. So we're definitely working towards that. I'm working with them, and we will see some fun things. Cool. That's really cool. I'm excited to see what happens at super sand soldiers says when do you feel your sexiest? Good question. Oh, I'm God. There's all kinds of times. I don't know. I guess like, if I'm wearing the right outfit, I'm in the right mood. There's never there's never a right situation or a predictable situation for that. A good happen at any moment. You know could happen. Having the worst day of your life involves someone someone influencing a moment and makes you feel someone.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
It's true. That's true. Okay. I don't know how to say this at Neil Gunn. Tra one wants to know what hobbies Do you have outside of me?

Unknown Speaker 58:22

Unknown Speaker 58:26
I really am I'm not just like I'm a free spirit in that way. Like if someone's like, No, I don't want to like I don't want to climb for 20 days straight but like I will go hiking or I would love riding motorcycles. I love working out. I love fine dining. I love talking with friends. I love quality time. Just depends to hang. You know how to ride a motorcycle. And around love it. There's been cycles. You're so better.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Okay, at Pepe. That's so funny. Pepe. lepew 96 says What's the weirdest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 59:01
on a car? Someone's driving? Oh, well, someone was driving. I was

Unknown Speaker 59:05
I was about to be like, not that crazy. And then you're like, well, someone's driving. I'm like, Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
Okay, at Jarrett said, Would you ever date a fan?

Unknown Speaker 59:17
Well, yeah, of course, if I met him, how do I even know if he was a fan of it? Just

Unknown Speaker 59:23
maybe like, you know those a fanboy though fanboys that are like,

Unknown Speaker 59:27
I guess I never. I never would think of a fanboy in that regard. Like, but if I met the fan at a event and all of a sudden like

Unknown Speaker 59:38
how did you know you're meeting a person?

Unknown Speaker 59:40
That's true. I like that. You don't see them as in separate categories fans and not fans, person. I mean, should Shouldn't the person who likes you be a fan? You know? My boyfriend's a fan of me.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
Right? My exactly right. Like you never know. Okay at minded men. I've met my future husband.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
Maybe new Jessica with no goal but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
it's just different.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
At dc 209 says what victory was the strongest and most personal

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
victory? Um, of my whole career, my UFC career. Let's just say I think the most notable one is going to be the one against Loyola when I was involved for no then I choked her outstanding up. And she was a champion, right? Yeah. And there was just so much against me. I think that that would have to be one of my most like, enjoyable ones when was not rolling was when I beat Sarah coffin and my debut in the UFC. Like that was like Mike. It was like the coolest moment and then tested positive for marijuana.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
The story keeps going.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Okay, at sorry, we're okay, we're getting down to lesson two.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
At Oceanside. Oh 920 says, Would she be okay if her significant other was aroused when she flirted with other men? Get some weird questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
I guess like, I mean, the tap to tell me his eyebrows can just put me Have fun and like, let me have my time and then I get my enjoyment later. wasn't gonna be something that's discussed. Like enjoy it enjoy the looking of it. I guess if someone had to tell me that it was kind of weird. Let's not talk about it. But like if he was like, if he was just like, hey, the guy like, he seemed like some guy like I'm sitting there by myself at the bar. And then somebody talks to me and he enjoys a good conversation like, don't remember, like, enjoy it. Yeah, we're gonna. I'm gonna get the pay for it later.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Okay, last fan question at Braveheart. oh nine nine says if you could give yourself a nickname in regards to your performance in the bedroom? What would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
Don't Don't be shy. Just

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
Just. I'm not but you got to go with the guy too. Because you got to make the guy feel good. So it's like, Am I gonna be the submissive by? Or am I gonna be like the dominant? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
are you normally one or the other? It just just depends on how you're feeling depends on the guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
I guess it depends on the guy like what's his mood?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
Yeah, what's my name again? Is my I guess what's my mood to? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
Have I trained a lot? Am I in fight camp? Am I tired?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
Right. That's exactly. That to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
me. Let's just be. Let's be real.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
Okay, well, my last question for you. And thank you so much for doing the interview. Who do you want to hear on sex and violence with rebel girl next few could pick anyone. Girl guy. Anyone?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
I thought got back here with Justin he has to say,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
Oh, yeah. I would love to have him on. That'd be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Like near a guy's version of like, Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
Yeah, I've only had one other note. I'm sorry. I lied. My first few episodes where Ian McCall uncle creepy, Sam Alvey and we had Alex Hernandez on but I've been just doing lots and lots of ladies lately, but yeah, maybe I'll try and get Justin put in a good word for me if you know, I don't know him personally.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
Yeah, I don't know. I'll try to I'll no idea. Slide into his DMS for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
Well, thank you so much. I'm sorry. It was so late. You got to eat while during the podcast. The only other person to do that was Pauly Shore. So I guess. Oh, yeah. You did. Pauly shores podcast that one time.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
Did you have a good time then? I did. I absolutely did. A really good time. interesting guy, huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Yeah. A great way to say we love you, Paulie.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
Okay, jazz will have a great night. Thank you so much. And yeah, good luck in January.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
Thank you. they're new to you. kick butt. Alright. Happy training. Thank you. Bye. Now.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
Suck this, just like you should.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
All you ladies pop your pussy like this. Shake your body. Don't stop. Don't miss. All you ladies pop your pussy like this. Shake your body. Don't stop. Don't miss my neck. My back, lick my pussy and my crack my neck. My back. My posse. My crack.

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Dang am another amazing fighter who has overcome and made the world work for her. Good job Jess proud of you. I'm honored really to talk to such accomplished and inspiring guests lifts me up and motivates me. And I hope it does the same for you guys. Life ain't easy, and neither is this sport. But we're tough and so are you guys. Hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. Enjoy your Halloween tomorrow. You lucky bastards. If you go out, stay safe. If you stay in, stay safe. And since I'm cutting weight, eat some damn candy for me. Have fun this weekend. Try and stay positive. Yes. COVID is still here. And the election is around the corner. California is burning. Whatever else shenanigans is going out there and bullshit you got going on in your life. Try not to worry guys. Just do something to stay sane. Whether it's have a glass of wine or smoke a joint or go for a run, have sex, rub one out. Whatever you got to do. Happy Halloween weekend, guys. rate and review us on iTunes. Thank you so much for all your questions. Special thank you to our audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJ zol tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official. You can find us on Instagram at rebel girl groups at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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