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Episode 25: "Babestation TV" Stars - Priya & Preeti Young

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and all suitable subject. sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff. Hey, hey, minority listeners did it again, tuned into your favorite guilty pleasure podcasts, the podcast that you might not want to listen to around the kids or the grandparents, or your very religious friends. We combine two things everyone loves sex and violence. Actually, to be honest, this episode contains pretty much all sex. Let's just face it. But we'll get to that. Hope you guys had a ton of fun over the weekend and had a good Halloween. Hope you got lots of candy got laid, or both. My Halloween was not too exciting. I watch the UFC fights, and I passed out around nine o'clock like a grandma because I'm in fight camp. So if you were out partying and dodging COVID in your school costume, then you didn't get a chance to watch the fights so I'll fill you in. There were a lot of good fights, but the main event overshadowed all of them. It was rat Hall versus Anderson Silva. And it was Anderson Silva's retirement fight. Well, your I hope pooped all over Anderson Silva's retirement fight plans, he stopped the goat in the fourth round by TKO It was very hard to watch. I mean, good for your right haul, right? But heartbreaking for spider fans across the world. And I mean, it's just He's a legend. And may the best man win but you never want to see your hero go out like that. So hope hope the best for Anderson, you know, still the greatest and it's hard. You know, he even said he might that might be his last fight. I think he's done but you know, you never know. Right? Anyway, my fight is 22 days from now and I'm over here in grind mode. I'm low calorie, high cardio, fine tuning my skills and drill in the game plan till I can do it. I'm asleep. My confidence is growing and I think I can't thank my coaches enough and I want to give a shout out to black house MMA, the yard Muay Thai, Apex athlete and raw talent boxing. Also, Mike Wilson. Yes, I just thanked my boyfriend. So what all the fighters who are listening to this, they know that their significant others are the real MVP. We get especially close to fight time we get extra grumpy and emotional. There's high highs and low lows. And they love us through it all and keep us strong and focused. So anyway, you guys can actually watch my fight on November 28 on ESPN Plus, there are still no no crowds. So sorry, but uh, at least least you can watch it on TV. And, oh, this weekend, we do have some fights going on. It's pretty good card. It's Tiago Santos vs Glover to Sherif and Andre arlovski vs Tanner Bowser. I'm excited for a prelim fight. Actually, it's the first fight on the card. And it's Gustavo Lopez versus Anthony Burch check. I know both of these guys. Both are wrestlers by background and Bert check is a black belt 10th planet black belt? And yeah, you know, bird check is he was in the UFC, then he you know, they let him go. And so this is his first fight back. And it's a hard one because it's like, when you want two people to win, you know, he just made the best man win, I guess. But that's going to be a good fight. And also, I think there's something like an election going on right now. Or like, something like presidents are going I don't know. I'm so focused on my fight and this podcast and you guys that I don't got time to focus on that, you know, so, if you guys are political, maybe I should be a little bit more political. But uh, you know, that's cool. Just make sure it's not driving you crazy. There is an abundance of animosity and hate going on for really no reason. You know, there's a lot of people crapping on other people for their views and how they're voting and whatnot, but just try and stay stay positive guys and do you and yeah, the election whatever happens gonna happen? I don't know who's gonna win. You know, we'll find out in the very near future. Good luck to us I guess. Also if you guys want shirts we talked about it last episode, there's literally one or two shirts left only small and mediums. So if you want one dm us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl, we'll get that out to you. It comes with a sticker and assigned eight by 10 oola.

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You just Yeah, like I said dm the Instagram account and we'll send you one out $30 for that we got some just one time. We did a one time deal next year. And I say next year it sounds so far away. But you know, January February, after my fight, we'll probably do another run with some larger sizes as well. If you guys could rate and review this on Apple or iTunes, then I'll give you a free sticker as well. Just dm the Instagram. I've got great news guys. And this is the first time so we're on episode 25 and we got our first sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit el la and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Alright guys, let's talk to our guests. Today's guest our stars of babe station. Babe station is a renowned uk tv channel and website established in 2002. For nearly two decades they have put the hottest UK glamour models front and center across their network. The television version was the first show of its kind in the UK, allowing viewers to communicate live with female presenters via a premium rate telephone number or text messaging. It's broadcast daily 24 hours a day. The adult chat program showcases the use case glamour and cam girls and we're lucky enough to talk to two longtime stars of babe station. Here are your guests twin sisters pretty and Priya

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you kiss me once or twice

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don't you do watch

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your big sister show

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for some candy

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okay Priya and pretty Thank you girls so much for coming on especially since and keep having us of course it's it's late over where you're at in the UK correct?

Unknown Speaker 8:32
Yeah at 10pm

Unknown Speaker 8:35
are you girls night owls? Are you just being extra sweet to me and doing me a favor?

Unknown Speaker 8:41
Yeah, I was gonna go to bed stay off. When we when we work. Our work is 10pm till 5am. And that we only do that like twice a week. So when we're not working we're in bed by like 10pm well doesn't die on lockdown. Yeah. Oh,

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you're on lockdown. Really?

Unknown Speaker 9:01
Yeah, we placed back on lockdown from today. So there's

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nothing to do anyway. Well, thank goodness your job doesn't involve you to leave the house correct.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Now Yeah, we can work from home.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
Well, before I ask you about your individual lives. Can you just explain babe station in your own words to the listeners.

Unknown Speaker 9:27
And I hate to say babe station, it's like having that short interview, interactive TV show. It's to travel. And it's 24 hours, seven days a week. During the daytime. It's obviously like the girls are clothed and when guys can call in and then they distract you on the phone on the daytime. It's nothing sexual. It has to be. It has, it has to be clean. And then at nighttime, the girls can Obviously, wear less clothing. And it can be a bit more sexual nature and it's like well known glamour models in the UK that appear on there.

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What What is a glamour model? Exactly?

Unknown Speaker 10:16
So we would have john Knight some form of lingerie or topless modeling.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
Okay. Yeah, I we started in the industry. Got it. So we have something called cam girls. Do you have that? I mean, that's essentially what you guys are but also called the glamour girls.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
Well, yeah, I mean, glamour modules is more kind of like the generic term for I mean, magazine, choose everything but yeah, like our kind of work is specially aimed at like cam girls and things like that cam. And the base station is like cam get also the sign outside our house and start rocking. Okay. And one of our neighbors just got home and yes, so the TV is I Yes, just a TV version of like, what your what you guys would have come gals?

Unknown Speaker 11:14
Okay, and it's interactive. So someone can text or call in?

Unknown Speaker 11:20
Yeah, exactly. That Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:22
What are some examples of what colors or textures ask or say on there?

Unknown Speaker 11:30
Um, can we see it beeps? See your

Unknown Speaker 11:36
phone sex phone sex? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:38
got it. So they want you to say certain things or just Talk dirty to them.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
Yeah, and get into like, their favorite positions and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 11:48
Okay, so if that's, I mean, but you can't do that during daytime, right?

Unknown Speaker 11:54
No, no, no, I'm gonna show online if it's just web only you can but if it's on TV, and I

Unknown Speaker 12:01
and that's because maybe you know, children are during the day.

Unknown Speaker 12:06
What is one?

Unknown Speaker 12:08
Oh, it's like, before a certain time there can't be any, like nudity or swearing or any things too sexual before like 9pm or 10pm. And then the kid has go to bed and the real fun Yeah. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
Okay, so quick question if I'm watching during the day, and you can't do anything sexual. Do they just ask you about you know what your favorite color? What do they talk about?

Unknown Speaker 12:37
Tonight? Well, I seen Sai Baba and neither Priya nor I've actually done like I've done a few you know I've done a few day shows with Wade rotten Jim conversations like and all that they're they can just be a normal at hi what you're up to, like, how should we been? Or you get some people just cooling just have to make randomly weird conversations. Okay, do you do you guys that that I haven't done one for years though a day a day show their bits that I find because you're not allowed to move either. You just have to lie still. So I just find like I get it like bored just lying. Still. It makes the day go slower.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Yeah, yeah. And you said your shifts are from 10:10pm usually till 5am Yeah, woof. Doesn't that throw off the rest of your week.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
And I mean, we've been doing it for

Unknown Speaker 13:38
we've been doing it for 10 years now. So we were the you stood there like for years and years it would throw off your own team like sometimes you get home like half five when you get in and you have something to eat wind down you go you don't go to that half six, seven. And then like you end up sleeping the whole day waste then all the next night. Now we just kind of trained ourselves to get up early even if we forget in like in the morning so that we can go back to sleep at night. So our body clocks and all over the place.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
Yeah, good. So that long shift do what if you have to use the restroom or if you get hungry or their break, you're not

Unknown Speaker 14:20
you're not on? You're not on screens the entire seven hours, like an hour and a half once you do like an hour and a half on screen then you get a half hour break then you do an hour and a half and then you get half hour break. We don't like that. We don't just sit set stay on screen from 10 till five o'clock in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 14:38
Okay, that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 14:42
The other day, the other day she worked and she did she took two toilet breaks. That's a record.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
She's trying to break the babe station record For TV time. So you've been working for babe station for 10 years. How did you both get started?

Unknown Speaker 15:13
Wow, I kind of really always want I Well, we need friends that did it. And I was wanting to like get into like, the climate industry and stuff, we always look at the girls in the magazine and think they looked great. And, and so yeah, I had friends that a couple of friends that did the job on the TV channel. So I was just like, you know, what career? This is what we're gonna do. Let's give it a guy. And I put like, you know, did the callback thing, the online application? And yeah, they just called us back. We went in for trial. And then that was it. Really?

Unknown Speaker 15:53
You guys seem to be some of the most popular models? Is that? Is there a way to gauge how popular you are? Maybe requests for to have you on? Is there any way to gauge? You know, I don't want to say like rank, the girls, but

Unknown Speaker 16:11
um, yeah, I know what you mean. And yeah, just kind of like by how many calls you get? And, you know, just like you can just tell who's busier and things like that. And just you see him just kind of get a cap gauge who's more more popular by like, Who's busy, I guess? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
And so from the first year to the 10 years, do you make the same amount of money? Is it

Unknown Speaker 16:35
you work? And, you know, you get paid for as many hours you are on television? Or have you increased in wages, I guess? Over the years? Um, yeah, just like that the way that like, you know, the different revenue systems like pay, like some of them are an hourly rate, some will be a revenue share. So you know, things like that can affect. And that's your total income, like because things are a bit more revenue. Share base now. And obviously, while we've been doing about 10 years, and we're more busy, yeah, our income has increased from the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
That's good. With

Unknown Speaker 17:19
that, yeah. So when you go in on a basic, a basic new girls with a BA, you go in on a basic, and then like, obviously, you just can go up and up. And now it's mainly like she said, revenue.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
do certain styles of, you know, neither the television channel versus the, the website? Do you do one of them? Does one of them pay more than the other?

Unknown Speaker 17:52
I guess like, depending on how much you work, like some months, I might like go on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I don't go and do as many shifts. So they and then whereas our websites, they just take over because even if I'm on holiday, I can still run my sites that I would say it's all pretty fun.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
Yeah, it's it's got to be like, it's got to come in from different avenues. It's It's great. It's it's a job that seems to be uninterrupted by the pandemic we're going through, right.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
Yeah, definitely. Have you seen anything? busier? I guess it's a bit of fun for people, you know, like a like a prison escape has something to do. No one's got anything to do. So during our first during our first lockdown, I would say it was really busy during the fast lock down.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Yeah, and this one, you said it just started

Unknown Speaker 18:59
on it. Today was start over there. But I mean, it's not quite as strict as the last lockdown. And I also am just gauging I don't think people are taking this one very seriously. So most people choose to dine, witnessing or choosing to ignore and just crack on with their normal day to day lives.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Now when you say lockdown, it has varied in different countries. And I know that certain countries were very serious to the point where they were handing out tickets and threatening Josiah what's it like over there as far as regulations?

Unknown Speaker 19:36
So during our first one, we were told that we could only leave the house for an hour's outdoor exercise a day and to go shopping for food. And then that one a lot of people were doing but then there was a lot of people that weren't still doing it and I guess like they were handing out fines but they weren't like maybe Usually expensive fines, and they didn't make really any arrests. Then this lockdown, they're basically just saying try, stay home, but you can still go to work if you have to do construction still allowed to happen like the football matches are still allowed to go ahead. Schools are still staying open. And people are really being limited to how long they're allowed outdoors for and you're allowed to meet up with someone outdoors. They just basically shot all non essential retail and restaurants and bars and stuff. And the gyms have shot again. Okay, I feel so bad for the small businesses because Yeah, definitely.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
But so back to babe station, we, you know, we talked about the channel and kind of what you do in response to the text messages and the conversations but how physical at nighttime, can it get? Obviously, there's masturbation? Do you ever do a girl on girl touching? Is there like partner shows?

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Um, yeah, so if it's on hold, Oh, hello. And yeah, if it's on TV, then it just is just like, very tame, you know, like topless. You can, you know, kind of shake your ass a bit and, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:33
ages detail of how

Unknown Speaker 21:36
Yeah, you can act sexy, but you can do any, you can mimic any, like sexual acts or anything like that. You know, you've got to keep it like, kind of sexy and as polite as possible to flirting. Yeah, yeah. If you're on a lot, if you're on the website, or on on the web show, you can do whatever you want. Like, you could do a boy girl show on the web show if you wanted to. girls do. Yeah, I mean, it's all web. There's not any rules. So and but if girls want to do like, Girl girl shows, like when I do shows of like, you know, some of my friends, we would do online, you wouldn't be allowed to do on the TV.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
But online is their actual intercourse happening, I guess is what I'm asking.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Um, I mean, I assume there is somewhere online. Yeah, but not that. I'm like, I've had personally like, witnessed and what they don't shoot like, boy girl web shows for babe station. Do they do they do some of the girls do boy or girl show but as they kind of arranged, yeah, they've arranged that themselves at home. Like, I don't know, maybe they should already shoot porn. And they have a guy they work with or they have a boyfriend that will do it with them. And they can use base stations online platform to do that own cam show. But yeah, it doesn't happen. Like in the actual studio in the studio. It's just girls. Got it. When you first started, did you have any reservations or concerns about getting into the industry? And I not really To be honest, I'm, like, quite confident. And you know, if I want to do something, I want to do it. Like I'm not really bothered about other people's opinions. And we have like very loving and supportive family. And yeah, we're both quite headstrong, so we didn't if I had reservations I wouldn't have done yet. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 23:39
Yeah, no, that's good. I mean, I'm a Professional MMA fighter, and I get punched,

Unknown Speaker 23:44
punched people by call.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
I mean, I had reservations before, you know, almost throwing my bachelor's degree out the window and, you know, getting punched in the face for a living.

Unknown Speaker 23:56
Preservation about getting up to

Unknown Speaker 24:03
your bachelor's degree in journalism.

Unknown Speaker 24:07
Oh, wow. Yeah. So something kind of like this. I should have done broad.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Yeah. So get to keep fat going with the podcasts and don't Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:16
yeah. And we're eventually gonna switch to video. I'm still getting my feet wet. This is only episode number 25. So yeah, very young, but it's growing fast. And it seems like every time I ask an awesome guest, like you ladies to be on, they say yes. And so I'm very blessed. And thank you for being on to. So your personal

Unknown Speaker 24:39
license. success with it so far.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
Thank you so much. So a little bit more personal. How do you both identify sexually? Is it the same different? Straight gay, hetero pansexual?

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Yeah, with I strike, both straight okay. mean Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:01
So if you are asked to do girl on girl is it is it a no is a yes.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Um, well we I shoot like, like porn as such you know if we do like, Girl girl shows it's more like to a kind of like flirty level you know, like teasing with our friends not like an actual girl on girl porn and we don't really shoot to that level.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
Got it? So it sounds like you guys don't really do. It's it's more just the show and not the actual sexual acts for the both of you.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Yeah, yeah, no, we don't have sex. We just talk a lot about it.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Do you guys remember that all?

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I would say we're very fantasy based.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
Okay. Yeah. I mean, it's it's very, I mean, I love dirty talk, you know, with my partner and, and all that kind of stuff in the buildup is great. But um, so do you. Do you guys remember the first time you had sex long? However long ago? It was.

Unknown Speaker 26:16

Unknown Speaker 26:18
about 80 I guess. My boyfriend?

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Yeah, I always asked this question because it's usually some very awkward story. And some people have funny stories sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 26:29
Neither my wife's not that awkward. It was just my boyfriend at the time. I was by it.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
And I'm not sure which one is who prettier prettier. But what about? Oh, yeah, no mines. No mines. I don't have any crazy stories to tell. No, no crazy stories. How did you guys learn about sex growing up? Did your parents have that talk? Or was it more of like a learn from your friends type of situation?

Unknown Speaker 27:00
I can't even remember but I think it's a bit of both. Isn't it? Like your parents sit you down and have like the birds and the big conversation? Yeah, and you have like sex search? Yeah. school when your friends talk about actual sexual use learn as you go along?

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I I learned a lot from watching television.

Unknown Speaker 27:21
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So isn't every program really? Isn't that you have contractions if your friends. I mean, I really love friends growing up and I reference sex a lot. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
Yeah, yeah, I remember think I was 15 when I lost my virginity and all my other friends had lost it way before me. And so I remember it was like this. I wasn't cool. Because I hadn't had sex yet. And I don't know what it was like for you guys. But

Unknown Speaker 27:50
yeah, that whole coach in high sec. psych. Got caught lose your virginity culture in high school. Isn't that?

Unknown Speaker 27:57
Yeah. And if you don't lose it before college, you're

Unknown Speaker 28:00
like being the having having sex makes she called or something?

Unknown Speaker 28:04
Yeah, I guess. Which is not true. You know, because there's plenty of sex.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
So yeah, and I think like all our adult selves, so really thankful that like we did in, kind of succumb to that peer pressure.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Yeah. 18 is a student when you're

Unknown Speaker 28:22
18 is a great age. You know, I mean, I don't Yeah, you're not even like a real human until, like, 20. I feel it was still about

Unknown Speaker 28:32
2025 25.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Yeah, actually, you're right.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
And you guys, I'm 33 How old are you guys are 28 931

Unknown Speaker 28:45
Oh, I did my research wrong. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
No, Gina, what I know is that our ages are different everywhere. Like everywhere that publishes ask, writes a different random age. It's I don't think is a very coration actually wrote an article recently about our 10 year anniversary. And they said that we were 23 when we did our first show, and I was like, oh, they've just made me 33.

Unknown Speaker 29:15
And so you're both 31.

Unknown Speaker 29:17

Unknown Speaker 29:19
is who's a who's older?

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Me preamp, but only by 50 seconds.

Unknown Speaker 29:24
50 seconds. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
I would always say to like I'm older than you. And then she gave me not really it's only 50 seconds. And I like that I'm the oldest. And then she's like, Okay, well, well, well, I'll remind you of that when we're older then when we're like 40. And now and when someone's like who's the odd one? I'm like me but only by 50 seconds. doesn't count.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
Yeah, I have a brother who is 364 days younger than me. So his birthday. Wow. Yeah. So his birthday is July 8 and my is the night so on the eighth he is the same exact ages me so I remember we're as kids. Oh, I'm the same age as you. I'm the same age as you and then the very next day I would be older. Yeah. So, Priya, I think you're the one that said you were the lazier twin. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 30:20
Yeah, definitely.

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Is there any other major differences about you guys?

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Um, is one more adventurous you know, as one like, more extrovert? I feel like one of you guys is talking a little bit more and the other one's holding back a bit.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
Yeah, it's a lot more.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
I think had more the like, whatever widen whereas pre pre PT is a bit of a warrior on Yeah. And she has a worrying nature about to her whereas I've liked the polar opposite of that. more sunlight describe how simple Well, yes, I would say the unsensible I will say like a bit more be like I'd say the aggressive one. Like the argumentative aggressive one. I am.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
I'm very impulsive. So like what I want, like, I want to do it right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
Yeah, me too.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Yeah. Okay, so you guys are so many people's crushes. As soon as I posted on the Instagram, they, you know, Oh, I love them. I love them. I'm a huge fan. How about you guys? Do you guys have any? You know, whether it's a celebrity, you know? Or an athlete like a you know, man crush Monday? Who is your crush?

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Alright, I did he bring ready used to have a huge crush on Drake, but I just admit, I've had that now. Like, he's he's a good looking guy, but I used to crush him over him over you drink? Yeah. Now I have a crush. I actually don't have a crush sheet. I'm racking my brain. I remember like when I was when I was a kid and a teenager. I crushed so hard on Nelly and Richie and my mom used to like, take Nick out for ease. Or he is not nice. And I used to crush on him. Say not now and I look at him. I'm like, Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
Well, Nelly, tell me a song. I remember. I could see his face with a little band aid right

Unknown Speaker 32:37
across there under his eyes.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
Yes, racial as well.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
So, our short guys out of the out of the question for you.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
Yeah, I'll be honest.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
We're five foot seven. And if we're wearing heels we're like easily 511 just shy of six foot so we really just can't be with like short guys. It just wouldn't. It just wouldn't work and I feel like short guys carried like, short man syndrome. Sometimes. you need you need like a man who to be with us. You need a man that has to be really confident like you can't have I couldn't we can't be of insecure guys. So besides short and insecure what are some other deal breakers for you guys?

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Oh, I just like a really dislike any form of like arrogance. Or like when guy show that like judgment about something like we just like really? Like laid back. Oh, Barney, open minded people. Yeah. I learned themselves.

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Yeah, I love that. And I think Oh, wait, no, no, I was just gonna say that. Unfortunately, I don't know if this happened to you ladies. You're dating someone. And you know about a month in they start showing kind of the, the real them and then it's like, oh, I you know, I don't like this race and like, put your racist you know, it's like, I gotta go.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
Oh, God, I didn't see this coming. Like, like any like, jealous behavior. Like I find all of that stuff like really gives me the it. Like, I just want people to be you know, like, laid back and confident like down to, like, jealous or controlling. I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:36
yeah, I mean, you what you both do for work. Your partner must be very secure in himself. Correct? Because Yeah. means like, a lot of a lot of men tend to or women sometimes too, you know, women can get jealous as well.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Oh, women get very jealous. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:54
You know, and it's like the territorial mind like they don't want even you to wear a low come black. or something. So if that's one end to end of the spectrum you you both need to date someone who, you know, lets you express your sexuality however you please. And obviously your job correct.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
Yeah, exactly a man who is not threatened by a sexually confident women also a man who understands like, you know, I get it for a lot of guys, we are a fancy and with that fancy, they probably want to believe like that we are these sex maniac corny, 24 seven girls, we are, we are normal girls as well. And we do live normal lives as well. So you're not like a guy who can, um, be around having sex 24 seven. You know, your job doesn't completely define you. And, and that, you know, like us because we're sexually competent, or just confident in general, that we are able to do this job, Wi Fi, like us or who we are or our personality. I mean, some guys just I can only see you for what you do.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Yeah, yeah. I mean, me as a fighter, even though you know, I'm an athlete, and I love music. I have my degree. I love journalism. Many men when they initially talk to me are like, you know, oh, you know, so? You'd like it rough, huh? I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 36:29
everyone's so one dimensional.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
Like, actually, no, I like to be treated like a lady even though. So

Unknown Speaker 36:41
it can be fun to fight Eric doesn't mean I constantly want to be surrounded by Biden.

Unknown Speaker 36:48
Yeah, I can't tell you how many times a guy's like, grabbed me by the arm kind of like play wrestling. And I'm just like, don't do that. It's not time for that. So, you know, though, those are some turnoffs up, you know, for both of us, for all of us. And what are some things that you find attractive in a partner?

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Like people I I'm really like funny people like fight like, you know, when they say like, you can laugh or girl into bed like definitely that guy. And, and I just like people that just don't take themselves too seriously. Like, you know, like, they just want to have fun, open minded, quite just people who are kind as well. I just like nice. Yes, yes. With no negative energy or toxic traits about them.

Unknown Speaker 37:40
Yeah, especially right now this year. If you can find someone, it doesn't even have to be a partner. Jeez, if you have a friend, that's because you know, you always have that ray of sunshine type of friend. Or if you're lucky, that's your partner, where, you know, it could be raining outside, but they're like, Oh, it's raining. The flowers are gonna grow. You know, they always find that Silver Line. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:04
Oh, no, I'm not either. I'm like it's raining. And then my

Unknown Speaker 38:08
God. I guess I'll just

Unknown Speaker 38:12
we strive to be. And that's why I think probably all of us want a partner who is the positive ray of sunshine.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Yeah, women are to be considered rays of sunshine.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
So has your job

Unknown Speaker 38:30
changed or affected the way you've gone about dating in the past? Meaning like, to be more clear. So let's say, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 38:41
was amended, because it's been 10 years, and I don't really remember what date in more than a day what I was like. And also I don't even know, I wouldn't even know whether it's the job or just me growing up, like so if you think before we when we started. We were in our early we had I don't think we were long 1021 or we're about to turn 21 or whatever it was. And so I just think that yeah, I think we were about to turn 21 so I think that when you're 2021 year old woman, you're actually just really young. You don't really know yourself you don't you're not that massively confident. So I would say probably Dayton's more change just my age and younger than necessarily the job or it could be both I don't know because the jobs been 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Yeah, I think what I'm kind of wondering is let's say, you know, I just start you know, being a glamour girl, a cam girl, and I go on a date with a boy and do you know I'm wondering when is the good time if if at all to let him know what I do for work is that

Unknown Speaker 39:58
yeah, I think everyone already I used what

Unknown Speaker 40:02

Unknown Speaker 40:04
quite like to say, even if we met a guy, and he didn't know what we did his friend, his friend would yell his friend, probably word and his friend would let him know or something. So we never really have to have the conversation. But I just think, you know, I would say from the beginning, like, just own what you do, I wouldn't. I would never give that person the impression that I wasn't like, 100% proud and supportive of what I do. And I feel like if I kind of shy away from it, then on feeding into their judgement of their, yes, why Unitas if you say it, you're normalizing it.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Yeah, yeah, just like you said, prior, when we first started talking, you said you both are very strong headed and confident and secure in yourselves. So there's no need to hide it, right?

Unknown Speaker 40:58
No, I and I really, Ani and I, I really do believe in like normalizing sex work. I just don't think it should be to be subjects. I just won't approach it like it is one. Like if somebody says to us, what do you do we just straight up say we're on base station.

Unknown Speaker 41:18
Yeah, yeah. And that's a complete stranger.

Unknown Speaker 41:22
And and I'm all for that. I mean, the name of the podcast is sex and violence. And it's all about normalizing the talk of sex and dating and relationships and all these other things that people, you know, don't want to talk about and act like it doesn't happen. And, you know, not saying that I'm, you know, educating the youth or anything, but when you make it when you normalize it, it's not so I feel like, you know, you're ready. I agree. I always say like, you know, let's not have bring on like another generation of people, like so uptight and scared to talk about their sexuality and female empowerment and women's events. Yeah, slap shame girls like let's not let's not raise let's not raise another generation of boys. I think it's okay to slut shame girls, like girls that think, well, girls, girls sexual behavior is it has to be different. Let's just normalizing it. Yeah, I think we know female. You know, sexuality should be normalized just as much as as male sexuality is, it's not a big deal, what men do or who they sleep with. So I just don't see why it shouldn't be that way. For women, too. I completely agree. Actually, I was listening to one of my other my favorite podcasts. And they were talking about how in sex education, they totally talk about the male orgasm. You know, he had Jackie lates. And he comes in, there's pleasure. And he, and he ejaculate because he's feeling pleasure. And then with the girls, they're like,

Unknown Speaker 42:54
talk about it. You're like, wait, wait, do is it pleasurable for the girl? There's no talk of the pleasure for for the female I saw. I'm wondering it in you know, I guess maybe you don't know, because you're over in the UK. But do you think that the UK or America is more sexually liberated?

Unknown Speaker 43:15
I don't know. I always hear like, you know that porn stars are like, more normalized over in America than they are here. You know, like, I heard they go into like club appearances and things like that. There's not like this kind of, and judgment of No, no, yeah. And like, you know, a lot of brands in the UK wouldn't work with someone who was involved in and sex work or anything like that. wordstream had in america that's not the case. Well, I think in legal in America isn't to

Unknown Speaker 43:51
say that again.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
But and then, but then escorting is illegal in America is the net.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
escorting is Yeah, I think that's something you get on like a backpage and Craigslist. It's not allowed.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Yeah, what is it? Okay, here. It's not illegal in England.

Unknown Speaker 44:12
Okay. So yeah, then, you know, you guys maybe win just a little bit, because over here, it's the same like you said, it depends on the brand. But, you know, for example, if it's like a family brand, they might not have a porn star doing appearance, obviously. But if they ask, you know, a club, or something like that, or an alcohol, you know, I don't think so. Like I really feel like porn, porn stars. They really stay underground. There's a few awards

Unknown Speaker 44:43
is the same here that Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:44
let's say there's like a few a handful of like the x biz awards, and I think it's called like a vn. Where they're like, yeah, porn awards. Yeah. Do you guys have that over there?

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Yeah, we have that here. Yeah, and we've been like tonight. Some things like fat as a kind of like, pa in the past, you and I, but I guess it's kind of same situation here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:09
So do you think this is for some for a female? Or you know, it's only babes. So sorry, guys, but for women who are trying to make some money, especially during the pandemic, do you think this is a good option, babe station? Or even, you know, the American equivalent?

Unknown Speaker 45:28
Um, well, I mean, if it's just to make money during the pandemic, and then you want to go like back to your normal job off, I'd probably avoid that, you know, that isn't something you wanted to do forever. I probably wouldn't say nice on songs on the internet. It's on the internet forever. Yes, it is. I mean, yeah, like, if I wouldn't say just do it because of the pandemic, but like, it is something they are genuinely interested in. And want to do, then I would always say like, Yeah, go for her.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
Yeah, I mean, you're right in my

Unknown Speaker 46:04
high as like, Oh, God, I just need to make money. So let me do it. Yeah. Like, if it's something that you are genuinely interested in it and think you're gonna have fun doing it, then I would, why not? I'd always recommend, recommend it. Just know your boundaries, set yourself your boundaries, and just don't cross them and don't ever feel pressured into doing anything you don't want to do. That's what we've always stuck to. Like, we've always just, we've known what our boundaries are. And we've we've never we've not been willing to cross them and we've just known like, we're what we want it we've never felt pressured into anything and then I think that's the best way to go about it.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Yeah, I think that you know, maybe someone maybe some women will do it during the pandemic, but maybe they'll stick with it because over here I know that there's been at least in the sports world a huge increase in only fans. So you have these female athletes

Unknown Speaker 47:07
Yeah. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 47:09
creating their only fans accounts and then you've got both sides you've got people saying oh my god is so degrading and how could you and just putting it down

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Why does it need to be just

Unknown Speaker 47:22
what you're doing and lead them to say funny because it fans has been about for like a few years now and before it just seemed like you know this little thing that like the girls that were on webcam and TV channels did and to you know, as well as everything else we do within the industry and then like it over the last year kind of like this year has massively blown up is crazy like compared to what it used. And it is mental like when you see like now like cardi B and around the rows have one in this document when it seems like they've station goes on until yeah and that's people who don't even do anything sex related that saying I'm only fans accounts as well. Like it's not just people in the sex industry adult industry given that we get I always hear like means flying around and like guys saying like, I would never respect that.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Yeah, no one's got an opinion on it now haven't they?

Unknown Speaker 48:30
I just last week, we had a UFC fighter Her name is Jessica I very, very well known. top six in the world. And she has an account, but she was telling me how she maybe once in a while she'll show a butt cheek, but it's her just smoking weed. And because she doesn't want to pick

Unknown Speaker 48:51
her up, because it makes her feel good as well. Like, likes to look and feel sexy. It's empowering to take a sexy picture of yourself like it makes it empowers women. So it I think all women like to show a bit of batching carefree and how they get and

Unknown Speaker 49:12
more than that on Instagram. Say that again. People are doing more than that on Instagram. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 49:19
it's so silly. Speaking of Instagram, I posted a picture of YouTube to promote the episode and Instagram flagged me and I was like

Unknown Speaker 49:32
I've had like I've had like five accounts deleted over in on Instagram over the years. I literally This is like my fifth or sixth account I'm on now. They delete a picture of me like every other day and it's not even like showing anything is just the launch of a picture or a bikini picture or something. I sweat Instagram hates

Unknown Speaker 49:54
me. I think I'm on there shitless to know

Unknown Speaker 49:58
I'm right there with you. Think once you kind of mess up, then they just have like, you're on the bad list. So they're like always checking. I don't know how it works, but, um, well, so we're getting to the end and we usually do this thing called the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
And it's kind of silly, but it's fun. And so how it works is I'm gonna say a word or a phrase. And then oh, how's this gonna work with both you guys? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 50:32
well, I guess I both take it in turns. Do I?

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Yeah, let's do do Who wants to go first?

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Yeah, not all at once. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 50:45
okay. For Yes. So lightning six round I'm gonna say a phrase or one word and you just say yes or no. Okay, Okay, ready? So do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 50:59
No, it's lightning. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
Okay, here we go. Spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Like to be spanked, biting.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
Yes, choking.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
Now, yes, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 51:21
nigh. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 51:24
Yes, foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 51:29
No, bodily fluids.

Unknown Speaker 51:33

Unknown Speaker 51:34
bondage like ropes or blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 51:38
Um, no, I roleplaying. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
But stuff on you or a partner? No, I do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Yes, lingerie love and

Unknown Speaker 52:01
we don't believe

Unknown Speaker 52:03

Unknown Speaker 52:04
lingerie lovers. Okay, and that was the end of the lightning section. Good job. Okay, pretty

Unknown Speaker 52:13
thing. I thought you were gonna do what she said.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
So, I mean, you guys are two different people. So that was Priya. So now pretty. It's your turn.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Oh, right. So it is my turn. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Unless you both have the same sexual desires. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Okay, are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 52:35
Okay, dirty talking bed. Night.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
I'm real life. spanker like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 52:44
Yeah, I like to be spanked. spading

Unknown Speaker 52:50

Unknown Speaker 52:51

Unknown Speaker 52:55
Lightly. Three, so it's still free.

Unknown Speaker 52:59
At now. Do you watch porn? Knight?

Unknown Speaker 53:05
foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 53:10
Well, yeah, actually, you know what, I just had been in surgery. So now I quite like my feet. So I don't mind my feet being paid with a bit now.

Unknown Speaker 53:17
Okay, there we go. Bunyan surgery.

Unknown Speaker 53:23
bondage, like ropes or blindfold?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
No, I've never done that.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
Role Playing probably. Yeah, yeah. But stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Especially special occasions. Do you sex toys? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 53:47
Yeah, lingerie lover.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Yeah. Okay, that's it. Good job. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 53:57
A little bit. Yes. Kind of sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
Again, the last, the last little segment a little game we're gonna play is called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
Marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done here. Are you familiar?

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Okay, so this edition is the brother edition. I tried really hard to find a like, famous guy twins. There's not a lot. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 54:33
I know sometimes I'm really.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Okay, so these are their brothers. They're not twins, but they're brothers and there are they're all actors. Oh, yeah. They're actors. So hopefully you know them. All right, ready? So you got to choose. Yeah. So like you know, the brothers. The whole set. You have to choose either to fuck the brothers marry the brothers or kill the brothers. There's Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Oh, well.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
Yeah, so they're like a package deal,

Unknown Speaker 55:04
right. All right, cool.

Unknown Speaker 55:06
So we got Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
Okay, yeah, we're gonna have to do

Unknown Speaker 55:16
this may take one.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Oh, Luke, I don't know who they are. What are they? Oh, they are Australian actor.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Paul white. Yeah. What are we doing Chris? Liam and Luke? No Christian Liam the brothers. And then you got a guy didn't say the next set is Luke and Owen Wilson.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
Cool. Google Luke. No more say no. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
No, it's okay. It's okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:47

Unknown Speaker 55:50
okay. And then the last set of brothers is Ben and Casey Affleck.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Affleck. Okay, we know who the Affleck lovers are. Okay, let me just see what Casey AJ say what what what are the options again? You got a fuck I so? I'm gonna I would marry Luke and Alan Wilson because they're funny. And so you want to spend your life with a funny guy. And then what? Kill them is the option. Oh, Helen thought I would kill the athletic. Yeah, meeting fuck the hens. Well, yeah, I'm totally in agreement with Chris Hemsworth on that they're not bad. Especially this Chris was.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
Definitely alright.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
He's alright by me.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Yeah, maybe you had asked me like Ben Affleck. 10 years ago, I would have put him on the list. But he's. He's not that hot. He's not playing hot now. It's

Unknown Speaker 56:53
getting a little older. He's getting up there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
And his problem is not nice.

Unknown Speaker 56:58
Okay, so we have Wait, his brother's not nice.

Unknown Speaker 57:04
I mean, when we sit no one we say nice. Like, it means like, he's not like fanciable. Oh, offense. Yeah. I'm sure he is a nice person. Nice. He's not

Unknown Speaker 57:16
like God. Okay. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 57:22
yeah, once you googled him, he knew right away.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
So we have a couple of fan questions to end. Is that okay? crassly?

Unknown Speaker 57:37
Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 57:38
Okay, so at j s pecked? 20 says, Who are your favorite porn stars?

Unknown Speaker 57:46
My favorite porn star is

Unknown Speaker 57:50
page turner.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
page turner. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Cuz your friends?

Unknown Speaker 58:01
Yeah. That's right.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
Very popular. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
All right. So the next slide.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Oh, sorry. The next one is at p t pawn I can't even pronounce that. t P o n is Katie's. Oh one says if you could spend the night with one UFC fighter, male or female, who would it be?

Unknown Speaker 58:32
We don't know me.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Okay, I'm at Pepe lepew 96 says have you ever shared a guy in bed? No.

Unknown Speaker 58:50

Unknown Speaker 58:54
You just killed all guys dreams? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
Yeah, it's a lot about the fantasy.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
Yeah, it's a fantasy like, and we don't need to shake eyes on this. There's nothing in the wall. Yeah, there's enough to go.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Okay. Yeah. At Larry 1321 wants to know, did you make up your own twin language as children?

Unknown Speaker 59:28
Oh, yeah. Well, we tried

Unknown Speaker 59:31
to remember we want to make our own like double dutch and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 59:38
We start again.

Unknown Speaker 59:42
Okay. And then your barber says What advice would you give your younger self when getting into the industry

Unknown Speaker 59:53
and stop wasting your money on so much crap. Save it hard. Yeah, you don't need to buy those high heels you won't like next year. You don't need to spend 600 pounds on a pair of shoes you're gonna wear once and never

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
again. Yeah, good advice for anyone I think. Okay, at classic mix says, if you could spend the day with a famous celebrity dead or alive, who would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Oh my goodness, I hate questions like this because they're just like so many. And I want to think of something really deep and profound and pick someone that Oh, yeah, like that. But then he went out on the spot, he ends up just picking something up anyway. So I can

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
give you my example.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
But I think Bob Marley would be

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
listening to like his amazing voice and get high. He seems like a really kind. Yeah, I think he would be fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Yeah, he's

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
all about love and smoking weed and playing music.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
Yeah, it's all about good positive vibes. And I think that's an energy you would want to be around.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
I agree. I was gonna say Adam Sandler, because I'm a big fan of his and he would make, he would make me laugh. So, you know, he could laugh me into.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
Okay, sometimes these actors and I might spend all day being funny for work that might not feel like being funny in real life. That's true. It's true. Like we have these. We have these TV presenters, and that in England, and they're always like, funny and bubbly on TV. But apparently in real life. They're really like measurable and not cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Oh, that's not good.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
It's not like that, though. I guess it's just what you said earlier. These these people are assuming you both just go home and have tons and tons of sex all the time. But, you know, you probably go home and eat a bowl of cereal sometimes and you just act normal.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:02
Yeah, crumpets in bed at five o'clock in the morning. Crovitz watching back back episodes 90 day he

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
last question is from Oceanside. Oh, nine to zero. And it says does size matter?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
Thank you. Yeah. Like, I mean, yeah, because below a certain amount you can do is try Han but

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
yeah, it's not there. There's a there's this phrase. What's that for? Okay, so it goes. It's not the it's not the size of the boat. It's the motion of the ocean. But it takes an awful long time to get across the Pacific in a rowboat.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
If you're if your bikes really small you're not going to be making much waves. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
You forgot to put in a lot extra work, I guess. Well, later on that thank you so much. I know it's probably past your bedtime now. It's late over there. Thank you so much. You guys make tons of money during the lockdown. I hope you stay safe. Thank you. You hope he stays safe and well. Yeah, and all your listeners do as well. And where so if I wanted to. If I wanted to see a private show or you know of one of you or both of you, how would I do that? Just go on to the website.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Yeah, you would go to base station cams calm or base and you can find find me on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
Okay, and where can I find you both on in social media.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
So my one is Priya twin young, less on Instagram on Instagram at Priya twin young. And then my Twitter is Priya underscore y. Got it. And my one is pretty young three on Instagram and on Twitter. I'm pretty underscore young lady like all our links to our fans on there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
Oh, perfect. All right. Thank you so much. Have a great night. Ladies. Thanks for being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
Bye. Hi,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38
Discovery Channel.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
Well, I hope you enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. COVID is still here. So stay healthy. The election man Is ensuing riots are on the horizon. Seriously, stay safe guys. It's about to get cray cray. Like the world isn't already crazy enough. But let's try to not take things too seriously if we can laugh. Let things roll off your shoulders. Don't give people or situations your energy if you can help it. Stay focused on your own happiness. check off your to do list, write out your daily goals, and weekly and monthly. And where do you want to be this time next year. If something or someone is getting in the way of those plans, it may be time to make some cuts. And if it doesn't bring you happiness, bye, Felicia. I have also have a challenge for you guys. I told my MMA team to do this. And it was basically because fighters specifically we are a little in we're very intense. But I want you guys to do this to your friends or your co workers. Anyone that you haven't talked to for a few days a week, a month, I want you to send one text message tonight. And reach out to someone doesn't have to be long or heartfelt just a Hey, or how are you doing? This is a time where people are getting more and more depressed and more and more sad than ever. So if one text message it can change someone's day or even life. Why not? So by the way, guys, if you need any MMA news, I would go to my Mma they got the latest news on bellet or UFC, Bare Knuckle boxing. They've got it all so my Mma Also don't forget to rate and review the show on iTunes get a free sticker. Those shirts, they're not going to last long. So pick them up now. And a special thank you to our audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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