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Episode 26: Comedian Kerryn Feehan

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girls, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley Smith. Now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening the hot stuff? Hey, hey, oh,

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you naughty listeners. We're back with a little comic relief for your lives. Let's take a break from the emotional, political, and health situations we all got going on and laugh at someone else's experiences and issues for a while. Kind of trying to provide you guys with a plethora of guests plethora like that word. I feel smart want to use that word. In addition to top level athletes, we like to mix it up and bring you guests from all walks of life and varying professions who bring their own unique and hilarious thing. Hilarious, embarrassing moments. If you're a dedicated listener, thanks for sticking around. We are at Episode 26. And I can't believe it. You guys are truly fucked up. You guys are amazing. I'm just kidding. But you guys really make the show worth doing. I know it's hard to escape what we have going on in our lives. But if you can, you should check out some comedy. I would highly advise the Comedy Store special. I just watched it. It's a new docu series on Showtime. And if you can check out Richard Pryor. It's called omit the logic. It's a documentary. I was a big fan of his obviously not that big because I had no idea about his backstory. So first watch the Rick Richard Pryor documentary beforehand and it gets a little intense. But it kind of shows how some of the funniest people have fucked up lives just like you wanna? Well, my life isn't too fucked up right now. It's pretty just filled with lots of runs and salads and daydreams of french fries. But that will all pay off on November 28. As you guys know, I've been talking about it forever. Seems like the whole year I've been training for this fight and we are 16 days away from Fight Night which is right around the fucking corner. I'm very excited. You guys can watch it on ESPN. Plus, since we're still a no ticket, no crowd sport. Bummer. But someday we'll go back to normal. Speaking of fights tomorrow, actually there is some UFC fights, and the main event is the showstopper because it's Javier de Santos. Who was gonna fight Islam macif really fuckin hope I said that right but probably not. But you've got a Paul Felder actually, who is stepping in on five days notice. I mean, if you don't know who have failed to sanyes is he is the former UFC lightweight champ. So first of all, it's, you know, it's a hard fight. So taking a fight like that on five days notice. I mean, some would say pretty crazy. How fail right now is number 12. At welterweight and Felder is number seven at lightweight. So he's moving up to save the day and save the whole card basically. And Come on, let's face it, regardless of the outcome. I think we can all agree that Paul Felder has got some big old balls. So tune in tomorrow to ESPN plus to watch that should be really fucking interesting. And also, you know, you guys can buy a T shirt if you want. We literally have one or two left. I think I said that last time but I don't know if it's because there's not one or two small people out there. But we have like one or two smalls left, you can just do DMS for the details. And you also get a sticker and assigned eight by 10. Also, if you want a sticker you can always write a review or rate the show on iTunes or Spotify, and we'll send you a sticker. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella parody calm and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead visit el la pa ra d i and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Now, let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is a stand up comic writer, actress and producer living in New York City. Oh yeah. And a supermodel she produces and hosts the longest running all female stand up and burlesque show called stand up and take off your clothes, the first Sunday of every month at the crane theatre. She also created and hosts The Cosby Show, a Brooklyn based stand up comedy show which raises money for different local causes every month. She also co wrote and starred in the film shit faced and performs regularly at Caroline's the comic strip live Broadway comedy club, the stand and stand up New York. She has her own brand new podcast called only fee hands available on all platforms. Here's your guest, Karen fee him.

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Karen, we finally made this work. Let's do this. Let's talk. Let's talk about sex and violence. I love it. So you are an awesome comic and actress and producer and current model or former model. I just

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put that in huge capital letters on my Instagram just like as a joke. I mean, whose alarm just went off? I don't even use condoms. I just put that in my bio just to be an asshole. Because, okay, I'm just like, who like who's to say what a model is? You know what I mean? If you have professional pictures taken, if somebody ever paid you to be in a picture, you know, like, aren't you up? Can't you just be a model that forever?

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I mean, I feel like that's a trend Nowadays, people can say whatever the heck they want. No, I you know, look at me like I'm, I'm a podcaster and I've only done 26 podcasts. I'm like, a professional podcaster.

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So crushing it is great with the people only knew that what the audio sounded like five minutes ago. Oh, my God

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blown away. Who knows? It might still sound like shit, but you know what? We're learning. We're growing. Anyway, so you're not a model, but you are a model, because we're all kind of models, right?

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I've worked with a lot of really great photographers, you know, I'll put I'll put it that way. I like I ran a burlesque show for a long time. So I was always like meeting hanging out with like, different kind of weirdo photographers. And you know, I like getting naked. I like wearing bikinis and stuff and having my picture taken. I did this really weird photoshoot where this guy like super glued stuff to like my chest, my nipples and my back. It's like, these pics are like deep in my Instagram. But um, he also then like lubes me up with like this vitamin E oil.

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Oh, girl I saw I saw these and you look like you're like out of like the movie alien where they like Yeah, yes, it looked really cool.

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Yeah. And it's just like that guy. Just kind of like hit me up out of the blue. I was like, Oh, I'm gonna be in LA for a week. I live in New York. And he's like, Oh, I really want to do this shoot. I'm like, he's like, you might want to get naked. I'm like, sure, but why not? Why am I Why am I spending $180 a month at Equinox? You know, to like, get this hot body and not have it rubs with vitamin E and photograph.

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Exactly. And I always think the same thing about in the future. So like, you know, we're all gonna get old and wrinkly. Right? And this may be the best we ever look. So might as well take pictures so we can reminisce on it, right?

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Yeah. Okay, I I really, I gotta ask cuz we talked about a little bit in our pre conversation before the podcast. What's your experience like in MMA? I know you've dated or talk to some fighters. This is a very open we're just gonna get right to it. Do you have any background in MMA first of all?

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Me personally, no other than being like a spectator. And just like, you know, finding it fascinating and interesting and dating guys who are either, you know, Louis J. Gomez, who's really into it. He has a podcast with Michael Bisping. And then he himself used like in Arizona right now for LSAT. Yeah, like finding Jason Ellis. Yeah. He and I dated for like a year and a half. So I was like watching fights whenever he was watching fights. And was really fun. Like, he's just like a fun guy. I always I always get when I needed him. It was like fat Lewis. Before he was like cut because he was like fighting some he's like thought at some, like amateur thing and then right after like when we broke off and started dating another chick and then got in really good shape to get enough like to fight again and I was like this is bullshit like why am I only get off season Joey Lewis j Gomez. He's like fucking ripped and when he was with you looks amazing. So that and then and then Gary tonin, who I told who I mentioned.

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How long did you guys date for?

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Or we were like, just like kind of very casual for I would say like, maybe four or five months.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
How'd you guys meet?

Unknown Speaker 10:41
We just sort of started flirting on Twitter. Oh, I yeah, like we sort of like I do a lot of podcasts and radio with Jim Norton who like has like another like fighting podcast to I forget, it's like this guy. Matt must probably sound like an asshole for not knowing. But um,

Unknown Speaker 11:00
that's okay. I did watch a clip of you on Jim's podcast. And there was some guy on there that you look like you had beef with? Was

Unknown Speaker 11:09
it like there's always that, like, you guys need to be good. I was on Jim's podcast, and a bagel guy was on it. And he kicked me in the shin under the table like on your podcast table. And some one of my fans like clicked it out in slow motion, you can see him slowly kicked me under the table and I went and pain. Psycho for No, me and me. And Gary just kind of started flirting. And he loves girls with big butts. And I'll like tweet a picture of my butt like now and again, you know? Uh huh. And then we he came to like a couple shows, he started coming to like comedy shows. And then he had a gym and he lived in Jersey. So whenever he came to the city, he would get a hotel room. And I love hotels. I love hotels, and I love hotel breakfast. So like my favorite thing in the world, you get like a whole giant pot of coffee all for yourself. So we would just like make love in these hotel rooms. And it was great. And I was like, Oh my gosh, am I a Grappler now?

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Is he the only I mean, you know, Louis is you know fighting for Ellis mania, which is obviously serious fighting to keep his cholesterol down. Okay, so Gary's a little bit more legit than Louis. So, I mean, I gotta ask, like, how was the sex,

Unknown Speaker 12:30
it was so wonderful. It was excellent. It was like intense in the best way. He's just somebody like him is just so hyper aware of his body. And like, I like a dancing background and like, very into my like, physical fitness as well. So I feel like when you have somebody who just literally knows their body so well inside and out, that they know how to move with somebody else's body and they can like pick up I mean, it's got to have something to do with like, fighting but maybe it's like in reverse, you know, where they can like instinctually sense. Like when like more pressure is needed or less pressure needed? or How is she responding to that, but she like that's not like that, like it was, in my opinion. 10 out of 10 like really? I've no complaints. Wow, I feel like

Unknown Speaker 13:16
this is like a fucking This is the best commercial for Gary tonin

Unknown Speaker 13:22
see after this write me a thank you card.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
Yeah, he should.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
So is that the only athlete you've been with?

Unknown Speaker 13:31
Hmm, have we? Uh, yeah, you know, I'm just I'm stuck fucking these like comics, slobs. Honestly. They're all fucking gross.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
I mean, I was gonna ask you because, you know, in I think almost any industry. If the female fuck someone in the same, you know, field, whatever, you know, for me if I fuck other fighters, it's like, oh, she's, you know, skanky, or slutty or whatever. It's just looked down upon to fuck people in the same industry. Is it that way with comics as well?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Absolutely. I mean, Amy Schumer, like people would ask her in interviews, what is your advice for new female comics? And she would always be like, Don't sleep with comics. Don't sleep with comics. It's fucking easy for you to say, dude, they're not fucking hating on you. Like it's a free for all for me. And I'm like, this is the best thing ever. I am a comedy Chen. I'm going to be a comedy 10 for a while. I'll reap the benefits. But yeah, people probably do say she will call me like a slot and stuff. I've been called a slot and a bunch of roast battles and all that stuff, but I don't care. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:36
but I mean not. That's such an easy, easy babies target. You know?

Unknown Speaker 14:41

Unknown Speaker 14:41
I did watch a roast battle with you. And a very large man and

Unknown Speaker 14:46
7 million views where he kicks my ass I fucking off. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:49
but it's just like, you know, like, obviously he's like a fat guy. So it's like you make fat jokes. And then you're like this really cute petite pretty girl. And so just all your skank, you know, I'm like, oh, This is easy target, you know?

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Yeah. Yeah, it happens. But it's like, I mean, I've had some of the best relationships, you know, with comics. It gets weird. I'm sure it's like similar because there's always like that competitive element, you know? And like, Oh, yeah, comics, it's like, are you getting this? Or you're getting paid this? Where do you work? Do you have an hour? Are you headlining and there's just really clear cut examples of people being ahead of you in the business or not. So it can be kind of,

Unknown Speaker 15:31

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I mean, I've talked to a lot of athletes on this podcast, we've had a few other, you know, like, adult entertainers and stuff like that. Besides Pauly Shore, you're our first comic. So your first female comic, and it's always like, there's this, you know, when you're in the same industry, there's this kind of like competition, and most of the time, it's healthy, but then you get either a guy or girl who takes it too personal if the other person is doing better. And then it's like this silent animosity. And that could really fuck up the relationship if you don't want to deal with it, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Absolutely. Because a lot of stuff in comedy too, comes from recommending people, right, so like, you know, some guys coming in you every night, and he can't fucking recommend you for like a, you know, a five minute guest on the show. Like, and that stuff will fly out of my mouth. You know what I mean? Like, so I start fights sometimes, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 16:27

Unknown Speaker 16:28
I mean, has that specifically been a reason why, you know, maybe you under comic, were banging things were going good. And then you start to Excel, and he got butthurt. Has that ever happened to you? Well,

Unknown Speaker 16:38
that that'll happen all like all the time, too. Because I mean, if I mean, even if you have a better set than them on a show, it's like There goes the night. Like there's no coming back from that. Like when a guy's like favorite team loses. It's like, how is he going to have an erection? That's just like, they just they get so if they if they're defeated, it's really hard to get I find to get them to like I heard.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
It just hurts their ego and they're salty for the rest of the night. Totally, totally. So when I was scrolling on your Twitter, I was doing a lot of researches and like such a stalker, but someone referred to you as the Taylor Swift of comedy, which I thought was hilarious. Yeah, in regards to like breakups and boys, and I was like, ah, I want to interview at Taylor Swift of comedy.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I guess here's my thing, too, because I like I also like talking about my personal life. I like talking about relationships, I think there's a lot of comedy to be found. And sometimes, you know, my partner, if the great thing is if you're dating a comic, they don't really have a choice for the most part, just sort of like your stuffs gonna be out there a little bit publicly. You can have conversations about boundaries. And let's not talk about this, or let's keep this for just us. And this is private. But comics, if you're like a real comic, you kind of are like no matter what everything is okay, because my main purpose is to make people laugh. Yeah, no, I'll exaggerate stuff. I will straight up fictionalized stuff for a laugh just to make people laugh. Like, Oh, you know what? I think my Orban showed me last night maybe I blacked out. I would joke about Siri. I was like, What do I say I have you? I'm like, I didn't drink during the quarantine. I like, it's not true. Like, I haven't slept with Gary in what over a year or two. But right now on stage, I have this joker. I'm like, I didn't drink during the quarantine. So I'm also an alcoholic. But I go, but I did sleep with one MMA guy, you know, cuz I miss blacking out so much. And then I go into either laughs You did? Oh, human with a good sense of humor. Or they'll be like in shock. And I'm like, What do you guys think they just get that good. They have to practice. You know,

Unknown Speaker 18:51
I just feel like that joke was made for me. I'm an MMA fighter who was also an alcoholic. And so I'm just like,

Unknown Speaker 18:58
I'm like, I'm like, me. I was like, well, let's see if this kid's a fighter. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 19:03
yeah. This is, this is gold. This is gold. Like,

Unknown Speaker 19:09
that's like one of my favorite jokes. You know? And like, the problem is, when you're a comic, your timeline of what's real and what's, you know, fictional sort of, they don't always line up like Like I said, like, I haven't been, you know, Gary, and the longest and like, way before, but I say that on stage and maybe it gets back to a guy I just started seeing or something or maybe, you know, he comes to a show and it's sometimes it does present these problems where the audience isn't necessarily discerning and if your personal life like spills over, it can just be challenging, but that one

Unknown Speaker 19:45
yeah. And I feel like the the theme with all these women that I have on my podcast, it's like, you really have to find a man or another woman depending on what way you swing. I didn't ask you that so much easier. Please. But you have to find someone who is extremely secure with themselves, or who can take a fucking joke. You know who can understand that? Especially you, your profession to get a laugh. So you're going to be extreme. And, you know, you're going to exaggerate like you said. So it seems like dating comics would be the best thing for you. But then, goddamn it, then you know, the competition if you do better, it's like, oh, you can't fucking win. But so is the dating game.

Unknown Speaker 20:29
And it's all comes down to ego a lot of the time, you know? Yeah. And it's like, exactly what you said is true. Like, I need somebody who's not only going to be able to have a thick skin and take a joke, but also be like, check out how funny my girl is. You know, she's talking about how some dude, she's subang. But it's a great fucking joke. I have to give her credit. You know what I mean? Yeah, that that guy's a unicorn, though. That guy I have not found I don't know if he's

Unknown Speaker 20:56
real. Yeah, I mean, I, I'm dipping my toe into that situation just a little bit with the podcast, because it is a sex, you know, relationship romance podcast with a little bit of MMA sprinkled in there. But, you know, my boyfriend, we've only been dating for about a year. I was like, Look, I'm about to start this podcast. You know, it can you know, is it okay? If I talk about our relationship, you know, and he was like, yeah, and then we had some hard times, like, couple months ago during the pandemic, and I just fucking kept it real with everybody. I'm like, man, I fucked up, you know, like, you know, I talk I talk about my, you know, addiction and how I'm newly sober. I'm like, right now, I'm like, Fuck, what, a year and four months sober, which is pretty fucking new. You know? And a lot of people think, you know, you should be ashamed of that. But, you know, the boyfriend is like, Okay, and then I come home, and he's kind of like, looking at me weird. I'm like, what he's like, somebody hit me up and said, I hope you guys you know, like, gave him like, condolences. Like, Oh, I'm sorry to hear that your relationships going bad. I

Unknown Speaker 21:57
hate that person. meddling fucking dork that fucking does that. Who is that? Like, would you ever do that? But,

Unknown Speaker 22:06
you know, I honestly I like to see the best in people try to see the best in people. So I'm like, maybe that person was just trying to be comforting to my boyfriend. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
bigger person than me. Because I think they're a board fucking loser. Anybody who, for if you're being vulnerable enough to talk about your relationship on a podcast, you're actually being really generous with your listeners, because that, you know, they want to feel like somebody they're not alone. And they can relate to somebody. Yes. So for somebody to take that information and then hit up like the person that you were like, talking about, like, it's it's sneaky. It's, I get I am talking about, like, my own experience, because it has, like things like that have happened to me in the past, where I may have said something crazy on the podcast, and the person will go and hit up the guy that I'm dating but you hear Karen said this or she did this. And so I just have like an instinctual hatred for like that sneaky rat person.

Unknown Speaker 23:04
Yeah, you know, I, I, I was say, I'm like, tough on the outside. And then I'm fucking soft, delicate flower on the inside. So that's why, you know, you're like all this fighter girl. But at the end of the day, like, I can't read comments that are negative, because all like, I'll be like, I don't even care. And then like, you know, an hour later, I'm like, looking at my boyfriend. I'm like, you know, Sally 667 so they look like a man don't look like a man and he's like, God, why do

Unknown Speaker 23:32
I do a channel?

Unknown Speaker 23:33
I am a blocking like naini actually, like I see a negative comment I find like I blog I try to keep it just positive vibes only basis. We're human beings. That one comment that sort of gets to the nugget of your soul about your insecurity about the thing that you're insecure about some stupid fat troll behind a keyboard doc to fucking say it and type it and run away and go like not live their life in a basement. And I'm thinking about and they're like, you know, as they say renting space in your head or whatever, it's Yeah, yeah, I tried easy.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
It's it's all about quote unquote, not giving your energy to that person. But it's easier said than done. Right? So I know, you know, you get some crazy DMS I always asked the girls especially cuz guys are fucking ridiculous. What diver what's, like some of the weirdest shit you got in your DMS?

Unknown Speaker 24:25
I just I just put one out you can look at my story right now.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
This guy right?

Unknown Speaker 24:31
I get to the point where I don't give a shit sometimes. This guy hits me up one message. And these are like in my like dm requests right so I have never accepted or acknowledged one message that's all you're so hot. Like maybe like a week or two later. Oh, like Great. Great. Your ass has high body something to positive messages in a row. Then, sorry, all of a sudden third message I get your comedy and your ass or both. So so so I guess like good job grinding. So I'm like, No, no, no, no, no, no, that's how it works. If you're gonna nag me Okay, fine lead with a nag if that's your style buddy. Come to compliments and then decide to circle back and see. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 25:15
that's that's just the virtual. That's, you know the guys that are like, hey, hey girl Hey and you ignore them and they're like, You're ugly anyway. Hello that's just like the virtual version of

Unknown Speaker 25:27
totally, totally so cliche it's like, come on. You're better than this man I believe in you. Some of you are just fucking little worm.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:39
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 25:41
you get a good one every now and then but so besides shitty, you know ridiculous like, you know messages? What are some other like turn offs? What's something you won't do for example for me? You know I don't know if you smoke I just can't date smokers I'm an athlete, I train really hard. If a guy's gonna be smoking around me. I'm like, I can't do it. You know, are there any major turn offs for you? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:04
I mean, I don't love a smoker either.

Unknown Speaker 26:06

Unknown Speaker 26:08
I can date drinkers.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Ooh, are you serious?

Unknown Speaker 26:13
I have I mean, when I made it, Lewis quit drinking for a year when he and I were together. Like we that's our first six months he was still drinking and then he quit. And then it was so funny because he would like celebrated his like one year sobriety from booze anniversary, and I've like relapsed. I usually make it to two and a half years and then something happens and I fucking drink for six months, and then I get back on. But it was funny cuz he's like, celebrating his year anniversary. kissing his ass and I'm like, it's my two year.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Anybody? I've literally worked twice as hard as I can I get a high here like I have real issues. I

Unknown Speaker 26:54
he's just doing it for health benefits. I'm fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 26:58
So when I when I say I can drink data drinker like I have, um, and it's, I also needed another comic. This guy, Keith Lucas. He's one of the Lucas brothers. Are these really adorable? Really smart? Funny, black twins. They have a movie coming out. They're great. Oh, were

Unknown Speaker 27:15
they the ones that were in shit faced with you? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. See, I stalked you.

Unknown Speaker 27:23
So there, Keith was a drinker. But like a really casual drinker. Like he would have a beer or two, like watching a basketball game, but like that was it like for the rest of the week? We would like smoke pot, you know, and vape or whatever, but that was it. And that was fine. My thing, the only thing that I find challenging with dating a drinker is that they sort of get to do this blowing off of like, steam type thing. And for me, like since I don't drink I don't like party. I don't rage. You know, I used to like, I mean, like Molly Coke, whatever, give it to me put in my mouth. So I don't do that anymore. So for me, like my recreation, sort of what makes me feel good. What like blows off scene is either working out or having sex. And when I'm in a monogamous relationship, I only want to have sex with that guy. I really don't go looking for like outside sex. If I am looking for outside sex, I'm probably over the relationship and, you know, probably meant to end NDA. Definitely. So I guess my I just sort of get frustrated. Because people can really use booze as an excuse for their behavior. You know what I mean? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
I mean, I was guilty of it. And it's because now when we fuck up sober, it's like, what am I gonna blame this on?

Unknown Speaker 28:42
I had a bad childhood. Like,

Unknown Speaker 28:52
my period, I'm hungry. And no, I know. I know. Well, that's, I mean, to me, that's amazing. Just because, you know, like I said, you know, a year and four months is nothing in the big scheme of sobriety. It's, it's, it's a little while, but like, I know that if, you know, my partner right now was drinking every night, I'd relapse in a heartbeat. Just because I'm really susceptible to the people in my environment. Some you know, like, my friends come over, and they're like, you want to go out and like, Alright, let's go out. You know, my friends come over, like you want to stay and watch a movie. Let's stay and watch a movie. Like I just kind of go with the flow kind of a person. And so that's interesting that you can do that.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Yeah, I just like with comedy. I'm in a bar every night. Yeah, you know

Unknown Speaker 29:37
what, Tam, you're right.

Unknown Speaker 29:39

Unknown Speaker 29:40
you're really right. You're

Unknown Speaker 29:42
like, it's like you sort of the cut this identity and everybody knows that I don't drink. They either know that I'm a wild alcoholic, and they know exactly why I don't drink or they've never seen me drink and I just don't drink and Karen doesn't drink. I have a tattoo that says don't serve me on my arm. I like You know, the remainders there so so like With that being said, it's like, I don't really I understand people who are alcoholics. I'm very envious of them. I wish I could be a casual drinker I, I've tried many, many times. I am not I am doing shots of tequila before I go to work type of drinker. You know,

Unknown Speaker 30:23
my favorite was a car wine. I just like have like a cup of wine in my car holder. Just be like, well, I love it. Like, one day someone was like, that's not normal. I'm like, it's not.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
It's my normal.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
I'm going to practice right now. I'm

Unknown Speaker 30:38
going to work out.

Unknown Speaker 30:40
No, not.

Unknown Speaker 30:44
So I don't know. So I like I mean, people like go out. I guess my my thing is always. I'm like, I'm working though. Like when I'm at a comedy club. It did I pick an awesome job where I love everybody. And it seems like it's just like a party. And it's a fun hang every single night. Yes. But technically speaking, I am working. So it's, I don't know, I i understand. People have to like, have friends and go out and like do recreational things, but like, the whole drinking thing to me. It just seems like a huge waste of time. You know, I'm sure a lot of people who are like sober just see it like that. Like they're like, so you're just gonna, you're gonna put poison in your body. You're gonna say stuff you might regret and you're gonna feel like shit tomorrow. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
Yeah. I mean, it's, it's if you are the way you are when you drink like you and I are, you know that we're never going to have a healthy relationship. Because we're gonna say shit that we don't mean, you know, me. I got a little bit of a temper.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Yeah, you know, and it's just like you wild.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
Yeah. Wild, to say the least. Well, that's good. And so, you know, it's really it's nice that you can separate the two you know, you're around it all the time. So you're not tempted? Or maybe you're tempted, you know, every once in a while, but yeah, yeah. So when you do date, have you done the whole swipe? left? swipe? Right. Are you more of like a, you know, traditional kind of? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:13
I fucking hate those app. I fucking done. I was on MRI. I was Wait, what's right,

Unknown Speaker 32:19

Unknown Speaker 32:20
Right. Thanks. So people try to act like it's so cool. Just a bunch of fucking trust on kids and photographers. It's not that cool.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
What's it's like, you know, selling point, like, I know, you know, Bumble is like, oh, the girl has more power and Tinder I feel like is more of like a, we just want to fuck what's right. It's kind of like tagline,

Unknown Speaker 32:40
right? They act like you're gonna meet like, elite and like celebrities. And it's like the secret dating app that like only the hobby only let hot people and celebs

Unknown Speaker 32:49
while you're hot. And I didn't know about it. So it's working.

Unknown Speaker 32:53
I had no idea. Not a part of the cool kids.

Unknown Speaker 32:58
telling you it's bullshit though. I went on one date with this kid who is interesting. We're talking about sobriety because he I think I was probably like, maybe a year year and a half into this current stent or whatever. And he was just quitting drinking. And I feel like he wanted to hang out with me more to help him not drink. And I just like, wasn't attracted to him. I'm like, You're not even you can't even be full grown.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
You're like, I don't want to be your babysitter or mentor. I want to exactly fuck.

Unknown Speaker 33:29
asking a lot of someone you just met. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:33
so no dating apps. Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 33:35
dating apps. No,

Unknown Speaker 33:35
you know what I do when I'm single. I just left the DMS open. I let them fly. I let the world know. I'm out here. I'm ready. I give guys honest to god shots. Like over the pandemic, there was like three dudes, you know that I literally I was like you, I will be open and honest and receptive and, like optimistic. And they're just so many fucking weirdos out there. There's so many betas. I just, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:07
I feel like, you know, like, it's not like I'm giving them a break. But I feel like today's world with social media, it's created this man who is unable to have a normal conversation with the woman because all we know, all they know, is just slide into the DM, slide into the DMS and then you talk to them in person. They're like,

Unknown Speaker 34:27

Unknown Speaker 34:27
hey, you know, and I that's why I've said this on the podcast multiple times. Like, I don't care if you are the most unattractive guy in the world. If you come up to me and have the balls to actually say, Hey, how are you doing? Can I buy you a drink? I'm like, wow, old fashioned, you know, gentlemen, traditional. It's so rare that I'm like, and I'm never you know, for the most part, maybe there are some, you know, I know there are some assholes out there but most women I think are just gonna, you know, be appreciative that you actually took the initiative. Do have balls, as opposed to just slot into the dmws.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Yeah, confidence eye contact? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:07

Unknown Speaker 35:08
I run into the problem where any of the most times I'm out, I've just done a show, right? So I've been like, kind of like been joking about, oh my butthole and my vagina. You know, guys, the one of two things will happen guys will come up and just be like, overly familiar with me and just like start trying to like bust balls and make fun of me as if I've known them for years. And I find that irritating unless they're very good at it, which is almost never. But then then there's also the guy that's like, you know, too shy and too nervous that you're right, just like a good old fashion. I'm here. I'm confident. I'm not gonna try to be funnier than you. I'm not gonna try to be cooler than you. Just gonna be myself. I like you. Let's go make some bad decisions. Let's go have sex on a cop car. Oh, did

Unknown Speaker 35:56
you public sex? Is that a thing you're into?

Unknown Speaker 36:01
Let's go back that a cop that means was used to have sex everywhere in public? I think it was because the first part of the time we were dating he was slightly homeless.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
Oh, Winner winner chicken dinner.

Unknown Speaker 36:14
was in the process of though he was sort of in between apartments. We'll put it that. Okay. But we had so much fun. It's so exciting. Like we would just have sex on like, like 19th Street. I remember one time, we were having standing stacks on like 19th Street and Third Avenue. And this lady first she walked by us. It was nighttime. Was it pretty late, probably like two in the morning. And then she backed up, like slowly backed up and looked at us. I was like, are you guys serious? Like, yeah, we had sex in. You know, like, sometimes we'll have photo booths or those little video games in movie theaters. Yeah, like the little strip

Unknown Speaker 36:53
strip photos.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
In fact, one of those. That's

Unknown Speaker 36:57
you got to be like, flexible or are you I feel like you're really little I can't tell you. I'll tell you. 510 that's why and Louis. Maybe Lewis was it was in his thinner stage because those boozers so small

Unknown Speaker 37:11
there, so I sat on his lap. Okay, there you go. You're like that. And, and I think he's like, buddy was like, they're like waiting for us, it was so funny to me. Like, the more the more people that could possibly walk in, the more fun, I would find it. A lot of people a lot of guys aren't into that. Like we would have sexy cabs all the time. And the cab drivers 50% of the time. They were cool as hell. They were either into it or didn't care.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
I feel like that is such a New York thing, because there's no cabs here in California. Right. And Uber drivers just feel like they're not as cool as cab drivers. You know, it's it's somebody's mom, awkward kid going through trying to put himself through college, you know? Yeah. And then they're gonna charge you for bodily

Unknown Speaker 37:59
fluids. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, cabbies in New York have seen it or like, hey, if you guys are gonna fuck, just leave me 20%

Unknown Speaker 38:11
so to speak at a sex totally gonna be totally forward. Specifically, what do you like? Like, you know, are you more submissive be more dominant? That's usually a question I asked the athlete females because, you know, we're these alpha females but embed it's like, we kind of like the roles reversed a little bit depending on how we feel. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 38:33
mean, I do. I mean, I'm very much like a I like a rape fantasy. I like being tied up. I like, like, like sex. I'll initiate it if I'm like wanted, but when it comes time to like actually doing it. I guess I do prefer to be dominated again depends on my moods because sometimes I'm like, I want to be on top. I'm gonna put my fingers up your nose. I'm gonna have an orgasm. You can do whatever you have to do afterwards.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
So if I got a backpedal with the rape fantasy, so are we talking like obviously tied up up and like, is he like, what do you like saying no, but like, say yes.

Unknown Speaker 39:16
I like it. I like saying no like a Koi little girl until the point where it's like, okay, fine, you win. This What is this?

Unknown Speaker 39:27
Has a guy ever been like I was I was taught not to do this because I feel like some guys like you ask them to like know, choke you or whatever you're like, so casually placed their hand and it's so embedded in their, you know, their upbringing. Like don't hurt a woman Don't you know that they're like, I cannot do this and you're like, No, no, I'm telling you to do No, no, I can't do this. I'm like, my lady boner. Killer. Yeah, Lady boat is gone.

Unknown Speaker 39:55
Yeah, because it has to do with trust you because I'm not gonna ask ask you to do something and then pretend like it's not what I wanted. You know, I think that like, that's something that's happening. And it's a very gray area and a touchy subject and like, you know, it's like, uncomfortable to talk about but yeah, there definitely is this sort of notion and I understand where men are coming from when they're afraid to do things in a bedroom and then wake up to a blog post about it the next day.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
Yeah, I mean, especially since we are in this me to, you know, movement, sit, you know, era. Yeah. And, you know, it's great that women are, you know, feeling safer and feeling like they could speak out, but then you've got all guys on edge, like, okay, asking for consent, consent to talk to you. Do I have consented? Do? Do I have consulted hold your hand? And you're like, well, this isn't sexy. You know, like, I mean, consent is sexy, but it's just like, Where's the line? You know?

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Well, yeah, I mean, we were supposed to just ignore science and biology and like, our primal instincts, like how, like, what, what drives me to orgasm, because it's not like watching a guy play with a stamp collection? Yeah, not gonna be a guy like stroking his stuffed animal while he looks longingly in my eyes. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:13
I mean, that's not gonna do it. For me, the two guys that we've talked about, you know, Louis, and Gary, like, obviously, they're alpha males. And, you know, they're going to be aggressive. And that's obviously something that you're attracted to. So rape fantasy, do you watch rape porn?

Unknown Speaker 41:32
I like I bought, I like bondage porn. I like when the girl is tied up. And then the guy comes in. And this is like, also a lot about verbal cues, too. Because, like, I can watch like, like that, like, bondage porn, and like, the guy doesn't really talk. I'm like, I can probably come to this. But when the guy is really good at like, the dirty talk, and like saying all that stuff. No, no, yeah. Literally.

Unknown Speaker 41:59
Have you ever watched porn on silent? And it's like, it like does, it does nothing for me. And now they turn the volume up, and I'm like, I'm so turned on right now. And then, you know, me and my boyfriend. We're doing stuff and as soon as he starts talking dirty, I'm like, Oh, you know, like, so I'm right there with you. So it's, I'm sure you're you're into like the you know, the bondage and all that but the verbal you know what they say how they say it is is also extremely attractive. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 42:28
yeah, I really only acted out like one like rape fantasy with a guy I dated when I like years ago. Like it's like actor I guess that's probably why he was so

Unknown Speaker 42:38
yeah. right at it for some reason. You're I hired this guy to pretend.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
He's like, Listen, he was sag. I'm sure.

Unknown Speaker 42:51
He signed a consent waiver. I will not sue you. I will not take you to court.

Unknown Speaker 42:56
But I think it just comes down to like feeling irresistible. Right?

Unknown Speaker 43:03

Unknown Speaker 43:04
I'll go to jail for you.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
Whatever makes you feel sexy. So do you. I just we just got this new sponsor. It's actually only the second time we've talked about it, but the are called Ella parody and their sex toy company. Do you ever use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Love sex toys? I, I love the womanizer. Who I'm like, I'm not the one that like, I like sucks your clit

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Okay, I've seen it. And it's got that little like mini tongue. And I'm like, yeah, just that just looks like it's not gonna do the job. Right. I'm like I a plastic tongue like a little.

Unknown Speaker 43:47
It's like a circle and it like sex almost like a kissing motion. But like sucking like and it has like five different speeds. It's good. I think it's also really good for women who maybe haven't had an orgasm yet. Because it's just about your clit and that for me my clit is the easiest way for me to come. I can come like penetration like sex and all that stuff. But if I just really focus on my claim, I can come in like eight to 10 minutes. Yeah, actually speaking. I know that most women are, you know, or they get clitoral stimulation or clitoral orgasms and penetration or orgasm through penetration are much harder. I wonder what the statistic is on that actually,

Unknown Speaker 44:29
if we had one of those like Joe Rogan and Jamie guys, I'd be like Jamie, what's the statistic on?

Unknown Speaker 44:35
diesel was just

Unknown Speaker 44:36
a statistic on clitoral orgasms versus penetration.

Unknown Speaker 44:41
I think I think it is much I think it's lower. I think it has to do with like patience and like the guy sometimes. Because like I can, I'm like I can just finish myself and like we can forget this or you can like really try to focus like play with my client while you're fucking me. And like then like I can, we can get there. But sometimes, I mean, I think women by nature, we like worry about the guy's orgasm, too, you know? Yeah. Nike, if the guy doesn't come,

Unknown Speaker 45:15
you're cranky if he doesn't come. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I feel like, there's two things. We're so kind of, we're always internally like, we're like worrying, like, like, like you said earlier, before we got on this podcast, we were having some audio issues. And, you know, you were like, Oh, it's probably my fault. And I'm like, you know, women are always kind of like, internalizing the problem. You know? So like, if a guy doesn't come or if he does, if he even if he doesn't get hard right away, we're like, oh, it's me. You know, when this this dude could have whiskey dick. He could be thinking about some weird shit. He could have. Yeah, erectile dysfunction issues, but we're over here. Like, he doesn't like my I forgot to match my brown underwear. You know, that's definitely not it.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
Totally, totally. So yeah, we like it's possible to definitely get in get in your head. Yeah. But yeah, the womanizers great. I was also I was born with the label fusion. So I have like a, like a tiny vagina. So I don't love a ton. I don't need a huge huge deck. I don't love a ton of like, fildo stuff. It's like, I need like a lot of like lube for those you feel comfortable.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Milan is you just gave me good news. Bad news. Like Yeah, bad news. I don't even know what that is. First of all late. What is it?

Unknown Speaker 46:34
labile fusion. So when I was like little like when I was like two or three years old, I remember even like my mom rubbing this pointment on my vagina. It was like a steroid cream that like slowly made my vagina open. It's it's not it's common, but not super common. Like it happens, but

Unknown Speaker 46:54
most probably more common, but obviously it's not something that you're like, Hey, nice to meet you. I have a lady right? Usually that

Unknown Speaker 47:03
I actually put on my Tinder barn with my lady is flapped up together. So.

Unknown Speaker 47:09
So has that been an issue as far as like, if you were dating a guy with his huge Wiener? Is that a deal breaker? You're like, well, bro,

Unknown Speaker 47:18
this I mean, the

Unknown Speaker 47:19
vagina is a miraculous thing. I mean, it's like I you know, I have dated black men and we have figured it. It has worked. Okay, fine. But I'm like, but there's some people like, I don't know, Louis might get mad at me for saying this. But like he's like insatiable when it comes to sex. Like, there's not enough sex like I would like to Hawk in the morning. You'll be in a dead sleep and Louis will be like, like upset like, Can we have sex? Like,

Unknown Speaker 47:47
just okay with this winner?

Unknown Speaker 47:49
Yeah, we're gonna like him like after like the fifth round. I'm like, okay, dude. She needs a break. Like she's gonna die. Like might win. Like, can we hang her up? She

Unknown Speaker 48:03
I tap out.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
I tap? Yes, yes. Probably play dead sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 48:12
play possum? No, I don't think Louis is gonna care. I thought you were about to say something about his dick size. I

Unknown Speaker 48:19
was like, Oh, here we go. Here we go. His thing is fine. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
You're so nice to these guys. You're not putting anyone on blast. I'm like, let's get the dirt. Okay, no, just kidding. Before you sell that you've had some fun experiences. And it sounds like you guys are. You ended? amicably right.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Yeah, I mean, well, definitely. Louis. And I like we still like see each other have to work together. So it's like, you might as well just be friends. Don't get me wrong. We hated each other for a period of time after a breakup. But, but like now we're friends and yeah, Gary will do not even like smidge of animosity or anything I just Gary with went away. He was fighting. I think he was like Taiwan or somewhere. I don't know where he went. But he left for like three weeks. And like during those three weeks, I started dating another guy and it was just sort of that

Unknown Speaker 49:13
you lost your place, buddy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
But I expected him so much to you know, I felt that but like, it wasn't it just he's just just so passionate. He's a great he's a great guy. He really is really smart. Really fun. Good, dude. That's cool. Well,

Unknown Speaker 49:29
yeah, like I said, this. Shouldn't he should take a soundbite from this podcast and just any girl he's about to date. Just be like, in case you want to know. So it's a god. I feel like I could talk to you for hours about sex, but it's time to play. Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
Okay, so don't hate me. These are this is the comedian version. I have creative associates that helped me come up with these. Thank you, Pat and Dan Kenny. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 50:13
so you're choosing to fuck one marry one kill one you got co Vaughn. Okay, Bobby Lee. Oh boy and Brendan Schwab.

Unknown Speaker 50:22
Ah, kill Schwab. Oh, that was

Unknown Speaker 50:31
not my vibe. I don't seem to have knee pads on them. Not my favorite. Okay. I don't mind a cauliflower ear, but he's just he's not. He's not doing it for me. I think.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
So you're gonna you're gonna fuck Bobby or Miriam.

Unknown Speaker 50:48
I really I know. This is what I've done now. I've left myself a chubby Asian on the today. Follow it. Kill Schwab.

Unknown Speaker 50:58
Had to get him out of there.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
I think I like have like a secret crush on SEO. So that makes me want to like marry him? Because if you marry them, you got to fuck them. Hopefully at least once. Right? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Yeah. And I think that little accent is

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Bobby Lee, but I don't want to upset his girlfriend. But I would do it with her permission. I feel like he has a smoke show girlfriend. Have you ever seen her? No, I haven't. I don't know if they're still together. But she's like this gorgeous Hawaiian chick who's just like a stunner and he's just as midget labby then you know what? He's probably got slang in his play slang in the dick. He's

Unknown Speaker 51:40
probably he's probably one of the few Asian guys sorry Asian guys. He's probably he's not the stereotypical asian guy. He's got this beautiful bag and chick. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 51:52
I think you're right. And he like yeah, would like teaser like shifts on her. I think he's really funny. And again, really confident and probably just makes her laugh makes her calm. What else?

Unknown Speaker 52:02
Yeah, that's it.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
Abs are overrated. I guess.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
You wouldn't like a dumpling.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
I just watched the Comedy Store special and oh my god, like I mean, I'm not gonna lie, like, episode one or two. I was just like, this is sad. You know? Like, I I'm semi familiar with my stand up comics, but I didn't know about Freddie. Freddie Prince. Me neither. And so that blew my mind. And yeah, and and then actually, it was just random. I watched the Richard Pryor documentary right before I started the the whole Comedy Store docu series, and I had no idea about him lighting himself on fire and I'm like, oh, that crazy comics are hilarious. Yeah, I'm like I'm like but it just goes to show it's like some of the like the funniest happiest people also are fucked up just like us.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Exactly. Like a Robin Williams. Yeah, yeah. Sam Kinison yes as you get to the part where Sam Kinison fathered another guy's kid.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
Yes, I did and like and then but how he died and Okay, we don't want to ruin it for everybody else but

Unknown Speaker 53:17
my friend Annie Letterman is in that she's like featured towards the beginning. Yes, me.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:23
actually that made me really want to watch more of her comedy because you know, she's it really portrays her as kind of this like icon and I'm like, Why the fuck do I not know more about her? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:34
she's still you know, she's

Unknown Speaker 53:35
still coming up in every you know what I mean? But she's great. She's She's one of my favorites. She's mean she's unapologetic. Also sober. I think she was like seven or nine years or something like she's so good for her.

Unknown Speaker 53:48
All right, well, last segment is fan questions cross. real fans real questions. You ready? Yes. Okay. At moon munia Moon shadow wants to know are you dominant? Oh, we're talking about that. All right. Moving on. Vic underscore memories. Which of your careers Do you enjoy the most and why I'm sure he means act acting producing comedy model.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
supermodel super mom I I enjoy just live stand up comedy The best there's no there's nothing like it. Even like this definitely showed me this stupid fucking pandemic showed me like how much I love it because we didn't have it for, you know, probably like a month or two. But the second the first person hit me up was like, Hey, I'm running a show in a park with a fucking boom, you know, with a boombox. I'm like, yeah, I'm there. I'll do it. Wow. You know, I've just any show anytime, anyplace. There's an audience like I live for. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
So you only went a month without doing stand up. Because I know I've been listening to other comics podcasts. You know? And trying to be Hip Hip when to what's going on. And I know a lot of comics have been without a mic in front of them for months.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
Yeah, well, they don't have strong immune systems like me. A lot of them are fat, lazy, Slob.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Here's willing to risk at all.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Are you really even a comic?

Unknown Speaker 55:21
I swear to God, no, I had a writing job before this. And I had a cold, like, every month, like, I would get sick from like, everybody's germs and like viruses and shit. And like, since I haven't been to an office, I've never I haven't been sick knock on wood, I swear to God, since March. So I understand this disease is real, etc, etc. But I just I mean, I try to stay as healthy as I can. And I'm as careful as I can wear my mask. we wipe some mics, I bring my own mic A lot of times,

Unknown Speaker 55:49
yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 55:51
you don't explain to me I'm over here punching and grappling with people. And, you know, so like, being as safe as I can, you know, not really, you know, so it's just it comes down to, we have to do what we have to do to make money to not go fucking insane. You know, so,

Unknown Speaker 56:09
and it's a personal choice. And I respect people's choice if they want to stay inside and not risk, you know, themselves and put themselves at risk. I respect that I would never imply that they shouldn't. But at the same time, I feel like I'm healthy. And you know, I work out every day. And I have asthma. So I guess I might be in one of these high risk categories, technically, but my asthma is really well under control.

Unknown Speaker 56:34
I think you're good. And you know, obviously, stopping drinking is so fucking huge.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Excuse me, hiccup. At

Unknown Speaker 56:44
Ethan moderns life wants to know, who is your comedic inspiration?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Oh, that's a good question. I'm a big Natasha leggero fan. She i just i like i like mean smart women. I like Bonnie McFarlane is another one of my favorites. I've always liked Sarah Silverman. I realize I'm only naming women. Um, that's okay. Yeah, that's just those are, you know, like, I brought up Annie a big big Annie fan. I like I like Nikki Glaser. I met her but I think like who are like the comics and what I think the funniest comedy is, and I think about like Patrice O'Neal, Jim Norton. You know, Colin Quinn, like just guys that would sit around and shit on each other. Just so funny. That that's like my, one of my favorite types of comedy when you just get like, five comics in a room and just let them shit all over each other.

Unknown Speaker 57:48
Yeah, you got to have pretty thick skin to do those roast battles. Like, you know, the one that I saw you it was just like, horror. I was like, oh, was it?

Unknown Speaker 57:57
Yeah. All right. Well,

Unknown Speaker 57:59
I'm sure you've won plenty since then. It just happened to be the one that I clicked on. But even then, I was just like, Damn, like, you know, it's like, most people's fear is public speaking. And then you took it one step farther. Not only are you in in the public, but you're like now everyone laugh at me.

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
So all right at Canada wants to know, very weird. Do you like your feet kissed we get a lot of feet guys on here.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
Love a foot guy right there. So great. Oh, yeah, sure. Who doesn't like to kiss? Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:34
actually, I'm not gonna lie. I've got a weird like pet peeve. I don't like the bottom of my feet touched. They take it No, like, okay, so I'm always barefoot because I do a sport that it's barefoot like on a dirty asked mat. Right grappling. But you know, MMA all that. And then like, I don't know, it's just like when they're dry. And that like, that little feeling. You know, like, I put lotion on my feet and stuff. But like, it's just a weird pet peeve I have so not everybody likes it. Alright, last one. Pepe lepew 96. Says, does her sexual openness, if that's the right word in her comedy ever affect her dating life?

Unknown Speaker 59:17

Unknown Speaker 59:21

Unknown Speaker 59:24
It's Yeah, it's definitely it's been a challenge in the past. Again, like with comics, it's fine. But with any sort of just regular guy that I've dated, they have a hard time sort of separating the act from me. And so they start not liking me in a way because they start sort of just melding the two. So if I talk about you know, guys that I used to fuck on stage, I mean, listen, I don't know if I would want to date a guy who made people laugh. By talking about chicks he used to fuck. I don't know if I would make that choice for my morning. Yeah. So, so I sort of like, get it, but at the same time, what am I supposed to do? Like, I don't have a choice, like, I'm not gonna be anything else. I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow and know how to be a plumber. Like, I'm always gonna be like this. I'm always going to have to write jokes about my life and fucking think they're funny, and not all about them. But I have plenty of jokes about pretending to hit my dog and stuff. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
animal abuse, hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
joke around like, I felt like I saw the cutest three legged dog with four nails. It's so cute. I want to do that to mind. The Instagram page for his old leg. But But yeah, that is I think one of the biggest challenges is finding the person who kind of can not only have a thick skin, but like actually, like support you and encourage you. I mean, I've had guys in the past who have straight up sabotage different things like I had like a radio appearance One morning, and the guy just did everything in his power to make me late. And like radio, there's no, you can't show up 510 minutes late, and they'll just hold the radio show for you. Like you're either there for your spot, or you're not going on and you're missing out on plugging your show and getting new fans. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
yeah. You just I mean, as you know, you got to find someone who is like you said, able to separate to recognize that the two are different, like your act. And you are different. Like you said earlier, you're gonna exaggerate to get laughs you're gonna reminisce and tell stories to get laughs So you either got to have someone who can separate the two or possibly a dude who's just like, I'm never gonna watch you do comedy. Right? Which I mean, I don't know if that's ever happened. You know, just like, Hey, I love you. You know, I love fucking you know, haven't you know, going on dates, but like you do you and we'll meet up afterwards?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Yeah. And that's like, that's like a fine, like situation. I've like done that a little bit before but there is always sort of this like, tugging at your like part of you just want that person to be able to celebrate you too, and not have to ignore your profession just because they

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
are a pussy, especially since I'm sure your profession is your passion just like me. So I want to, you know, if the person's like, I just, you know, I don't want to go to the gym. I don't want to do this. It's like, yeah, we can do that. But when your partner's like, I want to watch you do comedy, or I'm gonna do comedy too. And then we'll like laugh about it afterwards. It's like, ah, fucking perfect. Lady Boehner. So fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
Yeah. Cool. Well, you are the best. I am looking forward to watching. Lots more comedy from you. Done.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
Watching you and your next fight I was

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
into it's in two and a half weeks actually. November 28. Yes, you can watch on ESPN. Plus, it's that little. It's like the Netflix of fighting. Basically, he got to like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
how are you fighting?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
Her name is Norma Dumont. She's a big booty Brazilian chick. It's gonna be good. So you also have a podcast and I want to give you a chance to shout that out.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
Yeah, it's called only fans new episode. Every Friday. It's my podcast. And there might be another comic named Jared, who's on every episode.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
Is that the guy you were like making fun of with the 19 year old girlfriend?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
He's Yes. Great kid. I had a nice reach from Staten Island. He's

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
a hard worker. I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
like him. Cool. And

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
where can we find you on all your social media platforms?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
Twitter at K free hands. I did that to just be funny. Instagram is where I post a lot of stuff, cooking videos, my podcast clip, etc. It's so tiring. ERYNFE Chan,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
and all this will be in the show notes too.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
Great meeting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
great meeting you. Hopefully when the world goes back to normal, I can watch you do some in person stand up comedy, not in a park on a boombox. I know right. All right. Have a great night. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:39
Well, holy crap. That was graphic. Karen freehand is not shy. And we love her for that. We've got other guests next week, actually, that are going to make Karen seem like a Catholic school girl. So prepare yourselves now. As Kevin Hart was say it's about to go down. I hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. And, you know, just try and chill out my outros. We always kind of talk about how we need to take things easy, you know, just not be too serious. I advise watching some comedy. It was really nice to talk to a comic, check out the Comedy Store special. And just try not to take life too seriously guys, switch off your phone for a few hours and go outside. Take a minute to think about all the things that we can be grateful for, as opposed to think about all the problems we have. I know that's easier said than done. But if you can try try it. Or just tell me to fuck off. And I will go fuck off now but before I do, thank you guys so much for all your questions and for tuning in again. Please rate and review the show and get a free sticker. And you guys probably tired of hearing me talk about stickers now. Special thank you to our audio engineer, DJ zl at DJ zl tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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