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Episode 28: "Killer Bee" Bi Nguyen

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that ultra taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl.

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And now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening the

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hot stuff? What's up? Oh,

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my naughty listeners, we've got so much to be excited about right now. Besides this badass episode, you're about to hear. I am finally stepping into the cage tomorrow. Fucking Finally, I'm so happy. After a year and a half layoff due to injuries, opponent changes, pandemics. And other crap, it's finally time to fight. And there's really not much more to say to you guys that I haven't said for the past six months every single episode. But basically, it's time to put all the injuries and the doubts and the 2020 shitstorm concerns away and focus on one thing, fighting to my full potential tomorrow night. I mean, at the end of the day, I can't care about what's happening this past year, or what's hat what has happened. Basically, all the matters is that I walk in there tomorrow with confidence in myself. Now I can tell you guys right now that I have 100% confidence in myself. I have 100% 100% confidence in my abilities, my skills, my experience, and definitely even about the future outcome of tomorrow night. I've got three amazing corners. By my side, it's going to be Yoshi hijk asaka, Kenny Johnson and my love Mike Wilson. I wouldn't want to go to war or battle with anyone else. And I want to thank you guys for always riding with me and sticking it out through the ups and the downs, and more downs and a few more downs. Finally, some ups again, you guys have been invaluable, and you've become a support system for me, and I love you all because of that. Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. Let's get to the juicy stuff. Also, don't forget, if you like this podcast, help us grow. You can rate and review us on Apple or Spotify or anywhere else you listen. And we'll give you a free sticker. We just got free east or new free stickers and actually and so if you want one, and you already made a review, then DM me and we'll get you on anyway. So this podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit el la and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is our first fighter from the one championship roster. She's a Texas based strawweight with a six and five record who stands at 411. But despite her size, she's no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. She literally lived in a gym for a time in the pursuit of her passion. This tiny powerhouse turned pro in 2016. She fights out of heritage Muay Thai, and now has her sights on the one women's world title. And with that she hopes to help empower young girls and women around the world. We talk about getting out of abusive relationship boujee dating apps like Riah tall guys with good food and wine, accidentally wandering into a sex club and so much more. Here's your guest killer be no win. All right, and we're here with killer B. Thank you so much for coming on. Be

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Thanks for having me.

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No problem. So I want to jump right into MMA, the violence aspect of sex and violence, and then we'll get into the sexy time.

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Okay. Okay, no

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So, first of all, your last fight was for one who you've been with for three fights now.

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For for fights,

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or fights. Okay, cool. And I believe that was November 8 in the Philippines.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
Yeah. And that was a long time ago.

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I know. It seems like forever. I I'm fighting next weekend. It's been over a year and a half. So I'm right there.

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I think I win.

Unknown Speaker 5:40
So are you allowed to talk about your next fight? Do you have one coming up?

Unknown Speaker 5:45
I can't announce the opponent yet. But I will be fighting before the year is over. I know that everybody's been anticipating it and asking for it. So definitely before the year is over. So in December, you'll see me in action.

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Okay, awesome. I won't pry even though I want to ask a million questions.

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I wish I could tell you.

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So I'm not super familiar with one obviously. I'm in the UFC. I'm familiar with bellator. You know, they have shows in the Philippines. Do they have them all over? Can you explain one a little bit to us?

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Yeah, one is the biggest promotion in all of Asia. So it's all over? It's Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it's China, Japan, it's Korea, India. The list goes on and on. But there's a lot of different shows a lot of different locations in Asia. Do you have a dream destination to fight? I've already done that. I think my goal was to bring me to my home country in Vietnam and I fought in the very first MMA big MMA event in Vietnam. And we've been working for a while to legalize MMA in Vietnam, and we've just accomplished that. So

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congratulations. How was that? That feeling? Must have been amazing.

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It was crazy. Yeah. Because I mean, it was just it felt more it's crazy that it felt like home because I was raised in America but being there and seeing it. I think it really representation really does matter. Because seeing people that will young girls that look like me and how crazy the crowd when and the enemies people were so excited about it. And now I see gyms popping up everywhere. So

Unknown Speaker 7:25

Unknown Speaker 7:26
do you speak Vietnamese?

Unknown Speaker 7:27
Yeah, I speak fluent. And I read and write.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Awesome. So I did a little bit of research about you, you and I go back for how many years? like five, six? I don't know maybe more before as in the UFC. So before 2000

Unknown Speaker 7:41
that me when I barely know how to throw jabs? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:45
I've ever used sleeping on my couch when I was still in a shitty apartment.

Unknown Speaker 7:50
Yeah, good. The good times. Good times. Um, but yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 7:53
you know, you. You used to fight in LFA? Correct. Uh huh.

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And then you went to one legacy before was LFA.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
Okay, legacy before so yeah, see, so much has happened. We're getting old? No,

Unknown Speaker 8:07
it's been a while.

Unknown Speaker 8:09
But, uh, I didn't know that you used to live in Vietnam when you're younger. And then you move to Texas, and you were raised in Texas. So why did you move from Vietnam to Texas?

Unknown Speaker 8:22
We're actually war refugees. And it confuses some people, because obviously the war happened way before I was born. But uh, my dad served in the war and my sister had come to America and you know, there's a lot of things that happened. Politically wise. So we got, we got our citizenship and our refugee grant. Way, way late, but technically, we are refugees of the war. And we were brought over in 95

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to America. Nice and so you probably were just a wee little be

Unknown Speaker 8:58
what six

Unknown Speaker 8:59
six? Okay. Yeah. So my editor was like, does she speak English? Like Yes, perfect. Yeah. How awesome is it that you speak Vietnamese as well. And so when you go fight over there, you can communicate with everybody? Was that?

Unknown Speaker 9:18
A bad it's? Yeah, for sure. like to be able to speak the language definitely helps you and I speak Tagalog as well. So when I go to the Philippines and fight, it helps me alone. That's

Unknown Speaker 9:28
perfect. That'll be your So how has COVID been affecting your life training wise, personally, all that workwise shit.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
I gotta tell you as hard as it is for people to hit the red line in fitness. Like when people first start working out. It's so hard to like go balls to the wall. But we're the opposite as athletes, especially as fighters, we're conditioned to go redline we're destined to go balls to the wall. It was so hard for me to do like burpees and squat Lots and home workouts and yoga. Yes, got all that I honestly just could not find motivation without being able to throw or hit or punch somebody. So, you know, I went into a little bit of like, inactive athlete depression with the whole COVID thing. And but I was happy all my friends were fighting in UFC but it was hard for me also with the lockdown to get over to Asia to compete. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:26
I mean, obviously, you still get to train here and there. But you know, you talked about the athlete depression. It's such a real thing. And I've talked about it on another episode, but no one really wants to talk about it and bring it up. I know, just in Northern California, there were nine amateur MMA fighters fighters who committed suicide. Yeah. So that's it's a serious, serious thing. And, yeah, I think it's important to bring it up because I fell into it a little bit. You know, you did so if you and I did, how many other fighters fell into it, but no one wants to talk about it. But when you talk about it, it's like, you know, it kind of normalizes it, and people don't feel so alone. So yeah, thank you for bringing that up.

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Yeah, I think violence is balanced is just hard for anybody to obtain end of life. I think that's a goal for everyone. And when you have athletes who are expected to put out such high intensity emotions and physical

Unknown Speaker 11:25
performances, it's hard to like sit them down with sit them with their hands on under there. Yeah. And I expect them to not go a little crazy. It's it's like with anything, you know, I've imagined like racecar drivers, or firefighters or anyone who does something that has a high adrenaline level to it. And then you put them in normal life, and then you put them locked down. It's like, you know, it's like caging an animal. Right?

Unknown Speaker 11:49
Right. We don't really know where else to find that feeling in comparison.

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Yeah, but thank God we're back to fighting and well, you

Unknown Speaker 11:58
Yeah, the UFC is on and poppin I've been happy to see a lot of my friends

Unknown Speaker 12:03
thrive, actually, right before you called I was watching my teammate, Alan Joe bond fight. And we have a new call that it was like, the second round. I was like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 12:11
gotta do this podcast.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
I'll figure it out later. But he looked like he was winning. I don't know what happened. But yeah, the UFC is going on right now. I find it

Unknown Speaker 12:20
funny. I don't really watch fights. What? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:24
I mean, I have heard of a few fighters saying that but like, especially right now with the lockdown. How could you not like what else are you really watch TV? Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 12:34
yeah, I just don't I just I don't know. It's weird. I don't watch fights and all my friends like what? Well, how

Unknown Speaker 12:40
do you feel your free time then?

Unknown Speaker 12:43
I read books I write I go out. We can't

Unknown Speaker 12:49
go out right now. So it's

Unknown Speaker 12:50
like well, not going out like partying but like I don't know doing stuff or fresher do so book. Yeah, it's just me. You can definitely feel you do that TV. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 13:01
yeah. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 13:02
I do. Definitely. But I'm guilty of coming home and binge watching a whole Yeah, series just because I want to zone out and not think for a little while. That makes sense. So how did you get into fighting you came over when you were 12? What got you into the sport,

Unknown Speaker 13:18
and stuff, self defense. And like, I just needed like something, you know, I needed I needed a little something. I was getting out of a really abusive relationship physically. So I was just sitting there and not knowing what to do with my life. It's it's hard getting out of an abusive relationship, but it's even harder. picking up the pieces. I was really just sitting there like, what the fuck do I do now? Like, what kind of job do I do? Like, who cares? Like, you know what I mean? Like, who do I hang out with? I have no friends. So I decided to go take like a Muay Thai class or self defense class. And I took one, and I guess I was like, really aggressive. I don't think the coach knew like, what kind of fucking angry she had at the moment. But he was like, Holy hell have you ever thought about competing? I was like, complete feeling what? I've been living in my own world not knowing what's going on the rest of the world. You know, I was like we talked about dude, like,

Unknown Speaker 14:18
working out. And how old were you at this point?

Unknown Speaker 14:21
As 21? Okay. Yeah. And I was like, sure. He was like, pushy. So I was like, sure, whatever, I'll train and then I fell in love with it. And that was that.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
Yeah, the rest is history. I know. It's usually how it goes. It's like, well, I threw one punch. And now I'm in love with the sport, right?

Unknown Speaker 14:38

Unknown Speaker 14:39
So to touch on the relationship situation, because we are a relationship sex romance podcast. Do you mind talking about, you know how you got into that relationship? Was it physical or emotional abuse? Or I mean, I feel like they both go hand in hand, right?

Unknown Speaker 14:56
Yeah, for sure. I don't I don't think you when you care about somebody. I mean, if you're just sitting in your home and you get burglarized, that's just straight physical, you know, but but if you're involved with somebody, if you care about somebody, the physical is definitely mental and emotional. But um, I was living on my own at 16, crazy belief 1516. And I met him. And this is why I do a lot of talks to troubled youth and a lot of young women is because when you're alone, or when you run away from home, or when you don't have that, that foundation, you're set, you're susceptible, and you're kind of desperate to look for love, you know? Oh, yeah. So I kind of just like met this guy. He was really cool is really, like, amazing. And I fell in love with him and, and everything was great. Everything was great. And so one day it wasn't, you know, and it just kept going. Yeah, so it was definitely extreme, extreme physical abuse, as well as mental but definitely the physical abuse was pretty

Unknown Speaker 15:58
good. So how did you get out of that relationship? Because you said you were in it for five years? Did the abuse start right away? Or was it later in the relationship?

Unknown Speaker 16:06
No, it started like, well, I guess it started like four or four months in, but it's a process, you know, it's like a breakdown process of it started out with a push, then a punch and a kick, then choking, then then all kinds of stuff it gets like really, really gradually worse. Yeah. And how did I Oh, how did I get out? Yeah, actually, no, I actually, I think it's really important for me to tell my story, or the reason I tell it so often, or at so many different venues, is because I never left. Like there's a huge problem with victim blaming and telling people that it's their responsibility to leave. Sure thing, but it's a it's really, really hard. And especially now that I'm a strong fighter, and people look to me for strength. I think it's important for me to say that even I, when I was in the relationship, didn't ever find the courage to leave. So what happened to it was we it was a pretty abusive night. And we were driving and he was speeding away from cops. He was speeding so much, I think he was drunk or something, but we hit a wall. And we car flipped four times. And then he was arrested. And then I was arrested too. But then they found like, marks on me. And like I was literally in wrote, like, I was like naked and rope in a car didn't make sense. You know what I mean? And I had like, marks all over me. So then the abuse came out. And that's he went to jail. He went to prison for a long time. And that's the real, that's the way it ended for me. So if it wasn't for that intervention, I think it was God saving me. But if you don't believe in God, it's it's the universe. It's something that stopped the abuse. For me it wasn't I even even I didn't have the strength to leave. Is there?

Unknown Speaker 17:55
Is there something that you wish you would have done back then, but that you didn't?

Unknown Speaker 18:01
know? It's, it's, I've had, because it's been a long time, and I've done a lot of work and healing myself, I've practiced a lot of self compassion, there's really nothing that I can expect of myself, then. There's really nothing that myself today can expect of myself then because I didn't carry the strength then. And I owe it to her. The strength that has today is owed to her and what she suffered. So I don't really think there's anything more than I that I've could have done in that situation except maybe say closer to my family, and maybe it wouldn't have happened by regret nothing.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
Yeah, no, there's no point in saying woulda, coulda, shoulda What's done is done and no regrets. Right?

Unknown Speaker 18:44
Yeah. But,

Unknown Speaker 18:47
I mean, I guess the reason I'm asking is because I'm, I know, a lot of women, you know, not a lot, you know, I like to think a lot, but a lot of women listen to this show. But some women listen to this show, right? And they might be thinking to themselves, like I'm in an abusive relationship, how can I get out? And, you know, your car could tumble for four times and flip and, and all that. But if that doesn't happen, you know, do you have any kind of like, you know, words of advice for someone who might want to get out of an abusive relationship.

Unknown Speaker 19:17
Um, there's not really something I the only advice I would, that my advice goes to the loved ones and the people around them is to keep keep a handout, it gets really repetitive. They can push you away, it gets really exhausting, or even strangers. If you see something so many times do we have now in this culture, we have a record and mind your own business culture. And I just think that we need to go back to taking care of our neighbors. If you see something, do something and if you know a loved one, don't push but just keep reaching out because that that hand that you're reaching out, someday they'll grab it until the victim I would just say keep the love around you don't push it away. And then You know what to do, you know, like, you'll come to your own breaking point, at some point. And if you have somebody there, that's when you can leave. Most of the time people don't need because they didn't have anyone there. I was completely isolated. And I pushed everybody else away. Yeah. So my only suggestion would be because I wouldn't dare tell them what to do. But just keep your loved ones around.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
That's so smart. Yeah, you know, and like you said, you mentioned yours 1516. And, you know, you fall in love so easy at that age, and you just, you like, idolize the person, and you put them on a pedestal. So it's like you almost are like brainwashed at a certain point. Of course, if you don't have your family or friends around you to kind of bring you back to reality. You just start believing everything that, you know, the abuser abuser puts in your head, right?

Unknown Speaker 20:48
I think from birth, we all we all live and thrive and survive from a source of love, any kind of source of love. Some people are lucky enough to find it within themselves. Some people have it from their parents, and people have been friends, any source of love, it could just be like, work anywhere. But if you're in an abusive relationship, and you isolate everybody else, and your only source of love or so you think it's from him, it's kind of hard to leave, because all you see outside of the source of love is death. You know, sorry to get so deep on you. But anybody, everybody needs a source of love. And you just, you just, you just would hope that that your source of love is not actually, you know, poison look. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:30
no, I mean, there's all the talk about you got to love yourself first. Love yourself first. And it's, it's easy to say harder to do. Right. And I I'm 33 I really feel like, you know, I got sober a year and five months ago, somewhere around there. Yeah, and ever since I got sober. That's when I started to love myself because I was just thanks, girl. And so yeah, you knew me when I was party is. It's just like, you know, certain things happen in your life. And you finally you're like, Okay, I do love myself. Now. It doesn't mean you have to stop, you know, doing, you know, drinking or smoking or doing whatever. But there comes a point your life maybe your point came when you got out of that relationship when the car flipped when you you know, when God helped you out? You know? So yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 22:17
think yeah, I think the first step in self love is control. You got to get control of your life. Yeah, I was letting go the alcohol. Mine was a visa in my control so you can take back your life.

Unknown Speaker 22:29
So how is love going for you these days? does

Unknown Speaker 22:33
what actually what I really want to know, turn it up for me. Okay, you're talking to a six year single girl. I know

Unknown Speaker 22:41
what so ever since that situation. Have you been single? Or have you seen anyone since the final? I've

Unknown Speaker 22:47
definitely I've definitely. That was that ended when I was 19. Okay. 19. Okay. Yeah. But no, I was in a serious relationship about six years ago. And haven't been since I mean, this, this. This journeys been great. I've really liked this. Speaking of self love. It's a bit it's a bit excessive on this end.

Unknown Speaker 23:13
up just loving the hell out of yourself.

Unknown Speaker 23:16
Yeah, just loving the hell out of myself.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
Are we talking physical love or emotional? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
No, I don't need you. There's really no point. But lately, you know, I'm getting older. And I've been dating and I think I might be dating.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
Have you been dating during the pandemic?

Unknown Speaker 23:36
No, I was flirting. I was using like, this one app to flirt a little bit. But what's that app called? It's called? It's a super. Okay. There's stories behind these fucking apps. Okay. It's the one that I'm actually on is called the pretentious call uncle. Please don't judge me. pretentious, like celebrity app. It's called RIAA and you have to get approved to get in it. They like they like Google you and all these things. But it's necessary. I tell you because I broke down and I was a Tinder hater for a long time. And I broke down I downloaded Tinder and they said I was blocked. Wait for identity fraud.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Okay, probably cuz what someone else was trying to be Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:19
for you or what have you then I find out like there's so many profiles with my people using my pictures on Tinder. Yeah, and then I went on Bumble once and then like three fans found me right away. Oh, yeah. Um, so I was like, okay, no more thinking apps is frickin weird. You know, like, I don't want to go on it. I've literally gone on a date once where like, you're sitting in front of a stranger and the dude's like, hey, how was the How was the bookstore yesterday? I'm like, What? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:48
I know. I

Unknown Speaker 24:49
saw you on I saw it on your story. like, yo, yeah. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 24:53
you wanted things to happen more organically?

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Yeah, and I want I know, it's tough. With the people are so lazy dating these days, you know people, like please don't fucking Google mean like, I'll tell you about me ask me what I do ask me you know what I mean? Like all they do now like even the deep shit I just talked to you about people know right away like they know like I've been obese. They know all the stuff because on Google ads on ESPN, it's on whatever. So I'm like, I just would like to meet somebody who does not Google me. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
So what's the difference? I mean, why is RIAA and is it working for you?

Unknown Speaker 25:30
I mean, you said it's Yeah, I've met somebody but I'm gonna jinx it because it's not even it's like, a third date or something. But yeah, Riaz actually kind of cool because you just know like, they don't want anything from you. You know? Like, if you hook up with a regular guy you never know if he's gonna take it down picture view that I know girls do it to guys all the time.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Have you ever never

Unknown Speaker 25:52
been you've never been scared of that?

Unknown Speaker 25:55
It happened to me a long time ago. And somebody sent it to me and he Yeah, it felt horrible. I felt so violated. It was Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:03
it was awful.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
And honestly, like afterwards like I had to just let it go was just like it because it cuz I mean, it sounds so corny, but you know, you'll it only has as much power as you give it right. So I'm like, Yeah, I mean, obviously well want that out

Unknown Speaker 26:18
there but don't give it any power by not sleeping with somebody who Google's creepy.

Unknown Speaker 26:24
Yeah, so Okay, let's say you go on awry a date. What is your ideal date night? What happens? like the perfect day you're like, Oh, this went so smooth.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
I've I've really like, I mean, I just I'm so basic. I really just like food. You got to take me to and I cook really well. So I will have to admit this on air in front of who knows how many people are gonna listen to this. I'm a Buju BIA, like, I cook really well. So I will. If you're gonna take me out to eat. It's gotta be good. Yeah. And it's got and I love wine. And I know wine. So it's got to be good wine.

Unknown Speaker 27:02
I remember you being boozy about food. Like just a little foodie.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
Yeah, I'm a huge foodie.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
Are you a Yelp leader? Now I don't know. What do you know what that is?

Unknown Speaker 27:15
Or does that like you just Yelp shit. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Yeah. Carla's into it. I'm not but she's a big time. yelp a leader is basically like Yelp so many things. And then you get free food and like invites to like different little Yelp events. And I don't know if you're into it.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
I just

Unknown Speaker 27:31
I just think like Yelp calm like Yelp reviewers are like Karen sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Well, you know, don't tell Carla said this, but she could be a carrot.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
When it comes to food.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
She could be a carrot it I think she'll tell you this too. So there's some funny stories about Karlin foods.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Yeah, when I see Yelp reviews, I'm like, some of them I see and I'm like I don't think I can do that. Oh

Unknown Speaker 27:57
yeah, she like actually she's like smart about it. She like delegates are time. So take a picture and then read a review later. She's not like, in the moment, but I've definitely learned to like before I touch my food if we go out to eat to like, let her take a picture. Otherwise she's like, hey, like, okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
So UFC fighter slash food influencer. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 28:16
what she is. Oh, yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
So you're a foodie. So the guy's got to take you to a great food, good wine. Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 28:25
Um, or good music? I really love live music.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
What kind of music do you like?

Unknown Speaker 28:32
I love all good music. Except for heavy metal. I can't sorry, Ashley. Okay. Ashley, I can't. I don't know how to appreciate it. I'm like more soul. r&b like, you know? Yeah. candle lit. type of baby making music, huh? Yeah, baby making me Did you

Unknown Speaker 28:54
hear that there might be this new thing with concerts. I think Live Nation who puts on a lot of concerts. You know, you're not gonna be able to go to concerts in person unless you get the new vaccine that they're working on.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
I'm sure that's gonna be everything. Well, how do you feel about that? Man look, so I I have had just like everyone, I've had so many ups and downs with COVID. Like, I've, I've, I've done it all, but I will say it to kind of generalize how I feel about COVID I will respect I will do anything for my loved ones. So my sister has cancer. My mom is a little older. my goddaughter has extreme asthma. So I'm super careful and I live my life according to what they would need. So they would need me to take the vaccine vaccine I will and I'm sure my job will want me to because it's traveling internationally. Yeah, but me personally if if if I didn't have to consider those things. I just don't. I don't really I don't even take medicine ash. Like literally I don't even take ibuprofen I trust my body the way it is. I'm kind of a holistic type of person. Yeah, I mean Oh, you know, I'm Asian if you get sick my mom's like, no problem. Okay, we get ginger. She loves all of us. She spits on it a little bit like it's done you know down ibuprofen.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
Okay, so we got the perfect date music, you know, wine food. end of the night, he's going in for the kiss. Is he is it like, is a sleeping on the first day out of the question. Is he a gentleman? How's the rest of the night? Go?

Unknown Speaker 30:38
I'm a vibe girl. Like, I'm really and I'm a vibe girl. And I'm don't give a fuck about.

Unknown Speaker 30:45

Unknown Speaker 30:46
I don't I don't put myself like I don't put myself in a box. So there's been times I'm 31 years old. There's been times where I've vibes so well with a guy. So well, you know, when the day just drags on and you just don't want to end it and you go get pizza after dinner. Like who does that? You know? because nothing's like you. Yeah. Pizza after dinner. Then you go for a walk. Then you go, whatever. And then you want to genuinely just keep hanging out. So you go home and you watch a movie and then things happen. Yeah, that's definitely happened. I don't I don't care.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
I just like go slow.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
Yeah, I go with the flow. Not saying but I've definitely not ever gone out with the intention of like, I'm gonna fuck tonight. You know, but like, I don't I don't have like the I have friends who are strict. three month rule.

Unknown Speaker 31:34
Eight What year was that person born?

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Yeah, no, seriously, girl, my girls, two of them. They're like eight date rule. And I'm like, Girl, If I was your guy dating you, I would knock out eight dates. Coffee day in one day. Let's date this date number. Like I'd be knocking these things out in today.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
So okay, so if you're a vibe girl, does that mean because I usually want to ask, you know people on here like, oh, what kind of person or your partner are you attracted to? A lot of the girls have said or guys. I'm just kind of a vibe. I don't have a specific type. Do you have a type?

Unknown Speaker 32:08
I have a type. Okay, hold tight.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
Let me know you sound very.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
I have a tall, dark and handsome type.

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Oh, tall, dark and handsome. Who doesn't? Like

Unknown Speaker 32:19
I've I've dated white guys, but they were like, well, they were like, well traveled and like tan like they could be like, this sounds really ridiculous. Honestly, I've been in Thailand, and there's some European guys who like tanwar not not just the color of the skin. Obviously, I'm not talking about the skull. I'm just talking about enjoying the beach. And like, I don't know, I just really physically like my eyes are just really attracted to Tanner skin like darker, taller.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
I mean, and I am one of those girls people talk about they're like, Oh, she's such like, Are you serious? Five, five is short for you or whatever. You know, like, I'm, like, I'm judgmental. But the here's the thing. Okay, get with me. It's science. It's not my fault. I'm a five foot tall. I'm not dating a guy. I don't want to make my I don't want my kid to be five foot tall.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Okay, got it. So the guy's got to be over 5659

Unknown Speaker 33:15
that's Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:18
that's good. I'm fine. Yeah, no, he's

Unknown Speaker 33:20
got to be at least over at least over 5959. Yeah, that's being generous.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
Okay, so you're buying from

Unknown Speaker 33:28
me? No, but the definite type for me, besides physical is self made. Like I have to I dated my ex, one of my ex, my ex, the last x six years ago. He was like, really, everything was handed to him. And that's why it didn't work out. So I definitely think my life partner whoever want to date is going to be self made.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
Yeah. I mean, a lot of the people that I talked about, talked to on here, basically, motivation drive. It's not so much the success. It's their aspirations. And you know that they have goals, and they're, and they're doing what we're doing, because we're working our asses off. And it doesn't necessarily necessarily mean they're an athlete as well. But whatever they're doing, they're Yeah, they're grinding hard,

Unknown Speaker 34:11
right? Yeah. And honestly, at our age, I do I do account for success. And it's not financial, it's success as in, we've were, let's say, I'm 31. So I'm dating like 30 to 40. Right. At this point in your life, you must have put in time and been dedicated to something to build something great. Yeah. So for me, I'm really honest. For me, it's like success is a big part of that. And it's not like I said, not financial. You

Unknown Speaker 34:36
know what I mean? There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want, who you want, and what food you want to eat. For sure, be boozy girl. It's okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
My thing is if I can't find what I want elsewhere, like a restaurant or a man, I would do it myself at home. Myself, honey, okay,

Unknown Speaker 34:54
so so these are some things that you're into Are there any like turn offs, you know if you start dating a guy and he's got to Kid you're like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I can't do it. No, no, no, no, it's definitely not that. Yeah, I definitely have turned off now what am I turn off?

Unknown Speaker 35:08
I mean, to short, manners manners are

Unknown Speaker 35:11
my turn off. Oh, yeah, you have to be polite. You have to treat people well, like, if we go to a restaurant and you're, you're one of my girlfriends. She was dating this guy, and she bought him out with us to dinner. And he asked the waitress, do you? Do you think you deserve a tip? Or what kind of tip Do you think you deserve? I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
What do you think you are to ask her that if I was her, I would have just paid for his bills.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
as a as a server for I don't even know how many here like 10 years before I stopped before I went full time fighter that it pisses me the hell off when people are rude to servers. And if you ever seen the movie waiting, have you seen it? No, I haven't. Oh my god. Okay, anyone who has never seen the movie waiting, and they've ever been a server? If you've been a server, you've probably seen the movie waiting. But if you haven't guys, check out the movie waiting with Dane Cook, and oh, my God was the other guy's name. Ryan Reynolds. Thank you, Nate.

Unknown Speaker 36:05
This is not an ad is not an ad

Unknown Speaker 36:07
just a fucking hilarious movie. About Don't fuck with people's food. And don't be mean to your servers.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Ah, now Oh, it's

Unknown Speaker 36:14
hilarious. No, but

Unknown Speaker 36:15
is it gonna ruin it for me? Like, I'm

Unknown Speaker 36:17
gonna think people are gonna spit on my shit. No, because you're nice and polite to your server so you have nothing to worry about. You're not gonna get no from under cheese. If you know what I mean. Or you don't know. You will when you watch the movie. Alright, so rude guys. That's, you know, I've definitely Yeah, that's a turn off for sure. Anything else? That's just like a no go.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
Ah, man, I can't. I would. Obviously, it's a given. But dude, who even does it anyway? I don't even think I've ever met. A guy in the last five years doesn't split. It's disgusting. To me. It's sagging your pants.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
If you're dating a guy who's sagging his pants right now,

Unknown Speaker 36:57
at this age, age, I think oh my god, you both

Unknown Speaker 37:00
have bigger things to worry about. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Um, what else? I don't know. I don't really know. I don't really know. You know, like, until it happens. And

Unknown Speaker 37:10
you're like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 37:12
yeah, you know what I've just I've had, I mean, I know I've been single for a long time. But I've had a really great date. And I met really great, guys. It just wasn't what I want it. But

Unknown Speaker 37:19
again, I'm lucky and you're doing it most of the dating through social media, right? I mean, through dating apps.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
Yeah, because I'm all over the world. Like it's really

Unknown Speaker 37:29
hard. I gotta ask you. Have you ever like you saying, you know they've been good, but have you ever had any bad dates where you're just like, Okay, I got to get out of here or something horrible or ridiculous or embarrassing happened?

Unknown Speaker 37:41
No, really? I know. It's really boring, but I really haven't the only one is the one that like stopped me basically. But that's

Unknown Speaker 37:51
way way way way. I'm gonna I'm I

Unknown Speaker 37:52
know you. I went to dinner and he Oh, yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 37:55
well, how See, it's so funny. Cuz stalking is such a normal word to use nowadays. I know. I stalked you on Instagram today. Haha. No, but old days. It's like if you say, Oh, I had a stalker. It's like, we're the police. And

Unknown Speaker 38:07
no, but it doesn't happen to people regularly. It's an odd thing. Like, you know, like, the numbers are against me sometimes. You know, because in Houston, like I have 150,000 followers. The President is doing math here. Like I have 70 I think 70% of it is Houston. In my own city. Yeah. So it's like, it's somebody that I want to when I go on a date, I want to meet you for the first time I want to get to know you. But you've already been following me for so long. And I don't care what I do. You don't

Unknown Speaker 38:33
I got a question. I'm going to help some future guy out. So let's say yeah, I like you and we're going on a date. And I already know all this crap about you, but I know that you don't you know want you don't want me to be like an encyclopedia on you. So should I A tell you that I know this stuff or be fake it like Oh, interesting.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
Not Tell me because if I find out it's gonna be weird. But don't tell me Don't tell me in a way that like, just to be honest, like lay it out on the table. But don't say things like you know, like, you know, I've been falling like just

Unknown Speaker 39:08
just coffee last night.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
Exactly. Like you know what i do follow you but I do want to get to know you further than than Instagram and what you do so I want to get to know other things besides what you have adult like given out on social media.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
Yeah, you know what I mean? Like that social media is so surface level. You know, like it's very rare I do it sometimes but it's very rare when people post their insecurities or their bad days or the things that upset them and so yeah, you know, people may know you they may know killaby but they don't really know you so

Unknown Speaker 39:43
this is probably the first time and the first podcast or any interview that they'll know me intimately because all my Instagram as much as it seems like I let you into my life completely. I never discussed like dating I never discussed family or anything like that I just discussed like training A me and close maybe you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Yeah. So speaking of your family, I gotta ask, did you get the birds and the bees talk when you were younger? See what I did there? Girl,

Unknown Speaker 40:12
I am a Vietnamese refugee. You just kind of figure everything out in life on your own.

Unknown Speaker 40:19
You even? Well, you have this point where you, you came over at an early age, and then you said you were on your own. And without going into your full life story. It's like, I remember, you know, 12 1314 years old. Those are the years where you start experimenting, and you know, you all you're downstairs to start kicking in and your hormones and you're just like, well, what's happening? So, I learned a lot from my friends a little bit from TV. And so I kind of always wonder, you know, like, how did you learn about sex? Was it?

Unknown Speaker 40:48
I don't know. I just kind of put all the clues together and I kind of made up my own thing. But, uh, yeah, like, my sister was like, really open with dating. Like, she had her own little studio at the bottom of the house, and she'll be walking around naked with a boyfriend. Okay, I just figured for sure. Naked as a part of it.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Naked as a part of dating.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
Yeah. Okay, first you got to be naked. Got to get your own room.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
Got that. Feel like you learned reverse dating? Like, take your clothes off?

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Yeah, the guy but one. One thing I did learn without my parents help is like contraceptives and like caught Oh, yeah. In Vietnam. They don't have any of that. Obviously. My mom popped out your kids. eight kids. Eight dude.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
Oh my god. Okay, so you have is this sister? She's obviously the older sister. No older than me. I'm

Unknown Speaker 41:39
the youngest. You're the baby.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Oh, okay. So you had lots of older sisters and brothers to experience things from and that's, you know, I never had any older brothers or sisters. But when you have siblings, it's like you learn so much because you learn from their experiences as well. Right?

Unknown Speaker 41:58
Yeah, for sure. They're all

Unknown Speaker 42:01

Unknown Speaker 42:03
My family's a little crazy, but it was fun. work.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
So was sex never talked about though, is kind of like No. Is that the culture?

Unknown Speaker 42:13
No, in Asian culture, you just, there's certain things you don't talk about? Any kind of just figure it all on your own. So I don't know. You just got to be resourceful. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 42:25
mean, sometimes you learn early. What what age did you lose your virginity

Unknown Speaker 42:30
to early 17. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:34
girl. Most people are like 1415 or even younger. 17 is like Yeah, yeah, I think like, I mean, who'd

Unknown Speaker 42:42
the young No, no, no, no. Couldn't be 716 16.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
Okay. Yeah, I was 15. I mean, any time in high school. It's kind of like average, I'd say before High School. You're like, Whoa, what was going on in your life? And then after high school, you're like, Whoa, what was going on in your life or not going on in your life? So

Unknown Speaker 43:00
yes, so the thing about me is like, I was like, really wild. I ran away from home really early, like 1415. Okay, that was always the friend who like my sisters thought they just imagined things they don't really know because I was always act I acted out I was really bad. I acted out. Like for attention. Rebel bees. Yeah, just like a rough, rough upbringing, you know, but I was one of those friends that when I was younger, I was one of those people that would pretend I knew or pretend I did it. But underneath I was really innocent girl. So I've definitely lied to a lot of my friends. I lost my virginity. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:31
Yeah, I never lied about my virginity. But I remember when I was younger, and we were at parties. I was like, you know, 14 years old. And I would go into the bathroom, and I'd have a full beer and I'd pour the whole beer out into the toilet. And I'd come out and be like, Oh, I was so wise.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
Yeah. I just was not as wild as I let on I led on to be. I'm a lot more careful that I lead on to be Yeah, like when I watched 40 year old virgin when he was like, Oh, yeah, definitely. Like, you know, her nipples felt like sandbag.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
I was just talking about that, say last night to my boyfriend about boobs and stuff like that. He's like, yeah, you know how they feel like a bag of sand. I'm

Unknown Speaker 44:09
like, Oh my God.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
You have a boyfriend Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 44:12
I do. We've been dating about a year now actually.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
Oh, I didn't know that. I'm

Unknown Speaker 44:17
super fucking happy. I think, you know, he's an awesome guy. But also in addition to me not drinking and becoming, you know, just a better fucking just a nicer, better, more responsible person. It's like, Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:28
this is how you make a healthy relationship last Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
And now you know, like, for sure it's quality happiness. Like it's not. You can't attach it to you like you can't give the credits alcohol, you know? Yeah. And trust me fill in

Unknown Speaker 44:43
dating sober. Like is weird as shit. Because how many times have you gone on a date? And you're like, well, I'll just have a glass of wine beforehand to calm the nerves or you know the Yeah, Nope. Not when you're like sober, sober.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
I'll do like pick up picnics. And like

Unknown Speaker 44:58
no, we still went to concerts our first date was a concert. And actually,

Unknown Speaker 45:03
we have really good willpower.

Unknown Speaker 45:05
I do now I do now, but it was a fucking struggle. And don't get me wrong. I walked past a bar earlier and was like, Hmm, I don't know. Okay, Okay, moving on. Moving on, I gotta fight. So it's a constant battle, but uh, I'm just, I'm just clear headed now. And I know that it's the best thing for me. But this show is about you cop stop asking me questions. So I know you're not the most vulgar with the sex talk. So I'm gonna go right to the lightening sex round. And I know you're vaguely killing you ready?

Unknown Speaker 45:42
Oh, wait.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
You're like shadowboxing over there.

Unknown Speaker 45:47
Yeah, I'm ready. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
Do you dirty talking? Wait, wait, what?

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Wait, what do I What do I do is you're just gonna say yes

Unknown Speaker 45:53
or no. Yeah, sorry. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
Okay, girl, go get

Unknown Speaker 45:58
dirty talking bed. Yes. Spank or like to be spanked? Yes. Biting. Yes, choking. Yes, threesomes.

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Ah, no.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
Do you watch porn? Yes, foot fetish. No bodily fluid fetish. No bondage like ropes or blindfolds. No, any roleplaying?

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Not yet.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 46:32

Unknown Speaker 46:33
Do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 46:39
accidentally. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 46:40
Oh. swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 46:42
Oh, yeah. Or lingerie lover? No swingers, but I got kicked out because I wasn't participating. Oh, so

Unknown Speaker 46:50
you're just a looky loo huh?

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Okay, she would turn to be okay. All right. That's

Unknown Speaker 46:59
the like,

Unknown Speaker 46:59
I was freeloading is what it was. I walked in, I thought it was a regular bar. And I was like, I think I'll save for another day. And then eventually, they're like, oh, you're not a member? Do you want to sign up? I'm like, do I have to do stuff? And they're like, Well, yeah, you're gonna sign up and I was like, Well, no, I think I gotta go.

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Let me just finish my beard. I'll be leaving. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
That a lot of that's happened to me a lot like accidental walk into places.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
The Accidental walk in was to the swingers party or the sex club.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
What's the difference?

Unknown Speaker 47:32
So a sex club is like where you are a member and you usually have to bring like a partner. Like, if you're a guy, you have to come with a girl. Girls can come alone, they're more prestigious, I would say, and a swingers party is more like a house party with a whole bunch of swingers who were like, Hey, you want to make my wife You know? Ah, so more like relaxed as opposed to like, the sex clubs like, you know, you got to pay a membership fee and it's more prestigious. That would be like more if you since you're boogy. That would be more up your alley. Exclusive. Okay, so, last, well, not last week, tumor segments. The fuck? Marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
I think we're done. We're done. We're ready.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Yes. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 48:26
I'm gonna give you three names and you get to choose which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry and which one one you want to kill.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
Okay, this is hypothetical guys. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
Come on. Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right. So, I thank you to Pat and Dan Kenny, my creative associates for always helping me with these. I told him that you were a small fighter, so this is who they gave me.

Unknown Speaker 48:48

Unknown Speaker 48:50
Okay. Henry. So Hutto oh my god Demetrius Johnson Mighty Mouse or

Unknown Speaker 48:55
net obviously did not know my type before this. Oh, no, hell

Unknown Speaker 48:58
no. Or Stephens Drew.

Unknown Speaker 49:01
Oh my god. Okay. Mary Mighty Mouse. Okay, Hill, Henry.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
He said that was such just oh

Unknown Speaker 49:08
my god. Wait, no, that least Devin stupor? Hey, you said

Unknown Speaker 49:13
you wanted to have big old babies right? So there you go. Wait, no, he's

Unknown Speaker 49:17
too tall. too tall.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Whatever. Yeah, he's like seven foot something I

Unknown Speaker 49:21
just would definitely kill Henry and Mary mighty he looks like

Unknown Speaker 49:26
they have big ol Hey, you don't even like white guys. So that's alright, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
That was the last one. All right.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
Our last segment is called fan questions. cross check. These are real questions from real fans. Are you ready? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
All right at she fights to says what is more likely to happen first. You starting an only fans page or you fighting Paige Van Zandt in Bare Knuckle boxing?

Unknown Speaker 49:57
Me fighting patients in a bar? No kidding.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
knuckle blocks.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
So I'm assuming that means your stance on and only fans is.

Unknown Speaker 50:06
Uh, yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Yeah, no. Okay. alphas bud Buddha band says men with socks during sex acceptable or unacceptable?

Unknown Speaker 50:18
Yeah whatever I don't care. Yeah, sure. Oh, I hate it.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
No. Okay anyway. At Kevin row says 135 would you ever like to fight for the UFC? Sure. All right, row row sauce Jr. I wonder if their brothers have you ever fought in your hometown? How did it feel?

Unknown Speaker 50:39
I've fought in my hometown plenty of great. But I've also fought in my home country that felt amazing. So both are great. But my my dream would be either fighting in one in Houston at some point, which is kind of far fetched or in the UFC in Houston. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:56
that would be awesome. be fun.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
I would love to be on the same card as you one day.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
I know. That's the thing that like, I love one. There's so great to me. Like personally, they're so great to me. But all my friends are in the UFC. Like what? You know, I've been with you guys fight all the time. And I want to be in fight with you. You're like,

Unknown Speaker 51:13
you're like all my friends are inside the party. I'm on the outside, like, Hey, guys,

Unknown Speaker 51:16
how's it? I know. And you know, many times people think I'm like a groupie. And like, if it wasn't for the VIP pass, I'd be like,

Unknown Speaker 51:25
Okay, this guy's got a two part question. He says, What's your hardest loss? And how did you handle it?

Unknown Speaker 51:32
hardest loss was the last one for King of occasion for the world title. The reason I that was the hardest one is because I didn't perform like well, because I cut way too much weight and it just affected me like terribly. I got dropped every time I got touched. It was so bad. Um, I almost retired and then one called me so that was like, that was a sign it's always been in my life. It's always been some kind of sign so Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:58
things totally happened for a reason. You got your, your god that's responsible for that. me. I'm like, the universe, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Yeah, whatever it is, doesn't matter.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Is that just my question is that when you decided to move from atomweight to strawweight?

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Actually, we're technically called Adam way, but we fight at 115 because we don't cut water anymore. And it's crazy, right that I almost quit MMA because I was like, I'm not the last fight was so bad because I cut a cut weight the way that I did. And then one cause where I don't have to cut any more water. And I've been performing like, amazing thing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
This next question actually kind of goes hand in hand with that. At Toby Takeda. When you're preparing for a fight? How many calories Do you usually eat a day?

Unknown Speaker 52:48
It really varies depends on how heavy you are when you're going into camp. So yeah, it's like a it's like a calc it's like a equation that has constantly changing variables. So it's really hard to say but I would say always less than I burn. If I'm cutting weight.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Yeah, it's calories in versus calories out that's how you lose the weight so you gotta earn more than Yep,

Unknown Speaker 53:08
yeah and it's gonna ever change so if you're trying to lose weight your your calorie and calorie out it's gonna be different.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
On calories, right?

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Not so much.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
A big fat girl. Actually, this is fighting at bantamweight and not fighting it. flyweight for

Unknown Speaker 53:23
Oh, okay. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 53:24
think think think.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
I'm actually really excited for you then think.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Yeah, yeah. And this girl that I'm fighting. She's never made bantamweight before. She's a 140 fighter who, last time she tried to make bantamweight she missed by seven pounds. Wow. So I'm going to be the small girl who just unheard of

Unknown Speaker 53:42
you're naturally a 35 or so.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
Yeah, for sure. For sure. I could, I could probably get jacked and go to 45. Yeah, for sure. I

Unknown Speaker 53:49
think you should too.

Unknown Speaker 53:50
At Hector dot 87 says what's your favorite Vietnamese just dish?

Unknown Speaker 53:57

Unknown Speaker 54:00
button sale. It's like a baby's crib.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Hmm, sounds delicious. Are there non meat ones?

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Yeah, definitely. I'll make one for you. Sometimes. Yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
I can talk about food. Oh, okay. Last question. At Alon Cruz. ketchup or mustard.

Unknown Speaker 54:18
Ketchup. I'm Asian. We don't eat mustard. What? Wait, yes. I think mustard is like Caucasian culture.

Unknown Speaker 54:26
I thought mustard was really Caucasian culture as well.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
Yeah. Mayonnaise and mustard is hollaway like, yeah, we put ketchup on everything really? Ketchup and siracha and then mix it up.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Mayo and siracha for the white. Yeah, spicy girl, right?

Unknown Speaker 54:47
The Asian ish.

Unknown Speaker 54:48
Yeah. You want to be ultra

Unknown Speaker 54:51
male and Serato that's like me and you. That's our that's our team de mayo and Sriracha. So Mmm, we are we are out. That's the end of our interview. Thank you so much for opening up. I know it's hard for you. And honestly, you kept saying you're like, it's gonna be a boring interview. This was nothing. There's nothing boring about this interview. I'm inspired by the way that you handled your abusive relationship, the way that you talk to kids and women and empower them because of your your past experiences. And now, you're doing awesome things. So I don't know what you're talking about. This is a great episode.

Unknown Speaker 55:30
Oh, thanks,

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Simon. Yes, and we are right now we're speaking as if we're in the future. So I'm going to release this the day before my fight. So I fight tomorrow. So wish me luck.

Unknown Speaker 55:44
Good luck. I'm so excited to watch you. I know you're gonna kill it back at batum Wait where you belong. Thanks, girl. I'll

Unknown Speaker 55:48
talk to you soon. Okay. Okay, bye.

Unknown Speaker 55:51
So bye.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Episode 28. In the books, we now know a little bit more about killer B, and how some powerful things can come from fucked up situations. If any of you guys have been or are currently in an abusive relationship, I hope you have the strength to get out as soon as possible. channel your inner killer B and break free and be the best that you are. That's a wrap for this episode. And that's a wrap for my fight camp. Tune in tomorrow to ESPN plus to watch me get back in the wind column and support all of us fighters in the UFC. I hope you enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me. Rebel girl, don't forget to rate and review the show get a free sticker. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ zl at DJ zl tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson.

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