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Episode 29: Tyler "El Tornado" Goodjohn

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girls, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance, and that ultimate taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley,

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Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening the hot stuff?

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Hello, all my naughty naughty listeners. Welcome back. I am very, very happy that you made it back. So I haven't talked to you for a little bit. Let's see what happened. Oh, yes, Thanksgiving, I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you're in one of those states that had a minimum person, what was it called? Basically, they were telling us that we could only hang out with two or three people. So you had to pick and choose what family members you had over for Thanksgiving. If you did that, more power to you. But if you did it even more power to you. Because no one should tell us who the heck we can spend our holidays with. So, you know, I hope you guys stayed safe, you know, whatever you did. But regardless, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Just hope you weren't alone. And hope you got to eat lots of Turkey. I'm not a turkey eater actually call it the turkey Holocaust. Instead of Thanksgiving, I was cutting weight in the prime of my cutting weight. Literally, not only was I not eating, I was dehydrating myself. So I was not eating Thanksgiving dinner, but maybe you guys had some turkey for me. And the next day after Thanksgiving was my weigh in day made weight. And then it was Showtime. And if you guys saw the fight, you know, I did not come out victorious. And as you know, I was very, very excited, very confident going into the fight. And I did have some physical setbacks, which I alluded to a little bit on the podcast, but I never wanted to come across as making an excuse or, you know, I didn't want to put it out there into the universe. Or even think about it really, because I did everything that I could do physically, everything that I could do mentally, and I did everything that I could do emotionally to prepare for that fight. So you know, maybe that's why I'm taking this loss. The best I've ever taken a loss, there's definitely a part of me that feels guilty, I guess for not feeling more, more sad, and more depressed and more broken up about the loss. Don't get me wrong, I am fucking sad. And there'll be moments in my life where I'm just, you know, grocery shopping, and then flashback on the fight. And, you know, I just instant sad instant depressed because I'm thinking about what it could have, should have. But for the most part, I think that, you know, not that I'm getting used to losing that sounds fucking horrible. It's more like, I know now the ways to, to be productive and to get get back on the right path. So I used to, you know, alkie, Ashley would just grab the bottle and be drinking for about a week or two weeks, and just really making my life worse before I started making it better. And since I'm sober now, you know, not to say that I didn't think about drinking after this loss. But uh, these are the times that sobriety is really tested. And if I can make it through the goddamn pandemic without drinking, then I can make it through a loss. And I did. And, you know, I ate my life away in chocolate and cookies and candies. But I just realized that, why not start making my life better now? Instead of wasting 234 more weeks feeling sorry for myself or, you know, drinking my life away. So with that said, I'm actually positive. And I know that sounds corny. I feel like I'm that one happy person everyone looks at and they're like, Why the fuck are you so happy? I'm happy because I have a plan. And that's all you can really ask for after a loss. You know, you go back to the drawing board, and you look at what you would have could have should have done and you make a plan to improve on that and not do that next time or do something different next time. So My plan is to get this surgery, which if you've been following along with the podcast or my social media, you will know that it's a spine, a disc replacement. So I'm getting my C seven disc replaced on December 14. I've never had surgery before. So this is go bigger go home, right? Well just start with spine surgery. So I'm getting that done on December 14. And it sounds intense. And it is, but I'm happy because I'm gonna get the surgery, I'm gonna do my rehab. And I'm gonna be back in the cage. At some point, you know, maybe it's gonna be six months, maybe seven, maybe nine, somewhere around there, the goal is, is no longer than nine in my mind, because they said, it's gonna be about six months until I can fully train MMA. So

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being smart, I want to take a, you know, two to three month fight camp after being off for so long, make sure my body's good. And then just get right back in there. Now, I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself anymore. I have so many opportunities, I'm still living my dream. I'm still fighting for the best organization in the world. I'm still semi young, you know, 33 young in life, but not young in MMA. And I know that. So that's not bad. There's a sense of urgency in my life like never before. And as long as it doesn't stress me the fuck out. As long as I use that urgency in a good way. Life is good, you know, bout to have a new spine. And I've got a positive outlook. And I still got some fight left on my contract. So I know you guys might might have thought that I was gonna come on here and boohoo, but no, I'm really not. You know, maybe everyone listening to this isn't a fighter. But I know, you have all been beaten up before. I know you've either been beaten up physically, maybe by an older brother or sister. Or maybe love beat you up. Love beat you up all the time. Love can beat you up and life can beat you up as well. This year has been a motherfucker. And I feel like financially. We've been beaten up emotionally. We've been beaten up, you know, people have been struggling with depression. So you know, mentally we've been beaten up. And we're all in this together. I keep saying this. But I know that regardless, whether you're an athlete, whether you're a mom, whether you're a student, whether you're old, young, doesn't matter. We've all been beaten down some time. And what's the common thing that we have? What's what do we all have in common? We're all still here. So we all got caught back up, right? And, you know, if you're still, if you're still breathing, then then you're winning, right? And I dedicated my fight to an old teammate named Nico Jackson, who is no longer with us anymore. He's not breathing anymore. He passed away a few months ago. And unfortunately, I couldn't dedicate a winning fight to him, which, you know, sucks very much I would have loved to get on that mic. And, you know, give Nico, a shout out, and all that. But I still think that a lot of people got my message on social media. And it was the same thing that I'm telling you right now, that regardless of our ups and our downs, let's just be appreciative for the fact that we're still here. And now you guys, I'm very, very corny, but I'm feeling so. Yeah, I mean, I just, I know that I'm in the spotlight here being on this platform, not this podcast, per se, but in the UFC, specifically, a lot of eyes are on me, and I want to lead by example, and want people to see that when you get knocked back down. When you get knocked down. You get back up, and you can be positive about it. So you guys are going to be through my whole recovery process. I'll tell you how the rehabs going and whatnot, we'll still be putting out podcasts. So just stay tuned for that. And I just really got to say another huge thank you to some people. My corners, Yoshi, Kenny Johnson and my boyfriend, Mike Wilson. They were amazing. I didn't even realize that they were traveling with me on the holiday until we were sitting there starving. Well, I was starving and they were sneaking food. But I didn't realize that they were with me on the holiday until that very night and then fight night. And we're sitting there and we're kind of talking about the fight. And Yoshi muy Thai coach says oh, by the way, it's my birthday. So not only was it Thanksgiving, he spent his holiday with me. He spent his birthday with me. And the poor guy chipped his tooth on cheez it. He had kind of a rough weekend too, but we went through it together and It made us stronger as a team, and I know the next one will be victorious. So big thank you to my teammates, and my coaches and everyone that has supported me and a huge thank you to rock LA, an OC fight doc. They are the people that are putting me through the rehab. And then Dr. Emanuel, he is a spine surgeon in Culver City, he's going to be taking care of my spine and the UFC is actually going to pay for everything. So that financial burden has been taken off of me, I am so grateful. You know, the UFC, we've been through a lot together, you know, I

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was 20 in my mid 20s. Now I'm in my early 30s. And you know, I've been with the UFC for almost seven years now. So we've grown together. And this means so much to me that they're taking care of me physically and financially. So

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stay tuned, guys,

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it's gonna be it's not over yet. It's gonna be a roller coaster for the next six to nine months. But like I said, it's, you know, what's the rocky quote? It's not how many times you get knocked down. It's how many times you get back up or something like that, right? So all right, I'm done rambling, I just, if you take anything away from these episodes, I hope you realize that we are all the same. We all go through the same shit. We all get knocked down. And hopefully we all get back up. And if you see someone not getting back up, I hope that you're the kind of person that can reach down and pick them back up. Alright guys, lastly, same spiel I always say if you like this podcast, please help us grow, rate and review us on Apple, Spotify or anywhere else you listen. And in appreciation for that review. We'll send you a sticker I got some cool new sexy stickers made if you've seen them on our social media, right that review screenshot DMS and we'll get you out one ASAP. And now this podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. And now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is our first Bare Knuckle boxer on sex and violence. This British bad boy is undefeated in Bare Knuckle and holds a few other gloved boxing titles as well. Junior ABA national amateur boxing champion, English professional gloved boxing champion BKB Bare Knuckle world champion and now he's making his debut for Bare Knuckle boxing Fighting Championships. We talk about his thriving only fans account, a budding adult film career similarities of porn and fighting the joys of rim jobs, his affinity for strippers and so much more. Here's your guest, Tyler L. tornado. Good, john.

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Well, you try to just go on spawn it all right for kicks, butt sticks.

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All right,

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Tyler l tornado. Thank you so much for coming on the show. What are you up to tonight?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Thank you for inviting me on.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
No problem. What do you what do you got going on tonight?

Unknown Speaker 14:09
I'm just kicking back and I'm just chilling now finished training for the day. So yeah, just on Vegas strip in my hotel. I bought some enjoying Vegas trip but it's completely dead obviously with COVID going on. So yeah, just just in my hotel room in a moment.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Yeah. And so you're in a hotel room. Am I wrong in thinking that you just moved to Las Vegas you are now in Las Vegas resident.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
Now I am well, so could do or may tell you the whole story. Yeah, so obviously I got signed to be KFC in the summer. Those of the talks of ni fi in fighting in the states in 2021 of si wanted to come come and compete sooner. So May and are now number five that we signed Mark gob bear we both we both literally missed lockdown in the UK by two days went to Dubai quarantine for 14 days to then be able to then go get into the US. So yeah and then our last one I've come to Vegas I've been in Vegas probably about a month now. Okay, so yeah, just so yeah. All over the place really but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
So are you looking to move to Vegas or are you trying to go back and forth I mean you're going to be competing in the states

Unknown Speaker 15:40
Yeah, um yeah on the DL x box you know, to be honest I've found a good home mirror or idea like serve only been here a month on with Christine for who she is and our bare knuckle SC fire and obviously mark as well my god bear me so I'm comfortable I'm happy here on them really well, class bar and there's no so yeah, this is where I think as well you know, we're Vegas is just a lot the energy and the connections here as well. You know, I mean, the people would like to say this bar and things like that. That again, is second to none Really?

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Yeah, Vegas is a hub for for fighting for sure. Yeah, if you ever make your way out to Orange County, LA area, it's a it's an MMA boxing Mecca as well.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
Right. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 16:31
so let's go sorry.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Sorry, now's your sign. I'd like to say this. You know, I'd love to see all this really especially you know, the fight the gyms that are here like one thing I wanted to do and tick off my my list. Like as a kid was traveler in training. One of these Mexican boxing gyms is by like some of the Mexican fighters and of color and I've done that now. So you know, so onto the next finger.

Unknown Speaker 16:58
Yeah, yeah, so is Las Vegas. The only place you've been in the States?

Unknown Speaker 17:03
Yeah, so far. Yeah. Well, I went to the last week FC show in Miami. But yeah, like this is this is where I've been mostly.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
Okay. Oh, how exciting. You get a lot of places you can travel. Well, not. someday in the future. So let's talk fighting. Before we get into your personal life. You have a debut for BK. BK B FC. And that's

Unknown Speaker 17:34
it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 17:36
so that is December 11. Against Charles Bennett. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
And how long has it been since your last fight

Unknown Speaker 17:46
pay off. I haven't fought since September last year. So yeah, it's been I had I had a really big fight scheduled for early April and I got my trial end up until about a week out and then obviously got called off because it's posted so yeah, straight and so yeah. For a long time, so I just want to get back in there.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
So you know i'm i'm so what's the word just in kind of infatuated with with bare knuckle boxing in the sense that you used to fight glove boxing regular boxing in the UK correct? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:22
So what were your reasons for switching over to bare knuckle

Unknown Speaker 18:30
you know, market talk about my life. All night long. I felt a very mad licen and with my boxing it ended just ended mad. So I was a professional boxer from the ages 1819 till I was 26 and I actually got I used to make 140 pounds when I was professional glove boxer and adult podcasts like like this sort of thing. And I spoke about how I used a sauna and the salt bath to make weight make hundred 40 pounds and the British boxing Board of Control which is obviously what we have back home took my license off main family from boxing so yeah, obviously made that decision I couldn't box anymore. So I set a banner for promotion on on like our local news on our local news like our BBC News back home talking about this the fastest growing sport in the world Bare Knuckle boxing, but it was a promotion based in England so I just thought you know what, this is a bit of a this is always always always the fan favorite glovebox in always they're having a fight. So I thought you know, why not give this Bare Knuckle Lugosi see if I can do or not.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
I mean, it's first of all, that seems so ridiculous. We could go into how ridiculous it is that you were banned from boxing for cutting weight, which everyone knows is just a necessary evil necessary. Part of this blog. But, you know, let's not get into that. I want to know what the biggest difference besides not having gloves on your hands and know maybe the impact and all that what's the biggest difference from Bare Knuckle to glove boxing?

Unknown Speaker 20:16
I would say the pace of it is just yeah, you were where I was always used towards the three minute rounds and most I was doing 1012 rounders when our professional boxer so I was, you know, it's still a good pace, but it's it's nice. I have a lot slower than five two minute rounds, gentlemen. Yeah. So. So it's always one of the fires that sort of burned into a fire as a fire went on as well. So when my The biggest difference me when I hadn't done my first Bare Knuckle was that the pace right from the first bell bang is you know, it's 100 mile an hour. And if you're not ready for that, you can your head in rows, that does not mean

Unknown Speaker 20:56
Yeah, I'm a slow starter we call it as well. And, you know, you can get away with it. Maybe in MMA, but not so much Bare Knuckle I guess, huh?

Unknown Speaker 21:05
Yeah, yeah, it's just a lot. You know, the first guy for me come through the kitchen sink cabinet. And I went back to the corner, my trainer was like, you need to wake up late, you know? I mean, I was like, wow, is this essentially? I mean, you know, it's essentially a street fighter really an organized Street Fighter, isn't it? You know, so the pace is just incredible. And yeah, like so if you don't come to terms with it quick you will get found out Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:34
there's no feeling out period there's no finding your race. There's no there's just

Unknown Speaker 21:39
like you know, the last bit the last week FC show the newly Diaz spark to gays right in about three seconds is the fastest knockout in combat history. They literally because what they do in V cash is they toe the line. So you're literally face to face with the guy your fight rights. And also you can go back and if you have to take one last, you know, one second knockout.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
So what are the so that's a major difference from but regular boxing to bare knuckle? What's some differences in the lifestyle? So you've moved over here? You know, you're now living in America, you know, compared to the UK? What are some of the biggest differences just lifestyle wise?

Unknown Speaker 22:25
Know, the minute I'm still you know, I'm just coming to terms of things really, like so I've been here about a month you know, this until until this for this fight, you know, I get this far out of the way they're not consor often commentaries of it almost because, you know, we're right from the minute we were here in Vegas. And we we were trying to you know, so we've been living in hotels, trying in sleeping, trying in sleep in training this, you know, we just sort of said to each of our man, Mark, look, you know, after the fight will, that's when we start sorting our lives out. But until then, it's just nothing but you know, just focus on the fight. You know?

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Yeah. Good for you. Good for you. Because even the most professional fighters have been sucked into that Vegas life. And you know, they get distracted from fight camp. It's hard. You know, I'm guilty of it do if you're fighting in Vegas is just the light. It's Sin City and you get distracted. So good. Good for you for staying focused. And then, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:25
yeah, but you know, me personally, you know, I'm not a big drinker, and God pie in there anyway, you know, that's, you know, a lot of people probably think that for my persona, but, you know, I'm not, you know, I'll go out and buy my big drinker. And so, for me as well, you know, this is, I'm in Vegas now, the fight capital of the world is timed. You know, it's time to pull up on your big boy pants, as they say, and, you know, this is now never for me, so I'm gonna make this happen, you know, for sure

Unknown Speaker 23:54
you've got a lot of eyes on you. It's your debut. You're a undefeated in bare knuckle. And you have a great opportunity with Charles Bennett Crazy Horse who is if you know, MMA, then you know, Crazy Horse. And so, it's a great opportunity for you, how do you feel about going up against, you know, kind of an odd

Unknown Speaker 24:18
job? I didn't. I'll be honest. So I obviously come in from such a, you know, a boxing background. I haven't really had, you know, I don't know much about MMA. So the fight was made, and I had friends from back home. You know, I've known since I was like, 1516 years old saying to me, I can't believe you'll find Charles Bennett is a MMA veteran. I remember watching him as a kid. No, you'll find in this unbelievable So, you know, MMA fans, he's a proper massive name, you know, so yeah, it's gonna be fun in lifestyle. He's, I've seen videos of him and I'll see what he does and he seems like a lot of fun. So you know, We're gonna we're gonna make it another time slot.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Yeah, so does. I mean, this is your first fight with them, but you've probably, you've already been to the Miami show. I can't wait. I'm hoping that they do some kind of pre fi like, you know, media day because your personality and his personality, I feel like,

Unknown Speaker 25:21
that's gonna be fun. It's gonna

Unknown Speaker 25:23
be interesting. So you're a very interesting, eclectic guy. And, I mean, what I mean to say is that it seems like you do a lot of different things. So I've done my research and it is seems like you're currently in the adult film industry. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 25:42
Well, yeah, like, you know, what? Well, when I say, like, in the industry, I do. So what I've been doing was the last sort of six months in, in the UK, making like scenes with other other girls in the industry, like, porn star girls in the industry. So yeah, she's been making mines or scenes and selling them and stuff like that. So. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:08
So is this something completely different than only fans? Are you speaking about an only fans account?

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Yeah, so yeah, face. Yeah. But like that. Yeah. So like that. And many, many bids and stuff. Yeah. Just didn't like my mind seems really something that I'd like to continue doing now. But most in America. I know that there's a lot of performers that I'd like to work with. So yeah. So okay, so

Unknown Speaker 26:35
are you so you're basically, you know, very active on your only fans. I'm assuming full nudity. And you're, you know, selling these sex videos. But are you interested in actually getting into, you know, like being a contracted performer, adult entertainer with like a company? I'm probably not even saying the words, right. I've had adult entertainers on here. And they're probably listening in

Unknown Speaker 27:02
San Diego. What sort of things? Yes, exactly. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think that Yeah, I know, the Vegas is. Yeah, I've been I've been sort of chucked into it, to be honest. And we're going into the industries for an ex girlfriend. So I've sort of been thrown in the industry that way. So yeah, yeah. I've been you know, like, I'm I've been do studio work now, as well as it is the five capitals also pretty much perform capital. So

Unknown Speaker 27:33
yes. See what happens. Nice. Okay, so my first question when I when I hear that is, what does the organization think about that? Is that allowed? Are you kind of tiptoeing around it, trying to get away with it as much as possible? I just know that Yeah, in the UFC, they would be like, Oh, hell, no, actually, you ain't doing porn?

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Yeah, they hate it.

Unknown Speaker 27:59
They do. Okay, so I mean, then you must be walking. You know, a thin line there because,

Unknown Speaker 28:07
yeah, I'm locked in tight, right.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
So, uh, you know, you given the given an ultimatum, if they were like a, it's fighting or fucking, what do you choose?

Unknown Speaker 28:22
Um, I'll probably just leave the fuck into my spare time.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
That's true. You can fuck forever. And you got a short window of fighting?

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
How old are you?

Unknown Speaker 28:37
Wait on

Unknown Speaker 28:38
29 Okay, yeah, you're you're great age for fucking we're fighting. So if I want it to be an Tyler, good john only fans account member? What what is that going to cost me and what am I going to get through there?

Unknown Speaker 28:57
You are. It's gonna cost you $15 for the month. And it's and you're just gonna see me in some controversy, con pro compromising situation? Yeah. A lot of young, beautiful women. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
And so, you you alluded earlier you said your, the way you got into the industry was through your ex girlfriends. So I'm assuming that she was an adult performer.

Unknown Speaker 29:27
Yeah, yeah. Okay. And

Unknown Speaker 29:29
is that a film or stripper? Not in film? She's

Unknown Speaker 29:34
Yeah, she's won a lot of awards and things like she's, she's known in the UK, like, you know, really well. So yeah, Lazzara just sort of got in got into it for her Really? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Yeah, well, we

Unknown Speaker 29:47
all we, you know, definitely get different things from each relationship. And this one brought you into the porn industry.

Unknown Speaker 29:55
That's it. Yeah. I mean, it's not just The industries aren't so different in the fight industry in the auto industry, gentlemen, there's a lot of similarities. So, actually, you know, it's well, if left, they are, they can work hand in hand, you know,

Unknown Speaker 30:19
just in terms of like just just a lot of things really large, strong think off the top of my head just yeah, just slide in the way that is very much your show business light in terms of marketing yourself as a fire, you're not got any market ability. You're not gonna make it doesn't matter how good you are, you know, I mean, just the fact you know, you're in the fire can unite itself. You've got to be you've got to be able to be market from some angle. Yeah, yeah. And, you know, it's very much the same in that, you know, everyone everyone's trying to make it out here, but what makes you different from the next person, you know, so there's definitely a lot of similarities.

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Yeah, I agree. Yeah. You're, you're constantly in the limelight. And so you're, you know, always gonna get the praise or the, you know, criticism and yeah, yes, I

Unknown Speaker 31:15
say yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 100% I mean, that you know, there's a lot of people yeah, I we would used to go to adult pies, you know, awards and stuff like that and used to see all the fans and stuff like that. And it used to blow my head, please be like, wow, it's like proper fans turning up and stuff a lot. But you know, it's, it is acting in it is everything else. No, and that's something that I've learned, you know, pretty much true. Oh, really? Yeah, I very much respect the industry as much as I respect you know, the combat industry

Unknown Speaker 31:50
you know, yeah. So do you think that if you have to choose and you choose fighting that you'll when you're done with your fighting career you'll go back to to the industry?

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Yeah, I think so. Yeah, it was something that you know, when you know, like six months ago I've just been to cut myself right into to be fed all the studio stuff like that and then the bkfst you know, contract came up and that's when I went you know, actually this is my dream to go find America so I pursued that so yeah, the the adult stuff is out to take a backward step the last couple of months but in between fights, if they'll let me know

Unknown Speaker 32:35
Yeah, kind of stay in shape somehow I guess right. So actually, even even on a more personal level, as if we haven't you know, been talking about your personal life but uh, you know, let's let's get to know you as a person not just a performer Are you dating anyone? You said your ex girlfriend Are you single currently?

Unknown Speaker 32:58
Yeah, I'm single at the minute Yeah, yeah. Yeah, just enjoying life. So as they say,

Unknown Speaker 33:05
you're a young man you know and you're prime fighting and very busy Are you trying to stay single or are you just you know haven't found Miss right. Or Mr. Right? Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Yeah, if I Well, I say I mean, me by me saying I have a strange taste in women suggests that I'm not the strange one. And I think I probably am so you know, it's just a matter of finding the of of a piece of the jigsaw that is as mad as well, I must suppose. So yeah, I found her Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
So you're looking for your your fellow crazy person, huh?

Unknown Speaker 33:45
Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, she's gonna have to be absolutely is not a squirrel. Squirrel shit actually. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
So what what is your type besides besides nutty I, I was doing my research aka stalking you on Instagram and you seem to kind of like the strippers and you know, you said you have an ex who was in adult films. So you know, what is your type physically or, you know, characteristics as she very no audio obviously.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Not obviously, obviously. You know, I, I you know, looks looks, you know, looks are a big thing, but I just love the bad bits. Like, just something about a woman who is just independent does a thing. She's just a boss, you know, I mean, just I just love that. I'm just like, wow, yeah. When I when I when I see why I'm just like, you know, yeah, fairplay.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
Yeah. Yeah. And that's, that's definitely something that I feel like we is a turn on as we get older. I've been guilty of in the past when I was younger dating guys that didn't have a job. But didn't have a car and I think now and I'm like, What the hell like now I'm like, yo, a guy who's hustling and grinding and working hard. I'm like who? super attractive, right?

Unknown Speaker 35:11
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Confident, strong woman. Yeah, just a boss. And I'll just find that very, very attractive. So yeah, if I'm dating a girl, she's definitely probably a boss bitch.

Unknown Speaker 35:26
Yeah. Okay, so she's making her own money, and she's grinding. Anything else, you know, that you? You know, what's it? What's a turn on to you?

Unknown Speaker 35:37
What in what they what they do? I just, again, just confidence do not I mean, I just think, you know, a big thing for confidence. Where you know, right away that a woman can just just be it. You know, I just, I don't I don't know how to explain it. All I can say is confidence. I get

Unknown Speaker 35:55
it. It's kind of like how she carries herself, right?

Unknown Speaker 35:58
Yeah, yeah, you just lock it. I mean, it all probably goes back to what I just said Really? Being a boss. Just the way Yeah, like you say, a way that the girl carries herself. A whole demeanor. Just. Yeah, I find that very attractive.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Yeah. Because, you know, with men, also, it seems that if you have some insecurities, then that's where the problems arise. Because insecurities lead to jealousy, insecurities lead to, you know, a controlling relation relationship, you know, these things that you're like, Okay, they might not be out in the open right away. But then you get into the relationship. You're like, Oh, God, I wish I didn't have this.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
Yeah, yeah. I just think, yeah, like, the whole, I think, you know, without sounding massively big headed. Like, I think we're the reason why girls like, my demeanor is like, you know, they're like, the bad boys, the confidence and everything else. And I think if I could get that in a female back, it I think would be, I think would be a super important would be like, superheroes or something.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Yeah. So you have this confidence about you? And you have, you know, like you said, your bad boy image. If we're being honest, what would you say? Are some of your negative traits?

Unknown Speaker 37:13
Um, you know, straight out, I think I say it's a negative trait, there's also, you know, been beneficial in my career, I'm very, I can be very selfish. You know, I mean, and times are saying, Yeah, you know, as well as I, as I do that, you know, there's times as a fire that you have to be selfish. And I've probably took that into my outside life. More than probably I wanted to, you know, but, you know, that's Yeah, that would be something that I'd say, I need to probably work on in my life. Well,

Unknown Speaker 37:52
I mean, I do you need to work on it. Because, like you said, you you hit the nail on the head, it's like, the more selfish you are sometimes the more successful because it's like, you have a tunnel vision, right? And the only thing that matters is is succeeding and winning. And unfortunately, people or you know, other hobbies or friends can get pissed off along the way, but but all we see is it's winning and victories and training. So, you know, that can work out as long as in my opinion, you find someone who counterbalances you, meaning it's very hard for two pro athletes or especially two fighters to date. Because it's you know, you can't have two selfish people right?

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
So have you have you dated other athletes other fighters you know, if so, how?

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Yeah, yeah, no, I've never dated all fighters most Yeah, I think I think perhaps Yeah, like I just said those this being selfish in a fire you know, and it was it was becoming the whole relationship with me in previous relationships and I mean then because I was just so I was hell bent on making some my life yeah, I mean, no. I think relationships when you're when you're caught that mindset relationships, just take the backseat, you know, so yeah, I think now I've just got I've got meet someone gonna meet someone who's as driven as what I am, I think. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
So how would you consider yourself a you know, perpetual bachelor since you're not in relationships often or are you in relationships often but they don't last very long.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
It depends by what you call a relationship. Really? Okay, now I have a I have a lot of friends. Oh, are

Unknown Speaker 39:52
you doing air quotes friends? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
Yeah, a quite friends. But not you know, I have a lot of luck say I have a lot of friends but they understand they're on the same situation as what I am, you know that they're very, they're very much about their careers and that as well so they're not you know, they're not thinking about relationships so yeah, I'm just so enjoying that, but I definitely want to I definitely do want to meet someone, you know, in the future, but I'm not I'm not in a rush. I've been there before and maybe made a few mistakes along the way and you know, stuff like that. So, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:36
yeah, it seems like people in the adult entertainment industry, sometimes from what i've you know, interviewed are okay with open relationships. Have you had any experience in open relationships?

Unknown Speaker 40:50
Yeah, well, so. I've spoke to like to say my friends that you know, I have to do with now, and I've even spoke to them and we've spoke about like, polyamorous relationships. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:02
yeah, polyamorous. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:05
Yeah. So that that's something that even approached me because you know that in the past life inside my selfishness, you know, Chicago, so you have probably a polyamorous relationship to some degree darker perhaps even go down.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
Yeah, as long as you are not, you know, that unhealthy territorial. I mean, I don't even know if it's unhealthy. Because to each their own, you know, some people say, yeah, polyamorous is good. Some people want, you know, a one on one relationship. And who am I to say, which one is good or bad? But um, yeah, as long as you are on the same page with your partner, and there's no jealousy? Why not?

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Yeah, that's absolutely, yeah. And often nice. Often, that's not the case. Often, there is always one side that has more, you know, massive trouble. But, you know, if I do find that, Happy Days, if I don't find that, I'll have to, I'll have to adjust subjects.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
To be a one woman man dang it. Yeah. Well, what actually, you know, good question. Because if you're a one woman, man, and you are doing this secondary career in the adult film industry, you would have to find a partner that was okay with that, right?

Unknown Speaker 42:28
Yeah, that's why sort of like, to be honest, I've, you know, looked for more relationships in the adult in the industry itself. Because, you know, from, from where, you know, my ex girlfriend, when I was with her, you know, she she actually stopped boy girl porn when we were when we were together. But you know, the word, just all the experiences, she told me how, how, like, fake porn is, dummy and how our actually is acting, and I've been on studio sets, and I've witnessed it. And then it almost desensitizes you to forms in a way. Mm hmm. So yeah, for me, if I was was with someone I could, I could happily be with someone who's in the industry and who goes off and does scenes and stuff, like because I know that the studio scenes have been there myself. I know what they're like, and it is literally active. So, you know, I could I could live with that.

Unknown Speaker 43:27
Okay, so you weren't the one that you didn't ask her to stop doing boy girl scenes. She just was like, I love you. I'll stop doing boy girl scenes for you.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Yeah, so yeah, she she was Yeah, she was cool. She, yeah, she agreed to it. So there's something that you know, until, until I've met how been resolved, like, you know, you know, pole dancing girls and stuff like that. But actually, with a really well, no important sorry, in my country, you know, all my friends knew she was and stuff like that. So, you know, it's one of them where it was a bit like, Whoa, is a bit intimidating. I saw that, you know, you got used to it and, and the way she explained it, and then obviously, she still was still doing a job the longest I've been together, so I've got to see her doing the other stuff, man. So yeah, I very much gotten used to it as like now. I can't. I'll be honest, I can't really watch porn anymore. I'm very much desensitized to it because I know what it's like. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 44:30
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's, uh, you've they've broken the fourth wall, per se. And, you know, you know, I mean, it's all a fantasy, you know, essentially, when you watch porn, you know, you're trying to almost picture yourself in that in that situation so that you get aroused, but for you, it's like, Oh, this is so fake.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
Yeah, that's why I'm always like, you know, this. The scenes I've been doing are a lot more Like, they're still like, you know, filmed by someone, that they're a lot more amateurish. And to be honest, you know, when I'm doing that I'm enjoying them with these hot girls and you know, making my own scenes, but I'm still enjoying it. Whereas these other studio scenes are very, you know, they're very much stopped and stopped and yeah, would complete.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
So where do you meet these other amateur girls that are willing to just be like, sex on film? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
To be honest, a lot of them are girls who have done things studio seems on really well, you know, that they want. We do like seeing chairs. So we'll we'll make scenes or get scenes made. And then we'll share them. They'll put them on their only fans. I'll put them on mine. We'll sell them like that. Cheesy. Amen.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Yeah. Well, just hustling. Good for you.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
And if they, you know, I do it, you know, when I'm marketing for the podcast, or for other things, but essentially, you want to work with people who already have a good following, so that you can kind of piggyback off of theirs, and get people you know, that they'll get all the eyes that are already on them on you. Is that kind of what you're trying to do.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah, that's, you know, with so when girls are opposite we're working with we were, we were using each other's cloud, so to say, yeah, yeah. We were. We were Yeah. Like I was the bare knuckle fight out porn star. And, you know, and we're making change, and they were well established porn stars in industry. So yeah, we're writing off each other's clout. Really? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:38
it's smart. So do you. It's so hard with you know, COVID in the pandemic, but I like to ask people if they prefer meeting someone in person kind of old fashion, or do you do the online dating thing?

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Either way, really today, you know, it's, you know, it's always going to be online, online sort of way. Um, you know, I'm not going to lie on my lucky boy when it comes to my dm. Yeah, so I don't have to. I don't have to go really leave my house. To be fair. Yeah. How

Unknown Speaker 47:20
convenient is right. Why would you go through the trouble of going to the bar and buying a girl a drink when you can just type the type and just be like, yeah, swipe left, swipe right, right.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
ish. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. There's a hell of a lot of time.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
What's some of the craziest things that you've received in your DMS

Unknown Speaker 47:46
my offer just off the top of my head is like yourself as I've had like, Guys pretending to be pretending to be girls to you know, get pictures of me and stuff like that. There are just you know, like, you know, not have nothing wrong with with the gay culture nothing at all. I have a massive fan base, you know, and um, you know, like I say, on very much. I am the most flamboyant bento box you're ever going to see. all wet tights and pink things and yeah, and wet unicorn type. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:33
just doesn't bother you that these men are trying to get a pika.

Unknown Speaker 48:39
Not really not because like so mine, like Bernie Sanders, I would say is predominantly probably gay. Gay followers. Really?

Unknown Speaker 48:48
I didn't know how to identify sexually. Are you straight bisexual?

Unknown Speaker 48:53
Yeah, no, I'm straight. I'm straight. Yeah. Very much. I'm very very flamboyant people.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
I really, if you know anybody, please let me know. But I would love to have a gay boxer or a gay MMA fighter even bisexual. I just have not come across one yet.

Unknown Speaker 49:20
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
All right. Well, so I want to know a little bit more about you know you what you like in bed per se. So this is normally where we would do like the lightning sex round, but that's for people that are kind of shy about talking about sex. It seems like you are not shy at all.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
No. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 49:41
you are straight. So obviously you're doing girl on guy, but what are some other things that you like in bed?

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Ah ha There we go. Well, I'm very, very into Go using her tongue into my ass, actually.

Unknown Speaker 50:04
Okay, all right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:06
Yeah, that's that's something that I might very highly.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
I feel like a lot of men do but not not no one wants to admit to it. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 50:16
I said, like I said that like I should be embarrassed and I'm really not it is the greatest honor and they forgot if a guy goes if the guy's gay this and that I'll guide you know, you are missing out.

Unknown Speaker 50:37
Yeah, and there's a you know, not that. I know. But anyone who kind of knows about the male anatomy knows that there's a G spot in the male anus. So, I mean, I don't know how deep you go there, but,

Unknown Speaker 50:52
ya know. I'm not one of them. I'm not one of them. Okay, nah, nah, I died. I died even to be honest reason and and if a guy if a strike I don't like your finger off bizarre So what? No, all the power to him? I personally don't. But give me a yes. argue.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
All right. So I always ask people, are you does your aggressiveness in the ring? Or cage? transfer into the bedroom? Or do you kind of do like a role reversal?

Unknown Speaker 51:32
Let me tell you this, right. I I would say Yeah. Every all the girls. Well, I would hope that all the girls that have been made would say witness the fitness.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
Witness the fitness. Yeah. So you're, you're putting in work is what you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 51:53
I'll put the why I've put the work in.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
All right. All right. Yeah. I mean, for $15 a month, we can just log on to your only fans and find it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:02
yeah, exactly. Yeah. I mean, the little clip, boy, the little clips that I put up the little 15 second clips you. You'll see the other day at work, gentlemen.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
Yeah. So is that I mean, I know. I sound so prudish. But I don't. I'm not a member of anybody's only fans. And I don't. What's the longest video that you can see on on an account?

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Are Yeah, they're like good things over like half an hour long on that.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Oh, okay. I thought that you were saying that there's only like a 15 second clip or something?

Unknown Speaker 52:34
Not? Yeah. So my Twitter you can get on my, on my on the phone. Sorry. So. Yeah. ipipeline little teasers of like new scenes that I've made with girls. Um, I've had like, a few. I've had quite a few freedoms and things like that. So yeah, there's, there's some good footage on there to be fair.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
So I want to know, What makes you so able to perform in front of people, you know, because it is obviously a skill and a talent to be able to get hard perform. As if no one's watching and, and be passionate, and, you know, be good at it and put in work, like you said, Did something, you know, did you have sex early on? And you just, you know, I've always been very sexual. What, what's going on there? Because I feel like it takes a certain kind of person to be able to do

Unknown Speaker 53:25
that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I asked myself. I mean, I lost my I lost my virginity at a nine years old. So it was very young. Yeah, so I think I was, you know, I will I know now, but I was exposed to sex very, very young. And that's probably what, I don't know if that's why I've gone down the route. Table, perhaps would say that.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Um, did you lose your virginity to another young person? Or were they older?

Unknown Speaker 54:05
Yeah. So they were a year older than me.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
That's good. That's not you know, I was 15. And the guy was 19. That's kind of shady.

Unknown Speaker 54:15

Unknown Speaker 54:17
Yeah, yeah. No, I mean, 13 at our age, you know, back then is like, ooh, young, but unfortunately, I feel like kids are having sex super young these days. Like, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Yeah, I think I could imagine you know, when I look back on it, I think God, I was young. But then yeah, when you when you think about with social media and everything now, kids must be losing their virginity super young.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
I'm never having kids. And every time I think about stuff like that, I'm like, Oh, good reason. Another good reason. Never.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
All right. Well, I want to play the lightning sex round just because we're getting close to the end. And, you know, we could talk about sex. night but you ready for this?

Unknown Speaker 55:11

Unknown Speaker 55:15
we'll have you back on after you win your debut. Okay. All right, so lightning sex rowdy ready. You just yes or no answer.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
Yes. Yes. All right. Do

Unknown Speaker 55:24
you dirty talk in bed? Yeah, spank or like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 55:31
sorry again sorry.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
Spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Yeah, biting.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Yeah, choking

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Yeah. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Yeah, of course. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 55:48
Now? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
You said you're kind of desensitized to it now.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
In any fetishes, like fee or bodily fluids

Unknown Speaker 56:05
are just like putting the work in.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
Okay, bondage like ropes or blindfolds? Wow. Okay, role playing.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
But stuff on you or a partner. We already covered this.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
What was that? Sorry?

Unknown Speaker 56:26
We said you do like a tongue up there. So we already covered that check. Right. Okay. D Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 56:39
Um, yeah. Yeah. Oh, to use toys.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Yeah. ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 56:46
Ah, yeah. swingers party? Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 56:53
lastly, are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 56:55
Yeah. As a mom, if you're not, Are you a man?

Unknown Speaker 57:01
I mean, I've had exes that were like, Nah, I don't really care. I'm like, but then you have some guys that are like, Oh, I want to see you in black lace. And you're like, Okay, fine, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
Yeah. Yeah, as far as like that. I mean, but then they're, they're the kind of guy that just just wanted to be over and done with in 10 minutes. And it? Probably Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
Because we can tell you like everything to be a spectacle, right?

Unknown Speaker 57:30
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 57:33
you've got you've got style, you know, and you just, it seems like you have fun with things, whether it's fighting or your image and, you know, sex.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
Yeah, it's just, you know, I think it's just been very, you know, I've been around a lot of people are very open with sexuality now, which is something that I'm quite a fan. I'm very grateful of really, because I've found my how I am with my sexuality. So yeah, it's just I think it's such a big scary thing. But people make our you know, mean, like, the karma gods, you know, everyone's making a big thing of me. Because I make scenes of girls and that and, you know, I had a lot of hate for it at the start and, but that there's the pit that people are hating, they're the people who go and watch it or pay and watch it. Right. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:27
well, you're preaching to the choir. This whole podcast is about opening up, you know, the discussion for being sex positive and making it not so taboo taboo, you know, and you know, we are extreme people fighters and you know, like you said, there's actually a lot of similarities in the industries you know, being in the limelight you know, staying staying in shape, always being criticized. So, more power to you and the last two sections or segments sorry, we're gonna play Fuck, marry kill

Unknown Speaker 59:09
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. You're done. Right? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
Okay, so fuck marry kill is a game where I'm going to give you three names. And you're going to choose to fuck one marry one kill one.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
Are you ready? All right. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:25
so this is the bare knuckle version. And you have number one rowdy Beck Rawlings. Number two. Yeah, Paige vanzant and number three. I did not know she was your teammate until you said this earlier, but I'm so sorry. Christine Ferrara

Unknown Speaker 59:45
made it was it. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
So you got rowdy Beck Rawlings.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
Yeah, I know the people so what I forgot Okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
So you've got to fuck, marry and kill one

Unknown Speaker 59:57
well, or marry Christine. Christine's more high me. She's She's sick, and there's no way out.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
Killer or Boehner

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
that can that. But yeah, yeah, so for real Yeah. Yeah, we've married married for Christie. Kay, more than one sorry. The suck and kill. I've well I've thought Paige vanzant because she's just, she's just, I mean she's tapped into. Yes. Yeah. Always. And then and then To be honest, I had a few people that that rowdy back is a is is a bit like ourselves for that so. Yeah, I'll probably kill everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
Well, you know what, I think you got some great answers. So good job. Yeah. It's, you never really win with that one. You know, someone's you know, it's always like, I gotta kill somebody.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Okay, well, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
All right. So fan question time.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Check. First question at Lorne Knights wants to know, actually, he has a long one here says Firstly, I have to say a shout out to my friend Ashley, who introduced me to L tornado. You're an amazing defensive boxer and love seeing you fight. But I wanted to ask, what's your game plan for your next fight with Charles Bennett?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
Um, you know, you can to be honest with Bernard. There is no real game plan. Gentlemen, I would say for any successful band, I've got boxes, use grab a plan a plan B, Plan C plan D DJ. And I mean, so you go in there and you see what your pilot brings at the end of the day, because, you know, I've had nearly 100 fights amateur pro and Bare Knuckle now. And you know, I know that you could be preparing for one style, and then get in there and the guys actually flip it. So you need to be out of sync on your fee and mark and say you have a plan a plan B Plan C.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
So yeah, of course. Yeah. The most successful fighters are the ones who are able to adapt in the moment for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
At AJ Jenkins 22 wants to know what's your favorite tattoo on your body?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
That's a good question. I say probably my the lines on my back

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
the lines or the lion

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
lions I've got two lines back or back fine. So yeah, very much a lot of very much like two lines.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
Yeah, you got the hair looking like a lion yourself.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
Wow. Just Just like how you know that beast Jami man that you know that that far isn't that just yet a dominant gentleman that's how I feel about myself gentlemen. On the dominant male domain if I was in the animal kingdom mafia line Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
I like the I like wolves. I've got a couple of wolves on my body. I like just you know there

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
Yeah. Okay at Carlos barza one wants to know have you or would you ever do gay perfect gay for pay porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
That's my best my best well

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
if someone gave me if someone give me was given me like millions and I was the one that was pumping Jeremy

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
deer the pitcher

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
guy yeah, our guy yeah get the gauges bring the money in bring more bring more money.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
I think anyone would be hard pressed to save for a million dollars they wouldn't be the least the pitcher not maybe not the receiver but All right. Thank you Carla. For Oh my best friend. Okay. At handsomeness. 9.5 says what's your move inside the? Yeah, what's your move inside the ring? And inside the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
What's my mo what was in like? What's my what's my finisher? what's what's,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:39
what's your special move in the ring and your special move in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
Oh, but like more like Mortal Kombat? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
What are you known for? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
Sure. I would say I would say Just an entertainer Gemma. I mean, in the ring, I'm just I'm just always in Friday night, my old my bare knuckle fight so I got fired that night. I'm just a boy. Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, man, I'm just I just I can I slow down and have a tear up? Or I absolutely box the pants off here. I mean this is whatever I feel like on the night. I quite like having a tear up. So I'm very I'm a very, very good technical boxer. But if I get drawn into a fight, I'll happily stand and bang into one of the struck gentlemen. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
yeah. I mean, sometimes I try to be technical, but then it ends up being, you know, like you said more of a street fight. So you got to adapt.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
Yeah, you just like but i'll i'll just stand it bang, I'll just you know, when I'll drive. I'll probably outside if you got my train trainers for the last 10 years on the phone. Now, they would say they have he has given me heart attack after heart attack with the way that he boxes because he could box the pants off people, but it will get drawn into a fire and all of a sudden, he was just standing up for terror. Joy. So yeah, that's why I'm, um, and then. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
mean, I can definitely go against you though. Cuz if someone is drawing you into that and they know, you know, maybe you get a little sloppy when you start brawling, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, completely. You know, it's, it's something that you know, are on new say now, I'm probably you know, probably past, getting out of them kind of habits does something that perhaps let me down in my, in my professional glove career a little bit where I like to get in fights, because I always like that Fight of the Night, in Friday night at the end. Yeah, I mean, that was, that meant more to me than win or lose and really, so that, you know, that was something that probably led me down in the glovebox in whereas, Bare Knuckle Now, I know I have to box more. Because even if I get a job to face in Bare Knuckle, that's gonna tear my face and the fight could be cooled off there. And then so, you know, with gloves on, you can you can take them to the shots and, and get away. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
that and that's just you can only learn one way and that's just ring time. You know, you can't be told that Yeah, you've got to actually be in there and like you said, You're almost 30 now and if you would, if your coach would have tried to tell you that when you're 20 there's there's no telling you that you know, not

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
not this it's not there's really not when I look back Yeah, like some of the fights that I had when I look back on and now I think do I actually I could have won that fight a hell of a lot easier. Or I lost a fight I think actually I could have won that fight john, I mean, because I just Yeah, like you say, you know, but that will always be me that will always be there when I want to just stand there and fight always be a fit in one of my sites where I just stand in trade. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
That's the fighter and you know, it doesn't matter how high your fight IQ will get you can lose that fight IQ in a heartbeat if someone basically says Oh, you're a bitch you know you're up

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
it's just Yeah, I just I like come up but that's why like with bare knuckle you're just coming up against these absolute you know, you know, you're going up against another absolute warrior who's just willing to stand and straight I mean, yeah, you like, like in my last Bare Knuckle fight with there was like a good we literally the the 10 second tractor went. And we just stood and traded off Bare Knuckle for 10. Right until we got pulled apart by the rest of the end. Yeah. 10 seconds. Just Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. And, you know, you're just two absolute warriors going up. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
takes a crazy motherfucker to do Bare Knuckle boxing.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
It really does. It really does. And, you know, I'm in the elite group of April and it is cool. It's gonna be fun watching this promotion. get really big. Yes, game popoola. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
I'm very excited to watch you make your debut. You know, there was a little confusion for me, because I'm like, wait, he's undefeated in Bare Knuckle boxing, but he's making his bare knuckle boxing debut on different organizations. bkp BKB FC? So yeah, yeah, I'm fully aware now. That's about it for the show. I am so so grateful to have you on. Thank you so much for for telling us all your personal personal info. Let us know where we can find you on Instagram, Twitter, and of course that only fans account.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
So you can find me on Instagram at Elle, tornado Tyler and then you can find me on A little bit more, a little bit more rude on my Twitter and that is at tornado Tyler. And you will be able to get through to my own fans through my Twitter. You will go straight to my profile. It will hit you like a punch in the face.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
And we can watch you fight December 11 against Charles Crazy Horse Bennett. Is that going to be aired somewhere on television?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
So it's on so yeah, you'd like to also be found on on my Instagram in my Instagram bio so BK se vana who find championship have an app that has like literally everything, follow all their fires or build up to the fire level, the wind, everything all on that app. I think it's like the seven eighth most bought app in the world right now. Oh, wow. It's great. It's really cool. And it only costs like, I think, like $4 a month or something stupid. So it has all the news on everything. And we'll have all the build up to my site next week, all dogs to the Weigh ins on who knows what's going on was merely a challenge for next that shows and it's just not. It should be. It should be really fun. Actually. They're looking forward to it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
we all are full. So for 99 plus $15. So for $20. You get to see all of you all your fighting all your personal

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
life. I mean, yeah. Well, I mean, what more can you ask for?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Ladies and gentlemen, to keep you warm at night during the pandemic, look for tornadoes only fans, and get your bare knuckle boxing app for all your closed entertainment as well. So Tyler, thank you so much. I cannot wait to watch you make your debut for BK bFc. And thank you, we'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
Yeah, well, thank you very much. I'm very grateful for being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09
Thanks. Yeah, no problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
boom, Episode 29 done in the books. We are really racking up these episodes, and I'm excited for the end of the year. We keep bringing you guys guests and content from all across the globe. We've got Brits, to Americans and every nationality and sexual orientation in between. And I don't like making any promises that I can't keep. But I'm pretty sure that we're going to be getting bringing you guys some end of the year content that you have never heard before. We may or may not have a male fighter of next who may or may not have spent some time earning a living on the pole. We may or may not have a female physician coming in to set you guys straight on some sexual health Miss and has Mythbusters and I may or may not have gone through a procedure called the OMG shot, which enhances orgasms along with its other many benefits and I will be talking about them and all my experience. So the show is you know how can I say going to stay exciting to say the least shocking in borderline TMI, like always, so stay tuned and let's finish this year right. I hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. Don't forget to rate and review the show like always get a free sticker. And a special thank you to our audio engineer DJ zol at DJs Oh, tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear as always more tales of sex.

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