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Episode 3: "Awkward" Tim Elliot & Gina "Danger" Mazany

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's

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happening hot stuff

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we made it. We are alive. Man. Life currently feels like level six of Jumanji or seven or eight or it just feels crazy. I mean, if it's not pandemic or quarantine or lockdown, it's protests and riots and whatever else we have going on in our normal lives. Whatever, I just hope that you're all safe and in doing well during all this stuff. I mean, it's really crazy and it's scary out there. So please stay safe and I hope your homes and small businesses and families weren't affected and if they were, my heart really goes out to you. I know that in the MMA community here in Orange County, 10th planet Long Beach, unfortunately, it was burned to the ground during riots. Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th planet. Fortunately, he set up a GoFundMe account and within eight hours they received over $50,000. So Eddie Bravo, you are the real MVP, sir. But with that said, I really hope to bring a little comic relief to your lives, a break from the emotional and mental scrutiny of what's going on in our lives and around the world right now. I hope to entertain you with our naughty slightly scandalous Have a podcast. And if you're a dedicated listener, thanks for making it to Episode Three. You must be one sick puppy. But then again, aren't we all? No, no, just me. Okay, nevermind. Well, we are now on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts. And if we're not on your favorite podcast streaming network, hit us up and we'll get on that follow us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and my personal page at Ashley MMA. This week, we have a two for one deal, and it's a sexy bargain at that. We've got our first MMA couple on the podcast. They've trained together, cut weight together been cage side Fight Night and still love each other through all the craziness that we go through. In our normal relationships. We talk about $1 buttholes sex positions while injured. First eight tattoos and more. Here are your guests UFC fighters, awkward Tim Elliott and Gina danger Madani

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don't just

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thank you guys for joining us. How are you guys doing? Are you guys survived within quarantine and all the crazy riots or is a life normal for you guys?

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I mean we kind of stay out in our own little world.

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It's been really good for us. We actually just moved into our new house like right before all this started. So we had a couple of months of like, just like

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putting stuff away.

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Okay. You know I mean,

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you know like a fighter like when you when you try to do like a things it's kind of hard because you're always like training and you have to be somewhere you have to do something or is nice just like chill at home and like unbox every single thing unbox everything

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yeah I simple tasks become I'm like too sore for that.

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Exactly and I can wait

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yeah, well that's good. I mean I definitely some good things have come from the quarantine the lockdown people are using their creative sides and pivoting their lifestyles in certain ways. I know you're artistic Gina and you have another job. What is the job that you do besides fighting?

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I do graphic design I I've worked for like I haven't pursued it. But now I just do a little bit of freelance just to make some extra extra cheese on the side.

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Nice and I think

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part time drinker. Where do I sign up for that?

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Cool, I just want to talk about briefly your guy's MMA status and then we'll get into the you know, romance and sexy stuff but uh, So Tim, you first I guess.

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Well that, Tim first I just want to talk about, you know, the fight last weekend, you know, didn't go your way, obviously. But I saw that you got $50,000 that must make, you know, a little bit sweeter right? I did. Yeah, it was really nice. That was my fifth time getting a bonus, I think, which is, I feel like when you get a couple of bonuses, like you're always looked at, so I feel like even if my sites aren't the most exciting, like I've had several bonuses, so I'm like, kind of always under discussion. But uh, yeah, I only want half my purse since I technically lost but then got an extra $50,000 on top of it, which is more than I get paid anyway. So that takes a lot of the sting out of it. For sure. I mean, if he gave me $50,000 I would, you know, be pretty happy even if I did lose. But I mean, the goal is to always win, right? So you I thought you were doing amazing, you know, in the first round, I won't, you know, get into the details of what you thought happened and whatnot but I just want to know like when do you think you might be up next? Do you want to take some time off? I know all the COVID stuff is kind of crazy. I interviewed Sam Alvey last week. And he and plus, you know, my best friend is Carla Esparza she fought during the COVID times too so I got the rundown on you know, all the procedures and stuff like that. Do you want to fight right away? Are you trying to take some time

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off, but for me it was like, I didn't have any injuries and I didn't, I only had like nine days notice for the fight. So I maybe have one practice a day for nine days and then I had to fight. But right away after the fight when I didn't have any injuries, I was gonna get right back in there and get another one they the UFC promised me at least one more. So I was like, I'm gonna get in there right away. But then afterwards, I talked to James Krauss and my coaches a little bit and krauser he's one of the guys who got me into the UFC and you know, is one of my best friends. He messaged me he was like, Look, man who's like, just give me give me two months. He was like, come down here train. Give me two months, and then we'll go from there. So I called my manager I told him I was going to go to camp. Sitting for two months. And I was going to train it. And then I wanted to get a fight right around that time. And he was like, yeah, that's cool, no problem. But then Gina got a fight on the 13th. So now we're gonna push that back a little bit, a few more days and then get her a win and then go to Kansas City from there

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sweet transition into Gina's fi status. So, next, you know, you're up Gina, I know, you know, maybe 30 minutes before this interview, my producer sent me an article about your fight and I was super excited because I would have totally not talked about any of this stuff, but I'll let you explain who you're fighting when you're fighting and how it came to fruition.

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Yeah, so I mean, during the whole quarantine, you know, as always, remember, like all fighters pick back up. Just kind of stay ready. And like Tim and I are we're always like, pretty active couple like we're always like hiking or biking or running or one wheels or you know, doing something. But like, you know, I just want to stay somewhat in shape and I'm so grateful that I did Because, yeah, I got a call sounds like, I can't pronounce your last name, Julia. Vili Amelia. A via I know she's a raging panda. her opponent is from Brazil and had to could make it over here which was like some visa issues or something probably with traveling internationally I presume but but my manager called me is can you make wait nine days I'm like sure is how well and so I got signed back and so I mean I'm just I'm just so grateful and excited and I think it's a good fight for me really like, you know, she's tough, but I feel like her and I are very similar in the sense like, neither of us like we're not like spectra specialized, like wrestlers or specialized strikers. Like we're just kind of good at everything. Mm hmm. You know, which, which is kind of cool and that always makes for a good fight and

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as he comes forward, and that's good for you too. You're not gonna have to go looking for

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Yeah, which is really nice. And I've just added during the quarantine, I feel like we've just been working more specifically and I just feel like I've gotten a lot better and I can't wait to show everybody. It's so exciting.

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I'm super, super stoked for you. Yeah, I researched her vaguely. But something you just mentioned about you not having to, you know, kind of sheep dog. You know what I mean? I hate that too. When I fight you know, I'm like, Okay, look, we both know what we're here for the fucking fight. Right. So what I noticed was the apex cage is slightly smaller. Tim, can you comment on on that, like five inches or something like that?

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It's the it's the size that they use when they find it like the palms of the Hard Rock. So I've been lucky enough to fight. I find it several times. But it's 25 feet. It's the smallest cage they use the UFC. So from from all the way across is 25 foot. Yes, a lot less than 30 and 35.

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I love a smaller cage. I personally

Unknown Speaker 9:50
probably the only time that smaller is better. Right?

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Well, congrats Gina. I'm super stoked for you. That That's going to be at the apex center as well on June 13. Correct? Yeah, yeah. So all you listeners watch our girl. We're gonna be cheering for you. And so, Tim Europe, flyweight. 125. Gina, you are bantamweight 135. I've personally dated a smaller shorter guy before. Do you guys get teased because I got teased and I guess my friends are a bunch of assholes. But does that happen with you guys?

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You're not so funny is when we first started dating and like, we were hanging out. We're, we're all like, we're always together. Like, ever since we started we met like, we're always fucking together. But we're at the pi. And I remember there was like several people that didn't even know we were dating. Like, oh my god, you're dating Tim Elliott. I was like, Yeah, I've been for months. And I'm like, how do people and you know, I guess, again, like post stuff about my significant other But yeah, I mean, people just I don't think they knew I just don't think they thought that we were actually dating. It's just so weird. But I mean, not to you so much. Much love it. We've been together for two years and but we're not like, we don't post like how in love We are every weekend on social media that like it's, it's just like people that know us know like we're with each other. Like, pretty much since I've been here in Las Vegas. I've been away from her for more than a few days. So, like, we don't have to, like post everything like, but it's just been really intense in like, two years. Although it's only been two years. It seems like a lot longer.

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Yeah, I mean, you guys do a lot of things together, which you know, involves training and we'll get into that in a minute but I think it's society's kind of superficial outlook on the fact that you know, like a guy in a smaller a smaller guy can't get a bigger girl or bigger girl can't date a smaller guy. I think they probably like oh Tim Gina Nah, they're just buddies, you know?

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And I think it'd be different if like Tim can fuck me up. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You skinny

Unknown Speaker 11:51
I'm too skinny to begin with. So I don't I don't want to be begging hips are bad like, somebody's liable to beat the leading of both of us.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
So you're saying you need some cushion for the pushin?

Unknown Speaker 12:05
thick? Yeah. I think we've accepted our thickness. Gina, I'm right there with you. I used to be like, thick is a rude word. But now I'm like, No, I think thick is good. Right?

Unknown Speaker 12:15
complimented me.

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Yeah, Tim clear likes it. And that's all that matters. Right? Do you know? Right? So Tim, you touched on your Kansas City training. And I know a little bit about your background. And I want to ask you both individually because I think it's really cool. How do you know you're from Alaska? And Tim, I'm not sure if you're originally from Kansas, but basically, could you guys tell me individually, where you're from? How you how you got started fighting and how you both ended up in Las Vegas. You don't have to make a huge story, but I just kind of want to how did you guys end up together?

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Well, I'm from Wichita, Kansas, born and raised. And I just saw I wasn't in Wichita very long. I wrestled all through college wrestled in Oklahoma. right out of college I started fighting. I moved to Kansas City after that to train with James Kraus. I had a couple of fights with him and then right to the UFC. After my first stint in the UFC, I got cut after losing three in a row, and I went back to Kansas City. I thought I was gonna be done fighting and then I worked for James Krauss again. I won the Titan FC championship I had three fights for those I defended my title three times and then I got lucky and got put into the Ultimate Fighter. I won four fights and the Ultimate Fighter I won season 20 for the Ultimate Fighter where I met my coach just a bit of heat as was my coach but he brought in another coach Robert flawless and after working with him on the Ultimate Fighter I was like man, I need a he he told me like all he wanted as a coach was to produce a world champion and like all I really wanted was to be a world champion at the time and I knew James Krauss was a great coach but like he never emphasized that he wanted to coach a world champion. So I made the move at that point to go be around. That coach I thought that that was the move to make the UCP I was just built and I wanted to feel like a professional athlete and the only way to do that was like being live in Las Vegas my coach that I moved out here for ended up killing himself and that was also genius coach and that's kind of how we met was through his his passing so something good came of you know, his suicide

Unknown Speaker 14:25
Yeah, now I did not know that. I don't know if that's known in the fight community. I kind of I fancy myself like in the know but did not know that. And that's, you know,

Unknown Speaker 14:35
he was he was me. I remember he coached me shuttle world title and oh, okay, heavenly. Okay. Coach Tim to coach Tim during World Title and like he was he was Yeah, he was awesome. He was like one of those people where like, your structure to travel and move across country train them, but like I remember I'd have like sparring days and I'd have three different coaches yelling at me. And then he would just be in the back. Nice guys to step back. And I cry and I'm like, Okay, I'm ready. He's like, she's a girl. She's had to cry.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
I'm like, Oh my god, you understand me? Man those guys.

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Yeah. I, I know exactly what you're talking about because I am a girl fighter. And we are a unique type of individual you know, just because we

Unknown Speaker 15:19
cry Hello hormonal.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
Oh my. After that happened with us. I was I was kind of in a bad situation and I was going to go back to Kansas City. And that uh, yeah, my ass Gina. Gina kind of slid into my DMS we hung out one time and that was it. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 15:35
yes. Okay, nice. So, I mean, I was gonna ask later, like, how you guys kind of met and all that but you answered it in your you know how you arrived in Las Vegas. So you're saying that Gina was enough to keep you in Las Vegas?

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Yeah, 100%

Unknown Speaker 15:52
Nice. I saw you working on your hands been on her booty on my Instagram posts. So I would stay for that booty too.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Tina, I know you're from Alaska. But I don't know how you made your way to Las Vegas is a similar story to Tim.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
A cat.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
I was in, I was in Alaska and I moved to Seattle, I was just I went to school for graphic design. But I was also training at the same time and if any, like Seattle, so expensive to live in, and I was like, and I was when I was working at my graphic design job. I was like, there's no way that I can maintain training full time and working full time and, you know, paying my bills and able to make it and my brother moved to Vegas for fighting as well. And he I went down there to visit them and I was like, Oh man, this is like great cost of living cheap. Like fighting is like the hot garbage here. And so I moved down I moved down to Vegas and and then here Here I am, like fighting the Ultimate Fighter I lost in the Ultimate Fighter and

Unknown Speaker 16:57
that was kinda like my first sample to the UFC. And then

Unknown Speaker 17:01
Got a short notice fight to fight there McMahon and yeah, I'm it here and yeah here Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:07
yeah i remember i mean if you guys if you listeners don't know who Sarah McMahon is pretty tough draw for your first fight in the UFC

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Olympic wrestling champion or runner

Unknown Speaker 17:16
up yeah she's a silver medalist silver

Unknown Speaker 17:19
medal medalist and just uh you know a tough broad and yeah, you know so yeah that's tough tough one to tough draw your first fight and if you don't know unfortunately Gina did get cut back in January so that's why this short notice fight and you know her fighting right now during all this craziness is so amazing because you know, I know you're gonna make it back like you have an amazing fighter fighting style you have a really really hard work ethic and you're so pretty and marketable and I know that shouldn't matter, but it does because, yeah, we're in this

Unknown Speaker 17:54
during this during this time I saw so many people like as soon as the COVID started and people couldn't travel So many people were like, Oh, I'm ready to sign I'm ready to fight and I like but of course everybody was ready to fight now that half the roster could travel like half the tough guys were gone. But then I was like the people that really want to fight you can tell because they're in Vegas, they're on Wait, they have their medicals done like Jesus has been here waiting. So like, of course, she was going to get the call. But that opportunity was open for everybody. Anybody could have came here with a decent record of it have their medicals and like really been prepared to fight, but like it's the ones who like are actually doing it that are getting the calls.

Unknown Speaker 18:29
Well, I mean, regardless of the COVID situation, and maybe this is me, you know, being a fangirl for Gina, I really thought I've been paying attention. You know, unfortunately, back in January, you know, you weren't in the UFC, but I was paying attention you were training your butt off and you were you took another fight for another organization. I forgive me I forget the name of the organization. 155

Unknown Speaker 18:49
Well, you

Unknown Speaker 18:51
went that girl's ass, you know what I mean? So you racked up a win, like I knew regardless, you were going to be back in and here you are. So I just want to touch on how to training, what it's like to train with each other because I've trained with significant others before. And my question is, does personal life ever get in the way? You guys seem like a great couple, but unfortunately, we always, we have disputes, whether it's big or small. Do you guys ever bring your personal life on to the mat?

Unknown Speaker 19:18
Do you separate it? I mean, not, you know, it's kind of I'm really grateful. Like, I think at the beginning, we had to kind of figure it out and figure out how we both like to be coached or talk to you while we're training. You know what I mean? especially girls, like we're very, I'm personally I'm very specific, like, I like positive feedback. Like I don't and Tim's like, I could be like, all that fucking sucked. And you'd be like, okay, and like, do it better. And if he said it to me, I'd be like, that's so nice. You know, like, I can be kind of I can be extra sensitive sometimes. And like before we kind of piss him off, but now it's like, he kind of gets it which is really nice. And it Yeah, but I mean, he's definitely like pissed me off in practice before and I'm sure I've tipped him off in practice before but it's pretty great because Like, we can still we can, like he's in my corner for my next fight and like, it's nice because I can use them to warm up. He's five, he's probably he's probably about the exact size that she's gonna be. And it's, it's, it's kind of nice and even during like the corner, like the COVID thing. It's like, I had the perfect size training partner the whole time. You know what I mean? Like,

Unknown Speaker 20:21
yeah, I mean, you can obviously, it's a duck that the person you love is gonna work extra hard for you, you know, like, I know, you guys both have been drilling with someone and the person drilling is like kind of drilling crappy or you're just tired and you don't want to be a drilling dummy, because you're like, you know, you're not really getting much out of it. I mean, you can, you know, there's certain times where you're like, you know, you can get something out of it. But sometimes, you know, you're just the dummy, right? But with your partner who loves you, you know, they're not like, Oh, you know, God this again. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:52
Yeah, he genuinely wants to but like, you're so crazy, is this morning we're leaving practice and I assure you not like I was like the day before. At a really great talk. It's feeling good, whatever. This morning I was like, man, I feel what I said is like, I feel like I've been getting ready for a wedding for fucking months, and I've been making a wedding cake every week. I've been planning my wedding, and nobody wants to fucking propose to me.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
Two hours later, I get a goddamn proposal. I'm getting married on the 13th but

Unknown Speaker 21:24
I love it. I love it. You. You mentioned Tim, he's gonna be in your corner. It's so awesome. I saw a picture of you backstage with Tim before a fire His hands were all wrapped up and I was gonna ask if you know you've ever been in his corner or just cage side or and then vice versa.

Unknown Speaker 21:41
Bo Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:43
really? So, Gina, you've cornered Tim and Tim. You've cornered Gina before?

Unknown Speaker 21:47
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
Wow. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
Like when I wasn't in there because his buddy want to let a came up to help him out. And so and I was kind of I was kind of a She got to be the girlfriend for a girlfriend and ever gets to do that. She's always training partner and chef and maid and like driver and like a budget. Well, she wears a ton of different hats like when I'm in camp. And like, I haven't got to do that as much for her. But like, she takes a ton of roles, whatever I'm fighting, so like, now I get to, you know, return the favor a little bit. Now you get to be the sexy maid.

Unknown Speaker 22:23
I mean, I think it's perfect. Even if you guys weren't dating, I think the person that should be in your corner is the person, obviously your coaches, but sometimes it's the person you have the best communication with and who knows you the best and knows how to talk to you and communicate because like you said, you know, each fighter is different. Some human girls, we tend to be a little more sensitive I am. I feel bad for my boyfriend because he'll say something so small, and I'm like, you just snap at me. And he's like, no, and I'm like, and then later, like, 10 minutes later, I'm like, dang, I'm sensitive. So

Unknown Speaker 22:55
it's our damn hormones. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:57
but you guys seem so goofy and playful. And I know you don't You said earlier Tim, you're like, we're not posting about how much we love. We love each other on Instagram all the time. And you're not but you guys always are hanging out doing fun stuff. You know, like, you just kind of like, you know, you guys are colorful not just aesthetically as humans with with a mullet and pink hair but like your colorful humans and I love that and you can tell that you guys are really in love. And you know, my question is, do you guys remember who said I love you first and when that was?

Unknown Speaker 23:26
Do you want to hear the first date story? Tell me, I'm dying. Shortly after I dropped into Timothy's dm.

Unknown Speaker 23:35
I had just fought in Las Vegas. My coach had just killed himself. So my coach, I, I went to Canada and fought are supposed to fight my coach didn't show up to weigh in. So like I like he never showed up. We couldn't find him. I called people everybody thought he was in Canada with me. My opponent didn't show up to weigh ins he missed weight by six pounds and the fight didn't happen. Two weeks later, I got a fight in Vegas. And I 135 135 I came in way underweight had done anything separate, drank heavily for a couple weeks. And then thought that one Fight of the Night. And then that night I had my after party at the Palomino. And that was the night where Gina said into my

Unknown Speaker 24:17
No, that was me before that. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:20
yeah, we went up before that just went Oh, before the fight. Yeah, well, I was drinking and partying at the Palomino before my

Unknown Speaker 24:29
laughter party.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Oh my god. Yeah, shield your ears children. That's that's not how professional athletes do it.

Unknown Speaker 24:36
He was a hot mess like and I was in terrible shape. But he was like, it was he was super down like he he bought a house and like was moving down to Las Vegas to train with this coach who just upped and you know, and he changed he changed his ticket like three or four times like to make sure that he could be there at a certain time. It was just, it was just all like really sad and messy and, and Tim reacted off it pretty, you know, sad and messy regardless. So I slid into his DMS I was like, hey, like you want to grab a beer or something like, you know talk about at this point. I don't know he was fighting. He's like, Yeah, come see me at the Palomino. And if anybody know is from Vegas local to Vegas they know what the Palomino is the Palomino is one of the oldest strip clubs in Las Vegas and you can literally see a butthole it's full newly bought full full nudie bars.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
You can see a butthole for $1

Unknown Speaker 25:27
on both

Unknown Speaker 25:29
several after parties in this place, like when I want the Ultimate Fighter at an after party there and when I fought Demetrius Johnson, I have an after party there and their slight fans, there's a full MMA gym in the back. So it's like, it's the only place in Vegas like when I come in, like I feel like a professional athlete. Like I don't have to pay for drinks. I got a table. So it's cool. Like, if Gina was going to come hang out at a place like that's where I want her to come. He thought it was like a fancy place like

Unknown Speaker 25:54
so I am at the plot so so I get to go to the Palomino I was like, I messaged him, I was like, I don't think I'm in the right place. Tim comes outside and you know, takes me upstairs on my fucking strip club takes me upstairs. I you know, order my drinks or whatever because I'm like, I gotta get I got Yeah, I gotta get well

Unknown Speaker 26:16

Unknown Speaker 26:18
And long story short we end up with a talking getting drinking sitting at the meat rack and I was like you know I really want to get this tattoo for a flawless so I draw up a little tattoo for us at the sitting out the meat rack $1 butthole in my face, and and then like few hours later we go and get matching tattoos. But before that point that night we said that we were in love with each other very the first night we ever hung out.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Wow, I thought you were just bypassing my question and telling me a story but the story is it pertains to

Unknown Speaker 26:52
God. Yeah. But we it was it was a it was a crazy it was a crazy it's been a crazy crazy a lot I've ever experienced hands down.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
That story has everything but holes and I love you and tattoos. Like that's Oh, that's a great story

Unknown Speaker 27:11
that was perfect for sex.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Okay, well, that's it's pretty romantic Tim but you know has either have you done what's the most romantic thing either of you guys have done? You know I don't know if you guys are romantic at all I don't even know if I'm a romantic but certain things certain people have done romantic things for me are you guys mushy like that?

Unknown Speaker 27:35
I try she likes the that more than I do. Like, I tried to show her by like being there and like, financially supporting like she like she hasn't been making any money with not fighting here recently and it's like really bothering her belly. And like when she was like worrying about like, fighting something romantic though I know but she was like worried about a spider like something that she wants to do and I like told her like it wouldn't matter what she if it's fighting or drawing Whatever like, I would support that 100% so like i don't i don't like show those big gestures but like things like after Christmas like we've been together for a while like she makes Christmas special for me My birthday is Christmas Eve I fucking hate Christmas like super poor growing up like I'm not a fan of it at all. And she always makes Christmas and my birthday so special so like, right after one of the Chris I don't even I'm so bad with dates but I got like an all inclusive vacation like we just left it up and what did you make it for Christmas? And like,

Unknown Speaker 28:28
a day? Yeah, that was that was cool. That's always like, I always like leave him like I always like leave notes and stuff like she's much more romantic. He went to Kansas City for something and I made him like, I'll like write like little letters and he'll like yeah, like day coupons or like will open up and they'll be like a no or picture or something for every day.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
That's awesome. Are you hella cheesy?

Unknown Speaker 28:53
I mean, I'm not that I've set the bar low for romance in and men but I feel like you know, movies And books have like sensationalized romance and I'm like, Alright, where's my dozen roses in a white horse? I'm like, What? You're sliding into my DMS. Like, you know, that's all we get nowadays. So you're doing good to him and, and financial gestures are huge, especially during what we're going through right now. Like, let's, let's say COVID aside, fight life, as we know is fucked. You know, you, you fight and you're doing good financially and then if you don't get a fight, you got a pinch pennies and it's like, how am I a professional athlete? You know,

Unknown Speaker 29:29
right. Well, I mean, because there's, there's a good chance where well, I'm and when he says, like, find out that that was such a weird answer.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
It was a guy answer. It's okay to him.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Like saying that, like, you don't have to do anything. Like if it was so yeah, like, I would be all in like, I would support you 100% no matter what you do,

Unknown Speaker 29:48
yeah. But like, like for our first Valentine's Day. You know, I was like, what's he get it? Cuz before he was like, wining and dining me and shit, like, I was like, Ooh, what's he gonna do for me for Valentine's Day, and he ended up getting Apple computer which I really fucking needed. I was like, This wasn't romantic. Or to pick out the perfect one I wanted behind the computer behind sight and like, that was so nice. Like that was like, that's something I really, really needed. And I couldn't afford it, you know? And hear me talk about you. Yeah, so like, that's how Tim's like Yeah, because obviously it's nice that he's doing something financial but more so he's paying attention to the needs in your life. And you're a graphic designer. I mean, on a nice laptop is like a necessity, right? Yeah, it's a game changer. Cool. Well,

Unknown Speaker 30:37
freelance jobs and she uses it all the fucking time.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
Full Circle. It's paying. It's paying itself off. All right, nice. Good job, Tim.

Unknown Speaker 30:46
Tim, Tim, you have a young daughter, correct?

Unknown Speaker 30:49
I do. I just turned five years old. I've actually

Unknown Speaker 30:52
got a chance to meet her and she is I would describe her as just a small like, very, very mature, little human. Like she's just the sweetest, you know, I remember I met her like a King of the Cage. Five going on what? 25 Yeah, yeah. Like she was so like sassy and sweet and like, kind of even articulate for a five year old. I was like, um,

Unknown Speaker 31:14
she's not believe that I, you know what I'm talking about? I cannot believe she showed you that.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
Good. Remind you remember that? No.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
She had my phone and that we were sitting together at the fights. And she picks up my phone and shows. Tim, what's

Unknown Speaker 31:37
up? Oh, I don't remember that.

Unknown Speaker 31:39
Remember that.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
Sometimes when I smoke the marijuana, I get a little loopy.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Why'd you block that out? Because Tim just got done. He went hunting and he was like butchering a pig. And there's a picture of him on Instagram. She like picked it up.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
Right? Oh, I think I do remember.

Unknown Speaker 31:56
And you're like, I'm really uncomfortable. Like what and I looked Like, oh my god, hello vegan friends.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
Picture of

Unknown Speaker 32:06
pig Oh my god, Sterling like in her maturity is like she's traveled so she's been with me pretty much since birth like, I came out to Vegas when she was under two years old and she's five now. So she's been here for three years with Gina and I, this is the first time we've actually been together and been without her. But I think part of the reason why she's so mature and like, she just, she's never had anyone treat her like a baby. She's always been around fighters and people talk to her like a regular person. And like when somebody asked her a question, like, she doesn't look at me for the answer, like she knows that, like, you know, just because she's five, her answer might be silly, but she doesn't mind like giving an answer which I think is really important like people talk to her and treat her like, like an adult but like a real person and just be human just because she's a kid people don't talk to her like she's stupid. And I think that plays a long, like role in like how she acts

Unknown Speaker 32:53
angry. Like I said, She's just this tiny little mature human. I was just like, She's like, oh, how are you? Like, Oh, hi, you're five

Unknown Speaker 33:01
Yeah, Tim, so, you, uh, you said she came out when she was to spit out here for a cup been out in Vegas for a couple years? It's kind of a weird question. I just, I don't have kids and I don't know. And I always wonder about the mentality of having a kid. And, you know, there's so much stuff that goes through our heads, whether it's, you know, financially want to win the fight, you know, we need to win a certain amount of fights. We don't want to get cut, like, there's all these things, right? We want to move up in the rankings and get closer to a title shot. After you had Sterling did it change the way you trained or fought in any way?

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Big time, so and it's still changing, like, it's constantly changing. It's one of those things that like, you're never satisfied. And then like, the moment you think, like, Alright, this is gonna be the end of it for me, like something else happens and kind of revamped you. So like, when Sterling came around, it changed why I was fighting. I kind of did it before because I like to fight like it wasn't anything else. Like, I like to get locked in there with somebody like, I'm not good at very many things. And I trained my whole life to be good at this one thing, and the only time I really get to show people is when I get Locked in there so like that was a big thing for me is just like to finally get to show people the one thing that I'm good at like in front of the camera, but then when Sterling came around it started becoming more like a job and then when I moved to Vegas and follow us past it really started becoming like a job and then these last couple of fights I noticed myself being like oh well it's just you know, I'm gonna even if I go out there and lose I'm gonna make 30 grand and like that's gonna help pay off her house and like the goal was at that time was like make money for Sterling and create a you know, a place to where I can ask you to marry me and like us be financially stable for a while and then like when Gina and I got her house and stuff it kind of started to change again like now I did all the things that my goal was like put a little money away get Gina and I a house like make a home for Sterling and now it's like shoot I still got another fight in the UFC I'm not done yet. So now it's like back to like trying to get back to my roots and like want to chase like wins and victories and like not do it just for the money. Now that especially with Gina just got signed again like that's an extra paycheck coming in and like I put all my eggs into her basket like I believe she could be the UFC champion and like, I wouldn't have to fight anymore and she could just make the money and

Unknown Speaker 35:08
be ideal.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
It kind of goes full circle on it changes when you have a kid but then like, you realize like your kids all they really want to see you do is be happy and sucks and succeed and like I know money's not gonna make us happy. us being happy and doing things that we really enjoy are gonna make us happy and like man, we're just in a good spot right now for that to happen.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
Um, I'm happy to hear that yeah, I mean, I I don't know I don't know if you know kids are in the future for me but it's always interesting to hear the mindset of someone who has a kid you know, like putting food on the table you know that that phrase for their child? Gina? You know, I know you don't have a kid but you know, has has dating someone with a kid kind of exceeded your expectations or I mean, has it been what you expected going into it?

Unknown Speaker 35:52
Honestly, it's not at all what I expected. I didn't realize I would like love it so much. Like Sterling is such a cool little cute. And she's like, my best little buddy. And I'm super grateful because her mom is like, cool with me and like, We're friends and like, you know, it's like, it's all it's all kosher. And I, I believe that, like, she trust that like when Sterling's with me that, you know, she's getting she has a good role model and like, like her, her mom knows that I'm not gonna, you know that I'm not like a dipshit or anything, you know, so it's so that that whole aspect of is really nice too. And I feel like hormonally I really, if anybody knows me, like, I love animals. I love like little humans. I love like, I don't know, I'm I'm a big nurturer. So it's, it's kind of great because I get to like, hang out with a little little human all the time. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:42
did you see Caitlin Kagan's post by interview about having baby fever? No, she was like, they were like, yeah, like how do you or do you have fight fever? Do you want you know, blah, blah. She's like, I kind of got baby fever. So I want to get these out of the way and I was like, Dad, just put it out there like that.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Well I mean I'm gonna be 100% honest before Tim spy I really thought I was pregnant I really didn't like I yeah I heavy and because I was I was heavy like I you know I had all this like my kidneys hurt like but I was like but but I was hella stressed out but I was like man like if this is like if I have a kid I'll be done fighting I don't fight it I won't fight anymore so but but I'm grateful that like within the same like two weeks so I thought I was legitimately pregnant that I I actually got another fight so it's that's just me being paired out you know like a female fighter like you're always I feel like I'm always in the back my mind like kind of paranoid that I might have a baby inside me and you can't fight you're growing human in your vagina a

Unknown Speaker 37:47
little further up in the uterus

Unknown Speaker 37:49
you know whatever it's worth

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Oh, that's crazy. I know this is super intrusive question but fuckin Welcome to sex and violence. So do you guys think that there's another little Elliott in the future or

Unknown Speaker 38:01
Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:03
really? Oh, that's so exciting.

Unknown Speaker 38:05
I'm ready for babies and bears. I'm just waiting for to ask.

Unknown Speaker 38:10
Extremely progressive of you, Tim.

Unknown Speaker 38:13

Unknown Speaker 38:16
My mom, I called my mom. I was like, Mom, I got a job. She's like you did. I was like, I'm fighting for the UFC again. And she's like, Oh, I mean, she's happy for her. Whatever. But right after she messaged, messaged him, she goes, I thought you're gonna put a baby in her.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
not so subtle. mom thinks. She's very,

Unknown Speaker 38:36
very subtle.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Oh, that's awesome. You know? I mean, you're, I use 31. Am I correct? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:43

Unknown Speaker 38:44
Yeah, you got plenty of time. So there's no rush, you know, and it sounds like you've got a little human that's keeping you occupied, occupied for now.

Unknown Speaker 38:52
Yeah. And I got Tim.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
So, last weekend, I interviewed smile and salmon. And he's got a, you know, a whole gang of children and he let me know that his six year old already knows about the birds and the bees. Have you guys started talking to Sterling about you know, the sex ed talk you're gonna have heard the talk yet I think it's too early but again I don't have kids so I don't know

Unknown Speaker 39:18
so I don't think we're close to that the talk yet but she she doesn't get a little huffy with her stuffed animal dog before but like, it got to the point to where like I don't want to get on to her about things but I'm like hey, like you got to go do that in your bedroom. You know, you can't you can't be at the gym. Yeah, you're stuffed animals.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
But it's like well, those things where you're like, I get it because like it feels fucking good. Like it feels good. But you don't know why it feels good because you're five Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:48
that's so funny. I actually the pod one of the podcasts that sparked the interest and you know desire to do this podcast is called guys we fucked gets to comedians and they talk about their sexual experiences and they bring other guests on and one of the girls was saying she's like, yeah, my first, like memory of sexual. A sexual experience was when I was I think she said like five or six, something like that. She's like, I used to help my stuffed animals because it felt so good. And I remember thinking, like, I have a horrible memory already. Maybe it's from getting punched in the head, whatever. But that makes a lot of sense. You just find some way and then just rub it up against something.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
I have a terrible memory, but I know that like, up until I was like 15 and I was playing with sticks and shit. I don't get that fucking all

Unknown Speaker 40:33
up when you're under, baby, but that wasn't like,

Unknown Speaker 40:38
like, I don't ever remember having anybody ever taught me how to stop.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Yeah, but I bet after 15 they will became your favorite pastime real quick.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Well, speaking of the birds and the bees, do you guys believe in the whole abstaining. From sex before a fight or during fight campaign. Oh, wow, you guys said fuck no at the same executive.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
I do the other way like Tyson fury, the Gypsy king. He tries to pump out as much Steven as he can. I mean, that builds more.

Unknown Speaker 41:17
Yeah, yeah, you know they say it you produce more testosterone which is good. I mean even for girls it's it's good. I don't know if the study is for girls and for boys but boys definitely. ejaculation releases more testosterone. So you guys ready morning coffee and then fight camp sex. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 41:40
Do you got I mean, do you guys remember how you were? How you learned about sex? Tim? It sounds like you didn't learn to a wave our life but what about you, Gina?

Unknown Speaker 41:48
I don't. I mean, like I was magazines for mags.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
I mean, it could be your parents or school I learned from my friends. You know?

Unknown Speaker 41:56
I have a good okay. So when I was younger, I My room is right across from my parents. Sure I love it or whatever. But I remember I would hear like, my mom would be like, screaming like she was like there was something wrong with her and I didn't know what it was I like he does like showcase you having bad dreams The next morning I was like mom you're having like bad dreams like, like oh, I don't know and, and remember, there were like these little like handheld like recording devices like that. You could like record it and then you would play like a funny voice.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Yak back. Oh, wow. I just had a childhood memory flashback. Yeah, back I remember those.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
I remember I had my Yak back and I was like, Okay, next time mom's having these horrible dreams. I'm gonna record on my Yak back and play it back to her. So I did.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
And then I think that's when the birds and the bees talk happened.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Like my dad was hurting her something.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
They just fuckin

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Okay, this is one of my last super intrusive questions, but I gotta dig because it's sex and violence. So you guys fuck a lot especially during fight camp. You know, I can concur with that. What specifically? Were you guys let us in on you guys in anything weird I mean, like the first episode you heard Ian McCall talk about fucking other guys wives. The whole cuckold thing. I mean you guys into like fi bond issue as dirty talk in bed. You know?

Unknown Speaker 43:32
I'm trying to think not really like, for me it's like

Unknown Speaker 43:37
I honestly I haven't even been intimate with that many women like if I'm not like super into a girl like I'm not even gonna like I'm not even gonna try to get involved so even like what Gina and I first started like,

Unknown Speaker 43:48
we'd have sex for a month when we first started dating Fun fact.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
And not not for lack of her trying like I just I like really? Yeah, I have to be into somebody like, just cuz like I can just jerk off if I want to I want to have an orgasm. Like that's not that's not fun for me to like fuck with people's feelings. I got to be legitimately into somebody.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
Oh, I know you got a winner there.

Unknown Speaker 44:09
We boy like a specific thing, but I have a specific like, now I know like I have a specific type of person, which I didn't know before. But like gene is my thing. So like anything that she'd be into, like I'm all for. That's

Unknown Speaker 44:20
awesome. It was funny when he went after his knee surgery, he got his like, whole knee totally reconstructed. And then like, all we would do is like, kind of sit around like while he was like healing stuff. We just sit around watch Netflix, smoke weed and have sex. You know, like, that's kind of all we did. But then I was like, fuck Tim's always a bottom like

Unknown Speaker 44:42
bottom now.

Unknown Speaker 44:43
Yeah, because he was injured, right?

Unknown Speaker 44:45
Yeah. So he didn't like bend his knee or be up on his knees or even really, like he didn't prefer to stand. And so I was like, Okay, yeah, whatever you need. And so for good fucking like 12 months, I was a goddamn top. So your quads

Unknown Speaker 44:57
got super rock, hard rock. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:04
Uh, you guys are awesome. Thank you sir for being so open. So now we're gonna play the fun segment of the show called fuck. Marry kill. Are you guys familiar with this? Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:25
Kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
I think we're done. We're done. We're done. It's three people do you guys want to answer together or individually? together? Okay, so I'm going to give you the three people you guys can talk amongst yourself and then let us know which one you want to fuck. Which one or marry which one won't kill you ready?

Unknown Speaker 45:43
Oh, sorry, Tim, by the way, imagine you're gay for this.

Unknown Speaker 45:48

Unknown Speaker 45:49
All right. So

Unknown Speaker 45:51
number one, Dana White. Number two, Joe Rogan and number three, Eddie Bravo

Unknown Speaker 45:58
Oh, Fuck Joe Rogan married Dana White kill Eddie Bravo.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
Wait, wait wait, I thought you

Unknown Speaker 46:04
guys want to do it together. That was all Tim

Unknown Speaker 46:10
would you want to fuck?

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Joe Joe Rogan's? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Eddie Bravo and Marianne why cuz he's got I don't know that's more money now Joe Rogan or Dana White

Unknown Speaker 46:21
guys to the planet I'm telling Casey

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Scott hired

Unknown Speaker 46:26
somebody who's gonna be the richest one on and I think those will rub with Joe Rogan just got Joe Rogan Dana White is a to riches so okay want to marry one of those guys obviously I could

Unknown Speaker 46:39

Unknown Speaker 46:41
oh man

Unknown Speaker 46:42
I love how like I was like I don't know if Tim's gonna answer this one. He was like Dana White Joe Rogan, like boop boop boop I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 46:52
you got to think about who's gonna be the best provider. Come on, right. Oh my god. All right. Okay, now your turn Gina. Do you concur or not? It's a mixed up.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
I mean I

Unknown Speaker 47:04
the tough one, you know, they've all got some some money so,

Unknown Speaker 47:08
yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go I'm gonna go the same honestly I'm gonna go no Ah It's so typical if I if I fucked in a while that's like it's not a like going away to the top like for nine days

Unknown Speaker 47:25

Unknown Speaker 47:28
chance you better

Unknown Speaker 47:32
see he just wants to support you any way he can you know that's a good boyfriend

Unknown Speaker 47:38
man he's a good man. Yeah, let's go on there I'll marry Joe. And I'll fuck Dana. You'll be the only girl I'll be the only girl Dana.

Unknown Speaker 47:50
Easy guys. We're still in the UFC. Let's not get cut. I know right? Seriously,

Unknown Speaker 47:56
okay. Okay, that's it. Those are good answers. So you choose

Unknown Speaker 48:00
I don't know I'd probably

Unknown Speaker 48:02
just do my I just want to

Unknown Speaker 48:07
marry one or the other.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
I don't know if I want to kill Eddie though.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
You gotta go gotta sorry, Eddie.

Unknown Speaker 48:16
Oh man. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
You're out. Cool. Okay, thank you guys so much. The last segment is fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 48:28
And these are some pretty cool questions so free MMA wants to know is Tim awkward in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah, he is. Yeah, he's awkward. He

Unknown Speaker 48:47
does this thing with his eyes sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 48:52
He's never heard this. For the first time I saw I was like, Man, that's kind of like you like squeaky squeaky like squeezes is really hard.

Unknown Speaker 49:00

Unknown Speaker 49:03
now he's i mean he's he's he's pretty it's I don't know his awkwardness is like so endearing to me. I think it's so hot It's weird

Unknown Speaker 49:12
just kind of awkward all around.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
Yeah, that's good. Awkward awkward Tim Elliott Alright, so the next one is from Jules Q. Thompson. Who rubs who when you booth are sore from training that's a random one.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Definitely me I'm Tim.

Unknown Speaker 49:27

Unknown Speaker 49:29
I get way better Massage

Unknown Speaker 49:33
Therapy Department

Unknown Speaker 49:36
I feel like it's the opposite for me I'm like please rub me in them you know Jonathan

Unknown Speaker 49:40
camp now so I'll try to get my fair share. Good

Unknown Speaker 49:46
All right, the next one is a at it stopped me dot j RG. Have you guys ever been in camp together? And do you prefer that?

Unknown Speaker 49:57
Yes, we have a lives together. But no, I would never want to fight on the same card and I want to be as I want my fight to be as far away as fair as possible I want, like, when it's her fight time, I wanted to really be focused on that. And I feel like if I have anything, like, She's so good at paying attention to the things that I need, like, I feel like she would let her her stuff lack. So I, I think our manager knows like, we don't want to fight at the same time or around the same time like

Unknown Speaker 50:23
it's kind of nice to her. Our last one before this was like a couple of weeks apart and that was or that was a week apart now was actually kind of nice because like, as long as I can focus on him on fight week, like

Unknown Speaker 50:34
that's the rest of the time. It's like we're always training together anyway, so it's not that big of a deal. It's just the making wait like, even though it's easy, like with Gina making all the meals like I get irritated easily and fucking agitated and vice versa. So like if we were both going through that at the same time, it would be good i don't think

Unknown Speaker 50:52
i know it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:55
Well, that's it guys. Thank you so much. I'm gonna give you guys a chance right now. If you guys want to ask Anything at all?

Unknown Speaker 51:02
I don't know Ian McCall talked about mushrooms and Sam Alvey talked about foster child Awareness Month being made you guys want anything you guys want to throw in there extra? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
And I mean, honestly, I just I just with all the shit going on right now like I hope everybody just kind of stops and like looks at what we have and what like shit to be thankful for and shit to be grateful for. And just like kind of focus on some positives because, like there's been so much bad shit going on and so much negativity and so much like sadness going on. But really, I mean, hopefully people can find things in our life that they're blessed, like, blessed about, like, be grateful about. I know it's kind of cheesy as hell but like no,

Unknown Speaker 51:43
amen. Amen. Doing

Unknown Speaker 51:44
it on the 13th.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Yeah, yeah, I'll be getting in a fistfight. Yes. Yeah, I freaking.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
I hate that. I can't be there. It's like, Oh, it's so close. I'm going home. Not going. I'm not going anywhere. Watch you on ESPN.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Funny my friend. She messaged me. She's like, I'm gonna be in town. The 13th I'm like, Oh, I'm kind of busy. I'm gonna fight like oh my god works out. But uh, thank you for having us on that was really fun. Don't you

Unknown Speaker 52:10
tell everybody where? Oh, sorry. Well you give me a compliment Rosa. Well,

Unknown Speaker 52:14
yeah. It was fun at the beginning of the interview. Yeah, at the very beginning Tim looked at me he's like She's good. She's good. Like Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:24
because we're talking about fucking fire that's why guys it's fun stuff. And then the last f Come on. I know. I know you guys know what the last F is? What

Unknown Speaker 52:34
the best things everyone loves fucking fighting and food. True.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
Well, please tell us where we can find you on all your social media handles.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
Hit me up at awkward underscore MMA. That's the only one that's important. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Instagram. I think mine's a Gina danger aka Gina danger AK and AK stands for Alaska. Not Guns although guns are cool, everyone's like, Oh, that is that for that for guns I'm like no, but anyway,

Unknown Speaker 53:08
whatever floats your boat. Thank you guys. You guys were super open, super open and candid and I appreciate that, you know this podcast is called sex and violence I gotta dig you know I'm still working on my transitions I'm not super eloquent I'm like Oh, so you're like a no just trying to get in there and learn and thank you guys for coming on. Do you know you're gonna kill it on the 13th and hopefully we can have you guys back on afterwards. Absolutely. All right. Have a good night guys. Bye

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Boom, three episodes in the books feeling good. I'm loving the entire process of this podcast really it's just getting to know the guests the feedback from you listeners. And like I said earlier, it's nice to flip the switch from super serious all the time to being goofy and playful. And that's actually my piece of advice for you guys for the week. as serious as our current situation is Let's all try and find a little time to play. Be like Gina and Tim be silly. Laugh make it a point to bring happiness in your life. Whether it's a silly podcast, helping someone out donating, reposting for a good cause or just be kind to one another. Let's take a page from sex and violence alum smiling Sam lbs book and smile from the bottom of my heart. Be happy guys. Okay, mushy stuff aside. And if you like this podcast, help it grow tell at least one person sent a text a tweet a DM. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions. I really really appreciate it. Please keep sending thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJ Azul at DJ zil. tomorrow. Good studio at tomorrow kids official. And again, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself,

Unknown Speaker 55:23
Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast

Unknown Speaker 55:25
and tune in next week to hear more tales. Sex

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