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Episode 30: Sabah "The Sleek Sheik" Homasi

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex environments with

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rebel girl,

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where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that all too taboo subject since I'm your host, Ashley,

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Rebel girl,

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as in Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening in the hostel? What's

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up all my naughty listeners, it is December 11. And we are now in the holiday season. All that Christmas music and decorations and festivals, people, crazy shoppers.

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I don't know if this year will be full of crazy shoppers, since everybody's kind of hurting financially. It's definitely not a normal year. money's tight for everybody. This could be a good year to hold off on gifts and save for next year. Really, I mean, worse things have happened. Besides not getting a Christmas gift. In California, we are back on lockdown, which is the third time this year I lost count. But basically all non essential businesses are closed down. So gyms, nail salons, barber shops, a lot of stuff. And you know, it sucks. But for me, actually, it's kind of ideal because I'm a three days out from a major surgery. You know, I've talked to you guys about this all the time now. And you know, I'm getting spine surgery, so I asked is gonna be in bed anyway, while everybody's closed down. And you know, yeah, I won't be able to go out on Christmas and Christmas Eve, but it's usually a holiday that you you stay in with a family anyway. So not really a big deal for me, if it is for you, I'm sorry. I know a lot of people want to, you know, do the normal holiday, give gifts, white elephant, all that kind of stuff. But, you know, you can still give gifts, you can shop online, you can do you know, white elephant over zoom and all that if you can't get to the people you love. You know, I'm not really a festive person. But I do have a lot of friends who are Carla, she probably decorated her house, like November 29. So, other than that, guys, you know, I know it's the holiday season, and it's gonna be a little rough. But we're rounding off this year, and Oops, sorry for that turn my phone off. You know, it's gonna, it's been a rough one for everyone. And I'm not going to be all sad and mopey. Because I'm not, I'm actually in a really good place. And I mean, if I can be happy, you know, I'm coming off a loss a week ago, and I'm about to get spine surgery. So if I can be happy, all you motherfuckers can be positive as well, too. There's, there's some kind of happiness and some positive key positive note to every situation. The pandemic has brought a lot of creative aspects out in myself, maybe maybe it has for you as well. You know, a lot of people have reconnected with family members or friends, a lot of things that we don't really focus on, we just focus on not being able to work or go places or vacations and all that. So try to find the positives. I know it's hard, you know, maybe you're still working it out. But, you know, like I said, if I can do it, you guys can do it. So with that being said, I will keep you guys updated. As far as the surgery, the next time I talk to you, I'll be maybe I'll be all doped up on the pain pills. I don't know, I'm actually going to try not to take them because as you guys know, your girl has got an addictive personality. Don't want to stop drinking for pills. It's like with that phrase, jumping up jumping off the Hindenburg onto the Titanic, you know, either way you're going down and do not want to do that. So I'll just probably be resting and staying hydrated and whatever else comes with all the rehab and all that. But one good thing. During all this time of recovery, we are still going to be bringing you awesome episodes. So regardless of the back, regardless of surgery, and all the closings and all that me D Jaisal. And Nate, we're all going to be bringing you awesome episodes to round off the year. So stay tuned for those and yeah, I'll just keep you guys updated throughout the holidays. We're gonna have some cool new guests. I don't want to give anything away. Yeah, and then as always, guys, if you like this podcast help us grow. Just rate and review on Apple or Spotify. And if you want a free sticker, send your screenshot. Have that review to the DM, and with your address, we'll send you a free sticker. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit el la pa ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Now let's talk to our guest.

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Today's guest is a bellator MMA welterweight who's been a pro since 2009 and has also competed for the UFC, Titan FC and Strikeforce. He holds a 15 an eight record and is currently on a four fight winning streak. The 32 year old Lebanese American is cleaning out the Bella Torre division and has his eyes on a title. The spirited and determined fighter doesn't lack confidence and has no reservations telling us about his former stripper days, flipping the switch to impress ladies conquering trust issues online dating being hookup culture, his first Boehner and so much more. Here's your guest sidebar the sleek chic kamasi

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girls be looking like

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to be walking down the street I'm a new breed. This is how I row animal control.

Unknown Speaker 6:40
Like Bruce Lee Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
I work out

Unknown Speaker 6:56
I work out when I walk.

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Sexy and

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All right, we have so far on the show. Thank you so much for coming on. What are you doing tonight?

Unknown Speaker 7:27
Oh, hold on. I actually just finished my haircut.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Yeah, how are things out there and Florida?

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Unknown Speaker 7:35
Yeah, but what what is freezing to a Floridian?

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Ah, well, last night it got like 42 degrees last night.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
Oh no, that's freezing. Okay. We're spoiled in California. So sometimes people are like, it's freezing. It's 72 degrees.

Unknown Speaker 7:52
During the day it's like 75

Unknown Speaker 7:55
Yeah, so pretty cold for Florida.

Unknown Speaker 7:58
Like right now it's 63 degrees outside so that's why I'm cold.

Unknown Speaker 8:02
Well How is COVID affecting Florida? I mean, we just hit our third lockdown here in California are you guys? Oh yeah, this locking down in locking down again? Also?

Unknown Speaker 8:12
No, no, no, it's not locking down again.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
Did you guys ever lock down I feel like Florida was the the one state that was like we don't give a fuck.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
Ah, we did we locked down for a little bit. And then obviously we went through different phases of opening up. But there's some you know, places we can go to where they just didn't give a shit. You know, Matt, often?

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Yeah, that's, that's the same here. There's a lot of speakeasy situations going on where you don't really talk about it. You just go, including the gyms has COVID affected your gym and training situation at all?

Unknown Speaker 8:48
No, not at all.

Unknown Speaker 8:49
Is it just hush hush training?

Unknown Speaker 8:53
No, it didn't. It's our gyms close to the public. But it stays open for the pros. That's cool.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
Yeah. So let's talk about your fighting your last fight was How long ago?

Unknown Speaker 9:07
My fight was October 29.

Unknown Speaker 9:14
Do you have anything lined up?

Unknown Speaker 9:16
No, I got a broken hand. I'm currently in a cast. So

Unknown Speaker 9:21
what's the healing time look like for that?

Unknown Speaker 9:25
Well, they said six weeks. Um, I get the cast off next week on Tuesday. So I'm looking forward to that but you won't be able to punch right away with it. Obviously, I got to do rehab once the cast comes off and I'm hoping I don't know. I'm looking to find next next year in March, April. So

Unknown Speaker 9:46
you should be ready by then if you do all your rehab

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Yeah, just got to get back in returning get back in shape because our fucking heavy haven't been trained in

Unknown Speaker 9:56
only two months. That's our only takes it too much. wants to get out of shape.

Unknown Speaker 10:03
It's been almost two months. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
I mean, I fought a week ago and I'm already out of shape. It's

Unknown Speaker 10:11
two months is a long time.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
Like, after fights, I'll just go into a binge mode. And like benders for like, three, four days. I'm sorry. Good, but

Unknown Speaker 10:25
yeah, I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone does it in their own way. If it's not alcohol, then it's food. And you know, you're out of the gym, you're not training so it's all exacerbated you get a little, little fatter a little faster when you're not training.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
Course. They're enrolled you.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Yeah, so you're gonna fight next year after your hands all healed? So you're on a winning streak with Bella Torre. Is there anyone specifically that you'd like to to fight next year?

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Oh, I just want someone in the top 10. You know, I'm at a fallout with Paul Daley. Back to back. So then I know he read something saying that. He's gonna have one more fight he wants to catch right at 175. So I'm hoping he gives me that you know, we'll see what what they'll try and line up for me, but I definitely want to top 10 diamonds. You know, go forward from there.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
Does anyone in the division kind of rubs you the wrong way? Like bad blood type situation?

Unknown Speaker 11:26
Not really. Bad luck, everybody. But of course when it comes down to fighting that's no top guy. He's got what I want to top 10 spot closer to a title shot. So

Unknown Speaker 11:37
yeah, whoever's in your way. Bad Blood. That's

Unknown Speaker 11:40
it is what it is. But

Unknown Speaker 11:42
no, that's not bad blood. That's just our job. You know, got to beat whoever's in your way. Yeah, that's good. So I want to talk about your nickname. The sleek, chic. Who gave it to you? How did you get it?

Unknown Speaker 11:56
Oh, my brother's friends. It was actually I can't remember now. But we're sitting by a bonfire. It was cold. So my brother lit up a bunch of shit. And sent around him his friend always called me asleep. She was like, God, you're not what was my name before they called me the problem. But everyone's like, like, I'm not calling to the problem. They're the fucking sweet chic. Cuz I'm Arab. And I got a beard and everyone started calm and sleek, chic. And I'm a dude. Fuck it. We're running with it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
I hate to admit how ignorant I was probably like, I think I know what a she goes. It's like this. And then it's like, okay, so the definition is an Arabic leader. Like, all right, sleek, chic. I'm like, that makes sense. That's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, the other nickname they had on sherdog or something was the predator

Unknown Speaker 12:50
was like, No, no, it was the problem.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I sure cuz there's a says the predator up there.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
I don't think anyone ever called me the predator. But,

Unknown Speaker 12:58
okay. All right. So I want to talk about, you know, besides COVID you know, being a problem, you know, just the fighter life, you know, fighting paycheck to paycheck, it, you know, it causes some problems, the problem. So, you know, now you have an injury. Have you been doing anything else to make money? In the meantime, there's people starting only fans accounts. You know, some people are doing like online twitch type situation where you play games, and, you know, anything that you're doing in the meantime, besides fighting to make money?

Unknown Speaker 13:32
Yeah, train a couple times. And I'm not really doing much. I just train my clients that I'm close with, you know. But other than that, I'm not really doing anything. I'm kind of, you know, I was bummed that I got released from the UFC. But window closes, another one opens. So I'm happy being with Bella joy. They're actually, you know, taking care of me very well. So I'm good. I'm in a good spot. And yeah, so you're sitting tight right now. And so the next row down,

Unknown Speaker 14:01
and obviously bellator has sponsorships, you know, availabilities with your banner and your shorts and all that. So that must be a perk to being a bell tour right.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Now it says so. Yeah, I mean, just in general. If you're picking up what I'm throwing down,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
yeah, no, I mean, are there any other what's the other different major differences between bellator and the UFC? Since we're talking about it,

Unknown Speaker 14:29
um, you know, it's just the way they treat their fighters you know, I feel more welcomed without or, you know, I'm walking with open arms and the entire staff is awesome. And I feel the love I don't know if it's if it's me as a person, but I could definitely feel the love from from everyone on their end and the pay is better. Yeah, everything was good.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
Would you like to end your career with bellator? Or are there any, you know, just kind of see where the road It takes you kind of situation.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
No, I'm saying without your Yeah. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not looking to jump ship, you know? Happy well that. Like I said everything is better with Bella joy than it was in the UFC. So

Unknown Speaker 15:13
I'm sorry. Okay, let's talk about savant a personal level. You know, this is the sex part of sex and violence. So how do you how do you identify sexually heterosexual homosexual pansexual? How do I identify heterosexual straight gay by pansexual?

Unknown Speaker 15:35
I'm fucking straight.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
Because we ask everybody

Unknown Speaker 15:44
what, you should never be insulted. You know, if you're buying when you buy if you're, you know.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
I'm just hoping somebody comes out on my show. They're like, you know what? choosing your podcast to come out. Alright, fine. You just straight you're straight.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Are you in a relationship? That's another question we ask everybody.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Yes, I've been in relationship for over four years.

Unknown Speaker 16:09
With a girl. Just kidding. I'm just kidding. Okay, okay, so you had a relationship with a girl over four years. Tell us about how you guys met.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
We met through mutual friends. That was actually it was after a fight. Fucking on my bender. I'm dying fucking hangover. actually ended up getting sick. And my friends went to a pool party in South Beach. And I stayed. I stayed at its girls place and I like to just go on without me. There's no way I can make it like I had a fever. I was legitimately dying. I felt like so they laugh religious as long as you want. If you haven't come back, that's cool. Whatever. So I pretty much slept all day. sweating. I'm in the same clothes the night before. Pretty much stripped down in my boxers. I'm just fucking dying with a high fever and coughing my brains out just you know, whole nine yards. actually know this fucking hot chick from strolling. I'm like, fuck me. Do my parents on belts, like half off? And I'm like, this is just terrible timing. And yeah, so that's how we met. And then from there, you know obviously went on some dates. And wait, wait, wait,

Unknown Speaker 17:25
you got it. You got a backup because what happened from you look like garbage and feel like garbage? to you guys went on a date. I mean, you must have really had to say something. Right? There's a on and off switch. You know?

Unknown Speaker 17:40
We're drawn beyond my game here. So obviously, we just kicked it off. smokes and we chilled. And everything was good, even though I was dying. But um, yeah. All in all, it was a good day to meet her. And we just kicked off, kicked off and

Unknown Speaker 17:59
it's lasted four years.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Yep. still running.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
That's awesome. Is that your longest relationship?

Unknown Speaker 18:06
longest relationship?

Unknown Speaker 18:07
It's pretty long. Yeah. Well, we're here at one year camp break the spell.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
Four years.

Unknown Speaker 18:14
Before that was always a year long. It was like a year and a half. Like she's my girlfriend. I don't normally date girls.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
So you were kind of like, usually the bachelor where you just date but not get into relationships. Man,

Unknown Speaker 18:33
I think at a young age and stuff fucked up from watching my, my older brother, like he was in a relationship for like, 10 years. And I was like, my brother's child growing up, you know, like, everywhere he went, I went everything he did. I did. And he was in this relationship with this girl. And, you know, I caught a lot of arguments and all this bullshit. And I saw like he was stressed. Like, when they did get an argument. I'm like, fuck that about whatever. Because I never wanted. So I just I never really got into relationships. But yeah, that was that was a plus I got my trust issues and whatnot. Yeah, because I used to dance for six years and I saw the debauchery that went on in the club and

Unknown Speaker 19:18
dance. Are you talking about stripping? Correct?

Unknown Speaker 19:20

Unknown Speaker 19:20
So how many years six years he danced for?

Unknown Speaker 19:24
Five, six years. Yeah, that's that's a while. That's

Unknown Speaker 19:26
awesome. Please tell me about your experience with that.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Oh, it was it was a great experience. I mean, it was a fun job. And you know, the women that came in, we're looking to have a great time, obviously. bachelorette parties, divorce parties, birthday parties. Shocking, fucking whatever it is. And then celebrate it. But I'm good. It was fun.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
How'd you get into that line of work?

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Oh, that's actually a funny story. Do tell. So I was working security. And at this place in Delray Beach called salt seven. And I went in, I only worked Friday nights. I went out on Saturday night to have a couple of drinks. And there was a bachelorette party there. So I was talking to the manager at the time. And this guy comes in, and he goes, Hey, we need someone to give this girl a lap dance. He's like, you got anybody. And he looks at me. He's like, yeah, this guy. I was like, whoa. I was like, I don't work for free. Who is? Sorry, points over to this to this lady, you know, heavyset lady or whatever. And I'm like, Yeah, I work for He's like, I'll give you 20 bucks. I'm like, Nah, man, just like, come on, man. Do it for 20 bucks. I'll give you a free shot. I'm like, like, he's like, oh, how much do you want, like 50 bucks. I was like, come on, man. Like rock. He's like, I'll give you two free shots. That's what the mayor said. Like, fuck it. So I went ahead and did it for 20 bucks in two free shots. So I went up to the DJ, I didn't even know what fucking song to play. I just went up and told him to play a fucking thong song, I think by Cisco. But I put his chicken a chair, brought her up, started giving her a dance. I took my shirt off on button, my pairs talking about belt off. Like, all the girls in the place, were going fucking nuts. I even picked this girl up off the chair. And she was like I had said, he said she's

Unknown Speaker 21:33
heavy said

Unknown Speaker 21:35
Oh, she's like in shock. sweating. never had any of this stuff done her before in your life. Anyway, it's probably lasted like, two, three minutes. And then lady comes up. Another guy comes up, throw the $50 bill in my back pocket. And then a lady comes up, gives me a $20 chip. So I was like, Fuck, I just made this in 20 minutes or two minutes to three minutes. Like what can I make working a full night? So literally, a couple days went by I went to this club in Fort Lauderdale ladies club and started working. Then I was up.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
That's awesome. So what? What kind of I mean, I don't know if this is rude to ask, but what would an average night bring in? Like how much money?

Unknown Speaker 22:23
It all depends, man. All depends on. See in that in that industry, your customers are your, your money makers, you know, so they come in and they pay you hourly to sit next to him. That doesn't include anything, so you're fully dressed, sitting down next to him, they're paying you 250 for the hour. Just to sit down next to him. And conversate they want anything else it's extra, you know, so like, It ranges from it if you have a shitty night on like slow nights, every two 300 bucks to I mean, three, four or 5000 bucks a night. It all depends. You know, they come in and they want to fucking ball out. Don't women spend fucking money with that? They like you? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
Wow. So were you ever asked for happy endings? How do you say? Anybody can get extra?

Unknown Speaker 23:15
Yeah, absolutely. But they always wanted to like, I mean, obviously, nothing would happen inside of the club. But outside of the club, they would always ask to meet up. And that's where, you know, things would get weird, but I always made myself like super busy. Which I always was anyways, you know, between training and whatnot. So I really didn't have time to meet up with him anyways. But yeah, they always wanted to like meet up and I actually lost a couple customers over that because I couldn't beat him up outside of the club.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
Yeah, well, I mean, that's against the rules, right?

Unknown Speaker 23:49
I mean, yes and no. But

Unknown Speaker 23:54
yeah. Were you ever tempted? Were you ever like, Oh, this woman is pretty hot. And she wants No, not at all. Never Never tempted.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
You have good looking women that come in there and whatnot. But you also got to think of it from a money standpoint. Do you meet with them outside of the club and you give them what they want? Then they're not going to come into the club and see you. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:12
smart. Yeah. Got to keep them coming back. So you were training for your MMA fights while you were stripping? Did did any of your teammates or anyone ever find out and if so, did they give you shit?

Unknown Speaker 24:29
No, no one did but everyone knew what I was doing. Yeah, no wonder that I was working on the weekends. Obviously with a fight coming up. I stopped working. Because it was like I would work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and it would be late hour solid. sacrifice my sleep. And I couldn't do that in fightcamp you know?

Unknown Speaker 24:51
Yeah, no smart move. How long ago did you stop stripping?

Unknown Speaker 24:55
Um, I stopped dancing in 2000 sixteens Yeah. When I signed with the UFC, that's when I stopped.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Yeah, so it's been a minute now. All right. Is there anything you miss?

Unknown Speaker 25:13
Um, not really. I mean, just there was a fun environment. You know? Once a woman,

Unknown Speaker 25:20
I'm sure you have Yeah, crazy stories. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 25:23
got a bunch of them. But

Unknown Speaker 25:25
what's the most one of the most memorable nights from your dancing days?

Unknown Speaker 25:31
Um, alright, so guys aren't allowed into the club

Unknown Speaker 25:35
at all?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
No, oh, isn't for work. It's a woman's club. Got it, though. They allowed swingers to come in. But they would have to sit at the bar. And if the obviously the lady is allowed to roam around and do whatever, but the guy would always have to set the bar, which he's obviously the guy isn't gay. He's just his after his wife had a swingers club but I would always come in and see me and his wife, good looking lady. She was probably one of my best clients and they brought in another one this couple. And shit, I won't say too much. But long story short, they ended up fighting the guys in the relationship ended up fighting over the fact that they invited me back to the hotel. And the other guy didn't like that idea, which was kind of weird because swingers swinging that's Yeah, that's what that's what they do. So altercation having in the club and whatnot, but there's a whole lot more of the story that I'm just not willing to put out there right now. So. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Leave. Give us a teaser, I guess. So did you ever date any of your Well, I guess there's only male dancers there then there was wasn't co Ed?

Unknown Speaker 27:08
No, yeah. Just male dancers. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Well, let's, let's get back to your current partner. You guys have been together for four years. So you were I can't I'm doing the math wrong here. If you've already stopped in 2016. Were you still strip dancing when you guys met?

Unknown Speaker 27:25
No. Okay, mother woods. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
I was gonna ask how did she react to your profession? I guess now I can ask how does she? How does she deal with dating a fighter? Because as we know, it's not easy.

Unknown Speaker 27:38
Yeah, it's not easy at all. But um, she deals with it pretty well. Of course, just like any other relationship, you got your your issues. But as long as you work at them, then there's always ups and downs in relationship and if anyone ever says that, them and their significant other don't argue that's complete bullshit. Yeah. But just because you get into an argument doesn't mean that you got to break up with the person.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
know for sure. You guys have had, you know, probably your fair share of ups and downs. But you know, what would you say has been something that's, you know, really put your relationship to the test. If anything, maybe you guys have had it smooth sailing from here.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
Pretty much me down on my benders after fights, that's what I would say I would put a big damper on our relationship. I'm on a wild boy. So after fights, like I don't, I don't do anything with fights coming up, obviously. But after fights, I like to have a good time. You know, so if I don't have anything coming by, to go out with the boys go out with her. But she's not really into the whole like, doling out. Like she would rather do like other fun stuff that doesn't involve like drinking and the debauchery.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
Yeah. Does she not drink herself?

Unknown Speaker 28:57
She does, but I love drinking.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
Yeah, and as we know, there's, there's drinking and then there's drinking after a fight, which is just, you know, another one. Yeah, it's another level. So. Yeah, and you know, if you've all you only understand what it's like, unless you've sacrificed food and training and sleep and been so stressed out, and then you proceed to drink. You know, someone can say, Oh, I understand you party hard. You're like, no, I party hard.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
But I gamble. I'm a gambling degenerate,

Unknown Speaker 29:30
but oh, you also gamble.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Yeah, it's a bad habit. But I've pretty much got that unlocked right now. So

Unknown Speaker 29:39
that's good. I mean, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:43
Put a tamper in relationships as well as gonna say, Oh, yeah, my my guy does a little bit of online gambling and I'm like, okay, don't say anything. It's not your money, but it's like I you know, it's like, it's hard because you want what's best for him. And then you see, like the frustration Yours like, it's not my place. But yeah, but you got it under control. So you're good, right?

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Well, right now, everything is good right now. Now my problem was staying out of the casinos back on the Hard Rock over here. So all like, like, one time I left the house and I was at hard rock for like four or five days

Unknown Speaker 30:21
and four or five days.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Drive, so it wasn't good. Well, it ended good. But

Unknown Speaker 30:30
yeah, so you say you have it on lock right now, meaning it's locked down. So you can't go there? No,

Unknown Speaker 30:36
I'm saying that, um, I just, you know, I work too hard for my money when I go and like when I gamble, I I'm a heavy gambler. So I'll bet a lot of money. And, you know, I'm find myself I've been in a hole of 30 $35,000. And then I cry myself out of it, luckily. But then there's other times where I go in and I put myself in a deep hole and I don't get out of it. So that's that's the issue. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:04
100 gamblers can expire. So let's, let's get back to the romance talk. I want to talk about what kind of partner you are. And so what's your what your What is your partner's name?

Unknown Speaker 31:16

Unknown Speaker 31:16
angelina. So, if I asked Angelina, if you are a romantic what would she say?

Unknown Speaker 31:23
That I'm definitely romantic.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
Yeah. What what's some of the most romantic gestures you've ever done for your girl?

Unknown Speaker 31:30
most romantic gestures. shots are no I just you know, surprise randomly I get flowers. Roses. Surprise me with that. Or I decided to check her out too. There's a lot of things to do here down in South Florida. So trips. You know, whatever, just kind of shirt.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
Yeah, it was most of the time. It's not even something big. It's being thoughtful.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
And yeah, could be something small. she appreciates anything but small things, whatever it is, you know.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
She's not mad at you for being on a sex and violence podcast.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
No, no, no. She's like, just be respectful. Damn it.

Unknown Speaker 32:10
Yeah, she knows he can get crazy word.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Everything's gonna be okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:16
So I normally ask people, if they're not in a relationship about online dating, because it's 2020. And, you know, technology and all that. What's your take on online dating?

Unknown Speaker 32:25
online dating is like, pretty much for hookups. Like it's not really online dating, because it's just, you know, for young people, you go on whatever it is, I don't even know all the fucking dating apps that are out right now. But you go on and whatever, you talk to people you meet up, you smash, and you're going your way.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
You don't think that it could produce legitimate relationships?

Unknown Speaker 32:47
I think it can. But this

Unknown Speaker 32:52
mainly lookups.

Unknown Speaker 32:55

Unknown Speaker 32:58
I mean, I think there's been plenty of I mean, it's been a long time since I was on a dating app. Did you ever do plenty of fish?

Unknown Speaker 33:07
That was like back in the day.

Unknown Speaker 33:08
I know. That's what that's how long it's been since data gap. And I dated a guy who was like this model for like, two months. And I felt pretty good about myself, you know, hooking up with a model, and we were actually dating and so I logged off of the app. And then it didn't work out. We probably dated for two, Mike four months, blogged back on and then someone had been like, this is not the real Ashley Evan Smith, she wouldn't be on a dating site. And I'm like, oh, burn, delete, delete, delete. So I just deleted the cow. And I just fell ever since that I couldn't go back on. But I've, you know, talked a lot other fighter chicks and guys, too. And they, they're on there. But yeah, it's mainly hookups and whatnot. But there's a couple of people.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
Don't get me wrong. It's a good way of beating people and whatnot. But I'd rather I'd rather just meet someone out in public, you know, rather than on an online dating app,

Unknown Speaker 33:59
it just takes a lot of confidence, which I don't think you're lacking, especially given the profession that you had for 16 years. But guys these days just don't have it. They're so used to sliding into the DMS that an actual in person interaction is like, terrifying to them. Yeah, they knew. I mean, you have a lot of confidence. Where do you think you get your confidence? Because obviously, it takes a very confident person to be a dancer, whether you're a female or a male.

Unknown Speaker 34:29
I'm sure Should I need to know I just I don't know. Because I'm not scared of rejection.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
I mean, you had an older brother that you talked about, and maybe, you know, he obviously taught you some negative things about relationships, but maybe he taught you how to be confident or talk to girls.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I just feel like I don't know man. If you don't take your shot.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
What's that saying? Yes. It's a you missed every shot you don't take or some shit.

Unknown Speaker 35:03
Yeah, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take?

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Yeah, that's like I'm not I'm not. There's plenty of efficiency, you know. So if I shoot my shot with someone I get turned down. It is what it is.

Unknown Speaker 35:17
Yeah. Well, I really want to know, like, what kind of person you think can be a dancer just because, you know, I've met you you're confident, but you know, I don't think I've met any other. It's not something probably someone talks about right off the bat. But, you know, obviously, besides confidence, what, what other characteristics does it take to be a dancer?

Unknown Speaker 35:41
Um, the characteristics definitely confidence if you don't have confidence, you're probably won't make money. But

Unknown Speaker 35:53
I mean, there's a lot of people that have problems with, you know, the whole. I mean, I don't know how much you touch the women obviously pick them up and whatnot. But, you know, you have to be comfortable with your own body comfortable with other people's bodies. I guess. You're our first dancer on this show. I've been wanting to talk to someone who was, you know, either a current dancer or former dancer for a while now.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Yeah. Yeah, no, I mean, it was fun. I did it. But I did it because I had one goal. And obviously, there was fighting. So I was willing to do anything to be able to work a night job, and still train full time. So I was training morning, the night and then going into work.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
A lot of people do that, really. It's usually servers, bartenders and whatnot. But you found a way to make probably double or triple the money that the servers were making.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Definitely a shorter amount of time. So it's like, I was working four hours a night, you know, five hours, sometimes, but there wasn't much and I was making great money. So

Unknown Speaker 37:01
I'm gonna turn to the the little bit more raunchy aspect of the podcast, sex. So you, brother, I'm assuming that he's the one that told you about the birds and the bees growing up.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
I'm sorry. repeat that question.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
How did you learn about sex growing up? Was it your brother, friend, maybe,

Unknown Speaker 37:21
you know, from it was really weird. From a young age has gained life. erections like congregate hard for like no reason. I'd like preschool kindergarten on like, just flip my bone or my waist man on my desk. And my older brother would watch like porn. And I know, I'm sitting there watching this, and I thought was the coolest thing ever. Obviously, you know, you're you're a young guy, and you're watching and you see like beautiful women and whatnot, you're attracted to women. And I'm just like, okay, so when I was younger, I beat my knee and nothing would happen suddenly, I there's some bullshit. But yeah, I don't know. I just fuck I just got sidetracked. What was the question?

Unknown Speaker 38:02
How did you learn about sex growing up? So I mean, you know, obviously, at an early age, you have erections, you have no idea what the hell is going on. But like, there comes a time where someone explains to you or maybe you watch a movie?

Unknown Speaker 38:13
Yeah, it was it was definitely my older brother and like watching porn and, and all that other shit.

Unknown Speaker 38:19
Yeah, how much older is your older brother?

Unknown Speaker 38:22
He's three years older than me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:24
that's about right. Because too much to like, you know? 10 1112 that's like too old where you don't really you're not really around your younger siblings, but only a few years. That's like all you get all the bad and good stuff. Lessons. So yeah, so when did you lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Oh, seventh or eighth grade? Probably. Eighth grade.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
How do you in seventh eighth grade like

Unknown Speaker 38:52
13 1313

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Yeah, that's all the younger and for sure.

Unknown Speaker 38:59
Yeah. Does does that's what we've done when I lost it. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:05
any any, any crazy stories? There was? Another was an older woman less same age.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
Oh, yeah. The older woman

Unknown Speaker 39:15
had a feeling I don't know why I asked. You just been confident since the age of 13. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
What I'm sorry, was that

Unknown Speaker 39:27
he's just been confident since the age of 13. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
Yeah, pretty much I just I don't know, man. I just you know, like I said, I just don't I don't live my life worrying about what other people think and I'm just gonna do what I want. And that's pretty much it. So clearly, I was a horn kid. Yeah. Growing.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
Oh, are we all?

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Okay, let's uh, let's play the lightning sex round. So I don't think you've listened to an episode yet. So if you're not familiar, it's basically where ask you a series of questions, and you just answer yes or no fast pace. Are you ready? I'm ready. We're all dirty sex talk. Okay. Okay. Okay, so, lightning round. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 40:27

Unknown Speaker 40:29
Yes, choking. Yes, threesomes tonight.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Angelina's choke you right now.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
plead the fifth moving on. Do you watch porn? Well,

Unknown Speaker 40:45
yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
Any fetishes like foot fetish? No. bodily fluids.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
bodily fluids.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Don't make me say it, bro. But yeah, sure. Okay. Why did like ropes or blindfolds? Yes. Role Playing. Yeah. But stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 41:17

Unknown Speaker 41:17
Do you use sex toys? Yeah. ever been to a sex club? Yes. ever been to a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 41:26

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 41:29

Unknown Speaker 41:30
Congratulations, sir. You have completed the sex route. Okay, so the last two segments are called Fuck, Marry, Kill and fan questions fan questions just your friend your real fans wrote into the podcast and you're gonna answer some questions. Fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 41:57
one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Are you familiar with it?

Unknown Speaker 42:03
What's it called?

Unknown Speaker 42:04
Fuck, marry kill

Unknown Speaker 42:06
like America. Okay, you're gonna give me three people and I gotta tell you which one I'm gonna fuck Marian kill

Unknown Speaker 42:10
Exactly. Run it. Okay, so since its day a dancer episode we had my creative associates helped me out here and these are famous strippers from movies. So you got JLo from hustlers Demi Moore from strip tease. And Salma Hayek from from dusk till dawn

Unknown Speaker 42:32
porque I don't know those last two.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
Oh, you don't know who Demi Moore and Selma, Hagar? Demi Moore. Demi Moore.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
look this up really quick.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
She married Ashton Kutcher. She played in gi Jane.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
Go ahead. All right, so you got JLo

Unknown Speaker 42:46
JLo from hustlers Demi Moore from striptease and Salma Hayek from from dusk till dawn

Unknown Speaker 42:54
and Spock one man one kill one shirt give me a better picture of this chick gonna go back to images

Unknown Speaker 43:03
I like how he has his own Jamie over there you know or lease siadh or whatever. pull

Unknown Speaker 43:09
this up for me. All of the images on the right

Unknown Speaker 43:14
not so hard one throb beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 43:17
Okay, here we go. I'm ready. Okay, go all right. Ah, fuck sama. I'll kill Danny. Marry Jayla. Okay, it's

Unknown Speaker 43:28
a good one. See? Told you. You're gonna wanna bang some hi x. Beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
is good looking chick.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
Okay. All right. Our last segment is fan questions. These are real questions from real fans that want to talk to you. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 43:50
I'm ready. All

Unknown Speaker 43:51
right. Senor. barbeau. wants to know, favorite submission? And are you a top or bottom kind of guy?

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Shavit submission like this. Fight related?

Unknown Speaker 44:04

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Favorite submit? I'm going to head and arm choke.

Unknown Speaker 44:11
Okay. And then I think the last part is more of a sexual

Unknown Speaker 44:16
or you might

Unknown Speaker 44:19
prefer to be on top. Yeah, yeah, I see you more like a Well, I mean, okay, so this is a question I normally ask fighters. We didn't get to it. Does your aggressiveness in the cage transferred to the bedroom? Or is it kind of like role reversal where you kind of let your partner take over

Unknown Speaker 44:37
or good my girl the best of both worlds countdown and love city. So

Unknown Speaker 44:42
out out of love city. Okay, got it. Good answer. All right at Macy Packer wants to know, would you rather date a funny but less attractive or really attractive but not so funny.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Um, Wait, how? old truck? One to 10.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Okay, so she's hilarious like you're always cracking up but she's like a four. Or she.

Unknown Speaker 45:21
Okay, you're going with the Bronson.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Okay, got it. The more attractive one not so funny. All right. I'm

Unknown Speaker 45:28
not really emphasizing here because I'll make her laugh.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Okay. Sounds good. At Haley 87 says, What's the first thing you notice on a woman when you're checking them out? Yes, did it? No, pause, ask. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
All right. That's probably most guys.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Frankie 56 wants to know what's your favorite band? Mate artist?

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Um, I really, really have one. Do I have one? Maybe I do. I just don't know. I don't.

Unknown Speaker 46:07
Not really into music.

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Like, like, what kind of music?

Unknown Speaker 46:13
I mean? Music, don't you?

Unknown Speaker 46:17

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Do you pick your own music when you dance?

Unknown Speaker 46:20
I do.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
And What song do you always pick?

Unknown Speaker 46:23
I mean, you know, we're I'm dancing the fucking the peasant. It's a slow song baby making music like some fucking r&b song. But normally, it's like upbeat shit, but it's like, r&b hip hop, you know, stuff that.

Unknown Speaker 46:40
Alright, I'm gonna put you on the spot. I buy a dance from you. And I'm like, put a good song on What song do you put on to dance to

Unknown Speaker 46:50
go with a slow song but I got so many of them than I really thought I'm a problem. solved by post malone.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
Fact by post malone. I'll take it. Okay. I never heard of it. But I'll google it later.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
It's a slow song. But

Unknown Speaker 47:09
yeah. Okay. All right. At MMA posters wants to know, would you ever create an only fans account? No. No. Why not?

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Um, no. What? Why would I have fucking dudes fucking beat in the knee to me like, Fuck that.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
I mean, you don't know what they're doing? So you're just bringing in money, right?

Unknown Speaker 47:34
Oh, they know what the fuck I know what the fuck. I'm talking like, screenshot my shit. My show is gonna be all over the place.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
All right, last two questions. At Dan. Kenny wants to know. No more sex for life life or lose your taste in food for life.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Oh, fuck.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
It's a hard one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
I'm gonna go with chase my suit. my taste buds. Yeah. No more fucking. Yeah, no, no, no, I'm gonna keep talking. I'll lose my Chase.

Unknown Speaker 48:09
Oh, got it. Okay. Yeah. All right. All right. I am Jason. Oh, nine. What did the tattoos on your chest mean?

Unknown Speaker 48:20
My chest is my mother and father's name. No,

Unknown Speaker 48:23
I like that. I thought it was gonna like maybe that meant the sleek, chic or something.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
No, no. My parents have put up with me. for a lot of years.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
What are their names? What are their names?

Unknown Speaker 48:36
My mom's name is Magda. And my dad's name is Hassan.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Oh, I know Hassan. Before. Awesome. All right. And my last question to you is Who would you like to hear on sex and violence next? Yeah, he could choose anyone to be a guest. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 48:57

Unknown Speaker 48:59
girl guy. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
Fuck that you can get along.

Unknown Speaker 49:11
We're only on episode 30. So I'm not sure we're on her radar.

Unknown Speaker 49:15
We're happy we can.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Thank you so much for coming on the show. Subbu I hope your hand heals up fast. You know, we might if the world goes back to normal. We might run into each other since we've got the same awesome manager Brian Butler of Sucker Punch.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
Don't see him next week. Oh, really? What

Unknown Speaker 49:33
are you gonna do out there?

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Uh, nothing. Just go see him at his home. And that's it. Kick it with him for a few days.

Unknown Speaker 49:40
He lives in Virginia, right?

Unknown Speaker 49:41

Unknown Speaker 49:42
What the hell you guys gonna do in Virginia?

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Well, I'm, you know, gonna go whatever. Okay, out there too. So he's having like your Christmas shindig on the 18th. So,

Unknown Speaker 49:55
oh, Jen's going to love that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:57
he's so fun. All right. Well, you guys done deserve to have fun celebrate. Whoo Jen's Yeah, let's get Ed's on the podcast for sure. Oh, he would be so funny actually know a lot about his the story of how he met his wife. It's fucking adorable.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
I'm sure you do to him and Brian are doing at the same time. That'd be pretty funny

Unknown Speaker 50:15
if Brian said he would, but he's like, no one wants to hear me. I'm like, you'd be surprised.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
In a position. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
I'm sure he's gonna listen to this and hear it's alright. So Bob, thank you again. Appreciate it. And yeah, we're looking forward to your next fight.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Awesome. Likewise.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
Yeah, it'll be a little while for me, but next year at some

Unknown Speaker 50:35
point. Thank you. Thank

Unknown Speaker 50:37
you talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
I have no problem session. NASCAR fans run. Show me Love against Ty Turner. You want to come and get any nose got down to go down and gone down? Gone. got off my screen. That's

Unknown Speaker 51:37
it guys another episode to keep you entertained. Till next week, we've got a few more amazing guest and the year off right. And I would advise anyone to tune in who wants to learn a thing or two about the female body. Anyone who is interested? Well, women specifically about increasing the quality and quantity of their orgasms, any fans who are fans of my openness on the show, and those of you who just like listening to our mixture of TMI and MMA, and until next week, let's take a chapter out of Savas book, let's try to be willing to do anything we need to do to be successful, even if it is dancing. Let's have confidence and do what we want to do regardless of what others think about us. Hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else you get your podcasts from and you can get a free sticker by sending us a screenshot of your review. And dming us your address. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. It's been a minute since I reminded you guys to follow the backup account because sometimes we piss people off. So go to our page. It's in the bio it's at sex and violence with rebel girl. Two, the number two. And yeah, subscribe to that one because you never know what the future holds. So subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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