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Episode 31: "Dirty Dez" - Desiree Yanez

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl

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where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field

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about love, dating,

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romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host,

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Rebel girl. And now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening the hot stuff? What's up all

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my naughty listeners? We are now one week away from Christmas. And if you're not in the holiday spirit, let me share some holiday puns to get you in the mood. Here we go. Okay, some jokes. Why does Santa always come through the chimney? Because he knows better than to try the back door. What do priests and Christmas trees have in common? their balls are just ornamental. Why is Santa's so damn jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live. What's the difference between a snowmen and snow women? I bet you guys know this guy's

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snow balls. Come on. Okay,

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why doesn't Santa have kids of his own? Because he only comes once a year. Come on, guys.

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You get a little bit.

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What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa? Santa was smart enough to stop at three hoes. What's the most disappointing thing for a man on Christmas morning when he gets a sweater, but he was hoping for a screamer. Or a moaner.

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what do three hoes get you? A very jolly Santa. Okay, few more. dreaming of a white Christmas. Jingle my balls, baby. Okay, that's just creepy. Not funny. And then Okay, few more. I remember lying in bed as a kid waiting for Santa to come. Then. Then there was that awkward silence as he got dressed in lift. Ooh, we're going to help her that one.

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Okay, last one. Last one. Why does Santa go to strip clubs to visit all his hoho COEs? Okay, that's corny. All right.

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All right, guys. So those are pretty bad. But what did you expect from a sex podcast? We're recording this episode a little early. So as you're listening, I'm actually going to be in bed with a neck brace probably eating some snacks like popcorn and counting the days until I can take the damn thing off and train again. But,

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you know, I'm

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going to be doing a lot of little things to keep my mind busy. Since my body will basically be in a vegetable state for about a few weeks. I'll be working on the podcast mainly, we're going to be doing some giveaways and some live chats. And as always, we're going to be answering your DMS and interacting with you fine, folks. So feel free to send us a DM if you get bored, because I will be bored. So and like I said last week, we won't let you down over the holidays, we're going to keep pumping out the episodes. And you know, everything's crazy in 2020. And you can't really count on anything. But you can count on us, you can count on consistent sex and violence. Every Friday morning, you get your new episode and on Saturday nights, usually you get to tune in and watch the UFC. There's Bella tour on Thursdays or Fridays. And, you know, so let's let's bring in the New Year together. And you know, this year was pretty shit. So the bar is set pretty low for next year. can't get any worse. Right?

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I hope

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there's actually in the news or you know, I don't even watch the news. But there's talk right now of a COVID vaccine. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little hesitant on injecting my body with a rushed, rushed vaccination. But that's neither here nor there. We got a new president. There's lockdowns happening. We're in California, we're technically on. Stay at home order. I don't know where you guys are at, you know, if you are stay at home. Sorry about that. Hope you guys have a good holiday, regardless of all the rules in place, but you know, we're gonna get through it one day at a time. That's not an a reference, but I'm not not judging, either. You know, I mean, if you need to drink a little peppermint schnapps to get along with your family members, I totally know where you're Coming from because I'm not going home for the holidays. And it's a good thing because it would probably really test my sobriety was. So I just want to make sure you guys are all in good spirits. That's why we do the podcast to bring some laughs into your lives. You know, make sure you're mentally and emotionally good. And you know what, since I'm gonna be broken for a little while, make sure you're physically good too. So, go on a run and get some exercise, go on a hike. I don't know where you live. It's kind of cold as balls here, but get your exercise. And guys, it's important. And you know, I mean, I kind of sound like that positive, happy go lucky person. But a lot of the times you got to fake it till you make it even when you're not happy sometimes when you smile. I mean, there's like some scientific thing that if you actually smile, you get happy because your muscles are doing something that's telling your brain you're happy. So just smile, fake it till you make it and then after a while, it'll be infectious. So this is one person trying to spread some joy to you guys. And regardless of the situation just kind of be festive with his holiday cheer. And also, if you like this podcast, like always help us grow, please rate and review us on Apple, iTunes and all that we still have some stickers and we're actually going to be giving away hats and some other UFC merchandise. So keep tuning in check in Instagram. And here's a message from our sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is a tenacious tattooed Texan. This Bella Torre strawweight brings a five and two record to the table and has fought for promotions such as LFA combat the Americas, and hopes to make a name for herself and one of the biggest promotions in the world. We talk about lesbian experimentation being bad at hohen passion and a long term relationship. Bang and post malone and so much more. Here's your guest Deseret dirty Dez. Ynez

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G, G D.

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All right. We have Dez dirty does I love that name on the show. Thank you so much for coming on. Dez

Unknown Speaker 8:15
thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited.

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So let's just jump right into the violence aspect of the show. I know you're supposed to fight in October thing was October 29. For Bella tour, you're making your debut. But unfortunately, like the shit year has been COVID gotcha. Well, I got your opponent. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Right. I mean, honestly, like this is I think, might have been canceled because of COVID this year, and it's just been I mean, it's been a hell of a year for me. I have not fought since last year. So like, it just I'm mad. I cannot wait to put my hands on somebody. Like what the hell is going on? Why have I had the shittiest whatever, right. You know, the good thing about it is I didn't get scientists on tour. So I can't you know, cut my blessings, whatever they say but 17 but damn, man, I'm ready to fight.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
For fights. I've been canceled.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Yeah, yeah. So I was supposed to have a rematch. No Martinez, December 7 2019 for the championship. And it was a controversial split decision last whatever, up to just, you know, should have never let it go to the judges, but it is what it is. And they gave me a rematch from March. And then I was like two weeks out. And COVID happened and it was good. Like That was when it was getting real serious and everything like that. And then stuff started opening back up and I specify in August, and then that got canceled and then I was supposed to fight again in September and then that got cancelled. But then it all worked out because then I got five of those four. And I freakin pasted it and I was pasted the victory I got waiting and everything and then they called me at like midnight after telling me to, you know, tested positive. So I mean, I hope she had a healthy recovery and everything but it was just a real big bummer for sure. Yeah, but a year.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
That's Oh, that sounds awful. All of that. I mean It's horrible. It's horrible.

Unknown Speaker 10:01
I'm just like, yeah, tea that mean to you basically? It's like, like, I mean, you know, I still got paid with those for everything the money's great, cool, but like, I mean, I do because I love it and I'm just like, you get depressed by, you know, being like, I don't know how people retire. No wonder people come out of retirement depressing. Like what do I do with my life? Honestly, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:23
I'm about to have surgery. Well, actually, when we're recording this, I will have already had surgery. But, you know, sometimes you can't fight for a lot of reasons and, you know, injuries, COVID and whatnot. And I know so many fighters that get depressed. And, you know, I try to bring awareness. Yeah, on the show, and I don't think you really understand. Unless, whatever you do, yeah, whatever you're passionate about to have that taken away from you, and then you'll fully so

Unknown Speaker 10:53
yeah, people are like, wow, I mean, you truly love to finally get is literally all hot. Like, really good. I've been an athlete my whole life, like, this is my life. So it's really depressing, but

Unknown Speaker 11:06
I actually heard that you're good at other things, too. I heard you're good. fishermen. fisherwoman. Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
Dude, so I used to do it before I even started fighting. That was like, where I was trying to go. I was trying to be professional fishermen, to be honest. And here I am. No, I was actually on a kayak fishing for a very long time. So I fished very heavily for I usually say, like, per trophy largemouth bass and things like that. So, but yeah, I haven't I haven't actually been fishing in a while because you know, how fighting indicates 90% of your life. But um, so it's just been kind of hard, because, like, you know, we're gonna have days off. The last thing I want to do is go outside all that, you know, I love fishing, but like fighting take all your energy, you know, so yeah, it's hard. When I retire, dude, you're gonna catch me on ESPN. Whatever. I'm a big freakin top fisherwoman right here. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 12:06
I honestly, I love it. I totally judge the book by its cover. Like I'm looking at you with your colored hair and your tattoos, which is not very far from what I look like. But I'm just like, right, right. I heard then, you know, you told me you were into fishing. And I was like,

Unknown Speaker 12:19
What? What? Yeah. Like, wait. Like the like, No, I'm talking like, dude, I get like, almost more competitive with Superman. I do find it. Ridiculous. I'm like, yeah, it's ridiculous. I'm like diehard. So it's, it's fun. I love it. I want to get back into the bigger, better things. So that'll that'll always be there.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
Yeah, you're, you're on a really great path right now. I mean, you. You started with LFA, right? Yeah, Baka Americas. And now Bella tour. And it's just, that's the way it should go, you know, from smart organizations. Yeah, to up to a larger one. And now, you know, you're gonna make your debut eventually, hopefully, sooner than later. Actually, is there any talk of when that's going to be put on?

Unknown Speaker 13:07
No, you know, I know we have the same management, everything that we were hopefully trying to push for February, but, you know, they just had their last card was yesterday, last night. So my coach is going to be in Brian's ear Monday morning. Trying to get me set up. They did mention surgery a couple weeks ago, but you know, there's no date set. So and you know, I'm not gonna like, get my hopes up. Because every time I hear a date, it always gets pushed back or canceled or something. It's almost like an order just whenever the contract sign that I'll be. Yeah. I don't know. But hopefully, hopefully the beginning of, you know, 2021 that would be ideal. You're ready, man. I feel like I've been in camp only. Technically, I have been. I mean, but honestly, everything happens for a reason. Another cliche, but like, to be honest, this is like the most, I don't know, this is the best I've ever felt. I've only been fighting for four years, I haven't been fighting that long at all. So it's like, I don't know, to to be where I am. Now, in such a short time. I'm just like, Dude, this is all supposed to happen. Maybe I'm supposed to be getting better than she was typing, I'm gonna be fighting some better chicks. You know, it means that I'm at the top of the bracket now. So it's like, maybe this happened because it's getting me prepared for what's going to happen next.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
I don't know. I'll tell you a quick little story that will make you feel good about what's happening to you. So, you know, that corny phrase, everyone's like, Oh, it's a blessing in disguise. You're like, Well, yeah, I can't see the blessing at the moment. So,

Unknown Speaker 14:39

Unknown Speaker 14:40
so what happened to me was, uh, so I tried out for the Ultimate Fighter show, like back in 2013, or something like that. Actually. 2014 I believe, and I didn't make it and they, they put me through they were, you know, like, I passed like the striking I passed the grappling out, you know, they even put me up in the hotel and then I got a call from the UFC. See, this is obviously before I signed with the UFC, and they said, Oh, you can't be on the show, you only had one pro fight. And I'm like, why did you guys even put me through the whole, you know? And you know, like I cried, I'm very emotional, most sad girls

Unknown Speaker 15:14
cry all the time. I know,

Unknown Speaker 15:16
I cried. And I just, you know, and all the people in my life were like, it's okay, better things are gonna happen. Well, then I ended up fighting this transgender person. And that gave me the opportunity. Yeah, and so like that blew my name up. And then I obviously I still got to the UFC. But I got this opportunity that I would not have had if I would have got on the show, you know. And so, this was an example that I always think back now in my life, it's like, all right, something shitty can happen to you right now. But if you can kind of just hold on to like, maybe this is a good thing, even though it seems like a shopping. It's like, like, I pull some kind of relief from that. I'm like, all right, everything is going to show you right now. But maybe there's a an opportunity that I don't know about right around the corner.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Absolutely. Yes. You hit it right on the money. Like cuz I mean, don't get me wrong, like when my coach so it was like midnight after weigh ins with me and beat away did and everything shook hands on like hell yeah. Go and doubt. And do I got that phone call at midnight now? You know, like, I already know, one of us has COVID And so yeah, they I mean, and they came with and I'm telling you, like I cry. I wait. You don't have to have like the little liquid. Like $30 for like one out? Yeah, really. I spent like $500 but I just spent like 100 bottles of alcohol. I was like, but then like I woke up the next morning. I'm like, No, when I come back patient damage. I'm signed with one of the biggest producers in the world. And this is more time for me to prepare to fight Lita because she isn't really tough opponent. You know what I mean? This is definitely going to be one of my toughest fights if we get the you know, reschedule with her whatever. It'll be a little tough as opponents yet I think personally, and it's a new weight class. So maybe this is just more time to build more muscle because I thought at once a team my whole career. So you know, I'm gonna fight bigger girls and I'm still trying to be bigger myself. So I, you know, I was so miserable. I cried so much. And I was like, because like, Okay, cool. I got paid, but I want to fight like, fighter Okay, like, Don't make me go on the streets. Like, I'm not enough. No.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
workout girl. Don't worry. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
Like, I've started counting. You know, like I said, so cliche Count your blessings. But I really did I say, you know, like, hey, this was actually a good year for me regardless of not being able to fight like it really was. So considering like, I didn't get injured it's not because I'm injured. That's why I can't find it. Like you couldn't be worse. So it was just like, hey, all this is happening. And you know, next time I get in there, it'll all be worth it when I get my hand raised. So yeah, I mean, that's what it is. Keep keep thinking

Unknown Speaker 17:53
like that. That's you know, and yeah times you know, you'll you think like that and then you start going down a bad mental cycle negative, you know, viral, but but just keep remind yourself you know, what, you're in such a good place, you know, I'm telling myself the same thing you know, some crappy things are going on, but at the big picture is both of us are doing pretty good, you know, regardless of the situation. So,

Unknown Speaker 18:17
I want to finish in the athletes do what the fuck people do say that professional athletes like real professional fighters. That's what I tell gangsters just say. You know what?

Unknown Speaker 18:30
You know, it's gambler is your nickname dirty? Dez. Oh, no, that.

Unknown Speaker 18:34
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:35
So what's the story behind that?

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Someone gave it to you in high school. Everyone. Cool. Yeah, everyone thinks it has like muted like I'm a dirty girl, which I mean, it's awful. So I was probably not the cleanest girl. But like, I mean, a lot of things. My name describes me perfectly like I'm very vulgar and very, like straightforward, very honest. But it didn't it didn't come from any amount at all. It actually came from softball, it came from a sport. I was a pitcher, you know. And every time I would like, strike somebody out, I had like this changeup or anytime I struck somebody out, I had some friends that always come to my games it goes, does doing them dirty again. One thing kind of just led to another and it turned into 30 days like in the hallways, so they'd call me and kind of get stuck. I mean, it's from high school to like even there was like a time period like after I graduated, I really wasn't playing any sports at all. I was just kind of trying to find my calling. And it's still like I still people calling me 30 days it was my Instagram name. I was fighting with everything so when I found it I like already have a nickname Can I just use that like anything else? Anything my mother that shirt so nickname after fight name? What about my nickname? Like 30 days, they're like, I'm about to fucking name. a tie. Like I know I'm like I don't even have to think of a fight in a room. Awesome. So perfect. So Because I mean it fits fits perfectly right? Like,

Unknown Speaker 20:03
yes, it's great stuff. I'm

Unknown Speaker 20:05
like, man, everything happens the way it has to, you know, have to happen. badass just to watch everything unfold. Yeah, this nickname was supposed to be for for this moment right here. All right, a lot of compliments on my nickname.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Alright, so let's, let's get to know dirty does on a personal level, we know about the fishing we know about the fighting? Let's find out. So I know you're in a relationship. And so I'm assuming that you identify as straight but you could be by

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Yes. Well, I mean, to be honest. I think like my early 20s I did have to like legit girlfriends. Oh, so would

Unknown Speaker 20:45
you guys

Unknown Speaker 20:48
I don't know cuz like to be honest. Like, that was not fun. Grover fucking crazy. Wasn't it was not a good time. to like, like, you know, like, we're actually friends now. But like, I would probably never do that, to be honest. But I am very attracted to women. Like there will be like a hot chick that I was like, Damn, that chick is gorgeous or hot. Or like, look at that, like, you know, I will do that as well. There's like a sex scene on TV. I'm watching the chick nine times out of 10. Well, you're like, Oh, yeah. I'll open that again. That was a lot. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Well, I mean, when you dated these girls, when you're older you

Unknown Speaker 21:34
I was 20. My first girlfriend? Oh, no, I was 19. My first girlfriend. And I stuck with her for about seven months, which is actually a really long time in the lesbian world. And then I met my other girlfriend, and I think we lasted a little longer about like, eight months, which again, was pretty long time for for lesbians. So especially at that young age. But um, and then after that, it was just kind of like, No, that was not that was not fun. You know, like it was I mean, it was literally like your sister, but it's like, literally fish. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 22:13
that's how your brain thinks it's like I could

Unknown Speaker 22:17

Unknown Speaker 22:19
Oh my God, I'm gonna stop both those chicks hardcore. And I'm like, but I could put my hands on here if I want you to. There's not technically like, some like,

Unknown Speaker 22:28
violence even though.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
But after that, I was like, I can't do the girl thing because I think also like, I don't know, I just I couldn't do to emotion. Emotional. I don't

Unknown Speaker 22:43
want to downplay it but it seems like if you had two relationships in your life never again then maybe it was just like an experimental phase

Unknown Speaker 22:51
or absolutely had to have been because I was also in hair school. I think that had a lot to do with it too. Like influenced by like a lot of other I like I still do have a ton of gay friends and I don't know like I was just at a I was moved into a new city like I from a super small country bumpkin town, West Texas. And then I moved to like Dallas, Texas, which is huge. And so like, I think I was just kind of like, oh, small town, you know, to me. Yeah. Were you physically No, go friends? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Okay. You have to be you have

Unknown Speaker 23:23
fun while you're being physical. Right?

Unknown Speaker 23:26
You know? Yes. I don't like doing the things I don't like looking things. A lot of fun. I don't like props to the guys like honestly, like, I would rather like suck dick then then like the giant. There's a straight up,

Unknown Speaker 23:44
there's a phrase, I forget what the lesbian girl is talking to call it like a pillow queen or something like that, where it's just like, you just like lay back and get, you know, things done to you. Okay. And now you're saying that you're not integral? Yeah, it seems like it was an experimental phase where you realized Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:03
Like I said, nine times out of 10. If there's a sex scene, I'm watching the female. So you know, so but I'm not attracted. But

Unknown Speaker 24:12
you could definitely appreciate the female body. I do as well, but I'm not trying to bang no girls. So

Unknown Speaker 24:18
no, no, it's not fine. I don't recommend that if you're not into it.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
But you've been in a relationship for a while. I know. I know. You and your current boyfriend have been together for five years, right?

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Yes, yeah. We'll be five years together in February.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Awesome. What's

Unknown Speaker 24:33
coming up? Yeah. Edgardo, Edgardo. Edgardo. You Edgardo. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 24:39
have never heard that name before. And God really yeah. Cool. I was like, Eduardo, and although

Unknown Speaker 24:45
Yeah, it goes. So,

Unknown Speaker 24:51
you're Mexican, and he is what? Puerto Rican Puerto Rican Got it?

Unknown Speaker 24:56
So tell me, how do you guys neither one of us speak Spanish. So it's pretty awesome. What did you

Unknown Speaker 25:01
like? Tell me about Edgardo and how you guys met. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 25:07
we actually met at the gym, to be honest. So we both he trained at the gym in Frisco before I did. And I have like, a really close friend, I consider like a brother, that I was actually, like I said, I was trying to find my calling, I was trying to, like, go travel the world. And just, I was like, you know, trying to find out who I am. And so he was like, before you go and travel the world and put yourself out there like that. How would you learn like, proper self defense? Like, you know, cuz? I don't know. Like, yeah, I like to throw hands that I don't know, like, the technical aspects of any of it. So I went into the gym and trained and I fell in love with it. And I got really good really fast, because, you know, I've been an athlete like, my whole life and then so like, I upgraded like, the dudes like I braided a lot of like, the guys hairs at that gym that had like longer hair, you know? And so like, when the tide coming up, I braid the hair form or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
Oh, yeah, cuz you weren't.

Unknown Speaker 26:01
And so Ed had really long hair at the time, actually, like, like, very long. And I was I mean, don't get me wrong. I was like, watching him since the day I like, got there. I didn't think he was like, was interested in me at all because he didn't even pay me. No mind. He was so good at like, ignoring me. crushed my soul. He like super tatted up to you know, like, I'm kind of on my own. Yeah, this is the one right here. My eye on you like, oh, but he was not looking at me. He didn't even give me no side I or nothing. All right. Okay, I guess right. So then, like, one day, he comes up to me like castle on the shoulder. And I'm like, not even thinking twice. Here it is I look up and I'm like this gorgeous, odd in front of me. And like, Oh my god, hello, hi. And he's like, hey, great hair. And I'm like I do actually. And he was like, how much do you charge and I'm like, you smoke weed. Like, you got to do that instead. I like that. So he literally right, I pulled that out. And so he was like, yeah, so we met up and sure enough, it was like, dude, he came over at rated a fan and smoke. And then it was like, I mean, he he literally I don't know if he did this on purpose. But he was like, hey, I need to get my the next day. Hey, I got my braids wet. Can I come over again and get them redone? Oh, wow. So it was literally like every day after the first day we met, he was there every day, like non stop. So it was like we were inseparable ever since. For five years. I'm like, I don't know how we don't call at each other's throats. But we're both fighters. So we get this far each other, which helps you know, each other up a little bit. I

Unknown Speaker 27:41
mean, I've talked to quite a few fighters on here who have dated fighters and I've heard their pros and cons. What do you say the pros and cons of dating another fighter are?

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Well, you're dating a fighter. That's a con. But the thing about it is like, okay, yeah, you're probably at each other's throats a lot because y'all are fighters. But also you can relate and understand when everything like calms down a little bit and you stop like arguing and you can be like, Okay, I understand what you're going through, because I'm going through it too. You know what I mean? So there's like, obviously, y'all are both hard headed and stubborn as hell and competitive. Especially like, you know, I'm not putting my foot down, bro, this is my argument. I'm winning, aren't you like, you know, so but at the end of the day, it's it's really cool. Because like, he's been in my corner since day one. Like, I couldn't imagine him not in my corner. You know, I mean, like, he's, he's my, he's my mental health. Whenever I'm in the back, getting ready to go get, you know, get my hand raised. So it's it's definitely a lot of pros vs. cons, but there are some cons. I mean, trust me, like, sometimes we'll go for each other and one person hits each other, or someone a little too hard. And then it's like, we're literally like throwing elbows at each other and shit. I cannot I mean, you know, but it helps it helps find each other to inspire each other when you get home, right.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
I mean, five years is a long time.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
I know a long time. I

Unknown Speaker 29:10
guess that's about four years longer than my longest relationships.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Yeah, it's long. It's pretty good. Yeah, we've been through it. We've obviously been in our crazy little arguments. And we're both like, I mean, we both have. We both have hard paths. We don't come from like, the easiest slide.

Unknown Speaker 29:31
Yeah, and that's obviously something that you guys can probably relate on and,

Unknown Speaker 29:36
again relate to, but also why we both are crazy and psychotic. So we have to like, really get to know each other know what, like, kisses one another off and like, you know what I mean? You know what makes each other happy. So it's, it's just, I mean, it's been an awesome so it's been a journey like me, obviously it has its downs but more ups than anything or we wouldn't be here

Unknown Speaker 29:58
for sure. What's something that you would tell Young Dez now that you kind of know, five years into the relationship, you know, he probably had your fair share of arguments and this and that, but, you know, would you tell yourself anything? Now that you know, kind of?

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Yes, I would tell her to learn to set the fuck up every now. Yes, yeah, sometimes my mouth really just doesn't stop. I don't know what it is. I think there's like some trigger in my brain. And once I'm like on something, I will just dig into your plugin souls and won't shut up. And so I know that I've gotten the job done. I don't know. So I really like honestly, I've gotten better. And to be honest, I think I've gotten a lot better with like, my little shit talking and just like my rambling and I'll just go on and on and on. And so I'm like, Alright, I think I got my point across. And it doesn't have to get my point across at all. I just wanted to talk soon. But yeah, I would definitely tell her this Shut the hell up every now and then because you are not always right. So yeah, it is a it is a crazy thing when you get older, right? Like just knowing who you are now and then like looking back at like, 20 year old you and you're like, Wow, dude, I would have punched myself in the fucking throat. If I met myself. Now. You know everything. I always tell that 20 year old. Yes, hell.

Unknown Speaker 31:19
I'm always like, I would never date me back then.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
I don't know how the hell I even got my boyfriend but right like, holy shit. I ain't finding another way.

Unknown Speaker 31:34
My my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and we've I've been sober ever since. So cute. Oh, thank you. But like I'm always I'm always telling him like, you are so lucky. You got sober actually. Cuz if you got like party girl, Ashley, you'd be fucked. And he's like, I know. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 31:50
yeah. Like, I probably wouldn't be here like, No, you wouldn't

Unknown Speaker 31:54
know. And then Ed and I talked about that too, because we both had really bad partying stages right before we met too. And don't get me wrong. We had our little like, party together too. But we both were big in the party scene before we met. So it was like perfect timing when we met and like I had just got that's why I was like trying to find myself. I just got off doing a bunch of dumb shit and just like going out all the time and see my money on bars in enemy like,

Unknown Speaker 32:20
Oh, yeah, that sounds big thing. So

Unknown Speaker 32:22
yeah, that sounds exactly like the situation I was in. Like, I was just ready to clean my act up. And you know, my boyfriend was kind of just ready to kind of he was 29 at the time about turned 30 so he just like, you know, like, how old are you?

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I'm 30

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Yeah, so it's like, right before you turn 30 you're like, Oh my god, I gotta get my shit together.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Yeah, things changed man. Like, you literally feel your brain change, you know, like, depression or like, you know, I mean, it was like, it was a really, really transition there for a second, but it was like, you're growing. You're just learning your brains opening up and you're figuring shit out? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:03
it's just time to adult, you know? And you're like, yeah, yeah, absolutely. You can really convince your audience I did. I convinced myself all through my 20s like, it's okay, I'm in my 20s It's okay. And then I was like, 22 and a half, and I was like, ah, times run out.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
There's no more excuses.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
I know. It's crazy. It's just crazy. And I think I've started partying, like really young. I mean, even before it was 21 and I had like, a fake ID and all that, you know, crap. And I think like, I got it out of my system, you know, I mean, like, I still like to have a drink every you know, like, I love wine. Like you know, the mean, I still like to partake in smoking the guns every now and then when I can, like not in camp and stuff. So it's like, I but I don't abuse it. You know what I mean? I don't overdo it. I don't go try to find trouble or go to like, party too hard. Or, like just my house parties with old people my age, you know? Like, like, no, we're all we're all going we're all leaving by 2003 I like the sound of that and then go home and watch a movie.

Unknown Speaker 34:02
Exactly. And that's another you know, to to kind of refer back to where we're talking about that's another benefit of dating a fighter because they understand you can't stay out that late You know, if you do party it's like once in a blue moon. I mean, if you are dedicated there are probably you know, obviously there's lots of fighters including myself about a year ago that were partying regardless but you know, when you have someone whose values are aligned with yours, whether it's fighting or music or whatever, it just makes the relationship so much better.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
Oh, absolutely. And that's the thing like when I'm in camp or when he's in camp, we quit like drinking or doing anything we don't you know what I mean? We're with each other by each other side where we're both eating healthy like he's not eating cake while I'm in camp I'm not you know, like we're both on the same diet or

Unknown Speaker 34:48
you have a nice boyfriend cuz I've got a fucking boyfriend who is who like he will come home not that it's like appetizing to me because I don't eat meat but he'll come With like, chick fil a or like these burgers, and like we know Okay, like I don't eat meat but like when I'm hungry enough even bacon starts to smell good I'm like I'm hungry

Unknown Speaker 35:11
Oh yes. Like I don't eat like potato like salty Lay's potato chips but every time like I'm a week out from weigh in I crave like to paint like things I never I don't drink a lot of soda but on my own or Dr. Pepper you don't like it's weird to crave when you're like practically starving, you know, learn the hard ways that game so he's just he gets on a diet with me. And he doesn't even mess around with that shit. You

Unknown Speaker 35:40
know, that's nice of him and I'm you know what? I'm throwing my boy under the bus. Honestly, he he got better throughout camp like he'll just sneak to the kitchen. I'll just hear like the bag crumbling like, and I'm like, I know what you're doing in there.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
Don't get me wrong, he'll do that to like, go sneak off. Like he has his little candy stash, like his little drawer or whatever. And I'm like, it's fine. I'll go give him a kiss. And I can smell like chocolate on his breath. I'm

Unknown Speaker 36:05
like, okay, we're gonna we're getting

Unknown Speaker 36:08
to the part of the podcast. Let's, let's talk about sex. Okay. So you're talking about I said, Let's time to talk about sex.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
So yeah, let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
Let's say you're in camp. Are you one of the fighters that abstains from sex or just do the deed? No big deal?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Um, it depends. I don't do it when I like a week out because I'm like, fragile and not ready. Not even like, I'm not even turned on at that point. You know what I mean? I'm like, ready to fucking fight ready to eat. Don't touch me. I'm skinny. I'm like hating everybody. But that's true. Also, though, this last fight, it was a lot easier like me and my boyfriend actually did have sex like two nights before my fight. And it was that was the first time I've ever done that. But that was because I think I moved up a weight class. And I had like, the easiest weight cut in my freakin life. Like it was the best I don't even like I don't even know like that was also I didn't know that existed. Because I was always dying. Cutting the ones that team and like, even like, I don't know, when I was two weeks out three weeks out. I'm like, don't, don't don't totally don't touch a little bit like now. Like, it doesn't faze me so bad. Or it was so yeah, I mean, like, Girl we got we got jiggy with it in the hotel like, my fight this time. I like LA I used to this. So yeah, that's I don't know now. Now I'm saying I'm like, I'm about it. I'm all about the sex life during camp now because I don't have to cut so much weight. But when I was getting onto the team, my poor boyfriend had to had to deal with that shit too. So

Unknown Speaker 37:41
I know I always say like the significant others where there's a guy fighter or a girl fighter. The partner is the real MVP of the situation.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Because absolutely, you

Unknown Speaker 37:52
know, we know like after everything's said and done. We're just like, I'm sorry, babe. Like for ya. Thank you for loving through my angriness and my asshole.

Unknown Speaker 38:01
Sorry. I know, right? I'm like, I'm gonna give you so much head when we get those. You deserve it all like the one sure all fix all. Yes. It really is like, final fix in the morning. I know it's a wake you up with not breakfast. Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:24
yeah. A lot of a lot of the girls and guys actually, I think we have not had one person say, Oh, yeah, I abstain. I don't I don't have sex. Like, it's usually like, yeah, if I'm, if I have the energy, I will. But most of the time, it's just like a cutting wait. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:42
It's really good. I mean, like, it really does, like, change everything. Because I mean, even my boyfriend, he's a big porn dog. But like, when he's cutting weight and stuff, you won't even touch the rich. You know? I'm like, Yeah, my ugly, you know, cuz you're like, emotionally female. But it was just like, that's crazy how it really does like affect you because like, you know, we I mean, who doesn't love sex, obviously, but it's like, you know what I mean? It affects you so much to where you don't even think about. Think about it. You know what I mean? Like you normally do so yeah, it's Yeah, this time. It was awesome. So I'm like, to this

Unknown Speaker 39:17
day, and you said that you feel you know, like when you're skinny. You know, you're like, I'm skinny. Like, do you not feel

Unknown Speaker 39:23
sexy when you're skinny? No, not at all. No,

Unknown Speaker 39:26
cuz I do. I'm like, I went on the skinny. I am like the sexier I feel. But then like, My boyfriend is like, don't be too skinny. And I'm like, Hey, I worked hard.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
Yeah, well, like I don't know. I'm just when I was 15 I just felt so like. I don't know. I would look at myself. I'm like, God, I just look anorexic. Almost. Make me feel better. He's like, No, he's back muscle. biceps. I'm like, No, dude. Like, I look like a fucking skeleton or like, right? No, I'm like, Don't touch me. You're gonna break me trying to break my back. You Then, like I said this. Sorry,

Unknown Speaker 40:05
I'll just say you are you. You were born and raised in Texas.

Unknown Speaker 40:09
I am a Texan accent. Yeah, I'm like, I'm from West Texas, too. So it's, it was when I was growing up. It was like the most country. Somewhat races like the dump town ever, but it's just grown a lot, actually. So

Unknown Speaker 40:24
I'm from a nice town too. Oh, he's from Florida. Oh, are you?

Unknown Speaker 40:29
from Florida? So we both have that, like, playing about it. You know that. But

Unknown Speaker 40:34
yeah, whenever I say from a small town, I'm like, they're like, Where are you from? I'm like, oh, a little town called delinking. mingming.

Unknown Speaker 40:43
They're like, you have heard of that? Like, it's

Unknown Speaker 40:45
a small town.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
Yeah, very small. That's why we don't even need to say the name because they're not even on the map. Like I don't even know. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:55
well, when you're younger, how was sex perceived? Did you guys have the birds and the bees talk? How did you learn about sex?

Unknown Speaker 41:03
Yeah, my parents were nurses. So they had no like, they did not. They did not care. They just put it out there. It wasn't necessarily a burden to be stories. It was like, here's a deck. And here's the vagina. Like, they were just like, very straightforward about it. They didn't want me to be pregnant or nothing. You know, all that stuff. And like I said, they were nurses like, they dealt with it all. So they just were like, Hey, we don't need to tell you. Any little fairy tale stories. And here it is. So, but I did. I lost my virginity at a young age. I was 14. But I did have I wasn't like a horror or anything. I had any high school sweetheart. And he was the one I lost my virginity to. And I I mean, I was committed to him for like four years. My whole High School pretty much relationships. So I was committed to him for four years and yeah, I did have sex the whole time. We were together 14 so like 18 or whatever, and but it was one guy and I never got pregnant and God so you know, here I am.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
It's pretty hard to be a horror at 14 You know, when you lose your virginity.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
I'm Sam black Grom from small town up surprise. I like these jigs. These shapes are definitely I don't know. This is hoses House of Cards. He said that that was that school. My school Adam. So you had a

Unknown Speaker 42:26
you had a four year relationship with one person all through high school.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Yeah, and amazing. Right? unheard like crazy. Honestly. Like, married and said it was crazy. But you know, like when you leave high school things change, obviously. But it was I mean, we did we broke up a couple times. But I never he never dated. Anyone else broke up and I never, but we'd always get back together. It'd be like a breakup for like a month and then get back together. You know how relationships go. But at that age, too, but yeah, it was crazy. So yeah, my high school life I didn't really like you know, you know how some girls make experiment and do what they do at that age. I didn't I had one boyfriend and one sex partner that whole time. And then I was I didn't have another sex partner was there what age 18 like 18, almost 19. And then that didn't work out that worked out for like a couple months. And then that's when I dated my first girlfriend. So

Unknown Speaker 43:22
that makes sense. Makes a lot of sense. Yeah, he had like one day Yeah, for for years and years and years. Right. And then you're supposed to pull it up after that because everyone knows when you're that faithful. You just got to live a little and just hold it up. Yeah. And you did it and so you just jumped on the vagina bandwagon to try that out. I

Unknown Speaker 43:39
did. I tried. I tried ladies, I really tried something else. So tell ya, okay, I did I try. I was like, Okay, I just you know what I mean? So I tried thinner cool, love them, but never again and yeah, so then I did try to like whoa it out. I'm not good. Whoa. I really was it. I didn't good at that stuff. Like honestly, I kind of doubt some clients. Like, but so like, I'd always like have like a fuck buddy that I'd be like, you know me like, Alright, I'm gonna have sex with you for a few months. Maybe we can date if I like me with my husband. I'll probably give you texting. Yeah, I had a few of those after like

Unknown Speaker 44:23
someone you would like hook up with but you didn't want to commit to in a relationship

Unknown Speaker 44:27
Yeah, but then someone I could also go and have like dinner with and like it not be weird to you know what I mean? Like are legit friend that if we got like a little too, you know, tips you would be like, Okay, cool. I actually had a couple that was pretty cool, but it really wasn't like, you know, we were like, let's stop doing this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Those sound like great situations where both people are okay with you know, being physical and well, I don't know where you guys exclusive.

Unknown Speaker 44:57
No, absolutely not. But I mean, I think you know Some people kind of knew that we would do certain things, you know what I mean? But in the end, I had a couple one night stands on it. You know, I know people are gonna look at me and be like that they did not ever not have a word that definitely was a home. And never have a one night. Yes, I've heard that a few. Because I know people can be visualized. So yes, I've had a few and like, sad, but I wasn't, you know, it really? I didn't like it. I was just kind of felt kind of gross The next day, you know, I mean, kind of like, I do

Unknown Speaker 45:36
that there's pros and cons with meaningless sex. Yeah, there was.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
I'd much rather have like that one person I can just count on since then. But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 45:48
sorry, you and Ed. Is it okay to call him Ed?

Unknown Speaker 45:52
Okay. Yeah, yeah, like everyone calls I already forgot how to say his name and don't even call it man. Okay. I call him it. So,

Unknown Speaker 46:00
you and Ed have been together for five years and I'm like, okay, five years begging the same person. Do you guys do anything to spice it up?

Unknown Speaker 46:09
To be okay, so like, as is honestly the first person who has actually legit made me come without me having to do it myself.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Let's just give a pro. Let's just get

Unknown Speaker 46:26
in this whole thing. someone leaves him by leaving. Been I'm 30 years old. 30 years old. And this is the first man I have found who's legit made me come without me having to do it myself. So it has a lot to know that because I tried to play hard but he got me a lot. You got me on lock hardcore. But it's like, Bro, I mean, we have we haven't like we always talk about it. We always talk about going to like sec stores and stuff just to see and cuz we always hear like all these cool little devices to like, you know, for two cents sensitivity stuff, all that stuff. You always see the bullshit. And I'm like, who should try it? That's fine. Like, we always talk about like handcuffing each other. When it gets to that point, I feel you

Unknown Speaker 47:24
know, so hard. Because you know what? So everyone's like, I told some dozen the listeners. I was like, yeah, we have a new sponsor, and it's a sex toy sponsor, right. And then I was talking to people super cool. And I was like, I've never used a sex toy. And they looked at me like, I was crazy. And I'm like, I just do the damn thing. Like,

Unknown Speaker 47:45
it's not

Unknown Speaker 47:46
me, so I've used one on myself. And to be honest, I just felt like, I don't know. Like, it was cool, but I'm like, really was just like, plastic thing inside. I don't know, it just wasn't something I could like. I pull out a dildo and be like, yeah, I need a rug went out real quick, whatever. But you know, that takes like whatever vibrator to get me going for however long so like, I don't know, cuz we can add like I said, we always talked about we're like, one of those like, ring talks or cochlear green cos. Like they're called. Tiger out your balls. So it makes you laugh. That's another thing. Like, we have like six or like, two hours. And I'm like, dude, do you not know that vaginas? Like get sore? take a breather and saying like, I tap out. Great. It's just like, I don't know. He's like, I mean, yeah, that's like, I mean, you got to have a good sex life. Right? And don't people say it should always be about the sex but like, it helps the relationship and you're passionate in bed. Yeah. When you're just very like intimate when you get to know each other's bodies. And that's another cool thing, too, is like, yeah, we've been together for almost five years, but we're still getting to know each other's body. You know what I mean? Like he's still trying to learn how to work, you know me down there and think

Unknown Speaker 49:20
it's been five years, but

Unknown Speaker 49:21
we'll see what we can do.

Unknown Speaker 49:22
Yeah, sounds like you guys don't lack passion at all. So that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 49:27
So let's play the lightning sex round. We can get some more details. If you're not familiar with lightning six round. Basically, I'm going to say a phrase or a word and you're just going to say yes or no. Okay, and it's just fast. I'm ready. Okay, okay, let's go. Do dirty talk in bed. Yes, spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
Like to be like, yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:05

Unknown Speaker 50:07
Yes, absolutely choking. Yes. threesomes No, because I'm a jealous bit.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 50:18

Unknown Speaker 50:19
Any foot fetishes?

Unknown Speaker 50:22
No, I don't get it. I wish I tried. No.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
I don't know what that means. I'm not I'm assuming it's not calm so that they know

Unknown Speaker 50:32
that's bonded to like ropes or blindfold. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:39
Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Oh, kinda. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
But stuff on you or a partner? No,

Unknown Speaker 50:46
no, no faster hands. I tried. I tried guys multiple times. I've tried.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
I'm not gonna lie. Do you use sex toys? Well, that's a no. No. Have you ever been to a sex club? Yes. Have you ever been to a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 51:03
No, I have not.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Yes, I am.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Congratulations. That's a lightning sex.

Unknown Speaker 51:14

Unknown Speaker 51:15
so let's do segments are fan questions and fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
One kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Are you familiar with Fuck, marry kill?

Unknown Speaker 51:33
Yes, I am actually. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 51:35
hold on one second. I'm gonna let my associates look at these. Because I got so it's three names. And I have two groups of three names, but I'm not sure which one to do. Maybe I'll just do both of them.

Unknown Speaker 51:49
I'm all for Bob's name. So I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 51:52
Okay, all right. So

Unknown Speaker 51:53
I'll do the first one. And then if you don't know who they are, we'll do the next one. Okay, all right. So you got to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill ready? Yep. Okay, Rob Zombie. Travis Barker. And post malone.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
Oh my god. That's hard. Okay, and then probably killed Travis.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
Killed Travis. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 52:24
Mary Rob Zombie. I don't know because I love him. I love this movie.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
You're gonna pull out alone.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
phone? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
I'm insulted for it. He's not attractive.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
No. Yeah, I don't know. I can't help it.

Unknown Speaker 52:41

Unknown Speaker 52:44
You don't give a Rob Zombie's out there.

Unknown Speaker 52:49

Unknown Speaker 52:53
Very cool. Okay. All right. The last segment is called fan questions. real fans that want to ask you questions are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 53:10
Yes, I'm ready. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
At she fights two wants to know Would you rather pose a nude for Playboy for $1 Oh, sorry for $1 million tax free or fight for a Bella toward championship for free.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Oh my god that's a good one. Okay, good. is a good one. I

Unknown Speaker 53:32
had to ask myself I'm glad I'm not on the spot because that's a hard one.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
That really is that to be honest I'm gonna have to go with the championship thing because once I'm a championship a lot of other opportunities open up so millionaire regardless after that

Unknown Speaker 53:47
all right the way you think and like we know Okay, at wolf King 3089 wants to know men who get high before they take you out on a date acceptable or unacceptable.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
very acceptable. I better be invited. We better Yeah, come out that with me.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Because it is weird when somebody's like super high and you're so super super, like on different wavelengths. Well,

Unknown Speaker 54:17
first of all, yeah, it's like it's okay for you. Like that.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Okay, at Oceanside. Oh 920

Unknown Speaker 54:25
Oh, where

Unknown Speaker 54:26
did he ask you that? Okay, next one. We want to know about your nickname but um, okay. Oh yeah. At Martin underscore FMP wants to know favorite tattoo on your body? Oh, you got a lot of them.

Unknown Speaker 54:39
Oh, favorite tattoo on my body? Honestly, I think like my left sweet well I don't know I live my my sleeve my right sleeve is like my family. And then my like Leslie kind about like, my life like what I've been through how I've been through trauma and then survived and now here I am type things. I really love my life. First of all my tattoos right? That's why you get them.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
Yeah, that's true. All right. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:04
all of them all of them. I love them all.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
At bays man 2000 wants to know who would you like to fight in any organization? Do you have like a dream fight?

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Dream fight I just want to fight the champion belt or who is now the last guest so yeah, yeah, good. I mean the gold ultimate goals always get to the gold so

Unknown Speaker 55:27
crazy was last night by the way. I was like, expecting that but ilima lei was on the show. And so she's like, sex and violence alone family and I know we're pretty good friends and I'm just like, I'm still I want

Unknown Speaker 55:42
her to win. I was rooting for her so hard and I was not going to because I was getting nervous when they were like walking out and I was like, I felt like I was fighting God I really want you in like I don't even know her but I like her you know to me so and I know one day I'll fighter but I'm just like, I'm still have so much respect for you. You know, I mean, again, amazing fighters. I just, you know, I just kind of struggling with that. That reach getting inside and everything because we can hide her down at one time. You know, she was dominant. So I honestly sad. Sad. Sad.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
I honestly didn't watch the fight because I Oh, I think we're recording a podcast, but I I just had so much confidence in her like I was like, Okay, yeah. Like no big deal. I'll just like, like her pictures. I'm like, yeah, that's the bell. I'm like, and the way that she's dealing with it, like so gracefully. Um, so that's why

Unknown Speaker 56:33
I love her. I

Unknown Speaker 56:33
love her. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:34
freakin I love her. I'm like, dude, you're an inspiration to like me and I know we're gonna have to probably fight you but like, I look up to you. You know what I mean? So honestly, I'm definitely on the list. I would love to fight her. Just her spirit her her. I mean, her respect to the sport and her opponents. I mean, she's an amazing person, but anyone who I need to fight to get to develop is who I want to fight for sure.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
But good answer. Good answer. Okay, so this person I think might know you personally because it says

Unknown Speaker 57:03
at the mando

Unknown Speaker 57:04
la lubri jujitsu. Yep. Says doesn't make bear sounds when y'all are having sex.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
Y'all must be from technical

Unknown Speaker 57:15
side. So Texas. No, he does not Mundo but he does make them all day every day. Regularly without without sex. So thanks for that. But we are moaners 100%

Unknown Speaker 57:34
Okay, last question. And I have a feeling I know who you're gonna say but who would you like to hear next on sex and violence?

Unknown Speaker 57:43

Unknown Speaker 57:45
girl guy Anyone?

Unknown Speaker 57:48
Anyone? Hmm? I don't know. I would love I mean, I would love to hear Haley. I know she would never get on it though.

Unknown Speaker 57:55

Unknown Speaker 57:57
know it'd be really freakin funny. I would actually honestly love to hear Mondo because he really is a guy you should have because that's what was freaking retarded. Like he was so silly and just he he's freaking funny but I don't know man. You're showing her awesome everyone who had on his freakin funny and like I listen to what's his name sabol?

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, so but what do you think of that episode?

Unknown Speaker 58:22
he's freaking silly there because I was supposed to fight on that card with him. Oh, yeah. So after? Yeah, so after like, we got to watch the fights since my fight didn't happen. So I watch the fight and then afterwards, you know, he's with Brian and Sucker Punch everybody. For we went to like, go party with him. And that's crazy. Like, he's frickin funniest. Like, he does not give a fuck about anybody and it's hilarious. I love people like that. So I was like, Oh, yeah, he's, we're gonna get along real well, so yeah, he his episode was good, but anybody like that? I'm like, dude, I just Yeah, I don't know. I don't even know who did you think I was gonna say?

Unknown Speaker 58:59
I thought you're gonna say Haley.

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Oh, yeah, I think it'd be hilarious but I know she'd never been yeah

Unknown Speaker 59:05
I know. I've already asked her I think she said some about God I don't know

Unknown Speaker 59:11
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh like that.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
Joke it Yeah, no, she's the best she's and I'm I know to each their own. I just I make the jokes about the gods sometimes. It's just funny.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
I'm sorry guys. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
Yeah, I'm right there with ya. No, girl.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Thank you so much. I really hope that they get you booked early next year ASAP I'll be watching with my little neck brace on

Unknown Speaker 59:41
would be like go down. Yeah, super fast recovery dude like real I'm hoping and marching and making sure you're good to go so we can get you in that fucking cage and kilobits

Unknown Speaker 59:53
I want I honestly like I think we've been talking about getting some training in for a while now. I'll come out to Texas. You and Haley can Come out here.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
Absolutely. I would love that so much. Just give my six

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
month old like six to seven months.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
Yeah, whenever you're ready no rush. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere for a while. So all right. But yeah, I would love to train with you. And I hope that's the easiest recovery there is to know it. Get in there as soon as you can. So thank you so much, so much out of out of glasses. You You're awesome. Bye. Talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
It's just so good.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
I promise

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
you since you were at Warner, I would want it and thought that

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
that's a wrap guys. I hope you have a fun weekend full of sex and violence. And you can watch the UFC fights tomorrow night on ESPN plus for the violence part. And I cannot help you with the sex. You gotta take care of that on your own. go be a little Whoa, whoa, whoa. But use protection. And I mean a rubber and a mask since it's 2020. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your questions. Hope you enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. Don't forget to rate and review on iTunes, Spotify, all that you get a free sticker and special shout out to DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official and producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales and sex

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