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Episode 32: Sexual Health Specialist - Dr. Terese S. Harris, M.D.

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to second violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters, other experts in the field about love, dating, romance. And that is subject to sex.

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I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl.

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And now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening, the hot stuff?

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Merry Christmas to all You naughty listeners, I know most of you are probably on the naughty list. So probably no gifts for you guys, or cold. But for real, it's been a very, very hard year. I know for all of us. And if you decided to do that no gifts thing this year, then you're smart. I mean, I know gifts are a big part of Christmas. But I feel like if it's the right time to save money, if there's any time to save money, it'd be right now. I mean, what else has happened, there's been the crazy pandemic, all the election stuff, the black lives matter. I mean, it's been a hell of a year. And I hope wherever you are, whoever you're with, and whatever you're doing, you were just grateful, because, you know, this is going to be mushy Ashley again, but at least we we woke up, we're here, we're alive. And we've got lots of opportunities to make things better. I mean, I know some people have lost loved ones this year due to the pandemic or other reasons, and people lost jobs, opportunities, and my heart really, really goes out to you. But I also know that some great things have happened this year. I know that people have persevered and create a new doors to open and struggle through this whole crappy 2020. And we made it out alive. So we should celebrate that. And we should take our losses and keep moving forward. I mean, we just can't really dwell on the negative. But stead let's try and take all the positives from this year, even if they're not that many try to move them to the front of our minds and walk into next year with a fucking smile. I mean, easier said than done. But, you know, I'm gonna keep trying to practice what I preach, you know, I'm definitely not one of those people who are saying it's gonna be okay guys, then, you know, then breaking down, I do have my own times where I'm sad. But for the most part, you know, even though it's been a crazy year, I'm stand positive for myself. And for you guys, you got to look at the things that are a plus, for me, it's, you know, the fact that I'm still sober, you know, talk about on the podcast. So you guys know, 535 days today, which I don't really know exactly how many months that is, I think I'm like close to a year and a half sober, which is a fucking Feat. It's phenomenal. It's amazing for someone like me, so that's good. I'm super in love with my boyfriend. And we're in actually a healthy relationship where we talk and communicate. It's very weird. And our done that before. And, you know, I'm gonna focus on that and keep getting, you know, keep working on relationship and making it better. And I've got made new friends this year, new teammates, new coaches, I don't know if anybody came into your life. But you know, that's another thing that we can be positive about new people, new friends, new family members, I say new family members, because for me, my friends are so close to me that they become my family members. And also got this cool new podcast so we can give people and myself a platform to talk about what they want to talk about whether it's sex or violence or something a little heavier. You know, I know we've talked about sexual health and domestic violence and just kind of, you know how to navigate your life in this crazy, crazy world we live in. And last but not least, I've got an amazing fucking job, I will fight for the UFC. And that's some people's dreams. And even though I'm recording this in a neck brace right now and have about six to seven months before I can fully train, I still have a job when I'm when I'm all healed up. And it's my dream job. So that's something that I'm also going to be super grateful for and take into next year. And we're about to end our year with an amazing guest. She is a sexual health specialist, and she's going to answer all these questions that you guys sent in. And, you know, it's just, it's just going to be a great app. Episode So, if you guys want to do what I always ask you to do, please spot please choose to either sorry. Please write and review us on Spotify or Apple iTunes and you get a sticker. I know I've said that a million times, but it helps boost us to the top of the charts so more people listen, more people can find us. Also, this podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit ella and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit el la and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a sexual health specialist from restore med clinic in Newport Beach, California. She's a double board certified gynecologist and a specialist in bio identical hormone therapy and anti aging medicine. She's here to enlighten us share her knowledge and smash some of the age old myths. We talked about the pee and OMG shot that improves sex for men and women how to shoot ping pong balls, testing testosterone levels for sex, sex questions asked by Carla Esparza herself, marijuana effects on sex and so much more. Here's your guest sexual health specialist Teres s. Harris, MD.

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Okay, we have Dr. Harris on the line. Doctor, thank you so much for coming on the show. You are our most educated guest for sure. Not to say anything bad about the other guests. But we've never had a doctor on so I'm so thrilled you're here. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

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Thank you for having me. What fun?

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Yeah. And you know, so how we actually got connected for the listeners? Little information, or your is it? office manager? Jessica? Yeah, Jessica was super smart. And she reached out to the podcast and thought that we can, you know, form a mutually beneficial relationship, kind of bring you on the podcast and educating the masses about some women's health myths and all that. And then I fortunately got something out of it as well, some we exchanged some services that we'll talk about later in the episode. Correct.

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We had lots of fun.

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Yeah. So I want to start off just a little bit of background information about you. You know, I know that you are part of restore. But, you know, let's talk about you specifically first, kind of where you went to school. why you chose the type of medicine that you did.

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Yeah, so I started a long time ago, sadly, in 1998, I started my own private practice. And I used to be a regular old ob gyn. So I did deliveries, lots of surgeries. But my love has always been in hormone replacement and sexuality. And so as I sort of got older, I stopped doing the surgery, stop delivering babies. And now I mostly focus on sexuality, hormone replacement problems with sexual issues, and mostly so in the office. And that's what I've done for the last 20 years. Wow. 20 years. And,

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you know, I, I think it's safe to say that most people think that vaginal rejuvenation has to be for older women, correct?

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Correct. But I think they think it's always aesthetic as well. It's not functional enough to make it actually work better. Yeah.

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Yeah. And I'm really excited to kind of go over some of those myths later that we can debunk. So you, you've worked in that area of medicine for 20 years, how long have you worked with or for restore med clinic.

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So, store I've been about that long. year and a half. And I consult with nation we do lots of that we do lots of things that restore first full medical clinic. They do anything from Botox and fillers. They do facial rejuvenation with a frequency we use exosomes, not a lot of people are on the edge of exosome use. We do hair restoration, liposuction, there is non invasive is really cool. And in my case, what I'm doing there's lots of vaginal rejuvenation with both radio frequency surgery, PRP, oh shots, pee shots, so you name it. We're getting it done.

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Wow, there's so many different things there to cover. What is this exosomes that you talk about?

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exosomes are little vesicles. And so without even going into the whole science. So most people know the word stem cells. Stem Cells are little cells that actually do rejuvenation or regrowing of some sort of thing and what's used everywhere. It's used in shoulders, it's used in knees, it's used now in hair to regrow hair. So anywhere that it needs to be repaired or regrown. So that's what stem cells do. And this is sort of stem cells on steroids, so to speak, it's even better. So they're little vesicles that sit outside the cell that recruit stem cells into the area. And the good thing about them is stem cells are person to person, you know, you have to use your own stem cells. If you're a 59 year old guy, you've got 59 year old stem cells, exosomes are taken from younger people, so you're not getting the genetic material, but you're getting a younger, better rejuvenation, so they work a lot better.

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Wow, here I am thinking that stem cells is like the latest medical technology. And then that's all news compared to exosomes, you up. So you have these different types of services, whether it's a synthetic or, you know, health, you know, medicinal, I guess you would say, what's your average type of client? You know, it's not probably all OC housewives, but we might have a mixture of patients.

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But there's a lot of a lot of a lot of them. But no, no, we get anywhere from there's young girls coming in with specific issues. We have older men who have a reptile dysfunction. So it really depends. We do us a whole gamut of different things.

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So it's not just women's clinic, you also have you know, obviously exosomes can be for men or women. And then what are some male specific male services that you offer?

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For the men? what's hot right now is hair rejuvenation. So it's best when men come in early as opposed to you know, that shiny bald fryer tech kind of looking too late. Yeah. But you know, when the chest start to get those peaks on the two side, or just getting a little thin right in the front, that is the perfect time to come in for exosomes, we inject it right into the scalp. And within about three months, you see significant hair growth. Amazing what happens? Yeah, so the men come in the I'd say the majority for that. We are also doing the pee shots, which are the it's called platelet rich plasma. we isolate platelets from your blood. So we take blood from the men, we isolate their platelets, and then re injected. And what that does is that increases both blood supply to the area and new nerve endings.

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And where do you inject this P shot?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
You'll get you guessed it, right. This is a famous.

Unknown Speaker 14:07
Wow. So

Unknown Speaker 14:08
yeah. And can be done.

Unknown Speaker 14:11
Is there any numbing procedures before this?

Unknown Speaker 14:14
You definitely definitely block it. So there's you can do what's called a penile block right at the base of the penis so they don't feel it.

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Unknown Speaker 14:22
are you crossing your legs just talking about it?

Unknown Speaker 14:25
No, I mean, you know that I already got my mind done. So I know what it's like. It's actually not that bad. But yeah, I guess I mean, that's a perfect transition into talking about the female version of the P shot which is the OSHA right

Unknown Speaker 14:40
talk about your vagina. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
So the P shot is for men, which obviously increases sensitivity and maybe what did you know? I forget what you said What else does it increase with the P shop?

Unknown Speaker 14:54
sensitivity blood vessels so you know men that aren't quite getting it up. Straight are harder. It's for that. Okay. Yeah, there was this some claim. So the person that invented this is named Charles Reynolds. He claims it increases length and girth. But there aren't any great studies to show length and girth. So I don't really say that, but there's some men that that claim absolutely, it makes a bigger

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Oh, wow, I mean, sensitive increase sensitivity alone is a plus, then, you know, more frequent erections and possible increase in girth. And length is, you know, pretty stars.

Unknown Speaker 15:35
That's awesome. Exactly. In residency, we used to say length is good, girth is better.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
And then, so for the female equivalent, it is the OSHA or the OMG shot,

Unknown Speaker 15:48
we call it the OMG. Set. So Dr. Reynolds has a trademark on OSHA, it's the exact same procedure, but we can call it that without paying money. So it's the same thing. Okay, so exactly the same, we take platelet rich plasma, we take it out of your blood, so we take blood, and we isolate platelets, and then activate those platelets. And then from the little alpha granules in your platelets, there's growth factors. So the predominant is platelet derived growth factor, but many other growth factors come out. And that causes blood, new blood vessels to come to the area, new nerve endings to come to the area. And temporarily you do get a little plumping of the vagina. And then about three months, you definitely get more plump, much more sensitive areas, wherever we've put it.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
So what you're saying is that you take the woman's blood from her body spin around reinjected into her vagina, right? And where exactly in the vagina or on the vagina, do you inject it? I know.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
And you're like, I know. It's the anterior portion. So where your bladder is on the top. And that is the reason we that we go there is that we're really looking for the G spot. Now the G spot something that there's a German, Dr. Ernst Rothenburg, anyway, back way in the 1920s. And God help, you know, God bless this man that he was looking for the G shot back then. Except it's a little creepy that he was an OB GYN at the time. But whatever. He found it. So he found it. And then since then we thought, Well, if you if you know that there's all these nerve endings in this one little area, could we make it bigger? Could we make it even more sensitive? And that's how the P shot came about is that we've we've we isolate that area, or areas that seem to have the most sensitivity and make them more prominent?

Unknown Speaker 17:54
Yes. And so the P shot is for the men and the OMG shot is for the ladies, I got this done was about two or three, probably like three weeks ago, not quite a month, because I remember you telling me after about a month is when you know, you'll reform new nerve endings down there. So it'll be even more sensitive. Correct? Correct. Yeah. And, yeah, so it's kind of nice to actually be able to tell talk about my personal experience, because it sounds so intense, you know, it's like, not a lot of people get a piercing down there, even if you like piercings, because it's such a sensitive area. But, uh, yeah, I think, you know, if I would tell my friends about it, and obviously, I'm telling everyone that listens on this, if you can get your ears pierced, you know, which a lot of people have, you can get the OMG shot, and it's really beneficial. Because within the first week, you know, the increased sensitivity, and we didn't talk about increased moisture as well. That's a right. I think that's a big one.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
And that's what the when the blood vessels bring that moisture, so absolutely,

Unknown Speaker 19:03
yeah. So I mean, and that one's it's such a silly kind of like, I don't know, people think that only older women, you know, need help with moisture. But, you know, I think in your opinion, what, you know, you're the doctor. So do people have, you know, do women have problems with moisture out earlier? A lot

Unknown Speaker 19:21
of young girls, yes, lots of young girls, and then they and then they feel bad about themselves. They think, well, I'm really turned on. Why am I not wet? You know, I should be wet. I love this guy. This guy's hot, I should be like, and they get really down on themselves, when in fact, it just happens. You know, there's certain grands in that area that aren't making moisture. And this is one of the ways that we can fix that. Yeah, and that's absolutely works. That's

Unknown Speaker 19:45
definitely one of the benefits that I've felt. I wish I could have my boyfriend on the mic right now because he would be a walking testimonial of the benefits of the OMG shot as well. I told him I was going to be talking about it. He's like, oh

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Unknown Speaker 20:04
It's just super. It's amazing. I'm kidding. When I say like, Oh, that's the best Christmas gift I can give myself but but i'm not i'm really not kidding at all. Is it increased sensitivity. Everything was, you know, definitely the first like three or four days everything was very tight. It was like having a new vagina. And my boyfriend's like joking around calling it Oh, magic vagina, magic vagina, but really is magic vagina after you get this shot. And, you know, I just think it's something that if you're struggling with the moisture situation, or, you know, maybe your partner's not finding your juice bar, which is, you know, hard for most guys. I think this shot is

Unknown Speaker 20:50
like the blinker of the car. Like the blinker on the car. Nobody seems to know where it is. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
They don't care. They don't care to use it. They don't care

Unknown Speaker 20:59
to find it. They're gonna use it.

Unknown Speaker 21:02
Yeah, easier. And then how long does this shot last?

Unknown Speaker 21:07
So this shot lasts usually about a month anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Yeah, what you hoped for. And then you just come back. You said Do it again.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
You said came in a year though, right?

Unknown Speaker 21:19
I said, Oh, sorry. 12 months to 18 months. Did I not?

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Yeah. You said about a month and I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 21:26
no, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 21:27
It lasts about a year, guys. It's all right. Here. It's exciting stuff. We're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 21:34
Talking about vaginas.

Unknown Speaker 21:38
I mean, it's it's really beneficial. I wouldn't come on here and, and blow smoke up there. My listeners butts as the phrase goes, You know, I

Unknown Speaker 21:46
think it's, uh,

Unknown Speaker 21:47
you know, I'm a walking testimonial. It's it was wasn't that bad. Pain wise, initially. It's scary. You know, I mean, and then you did think

Unknown Speaker 21:57
that's why it's easier the next time to time you're scared to death, you don't know what you're gonna what's gonna happen, then you realize, Oh, that's nothing. And then they come in, you know, a year later and do it again. And it's really nothing at all.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Yeah, I mean, it's, it's worth it. I think especially I wasn't having any any problems in the bedroom. But when we talked initially, and he said, Oh, it's going to increase this, this and this and what? Why not get? It's like someone, you know, do you want extra whipped cream on your cake? Like, okay, put it on there,

Unknown Speaker 22:29
too. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:32
So besides the OMG shot, you know, I haven't Oh, I mean, that there's a couple other services that, you know, I might, you know, we might get in my, you know, talk about on the podcast and whatnot. But what is something that you would like to spotlight? I know, there's the OMG shot, and there's also vole. tiva. Would you like to talk about that?

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Yeah, yeah, so motiva is radio frequency. And that's the modality of how it's how it works. It's a, it's a wand, along with long one that goes in the vagina, and stimulates the vagina itself. With radio frequency, it says a little bit of damage, and then repair comes in. So it brings in new tissue. Same thing with anything that we do like on the face, you damage that lower layer a little bit, and then more. Repair happens. So you get collagen, elastin, and new tissue. And same thing happens with the vagina. So instantly, as we do it, you feel tightening, and I can actually feel it as the wand is in there. I can feel the vagina tightening around it. So that's the original effect. The first thing that happens is just tightening. And then after that same thing in about three months. Brand new collagen, elastin. So the vagina is tighter, because it's more elastic, you get more blood supply to the area and more moisture. So that's, that's great for anybody, especially if you've had a baby or you're going through menopause or Yeah, any other reason.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
So it's not just older women, it can be anyone that could benefit from these procedures. Absolutely. And yeah, why would one choose the OMG shot over the volti? Va if they have some of the similar results?

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Well, I think that the OMG for me why I would tell somebody to do that more than the other is, especially for orgasm, you know, only about 75% of women orgasm, just with just vaginal penetration alone. I'm sorry, sorry. 75%. Don't over 25% actually do yeah, I'm kidding. Talking to me. It's very, it's a very small number. It's surprising how few actually have orgasms with vaginal penetration. So for those people, I think I would prefer the OMG shot because we can get into a specific spot and really enjoy increase it. So for women that are having more problems with tightness and moisture, I would go to motiva first because that's an overall like global treatment, and we can treat the whole vagina for that. So that's how I would choose the difference.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
Okay, so there's a lot of which McCall IT services offered at restore med clinic and where would they would somebody find or get in touch if they wanted to check out these services or talk to you more?

Unknown Speaker 25:32
So you can call the clinic? And let me of course get the address. It's 1501 westcliffe. And in sweet and it's and their phone number is it's a new California I forgot a phone numbers 949-503-9621. And do you have a website or any social media at all for restore? It's so restore med clinic is exactly the same as the name restore med clinic calm. And then if you want to get in touch with me specifically about these procedures, I'm at multiple places, but on Instagram, it's the hormone or Facebook, it's Teres, Harris, MD. Doc are at just three stars MD that's on the Facebook for store has Facebook too.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
I think restore on Instagram is just at restore med clinic.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
Yes, yep, I see. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
All right. So yeah, so there's just some ways to get in touch. If you guys are interested in any of the services, if you want to learn more, I want to talk about some myths that are for men and women. I think it would be fun to have a professional kind of help debunk some of those. Okay, I want to do that. Here. Okay. So some myths of women's sexual health got about five here. So the top one is women who don't want to have sex are frigid ditches. What are what's your opinion on that?

Unknown Speaker 27:23
My opinion is women are complex. They're not just like, you know, on and off, you know, you don't just switch them on and you switch them off. They're, they're more like a, you know, a supercomputer or, or the US tax system. You know, I mean, it's complex, it's hard to figure out sometimes. What goes into it, there's hormones, there's, there's stress. So all these things change throughout the month, the cycle the year, relationship issues, you know, like, the men men can't You can't be a dick, if you are woman's not going to want to have sex with you. Women are worried about things like STDs, we're worried about violence, we're worried about what time of the month it is, like women worry about everything. So there's, there's so much that goes into whether a woman is turned on or turned off, and they have you know, there's a really good author. Oh, she's, she talks. She's a sexual health person. And anyways, she talks about sensitive brakes that women have much more sensitive brakes, meaning things that make them not sexually turned on. Oh, yeah, men have much more sensitive controls to turn on. So you know, you're in a boardroom and, and a man see some sideboob. And they're, they're going to get a stuffy just just looking because they're they don't have the brakes that women do. Women can look at something sexual and think, no, I'm in a boardroom. And then and then just put it aside. So it's just a difference in sensitivity. We, we can adjust that sensitivity, believe it or not, in in most women, I'd say 90% of the women, we add testosterone. So I do testosterone pellets for women. And that's just a small concentrated testosterone that goes under the skin, top of the buttocks. And it's just done in the office real quick, but it increases the testosterone level. And believe it or not, we can get that sensitivity level quite high in women to the point that it's almost distracting. So you have to be careful how much you give women.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
So then you turn from frigid bitch to over sex crazed maniac.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
Yeah, kinda. It is it's most, I'll tell you this. When women have their when their testosterone pellet starts to wear out. I get calls from their husbands not them.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
Work. That's awesome. Okay, so that's good to know. Something else that you can do if you're experienced a low sex drive. Number two men and women have the same My age in sexual peak.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
Not really. That's unfortunate. So men peak at about 19. And we're talking about sort of their hormone level and how often they want to have sex. Men peak early, they don't actually, you know, they plateau out for a long time, they don't actually drop down until they in their 50s and 60s, which is good. So that's how men can reproduce for quite a bit longer than women. But women don't really peak into their late 20s or into their mid 40s. And that's why were these Well, I know, you get that whole Cougar thing people imagine is these older women out looking for young guys, but it's partially true. So their, their, their estrogen and progesterone levels change. So in old, you know, the 40 year olds, their progesterone level goes down, which makes their testosterone much more usable and sense and sensitive. So they'd be they do become quite a bit hornier in their in their early 40s. So

Unknown Speaker 31:05
that makes sense. You know, why why we have fevers and all that it's science guys. Okay. All right. Number three, some women are incapable of orgasm.

Unknown Speaker 31:16
Yeah, we kind of touched on that. I mean, it's true. There's women that I have women that come to me all the time. And that's probably one of those in the younger women population. That's the thing they say is that all my girlfriends have orgasms and, and I don't I enjoy sex. It feels good, but I don't orgasm. And I think the issue is, is that they don't realize that normal like it's normal. If you're not stimulating the clitoral to not have an orgasm, because the majority of women don't know, you know, what

Unknown Speaker 31:47
25% have vaginal orgasms?

Unknown Speaker 31:53
Not not clitoral some studies is low is only 9%. I mean, there's some studies that are just really low. It's so sad. I mean, it doesn't mean that you can't either stimulate the critters at the same time, or teach your, your partner whoever that may be to stimulate the G spot and and show and show them where it is, you know, find it out find it for yourself. Yeah, people don't even know there is one or where it feels good or where it doesn't feel good.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Yeah, that's definitely one of the benefits of getting older is because you've gone through trial and error with yourself with partners. And you know, you know how to get there quicker.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
And you're comfortable, you're comfortable with yourself, you're not ashamed to, to find these things or take time and research it, so to speak.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Yeah, so I guess, you know, if we're saying true or false, it's not, you know, some women are incapable of orgasm. I would say that is false. It's just that they haven't, you know, found the right method.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
Right? No, exactly. Just like, you know, one of the one of the ways is women on top, so if you're on top, you can control what stimulates the clitoral at the same time as the vagina. So that's one of those techniques you can use. You know, instead of having to come in and have the, your G spot amplified, which we'd be glad to do. But you know, if you don't have the time or the money to come do that, you know, just try and stimulate it yourself and find ways to do that and teach your your partner that that needs to happen at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
Yeah, for sure. Okay, so number four, is women enjoy sex more? As they get older, too? Are we

Unknown Speaker 33:43
I think we can we kind of did that. Yeah, they're just, they're just not as worried about pregnancy. They're, they're more body aware. They care less about superficial things. I mean, if their fat hangs over on the side and their partner grabs that they don't stop instantly. They just don't care that much anymore. care more about the sex and the intimacy so I think true that it is true that the older you get, the better it gets. So there's there's lots of reasons that they're there. And we talked about their free testosterone goes up slightly, so that's good. That's true. That's better girls corny, older ladies, not all that. There's a lot of horny older ladies out there. Yeah, see, I'm giving myself a plug now. out there.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
Are you single duck?

Unknown Speaker 34:29
I am All right, good.

Unknown Speaker 34:35
Doctor Who can bring sexual increased sexual pleasure? Pleasure.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
You are. Yeah, you're

Unknown Speaker 34:43
a hot commodity. Okay, last one is men care about how it looks?

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Yeah, so I'm used to saying it nowadays because Facebook won't let you say the V word. Like if you say vagina, they take you off for quite a bit. What not like it's not An actual body part but it is

Unknown Speaker 35:02
Facebook well as the word vagina.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
Oh, they take down all my posts, any posts I put up there, you would think it was porn? Oh, no. Anyways, so I think that women think when they hear vaginal rejuvenation or the word vaginal region they think, well, I, you know, I think I'm okay. If you are okay. Or there's other women that that makes them start looking. You know, do I look like that porn star that I saw last week? You know, it is no, you might not. And she probably doesn't even look like that. They've probably changed that word. But not everybody looks like a Barbie doll on the outside.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
So in your experience, men typically don't care.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
I have. I've asked you. I asked you. I asked your boyfriend. I asked almost all men. Has it ever stopped? You ever wonder how it looks on the outside? And a resounding 100% has said no. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 36:04
don't care how it looks. My boyfriend care other things. Yeah, this is true. And yeah, he said, he said, I would bet that there's never been a guy who, you know, when the woman took off her pants, and he saw what it looked like he was like, I'm out of here and like, zipped his pants up and left. Like he said, most likely there's never been a guy that cared what it looked like. He said, Oh, no, he said it. It's different. If it is a health or a hygiene issue. hygienic smell is another thing. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. All right. Well, there's a couple rejuvenation, Ms. One is that vaginal rejuvenation is only beneficial for post menopausal women. And we touched on that briefly. We said, younger women can get the different services as well. Right?

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Right. So it's great for incontinence. It's great for loose vaginas. It's great for Dr. vaginas. But it's also great for increase in sensitivity and moisture. So that's an that's an everybody problem. That's not just an older woman problem. And younger woman really appreciate the increased sensitivity.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
And I didn't even feel like I had a problem per se. It was just like, Hey, would you like this to feel better? Be wetter, right? I'm like, Yes, that is like, weather is always better. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 37:26
right. And once one of my recent patients, she actually wrote a review. She was very sexual, very normal. And she you know, she anytime she had sex, she did orgasm every time since she's had her. Her OMG shot. She said she's orgasming seven times in a row. But she's having multiple orgasms where she used to have a single orgasm. Yeah, who doesn't want that

Unknown Speaker 37:54
thing? Right? Things are a lot better sexually, for sure. But I almost feel like my partner is getting the benefit. Like, you know, like afterwards. He's just like, I feel like he's like talking to my vagina. He's just like, oh, that was great. Good job. Hello. Like he does. He even said it feels like a different vagina. And I'm like, that's, you know, don't be too happy about that come down.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
It's still attached to you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Another myth is that the procedure of, you know, any kind of vaginal rejuvenation is complex, difficult and a painful surgery?

Unknown Speaker 38:35
No, I don't think so. I'd say. So it's about 30 minutes. If it's we're talking about just radio frequency, you know, just the motiva it's about 30 minutes. To me, you know, I've had it, I've obviously had it done. It's like a warm stone massage. You know, if you've ever had a warm stone massage, it's just that it's just that back and forth of that nice, warm stone. It never gets hot, it never burns. So a lot of people are actually surprised that it does anything. But it's pretty amazing that that's just a 30 minute procedure that OMG shot. When we isolate, we have to take time to spin it down. But I'd say 30 minutes to 45 depending on how long it takes to take the blood. Yeah, and it down

Unknown Speaker 39:16
really was a very quick procedure. In my experience. The actual waiting for the numbing cream to kick in was the longest part of it. And you know, you and I just kind of shot the shit and talked in between my legs spread open, awkwardly, but uh, yeah, it's it's really fun. Are you?

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Yeah, you're like, this

Unknown Speaker 39:38
is my life. This is

Unknown Speaker 39:41
what I do all day.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Yeah, um, yeah, it was a very quick procedure. So that's definitely a myth that didn't and it wasn't like, you know, walked out of there. 30 minutes later, not like a big surgery or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
Okay, and use it that night. That's the beauty of it.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
You know what I didn't because I was just so Scared, like, it felt so different. And I was like, I'm gonna give it a day to rest, you know?

Unknown Speaker 40:06
Give the girl a rough

Unknown Speaker 40:09
mix vaginal rejuvenation results are immediate.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
Well, like there's, there's a few different things depending on what you have done. Like I said that the OMG, you definitely felt fuller right away, because the actual PRP is in there. But you get the best results after about three months. So that's when things are remodeled. That's when you get the new collagen, the new elastx and all the new nerve endings have come in. That's when you get the real results. Patients patients

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Yeah, I'm excited.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Only in Orange County housewife or a Kardashian has vaginal rejuvenation.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
So I think we've proven that wrong.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
Yeah, I'm definitely not an OC housewife. Right. But what are some other types of clients that you that you have that have gotten this procedure that might surprise us?

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Well, I can't give you names. No, no, none. But

Unknown Speaker 41:05
maybe like a person.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
almost anybody I have had girls in their 20s for the same thing, just wanting increase moisture increase sensitivity, up to eight year old women who for the same rate for different reasons that the same problem. You know, I think one of the surprises as I've gotten older, is the realization that 80 year old women are still having some pretty awesome sex. It's not like that. You don't want to imagine it. But it's happening. happening. And, and with the onset of Viagra. There's 80 year old men that want to have sex. And so these women are left thinking, you know, I got to do something. So OMG shot of motiva, both of them are great to get that moisture back in the feeling back. Awesome. Let's talk about all age.

Unknown Speaker 41:57
Oh, yes. All ages. And, you know, it doesn't matter. Kind of like what you do. I mean, I think it's, you know, a housewife, you know, I'm an athlete, it doesn't matter, you know, who you are, what you do. This is an IT, you know, benefits the men and the women, correct? Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 42:14

Unknown Speaker 42:14
So speaking of the men's benefits, we'll talk a few little myths. And you can talk about like the services that you offer the men as well. Number one, his size matters?

Unknown Speaker 42:28
Well, that's Yes, that depends on the person. But to tell you the truth, that's never that's never an any study or any talk with any men. Has that really affected anything. And I know that men are made to feel inadequate about size, but the average size classes is about three inches, and the average size You wrecked average is five. So that's not you know, huge. Girth is about 3.6 glasses and about 4.6 correct. So, you know, it's, these aren't huge, it's more of the sensitivity for men, you know, they have to feel something, and they have to maintain a nice hard erection. And that's those are the two things that seem to be the problem is that either with, with substances, this can can go wrong or with age that can go wrong. And so we often do pee shots for that. And testosterone. testosterone is huge for men. Yeah, if their testosterone level goes low, nothing works. You know, what you don't want to and the actual equipment doesn't work. Yeah. So we're looking at, at every, every aspect of it.

Unknown Speaker 43:44
All right. second one was, men always want to have sex?

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Well, we're kind of back to the same thing. You know, if they have their testosterone level, if you slept in the eight, 900, they might want to have sex pretty often. And that's good. You know, that's testosterone for men is more than just sex. It's how they feel about themselves, their self worth, their confidence level. You know, I always talk about the overweight bald guy that goes into a bar. They used back when I was young and hot. I always, always these guys were always hitting on me. And I always thought really, really, but they had testosterone, they thought they were the hottest thing ever. And I think it's important every man should feel like that. Yeah, so yeah, I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 44:35
mean, I I am shocked sometimes when you know, the, the seemingly the guy who you know maybe doesn't isn't the most in shape, or like he said, a little balding, or, you know, he has that confidence. I'm like, how do you have that confidence when, you know, you have a woman who's you know, an eight 910 and she's over here just you know, doubting herself and that comes from testosterone.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Most of it, most of us Got their they've just have competence. And I think it's great. Everyone should have that confidence. Women should have that confidence. And sometimes, that's exactly why we replace testosterone in women as well as men, is just to get that feeling. Again, I have, I have one woman, she works in a very high position in the government. And when she has her testosterone, she walks into the boardroom and feels like I know more than all these guys. And you should because she does this girl, a woman, this woman is extremely smart. So I think we should all we should all have a little of that. Yeah. So for men, yeah, they had they mostly, I would say they mostly want to have sex all the time, if everything's going well and feeling good, and they're not too stressed. But if not, if that's lagging, and that does sometimes happen with all sorts of things. They should come see someone like me here, the doctor and say, hey, check from my last levels. Yeah. And and they might have vascular disease. And I have early, you know, coronary artery disease, which also happens in in the penis, and it's not working anymore. Well, all of that needs to be looked at.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
Yeah. How often should a man kind of get his testosterone levels and all that hormones checked?

Unknown Speaker 46:19
Well, as soon as they feel that there's anything that with depression, you know, depression is one of the first things with insomnia if they're not sleeping at night. Definitely with erectile dysfunction go anytime early. Yeah, with just routine annual stuff about age 4045. They should probably throw that in with the annual annual test, or low sex drive. Absolutely, yeah. Great. So a lot of studies. Sorry, sorry, I'm just gonna talk about testosterone. You know, the studies show that if they, if you replace men's testosterone early, then it's actually protective against coronary artery disease. If you wait until they're over 10 years, they've been low on testosterone, that it actually increases risk. So we always want to catch guys early on this.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
Yeah. Wow, there's so many so many different ailments that you know, hormone replacement, or testosterone can treat in men and women seemingly, that's awesome. And then the last one is alcohol and weed are stimulants for men.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
So I think that a lot of men come in and they say, you know, and I'm a little stressed, I'll, I'll just have a few beers, and then I can get myself in the mood. And I'd say maybe one beer would be great to put you in the mood. But the problem is, is that too much of either really lower the ability to have sex. You know, we used to, we used to call it whiskey deck, when you have no thing nothing. So you know, men, they're there. They're too much to drink, they see a hot woman, they take her home, now, this is gonna be great. And then nothing happens. That that's the alcohol or, or too much, too much weed that can happen. There's there's studies showing that daily weed use and then, especially if it's over four days a week lowers testosterone. So there was one study in their New England Journal of Medicine, it showed testosterone level in the four hundreds for daily weed users, whereas most men in the controls in the study were somewhere around 800. So it's, it's something to watch. It's something to be careful, you know that. Maybe if you are daily with us, or maybe you just go have your testosterone checked? Yes. Yeah, we can offset that.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
That makes me sad, because I'm definitely pro marijuana. And so does that happen for women as well? If women are frequent cannabis users, you know, will their natural testosterone be lowered as well?

Unknown Speaker 48:55
You know, it's funny, we should do that study. You and I. Odd, that's not been done.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
I would love to partake in that study. Like, I would totally do that. milkweed and then, yes, my levels

Unknown Speaker 49:12
we should see because that's probably true. It's probably lowers as well. Uh huh. It's a quick fix. You know, I know that most people are smoking or whatever. However, they're, they're using weed daily, it's usually stressed or sleep. CBD works really well for that. But most people still they really the combo of the THC and the CBD is what they really, really like. Yeah. So instead of having to give that up, you know, we just replace with what is low? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:47
it's such a it's such a healthier alternative. You know, I personally use it as a replacement for alcohol. I used to drink so much, you know, like, you know, like you just said many reasons come home. You know, take the edge off or, you know, socialization, you know, you're going somewhere to about a bar party and you just have some drinks. And so, for me, it's like, Okay, I'm not so good when I drink. So I'm gonna smoke now. And if you're saying that it might lower my testosterone, which, you know, you know, is very, very important for a female athlete to have. I'm kind of like, oh, Hmm, maybe I should not smoke in the offseason?

Unknown Speaker 50:25
Well, heck your level, I'm ready. Okay, let's

Unknown Speaker 50:27
do it. And then, you know, just to kind of wrap up all the men's services, because I know a lot of men are probably gonna see this episode and be like, oh, they're talking about vaginas, you know, but you offer the Petia. You do hormone replacement and testing. And then you also do the exomes, which is similar to stem cells, but better. And and then I also wanted to talk about the IVs that you do there as well.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
Yeah, so we do also we do IVs just for hydration, which a lot of people need, but we also have an IV, that's good. Post hangover to kick the hangover out. We have a sexual health IV that increases orgasms. There's one for going out that night.

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Oh, okay, we need to elaborate on the sexual health IV please.

Unknown Speaker 51:20
There are certain hormones that you can oxytocin To be more specific, that you can inject or ingest or send to the tongue that makes orgasms stronger, better and easier. And so Wow, better sex tonight, we can do that we can do right now we do a lot of antiviral, you know, lots of vitamin C for people trying to avoid COVID. So, let us know what it is that you that you were looking for. And we can custom design an ID for you.

Unknown Speaker 51:53
Science amazing. Okay, so I want to play Fuck, marry kill with you.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 52:10
done. And I

Unknown Speaker 52:11
know. I know. It's crazy. Every time I said I'm like, Fuck, Marry, Kill. You need to choose one of the three people to either Fuck, marry or kill. You got to choose.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Okay, but I know I'm never gonna marry any of them. So I just do. You never know.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
These. This is the doctor version. And so yeah, I've actually never watched Grey's Anatomy. Have you?

Unknown Speaker 52:40
Oh, yeah. Okay, so yeah, I yell it. I yell at the TV. It's great.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Perfect. Dr. Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy. And then you have George Clooney from er. And then Harrison Ford from he's a doctor Indiana Jones in that movie.

Unknown Speaker 52:57
So you got to hardwire you got to fuckwad Barry. McDreamy yeah that Carla's here and she's saying McDreamy, McDreamy. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
Okay. Okay. We fuck McDreamy. Okay. And we would marry Harrison Ford.

Unknown Speaker 53:15
Harrison Ford, who's Dr. Indiana and so you're gonna kill George Clooney. In er. Yeah, probably. All right. All right. I mean, I don't know who McDreamy is. But but that name sounds like you pick the right one.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Oh, yeah. Okay, I'm

Unknown Speaker 53:31
really excited about this last part. It's just fan questions crossed. But these these questions, were pretty awesome. And then so Carla, you want to come over here and help me read these. This is her first time doing? guest hosting. Okay, so Carla Esparza actually is going to ask you her own questions

Unknown Speaker 54:01
from Carla, as far as the one has all your knowledge as a sex doctor. Helps you have an amazing sex life.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Oh, my goodness.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
And personal data loaded

Unknown Speaker 54:17
question. No kidding. Okay, well, oh, so much has happened so much anyways, being married to someone for a long time, that was not the right person. And in is a problem and a lot of women think that it's them until they have sex with somebody else. So then you get divorced and you have sex with people that are very sensitive to your needs. And, and, and and you get and then you get older and then you realize what your needs are. Yeah, it really works to know what you're doing. So yes, the answer is, yes. It has made it much awesome.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Sounds like there's a long drawn out story that we get along.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:59
I'm asked After the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 55:01

Unknown Speaker 55:02
so another one another from Carlos sparsa. One, as someone who wants to

Unknown Speaker 55:06
have kids after.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
If they're after having kids, is there a way to get that? hoo ha, back to normal?

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Absolutely, yeah. So that's exactly what we're talking about. The, the, one of the biggest reasons that people come in for the radio frequency is to just get all of that musculature back in place. There are stimulants, so electrical stimulants that you can use to stimulate the actual muscles. So it's like working out of the vagina without just sitting there to do cables. But the radio frequency helps to tighten the vagina itself. And incontinence, you know, people, women don't like to say that word because it sounds like old lady stuff. But it happens when you're in your 20s if you've had a baby, and we can do what is incontinence when you pee on yourself when you cough or sneeze. Oh, good. Or when you go on a trampoline, and and you have to wear a pad, like embarrassing and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
But that's so common for women who have to for women who have had children, correct?

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Absolutely. Yeah. It's going to dance floor and try to jump up and down and you see the women that start to run to the bathroom right away. You'll know who's had a baby. But absolutely the voti that's great for that. Okay, cool. All of it.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
Awesome. A sensitive one for the ladies. What's the best way for a guy slash partner to communicate that he thinks she may have BB

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Carla coming in with a good question of the good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
So just for the listeners fishy odor is never normal. I've had women come in and say oh, no, that's just me. I'm always like that. That's it's it's not. Women don't smell like fish. It's a very neutral, musky odor. That's normal. So how a man can say that to her?

Unknown Speaker 57:12

Unknown Speaker 57:14
I don't know. trying to think of a nice way to say, you know, melt like a seaport down. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:23
You stumped her, Carla.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
Yeah, you did. I'm just you. He's kind of just they've got to just trust each other. And he's got to come out and say, you know, go have that checked. It's super easy to fix. With your gynecologist

Unknown Speaker 57:37
Yeah, Bv. For the listeners, it stands for bacterial vaginosis correct. With that score, and that's that fishy smell that, you know, you guys or girls? gardnerella bacteria. Yeah, and it's not normal. And I mean, I think it might be normal, but it's easily fixable. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Correct. What

Unknown Speaker 57:55
is what causes it?

Unknown Speaker 57:58
It's just the bacteria that's in the vagina. So you're supposed to have bacteria in the vagina, that's normal. That's why this whole vaginal steaming, you know, that they're doing in LA, non normal, what does you know? Leave. You need to you need to leave that stuff alone. And the acid in the vagina likes to be acid. So what happens is sometimes the vagina gets a little bit more alkalyn. And it doesn't like to be there and some of the bacteria overgrow one of them being gardnerella. So it's, it's easy, we can even fix it with this probiotics for the vagina. Or there's just antibiotics that can be given just to get out the bad bacteria. Got it? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
Does every woman have the ability to sport

Unknown Speaker 58:48
that is hard. So that should be coming from the glands that are right at the opening that provide the moisture. Not everyone overtly sports. Sometimes they just get really wet. And as they're having sex, so all of a sudden it gets super wet when they get really excited. And that may be their squirting. It's not always overtly like as seen as seen on porn where it squirts out into the not that I'm watching that. You know, it doesn't matter have to score it into the air to be a squirt.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Okay, cool. And final karlis bars the question how do the girls shoot who shoot ping pong balls out there which ages do that?

Unknown Speaker 59:35
Really scientific questions are the ones

Unknown Speaker 59:39
with the medical school

Unknown Speaker 59:42
guys serious question about ping pong balls.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
I always say it's all muscle tone. You know that's all back to doing. Your cables can only do so much okay goes on when you just sit there and you squeeze like as if you have to stop your urine and then you release does help it's like doing any other isometric exercise. But if you need that muscle tone for sure, radio frequency and these other electrical stimulations can help that you have a nice strong vajayjay. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
So Carla to answer Yeah, I just got to practice it and train your vagina

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
just like train, train, train, train,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
train train. Man,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
I believe in you, Carla, you can reach your goals.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
Oh my gosh, I've

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
got a few more questions for Carla.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
Okay, from at dirty Mexican 13. That's perfect. Is there medication to increase a woman's sex drive?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
Oh, tons of them. So there's a few. There's a few that either can sometimes work or not work so great. There's there's a few that are approved by the FDA. One that's big right now called by lessee. By lessee actually really works. The side effect of ilsc is intense. nausea. So, if you've been a woman, you don't want to like vomit and have sex with men. I think a man could do it. I think they could vomit and have sex. Oh, yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
used to get out of sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
I have.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Exactly. I don't feel so good. So um, so yeah, it works. You feel like having sex within you vomit. So if that doesn't work so great. The thing that I've noticed, having, like I said over about 90% of women is just increasing their testosterone levels slightly. And that's where we do the testosterone pellets. That seems to work. I've only had a really small handful of women that we get their testosterone up ever so slightly not enough to get make you bald or grow hair on your face. or changing voice. But just enough, because we're very sensitive to testosterone levels, just enough to actually make you start thinking about it in your brain. Women want to have sex for a number of reasons. You know, it starts in the brain. We also have issues with blood flow in the vagina. If it doesn't get in gorge, you don't get that sort of like, ready feeling. So we have to fix it everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
Yeah. Okay. So you can do with dosterone or the medication that you you know, makes you nauseous or you can get one of these procedures that you just talked about.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
The procedures there's also creams, I make a lot of screen creams specific to Well, so what they're called cream cream,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
I can tell you for hours, Doc, this is great. I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
didn't know I knew all this

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
though. Yeah, my new best friend.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
What is the screen Medication, Sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
they have testosterone, they have an awful in. Sometimes we put in a little low dose viagara just things to get things stimulated down there. We want to increase blood flow to the area and stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
I'm so happy that I was born in this day and age, you know, we could be at and still have an amazing sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
Absolutely. And they are Isn't that crazy? Like I'm just thinking when I'm 80 I want to have sex with whoever. Husband but then I'm like no, just whoever, whoever.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
Whoever. Really awesome retirement community. From Oceanside 09 20 Can you explain the science between the male orgasm from receiving anal sex? Star wife didn't even touch my a plant.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Oh, so this gentleman saying that? He received an orgasm from his anus. What? And his wife didn't even touch his penis. So he wants to know like how that happened. Can you explain?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Okay, so he's having hold it. The whole situation is beyond me. She's giving she's she's giving him effects or he's having anal sex with a man. And she's still there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
No, I'm assuming that either she's pegging him or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
And he's receiving Oh, yeah, he's orgasming. But he's kind of confused on how that's possible. You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
I know that there's a G spot in the anus. There is

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
Yeah. And it's mostly to do with the prostate. I think. That's what I would think of stimulation of the prostate. Absolutely. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
just answer his question. Clearly, it's just that men don't know me. Maybe they do but and they definitely don't care. But there's a G spot in the anus. So if you receive, you know, pegging or fingers, whatever from your your partner. It's because she's stimulating your male G spot.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
There you go. Yeah. I'm glad you answered that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
one. Yeah, no problem. Doctor.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
I should bring you in Ashley. We should. We should be a team. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
If you want to hear it in layman's terms, here's Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
Okay, good

Unknown Speaker 1:05:10
from at Pep 04 28 how much masturbation is too much asking for a friend?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
That's creepy for a friend. Asking for a friend. That's so funny. Wait, is that a female or male?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
What's his name? What's the PIP?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
Do we know?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
It just says Pep 0428?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
I don't know. If you can't get to the grocery store to buy food anymore. It's too much. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
If it's interfering with your daily life, I'd say yeah, you're getting blisters in

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
your hand. Too much.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
Yeah. Right. If you get blisters, it's bad. Otherwise, it's incredible for stress relief. You know, instead of going on an antidepressant, I would say, try orgasm first. Yeah, orgasm stimulates all sorts of things this back to us. oxytocin, you release oxytocin? serotonin, you get all sorts of neurotransmitters in your brain firing right after orgasm. That make you completely relaxed. So yeah, I think it's a good thing. It's good thing for sure. At least daily walk away.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
Walk away

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
from anonymous, what is the average? A plant size?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
I think we did that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
We did.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
Yeah, erect length should be about five inches. And girth should be about almost five inches, also 4.6. So you know, it's there. They're on average smaller than them think is what I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
All right, so this is our last question. And it's just a, you know, preference type of question. If you could hear anyone as a guest on sex and violence, who would you like to hear next?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
Oh, my goodness. I don't know. I'm not I'm not an MMA fighter. No, no, it

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
could be you know, a health professional. It could be an athlete, anyone. We have all types of guests on here. We have adult entertainers. We have comedians got Conor

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
McGregor to come. And then we could talk about sex him and I. For me,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
him and I could talk about sex is Conor McGregor your favorite fighter?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
Um, he's, he's kind of hot. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
I'm not. Yeah, I don't like the white guys. You know? I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
mean, really, Nick? would you pick? Would you pick hottest spider? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
I always say my teammate, Alan giovane. Because he's a Gucci model. I'm like, Alright, if you're a Gucci model, you're universally hot. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
come on.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
That sound good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
He's a good looking guy. And he's that nice guys, like the perfect dad and husband? Oh, my God, that makes them you know, I think I'm 33. So like, as you get older, you start thinking different things are attractive and like, oh, he pays his bills on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
Yeah. That is.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
But thanks, Doc. That's about it. You've been super informative. I think we all learned a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:17
And yeah, it's taught me a lot. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
Thank you so much. Again, if you want to find doc on any social media, I know that the clinic's Instagram is at restore med clinic. And then hers was what was your Instagram doc

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
and mine. Mine's the hormone Doc, the hormone doc

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
on Instagram and then her full name is Teres s, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
Yep, Teres t ar e se, is Harris h AR ri.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
And if you want to find her on Facebook, and they also have a website. So all this will be in the show notes below. Thank you so much. Have a good day. We'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
Wow. Well, all right. That was an informative, very educational and informative episode. So all that's left to say is Merry Christmas again to you guys. And I hope you're had your headphones in if you're listening to that on Christmas or around your family. If you ended up getting to spend Christmas with the person that you want it to then awesome. If not, I'm sorry. And I hope that next year is better. I mean COVID has limited us with travel and some people have gotten sick so hope you're just Enjoying Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you're with, and, you know, this year definitely will be the year that they call the Karen of yours. I'm hoping I'm excited to be done with it. And I know it's still gonna be, you know, lingering in 2021 some COVID things but I feel like 2021 is going to be a great year for for a lot of people. Thank you guys again for tuning in for all your fan questions and hope you enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl. Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes and Spotify. And a special thank you to our audio engineer DJ zl at D Jaisal. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official and producer Nate Jackson at nature Domus.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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