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Episode 33: "Thunder Rosa" (Melissa Cervantes)

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebels, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, romance, and that ultra taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl.

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And now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening the hot stuff?

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What's up all my naughty listeners? Happy New Year. It is the first episode of The New Year. I hope you all had a great Christmas, got lots of presents and got drunk off eggnog or whatever. Also, today is my boyfriend's birthday. Happy birthday babe. I would tell you guys to go give him a birthday message. But he made his Instagram private ticket. I doubt most of you will be listening to this the day it's released because, well, I'm assuming that you're hung over or just sleeping in from watching the ball dropped. and rightfully so I think most of us are really looking forward to a new year and basically saying goodbye, and fuck off to 2020. It's been a full of ups and downs for everyone. I ended my year with spine surgery. And I think some of you may think that that's ending the year on a bad note. But honestly, it's the best way I could end the year because it's setting me setting me up basically, for an amazing 2020 I'll have, you know, no injuries, I'll be ready to go train the right way. And finally, hopefully at the end of 2021, get back in the cage. And now that I have that damn neck brace off, and I'm able to drive and start my physical therapy and rehab, I feel like this whole adventure finally starts. So I'll keep you guys updated. As the weeks go on with my PT. And basically, you know, try and estimate, estimate how long it'll take me to get back in the cage. But if you're tuning in every week, you know, I'll be talking about that. And you guys will probably get tired of hearing me talk about my new year's resolution.

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let's see, basically, I feel like it should be everything to do my, my new year's resolution should be to do everything possible to get back in the cage. So that means no skipping out of my rehab, and on my physical therapy. Try not to gain too much weight and eat bad. While I'm, you know, before I get back in the cage, keeping my thoughts positive and leading by example. So I feel like that's a lot of resolutions. But basically, it's just do everything I can to be healthy and happy. And if you're not currently an athlete or you've never been an athlete, you probably wouldn't understand the psychological toll that being unable to train takes on a person. I mean, just you know with the lockdown and the pandemic, in depression and suicide rates are through the roof. When you're an athlete and you can't train and you're in a pandemic and lockdown. It's a miracle, you know, haven't killed someone yet. But I'm doing good. And I know you guys are looking forward to a new year as well. So also, we're going to be doing some giveaways. I think I've said that last episode, but I promise this week I'll be posting it, we're going to be giving away some science stuff like UFC hat. Some other little things, just to show appreciation for you guys. We're also almost at 10,000 followers. So I know that seems silly like I want 10,000. But the reason is, we get a little swipe up link. And then when you guys are scrolling and you see our episode pop up, you can just swipe up and listen on the spot. So please just rate and review us. And if you can go on to the Instagram and tag a couple people that aren't already following us and help us get to that 10,000 mark. And if you want to sticker until you guys every time, same stuff, just, you know, rate rate and review us send us a screenshot of your review and we'll send you out a sticker. And now a message from our sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and

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men and couples of all experience levels and interests, inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression

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of intimacy and pleasure.

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This It

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lol and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit

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el la

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and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a Mexican American professional wrestler and mixed martial artists. She signed to National Wrestling Alliance, women of wrestling and all elite wrestling, and she's competed in tons of other organizations. She's also the owner of Michigan pro wrestling, Mpw and independent Women's Professional wrestling promotion. She's won the NWA Women's World Championship and the Lucha Underground trios championship just to name a few accomplishments. We talk about fetish bikini costume matches, advice from her son on sexy selfies, photoshopped nudes and foot picks sex shops in Japan, the origins of her ring name and so much more. Here's your guest, Melissa Cervantes, aka thunder, Rosa.

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down. All right,

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we are here with thunder Rossa, our first pro wrestler, how are you?

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I'm good. I'm just chilling out again thinking about this interview all day. And I'm like, Oh, my God, I hope I'm in trouble.

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Why would you get in trouble?

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You know, because it's like, I used to have actually, I used to have a radio show with a friend. I used to call. I used to be called Lovelock. And a lot of our fans will send us like, letters and stuff. So every week we'll talk about different subjects that had to do with love. And we talked a lot about about sex. And like, sometimes, like people will brought up will bring it up like, Oh, yeah, Santa Rosa had a sex talk radio show. And I'm just like, so what are the problems?

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I'm sure they just wish you still had it. Why did you stop doing that?

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I suddenly busy and then when I was doing when I started doing it, I was actually touring in Japan. So I was doing a lot of like, homework things for him research. Yeah, like, yes. And it was really interesting. Like the lifestyle and how, like the Asian cool, especially Japanese culture see sex. It's like, it's crazy.

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Are they more prudish, or more open with sex?

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They were prudish. I will say in a way like a lot of this stuff is kind of like underground. You know, my, one of my friends, she's, she's, uh, she was a wrestler. She was a lesbian. And and she will take us to like this like little, like, underground places. And then just show us like around and those are like the little places that she could be herself because like, a lot of the times she couldn't be doing that like out in the open. Yeah, I mean, although he was in Tokyo, and they're more progressive, the still like the the role of women have to be they have to be very feminine. You have to be very submissive to your, to your partner and stuff like that. And then I never seen some of the stuff that I seen there in terms of like, there was like, some magazine with like, very pornographic material. And I was just like, Lord Jesus, but everything was like, blurred, they don't have it like I don't remember seeing anything that was not blurred. They blur the it wasn't the magazine portal or the Yeah, they've learned the penis. I've learned the vagina they blur everything not for real I was like, what's going on? And then they go to this like stores called donkey Jose, which is like like Walmart of Tokyo. And they have the six areas and where you can go and buy toys and buy a bunch of stuff. So like, it was super cute, because I'll be like, watching like couple of going there together stuff. It was just like super hearing him be like, in this little tiny place. You know what people go in there?

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Yeah, little sex shop. Really interesting. Yes. Wow. Well, I've never been to Japan. And if I do, I will check out the sex shops in Japan.

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They're huge. And they're

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here to check out some stories. So I want to talk about before we get into your stories, trust me, I want to I want all of them. I want to talk about your mixed martial arts career.

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Well, it's very short. I just started last 2019 in June, I subterranean and I had my first fight in November, which I lost, unfortunately, but I lasted the three rounds, which I'm very proud. I mean, I never done mixed mixed martial arts. I was doing Jiu Jitsu since like 2008 17 In 2017, I play around around with it, but never was like, take it serious until combat, like approached me. And they're like, Hey, you want to fight and like I was at a point in my career where I didn't really know what I wanted to do anymore with wrestling. I was I was really bored. And I feel like, like, nothing was happening for me. And this is when I got ready from the underground. And it was just like, I was just confused. And I was like, sure. Gonna be. And then I started training, I started a fight camp. Dude, I never been like, so humble in my life, like, MMA really humbled me as a person and as a wrestler, too, because it just made me realize how important it is to just have like, your basics like 100? Because that is like what will save your act when you want to fight? So you know, and

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with this, you know, new knowledge of mixed martial arts and getting to experience it firsthand. Do you think that you'll continue your mixed martial arts career if time permits? Or was that just like, you know, like testing you're dipping your toe into the water? You tried it and you're done now?

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No, I signed for like four fights or two years, my my contents almost up, okay. But I want to have at least one more fight before my contract is up. And if I see the future, and if I see like, I can find, like, more time so the very time consuming I mean, you've been fighting for a while now. Yeah. And and you know, you're when you're fighting, you have no life, like, Nope, not at all for me. And for me, if I'm a professional wrestler, that's what I do for a living. So stepping away from professional wrestling, it just creates a huge, like, income gap. Yes, right. Yes. I'm like, let's be honest, like, we don't get paid what we deserve when we get into cage and now that I'm like, talking around with some people and stuff. And like seeing the discrepancies in between men and women and like, and the different companies I'm like, Jesus Christ, like you really have to hustle for your money when you're in those two months just training nonstop. So yeah, it has to be like for me like the next one I want to do I really want to win this one. I want to show everybody that I have what it takes to win a fight. Yeah. And then the third one that will be like, okay, let's see if I can, you know, there's a future for me and other companies in case that you know, I'm not gonna get time for for wrestling. Who knows I want to keep my my options open. And I know that a W they're very accommodating with us. If we have jack swagger he or she fights for Bella for Who's that so I know if I want to fight. JACK swagger,

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jack swagger.

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Yeah, he's a huge, she's a heavyweight. He fights the Bellas war. And he just got up. He just had a fight a couple months ago. And, and they're very, very accommodating with us in terms of like, storylines and stuff like that. And I can definitely put you did have a fighting career, along with my my Professional wrestling career. But it's like when you're when you're doing one thing, you have to focus on 100% doing one thing otherwise, just like, it's so complicated. I mean, I tell you like the whole time, the whole entire time that I was on my cam. And this is like I'm learning everything from scratch. I'm still wrestling on the weekend.

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Wow. So you're both like I'm wrestling on the weekends.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
Yeah, and I'm touring all the time. So I'll come back. I remember coming back like super injured to practice and then on my Coach's Corner, why can you move I was like, have you seen what I do for a living? Have you guys seen what I do from my like, I saw myself on the ring. Yeah, like from the third row.

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Most people are resting when they're not training, MMA training, jujitsu training, boxing. But you on the other hand, you would on the weekends be throwing your body from the top rope.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Yeah, and then the other thing like in September, my fight was in the beginning of November. Like the end of September, I had the big ideas wikia was a 10 days non stop. I have 11 matches. Oh, wow. Dude. Now

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I know I've been watching your social media and it's like travel, travel travel.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
Yeah, like my, my back is when my stuffing is not for wrestling. It's all the traveling that I'm doing. I mean, like right now I have like, high priority on Delta during and during COVID. So it's like we put on it takes a lot of toll and his mental physical. And honestly, for me, the hardest part when I was fighting was mental. Because I just felt like I wasn't good enough and I wasn't going to be good enough and like that we boxed you up when you get in the cage. You're because if you come with me, you know what that mentality is? But yeah, you already lost the fight. Well

Unknown Speaker 14:36
just know that you are not alone. Because everyone knows. Anyone who's ever competed or trained for a fight knows that it's extremely mental. I think they say it's like 80% mental but I mean, if if you don't get your mind, right, it could be potentially 100% mental because like you said, you don't want to step into the cage, not feeling like you're going to win right?

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Yeah, and that's like, like, if when when I get my next day like, that's, that's what I'm gonna go for like, I think my mentality now this year, I have grown so much as a person as a professional wrestler and also as a fighter because it's like, I have another perspective of, you know, fighting, because I was like the very first let me do the minute. I never bought ever in my life. The first time I got into a fight ever. Oh, wow. Yeah. So I just jumped in the cage like, Yeah, what's up? And yeah, it was a great experience. And I just feel like rocky at the end like it was in San Antonio. All my friends I had like, I'm not lying, like 500 of my fans came with signs and stuff. They can see it on TV. It was really dope. And then my family's just like that far that I think it's more important for me, my family and Mexico were able to watch my fight and live. That's awesome. was being broadcasted live. So it's, yeah, it was embarrassing that I lost. But the good thing is I lost my decision. I didn't get submitted, or jailed because it would have been so embarrassing for my son was like, first row. My husband was in first row. Oh, like holding his moustache. Yeah. So it was it was a lot. So for me it was, it was such I needed to have that in my life that's really ignited ignited me to do a lot more. Yeah,

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they say you, you learn more from your losses than your wins. So I know that you're going to want to take this loss and turn it into a win. But also you have three rounds where you can go back and watch the tape and see what mistakes you made. You can correct those. So it's, it's great. It's a stepping stone, and it's your first fight. So I wouldn't beat yourself up too much. You had never previously been in a fight, you know, before this fight. So we'll cut you some slack. So if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that you don't want to be you don't want to be training for a fight and then have to go wrestle you want to there's a phrase that says, how's it go? You don't want to be a jack of all trades. You can be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Have you heard that?

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Yeah. So absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 17:06
Yeah. And you're saying that's exactly you don't want to be busy wrestling and then have that takeaway from your fight camp. But since you're still actively wrestling, how would that work? Would you just, you know, fight for an organization or, you know, be signed to an organization that would allow you to fight mixed martial arts? Because I feel like there's not a lot of organizations, organizations that do that, right.

Unknown Speaker 17:28
No, I mean, look, currently I'm signing with National Wrestling Alliance. I've been signed with them for about a year now. Okay, and they're allowing me to work right now I'm working with a W two which is another national broadcasted wrestling promotion in the United States, the second biggest one in the world. Yeah. And I'm doing that together. I've been in to pay per views, which I'm super blessed. Like I can say, like, I'm one of the very, very few women that have been able to cross promote, it's all because of the NWA that has been that has allowed me to do that. And before I signed with them, I we had already signed we come back in America so my contract my fighting contract supersedes the builder contract so so pretty much I have something in my contract that says that at once I announce my fight and I tell my candidate they need to allow me to fight and not to like book meaning in in storylines or in a lot of matches. But that's one thing like if I'm going to do that I have to make sure that you know how it goes I gotta get sponsors like hustle on the side for money just to make sure I'm you know, I'm able to very expensive to like people. People think about yams not fight isn't as bad as like nutrition training, like the extra training that you need to get that they don't give you that stuff for free. You're like lucky you get that for free. But I mean, you don't get that yeah, I mean, I'm

Unknown Speaker 18:51
I'm really new to the Pro Wrestling World. So sorry, if I ask a question and you're like oh, this rookie, you know?

Unknown Speaker 19:01
Not a problem, do you?

Unknown Speaker 19:03
Is it kind of like a duck kind of question. If I ask what pays better wrestling or mixed martial arts?

Unknown Speaker 19:10
It depends. It depends on the contract like I knew all my friends depending is there an Invicta or village or however they work their contracts and like this, how much money you get as soon as you sit in the cage. And then you also again, get you have to take in consideration if you know how much is your fightcamp your equipment, food, all of that. So yeah, in a way, like fighting can bring you more money, but I also can take you out for longer like if you have an injury after your fight. So you have to be very cautious about you know, when you take fights and stuff like that, especially when you're doing that you're being a professional wrestler, and so of course in professional wrestling, they pay you per appearance. If you are an independent contractor, or if you are in a contract. It depends on what your contract is either pay you per month or the paper appearance, okay, but Yeah, so I think that the reason why some people that were doing MMA and there were fighters they they jumped into professional wrestling. It can make a pretty decent amount of money.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:12
I guess it also depends on the organization that you fight for or wrestle for, right?

Unknown Speaker 20:17
Yes, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 20:18
So I want to know how you got the Senderos a name. Did you come up with that? What's the story behind it?

Unknown Speaker 20:26
So, before I was a professional wrestler, I was a social worker, social worker in the Bay Area. And my husband and I, we used to work in this place called, I was in this place called Thunder Road. That's when I first started training, professional wrestling. And we took the Thunder, Thunder part of the name from that way, because I used to help a lot of kids that had mental mental and alcohol and drug addicts. Oh, wow, drug addiction issues. It was a very, very tough place to work. And, and there was I was a counselor, and then I am one before I left, I was a supervisor for the three, three units that we used to have. And a lot of this gift came from like different counties, like from Cisco, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, and all of them were coming from broken homes. And you know, the typical, the typical Latino blacks in new fall, we like 1%. White application, and it was it was rough. Like I think it was like there was I was working like 16 hour shifts. Sometimes I was working like 60 hours a week. And wrestling was my, my, my outlet, like every time I was like, stressed out like I will just go and go to Indy shows and just yell at the, the wrestlers and just be part of the show in that aspect. And so my husband was like, I think you could definitely be a wrestler, and you're pretty athletic. And I'm like, dude, I'm 26 like, he's gonna take me like all the pills. He's like, No, just don't say it. And then I went, and I seriously was like, I fell in love with Joe, I just fell in love with being challenged. Yeah, and being able to do something completely different that my cameras will probably completely disapprove and they will be very upset about it. Like, I remember when I told my mother, I'm like, Mom, I'm gonna be a wrestler. She's like, you're gonna die. You have a dead wish. And then when I when I started finding out what to say that I'm gonna die, probably, you know, so sorry, I took a problem there in the very unfortunate because I now I read some of the letters that the girl gave me when I left that place to go to another party that was more flexible with my schedule. Some of them I passed away. Some of them are incarcerated. And they're just really sad because I still have some pictures and see them here and there. And it's like, it reminds me like the face pain. It's, you know, find my culture. I'm Mexican and the Day of the Dead. And I remember when my my uncle asking you the same question that you're asking me, right. Yeah. And he asked me I called from the Rosa allows people often manner I'm asking who she really is. I tell me Thea I just couldn't tell him. And he called me for Thunder Rosa, where the story goes like this. So when he was nine years old, he went to watch Lucha Libre useable every week to watch usually Ray with my grandfather, if you want to in the auditorium, because that night, then we're watching the show. And my grandfather had a stroke and died while watching you to leave. Oh, well, and my uncle was on his lap. He says that ever since then, he's never watched wrestling ever. until until that night that night that it was like, felt like five years ago, like my whole family came to watch. Watch me wrestle. And I feel when I lay. And he said, the reason why you are a wrestler now is because he was in your destiny to become a wrestler. And it wasn't your destiny to put that face thing on. Because you're remembering those that have passed away. And you're honoring them every time. You know,

Unknown Speaker 24:04
I love that so much.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
I was not expecting like a heartwarming explanation. I love that you also worked with children struggling with addiction. That's something that's very close to my heart. I love that you did that you're a social worker.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
That's great.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
I guess just my last question involving your, you know, athletic career. You've done both mixed martial arts in professional wrestling. I know you'll probably say, you know, some have pros and some have cons but if you had to choose right now, would you rather you know, continue your career as a mixed martial artist or as a pro wrestler.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
You know, I will. I love professional wrestling because professional wrestling, like literally allow me to do in, in live the life that I'm living right now. If I would have done martial arts since I was a young girl, I probably will say also the same thing for MMA fighting date. My career or the way that things happen for me was the way that we're supposed to happen. I was supposed to be a professional wrestler, for me to discover martial arts and a very old, older age. Right? Like, why? I mean, for martial artists like, yeah, oh, yeah. When I'm 33 you know, yeah, just start punching somebody. You know,

Unknown Speaker 25:20
yeah. 33 I

Unknown Speaker 25:21
was like, I was like, seeing like, the young kids, I'm like, you really want me to, like, compete against this, he's fucking 17. But it's just like, that's just like, that's just tells you that he has just a number. And if you have like, the commitment and the dedication and the passion and the drive, nothing should stop you from doing anything. And, and like I said, professional wrestling has been a blessing in so many different ways from my for me and for my family.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
So you would choose professional wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
With that, without all the politics and everything probably Yeah, but it's not. But it's not I mean, I don't know. I mean, I really admire all you, oh, you lady that started like, a young doing this because it's like it takes it takes a tough type of person to do martial arts. Yeah. And just to have, you know, the courage to just dip in the cage or just to step in for a sparring cuz I'm like, sparring needs to give me the worst anxiety in the world. Like, I want to go to Jesus Christ. I just hated the fact that I was like, feeling like I was gonna die every time like in the beginning. Yeah, you're horrible. Like,

Unknown Speaker 26:31
you're not alone, because I've talked to plenty of my fellow fighters. And I will admit that the first few years, you know, Fridays, were sparring days for us. And I would have that like heart pounding anxiety, because until you do it enough, you're, you're about to go get into a fight. If your heart isn't racing something seriously wrong with you, or you're probably dead, you know, like, so? Yeah, that's normal as well. And, you know, with experience and, you know, cage time, that decreases and lessens you know, but I think it's also part of the reason why we love it, because what else is going to give you that adrenaline rush? And without jumping out of a plane or, you know, doing something super really going into getting into a street fight, right, you get this, you know, crazy adrenaline rush. And I think people like you and I and all these other fighters. That's part of what we love about it.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
Yes, this is like, you have nothing you put in. Yeah, I'm getting fired every time. Like, but then this year when I was like, I think, right before the COVID started, the foreign team, I was like full on training, like getting ready for a fight. And then liking and all this stuff up and really got a little bit derailed, but then everything opened up. And I was back at it. Like I was training twice a day and everything and I was really enjoying it. I was like, this is very challenging to me one of the more challenging the more I want to do it. And then bigger opportunities came in my career professional wrestler, that's totally on my grind. Now. I'm in Jacksonville, and I'm working for all elite wrestling. And I mean, this is like national TV. I'm on national TV pretty pretty often now. And like and it's paying my bills really welcome to like, ooh, do should I do this? Or should I do that and I don't even know when you know, comebacks is gonna come back and I'm and I have to be very cautious. I'm taking all these fights in smaller promotion. Yeah. So because of the you know, economic impact that he will take in my on my wallet in my career and everything. Also. I want to do everything but I can't Yeah. But I'm focusing right now on professional wrestling and indoor real well,

Unknown Speaker 28:46
that's good. Yeah, you said that it's paying your bills. That's great. A lot of fighters in order to pay their bills are creating only fans. Have you seen this?

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Girl not only fighters a lot of my female male and female wrestler, really?

Unknown Speaker 29:02
So it's traveling.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Okay, okay. And patron

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Patreon. Yeah, that too. So. So it's a it's a it transfer. It's pro wrestlers. Also, it's pretty much everybody who will is willing to show a

Unknown Speaker 29:19
little leg, you know?

Unknown Speaker 29:23
More or less, you know, is that something that you're interested in?

Unknown Speaker 29:28
You know, I had a lot of inquiries about me doing all my friends. I love taking pictures as you can see, you can go my I love, love, love pictures, like every weekend. Like if I could do a photo shoot every weekend. I don't have to pay girl. I'll be like in a bed with Stevie Wonder Ray. Oh, I will be doing it. Oh, wow. You

Unknown Speaker 29:47
and I are the opposite. I'm like, crawl my skin is crawling with someone. It has a camera in front of me. I'm like, Oh, God, don't look stupid. Oh, I think I'm stupid right now.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Now you'll look Write on your fingers. I love I love it. It's just like, I have had really super awesome photoshoots and like, my whole entire career, it's, I use a lot of my, my beauty and in my physicality to sell pictures because I found make a living I fell by 10. And since I started wrestling, I always got new pictures all the time. And like, lately, my pictures have been a lot more. I mean, they're, they're, they're more classy, but there's like a lot of lingerie a lot of BS. In my some of my, some of my friends are like, when are you gonna do your own exam where I get a paycheck? I don't even have time to run my website. And Patreon takes some time because I'm gonna do stuff I'm not doing right. And I like like that I love doing different things. And in my partner, he's like, Yeah, I was gonna make your money, my husband, but he's gonna make you money. Go ahead, as long as you're comfortable with it, and you are okay with it. Because I have a son. I love him. 16 Yeah. And he's gonna be he's gonna be looking at your stuff. And my son looks at everything, okay? He's been in the wrestling business with us. And he knows how we make money. What doesn't make money. And one time Oh, my God. Funny, there was a picture that was rolling around in the internet. In my ass is like hanging, I'm wearing a thong. And my son is like, you gotta post this picture. Oh, my like, like, I'm like, my app is like out, you're gonna get like, 11,000 likes, like, she totally shares like that, just post it. And then I posted I swear to God, it's like one of the most light fixtures I've ever

Unknown Speaker 31:31
had. That's so great. Your husband and your son are just down there. Like, look, this is gonna get the likes, we got to post.

Unknown Speaker 31:39
I mean, some people are gonna be like, Oh, that's so wrong. But it's like, I mean, teenagers nowadays, they know what's popular, they know what's gonna, like, you know, be viral me viral is going to sell whatever. And, um, you know, I tell my son 15. And he's a very open about his sexuality, too. And we like we let him be that way. And we are very receptive of that. Because there's nothing worse than when you have parents in your mind, you can't be that you can't do that. And he's like, the only thing I said, you got to wait until you're 18. And you can't be posting or sending anything inappropriate to other people, because you can get in like some real trouble. Yeah. So, you know, so is that important that we talked to her with our teenagers because a lot of the kids that I used to work with, that's one of the main issues that they used to get in trouble with either either unsolicited penis pictures to girls, or knew the girls within a nude and the guy will send it to everybody in school. Yeah. So it was just like, it's just bad. And, you know, My son is 16. And, and he saw his phone all day, like kids nowadays, especially with COVID right now, the way that they communicate it through video, pictures, and all that stuff. So like, you always have to, like what are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 32:49
Sounds like you're your son is your like your PR person or your marketer?

Unknown Speaker 32:55
Well, he looks at other people and stuff. And like, he, he's like, really big on ariana grande de Oh, she likes a bunch of like, girls in very popular. Oh, she loves the Kardashians. The Kardashians. And, and he's always telling me like, Look at, look at her pictures, look how she posted. Look at the stuff that she's wearing. Like this is very popular. Maybe she tried to do something like this. And might not you might not get all the likes when they have like a billion followers, but it's gonna help you to do some stuff. So he's always observing people with and then sometimes theories and we like we do certain things and like, he helps my friends and be like, Okay, this angle is better. This angle is better. And he's very helpful and, and he loves women's wrestling. Oh my god, you shake your hand. Like he's our worst critic in the world. He can tell you who's good and who's not. And he's, like brutally honest. And I'm like, I don't want to hear your but he's great. He is absolutely great.

Unknown Speaker 33:52
I mean, that. That's awesome. Yeah. So I mean, if your mom is a professional wrestler, and a professional fighter, like, You're, you're the cool mom, and you're telling him like, you know, it's okay, be who you are, do what you want. Just be safe. Like, that's, that's the way to do it, you know, have an open communication with each other. But also, you know, set the boundaries like, hey, and wait until you're 18 to do anything crazy.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Oh, yeah. Because it's like, I think like, because of like, now the kids are on their phones all the time. And like, a lot of us like we're working or were away, or with, you know how school is right now. Like, it's really easy to do something really dumb and then really think about it and not thinking the consequences. So I always tell him before you do anything, think about the consequence. Or think about if that person is going to open their mouth and start talking about you. Because that's always gonna happen, especially when you're young.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
It's so much worse now because when we you know, you I'm 33 I know you're close to my age as well. When we were young, there was No. High Tech, you know, there wasn't the this type of technology that the kids have nowadays. So I feel bad for the little girls. You know, boys are taking pictures of their thongs sticking out of their pants, and then they send it to the whole school. And then she feels like, you know, that's the worst thing that could ever happen. So she feels suicidal. And like, you know, then, you know, like, all you have all of a sudden you have all these young kids that are depressed. And yeah, I feel like social media is amazing. But it's also horrible sometimes as well.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Yes, yes. 100% on that.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
So I want to ask you, you mentioned your website, and I actually stopped you and I scrolled and I looked at all the things that you had for sale, which I thought was very smart. And I also saw that you do wrestling seminars, which is very, very cool. And I'm assuming that you might do maybe wrestling privates if I asked you to, you know, are you able to do that?

Unknown Speaker 35:55
No, I don't do them anymore. Like, I usually do like Skype, we call them Skype sessions or Skype, phone calls. So if you're interested in like talking to me, I'll be like, what's up? You know, how do I do it for a small fee? You can contact me directly under 20 And I can have a video or a phone call. I don't do anything sexual. Because a lot of people look really good naked. No, I'm not a webcam girl. Yeah, no. Like, no, I don't do that. But we can talk about anything. I've had multiple of those in like, people's or I'm doing so my father and COVID were super gracious. Like, they were like doing the phone calls. And they're welcome. Or it's my schedule. And I make you know, I was able to make decent money during during COVID. Join this Skype phone call stuff. It was a lot of fun. I mean, I got some I got to know a lot of people. And some of them, some of their fans became sponsors for my show.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Wow. That's cool. Yeah. So so you do these Skype phone calls that are awesome. And then we talked briefly on the phone about something called a costume match. Can you explain that?

Unknown Speaker 37:04
Yeah, so costume matches are in like, a day. Before the 2000s it were called either local department wrestling. So department wrestling was literally somebody a fan will send you a script. And you will play the script. Depending on you know, they tell you what to wear, the storyline, who wins, who loses how, what movie they're going to use and all that stuff. Now, I think, um, I got introduced to them on my second year of wrestling in Los Angeles. And I really liked it. It was like just wrestling. Just regular wrestling. I was like, Okay, what I like about it is that you have the power to say yes or no to the script, and you're not forced to do force. You're not forced to do anything. And some of this stuff actually will pay more than what they were paying me when I was doing a pro show. Oh, that's making a lot more money. Yeah, it was it was sad. It was really sad. I was like, Dude, are you serious? I'm making more money doing this and getting beat up and burning. Okay, I'll do it. So and, and I started yesterday doing it.

Unknown Speaker 38:09
So who who puts on a you know, so a costume I'm sorry, you called it department script.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Well, as before, they were called department wrestling. Now it's called custom match. Plus the matches is you get a bunch of guys or girls or a mix, you can just do intergender to and then you tell the fans a we are taking orders then your orders at this email. And then you send them a quote on the video. And then they send you a script and then depending on your people of your world And guys, if they're okay with the script. Then you tell them the client a they're okay with script is how much you're gonna pay. You do the video from the video and then you sell the video online. Oh, Okay, got it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 38:51
so you have to get the outfits and you have to you know, get a a venue, you know, because obviously wares got to do in a wrestling ring. So where would these normally take place? I assume that you don't have a wrestling you know, wrestling rink in your backyard right?

Unknown Speaker 39:12
I don't I haven't I actually I own my own wrestling ring outside. I own a school with two other wrestlers Jeff and Ronnie Mac Oh well, and an M and an MMA area in San Antonio. So we use that ring before used to rent ring. So he's like, you have to rent the ring for the whole entire day. And I'll have like between seven and 10 girls, and some guys will come to and then they'll do like inter gender wrestling are like men versus female and like just stuff like that, you know, not nothing inappropriate or any of that sort and if we felt that it was not appropriate, we will not approve and even by reading the script, I'm like nom nom de Yeah. Because again, we want to make sure that we are protecting our ladies in our guys. And if they feel that any way, shape or form this is not Something that they want to do. Like I always explain that to people, it's like a, you can always say no, like, there's no there's nothing wrong with saying no, I mean, you're already saying yes to do them. But I can ask the customer to change the script. So we can still have this match. You know, a lot of a lot of roll girls have done them for years, they are signed to WWE, some of them are signed to a W. A lot of my friends that are signed with NWA and we were still doing costumes, because that's extra money. And, and like, in time stuff as this you know, sometimes we have to do what we need to do to survive. Yes. And the possibilities for us to travel and do this stuff. Why not? And like, again, a lot of my my friends, there are females, they've done it for years, and they make pretty decent money ones when they do them. So I'm a little girls that's so popular. That one. When do one shoot them make between 1000 to $3,000? In for one week, one script? No, no, they have to do like 20,000 match. Like they knew like, okay, when 20 matches, but they they come they come with a lot of money. You're like what, how do you how do you make that much money?

Unknown Speaker 41:14
Peter and I and but this would be like a fetish for men or women. They want to, you know, basically be like the puppeteer of the whole match. They choose what you wear. They choose the outcome of the match. That's pretty awesome. Really. It's like almost a fan's dream come true. And you're not doing anything sexual, and you're making a lot of money. My question is, do you ever let fans or the person that the customer watch life?

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Live? No, I we have not done that. But I know that there was some requests before. Somebody who requested me in another place that I worked, but it's just like, it seems like it never pans out. Like, like, Nah, not really. But um, but they those requests are pretty, pretty obvious or like, the one that I get a lot in my last is can you do like a girls in panties match? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:05
like a lingerie match?

Unknown Speaker 42:08
Yeah, I'm like, No, they're not gonna strip. They're not they're not gonna do what I've done. I've done bikini wrestling. Like I just go and it's just not wrestling but you're doing in bikini. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:19
it's real wrestling. But in a bikini.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
Well, I mean, it's scripted. Oh, sort of got it. Yeah. You know, uh, but it's, it's, it's not like, you know, it's not like, I mean, I mean, you're wrestling and bikini is pretty sexual. Just wrestling by itself. It's, you know,

Unknown Speaker 42:40
it's all about where your mindset set if you're looking at it from like, a strictly like, technical point of view. It's not sexual. But if you are like, Oh, yeah, they're touching their bodies. It's like, all right, it's all about how you look.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
But, you know, I mean, I've done it and like, the videos are there the pictures on there? And my husband, my son saw the pictures once I was like, What is that? Oh, God. Oh, God. Like, it's me. Like I became a wrestling and she's like, what? Like, I'm just wrestling watch the video. Yeah. Okay, whatever. You know, but it's like, I mean, I'm, I get that I am proud of doing some of the stuff like that. I love wrestling. I personally love wrestling. If I can wrestle on bikini rather than bikini. If I wrestling shorts, I wrestle in shorts. If I read on Spats, I read on spec. I love practicing some of the stuff that I learned on the match earlier on the ring. And and like I said, I can do that at my grandmother's living room, probably 90 bikini shorts or whatever in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
You know what, you're having fun, you're making money and that's all that matters, and no one's getting hurt. So what's the problem? Exactly? Okay, awesome. I love that that's, that's, I'm really happy that you have that, you know, option to make money. It seems like you do a lot of things for money. And I know the last thing that we talked about in our first phone call was something called sessions, which is you know, basically expiring with that person. That's why I asked if these costume matches wherever live because I was you know, I know some of these fans want to see you live know why they

Unknown Speaker 44:17
they are live like last time I was gonna be part of a show in Vegas in September actually, procession rules. But it got canceled. And it was like a lot of fans that are session in customers from customs they come and watch ladies. Bar. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:33
you know what? So I'm sorry to cut you off session. Girls. I'm going through my sex and violence Rolodex and I remember our dominatrix friend, Dominique. She said that she was a sessions girl. She's a dominatrix. So that's interesting.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
It could be wrestlers like a different. Yeah, it could be just wrestling. It could be dominatrix. Like they're like, just like with wrestling. Kinda like how some people like professional matches, some people like more finished looking matches. Some people like straight up corn matches as well tell you like the parts of department wrestling and that's why plus two matches have gotten like a bad reputation. Yeah, but it's not, you know, and not all of them are the same. Yeah, different. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, some, and some people get very upset because you're like, oh, you're doing costume matches? And I'm like, Yes, I'm doing custom matches, but I'm like, not naked. I am not showing my, like, baby tdcs I'm not, you know, I'm, I'm doing it with honor. And I'm like, I'm having a good time. And like, if my son can watch and Kim can can record this. I don't think it's nothing. Yeah, but I'm not. I'm not gonna say that. But it's just like, it's wrestling. Like, it's, you know, it's like we're all making money. We're all being taken care of and stuff. And I think that we don't allow any, anything that is not immoral, or likely that the girls feel like it's not on their comfort zone. We don't force anybody to do anything. Yeah. And that's the most important part that we I want people to understand when we're doing customs that it is okay to do customs that people are paying for this one. And people are not being forced to do anything that they don't feel comfortable with.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
So could you explain sessions a little in depth a little bit more? I know, it's basically like a customer gets the opportunity to spar with you. Yeah, no, just the details. Like where where would you do this?

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Eggs? Like, you can do them? You can rent the ring. You can rent Matt, my space, you can do them in somebody's garage. Oh, well, pretty much you can do them without I'm serious. You can do it anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
Yeah, I guess so it doesn't matter.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
No. And it's just all like, it all depends on the customer like minds are just pure wrestling. Yeah. You know, um, and some other people do other stuff like that on them again, you know? Do they have?

Unknown Speaker 46:58
I mean, like that you're, you're great. You're professional fighter. You're a wrestler? Let's say, you know, I'm Joe Blow, and I want to wrestle you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Does he have to like you could potentially hurt Joe Blow like, how do you prevent not you know what, but some some people wanted some very strange things. And then there's like some legalities, I will never dive into that. Yeah, ever. But like, just regular, regular finding out some of this customers are, or guys have been doing this kind of activity for a long time. So they just want to wrestle. And like, a lot of times, they just want to talk. And like a couple of my wrestling friends, I'm not gonna mention names, but you can go in session girls and see them. They've done it for a couple years. And then like I said, they've done pretty well. And the girl that created the page, Jennifer Thomas, she was a professional wrestler before Oh, and she she became I mean her her career became very lucrative after she started doing custom sessions. And, and I met wonderful people through them, I'm talking about other women that are very strong that are in other type of businesses, too. But that made me like, really respect them for what they do and not being judgmental. Right, get this at the end of the day, again, with when I am talking about women empowerment as as just being respectful what people do. And one back to the only fans. A lot of the times before when a girls were doing certain things. other girls will jump in and go, Oh, you're such a or Jesus did this and that. And then all of a sudden, you know, they're doing all the fancy. nobody's saying anything. But that's okay. You want to one thing is that we have to be respectful of what people do for a living.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah. Because at the end of the day, you don't know what someone's going through. You don't know what their financial situation is, like, maybe that's their last resort, or maybe they just fucking enjoy it. And they don't even need to make money, but they enjoy embracing their sexuality and like you, they just love taking pictures and being in front of the camera. And if they can make a couple bucks doing it, then why not? I I agree. It's like you said, I love that you said just respect everybody's, you know, desire to do whatever makes them happy. And I understand sessions pretty pretty well now, is it too blunt? To ask how much you make, like on an average session?

Unknown Speaker 49:18
Well, it depends. Like, like, I don't know, like, I know that the base rate was $300. When I first started doing it,

Unknown Speaker 49:25
the minimum is 300 an hour.

Unknown Speaker 49:28
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. More people. Other people can charge more for them. Like I don't know if they get it or not. But

Unknown Speaker 49:37
yeah, you can ask for more but who knows if someone will actually pay that right.

Unknown Speaker 49:42
Yes, and it can be very lucrative or it can it can be very, it can be wishy washy because like, you have to ask that you have to ask for references. You have to make sure this person is real and did not hurt you. And all this stuff because you never know like before can can do stuff like that. So Yeah, but um,

Unknown Speaker 50:02
do you have any stories of session matches? Or maybe costume matches? Like, what's the weirdest, or most funny kind of script that someone had to play out for a costume match?

Unknown Speaker 50:12
You know what, for one time I was wearing a costume match, I wasn't like somebody else was, it was like, they will have to keep holding the same hold for like, three minutes. Each hold. And they will have to like be like, yelling. Okay, what's the other one there was? There's another one who was really was really funny. Oh, I have a customer. He creates like a mini like a mini story. I love doing those. Like, like, he like really likes is one of the wrestlers and she, she made it like she's a victim and like, there's like a witch and the witch kind of like, what's the witchcraft on her? And then she gets assessed and like, she start convulsing is like crazy is like the last movie.

Unknown Speaker 51:02
Like just like a real a whole background story.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
Yes. Oh, yeah. And you have to like, record it in certain ways. And, and like he wants, like, there's very specific items that you want on it. And every item needs to be there. Oh, I got to edit that list. Because I was when I was starting. I was like, Oh my god, this is harder than I thought it was. But it was a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
Well, it sounds like you don't get too many weird requests, which is good, but I'm sure you get your fair share of creepy DMS from your fans. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 51:34
Oh, yeah, actually, since you mentioned that I got a really good one today. Okay. I actually read the other one on another YouTube that I did with a friend. So this guy, he was like, Hey, my name is such and such. I think you're very beautiful. I'm looking for a girlfriend. Also. I want to impregnate you was Oh, wow. I want to have unprotected sex with you to impregnate you. Also, I'm single. I want you to I want you as my girlfriend. Now my What the fuck? This is all one guy also I do not. Yeah. And then he sent me. Just give me another one. I hope I didn't scare you. Also, I want to be your boyfriend. Also, I want you to be pregnant of my baby. And I'm like, also, I'm gonna block you right now there was one he like cracked me up. I was gonna put him on blast, too. Lately, I've been getting dick pictures, unsolicited dick pictures that I don't like, like ever. So I get and I tell the guys do not send me the pictures. I do not enjoy them. I don't like them. Don't send them to me. Okay. So Mike post on my message requests. I put a picture of me wearing a like, like cow girl kind of style picture. My dick is way too hard for for this picture was from this picture? Yeah, that asked. What else? I was like, Wow, you really? Do Yeah, I get a lot of

Unknown Speaker 53:08
you haven't had any feet guys so far.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
Oh, I just feel like those are those on the feet fans are the most persistent. And even though we feel like, you know, foot fetish is is uncommon. I feel like it's way more common than what we actually think who I actually have to like, now I have to cut the pictures of my feed because I mean, bless your heart. This

Unknown Speaker 53:34
guy loves feed. He made a picture on my Instagram. He tagged me on Instagram. This big as nasty as feet. I know my feet are big, but damn boy like

Unknown Speaker 53:45
way way. So like photoshopped. He,

Unknown Speaker 53:48
he photoshopped somebody's feet on one of my pictures. And his feet are huge. And they're like cracked and are nasty. And I'm like, okay, and the day before a fan tells me a this are like floating around the internet. So you know, somebody make news and I was going to send them these so you can see them. They're horrible. First of all, my vagina has like, all nothing hairy. And then they put boobs I don't have I'm like very flat chested. And I was showing this on my husband. Can you believe this? They have the time to make news, man.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Okay, wait, I'm so good.

Unknown Speaker 54:23
This guy. So one guy? I don't know. Is it a different guy? He put someone else's feet on your feet. And now there's somebody photoshopping vaginas and big boobs on your picture.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
Yeah, I'm not saying this. You're right. Wow. Okay, you know, who has the time to do that?

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Your fans your fans, girl.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
I don't know why. And I'm like, and I mean, if you go online, I'm gonna send you one. So you can see. It's like this picture. I took them like two years ago. And then you get it.

Unknown Speaker 54:59
I can't I can't look around. Right now cuz we're actually hold on maybe Oh my god. Oh, let's see. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
My boobs.

Unknown Speaker 55:06
Yeah, you need to shave girl.

Unknown Speaker 55:09
Right? So like, yo, like I even put it on Twitter. I think I made it in life because people are making nudes of me and you can see these pictures on my Instagram. And they're normally I'm wearing a bikini. But I'm like, why that's funny. You're like, hey, it's like the funniest.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Why did you take a 70s bush and give it to me? This

Unknown Speaker 55:28

Unknown Speaker 55:30

Unknown Speaker 55:34
Honestly, I wish that makes them happy.

Unknown Speaker 55:36
I wish the listeners could see this, but whatever. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:39
you know what?

Unknown Speaker 55:40
I didn't I just looked at the time. Dang, we are getting just carried away. And there's so many things I want to ask. But before, you know, I really want to keep talking about all these interesting things. But I want to talk about your personal life as well. You said you're married and you have a 15 year old son, which we talked about. Yeah, when I hear married? How many years first of all?

Unknown Speaker 56:05
2000. We've been together since 2000 6005. Don't

Unknown Speaker 56:09
make me do math girl.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
I am bad at math.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
It's 15 years.

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Okay. 15 years. 15 years. Holy crap. So the first thing that comes to my mind when you're married, you're traveling all the time. How does? How does the relationship stand up with all the travel?

Unknown Speaker 56:28
We know you getting used to it at the beginning was hard. And but it's like, I'm always leery you go to like a town. You go to work, then you go to the hotel. From that you leave sometimes you don't. And then you come back. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:40
it's all work. No play all work. No play.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Yeah, and there's just like, so annoying. Like, but um, my husband and I we communicate a lot. We talk a lot. He doesn't like video chat. My kids like old school kids like kids. 15 years old. And then I do he hates Channing. So we were 18 years older than you? Yes, yes. Oh, right. Yeah. So so in honestly, like, I don't I don't think like always everybody has. How can you be like that? How can you be successful and your husband is just like, at home sitting over there. Like, because he understands that, if my time and the time when he had the opportunity. He didn't have somebody to support him as much as he supports me to get to where I want to get. And once I get to that point, and where I feel like I'm successful. I know I can be like, Alright, man, it's your time, go to school, get your get your degree, do what you wanted to do your whole entire life. I don't care if I have to pay for it. You've got to do it now. And I'm the type. I'm that type of person. That's awesome. So

Unknown Speaker 57:38
I'm horrible at math. Like I said before, but if I'm doing my math, right, that means that you got married when you were 19.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Yeah, girl I yeah, he got me out of cradle.

Unknown Speaker 57:50
He was robbing the cradle.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Yeah. So I mean, I'm just surprised though. You've been married for 15 years. And it just seems like you're just always on the go. I feel you must have a strong marriage and what Just tell me how what's the key to making it work? Just communication? He No, he's just like, me and I, as far as you can be jealous. Like, I can't be thinking about my husband like talking to other girls at the gym. Or, like, you know, regardless, he's like, this is the thing, like a lot of women and men are very insecure about themselves. And they show that, you know, to their partners, like you are jealous. Why? Yeah, why he's not calling you. Yeah, that kills everything. Like, I see so many young girls in this business. You know, they get a great opportunity. They go out and then they go to like a big company in there. I'm going to afford they're going to be very attractive people. And the boyfriends are like, what are you doing? Why are you talking to that guy? Why don't you just take a picture with that person? If he's talking to you? Does he like you? Yeah, like, dude, get off my fucking back, man. Like, I'm working like, What is your problem? Like, I just can't imagine my husband being like that I would have probably already quit or gotten divorced. Like, we were having that conversation today. I'm like, you can be like that, like he just at all. And, and for many, many years, he traveled with me everywhere. Oh, really? altogether? everywhere? Yes. They will, you know, drive 1014 hours together. from Oakland to San Diego to Mexicali back. Cool. I'm la like, I'm telling you, girl, we flew to Mexico couple times for shows and, and like they were like wrestling for 20 people. Like he's been on the grind with me for ever since I started wrestling. And and it's just like, now like the last three years when I'm like flying a lot. He doesn't like to fly either. So like, I only bring him to like big shows. If it's like a big pay per view or a big match. Like I'll be like, Alright, y'all, y'all gotta come. But, but he he, you know, he he like like me to call him when my big matches happen or when big things happen because you want to hear everything. You like the tea. So, but yeah, it's like that part of like, he can Trust me, and I trust them and, and we tell each other so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
nice. So trust, no jealousy, communication, all common stuff, but you guys have been making it work for 15 years. So that must be the right recipe, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
Yeah. And, and just like again like giving him his face and he him giving me my space to is very important. When we're together we're together when when he like you need to space he tells me and in my face I knew one. Like I cry all the time. Either like the women get mad because the guy is like playing games. And a lot of guys like to play like Xbox or be a spy or do stuff like that intervals. Like I don't like when he does that is when I'm lying. You know? And I'm like, Yeah, he likes to do that, man. Go ahead, baby. How many hours you want to play? Okay, cool. I'm gonna go and clean, or am I going? Make my orders or I'm gonna go and get on the computer? Or keep playing and I'm in the computer right there. Right next. Yeah, it is. You know, you gotta you gotta support that is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
I feel like it's it's all about having your own shit to do. So like if you're, you know, husbands playing video games for three hours, but you don't have anything to do. Of course, you're going to be like, Babe, babe, play with me play with me. But you got to have your own stuff to do. And you obviously do your you know, taking pictures wrestling training for mixed martial arts girls, or 15 year old son.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
I wish I was like that type of white wife that like has absolutely nothing to do. Can I go and get my nails done. I was like, if I get my nails done, I'm like, lucky. There's like once a month and my son and my son is really needed to she likes to eat like a caress and she wants attention when I'm not there. She's like, can you rub my head? Can you watch TV with me? And I mean, he's 16 and he's he loves attention. Um, she said Mother, his mother passed away when he was 10. And he likes that attention. Like the female attention cue up with nothing but a woman. So um, you know, I when I'm not with my husband on when my son Yeah, or when my dog you know, so it's important that you like, have your time he has these times. I have my time. Yeah. That's smart. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
I wanted to ask you, you know all about your sex life. But I'm feeling like, you know, you got married at 19. So you've probably only had, you know, one partner for about 15 years now. Right? Yeah. So you're young. Does that mean that if someone asked you all the normal questions, regardless of you being you know, married for 15 years, you've probably never done the online dating thing. Because, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
I wouldn't want to do that shit. Oh, yeah. Lucky. So lucky. I said that to my friends. A lot of my friends. I'm like, Yo, I don't know how into it. I just, I can be like, you know, a lot of my friends like, Oh, yeah, I hook up with a girl on Tick Tock.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
Tick tock, tick tock.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
Yeah. Music app.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
No, girl. No, man, like Coke hook up. Not really. Anything. Id. You're right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
It's just whatever app that connects you, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
Yes. So it's like, my friend told me like some horror stories. Like, I have one friend, I feel so bad for her. Because she's had the worst luck in the world. She'd been on Tinder, Bumble, like, mingling with whatever. It's all, like, everything that you can imagine. And she's just had the worst luck with all her dates. And like, things that I found my husband and like, in person, like, I think that's the best way to find like a partner is like, if you will, like find them in person, or like, someone that you already know. Because like, there's nothing like the human contact, because otherwise, it's just like, you're putting all these filters on the pictures. Mm hmm. And then when you miss a person you're like, is that you? Really? You're like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
I could be completely different. And then you've wasted your time, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Yeah, like one of my friends. I saw one of my members. He used to tell me like he's like, be on Tinder a lot. And that he'll like, be talking to these girls and whatever. And then when commit them like he was like, literally, he saw who he was, and he literally left. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
not even gonna just work out. That's, that's harsh. I'm gonna sit for a cup of coffee.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
No, or like he will, you know, mess around with them. And then they became psychos. And one of them like, totally, like, broke his window in his car like slashing tires. He was bad. Like you like messing with like you're you're messing with like psychos like a bunch of my friends. They'll be telling me all these like crazy stories or, or like the typical is just like talk, self talk, self talk and no action. One time, one of my best friends. She was talking to this guy, and the guy was just like, you know, kind of eating her on and shitting on me like, if you're not about it, stop texting me. If you want to do something that you were right now I know your room is like ooh, and then the guy never text her back. Oh, God, like no don't don't let this man do this thing for you. Just because you're single.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
So I asked some of the files This question but you're always on the road and it might be different with wrestling, but most of the fighters say, they don't care. But do you have do you have? Are you in the habit of abstaining from sex before a wrestling match or before the fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
Never a wrestling match before a fight. You have to I guess it's like, I mean, I asked the question to my trainer, he said, but he doesn't really matter. But now you got to put your all your efforts in in that thing. Oh, yeah. No, I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
You wouldn't. Okay, well, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
think you're the first person you say that you know how hard it is? You know how hard it is? Because you're like you're just touching alone are so high. And then you're like, you're losing all this way. And and you've got all this aggression and you're just like, yeah, ready to go all the time? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
I will. Okay, so you you've stained before the fight. That's good that you're the first person first fighter to say that they actually abstained. I think everybody's like, Oh, I thought about it, but fuck it. Alright, I want to play the lightning sex rap. We're coming up on you know, we still got to play Fuck, Marry, Kill and we got some good fan questions for you. So the lightning sex round is basically where I ramble off one word or a question and you just say yes or no. rapid pace. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
Okay. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
lightning sex round with thunder Rossa? Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
What was it? Yeah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
Oh, see? spanker like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
That's a hard question.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
You know, like a little note,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
every now and then. It's just the can it depends on the mood, I guess. Okay. All right. Biting.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
Biting. Yeah, bite or biting. Yeah, biting like, Oh, no, no, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
no, again, choking.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:06
No, threesomes No, not really. I like the attention from it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
Don't we all? Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
No, any fun? You know what? I read that and I'm like, No, I don't really watch porn.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
Yeah, it's, it's, it's, uh,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
I'm gonna mess this word up all the time, but it desensitizes. You know you a little bit in you know, why would we want to make getting off any any more hard? You know, just make it easy. Alright, so are you into bondage like ropes? blindfolds,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
I think is very artistic. I will do it for a picture.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
Okay. roleplay role playing. This is right up your alley with costume matches and in your work, but do you do it in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
Not as much so like do

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
okay. But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
As my husband, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
I'm a new sex toy user. We got a sponsor on the podcast. Oh, thank you. Merry Christmas to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
I will tell them I will stop. I will tell them for sure. Okay, I met somebody in New Jersey. I will totally seldom

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
ever been to a sex club or a swingers party. No, no. And we this last one lingerie lover or we already know you love your lingerie.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
I love lingerie. Just for picture. Okay. Okay. Pictures, guys. If you want to send them to me, I will leave you at my peel box. You guys can send them to me. I'm like mom. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
Yeah, sure. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
all right, time for Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
where I give you three names and you choose which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry which one you want to kill. This one is the wrestler version. Thank you to my creative associates, Dan and pat Kenny. These brothers are big wrestlers, big big wrestling fans. And so they were excited to give me three names. They gave me one version that's hunks. And the other version that's like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
oh geez,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
would you rather do hunks or oh geez.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
You say hunks or Oh gee Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Okay hunks Alright, so you got to choose between the rock, Shawn Michaels and Roman Reigns. Which one you want to fuck? which ones you want to marry? which ones you want to kill and your husband?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
It's such a game babe. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
come down.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
Um, I will The Rock May the rock I will oh my god this is her I will probably fuck Shawn Michaels and then I will kill what's his name Roman Roman Reigns Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16
I don't even know who the heck that is so Baba Roman Reigns Good choice bear in the rock he's, he's probably his wife will never have to work a day in her life

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
Okay fan questions so some of these I think all of these are like wrestling fans because I got a lot of questions for you ready to go? Yeah, okay at mustache Mountain 86 that's a funny name says Has she ever had sex at a show? She was working? So did you

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
didn't know

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
I'm like terrified I'm like

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
no okay, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
a hard No. Okay. App punk fan 90 says favorite match you've ever had and What's your dream match us? It's a kind of a two part question.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22
Favorite match? I've definitely like to have a couple but is threnody the recent one like she's such a big mission. And we like create magic there and then Alison Kay when I win my Championship at the beginning of the year and the match that I want to happen probably was she's not she no longer wrestling but her name is Sarah stock she's from Canada.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
Nice All right. at Cana Ville wants to know do you do you enjoy beating up men?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
Ah yes I do. very empowering and you can

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
get beat up if you just go to sessions girl. So at Senor Barba better best piece of advice that you have ever received.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:12
best piece of advice um I think um not being afraid of being myself and and just sticking to a stick to what I believe is right and never and I like a long thing but it's never acceptable on the back like if you are gonna finish business finish them right but don't ever accepted them especially those who helped you Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
yeah it businesses is it's hard because sometimes you want to go the easy route but yeah, it's important never burn bridges and I agree on that one. All that good.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
All that's good advice. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Okay, and then I can never this guy always has questions but I can never pronounce his handle. It's t punny, Titus. Oh one. Which fighter do you think? Oh, sorry, which UFC fighter do you think would do well in the pro wrestling scene.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
Who will do well, let's see. I think Nunez can do really well. Really? Yeah, that yeah, I think she does. She's such a badass badass. I she will never do. Yeah, but I mean, I don't

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
I was gonna pick someone that has more of like a kind of crazy look to him. You know, like Amanda chin and

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
no, but you know what? That they're notorious to because he can cut promo. He can cut promos and if you can't get a promo, that's it. You don't even have to wrestle. Yeah, okay, man, like seriously like, yeah, okay, I can say he can cut promos he can she can definitely do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
Okay. All right. Amanda Nunez at St underscore Jimmy underscore IV th How do you decide which side of your beautiful face to paint and is there a significance with which side

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
Not really. However I feel on the day All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
It's whatever that guy's like Oh, he was expecting some like heartfelt answer all right at King underscore ricochet 22 says Who was your idol growing up?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
I really hard question I really didn't grow up with like, well, I'm gonna shut up. I used to watch soap opera and I'm so I'm so ignorant. It was Talia who singer actress and she was like I want when I grew up. I want her to be just beautiful. She was well she was seeing a popular What

Unknown Speaker 1:14:40
can you name one of her songs right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:44
Well, she made this three super big soap opera that even in Thailand they like well known as coal. Madea Mark says money mark. And then like, those are like the ones that I remember thinking all the time, but nomads and yesterday was the one that has been my favorite song. Got it. I can't even pronounce that.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
All right, last question. And this question for me. Who would you like to hear next on this podcast? sex and violence?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
Anyone? Anyone? boy, girl wrestler fighter doesn't matter.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
Have you had troop?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
No, I haven't. Oh, he would be a good one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:24
True, but you have to have them in there. Blake troop? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
yes. thingy. I think his Instagram is at Blake troop. He's a fighter who I forget how many profiles he has under his belt. But he also does wrestling, correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
Yeah. And he actually funny story about a year ago, somewhere around there, maybe Oh, no, probably closer to two years now. He sent me an email a message online and was like, Hey, you should do this. And I opened it up. And it was a application for a WWE tryout. And I'm like, No, I can't do it. You know, I don't know how to wrestle in this. And he's like, just do it. Just do it. And it wasn't what it was, was an application for the TV show. I think it was like WWE, like kind of like, where they have all the fighters in the house. Oh, yeah. And they try out for the the part and they wrestle. Anyway, long story short, I did it and I got on, but it was clashing with my UFC contract. So I was like, oh, maybe later, I can try wrestling. But that was like two years ago. And I feel like I'm getting older every day, obviously. So like, I don't know if I'll have enough time, after my fight career to do pro wrestling. But when I talk to people like you, I'm like, oh, it sounds so fun, traveling, getting to meet people, you know, creating a character all that.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
It is fun, but it's like it's very taxing to your body. And like all the traveling and like all the bombs, like there's been occasions and where I'm even practicing. I'm like, after prestolite I can. Yeah, yeah, your back is just so jacked. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
I know. A lot of people say oh, Wrestling's fake, but I'm like, nope. Ask the real wrestlers. How fake their pains and their bumps and the bruises. Are?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
You Yeah, man. Well, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
you so much. tell everybody where they can find you on social media, your website, sessions all that?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
I don't know. I no longer do fashion. Oh, FYI. I just, like texted me, email me. I'm like I have not done one month. But thank you, everybody that supported me during my general session. But you can find me and mission pro wrestling dotnet you can find all the costumes there. And also if you want to order customs, you can order them super easy. Then you can find me on sunroof that that MIT. Right there. I offer special pictures. Di funcles. I have all my merchandise in my all my stuff. Are there. My Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are connected there. If you want to go on my Instagram and my Twitter, you can go to Santa Rosa 22 at Santa Rosa 2012. My handle.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:06
Awesome. I feel like I could talk to you for hours and hours. But that's a wrap girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:11
I have so many So yeah, I had so many stories to tell you about all these places that I missed and all this crazy shit. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
maybe we'll have you on again. Maybe once you get like an MMA fight lined up.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
Yeah, it'll be so much fun. Okay, thanks,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:25
girl. I'll talk to you soon. Okay, and that's it. For our first pro wrestling guests. I am surprised and slightly educated on the sexual ways of wrestlers. I'm stoked to be bringing you guys guests from all sports arenas. And I definitely know that will have more wrestlers on in the future. Pro Wrestling is sometimes actually it's most of the time, I'm realizing that MMA fighters are continuing their athletic career by becoming a professional wrestler. I would definitely thought about it and like you guys heard in the episode, I've even you know, signed up and filled out the application and all that so who knows, maybe there will be a rebel girl wrestling debut in the future. But for now, I'm going to stick to MMA because I got a new spine. And in 2021, I've got you know, I'm going to be making a good run. So look, I'm definitely looking forward to performing for all you guys and kind of redeeming myself. You know, I don't want the last performance to be what you guys hold in your mind. There's definitely Better rebel girl out there and I'll show you guys in 2021. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
I would normally say,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:06
you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
thank you guys for tuning in and be sure to watch the UFC fights but we actually have no more UFC fights until I believe January 16. So you have to find some other way to get your violence in. I think Bella Torre and some other promotions will be going on. But you guys will always hear a sex and violence with rebel girl Friday mornings. So thank you guys for tuning in and for all your fan questions and hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me. Rebel girl Don't forget rate and review get a sticker all that good stuff. Special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJ zol tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus you can find me or the podcast on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex.

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