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Episode 34: Adam Hunter - MMA Roasted!

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sex and

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex environments with level girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. And let's talk about sex. And bye.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff?

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What's up all my naughty listeners? How is 2021 treating y'all? Probably better than 2020. Cuz, well, that bar was set pretty freakin low. We're only a week or two weeks, one week into the new year, and I am doing awesome. I have just started my rehab. So you girls on the road to recovery. And, you know, honestly, you guys, if you've been following along, you know, I was in that goddamn neck brace. And that was awful. So I'm just happy to be out of that. Happy to be able to drive again. I felt like a child having people drive me around. And minus this kind of Frankenstein incision I got going on in my neck. I feel normal. It's very weird. Someone's told me that, you know, they're like, you look like you're moving like normal. And it's crazy. Because essentially, they kind of detached your head from your body. And I was like, well, when you put it like that, yeah, I'm doing pretty good for like two weeks, or two and a half weeks, or actually three, three weeks now post surgery. So I'm doing good. But I actually did want to make it a point to mention on the podcast, because you see, everybody's talking about how great they're doing and this and that. But no one really talks about the struggle, right? It's done. It's 2021 you know, pandemic was last year, but no one really talks about it. And I talked about my sobriety and all that and yeah, things are good. But every once in a while, I look at you know, a picture, you know, the TV, you know, a drink pops up and times are hard or a fight with the boyfriend and I just think about drinking and I'm like, oh, but so if you guys are struggling with anything out there, and maybe it's not even drinking, maybe you know, gambling or, you know, depression. That's a big thing right now. So all I want to say is things are going good, but not all the time. So we're all struggling together. We're all striving together. It's an uphill battle, but we're gonna be good guys. And Osada. I want to tell you about Osada. So you know, I just had surgery. And despite that, who sada comes in knocking on my door last week, I got a funny little story to tell you guys. So if you're not familiar with who sada is the United States athletic doping Association, I really hope I said that, right. And they randomly pee, test us blood, test us, and then show up anywhere from 6am to 6pm 10pm. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. You know, we kind of call them like Big Brother, they're always watching and they can show up at any time and whatever, right? And honestly, if you're not doing anything bad, that's it's not a big deal. It's inconvenient. But if you're not taking the steroids, then no big deal, right. And so normally, it's inconvenient. And I actually have the same rep, her name. We'll call her D. I'm not sure if we're allowed to say names on here. So I listen to another podcast, and they always make up fake names in case of, I think, lawsuits, so we'll call her D. Right? So D is an older lady 4050. Probably actually. And she's nice lady. And every time I see her, I'm kind of like, ah, because you're stopping everything you're doing. And you got to pee in a cup. Like, like, like a criminal kinda. Not that I've ever had to pee in a cup. But, uh, so you know, I see. And it's post surgery, and it's the first time Oh, I mean, D.

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Anyway, so I see D comes knocking at the door, right? And it's the first time that I'd seen her and I don't know how long that I wasn't in fightcamp. So she comes in and things are a little bit more chill, and I don't have to pee right away. So what happens if you can't pee right away. The representative has to stay with you until you pee. Meaning if you can't pee, get a jug of water, coffee, whatever you got, and that person D has to travel with me. If I got to go to the doctor if I got to go work out. They just sit there and wait. And you're not allowed to go anywhere because you might be doing some shady shit, you know, like fake pee or whatever. So So anyway, so d is there and we're chillin on chugging the water waiting to pee. And what happens is you have to tell them everything that you have put in your system in the last like seven days, right? So vitamins, you know, topicals creams, you know, CBD protein, it doesn't matter if it goes in your body, you're telling you sada about it. And if you don't, obviously, you know that something might have something in it later, whatever. So I'm telling D about all my you know, normal supplements, and then I'm like, Yeah, and I also got surgery. So you know, anesthesia, all that. They give you the pain meds and inflammation, I don't know, pretzels, all and Lyrica and all these stuff that's like for the surgery. And then I realized that there's something else I should tell her about. And I'm like, huh? And I'm like, hey, Dee, how long have you been doing this? She was like, a long time. I'm like, Oh, I think I got a new one for you. And she's like, no, nope, I bet not. I haven't been nothing new. In many years. I've been doing this too long. All right. You ever heard of the OMG shot? She's like, no, what's that? So if you guys are a longtime listener, 34 episodes, you guys are a longtime listener, then you know that. Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, somewhere around there, I got myself a Christmas present. It's called the OMG shot. What it is, is basically PRP, which is your own blood taken out of your body, spit it into a centrifuge, the plasma separates, and then you inject it back into your body in order to stimulate growth and healing, right? Well, the OMG shot, same thing, but in your vagina. So I'm telling Deb de about this. And the look on her face. I'm like, oh, first time, Debbie. And she's like, yes, this is a first so I just thought that was hilarious. You know, it was thought of people. They're great. They know that. They're basically like the parole officer of the sports organization. So no one's too busy, too happy to see them ever. But I thought that was a funny story that I would share with you guys. Speaking of fighting, we have the fights back on next weekend, which is January 16. And if you guys don't know I actually had to look this up. It's the UFC is going to be on ABC. Now I'm not sure if you guys know that. But it's it's back into fight Island. So that's cool. But I just found out that it's going to be free on network TV. So before it was on ESPN plus you have to have like the app, you know, and then getting a subscription and all that. Or sometimes it'd be pay per view and you got to pay like I don't know, fucking fuck ton 99 for the fights. It's just crazy. Right? So the good news is is next weekend they are back and they're on ABC. And in the main card, it will be the first time that UFC has ever been on broadcast on ABC. So I think the headliner, we looked at the Holloway vs. cater and who that is good one. former UFC featherweight, Max Holloway, if you guys aren't familiar with him, he takes on cater, who's number six, that is going to be a banger. And actually, if you go on Wikipedia, if you are a fight nerd and you want to look it up, you can find out how many fights were supposed to be on the card and how many dropped this card was supposed to have like 10 other fights like Christina Aguilera, who's a SoCal local and a couple other people are supposed to be on this card but COVID injury like just you know, normal fight stuff, dropped him out so but the card did shape up to be pretty good. And so check that out. And then the fight I want to watch on that you know card the most is Carlos Condit versus Matt Brown. Carlos Condit is awesome. His nickname is the natural born killer. What a cool nickname, right.

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And, guys,

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off your order.

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Go ahead, visit el la pa ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a talented comedian, whose love for MMA and his hilarious ability to roast himself the sport and anyone involved makes him the perfect guest. When he's not headlining a comedy show around the country, he's writing and acting. He was a finalist on NBC last Comic Standing host of math TVs man up Stand up. He was on Showtime's white boys into hood. CBS is the Late Show Chelsea Lately, comics unleashed and has appeared on Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel, who we talked about joining a black dance team awkward situations. His short lived career as a male stripper sex soundtracks called pussy talk, Super Bowl, sex parties and so much more. Here is your guest comedian Adam.

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Beautiful happens in

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his world. You don't know how to express yourself so ever had sex? I haven't felt great. It feels so good when I did it with my penis girl than me to it. It literally just having having sex can make a nice man after meeting just came from. If I had to describe the villain, it was the back when I met my penis felt great. And I called my parents right after I was done. Oh.

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Okay, we have Adam Hunter. Adam, thank you so much for doing the show.

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Thanks for having me. Yeah, I'm

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excited. We have so much to talk about. Let's jump right in. First, I want to talk about your new special throwing punches. Tell us all about it.

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Yeah, I got a new special it's on UFC fight pass the first comic ever to have a special on fight pass. But yeah, it was awesome. I got to do comedy because like, I have so many jokes about mixed martial arts, but I never really get to tell them like a regular comedy club, because there's only a certain percentage of people that actually know what I'm talking about. So it's nice to actually be able to do a show where I could talk about mixed martial arts for a good portion of the special and it just, you know, I would I've been pitching the show to Dana for a long time. And then finally he just called me up. He's like, we're doing your special and I think it was definitely there were some obstacles. Like, you know, everyone in the crowd was wearing masks. had to be like, you know, one third capacity. There was Mike Perry in the front row, the Trident girlfriend. So a lot of Mike Perry jokes, but he was a really good sport. And then it was like Brendan Marino and his team from Tijuana. I'm not sure how much English they all knew, but but they were also awesome. I was like, you know, there's some good deaf people. But it went really, really well. Marina was awesome. What's the name was awesome. And I've been getting lots and lots of positive feedback from it. So that's really cool.

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Yeah, I watched it on fight pass. I loved it. I mean, I've seen you numerous times. So I'd heard some of the jokes but you got a lot of new material. And like you said, it's a very small niche for you to make MMA jokes. If you are in Vegas or wherever you know this. Maybe there's a one or two MMA fans in the audience, but you have to be a diehard MMA fan to get some of the jokes. You know, you might see Mike Perry, but you don't know. You know, you're not gonna understand the mike Perry jokes unless you're a diehard MMA fan, I

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think. Yeah, so I was really really happy people couldn't believe he didn't he didn't kill me. He was actually a good sport. Really good sport. That's cool.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Yeah, was it so that's your first special right?

Unknown Speaker 13:50
Yeah, well, I've had a special live on amazon prime and stuff but the first like MMA related special Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:56
Do you think this is a bigger platform bypass than amazon prime? Um, depends. I

Unknown Speaker 14:01
mean, a lot of it is like I think it's a I've been getting a better response on bypassing amazon prime. You know, it kind of got buried and Amazon Prime, like, unless they kind of feature it, you have to really really look for Yes, like bypass or they kind of made it like on the front cover.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
They did. They did it was the first thing when I opened up fight pass. I was like, Oh, that's cool. They're, they're helping you out there. That's cool. And you obviously have a great relationship with Dana and the UFC because you've written for them. What what actually have you done for the UFC before this? Um, well, I

Unknown Speaker 14:31
wrote a bunch of the, for the MMA awards, like for the last 12 years I've been writing all the sketches so I wrote like the Daniel Cormier a all about the cake and chicken sketch. And he was and then I wrote like the Ben asked Graham like hello from the asker side. Where did you have had him like as like Adele trying to get into the UFC? And then like this year, I had to cringe as Henry I had, like, you know, I mean, sort of white as pussy cringe as Henry

Unknown Speaker 14:58
I haven't seen that one.

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I think that was like my favorite one I had like, Scott Evans, like, that's my MMA slow jams. And I had Johnny Hendrix, like, I can't make the weight when I fight you because I'm hungry on the weekends. So I've been writing those forever. And some of them done really, really well. So and then the last year I did, um, instead of the old town road, I had Tyron Woodley and Randy Couture. I'm gonna take my gloves to the octagon. So I have that and then the UFC hired me 10 years ago, to kind of make videos for their pay per view events like these little two minute videos. So I was doing like, you know, coming up on UFC one 100 coming up, I'm gonna have this fight that fight. But they didn't really promote it. They want to kind of just make it seem like I was a fan making the videos. Yeah, even though I was doing it with them. But that's how Emily roasted came because I had all these extra jokes that I didn't want to, like that didn't make the cut. So I just put them on Twitter. And then they all of a sudden blew up. I couldn't believe all these people that were like retweeting and stuff. Yeah. And then I got hired by Fox Sports to do a podcast with them. And to pretend I was fighters texting each other during fights, text from last fight. So it was like a fake group text chat, but like, it was me, but it was really just pretending I was fighters. Like talking shit to each other. Yes. So I did that for like three years. And then I did now I work for the AFL CIO, I do like those videos, but for the PSL. Oh. And then I also did like, propel tour. I did like the history of faders sweater. Sorry, I wrote that. So I've been doing a lot, a lot of like, different MMA stuff. But currently, I work with the PFM. And hopefully, you know, they really like the special and he was really positive about it. So I got hopefully another one coming up soon. Yeah, I

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loved I used to love text from last night. And it's hard to explain, I feel like to the listeners, but you know, if, if you were you know, the fights went on, and then it's like, you know, you pretend to be Tyron Woodley, and, you know, I'm Ben askren. And we're talking shit to each other back and forth. And it's great. It's great. I wish you still had this. And you mentioned MMA roasted, which if the listeners don't know, that's your podcast that you created, How long ago?

Unknown Speaker 17:18
It's been a while. It's probably like, eight years ago. Oh, wow. It's

Unknown Speaker 17:21
already been that long. That's cool. And you still you're doing that? How often do you do that podcast?

Unknown Speaker 17:27
Twice a week? Oh, yeah. Yeah, we're still going strong. I mean, we have our dedicated, like, our dedicated core fans, and then, you know, we it was actually, for a second. We were actually like, we were killing it. Earlier in the year. I had mayhem as my co host. But now he's back in jail.

Unknown Speaker 17:47
Oh, my.

Unknown Speaker 17:49
Yeah, but he actually called from jail and did an episode two weeks ago.

Unknown Speaker 17:52
Are you serious?

Unknown Speaker 17:54

Unknown Speaker 17:54
That's okay. What what episode number is, I need to listen to it.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Well, I mean, he was off the show before he went to jail because I could tell he was like, when he came out of jail, he was in jail for like a year and a half. He was doing really well. He was on his medication. They had him like, on the right, whatever he was taking. It was great. He was helping me coach wrestling. I was trying to help him get his life back together. I haven't often replaced stay in my house. Like, we were like, he was helping me out. And I was helping, you know. Fred wood.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
Yeah, you guys go way back. Right. We go way back. Yeah. And this may have Miller guys Jason mayhem Miller that he's talking about.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
But then when COVID hit, he moved back in with his ex girlfriend. And I knew that was gonna be a problem. Because the one of the reasons he had the jail last time was because they had a toxic relationship. I don't want to go into detail.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
Yeah, yeah, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 18:49
just Google, his name will come up. But he had nowhere to stay. I think that their money was tied together. So he moved back in with her and I knew once he left the halfway house and went back in with her, I knew his problem. And then during the shows, like you could see that he wasn't the same mayhem that he was, and he was kind of deteriorating back to the guy that went on with Ariel helwani show that flipped out as when he was a character and other stuff. I kind of had to distance myself from him because it just wasn't, you know, and I think that I think that a lot of people wouldn't COVID hit just, you know, they just stopped getting drug tested and stopped doing this. Anyway, so long behold, you're a month out of the after that which was really hard for me, because watching your friend go through stuff, it's the hardest. Yes. And it's also like, you know, man was a grown man, but I invested a lot of time and energy and you know, I love the guy and he loves me like we're like best friends and to watch somebody who just it's just it was hard. It's really hard. Um, I think both of us but now he got He's like, stole a car, but it was his girlfriend's car. So now he's back in jail.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
So you have no co host?

Unknown Speaker 19:58
No, I won't. We have. We have

Unknown Speaker 20:01
Now the columns were kind of scary when he was there. Oh, no, they kind of came back because they just sort of were terrified because he

Unknown Speaker 20:13
Jason mayhem Miller, cuz he's may have a nickname

Unknown Speaker 20:15
for a reason. But when he's sober and on and off drugs, he's amazing.

Unknown Speaker 20:20
Yeah, he's a friend of mine as well be

Unknown Speaker 20:22
like on the right drugs.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
Yeah, yeah. And you know, like, no one's gonna ever really be able to say what goes on except Jason, you know, but yeah, I think he truly is a good person when he is like you said, you know, medicated correctly. We all have issues. Um, you know, you know me you knew me when I was a drinker, and I'm a year and a half sober now. And, I mean, you saw how I used to drink. Did you ever think I'd be you know, sober, Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Ah, I didn't really know that back when you used to drink drink? I think you I knew that you were moody. But I would not. Okay. It just seemed like I just know that you would go into like hiding for a week or two when you were drinking. I actually hang out with you when you're drunk.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
I feel like I'm I'm more moody now that I don't drink actually.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Yeah, but I think it's a different kind of moody. But I get it. I mean, at least I don't know. Well, so anyway, as far as Jason goes, he's called from jail. He's doing great. He's leading the jail workouts.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
He's leading the jail workouts.

Unknown Speaker 21:27
Yeah, that's awesome. Call people in jail. A couple good prospects. One guy has like a gang tattoos. He's not sure if he's actually gonna make it out. But I think he's supposed to get out soon. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 21:40
well, who would we know have any the names of your other co hosts?

Unknown Speaker 21:44
Greg Wilson, really, really funny guy. I have Shawn McCorkle. He's the guy who beat Mark Hunt like a minute. He's hilarious Don Frye is amazing. It's a it's definitely just my friend Shang. Really, really funny comic we're kind of, you know, weaned dog. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:03
I'm gonna check it out. I haven't you know, been listening, but I'm gonna tune in now. So besides the podcast and you know, getting ready for your special I'm sure that took a lot of your time. I know. COVID is crazy, but I do see you doing some stand up.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
Yeah, I was doing Stand up. Stand it's been hard, especially for the special because there was no like, I was doing comedy and like a drive thru. Basically, I'm on you know, drive to a movie theater and people were in their cars. It'd be like the the like the jokes they would honk at you. Yeah, like, like, bright you. And then I did one show in the backyard. There's a pool to me in the crowd. It was cold. So they all like scarves on and ask when zooms and then zoom shows which I hate. You know, I mean, I don't like it necessarily. You will right now, but yeah, that's what's so bad. Like the audience muted the comic. Yeah, it's just been, like one guy has like an ak 47. Like, he's weird. Audience members have like, like, I had like a gun. I don't know who's an Tifa or if he was a proud boy, but everyone's like, why don't you kick him out? I'm like, cuz he's one of our better audience members. You know, so then I got lectured about, like, about about jokes. There were offensive by a 10 year old who I told her mom on me, you know, so I had to Yes, yeah. Now, how about a private code now before you come to the show? Yeah. So so it's been it's been an uphill battle. But I did do shows in Vegas all last week, which were amazing.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
What's the capacity there?

Unknown Speaker 23:34
is about 50 people. Wow, that's not bad. No, I loved it. And I got training in I trained with Bryan caraway. Okay. Yeah, I you know, you don't realize when you when you until like, you don't realize how good these UFC fighters are until you train with them. Like, I was like, oh, I'll just fuck. I'm not gonna fuck caraway up but I thought it'd be more competitive. But then I realized that like, I was doing wrestling and he was doing submission grappling. So I just kept getting choked.

Unknown Speaker 24:02

Unknown Speaker 24:04
So speaking of wrestling, and, you know, let's talk about what your background in mixed martial arts is. Because how are you so good at roasting yourself? The fighters, the UFC? Like, you know, it takes an educated person to roast that? Well,

Unknown Speaker 24:20
I think. Yeah, well, that's twofold question. My background and mixed martial arts is, um, you know, when I was in, I wasn't really, like, troubled kid when I was in when I was growing up. I remember from a house a lot of getting a lot of trouble. And I got sent to a boarding school when I was 13. I was doing a study there in Maine, who's for like, kids that needed like, a kick out of other schools, like every back here from the town. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:43
continuation school.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
Yeah, kind of, and they had a wrestling program and that really saved my life. It was the first time in a long time that actually felt good about anything I was doing was when I was on the wrestling mat people complimented me. So I ended up winning the prop school New England championships four years in a row. I wanted as a freshman to senior like I was the only kid that ever do it. Actually I was I was a third person ever do it in history a tournament. And then I went to all New England's twice. And then I didn't place the Nationals though. And I think that was like my senior year, I was undefeated going into nationals like 27 an hour or something. And then I got impetigo. Oh, the week of the week of the tournament, and I couldn't I was all kinds of like, anti stuff, all kinds of pills dried me out. Then I was like the last kid to win at Nationals because they had like, just like, you know, ring rooms everywhere. I couldn't lose weight, because if I sweat it spread. So that was my last High School match. And I was like, I can't end like this. So I got a D one scholarship to Hofstra under Tom Ryan, who's now the coach over at OSU and I would have been on the same team had I went there as i j. Heron, and Phil Baroni. Quite a bit funny. But I ended up going division three to Binghamton, because I'm like, oh, it won't be my life Division Three, I could still have a life and then I quickly realized it like with wrestling, I'm sure you know, it's just like, you're all in or you're not. And there's no like part time wrestling. And I ended up I wanted to start because I was used to being like, the star of my high school and the star this or that. So I gotta, I gotta start. But unfortunately, the kid that was the captain of the team, beat me like seven to three in the in the wrestle off. So my goal, I gotta start, like, I can't, I'm not gonna go down. I'm not gonna redshirt I'm not going to be second string. So I cut to 134 from like, 150 every week. And by like, and I won the first couple matches that came in third person apartments and college as a freshman is pretty good. But then I just got burned out. Like I just especially coming from like that boarding school where you couldn't lie steal tea, drink, have sex, like everything was to a tee done for you, like and if you got caught doing these things get to wake up and like shovel snow all day and talk about your problems or going in the woods for weeks on out. outposts and, and attitude trips. So I was like, my first time getting freedom for somebody posed me for something, having fun, and then wrestling just kind of curved that. So I was, I quit the team. But when I quit, it was as if, like, now I was back to square one of like, having no self confidence, like, like, I didn't feel good about myself, I couldn't watch sports. Like I let everybody down. Someone I gotta do something. I got to actually do something with my life, any service. Any purpose. Otherwise, I'm just a fucking loser. So I used to, which I wasn't, but in my head, I was. Yeah. So I used to watch, you know, when you're 17 years old, or 18, you don't really, you know, make the best decisions. But I would I was watching they had this, like, talk show that at the school was I guess it was like a, like a you people just call in. And it was a closed circuit talk show. And they tried to have real topics like, you know, racism in school, or this or that, or, you know, and I would always prank the show, I was cutting weight. And I couldn't go out because I was like, Thursday night, and I was smashing for Friday's away. And so I would call in and be like, Hey, you know, I think that, uh, I think that the, the, the twins one of things otherwise, it's like, what did I go Deez Nuts. And then I would laugh at my friends and the other laugh. And like, This is fun. I'm like, I need my own show. So I went down to the studio and pretended to like learn the equipment. And they gave me my own show called deez nuts for for our home. So now I'm like a freshman. And I had a bunch of guys in the wrestling team. And I had this girl who was like a bud, my Budweiser model and all he will end like people but then people start I'm like, oh, it'd be great. All the girls like me. You know, everyone will think I'm the coolest guy. They all started calling it about me like doing what I do. Like, hey, what's wrong with your ear? Broccoli head? Fucking cauliflower ears. Yeah. Or they'd be like, are you vanilla? I used to Corey Haim are just like, people are ripping on you. Hey, yeah, damn it. Great. So then, but it was still fun, right? But then this girl called in. She's like, you know, everyone talks shit about me and another gonna talk shit. And you sweat me at the gym and blah, blah, blah. So I was like, Well, what do you look like? Are you hot? She's like, my name is Hannah. And people are gonna call in. I live on the second floor of newing Hall. Right. So then everyone

Unknown Speaker 29:13
showing up to everyone on campus, which is all the freshmen and sophomores right. They all started calling in and saying like, Hannah, you're a whore bla bla Hannah sucks kind of stole my jeans. They all knew this person. I had no idea this person was. So then she comes down to defend herself on the air jumps in front of the camera. And she's like that guy. Seth is a fat fuck. Yeah, he needs to go to the gym. And then then everyone's calling about her. Like, can I park my car up your snack? She stole my jeans. So then she goes back to her dorm and people start throwing water balloons out or chanting her name that the kid that she said she hooked up with named Seth. He came on. He was captain of the soccer team. And he's like, this is the fat ass and had a call every week and I couldn't touch it. So that Anyway, she didn't like she sues the school for 12 million dollars. What? Yeah, then they cancelled all the shows who goes on my show got canceled. They had to have a disclaimer on the other shows and the thing I'm not responsible for anything. She sued me for 20 million. Oh my god sued the kids sat for 20 million. And it went to the Supreme Court of Brooklyn. Why like it actually like and then he threw it out, but my dad was like, you go to school for two weeks, and you come up with a tournament or lawsuit case for the class. But this was like the most fun I've ever had in my life. I was like, I gotta have my own talk show. I can actually be a job what you get

Unknown Speaker 30:35
to talk show freshmen, sophomore

Unknown Speaker 30:37
freshmen. Okay. I was like a month into school, you know, so you're just gonna go crazy. for that. School wanting to kick my ass challenger. Fight. Oh my god. I was like, I need friends really quick. I joined a fraternity to have friends but I hated being attorney and these guys all suck. I don't want to be here. And then there was a cute girl named Tatiana. I was trying to pick up who told me she was giving auditions for the black dance team. So I'm like, Well, can I try out? She's like, sure. I tried out. I was like a joke and made the team. Wait. He made the deal. Then I did. I realized that I got to miss. I got to miss pledging. If I go to dance practice because otherwise it's a it's like racist. So my freshman year I actually won most dedicated member of the black dance. Er, and I loved it because all my black friends would come to my frat parties and we'd all like have a choreographed dance.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
Well, you actually like good at dancing. I was good enough to make the team but I was definitely the worst performer you like a pity? Pity add?

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Yeah, I was the affirmative action pick. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:33
I was gonna say that. I didn't want to say it. Well, okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
Okay, so by this time, did you lose your virginity in high school? Or

Unknown Speaker 31:45
was college my virginity in high school? Yeah, cuz my school like everybody else last video like 10 because they were all like the worst possible kids. But I was there when I was 13 years old. And I just like, missed the time where kids like were losing their virginity when you're gone. Like freshman sophomore year, I was in Maine. And then when I was dealing with, like, so much heavy shit, like, but my mom left when I was three. And my dad was a drug addict and a gambling addict. And, and, you know, my mom had schizophrenia. So I was dealing with all these things. And when I came home, I really couldn't relate to a lot of the kids anymore, because I was. I was just in a different place had to go fast. Yeah, yeah. And so when I was 17 years old, I had a job at Kenny Rogers chicken. And I was, I was the chicken cutter. And then there was a girl named Maria, who was like this, like, cute Puerto Rican girl. And I literally, like brought her back to my place and just like, had sex with her. But it was really a lot of it was so I was stopped being made fun of by all the other kids in the school. Oh, yeah. A virgin. Yeah, like a prisoner of like the Wii club.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
Yeah, there. Yeah. whatever age you are, like, if you haven't lost it at a certain point and your friends have it's there the pressures on and it's like, you don't even want to do it to enjoy it. You just want to get it over with so you can say you did it. Yeah, exactly what happened and I didn't even know what I was doing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
I just I put her like her like, her legs overhead. And she quipped, and I didn't even know like a queef could happen. You had no idea what that was at the time. Do

Unknown Speaker 33:15
you think she just

Unknown Speaker 33:17
I don't know what I was. Definitely out of like, the vagina, a different area. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
You asked her you said was that you or me? Yeah. I feel embarrassment for her right now. Just because at that age, you're like everybody, you know, you're so awkward. Like you're not comfortable with your body. If I quit right now, I'd be like, so what do you know? But at that age, everything is like, Oh, you know, embarrassing. Poor girl. But then when you got to college, and you had your, your show where you? You know, kind of like have you have you had?

Unknown Speaker 33:51
No I think even as a freshman, I think I might have sex like once. Well, no, actually, there was a girl. One girl is like 40 years old. College, non college but my summer going into college, I went to the Virgin Islands to be my friend who was like the biggest drug dealer on the Virgin Islands. Because he his dad owned a market. And then he was getting weed imported boarding school. And then he was getting really important to his dad's market and like, got kicked out of the Virgin Islands, basically. But I went to go visit him in St. Thomas. And then there was a 14 year old like, older woman, she was in a maybe like late 30s. And I was 17. And I like picked her up. She was from England. And then we went to like the beach. And I slept with her on the beach. It was like it was like knots and bugs from the beach.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
Yeah. Yeah, beach sex is not as beautiful as it as it seems until you when you finally get the uric sand in your ass crack and whatever. Wow. So was that just a 17 year old thing where you're like, Okay, vagina is vagina or did you like older girls?

Unknown Speaker 34:58
That was like, I think that was She's attractive. She's an attractive woman, you know? wasn't like what? He's

Unknown Speaker 35:05
not that old. Really?

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Yeah. Yeah, I think I would think about Yeah. And then she was sort of it was sort of fun, you know? And I like that she had a British accent. Oh, yeah. But I literally had no idea how to, like, eat vagina. I'm still not even sure. There was like she taught, but I thought that was like eating Medina. Like liquid once. Yeah. And then she was like, you need to learn how to you know,

Unknown Speaker 35:29
she taught you. Does she teach you? Or does she just tell you like she made you aware

Unknown Speaker 35:33
that I'm terrible at it.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
Okay, she made you aware you need to learn? Yeah. Okay, well, I mean, I know that you're married now. And you have a kid. So tell us about your wife. How'd you guys meet?

Unknown Speaker 35:46
Uh, life is awesome. She's, um, you know, she's my wife. We met actually, at my old podcast like she was she was an intern. She was, she worked at marketing there. And I knew her there. But she was kind of intimidated by me because I always had like porn stars and people in the studio. And she was like, Who the fuck is this guy. And then we went on Tinder and Bumble. And we both we connected and she's like, I think needs to work together. And then I asked her out and took her on a first date to my comedy show, because that's usually like, a great day because didn't cost me anything to be

Unknown Speaker 36:22
there anyway. And it's kind of stroking your own, like, ego. And I can see if she thinks I'm funny or not. Yeah. Funny, I'm probably not gonna work, but she might have gave you a pity laugh. Like,

Unknown Speaker 36:33
it's definitely like, I've had shows where like, I bought a date, and like, I bombed and just, I am not interested in the date or anything that's gonna leave. You know? So. So yeah, so then that was it. When that went really well. And then, you know, we got, we were dating for like, four or five months. We add, we actually didn't even have sex the first couple months and like, crazy story. They're like, so we were like, still dating. But we hadn't had sex yet. But we were still like seeing other people. You know, you get to the point where you're still seeing other people. Because you're not committed yet. Totally. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
You haven't had that exclusivity talk?

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Yeah. Like, you're like, you know, you're like narrowing down the field. You know, like, you're like getting rid of the roster.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Yeah. Can I do this long term? You know,

Unknown Speaker 37:19
right. So so we It was like, fifth sixth seventh date. And she wanted to have sex, but there was a girl that like this, like, porn star that I like, I've been like, trying to hook up with for years, but she was like, married or this that said, there's just nothing. I know what she was getting divorced. And she's like, Hey, you want to come to my divorce party? So I was like, all right. I was like at noon, and the bars meet her and her friend. That was the party. Oh, wow. And he started making start making out and yeah, and a picker back to my place.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
Wait is the porn star or your white? Yeah, yeah. The

Unknown Speaker 37:52
porn star. Okay. Okay. So we ended up like, I ended up like having sex with her like four times and her friend helped out I was in a relationship. But I guess giving a handy and like assisting on like, PJ's wasn't cheating. Good

Unknown Speaker 38:03
for you?

Unknown Speaker 38:04
I like wasn't gonna like, you know, be like, Oh, no. So anyway, so I had a date with my wife that night. So I go,

Unknown Speaker 38:12
you're not your wife at the time.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Yeah, it wasn't my wife. So I go and I'm like, Fuck, I asked for time. He's like, I don't know how to, like, get it off. I know. I'm not going to actually write maybe I will, but it's gonna be weak. So I went, like stopped off with like, the gas station for like boner pills and a bunch of other stuff. And like the over the counter stuff.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
Have you taken for this?

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Maybe like, once, okay, you know, like a Viagra or something. But yeah, like over the counter bone. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:39
like the rhino picture.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Yeah, right. Then I go back to her place. And she's like, hey, let's have sex. And I was like, uh, we should wait. And she's like, why I'm like, I just wanna make sure it's like special, you know? Yeah. Yeah. And then I end the boner pills, like, fell out of my pocket to like, the next day and be like, Hey, didn't find anything. Which which he lied and said she didn't but she did. But that but but that bothered her. Like for like, months. Like that, like, you know, we did a beating together this not but then like, she was always like, you wouldn't even fuck me when I want to talk. And I was like, What? What kind of guy? Are you? I mean, I made a very self conscious of it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 39:23
Yeah, yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 39:24
finally, one day, we're like an argument. And I was like, oh, If you only knew, and then she said, What is that supposed to mean? And I'm just terrible at lying. Like, I'm the worst liar. I can't I can't lie. No,

Unknown Speaker 39:33
no, it's good.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
It was a bad trade sometimes. But so then I was like, because you want to tell people everything? You know, all the time? Yeah. So it's in trouble. Yeah, and sometimes, sometimes I'm telling them not for their sake just for for me, you know, and that's somehow you have to wonder why you're telling some people things. So I said to her, I said, Well, I told the whole story. The reason I have sex that night because I had a threesome with a porn star, friend and bang forward. And she looked she looked, my wife looked horrified. And I was like, What? Say something? She was like, I can't believe you took her to that disgusting apartment of yours. She was more horrified at how dirty like she was happy that it wasn't her that like It Wasn't that I wasn't into her, but that I couldn't. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:18
and she should be happy that you did it banger after being in two porn stars.

Unknown Speaker 40:22
Yeah, yeah, that too. Yeah. But, but we ended up. So my wife and I were dating for like, four, four months, five months. And then she got pregnant. And she said, I'm only gonna, you know, we're gonna have this baby for married. I'm not gonna have an out of wedlock baby. So, yeah, I loved it. I loved her. I loved her. I knew that she was like, the one. So I proposed to her. And then and then, like, a week later, she had a miscarriage, which was like awful. Yeah. But we stayed together. And a girl was gonna be like our learner. Yeah, so and then we got married, like, four or five months after that. And then we have a beautiful kid. So it's like, everything worked out.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
So when so you got married? You know, like, shortly after dating you said four or five months. But then she had the miscarriage. But how long after you guys got married? Did you actually have your child? No, no, no. I

Unknown Speaker 41:19
proposed to her for five months. Oh, no, we didn't have the wedding. We were gonna have like a shotgun wedding. Literally, like Dan hardy told me. him and his wife at the time. Got married at like a drive thru in Vegas. $25. And you don't even have to go out of the car. Like they Wow. But Bree my wife said that would ruin takeout for her for kill two birds with one stone. But so yeah, but then we got married like, a year later. And she's

Unknown Speaker 41:50
cool with you coming on this sex podcast. I mean, you're a stand up comedian. You talk about your relationship all the time. So she's probably okay with it. Right?

Unknown Speaker 41:59
Yeah, she's cool. But I just we did a relationship show together. On it called, like, date night with Chris Spencer, who's a really, really funny comic, a huge comic. And we talked we talked about that the threesome story. And they were dying. laughing because that's not usually what they hear. Yeah, but, but then like her mom watched it. Oh, and her mom is like super Christian. Like her grandparents were born again, Christian. So that was a little awkward. But

Unknown Speaker 42:27
something similar happened to me recently, my grandfather who pretty much raised me he, I call them I checked in, you know, how you doing? COVID your old you know, and we got a pretty funny, casual relationship. And he goes, Yeah, my friend Bob, you know, told me that you're showing your buddy a lot on the Institute. And I'm like, oh my god. I'm like, Alright, Grandpa, since we're putting everything out there. I have a sex podcast. Just so you know. He

Unknown Speaker 42:51
goes, Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 42:52
know. And I'm like, oh my god. Okay. All right. Well, this conversation is over. Moving on now.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
Yeah, but I feel like you do it. Like I feel like your wouldn't like the shots that you put up are like, they're like, artsy, thank you. Like almost like suicide girly. Like they're not. I wouldn't consider them porn pornographic. Even compared to other female fighters. I don't put you in the same category. Like I almost feel like the shots could be like in a museum or something. Really cool. Like art. World like,

Unknown Speaker 43:22
Damn, that is a very big compliment. Thank you, Adam. I honestly it's true. I don't even feel like they're risky enough to be an only fans. You know what I mean? It's like, if someone like, if I had only fans, and those were the pictures that I posted, I feel like people would be like, oh, what the fuck, I'm ripped off. You know? Like, I want more skin.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
Now they don't honestly, they don't look at like, like, you're not like fingering yourself. Like, like, I feel like page man's answer way more extreme than yours. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
What do you think about the only fans you know, wave that's spreading across fighters and you know, pretty much any female that needs an extra buck.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
I don't know. I kind of like the I understand it. I get it. I just feel like it's like a little bit sad. That's sad. But I think it's I don't know, like I think of like fighting is probably the hardest sport you could be good at because you have to get everything he wrestling jujitsu, boxing. You know, you can't just be good at boxing or wrestling. You really have to learn another sport after you've conquered one sport.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Yes. well rounded. That's,

Unknown Speaker 44:27
that's insane. It's like saying, okay, we're gonna add soccer and baseball to basketball. And you have to be good at that at all at the same time. Yeah, it is like that. It's crazy. Right? So I think that like what you guys do is beyond hard. So I look at it as like that nobody on the Lakers has a fucking only fans, you know, unless you're doing it was like a joke. And I think that to become a pro fighter is as hard if not harder than making it to the Lakers. Or like the Mets or the Yankees or Yeah, so because of that. I kind of get like Like, a little bit of like your fifth in the world, and you're sending your text to someone for $20 Yeah, $50

Unknown Speaker 45:06
it definitely is, you know, not an ideal situation.

Unknown Speaker 45:10
No, I and that's the thing where I like I get it, it's a new sport and yada, yada. Yeah. And, you know, there's still like, there's a lot of a lot of things that go on behind the scenes where money money goes, and it's not like, you know, everyone's flow of money wears basketballs around since like, 150 or something. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:28
we get it. I

Unknown Speaker 45:29
get it. At the same time. I just, I think that a lot of people are better than that. You know? Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 45:36
mean, I had Jessica penny on. And, you know, I've had a couple girls on but not too many of them have had have have made an only fans and I talked to her and I said, you know, like, how do you feel about and she said, Oh, Jessica, I actually decided not Jessica Penny, Jessica. I they both have it. And Jessica, I was really cool. I loved what she said. She said, You know what? I feel like I'm embracing my sexuality. And you know, you it's not like you have to show your fucking pussy. You have to show your tits. You know, she's like, I smoke weed and show a little butt cheek here and there. So it's like, it's your own comfortability level. And, you know, if you feel like it's a way to express your sexuality, and you know, then that's great. But, you know, I feel like some people definitely are just doing it because they're, you know, in a corner financially, and that that's Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:23
like, Jessica, I would do that if she had $20 million. You do with your all the money in the world? Probably I have no problem with it probably. Is that you know, and that's not not just the guy or the UFC pay, because I don't have the answer to that. I'm not getting I'm not seeing that. I'm a fucking accountant for anybody. Yeah. But I just think I just think that for what you guys do for a job and how hard it is, I just wish that you were compensated because I think that like, it's like being a comic, you know, like, I'm in the, like, I'm probably in the top 3% of comics as far as success rates, right? Like, most comics, maybe 5%. Right? Most comics are not. You look how much money I've made doing comedy. What I'm doing comedy, blah, blah, like I'm in five on the top. 5%. Right. But the problem is, it's not the 5% that get really rich. It's like the one 1% Yeah, the 5% Yep. But in other occupations, if I was like the top 5% doctors in the world, I'd be a multi multimillionaire. If I was a top 5% shoe store owner, I'd be a multi multi millionaire. So it just kind of like sucks in a way that like, compared to other things. You're not really validated financially by how good you are in relation to the rest of your field.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
Yeah, you know, and you put it perfectly, you know, you don't see any Lakers or, you know, even the cheerleaders, you know, making only fans, you know, they're they're well compensated, and so they don't have to do that for money. But I think, you know, it's unfortunate that you know, we don't make as much money but it's, I think Thank you only fans for giving some people girls and guys actually had Tyler, good, john, you know who he is? He's a bare knuckle. Of course you do your and he has it all the fans and he takes it to the extreme. I believe he actually does porn, he bangs chicks on there. And you can go on there and sign up for you know, 1599 or whatever it is. But you know, what I'm saying is, you know, at least there's that option. You know, I read an article today about Cindy deltoids. Yeah, as I say last name, deltoids

Unknown Speaker 48:39
band, wah, wah,

Unknown Speaker 48:40
and Belgium and girl and she used to be in the UFC. I don't know how many fights she had. But you know, pretty girl and she's fighting for another organization. But she just came out with this news that it was her own her last resort. Like she's, you know, so broke that she had to do an only fans and that's the kind of story that breaks my heart. You know?

Unknown Speaker 49:00
She beat Megan Anderson and the first round. Oh, did she? Yeah, she's like, Look, I mean, she's also like her striking is like, arguably the worst ever in the UFC. I hate to say it really wasn't good, but, but she's legitimately on the ground. She's great on the ground. I mean, she beat Megan Anderson and book a minute and a half on the ground. Because her striking was like so backwards to where she was like, it was like, I don't know, she was not. She didn't do very well, but I but she's also she I think she beat her in like the pfml knowing like Invicta Oh, so not in the better Invicta and then she didn't do that good in the UFC. I think she was like 145 when there was like, no 45 Okay, you know, she's good friends with Nisha. She's actually a really cool girl. Got it. She's a fun girl. And but she's also like, kind of a freak. She'd be a perfect guest. She'd be I heard her only fans like she's like naked with her.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
or something or I heard that she's not doing porn because her school that she had in Belgium is like children but I didn't sign up I'm not a member so I don't

Unknown Speaker 50:10
Yeah, I don't know I don't I don't know what like the problem like people make people they like do right up so people's only fans like, do they they review them

Unknown Speaker 50:20
yeah they review as fucking harsh

Unknown Speaker 50:22
do and like what they pose does not and I was like a Reddit thread I got sucked in I

Unknown Speaker 50:29
can't you just like screen record only fans and then like,

Unknown Speaker 50:33
thing it's like I don't understand how like this is going to. It used to be if there was like a naked picture of you it was everywhere is everywhere to now you're giving it to pee?

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Yeah, you're

Unknown Speaker 50:41
literally just like here, here's my deck, or here's my vagina, and you're trusting that person with it.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
I remember when those nudes of Raquel Pennington got leaked, I was like, Oh, I wouldn't die. You know? Yeah. And now it's like he said, I don't know, Raquel doesn't have an only fans, I don't think but now it's like people are like leaking their nudes.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
Yeah, they're, they're actually maybe, maybe they're saying, you know, maybe I don't care enough. Like, also, they're maybe they're fighters. So it's like, you know, I don't know, maybe back maybe if it was like Britney Spears or something or some type of like pop star you're like, Oh my God, look at them. They can. But like, who's really looking right now? No offense to the danhua for her vagina pics. I mean, there are people but really like her only her fans, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
It's so crazy that I just feel like it's also. I mean, here I have a podcast about sex and MMA but like, you know, I feel like it's sending the message to everyone in the world. And the youth really like that, like, this is the way to make money easily. You know, just, you know, and if that's if that's what you want to do, that's okay. But, you know, I don't have kids and I'm never having kids. You got a kid? It's a girl. Right? Yeah. You know, imagine her she's, like, you know, are preteens and like, only fans blowing up? And I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 51:58
I mean, I get annoyed when she like, took off her sock and tried to give it to some boy in class. And

Unknown Speaker 52:04
she's like, three, right? Or two or 222 out of five. Don't be a horror stuff that

Unknown Speaker 52:11
she's like cheating on this one kid by kissing another kid. But no, but by the way, I don't mean I'm sure I'm sure I can get much better.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
But the thing is, is that you're not hurting, they're not hurting anybody. Right. So you're not hurting anybody. So there's there's that, you know, I mean, some people make money by hurting other people like people that like short, like stockbrokers and short the market or something. Or, you know, there's ways that like, their people are ripping off other people. So I guess this is better than that. Yeah, just psychologically, I just, I don't know. Like cara cara is a perfect example of I came to my show. She made $100,000 and only fans. And I think she's like going down with her friends and letting people watch it and stuff. Oh, wow. I don't know what she's doing. But she seems like she's having fun with other she's open. Yeah, he's also like a great fighter. And I'm like, you're one of the best in the world at fighting. Yeah, you know, like, let's, let's not get sidetracked. Yeah, let's, let's make sure.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
I don't know about getting sidetracked. Maybe, maybe that's what cure. cure is. No, I would love to have her on as a guest in the future as well. She is a great little fighter. McGuire is her nickname.

Unknown Speaker 53:19

Unknown Speaker 53:20
but what I'm thinking is like, I just hope that some of the younger girls or guys who are making only fans, I hope that you know, they don't regret that later. Because not every profession as you get older is going to be okay with your past. You know, pussy pics being out there. You know?

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Yeah, no, that's true. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 53:38
we're having sex or going down on somebody, you know, for for money, you know, like, you know, like legal prostitution. But you know, I've had Kendra lust on here. And, you know, if that's what you want to do, I'm all for it. You know, I think it like I said, embracing your sexuality, having a good time, but I just hate seeing people. What's it called when you're in between a rock and a hard place? financially? Yeah. Well, I wanna talk about you, Adam. So shows about you, not Kira, not Cindy. But so you know, you're married, how long you've been married now? For five years? Four years, four years? I, she's totally cool with you talking about so I'm going to ask. So what do you like sexually, you know, like, you know, are you more of a dominant or submissive lover? You know, like, do you let her take charge?

Unknown Speaker 54:30
Yeah, I mean, I think we kind of take turns as far as like, you know, taking being on top and being on bottom. We kind of it's not like I'm

Unknown Speaker 54:43
I mean, are you aggressive in bed or are you more of like a sensual lover, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 54:48
there's nothing more aggressive that depends on like what musics onto? Oh, like mega stallion.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
See, I always feel like I get caught up in the moment romantically and there Not enough time to like go put music on without like killing the mood. So I end up having sex, you know, no no soundtrack, but I would love having sex with a soundtrack. If you had to pick your favorite sex song. What

Unknown Speaker 55:12
would you choose? A favorite song is called like pussy playlist.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Do you have a playlist on your?

Unknown Speaker 55:22
No, it's on. It's on Spotify. Oh, let's see pussy, talk pussy. And then it's like all like female rappers talking about pussy and you like to have sex to that? I do. The problem is I'm sometimes I get too into the beat. And then I started like, fingering my wife to like the music and then she's like, stop it. That's like, that's like annoying for her. You start

Unknown Speaker 55:43
breaking out your black dance team dance moves.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
Yeah. You know.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
So, alright,

Unknown Speaker 55:51
so you guys see you guys, you know, switch it up, whatever. Whatever is on the playlist.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Yeah, whatever is on the playlist. I think that. You know, we sex is fun. I mean, we had sex. What? Monday and Tuesday last night. I was too tired. And then she was like, wanting to do it. And I'm like, stop pressuring me.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
I'm not a piece of meat.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
I literally said that. She's like, What are you? What is this like me Tuesday? I'm like, no. Sometimes we get like, I get like, you know, two 343 days a week, probably twice a week sometimes like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:25
I mean, you Okay, so you're sometimes you're touring. You guys have a kid? I can only imagine what the kid when she was pregnant. Did you guys have sex at all? Because I hear. I talked to Nina as arnoff she was on the show and she was pregnant. And you get super horny in your last trimester.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
You do? I mean, I definitely was definitely weird. Oh, weird. Having the baby there. I feel like I was like too close to the baby.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
Oh, you have a joke. That actually

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Yeah. Me too. But like, what the vagina gets tighter? When she was pregnant?

Unknown Speaker 56:59
Oh, the baby's like probably pushing down there. And

Unknown Speaker 57:01
yeah, so it's definitely like, tighter. So there was a lot of my wife was like, nice. Then I told her I was like, Oh, you're very pretty. She's like, shut up.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
I feel like it's a I don't know if you've heard the show before. But we do something called the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
I familiar with it.

Unknown Speaker 57:28
Okay, so I'm gonna rattle off a couple phrases or words very fast. And you just got to say yes or no. Lightning cetera. Are you ready? Yes. Okay. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 57:41
Yes, it's limited. I mean, like, you're a bad. Oh, yeah. Sorry. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Okay. spanker like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 57:50
I have spanked her. Yes. I don't want like, one.

Unknown Speaker 57:54

Unknown Speaker 57:56
What do we fight in bed? No, no biting. Oh, biting. No little

Unknown Speaker 58:00
nibble. Okay, choking. A light. All right. threesomes No, not anymore. Do you watch porn? I mean, alone. Okay. Any fetishes foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 58:17
porn or with her?

Unknown Speaker 58:19
I mean, do you like feet in general?

Unknown Speaker 58:21
Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 58:22
no. All right. All right, bodily, bodily fluids. bodily fluids, you know, golden showers. No, no, no role playing.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 58:35
Someone else? Okay. But stuff on you or your wife? That's pretty personal.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
That's a gateway drug.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
gateway drug.

Unknown Speaker 58:45
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 58:46
Okay. Do you ever use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 58:50
No, but we have used marijuana lube. Oh, that sounds fun.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Was that was that compliments of speed weed?

Unknown Speaker 58:59
Yeah, yeah. about like, my kid got the munchies afterwards. Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker 59:04
ever been to a sex club or swinger party?

Unknown Speaker 59:07
Now with my wife I have Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:09
All right. We might have to stop the lightning sex round and hear the story.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
You want to hear the story? Yes, I do.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Yeah, so I did a show in a comedy show and the silver owner. He that guy's nuts. He was the drummer for Skid Row. And he's the he's not baronial. No silver. Oh, okay. He was on actually sex rehab on MTV a great guest He's a fucking psychopath. But he he was part of this website called lifestyle lounge. It's like a swinger less like website you can like the whole everybody there came to the comedy show and then they were all like surrounding me afterwards and they were invited me to their like their parties so I go to the sauna parties go to like corny cougars or like, like grab my caucus stuff at the party. Fun parties. But then I went to like one Super Bowl party. And people were just having like, like sex like, but it was a guy's house and shoot house. pastina Well, it's like every room.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
Yeah. swingers party.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
And like the kids rooms and shit. Oh, that's weird. Like, yeah, on a racecar bed. Yeah, then I'm watching the Super Bowl. And that was like the fourth quarter like Reggie Bush. It was like that one where Reggie Bush has a great game. And there was a girl. Like laying down on the bar that with her feet up like she was a turkey. Like in the air naked. And some dude, it's like fist enter. Whoa. Like, while the game was on. And I kept watching like the game and watching her. And like, and then some girl was like, This is horrible. Yeah. And then she was like, he's doing it wrong. This is horrible. And then afterwards, like some chick, like, give me a blowjob while her friend was like kissing me. And then my buddy, who I came with was like, trying to have a conversation with me while this is going on. I was like, dude, and then he might get away from me.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
You know, make me lose my boner.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
Yeah. And he kept asking me questions to be a dick. Okay, he

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
was trying to fuck with you. I got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Yeah, he's like, so what do you do get j get in the car.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
Crazy. Well, okay, that was a great story. I'm really glad we stopped it. I usually end the podcast with two segments. It's Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
I think we're done. You're

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
done your game. You heard of it? Sure. Okay, so the three people I'm giving you are Roseanne Barr will be Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell. Choose one fuck one Mary one kill one.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
I kill myself all good.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
It's a great answer.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
So who I fuck Rosie O'Donnell,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
Roseanne Barr Whoopi Goldberg. Rosie O'Donnell.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
I probably would have married Roseanne Barr cuz she's probably the funniest. Like she's actually kind of funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
I watched that a comedy special about the Comedy Store. I realize how odd she was.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
She was just funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
What I I probably Fuck, marry or kill. I probably have to kill Rosie O'Donnell. Just because I don't think she's a nice person. You know, I think get to a nice Oh, yes. God, but

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
that stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
So I probably would have to like heal Rosie. I probably I probably would have no fucking Whoopi Goldberg.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
You like the sisters? Come on. You were on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
The black team that that? And then she probably like the coolest. Yeah. I have a bunch of crazy stories. Like, you know, you know, I tried being a male stripper for a day or two.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
When was this college? Post college?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
Post college? Oh, wow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
You didn't get the job though.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
No, I actually I was at a play in New York City, where it was called birdies bachelorette party. And the play was you didn't know who was like the stripper? Who was it? It was like basically Tony and Tina's wedding was like a fake wedding you go to it's a play where you go to a wedding. And you're and then everyone who's in the wedding is like in the play that goes wrong. It's like cut. Yeah, so it was a big play in New York. It's been around for like 50 years. Right? Cool. Like you go to the bathroom. And people are still like in character like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
yeah, that sounds awesome. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
then so then then the people that were actually created it helped create it started this thing called birdies bachelorette party, or is the bachelorette party you go to and then you're and then like the groom finds out like that the the chicks bachelorette party was one of the male strippers is the groom and then like they get to a fight. Yeah, it's like a kind of a fun thing. So then I was one of the male strippers at the play. But it was at this ad club. And I had to give lap dances to like the patch to the girls there. And I was gonna like $5 locked in and then I would put that to work at the club as a shop boy afterwards. For story. It's a shocker. Oh, I had to wear like a pink headband. Like a call. What do you the shop boy. And I made like, 15 $100 and like singles night. I was fucking crazy once a week. But I ended up it was very degrading, because I was like, We're allowed. I got like, two time I was on Adderall. And I think I was on Ritalin. I was taking like, not gross, but I was taking some kind of like creatine. I was really revved up but then I was wearing a pink headband had sparkles. But I was I was good. I got really good at getting lap dances right? So then I would come up to LA and like, I'll try doing a bachelorette party here for extra money. And then like the first one pretty well the girls are wild. The second one was like all these like Mexican girls in the hood. And I and I walk in I'm like a cop. Sounds like a real cop. Oh my god. Like then like I got in music and they sat me down and like one girl gave me a handy for everybody. And then they all started cheering like I was a pin yada. And then I quit because I was like this is I became the party favor.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Yeah, he felt like a piece of meat.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
Like he's crazy. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
let's do some fan questions crashed

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
at my MMA news wants to ask Adam hunter always tells the joke about previously hooking up prior to marriage with a female UFC fighter but to my knowledge, he has never revealed who it was. So who was it? Well, this is gonna get you a divorce just say pass.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
No, I mean, there was there was like a couple of them but a couple of them I dated though like so I like the kind of dated Gina lasagna who's with Tim Elliott now.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
I love her.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
nothing bad to say about her. She was super cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
She literally just messaged me right now. That's weird just popped up on my phone. Weird

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
respect for her and she was like, she's actually really really sweet. Yeah, she's

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
she's literally one of my favorite people in the world. She was just on the same card with me. I'm so happy for her. She, you know, took out Rachel ostrich who is actually our next guest on the show. Wow. So doggy dog world out there. All right at Pat Kenny. But quick. Francis Ningaloo breaks into your house and tries to get in bed with you. What do you do?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
crisis in Ghana tries to get in bed with me.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
breaks into your house. venue. What do you do?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
Man, I probably would have to wait like five minutes. So he gets tired. Oh, like run out.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:43
All right. Good. All right, at one underscore tuffrey. Has any fighter ever threatened you after you made a joke about them?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
Um, yeah, yes. Yes. King Mo. He was gonna have his friends beat me up in LA. So I called them and then we worked it out on the phone. And then he and then now we're like, pretty good friend. Danny Castillo said he's knocked me out. And then we became friends too. So that those two Really? Uh, yeah, those two.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
That's not bad. All right. Yeah. Those are two nice guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
All right at Julian underscore Franco's worst sexual experience. We just heard a couple of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Word sexual experience. I mean, there's been so many bad ones, but I would say my worst. It was weird. Like, you my friend. Like my buddy. Rob sucks, like Italian guy. in Key West, this girl like white, like stripper from Jersey that I already hooked up with, like one or both of us. And I'm like, yeah, I'll be good. I'll be cool. You know, I'll be a good friend. Like we don't have to hook up. So like, I hooked up with her. She blew me and then afterwards my friends are like banging her. Like after she was done and I just was watching him talker and I just was like, grossed out by the whole experience. Like a fetal position and like, just like, wanted out of there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
He just felt dirty. I feel dirty. Okay. All right. Okay, at Dan Kenny, who's the funniest MMA MMA fighter you've ever met.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
I mean, McCorkle is up there. Chicago is really funny. funniest MMA fighter. There's a lot of really funny ones. Um, Gerald mirror charts actually, really funny. Um, Tyron Woodley is gonna comedy with them and he killed really hilarious. He was hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
I know. Leslie Smith did stand up comedy.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
Pirates. She's really funny too. Okay, um, Angela Hill probably is probably the funniest. She's so goofy. I

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
love her. She's the best. She's she keeps saying she'll do the podcast and she's like, just wait till I'm not in fight camp. I'm like, got it. She's always get ready for a fight. I'm like, Okay, I'll just wait. I'll wait. She'll get the title, but it'll defend a 27 times. I'm like, Okay, great. All right. Last question. It's a good one at Carla Esparza. One wants to know, what's the biggest thing you've ever had put in your ass?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
I've never had anything on my hands. I literally I've never had anything in my life.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
Where I've never put anything and not even a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
damn liar. Goddamn liar. No girl ever slipped you stinky Pinky?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
No, I never never. I mean, they tried.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
wax on wax off. You just got out of there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
No, I've never had anything in my eye. Alright, sorry, Carla. But if Carla wants to the first.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
All right, awesome. Adam. I'm so happy you came on the pod comedians are the best because, you know, they are unashamed of their experiences good or bad. I'm really, really happy for you. You're special. I know you're gonna have plenty more. You know if you guys haven't checked out throwing punches on fight pass, I'm going to add the link in the show notes. Where can the fans find you on social media?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
At Adam comedian and at MMA roasted? And yeah, that's a know about Tick Tock now under real Adam Hunter,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
I don't even know how to do Tick Tock. I'm like, okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
no, no, actually, I was like, I'm not gonna fucking Tick Tock. Tick tock, tick tock. I'm like, I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. I put up like three videos. They got like 35,000 views apiece. Like, man with like, with like, with zero promotion, like zero promotion.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
So I gotta get on Tick Tock is what you're saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
I'm like, like, I'm not even kidding. I put a video up on Instagram. It gets 1000 hits. Same video on tik tok gets 25 35,000 hits. I'm like, I don't know what they're doing. But they do my wife's into this. She's like, do they do much better job of like hashtags and like the metrics. So if you if you do a video for your podcast, or whatever, you put just put a minute up there. And you will be huge. Like, wow, because now all of a sudden, I'm like, dude, wait, what? Alright, we're

Unknown Speaker 1:11:23
going to guys looking at the crew. We are going to start sex and violence with rebel girl Tick Tock because Adam said so.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
Yes, the same videos that you put up. You already have the videos on your phone. I'm sure. You put those on Tick tock, really? And that's all I'm doing. I'm not making any new videos. I'm putting up the old stand up videos.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
I thought it was just dancing for some reason. Am I wrong?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
I think it is. But I think people are just like, I don't know why but I'm looking at the numbers. And I'm like, 25,000 people have watched this. Yeah, like today's and let's face

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
it with anything, you know, technology, fucking whatever. You have to adapt and grow with it. Otherwise, you're

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
not even promoting it like on Instagram. I'm like, actually like, hey, are Twitter Hey, share this. Facebook share it. I'm putting it up and forgetting about it. And next day, it's like 30,000 I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
huh? All right. We're gonna do it for sure. Okay, Adam, thank you so much. You've been an awesome guest and we'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
sag is

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
Beggars can't be choosers. sticking around my mouth.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
For Episode 34 I love having comics on the show. They are always unfiltered and very open about all of their situations whether it's a good one, or a bad one. And that makes for a good podcast. So be sure to check out Adam Hunter's new special throwing punches available now on UFC fight pass. Also, if you guys are on fight pass, I highly recommend a show called fight lore. It is an animated series A docu series actually about the behind the scenes UFC UFC stories. It's got you know the oh geez of the sport. You got Nick and Nate dheas. And you got Kimbo Slice and it's all turned into a cartoon so and also told by them, you know themselves so check that out. And yeah, it's this is a great show. Thank you guys so much. I kind of don't want to tell you, you know what, fuck it. I'm gonna say it. Next episode, the hot the beautiful Rachel Austin, which she's next then we got a couple other people to end January. It's gonna be a good year guys. We're picking up momentum. People are actually asking to be a guest on the podcast. And I think that says something for, you know, the the momentum and how well we're doing. So thank you guys for being on this journey with us. Thank you for tuning in all your questions. And just a reminder, life is crazy right now. We got crazy people storming the Capitol and the pandemic still going on and whatnot. So be safe out there. Be kind to each other and kick ass in whatever you do. Hope you guys enjoyed another epic Episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes I'm gonna beat you over the head with that all the time special guest special thank you to our audio engineer, DJ soul at DJ soul tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus and you can find me and the show at sex and violence with rebel girl all spelled out. And at Ashley MMA on Instagram. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week and every week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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