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Episode 35: Rachael Ostovich

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and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebels, where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their fields about

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romance and that multi taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Now let's talk about

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what's happening, the hot stuff,

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what's up on my naughty listeners, we are in a new year, however, we are still going through the same craziness. pandemic is still going on political turmoil and whatever crap you got going on in your personal life. But I feel like there's a change. I mean, the only thing different really is the date that we write on our tax forms, or whatever else you're filling out. But I feel like most people, myself included are kind of approaching this year, with a better more positive mindset, or, you know, I feel like, the only thing good that came out of 2020 for a lot of people was you got to see how strong you were, if you already didn't know. And so, you know, I know that we're, we're trying to be positive and all that. But, you know, I think the the best phrase would be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I mean, my, you know, the, the one thing that we can think about is to prepare us is what if things never go back to the way that they were? I mean, I know that's a little dramatic. But, you know, remember 911 things were never different. So I'm preparing myself, you know, what if we always have to wear masks? What if the vaccination is the new normal? Just all these things that are changing. So, you know, that's one way that we can prepare, but I guess we'll have to take it day by day and see what is going to happen. I know I'm taking my rehab day by day, it's going pretty good. I know. I told you, I'd keep you guys updated. But it's a spine surgery. So it's gonna take a long time for me to be like, Oh, I'm hitting pads now. And, you know, actually, I think in two weeks, I'm able to run, which will be awesome, because I'm getting a little chunky. So you know, I'm trying to eat good, but I don't know me personally. It's like, if I can train, then I want to eat, then I want to eat good. But if I can't train, it's almost like, Oh, fuck it, let's let's eat bad. And I know it should be the opposite. Right? But it's not. So what else is going on with me? I mean, oh, so I've told you guys a lot. Or many times that I want to get a therapist and I finally did it. I think everybody who's dealing with some kind of issue, you know, during 2020, has realized that they probably should see a therapist, if you were thinking about it before. 2020 was the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of people and I know, you know, depression and suicide and all that has gone up or went up last year. I'm sure it's gonna go up, continue to go up. So, you know, I'm, I'm good, but I just I think I want to be proactive. A lot of crazy things are happening in the UFC specifically. And if you guys heard about this, but a fighter, his name is Erwin Rivera, I had to look him up because he's not very known. I think he only had one fight in the UFC. But crazy news. He is obviously battling with mental illness because he in the middle of the night, stabbed his two sisters. They're both alive, but you know, still stabbed. So they were hospitalized. And now he's in custody. And it's, you know, want to say a legend because, you know, we shouldn't label anyone until they're convicted. So he allegedly stabbed his two sisters. So that's just another reason why I'm like, Oh, yes. Mental health. Very important. I've only had one session. I'm going to do it once a week. I'll keep you guys updated. You know, I know I should withhold some personal facts and I will but you know, it's, it's cheap. It's online. It's, you know, there's really no more excuses. So, if anybody's looking into a therapist, stay tuned and I'll give you my input. Oh, it's called cerebral You know, I'm sure you've seen it all over Instagram and Facebook. They're doing major marketing right now. But rightfully so now is definitely time to see someone and if you're thinking crazy thoughts. Let's see what else am I got going on? Did the Jason Ellis podcasts the other day called his new one? If you guys haven't heard he, Jason Ellis is the guest that we had on I think episode. Oh, I think 12 Thank you producer

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needs there to remind me so Episode 12. If you guys don't know who Jason Ellis is, he's a character former skateboarder, fighter, US Australian crazy man and very open with his sexuality to say the least. So Episode 12 if you want to laugh and be entertained, anyway, he was a Sirius XM radio hosts, it was called the Jason Ellis show huge following. And then recently, they fired him. And he was on the Dr. Drew show, long story short, I reached out, just said, Hey, keep your head up, buddy. And he was moved and invited me on his podcast and his new podcast is called awesome world. I will put the link to the episode in the show notes. Check it out. It's I think it just got released our episode, maybe it's like, three or four of his new podcast. But he himself is a very inspirational person. I you know, he might not be everybody's cup of tea. He's very loud and in your face, but I like that. And he's just got a cool story about how, no matter what happened in his life if he got fired or, you know, lost a fight or, you know, you know, he got kind of extradited from the skateboarding community because of his personal choices, whatever. But no matter what happened to him, he always found a way to reinvent himself and come back and so yeah, so super inspirational guy, check out his new podcast. Also, Winner winner chicken dinner, we have a winner for the UFC sign hat giveaway that we posted about two weeks ago. And the winner is at underscore underscored, Jared that's j e r i t t underscore underscore. So congrats, Jared, I'll be dming you and getting your address and shipping out the hat this week. Other crazy fighter news, as of yesterday, the UFC and Osada will no longer be punishing athletes for marijuana use. You guys know, I'm not a drinker anymore. I do partake in medicinal marijuana. So very excited about this. But the weird thing is, it's it's kind of, it's on a state by state basis. So meaning, despite the fact that the UFC and sada are no longer finding athletes, the commission can, and each state has a different commission. You know, if you fight in Las Vegas, it's the Nevada State Athletic Commission. If you fight over in New York, it's the New York State Athletic Commission, yada, yada, yada. One way to be sure you don't get popped if you're a marijuana smoker, I guess would be only accepting fights in states that, you know, are pro Devil's lettuce. I don't know. So it's, I think it's a start, you know, it's a move in the right direction, but it's still a little gray area. I personally am still going to be careful because, you know, they're cracking down on some things, you know, sometimes you get, you know, a year suspension for something very, very small, like marijuana. I think Tim Elliott actually got a very long suspension recently. And now they just made this new rule and so I feel free, you know, sorry, Tim. But yeah, so that's something that's really cool in the UFC. And also tomorrow if you guys want to watch UFC, it's back after. I think a month thing it's been out for about a month if not longer, and they're now on ABC. So tune in on ABC free 99 it's the headliner is Max Holloway and Calvin cater. I actually think that Calvin is going to win he's the number six drink guy at featherweight. Obviously, Max Holloway is the former featherweight champ if you don't know that, so awesome main event. And also like I said last week, Carlos Condit is back and a huge fan of his so he's fighting Matt Brown. That's going to be a good one. And yeah, I mean, that's about it guys. Same stuff, please rate and review us. If you have Haven't done so we can send you a sticker. But other than that, here is a message from our sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order.

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Go ahead, visit el la pa

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ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a flyweight fighter you could easily mistake for a model, but despite her hard to ignore good looks, she chose the cage over the stage. She's an Invicta FC and UFC vet and was a contestant on UFC is the Ultimate Fighter season 26 the Hawaiian Judo style fighter is a very recent free agent and is about to let the world know where she goes from here. We talk about chichi not cheap cheese learning to date again. Only fans Never Say Never 2.5 pound boobies men running from intimidation and so much more.

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Here is your guest Rachel Osterville chance that won't stop getting tan white toes and then toy flip flops manicures and pedicures I'm always hit up when they say I'm not how are these lines needed? Because I see wife haters want to fight me never been the one to rip up on my hands clean got some hitters moving sheisty asked me for mono Muslim Gucci bicha might be very likely my birthday looking ice charging by the minute because my time is very pricey. I'll be looking in the mirror I think I for what my enemies are so we're stay clear on me My team is trying to eat. Trying to get a title. We're trying to get a bed

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and we

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have the beautiful Rachel with us. Thank you so much for doing the show. Rachel.

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Thank you so much for having me. Ash. Not Not gonna lie. I was actually nervous. So yummy. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 12:25
I will I will I appreciate it. If you guys don't know, I've been kind of hounding Rachel, like, come on, do this show.

Unknown Speaker 12:33
She finally could have been I'm not. I'm having kind of like dodging her like, on the law. disappearing. I finally had to follow us around. Let's just do it already.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
I'm so grateful. Because if people don't know me and Rachel, we have the same manager shout out to sucker punch and Brian. And so we've we've done, I don't know, just a handful of signings and appearances together. So I was like, All right, we're like,

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we're friends. So

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you got to do this show?

Unknown Speaker 13:08
Yes, I know. I know. I asked you. I'm like, Okay, let's just do it now. It'll be right now in the great time.

Unknown Speaker 13:13
Yeah, it really is. You and I both know, speaking of that, we we got a little time we were on our last fight was November 29. First time we were ever on the same card together. And I actually thought I was gonna get to kind of see you and hang out. But as you know, no one really wants to hang out and have fun until you make weight. So yeah, you know, and just pandemic and the quarantine and all that it was different than other fight areas. Yeah, you know, where you could go out and you

Unknown Speaker 13:43
know, this UFC, you know, the other fights that we've had totally different. Yeah. And I guess I'm It was nice. To be honest, I'm

Unknown Speaker 13:53
grateful that we got to fight but I, I just missed the old days, you know? No, no, no swabs and

Unknown Speaker 14:03
but I yeah, completely agree.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
So, so we had that fight as a few months ago for us. You know, and unfortunately, you're no longer with the UFC and everybody wants to know, including me. What's your next move? Are you thinking about another fight organization? Are you taking a break from fighting to pursue other things? What do you got going on?

Unknown Speaker 14:28
Well, currently, I mean, my last fight during November during fight week, I did drop my own merge. So I dropped you know, the calendars that I have online, I launched my website, you know, so I was working simultaneously on that as well. And that's still ongoing. As far as fighting I do have some things lined up. But you know, I can't really see right now. Not, not yet. I don't want to jinx it. You Because I felt like some people had some things in the past and it ended up not happening. So it's just, you know, I just rather not see, but there is, you know, there is something coming up. You know, I love MMA. Obviously, I don't do it. I don't do it for money. I don't you know, I nobody does this. I don't think anybody does this really for money. Unless you're, you know, I don't know, one of those top guys. But, you know, this is something I love. This is something that I've always done. You know, since since I was a child, you know, I have love for this work. I still do. And that's, that's just that, you know, but we definitely are working on some deals. And yeah, hopefully it all works out. The wage is

Unknown Speaker 15:52
good. Okay. I mean, I totally understand, you know, if you're, you know, I won't say but let's say hypothetically, you're in contract negotiations, you can't sit you can't say anything, but can you answer this question? Do you think you'll have a fight? In 2021?

Unknown Speaker 16:10
Yep. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
Be cool.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
But, um, yep. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
All right, you know, um, you know, that, that could be a very gut wrenching situation, getting cut from a promotion, and it might make you start questioning, you know, your next move and all that. And all I want to know, I want to hear that you're not done, you know, you're only 29. And I think that you have so much to offer the sport. So, wherever you go, I think there'll be lucky. Maybe we can get you back on and you can tell us the dirt.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
So about this calendar year, we did everything. I did see it. Everybody saw it. You look beautiful. And the pictures that I saw, if we wanted to purchase that, how did we how do we go about doing that?

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Well, it's real simple. I basically posted every day I be hustling on my Instagram. You know, there's the link in the bio, you know that unlike a swipe up on my story, or you could just go right to my website it's chichi and yeah, you just, it's pretty much right there on the front page. And you can there's lots of different options and different packages. And you know, there's ones that are signed not signed, so that we you know, friendly to budget or whatever you whatever you want, you know,

Unknown Speaker 17:37
and so I kind of saw some makeup stuff. Am I wrong in saying that you're also you have your own makeup line?

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Yes, you are not wrong. I there is some makeup stuff there I am that's my next big you know launch in the ending of February I'm going to be launching my my chichi beauty line.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
So far. She Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
I know it sounds intriguing. Right? So so it's funny, we were like, Why? Why did she do that? She she's are your boobs? Like they keep like trying to tell me something? And I'm like, Yeah, I know that but that's not really what you know, I named it I'm not naming it after my boo. But when I was younger, when I was younger, my nickname, you know that my sister would always call me Rachel Ricci Ricci, and then people my sister would call me cheeky, granny it just started catching on like tishie going where you going and teach you to do that. And then you know as I got older and then into fighting, I took up you know, Chole off the ledge and I was like, we need to be professional here. But yeah, so that's where I came from my childhood dream. But then it's good too because when you actually look up the definition for chichi it's, you know, attempt you know, it's just like stylish, you know? You know, you cute you like trendy so like, I love that because it works hand in hand with what I was going for. And I feel like you know, that's what I love to dress up I love to go out and you know, be fashionable and leftism makeup, you know, and I thought that was like perfect. I was like, Oh my gosh, that's the name that's it. I like that. It's very catchy. And it was you know, all of that.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Yeah, it is and you're very lucky that your nickname was chichi. Cuz when I was growing up my brother so adoringly nicknamed me trashley and ashtray trash cans. So Oh, no, I have a feeling that I would. I would have turned out way different and I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
You probably would have been a cashless cash.

Unknown Speaker 20:01
No one ever called me Ashley. I'm hustlin I call me cash. Yeah, no all right, we know each other on a personal level you know, we've hung out but let's, let's open it up for the the listeners. What's, what do you like? personally? So how do you identify sexually? Are you stray? Are you by I know you were previously married. But that doesn't mean you don't swing both ways.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
I know who knows, in this day and age, but I'm deaf. I'm definitely I'm strictly digney definitely love my men. You know, as much as I feel like I'm like, never gonna love again. And like, totally valid man and like, but no, I do. I am all about to dude. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 20:50
wait. So that means if you feel like you're never gonna love again, you must be single, which is extremely hard to believe.

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Yes, I'm very single. Very single,

Unknown Speaker 21:02
very single meaning like, not even looking or very single. Like, it's just been a minute since you been?

Unknown Speaker 21:11
Like, so single. I can save your real name in my phone. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Yeah, that's nice. Oh, yeah, I remember the first time I realized that I didn't have to hide my phone from my boyfriend. And I was like, You know what? Feels good to me. Not an asshole.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Be a good person.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
Okay, so you're single, you're super single. Are you? I mean, obviously, you're in fight camp. You got a little bit more time now. Are you looking in? If so, how do you do the dating apps? Or do you not like we can do in person anymore? Because the pandemic so like, how do you? date?

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Gosh, that's the problem. I, I, I honestly have never been on a date. Wait, never been on a date. That's, that's I mean, since you know, you know, since being divorced, my creepy and yeah, I've never never been on a date. I mean, lots of guys ask, but I'm just like, I have a daughter. And you know, I'm really just trying to focus, you know, I'm building my so I feel like I need to be able to, you know, be, you know, sustain myself, you know, be able to stand on my own two feet. And before I get into all of that, and better myself and being you know, I mean, gosh, I can't even go on a dating app. I feel like that. Like, I don't know, you just never know with people nowadays. Like you don't know if they just want sex from you. They want you know, who? You know, I don't know, I just know,

Unknown Speaker 22:50
I guess. They might be using, they might just want to date you cuz you're Rachel not because the person you are. I mean, Rachel asked me I want

Unknown Speaker 22:59
to say that. But you say yeah, we all know it's

Unknown Speaker 23:03
okay. And here's the thing. People are gonna say, oh, some men are going to be like, Oh, I went out with a UFC fighter. That's, that's what they want to say. But some men are truly going to want to just get to know you. And how do you know the difference? Right?

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Mm hmm. Yeah. And yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
You know, I remember being on a dating app. It was a long time ago, but it was the plenty of fish one. I don't even know if it's still a dating app. But someone went on there. And they're like, this is not the real Ashley Evan Smith. She wouldn't be on here. She's a professional UFC fighter. And then I was like, embarrassing. And so I just deleted. But you know what? That's so wrong of that. Yeah, but why can't we be on dating apps? I mean, I'm in a relationship. But if you're single, there's no shame in it. I mean, it's really the only way to date nowadays. Because the bars are closed. I can eat inside.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Now, I'm just I don't think I could. You know, I feel like you're lucky to because you live. I feel like I live on an island. So it's like, I don't have much choices out here. I feel like everyone knows everybody and someone's someone's baby mama and I want someone's baby daddy. Everyone's connected and I just don't like that. What Island are you? I'm just like, oh, oh, I've

Unknown Speaker 24:21
never been to Hawaii ever know the island. I know.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
If you ever need a peaceful getaway.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
I will. peaceful. I've hung out with you before.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
And that's probably why I'm yeah, it's not. Because I'm like trying to be wild and not be on an island and yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:41
yeah, I'm sure when you get off the island. It's like okay, not as many people know me here so I can kind of be a little bit and

Unknown Speaker 24:47
I don't have my kid. Have you ever been with a mom who don't have her kid? On?

Unknown Speaker 24:53
Yeah, so you know, you have a hold is your daughter?

Unknown Speaker 24:58
She's seven.

Unknown Speaker 24:59
Yeah, that's a Pretty good age. I feel like you know, I don't I'm horrible with kids ages, but like the age where you have to diaper and their toddlers like, it must be really hard to date. But I feel like now it's like you can get a babysitter. Yeah, drop her off. Now grandpa and grandmas.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
Yeah, I have a really good support system. And my daughter is and I'm a little biased, but I feel like she's so amazing. She really is. She's really energy, because it's always just me and her all the time. So she's very independent, which I love. Because, you know, I'm independent. For the most part. Don't ask my dad though. He'll take a different story.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
Are you very family?

Unknown Speaker 25:43
Yes, I love my family. And I think that's the hardest part. Because I'm like, Man, I'm going to be single forever. I love my family too much. I'm just going to stay on a wall whenever fine. Nobody know. me. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 25:55
it's not the most comfortable situation to talk about. But I know that you're open with it. And, you know, you went through a traumatic experience. I feel like it was in 2018. Really?

Unknown Speaker 26:08
Where Yeah, manding

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Yeah. And you were a victim of domestic violence. And you went through a whole ordeal. We don't need to get into that. But, you know, being a victim of domestic violence and having a daughter. I mean, it's kind of a dub. But do you think that played? Is that a factor in the way you date? Or I guess not date now?

Unknown Speaker 26:35
You know, so grateful that my daughter, she, she was young enough, or she doesn't really remember. But yes, it does play? You know, it does, you know, it's, it's something that was very hard for me, and it's, it still is, you know, I still deal with it. And I feel like, that's also another reason why I don't see because I am still dealing with underlying issues, I guess, that I don't really, I don't really talk about which I understand why a lot of people that go through similar situations, don't talk about it. I felt like, you know, it was such a, it was such a private issue that went really public. And I felt like that was hard to deal with, on top of everything, you know. So, you know, it's life. And I, you know, most days, I don't, actually, actually 99.9% of the time, I don't even remember, I don't really think about it. I don't think of myself as a, you know, domestic violence victim. And, but I am very sensitive about it with other people, when they do approach me and ask me, you know, he hot, you know, hot, you know, they ask me questions there, you know, thank you for sharing your story. And honestly, I get a Rooney share it, it just got out there. And I have to just, you know, roll it in. Go with that. So it's just, it's just crazy. And that's, you know, I think my goal now is like, I don't want people to know me, as the COVID beat up, you know, like, grab already be getting beat up in the cage, like that's getting?

Unknown Speaker 28:22
No, no, I think that ship has sailed girl. I think, you know, obviously, during that time, it was huge news. Because, you know, as a as a fighter, male or female, being in that position, you tell me, you know, because I haven't been in that position. But I feel like, you almost feel more ashamed of the situation because you are a fighter, and you're like, How did I end up in this position? So it's, it's so it's so great to hear you talk about it, because there are a lot of women or men who have been in the situation. And it's definitely not cool that someone else put it out there. But I think reading the articles about it, you dealt with it very gracefully. And obviously, you're not jumping into a relationship, you're dealing with what you went through. And then I got to ask just because anyone who's listening that might want to know, how you healed? If you did at all, or if it's something you're still going through, what are some things that helped you get through it?

Unknown Speaker 29:28
Well, time, but I want to, you know, of course in time always help. But if you're not doing that, you know that that shadow work that you know, that you need to do in time really doesn't matter. I feel like what really helped was what I was taught, you know, other people that come up to me and I'm just like, you know, a bit. What you need to do is surround yourself with people who love you, you know, and that's it. The biggest thing is I I didn't have people who I knew that genuinely loved me for me, then it would have been, you know, a cycle or, you know, I just would have been, you know, stuck in a state of depression. It's crazy. I've always been a really happy person, but I never experienced depression. I haven't, you know, I'm grateful that I had a really good family growing up, I, you know, I had a good childhood. But it was crazy. I experienced depression in the in the craziest way, you know. And I think the only way to get out of that was being surrounded by my family. And, you know, even forcing yourself, because it's hard, you don't want to be around anybody. For me, I'm the type of person that if I'm going through something, I am a recluse, you won't see me you won't hear from me, because I don't want to put that negative energy on other people. And, but when you get to those low places like that, you really need to force yourself and you know, step out of those comfort zones, and surround yourself with people who love you and uplift you and encourage you. And that's always my advice.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Yeah, that's amazing. And that, that that goes for not just a domestic violence situation. Oh, yeah. If you're feeling sad about anything or anxiety, you know, I recently been going through a lot of anxiety since I stopped drinking, because if I got stressed out before I would have a drink. If I was happy, I would have drained set. So now I am forced to deal with my feelings. And it's almost too much and I'm feeling all this anxiety for just like you for the first time. I'm like, What is this feeling? This is weird. Like, I'm cool. Ashley, I'm calm. And I'm rebel girl. No, no big deal. But now I'm like, going to have a heart attack? Because, you know, you know, I don't know, I can do my taxes. No, I

Unknown Speaker 31:55
condemn it. You understand? Because, like you mentioned earlier, when I went to the moon and I was being wild, that was part of my, you know, like you said, drinking? That's a that's one way that I dealt with things as well. And you know, it really isn't healthy at the end of the day doesn't that doesn't really solve anything in the long run.

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Yeah. So it almost makes it makes it

Unknown Speaker 32:19
worse than what you're seeing. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 32:24
I know, it's kind of a not a very sexy topic. But I just, you know, you are such a role model for a lot of women or and men. And like I said, I think you dealt with it very gracefully. I think the fight had to be postponed, but you got back in the cage. Like, I don't know how long it was, but like, almost right away. And you just didn't miss a beat. I know, you. You said you went through your own personal stuff behind closed doors. So obviously, we didn't get to see that. But you look like you're shining now. And regardless of you know, our losses, this last fight.

Unknown Speaker 33:01

Unknown Speaker 33:01
I know, both of us aren't going to keep let it keep us down where I'm podcasting and doing more things. And I'll get back in the catch. And you're making your calendar and doing you and I know you're gonna get back in the cage eventually. We don't know when but

Unknown Speaker 33:14
the thing about being a fighter, it's not only in the cage, we're fighters in my experience, and like, I was thinking, I'm like, man, am I I'm a dummy to my own good. Because, like, people are like, you know, they'll be saying mean things to us, like, Oh, you don't do you don't belong doing this. But you know, you just keep going and keep going for and what's the worst is gonna happen, you know, either you're gonna succeed or you're not. And even if you're trying and you're not succeeding, that I think that's still a win in my book. Because half half more than half the people wouldn't do the things that you know, an enemy. No one would, you know, that's not meant for everyone. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:50
it's so unique life never choice that we've chosen.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
I think it's everything is the last non can really ever give me that. Give me down. Yeah. And I love that you either

Unknown Speaker 34:02
win or you are either a win or you

Unknown Speaker 34:05
learn or you learn. Yeah, that's, yeah. I love that. I love that thing. All right, so you're learning a lot. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:13
I have to do Don't worry. I have to there's a lot of bumps in 2020 that I just had to chalk up to a life lesson, you know? So okay, you haven't been dating, but I mean, that's okay. Let's talk about if you were to go on a date, do you have a kinda the type of guy that you like, like, physical traits. What's your type of guy?

Unknown Speaker 34:41
Okay. Oh my gosh, a lot of people always ask me this, like, what's my type? I thought I had a tight. Okay, maybe I do have a type. They have to be athletic. Yeah, if they're not athletic, and they don't have like a healthy lifestyle. That's a big turnoff to me. I'm like, Ill you're gonna die soon. I can't you know I'm sorry, I'm just like, if I'm getting up every day I'm working out. And if I'm like making my male friends and making healthy dinner, then you had to go eat like McDonald's. Gross. That's just gross. I can't. I can't with you, sir. Yeah, to go find someone on your level.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
That's a big one matching that your work?

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Yes. Because I like to when I'm with someone, I haven't met a friend. But when I'm in a relationship, you know, that's my friend. That's my, that's my, that's my goal. That's my best lead. So we do everything. So we're gonna have to do everything together. So I think that's why all my, you know, actually, all my exes have been like, a wrestler, or I've dated a couple fighters before, you know, I got married. That's it.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
I mean, there are perks, you know, you share common interests. We talk about that a lot on the show, you tend to date someone, if you're an artist, you probably did another artist, if you're a musician, it's nice to share that passion with someone and mixed martial arts and a difference.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Especially with fighting. Like, if you're finding that all you're doing, like, I know, people think that I just post like, bikini pictures on the beach, but like, I really am like treating 24 seven and thinking about it. 24 seven, and I need I need that, you know, sometimes I need you know, advice from you know, that my other half and I need them to be training with me at home. Like even when we're just in the kitchen and we're thinking about something. Oh, you know, do this do this. You know, it's just like, it's just like that. Yeah, I can't see myself being with someone who doesn't share the same interests or the same lifestyle. So that's a hard one already. I'm like, dang, I just met you know, I minimize my options.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
I mean, you're you're not saying they have to be a fighter. You're just saying. Yeah, active lifestyle and take care of themselves. Yeah. All right. Well, what about any other physical traits? in Boise, like, you know, blog.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
I used to, but I feel like after, after my last I'm like, I'm never getting an island boy again.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Oh, sorry. Never Say

Unknown Speaker 37:16
Never because I do have you know, my weakness for that. But No, I don't. Really.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
Alright. Right. about like, a turn off. You know, like cigarette smoke or Oh, yeah, somebody shorter than you want to have.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
So turn off like I said, if they're not healthy, if they're staying they don't take care of themselves.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
hygiene is important.

Unknown Speaker 37:41
Yeah. I do like when men like dress nice and like Oh, okay. Yeah, cuz

Unknown Speaker 37:46
you're not always all fitted nice. can have some guy next to you just wearing you know.

Unknown Speaker 37:53

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Yeah, t shirt and crocs or something.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
Yeah, like, Hello, what are you doing? But also, I don't mind if he doesn't know how to dress. As long as he has money for me to go buy him clothes and let me dress him up. So that's always an option to that's on the table.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
So you're down to be their personal stylist?

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Yeah. I at one point I thought I wanted to be a stylist for people. I don't mind getting that for a man if if you need help long as you got the money and the funds to back it up.

Unknown Speaker 38:26
So also, okay, so you thought about being a personal stylist? I just got me thinking. One of the hot topics right now is people generating income by creating an only fans. I know everyone in their mom is probably dming you about an only fans. What is your stance on? You know, one, what do you think about all the fighters? Creating only fans? And two? Would you ever create one?

Unknown Speaker 38:54
Hmm. Yes, everyone under mamos have been asking. And I'm just like, you know? I don't know. Wait, let me back up. So for the other fighters that are making only friends. Get it girl, you know, I'm kidding. Get a guy. Yeah, I know. Whatever, hey, I don't know, buddies has a you're making money and you're supporting yourself and you're having fun, and you're not hurting yourself or whatever. I do not care what you do in your personal life. And what you do for money, you know, I don't care and I, I support them. I guess girl, get it, you know, take your money. But like, for me, personally, I I don't want to say I I would never, but I just I just I don't see myself ever doing it in the near future. You know, I just I feel like there's other ways to make money and I want to explore those options for ya. You know,

Unknown Speaker 40:00
you are making calendar Yeah, makeup lines and yeah, you know, no

Unknown Speaker 40:04
one else saying that

Unknown Speaker 40:05
only fans is the easy way out. Not at all, but I definitely respect you for the hard. I couldn't do it.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
I feel like Dang, you're gonna have to do that every day or like however they do it, I don't know even know how to do it. But for me if I was doing on the fence, I'd have to hire photographer looks like getting his calendar was hard. I'm like, man, everyone's like, Oh, you should just be a model. I'm like, you know, it's hard to you know, dress up and do all of that takes a lot of work. I'm tired. Like, like, right now I'm wearing a big sex has to be sexy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Yeah. You say you're not wearing anything at all. I

Unknown Speaker 40:41
just I've seen baggy shirt. Like that. me like I'm chilling.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
Yeah, yeah, people might think that you're always done up because your Instagram but Instagram is a way of making money just like only fans is. So you may even do a little makeup and your hair and all that. But, you know, I doubt you're doing that just to lounge around the house.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
No, no, that's like, super, like, why don't you post any exciting stuff? I'm like, because I look crazy and crazy at practice. I'm not trying to pull me looking crazy. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:17
So, you know, maybe there's only fans in the future? Maybe not. I love that you're keeping your options open, though. You? I do. I do know that you get a crazy amount of messages. Creepy. Sometimes. I gotta know, what are some of the craziest messages you've ever received in your DMS?

Unknown Speaker 41:39
Oh my gosh, man. I'm trying to think kind of think of like, specifics. You know, there isn't, you know, there's the typicals that you know, want to sell, you know, can you sell me your panties? That's like typical. That's like gray, like, you know, like, tier one

Unknown Speaker 41:59
tier like crazy. You

Unknown Speaker 42:01
know, there's like different tiers and your messages and you just like, and then there's like the people that are like that just have like conversations with themselves. Like for years. Well, you know, yes, it's crazy. Like, I have people that talk to themselves for years. And then sometimes I go in there and I'll be like, liking it. Like, I feel bad. I'm like, Oh my gosh, and I want to show love back to always try to. And then I think the ones that tripped me out the most are the people that are like aggressive with you. And they're like, Hey, baby girl. How you doing? And then like, you like, and you don't respond and they start they start getting mad at you. Unlike, you know, if you you suck. You went away. Yeah, fine. You enjoy. Yeah, you're ugly. I'm like, wow, wow. And they're just like, acting crazy. I'm like, Well, I'm gonna block you. I have no problem blocking people. I block people every day. I'm like, talk to me. Talk to me. Where? You're gone. Yeah, one second. I don't even know your name. Goodbye.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
So does that. Does the negativity ever get to?

Unknown Speaker 43:09
I'm not anymore. It used to. Honestly, you assume Yeah. But I feel like, I feel like after so many years, and especially going through the whole Divi thing. That was like the height of it. Yeah. Did you get me ahead of it?

Unknown Speaker 43:26
Did you get rude messages during that?

Unknown Speaker 43:29
Oh, yeah, it was so bad. It was so bad. That was like, the worst. Because there's only like two sides of you know, of that. And I completely understand now why people don't come out and talk about it. So many. So many people do not come out publicly or like, they don't want to tell nobody. And they'll just go to stay and feel like they have no support. You know, I understand because man people are people are very, I don't know, judgmental. Yeah. And they just don't know, you know, like, they think they know because I don't know, it's just crazy. So I think after I went through that, and I realized that hey, you know, like, I have to just really strengthen myself and know who I am and know, you know, just knowing yourself. Yeah. And even being known known to really break your shaky so now she's like, oh, whatever. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:30
I guess it just takes time i was i was the same way. You know, the first few really nasty messages. They cut deep and then maybe a friend or a family or relative or a coach. They'll remind you, why do you care about you know, MMA fans? 667 says your butt's too big Anyway, you know, and you're just like,

Unknown Speaker 44:51
too big like,

Unknown Speaker 44:52
and you were, you know, we're females, we got a little more emotions more estrogen. But at the end of the day, I think we do have thick skin and we know that Yeah, no matter.

Unknown Speaker 45:04
It definitely comes with the job. So that's what that's what I had to learn as well my mom would be like, Hey, you know, you know, if you couldn't handle this, you wouldn't be in this field. And I'm like, you know, you write you write a mom. Like, again, you know, surrounding yourself with, you know, people love you.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
Yeah, I mean, I'm sure it's just gonna take time. You know, that was a few years ago. What do you think that needs to happen in your life for you to feel ready to date again?

Unknown Speaker 45:36
Wow, no, she asked me this.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
The hard hitting questions. Every guy's like, holding their breath, like, yeah, rage. What do you got to do?

Unknown Speaker 45:47
I think it's just all on me. You know, I don't think it's something that like, I have to go through, like, counseling classes. I don't think it's nothing like that. I think it is, um, you know, I? I think it's just, I don't know, I guess it just has to be divine connection, I guess. Because I don't see how else it would happen during these times. Yeah. I mean, I connect with you, I connect with you. And I just haven't connected really with anyone, but it sure doesn't help that I don't really need my house. So

Unknown Speaker 46:21
I was just gonna say maybe you are not putting yourself maybe you're not making yourself available. Because you you might not even know it. You might be subconsciously afraid. And so you're just like, No, no, I'm busy. I'm busy. But no one would blame you for not being ready. I just I went okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I do have this one time. There was this one time. I he was like this. I don't want to get into details. He could be listening. But there's this one time, no names. No names. There's one time I thought this guy was really hot. And I was like, trying to like, talk to him. And he like ran away from me.

Unknown Speaker 47:02
I was like, What the hell? Like you were telling me?

Unknown Speaker 47:05
Did you know like, in person like I think halen, like I wasn't my friends. It was like, you know, with everybody. I think that's how, like, I don't think I would want to go on a date in like one on one. But if I'm like, what a group of people and I meet you and like we're friends first. And like, you know, I Loki check you out on the low and then like, maybe later then then we talked on the ground. Like, I feel like I need to like quick. Like, you got to go through like, you know, ages, stages that you can bring out?

Unknown Speaker 47:34

Unknown Speaker 47:35
Yeah. So he was like a mutual friend. Like, I kind of knew him, whatever. And then like, all of us friends, we all went out to dinner. It was like after, you know, I don't know, like after hours, I guess. And then he ran away. And I was like, What the hell is he I just ran away. And then we followed up on it. And then a couple weeks later, and then he was like, honestly, I was intimidated of you. He told me you intimidated? Me. And I was like, sweet, what? I was like, Okay, so now it's getting it's getting even harder today. Because now these guys are scared of me. I don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
You're very, very pretty. And you're very, very tough. So maybe they're afraid, you know, I mean, he could have felt like,

Unknown Speaker 48:18
I'm really easy to talk to you.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
You are but like, just from looks, he might have thought Oh, I don't want to get shut down. You know, he just all that comes from is insecurity on their part. You know, so, you know, yeah, the right man's not going to be intimidated by you. He's gonna be taken back and he's gonna be impressed with you. He might be a little nervous. But the right man is gonna have the balls to talk to you. Don't worry, girl.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
And I think that's why sometimes I end up with like, the bad boys. Because only the like, you know the bad boys. Oh, yeah. That's enough to talk to me. And then it's just like, oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah, well, I'm not focused on eating at all, actually. So but this was a great talk.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
I do want to know

Unknown Speaker 49:11

Unknown Speaker 49:13
always here for you on the on the podcast off the podcast. I do want to get a little uncomfortable. And I know you're gonna be like, but when did you learn about the birds and the bees? Did you? You know, I know. You're close to your family. And I know your family's also religious. So was it like, you know, abstinence is key or did they say no? Like how did you how did you learn about

Unknown Speaker 49:37
it? I don't think I I don't think I ever had like the talk with my parents. Yeah, I don't think I've ever had the talk with my parents till like I was pregnant or like I'm like so late. Too late. But I definitely found out from my friends in school. I felt like I was always like a good girl in school like I was really late. I was like, the good girl, but I could I was cool enough to hang out with the bad girls. If that makes sense, though, then it sounds like just learning from them. I'm like, Oh my gosh, you guys do that already? What is that? Like? Oh my goodness, the reason why old. But my mom and dad were super strict on me. I was. I was in sports all year long. Every single day, I was not allowed to do anything like sleep overs and nothing like my dad, he my mom and dad grew up. They had a hard life. So they know all the tricks. So I wasn't you know, nothing was happening. You know,

Unknown Speaker 50:37
when you learn about it, like I was at high school?

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Yeah, in high school. Okay. Like, I felt like I was, you know, kind of late on the whole birds and beestings. But hey, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Yeah, I mean, if you learned about it in high school, you I think you definitely literally, when did you actually lose your virginity? What age? Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Okay, let's

Unknown Speaker 51:00
take it back. I lost my virginity. Oh my gosh, Mom and Dad don't listen. They're not gonna listen to this.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
I hope you're not either.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
I'm not going to even tell them. I get this. I don't even think they know that. I'm doing this interview. But I lost my virginity when I was turning 1817 ending of 17. My junior year of high school. That's not bad. Yeah, that's 17.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Yeah, that's about average. You know, I've had plenty of guests on here. They're like 1516. Actually, that's a little bit later, I'd

Unknown Speaker 51:39
say. Yeah. Everyone I know was like telling me like 15 I'm like, What the hell Really? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
I lost it at 15 on my 15th birthday. Girl, girl. It was not special. It was not special. Oh, like I look back now. And it was I lost it to a boy who was 19. And I'm like, wait, I'm not good at math. But that statutory rate, but like, That's bad. I wanted to date the bad. I wanted to beat the bad boy. Yeah. But like, in hindsight, I'm like, that's just called a loser. You're hooking up with a guy who's 19 that's, that's not cool. Oh, do you remember who it was was another high schooler?

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Oh, yeah. He was on the wrestling team. Like I said, I always dated like people that was, you know, in the same field. So he was like the wrestling champion. Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Yeah. And they say, you know, forget

Unknown Speaker 52:34
you're telling him like, Yeah, I just seen him like maybe like six months ago randomly. It was cool is whenever we're cool.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
Okay. You really do know everybody on the island if you just ran to the guy you lost? Yeah. Okay, horrible. You got to get off the island and date girl.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
I know. I wish I would. You know, I really would. But it's hard with that my daughter and I just can't leave all the time.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Yeah. Because COVID now so it's not like he just go take a quick trip and then come back. You gotta be real careful.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
I ain't gonna buy CDs anymore. You can get COVID No,

Unknown Speaker 53:12
you gotta wrap it up down below and you gotta wrap it up up top now to the mass. I or, you know, while you were married you were you did have fight camps. So I know that you had the opportunity to have sex during fight camp. Did you abstain? Did you do the whole no sex before a fight? Or was that just like?

Unknown Speaker 53:36
I hear a lot of guys. A lot of guys I have seen and for me, no girl, I did not ask him about it. Because in my head, in my head, I'm like, I need to make weight. Any amount of physical activity is me making weight like losing weight. closer to my my flight week. So let's do it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:57
yeah, I know. Every every girl that I've had on the show is like, why I asked the question. And they're like, like, they're just like, they're like, come on, Ashley. I'm like, okay, okay. Okay. I had to ask. I know, I know. I know. But

Unknown Speaker 54:13
girls don't like, but I can hear like about I hear like more guys. It's like more guy thing. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:22
I mean, yeah, it's, I think it's whatever makes you happy. You know what I mean? Some guys say that it helps them. It's all mental. You know, obviously, there's some science behind as far as men and their testosterone and whatnot. And, you know, let's say the guy is putting in a lot of work. You know, he probably doesn't want to exert himself if he has a fight the next day. So you got to you know, you got to plan accordingly. You're like, Alright, I'm fighting I'm gonna choose the the easy position, maybe bottom position. Alright, so yeah, I know you are feisty. Hold on. In scrapper, inside the cage. Does it transfer over to the bedroom? Are you? Or are you more like a submissive partner?

Unknown Speaker 55:11
You know, I've heard I think it was Gina Carano. She said that when you find someone it's like when you're having sex in them, you're always gonna remember them. You're always gonna remember that experience with them. Like, who you thought, you know, like, did you hear See that?

Unknown Speaker 55:28
But I'm gonna look it up. I'm gonna look at it.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
I'm gonna message her. Or look it up too, because I

Unknown Speaker 55:36
ll it helps her to come on the show. Please. Everybody's like asking me get you to Khurana. I'm like, I don't know her like that.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
Yeah, I love Gina. She was my inspiration to fight. Yeah. I'm like, Queen. But yeah, we can't hear in there. We like each other's means. Nothing. But yeah, I doubt I don't know. Yeah, so she said that, and I have to agree with her. You know, I definitely feel like I fight how I fuck you gotta say. I'll say thank you. Thank you for saying that for me. But I don't be losing.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Yeah. I'm undefeated in the bedroom.

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Okay, okay. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 56:29
On that note, it's time for the lightning sex round. Ready for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 56:45
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
I'm gonna give you a phrase or one word and you just answer yes or no. Rapid Fire ready?

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Oh my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
Take a breath. Okay. All right. Do

Unknown Speaker 56:59
you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 57:07
Well, boss, biting. Oh, yeah. Yes. See? biting. No, choking.

Unknown Speaker 57:23
It's okay, girl. Okay, moving on. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 57:28

Unknown Speaker 57:29
do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 57:31

Unknown Speaker 57:31
Do you have any fetishes like foot fetish? Oh, no. bodily fluids.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 57:40
bondage like ropes or blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 57:45
No, I

Unknown Speaker 57:45
have no role playing.

Unknown Speaker 57:49
Now. Okay, I'm so boring. I guess Dang.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
But stuff on you or a partner? Do you use sex toys? Now ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Now, and this is a duh. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 58:13
I am but I haven't been able to.

Unknown Speaker 58:16
To show anyone besides Instagram. All right. That's it right. Thanks for playing.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
I am so don't have no complaints. I promise.

Unknown Speaker 58:30
Yeah, no one's complaining.

Unknown Speaker 58:33
I just I hope that in the you know, if you're not super lonely or just dying to get out there, there's no rush, especially given the health conditions but I can't there's gonna be going to be a day where you're like, I'm seeing this guy and I'd be like, come on the show.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Oh my god. I'm like, no way.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
All right, the last two statements are called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
Fuck, Marry, Kill. I'm gonna give you three names. And you got to choose which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry and which one you want to kill? Okay, great. All right. So my creative associates gave you the door condition. I have no idea why so Pat and Dan Kenny. You have Steve Urkel screech from Saved by the Bell and Napoleon Dynamite.

Unknown Speaker 59:33

Unknown Speaker 59:37
my gosh, it's so hard for me because I never really watched those. Only not only Napoleon Dynamite. Oh, wow. You didn't want another one?

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Okay, hold on. Pause. I can definitely give you an A okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
I know that.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
They said another one married Napoleon Dynamite. Well, I can't talk for the energy because I don't know. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:59
like Got another one for you. Don't worry. So, now it's hot dudes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
Ready? Yeah. Give it to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
Jason momoa Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hardy.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Whoa. Is that better? She Okay, Jason well, mom married, duh. Have you not seen his, his beautiful kids? His wife is gorgeous, gorgeous. And seems like a great dad. So, and I wouldn't have to have Zoey a part of my life. I love them. So Jason would definitely marry. And he's from Hawaii. So I gotta figure that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
sorry, Chris. I'd have to kill you. And of course, I'm saving Tom Hardy for later.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
That's a good choice. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
Okay. All right. Last one. Last thing is fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
I have quite a few because so many people want to ask you questions, but we'll do a couple. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
At she fights to media wants to know, would you consider returning to the UFC in a commentary or backstage interviewer capacity?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
I feel like if anyone got the opportunity, they should. And so I would have to say yeah, yeah, I definitely would do do do something like that. I don't think it's far off from what? You know. I do. We do have our own promotion, our family's promotion, Trinity sport combat, and I do a little bit of that kind of stuff, too. Okay. Yeah, actually do that. Yeah. That's cool. Well, not so much commentary, but um, interviews are in there. Yeah. interviews and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Cool. I bet the boys are like, was my name again?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
Now ways they're like, Oh, just Rachel.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
Okay, the same person. Fun question. Which would you rather have Tracy cortezes lips. Valerie laredos. Booty, or Claudia gadelha. Has abs.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Wait, well, where's Tracy's lips? To treat what would I rather have?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Yeah, Tracy's lips. Valerie's booty. Or Goodell has abs.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Oh, I'm having to go with the Dallas ABS because I feel like that's where I need it the most. I need any I feel like I need to add.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
I know you got your own lips and booty. You're good.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
Yeah, I think I can hold my ground there.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
Okay, at off tops with a Z ever get into scraps in school growing up in Hawaii?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
No, I have never gotten into a fight or scrap outside of the cage at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
So it's so hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
I know. I know. I like that's my thing. I'm like, Yeah, I've never fought with nobody ever. I mean, people try. Yeah, I'm shy. But honestly, like, I don't I don't know. Actually, I can't even see that. They try. I mean, I feel like sometimes they try because they know that I won't. Because I'm like, Why? Why would I? Why would I you? I'm gonna. I'm gonna I'm gonna hurt you little girl. I'm not getting paid. I did not even. It's not even worth it. Yeah, I like them. Let me at least make 20 k for making it worth my time, honey.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Next Gen. At Tanya with the Y. What do you think the biggest misconception about you is? What do people assume about you?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
We could go deep or we could go. Or we could just keep resurfacing. This is keep it separate. I think one of the common misconceptions about movie is every time someone needs me a person. They're like, Oh my gosh, you're so tiny. And I'm like why? Like What Did you think I was taller than we thought you were way taller. But when everyone needs me they're like, Oh my gosh, you're so small. And I'm like yes, girl and yeah, everyone thinks I'm tall.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
Well, I'm I got my fat ass down to 125 and I'm five eight. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
I don't. I don't know how you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
how you do that. months and months of misery.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
That's alright, let's grab going. I'm like, miserable too. I'm like, man, I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
don't want to make a joke about your boobies. But I will not. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
they are not the only way. Oh, sorry. Nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
No, no, I need to know how much boobies

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
Because everyone always comments, I see it in the comments. They're like, Oh, it's your boobs. your boobs are like 10 pounds. And honestly, the only way to one and a half pounds because I asked, I made sure before I got them done. I was like, Doctor How much do these? How much are these? Like, is this gonna affect me real bad? And he's like, Oh, no, they're only like two and a half pounds. And I'm like, okay, I can I can dial that in. I can sacrifice.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
That's not bad. But do you ever like when you're cutting weight and you have like one or two more pounds to go? Do you ever? Oh, girl. You're like your titties and just go.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
Damn it. Yep. Yep. I do that all the time. I'm like, Man, you guys. You looking so nice. You guys, Nikki that, you know, oh my gosh. Like it's okay. It's okay. I love you guys. Keep going. Let's just keep running.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
We got We got this.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
We can do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
This is a good one. This is a little bit of deeper one. But at overnight celeb says, could you date someone who didn't have the same spiritual beliefs? Good one.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
That is a good one. I did date in the past, people who didn't believe you know, they believe other things again. But it was hard for me to connect with them. Because you know, it was just it was just hard for me to connect with them. I felt like they didn't truly understand who I was. And, and I feel like it wasn't so much the spiritual belief part it was the more understand, you know, I felt like everyone just when your relationship you want to be understood. And that was hard for me. Yeah. That's like I was understood. Yeah. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
what religion? are you again?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
I am, you know, I don't like to say religion. Oh, sorry, Bobby. No. Oh, no, no, no, no. But, you know, I mean, technically the term Christian. Yeah. But, honestly, I feel like I'm a big hypocrite all the time. Because, you know, it's very hard. It's very hard to you know, that that, you know, that the narrow you know, but I try my best. And I think that I think that, you know, I, I rather be imperfect and trying and, you know, then not at all. So, you know, they, you know, they say it's not really a religion, it's more of a relationship and, you know, relationship is, you know, I feel like religion is manmade. So that's why I don't really like to see religion.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
That makes sense. And I feel like a lot of people like to put everything in black and white, but I think you know, yeah, that there's a lot of gray area. And, you know, so Okay, just curious, but I like that. Alright, few more questions, and then I'll leave you alone. At Jeremy Odin 93. What's a hidden talent of yours?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
Oh, gosh.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
I'm really

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
good. Are you mind? Oh, you got one?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Not really. I was just gonna joke about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
What do you got?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
Me? Okay, mine is disgusting. And I won't do it for my boyfriend because I'm like, if he ever sees it, he's just gonna lose his boner. But you know when you can flip your eyelids like, inside out?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Oh, yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
I can flip my eyes. But I can, like pop my eyeball almost pretty much out of its socket like it. It's It's disgusting. It's not. It's not attractive at all. But he didn't

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
tell it. Yeah, it's crazy. I you have to show me that. I will do that. No, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
no proof. I'll just FaceTime you and squeeze my eyeball.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
Okay, yeah, no proof. no proof. Okay, I can do something. I can do something cool in my town. My sister tell me how to do it. Like I can make this shape with my tongue. And I've asked my friends if they can do it. They can do in the cat. So I'm like, hey, that's something cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
Are you sure you don't let girls cuz all the lesbians are like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
Oh my god. It's really like a, like a. I don't know what it is. But it's just, I'll dm you it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
Okay, I'll see you my girls. Okay, all right. Last question. This is a good one to end on. At Senor dot Barba. What's been your biggest life? Oh, well, yeah. What's been your biggest life obstacle and how have you overcome it? A hard hitter.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
I know. It sounds like we were talking so much about, you know, obstacles in life already. I would say, biggest obstacle. I think what I'm going through now was fighting. It's very hard. I mean, obviously, but I think it's hard for me knowing that I am better than what I've been showing. And being okay with being okay with that, you know, not having to prove to anyone you know, what talents I possess? Or you know, that? You know, I don't know, I don't know what I'm trying to say right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
Have you been beating yourself up since the whole thing? Your last fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50

Unknown Speaker 1:10:52
not necessarily.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
I mean, you definitely seem to be maybe I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
don't know. But it I mean, I'm very optimistic.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:01
If you weren't upset about it, that that means you didn't really care about fighting. And obviously, we love fighting, otherwise, we wouldn't do it. Because we just said we don't do it for us. So I think you're being really strong, you're putting on a strong face, but like, we're human, and it affects us. And so you're just at a point in your life where I'm excited for you because I am a friend. And I know you have a lot of heart, a lot of drive a lot of talent, and you are not your record. You are not your last fight. I have to remind myself that to go I'm coming off losses. And so, you know, it's a tough sport. We're in the public eye. And, you know, and now we're in we're both going through some things that are a lot of people would crumble, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
Thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
No problem. We're gonna end on a mushy note, I guess. Love you, girl. Thank you so much for being on the show. put in a good word with Gina Carano.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
please. Like, just keep us updated with wherever you go. Cuz we just want to be all about it. We'll tune in whether you got gloves on or a bikini. We don't care.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
Thank you so much. Ash. Thank you. I really appreciate you having me on. Even though I was trying not to be on daddy for a bit. But it actually this is great. This is fun. I mean, I don't really do podcast I don't like this is the first podcast that I've done in like, years. Wow. It's good. It's good that you got me talking today because I don't like to talk about my feelings. Because then I start crying and I don't like to cry. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
I just, I just recently started seeing a therapist. I got one one session in the books and I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna have to cry. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. It's gonna suck.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
You're like my therapist today.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
Well, that'll be fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
Yeah, I know. I'll Venmo you later. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
My, your funny tongue picture. I'll send you my eyeballs popping out and we'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
Have a good one. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:06
guys. Bye, bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
But she only when she

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
went out. She said.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
Boom. That is it. Another day.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
Another interview. Another amazing story that we can all learn a little from and be inspired by I am. I'm inspired by Rachel. She's gone through a lot. And I mean, we're all going through a lot, but life is full of lemons. And you're either using those ingredients to make lemonade, or are you going to get scored in the eye weight thing that sounds bad. You know, you know what I mean, but appropriate for a second. So be sure to check out Rachel's new 2021 calendar available now. I'm gonna hit you guys with the link to that in the shownotes. So check it out there. Also tune in tomorrow night for the first ever UFC on ABC. UFC man, we missed you. We are so grateful for you putting on fights and allowing us the opportunity to make money. before we sign off. I have a call to action for you guys. anyone willing to do a little video graphic art for the podcast. Please dm us at sex and violence with rebel girl. And we're just trying to up the production make things a little bit more For you guys eventually moved to video But baby steps baby steps so thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions, remember, be kind be grateful but don't take shit from anyone Hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me rebel girl rate and review us on iTunes get a free sticker special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh at DJ sold tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at NATO Domus Find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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