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Episode 36: Alyse "Lil Savage" Anderson

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome

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back to sex and violence rebel girl, where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject

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I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith.

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Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot

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stuff? Hey, hey,

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what's up on my naughty listeners? We are back with a new episode we are in a new year, but the same deviant show that you all have grown to love for all 35 episodes or 36 episodes. Now actually. We are the interview the app that asks the questions that most other hosts would probably ask, Well, unless you're maybe Howard Stern, or I don't know maybe like your pervy friend or me, I guess just me. But we love getting to know athletes and actors and comedians and other experts on a different level. It's nice to connect with them. And, you know, they let us in on their lives, beyond their careers. Definitely, during this time, with the pandemic, it's, it's nice to hear a side of someone that you look up to, and basically how they're dealing with their own personal mess, because let's face it, we all have a crazy mess going on. Some people have a little bit more to deal with than others. But podcasts in general, kind of nice just to take your mind off your own mess, right? And see, so what is my mess right now. I always tell you guys every week rehabs going good, it's, you know, I think it's like three or four weeks now of rehab. I, but I might have to have surgery on my ring finger because it was fractured during my fight. And my focus, our focus was so much on my spine surgery that I kind of cast my finger aside, I was like, I'll deal with you later. And now, you know, unfortunately, this is a podcast, so you can't see my finger. But I'm trying to bend it. And it's just pathetic, I won't even bend it looks like I'm flipping somebody off with my ring finger right now. And it's embarrassing. So if I have to get surgery, that's, I'm not even really that upset about it. Because now I can get not like I can get back in the cage anytime soon. So I'll keep you guys updated with that. You know, I also talked about how I'm starting those new cerebral online therapy courses and of courses, sessions. And it's going good, you know, I've only had two sessions. So far, it's my first time ever talking to a therapist. So I don't really have any expectations. I do think it's very cool to vent to someone who's not your friend. Because sometimes your friend just wants to make you happy. So they're just going to tell you anything to make you happy. And sometimes what you need to hear is not gonna make you happy. Sometimes the truth hurts, right? So my therapist is a very nice lady and things are going good and it's really affordable. And so, you know, I'm not, you know, I'm not getting paid. This is not a sponsorship, but so far, I definitely recommend it for anyone who's dealing with the craziness and it's kind of getting to them. So I'm actually going to post a link to the website and all that. So I think it's just cerebral calm or whatever. But if you want to check them out, it'll be in the show notes. What else is going on? I'm going to Vegas I'm actually in Vegas. Right now. I am getting going to be getting tattooed by my tattoo artists here in Vegas at seven tattoo shop and you can tune in live on Instagram. It's probably going to be about three o'clock because we lag but uh but yeah, I'm gonna be getting my leg worked on and it's very fun tune in and we talk. We tell stories and you guys can ask questions and it it actually helps me so tune in asked me a question. take my mind off the pain that Ryan will be putting me through please please be. See. Yeah, I mean, oh, and another thing I got to reconnect with my girlfriends this weekend. I know that seems very like so what Ashley but I've been so busy with fightcamp and then the surgery and then podcasting that I hadn't actually seen my girls in months and we had a girls game night and my oldest friend from high school is in Hollywood actually which is crazy because I'm from a small town that's nine hours away. Ukiah, California, and it's a little small town not much going on. And me and Kendall got out made a big and we hang out every once in a blue moon and she lives in Hollywood and actually something crazy happened. We were on the freeway going to Venice Beach. And all of a sudden all the cars in every lane are stopping and swerving like there was a big accident. And somebody, you know, we're all swerving out of the way. And then as the cars were partying, I see one car in the middle of the lanes just making a U turn on the freeway. And we're just like, what, and I'm very, I have this, like, the boyfriend tells me not to say it, but I have this like weird feeling that whenever I die, whether it's tomorrow, or 80 years from now, I feel like it's gonna be in a car crash. So if somebody like cuts me off too abruptly, like, my heart always sinks and I'm like,

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this is it going out?

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My friend kinda was like, come down, we're alive. And she reminded me of a story about when I was 15 years old. And it's a very embarrassing story. But I tell you guys, everything. So here we go. So when I was 15 years old, I was had my permit. And I'm driving my grandpa's, like a crappy little car that he had got me maybe like a 85, Toyota or something like that, right? And I'm driving on the freeway with my friend Cheryl, and her boyfriend in the back. And they're like, I remember looking in the rearview mirror, and they were just like making out didn't even know that I existed. But at that age, you're just like, look at me, I'm driving, I'm an adult. And driving on the freeway and such a dumb kid. I'm like, Oh, I missed the exit. And I just slip a bitch make a U turn on the freeway. And for like a good like, minute or so. You know, cars are like passing me like BP honking. And I'm like, everybody's so friendly on this road. I'm like, and then all of a sudden, my friend candles, I'm sorry. Cheryl's head pops up. And she's like, Hey, what are you doing? And she's like, Turn around, turn around. And I'm like, Oh, whoopsies. And I think back now like 18 years later, and I'm like, wow, teenage drivers are dangerous. Or maybe I was just a very stupid kid. I don't know. But, but that was a crazy story. And I hadn't thought about that in so many years. So I want to tell you guys that because I don't know, share my pain share my embarrassment. But we ate we played games, we ate food we girl talked it was, it was really nice. And what I'm realizing from this therapy that I'm doing and talking to other people is that the pandemic has made a lot of hardships, whether it's financially or relationship wise, but the biggest thing is just the isolation. And obviously, it's for a reason, right? We don't want to get COVID we got to wear a mask, we're six feet apart. But if you can find a way to safely reconnect with some of your friends, I highly, highly suggest it. It's It's refreshing on on in a way that I can. I can't even say unless you haven't been around good friends for a very long time. And you make excuses. You're like, oh, coat, you know, go with non excuse, but you, you know, come up with these reasons why you shouldn't but if you can, you know, I know certain people are taking, you know, wearing your mask and staying six feet apart a little bit more serious than others. It's not that I'm not taking COVID seriously, I am, you know, and I feel bad for anyone who's had it or had a loved one, be affected by it. But at the end of the day, you have to do what keeps you mentally sane, right? Because what good is it staying safe from COVID? If you go crazy, or if you have suicidal thoughts, or if you just are unhappy, so I suggest that and yeah, that's about it going on my life. It's really the same stuff. And I'll keep you guys updated. But let's talk about the UFC. The UFC fights last weekend, and this past Wednesday, rocked our socks, and I'm so happy tomorrow we've got another card. It's UFC 257. It's a rematch. We got Conor McGregor versus Dustin Korea, and they fought years ago. And I believe that in the first meeting, McGregor took less than two minutes to score a TKO or over the diamond, which is poor. Yeah. And so a lot of people were like, Oh, you know, McGregor, McGregor McGregor, but poria has been on a crazy run, I think 10 into something like that since that fight. All in the UFC, all high level, you know, opponents so my money's on on the diamond, I pick for you, you know, so I did not pick right you know, last weekend with Holloway and Calvin cater, my bad should never pick against Max Holloway. But this card is really good. Just to give you guys an idea of how stacked this card is. I'm going to read off a couple got Dan hooker versus Michael Chandler who is the Bella tour champion who just who's about to make his debut at the UFC against very, very talented high ranked Dan hooker. Then we have john Joanne Calderwood versus Jessica I the flyweight bout. I believe these ladies are in the top five both of them, and I love Joanne's Muay Thai style and Jessica I she was a guest on the podcast. Very cool girl down to earth. I'd love to smoke some weed with her sometimes. And then we have Amanda habis versus Marina Rodriguez.

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Amanda hivos is undefeated she's also been calling out my girl Carla lately so just be keeping my eye on her. And she's just kind of crazy seeming, you know, like crazy in a good way she's got this bubbly vivacious personality and you just, you know, she's interesting to watch so, and then Brad tavarez versus Antonio Carlos Jr. Sarah McMahon, the Olympic wrestling champion versus Giuliana penya. Julian opinia. hasn't been back in at least two years, I believe something like that, because she had a child. And it's his her first fight back since she had a child. So this this card is stacked, it's going to be super awesome. I hope you guys find a place to watch it. I believe it's pay per view. I'm so bad at that. But, but if you can't, if it's not on pay per view, it's either gonna be on ABC or ESPN. Plus, you can watch it there.

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So watch it.

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ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest isn't an Invicta FC fighter in the atom weight division who hails from small town Michigan. But her MMA dreams are anything but small. With a five and one pro MMA record and a six no amateur record. She's well on her way to making her mark. When she's not training to be the best fighter in the world. She's sacrificing her own health as an EMT in a COVID unit or racing motocross. And to top it off, she is not hard to look at. We talked about ending toxic relationships dating keyboard warriors, tick tock trolls and viral videos hot motocross guys, breaking girl code and so much more. Here's your guest, Elise little Savage, Anderson.

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Johnson, Johnson, the way that fake got D from Wisconsin, if you're over 18 dentists on if you live which may or may not drop to your knees. And to show you what to say Baby. Baby I'm gonna show you.

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Okay, and we have Elise Anderson with us. Thank you so much for joining us at least. I'm super excited and nervous. Don't be nervous. And you're actually not the only person to say they're nervous. Tracy and Rachel and some of the other girls I've had on. We're always nervous. But afterwards, they're like, Oh, you were very gentle with me. So like, Okay. I'll be

Unknown Speaker 13:59
excited. I'm excited you. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 14:02
if people don't know, Elise and I actually have the same manager, that's Brian Butler. And shout out to Sucker Punch. And do you remember the first thing Brian said to me about you? Because I feel like you were right there.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
Ah, where are we? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:20
we were in Vegas. No,

Unknown Speaker 14:23
I don't. Okay, so I'll never forget it because I was like, offended. But then I was like, wait, very true. So he introduces us. Maybe you weren't. You walked away, I think and he like looks at me. And he's like, hey, do not corrupt her. And I'm like, What are you talking about? Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 14:38
do. Can you explain he told me a story before and I was like, Oh, yeah, that is kind of mean to say to her. No, it's alright. rightfully so Brian knows

Unknown Speaker 14:47
me. Well. So I was like, Alright, I'll be good. I'll be good. And

Unknown Speaker 14:52
I know we had fun on that trip. When we went to beach.

Unknown Speaker 14:56
Yeah, I was kept remember I was like, is that the first time we met in Florida or in Vegas?

Unknown Speaker 15:02
Bay. Yes. Because it was out Felicia spike when we had to stand.

Unknown Speaker 15:08
Remember was Carla and that was the McGregor fight, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:11
Yeah. That we had to watch on someone's phone in the lobby.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
Yeah. Talk about Yeah. All your UFC fighter you stay out here. Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 15:21
literally got kicked out of the watch party. That was great. I remember but then then we did the Vegas. Florida trip. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
Yeah. The Florida trip was great. We were. I don't know what happened to that. But we were all sponsored all the girls on the sucker punch roster we're sponsored by. It's called it's a 10. It's a hair company. And they sent us out there to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, right? Yep. And we went on a yacht. We went to Carolyn and Jeff arsons mansion. They're like the CEOs. And we just went a little crazy. It was fun.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
I went to the party store.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Okay, so we made fun of Elise a little bit this trip. Which I feel like Elise is the younger sister of a lot of us

Unknown Speaker 16:11
really stuck with me though.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
Oh, really, the partner

Unknown Speaker 16:14
is like everything. That's how I see it. Like, I still want to take a picture of a party store and send it to you.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
So I guess apparently we're at least is from which is Michigan right? Yeah. So in Michigan, they call the liquor store, the party store, which now that I think about it is a great name for it because like

Unknown Speaker 16:32
that's what the signs say everywhere. Like none of the signs say liquor store at nowhere.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
I still don't believe you please take a picture and send it to me.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
I got my one everyday work. So

Unknown Speaker 16:46
all right. So you you're from Michigan, you still live there? And if people don't know, not only are you an MMA fighter, but you're also an EMT, and you ride motocross that I say that right? Ride motocross do motocross. Okay, so, tell us a little bit about how you got into MMA and motocross and you know, what made you want to be an EMT? I know it's a loaded question, but you know, you find time to do it all. Hello? Yeah. So sound got cut off. Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 17:18
can't hear me. Hello. Hello. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
I can hear you. Sorry. All right. Let me let me rephrase that question. Okay, so, first of all, you're an MMA fighter, you fight for Invicta, but you're also an EMT. And you've been doing a lot of work in the COVID unit?

Unknown Speaker 17:34

Unknown Speaker 17:35
what do you want to do? What are some of the goals that you have for mixed martial arts as well as your nursing mmt career?

Unknown Speaker 17:44
with me right now, it's just like, I feel like I'm kind of in that middle ground because UFC doesn't have my division. So until like, that really opens, I've just been focusing on work and, you know, enjoying the time riding my dirt bike, because I really feel like Dana will decide open the division, and I just want to be ready. So and the second he says, he's open, I'm ready to, you know, drop everything and just focus on MMA. But so right now I'm just focusing on words to kind of get that bankroll up. Because camps are expensive, like, even, like, people don't realize how much money goes into a fight camp, especially if you're not working during it. And like, I rode your bike since I was nine. It's just like, just another form of like a release or adrenalin rush, you know, so. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
All right. So, while motocross is the hobby, but you know, you make money fighting and you make money being an EMT, and your goals for MMA, you eventually want to be in the UFC, which is awesome. at UFC 255, Dana White was actually quoted as saying, I have thought about it. This isn't the year to do it. Definitely not the year to do it. But I've definitely kicked it around. And he's referring to adding an atom wait division, which is your division, right? Yep. So I feel like with your record your six in one, oh, no. Sorry. Five and one. Yep. Five and one, six, and no, as an amateur, you're right on track. You know, and then I'm sure your goals are to eventually be the champ.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Do you think first of all five are signed in UFC?

Unknown Speaker 19:36
That would be awesome. I think you I think that's gonna happen for sure. You're just you're extremely marketable. You're a hard worker. You know, you're you would be a great face of the atomweight division for sure.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
So it's just a matter of time. Just keep working hard here because the second they decided to do it. I feel like everything's gonna change.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
If so, if you got signed to be Adam, wait in the UFC, would you stop being an empty, empty? Empty?

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Today? I don't even put my two weeks in. You wouldn't know, maybe pandemic, I don't want to be that person. But yeah, two weeks would be gone in like right now. Man,

Unknown Speaker 20:21
I hope that happens for you. I mean, he said this is not the year so I guess it just gives you more time to train and you're very young you are 25

Unknown Speaker 20:29
he mean like 2021 year.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
So he was quoted as saying that November 2020. So that's pretty recently it's only January 2021. Maybe he meant 2020 he wasn't gonna do it. Maybe it's gonna happen. 2020 was

Unknown Speaker 20:45
not enough time this month. But you know, maybe next year, which is this year, so maybe. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:54
you I feel like you're one of those fighters who doesn't struggle too much with making weight, you're always ready. I always see you in the gym, you're always got your six pack pop in. So I feel like with the exception of your nursing job, you know, just having to quit that you're ready to go.

Unknown Speaker 21:10

Unknown Speaker 21:12
So you and I have been friends for a while now. And I didn't want to have you on the show to be honest. Because you yourself, you say it. You're like, Oh, I don't have a lot of struggles in my life. And I've been, you know, very sheltered. I'm like, that doesn't make for good podcast, but you told me a story. Was it in Vegas? Yeah, it was in Vegas. And it was about you, unfortunately, being cheated on and your retaliation. And I loved the story. And then after that, I was like, Alright, you're not as innocent as you make yourself out to be. So could you tell us kind of like what happened in this situation? Obviously, you caught was was your boyfriend at the time, like, explain to us that situation?

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Yeah, so it's like my first like, real, real boyfriend, like the first one you get out of high school, you know, and he was a profiler. And I met him because he like traveled back and forth a lot from Michigan to Vegas. And so I really wanted to try but like training in Vegas, because I was still an amateur. So I kind of like looked up to him as a profiler. And we dated for like, three years, but the last year was like, so bad. I like hate even saying it was dating. And, like, I think everyone goes to that relationship that is so toxic for each other, maybe just because you're immature. He was like, older. And I lived with him for a while, like in the summer, and then I would come back and he would come here, but like, it was just such a toxic relationship. I caught him cheating on me. Like so many times, I would be like, what finally did it is he was super drunk, and I slid his dump, like over the phone, you know, to unlock it, because that's like, you know, like, you need the the prank and I like pretended like he was hugging me. So his hand would be like, right there. I just slid it under, and it open. And I read through like, just sat there and read you all these messages about him talking about, like, taking this girl out for $150 sushi day, and he didn't get laid out. It was like, he would get laid after his text between him and his friends. And so like I screenshot at all them and like I found like, the worst one I could find agnate is his screensaver. And so like when he looked at his phone, he would see that text has his background. Now it's just like, it was just it was like over I caught him on Tinder. You know, like, it was just in your gut feeling you get when you don't trust somebody and you like having anxiety, like what you're doing 24 seven and like, I turned into like a crazy person, you know, it calls over and over. And he's like, sitting there with his friends singing it's funny to be like, deny, deny me time, she'll call. And it was awful. So like, and in hindsight, it was like, I can't believe I stayed in that situation for so long. When it was finally over. Like after I bounced after making a screensaver. And it's like, it was like a fresh breath of fresh air. Like so happy to be done with day. And I think that's why I've been single sense. How long goes that? Like three and a half years ago now.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
So you've been single for three and a half years. Yep. And that's intentionally you just you're so scarred from that guy that you just don't even Want to date right now?

Unknown Speaker 25:02
I mean, I tried like the Bumble and Tinder and have gone on like a few first dates. And I cannot find someone, I cannot find that balance between either treating me like shit, or the opposite of like being on my ass like clingy. You know, like, it's either one or the other. I cannot stand that. You need your space, but you also don't want to be treated poorly.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
I don't think that's too much to ask for.

Unknown Speaker 25:32
Yeah, so I guess I just haven't found that balance. Maybe I have high expectations. But you know, it also goes back to like, you know, it's hard to trust somebody again, when you've been cheated on so many times. But really, like, I just want to focus on MMA and stuff. So like, I might be texting a guy in the app, and we'll plan to hang out. And then I always think of a reason to cancel a five training while I have to work well, you know, I'm gonna be too tired. I don't want to do my hair and go all out. All this do all this stuff.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
You always find excuses. Oh, yeah. So you've done Bumble, and maybe some other ones. Have you ever had any good dates?

Unknown Speaker 26:18
There was this guy that I was like, he was like a 10 out of 10. I mean, he was older, like super attractive. Like, can you believe that he wanted to hang out with me. And we did hang out. And he was like, an Uber, Uber, and a fan. Like, I don't care if you're a fan, but all he wanted to do was like talk about MMA, and like every single past UFC fight, which is cool. Like, I get, like, excited about this stuff, too. But then he started like watching like when we weren't together watching my fights. And when we would hang out also, he's like, never trained a day in his life. He would be giving me like coaching advice. Oh, no. He was like, push the chairs out of the way and be like, so I really think you need to like point your toes because I saw like, when max howling knees like it goes like this. And I'm like, Okay, my head. I'm never hanging out with this guy again. Well, because he was so high in like, I just wanted someone to hang out with. I would I would do it again. And I lasted a couple weeks. So he was like, took him to a jujitsu gym, and you guys asked.

Unknown Speaker 27:28
So what I'm getting is that he was like a mixture of a fanboy and a keyboard warrior. But he was hot. So you stuck with him for a while, which, you know, we tend to do unfortunately, because we think with our vaginas, sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
Those red flags are looking pretty orange.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
So you said he was older? How much older?

Unknown Speaker 27:50
I think he was like 3334. And you were I was probably 2425.

Unknown Speaker 27:56
All right, so you'll date you'll do like a 10 year gap. What's, what's the oldest you'll date?

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Is like late 30s. Late 30s.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Yeah, cuz you're 26 Yep. Yeah. 26, late 30s. Yeah, any more than a decade, you might not have a lot of similar interests or things in common maybe and you're gonna make movie references like I did. Before we got on the on the podcast about what was. I said, Oh, have you ever seen Wayne's World? And you said, is that a movie?

Unknown Speaker 28:27
I'm like, Oh, don't even answer. Yes. It's a movie, Elise. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
It was a TV show. Like it could have been either one. Okay, your homework tonight is to watch Wayne's World. I think there's a part two pretty sure. They're three. Okay, just two. You can just watch one watch the first one. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Does it talk about like an old girl a girl dating old dude or something?

Unknown Speaker 28:50
No, it's just, it's just like a classic and trying to give you culture, okay, like, I'm gonna be your bigger sister and trying to give you some advice here. Watch Wayne's World, very important.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Okay, I will actually check it out. Okay, so,

Unknown Speaker 29:04
you know, you said he did like, you'll date about 10 years older. Will you date younger guys, which is pretty young, since you're 26.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
No. I mean, I don't even think I would date someone like a year older.

Unknown Speaker 29:18
That guy's too young. So you have to date someone that's a few years older.

Unknown Speaker 29:23
It's just, it's just a maturity difference. Like it's just I've hung out with guys my age, especially, you know, when you're in the gym, and sometimes you're the only girl training and you hear like that guy talk. And all the guys my age that I hear talk even about girls, or even not about girls. I just am like, Oh my gosh, I don't I can't even be around this. Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 29:53
That's good. Yeah. Have you ever been hit on by like a teammate during training

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Hi. Yes, but only like through the DM, like at training. So it's been like pretty easy to be like, Oh, I'm not looking for that.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Easy to just shut him down.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Yeah, if they came up to me like, actually I practice I would, I would be all flustered and be like, I go, yeah, you're

Unknown Speaker 30:19
a very shy person. I think people find that very attractive and cute. You know, you're, you know, you are you do what's, you know, represent yourself very well on social media, you take pictures, and you're very interactive with your fans. But you can also tell that, not that you're young, but you have like a very innocent, you know, like a sweet personality. And

Unknown Speaker 30:41
I think it's my voice. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:43
I mean, I wasn't gonna say anything, but you You sound very young.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
It's like, I think if I was like, on the phone, like a 13 year old, which I'm like, insecure about, like, because I've gone like it live and pee loves Hey, like, such mean comments, like, What is wrong with your voice is soft, but then like, I will never post videos after that, like it really hurt my feelings. And then like, people comment, like, why don't you ever talk in videos and say, Please, are you jerks? Find me? Well,

Unknown Speaker 31:15
I mean, if you haven't realized already, you're never gonna make everybody happy. So you can talk and people are gonna make fun of you. Or you can not talk and people are gonna, you know, make fun of you. So, I mean, have you have you gotten used to it? Or do you still get affected by these assholes and trolls.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
I'm more used to it. Like, obviously, like, the more out reach you get, the more people are like commenting on different stuff, especially when I got on tik tok, because there's like young kids that are just so mean and have no filter on there. But that's why I like practicing more. Because like when we're on it's attend trip and with Tracy and you and Felice and Karla, like, their biggest advice was like, you just have to do it. Like, you just have to not think about it. Like, who cares what people think and just do it. So that's also like this podcast was a good opportunity to practice that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:12
I mean, that's pretty much with anything in life, right? There's that phrase, Fortune favors the brave, you're not gonna be successful. If you're afraid to go out and fight, you know, you're not going to be successful. If you're afraid to start a podcast, you have to try it, and maybe you fail. But then you learn, you know, Rachel said, This last podcast, she said, You never fail. You just learn lessons. And so, you know, I think if you apply that to anything, even your social media or, you know, the way you speak, or whatnot, you know, just learning experiences, and you're young and I do worry about like younger, the younger generation being extremely affected by bullying and the trolls and whatnot, but you seem to be doing well. Your Tick Tock is huge. I don't even you have 100 and like 23,000 followers, something crazy like that, right?

Unknown Speaker 33:03

Unknown Speaker 33:04
And I don't even know what Tick Tock is one of our guests. Adam Hunter was like, you got to get on, you got to get on. And then Brian, our manager told me recently, he's like, do it and I'm like, I'm gonna ask police about it. So why should I started Tick Tock and give me give me your tips because you're very successful.

Unknown Speaker 33:22
Like to make videos or like watch videos, because watching Tick tock, I could like, sit here and go down a tick tock hole for No, no,

Unknown Speaker 33:33
I want to I want to know how to make good content on Tick tock, because I don't dance, and I don't sing. So what the hell am I supposed to do on that app?

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Yeah, I don't think so. either. I always say I'm pretty shy. I mean, I tried to learn one dance once. And me and my sister practice the steps from literally, like, eight in the morning to 7pm at night watching a YouTube video. And then we did it and it turned out was so bad that we were crying laughing and it will never be shown to anyone. We like hardcore. We're like we're gonna make a tic tac dancing. So yeah, I don't do that either. But honestly, just because like, like, I posted some jujitsu videos like have like a white belt coming into our gym. And my dad was there that day. And he like took his phone out because I like like, when this might be kind of mean, when like weight belt guys, like, you know, come in to the open mat and just try to like crush everybody, but they don't know any jujitsu. And so like I just subbed this guy over and over. You could like see him getting mad. And like I made a tic tac toe, like each submission. And it went viral. And that's like how I got it had like, like 6 million views. And but all of the comments were so mean. It was I cried. I cried. I did cry because please

Unknown Speaker 34:59
don't let go. Get to you

Unknown Speaker 35:01
only because like, after it was like, I woke up and I get went viral overnight. So like when I checked it and like, there was like a common like, cuz I was like doing like a mounted triangle. And they were like, oh, that guy just wants her pussy on his face. It probably smells like fish and like that comment alone has like 11,000 likes, and everyone was commenting like about, like doing fish emojis and but

Unknown Speaker 35:27
that's not even about you. That's about the human nature of the male just loving vagina. That's all and you

Unknown Speaker 35:34
know what? A smelly fish.

Unknown Speaker 35:36
You know what people are stupid. You know, your vagina doesn't smell like fish. And you just

Unknown Speaker 35:42
literally like was getting so mad. And like I commented, I was like, actually, I use like, deodorant down there. And then I was like, wait, wait, wait, delete delete.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
I thought you really posted that I was like, No, do not feed the trolls girl. You

Unknown Speaker 35:58
know this about you? Like if I have my sister right there. It'd be like do not put that it was about to go send cuz I was just like, they totally all these kids. They people didn't even know what jujitsu was like, in the comments and stuff. Exactly. Totally fine. I was like, I mean, I can't believe I went viral over this and because like people may sexual, but then like, as time went on, like now I don't even care because you just realize like, like, I've had other MMA posts and people be like, oh, wow, he let you do that you're not even trying that those were illegal punches like, and just stupid stuff. Because like, all every time I post face stuff and I think it's just because you know that not a lot of girls fight. So then you go on this app and all these girls are like doing dances and making these videos, but you don't see like a lot of girls like you know, even hitting pads. Like good.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
So, like so you're saying that if I make one I should just do Mmm. Yeah. And you think it'll be successful?

Unknown Speaker 37:09
Yeah, even like to like to like people all like tutorial videos like Jiu Jitsu, stuff like that. This is how you do a triangle. And then people that don't even know jujitsu are like asking like, Oh my god, that looks so cool.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
Actually, you know what someone today said, I did a little Instagram Live and they were like you should twitch stream your podcast and I think I remember you and Jen's Pulver talking about twitch on one of our trips, right?

Unknown Speaker 37:37
You're talking about switch? No Twitch, Twitch. Have you? Yeah, yeah. I don't like twitches but I don't do that.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Oh, you don't. Maybe it was somebody else. But yeah, I know, Jen.

Unknown Speaker 37:46
I know that Jen does.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Yeah. Okay. Maybe I'll hit him up for some advice, because I'm like, I thought I had it down with the Instagram and the Facebook and the Twitter. But now I'm like, tick tock Twitch. What the hell?

Unknown Speaker 37:58
Yeah, you definitely gotta try it. I didn't help my Instagram followers or anything. It's like, completely different following. But it's so cool. The other platform? Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:11
I guess. All right. Well, back to the relationship talk. I know that you you know it's pandemic time. And I keep asking people like how do you date do you like to do it on social media? Like slot you sign into somebody's DMS or you know, do you pick Tinder Bumble all that? But you know, you've tried that I know you're not gonna give up but if you had to choose Would you rather meet someone naturally organically in person? Or do you kind of like the app so you just haven't had success yet?

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Well, I truly believe they find someone when you're not looking, which is so hard to like make that true and you're on the dating app. But at the same time, like Hey, don't do anything to me anyone? You know, I mean, like, I don't want to be a fighter. I go to training. And I I highly doubt there be anyone. Especially right now like no family. No visitors. Nothing on a COVID unit. I'm not going to meet someone on the COVID unit. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:14
might be a bad place to look for a boyfriend.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
So like, I just don't even like what my motocross I mean that I would those boys are hot.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Okay, here's my question Who has the most attractive guys EMTs motocross or MMA fighters?

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
Really? I can't even think of really like what they look like I think of like there's

Unknown Speaker 39:42
there's so hot that you're so immature. But it almost like doesn't matter that much. Because like You know what? I think it's really attractive to watch a guy be like really good on a dirt bike. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 39:56
mean, that's that's not crazy. You know, like Someone you know, someone with skills or even someone in power. You know, since the dawn of time, ugly, overweight, disgusting men have been getting beautiful women because they have money, or power or

Unknown Speaker 40:13
fat guys on a dirt bike.

Unknown Speaker 40:16
Okay, but I'm just saying that like women are attracted to skill sets or you know, money or power so it's not weird that you're attracted to, you know, I think you're most likely scarred you probably don't want to date any other fighters because of how bad that one guy fucked you over what asshole.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
It's too much competition. Like, I don't want to be in my camp while they're in fight camp because like, I'm obviously gonna think mine is more important and not give a shit about their fight camp. And he's obviously gonna think differently, you know, and I'm just so I think I'm too selfish to be like, we can both just support each other. You know?

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yeah, no, no, that that's a theme here on the podcast. Don't worry, like, we all know that in order to be successful in fighting, you have to be selfish. And a lot of things get sacrificed, whether it's your relationships or your family, you know, sometimes finances your body. So everybody understands that. You got to be selfish on that. I have an interesting question. I haven't asked this yet on the podcast. So you unfortunately had someone do you really dirty by cheating on you? But have you ever had like a girlfriend kind of break? Girl code?

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Yeah, like, like if my friend like did like one of my boyfriends or something like that? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:32
Like you don't fuck with your friends. Either exes or you know what I mean? Someone they're talking to like, that's obviously a very obvious one. But

Unknown Speaker 41:41
I have one she was like, Is she still alive? Best friends ever? And oh, well. She told me like after, because like me and him were done. This was like we only did in high school. But then, you know, she went under her college, partying days. And I kind of focus on MMA. So we kinda like had, like, a couple year gap that we just, like, didn't talk as much because we're on different paths. And when we did get back together, she ended up telling me like, oh, by the way, I tell you something, I hope you're not mad. And I don't even know why I was a little bugged by was a little bug. She's like, I hooked up with so and so. And I was just like, Oh, I mean, it was it wasn't even someone I had hooked up with. But we were like, always in that talking phase.

Unknown Speaker 42:34
Yeah, yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 42:35
think she was like, my best friend. And she knew I liked him. And she knew that like, you know, whatever that is.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
That's a direct violation of girl code. I concur. At least that's fucked up. Yeah. So I mean, you're such a sweetheart,

Unknown Speaker 42:49
she de hook up with him. And like, it's someone I never did, but like, had talked to you on and off for a long time. And I was just like, okay, and she definitely used the card like, well, you never even did anything with him. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 43:03
I don't. I can so much. Yeah, no, that's a violation for sure. And she kept it from you for years.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
She probably kept you for like over a year. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Well, and but you forgave her. You're such a sweetheart. I feel like a lot of I definitely would not. And I know a lot of my girlfriends are very strict on that. You know, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 43:22
a game like that. And I was like, I like didn't even ask that book. I was like, and then was like, I mean, it is what it is. Whatever. You're you. It was a wild though. Because she kept saying like, well, how is so fun going in? You guys didn't even do anything. Michael. You don't know how I felt?

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Yeah, no, it's still like I said, it's still feels violating It feels like she knew that you had feelings for him. Yeah, that happens. Especially when you know you're younger, and you know, but you're such a forgiving person. I'm surprised you're innocent. And in a very loving person. I was gonna ask you about only fans, but I just have a feeling that that's never gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
I mean, I personally wouldn't do that but I see how much money girls are made Kiana. So I totally respect all the ones that are why they would but I just personally wanted which is you know why I'm grinding now on the COVID

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Yeah, risk COVID show my booty cheeks

Unknown Speaker 44:29
is hard. Which one should I do balances But yeah, I don't think like are do you get nervous like posting pictures I do post you know on like my Instagram. So I definitely won't want to do like, be like your go to pay to see ones more revealing. Yeah, comfortable.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
Yeah, I wouldn't call you a prude. I would just call you like, elegant, you know, like the the pictures that you post. They're not raunchy and your butt cheeks aren't hanging out but you show you know, you're like in sports balls and stuff. So I already knew kind of going into this. I'm like, there's no way she'll do an only fans. I don't. What do you think? What's the main reason you're so shy?

Unknown Speaker 45:13
Haha, I feel like I got like, I grew up in like a super small town and like, you know, I always kind of got I want to say bullied. But like I had ranch jumped on my head seventh grade. And I like had these girls put like dead fish in my locker. And so like I want to say like bullied because I had like my own group of friends. But like, so you kind of like made me insecure. And which is you know why I think like when I cried about the fish comments, like I took it like such to heart, you know,

Unknown Speaker 45:53
did you fly back to high school? You're like, no, no more fish.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
No, I'm making fun.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
Oh, yes, yes. Good.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
But yeah, both. I mean, it's like all connected. So, yeah, I think like maybe that like just being like, kind of shy because I'm sensitive. So like, I get nervous about getting my feelings hurt. And I'm still working on like, off. Who cares? Everybody thinks you know. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:22
yeah. It's kind of like, well, it's hard to get made fun of if you don't talk, right.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
Yeah, that was like the one thing like when I was with that guy for so long, like that toxic eggs. Like he was someone that like, I could talk to you and be like, Oh my god, so and so just how many days? He would be like, who fucking cares? Like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:42
yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:43
Yeah, that's a good thing. I understand why you kind of want to date older men now maturity level, but also they have confidence. And they remind you that you should be confident confident in yourself as well.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Yeah, like someone that can give me like insight and not that's why like, yeah, cuz I want them to tell me when I'm right in Rama. Like, I don't want no young guy that's like too afraid to like, I feel like a doormat, you know?

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Well, let's just stay away from fighters for a while.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
Well, no fighters ever again. Never again.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
Never again. Alright, nevermind. Well, so when you're when you're in fight camp, do you abstain from sex? Do you kind of follow that myth? I believe it's a myth that if you have sex that you know makes you not as good of a fighter for men obviously their testosterone testosterone levels you know, decrease and whatnot. But do you? Do you kind of go cold turkey during fight camp?

Unknown Speaker 47:43
I know definitely. Like if I have a boyfriend. Cuz I mean, I'm not like out looking for like to get my testosterone levels up or whatever. Yeah. But I mean, it's like, I have a boyfriend. I mean, I'm like, even use the excuse. Like, I mean, it's fight camp. Like, let's go.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Oh, so you you adhere to the opposite. Not only do you have sex, but you think that more sex is better?

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Yeah. Thank you, bye. Like, I'm not feeling like crap after a week cut, you know, like, and it's like, the night before the fight if you can have like a 1% advantage. And that might be it. Why not?

Unknown Speaker 48:31
Yeah, no, it's it's whatever, whatever makes you happy is my is my kind of view on that. You know, if you think it's gonna affect

Unknown Speaker 48:39
your direction, you know, cuz you're usually nervous for fights,

Unknown Speaker 48:43
and plus your body. You release endorphins and serotonin and all these things when you have sex, so it's it. I think it helps. But do you remember when you lost your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 48:55
Oh, yeah, great high school.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
I said sarcasm.

Unknown Speaker 49:01
I was, I was like, 16. And there was nothing like super memorable. It was like the guy was just dating in high school. You know, you kind of feel like peer pressure and all your friends have and like you've been dating for someone and you've like already, you know, made a vow and stuff and like, so it wasn't anything memorable or special. Like, around Christmas time. parents went out and it just happened. But he totally thought I totally thought you know, well, we just did that. But now we gotta be together forever. Oh, no. And then he me with the girl and big boy.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Okay, things are making a little bit more sense. Now. It seems like there's been a theme.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
I walked into the making out when I was I got a job just to hang out with you a big boy, cuz he was a cook and I was like, One of those people agreed you're a hostess

Unknown Speaker 50:03
a host. Boy.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
So I take the dishes bag. And he she was a waitress and she was older and she went to a different school and, and they were mainly on the dishwashing room. Like, I had all the stuff and I just walked out and I never went back to that job. I just walked out with a big boy and was like, Well, I'm doing they can mail me my last check.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Why do you think these guys think that? It's okay. I mean, you're not the only person obviously, you know, I've been cheated on, you know, a lot of women a lot of men have, but, you know, why do you think that it's happened consistently to you?

Unknown Speaker 50:47
Hey, such a question, why didn't just keep happening? To me.

Unknown Speaker 50:51
I mean, I would like go out on a limb and say that because you're so sweet and forgiving and loving. These men might feel like they can walk on you. And that's another reason. You know, I'm your friend. And you know, girl power. So I'm just like, I feel like, you know, you're such a strong woman and you should project that more, but that's gonna just have to take time and experience. Hopefully no more heartaches. Right.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
Yeah. Which is like, why I've stayed single for like, three and a half years. Cuz I mean, both those were like, my both main boyfriends. And then for me, it felt tragic.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
It is tragic. It's I mean, it's your life. You know, it's it can't Don't be Don't be little. It's, it's tragic. And look at how that happens. Like gate and then you're so afraid to go through that again. If you could kind of give yourself like a heads up for some advice. You know, if you knew what you knew now, what would you change anything? I mean, hoping that you wouldn't stay with that one fucker for three years.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Yeah, I mean, yes. No, cuz like, he also taught me like that I would never. Oh, yeah, obviously, I wish I didn't like drag out for so long. But now like, I know what I absolutely don't want like the name calling I'll never put up with again. Of course. We even like now that it's been a while. And I've talked to him recently, like that guy that I was with forever. And like he's like, still, like made come like it was like definitely cordial, just like fighting stuff. But then like when he went back, and it was like, you, you always just like social Hall when we hung out. And it was like, Oh, my God, like, I haven't had someone call me in so long that I was like, who I think you're talking to. And this is the same guy that was verbally abusive when you were in the relationship. Yeah. And he cheated on you. Yeah. And like, nothing had changed. So it's like he has this guy so much. I hate him. But I remember like the awful things he would have said she would say to me, oh, you're dating? And like, how I obviously didn't get that much affected because I stayed with him. And I don't know if I thought it was funny. But like, just to hear him use the word Whoa, when we I was like, I like looked at my phone even. Like, why would you see that? Like,

Unknown Speaker 53:27
just because you stayed with him doesn't mean it didn't hurt. You know, that's, that's why they say love is a crazy thing. Or Love is the most powerful thing like love is also fucked up. And it will make you stay with someone who doesn't deserve your love. And that's probably what happened to situation that guy got lucky to have three years with you, in my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
Welcome back to the sex talk, Elise.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
All right, I know, you know, you tend to get a little shy. But I have a couple more questions. You know, it's probably a, you know, I asked people if they think that, you know, the aggression that they have in the cage transfers to the bedroom. And I feel like with you, but you tell me if I'm wrong, you know, you might be a little bit more submissive in the bedroom then you are on the map

Unknown Speaker 54:13
actually have control issues. So, like, I feel like that's like yes, no, because, like, what like what would you describe as submissive? just you know, letting

Unknown Speaker 54:26
letting the man take control. So, you know, he he, you know, chooses the positions like he's more dominant. He's a little bit aggressive with you and you're kind of just taking it you know, submissive

Unknown Speaker 54:39
actually, like should miss you but I don't want them to be super aggressive, if that makes sense. Yeah, you don't want to get beat up when you're trying to make love. totally understandable. There's a fine, like, even like, like the spanking and stuff like that. Like if someone spanked me I would probably like turn around and be like

Unknown Speaker 54:59
chill More time you get one. That's it.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
Okay. Sounds like it's like it's gentle, submissive, like,

Unknown Speaker 55:06
I could be more on like that. Okay, it sounds like it's time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
lightning round is where I rattle off some one word questions and you just say yes or no rapid pace. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 55:29
Or if I need like, explanation, like,

Unknown Speaker 55:33
of course if you feel so inclined to elaborate. Yes, Elise. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Okay, I just feel like there's so many rules, but okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
There's no rules

Unknown Speaker 55:44
on this podcast. You could say whatever the fuck you want. You know? I mean, you Do you at least Okay, you ready?

Unknown Speaker 55:51
Yeah. All right. Yes

Unknown Speaker 55:52
or no answers. If you have to elaborate. That's okay. So do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 55:59

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 56:03

Unknown Speaker 56:05

Unknown Speaker 56:08
Yes, but not super hard.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Okay. You don't want to draw blood? I got

Unknown Speaker 56:14
no impression.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
Yeah. choking.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Oh, no, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 56:21
you're gonna get to see a different side of Elise if you try to choke her in bed.

Unknown Speaker 56:25

Unknown Speaker 56:27
No. Do you watch porn? Not really. That's not okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
Any foot fetishes.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
Ah, like do I like people looking at No, no.

Unknown Speaker 56:40
Yeah. bondage like ropes or blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 56:45
Like tools? Yeah. Do

Unknown Speaker 56:46
you like you know bondage like to be tied up? You like, tire guy up?

Unknown Speaker 56:51
No, I like that. No role playing. That's like losing control type thing.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
Yeah, that's what that's I can see that. That's the vibe. You don't want to be out of control. You want to have a good time, but you don't want to feel like you don't have control of the situation. Understandable. All right. Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 57:08
I've never tried it, but I'll be open to trying.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
I feel like I would just giggle so much. I've actually never done that.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 57:20
No. No.

Unknown Speaker 57:21
That's the nicest answer anyone's ever said. No, thanks. Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Like with other people?

Unknown Speaker 57:30
Or by yourself?

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Yes, okay.

Unknown Speaker 57:34
ever been to a sex club? strip club? No. I can see how you, Michigan. Ian's might misconstrue that? No. Like. It's like a club where people actually have sex inside the club.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
That would be so funny to go like,

Unknown Speaker 57:53
I love you at least. This is why Brian said don't you corrupt her. And now you're on my sex podcast. I think this is me directly violating Brian's rules. Sorry, right. Okay. And lastly, are you allowed to go?

Unknown Speaker 58:10
Oh, okay. All right. That's that's good job. And then are you a lingerie lover? Like you were? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:18

Unknown Speaker 58:19

Unknown Speaker 58:20
All right. Well, that was a lightning six round wasn't that bad, right?

Unknown Speaker 58:23
It wasn't that that wasn't that bad. I like that guy CIG looks like biting. You know, like, yes. But then like, I don't want people to think like that. Why? He didn't like, aggressively.

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's everybody has their own cup of tea. There's somebody that likes to be nibbled on and somebody some people like, like you to draw blood, you know? That's a

Unknown Speaker 58:50

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Yeah. preference. All right. Are you ready for fuck? Marry, Kill?

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 59:03
I think we're done.

Unknown Speaker 59:04
We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
Okay, you already know the rules of the game. So I'm just gonna give them to you. Right?

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Wait, there's rules I just saw I say who's who? Nope,

Unknown Speaker 59:13
you gotta choose. So I'm gonna give you three names and you just choose which one? Which one you want to fuck. Which one will marry and which one you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 59:20
Okay, so there's no rules. No rules.

Unknown Speaker 59:24
All right. So you got Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk, and Rob Dyrdek. These are all famous X Games alumni, apparently. Thank you to my creative associates. Den kitty and pat Kenny.

Unknown Speaker 59:41
Do they come as is like with their family life? No. How

Unknown Speaker 59:46
about we do like them in their prime. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
Yeah, that's better. Um, I have sex with Rob Derek. Because I think they he is the most attractive all three of them in he's pretty funny. I would marry Travis cuz he just there's so much exciting stuff you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
Yeah. And then you're gonna kill Tony Hawk.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Yeah, just because I don't really know that much he was a little bit for my time so I don't

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
I feel so old. Alright, let's wrap up this interview he makes me feel old. Alright, it's time for a fan question Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Okay. At we are alive at night says with all that motocross and dirt bike driving. I don't see any motorcycles. Do you ride motorcycles to? If so what kind?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
I've never rode a motorcycle. Wow, why not? Because I'm okay. I think I would be more mostly because my parents would never let me use their insurance to insure more. Like they don't trust other drivers and stuff on the road. And I've like known people that have died for motorcycles like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
on the road. Yeah, that's true. What about getting into a crash when you're doing motocross? They they're not afraid of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
I evidently as much as they don't care about that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
All right. So big burner account. 1234. So you know, this is gonna be ridiculous. Would you ever consider being the third with a couple who finds you insanely attractive?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
No, because I will. I I don't think I like that. I get you jealous and stuff. So but especially if they I would feel so awkward situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
would? Not if I was in a relationship.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Okay, let's see where?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
I would.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:02
Yeah, because when you're in a relationship, like that's when all the people are they like strangers.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Doesn't matter. I mean, as long as your relationships not being affected, because when I'm in a relationship, I am extremely, extremely alpha female. Like, I don't want no one to touch my man. You know, I don't want to share him. Same with same with you. I think you know, it's like, it's just different when your relationship but when it's like, all for fun and games. It's different.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
Yeah. Okay. I don't think I would do it either way. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
Okay. At Danny. Oh, nope. wrong one. Sorry. This is at Jay Rob underscore 33. Son. Would you ever date a guy with a foot fetish? And what size are your feet? How to throw one foot guy in there. There's so many of them. Oh, my,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
I wish I six and a half. Like normally. But if I get boots, I get seven because they were really big sharks, you know, extra room.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
what's weird is that some guy just listened to that and was like, Oh, I have a bone.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Because like, it's even though I don't think like my feet are pretty if he thinks they are like, at least he did like something about me, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
Yeah, I feel like it'd be extremely easy to turn them on. You just like take your shoes off. And you're like, look at those.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Yeah, like you don't really have big boobs or big boys. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
that's all they liked. And then cool. Oh, perfect. transition into our next question at dirty Mexican 13

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
people's usernames.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
I've got an eclectic fan club for the podcast at 30 Mexican 13 wants to know would you ever get breast implants?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Maybe after fighting? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. At cameo bought Boyd cameo geek think that do you think I mean she's saying that are small boobs. Or is it just a question? Elise stopped caring about what he

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
did? He likes me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20
We have so much work to do. At least it's okay. All right. At cameo be Lloyd. Would you make Oh sorry. What is the make and model of your bike?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
I have two I have both of both Yamaha. I will fourstroke ye 250 F and then I have a 2019 y z 125 that's a two stroke.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
So he just spoke another language I'm like cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
Room room.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
Anything about this? Okay, this guy oh actually has a Oh no. That's different. Okay, so at crop underscore 15 favorite place to be touched. Good. Question is vagina. Could I just get exactly

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
I feel like the bashes like when someone's like, like taking like their fingertips and like kind of like tickling you you know, like light

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
lightly spread like rubbing you lightly.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
Yeah, like like down your legs You know? And then like up You're still making down your legs and like just like start touching you like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
mm very central softly Yeah. You're such a sweetheart.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Like grabs my board squeezes super hard. I would just be so mad. We nothing would have been there.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
But rubs are the best Elise

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
hack, you don't have a buyer.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
Okay to shake. I do not lack any booty over here. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
you need to be touched lightly because you you lack the fluff. That I do that I have

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
a feeling

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
all right, so this is a pretty intimate, two part question. When you want to be turned on? What scenario Do you play in your head? Like your go to fantasy?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
Can you create?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
Okay, when you want to get turned on? What scenario Do you play in your head? Like what's your go to fantasy? Like if you know you're gonna rub one out, play the the turntables masturbate and you got a you know, your first like, your sexy memory that you like, you know, and your spank bank.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
I just like picture like, somebody's doing that stuff to me. Yeah, I mean, like, picture me in that moment doing physical things.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
Yeah, I definitely like to draw from memories past experiences.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
Yeah, yep. That's right. So now really like a fantasy because

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
it happened. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
Okay, last fan question at Paul underscore turbo. What's harder, motocross or MMA?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
MMA because I treat a lot more seriously. Because, like, you know, it's important to me. But if you were if I was just to like, look at two different athletes, like in the sport, I think like, motocross is way tougher, because, you know, I think it's also more dangerous. And it's a lot harder to be like, one of the best motocross riders in the world compared to like the MMA world.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Yeah, I mean, you can look at it as far as like newness, the sport of MMA is is one of the newest sports in the world. You know, it's like, you know, a very new sport, but motocross has been along. I don't know how long How long do you think it's been around?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
I don't know, longer than MMA. That's for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
But amazingly harder because like, I care more about that than when I go like race my dirt bike, if I lose racing, like your bike, it's like God is what it is. I lose a fight. It's like, Oh, my gosh,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
the world is ending. Yeah, exactly. We need to work on a lot of things. At least we need to, I feel like you should get out there and start dating so that you don't have these little insecurities and you know that you can be confident. I mean, it's hard, hard time during the pandemic, for sure. But we got a lot of work to do. We need to get your confidence up. Alright, last question for you. Who would you like to hear on sex and violence next? Anyone doesn't have to be a fighter.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
Do you want to be a fight? Like should be a girl or boy?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
anyone you want? Who's someone that you're like, Hey, I kind of want to hear about what they think about dating and love and romance.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
Wonder Wonder Boy.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
do we have a little celebrity crush on Wonder Boy?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
Me I'm with a buddy.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
Okay. All right. So yeah, he's already

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
while he's personally on there. So it's like I don't even know nothing about him.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
You know, he doesn't have a family right? I mean, from what I saw in his eyes, he didn't so you say in there's a chance and see you're too young to get that reference. So anybody here in the studio? Thank you guys. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
No, I did she means though about could be in. When he was like he said maybe then you dinos like they put it over Dana and they're like so they're saying there's a chance.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
Okay? So besides Wayne's World, go watch Dumb and Dumber. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
I've seen that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Elise is from Dumb and Dumber. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
Gary Washington.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
He's like the girl. He's like asking the girl out and she's like, basically, this is Like, Oh, well, this this this and, you know, like, what did you say? Like, you know, like it's a one in a million chance. And he got you, you know the guy. Jim Carrey is like, pauses He's like, so you're saying there's a chance?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
All right, you gotta go watch it again.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
That's the end of our interview. You've been awesome. wasn't that bad? Right? Wasn't that painful? No,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
it was pretty fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
Okay, I didn't. I didn't dig too deep and make you blush. Did I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
know, a couple things? I got nervous.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
All right. Well, thank you so much. You know, I don't know. We'd even talk about your MMA career. Like, when you get a fight next, do you have anything lined up?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
no, not right now. I'm just trying to stay ready for opportunity. Okay, I'm not rushing out.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
Okay. Yeah, stay ready. You know, like I said, I think that, you know, with what Dana said about the atom weight division, and you just be really hoping that like, this year is in 2020, that this year, I mean, regardless if he meant 2020 or 2021 a year, it's not that long, it'll go by fast. Remember, when they were saying we were going to be in lockdown for two weeks. And now it's been almost 10 months. A year could go by fast. A lot happens in a year. I'm going to be back in the cage at the end of this year. And I've already had spine surgery and might have to have my finger worked on so yeah. Stay ready, girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
You're right. It'll come.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
Yeah, it'll come. All right. Well, we'll talk to you soon. And thank you so much for doing the show. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
thanks for having me.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
On our very first day,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
you were understand why you? You made me nervous. So it really Gianni. Let's go

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
Well, that's a wrap on episode 36. So at least, definitely our most innocent and shy guest. But she actually surprised me the most as well, because I didn't realize I mean, I know that social media can affect you. But when you hear it from someone else, it's, it makes you sad. And you really got to think about how much we should reach out to one another. I'm always telling you guys to be kind and be grateful and be caring, but go an extra step reach out to someone like Elise, I mean, not specifically lilies. But you know, if you know someone is going through something, you know, if their video goes viral, and they're getting a lot of negative reaction, just send them a nice text, because as you heard from Elise, you know, for better or worse, you know, we read them, she reads them, people read them and you know, it can play a lot into your psyche. If you have any insecurities. It basically exacerbates them and you know, social media is a great thing. But man, I

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
I am just not.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
I'm so fortunate that I grew up in the 90s instead of the 2010. That's crazy place. So thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed this episode. It's so nice to get a different spin. You know, you got people like Kendra last as a guest. And then you have on the other side of the spectrum. Elise, just, you know, this is the episode, DJ Zola saying I felt like every two seconds I was saying Oh, honey. So we love you, Elise. I love you guys. Thank you so much for all your fan questions. And if you know anyone who's willing to do jump on the sex and violence team, we'd love to talk to someone who wants to do video production. That's it guys. Remember, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. And write and review. And if you want a sticker please dm us your address and we'll send you one out special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJs Oh, tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official and producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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