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Episode 37: Renee Gracie

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance. And that's all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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the hot stuff?

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What's up all my naughty listeners, we are back here at tomorrow kids studio in Orange County, where with the sex and violence crew, and we're excited as always to showcase our guest. I mean, who doesn't love fast cars and even faster women. But first, let's talk about what the hell is going on in the world, the MMA world in my world. So California still on lockdown, or are we off yet? I don't even know. Who knows. All I know is that you should wear your mask kids. And hopefully this pandemic will be over soon. But I feel like we've been saying that for a year. Now. As for me, I'm trucking along with therapy. My little finger is good. I don't need surgery on my hand. So that's, that's a plus, they're gonna take a few weeks to a few months to get it back to full strength. The spine feeling up good. And it's just a slow process. You know, it's just gonna be a week by week thing getting better a little bit every day. And that's all I can really ask for. Last weekend, I told you guys I was going to get tattooed by my tattoo artists in Las Vegas. I did it was a nine hour session. Something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. It's oddly painful yet cathartic? He's at seven tattoo in Las Vegas. And this place is world renowned. They've got tons of artists that are you know, tattoo all over the world and the studio there actually has its private kitchen a gym. It's, it's ridiculous. So if you're in Las Vegas, I check them out. And guys, we have a special Valentine's Day episode coming up. It's a it's a sex expert, a sexpert, if you will, she's gonna come on the show and share a little bit of knowledge about, you know, relationships and communication. I mean, who couldn't use a few tips and tricks on how to make your relationship better, or start a good one if you are single, and the Superbowl is coming up. And I mean, I don't really care too much about that. I, you know, I'm the kind of person that if nobody's getting punched in the face, I don't really pay that sport much attention. But we have a new UFC not this weekend. In one week, February 6, the UFC is back in Las Vegas. They're no longer in Abu Dhabi on Fire Island. And if you guys want to use my bookie AG, it is the best place for online gaming, and gambling. If you use code rebel girl, you're going to get 50% bonus match on your first deposit. Last week I picked Chandler and poria to win, but I did not bet that was my bad because they both won. And if I would have put a bet even $100 bet parlay would be rolling in the dough right now. So take take advantage of this offer guys use code rebel girl 30% bonus deposit on your first deposit. This weekend we have are sorry next weekend February 6, the day before the Superbowl, we have a head heavyweight main event which is Alistair overeem versus Alexander volkoff. I picked volkoff because he trains at blackhouse. I know it's kind of a silly, silly silly reasoning but I pick him over overeem over him is ranked number five volkoff is ranked number six. It's going to be a good fight for sure. overeem is a legend. Then we have Frankie Edgar versus Corey San Hagen gotta go for Frankie Edgar, one of the just biggest og underdogs of all time. Macy chase on jessalyn. I don't think I say her name right. She's fighting Marion Reneau, who I fought before at bantamweight. She's a tough chick. Molly McCann, who I was supposed to fight in London is fighting Laura Procopio and I think she might be debuting I'm not sure. Tons of fights on this card that are going to be awesome. But Neil darish versus Diego Fira clay Guido versus Michael Johnson, I mean, that's a hard one. Wait, isn't Oh, gee, Michael Johnson's, you know, kind of more of a young buck but I wouldn't pick on that one. That one's that one's a hard one. If you guys haven't heard also, I Give you a little bit of UFC news or MMA news. This one is sad Raquel Pennington who's bantamweight. I've also fought her and her girlfriend was on the show a few episodes ago. She recently got a six month suspension a few days ago for USADA, an assault a violation. But what she did was she kind of got ahead of it. And she made a post before all the media articles started coming out. She basically owned up to it. She said, Look, you know, I had a medical condition, I went to the doctor to get some medication and I, you know, silly in a silly way just took it without thinking about it, but without being tested by Osada. You know, of her own freewill. She called you sada called the UFC, let them know that what medication she was taking. But at that point, it was already too late. So I'm not saying that what she did was okay, but I think that the way she's going about it is the best way you could ask for someone to go about it in this situation, it is very hard to, you know, check out every little thing that we put in our body, especially if it's something as natural as a CBD oil or a protein powder that usually are always good for you. But if it's not third party tested, it could be tampered with, and then you've got this whole, you know, legal case on your hands, are you going to get fined? Are you going to get suspended? So what she was I read her Instagram and I love what she said. She said, what matters is how you deal with your mistakes, and what you do after realizing those mistakes. That's what defines your true character. And I agree, you know, I shouldn't throw myself under the bus but the internet knows all and so fuck it. But you know, MMA fans sometimes have a short memory span, but I did get in trouble back in 2014. Ironically, it was the same. Right after I fought Raquel Pennington, I had got in trouble. I got suspended for nine months because there was a diuretic in my system. And you know, the story is I was dating a bodybuilder, he gave me a diuretic to help me lose weight. I stupidly didn't even think like, Oh, this is illegal, because I remember taking water pills when I was in high school. And you know, that's not like we're getting tested was just like this way that you could lose a little bit of extra weight. Anyway, I learned my lesson, you know, and I think now Raquel is letting her lesson. And that's just how life is sometimes you got to touch the stove, five or six times to learn and, you know, that's so is life. So, you know, I'm rooting for Rocky, you know, she beat me fair and square A few years ago, but I think she's a great representation of the sport. I think she's going about the situation, you know, in a really good way and she's she's always been a you know, very sportsman like person. She doesn't trash talk. She's she cool chick. So I wish her the best. But other than that, guys, that's about it. We're getting ready to talk to our guest. And here is a word from our sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a V eight supercars driver turned adult entertainer. The 26 year old curvy beauty has become one of the biggest stars in Australia when it comes to only fans, with her making close to 2 million from fans subscribing to her racy content. Before her Instagram account was recently deactivated. She had a huge following of over 70 500,000 people on the site. We talk about choosing only fans over racing her new risk a podcast being broke while living the fast life making 24 k in 24 hours keeping a mystery boyfriend embarrassing pussycat moments and so much more. Here is your guest Rene Gracie,

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All right, we have Rene Gracie with us, Renee, thank you so much for coming on the show. How are you doing today?

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Yeah. Good. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, I

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know you're actually our first Australian guest and our first former racecar driver. So let's just jump in. Tell us how you got involved in racing cars.

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I started racing when I was quite young, I was about 12 or 13 when I got into go karts, so I raced go karts professionally in Australia, not like the high go karts that you probably think of when I say go karts. on a professional level. I think the max speeds like 120 kilometers an hour just in a little go kart so they're quite fast. And I raced that competitively, I got picked up by a sponsor in I guess you could say got scouted almost, and they sponsored me for the last two years that I raced competitively and then when I finished racing go karts, they supported me and sponsored me and took me into cars and and that's sort of how the car Korea sort of started was was from my go karting. I guess my short go kart in Korea when I was younger.

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That's awesome. I I never I didn't know go karts could go that fast. And, you know, I guess that's probably not unusual for kids to transfer into racing cars and supercars from go karts. But I want to know, what what made you so fearless? Because obviously, there's always the fear of crashing, right.

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Yeah, I think I was just, I was so young, that you don't really think about that stuff. I mean, when you're at that age, where, you know, I was 12 or 13, you know, you're a young teenager, and you sort of think the world is yours. So I think, I guess maybe naive, not not much care at all, really. And I just sort of, all I wanted to do was was go fast and be good at it. And that's fine focus. I can't ever remember thinking when I was younger, being scared of crashing and hurting myself. It wasn't until obviously, I got older. And I was probably in my 20s where I'm like, man, if I hurt myself or break my leg, I'm gonna be out for ages. I'm so old. It wasn't until I did get older where that that sounded to sort of cross my mind. But yeah, when I was a kid, I can't remember a time ever worried about it?

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Yeah. And you say, oh, you're only 26? Right?

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Yeah, super Oh,

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I'm about to be 34 in July. And I'm like, okay, starting to feel old now.

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Yeah, now that I'm 26 I look at people who are who are in their late 20s 30s. And I'm like, that's me. Like, I'm, I'm I'm not. I'm not actually that old. My life hasn't even started yet. But I feel odd considering how long I've been like in sport and how long I've been doing it for?

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Yeah, when you do crazy adrenaline, you know, filled sport, like mixed martial arts or racing, you kind of have to grow up a little bit faster. You got to, you know, do things that really, what can I say this, you got to be a little bit more tenacious, and you got to work hard things that young kids don't really have to do until later in life. So you got to grow up a little bit faster.

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Yeah, totally agree.

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So, okay, so you were racing cars. And the big news is that you chose to be an only fans, Star over racing. And I know now after doing my research, that it's really financial financials that got in the way, it's not like you were having an amazing time making all this money racing cars, and then just decided to do only fans. Could you explain a little bit how the pay scale worked and why you were struggling and eventually switched over to full time only fans model?

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Yeah, so in motorsport in Australia, it's not like motorsport overseas. And actually, in a lot of other countries where people get paid in Australia, it takes it takes a lot. And it's the the very small minority of the guys at the top, who are super competitive are the ones that are getting paid well. And when I mean, getting paid well, I'm talking maybe 1,000,002 million Max, which in this game of sports, and I mean, high risk sports like motorsport, it's actually not that much. You know, you can race race trucks and trucks overseas in America and get paid, you know, 10 15 million for some top guys who have big sponsorship. So it's quite a small pay for sport in general, let alone being high risk. So I always knew that obviously, I'm not going to be you know, massive money, but I always knew that if I was relatively competitive, I thought, No, I'm obviously not going to get paid as much as the guys because there's that that gender gap, obviously, but I just knew that I was happy racing making decent money, but to get there was going to be very hard and was going to be difficult. And I think from when I started the I never ever got paid to race from when I started to when I finished so i i bought sponsorship. So I had sponsors pay me money to go racing, but then I took that money that they sponsored me to a race team. And because Motorsports so expensive, I would spend all my sponsorship money so I wouldn't take a cut from it because generally I wanted all of the money to go towards my racing program. So From when I started, when I finished, I raised over a million dollars in sponsorship over the five years, and I didn't take a cent of that that went to my racing program. So to give you an example, the development series that I raised in for the last few years of my racing career, it's about 420 to $480,000, to run that, so I got about that $400,000 in sponsorship from my sponsors, we were short a little bit, which is why I missed one of the rounds because we didn't have enough money, but the money that I get sponsored goes directly to my racing program, it doesn't actually go to me. So to get paid, like I said is is you got to get to the top when those guys are on a couple mil. But to get to that level, you're constantly trying to find sponsors to pay for it. Because most racing car drivers like myself at the time, you know, I was broke. I wasn't getting paid. I was working multiple jobs. When I wasn't racing, I was working at retail stores and you know, fast food places and doing whatever I could to raise the funds is to survive. And then obviously, my racing program paid for the racing. So while it looked like I was living a lavish life, life is amazing. laughs I love racing cars. Most of the times I would go home and have like two minute noodles and tins of tuna subroto with anything else.

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Yeah, that's there's a crazy similarity in mixed martial arts. Actually, I don't, I don't know how much you watch mixed martial arts, I don't know, if you just casually click into the UFC. But unless you're the top two to potentially, you know, third place, second place, first place, you know, equivalent would be the champion The Contender, and maybe you know, third ranked, you're not making that much money and a lot of that money, a lot of your purse, the money that you get for showing up and then your win bonus goes directly back to your corners and your nutrition and, you know, any any kind of fees. So it would be the same thing that you did, you know, you put all your sponsorship money right back into your racing so that you could, you know, continue to race and, you know, place higher place better each time. So I feel you on that so much because I've I've been asked by people like wow, you're a UFC fighter, like, you know, you must be living this lavish lifestyle and I just look at them. And I'm like, I'm not It's not what you think. And so yeah, there's a huge similarity sounds like Yeah, it sounds like yeah, I

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can, right.

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So So okay, you're living, you know, you're doing this. This basically, you're doing what I'm still doing right now. You're you're living paycheck to paycheck, you know, fight to fight, you know, for you race to race, and then does an opportunity arise, or did you just, you know, dip into the only fans and then all of a sudden blow up and realize that this is something much more lucrative. How did you make that choice?

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I was when I ended racing. You had run out of money, and we had lost sponsorship. And I had to sit a year, the rest of the year out. So I missed out on about two races or so. And then I went into the next year, still fighting and still trying to to get sponsorship. And like I said, I had no money myself personally. So, you know, to find for $500,000 was all through sponsorship, and I at the time had lost a bit of passion for it because I had been let down by a manager and, and I had just had a lot of stuff happen. And and I was sort of I guess disheartened and a bit over it to be honest. So that's when I started looking elsewhere and thinking, you know, what the hell can I do. But I was very lucky for about a year that I wasn't racing or still trying to raise, my fan base actually grew. So I had a lot of fans support me and a lot of people come on and realize that I was no longer in the sport. And they would come and follow me and be like, Oh my god, like I didn't even realize like, I'm so sorry, you're not racing anymore. And, and I my fan base grew. And I felt that I had a lot of the people who followed me because of racing, if they weren't loyal, they left. But then I found that I actually grew a more loyal following because I was out of the sport and they wanted me to come back in it. So for for that whole time that I was out of racing for that little bit. I kept thinking, you know, my fan base was growing. I'm like, What am I like, how can I utilize these fans? And how can I maintain and keep these fans and make something out of them? Whether it's not in racing, if I never raced again, like how can I keep these people because I was very nervous when I was going to finish racing that, you know, I'd be forgotten about and have to go back to the nine to five job which I really didn't want to do. So. A very big part of like when I if I made the decision to end I was like I was very stressed out. I was thinking you know, how can I make this work? How can I make my friends work for me if that makes sense? And yeah, I had a few people. A few fans messaged me and they just like you should get on only fans. And I was like, What is this only fan stuff like what am I talking about? And initially when I went on it I researched it and googled a few people and when I found out that it was like predominantly for porn. I was like oh my god, no way. But I was lucky enough to know someone actually knew a girl who had an only fans account and she she had very minimal fans and she was making really good money and I was obviously broke racing cars So anything was pretty good money for me. But until she was making close to 40, or 50 grand a month, and that's I wasn't even earning that a year. So I was like, Oh my god, like, if I could even make half of that it will change my life. So I looked into it, and it coincidentally, I think that's when only fans really started to take off. And what I what I soon realized is that a lot of the motorsport fans that I had, these are guys who, you know, I think when you think of motorsport, you think of someone who has man cave, and they've got, like, you know, a calendar in the background with sexy girls on the calendar. And I'll have, you know, pigtails and grid girls. So what I soon realized is actually sort of that the porn industry and that sex industry, in regards to sex and photos and sex sells is actually very closely related to motorsport, because it's the same demographic. So I thought, if I can just get an extra $1,000 a month, this is how I was thinking, I was like, if I can get $1,000 a month, I can pay my car off, I can do this, I can do that. And yeah, so I subscribed, I made my only fans account, no one else was on it. And I, I subscribed to a few girls and watch what they were doing. And at the time, I never thought of obviously showing anything or revealing anything I said, you can, I can make this exclusively for my fans make it a bit right here on whatever without obviously getting removed from Instagram. And I announced that I made my only fans and within 24 hours, I had over 3000 fans and I had made like, $24,000 it was insane.

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That's amazing. And I know, you know, I've done my research, you are making tons more money, you know, now than you were when you first started. My first question, you know, when I hear that is like, okay, now that you've made this money, and that you're living comfortably, would you ever want to go back to racing? Or is your heart just not in racing anymore?

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Well, I have a thought about this, now that I have money. And I have actually looked into getting back into motorsport, and buying cars and getting a team and stuff like that. But the biggest issue I now face is obviously because of what I do a lot of people and a lot of people who have cars potentially that I could purchase or buy, don't want to sell them to me what I do, just because of what I do, I think it's and you gotta remember to it's it's a male dominant sport. So I think men, it's like men are very funny, like they'll, they'll pay for the services, and they'll watch porn, and they'll do all of this. But I think when I realized that woman in the porn industry that they are probably watching or involved in, is using that money to buy like a race car. I think it just sits funny with them. So I had a few that I was lining up, and then one we kept on the download that it wasn't for me, but then they caught wind and found out that it was actually me that was purchasing it. So they they put the price up. And yeah, so it was it was very difficult. And I think I stood back from that, and I'm gone. This is exactly why I hated motorsport, and lifted in the first place, I lost the passion for it because of snakes and sharks in the industry, people treating me differently, because I'm a woman. You know, the whole time I was in motorsport, I had constant pressure and stress on me for being a female. And yeah, I leave it for a couple years, I try and get back into it now that I'm earning money. And it's almost like a complete 360. The exact same things are happening to me, just in a slightly different capacity. Even though I have money and power. People were not treating me the same still because I was a woman and what I was doing an industry that I was in so I think I finally decided to not do it. And I've bought a go kart and I've gone back to go karting just for fun, but I think I need to sit back and see if I want to get in motorsport probably potentially in a different capacity rather than racing, but maybe to sponsor a team or or to silently own or buy a team where no one really knows about it. And be involved that way. But yeah, for me for racing, it's, it's unfortunately now because of what I do. It's even almost even more difficult than what it was in the first place to get involved.

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But so much discrimination. I I can't believe, you know, I can see how men's egos would be crushed. You know, especially if you were as successful as you were in racing. What kind of discrimination while you were racing. Did you face actually, you know, I mean, you said I'm not willing to sell you a car now. But when you were in the sport, what what was it like?

Unknown Speaker 24:15
I've had it all from a very young age when I was when I was young. When I was going karting. I remember, my dad had to sit me down one day because I remember had one race weekend where everyone was like crashing into me and, and I just had a really weird weekend where nothing really went my way and I cried all the way home, which is about three hours away from home and I cried all the way home and it didn't really make sense to me and my dad sort of sat me down and he's like, Okay, he's like now what you need to understand is that you don't belong here. And he had to give me the talk. Like when I was about 13 or 14 like you're a girl like you're the only girl and I didn't really realize it but he sort of broke it down to me and it made me realize that like, I'm sort of intruding on these men and that they're treating me like that because of it. And when I started to grow up it got worse when I when I was growing cutting back 1617 I would have like these boys dads come up to me and tell me go back like go back home like go play netball and, and just really like bully me and I was so young and naive and didn't really care. But when I got into racing, that's when it got really intense. So I had team owners, I approached him owners with a full sponsorship budget and sponsors and, and good sponsorship brands through that teams wanted to be associated with and aligned with. And team bosses and team owners would turn around and be like, there's absolutely no way I'm letting a female drive my car. And and I'd have bosses turn around and go, there is no way a woman will ever be successful in this sport. There's a reason why there are no females, you should consider doing another category. I was walking through pits and crowds. And I've had beacons thrown at me and be both thrown at me. I've had Yeah, I've had all sorts of things done said thrown. You name it, it's probably happened to me before the social media onslaught I've had people tell me to go kill myself. I've had people stalk my dad on Facebook and threaten him as well. The list goes on of this stuff that I've been through. And keep in mind when I started motorsport, I was about 17 when I got into car, so I'd been I was getting death threats and things thrown at me and stuff from the age of 17. So from a young age, when you think about it, just a teenager, and right up until when I left, it was continuing.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
Well, after hearing that, I really hope that you get back into it, you know, get on those funny glasses with the nose and the mustache and go buy a car and prove all those motherfuckers wrong, because that's the kind of stuff that's actually what got me into wrestling that led into mixed martial arts. My brother and his friend said, Oh, girls can't wrestle. And then after that, I just took it to a whole nother level and showed them. So I really do hope you get into racing, because I can tell by the way you talk about it a little bit that you're very passionate about it you feel wronged. And, you know, I think I think you would do some great things given the the financial support that you have now and the fan base, you know, there's always going to be naysayers, because you're a woman, unfortunately. And there's a lot of, you know, old dusty asses with traditional views. And

Unknown Speaker 27:08

Unknown Speaker 27:08
you know, viewpoints. But you said your dad had talked to you at an early age and sounds like you had a really good male positive male role model. And now, I did read something that your father and your family support you with your decision to transfer over to only fans and racing. What is that? Like right now? Like, what was that conversation with your family? Did you tell them I'm gonna be an adult entertainer? Or did they have to find out? Like, how did that awkward conversation?

Unknown Speaker 27:37
It's not how you thought it was? It was it was more my dad and I have had we've had an on and off relationship. When I was young, I listened to everything he said and did he he helped me with go karting. And he paid for a lot in the early stages when he couldn't really afford it. And when I got into cars, him and I sort of have different different agreed agreements is on some things in regards to teams. And I had a team boss and a team owner who he disliked how he was treating me and talking to me, and, and all that sort of stuff. And my dad would get upset with me that I wasn't standing up for myself. I wasn't doing certain things. So we actually didn't speak for about a year. And then when, when I when I was like broke, I was down and out. I had no money. And it was right towards where I was about to end racing. And I knew that I didn't have enough money to go into the next, the next race. I had no money. I had nothing. I was like sitting in my apartment with no lights on. Like, I had no money. And I had something up and I was like I need like $100 $150. So I called him and the first course was like, talk to him. And I apologize. And I was just like, I need money. Like I've got no money. And he turned around and he said nope. He's like you, I'm not giving you anything. He's like you chose to do exactly what you wanted to do. He's like every decision you've ever made has led you right up to where you are now. And if you want money from me, you're asking the wrong person. And he basically said no, so yeah, yeah, he's the king of tough love. Trust me. And yeah, so I was you had no money. And then a couple weeks later, I messaged him again, because I was wanting to move back to Queensland. And I thought, well, I need to see if I can move my stuff back to his house. And I said, Can I move my stuff back home, I won't live with you. But just to send my stuff there until I find a place and I'll live somewhere else, whatever. And he said no. And he's like, no, and he's like, you can sort it out on your own. Anyway, I don't know long after that. couple months later, he I called him back up, asked him again. And he finally said yes. And so when he said yes, we came back home and we sort of like made amends. And within this is probably like two years ago, so quite recent. And I lived at home with him for a little bit in our relationship sort of been pretty strong ever since. And I think the second I left racing, I sort of realized that he where he was coming from as a father like he obviously knows, I guess what's right for me what's not right for me and he has certain hopes and ambitions and one thing that I learned is that he I can trust him he and and does just have my back interest at heart. So when I was looking around at doing only fans and doing all this stuff, it didn't cross my mind to really care about what he thought because I knew that he would have a negative and he would have a tough love. But I also knew he would see positive in it too. So I sort of didn't really care about his opinion. But when I started it within the first 24 hours, I had made all this money. The first thing I thought is, I have to tell dad, because I'm gonna have all of this money, I'm living under his roof, and he's gonna be like, What the hell are you doing? So I went downstairs, actually, my sister was home at the time. And I said, I sat down and I said, I have something to tell you. He's like, what? And I was like, in the last 24 hours, I've made $24,000. us. And he's like, doing what? And then I asked him, I said, I've subscribed and I explained only parents and everything to him. And he's just like, oh, okay, well, and then he was sort of just like, Okay, well, that's great. But then he came back to me the next day. And he's just like, Where's the line with this? Like, where are you going with it? Like, what? And he started to ask a few more questions. And I just said, I don't know. I'll go wherever it takes me. I said, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what it is. But for the time being, this is what I have to do. It's making me money. It's working, it's real. And I'm just going to ride the wave. And if it only last week, last week, for last month, last month, and we sort of had the chat that we would sort of just review where it's all going and assess where it's all going sort of each month. And we sort of left it at that. So I think when it when it became the money was serious it for him and I it instantly became like a business it became we have to be smart, we have to be clever. It might not last forever, you finally got some money, how can we make sure that we're doing everything right? So for him, it switched into like, we have to approach this as a business. I don't care what you're doing. Let's just make sure that it puts you in a position where you're strong and financial. And, and I think that's why he didn't really mind too much about what I was doing, because the money was real. And it changed my life so quickly. So for him, it was probably a relief. I've never really asked him but in his mind, he's probably like, thank god, she's making good money. And she's happy. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:07
yeah. It's a weird dynamic, you know, because obviously, his daughter's, you know, adult film star, but at the same time, you'd rather see your daughter striving financially and taking care of herself and happy than struggling, you know, not making any money and having to sleep on the couch. Right?

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Yeah, correct. So I think he saw me struggle so much financially, up until like, a couple years ago asking him for $150. Yeah, and he wouldn't give it to me, you know, and also broke money for almost a year and a bit later having all this money. And here's my account to this day, he does all my accounts, before me this morning asking me for receipts. He doesn't he says he knows exactly how much I earn. He knows exactly what I do. is nothing hidden whatsoever. And he Yeah, we our relationship is the best it's ever been because of what I'm doing, weirdly enough.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
So is your is your mother in the picture?

Unknown Speaker 33:00
So yeah, my mom had a brain aneurysm about six or seven years ago now. So she is just in a nursing home with full time care at the moment.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
Is that something that you help pay for your father? I know, it's very personal question. But I'm thinking this could be, you know, some kind of financial relief for him as well.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Yeah, definitely. So my mom needs full time care. So I help and support as where I can when I can. So my dad does need help from time to time. With that sort of stuff, I don't pay it directly, he has to pay it just because of obviously the government and all that sort of stuff. But I am in the way just the where the money needs to come from. But yes, I help and support where I can when I can and when he needs it.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
So that's that's what I think people don't even consider they see an only fans, male female flourishing, and they just think all these negative thoughts, but what about the people that we're not even making ends meet like yourself, and then all of a sudden, you can afford to pay for your mother's health care? And your father's doing your taxes? And, you know, yeah, it's a whole lifestyle change, as you know. And as we're hearing, it's nice to hear it. My next question is just, you said, you're kind of riding the wave, but that's a great, you know, that's a great thing to do kind of like see where life takes you. But a lot of times, it's even better to have a plan. Do you know, where do you see yourself in 10 years, 20 years still doing this? Or would you like to, you know, like you said, sponsor a team get back into racing, that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
I still struggle to like to realize that I'm making the money that I'm making that still something that doesn't really sink in. And I think because it's so quick, as of like two years ago, I was in like $6,000 debt. I had a car that I had to pay off. I was living at my dad's house like couldn't afford anything. I was broke as I just lost my racing career. I was depressed, upset, like, no, I couldn't have got any worse really at that point. So the fact that we did literally almost 24 hours on that day I started my page, my life changed, and it's just been changing ever since. And it's only I've only been on only fans for just over 12 months. So it was so quick and rapid. Yeah, I'm still sort of like in denial about what's going on. I'm sort of just like, oh, maybe it'll end next month, like, I'm just not sure. But I think I have been half sort of smart with it. I've always wanted to own property and being real estate. So I actually worked in real estate for a little bit. And I only worked in real estate purely for having an understanding of when I wanted to buy investments and rent properties out. So I literally did it purely for my own self, not because I love real estate, or I love working it actually hated it. But I needed to learn. And so the first thing when I got all this money, the first big purchase that I did was I bought a house, I saved up a deposit and I bought a house, it was the first thing that I spent my money on, I didn't go buy a design handbag, or I didn't buy anything else. So I the first thing I did was save all this money, and I went straight to the bank. And I said, Give me a loan. That's super smart. Yeah, so that's, that's, that's what I wanted to do. And I just knew that the lifestyle I lived before, I thought owning a house two years ago was going to be impossible, I would never, I was never going to be able to save for one. So my my goal and my plan is really is has been in real estate. And I think it always will be I'm always looking and thinking and planning and, and thinking what I can do next what exactly I do in real estate, I'm not sure. One time I want to build the next day I want to invest or whatever. So I'm still sort of learning I've had an investment property at the moment, I've just bought a house, I might buy something and renovate it and just see sort of where it takes me I'm not sure what I want to do. But I do have a passion and a love for real estate. And I'm still trying to figure that out at the moment and what I want to do. And then in terms of I guess only fans has made me realize, to have a bit of an understanding about like business. As crazy as that sounds. And a lot of people will never believe this until they probably start their own only fans, but only fans is a business. And it's a very tough one because it's so personal. And I think that's why I'm so successful. And I think I have my racing background to thank me in regards to when I used to have to go find sponsorship and I was finding $500,000 sponsorships, they were sponsoring me the person. And so I can use a lot of the like the tips and tricks that I learned when trying to find sponsorship in only fans. And I have learned lots of business skills. And actually, it's I didn't realize it at the time. But I love business and I love like starting businesses and growing businesses. So that will be another thing I'm helping my best friend at the moment. Starting one of her businesses and something that I love is like that the whole startup that thrill of you've got an idea you've got a product lens made Instagram, let's make the social media let's make the website like how we're going to market it. And just learning and growing all that information. My sister and I started a business as well here in here on the Gold Coast that we started and that's been a stressful but fun because it was it was starting a business and actually shopping, you know, opening a shop renovating it, you know, where we put the chairs, the lights, the walls, like all that sort of stuff has been really fun to learn. So yeah, real estate and business is my two things. I'm still obviously trying to figure it out. I don't know yet. I think I'm quite young. And my husband spends quite a lot. And I'm sort of all over the place. And I see these ideas, and I have these ideas. And then two weeks later, I'm like no, next, what's next. So I don't really know, and I'll grow and I'll learn but I sort of I know what I'm good at. And I know the things that I enjoy doing. So I'm just going to try and find I guess the one thing that that sticks.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Yeah, I think you said it yourself. You're young. You're ambitious. You know, even though you might have a short attention span, I can tell already by talking to you that you're you know, you like business, you're, you know, very goal oriented, you like seeing things grow from something, making something out of nothing. That's gonna go a long way. And I think that you're being smart because you want to find the right way to invest your money. So I think you're gonna be just fine. I want to know exactly. So I don't have an only fans account and I have never bought a membership. Could you explain exactly what like how much is your membership? What do you get? What are you doing on there? I know some people just you know, show a butt cheek and some people have full on sex. You know, where do you fall on that spectrum?

Unknown Speaker 39:17
Yes, so my only fans is it's all in us, which is good for you guys. So I don't have to convert anything. Australian dollars and $5 us for one whole month, an entire month. And I personally everyone's different everyone shows different things, but I show everything. I do sex videos with my boyfriend. I do solo videos myself. I do custom content. I do pictures, nude pictures topless. I do foot videos, I do foot jobs, everything anything you can probably possibly imagine. I mean there have done it doing it or it's been done so and in my page. I also can go a little bit Further I run competitions and giveaways because I can I give value back to my customers for subscribing, I give gift vouchers and cards and all sorts of stuff away. I can do live shows as well. So I normally do live shows every Sunday on my page as well. And that's just basically it's, it's like a live show. It's like a FaceTime basically. And it's live. And I have like cheap goals and basically things that encourage people if I get X amount of dollars, I'll do this on camera right now live, so then it encourages people to tip me and they get a reward for it. And then yeah, messaging, custom content, all that sort of stuff i do i do stuff very specific to what's happening like if it's Valentine's day I'll do you know something specific for Valentine's Day. And I try and just be relevant and see what's happening and what's going on and always try and make like a deal especial or play games and do fun things and do giveaways around what's sort of happening either currently in the world or, or events and stuff that are coming up

Unknown Speaker 40:56
was very smart of you. Your is exactly what you said, it's a business you're doing raffles and giveaways and you know, giving your fans incentive. You're, you're doing it very smart. And you know, since you are showing everything doing everything, obviously, you're gonna probably get a lot more fans. So you said you have a boyfriend? How does he feel about this whole thing? Obviously, he doesn't care and he participates. How did that whole situation where you guys already dating before you started only fans? Is it a new relationship?

Unknown Speaker 41:26
Yeah, it's relatively new about 12 months. When I met him, I actually was with the girl, the girlfriend that I knew that had only fans who showed me her page back in the starting days when I was thinking about it. And we went out and she was seeing someone and he bought a friend to dinner. And it happened to be my now boyfriend. But it was funny because we actually, I'm not a very big drinker party, oh, we went out to dinner. But the boys wanted to go out and drink and party or whatever. So I was like, Okay, I'll go out for one drink. And that's it. And when I went out for one drink, I was being a bit anti social. And I went on my phone, and I went to go check my only fans. Because normally when I'm offered for a little while, for a couple of hours, I get like a lot of messages. So I was sort of like, Oh, god, it's been like three hours in advance. And I went on my phone and and hey, so did my boyfriend come up to me. And he's just sort of like my boyfriend at the time. He's like, what are you doing? And I was just like, I'm just checking, like, my messages. And he's like, what messages and I was like, I just might only fans messages. And he was like, what's only fans? And so I pretty much from the very first date. No first time we met the very first real sentence. And I guess time that we had to talk we were talking about my own, you know, they want? Yeah, and I even gave him my profile. And they here Have a look look like he's just joking. I find it funny. Yeah, I'm not thinking anything of it. And yeah, he's like, well, like, and then I told him sort of in depth and how I run it and things that I do and his business minded and got businesses himself. So he was sort of, I guess, intrigued, like anyone about the you know, what happens? And what do people see? And they pay for it? And and kept asking lots of questions. And so yeah, he's known about absolutely everything since day one. And yeah, I gave him the cold shoulder and didn't speak to him for about two weeks. And then we started speaking again. And the first thing he sort of kept asking was like, how's it going? Like, are you having a good month, and he seemed genuine and he cared about, you know, he noticed that it was my business, and it's how I survive. So he showed interest in it, which I thought was really nice. He didn't really seem like he cared too much. I think he liked the fact that I was sort of in control, like I was, I was this girl and I have I have a you know, have this, look, I have a body and I'm selling it, but I'm under control. Like, I won't send a photo if I don't want to, I won't put out what I don't want to he sort of liked that I was in control of everything. And, and no one was going to see anything I didn't want them to see. And if they if I was going to show something people had to pay for and all that sort of stuff. He liked that side of it. So yeah, when we started to get a bit more serious, I never never wanted to collaborate with him. Anyway, one of the biggest things I've always been very private, semi private person, I know half and I'm not anymore. The least private person you can get. But I like. I mean, you can google me and see me naked. But that's not the privacy that I'm talking about. I'm just like, I don't like people to know, everything about me. Like I don't want people to know, like, you know how many houses I have like things like little those little things like I just don't need people to know. And like boyfriends and partners and stuff like that has never been one of those things that I want to share with people. And I've had stalkers and stuff like that before too. So it's a bit scary because his life is so out there and he has shops and businesses. It's just not something that I wanted. But the beauty about it fans is that we could actually work together without people knowing who he is, which I liked. And so he remains like he people can't see his face. They don't really see him at all. But no one can really see who it is. So while he's not on any of my social media, we had the chat one time about like, you know, will we ever be able to upload and post photos together will we ever be able to share stuff on our social media together? Can I tag you in a photo like now that we're dating, like, what can we do and because he knew that I had a big following, and also to like, know, like, I don't want you to tag me on your page, because when your friends find out who I am like, that might be awkward, because they might be on my only thing. That's like, you don't want that. And we had a big chat about it. And then we actually realized, like I said, Well, you could probably be on my only fans who's who's gonna know it's you, like, we won't show your face? How's anyone else gonna know that? It's you? And that's when we had the chat. And he said, Well, would you do it, and I've gone, I will never do a video with you. And he said, why not. And then I just realized, like, as long as I'm not putting that on you, and you feel like you have to do it, then if you want to do it, then that's okay. And then we sort of came to the agreement that I would pay him to feature and I pay him a co star fee. And yet, we did our first video Not long after that. So it was very mutual. And we talked about our boundaries and what what we will do, what we won't do, and what's Okay, and what's not okay, and what we're comfortable doing and not doing. And yeah, we did that. And it's been fine ever since.

Unknown Speaker 46:02
Yeah, I think that must be the key, just the communication and setting some boundaries, which, you know, to the outside listener, or viewer might seem like, you know, you're having sex on film, what kind of boundaries could you have? But, you know, what are some things that are off limits with him,

Unknown Speaker 46:19
or the biggest thing is his face. So not obviously showing his face, he doesn't want his face to be shown in it. And then obviously, just keeping it between us, so he doesn't want to involve anyone else. It's something that we're doing together. And we decided, it's something that we do together. And if we were to break up, then obviously, I can do it, who would I want to do it, but he said, he doesn't want to be on a pet on my page with other people. He just wants it to be about me. And then he's like, if you want to involve your partner, you can involve me in some of the videos, but I don't want you to be doing videos with other people. And then me just could be there and not mean anything sort of thing. So I think for him, he wanted to be in the videos, but to to, to feel like he knew that obviously, the videos are just going to be him and I and we're doing something together. They're making money. It's helped our relationship, everything in it as well. And doing that sort of stuff. So I think his biggest things is just keep it between us, him and I not involving other people. And then he's pretty happy Other than that,

Unknown Speaker 47:18
it seems like you know, because I know that your Instagram recently was deactivated, and we can talk about that in a second. But it seems like with your following huge following that you have on only fans on Instagram. And, you know, I don't know how big the Gold Coast is. But what happens when if you and him are out in public. And then it's like, you know, not Papa Razzi, but someone sees you guys, and then the rumors start to spread and that kind of thing. Has that ever popped into your head?

Unknown Speaker 47:44
Yeah, it has been as people figure it out. So I get it's funny. Like, I don't say, I don't think that I'm like famous or well known or not to sound funny. But I do get noticed when I go out. And not all the time, but it's quite common. It's not, it's not uncommon for me to go to the shops or to go somewhere. And for someone to come up to me and ask for a photo or take notice me. And when I'm with him and people notice me. I brought that up to him one time I had a guy come up to me at the shops, and he's like, Oh my god, like, Can I get a photo with you? Like, I follow you on Instagram are following only fans like you're the best ever. And then he just voted with me. And as we walked away, I was like, because and I was like you should have asked he should have asked you for a photo. Like as a joke. Yeah. And because he's in the videos, too. And Carson's like, Oh, my God, I didn't even think of that. Like, he's probably like seeing me naked. I'm like, he's obviously saying, you know, but he doesn't know it's you because your face isn't in it. And he's like, Oh, that's so weird. And I'm like, but how is it? He didn't even look at you. He didn't even care about you. Because it's all the videos that human I do. He is such a small part of it. And when I say small, it's not that it's not all about him, the videos are about me. And he's just there. So it's not, he felt a bit awkward about it in the beginning. But once I sort of explained to him when men watch the videos of me, even though it's you and I, they're not watching you, they're watching me the whole time. So it's sort of prove to him that someone can recognize me from only fans, and he can be standing next to me and they don't even look twice at him. And they don't really care. They're sort of just there. And they say hey, like Thanks, see you later sort of thing. And they and it's not awkward or weird. And when he realized that he sort of doesn't really care anymore, he sort of realized that no one's gonna be like, Oh my god, you're the guy and the videos and make him feel more uncomfortable. No one actually cares that

Unknown Speaker 49:29
much. Yeah. And you guys have been working for about a year now. You said?

Unknown Speaker 49:34
Yep. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:34
it's going strong. So what we do on sex and violence here is we do something called the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
surrounded it basically, fast paced. Sex questions. What are you into? What do you not into? I'm going to say something like biting and you say yes or no. And we're just going to go down the list. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 49:58
Yep. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 49:59
so Lightning sex room. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, spank or like to be spanked? Yes. Biting.

Unknown Speaker 50:09

Unknown Speaker 50:10

Unknown Speaker 50:12
sometimes threesomes No.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Do you watch porn? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:18
What kind?

Unknown Speaker 50:21
Depends. I actually watched lesbian Oh, threesome. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Foot fetishes.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
No, but I have done it before.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
What about bodily fluid fetish? No. bondage like ropes or blindfolds? No. Any role playing? No. What about bad stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 50:43

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Do you do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. And are you a lingerie lover? No, no. Wow, that was surprising.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
I know. I'm not I hate laundry. All my photos are in lingerie. And I really just I think I've got that much lingerie. I'm always taking photos in it. And I always do videos in it. So I just don't like one. Right? It's the first thing to come off. It's like an inconvenience. He put it on to take it off. Doesn't make sense. That's very true.

Unknown Speaker 51:17
Yeah, I actually had a partner one time who was like, Oh, I don't even like lingerie. What? Who cares? And I'm like, yeah, I'm gonna save so much money. Yeah. So if you had to pick your favorite type of scene to do, what would it be? Would it be masturbation? You know, you and you and your boyfriend you going down on him? for sex scene? What's your What's your favorite kind of scene to do?

Unknown Speaker 51:40
My favorite stuff is my own stuff. So all my solo stuff I love doing the most. Not because I obviously pleasuring myself. But I just feel like because I can, it's a lot easier for me I can set a camera up I can move I can like I can. When we do sex scenes and stuff, you have to be conscious of obviously, you know him and taking too much time and angle and the lighting and his body blocking or his leg in the way like it's a little bit more finicky. It's it's not as easy as just like, when you're turning your camera on and filming. Yeah. When I'm doing my own stuff, I really try to be creative. And I try and involve like mirrors and move things around. And I think I've got GoPros and I put things on scans and angles and all sorts of things. So yeah, it sounds weird, but it like it looks good. No, I have a lot more control. For my own stuff. When we start to involve to people things start to get a little bit tricky, like shadows and lighting and all that sort of stuff. So definitely my own stuff is more enjoyable and I I like the content I produce when I feel it.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
Okay, what's been like, one of the most like an accident or an embarrassing moment maybe caught on film. Have you ever had something happen? That wasn't supposed to happen?

Unknown Speaker 52:55
Oh my god. Yes, I have. I was filming a video on my stupid cat decided to chime in. Come up and like rub up against me as I'm on my knees and my partner's like up against the wall. I got the GoPro on. My cat comes up and decides to rub up against me and meow and start to look at me like Hey, Mom, what are you doing? Okay, that was awkward. Yeah, we had to pause that and move the cat.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
That's awkward. Yeah. So my last little segments are called Fuck, Marry, Kill and fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 53:39
I think we're done. We're done here. And the way that marry kill works. Are you familiar?

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Yes, yep. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 53:46
so I'm gonna give you the three names and you choose which one you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Hopefully I know everyone.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
Yeah, I know. I think I'm like she's Australia. That's okay. These are my creative associates, Dan and Pat. Kenny. They always they're my buddies and they come up with these for me. So cold trickle. Who is Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder who plays a racecar driver? Do you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:09

Unknown Speaker 54:10
Then you have Ricky Bobby. Will Ferrell from Talladega Nights. And Dominic toretto Vin Diesel from the Fast and Furious.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Okay, so Vin Diesel, Mary. Okay. Will Ferrell kill the hall? Yes, because I really think that I couldn't marry him or fuck him because he would probably be annoying to go to him. And then whoever the first one was, fuck.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:46
Tom Cruise. Days of Thunder. Yeah, I would fuck Tom Cruise. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:49
that's pretty good. I guess that was an easy one. because no one's gonna Yeah. Will Ferrell seriously in bed?

Unknown Speaker 54:55
Yeah, I know. And yeah, just thinking. I guess yeah. If I had to think about every He feels like laying on top of me and like looking at his face and like watching all the movies running through my head. I would really get in the mood.

Unknown Speaker 55:07
Yeah. Okay, so a few fan questions. At yani 2897 what's one of your biggest regrets in life? Kind of deep?

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Hmm, biggest regrets? No, I sort of, I've had a few over time. I think one thing, the biggest thing that I took from when I was racing, is that I obviously was was broken. I was sort of, I put on this facade that when I was racing, that I was like, you know, so cool. And I lived this lavish life and I was this chick racecar driver. When behind doors, I was actually like, really, like depressed and stressed out. And I guess I would take that out on a lot of people who were semi like close to me or close to me. So like, my dad, for example, my team bosses and team owners and stuff like that. So I probably say, maybe, like, just put all the bullshit aside, I think maybe because of social media and all this stuff. Like, I wish I didn't act a certain way. Sometimes I wish I actually was a bit more real and, and would probably just share my emotion and share my stresses and stuff with people rather than pretending that everything's okay. And then taking all my stress and pressure and anxiety out on the people who are actually just trying to help me.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Yeah, yeah, I definitely can relate. I think a lot of us can.

Unknown Speaker 56:35
Yeah, all right,

Unknown Speaker 56:36
at SR dot Barba wants to know what's harder being a racecar driver or an adult film star.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
a racecar driver. Why harder?

Unknown Speaker 56:45
Yeah. From what we've heard. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
Yeah. That was like the hardest five or six years of my life. Yeah. Wow,

Unknown Speaker 56:52
I still want you to go back to Monday. shany smash wants to know, how did you get the nerve to make your first porn video?

Unknown Speaker 57:05
I think because I had been making so much money already without doing obviously our our sex videos and stuff. I was making ridiculous money just selling you know, like nude photos and topless photos and stuff. I just, it wasn't really a question of, I guess not doing it or being scared to do it. Because I knew it was gonna make a lot of money. As I guess cynical as that sounds, I just knew that. It was people love my content. People liked what I was doing. There was lots of fans on my page who loved me and like the look of me and what I do and would probably like anything that I did. So I wasn't really nervous about it. I just knew that when I started doing it, that I was going to make a lot of money. So I was just, I think it was just a matter of time. I just we had to wait. I do want to put my partner into it. And I guess once I knew that it was time to like we could start doing it and start filming. Yeah, it just it for me. It didn't even cross my mind that it was going to be like I was nervous and doing it everyone had already seen everything anyway.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Yeah, million dollars or make you real unsure real fast. Yeah. at King ricochet 22 who was your idol growing up?

Unknown Speaker 58:11

Unknown Speaker 58:12
I didn't really have any idols. I had like crushes on like some celebrities like male celebrities. But like in guys that I was just like semi obsessed with, like Rob Dyrdek. He is one of them. Oh, I was like obsessed him. Because he was so funny. And I used to think he was so clever. Like, I was literally like, I used to watch his movies and videos and stuff. And I like when he when he had his current wife and got engaged, I like cried, I was like, Oh, my God, my husband

Unknown Speaker 58:37
had like, we'd

Unknown Speaker 58:38
like obsessions with people. But I wouldn't say I had any idols. And purely because no one was doing what I was doing, or no one had done what I had done. Like there were no female racing car drivers, really in the position that I was in or had done what I had done. So when people sort of said, like, who do you look up to him? So I just looked up to whoever was the best and the fastest in the category or whatever I was in. But other than that, there was no one really that I like idolized to be because there was no one who had been in my footsteps or has had been where I wanted to go. But it sounds like you, you knew where you want it to go, regardless of having that role model. Yeah, correct. And if there was a female who had who had been, where I had been, or who had done similar to me, and who had ended up where I wanted to be like full time and supercars or something like that, I would have looked up to them, but there wasn't anyone. So I didn't really have a choice on the role model. role model. So there was there was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
Yeah, you're probably, you know, you've probably paved the way for a lot of girls, but you know, after you who wanted to aspire now to be on the level of the supercar racing that you were on.

Unknown Speaker 59:42
Yeah, that's it. I was sort of missing that my own like link, I guess in regards to, if you have someone who's done it and can do it, like it helps so much to just tell yourself and yes, I think Yeah, I didn't have that. I just sort of Yeah, I was in my own game and just thought, well, I've got to do it. And yeah, I get a lot of girls now who say I would love to Rice cause like you did so yeah. It would have been good fun. Glad I didn't have one in a way. Yeah, sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
you got to be your own inspiration. Right? That's it. Okay at meet me down at six wants to know what's a bigger adrenaline rush coming in first or coming first? That's a good.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
I never came first when I record scars. So I don't really think I can say but racing cars is obviously a lot more gentle and regardless of the result, so yeah, racing cars is the adrenaline's there, but I guess the satisfactory feeling, probably not the same as what I do now.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
Okay, and last fan question at Julian underscore, Franco's wants to know, what was your worst sexual experience? I guess I already asked you about the cat. So that's one of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
Yeah, that that was a pretty bad one. I've been very lucky. So I mean, with only fans, a lot of people think that I'm like, a slot or I sleep around or whatever. But I happen to like, you know, on only fans, now I only sleep with my boyfriend. And prior to that I've only slept with people that I've dated. I'm quiet when I was racing. And even before that, because I had such a big profile. I was quite shy and reserved, I was controlled by management and stuff like that I couldn't really date I couldn't go out and see other people. I wasn't allowed to party or anything. So I've actually slept with Believe it or not very minimal people. I can count on my just two hands and have fingers left over. So I haven't slept with a lot of people. And I've only slept with people who have like ended up dating so I haven't really had any like horror stories or, you know, one nightstands or bad stories or anything I've been I've been pretty lucky. I guess because of my upbringing and stuff. I had a lot of control. And I guess I was it was pretty strict to the way I grew up in regards to I couldn't just go out and go party because I had a brand and I had sponsorship and people were giving me all this money. So yeah, luckily, I don't have any horror stories other than the cat.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Yeah, it's interesting, because you're so sexually free and liberated. And you know, you just express just express your sexuality, however you want. So you would kind of assume you know, and I'm guilty, too, that you have had multiple partners. What's, what's the last thing you would like people to know about you? I know, you get a lot of hate. You said, people telling you to kill yourself, whether it's because of you know, female being in the racing sport, or, you know, people not agreeing with what you're doing now, and only fans? You know, fuck, fuck all of them. But what's one thing you would like the people that support you to know?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
I don't know how to really know, I feel like the hate stuff I just ignore. And I feel like the people who do know me know me well, well enough to know that I guess I am who I am. And I think that the biggest thing if I was to tell anybody, when they see me, I guess online, is really not as dumb as it sounds is not to judge a book by its cover. Like just because of what I do, doesn't define who I am. And I think a lot of people also need to remember that what I do, you do too. It's just I make money from it. It doesn't make me any different from me to you. And just because I make money doing it doesn't mean that I'm any different to anybody who's really doing, you know, having sexual activity. And just because I make money from it, don't let that define your opinion of me.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
Yeah. All right. Well, I also know that you have a podcast. So I'm going to give you a chance to plug your social media right now, even though it was deactivated. And, you know, where can we find your podcast and all that?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Yes, and hopefully I can get my Instagram back on. But the podcast is called breast milk and blow job. So it's very similar to this. I've got my best friends and mums. So we talk about I guess, from a mums point of view, getting pregnant sexual activity when she's pregnant, and having kids and hormones and all that stressful stuff that some people want to know about, and other people who don't know about. And I talk about my weird and wonderful life on only fans and all the weird things that happened to me. I content days and all sorts of things and stories. So we just talk about life. And I guess we're the two different spectrums. And she's a mom, and she's got two kids, and I'm a porn star. And I make content and, and she can't do anything because she's pregnant. And so we talk about everything and all the weird and wonderful things that sort of females go through and women go through but not only that relationships as well, because we're both in relationships. So we talk about all the silly things and stupid things that happen in our relationships as well. So we're on YouTube, you can watch them on YouTube, or we're on Spotify, as well as breast milk and blow jobs.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
Awesome. And where can we find you on your new Instagram account or Twitter or wherever else you do social media.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
So my Twitter should be just Renae Gracie five. I think my old Instagram was Renee underscore, Gracie. My new one is now the Renee underscore Gracie and that's my social media and my tik tok is Renae underscore Gracie as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Thank you so much for being on the podcast. We always ask our guests if you could hear someone as a guest on sex and violence next, who would you like to hear? Who would you like to hear about their personal life and their background and whatnot?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
I'd probably like to hear like a porn star. Like, Fargo, like Alexis, Texas or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
Yeah, you should. You should listen to episode. I don't know. It's like like nine or 10. It's her name's Kendra. Lester. She was on our show. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
can. I've heard of Kendra as well. Actually.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
Yes, check out that episode. She's very sweet. And I'm just not what you would think an adult film actress would be like, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
guess. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's what I listen to, I think maybe being biased, like just to relate life sort of stories and feel a bit better about what I do listening to the stuff that they do.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
Yeah. All right. Well, I hope you, I give you much success and wish you all the best with getting your Instagram back and hope your podcast takes off. I'm gonna check it out. I've already seen a few tidbits. And I think it's hilarious. You guys dynamic is awesome. And yeah, good luck with everything, Renee.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
Awesome. Thank you so much for having me. I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
appreciate it. All right, talk to you soon. Bye, bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
She's a baby.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
Can you see

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
the screen.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
And that's it for Episode 37. Guys, it was nice to dip into another sport for once. I mean, we have a lot of fighters on here. And we'll continue to showcase fighters from around the world. But it's enlightening and a little refreshing to get to see what goes on in other sports as well. Sometimes there are big differences. And sometimes there are more similarities than we even realize. One thing's for sure though, no matter what sport you compete in, what your job is, where you live, or who you are, we've all struggled or are struggling currently. And it's hard to make those hard decisions. Sometimes we're ridiculed for the decisions we make. And sometimes we're celebrated. But at the end of the day, we all know you got to do what makes you happy. And in this world of emerging and surging social media, you have to learn to give zero fucks about what the rest of the world thinks of you. At least I know you're still working on that. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions. Remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me, Rebel girl, and a special thank you to audio engineer DJ zl at DJ zl tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson, Nitro Domus, and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and silence

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