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Episode 38: Hannah "24K" Goldy

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that all these taboo subjects, sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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happening the hot stuff

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We're working out Okay, we're gonna give you stuff like early access to episodes. Bonus episodes. Shout outs on the podcast, freebies on merge, and, you know, towards the little heftier side, the $50 tier, we're gonna do one on one calls, live chat and hangouts with me, or maybe you Digicel. Or maybe you need Why is it gonna be me? Actually, nevermind. We'll do. Yeah, our studio doggie Jr. We're gonna do q&a. Ama asked me anything session, and a whole lot of stuff. So it's up there. If you go to our Patreon, it's at sex and violence with rebel girl, but it may not have the tier system quite up yet. It might not have our tier system up quite yet, but we're working on it. So thank you guys for sticking with us. You know, I know. I can't believe it's actually been nine months of recording. And, you know, we're growing every day we're growing every episode, we're finding our groove as a podcast and I'm finding my voice as a host. And, you know, I always reference the the great Joey Diaz, because he fucking inspires me his old ass, you know, it's, he's 58 and he's just rockin and he's not gonna stop and you can tell and he's had all these crazy things happens in his life. And you know, much like another podcaster that I enjoy Jason Ellis. It's like, you get knocked down a million fucking times. But all that matters is you get up a million in one right? And that's what we're gonna do. We're just gonna keep trucking along. No matter what happens. We're here with you guys. I'll be here with you through breakups through surgeries. Through pandemics you can always count on us every Friday got a new episode to brighten your weekend. And now, a word from our sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a UFC fighter who competes in the flyweight division. She won her Dana White's contender series fight back in June 2019. She fought one more time in the UFC octagon before a double shoulder surgery put her on the sidelines. After a year and a half off, she's ready to return and improve her five and one record. The 28 year old trains out of Tampa Florida is an athlete, mommy and she's got guns for days. We talk about steroid accusations. The mom fighter juggling act, Domino street seven the sheets, but stuff with the fiance and so much more. Here is your guest, Hannah 24 K.

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All right, we have Hannah 24 K. Goldie with us. How are you Hannah?

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I'm great. How are you guys doing?

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We're good. We're good. We're on episode 38 and we're getting lots of downloads and got awesome guests like you So we're happy.

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I mean, what more can you ask for?

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More downloads, more more listeners.

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But let's talk about people. But nobody has called me. So

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actually, when we talked on the phone since if you guys don't know all the for all the listeners, I do like a little pre call before the interview, just to touch base and make sure I don't sideswiped the guest with any crazy questions, but her and I end up talking for like an hour about everything from fightcamp to boobies.

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Yeah, I mean, it happens.

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You're very easy to get along with it easy to talk to. So let's talk about your MMA career. Specifically, what you have gone up, I feel like it's the perfect day to talk about this news is all over the internet. You have a fight coming up? Tell us about it.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
I do I am fighting Jessica penny on March 27. For UFC 260 I think it is. I'm really excited about the fight. You know, I have a lot of respect for Jessica, and she's a vet. And she's been doing this a long time. And I'm I think it's gonna be a super fun site. And I'm really excited to test my skills against somebody as experienced as her. So I'm really excited for it.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Do you think this is your most experienced or maybe your toughest opponent yet?

Unknown Speaker 11:22
I mean, honestly, I think every opponent that I have I treat like they're the best fighter in the world, you know. So it's no different, you know, like, I'm going in there, like I'm fighting the best in the world. And, you know, that's how I'm gonna perform. So, but I'm excited. I'm definitely excited. I do feel like I, I perform better again. Better talent, you know, like, I feel like that it brings the best out of me. So I'm definitely excited for this one. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:48
I i've guilty of that as well, which can go either way, you you rise to the occasion, you rise to the level of your opponent, right. So if they're really high, high ranked, and very skilled, it's like it brings out the best of you. But I actually remember in college, wrestling some girls that my coach was like, Oh, you're gonna mop the mat with this chick. I'm like, Okay. And then I like wrestled to their level, which is very weird. I don't know if anybody else has ever done

Unknown Speaker 12:12
that. But oh, man, don't you hate? Don't you hate when people say I hate when, like, people are like, Oh, man, like, she sucks. You're gonna kill her. And I'm like, Don't say that. Because like anything can happen in a fight. You never, you know what I mean? Like, you never want to underestimate anybody. And like, you know, I don't know, if somebody's willing to step in, you know, step on the mat with us up in the cage with you. Like, I think that you should respect them. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:36
I've been acting like a professional since I was an amateur meaning I made sure I made weight. You know, I, you know, showed up to the Weigh ins did the media just acted like a professional so that when I did get to the pro level, it was second nature. And you know, unfortunately, we can't say that for everyone. On the pro level. There are plenty of people that don't make weight, and plenty of people that act unprofessional. But it is what it is. It's like, you know, such a nice

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chord with the territory.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Yeah, it's kind of still the wild. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 13:08
feel like that's, that's just life though, too. I mean, like, there should be people on their school people. And yeah, it's cool to hang out with the cool ones and to do to hang out.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
Well, speaking of cool people, you have become very good friends with someone named Gillian Roberts, who we've had on the podcast, and she's a UFC fighter, you actually made your pro debut against her at Island fights. 37 How did you guys become friends afterwards?

Unknown Speaker 13:38
Um, you know, I, I tend to always, like, reach out to my opponents after we fight. And I try to like, be I think we were talking about this the other day, like, it's, it's weird what we do. And like, we're all kind of like a little bit crazy. And I think we all give each other on a certain level. So I always try to be friends with as many girls fighters as I can, because I'm like, you get me like, you understand me. And it's just easy. Yeah. But we didn't get like we were, we were always cool. But we didn't get close until I started working with Dean Thomas a little bit and, you know, Jillian and her family opened up their home to me and let me stay with them. And, you know, I appreciate that so much their hospitality. And then Jillian and I just started hanging out. And, you know, like we were talking about, it's just, you just connect with people like, female athletes. I feel like they just you can connect with them. You know, you are one so that happened. And, you know, I love her. She's awesome. She's one of my favorite people. That's great. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:39
so you guys fought at strawweight correct?

Unknown Speaker 14:45
Yeah, have you ever fought at flyweight?

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Yep. So I've had I think, two or three parasites that fly away and then maybe a couple of amateur fights to fly away. I do. I do like being a straw. Wait, I made my UFC debut. On my 10 days notice that flyweight because it was an opportunity and I took it, and I couldn't have made wait on that shorter. But yeah, I definitely like strawweight I feel, you know, the most athletic, they're in the best shape. And that's where I prefer to be.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
You are in amazing shape so much that the first video I ever saw of you actually didn't even know you were a fighter, it was like in my explorer section of the Instagram app, and I clicked on it. And it was like you basically making fun of all the people who, you know, assume that because you have such a great physique that you're on steroids. And the video is you with like a big tub of protein that you slapped a piece of paper that says steroids on and you're like, this is how I get buff and you're like one scoop of steroids, two scoops of steroids, oh, lunchtime. And I remember thinking like, This girl is going about it such a great way because as you know, you're never going to please everyone out there. So if you take every little troll, you know, seriously, it's going to eat you alive. So instead, you kind of flipped it and started making fun of it. How do you how do you deal with people assuming that you're on steroids, just because you have a great body?

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Yeah, I don't know, man. It's crazy. Because like, for one, I literally like up until maybe like two or three months ago, didn't even like drink protein powder. Like, didn't take amino, like, took zero supplements because I just I never did. So I don't know, like, it is what it is. I work hard. I train hard. And, you know, I live a healthy lifestyle. And I obviously, you know, have decent genetics so that, but it is what it is, like you said there's always going to be haters. And if we pay attention to the haters that just, you know, brings negative energy and takes away from what we're trying to do. So I just try to keep it light. And you know, it is what it is. Yeah, love. I actually was scrolling through my Instagram to try to find a picture today. And I saw that video and I was laughing I'm like, oh, man,

Unknown Speaker 17:07
can you please send it to me? Because I was trying to find it too. I just I think it's so funny. So send it to me, please.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Yeah, I will definitely do that.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
So it's great that you've, you know, learn to deal with the trolls as I like to call them in, you know, positive way basically make fun of it. And,

Unknown Speaker 17:25
you know, I'm

Unknown Speaker 17:25
gonna bring it up because we had our little talk ahead of time. And I I know you're comfortable with it, but recently you got breast augmentation? And will this be your first fight since getting your boob job?

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Yes, it well. You know, I did have three pro fights when I was breastfeeding. So it's obviously not the same thing. Literally. It's like, it's kind of, you know, along the same lines, I remember the feeling when that was happening and the feeling now so it will be my first fight with them. But you know, I've been training hard, and I don't really notice much of a difference. They're cool. They're cool. I didn't I didn't go too big like we were talking about. They fit my body pretty well. So I'm happy with them. And I'm feeling good about them and training and everything. So yeah, that's good. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:19
I mean, it's not like you're the first or only girl to ever do it. You know, you'll honor john john Jake, check, probably killer name. miesha Tate cat zingano in Claudia gadelha. Like, you know, the list goes on. Maybe Ashlee Evans-Smith? I don't? I don't know. I don't know. So

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Oh, man. Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 18:37
But you know, I just had, I wanted to ask you about it. Because, you know, I know. We're in the limelight. Right. So we receive a lot of backlash for anything, you know, it's like, we were the wrong outfit. And someone's got something to say, you know, how do you how do you deal with this stuff? We've had people on here like, you know, Elise Anderson, she's much younger, you know, still very new. And the negativity gets to her so much. And she's working on it. But, you know, like, what advice would you give to people that are still really affected by the trolls?

Unknown Speaker 19:10
I mean, I think that it would be naive to say that, you know, negative comments don't affect us at all, you know, like, I could post a picture. And I could have 200 comments on that picture. And 199 of them could be nice. And then one could be like, You're ugly, and you suck or whatever. And like, what do you think the one comment that I'm going to remember is the shitty one. But it's like, if you if this is what you want to do, and you know, this is what you choose to do. You just kind of have to learn how to just like in fighting, like you're a fighter in the cage or a fighter in life, you just like roll with the punches and you know, just let the let the haters fuel you. Because they just they just want a reaction. And if you don't give them the reaction, then you know that they wasted their time trying to get to you and it didn't work. So who really won.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
Yeah, exactly. Can't let him win. Great. So, I know that, you know, it's kind of all over the internet that you're recovering from double shoulder surgery. It's a tongue twister. But um, is that kind of like, why you decided to get the surgery at this time?

Unknown Speaker 20:17
Yeah, definitely. I was. When I when my second shoulder injury happened. I was like, Man, fuck this, I'm getting to. Um, it was, it just kind of worked out. Like I was telling you, I literally went into the plastic surgeon and I was like, I think I want to do this. And he's like, Okay, cool. Like, let's, let's look in like the next couple months. And I was like, Nah, bro, we gotta do this, like next week. And he's like, oh, okay, cool. Let's get you scheduled. So it was just kind of like, it's been something that I've been, you know, wanting for a long time. Especially I breastfed my son for 18 months. And, you know, that was like the one part of my body that I wasn't confident about, and I couldn't change in the gym, you know, anything else. Like, you can work hard, you can eat, you can do other things, but you can't really change that part of your body. And it just seemed like, it was the right time for me. And I'm really happy that I did it. And, you know, I just it definitely gave me a confidence boost. So I'm really happy with them.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Yeah, they look nice. They look good. But it's not like you had problems, you know, getting men before you are. Are you engaged or you're married?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
We're engaged. We're recently engaged. We will. We got engaged on Thanksgiving morning. Oh, adorable.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
That's actually when me and my boyfriend started dating. Really? Yeah. So it's been what I've read. It's good luck, is it?

Unknown Speaker 21:47
I don't know. That's what I've heard. That's what I've lost.

Unknown Speaker 21:50
Okay, uh, you know, so I was doing my research on you. And this is just a funny story for everybody. And I was like, Oh, it's so sweet. It looks like her. You know, her fiance proposed to her while he was on the scale. And then I called you and you were like, Whoa, that's old news. And I'm like, Wait, what? So could you just give us the story? Like, it's, it's such a, like, romantic, cute thing. But then it's, it's also in the past. So what happened? Who, who are you married to who, you know, proposed What's going on?

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Okay, so my Oden's dad, who I was with, you know, a long time ago in another life did propose to me at his UFC debut. And, and that was that, you know, it is, it is, it is what it is we co parent now. And, you know, that's a struggle, but you know, we're working on it. And we both live, you know, weird lifestyles, like fighting, he fights as well. So, you know, it's not like a normal and a normal thing. Like, we're just kind of doing what we can and working it out the way that that we can, but that's old news. Danny is my fiancee now. And he proposed to me on Thanksgiving morning. And he's amazing. And, you know, he's, he's really stepped into the role of, you know, kind of helping me with Odin and being supportive of my training. And, you know, I always say that, like, I'm not an easy person to be in a relationship with by any means, like for a lot of reasons. Like one, I'm a mom, too. I'm an athlete. Three, I'm pretty crazy. So, he, he does a good job of, you know, balancing because I think sometimes, inevitably, he can feel a little bit left out or, you know, like, he's getting the short end of the stick. And, you know, he's great. Oh, he's, he's been amazing.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
Is your fiance, a fighter as well.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
He has a couple amateur fights, but he mostly trains Jiu Jitsu. Now I've actually recently he hits the bag a lot, too, in his garage. But recently, I've been like, start coming to the gym with me, and like training with me. And he's been coming to some boxing classes and letting me punch him in the face. So that's been really fun. It's great couples therapy.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
Because I'm allowed to hit him but he's not allowed me to hurt him. Like what the fuck is wrong with you?

Unknown Speaker 24:25
It's the only time a double standard is okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
Yeah, exactly. But he's, he's also like 200 pounds. So like any other guy, I'd be like, I'm not going with you. Like just get Get out of my face. You're too big, but then I go with him and I'm like, trying to make it work. And then I'm like, Alright, maybe you are too big.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Well, the reason I asked about him being a fighters, you know, I'm assuming that maybe possibly part of the reason that it didn't work out with Oden's dad is because do fighters. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. We've talked many times on this podcast how you You know, you got to be real selfish. And sometimes you just got to pick the right partner who's willing to let you be in the spotlight who's willing to cater to you when you're hungry and hangry and cutting weight and going through all these things, especially as an emotional female. So, you know, obviously, it's the past, but, you know, is dating another fight or something that you that you like? Or has it gotten in the way in the past?

Unknown Speaker 25:25
I mean, I think that it can go either way. To be honest with you, I think that it's, it's hard for somebody that has never been around, like the fighting environment to understand what we go through, you know, so I think somebody being able to get it a little bit, it's helpful, because if you're like, just totally on the outside, you're kind of like, what the heck, like, I feel like I'm being totally neglected because, like, they have no idea what's going on in your mind, you know, where, like, Vinny has been through a couple fight camps. So like, he understands what it's like to, you know, be in a fight can't be hungry, be tired, be whatever it is. But he's not going through it right now. So like, we don't have to like butt heads, you know, about who's like, Who's, who's more hungry. Tired. Getting back up? Yeah, yeah. So it is, I definitely feel like it's good for your significant other to understand, but it is hard if you're both going through it at the same time. You know, like, if you're both in fight camp at the same time. It's like, because, like you said, if you have to be selfish when you're in fight camp, like it sucks, but it is what it is. And like, if you're both going through it at the same time, you're like, it's just terrible.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
Yeah, yeah. No, you're a quiet girl. I get it. You know, I love my boyfriend so much. And I love that he's not a fighter, but he is about black belt in jujitsu. So it's just and he has fought before. So it's the perfect dynamic where he understands just like your guy does, and he can help me with my jujitsu because I'm a wrestler, you know, and I'm, like, get off my back. So it's like this. That's what

Unknown Speaker 27:05
I want you on my bat. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
I don't want you to tell him what to do. Unless I'm naked, you know. So, Vinnie, Vinnie, is your fiance. And he seems so what's the word I'm looking for? Just chill and understanding, you know, like, he lets you shine in the spotlight. You know, he's cool with being a stepdad. And you have your only fans. I don't think my boyfriend wants me to. I know, my boyfriend doesn't want me to have an only fans Not that I want one. And he's the only thing stopping me. But I just, you know, I know his opinion on it. And, you know, I don't know what most boyfriends feel how how has your situation with only fans worked out? Have you seen a lot of, you know, growth? Has it been very profitable for you?

Unknown Speaker 27:55
Like, as far as just for me, or like in terms of with Vinnie?

Unknown Speaker 27:59
Well, in general, you know, I kind of, you know, I'm so interested in it, because it's such a big thing right now. And it's such a weird dynamic, where you really only see fighters having only fans, you don't see basketball players, you don't see football players, you don't see, you know, other sports, it's, you know, it's this weird dynamic, because mixed martial arts, you know, we are so new, we're not getting paid. What, you know, we should really be getting paid. So I just want to know, is it working out for this spider that fighter? So let's let's talk just, you know, financially, has it helped you?

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Yeah, absolutely. You know, we did we talked a little bit about this before, and it's like, I think I mean, I'm not super, I don't know that much about other sports and how they get paid. But I think that a lot of other sports get salary, if I'm not, if I'm not mistaken, obviously, like, we only get paid when we fight or like your sponsors, or whatever, and especially through COVID, and stuff, like, I was injured before COVID, and then was injured after COVID. So like, I haven't fought in a minute. So it's been a struggle trying to, you know, make ends meet. And I went back and forth with it for, you know, a little bit and then I was like, you know, I gotta pay my rent. This is gonna happen. And, you know, it's worked out really well, for me. And we talked a little bit about this, too. It's just I think that, you know, as an athlete, or as a mom or whatever, you know, I have I have a couple of different hats, but like, I'm still allowed to be a sexy woman. And I think that that's something that, you know, is important, like, you deserve to feel sexy, and not that you need to do it that way. But, you know, that's just that's just how I think about it. And I think that, you know, it's totally a personal preference, and it's all good no matter what.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Yeah, and one thing that stuck in my mind when we talked earlier was, you know, you said, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have another their identity like Yes, I'm a fighter. Yes, I'm a mom. You know, yes, I'm this but, you know, it's so funny because people do put moms in the category right of like, oh, you're a mom now like, you got to be more conservative. You got to be more this you got to be more that. And I can't talk. I don't have kids never gonna have kids. But you know, I love that you're just like, hey, like, this is who I am. Just because I'm a mom. Doesn't mean I can't be sexy.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Yeah, no, absolutely. I think that that's super important. Like, I'm, I'm like, What? I think that every time you feel sexy, you should take a picture of yourself because like, you feel good in that moment. And it's like, it should be documented. So the next time that you feel like shit, you can look at that picture and be like, I'm, I'm sexy. Like, yeah, but it is.

Unknown Speaker 30:43
No, we're not gonna be young forever.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Yeah, no, and like, I work hard for my body. You know what I mean? Like, I, I'm proud of it, and I'm proud of what it is. And I you know, I think that that's totally okay. So,

Unknown Speaker 30:56
how was that conversation with the with Vinnie? You're like, so babe. I'm gonna put pictures of my booty online for 599.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
I mean, he knows he's tapping that booty at the end of the night. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
Good point. That's the that's the best point. It's like, anytime a guy gets jealous. I feel like stop. Who is she going home with at the end of the night? Okay, shut the fuck up. You know?

Unknown Speaker 31:23

Unknown Speaker 31:26
That's awesome. So, to touch on the Hot Topic, sex, we always want to know, how did you get introduced to it? You know? Did you come from a religious background? Do you learn about it? You know from the birds and the bees talk with your family? Did you learn from your friends? How'd you? How'd that go down?

Unknown Speaker 31:44
Oh, man. I live like a very, like, free childhood. I feel like like, I can't I grew up in a small town in Vermont. And I feel like it was just kind of like amongst friends. Like, we all just kind of experimented and talked about it. And, you know, I think our parents thought that we were a lot more innocent than we were. Or like, they didn't have to have the conversation with us. But we all we all figured it out. Yeah. Yeah, I think their friends would probably be the answer to that question.

Unknown Speaker 32:18
Yeah. When like, I remember like, fooling around like having my first kiss or unlike, you know, 10 1112 and then, you know, like, not doing anything for quite a while after that. So I was kind of like a pudgy girl. Still am but I remember, you know, losing it. You know, when I was 15 on my 15th birthday. When did you lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Yeah, I would say I would say I was 15. I had, I had dated a kid like, literally, like, I'm from such a small town. There was literally like five kids in my eighth grade graduating class. When I swear, like I have. Yes, I swear is

Unknown Speaker 32:57
like 12345 Yes, it?

Unknown Speaker 32:58
Yes. Like, literally, the year before me. There's three like it was so small. And I kind of dated the same thing. I kind of dated the same kid on and off literally from like, kindergarten to ninth grade. So

Unknown Speaker 33:13
there was there was slim pickins I don't blame you.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Yes, literally. It was like this had to be claimed it was what it was. Okay, so that was a drama man because literally there was only like a couple girls a couple guys. Everybody would be like dating everybody else's boyfriend and girlfriend and you're like losing friends left and right. And you only had three so you're

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Oh god, I'm from a small town to I don't know if I told you but we had more than five people in my graduating class.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
You went on the small town? Yeah. So what was there any kind of story with the first time was it awkward? Was it lovely?

Unknown Speaker 33:56
I mean, it wasn't awkward only because like I said I had known him for so long. He was literally like my best friend. So you know if the only awkward part might have been like his his mom or something like because I was close with his mom. And it was I think it was at his house. So it was just you know, but that's I feel like that looking back now we were just young and it was cool. I'm you know, I'm cool with the way that it happened. Yeah. Wow. Well,

Unknown Speaker 34:24
I mean, a lot has changed since 15. Obviously, you have Odin, but you know, so totally intrusive question, but what about now what are some things that you like in bed? Are you a little bit more submissive or a little bit more dominant?

Unknown Speaker 34:38
I'm definitely super submissive in bed because Vinnie is very dominant. And I look I love it that way. Like, I don't know, I feel like I have to be in charge so much in my normal life, but like when it comes to the bedroom, like I just want to be like, just like, tell me what to do. Tell me. Like, you know if it works out well. That way and he's very alpha so it's it's fun for me I like it.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Yeah, I feel like that is kind of the trend with us very like, you know strong women strong physically strong emotionally strong mentally. It's like oh, I'm tired of being strong. Let me be the submissive weak one at the end of the night.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
Yeah. I don't know. I just think that's more fun for me personally. Like, I just, I like I like being thrown around.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
Yeah, what are some things that turn you on?

Unknown Speaker 35:34
foreplay wise, like, I love when he kisses my neck. It drives me insane. Literally, it's like pickles and makes me like cringe and go crazy. And like, I want it like, I like when I push him away. It's because like, I want him to come back. So like, I think that in itself to like, meet me kind of like being like, No, no, stop. And then him being like, No, I'm gonna do it. Anyways, like, that turns me on. You know? But sauce is fun. And anything with him though, honestly, like, dirty talk to like, he's so good at talking dirty that it's just like, I swear. Like, that in itself is just gonna make me go crazy. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:21
that's that's extremely sexy when a guy knows, cuz there's dirty talk. And then there's like, oh, babe, stop. Just don't even you know, I know. I know. You tried your best, but, you know. And, you know, I'm so lucky that my partner is is very good at that too. But have you ever been in a situation where someone tried to Talk dirty to you and you were like, I know what you're trying to do. But this is just snow.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
Yes, literally, like the worst situation ever. It was all it was like, oh, it turned me off so much. Like literally the exact opposite of like, the way that like, literally, the way Vinnie makes me feels like the exact opposite of like this situation. It's it's cringe worthy to even think about. And I'm trying to remember this movie. And it's like that there's like a scene in it.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Are you gonna say wanderlust?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
No. Okay, well, what's what's the cradle my Bond movie? Oh, no, no. It's a train wreck. Okay, so there's a train wreck. And there's, I can't even remember what the girl's name is. But there's like a scene and like, she's, like, having sex with this like tiny dude. And he's like, on top of her. And he like gets up and gets on top of her. And he's like, making her play with his nipples and being like, super like feminine. And he just starts seeing like, cradle my bond. even know like, it's it's hilarious. Like, if you've ever seen it, you need to watch it or at least Google that scene because like we quote it all the time we create

Unknown Speaker 37:56
a train wreck with Oh, God, her name the funny comedian check. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:04
Oh, okay. It's

Unknown Speaker 38:06
gonna bother me. She's very funny. I don't drink anymore. But when I did drink, I I saw that movie. And I was like, Oh, this is my spirit animal. That was like the old Ashley hippie. You and I have never hung out but like her from trading? Amy Schumer. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 38:23
yes, Amy Schumer.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
There we go. Very proud of myself. Yeah, Amy Schumer. I was like, you know, that was the old meat, you know, like, and not proud of it. But I was like, Oh, God, I acted like that on so many levels.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
What do you remember that scene?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
I don't I should watch it again.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Well, when you watch it, let's think about like, my terrible experience was literally that like, terrible. You gotta

Unknown Speaker 38:47
if you haven't watched the movie wonderlust with Paul Rudd. No.

Unknown Speaker 38:52
I have. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
I'm gonna put my dick in your lap. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
We literally close out all you like my I'm gonna put my badge on.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
You like my erection selection. Yeah, for all you listeners out there, you should watch train wreck and wonder list.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
Like, the most hilarious part about that theme too is like you like him as an actor. Like, that's amazing. He's just like standing in front of the mirror. Like that was probably all improv and it's fucking hilarious. I love Paris.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
I do too. So okay, so if dirty like bad dirty talk is something that turns you off. Are there any other like, like, you know, deal breakers like, like complete turn offs. Not the Vinny does these but you know, maybe past situations.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
I don't know. I think like, it's just the vibe. You know, like, I'm very big on vibe. So I think that is something that will just throw me off. Like if I'm not if we're not Connecting on like, an intellectual emotional level, then that's got to be a turnoff to me too.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Yeah, yeah. And like you said, kind of like, you know, if the guy's being a little overly feminine, it's like, Oh, isn't that my rule? Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna ask you a question. I haven't asked anybody. I just popped into my head, my very dirty, perverted head. So you're like, Oh, you know, it's a little feminine. The most feminine sexual situation might be, well, you know, to each their own. But let's say, Vinnie,

Unknown Speaker 40:31
you love him. You

Unknown Speaker 40:32
guys are about to get married. And he's like, babe, I just really want you to peg me. Would you? Oh, God.

Unknown Speaker 40:39
I mean, like, it's funny, because you asked me this question. And like, I see his face like, and I hear him saying, like, I thought you were my ride or die. Honestly, like, he asked me to, and he genuinely wanted me to because it was like something that he was into. And it was like a fantasy of his and like, I would because like, he always says to me, like, he's like, we're only having sex with each other for the rest of our lives. So like, I want to fulfill all your fantasies, and I want you to fulfill online. He's like, if I want you to lick my butthole. And I want you to like, you better lick my butt. Yeah. So I mean, if it was something that he didn't, you know, that he genuinely wanted, and it's like, you try it, you try it once, and it is, you know, maybe like it maybe that's great.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
And that's the best mentality to have, I think for someone about to dedicate the rest of their lives to someone, right? Like, Hey, babe, we're just gonna have missionary sex for like, you know, 50 years. Cool. Cool. No, not cool, right? So you want to know that there's options and potential for kinky, fun stuff, you know, if things start to get a little stale, and like, you know, like, 20 years, whatever. You know, I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. Would you guys ever be? Oh, I guess this brings me to a good question. How do you identify sexually? Are you straight Bi?

Unknown Speaker 42:03
I'm definitely straight, straight. He's definitely straight.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Yeah. So we're not bringing any extra partners into the relationship in the future?

Unknown Speaker 42:13
Um, I mean, I think I don't think that that's really an option. I think both of us are way too. Self.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
I like to say alpha alpha is what is the word? Cuz people are like, oh, Ashley. Oh, you know what? I'm going to tell you and everybody on the podcast because this is so hilarious. I'm sorry to take the spotlight for a second. So you're driving out to Vegas with my boyfriend to get tattooed a week or so ago? And something I don't know how I got brought up. But, you know, he's like, Yeah, well, you know, that's not what people think about you. And I, I'm like, Wait, what? He's like, yeah, you know, cuz a couple of my friends have been like, you and Ashley, you guys seem like you bring other women into your relationship. I'm like, Wait, are you saying that? Like, the general consensus of our relationship is that we're like banging chicks and having threesomes all the time. He's like, yeah, I'm like, wow, I got a great reputation. Like, I pretty straight, you know, like, I've had my, you know, lesbian is moments and experimentation, and I used to drink a lot. But, you know, for the most part, like, I'm strictly dickly. And so it's just so funny. I'm like, I'm perceived as this, like, you know, bisexual sex fiend like, okay, cool, whatever, I don't care.

Unknown Speaker 43:32
I mean, that maybe you just put off like a sexual I feel like that's a sexual energy. Like, that's how I am to like, I feel like I i've been, like, lesbians are attracted to me. You know, like, I feel like I draw energy from them. I don't know why. No, I think it's because like, I have, like, I, I like, have that energy about me, like, I don't know. But I can I can see where, you know, you would kind of put off that energy as well. Yes, not. I'm not in a bad way. But we got it.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
What do you say? No, just kidding. No, honestly, now that you mentioned it, I get it, because you're very pretty. But also you're, you know, you're very fit and very tone and we're fighters. So it's like you have this masculine energy, but also a feminine energy. And I think a lot of lesbians are attracted to that. If you ask my boyfriend, he will tell you I am a lesbian magnet. And I'm so naive at times. I have no gaydar. I a little bit with guys, but like a girl can be clearly you know, you know, play for the other team. And she'll come up to me and talk to me and put her hand on my leg and I'm like, oh, we're gonna be best friends. And then my boyfriend's like, she wants to be more than friends. And I'm like, No, no, no. And then she like, tries to kiss me a couple drinks in and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 44:52
Oh, you were right. You were like becoming like, yeah, and He always was saying like, Nice. I'm not used to that, like in any situation like, with dudes and girls, I'm like, now they're just really nice. Like, they just want to be my friend and he's like, you are dumb. Why are we like that? I don't know. I mean, but I feel like it's just like, like I said, I just want to be friends with everybody. Like, I am always looking to, like, make new connections with people, like I feel like that's, I like feed off of, like, social relationships with other people. So I just am always trying to make new friends. And I don't know, I feel like, it's good to see. It's good to see the good in people. You know, like, I always try to see the good things and people before the bad things. And like, I think that's something I want to instill in Odin as well, you know, so I try to live by that.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
It's so funny, you say that, I feel the exact same way. And I talked to my best friend Carla about it a lot like, and she's very open. She's a little bit more. You know, I like to say that her personality is you're guilty until proven innocent. And mine is you're innocent till proven guilty. And both offer pros and cons. Right. So you and I, you know, we're very loving, very trusting, very friendly. And then sometimes we can get fucked over. Right? We're like, dang, it didn't see that coming. But, you know, then, you know, people like Carla, you know, it's like, they're like, Oh, no, motherfucker. You know, they see, you know, they have this wall up. And the good thing is that, like, you know, they don't get swindled in some kind of way. But sometimes, you know, she'll even tell me like, man, Ashley, like, you get along with everybody. Like, how do you do it? I'm like, I don't know, probably the same way I get swindled by fucking asshole sometimes, because I have my guard down a lot. And so I'm trying to be like her more, but also keep this like happy medium of like not being like, hardened, hardened heart, you know?

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Yeah, there definitely has to be a happy medium, I think because, you know, if you're too hardened, and that can affect the relationships that you want to have, you know, like, if you're so like, hard to certain things because of, you know, things that have happened to you in the past. And it's like, that kind of falls into the relationships that you're in now. And that's not fair. You know?

Unknown Speaker 47:12
Yeah, my favorite.

Unknown Speaker 47:15
Sorry. Yeah, yeah. No, I agree. And basically what you're saying, in my words, not my words, but you know, you hear this a lot. It's a let your past to make you better, not bitter. Yeah. And, yeah, so well, it's that time lightening sex round.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
You are one of our more open guests. So you know, I'm sure we could keep talking about all the sexy talk, but it's getting towards the end of the episode. So are you ready to play?

Unknown Speaker 47:50
Yeah, so do I just do I just get to say yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 47:54
Yeah, if you feel like really like inclined, like, I got a comment on this one. Go ahead. I will not stop you if you want to elaborate. But uh, Alright, here we go. So one word answer yes or no. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. spanker like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 48:12
Yes, biting. Lightly choking.

Unknown Speaker 48:18
Yeah, threesomes Are you said, No.

Unknown Speaker 48:21

Unknown Speaker 48:22
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 48:26
of ourselves? Oh, our best answer yet.

Unknown Speaker 48:31
Okay, any foot fetish? No. bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 48:38

Unknown Speaker 48:39
Are you into bondage? Like ropes? blindfolds? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
Role Playing?

Unknown Speaker 48:47
Me? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 48:49
But stuff on you are a partner. Yeah. Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
She down. She's ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 49:06
No, but we've been talking about going to one actually, that's been a hot topic for

Unknown Speaker 49:11
six weeks. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 49:16

Unknown Speaker 49:17
Yeah. It's funny. Sometimes I get people and they're like, actually, I hate it. But like they've got all these pictures in lingerie. And I'm like, I guess you do what you gotta do for the picture, right? Whatever.

Unknown Speaker 49:28
No, I love it. It's just I will say that's one thing that is like, sometimes I'm just trying to get straight to it.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
I don't need any more things between me and Dick. That's what I'm trying to say.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
I'm like, this is just gonna come off anyway.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
Why are we making this harder on ourselves? Yeah. All right, that was a lightning. Congratulations. Okay, so we got a fun Fuck, Marry, Kill for you.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
I think we're done. We're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 50:10
done. Are you familiar on how to play the game? No.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
That's all it is.

Unknown Speaker 50:20
Okay, so thank you to Dan and pat Kenny, who always helped me out with these my homies. You gotta choose between Pauly Shore, Andy dick, and Tom Green. They really? Oh, yeah. Wow. And let's just say in their crime, let's say these men in their prime, okay. My DJ soul says that probably won't help.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Yeah, God, man. Oh, all right, I guess. But I guess if I marry somebody, I don't have to talk them, right.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a loveless marriage.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
Okay, so I'll fuck Paulie. All right. Oh. Mary, Andy dick, and I'll kill Tom Green.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Daddy, would you like some sausage? Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 51:16
that was a terrible, terrible.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
Okay, I'm not here because I'm good at impressions. I'm here at talking about sex. Okay. All right, let's do fan questions. Okay, at drew Shaffer. 639 What's your favorite discipline to train?

Unknown Speaker 51:44

Unknown Speaker 51:47
Recently, it's been wrestling. But honestly, MMA, you know, as a whole, I like putting everything together because that's what, you know, inevitably we're gonna have to do so. I try to do as much MMA as possible. And people have I have no, you're good evening.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Yeah. People know people. A lot of people don't understand that there's actually a difference. You know, it's like, oh, if you're doing everything, boxing, wrestling, then you're doing MMA. No, there's a difference between training every every discipline individually. And it's a skill and that's, in my opinion, what sets the great fighters apart from the good fighters is that ability to train MMA

Unknown Speaker 52:30
and the trans, the transition, the transition,

Unknown Speaker 52:32
what about the putting the glue that sticks everything together? Right?

Unknown Speaker 52:37
Absolutely. Because you could be I mean, like, you know, how many times have you seen a world champion black belt, but, you know, the fight starts on the feet. So if you can't get somebody down, then you can't you know, what you're good at? So you gotta be able to put it together for sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
All right at jewels underscore 817. Do you miss living in Vermont?

Unknown Speaker 53:01
I do actually. Now at times it's funny because growing up there, I definitely took it for granted. I hated it because it was so small and I was like, there's nothing to do here. This thing's like and now I'm like my, my idea of a vacation is going somewhere like Vermont and getting the fuck away from everybody. Yeah, I definitely I definitely do miss it at times for sure. But I am grateful to be where I am now.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Oh, yeah. Nice. Okay, so at Liam Neeson, but spelt really weird. What sports Were you involved in prior to fighting your physique is insane

Unknown Speaker 53:39
I honestly didn't really tap into my athletic ability until I started fighting you know around like 2122 I ran cross country and track in high school but I was decent but I wasn't you know the best but that's all that's literally all that I did. Wow,

Unknown Speaker 53:58
that is very very surprising. You have got some good genetics girl.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Yeah, that's like the one good thing my dad gave me

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Ooh, sounds like a touchy subject that will we'll maybe touch on another time all right at she fights to this is a great page if you guys want to follow it I would you know suggest they really just showcase and spotlight female fighter sometimes WWE and some other you know, Jiu Jitsu athletes, but this one they've got a couple questions and I had to had to give him a couple because they're so good. So, first one is, what is a pet peeve of yours in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Oh, you know now I guess I will say like having sex with the lights off. I used to not mind it. But Vinnie hates like, he always wants the lights on because he's very visual and he likes to be able to see me. And now like we tried to have sex with the lights on the other night and I was like, No, you need to go turn the lights on right now. Like you can't see you. This isn't me. The lights

Unknown Speaker 55:01
That's good. Yeah, no, I remember when I was, I don't even know. It's probably recently and still, every once in a while I'm like, I don't wanna see myself, I want to see him but I don't want to see myself and that comes from my own insecurities. But I remember for a long time, it was like, Oh, we can't in sexy, go turn the lights off, go to the lights off. And then somewhere along the way, I was like, This is part of like, visually, it's like the bit one of the best parts, you know, and you just get comfortable with your own body. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:27
I feel you on that. I like, I like watching him like, fuck me. Like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Yeah, like, I'm like, I don't want to see myself but I want to see him So okay, I'm just gonna focus on him.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Yeah, like when when we first started dating to like, he's like, all about getting like, all up in the booty hole. Like, the lights are like bright. I'm like, Damn, I feel like you got a spotlight on my butt. Like, I'll be like spanking me like stop being shy. And I'm like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 56:00
I just pictured I just pictured him with one of those minor lights with the headlamp on just like going in.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
He's got like a face mask.

Unknown Speaker 56:14
We love it that

Unknown Speaker 56:14
your that is such a great sport. Okay. What would you rather pose nude in playboy for $5 million tax free, or fight in a UFC Championship match for free?

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Oh, definitely fight for free. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:30
I mean, I think they're always trying to catch us slipping like, Oh, do you really love fighting? It's like, motherfucker. We don't fight for the money. We're not getting paid oodles and oodles of money.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
If I was to do something for the money. Yeah. All right. There's a lot of I'm sorry, go ahead. There's

Unknown Speaker 56:51
a lot of money and like, I mean, and porn and like, you know, like, all that shit. There's so much you can make so much money doing stuff like that. It's like it's crazy. It's like if I really was trying to make money, I'd be doing porn.

Unknown Speaker 57:04
Yeah. Oh, yeah. especially nowadays, you know? So?

Unknown Speaker 57:07

Unknown Speaker 57:09
All right. Last question. Would you rather roleplay your favorite fight scene or sex scene with your husband?

Unknown Speaker 57:17
roleplay my favorite fight scene or sex scene? Yeah. Like in the bedroom? Definitely sexy man. Like, when the bedroom door closes? I'm not trying to think about financial things.

Unknown Speaker 57:30
Yeah, you got to separate the two.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Yeah, think about fighting enough.

Unknown Speaker 57:37
That's the last question. I just want to know, in your opinion, who you know who would you like to hear next as a guest on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 57:49
I don't know man. Have you ever you think an athlete wise?

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Anything? You know, we've had actors, adult entertainers. You know, comedians, we are about to have on some amazing musicians. So it doesn't have to be a fighter but it can be

Unknown Speaker 58:06
you know, like, first I would love to hear Joe Joe on this. Honestly.

Unknown Speaker 58:12
I just like to hear her say anything if you guys don't know who we're talking about. We're talking about Joe Joanne Calderwood who is Scottish, right? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 58:21
love I love like her cute little voice like I would just love to listen to her.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
Yeah, especially like her voice saying, I can't do it. I was gonna do an imitation but like, you know her saying like talking dirty. You're like, this is weird. Yeah. sweet, innocent little voice.

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:41
we would love to have her on maybe she'll come on in the future, but I don't know her personally. So we'll have to slide into her DMS and ask her

Unknown Speaker 58:49
like, what's up girl?

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Come on my show talk about sex. Thank you so much Hannah. We we love this episode was great. I love guests that are very open and fun. And you said it yourself. You know you like making new friends and I'm sure you have a lot of friends because you're easy to talk to.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
I appreciate that. And that is right back at you too.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
Yeah, you definitely made a new friend and me. I am you know, excited to watch you fight on March 27. March 27 UFC 260

Unknown Speaker 59:23
Yep. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:24
I think it's a steep and Ningaloo and then volkanovski and Ortega pretty sure. Oh, that's

Unknown Speaker 59:33
gonna be a good one. Ooh, volkanovski Yeah, and Ortega. shoes but Antarctica so cow ghosts, okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:43
Okay, girl, that's gonna be

Unknown Speaker 59:45
gibby just

Unknown Speaker 59:46
high five Vinny for me and just be like, you're so fucking cool, man. Just give a high five for me.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
I absolutely will. All right. Have a great night. I'll give them a little thing for you. Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
Train hard. Dude, you You're fucking awesome supermom, you do it all. And hopefully we'll help you again on the show in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
Yes, absolutely anytime I appreciate you guys, thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
All right, talk to you soon bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
that's it guys that's a wrap on 24 k Goldie's episode. Hope you guys enjoyed hearing the struggles and triumphs of an up and coming fighter. I know hearing about other athletes who battled back from injuries and other circumstances is very, very inspiring to me, especially since on my I'm on my own journey to get back inside the octagon, recovering from buttload of injuries and surgery as well. So, you know, it's it's just struggles, stories of struggles that turn into success are great to hear, no matter what you have going on. It's a way that we can find a way to relate to whoever we're listening to, or, you know, you know, talking to as a guest. You know, we are really more resilient than we believe at times. And I think sharing each other's stories is one way of reminding ourselves that we're stronger than we know. Thank you guys so much for tuning in for all your questions. Remember, as always, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Hope you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me. Rebel girl. Special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJs Oh, tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at nutro Domus, and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
of sex. And

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Yep, you guessed it

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