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Episode 4: Tracy Cortez

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence

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rebel girl. We interview top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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what's hot stuff?

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What's up all You naughty listeners out there. Thanks for tuning in to get a little inside scoop on the personalized summit today's top MMA. fighters. Is it still voyeurism if you're not looking at us? Hmm? Well, I did look up the definition and it's, quote, The practice of taking pleasure in observing something private, sordid or scandalous. Yeah, that's sounds like all you out there. Well, whether you're tuning in for the MMA and violence aspect of the show, or you're here for the steamy, risque provocative content,

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no one knows what it means. But it's provocative.

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I'm happy you're here. And life actually seems to slowly repeat slowly beginning back to normal. restaurants, gyms and other businesses are opening up, at least here in California they are. And for those of you who are out of work, I really hope you get back to work soon if you haven't already. And to all you parents out there, I really feel for you when it comes to the kids situation. I mean, there's no way in hell I could have the patience to deal with homeschooling. I would need a shot of vodka for every subject history shot of vodka, geography shot of vodka, math. I really fucking hate math. Make it a double, little Susie or Billy would be without a teacher because I'd be passed out by recess. So with that said, I hope that today's episode takes your mind off all of that craziness and whatever you have going on job wise, kid wise, whatever. Today's guest is a knockout. Yes, that's a corny MMA joke. You might actually mistake this voluptuous Latina on the street for a model rather than a fighter. But all jokes aside, she's one of those unique individuals who has been through tons of trials and tribulations and has refused to let it burn out her fire. In fact, she uses those same struggles and bumps in the road to fuel that fire. She's building her name and fighting her way to the top. We girl talk about cheaters, lingerie, photoshoots dealing with creepy social media trolls and much more. Here's your guest, UFC fighter, Tracy Cortez.

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My anaconda don't want none unless you got bonds on boy

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Alexander McQueen

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Hey girl, thank you so much for coming on the show. How have you been during all these crazy times with the quarantine and all the riots and whatnot going on?

Unknown Speaker 3:28
Thank you for having me Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 3:33
I'm good. I'm good. You know, I've been thinking to a good routine and it's it's helped me out through this whole craziness going on around the world.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
Yeah, like a training routine. What is you know what is life look like? You are What did it look like during the the quarantine since all the gyms were closed?

Unknown Speaker 3:52
In the first two weeks, I was pretty lost. I could do not I didn't know what I was gonna do. Like, I don't know what I didn't know what I was doing with my life. I was just bored out of my mind and I had to get creative and do like your prison workouts in my front yard and

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yeah, I mean, I'm right there with you girl I I took a couple weeks because I don't know if you know my my personal situation during the quarantine, I was about to play. I was actually in London and so they told me to come home so I came home and you know, what do you do after a fight you binge eat so even though you had to fight I was just like nom nom nom nom like eating all the food inside and gyms were closed. And you know, the only gym actually, that was kind of opened like speakeasy was my weightlifting gym and so I was just lifting so I got really heavy. And it was like, so I'm right there with you. But, you know, besides training, what did you do to fill your time and kind of keep you from going crazy?

Unknown Speaker 4:52
Um, I honestly I just I ran a lot. Like normally I run about two to two and a half miles. Now my running is between eight and six are serious. Yeah, like I became a running machine. I wait. I run so much and

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that's honestly will help out a lot.

Unknown Speaker 5:16
I'm sure your weight you know I don't know if you've ever had issues with your weight but I'm sure your weights pretty on point right now.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
it's um it's our it's all right I've also been eating,

Unknown Speaker 5:27
eating so it kind of balances out.

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Since I got back to the gym, I've uh, I felt good. I mean, my coattail mitts me for the first time and he said, Man, you are in shape, way better shape than I expected it so that's always a good feeling. You know? That's awesome. So are you in fight shape? I mean, I guess let me just ask flat out do you have a fight in the in the works right now? No, nothing right now. I mean, we do have a time where we're planning on scheduling me to fight But nothing's official yet. So can you

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allude to any timeframe and digital? All?

Unknown Speaker 6:07
were like, you know, September.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
Okay. Yeah, I mean, I understand completely because I'm kind of right there with you. I definitely think I'm gonna fight sooner than that. But I've been offered fights and it's such a such a hard thing to stay in the UFC it's hard to get in the UFC and it's hard to stay in the UFC, it's even harder to stay in the UFC. That's actually what Dana White said to me and all the other fighters my first fight, you know, backstage when he takes you back there, he does little pre fight talk and it's true. So you know, what I'm getting at is it's important to do all the right things necessary to win the fight and you don't just want to take a fight if you haven't been training with your teammates and your coaches. Right.

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Exactly. So and that's what my coach said, you know, with, with everything that happened and me not having the full fight camp. He doesn't want to risk me losing over Just not

Unknown Speaker 7:00
being prepared. Exactly. So I, a lot of people won't understand. They'll say, oh, if you really want to fight, you'll fight you'll find a way. But it's not that easy. It's hard to get to the UFC even harder to stay there. So, yeah, I think it's a good choice. Can you allude to any? Anyone you might want to fight? I mean, you don't know who they're gonna offer you. But do you want to fight anyone

Unknown Speaker 7:20
specifically? Um, honestly, whatever they throw at me, it would be just be up to my coaches. Yes. Or no, you know, I, I kind of just leave it up to them. Okay. They tell me options and or who it is that they're giving me and my coach says, We're taking it and I say, All right, cool. Get me ready for it, then. You know, that's how that's kind of how we do it. You sound confident. Is there anyone in the division that kind of rubs you the wrong way? No, you know, I'm still so new into it. That I just, I mean, I'll fight whoever, whoever they throw in front of me. I have I mean, there's I can't really say that. Oh, my God, I can't send so and so are this girls. Oh, so But just cuz it's a confidence thing, you know, and I gotta respect people. I do respect people's grind. So it's

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for sure. I mean, a lot of times people have like these personas. And, you know, I think it's all kind of sports and entertainment based. So you can't really, you know, even if someone has this, like, really extreme persona, I mean, the first person that comes to mind is Colby Covington right? Now, it's like, oh, my God, but I still almost like as much as he like, makes me cringe. It's like, I see what he's doing. You know, he's creating a character. And whether you hate them or you love them, you still want to watch him fight. Right?

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Yeah. And he and he's relevance and I respect I respect their grind. I respect that. They have to do what they got to do, you know?

Unknown Speaker 8:45
So, so you don't you

Unknown Speaker 8:46
are expecting, you know, shooting for September is does that have anything to do with the fact that you don't want to fight during the COVID procedures or the fact that there's no fans?

Unknown Speaker 8:58
I'm not Actually I wouldn't honestly if there's fans or not I really don't care I want to fight so I mean people will be watching me on TV regardless you know? Yeah, I have fans they're not I want to fight it's just it's more realistic for me. I'll be in the gym maintaining and getting the sharpening up you know because I haven't been in the gym for since the whole COVID happened and I feel like this whole month I'll have more than enough time to sharpen up and then the good camp and I'll just be I'll be ready for you know,

Unknown Speaker 9:38
so it doesn't have anything to do with like, you know, not having a crowd or the the weird quarantine situation I don't know if you've been paying attention but all the stick up your nose and all the procedures that you have to go hand

Unknown Speaker 9:49
in that that'll bother me.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
Yeah, I I personally like if if I end up fighting, let's say the end of August or I mean, the end of July, August and there's still no crime Crowds I am gonna be bummed but obviously I'll still fight I love that energy I love you know, even if it was a boo I'd rather a booth and crickets you know?

Unknown Speaker 10:11
I don't know. I don't know how I would react but the end the crowd definitely gives me this this extra little errand me you know like okay let's go yeah like you go off their energy and you feel it

Unknown Speaker 10:25
I mean even some for me sometimes like at a hard sparring session and like say I'm in fight camp and then I got my teammates on the edge of the mat and they're just like, let's go Ashley. I'm just like,

Unknown Speaker 10:34
yeah, you know, and I'm like, Yeah, yeah, does give you a little push. Yeah, you're

Unknown Speaker 10:40
right. So so you're poolside right now. You said that pre recording pull site in Arizona?

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you just loaded.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
Now, how hard is it out there right now?

Unknown Speaker 10:52
One way. Oh my god. Okay. Why no,

Unknown Speaker 10:56
we're good here in Cali. I think it's like I don't even know me.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Yeah, 82 degrees.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
I was actually in San Diego about two weeks ago.

Unknown Speaker 11:07
And God, the weather was so pure, right when everything opened, actually, it was so beautiful. And I came back and it was 110. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 11:17
I'm gonna go to Vegas this weekend. Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the fights because it's still close to the public. But I think it was like 110 or something like that. And I was like, oh, I'll be outdoors the whole time. So I'm actually just gonna go out and train just because things are more open out there than they are here. Yeah, so I'm just going to get some training in out there. My friend Carla, actually she's been going back and forth for her camp because her coach has had a whole bunch of fighters on the cards in the apex during this COVID time. So he's just basically quarantine out there. And so she's been flying back and forth, because she has a fight coming up. Again, I think it's July 15th or 11th? Something like that. Yeah, there's just a lot more stuff open out there. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 12:06
have you always lived in Arizona? Always born and raised? Yeah. And a desert girl.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
So I know a little bit about your background story. And I think, you know, I don't want to dive too deep into the, you know, your family situation for for those of you who don't know, Tracy's had kind of a hard upbringing when it comes to losing family members. And I just I know that your older brother

Unknown Speaker 12:32
he was what was the name again? Jose,

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Jose. But yeah, I was gonna say one and then you would call me racist, right?

Unknown Speaker 12:42
No, no, no, no, your love your people.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
They love you.

Unknown Speaker 12:51
So he passed away, unfortunately, and it's a beautiful story because I feel like you basically took on his dream right to be in the UFC. Yeah, yeah. And so is that how you got into fighting?

Unknown Speaker 13:03
Yeah, pretty much unintentionally. unintentionally is just I just kind of happened to make it my career. It was crazy.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Yeah. And so now now that you've, you know, basically achieved your goal of being in the UFC, what's Have you set your goals higher? Have you raised the bar for yourself? What are your new goals?

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I have.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I really want to be active. Before I got in the UFC. I was

Unknown Speaker 13:30
with Invicta and I was fighting back to back I mean, every three to four months. And that's how I that's how I like to be. I'm an active fighter. And I think this is the longest I've ever gone without fighting without competing, and it's killing me. So I have this I'm super eager to go back into the octagon and just get back to it.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
Yeah, I mean, that's that's the first step right. Take fights when fights, you know move up in the rankings. Become a contender win the title right? Yeah, yep, I believe in you bro. I What did I say to you the first time we met in Miami I'm like you'll be in the UFC soon for sure. Look at you now. Well, okay, I don't think I'm the only person wondering your dating status because throughout a couple Instagram posts you know gonna have Tracy Cortez as episode fours guests

Unknown Speaker 14:25

Unknown Speaker 14:26
my oh my god my inbox start flooding with first of all marriage proposals. I'm like, No. Are you good? Yeah, but what is your dating status? Are you single? Are you seeing anyone or your relationship?

Unknown Speaker 14:40
You know, it's funny, that is the most asked question.

Unknown Speaker 14:46
And I, I i've never responded, but I guess I'll you know, I'll let it be known to the world right now here in your podcast. Oh, yeah. I am single

Unknown Speaker 14:57

Unknown Speaker 15:00
I think I can hear all the males clapping in podcast land across the world.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Yeah, no, I'm single.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
So you're single AF does that mean is the AF because you want to be single and you're not looking you're just focused on training Are you just kind of you know, haven't met that special someone

Unknown Speaker 15:18
100% I just, I enjoy my freedom I enjoy being able to leave as I please. And you know, we travel a lot so the the free time I do have originally spend it with my just my myself and my family and it sounds kind of corny, but I like

Unknown Speaker 15:40
I like not reporting to nobody. I like doing me.

Unknown Speaker 15:45
I enjoy my solitude. You know, I just I like being single.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
It's freedom and right. I'm just not ready for a relationship and I'm focused on my career and

Unknown Speaker 15:57
No, there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 16:01
accidentally flirt my way into relationships and I gotta like, we're just a reminder we're not dating, you know?

Unknown Speaker 16:08
We're How do you accidentally flirt your way into something happens? I don't know how but it happens. Oh, I mean, I'm assuming that means you're really? You're a naturally flirty person. I am. I am. Yeah, yeah. And I'm sure is that tape. That's probably taken the wrong way. Sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
Most of the times, yeah. I start my way into relationships. And I'm just like, Whoa, how do I tell this person that? It's not like that? I am not your girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
has a guy ever thought that were you guys hanging out. And then one day he dropped the the G word and you're like, Whoa,

Unknown Speaker 16:44
whoa, whoa, yeah, actually, you know what? That happened to me about three months ago, four months, three to four months ago where a guy was like, Oh, it's my girl. They looked at him like what

Unknown Speaker 16:58
the conversation that Followed must have been extremely awkward.

Unknown Speaker 17:02
Yeah, because I make it very clear from the beginning. When I have my friends like, Hey, I'm not looking for relationship, like, let's just have fun, let's enjoy each other's company and it's always it's just it never turns out like that.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Yeah, I mean, especially when you're as focused as someone, you know, as, especially when you're as focused like you are, you have a goal in mind, and you're always grinding. So, a lot of the times, you know, this has happened to me personally, where you're training so hard and you're so busy with these other things, you know, that the person starts to feel neglected, that's, that causes a fight. And then that fight then stresses you out and all you're doing is trying to achieve achieve your goals, right?

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Yeah, yeah, that happens most of the time. And it gets it does get stressful. Because a lot of people, a lot of guys, since we're talking about life, a lot of guys don't understand, you know, especially because the guys I've talked to are not

Unknown Speaker 18:03

Unknown Speaker 18:06

Unknown Speaker 18:07
so does that mean you don't date fighters?

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Um, no, I haven't I haven't dated?

Unknown Speaker 18:13
No. Is that a turn off? I mean, I only ask because most people, let's say, musicians, artists, whatever, you know, you connect with someone because you have a mutual passion. So, for me personally, you know, I have dated fighters in the past and it's because we have this this passion in common is that does not not apply to you

Unknown Speaker 18:34
know, not see my thing is more of I know that this is a selfish sport. And I know it's, it's very time consuming. So me personally, if I can give my time to someone, I know for a fact, a guy that's a fighter is not going to give me their time, you know,

Unknown Speaker 18:55
really smarter view.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
So I just I don't know, I know and then I stay away from

Unknown Speaker 19:02
say, for example my gym the guys, I have not even talked to one guy from there like it's strictly business and I refuse to create a relationship with someone just because they're my I see them as co workers. Yeah so that whole

Unknown Speaker 19:17
don't don't shit where you eat type thing that Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:19
I don't I don't really date people and or at least I haven't had the chance to talk to anybody in the in the MMA world.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
I mean it can cause some animosity if it doesn't work out, right, especially if you're training together and it's not like you're in a cubicle, where you can just ignore the person you're, you know, sparring in grappling, you know, you're face to face it is dripping sweat, so,

Unknown Speaker 19:44
yeah, yeah. And then firing. You're like, you know what, come here. I'll go with you today.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Hey, that could be a better fit, right?

Unknown Speaker 19:52
All right, let's just say for, let's just say for the sake of the listeners who are dying to know, let's say you are looking right now for For a guy or a girl, I didn't know. Either one.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
What kind of what kind of characteristics? Actually first let me ask you physically do you have a type of guy that you like?

Unknown Speaker 20:16
I mean, I'm sorry, I'm asked you flat out first. Do you like just guys or girls guys and girls?

Unknown Speaker 20:20
Um, I've been

Unknown Speaker 20:23
it's, it's a really forward podcast so you better get used to this. I know.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
These are questions that I that I get asked on the daily on my comments.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
No, so I, I haven't

Unknown Speaker 20:40
dated like I've been only dating guys. But

Unknown Speaker 20:46
it you know, I haven't had the best luck. So I'm open. I'm open to explore.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
That's a great answer. I mean, you're 26 years old. You're a beautiful woman. You're you're trying to achieve your goals. And your Saying that you haven't quite met the right guy or lady yet so I trust me. I think you just made a whole lot of people happy.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
There. What movies up for more they're like so you saying there's a chance? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:16
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 21:18
it Do you have a specific you know, like, do you like athletic you know girls guys do you know what I mean? Like what's your physical, the physical traits that you tend to go for?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Yeah definitely an athlete. I like to stay fit because you know if that's fixed to a good lifestyle just because it would benefit me as well you know, um, but just an athlete like for the most part I have data just athletes.

Unknown Speaker 21:48
Any other physical traits, you know, like, I mean, he like, you know, like, be like a tan you like dark features you like tall people?

Unknown Speaker 21:57
No, I don't have a tie. Don't have a type as long as athletic. They're

Unknown Speaker 22:05

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Yeah, so that's nothing shallow, I guess. Okay, so all physical features aside, what type of characteristics Do you do tend to like in a person. I personally love a hard worker, you know, I'm not saying you have to be a millionaire, but if you're working hard to achieve your goals, that's all that I care about.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Yeah, you know, I would have to say that too hard worker, someone that doesn't take like too serious that lives for today and just has a plan you know, someone that that's willing to understand that life is a grind. So if we don't have time for each other today, you know what, it's okay. Yeah. But as as I just because I'm not lucky and I haven't really thought about it. But as long as I honestly if if if a guy's goal oriented Funny. I mean, that's all I need.

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Yeah, funny is actually a big one, you know, someone laugh because we do this serious sport, you know, and it's not always laughs in the gym, it's sucks to get punched in the face. It sucks to be sore all the time. And, you know, think about all the people you're going to be in front of TV. So to come home to someone who's gonna make you laugh is

Unknown Speaker 23:21
money that has a good sense of humor. And Firstly, my sense of humor. Like, my friends know me, and then

Unknown Speaker 23:30
you have a sense of humor, for sure, but you're also a very positive person. I mean, you're bubbly and your social media, you know, like persona, it like all your captions. I was actually stalking you the other day, pre recording and I was just like, hey, like, I'm reading all your captions and I'm like, you know, I know your backstory and I feel like everything you've been through you have not let it kind of like, change your your your demeanor at all. You're still like a very positive, happy person. I

Unknown Speaker 23:58
love that about you. Thank You I try to be Yeah, you're doing a great job.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
I mean, I know you're not a relationship right now. But let's say you have a date. Have you been in relationships in the past? Yeah, um, I was in a long, long relationship prior to being single.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
That's kind of boring.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
For about maybe nine years,

Unknown Speaker 24:25
nine years.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Yeah, it wasn't a long term relationship. Wait a second.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
I'm not good enough. But if you're 26 No, that was so

Unknown Speaker 24:34
yeah. Was that was it a clean relationship you've been in? Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
Okay, I mean, that can make you want to stay single for a while right there.

Unknown Speaker 24:44
You've been your whole life. Yeah. So I've been single for

Unknown Speaker 24:50
for a bit now and I really enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
I love my phaedo

Unknown Speaker 24:57
I mean, I don't want to pry too deep. Okay. Yes, I do. Well, Can I?

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Can you allude to like how, why that relationship? And did did it have anything to do with your grind and training and whatnot?

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Was there any POS No, I'm just kidding.

Unknown Speaker 25:12
I'm kidding.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Oh, yeah. Are you asking why it ended?

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Yeah, I mean, there could be a plethora of reasons. But yeah, I mean, you were together for nine years. That seems pretty serious. You know what, what happened?

Unknown Speaker 25:31
I'm just not wanting to tolerate things you know, especially not the kind of person I am when I'm in a relationship. I just I'm way too honest and understanding. So for someone I got cheated on pretty much yeah. And and I'm okay with it now. Like it's not even a big deal. But yeah, he just cheated on me and I'm not one to tolerate it and

Unknown Speaker 25:56
spam, family members on his side. Like, you don't deserve that. And I said, You know what? You're right. So I kicked him to the curb.

Unknown Speaker 26:05
Yeah, no. Was it a one and done and did you give him a couple chances?

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Oh, no, I was just one and done.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
But Bye, Felicia. Yeah, I'm probably like, no.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
I mean, that's good. You You truly deserve someone who values you and someone who cheats on you. That is the opposite, obviously. Well, yeah. Not perving you out or hitting on you. But I really do think that you and in our friend, Rachel Austin, Vich are probably the two prettiest fighters in the UFC. I think you guys are probably like, a whole bunch of people's crushes. And I want to ask you, do you have any celebrity crushes?

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Um, celebrity celebrities, celebrity or a fighter?

Unknown Speaker 26:49
You could do one on one or just what? Just tell me one. I'll just I'll go celebrity. Stay away for the fighter world.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
fighter. Oh, a celebrity. I don't No. Who would I say is attractive? You know who's really attractive? Um, what's what's his name Thor. But he plays the movie Thor. I'm not good with names.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Chris Hemsworth.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Uh, I'm not into blondes you know, so no. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
You know what I you know what i like like a manly man. Yeah, Thor would be

Unknown Speaker 27:27
the manliest of men.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
Hulk maybe Hulk Smash. All right.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
No, but I like like, manly men, just because I'm already pretty masculine as it is.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
So I feel pretty bad.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
Like, I feel like I kind of out powered dudes, you know, and it sucks. Okay, there's a difference between being masculine and strong. And you're definitely not masculine. You're a strong woman, and you're a talented athlete. But I think that you're, you know, you're bringing some in To the sport, if anything, so I would not call

Unknown Speaker 28:04
you masculine Tracy.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Oh, I'm way more like, man, like masculine than the guys I'm talking is I don't know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 28:14
I okay we do we do a masculine sport, but unless you're you know, wearing a flannel and you know popping a beer after after training and you know to be like yeah, never shaving your legs like I don't think you're a masculine type of girl. Yeah. So you're 26 you're in this kind of single time right now which, you know, now that I know kind of your dating background and, and all that totally. I think it's totally a great idea for you to stay single, you know? So what are things that are turned off? I know you like Thor tech guys, right? Which is pretty hard for males to match up to. But um, what what are some turn offs? You know me I personally, I hate smokers. I I don't smoke cigarettes myself and I thought maybe I could put up with it but you know when they kiss you and they just they're close and I like it so like that for me is my number one turn off. Do you have any turn offs?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
I definitely cannot date a smoker. I cannot stand the smell of it. But

Unknown Speaker 29:18
character wise a huge turnoff something that I'm just like, Okay, this is not gonna work. His insecurities. Yeah, if if a guy is insecure, it just it's the big I'm just like, oh, and immediately I shut off.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 29:35
insecurities will start fights no matter what. And that's something and I think the worst thing about you know, dating someone who's insecure is that they they hide it for the first couple months and then it comes out and you're like, oh, bastard or

Unknown Speaker 29:48
Yeah. Or I'm like, man.

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Um, but yeah, especially because of what we do. You know, we're kind of out there and in social media, and guys constantly hitting on us. So I definitely need my next dude when I do start dating to be very, like confident within himself.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
Yeah, confident and secure and trusting is another thing. You know, I mean, you got to know that you are a public figure now. And you know, of course, you know, men and women are gonna throw themselves at you and the thing to do if you know they're dating you is just have trust in you and know that, you know, they're with you. And that's all that matters. Yeah, yeah. What about what about kids? You know, I know this is kind of like a deal breaker for some people. Would you date someone who has a kid in a prior relationship?

Unknown Speaker 30:41
Ah, I didn't my ex. It's not something I want to put my No, no, I won't know.

Unknown Speaker 30:50
I would try to be nice about it. But no, because I've done it. I got really attached to the kid and then it didn't work out and not Did I lose one person but I felt like I lost two and it's just it's thought, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 31:06
didn't realize that your your ex of nine years had a kid. So that means you are around this kid for nine fucking years.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
This is acts of violence. You could cut

Unknown Speaker 31:16
a fucking storm if you want.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Yeah, so it you know, it's it's thoughts and I just I don't want to put myself in that situation again. It's understandable.

Unknown Speaker 31:26
Yeah, you know, and I think the thing that you said it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you know, it's not your kid. It's the fact that if it doesn't work out, it's heartbreaking to lose two people instead of one.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
You know, I've never been in that situation. But I always knew that if I ever dated someone with a kid, you know, that would be something hard that we might have to go through if it didn't work out.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Yeah, it is hard.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
So are you you know, are you trying to stay away from younger guys like, what is your age range? Will you date someone younger than you. Are you in the

Unknown Speaker 32:01
older? No, I can't. I there's I don't know. Like, I personally feel like I'm younger shit. Someone a guy my age that's 2526 and I'm like, holy shit, you're so mature. Or maybe it's just the crowd I've been hanging out with I don't know, but I definitely think somebody's older and not not like crazy. I'm not asking for you know, any, like 40 or 35 just someone like in between 2630 in like early 30s Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:37
yeah, I, I was I was dating younger guys for like a long time and then I got like to my into my like my late 20s and like the guys still stayed young and then I turned 30 and they still stayed young and I was like, I gotta start dating older guys.

Unknown Speaker 32:55
like Oh, all right,

Unknown Speaker 32:56
I'm gonna be labeled a cougar pretty soon

Unknown Speaker 33:03
So, I mean, since you're not looking that must mean that you're not on any of these dating websites. You're younger than me. I'm 32. And I

Unknown Speaker 33:11

Unknown Speaker 33:12
I'm in a relationship right now and I'm completely happy. But sometimes I look at the people that are just swiping left and right. And I'm like, dude,

Unknown Speaker 33:20
you guys have it's so easy. It's like a little Rolodex.

Unknown Speaker 33:22
You don't immediately

Unknown Speaker 33:24
you don't have to actually go out. And like, do that awkward like in person, like go up to someone and if they shut you down, it's embarrassing. So I guess my question is, do you prefer online dating or like

Unknown Speaker 33:36
old fashioned in person? No, I don't even have an app. For online dating. I don't even know how to start.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
I, I prefer meeting someone. Like I like face to face chemistry. Like, if we click and we buy, you know, all that. Yeah, I mean, and then I'm a flare. So I tend to like hold Cast. Okay, let me show how strong

Unknown Speaker 34:03
you feel their muscles. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:06

Unknown Speaker 34:10
It's so strong. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
So I mean, I honestly feel like someone that your level of notoriety and you're becoming more and more popular it you would probably run into a lot of problems online dating because people might well you're beautiful so they're gonna want to like date you no matter what but they might be like, Oh, you're a UFC fighter like let me date you. Do you ever think that that might happen if you join online dating?

Unknown Speaker 34:37
So I probably I mean, it happened to me and I wasn't on my dating. I was talking to this guy. And the second he found out I was a UFC fighter. He kind of started bragging on his social media. Oh, and if I kind of bothered me, but I was like, Ah, I'm probably being Negative like stop it. And this dude was such a dick.

Unknown Speaker 35:07
So what am I say on his social media was like I'm hooking up with a UFC fighter or like

Unknown Speaker 35:13
yeah, so he would be on like on his Snapchat like, oh look at my girl like she can beat you guys up in the UFC and like, before he even knew I was in the UFC. He, it was nothing like that. And then he he did some grindy shit. I This has never happened to me before. This was like my first experience talking to someone that kind of used my platform a little bit. Um, he, he messaged some NFL coaches because he was he was trying to get drafted for the football. And he used my platform to message because I have a few NFL coaches that follow me on Twitter. And he met and he messaged them as if they were me. Oh my god. I had no idea he raised him. He, first of all the fact that I don't have a lock on my phone. So the fact that he knew that any gun on my phone just kind of already pisses me off. And then he tries to hide it and delete the messages. And then I seen it the next day when these coaches respond back. You're such a good girlfriend. Oh my god. I was like, Wait, what?

Unknown Speaker 36:19
So, invasion of privacy.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
Yes. And it and I told him I mean, I told my brothers everything is just because I don't know what to do in certain situ I'm like, Dude, this happened to me. And they're like, kick his ass to the curb. I was like, we'll do Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 36:38
God. I mean, but that's, you know, I've never had someone use us, me and my platform and now you just never know their intentions now.

Unknown Speaker 36:48
Yeah, you gotta be I guess wary of quote unquote fanboys. Yeah. You know, someone who's more interested in the fact that you're, you know, Popular fighter then Tracy Cortez you know and exactly, you know that's that's kind of what I was getting at, you know as far as like now you're in the spotlight and if you do join social media it's gonna be like, Oh, I know who this is. And you know, I just I feel like it sucks because you just want to be you just want to date someone and get to know them organically but but it's hard because they already know so much about you because that's the world we live in with social media. Just Google you and find out your entire history.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Exactly. Yeah, so when I meet new people, they're like follow me on Instagram. I don't want to

Unknown Speaker 37:33
just get my number text me

Unknown Speaker 37:35
you I'm sure you get a lot of people let's just call them what they are just creeps and troll I know in the in the DM How do you deal with because I you know, I personally have gotten some some weirdos and I know I'm just more like a block delete kind of person but like how do you deal with the the trolls and the creepy guys?

Unknown Speaker 37:56
I don't even respond to them. I just let them be. They don't Wanna talk shit? Go for it, whatever makes you feel better about yourself. You know, if you want to do it on my page and talk shit, go for it. I don't pay attention to you anyways,

Unknown Speaker 38:08
I feel like people aren't gonna talk shit to you. They're just gonna be like, like, you're so hot. Like, show me your feet.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
You know? That. I get I yeah, I get hit on a lot on Instagram. A lot of my requested messages are like, Oh, you're so beautiful mommy.

Unknown Speaker 38:26
Like, they're no be like, marry me and I'm just like, No.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
Sorry. So you you are bilingual. Hmm. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
So you're fluent in Spanish? Any other languages? No. Just Spanish in English. Spanish was my first language so Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 38:45
Yeah. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
So are you were your parents? Where were your parents from?

Unknown Speaker 38:53
It's all up South is called Eat up.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
I'm not even gonna say that.

Unknown Speaker 38:59
Yeah, far it's a beautiful, beautiful city to city. Very, very beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
And where's that?

Unknown Speaker 39:06
So it's about, I would say six to six and a half hours away from what? Aloha. Okay, I've heard of that. Yeah, yeah, that's probably like the closest place. I could tell you where it would be. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
Well, it's that time where I'm going to start getting into those deeper questions. So prepare yourself.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Okay, so we've all got it, and I don't know if it's super funny or awkward, but what was the loss of virginity story? Like, was it awkward? Was it beautiful?

Unknown Speaker 39:40
It was, it was, um, it was weird. You know, it wasn't nothing. spectacular. Crazy. Anything was just me and in their parents house. I was.

Unknown Speaker 39:58
Yeah, it was

Unknown Speaker 40:01
I could, I could say I was ready. You know, I've been put in situations where, where, before I lost my virginity where I would get scared. I'm like, Oh my god, no, I'm not ready. And then something hit where I'm like, you know, let's do this.

Unknown Speaker 40:20
No, it's not no, especially for girls. I think it's different for males, but for girls. I remember myself, it's like, you know, you want to like, be the, it has to be the perfect guy on a bed of roses, you know, like, and then all of a sudden you're like, Okay, it's never gonna be like that and you kind of get tired of, you know, waiting for the perfect time and then it just happens and I don't know it's awkward for me, but I don't know so was awkward for you to nothing special.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
No, I just didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
You know, what, do you do this?

Unknown Speaker 40:55
No one ever knows what they're doing their first time.

Unknown Speaker 40:57

Unknown Speaker 41:00
You know, I was I was stupid. I don't know what to say stupid. I was just young, naive, and I was like, You can be my boyfriend forever.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
You know, we're teenagers and I was like, okay, and he was my boyfriend for about three months. And then he left that alone. How old were you? I was I had just turned seven. I was like, 17

Unknown Speaker 41:22
That's good. Yeah, that's like, I'd say, especially nowadays, that's like later like a late bloomer. I mean, yeah. 15 and I feel like even me, like I you know, in the town that I was in it kind of depends on the crowd you grow up with, you know, but I remember kids were doing it like freshman year, and I was like, I think I wait till sophomore year, and they're like, Oh, geez, Ashley, and I'm like, feel like a prude.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
No, there was you know what in middle school there's girls that were pregnant and what oh, my God, I said the phone. So I was like, what's up? Me? I can cool as if I knew Oh, that's, yeah. Wow. You know,

Unknown Speaker 41:56
I learned about sex like in middle school, from your friends.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
No, I was too embarrassed because I didn't know anything and everyone was already like, fucking around and middle weight. middle like, like 1211 1213 you had looking back now in the cliche girls are crazy. Yeah, I guess because people are busy getting pregnant so early now. Yeah and I had three big brothers that just did not allow me like school home maybe front yard and maybe

Unknown Speaker 42:35
three pairs of eyes on you the whole time.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
It was horrible.

Unknown Speaker 42:39
But did your did your brother's like tell you like you better not have sex like,

Unknown Speaker 42:44
Oh, for sure. My oldest brother. He was he would tell me he goes yeah, go Jose went when are you gonna be this is me younger me. We're gonna have a boyfriend. He goes you know what you see you can have a boyfriend. You get married.

Unknown Speaker 42:56
Am I done? That's it. Okay. Okay. All right. All right, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Were your parents. Did your parents ever have the talk with you like the birds of the bees?

Unknown Speaker 43:07
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
I didn't know. Shit. I was I was so naive, bro. Like, when did you figure it out? like

Unknown Speaker 43:19
high school like what it was happening here?

Unknown Speaker 43:22
I would say

Unknown Speaker 43:25
oh, I was Dude, I was such a little rebel growing up. Um, when probably when I left

Unknown Speaker 43:36
my house when my dad kicked me out and a little bit a little bit for my wife before my dad kicked me out. That's when I had this little boyfriend. I remember his name. That's crazy. His name was Javier and he asked me what to do forever. And then he laughed and then my dad kicked me out and the next you know, I'm like, stay on my friends couches and for the I was naive. I was then I started Then I got my, my x and I got with my accent. He was a little bit older than me, so I learned a lot.

Unknown Speaker 44:07
Did your

Unknown Speaker 44:08
did your brother's approve of your ex? No, they hated him.

Unknown Speaker 44:12
So I guess you didn't listen to them. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 44:14
Yeah, no, I know. I didn't. I was a rebel and I did what I wanted.

Unknown Speaker 44:19
Now that you're older, and you're grinding and you're still very close to your brothers. Do you kind of when you when you start to like date someone or even like, you know, talk to someone? Do you kind of run it by your brother's 100% Yeah, but before I even bring up like, say I'm talking to someone just a friend of mine. Hey, bro. I'll tell them he did this. This Matt. Oh, how about Tracy and this is what I would do or like juniors having their running game on. You're. They're not taking you. You're just kind of give me little advice. I'm like, okay, and I'll kind of just keep laying. I'll keep it behind, like in the back of my head.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
That's good. If you have like insight To the male brain.

Unknown Speaker 45:01

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Okay, so speaking of talking of sex, do you abstain from sex before a fight? Is that something that, you know, I've had three other guests actually four because we had a couple for other guests. And they all say that they all have sex before a fight. It's a big myth. And they say that actually it helps them before a fight. What do you think about abstaining from sex before a fight?

Unknown Speaker 45:24
I don't know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 45:29
I don't recall ever having sex before a fight.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
I didn't even know it was is it really good for you? No, I mean, so it's typically they say for males it's bad sometimes because you know, you don't Yeah, something

Unknown Speaker 45:44
like that. And like that, you know, the release of testosterone like it leaves your body but you needed in your body but like, so. Yeah, so sometimes guys abstain. And I know sometimes girls, we tend to have sex more because it tends to produce more testosterone in our body. So But I mean, either do it you don't, it doesn't matter to you.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
No, I don't matter. No, whatever. It's whatever.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Alright, so this is where I can tell you're probably going to start getting a little shy. And I want to know about Tracy's kind of turn ons and turn offs in the bedroom.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
Ah, details What do you mean? Okay, so, actually, I came up with this new. I'm gonna call it a lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 46:33
Okay, it's like, I had a feeling you're gonna get shy, but I was like, You know what, I'm gonna drag it out of her. So I'm gonna, like, name off some things and you just either say yes or no, there's no, you can't you can't go. Well, maybe a little you just gotta go. Yes. No. Yes, yes. No. Okay. Are you ready? love y'all. Okay. Dirty talk in bed. Yes or no? Yeah, like to be spanked Yes or no? Oh yeah, baby. Yeah, joking. Yeah, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 47:10
rubbles done let's go lightning round.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
Okay. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 47:17
Yeah. Do any fetishes like feet.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
I plead my fifth amendment.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
bondage. I've never tried that. No. Okay, that's it. Girl. You have been so awesome. I mean, unless there's any kind of kinky, weird sex stories where some guy asked you to do something weird that you want to share with us.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
Ah, no, no, no, I've had enough.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Thank you so much, Tracy. Now, I mean, you're not done. There's two two segments of the show that we play. One's called Fuck, Marry, Kill and then we're gonna end with fan questions. But right now are you ready for Fuck, Marry, Kill

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Kill one go. I think we're done. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
So if you don't know what it is you basically have to choose from three three people okay? You got to come up to fuck one marry one and kill one you got to choose Okay, so get it all right and you're number one, Mike Perry. Number two Colby Covington and number three, Henry pseudo

Unknown Speaker 48:34
Oh, why would you do that?

Unknown Speaker 48:37
Right there cuz it makes it interesting and awkward.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
Ah that is very awkward. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
Got Mike Perry. Colby Covington and Henry city yet a fuck one marry one kill one. Go

Unknown Speaker 48:53
Ah, that's just awkward.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Um jeez Mike. Okay. My purse that dude with tattoos, right? Yeah. Okay, and what is it Fuck, marry and kill?

Unknown Speaker 49:10
I would. Henry I love you, so I would have to kill you bro. Brother.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Yo Henry I'll kill him. Um fuck marry Okay, it's like that you

Unknown Speaker 49:24
know marry Colby or fuck Colby or marry micro fuck Mike.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Ah ah the fact that I would have to like leave or marry Colby is not even Um, can I kill Coby to You got it.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
Okay, I'm gonna kill everybody

Unknown Speaker 49:53
okay, I will

Unknown Speaker 49:58
fuck Mike Mary Colby on because I can get a divorce. That's

Unknown Speaker 50:03
okay girl Good job

Unknown Speaker 50:07
No, I gave you some hard ones I was liked it because I gave I've had a couple different ones actually you at least you got like, I don't know like what I did

Unknown Speaker 50:19
I give you a better list.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
I gotta make it hard for you.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Thanks, girl. Okay, last segment here on sex and violence is always fan questions cross. Check.

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Man, did I get just a you know, waterfall of questions from all types of different people, like I said, tons of marriage proposals. You know, who will she date be? Tell her this tell her that. But it's okay. First question is from Adam underscore. I hope I don't pronounce this wrong, Arab shy and he says how do you balance it? dating life as a young female fighter, and are guys intimidated when they realize you're a successful fighter who has brothers that also train?

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Yeah, so, one if I have time I'll have time and if not, I'm not gonna make time I just don't have time. So uh, but yeah, a lot of I do find that the guys I end up talking to do find it intimidating and that's where the insecurities Come. Where Oh shit, she's successful. She's fighting. Oh my god, her brothers are fighters. So yeah, it's it's, it's it's not easy, but again, I'm not looking either. So yeah, well, you

Unknown Speaker 51:36
know what, when they show those insecurities, it just weeds them out Bubba? Yeah. Number two at Eric's underscore xo says How do you feel about the top five in your weight class? And if you were offered a fight with one of them tomorrow, would you take it?

Unknown Speaker 51:52
Um, who's the top five?

Unknown Speaker 51:56
Right. Well, I've only thought bantamweight in for the UFC. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 52:01
I definitely don't want to fight. The girl that won 35 they're just way too big. Yeah. So I would say I won 25 when I go back down I honestly I feel pretty confident. I think I could hang with the top five. I I personally think I belong in the top five.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Yeah, I mean, I love it. That's a great answer. Tracy and I agree. You've what you've only had your contender series fight and then one other fight in the UFC. Correct? Yeah, yeah. So you're just just a matter of time. You got to prove it. So you'll be there soon enough. And then number three at Armando Diaz. Seven ca wants to know your point of view on ethical monogamy. I mean, I think we kind of already know it. You just talked about being cheated on and how that affected you and how it's bullshit.

Unknown Speaker 52:49

Unknown Speaker 52:50
It's kind of a silly question. Yeah. I think having four was, Oh, you know, open relationship or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 52:57
Yeah. No, no, I'm not about that.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
I like my mind to be mine.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
Yeah. I mean, takes a specific kind of person to be in an open relationship, I think and I think we're both alpha females. And we're like, nope,

Unknown Speaker 53:13
mine. Yeah, exactly like no other girls sleeping in his bed.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Okay, so this one actually comes from my friend. He's a photographer. It's at Esteban Marquez photography. Would you ever do a broodwar? lingerie or implied nude photoshoot?

Unknown Speaker 53:31
Um, I'll do nude for ESPN. No. lingerie. I think I've done laundry before. I have Yeah. Yeah, it's in my I put I posted one picture with this ographers His name is Carlos. here and he's based in Phoenix. He's amazing. It's the one with the crown. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Yeah. And when I posted that my my phone almost exploded because everybody was like, whoo. Yeah, that was that was that photo. So okay. So you've done that. Yeah, I think everybody's hoping that you do more.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Oh, I know, right. I'm not sure I'm not sure.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
All right, last question number six. It's at Sal Castillo 22. What type of music gets you in the mood? And what's your go to song?

Unknown Speaker 54:17
in the mood? Oh, I think

Unknown Speaker 54:19
he means like the mood. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Yeah. I would say it would have to be

Unknown Speaker 54:30
just some good r&b, you know? Yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 54:35
what's a good r&b song? I don't like Tori lanes. He has some good little soul jams. Right. And it gets it gets me going. I got no idea who that is. But I'll tell you

Unknown Speaker 54:45
what. No. There you go. Look at me. You know, I'm all punk rock and rock and oh, my God, how would you do? Oh

Unknown Speaker 54:58
no, I'm not planning to slip in. chord before I get it on Jay Z Oh,

Unknown Speaker 55:07
girl I love you. Thank you so much for doing this you've been awesome. I guarantee this is gonna probably, you know, be the top number of downloads that I've we've gotten here so far in sex and violence. You're such a great person and and thank you again. Thank you Ashley, you miss you hope but hopefully we hang out soon we'll see each other soon when the world gets back to normal.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
Alright, talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
That's a wrap on episode four. It was so nice to have a single lady on the podcast. My goal is to try and get the entire spectrum covered here on sex and violence. We've had Guys, girls, singles couples, and I don't want to give away my next week's guest. But I'm really excited to have a representative for the LGBTQ community on the podcast as well. Whether you're single or married, gay, straight, bisexual or just trying to masturbate for the rest of your life, I hope you can connect to some of these fighters in in some way. Because regardless of your sexual orientation, race or background or beliefs, we're all the same human. Remember to be kind to each other out there guys. Take time to laugh. And if you like this podcast, help it grow. Tell at least one person send a text tweet dm also, I would love it if you guys could do some ratings and reviews that really helps to thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions. big thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJ soul at DJ zoll tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find me again on sex and violence with rebel girl and my personal page. At Ashlee MMA, subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex

Unknown Speaker 57:05
and violence.

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