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Episode 6: Tecia "Tiny Tornado" & Raquel "Rocky" Pennington

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girls.

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We interviewed top

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level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. Hot Stuff,

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and we're back. So I know we're all still navigating the rocky waters and the shitstorm that is the year 2020. But one positive can be taken away, despite all the despair and heartaches we've been dealing with. I believe that so real change is going to happen. And we've seen some most recently in the Supreme Court ruling that came last Monday. Here's a blurb I took from the New York Times that reads quote, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday, June 15, that a landmark civil rights law protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination, handling the movement from LGBTQ equality, alongside an unexpected victory. Until Monday's decision, it was legal and more than half of the states to fire workers for being gay, bisexual or transgender. The vastly consequential decision thus extended workplace protections to millions of people across the nation, continuing a series of Supreme Court victories for gay rights. Well, first of all, it's kind of hard to believe that it was legal to discriminate based on those factors up until last Monday, but I'm happy with the ruling all the same. Let's hope that more change follows in the movement for equality in all genders and races. July is right around the corner and instead of summer barbecues, pulled parties and music festivals COVID-19 is still very much a thing. So our summers including the methods and location in which we conduct MMA fights will be very different than the summers of the past. But before we talk about July, there's still one more week left of June, which is Pride Month, and I'm happy to bring you an MMA couple who identify in the LGBTQ realm and are actively bringing awareness to the fighting world. These two ladies are nothing short of LGBTQ superheroes and amazing role models no matter how you identify. I can't wait for you to hear this week's episode. Today's guest talk about skin tone vers color dildos, two girls one driver seat, sex at Dave and Busters and so much more. Fresh off their respective wins this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at the UFC Apex center. Here are UFC fighters Rock Hill,

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Rocky Pennington and T shirt, tiny tornado Torres

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Hey guys, thanks for coming on the show. How are you guys doing today?

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Pretty good. How are you?

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I'm good I'm not coming off a win this past weekend. What are you guys doing to celebrate

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being lazy

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Do you just whole bunch of bullcrap

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yeah well you guys deserve it t shirt you said you guys were shopping earlier would you guys get

Unknown Speaker 3:45
we have not purchased anything yet but we're shopping looking around at RV

Unknown Speaker 3:49
oh dang big time shopping like the motorhome RV.

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Yeah, we want to do a road trip down to Florida to see Keyshia family in South Florida. And then she My family up in North Florida and then it's going to be my nephew's birthday. And since we're always like, on the road and away from home, we want to take our gang with us so we need a little motorhome or RV to pack up our clan.

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Yeah, that sounds fun. Sounds like it's gonna be pretty pricey, but I guess you guys got two wins. So you're not worried about that.

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So speaking of fighting, what's next for each of you guys? I mean, do you guys have anything lined up? Are you trying to fight during the quarantine still in the COVID times or do you want to take a little bit of time off?

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I think we're both open to the idea of it again soon. Just we want to go on that little vacation in July. So probably a good three months from now three, four months, maybe at least. I yeah, I want a little bit of time off. Just to kind of decompress a little bit. I mean, we were hanging out in quarantine and then we went into zero to 100 in a quick camp. I've been super fun, but I definitely want to go enjoy some family time do some fishing and kind of just hang out and enjoy some of the summer.

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That's nice. I mean, you guys thought for the first time on the same one not the same card. This is the first time you guys have fought while you're in a relationship on the same card, correct?

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Is this something you guys want to continue to do? Or is it not gonna be the normal?

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Going off the results? Yes, but I don't know if it would be the normal. I wouldn't mind doing it again the future again, I'd probably want to start first and then her fight second. I told her to that we need to keep the like the idea of it going I've been trying to get teach on the same card as me for a while but she hasn't wanted to she's obviously more emotional and gets way too nervous. But overall, I mean, I think she learned that it was like fun and fight week was super smooth and just the way we balanced fight camp and everything. Um, you know, it kind of gave us both something to focus on instead of one of us being in camp, and then the other one not being in camp and having to pick up all the slack. Like we just had a better dynamic all around. Yeah,

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I mean, I could see it going both ways where one person gets catered to, and the other person isn't in camp. So they kind of are the more, you know, they're, they're playing to the person and the other person, then vice versa gets switched around. But this time, you guys just both have to be tough. And no one gets special treatment, I guess. Right?

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Yeah, it was kind of fun, though. Because, like, usually, it's like either, I'm in Canberra, and then I go out of camp and then teach the building camp. So it just feels like a year long, consistent thing, as opposed to right now like we're both in camp, we're able to separate it and we just found a better balance together to where it was just like we work together as a team. And then now we're both out of Camp so we both can kind of like relax and decompress instead of like trying to plan a trip. Then, maybe one of us going back into camp because it was always hard to try to do that. Like, it's like, okay, as soon as I'm done busting my butt and fighting, then let's go on a vacation, and then all of a sudden, Tisha would get offered a fight. And we couldn't make that happen. You know, I mean, exactly. So now you guys can celebrate together. Yeah,

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that's cool. Well, whether it's a month from now, or three months from now, do either one of you have someone specifically in mind?

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For me, No, I just like to fight someone in the top 10. Now, since that girl wasn't in the top 10 mm. I want to fight within range, I think shifts. So I want anyone in the top five. I mean, obviously, everybody's going to bring a different challenge to the table. But I have one goal that I'm trying to get back to. And so anybody above me,

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of course, makes sense. I mean, you guys don't want to

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specifically call anyone out.

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I'd fight any of the girls I've fought and lost you, too. I don't really care. I just want to I just want to get my name back in there and get in that mix again.

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That's true. Whoever's in your way to the belt, right? Yeah.

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So okay, but MMA aside, this is called sex and violence for a reason. I want to talk about your guys's relationship. You know, you guys are this awesome cute wonder couple but can you bring us back? How did you guys meet? How long have you guys been together who made the first move all that.

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So, we met in 2012. I was already fine with Invicta Fighting Championships, and she she was making her pro debut. So that's when we originally met and then we were just kinda friends like, throughout the fight, world fight world. Yeah, we have each other and then we both got signed to UFC. Myself plus, my family has always been a fan of T shirts. So we always supported her and whatnot and then when we both got signed to the UFC. We're constantly seeing each other and running into each other meet and greets. So we would kind of just hang out and then at UFC 200 that we can a UFC 200. We're both guests fighters. So we went out for international fight week. And I don't I always tell teacher that she finally got smart, because she was dating all her little boyfriends and stuff. Last weekend. That weekend is kind of when everything unfolded. So we're actually getting to come up on four years and a couple weeks.

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Oh, wow. Four years. That's awesome. So I mean, I saw you proposed a while back on Instagram. How did that happen?

Unknown Speaker 9:43
So we were dating

Unknown Speaker 9:46
for a kind of happened kind of quick, but I guess one of those things when you know, you know, everything kind of just showed that weekend of international fight week. We were kind of flirting with each other. Little bit. And then it was funny. It was just like really awkward. Like, with every other girl, I've kind of like always made the move and just been like that person with T shirt. I was just like, I was picking up on a vibe from her. But I was like, I don't know. So, me and my buddy, we were laughing and he was like, No, I think like this is happening. And I was like, I don't know. Well, then she had a really awkward way of like trying to flirt with me that weekend. And then I remember we were in the taxi car and we threw her hand was like really close to mine. And I was so nervous. I tried to actually, like, I'm gonna reach over, you know, and just be all smooth and grab your hand in the queue. And in the process of thinking about it, like you went great in my head, but when I actually did it, I just like, grabbed your hand and freaked out. So I looked at her ring and then I like, literally threw her hand at her. And I was like, Okay, and then that Sunday how to lead back home and there's Sitting in her room talking for a while. And then I ended up having catch my flight. And she was like, she told me to come back. And I was like, Well, if you're kind of serious about things come visit me in Colorado. So I'm pretty sure Keyshia had a flight booked within like 30 seconds, the following weekend to Colorado. And then our relationship kind of just kicked off from there. She, uh, we had a great weekend. And then before she left, she was like, you know, I want to be exclusive and try this. So we were dating for 10 months, and then that's when she decided that she wanted to move to Colorado instead of me going to Florida. So she moved here and we I bought us a house and we were having a housewarming party and everything just felt right and her mom and one of her really good friends flew into town and so I kind of just like talked to her mom about it and spoke to my family about it and it just everything kind of fell into place and happen so I asked her to marry me in front of all of our close family and friends who Wow.

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So, okay, real quick back to the the hand throwing situation

Unknown Speaker 12:06
teesha was this like, Okay, this is her obvious attempt at, you know, making a move but wasn't so smooth. What did you think about that that hand throwing situation?

Unknown Speaker 12:17
I thought it was really funny things like, I could tell the whole weekend she wanted to, like kiss me or something, but she never did. And like, I had never been with a girl. I was just like, waiting for her to make a move. And she never did when she like we were there for like four days together. I remember one of the nights went up to one of the clubs and whatnot. And I would like to little subtle things like I held her hand in the club like China and like to follow me and walk with me. And I would like talk across the room to my friend but like leaned over and like touch her legs, little things like that. Just you know, whatever, you know. And then the last day when she came to my room, and she's like, let me see your tattoo. So I thought she was gonna kiss me because she leaned over my bottom my whole body and look at my I tell you and then she just like went back to hugging the pillow or something. So then she had to leave before me. So she left the room and about the whole time. She's just doing like, just tell her come back, tell him to come back. And by the time I got like the nerves to do those, like 15 minutes later and she was already at the airport, I was like, come back and kiss me and she's like, I'm already at the airport. I have no idea why it was so like, I felt like Keisha was the first girl I ever had a crush on. I don't know what was going on. And then she had, we had like, the most awkward way of just flirting with each other. It was hilarious. Because I remember at UFC 200 some fans came up to me and then some of the other fighters and they all want to take pictures. I was standing up taking pictures with everybody and T shirt reaches over and pinches my mexi room. I'm like, What in the world but she was like, I just wanted to touch you and I was like, sure you had a pinch my neck.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
I don't remember that part. But somebody is that.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
I'm gonna go ahead and assume that your mexi role is your Mexican lovable like

Unknown Speaker 13:59
you My little

Unknown Speaker 14:02
helmet here that everybody's like, you should get that 125 pounds because you can lose that but it does not go anywhere. I mean, I get it. Oh, I can I can

Unknown Speaker 14:12
tribute to that I've always got some kind of little pooch going on to I call it my little kangaroo pouch. That's where I would have a little Joey if I had a baby.

Unknown Speaker 14:22
Okay, so I can understand rocky been a little hesitant because it sounds like I'm going to ask you both now, how you identify sexually because Rocky, it sounds like you were out to the public long before you and Tisha started hanging out. Am I correct?

Unknown Speaker 14:38
Yeah, so I actually came out. Um, I started like I've always known, but then probably around like 15 is when I started getting really curious. And then I came out opens in high school and then when I went on to the Ultimate Fighter, I like probably spoke about it. The One of the production guys actually asked me he had a brother who was struggling and asked if any of us would be willing to because there was other bisexual girls in the house that wanted, but they weren't like really wanting to talk about it. And I was like, you know, that was basically my platform to where I stood up for myself.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
That's cool. Yeah, I mean, so, you were you were out around the age of 15. And then publicly publicly, when the TV show hit t shirt, I guess. So Rocky, so do you identify as gay or bisexual?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
No, so, um, I mean, if you had to put a label on it, I've never really actually put a label on myself, but I would consider myself a straight lesbian. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
And, Tisha, it sounds like rocky was the first girl you've ever been with. And you were with males before that. How would you identify us sexually

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Same thing with her. I don't like labels and stuff like that. But if I was to identify something, I'm bisexual woman, but I've learned since the last four years, there's lots of ways to identify. But I would say pansexuality is probably what I would best identify myself with the like, I love persons or people sorry for who they are, no matter their gender. I love that

Unknown Speaker 16:26
orientation. Mm hmm. That's awesome. And so did you. I mean, I guess you know, if Rocky is the first woman you are an only woman you've ever been with. How was your family? Rocky you said that you proposed in front of all your family members. You know, both of you, including myself we do this career that's definitely you know, in society's eyes just like What does not lady like and then on top of that, you both are you know, you've come out as either gay or bisexual, whatever have have your family members always been supportive.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
So mine Actually, my family is extremely supportive. Now, back in the day, obviously when it when I came out and stuff, my family actually had a hard time with it. They like I was raised in a very Catholic family. And even though I've had presidents who are gay and lesbian, my mom had a really hard time, like trying to understand her own daughter and then she kind of would always throw it at me and mind you, like my mom is my best friend. So she's there through everything before it to like really impact our relationship. So it did like it was it was pretty tough. But she would throw guys at me for the longest time like telling me all these cute guys, I should go date them. I should do this. It's just a phase. Like I've heard all the things and then when they aired my episode on the Ultimate Fighter and I spoke about Being lesbian and stuff. It was kind of crazy because my whole family got together and they were just so excited. And then when everything started coming out, they it you can hear crickets in the room. Like it was just really awkward. And that night me and my mom got to sigh and she just told me that I disrespected my grandparents and all this other stuff. And we fought because it was like, you know, I didn't disrespect anybody. Instead, I stood up for who I am. And I couldn't be more proud. And I think a lot of it came from for one, it was just something different. And then for two, I think she was scared of like the backlash and the consequences of the world. But then all of like, the letters and the messages I started getting and people reaching out to me and like, it was just it was so empowering that like, I think that fear she had she was able to start getting past it. So my family came around fairly quick after that. And it's been completely fine for me.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
So Good to hear Tisha, did you have a similar situation?

Unknown Speaker 19:04
Um, it hasn't been too bad at this point. Everybody, not everybody, everyone, with the exception of my sister has come to terms with it from my mom when I told her. My my, with me and my mom, I don't tell my mom about my relationships, and I never really tell her about anybody. So the fact that I told her about her tell, she was like when I told her she's like, you never tell me about anybody. Why are you telling me about her? And only because I care about her, this person I really care about. But when she was asking, I was like, yeah, Mama start talking to somebody new. And she's like, oh, what's his name? Blah, blah, blah. I'm like, well, he's a she. And she's like, no, not my daughter. I can't believe this. That's disgusting, blah, blah, blah. But after she liked metric owl, and you know, a few months later, within like probably five or six months, she was definitely much more I guess accepting of it and okay with it and she really loves her County. She's an awesome girl. My dad took him a little bit of time to get through it. He still is like, kind of iffy on it but he respects our relationship and respect for Joe as a person. Everybody else is pretty much okay with it just my sister I've had a really hard time with her and that causes me a lot of emotional pain and she like won't even meet Raquel she won't even let me say her name around her. Raquel will never meet my nephew or niece my sister throws a Bible at me it's it's really honestly hard. Because my sister's 11 months older than me, so we're supposed to be close and stuff but this is really put a tear in my relationship with my sister because you know, I'm not gonna back down from her. I feel like my sister disrespects me by not even letting me speak about retail, or even know meeting her for Her, you know, I would never disrespect her. I would never do anything in front of her. I would just, you know, be friendly with her cowl in front of her, but she won't have it.

Unknown Speaker 21:09
on me. That's so unfortunate. I really hope that she does come around eventually.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
I hope so too. And it's like, in the beginning, I understood her. She's like, Oh, you know, she would say, oh, maybe this is just a phase bah bah, bah, bah. I mean, four years later, and we're still a year so she needs to get over herself.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
Yeah, man,

Unknown Speaker 21:30
that's rough. So I'm assuming that when rocky proposed she wasn't there,

Unknown Speaker 21:34
no, she wasn't there and I couldn't tell her about it because I can't speak to her about anything. So that's why I feel like really put her wrist in it cuz I mean, she's my sister and we're so close in age and you would think like, I want to run to her and tell her you know, I got engaged and I want to when I do plan our wedding, I want her to be my you know, I'd want her to be my best. Right But he called that best woman bridesmaid maid of honor

Unknown Speaker 22:01
But I can't because she doesn't want anything to do with it.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Yeah, that's a hard one you know, I guess he can only just just keep doing what you guys are doing you guys are just being a great couple you know i mean when you see each other on Instagram and I fully aware that social media is only a part of what we allow people to see but you know in our lives but you guys seem to be you know, just a romantic lovey dovey couple out of the two of you who would you say the most romantic is

Unknown Speaker 22:30

Unknown Speaker 22:32
Pretty romantic, but fuchsia, so like our love languages are just very different. And then teesha like, she very much so likes to keep up with all the dates and all the world things and she's the one that like, wants to do date night every week and stuff like that. So she tries to stay up with that. I'm the kind that like, I feel like if we're watching a movie together and cuddled up on the couch, that's quality time. She wants to have like all the conversations and talk about all our deep intimate feelings and so I'll give her the credit on that one.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Yeah, it's funny that you say that because I'm so the UFC post in your little like, post fight, walk back to the, you know, like the locker room, and you're on the phone with Tisha and you guys are facetiming, right. And I was like thinking to myself, like, teachers like, Oh, I'm so proud of you. Kiss Kiss, and you're like, thanks, but

Unknown Speaker 23:29
yeah, basically. And I'm like, that's probably like,

Unknown Speaker 23:32
a good depiction of their relationship. Right? They're like, uh,

Unknown Speaker 23:35
let me let me let me do like me do.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
Yeah, my mom. My mom is funny because she's always like, you know, you're my daughter and everything she's like, but we've obviously grown up being best friends and stuff. So she'll talk to me about like everything and I talked to her about everything. And then everybody who I give advice to or like, just talk to them. They're all like, You're like a female and you can explain things with like the female mentality but then like, you have like this dude's personality. So you're kind of like the best of both worlds. And sometimes I'll just talk to my mom and she's like, you sound like a straight guy, right? I don't want to talk to you. It's very much so like that, like, I'm just more mellow and chill. And she shows like, I love you 500 times a day. Yeah, I love you.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
I don't think that has anything to do with being gay. And I don't think that has anything to do with being a fighter. Because, you know, I myself, find myself being really really mushy with my partners. But I've also had partners, males that were like overbearingly. Like, let me Let's cuddle let's do this. Oh, my God, right. She's come down. So they just depends on what kind of person you are. So I'm really excited to have both of you guys on I had Nina on last week. And we talked a little bit about Pride Month and kind of like what it meant to her. She's very funny. She wasn't very, like, you know, I'm an advocate and she was just like, Nah, I'm gay. And uh, do my thing. And I'm like, cool, you know? And so I'm just gonna ask you guys pretty much the same thing like, it's June. It's Pride Month. I do want to talk about how you guys were involved in the lettering on the fight kits, if you guys want to explain a little bit about how that came to be.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Yeah. So I just had the idea of wanting rainbow on my bike kit. So I contacted the Reebok people and they're like, well, that's above our whatever. So they made me email some other lady who's in charge of the Reebok, I guess. Whole sponsorship thing with UFC. She never got back to me honestly. But I know Raquel you know has Dana's number so Raquel gladly text Dana for me and asked him if I could ramble on our uniform and he said, hell yeah. So then it just happened from there. When I showed up though. I looked at the uniforms. I was like, there's more than just my uniform a rainbow on it. What's going on here? Went to the equipment room and she's seen. She was so excited for our outfits. And I mean, they look sweet for sure. And then all of a sudden, she looked on the rack and seen other fighters and she's like, Oh, hell no, she's like, I asked her this. We were just laughing. So then when we had to do our pre fight, interviews and stuff and talk to them, there, she was, like, You guys better make sure that I'm on I get some credit for this. And they're like, we got it. We won't talk about it until Keyshia walked out. And sure enough, they did it. But, you know, I think overall, it was super cool. Just being able to, we are able to stand on a platform where we're living our dream. And, you know, I mean, doing our passion fighting and whatnot every single day. And so it's just like to have this opportunity and stand up for our community and whatnot. You know, I mean, I think that just it makes other people feel apart and it makes them feel loved too. So it's like, yeah, I'm very much so like, I'm a lesbian, and whatever. But like, I, I don't go over and beyond to like, I'm kind of like Nina like, I just do my thing and like, I'm very comfortable in my own skin and I'm proud of who I am. And I mean, we'll go to like, the different threads and stuff and like, hang out with our friends and do whatever. But like, I don't go out and do all these crazy things, but just to have like, an opportunity to where we're doing something that we absolutely love what we're able to represent. I mean, it's super empowering and meaningful. So I think it was I think it was really cool to just that UFC also is super supportive and except for all that and they support like these moments.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Yeah, super cool. I was actually talking to my boyfriend I was like, look at the rainbow look at the rainbow and then they weren't talking about it weren't talking about I'm like, how are they not gonna bring up the fact there's like rainbow lettering, and then Tisha walked out it was like, well, Tisha, contacted I'm like, Okay, here we go. So, you got your you got your your, your love for that situation. I think It's such a cool thing because, you know, Rocky, you said you feel comfortable in your own skin, but a lot of people don't. And the cool thing about you and Tisha and Nina and Amanda and any other, you know, gay or bisexual, anyone different, who is comfortable in their own skin and has this big platform to talk about it like you did on the show, or like, Tisha, you're like, let's get rainbow you know, like, it's amazing, because not everyone can be a part of, like you said, supporting your community. So I think it was amazing. I was like, I can't wait to ask them about that. That's a cool thing you guys did.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Yeah. You know, I just had an overall poor vibe. Like obviously you're gonna have people in this world everybody has opinions and that's never going to change with whatever it is but just even the other fighters like I know it's something that Trisha was expecting just for her and I but just the fact that they offered it to the other athletes and the other athletes jumped on board and was representing fat as well and mixed up their fight kids or even like a O'Malley when He dyed his hair and stuff, like just all the different things, you know, I mean, it, it like represents something whether they're intentionally meaning to do it for that or whether it is their intention behind it like, like you said, there's a lot of people who are not comfortable in their own skin. And it was just, you know, the simple lettering on our uniforms. Do you know how many messages I've read to where people were just like, you know, we felt like respected and we felt like a part of everything and represented and we couldn't be more grateful like it's just a small things in life that really makes a huge impact.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
I agree. I mean, I'm moving here like, you know, like and wieners and whatnot, but I felt moved, you know,

Unknown Speaker 29:39
I was like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:40
gays, you know, like, equal rights and I just felt good about it. It made me like all like warm inside. And, you know, one thing one question I had about it, so each fighter was given the choice to wear the rainbow lettering.

Unknown Speaker 29:57
That's all apparently after we got approved They sent an email to the fighters, giving them the option of putting a bow on their fight kit. And I think that was what there was 10 dots that night, we fought and there was eight different fighters who had the rainbow fight kit, which I mean, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
I just think like, why would you not have it? You know, I mean, unless you're afraid of someone thinking you're gay. Oh, no, no, like, yes, he was real silly. I mean, when I won't call this person out, but someone specifically, I'm like, I knew that person wouldn't have it. I just I saw their fight skirt and was like, yep, you're the kind of person that wouldn't have it. But it's all good. We will talk crap. So anyway, there was this new Supreme Court ruling I'm sure you both have heard about it, where it's now illegal to discriminate against your how you sexually identify whether you're bisexual, transgender, or gay. And that was last Monday, it was June 15. So with this, I mean, it's silly that it wasn't already a law you know, but um, This Do you think we'll start seeing maybe more openly gay male fighters?

Unknown Speaker 31:05

Unknown Speaker 31:09
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
I don't know if there really are any I think I'm sure there's a couple of Yeah, I'm sure there's a few but like, as far as everyone I've crossed passes, like, I mean, especially if they are gay and whatnot. Like most of them feel comfortable talking to us and stuff like that. But like, honestly, like, I haven't really come across any in the MMA community. But I think overall, I mean, times are obviously changing. So people are continuously coming out of their shells. And

Unknown Speaker 31:44
I mean, yeah, no. Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 31:48
mean, I feel like it's One more. One more comfort. One more thing that might make someone feel okay to come out. You know, I mean, just statistically, I'm not a numbers girl, but I feel like okay, there's five 100 you know, fighters on the roster and for let's say one in every 10 people are gay or something like that, you know? Yeah, I feel like there's probably, you know, a gay fighter out there who doesn't feel like he can come out. But I would love to see that for sure.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
Oh, for sure. I mean, I think it would be awesome. I don't know, this world honestly just needs to get to a place where everything was to stop the discrimination, the racism, like all the nonsense. I mean, everybody is we're all our own unique person. And I mean, that's what makes the world beautiful. You know, I mean, it's just like, some people need to stop like segregating themselves from different things. And then others need to stop discriminating and doing all the things and we all just need to love ourselves and love everyone around us. And obviously, it's a lot easier said than done, because it's not happening. But I mean, this world would be so different if everybody just focused on the life that they're living and just accepted the people around them. Because I mean, you may not agree with me being gay, but you're not living my Life and then shit I might not agree with you being heterosexual. You know, I mean, like, it's just like, but it's not the life I'm living and that's that's where it just gets crazy and it gets confusing and then the social media, it gives people so much access to kind of just like they have so much personal stuff going on that they're projecting at other people or it's just like, it's such a like vulnerable place and it gives people access to your life to like, reach you and say, the dumbest crap you know,

Unknown Speaker 33:32
yeah, I mean, I have come across some horrible messages myself. What are some things that you unfortunately some bad things that you I know you guys get some great things probably like you said before, you know, thank you for being you. I feel comfortable, I feel represented. What are some, you know, not so nice things that you guys have to deal with? Social media wise.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
I've done I think I've been called every name in the books that you can possibly call Somebody and for some reason people like get really hooked on the dye cord and it's just like, you know, it's just okay like I like women but I don't understand why people go to the extent that they do but they'll just talk a lot of shit either kind of down as fighters in general like Thomas that we all the things like where we basically are going to go to hell and disgusting or disgusting man and woman should be I should be men and women, not girl and girl, nothing creative hit in the head too much all the normal stuff. Yeah, all the stuff that I mean, you're gonna add on I've heard it for years. And so it's just like, at this point, it's kind of just like funny. I mean, we'll get the faces were like, they'll write 100 of the little faces of like the throw up faces or like covers of turn it together and it's just like, you know, if you don't, that's what I'm saying. Like, why do you take the time Come to our pages and write something so ridiculous that really it kind of just humors us at this point, because you're the one wasting your time. You're not gonna affect us. But yeah, we hear we hear all kinds of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
I'm sorry, you guys have to deal with that. And I hope that that never deters you from putting your love out there because a lot of people are really benefiting from it. You know, I know you're gonna get bad things. It's just the way our stupid society is. But I hope that doesn't change the way you guys project your love. It's awesome. And it's contagious for the gays, the straights, like, you know, yeah. For the sixth portion of sex and violence, I gotta ask you guys a sex question. And so one thing that you guys said earlier, Tisha rock is rocky the first woman you've been with, or the only woman? Yeah, first only. Okay, so my question is, when you were with men before you know you say you're you know, identify as you know, bisexual or even you don't want to label on it but did it always did sex with men feel not normal or not? Not as good as with a woman? How was that? You know what kind of like a hot light bulb moments, if any Did you have when you had sex with a woman?

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Um, it's not that it was they, they're both good, but it's much different with a girl I don't know if it's just for cows, as you know, I don't have anybody to compare her to. But um, maybe she's just you know, like

Unknown Speaker 36:34
it's definitely for, for honestly, between in our relationship. I feel like being with a woman it's more emotional than physical. And having that emotional connection makes it that much better when we are physical because I know how much I care about her and how much she cares about me and then I just feel like the way that you're touched by a female is a lot different than a man and I've come to learn it's because she knows How she likes being such as a female. So then when you know when she does it to me, it's just it feels good, I guess. Like, she knows what feels good because it feels good on her. So she does it to me. Of course.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
Yeah, that makes total sense.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
Yeah. The first time I kissed I was the first weekend where I came to Colorado, and we're just laying there watching Netflix or whatever. Then we decided to go to sleep. And like I'm right next to her like pedaling or whatnot. And in my head, I'm like, excuse me just get to discuss it for at least like 20 minutes and then all of a sudden I'm seriously having like a panic attack. Like I'm shaking like uncontrollably as either girls like heart beating out of her chest like it was. It was so intense like even if Keyshia and I broke up and we went our separate ways and I like fell in love down the road and forgot completely about my path. I would never forget mine teaches first kiss because it was so one of the fine like I was like, are you okay? All of a sudden, like, we had our first kiss, and then she had this crazy combo over her. And then her heart beat was like back to normal. Yeah, I was very nervous. But um, yeah, it's definitely a lot different. I don't know how much you want to hear, because

Unknown Speaker 38:16
I want to hear all about it.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
I never knew.

Unknown Speaker 38:26
I never had experience prior to this, like, normally it's like, it happens. And I'm done. But with her, or at least when I know when I experienced for the first time it happened. And then it was able to happen again and again

Unknown Speaker 38:43
for multiple orgasms.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Like oh my god, like yeah, you're welcome. Like, the whole like using toys and stuff like that I'd never experienced before. I know, you know, some heterosexual couples use toys as well, but I never used anything.

Unknown Speaker 39:02
That was a whole new light as well.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Yeah, that sounds awesome. I'm actually still. I'm like, hey, boyfriend, you want to go to the sex shop?

Unknown Speaker 39:12
I've done i'm not i'm not a prude over here. But I've yet to experiment. I'm actually more excited. I don't want to like lead anything out yet, but I'm in talks with a toy company. And I think they might sponsor the podcast, so I'm like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Oh, heck yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
sex toys for everybody. I'd be like Oprah. You get a sex toy. You

Unknown Speaker 39:36
get a rainbow one for you guys. Don't worry. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
Okay, so kind of same question for you, Rocky. I don't know. You know, you were more you knew sooner than teesha that you wanted to be with women. But did you have sex with men to try it out first, or did you go straight to the ladies.

Unknown Speaker 39:55
Um, so I actually have been with a guy and I mean, obviously, I was younger and stuff. And it just like, was not my cup of tea. Like, it wasn't just this like, I don't know, as you start getting to that age and stuff, like you just have this grand idea and it wasn't like, it wasn't that great for me. But for some reason, once I ended up with, like my first girlfriend and stuff, it was just, I mean, everything that basically that was my grand idea of everything. So I've always been really intrigued with women, and I'm happy there. I do when I was going through the struggles with my family and stuff. I mean, obviously, this has been a little bit more vulnerable, but when I was going through the struggles and it was just like, this is not how you're supposed to be in everything. You know, I did question myself a lot. And I ended up going back to a guy and like kind of forced that situation to see if like, maybe I could change my mind and then I was like, Oh hell no Like, this just sucks Get away from me typing and yes, I'm always like the women.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
That's so crazy that you. I mean, that just goes to show how much you love your family. You're like, man, I really don't like this. Let me give it a shot just for

Unknown Speaker 41:14
them. You know, like, I try, like, like, okay, maybe it was just like, my first time wasn't a great experience and stuff and then whatnot. And maybe we can like, maybe it's just all in my mind, but like, it's not like this is I was born this way. And this is who I am. And I mean, I'm very happy with where I'm at. And, you know, I still have it over here that I gotta hop on one, so why not? So that's all that matters.

Unknown Speaker 41:39
I mean, yeah, love is love. It's so simple, but it's so it's so true, you know? So do you guys abstain from sex before the fight? Do you go by that rule, or you're just like, fuck it.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Who cares? Do we What do you abstain from sex? Or no rule? No rules. Listen, listen, Linda. Yes, Linda listen. Yeah, for guys like it's actually not good for their hormone levels as they say to for them to be having all the text and doing all the things for for girls, it's actually really good for our bodies. So there are no rules. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:16
I you know I think Ronda Rousey said it like not so eloquently but yeah, like, the more sex before a fight I think the better because it actually releases it creates more testosterone in the female body which we need you know so just

Unknown Speaker 42:32
like on top of that, I mean yeah, fighting is physical like I mean extremely physical obviously but like a lot of this sport. To me it's like 10% physical 90% mental and so it's just like when you're sitting here obviously having sex and whatnot you like really stress and all the things so it's just overall a positive thing.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
Yeah, it literally releases serotonin like the happy the happy chemical, you know? Alright, so what's What's the craziest or weirdest place you guys have had sex?

Unknown Speaker 43:08
Go ahead. Um

Unknown Speaker 43:14
when we first started dating I felt like I was like open to this world just so much because she very much so was like, just in the bedroom girl. And so I think we won the game place. Oh, we've kind of gotten a little crazy everywhere. It's like

Unknown Speaker 43:33
a David busters

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Come on guys spill the beans.

Unknown Speaker 43:47
We've gotten a little risky. It's been a little dangerous, but we've had some fun.

Unknown Speaker 43:53

Unknown Speaker 43:55
was technically supposed to be driving but teesha third driving Well, I was doing more business but we're both in the driver's seat. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
I'm over here trying to picture things. I'm like, wait, who's driving who sits Where? All right.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Like, I need more detail.

Unknown Speaker 44:16
I only got so much of imagination, but I think I get what you have to go. And so that's dangerous. I do not recommend that all you listeners at home Do not do that.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
Okay, this is a super, super silly question. And like, it's interesting, because I'm, I don't know, if you haven't realized and if you, you know, I don't know if you've listened to the show, but I'm very equal, right? ecola blah, blah, blah. But like sometimes when you say certain things people misconstrue is like, oh, you're homophobic or whatever. And I don't mean anything by this question. I'm just legitimately curious. So for the gays, the boys, there's a top and a bottom. Is there like a lesbian equivalent to that?

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Just so confused.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
It's funny that you asked Cuz one of my buddies, he was just like, it was actually the weekend that Keyshia and I, like started hitting it off back at UFC 200. And he was like, do you need the room? Because him and I were crashing in the same room and I was like, for what? And he's like, are you guys gonna like pillow fight? Like, yeah, when I picture girls having sex, it's like filtering until fighting. So like, we always really joke about it about this whole pillow fight thing. But um,

Unknown Speaker 45:33
no, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 45:36
I think

Unknown Speaker 45:37
maybe I guess the equivalent would be like, is one person more giving than the other?

Unknown Speaker 45:44
No, we're both extremely giving. So it's just kinda. It's really not. It's okay. All right, we're just gonna go into it. Yeah, you know, it's very much like heterosexual sex like Nancy. She very much so love our toys and So, like, we're both very giving, and I mean, obviously, it could be one or the other in whichever position but the whole time it's both of us giving and whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
That's awesome. Okay, totally understand.

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Okay, so there's a thing I call lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
I started it with Tracy Cortez because she got a little like,

Unknown Speaker 46:29
Oh, I can't talk

Unknown Speaker 46:30
about it. So I'm like, all right, to make this easier. I'm gonna call this the lightning sex round. I'm just gonna say a word something like biting or choking and you just say yes or no. And there's no maybe sometimes you just gotta go fast All right, you guys ready? Yeah. Okay lightning sex round and I don't know who's gonna go if you guys gonna say at the same time but here we go. Dirty talk in bed. Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 46:53
Yes, yes. Like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Yes, no fighting. Yes, yes. foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 47:02
No, no choking?

Unknown Speaker 47:05
Yes. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 47:07
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 47:09
Porn during sex.

Unknown Speaker 47:11
No roleplay

Unknown Speaker 47:16
role playing?

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Yes. But stuff

Unknown Speaker 47:22
but stuff.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Ain't no guys Ain't No.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Yes. sex toys, obviously. That's less Yes. All right, guys. So that's that concludes the lightning sex route. Thank you guys so much for being open. The next segment

Unknown Speaker 47:45
is something called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 47:55
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
Are you guys aware of how to play this game?

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Yes No fuck marry kill we played this before you have been fighters before just just letting you know that

Unknown Speaker 48:09
you three fighters so whatever you thought very cool all right okay

Unknown Speaker 48:13
cool so you got I'm gonna give you three names right now you gotta fuck one marry one kill one all right

Unknown Speaker 48:20
you got Megan Alevi UFC host and behind the scenes interviewer you got Karen Bryant also UFC host and behind the scenes Interviewer And then you have Kim Winslow me MMA referee. Go.

Unknown Speaker 48:34
Okay. Mary, Karen, Fox, Megan and then kill the other lakes on Well, she is I don't

Unknown Speaker 48:42
know you don't know. Kim was little she was that like tall? Blonde hair. Female referee.

Unknown Speaker 48:47
With a long, long break. Yeah, long braid. Yeah, we killed her off. Oh, yeah, we should go.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
Okay, so wait, because you're the face. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
All right. You guys are married Karen, fuck Megan and kill Kim.

Unknown Speaker 49:04
Yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Okay, the last segment is called fan questions

Unknown Speaker 49:09

Unknown Speaker 49:16
Got a couple of fan questions from you guys. for you guys. Is that okay? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:20
All right from at Kyle are Fisher. He's actually zebra Matt sponsor. He's awesome. He wants to know, fighting is an inherent selfish sport to become a champion. So does having a top level partner make that lifestyle easier or tougher?

Unknown Speaker 49:40
You have to know I guess sometimes I think it's easier because we both know what it takes to be at the top and how hard you have to work. Every camp and not just in camp outside of camp. Sometimes it can be rough because sometimes we bump heads and that thing isn't any relationship. So maybe more yesterday. For me, yeah, I think uh, I think it definitely works. Um, it has been hard. I mean, Tisha and I have had a rollercoaster of a relationship at points. Just because we, you have other couples too. They wake up, they tell each other by they go to their jobs and then they come home at night. Keyshia and I are living together, we're training together, we're having lunch together, we're taking naps together, we're back at the gym together, and then we're back home in the evening together. So it's like, we really have no separation. So that's been the rough part. But then at same time, like we understand each other's needs, we understand how intense training can be. So when we do need our downtime, like we don't get on to each other with all that stuff and think the other ones being lazy or whatnot. Like we can kind of cater to each other in those aspects.

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Very, very, very well put Rocky, that's, I agree completely. I've trained it with a lot of my partner's in the past and unfortunately, you know, you're like, oh, you're there again. But it's a Yeah, they understand you know what you're going through. So all right. Next one is from at Alexis. Oh, sorry, Alexis, da n ag dange question for Rocky. Was she ever insecure about the fact that Tisha had been with men in the past? I dated a woman for four years after being with men before and that was always an insecurity I had.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
I'm not ever really been insecure. I mean, she, she and I have had conversations about, like, where she wants to be just because I've always wanted to understand she shows. So it's like, you know, I mean, she loves who she loves. And at the end of the day, like, she's with me, and I'm very secure in that and I know what I bring to the table so I don't like I don't have insecurities. When with that, um, my only curiosity was just to understand her as a person and more of a friend level on like, where she's at, like, emotionally how being with a woman helps her if she's had any curiosities to be wanting to be with The guy or anything like that, um, but no, I mean, she's here with me so

Unknown Speaker 52:06
true. That's very true.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
Okay, at Cody, the big show for Tisha and Rocky. As a fighting couple. Do you discuss every fight offers option with each other? Or is that more of a thing that your coaches make a decision on?

Unknown Speaker 52:20
No, we discussed it with each other first and then our coaches. Like if we get something we we ask each other for our opinions like that. Yeah, well, if I get offered anything, I'll talk about it. And then we sit there and talk. We talk about the opponent and whatnot. We talked about, like the timeframe and what's going on in our personal lives if that's something we want to make happen and then we reach out to our coaches. That's awesome. I like them.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
At Steven G. J. 340. Shin Rocky, which fight is the other one's favorite and why.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
So I guess like what, which fight of Rockies is your favorite t shirt in which fight of T Is your favorite, you know, vice versa.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
I really loved her fight with Misha. I think that was a that was a really great fight. I thought like her hands were just on point with her jab that whole fight. She like, almost broke off her neck like trying to you're in the air. And that was just an overall really great fight week in New York, we had a really good time. So that was probably my favorite fighters. Um, I've been through a lot of fights with Tisha just in general, but I would honestly have to say this past sight was my favorite, which she shared just because I feel like she really shifted gears in her training. I feel like the Kesha that I became a huge fan of years ago. Found her way back out again and just watching her through can't see in her discipline this time around. Just seeing her laugh and smile and have fun and truly have a passion back in there. And she was just overall genuinely excited like she didn't let the I've seen her with all the struggles and everything else you know and so like just the fact of before there were so many things going into different fights like people don't see the behind the scenes stuff. And this fight camp like she was genuinely having fun in practice. Like she was talking about all that she was just trying to learn. She was super coachable. And then I mean she was highly motivated by the Pride Month and wanting to get things done and really represent and then just all week like she everything went so smooth for her. She was smiling through the entire thing she did awesome on her way cut and then just to see her go back out there and just truly shine and perform and not have a worry in the world. Like I can't even tell you what that meant to me. Like it was just it was I was so proud just watching that that like it motivated me even more for my fight.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
That's awesome. Yeah, you guys, for sure killed it for the gays this weekend. Yeah, for the gay

Unknown Speaker 55:01
This next one's a little silly, but it's at Kim Possible underscore v. If there was a movie made about you, too. Who would you want to play you and why?

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Michelle Rodriguez. Ooh, good one good one.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
She's a badass.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
She's badass. And she's hot.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
I don't know either. I just knew.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
I want to pick Michelle. Um,

Unknown Speaker 55:32
she's kind of petite you need like more of like a Sandra Bullock body. You know, a little taller. Michelle Rodriguez is smaller. But Sandra

Unknown Speaker 55:37

Unknown Speaker 55:39
Actually, yeah. My favorite so I would actually choose her. All right. You're welcome.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
All right. Last last fan question. It's

Unknown Speaker 55:48
at Sr. Barbara. What's one thing you both wish people knew or understood more about lesbians.

Unknown Speaker 55:58

Unknown Speaker 56:00
I think for me, I just wish people would.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
Instead of having so much judgment, they would just see us as people, instead of the idea of like, oh, basically, you're with another female and people get crazy. And they're like, Oh, you just like to vagina like, it's disgusting. And it's like what? So I basically like just been seen as a person for who we are, you know, I mean, nobody.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
I don't really know.

Unknown Speaker 56:38
Like you said love is love. So even if I wanted to use a long time ago, like we don't need the negativity.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
Yeah, unfortunately, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Sorry. Oh, no, no. And I was just gonna say, you know, it's just like, even I mean, even the question itself, if you think about, like, you know, what's one thing? What's one thing you wish people knew about lesbian, it's like, the fact that we're just the same name isn't you don't have to put us in this different category. It's we're all in this category. Yes. Do I like to look vagina? Yes. So what you know, like, I don't look at you differently because you like to suck dick. It's just like, whatever it is just a thing. We all like I like fighting. I like this. So, I mean, if you don't have a specific answer t shirt, it's because you're not different than anybody else.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
Yeah, I really don't want to say.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Yeah, well, that's the end of the show, guys. Thank you for being super open. You know, it's always kind of risky to put yourself out there. But obviously you guys are doing that. And, you know, just by being yourself, but you're actively like the whole thing with the Reebok fight kit. You're making things known and you're representing your community. And I, you know, sometimes I'm like, yeah, if I was gay, these are, I would want these chicks to represent me and Oh, you guys aren't ashamed of who you are. And I love that so much. And I appreciate it. And I appreciate it. Appreciate guys being on the show.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
Yeah, that's when we had a good time talking. Thank you. I want to leave With two stories though, yeah, yeah, here's Tell me more and more and more. So, real quick, so one. Well both of them actually involve Nene and Amanda. So the one first one involves me and Amanda is one of the first time that ever went to a sex store. It was with all four of us. Me, Nina, Amanda in South Florida. We did everything to embarrass you that she was like a little conservative girl in there. Amanda was flown out freakin strap ons and like sticking them to her arm and like walking around the store and these things are jiggling everywhere. Nina's pulling out these big old freakin like the oversized t shirt, look at these and I'm grabbing all like the anal beads and everything and this girl was cherry red, like she couldn't even speak. So what I learned from that trip is cam is I'm in Amina might get mad saying this but they prefer Amanda First like skin color texture for skin color and ritual hate that hate it but she doesn't like that she like colorful ones ones that aren't color.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
So awesome.

Unknown Speaker 59:16
See, I love that because I would not even ask that like I'm, I'm like, Oh, I forget that they're different colors and all that like, Oh my gosh, that's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
Oh, the second story involves them again. This is when actually we went to Brazil for 24 hours. And they were there too. So this is like the media day or whatever for calendar are on sale for Kela Nina, we're in the NSR Raquel and Amanda. We're in this van all together. And we're talking and so I don't know if it was Nina and it was me it was Nina asked both Amanda and Raquel. So if you had a penis for a day, what would you do? And Nina, Amanda's answer was so Awesome, Amanda's like, I put a baby and Nina rotel dancer. Oh, I have T shirts, my penis all day.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
And I said,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
a man looks at me right and she's like, and we gave each other that look. So we knew we needed to say the great answers, but I was like, Listen, I'm just going to be point blank on it. So that Amanda Yeah, obviously she was like, oh, I'll put a baby and Nina and I was like, I would just get my dick sucked. Amanda instantly turned around. She's like, Yeah, Yeah, me too.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Oh, I didn't even touch on this on the fact that you guys, you know, we're friends. And, you know, Tisha, you used to train with Nina and Amanda

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
in Florida, correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Yeah. And then you moved out for your love to Colorado. And you know, your love and fighting your former or your friend, you know, still your friend. Uh huh. I mean, obviously, that must have been awkward. You know, we're going way past the time but I don't care but you know, Like was that really hard for you? I mean, you wanted to obviously support you know your wife and then you want to support your friend as well. How was that?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
Definitely hard to see cuz obviously I didn't want anybody getting injured. And it was hard just because, you know, during that time they were fighting like, we were like, do we say hi? Do we not say hi? Like it was really a little bit awkward, but at the end of it all like it was fine. You know, obviously I wanted to retell the when and when they're fighting, like, I'm sitting there screaming for a cow to win and like Nina afterwards she's like, no, so awkward t shirts like a cheese cream for the cow for Nina, but uh, I saw Amanda's name but it was just hard in the sense that I just didn't want anybody to get injured It was pretty emotional like she she actually cried a lot because she was just like, you know, like, they're two of my best friends and then obviously like, I know Nina from the fight world and then I known Amanda from to the Invicta days and me and I met up and friends all the years and stuff and then we've always supported each other So it was a it was a different balance. And like she said, I mean, we went out there for the on sale and I think UFC like really set on that too with just the fact that for the first time in UFC history, it was going to be two lesbians fighting for a world title as the main event in Rio de Janeiro, so like, there was a lot more things going behind it, but then they also like hyped up the friendship. So it's weird because it's like, you know, during fight week, everybody's trying to build up this animosity and have like, all that entertainment going on. But it's just like, me and Amanda over here cooking together, and everybody's laughing and we're taking all the photos together and doing all the things and then when the actual fight week came around, it was just we kept seeing them and of course everybody wants to like smile and hug each other and then they invited us to things and it's just like, what do we do? Like they were texting like, okay, we just want to invite you to, to like go eat with us. If it's not awkward, but if it's awkward, we understand so it was like, where do you find your balance like we met because of this and then obviously like, a T shirt and you know we're once in Same division then me and Amanda be in the same division. So it's like eventually you knew those days have come but it was it was definitely a weird balance that she spent some time definitely shedding her tears just on the whole thing because her friend and then maybe in her girlfriend and everything,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
I don't I haven't really got to talk in depth with you rocky an in depth with Amanda. But now that I've got to know Nina a little bit better and like listen to you know, Tisha Talk, I'm like, I feel like out of the four of you. teesha is the most emotional for sure out of

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
fuchsia is very emotional. Oh, yeah. I am very emotional. Like, the students little commercial not even cute like it's the most random thing will pop on TV. And like, I look over and she she's like tearing up and she's about to cry. And I'm like, are you okay? Like, anything will make this girl shed a tear. It's funny. I thought this weekend, I had to FaceTime her mom because I started crying

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
to you, so don't feel bad. A lot of people don't know this about me. Let's You're my really good friend. But I am the same way. Carla is my best girlfriend and she's like, you know, Stone Cold face most of the time. And I'm like crying over like The Lion King. So I'm with you on that. Don't worry. I'm an emotional girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
Thank you guys so much for those stories. Those are awesome. I love him.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
And I hopefully have you guys back on and you know, a little bit when you guys go take your vacation, make some more sex stories on the road and then come back on.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27

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Yeah. All right, guys, talk to you soon. Thank you so much. You have a girl. Bye. Thank you. Wow,

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what an amazing way to end Pride Month here on sex and violence. I'm so grateful to have had some amazing LGBTQ advocates on can't thank them enough for representing on the show and in the sport. I know each one of you is battling your own war right now. Whether it's a job finances, health relationships, or maybe you're under attack because of your race or how you identify sexually, the LGBT community as well as other races and ethnicities are always battling and struggling for equality. Some are discriminated against more than others and some are lucky enough to never see the ugliness and hatefulness and prejudice. But I think we can all agree that no one deserves to be discriminated against for any of those reasons. Do unto others as you would like done to you. A model that has never and will never go out of style. So until next week, when we get into our crazy summer month of July with porn stars, sex psychologist and more star studded MMA rock stars, please be kind to each other. Love one another. And don't forget to embrace your perverted side. Also, if you liked this podcast, help it grow, tell at least one person send a text tweet dm anything, ratings and reviews help a lot please guys if you can do one rating, a review for Apple iTunes that puts us top of the list so we get more subscribers and that helps a lot. Thank you so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions. They're getting super hilarious each time. And a special thank you to producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJ soul at D Jaisal. Tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official. And again, you can find me on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and my personal page, Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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