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Episode 7: Kendra Lust <3

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel crypto where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in the field about love, dating romance. And that's all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host Ashley rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex violence.

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What's happening hot stuff

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if you're joining us here on sex and violence for the first time, welcome you've chosen and especially risque episode to tune into Lucky you. sex and violence is about giving you guys the listeners. an in depth look into The personal lines that today's top level MMA fighters, and occasionally we'll get some other awesome individuals who have insights you don't want to miss out on. We talked to all genres here, males, females, couples, fighters still on the market or looking for love. And today we have our first ever pretty previous guests are experts in the violence aspect of sex and violence. Today's guest is an expert in the sex aspect of sex and violence. When I announced on social media that I would be interviewing an adult film actress, one follower wrote back quote, how could you call yourself a feminist? Of course, I didn't respond because, you know, trolls, if you feed them, they keep coming back. But I'll make it clear now. I support any man or woman who chooses to live their life the way they want to, regardless of society's opinions standards or outline for them. As long as it makes them happy and doesn't hurt anyone. Why shouldn't we support each other? One thing I learned a long time ago You never make everyone happy or appease the masses. So just do what makes you happy. Fuck everyone else. And that's why I'm here to spread the love and share truth. To break the fourth wall in this movie of life to humanize the public figures who have been dehumanized by those same assholes who turn their noses up and scoff at the decision of others. I respect and support anyone who wants to live their life their own way. And with that said, let's get to know today's Sexy, sexy guest. Today's special guest is an adult entertainer, registered nurse and a huge sports enthusiast. She's been awarded milk performer of the Year by numerous adult film award shows over the years. And let's face it, ladies, whether your partners are into hot moms or not. Nine out of 10 of those significant others know her by name and are probably a fan of her work. She tells us that there's such a thing as too much lube. bisexuality has its perks, choking in bed versus on the mat, and so much more. Here's your special guest, Kendra lust

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Hey Kendra, thanks for joining us on the show. How are you doing tonight?

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I'm doing great. How are you?

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I'm doing really good now that you answered yeah right yeah.

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Well, all this pandemic and the riots and the lockdown How is how are you being affected?

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Well, you know, in all honesty like you know, here in my life Miss little township like it's, I don't want to see I'm unaffected, but it's just kind of the pandemic has been going on for a while. So I'm used to that, you know, the writing and the protesting and, and that's been kind of crazy. You know, there were some people like a few miles from my house but I mean, the police have done a nice job of keeping things together and I mean, safety wise, I'm not nervous. I mean, I have quite a few guns in my house. You know, God forbid, I had to like use them but it's been pretty good. Like, you know, things have been okay,

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so do you. Do you know how to use your guns?

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I do. I just Well, I have a mini it's a it's a Smith and Wesson. It's an air wait.

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I don't know. I know the name of it, but I don't know the name of it. I got it for me. So do practice shooting it has a laser doesn't have a hammer because, you know, in a sticky situation, I'll probably panic a little bit. So that's about it. Want to like blow my thumb off or like break my thumb so he got me a hammer no hammer. It's like 15 ounces. And then I just carry it you know, and it's just just in my waistband, which is really nice. You can't even see it. It's it's so light and stressful. For a little for a little gun though, you know, he has a lot of kick. Let's go here. Yeah, yeah, you're protected.

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Yeah, I just went shooting for the first time. My boyfriend took me out in Las Vegas. And yeah, you all that whatever you just said right now makes no sense to me. So you're way better off than me?

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Oh, gosh. I think it's important though. You know, we should all we live in a different world and you know, you just never know who you're going to going to encounter and when, and it's better just to be safe and to be you know, be able to handle yourself you know, somewhat I completely agree. Especially with given the, you know,

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current state of the world. I'm leaning more towards buying my first gun but you know, I don't know if the world's world's ready for me owning a gun.

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be surprised though I think once you go shooting a few times you kind of get comfortable with it. And then you're just like, unloading it, loading it. And, you know, you just, it's Yeah, it just becomes not like it's part of me, but I just don't go anywhere without it. So, hopefully don't ever have to use it

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better safe than sorry. Yeah. So, my friend Rick actually told me, he's the producer here on the show, he mentioned you were a big fan of MMA. I mean, that mixed with your profession made you the perfect guest for the show. It's called sex and violence. So you're into both and so am I. So let's talk about it. Let's talk about your interest in MMA. First of all, what got you into MMA?

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You know, I had always like, I've always been athletic and I appreciate, you know, various sports, but, you know, recently, I guess it's become more popular and there's just, there's a studio close to my house and someone life is really, really into It so for the past couple years I've really really supported that person and I just became more and more interested in it became I guess more interested in watching and and even like you know taking some wheat ice like lessons you know my girls got more for like a workout like consulting so I just I have a huge huge appreciation for the amount of work and dedication that you know all of you you put into the sport and I just I can't imagine like doing that professionally like I shouldn't it's kudos to you it's so intense and and it's just awesome. I love it. I love the sport that's

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cool. He did the the boy tie Have you ever done any jujitsu or grappling at all?

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Yeah, I did a little bit jujitsu and for me I don't know I don't want to say or be like insulting for No, it wasn't. I was just wasn't as exciting for me. I was just like ah like I don't know maybe I didn't get into it enough. I didn't give it a chance. So I have a feeling I'll be revisiting that just just because you know, it's important you know, don't feel

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sorry because I'm by background a wrestler wrestled since I was in high school, college all through that. And then as soon as I started, you know, Muay Thai and boxing, I fell in love, so I don't blame you, because it can be addicting to punch stuff or kick stuff.

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You know, just like the release, and, you know, it's just, I don't know, it could work out and it feels good to kind of beat stuff up, you know?

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Yeah. Or in my head think I am also in what I found is, you know, obviously, I'm a professional in it. But when I first started MMA when I was learning the muy Thai and all the jujitsu, and then I would watch the fights. It was more fun because I understood the moves that they were doing. Do you experienced that at all?

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Yes, absolutely. I can kind of see him like, Okay, I know what, you know, full guard, half guard is like now I can, you know, kind of understand And these things instead of, you know, asking, yeah, okay, what does that mean? What does he not understand what that is? It is interesting or you're looking to see what they're going to do next. The little knowledge that I have, but it does make it more interesting to watch for sure. Yeah. So I've seen pictures of you at UFC fights. So I know you've been to UFC fights, correct? Yes. Oh, yeah. Quite a few. How many? Yeah, like

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how many like three or four more than?

Unknown Speaker 9:25
Yeah, probably at least 10. Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. So I mean, it's, I enjoy I try to get to them as often as I can. The one. There was one that was happening in Columbus not too long ago, Cody was supposed to fight there. And then that got canceled because of the pandemic. So it's kind of bummed because it had been really cool. I could actually drive through one of these as opposed to having to fly although we did fly to Chicago we drove, which was cool. So I like to have her

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Okay, so, oh, yeah. You go to fights. Do you have any favorite fighters male or female?

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Oh gosh, you know, like I, I mean, I know Misha, she's not part of the UFC at war, but she she's probably one of my favorite fighters. I just consider myself a friend of hers and we chat back and forth and I just really admire her. So I really, I really liked watching her even when you know, she will now I like look back at some of her fights, you know, you can pull some of them up or whatever, but as far as female, probably her but you know, gosh, I mean, it's so hard. There's so many, you know, so many favorites for so many different reasons. Even even like Ronda Rousey like, I love the what she did for us, or women in the sport. And, you know, I think she had did have a huge impact. I mean, she was kind of like, paved the way for for female fighters, so I really like her. As far as men, you know. Some of them are part of Bella tour, and all Some are part of UFC. But I love lon our shilada friend of mine, Eric Anders, gosh, I mean, who doesn't like? Well, a lot of people don't like McGregor, but I think he's great and what he's accomplished, I mean, and not just like the, you know, because he's at the top but yeah, he's just, he's entertaining. He's a huge entertainer, and I just, he's, he's awesome. And going to one of his bikes is so different than going to I don't know, anybody else's that I've ever been to. That was a big name. Like it's just insane. It's it's just a whole different feeling when, when it's his fight, it's not fair when he's fighting. So,

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yeah, there's definitely a certain type of McGregor fan that that comes to the arena on McGregor Fight Night.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Right. But, I mean, I like you know, cowboy Sironi. And, you know, I mean, I like him too. I mean, there's just so many, you know, fighters past present. You know, now, you know, I think find myself with with some of the newer fighters just kind of like now like going back and learning more about, you know, who was who, you know, like in the days of like Tito Ortiz and you know way before I was even into it so I'm still learning quite a bit about you know where UFC is calm or MMA is calm and where it is now and yet it's, it's interesting. So still a lot to learn but huge, huge fan cool. It's kind of a negative question, but it's always kind of okay, cool to spice up the situation. Is there are there any fighters that rubbed you the wrong way? You're not a fan of? Oh, you know, I and I shouldn't really say this, but that may see Barbara Lee. You know, I think you know, she has quite a bit of talent, but I didn't like how she kind of called out Paige Van Zandt and you know, kind of talk trash without even knowing her. You know, you I don't I just I don't know, I guess I don't know enough. I'd like page fans and I think it's awesome. Um, that she's a beautiful, intelligent woman. And you know, she's kind of branded herself more than just in one of one area like I tell her, you know, so it's like yeah, so so for me I was I was like, Oh man, I don't know if I like that. I don't really dislike her. I just kind of disliked that, you know, at that time rubbed

Unknown Speaker 13:20
you the wrong way. Just a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Yeah, a little bit, but she's very talented. Like, no, she just can't she had ACL surgery, I think not too long ago. And I don't know where she's at her rehab, or she did. I don't know if she fought again. But she's definitely I do believe has a future.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
Yeah, she's very young. She's talented. And you know, yeah, just like you're young in skill set. You can be young in mindset. And you know, I'm sure later in her later years, she'll look back in her younger years and go maybe I shouldn't said that or done that. But don't we all you know?

Unknown Speaker 13:54
Oh, my God. Yeah. I mean, I roll still. I mean, like, nothing. It was a mistake, but, you know, I think we bought Things that we wish that we wouldn't have done or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Yeah, I tried. I live by no regrets, but you know, you're like,

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Oh, I would

Unknown Speaker 14:06
be happy if I didn't do that for sure. Right, right. Absolutely. This is a weird question. Do you think that the porn industry and fighting in a cage have any similarities?

Unknown Speaker 14:18
Oh, gosh, good question. I think if you if I really sit down and thought about it, yes and no. Like to compare them. I mean, we're both doing it with our like, at our own freewill. Like, nobody's making us do anything that we don't want to do. Both are kind of animalistic, right, you know, natural.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
What is it what it forgot Darwin's theory of evolution? What was it like natural not natural selection? I can't remember him sound like goof but it's like survival of the fittest. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:52
survival. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
So, um, like, I can't remember. But um, but yeah, so Yeah, okay, right. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 15:03
doing we're both on display, performing for people, you know, some similarities.

Unknown Speaker 15:11
Yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 15:12
So speaking of, you're the adult, you know, entertainment business, yeah. Are you an active entertainer? Or is that something you're not doing anymore?

Unknown Speaker 15:21
Yeah, you know, I always tell people, like, I'm not ready to hang up my phone.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
No, no, no, no. So I'm not ready. You know, I was offered a contract nothing long ago, but for me to be under contract it, it has to make it money. And it obviously has to make sense, you know, for me to actually leave my home. And, you know, right now, I'm so lucky, you know, with some of the platforms that we're able to create our own content and, you know, so that's really nice to be able to do that. And it's kind of nice, not having to be anywhere at a certain time and make my own schedule. So I respectfully decline the contract. However, I still have the opportunity to shoot with professional companies and studios if I choose to do so, but I haven't done so in over a year. I'm working on a few projects that are still adult related but not necessarily performing in front of the camera for anybody else other than myself. So, okay, that's kind of getting going. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:24
you know, you're open to it.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Absolutely. Like I you know, it's just once a performer I feel like you're always a performer. It's like riding a bike.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
Yeah, they say that I'm one of the hardest things that you know, a fighter will ever do or, you know, hang up their gloves or whatever you want to call it. Yeah, you always have that itch to go back. I think he got one more fight. Maybe that'll be like you You always think you get one more movie one more shoe one more.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
Yeah, I want to go out with dignity. I'm not trying to you know, I asked your prime. I you know, I still want to feel good about myself. And Yeah, it's not always about the money, you know, there's a fine line. Well, you look amazing. And

Unknown Speaker 17:07
I mean, I don't know too too much about your background, I did a little bit of research. With these kinds of interviews. I feel like it's almost better to not do too much so that the conversation can be more organic. Could you just, you know, give me a brief

Unknown Speaker 17:21
brief background about how you got into the film industry and, you know, how that kind of came to be?

Unknown Speaker 17:28
Sure, no problems. So I'm really I mean, I've always considered myself I always felt like I had like a sexual energy that's just kind of part of who I am. You know, and I don't know I enjoy watching my my guy and I really enjoyed watching a doll like adult film and porn and it was just like, normal for me. So I'm very open minded sexually. So, but never in my life did I think oh, yeah, I'm gonna grow up and be more and I'm gonna Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. like nobody ever says that, right? You kind of fall into it for whatever reason, or you just you know, for so you know your something in your life lead you that way. So, I was a registered nurse still registered I practiced for eight years, you know, life's good, you know, comfortable. You know, but still, no one's really going to get rich being a nurse, and that's okay. loved what I did, but there was some family circumstances that kind of happened within I don't know, maybe nine months to a year and I decided that I needed to make some money fast helped my family. So I started webcaming I did it for a few months. And I was like, Okay, I'm making pretty good money. I can still work at the hospital. I can web cam and then somebody in one of my rooms was like, hey, and the camera was like, Hey, have you ever thought about doing like, like porn film? And I'm like, No, I never really thought about it. Like I don't know, even where to start or where to begin. But in my head, there was this idea. idea that there was like so much more money. So I thought okay, yeah, maybe I'll look into you know, see how I can do it. So I kind of reached out to some directors and producers didn't know anybody. And for four months, everyone was like, No, like, No, nobody knows you. Or you're from Michigan like, you'll never make it. hire you. You don't have a chance, like go home. More or less like we're not taking a chance on you. You probably play like TVs, you just they deal with? Oh, yeah, no, there was like four months of No. And I was like, Okay, so, finally, so a company said gas and it's one of the bigger companies and I was like, Okay, cool. So, went out to LA stayed in the wrong part of the part of town. I really knew nobody had the worst directors. It was crazy. But ultimately, the day went well. And they were like, okay, maybe you should get an agent. I was like, I don't even know what that is like, or, like, I didn't know anything. So they're like, they kind of get direct to me a few different people and it was just kind of like going on from there. And yeah, I kind of never looks back.

Unknown Speaker 20:02
Yeah, so small town Michigan girl makes a big in LA. I

Unknown Speaker 20:07
guess. I mean, LA is totally like, totally not my scene like I just don't even blend. I don't I just I stand out like a sore thumb like, not in a good way. Like if people are like why are you so nice? Like you're talking to like this elderly person? You know, like, What's your problem? Why are you sitting in traffic? I'm like, isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Unknown Speaker 20:32
I don't know how to be like, I can't be an asshole. It's just not who I am. Like, I don't know. Like what? Like, I don't know, it was just like, I just, yeah, well, I mean, it's funny you say that because I'm only been talking to you for a few minutes now and just by the tone of your voice and kind of like your demeanor, you know, like vocally, you seem like such a sweet person and it's a doesn't go hand in hand with the I guess stereotype of what you know, and until entertainer would be like, I don't know if I expected you to be like,

Unknown Speaker 21:03
Hey Ashley, you know, but yeah, you just like, yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 21:09
everyone now like, I don't know how to, you know, I'm just not good with just like, I don't know, what you see is what you get. When did you have any difficulties? What basically Okay, what was

Unknown Speaker 21:21
like one of the, I'm sure there were a lot of things, but what was one of the hardest things that you had to overcome when you first started or in? And how did you do that?

Unknown Speaker 21:30
Yeah, you know, for me, and it's so weird, like, I think, and I don't know why this sounds so horrible, but I was perfectly like, I feel like I'm in my element having having sex like I can just kind of go into a zone I'm focused on the person that I'm with. And in my mind, I, I grasp early on that, you know, this was just a sexual art and I just need to enjoy what I'm doing and hopefully the viewers will too. So for me, it was very natural, just to do that, and to kind to like, get into to the role of sex, however, it's very unnatural for me to memorize scripts and line and act. I'm really shitty at it. And I just had a hard time. You know, even public speaking, like in college and stuff, I hated it. But um, yeah, I don't know. So for me, like, that took a lot of practice and a lot of just kind of letting go of, you know, maybe just some insecurities of people just staring at me and just like, I don't

Unknown Speaker 22:35
know, like, in my cameras in life.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
Yeah, yeah. Like, am I like, you know, are they buying the part? Like, you know, I don't know. So,

Unknown Speaker 22:43
so you've been worried about how you looked while having sex. You were just worried about your character in the role.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
You know, I know that sounds really stupid, but I know it's just wanted to be in. I feel like that backwards.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
Probably the better, better problem to have You know, I feel like that might be slightly easier to overcome than the actual, you know comfortability of having sex on on camera,

Unknown Speaker 23:07
but I don't know. Yeah, you know, and I don't know why and, and I would have probably been a better performer early on if, you know how like fighters study tape and stuff like that, like, I could never watch my own stuff. So I and I, and shame on me because they should have, you know, I would have probably been a better performer early on, as opposed to, you know, years later where I realized, okay, maybe that's not the most flattering pose, but in my mind, I wanted to be somewhat organic with some acting, and I didn't want to pick myself apart, you know, because you know what? I know porn is supposed to be perfect. And you know, all the holes are pink and, you know, for crying out loud, like Yeah, okay. I don't know in my world, I feel and just with my experience in life, you know, if you have a good personality, I know there's more to it. And seven or eight with a good personality, and you own your sexuality and you're confident, you're way hotter than a chick, who is a 10, who you know, has a shitty attitude and just really insecure. So it's like, fuck it, I have a stretch mark, you're there, you know, I deal with it. You're not kicking me out of bed. And you know, I know that. So I know, it was just kind of comfortable in my own skin, you know?

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Yeah. And I think I think real, real men and women have this same opinion, as you, you know, you know, their natural body is gonna have freckles and moles and stretch marks, you know, and, you know, anyone who thinks otherwise they probably been filtering their snapchats too much. And

Unknown Speaker 24:43
they're getting used to that. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 24:46
Well, was there anything sexually that they asked you to do that, you know, you didn't feel comfortable doing and you were like, no, this is off limits. I'm not going to do that.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Yeah, good question. That was anal. And I was thinking about this. Yeah. Because I now had my uncle like installed in the day, Mike Damn, not like a whole toilet thing but like just because I'm like, Okay, this whole toilet paper shit like been going on. Like I should probably yeah ordered them for the toilet. And then you know, months later now that I can get toilet paper like he finally he's able to come to him but he's been busy he's awesome I get it No problem. I know I'm just like how convenient is this as I'm spraying and like wow that's such a stream but but anyway, I used to be so uncomfortable with like anything touching that area like I've never really done like successful enough it was always like not stretching not knowing what to do a poke when you know, I'm drunk like some of them. It's like, you know, it was like one bad experience after another until I actually like learned how to do it properly. So once you know handle education and you know, whatever it's it's you know, it's a lot easier Enjoy it, you know, so good.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
You are how you how you familiar with that? Yeah, I was just

Unknown Speaker 26:08
actually like other industry girls, I just kind of found out like what they did and how they prepped and you know, and I read about it and it's like, you know, my guy, he's not like really into it. So it's like, you know, not something that he really ever wanted to do. He's like, yeah, I'm good. He's like, you know, he's just like, I don't know so easygoing it's not like he he was maybe if he was really wanting me to I would have earlier on but it just like wasn't like something that we did you know so so yeah, so it's just the industry you know, some of the veterans in the industry Sorry, my dog she's gone crazy before thing but she's she's kind of my little crazy. Well, she's a big crazy rescue but she's so small. My dog

Unknown Speaker 26:50
crazy with all the fireworks fireworks. Yeah, everyone shooting him off. It's not even Fourth of July. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
I'm like what is like what is wrong with you? Can you Wait, like I was just like, what the hell?

Unknown Speaker 27:04
Yeah, that's well,

Unknown Speaker 27:05
that's interesting about you said that the other girls in the industry because I mean, I feel like it's always like that whether it's you know, the film industry or, you know, sport athletics, you know, or even when you're a little kid you learn you learn a lot of things from your friends, you know? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Right. So this is kind of a weird question, but no

Unknown Speaker 27:26
weird question. Like am. I really like, like, I want to know,

Unknown Speaker 27:32
that other people want to know, so I was gonna ask you about like an embarrassing moment on set, like, oh, I'll have her tell me a funny story. But then I was like, you know, what would be embarrassing to me? I'm like, What if I'm like, What if I got my period before I had to do a shoe? Like, I wonder if that's ever happened to her? Cuz like, Well, yeah, happens. always happens. Yeah, like, how do you continue right? question, because actually, it has happened to me and I call my agent. I'm like, What the hell do I do like, I can't Well, there's this thing you know, those little makeup sponges.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Oh, that you, okay, like generally like the half like they're, they're like the female sponge or whatever you can wet it, or I think that one comes pre. It's already like wet, whatever. And you just insert it and that will stop the flow while when you're on set and you don't like you know, app flow is not cooperating she hops into town early a few days you know. So yeah, you just want to make up sunshine. You just put it

Unknown Speaker 28:30
on up there. But can you have actual intercourse during that or is it just

Unknown Speaker 28:34
yeah. Oh, yeah, you can so I'm going to get stuck up there.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Um, oh god, I have

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I see you at the door. I'm not done yet. last door. I really need to get this tinted on my office door. My guy's putting his nipple like oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
Welcome to my life.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
But um, you need somebody like that during these Me You have it's good,

Unknown Speaker 29:02

Unknown Speaker 29:06
But um, yeah, so, yeah, so it's like, oh, did you see you just wet it? But yeah, it can. But yeah, that's what I thought, oh my god is stuck or whatever. And I remember some of the girls I know, I shouldn't be saying this because I'm ruining it for some of the guys out there with the girls get all pissed off because you know the guy who's really well endowed, she'd be like, well, he, he jammed it up there, he can dig it out. I was mortified, like, like, I never want the guy to know that it's happening because I don't want to. So it's like, you know what I mean? Because at the end of the day, you know, you may have never, I mean, you probably have never met a lot of times, like the people that you're working with. So it's like, first impressions are lasting, like I'm not gonna talk. I'm not gonna be I'm gonna be kind. I'm still gonna have this sexual like Mystere about me because I do not want to do anything to Turn off my male counterpart or, you know, like piss off the director. So I'm just, you know, kind of in my mode and, you know, I'm in character and I'm hungry. You know, I mean, I don't want to talk about Yeah, there's some gruesome.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
Well, I'm not so bad, honestly. Because, you know, we're girls, and we have a lot more gory things to do with our bodies than men do. Right? They get boners will be to do but you know, I've never had had a child, but I know what that entails. And so yeah, so they're lucky, but I can't believe you just said that. Sometimes, you've never met your co star before and you're like, Oh, nice to meet you. Let's have sex.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
Like a lot of times, I won't even look them up because maybe there was a scene or something they did and I don't want it to kind of like to Jade my perception or my you know, kind of like what I have in my head for the day. Will you expect you know, so? Yeah, exactly. So I just kind of like go in and, you know, and just with it, I try to be like a positive even if I don't I find them attractive, you know that it's not, it doesn't matter because it's at the end of the day, like, we have a job to do. And my job is to sell the performance to the viewer and to make sure the producer directors happy. And ultimately, like, that's it, you know, it's performance and see, don't that's, that

Unknown Speaker 31:22
takes some skill right there because I feel if I would walk in and not be attracted, I'd be like,

Unknown Speaker 31:26
got to go. Yeah, oh, no, no, no, because I 98% of the people on it, at 5% of the people I would never ever have sex with in my life that I've worked with. Whenever. I'm a picky bitch. Look, you know, that's good. That's

Unknown Speaker 31:40
good. That's good. Do you have like a favorite co star? You've worked with? One that you would prefer?

Unknown Speaker 31:46
I mean, there's so there's so many awesome people to work with in the industry, like, you know, both male female. You know, gosh, it seems so hard. I mean, I feel like I'm singling people out, but someone's gonna be like,

Unknown Speaker 31:59
Hey, what about are

Unknown Speaker 32:01
really, you know, I love you know, man well for our MC blue Johnny castle um, you know, there's just currently that there's just so many like great male performers and then female performers. You know, Angela White's always fun to work with. I love Kimmy Granger.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
Gosh, I don't know. Okay. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:22
but you know, yeah, don't get you in trouble with your other co workers.

Unknown Speaker 32:28
I want your personal love life if that's okay. Yeah. Okay, so what is your relationship status? Are you single in a relationship? Oh, I'm in a relationship,

Unknown Speaker 32:40
your relationship knitted, committed relationship. All right. How long

Unknown Speaker 32:43
have you been in that relationship?

Unknown Speaker 32:45
Oh my gosh. We're, it's like on fingers and toes. It's been a long time. Long, long time. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 32:51
long sigh I can hear every male in podcast land crying right now.

Unknown Speaker 32:56
Was it is he in the industry? No, he

Unknown Speaker 32:59
is not He is not so and, you know, he, I, you know, try to kind of get him to like do stuff like on my snap or like on my only fan stuff and every now and then he'll, he'll do it but he's like, you know, I'm not wired like that, like I don't work on cameras I'm like it isn't it's not that the hub hardwired and I get that, you know cuz I'm like, oh I want to get this done and then I'm like, Okay, wait a second like okay, Nope, that's you know, you have to separate you know, and and I respect that

Unknown Speaker 33:30
too much you know, I mean grant you know, given the fact that he's, you know comfortable with your line of work I think

Unknown Speaker 33:37
Yeah, hats off to him. I know he's very secure, very confident because, you know, ultimately at the end of the day, I from a very I mean, gosh, early on in our relationship it was very it was understood like there's a difference between you know, fucking excuse my language you know, Missy, you know, love, there's more to it. Like, you know, I think that it's just very, like when you have sex with someone or you sleep with someone, you know, they're, I guess there is there's a difference. You know, sometimes, like when I work, you know, it's like, I don't have feelings, I feel zero connection other than, you know, the chemistry or lack thereof, you know, while it's happening, you know, like, I don't think about I don't feel like I'm not gonna cuddle with you. I'm not gonna call you. I wish you the best. But you know, I mean, you know, I, I'm not a jerk, but it's like I don't I'm never couldn't leave. You know, my guy like it. I don't care how good it is. I don't care how amazing because there's more to it. You know, there's just intimacy. It's just so different. I mean, sometimes they don't get it. I'm like, what I do doesn't define who I am like, I'm very sexual, but it doesn't mean that That's all I do, and I don't have a normal life and I, it might be not the norm but I would say you could compare it to, you know, people having these one night stands, and then versus having sex with someone they've been in a relationship with. Clearly they're gonna have much more feelings and there's gonna be a sense of intimacy with someone they're in a relationship with and the one night stand you barely you just met this person, you know, so like, yeah, you know, people might hear you say that and be like, how could you separate the two? No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 35:28
people separate the two all the time. There's a casual hookup just for sexual pleasure. And then there's like, you know, making love you know, to make it seem corny. No. Will you share emotion and passion and all that? So yeah, I understand completely.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Yeah, and I always think like, you know, I'm, you know, I really don't I always see what people think of me or say, you know, is really none of my business and it's not I don't really care. You know, my whole philosophy in life is just be a good human, be kind do the right thing like just trying to manage Yeah, you know, I mean, because you really you really truly never never know what evil someone truly has been through good, bad, indifferent. You never know what kind of day they're having, you know, and it could be a lot of it could be just like a displace anger somebody lashes out at you and, you know, like whatever I guess the point being, you know, to speak a human Yeah, you know, don't herd animal children. Yeah. I think I said in my last

Unknown Speaker 36:28
episode is Do unto others as you would like done to you, and it never goes out of style, right? It's just never how you want to be treated. Right?

Unknown Speaker 36:36
That's right. And I think you know, it's important. You know, especially for women, you know, be sex positive, you know, if you want to sleep with 10, guys, that's your prerogative. And that is and that's okay, like, that doesn't make you a bad human, you know, and I just, I don't like the double standard guys can do it. It's like, Oh, no, he's, you know, he's not judged. But if one wants to it's like, what, you know, she's not hurting anybody just let her be her but you know, women and oppression and you know all of that it's been around and unfortunately be around for a long time. And hopefully we're getting better.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yeah, I'm just gonna say I feel like we're leaning towards, you know, a more open minded society where there isn't a double standard. But if I mean, since there is, you know, like, like you just said, you just got to do what makes you happy and what other people think of you isn't your business. Right? That's right.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
For Dr. Seuss. I think it was in one of the deck was a really

Unknown Speaker 37:33
simple little thing. Dr. Seuss. Yeah. What am I

Unknown Speaker 37:37
yeah, so you and your partner, he, you know, you guys are in this committed relationship. And, you know, it might be totally stereotypical of me to, I won't assume that's why I'm asking but yeah. Is there you know, a strict set of rules, you know, you're only allowed or not allowed because that's, you know, but it's preferable if you only have sex, you know, while you're Working or do you have an open relationship? Are there no rules? Oh no, there are rules.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
You know, I feel like you know, otherwise I will like be completely open and you know, non committal. Like for us we are we're very communication is truly so important. So for I, you know, even like when I have something scheduled like a scene or I would say, you know, here's the scenario or whatever to go by, make sure he's comfortable because I, you know, if you're not comfortable with anything, you just let me know, like, because I don't want this to cause problems, you know, between us and you know, so we're kind of like open as far as that goes, and I don't you know, I just don't do anything if he's not okay with and that goes for like, just, you know, random sexism like I'm, I just, I'm not I don't want to say I'm not wired that way. But I just, I don't know we joined things together. I just everything is kind of like talked about before things happen. You know, it just occurred to see

Unknown Speaker 39:07
this go. Yeah, I mean, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:08
no lies no secrets.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
What is that communication is the key to a happy relationship? Right?

Unknown Speaker 39:14
Yeah, one of

Unknown Speaker 39:15
Yeah, trust. Right. Yeah. So I stopped you a little bit and especially since it's pride month or was Pride Month in June. I saw that you identify as bisexual, correct? Yes. So, we, you know, I've heard this in certain relationships and, you know, I'm not bisexual, but I always thought like, and maybe that's a pass but you know, like, I always wish I was so like, ooh, double the options. Right?

Unknown Speaker 39:43

Unknown Speaker 39:44
right. I'm like okay, so if a you know, man and a woman or a relationship, but the woman is bisexual, and if she hooks up with another woman, is that included in the rules? You know, some guys think it's sexy. How does your partner feel about you and other women?

Unknown Speaker 40:00
It's a go like Natalie doesn't even have to be present.

Unknown Speaker 40:03
It's not like he doesn't even include him. So have fun and enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself enjoy the girls day like, you know.

Unknown Speaker 40:09

Unknown Speaker 40:13
You know, doesn't like push me in one way but just, you know, or like, you know, tell me to do it or because if he wears out the issue I'll get annoyed. Yeah, you know. It's like be subtle. Don't be a douche.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
Yeah, you know, um, so yeah, but cool. Yeah, that's totally like,

Unknown Speaker 40:35
I like that answer. I always like wondered about that. And I'm like, No, that's probably just you know, some little sexual fairytale

Unknown Speaker 40:43
right like this guy always trying to include himself that we can all like because then it's like, okay, you're feeling a tough bro. Like, that's not how this work. You know? Like, she has the you know, the, you know what she makes the rules. Okay. wanting to work or if you ever even want to be included, then you just let me lead the way.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
So you've been super open about your, your relationship with your partner and if it's if it's off limits to talk about, you know, pre partner relationships now. Okay, okay, cool because I kind of wanted to know You know, you're in a relationship committed right now but let's say you know, pre relationship, what are some like turn ons? And turn offs? Let's start with turn ons. Like, physically, what do you what would you go for and a guy or a girl? Do you have a type? II have

Unknown Speaker 41:36
a type because it's like, I'm not like, Oh, I need to have blonde hair. dark hair. Like I just like for me. I like a guy. A couple hundred pounds. Like I like a man. So be some of the guys. At least 100 pounds. I generally like a little bit taller. I love tattoos. Love tattoos. Leave is a bonus. All right. Ah, yeah, I guess Yeah, I just I do I like you know in shape doesn't have to be perfect. like six packs are frickin overrated turned, you know, but

Unknown Speaker 42:09
every guy listening was

Unknown Speaker 42:11
like all right. Yeah, like you know, it's not like a not a requirement just somebody who likes to be active like like sports yeah just somebody who can takes care of themselves nice smile good personality good hygiene. Yeah. All

Unknown Speaker 42:25
right, so what about some turn offs? I mean, for me personally smoking can do it cigarettes. It's not it's a no go. I used to think that you know, the kid thing but I'm like, all right, Ashley, you're about to be 33 you cannot

Unknown Speaker 42:38
be too picky.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
But So do you have any turn off you know, before you're in this relationship? Like, you know, younger guys, go no go.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
I mean, really, like at this point, like I wouldn't ever like even if I was with Mike, I would never like be in a relationship with you.

Unknown Speaker 42:55
I'll be honest, like, other than like, you know, kind On Demand type thing, okay, like, Alright, my girlfriend cycle, it's called take on demand, whatever that is, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:08
I like a little frequent or off a casual hangout type thing, like, you know, whatever. So that'd be about it. I don't know, I'm mature. Yeah, pretty much I would have to have. I mean, I just feel like you know, right, someone around the same age as me. That way we have, you know, can talk about our, you know, our, our a lot of things we'll have more things in common, more or less Oh, there's

Unknown Speaker 43:32
nothing in making a movie reference, and then realizing they're too young to get it and you're like, Oh, no, I'm old.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
I'm not old, which made me feel old. Yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 43:45
did you did you happen to date in the industry before you were in this long term relationship? I did not. No, no, no, no, that's so bad. We won't get into them because I was like, yeah, that could get messy right.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
But and I've seen it get messy so many times generally, there's like very few that make it long term. Yeah, apples. Yeah, it is just so hard. But I get it. Like if you're not in a relationship, and they're not on board with you going into the industry, you know, I understand. I always and I would say to myself, like, it has to be so hard for some of these girls because it's like, are these guys getting with them or wanting to be with them because of who they are more because they really like them? Or like, you know, they just think that's like a big, big fuck fast. Like, I don't know. Yeah, you know, yeah. To be harsh. And so,

Unknown Speaker 44:40
um, so yeah, it could be that way. Those questions pop up in any industry if once you've reached a certain certain notoriety, right, like popularity. Yeah. You're like, Are you with me because of who I am? Or because who I am, you know, so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Yeah, I understand. So it seems like you've been in this long Relationship your entire film career. Is that correct? Yeah. Okay, so they're not scratches some of the things I was gonna dig for cuz I'm like, did she do this? Like no? So yeah, that's, that seems good. You know, you've had one person to, you know, come home to the entire time. That's cool, but I know you do get a lot of creepy social media trolls and how do you how do you deal with those guys?

Unknown Speaker 45:20
You know, most of the time ignore it, you know, because I believe silence is very powerful. Every now and then I'll engage just because I feel like it you know, and I'm just like, why not but i think you know, being kind but I think when you get the, like the negative attention it fuels them a little bit more. So, I always tell you know, people like silence is powerful so you just kind of just the power of ignore so it's like feeding

Unknown Speaker 45:45
feeding pigeons or wild animals if you feed them they'll come back so you just don't feel ignored.

Unknown Speaker 45:52
And you know, like people are entitled to feel how they want to feel. I mean, it's honestly it's so hard for me to be offended at this point. My life I've heard everything thing it's like, you know, you got to come up with something really good. I mean, for me to really be offended, I mean, it just, I've heard heard almost everything, you

Unknown Speaker 46:08
know, I'm not offended easily. I have thick skin, but I do try to stay away from the comments because I have thick skin, but I'm also very empathetic. And, you know, my, my boyfriend tells me all the time, he's like, when you let these comments get to you, it's taking more energy than they deserve.

Unknown Speaker 46:27
And I'm like, I know it's true, but

Unknown Speaker 46:29
it's harder to read it.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
I know, they don't deserve a space in your head,

Unknown Speaker 46:34
you know? And he said he gets mad when I get sad. Because you know, because

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I'm looking cares about you and

Unknown Speaker 46:40
I'm letting it affect me. I'm like, but I can't just turn off my heart, you know?

Unknown Speaker 46:44
Yes, yeah. So it's good that you're affected by those but so I mean,

Unknown Speaker 46:50
yeah, I would be not human I guess to say that it you know, like never like maybe something you know, something out of the ordinary maybe but for the Most part, I mean, I try to consider the source and just kind of move on.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
Yeah. So you're definitely comfortable in your own skin. And so is it safe to say that when you do these films, that it's not really a direct reflection of what you like in your personal life? And by that, I mean, so, you know, let's say you shoot a threesome movie, that doesn't mean that your favorite thing is a threesome. Right?

Unknown Speaker 47:24
Right. But it is one of my phone. Okay, good to know, okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:29
Like, no, no, like, because we get an opportunity to say, Okay, this is what the script is the scenario and then we have a right to refuse or, oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 47:38
that's good. Yeah, let's say hypothetically, you're like, you know what, I don't like that. It's a three song. Will they kick one guy? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 47:47
yeah. Generally, I have, like, you know, I think like early on, you don't have as much saying as far as like performers. Yeah. But now I can say Hey, no, I'm not working with this person. Or, you know, I or I usually say well Do I have other talent options? You know, I'm gonna try not to be a jerk, you know. But But yeah, you know, we definitely have like, options and who we work with and what types of things we do.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Yeah, I'm sure you don't want to be known in the industry, because it's probably a small world, just like the MMA world is, you know, things get out and then you're like, Oh, she's hard to work with. Or she says, Yes,

Unknown Speaker 48:21
yes, yeah. Anything I want, because there's so a lot of people on set, you don't want to, you know, it's not just, it's not just about you, you know, when things go wrong, it affects everybody. So, you know, when I come to work, I'm thinking I'm hoping that people are happy to work with me or, you know, we're gonna have a great day and, you know, I'm pretty go with the flow and I don't like to cause waves.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
So I want to end with just kind of like some specifics about your personal sex life and it's your, you know, I usually do this thing in my other episodes called lightning sex round, because Around this time, the fighters will get kind of like shy coil, they'll be like, Oh, I don't know. And I'm like, Okay guys just sex. Just say, you know, so I'll be like, Alright, lightning, sex RAM and I just kind of rattle them off. But with that, you know, I'm going to take my time with you. So, you know, I don't think you're getting spooked with these. But um, yeah, do you and your partner Do you guys dirty talk in bed? all the time? All the time.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
Okay, every

Unknown Speaker 49:18
time every time. Are you vocal?

Unknown Speaker 49:22
I'm very vocal. I've been like that my whole life. I got to shut up. It's like, I talk more than I do probably throughout the whole day.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
Okay, how about Spanx? Do you like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 49:40
I fucking hate it Really? Like oh my goodness. I love it

Unknown Speaker 49:46
is so weird about me. I'm like, Is it some weird little girl thing inside of you? But I love bigs.

Unknown Speaker 49:52
I don't know why. It's because like, sometimes they get so into it. They don't like realize how hard they're smacking you. You know and it's like I can see that yes,

Unknown Speaker 50:01
they get Yeah. And that's just my thing you said you like big beefy 200 pound guys and there's so much

Unknown Speaker 50:07
do you weigh? I'm like, 130 Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:10
yeah, they're Yeah, they're probably overdoing it. You're like, excuse me bruise. But

Unknown Speaker 50:15
you know, I should I shouldn't say that though. Because on screen I don't like it. Like my guy though. Like, he's not really into it too much but like if he does, it doesn't it has to be someone I love and trust, like, you know, I'm good with you, but generally as a rule, don't like it.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Yeah. So then you're probably not into like biting or choking.

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Oh, I like to be true. Okay, love

Unknown Speaker 50:38
it. All right. All right. Come to my class.

Unknown Speaker 50:42
And we already know, you like threesomes, right? Yes. So are there any kind of kinky fetishes that you like? things that come to mind or feet, bondage or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 50:54
I mean, I love I love like, I think bondage is awesome. Like I wouldn't mind being tied up. Little bit or tying somebody up like that would be hot ball. Okay, um, yeah, no, I mean

Unknown Speaker 51:10
Okay, all right. I'm always learning. Um, what else? I mean, I don't know. This

Unknown Speaker 51:18
is kind of a funny question to ask, you know, but do you watch porn? Or are you kind of just like mad over it? You don't need it?

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Yeah, no, no, I mean I if we do it's mostly like amateur only cuz it's because I know I know you're

Unknown Speaker 51:37
like damn I screwed up or it's just like some really out there shit just because it's I don't know you gotta gotta get really come on

Unknown Speaker 51:47
what kind of okay

Unknown Speaker 51:50
you're like hey babe Google this. Like I mean like

Unknown Speaker 51:55
no it's like

Unknown Speaker 51:58
I don't know like Okay, I guess I could say like, I was, I was watching. So weird. It was like this. I haven't been in like a European type thing, but it was like, I'm like this bra on these guys go in and they're just like, I feel like I don't want anybody here. Like fucking these holes like you're just crazy. And it's like, these girls were on the other side. It's just really twisted in our office like okay, me just go in there and it's like normal. They're just like, it's kind of like amateur. I didn't know anybody who's just kind of weird kinky and hot, like, sick asses. Yeah, yeah, like that. So yeah, that's different. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Well, the last question I have for you is just any kind of like, like, like funny something on set that happened. Like any kind of goofy situation where you're like, Oh, this, this is just the story. I'm gonna remember forever.

Unknown Speaker 52:53
Well, I did walk into a house and in this day, we were shooting angels. And I swear to god like they must I they had to have been shooting like before. And there was lube all over the floor and I slipped like coming and follow me. I'm like, this is fucking beautiful like this is a damn going to have, but I mean, I at least knew it was gonna go in easy, you know that they have

Unknown Speaker 53:21
prepared? Oh, that's what it Yeah. Oh, that's all right.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
So okay, actually this is a new question. I'm going to start with you. Who would you like to hear next maybe on sex and violence? You know, maybe a fighter you'd like to hear about or someone in your industry?

Unknown Speaker 53:43
You know, I think would be really cool to have on would be one of the DS because they're so crazy. Yeah. I mean, they're I mean, gangster. I love it. And I don't know that would be cool. I don't know

Unknown Speaker 53:58
which one Nick Nick May is always really fun at the fights maybe I could convince him to come over.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
But I mean, it's it's awesome. There's just so many people I it's hard to just name one but yeah, they're just they're always like, I don't know just joking to me.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
They give zero fucks you know, they don't care yeah thinks about their you know, like they don't even look like you're the stereotypical fighter there's kind of tall and snow looking You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:29
And it's like this the cargo is not like to the end like I can't believe you're still standing there you know they're like triathletes and they smoke weed all day every day you're

Unknown Speaker 54:40
talking about, you know, live in both worlds. Oh, okay, so, the last two segments. They're kind of fun. Do you know how to play the game? Fuck, Marry, Kill

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Marry one kill one go. I think we're done we're done here. Yes I do.

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Okay great. So this fuck marry kill I went back and forth with some of my friends the boyfriend and in my producer I was like should I give her the top three hottest guys in MMA or should I give her kind of hard ones? He's like give her hard won the like okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:19
yeah whatever

Unknown Speaker 55:20
all right so you got to choose one fuck you gotta fuck one marry one kill one. And you get to choose from Dana White.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
Daniel that right? I know. I know Daniel, Kobe and Matt Sarah. Go.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
Okay, um, I'm gonna say Mary Cormier because he's already a dad. He seems like a real family man. And he's just awesome.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
I don't even remember thinking to kill anyone.

Unknown Speaker 55:54
I would say

Unknown Speaker 55:58
oh, I guess I'm tilting away.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
No, I have to kill Matt Farah and Dana.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Okay, cool. The last segment is called fan questions. chest

Unknown Speaker 56:24
and oh my goodness I'm sure you've seen everything but for me this was new because when I put up your picture and was like to your fan questions ready guys?

Unknown Speaker 56:34
I had to weed through my filters I'm so sorry. Oh, that's okay, that

Unknown Speaker 56:39
sounds like oh, this is what she gets on the regular. That's why I asked all alert messages. I was like wow

Unknown Speaker 56:47
there's some cool ones though. So I'm at Larry underscore l wants to know which male and female fighters do you think would do very well in the adult film business?

Unknown Speaker 56:58
Boy oh, miesha Tate would do well. I just love her. I adore her. She was

Unknown Speaker 57:03
she was one of my I mean, yeah, like, idol. You know, I looked up to her so much she's paving the way and I really loved her attitude versus Ronda is no offense to Rhonda. She's Yeah, no, no, I like

Unknown Speaker 57:14

Unknown Speaker 57:15
she's an you know, a legend. But um, I really like a good sport. I really like someone who just shows it with their their skills and you know, like trash talk is like, good. Don't get me wrong. But yes, you know, I don't know hard, hard word to say coming from me who you know, here I am doing a sex podcast. But I do. Always think about, you know, people look up to me, the younger generation and I want I'm very big into sportsmanship. So, Misha, I saw her and I'm like, she was always such a good sport, you know?

Unknown Speaker 57:44
Yes. class act always beautiful. Yeah, for sure. So definitely her adore her. And then track guy. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
No, it's a hard one. I think there's Um, oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
I don't know. Let's say Cody needs the pretty boy cuz they're brand new boy. I mean, I don't I could see Uriah Faber with a baby face. Yeah, I don't know. There's just so many Yeah, I mean, I don't know

Unknown Speaker 58:20
the guy.

Unknown Speaker 58:21
Okay, that's good.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 58:24
at m underscore kisser wants to know, Oh, she just wants to know how do you take such great booty pics?

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Oh my god girl about the angle and all honesty, you know and it's true. It's the angles and I'm going to tell all of them how to girls, because I'm sure guys are interested in this on how to do it you just you kind of get down and under the bum.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Okay, so it's like the opposite of like because you know in the front you don't want to do kind of like the double chin like underneath. Yeah. So you wanna you want to do that from behind?

Unknown Speaker 58:57
Yeah, you do. Absolutely. And you know on film Like they use like wide angle cam I'm like, why are they like it's false advertising? You know? Like, I don't like that, you know so but yeah, it's all about angle angle.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
Angle girl.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
So at SR dot Barbara says, what sex advice would you give your younger self?

Unknown Speaker 59:19
my younger self would probably

Unknown Speaker 59:24
I mean, probably educate myself on anal a little bit better, you know, I could have been enjoying it years earlier if I would have you know, just been a little bit more open minded So, yeah, you know, explore all options. Don't be so uptight. Literally. Like Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:42
I see what you did. It's true we create these these ideas of what sex has to be like and it's not really our fault. You know, I blame society and you know, cookie cutter bullshit sometimes you know that you know, yeah, lady like and masculine and all this stuff, but Whatever your question those standards and then So the next one is at cocaine underscore five to seven seven says she inspires me to work out who inspires her to workout

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
you know, in all honesty it is you know a lot of the athletes I see at the studio, you know, training there is Izzy she's actually going to be training me on a she's like okay, I need your schedule next week we're going to set something up and like it's been a bit and she's is he's, I think 40 and she just looks great. And I love her attitude. And you know, just the amount of dedication she puts in. And for me, it's just like everyday people. It's not like these. I hate to say it like these people like entertainers that you see are like the Kardashians like I love them. I think they've created a great empire but like, that's not realistic enough for me. So these are just like people On everyday basis like that I see and I meet that I know, you know sound like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
So I mean, because you know, they also have real life stuff that they're dealing with. They don't have personal chefs and, you know, personal trainers and all that, you know, maybe they have to go home to their screaming kids or they're a single mom or something like that. That's cool. I like that. The last question from your fan is at Andrew lead and Miller wants to know

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
if you can make an adult movie with one MMA fighter who would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
put you on the spot?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
Yes. Okay. Well, it depends you know, male or female

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
Yeah, there's just oh my gosh, I think PHP and fan is really pretty. She's really pretty she's got this natural segue but I love to me send me should take care. I'm going for the lady sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
Lady love her. Love her. We could make some passion

Unknown Speaker 1:01:53
and some other things.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
So thank you so much Kendra. You have been open and Very fun and I love your personality. You're bubbly and you I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for coming on the show

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
for having me and good luck in your career and I can do anything to promote health anything you ever come to one

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
of my fights after all this pandemic stuff is over. We'll be awesome. I'd be honored. I got some tickets for you. You just come Okay. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Thank you so much Kendra. Have a great night. We'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
That's it for Episode Seven. And if you're not revved up, aroused, excited or just a little happy below the belt, you must not have been listening. It was a pleasure to have the world's sexiest mouth and a true lover of the sport on the show. Professional fighting isn't the only profession that's looked at with a raised eyebrow. And that's okay. Because those are just the types of people we want to hear from here on sex and violence. You may think you know, but you have no idea. Keep your minds open to lifestyles and people that are not so cookie cutter. You may not have heard too many people talking about becoming a professional cage fighter when they were growing up. But the world's a crazy place and things rarely work out the way you plan. But that doesn't mean they won't be good. We're back next week with a fighter who just headlined a UFC event this past month, and you won't want to miss what she has to say. And if you liked this podcast, help it grow. Share the podcast and please please rate and review. It's super helpful. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions they need to produce Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJ Zoo at DJ saw drunkard studio at tomorrow kids official and you can find me at Ashley MMA and sex and violence with rebel girl. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales sex and violence.

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