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Episode 8: Jessica Penne

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance and that's all two taboo subjects.

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I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex

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and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff. What's up all you MMA erotica and otherwise TMI loving listeners. So, fight Island. It's really happening this weekend July 11. All MMA action is in Abu Dhabi for UFC 251 pay per view. The 13 fight card feature some amazing fights that I'll be watching as I celebrate my birthday, even though the actual birthday is today. Yep, I was born 33 years ago in a tiny town called Ukiah, California in Norco. But I won't bore you with the details of the small town life and early rebel girl years, as well as the anniversary of the day I was born. It's also my sober birthday. Yep, I said it sober. And if you know me, at least more than a surface level you would say? No way. But it's true. One year ago today, I decided to quit drinking. And I would say I picked a hell of a year to get sober sheesh, but canceled fights quarantine lockdown riots and the world losing its mind has not been enough to break me. And you may be thinking to yourself Damn, actually, that's a pretty personal, but I mean, sex and violence is about giving you guys the listeners like an an in depth look into the personal lives of today's top level MMA fighters, right? So if I wasn't honest and upfront with you all, why would you want to tune back in and pay attention? And I know some people like the motto. Not everyone needs to know your business. But I say, be yourself. unapologetically. And share your stories along the way because you never know. You know who you're going to inspire, uplift or even save. One of my favorite quotes that inspired me to do this podcast actually is shame dies when stories are told in a safe place. And I'm not ashamed to be honest, we're all the same. Maybe different backgrounds upbringings, skin color genders, but at the end of the day, we're all human. And even though I'm not religious, To say the least. I love the part that says, Let him without sin cast the first stone. Meaning all you motherfuckers out there can't talk unless you're perfect. And I'm happier than I have ever been, ever. But it's not all Sunshine, sunshine and rainbows. And, you know, if you struggle with addiction, you know that. But you're not alone. And I'm being open with my situation. And I hope that one of you guys can relate. On this podcast, I've actually never asked the listeners for money. I only ever want to help share and empower others. And I'd like to do that right now for someone directly connected to the UFC. But if you are in a position to help out financially, please do so. The head UFC makeup artist for the past 13 years, is battling stage for cancer. Suzy is one of the kindest people that I've ever met and a staple of Lucy family, she needs all the help we can give and in the Episode Notes slightly below this episode, you can find a link to her GoFundMe. So if you want to give me a birthday present, give it to Susie. Whether it's $1 $5 $100 anything you can spare, it helps. Thank you guys so much. Now, I cannot wait for you guys to hear this week's guest. We switch it up from last week's episode with an adult entertainer back to MMA fighters. Today's guest is a UFC Invicta and Bella tour vet. She's an MMA commentator for see FFC on fight pass. And currently in the works developing a new podcast herself. She tells us about only fans pros and cons, dating deal breakers, her five star fee versus my 4.5 and so much more. Here's your guest, Jessica penny. You got it.

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Hey, Jessica, thank you so much for joining us on the show.

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Thank you so much for having me.

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So I know that there's a lot going on in the world there's riots in the quarantine and lockdown and whatever you have going on, but what would you say has affected you most so far in 2020? And how how are things going for you?

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Um, honestly, I've honestly I've been doing my best with everything that's been going on. And quarantine has not been very difficult for me at all. I'm an introvert. So this is kind of like my life. Stay at home and my little hermit hole. And yeah, it's pretty good. The only thing that can be frustrating at times is my two very hyperactive dogs that need to get out and stretch their legs a lot like three times a day. So that can be a little challenging under quarantine. But otherwise I'm doing really well I've used my time the best that I can and you know, just just been focused on that on myself and self care.

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Yeah, it's it's proven to be you know, extremely dental detrimental to certain people. But then you know, you me a few other people that I know we've found a way to kind of pivot our focus in and create something new. And I want to ask you right off the bat, since we're on a podcast, you had a podcast with straightaway Angela Hill in the past. Are you still doing that podcast?

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No, we haven't done it in over a year. It just it became too difficult with all of the editing and Angela just really didn't want to do it anymore. Um, so I'm looking to start another one, I noticed that she and her husband have, you know, branched off and done their own thing. So it was you know, it was a lot of fun. Angela and I have a great time together and we had a lot of fun it was a great learning experience and yeah, I just it goes a lot excuse me It goes along with you know, analysts work and you know, being on TV and doing broadcasting which is something that I've you know, been diving into, and you know, want to do more in the future.

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Yeah. So I know you're a you're a commentator for CF FC MMA. And then is there anything else that you're doing is are you in contract with them? Or are you free agent commentator? How's that work?

Unknown Speaker 7:46
Um, well, I've just I mean, my loyalties are with them. So I have I have been asked to do commentary in other places, and I've done one in TJ, but they're they're always my priority. Rob, the owner is an amazing guy I love working with you know, john Morgan and CM Punk and I just I love everybody at CFC. And that's, you know, really a special place for me and I cannot wait to you know, get back to that once everything starts picking up again.

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Yeah, whatever you can do you know, it's kind of a weird world we're living in and speaking of, you know, whatever you can do, get a flat out ask you since this podcast is called sex and violence, you got an only fans account and forgive me for being ignorant about the whole situation. You know, I know it's an account where you charge kind of like a membership and people get to see pictures, explicit type pictures. I had a question about that. Just one, how has that been going for you and then two, do you make like a set base or like what's the average amount of money that you make if that's not too personal a question.

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Well, what We'll tell you about only fans is it is a subscription website and yeah, primarily it is an exclusive forum for you know, males and females alike to you know, put up whatever content they want. It's, it's up to the, you know the person to make it their own I personally have made it my own in that I go against the grain and I just post what I'm comfortable with and you know, nothing's, like overly explicit, but I do use it as a platform to just empower myself and and embrace my femininity and embrace myself. And it's been a really good experience so far. I mean, yeah, there are, you know, some people that have, you know, gone on there and responded poorly to it, or, you know, there's always criticism with it, and there's always people that make assumptions with it. However, I'm having a lot of fun with it, and it's, you know, something that I'm you know, just really enjoying

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Yeah, I mean, I think that it's kind of cool that, you know, it gives you some kind of, you know, a feeling of strength, like you said, embracing your femininity. And I feel like, you know, even in the past, I'll say it myself, I've kind of, you know, rolled my eyes at other fighters that used to their sexuality to market themselves. But you know, as much as I know, you know, but not a lot of people know that. You know, fighting is, is an important skill. It's the number one skill you need to have, but how you market yourself and how you sell yourself outside of the cage is also very important as well. So I think, if that's making money for you, that's awesome. So it seems like you got only fans, you're commentating, what about fighting? Are you in contract with the organization at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 10:47
Yeah, I'm currently under contract with the UFC. I'm targeted to fight in December, if all goes well, you know, I don't know what the state of you know, fighting is going to be just as I don't know what the state of you know, anything else. is going to be at this point is all kind of up in the air and I'm just, you know, working on myself and being prepared and you know, exploring different things and just trying to be, you know, prepared for December and that's, you know, my clear intention and my focus and if it changes and it changes and I'll be prepared for it, it will make those adjustments.

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Awesome. So December, you know, hopefully we see back in the octagon. Speaking you know, of how other ways of making money and you know, everything that we're going through right now with, you know, the quarantine and all that I want to ask your opinion on the situation with Paige van Zan, do you know what's going on with her?

Unknown Speaker 11:45
Not necessarily.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
Okay, so in a nutshell, she went, you know, she became vocal about how much money she makes outside the UFC versus inside the UFC. And, you know, she let it be known that she's about to fight her last fight in her contract and Abu Dhabi, I think that's a Saturday, actually. And after that she's going to become a free agent. And do you think that that's a good route to go for other fighters? Do you think that we should be paid more? You know, how do you feel about the payment of fighters? And do you think Paige is making a good move?

Unknown Speaker 12:19
I mean, I feel like whatever moves she's making is, you know, her own decision and that's, you know, it's going to be the best decision for her and for her situation as an outsider looking in. I, I mean, I think that's absolutely amazing that she makes so much money that she doesn't have to rely on fighting. Other people are not in that same situation. So she has, you know, fortunately for her, she has a lot different outlets and you know, different circumstances and it's completely different context. Do I think fighters should make more? Absolutely. Yeah, of course. Of course they do. And I I feel that, you know, it will, it will come eventually. And I feel like, you know, it'll, it'll take a lot of making noise and time. And you know, the sport is still like fairly young, comparatively speaking to other sports. But, you know, I can't say what's best for her and for her situation, because I truly don't know the ins and outs of it.

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Yes, I mean, not everyone, not all of us can dance or dance with the stars or all that. So not everybody is a model. So she has a lot of leverage. She has a lot of power. And I think it's probably a really good move for her specifically, but like you said, we don't know each fighters situation, and you know, what they bring to the table. So, of course, I would like to be paid more, everyone wants to be paid more, you know, and I think, of course, the fighters deserve more, you know? Yeah, you know, we all know that it's a little a little skewed, but it could be better. So I hope for future generations at least they get paid more

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If you if you put it into context, I mean my my first fight, which was at a hook and shoot in Dayton, Ohio, and it was, you know, I've been in the sport for well over a decade, I got paid 402 hundred with a $200 wind bonus if price is by submission. Oh, like, That's amazing. So, I mean, like, back in my day we didn't make anything. And I thought because I loved it. But you know, I also like went to school and I had three other jobs and I've always been a hustler and I prioritized fighting. And, you know, if I'm, you know, sitting back and I'm looking at all these, like, these newer people coming into the sport, I'm like, How awesome is it that you get to make that many figures in a fight because, holy crap, you don't even have 10 fights on your record and if that's what you're making, that's good for you, man. Good for you.

Unknown Speaker 14:54
That's a great way of looking at it.

Unknown Speaker 14:56
You know, it's again, it's it's not like The sport has been around and well established and like mainstream, like the other ones, but looking how far it has come, I think it's amazing. I think it's amazing that someone, you know, that young can, you know, make that much money and have that many options and, you know, do all of these things like a lot of, you know, fighters, you know, cross barriers and reach different markets. And I think that's absolutely amazing. And that was no way shape or form near possible when I first started out.

Unknown Speaker 15:36
Yeah, it's so funny. You say, in my time, it's like, well, it was your time, you know, you're gonna find this over, it's all your time. You know, you just, you know, you've been resilient and, you know, tenacious in the sport and regardless of what's happened, you've kept going, which I admire that, you know, and I've lived up to you here a long time. You know, you actually are definitely one of the women You know, I don't even know I'd started I went pro maybe 2003 or something. And, you know, how many years have you been pro before that? led?

Unknown Speaker 16:11
Yeah, probably five or six or so, you know. So, you know, I looked up to you, as a young little amateur would like to know.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
So, but it's not past your time, you're still your time silly woman. And, you know, I just think that you have the big picture in mind, you know, because you have seen it, you have the luxury of knowing how far we've come as a sport, but you're also still in it. So you're like, yeah, yeah, let's get paid more. You know, so I think, you know, I value your opinion on this kind of stuff, because it's easy for these newer fans, newer fighters, you know, it's like, Hey, you just got here like, Look, let me tell you about back in my day.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 16:49
and thank you very, you know, very much for that was, you know, a huge compliment, um, I I get into you know, that that internal dialogue at times where I get very stuck on my age because, you know, I, I am, like, I am older, I've been around for a while. However, I didn't start until I was 23 and have my first you know, amateur fight until I was 2425. So, you know, all of and, you know, with everything that's happened, I don't have a ton of miles on my body like, like some other people. So I do have like an internal conversation with my age versus, you know, How much longer do I have, or I didn't see myself so competing at that time I saw myself we're here here, but it's just, you know, conversation that we keep having with myself and just saying, you know what, this is where you're at, and this is what it's going to be and you are the best version of yourself that you've ever been. And luckily I've had, you know, things happen for me, not to me, and I've taken advantage of all of those things and you know, really tried to fill in the gaps and put in work where you know, where I had some deficits Oh,

Unknown Speaker 18:01
yeah, and you know, one thing you didn't you didn't bring up which I as you know, early 30s woman and you in your 30s as well, we get asked this very often and I'm assuming I'm speaking for you, but, you know, besides you mentally struggling with you know, the pros and cons and your age being a factor, people are always low so you're gonna have

Unknown Speaker 18:23
a boo boo or what I'm like, you know what? That's like last on my list if

Unknown Speaker 18:29
I don't even know it's on the list at this point. And, you know, so I'm sure you get a little bit of that.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
Yeah, of course. Of course they do. And that's never really been a priority for me. Honestly, if that happens, nobody got time for that. No, I mean, I had three horses and two dogs like I'm I'm all for baby up like for baby. Tim for baby. Yeah, I've just I've never Really had, like, I've never put pressure on myself for that if if it was meant to happen it's meant to happen if it doesn't it doesn't. I'm playing it the way a mom but that's just never it's never really been a priority for me honestly. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 19:16
yeah, we are really far ahead. I were at babies already. Let me back up

Unknown Speaker 19:22
your dating status Jessica Penner, please Are you single? I am so single.

Unknown Speaker 19:29
Okay, I've made a commitment to myself to be single and just like, Oh, really

Unknown Speaker 19:36
men are crying on in podcast land.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
No, I just, um, you know, I started doing a lot of like self work a few years back on and I just realized that I was, you know, repeating the same, you know, cycle and I've been really trying to Like, just work on myself and, and focus on that and focus on, you know what I want my future my professional life, you know, my, my relationship with myself so, I mean and I'm not it's not like I'm just you know, completely opposed to it but I have not, you know met someone that would like that I would entertain a relationship with honestly.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
Okay, so you're not like single and like ready to mingle, patrol so not closed off completely you're kind of letting things go with the flow.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
Yeah, I just feel like the relationship that I have with myself needs to be a priority at this point. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep repeating the same cycle. And, you know, one after the other. Sorry, I just, I realized that I have some, some work to do. And I'm fine with that.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
Okay, though, all you men or women take notes

Unknown Speaker 20:51
out there.

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Okay, so it's so you know, this is episode eight. And I feel like I'm getting more comfortable and you know, there's a Few things that you know that are like easy to ask my guests but this new thing I'm like, Alright, like how do you identify because I assume certain people are straight or if they're openly gay then I'm like, Oh, you know I talked about that but you never know. So you know, do I do you identify as heterosexual? Are you bisexual? pansexual sexuals

Unknown Speaker 21:23
i densify as heterosexual You know, I'm when I was younger, I explored and experimented but I'm, you know, pretty, like, stay pretty heavy in that quadrant.

Unknown Speaker 21:38
Heavy into the burritos. Not so many tacos. Got it? Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:41

Unknown Speaker 21:42
I wonder I mean, I feel like you and I are a unique breed, you know, fighter girls, but I wonder if all women have that experimental phase where they're like, Who knows? You know, like at a young age or like, I wonder what the numbers statistically if it's like 7590

Unknown Speaker 22:01
I do wonder that I feel like it's, you know, I feel like women can be a little bit more open and that is like, just in my experience and I'm not putting, you know, judgment on that, but just in my experience, I've encountered more females that are willing to explore and just more more open with it.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
Yeah. Okay, so let's say I'm a matchmaker, and I am like Jessica, I'm gonna find you the perfect man. What is he? What does he look like to you?

Unknown Speaker 22:30
Oh my gosh, you know what I've, I have never necessarily had like, if you looked at the past, you know, past relationships or, you know, whatever you want to call them. There's no like,

Unknown Speaker 22:45
love affair.

Unknown Speaker 22:47
You know, flings whenever you um, you know, they didn't, they didn't make the cut to relationships done

Unknown Speaker 22:54
easily, but you can still use them as like a pattern of physical like what you go from Right.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
Yeah, but there's, I don't know, like, I like what I like and i and i know what i like when I see it. And I do like, you know, the tall and darker hair and light eyes and you know all of skin I guess doesn't? I know I know.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
Yeah, that's like do you like puppies? Duh.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
Everyone. And why? Yeah, I don't know, like it I have like, it's been like a rainbow honestly,

Unknown Speaker 23:32
well, it could be more that you're, who did I talk to the other day and they basically said, Oh, it was Tisha. Tisha and rocky were on the show and they were super cute and awesome. And, you know, I asked about her preferences in a partner you know, like kind of post rocky obviously. And she said, She's more into the type of person she said she's into people. So like, you know, their, their mannerisms and you know, what they do and their characteristics. Maybe you're that kind of a person

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Yeah, it's just more of like an energy you know, it's more of an energy of connection. I don't necessarily like have a huge checklist like a checklist of like what to look like or height or anything it's usually like I I'm you know very receptive to energy Yeah, I guess yeah just I know what I like when I see it or when I when I feel it you know Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:28
okay, so turn ons are a little more ambiguous but I feel like turn off like me personally. example would be I cannot do a smoker. I tried for a long time not to date. Guys with kids. But you know, as we get a little older, you know, that's like, you know, slim pickins So,

Unknown Speaker 24:46
is there any like kind of anything that's a deal breaker for you.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
On a deal breaker, honestly I can. I am open understanding and evolved to enough to be like, and mature enough to work with, with most things, but I can't handle dishonesty. Yeah, like I just can't like trust and dishonesty is just, that's a no go. And once once I feel that and I usually like feel that energy pretty strongly, and it's just gotten from them.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Yeah, it's very hard to come back from some kind of abuse, whether it's a trust issue, or whatever. Does that I mean, obviously, everyone doesn't want to deal with this dishonesty. But do you? Does your does yours come from a personal experience?

Unknown Speaker 25:38
Um, yeah, of course. I mean, I've had I've had people that have, you know, lied and cheated and, you know, been deceivers and stuff like that, but I just, the thing about me is I can really handle like, any kind of honesty, like just be honest and upfront and I can work with it. You know, and but it has to be my choice. If you're lying to me, it's not my choice anymore. And I just I can't get with that.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Yeah, you're a strong, thick skinned woman, I believe. And I think whether he's, you know, a douchebag or is worried about you being too sensitive, you know, and I see you but I mean, like all women, you know, I think, yeah, you're right. It's so much better to be told up front what's going on. There's nothing more horrible than feeling stupid and in the dark and being the last one to know something, you know?

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Yeah, it's just, it's unkind. It's unnecessary. It's immature. And I mean, that that has mostly happened, you know, with the masculine, immature energy. Yeah. And it's, it's disappointing, but not surprising. And even when, you know, people have, you know, finally been honest, or I've, you know, confronted and I'm not a confrontational kind of person. I'm not like that at all. But But I will ask a question. And if, you know, it's like, I can tell when you're lying. Yeah, just don't lie. We could have had a conversation. It would have been cool. Like We could have parted ways amicably, you know, or, or not, or we could have worked through it by you. You know, that was your choice. And now this is mine.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Yeah, you touched on it earlier when you said, you know something about maturity and I think it's there. So that's a young guy thing, you know, lying and deceiving, and not that older gentlemen do not do that because they, but, and older women, you know, hey, women are assholes, too. But, um, but basically, you know, I think that when you get to a certain age, whether you're a man or a woman, you're just like, I don't have time for this for these games. You know, you're like, Look, I'm a grown woman or a grown ass man. And so do you think that you tend to date older men because of that?

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Um, honestly, I, I get a mix like I've dated younger and I've dated a little bit older, but I mostly find myself with guys that are a few years younger than me. So I do run into that on what I run into with You know, with people that are older than me is usually like a lot of like unresolved baggage.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
baggage comes with age.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
And I mean, everybody has baggage everybody has their things on however, like if I'm going to be involved with someone, I need that person to be open and, you know, be willing to work on their stuff and unload it so that it doesn't, you know, so that we don't keep repeating the same stuff. Mm hmm. Otherwise, it's just gonna keep you know, perpetuating Yeah, I had

Unknown Speaker 28:34
a little a little spree there for a minute where I was just younger guys, younger guys and Carla, my best friend. You know, Carla, and Carla would just be like, making fun of me like a cougar and I'm like, Look,

Unknown Speaker 28:45
you know what I'm not trying to find younger.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
Okay, so when I was 30, I was dating a 23 year old. Okay, does that's kind of a big gap. That's the biggest gap I ever had. And I mean, he didn't look like a baby face or anything like that. But like when you start talking, he was kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 29:06
he was nice. He was very nice and very handsome. But he was 23. And I was 30.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
And yeah, maturity had come in all ages, but that

Unknown Speaker 29:16
23 is

Unknown Speaker 29:18
23 is 23. Let's just say that.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Yeah, that that's No thank you, Penny. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:23
there's a there's a podcast that I love all the time, I'll probably keep making references to it. It's the first time I have and it's called guys we fucked with Christina Hutchinson and Karen Fisher. And they always make this joke that, you know, they don't even consider, you know, people under 25, like, human or like person, you know, it's like, You're not even a person yet until you reach 25. And I'm like, this is so true. I think back to you know, think back to like, 2423 year old Jessica, you're like, Oh, my God, you had so much to learn, right? Yeah. So these guys are younger do they do they tend to be athletes or fighters? I mean, I'm not judging because I'd be calling the kettle black I, you know, tried to stay out of the fighter world but it's just like you're in this work environment and you know like to stop drones flying and it just happens and then you know, and then it falls apart and you know, I found myself being like never again and then you know, then again

Unknown Speaker 30:19
and then you're like, oh, yeah

Unknown Speaker 30:23
that's cool that turns me on. I got a lady boner. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
All right, you know, I have this conversation with, you know, my, my other female fighter friends cuz, you know, mostly who I hang out with, or, you know, male fighter brands. It's just, you know, it's, it's nice to be part of a community where you, you know, have that connection and that understanding and you don't have to explain things to so I, I've always found it very, you know, difficult for me to date outside of my, you know, career field. Yeah, I mean I, it's not like I you know, look for it but what I what I realized is that I relate a lot of how do I say this, um, I relate masculinity with athleticism and, and that kind of thing. So like I was really putting that as one thing so that was what I was attracted to and that's, you know, male fighters and male athletes and but in my experience, they've all been you know, the same thing wrapped in a different package.

Unknown Speaker 31:39

Unknown Speaker 31:40
you give a lot of the same characteristics when you date an athlete whether it's a fighter, but fighter specifically because it takes a certain kind of crazy and I said it before us with us ladies are crazy as well. I'm not putting it on the men

Unknown Speaker 31:55
but it's a different one though. Like, I feel like the female fighters have a different kind of crazy And the male fighters definitely have like their own different kind of crazy, but yeah, it's and I and I, in my experience, they're not the same but they're, they're similar within, like the female and within the males.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
I was thinking of fighters and it's totally gonna put you on blast, but you are I know, you know, and you know, I'm straight so I'm not hitting on you, but you've been so many woman crush Wednesdays. And, you know, celebrity crushes from people who admire you. Is there any fighter or regular celebrity crushes that you have?

Unknown Speaker 32:39
Not really honestly. What

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Come on, I mean, are you afraid they're gonna hear Come on. Just let

Unknown Speaker 32:46
me rephrase this not not a crush, not a crush. But if you had to say is the cute the most attractive male fighter who's who's like, you're like yeah, that one. Like GSP are like a coated Gar brand. I mean, what's your style?

Unknown Speaker 33:06
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
I know you're so well known

Unknown Speaker 33:12
to me. I mean, definitely not a GSP cuz he's way too pretty and way too like Metro.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Oh really like a more rugged guy, huh?

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Yeah, like a little bit a little bit more rugged like, you know doesn't shave every day, you know, maybe just rolled out of bed I don't know. No baby

Unknown Speaker 33:27
faces no baby faces Okay, no baby faces. I like yeah, just none honestly come to mind. men come All right.

Unknown Speaker 33:37
All right well let's get to that. All right so some of these relationships you've been in, whether it was a fighter guy or whatever, you know, I know a lot of people think that they can they can take you know being with a fighter girl or you know a lot of women think that they can take being with a fighter guy, but they don't understand all of the training and you know selfishness that comes with being a professional athlete and really, you know, fighting specifically, it's very selfish. Have you run into any problems with partners being either one kind of like, upset that you are training so much or maybe, you know, to training with males so much.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
I'm so for me, my issue has been, like, specifically if I've dated another athlete, it has always been that I end up like taking the supporter role, and I make them more of a priority than myself. And that's part of why I am not seeking like out a relationship is because I realized that that's a pattern that I keep repeating. And I I get to be very selfish right now because this is you know, I've put in a lot of work I've been waiting a long time to compete, and I get to put myself first Yeah, um, so that is definitely Only like a pattern that I've, I've acknowledged and realized and I'd really like to break. So being, you know, being a fighter, you know, I do need to be very selfish. However, I have not been selfish enough with my time I end up taking that supportive role and that's ended up that in my experience and what I've seen in in some other cases, I mean, without like completely understanding what's going on in other relationships. That's just what I've seen. There's always one person that takes that kind of supportive role. And the other person, you know, takes the forefront. And so sometimes that can be very difficult when to fighters Jiu Jitsu people to athletes or celebrities, like whatever you have it. It can be difficult. That's a difficult balance. For sure. I have had for the most part, I have not had people be jealous of me trading with other people because that's, that's what I do. And that's what they do. I have had, you know, I've gone on dates with people that don't understand and then I have to explain things and I could already tell that that was probably going to be an issue. So it never went any further than that.

Unknown Speaker 36:16
Like, I just I don't I don't deal with that.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
That's good. And I you know, I think you're making a really smart decision by staying single because I you know, you're right. It's there's almost like a, without, with lack of better terminology, like an alpha and a beta or, you know, like, more like an empathetic person who's like more of a nurturer and you know, the other person who's kind of, you know, being coddled too, and if it's not you, the one that's being coddled, you know, it's taking away from your energy, and I am in the same boat, I feel like as you are, maybe you're not in the same boat, but for me, you know, I'm 33 now, and I've been in the US since 2014. That's like, you know, broke into the top 15 and then it was like the last defied so like, There's a sense of urgency that I bring with me now that it's like if you're not adding to my life, whether I love you or not, you know, I don't want you around. And that's just how I am. And, you know, fortunately, I'm in a relationship right now, that is beneficial. But I told myself, you know, and I don't know if you've said this as well, but it's like, if I feel myself being distracted from my career, you are cut, you know.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
And I mean, that, yeah, you get to make that decision for yourself. And, you know, you get to do what's best for yourself and put yourself first. And that's, you know, the promise that I made to myself, and I'm very committed to keeping that promise.

Unknown Speaker 37:40
A lot of people don't understand how hard that can be, especially if I don't know if you're like this, but some people don't like to be alone. You know, and, you know, it can be a really hard, hard and lonely situation when you know, you're so focused on your goal that you have to sacrifice, love, and relationships and all that.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
Yeah. I mean that, for me, that has definitely been the part of my life that has been sacrificed the most. I mean, I go, I think it's been, it's been almost like three years since my last relationship. And of course, I've like gone on dates or have, you know, had brief little flirtations and stuff like that, but it's like, I mean, I'm fine being alone. I don't need to fill the void with somebody I would rather be alone than just try and fill the void and, you know, have any any of that but yeah, can you know, I've missed I've missed out on a lot of relationships, like friendships, like intimate relationships, connect, you know, connecting the family, just all for, you know, all for the sport, all for, you know, this lifestyle that I chose.

Unknown Speaker 38:52
I think you're, you know, a smart woman though, you know, you're it's, it's about quality, not quantity and something we learned You know, or maybe later in life and, you know, you really just start wanting the best for yourself. So you hold out for something of more value. And I think that's smarter view. You said that you're going on dates. Now, are you hip to this new online dating you swiping left and right, are you more of a traditional

Unknown Speaker 39:18
girl like, let's go.

Unknown Speaker 39:21
So I'm, I'm super traditional. And I'm also like, as I said, an Ernie bit an introvert, that stays in the house all the time. So like, I really don't have like, much social life outside of you know, go to the gym or like my my teammates and stuff. So my stepsister convinced me to get on a dating app which I was completely against. We were having like, you know, girls wine night, sign me up and she said at this profile, personally, I like I didn't go on it for a long time. But like that, that night, you know, we had just, you know, we're drinking some wine.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
are low and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Oh, you know, I'll like this one and no swiping. I'm not.

Unknown Speaker 40:06
Yeah, I'm just here to browse. Okay. I'm browsing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
Okay, cool. So, um, was it like, you know, like, over, it's been over a year since I I tried it out for a few months. And it was just, it was really disappointing. I'm like, this is just, this is not this is not what I want. So,

Unknown Speaker 40:30
like, catfished or something, like, disappointing how so disappointing. Because

Unknown Speaker 40:34
I've, you know, I've actually never done it. So which I feel like is good or bad, because, you know, like you said, it's like, oh, you just browsing but at the same time, it could not go so well. So how was your experience?

Unknown Speaker 40:46
So I went on, like a handful of like, you know, I met like a handful of guys on you know, this dating app. And we had, like, you know, cool conversation on first date kind of thing, but Then there was just no spark, you know? It's and it just, yeah, it didn't it didn't go anywhere. I mean, they were really cool. I would totally, you know, go hang out and have a beer with them but I'm, you know not there's no magic chemistry Yeah, there's no nothing. Um, which is fine it was you know, it was a positive experience so I went way out of my comfort zone so I'm, you know, proud of myself for that, but that's just not my thing. I am, you know, just more traditional than that.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Yeah, you, you seem like such a, you know, introvert, you know, and, and, you know, but you're, but it's so funny because, like, you're definitely introverted person, you're more passive and calm and, but then it's like, you get in the cage and you're just like, aggressive, you know, and, you know, I'm like, you know, I'm thinking about my podcast questions, and I'm like, Oh, I'm totally gonna ask her if she's more aggressive in bed than she is passive. Because of like, I feel like I am. You know, I'm like in the I'm not, you know, super quiet or shy, but I'm also not like, you know, letting myself be known when I walk into a room. I'm like, somewhere in the middle. But then I feel like yeah, I'm aggressive in the bed for sure. You know, like, I like, I don't think Jess is like a dead fish, but like, would you say you're like aggressive? I can be like, not,

Unknown Speaker 42:21
like, not physically aggressive, but I just, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:24

Unknown Speaker 42:25
you know, I guess you could say I'm an aggressive cuddler I guess.

Unknown Speaker 42:31

Unknown Speaker 42:31
well, you know,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
so you're not doing the online dating. You're focusing on your career and your you're a passive person and introvert and which is not bad, but I like all these things combined. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 42:46
how are you gonna get the sexy time and you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 42:50
do you got any like kinda with for lack of better term like, f buddies you know, like on the side like cuz Come on. Like, no Are you one of those people you just like I'm abstaining from sex until you know after fighting

Unknown Speaker 43:06
No, I mean I've you know, I've had a couple little flings here and there again they've like never gone anywhere and they're you know far and you know, like spread out for our part like if it happens it happens but for the most like I if somebody doesn't catch my eye or I don't have that, you know, that connection that energy with like, I don't really have the desire Yeah. Every every once in a while I have to pull out the toys by you know, like, girls gotta

Unknown Speaker 43:37
do what she's got to do. Yeah, yeah. Are you are you a believer in the abstain from sex before a fight like the whole myth? Or I mean, to ever guys, it's good. I know. But then I know, sir. Some girls I do know some girls most say no, it's stupid. But some girls have said yeah, they don't have sex till after their fight. How do you how do you feel about that?

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Um, so I've heard different Things I feel like for males like it's it can be like to their own detriment if, if they're having sex because it you know, lowers their testosterone and teach them and blah, blah, blah, all that kind of stuff. Um, but I've heard I've heard weird stuff about how it actually like, raises women's testosterone

Unknown Speaker 44:18
to it. I've heard that as well.

Unknown Speaker 44:21
Yeah, but I mean, like, as long as you're not having like, you know, hours of, you know, crazy Olympic style, like marathons. But I've actually heard that it's like the opposite for females. I can actually like, raise your testosterone and, you know, reinvigorate her,

Unknown Speaker 44:39
I guess. So I guess Rocky and T shirts, why they're winning all the time. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
So is there any Okay, so, sometimes people have these like, weird, awkward, funny. Loss of virginity stories. Some people it's like, boring, nothing big. Did anything weird happen and at what age Did you lose it as well?

Unknown Speaker 45:02
Um, I was a late bloomer, and a self proclaimed Ugly Duckling. So, like, I just have like, I never had a boyfriend in high school Really? Like, I. I wasn't like, intimate with anyone until I was 18.

Unknown Speaker 45:21
Oh, that was really bloomer.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
Yeah, I didn't have like, I didn't have any kind of like sexual experience before that, like I would kiss like I get drunk and make out with boys at a party, you know? But like, that was the extent of it. And my first time like, I it wasn't anything special. It was just like, like, you know, never is but

Unknown Speaker 45:45
it gets awkward or weird. Anything awkward. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 45:49
I cried after my first.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
I was like, I was honestly I was just kind of detached from when I was like, Alright, cool. Thanks. This is

Unknown Speaker 45:57
not what I thought.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
I was like, I really should have saved that for something special. That was stupid.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 46:08
I think every girl is extremely let down when they lose their virginity because we build I mean, I don't know about you, but like, you know, I feel like in movies as well, it's like, it's gonna be on a bed of roses and

Unknown Speaker 46:20
he's gonna lay down on the bed and he's gonna sing Prince to you. And you

Unknown Speaker 46:23
know, like, like, oh, that didn't happen. You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 46:26
I grew up on Disney movies. I like, you know, I'm like, Where's my prince? Eric?

Unknown Speaker 46:32
Yeah, Eric. Okay, I told my boyfriend because he's got dark features. I'm like, okay, so of all the print the Disney Princesses I was like thinking, you know, like, there's beast and what's the blonde like john smith and Pocahontas is blonde and I was like, you're Eric, you know, and he's like, uh, you're not Ariel.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
I'm like whatever.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
was like my cue princess like yeah, Eric Prince Eric. He's cute.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
Yeah, Prince Eric was my was my boo.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
That's so funny. Okay, well, I have this next section it's called lightning sex round

Unknown Speaker 47:12
because a lot of the last couple guests have been actually no Nevermind. Patricia and rocky they were super and Nina two they've all been very open but it's kind of like the lightning sex round. It's kind of like what do you what do you like in bed like turn ons turn offs. So how it's gonna work? I'm gonna basically say a few few things and you'll say yes or no, but it's like, rapid speed rapid pace go like yes, no, yes, no, ready.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
You're like, No, I'm not.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
There only like a handful, but it's just like, right? Like, you know, it can be hard. It can be a little hard to talk about what we're into, you know, in the sheets, because it's not normal in society, which is kind of weird. It's like it's just sex, you know? But

Unknown Speaker 47:56
whatever. Alright, you ready? Just Okay. Okay. I know you could do this.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Put the introvert away and bring

Unknown Speaker 48:03
your extrovert

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Okay, ready? so dirty talk in bed Yes or no? Yes like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Yes. Fighting. Yes. choking?

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Yes three subs. Now fuck that do watch. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
Okay, fetishes like feet

Unknown Speaker 48:24
I mean I don't but I people like

Unknown Speaker 48:30
bonded now toys. Yes. All right okay Jess, you're pretty open there that was easy that was painless, right?

Unknown Speaker 48:41
I thought there's more than warm

Unknown Speaker 48:45
you know it's funny is

Unknown Speaker 48:47
when I was interviewing I think it was yeah Nina, she I was like okay, we're done here and she was like No, no. Let me tell you a story about my vibrator. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 48:55
oh, okay, here we go. And I'm just like,

Unknown Speaker 48:58
I'm always shocked sometimes I feel like you know, people are gonna be we're closed off but a lot of the guests you know, even you I'm like, you know, just like I was surprised you said yes to coming on the show because, you know, it's not like you're super quiet but you are more of a kind of like calm like compose type of person. I'm like, she's not gonna want to talk and then you're like,

Unknown Speaker 49:18
sure. I was like, Alright, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
Okay, so.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Well, thank you. Thank you for opening up and it's not over yet. We got to kind of embarrass you one last time before Hey, so this game is called Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
Go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 49:47
And have you played it before?

Unknown Speaker 49:50
No. Okay, so I'm gonna give you three names, and you gotta choose to fuck one marry one and kill What? And you can't say oh, I'm gonna marry both of them. Like No, no, you Don't choose Okay. Okay. All right so look marry kill here we go you got john ionic. Dominick Cruz

Unknown Speaker 50:09
and Paul Felder

Unknown Speaker 50:11
fuck marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 50:13
Ah ah I was like how

Unknown Speaker 50:20
can I make this awkward for her? And I was like okay those of you in podcast land if you are not familiar with these names then you probably are not MMA fan but they are fighters as well as commentators like Jessica

Unknown Speaker 50:35
oh well sorry not john Annika maybe doesn't fit. I don't know but he's a comedy

Unknown Speaker 50:41
man I'm

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Felder kill Dominic, cuz he's my teammate and I want to kill him every day. And I'm very dynamic.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
I was like, I thought you might marry your teammate because you wouldn't want to kill them or if there was like a barrier

Unknown Speaker 51:01
Good job girl. All right, so the fans really really responded like a lot they responded really well some of them got quite pervy, and I filter those out for you, but I've got a couple fan questions if that's okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:20
Okay, so at Batman Blizzard wants to know, would you ever take your dogs on a date with you?

Unknown Speaker 51:27
Um, yes. And I have they are my personal protection.

Unknown Speaker 51:32
And honestly, like, I do not trust a human that a dog does not like so if they can't pass the dog test and that's a no go. Yeah, there's a weird feeling warms my heart when, like my my boyfriend now he's, like, bet nicer to my dog and hangs out with my dog more than me and I'm just like, I love you so much more now.

Unknown Speaker 51:54
Okay, so Connor 1990 wants to know, do you feel prepared every time you walk into a octagon

Unknown Speaker 52:03
um, there is always a feeling of, you know, or a thought of, you know, could I have done more? Or should I have done this or what could I have done differently but honestly, that all goes away when when I enter the actual octagon but but leading up, you know, in during fight week and in you know, backstage, there's always this like, fear of the unknown, this anxiety, you know, for me, you know, just just wondering if I could have done more if I prepared enough and, you know, there's just there's so many aspects to MMA, it's it's so hard and I don't

Unknown Speaker 52:45
Yeah, it's just it's just always there's always that little bit of doubt beforehand for me. Yeah, I mean, I think anyone any professional

Unknown Speaker 52:53
fighter on the highest level, if they weren't a little worried one, they're probably line two, there may be a sociopath.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
Scary, risky, you know, a lot a lot is on the line. And I don't even feel comfortable until I get punched in the face when we're like actually fighting and then I'm like, oh then all worries out the window and it's like fight or flight mode, but like I'm worried I'm walking in. I'm like, do I look?

Unknown Speaker 53:23
Fake it fake it till you make it actually fake until you make it

Unknown Speaker 53:26

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Yeah, it's really hard. I have discovered that. I do not wake up until I get hit. So I started asking to be punched backstage. Oh, really hard, like really

Unknown Speaker 53:40
hard. Who does that? Is it the same person every time or just? No, no, it's different every time. You sir. Please.

Unknown Speaker 53:50
Talk to myself. Just, you know, whatever. Whatever it takes. You heard

Unknown Speaker 53:55
it here guys. That's the lady you

Unknown Speaker 53:56
want to put yourself in the back room.

Unknown Speaker 54:02
We are unique individuals uniquely. All right. Live underscore tattoos wants to know How do you stay so positive and inspirational? It seems like every day is a good day for you.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Um, well thank you very much it's um it's it's taken a lot a lot of work and to be like that not every day is great but I can find something great and every day

Unknown Speaker 54:30
now i'm i'm serious like

Unknown Speaker 54:34
you know, I it's been a really like long time since I've fought you know, for various reasons. But um,

Unknown Speaker 54:44
before I didn't fight I was like at the peak of depression and anxiety and just you know, completely like, was not able to, like function in the octagon function in normal life like it was really, really difficult and I had a three year layoff where I just really, you know, I mean part of it was like really numbing and just really like fucked up. But the the other part of it was just realizing that I had a lot of work to do. And so I started I'm just really trying to unload a lot of baggage and figuring myself out. I started taking courses for emotional intelligence. I started you know, meditating, I started exploring in plant medicine, I started just doing whatever I possibly could to, like figure out, you know, myself because what I was doing wasn't working. And now my mindset is everything happens for me, not to me, there's always a positive to take out of it.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Let's write these down for later.

Unknown Speaker 55:47
Okay, you said plant medicine, which translates perfectly into our next question, Craig masters wants to know, do you smoke weed?

Unknown Speaker 55:56
I do not smoke weed. No, I don't.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
Okay, there. Kind of plant medicine plan different kind of plant matter my bad okay. Okay, these

Unknown Speaker 56:05
last couple questions are kind of silly at big Rome 70 wants to know

Unknown Speaker 56:09
if you ever farted during sex?

Unknown Speaker 56:14
No, but I'm sure I've like farted in my sleep or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
Yes, yes. That is all we want to talk about, but it's

Unknown Speaker 56:25
okay, and then this last question, it's probably gonna be countless countless times that's my guess what how you're gonna answer this question but at EA UFC knockout, knockout, sorry, wants to know, how often do guys ask you about your feet?

Unknown Speaker 56:40
I you know what, my feet are very popular with the gentleman. There they are.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
How popular we talk like what's what's one of the weirdest, like foot requests you've gotten?

Unknown Speaker 56:52
I mean, you name it.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
Stinky shoes. I mean, cuz I've gotten some weird ones too, but, but it's there. There are Certain feet I don't know what the criteria is for beautiful feet or or

Unknown Speaker 57:04
have you ever have you ever checked out your your wiki feet ranking? I know you have a week

Unknown Speaker 57:13
where do you rank?

Unknown Speaker 57:17
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 57:18
someone sent me that that mother link and I'm like, Who made this? Who made this? And yeah, for you listeners who don't follow there is you know, basically a Wikipedia of certain individuals, feats. Yes. Just their feet and someone made me made just made their favorite feet, individual pages, and I don't know what my rating is, but I'm gonna check tonight Just and I'm gonna text you later.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
Because what if I got like three stars? I'm gonna feel real self conscious about my feet and be like

Unknown Speaker 57:52
so okay, you get asked a lot about your feet because you're, you know, got awesome feet. All right. Well, that's the last weird fad question for Does I my last question for you is if you could have if you could hear any other fighter or individual here on sex and violence who would you like to hear?

Unknown Speaker 58:13

Unknown Speaker 58:15
she's I don't know Ashley I mean my brain is fried right now.

Unknown Speaker 58:20
We want to talk about who you want to find out about you like oh, I ever wondered about you know, so and so or maybe this I mean could be a lady one of your friends you know maybe want to get one of your girlfriends on here. Okay, my my a sound engineer Zola just said I have how many stars?

Unknown Speaker 58:37
Five stars. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 58:42
I'm four and two thirds room for improvement.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
day that's a lot of pictures. I've got creepy quick.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Oh, dude, if you go down the rabbit hole and there's like, when I first realized I had one was right off the Ultimate Fighter house. And there were like screenshots From the episodes here like how did they actually get these pictures? Then I realized that they're like they just screenshotted from like episode yeah

Unknown Speaker 59:09
yeah my my um my guys all right now is next to me just scrolling down and it's got my Instagram it's got my fight action shots and I'm sure has Okay, that's weird zone click out of there get out there

Unknown Speaker 59:24
jazz thank you so much for coming on the show I learned a lot about you and probably a lot more than you would let the normal person know because you are an introverted person and you're such a sweet calm person. So I feel like you really opened up and I think everyone listening really appreciated it too. So thank you

Unknown Speaker 59:43
so much. Well, thank you for giving me a safe space to open up to

Unknown Speaker 59:47
of course that's what it's all about. You know, we are really as fighters dehumanised not just fighters, but anyone in the public eye. And so the goal here on sex and violence with rebel girl is just to you know, we are all one Whether we're different races, backgrounds, you know, genders, how we identify sexually, everyone's got a funny, you know, awkward rigidity story, you know, everyone, you know, legs got their preferences and, you know, you prove that again, it's like, you know, you are this bad as a beautiful woman who's you know, paved the way for my sport, but we're all were the same, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
So I would love to have you back on the show, you know, in a few months, either one when you're, you know, and maybe like talking to one of these guys or, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
maybe we could find out I'll make my lightning sex round list a little bit longer we can go into more detail

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
and what do you think just

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
come back on there now i'm i'm totally game for it. This is a nice little warm up round.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
Yeah. No, and you know, it's like I know a lot of fighters probably are like, I don't know if I feel comfortable, but I'm not here to force anything on anyone. I just think it's fun to talk about something besides How many low kicks he checks and plugin? What do you know cutting weight and all that? We love that stuff, but it's a nice little break. So thanks, Jess. It is nice for sure. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. We'll talk to you soon. Okay, have a good night. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
That was awesome. So, what have we learned here on episode eight of sex and violence with rebel girl? Well, Jessica Penny is a sexy, focused badass, who's not letting anything or anyone get in the way of her goals. But she's definitely open for love. So you better bring something good to the table. And it's my birthday. So that's that you know, you guys want to wish me happy birthday. And if I can make it a year, sober thing as possible. I mean, I used to be that friend that was always having a bloody mary at breakfast and not just one, the client that you had to worry about. It's kind of a time bomb just never knew what she was going to do. The girlfriend you had to keep an eye on because she was at the bar ordering another round before you even finished your first one. I was pre gaming before the tailgate pregame party before the party and at the real party. Some of you may think that it's not very rebel ish to get sober. But I think the opposite. One of the most badass things I've ever done by far has been putting the bottle down. So guys, keep doing you, whatever that is. Whatever makes you happy and keep tuning in. Thanks for listening. And if you like this podcast, please guys help it grow. So rate and review on Apple or Spotify. Thank you to our producer Rick Lee at Wrigley audio engineer DJ soul at DJ zone. Tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow, kids official. And again, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself. Actually subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more sex.

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