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Episode 9: Alex "The Great" Hernandez

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl

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where we interviewed top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and that's all too taboo subject. I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith.

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Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? hot stuff we're

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back. I can't believe we've already done nine episodes. Seems like yesterday we were just talking to Ian McCall as guest number one, talking about magic mushrooms and three He's so much has changed these last two months, not just on the show, but in the world. I mean, here in California, we are on lockdown for the second time. And if you're listening from another state or country, I'm sure you guys are dealing with your own COVID struggles. I mean, I hope your jobs and careers are all doing okay. And if they're not, I hope you found a way to be successful create, or just get involved with something and keep your mind busy and off the personal struggles of the world. I was thinking about what it takes to build a great podcast and I was thinking about all the potential problems and reasons it might fall apart. But I realized the same things it's going to take to grow and be successful or the same things it's going to take for all of us to succeed. I mean, we're facing bumps in the road right now like never before. failures, setbacks, doubt, long nights, early mornings, sacrifice stress. I mean, I could go on, but anyone who's been Successful knows that all of these are going to be worth it, it's going to be worth all the suffering and the pain and it won't be in vain. So I'm gonna stay tenacious and positive and resilient. And I hope you guys do the same. And if you need a way to decompress, unwind or laugh, you're listening to the right podcast. Thanks to all the efforts of the UFC and the ability to put the fights on no matter what the world's going through. You can also kick your feet up and watch the fights and Abu Dhabi. We've had to fight cars on Fire Island so far, and they have not disappointed. I mean, I can't lie. There's a big part of me that would like to be over there and say, you know, I fought in Abu Dhabi during the pandemic, kind of a cool bucket list thing. But then again, I realize what all the fighters and corners have to go through just to get the Get over there, you know, and No, thank you. So hats off to the fighters and the cornerman and officials that have all come together and given us an amazing fight. I mean, I didn't think it was gonna be possible to be honest, you know the UFC has done some great things. And for those of you who are wondering when I'll be getting back in the cage, stay tuned. I'm not gonna spill the beans before they're cooked. I just made that up, but I think it makes sense. So, quick reminder before we talk to today's guests, the UFC head makeup artist of 13 years is battling stage four cancer. Her name is Suzy and she's one of the kindest people I've ever met, and a staple of the UFC family. She needs all the help we can give right now and so I've listed a link to her GoFundMe in the Episode Notes. If you can, please donate or share her link. Now onto the debauchery. Today's guest is an explosive and entertaining UFC lightweight. This young fighter on the rise gets raw with us and talks about being a late bloomer, grandpa's porn box, self proclaimed Houdini on the hooch and so much more. Here's your guest, Alex the great Hernan

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Hey Alex, thanks for coming on the show. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 4:34
I'm doing good man. It's good to hear from you again.

Unknown Speaker 4:36
I know we met through Karla A while back. It was pre COVID so

Unknown Speaker 4:42
the world had like a little like a like a family game night. Yeah. Like

Unknown Speaker 4:49
it was adult family game night it was fun. So, you know the world's basically taking a crap and you know everything's kind of asked backwards Right now I don't know what you're dealing with. Personally, I know that you did fight may 13 in Florida with no crowd. You don't have anything lined up now.

Unknown Speaker 5:11
So so I kind of went on a little quest for that. So that fight did not go my way. And it took just like a lot of like introspection after that and just kind of have some honest conversations with my team based out of San Antonio, and so we're kind of like on an island out there. You know, it's not really known for you know, combat sports, we got boxing, but we're not known, like on the amazing, you know, so, we've been, we've been going get it done, though. And, yeah, I mean, winging a lot but but we've been getting it done. But after that, I kind of realized there's definitely a gap in expertise and a lack of preparation. Not because effort, just just the expert expertise. So I went on a we're on a quest around the country and just kind of like I started checking out some gyms and I settled in Colorado and so now I'm over here I factor yaks just getting acclimated so you made a

Unknown Speaker 6:07
lifestyle change

Unknown Speaker 6:08
gym change lifestyle change right up yeah yeah poor lifestyle change the packed up moved over to Colorado and I've been training with these boys for the last two weeks now and it's been like yeah it's been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life like just physically work and do as much as I can to like

Unknown Speaker 6:28
just bridge the gap and and what I need to learn so well I mean I

Unknown Speaker 6:33
applaud your commitment to the sport and you know your your dreams a lot of people they you know there's a lot of excuses I can't because of this I can't because of that but um but yeah, you're making it happen doing whatever it takes to be a champion so congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
Yeah, I mean like I love it doesn't help or doesn't hurt that I'm so fucking vacation states pretty cool out here. I was trying to hate on. See I was trying to I was trying to hate like everywhere. I was going so the guy is cool, but it's cool, but because I wasn't sure I was in land, right. And they're talking about Colorado and obviously I've been through it a few times. I've done some events and, like, experienced different little parts but all surface level shit. Yeah, I was kinda like, you know, I don't know, seems a little too vast. Like, you know, there's too little too much green shit going on. Maybe there's too many white people, you know? I don't know. So I got I was being like real skeptical the whole time. But now that I'm fucking hit. It's nice. It's like it's nice. Nice. It's a really, it's a really beautiful place. And yeah, the team, of course, badass coaches better than everybody else. Like, you know, they need friends outside of that. So

Unknown Speaker 7:43
it's not if you want to be successful. Yes. Well,

Unknown Speaker 7:47
yeah, I mean, that answers my question. Yeah, you need to get acclimated not only to elevation, but the living environment, your coaches, your teammates. And, you know, I think you and I both know that There's got to be a certain chemistry.

Unknown Speaker 8:02
I mean, you need to have like a, like a code or like a, you know, like a language between each Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
You know, so it's just like you want you don't want to go to battle with someone you're like, What's up, bro? You know, you want to go to battle with someone who's got your back right

Unknown Speaker 8:14
in a general and that was something that was pretty cool here just like having like a commanding presence of Mark Montoya not like no if we didn't have it back, you know, back saying, it's just, again, just just the level of expertise, you know that back home, I was really the first generation of guy doing it, you know, out here, it's like the fourth or fifth day they've got previous champions, you know, pressing guys on the road to glory and just experiences

Unknown Speaker 8:41
when you can learn from someone else's mistakes or, you know, victories. It's, you know,

Unknown Speaker 8:47
yeah, that's valuable. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:50
Okay. Well, you know, this is this is MMA podcast. That's the violence aspect of sex and violence, but let's get to the second

Unknown Speaker 8:58
that's the other side do so now

Unknown Speaker 9:01
I live with my girlfriend here in Denver. I've never done that before. So that's like a whole new experience right there.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Okay, so like you are in a relationship and this girl moves across the country because you want to follow your dream You guys must have been together for years.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
Yeah. Like almost three years, like two and a half or three years

Unknown Speaker 9:23
depending on how you look at it that's a big move for only a couple years like

Unknown Speaker 9:28
knows out now Yeah, we make moves man. I've always kind of done that in my life. And it's always kind of it's always kind of paid out, you know, and this is I mean, this just fell right? The move to Colorado need to happen and of course, like someone that the long distance should just be more stressful it's not something I want to go without and definitely someone that I would, you know, spend spend the rest of, you know, however long with so

Unknown Speaker 9:57
so yeah, she trained does she fight. I mean, how Did

Unknown Speaker 10:00
you guys know It's so fucking funny dude like I never planned on, like two things that I always thought like, these are like two definite no no's for me and I'm pretty much straight otherwise but I was like laughing today a chick who really like, does what I do because I always want to like this kind of like my thing. And then you can have your own thing sort of sort of thing is how I kind of always approached it. Like I want to want to date chicken the office with me either like I just kinda like want my own thing and you have your own thing then we can talk about the in between or whatever. And then I never want to date someone with my name and here I am dating chick named Alex Her name's Alexis. name's Alex and she like also likes to participate in Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai, she's a she's a badass. She has she has she hasn't fought but she's, I mean, really? She probably should, you know, and it's like,

Unknown Speaker 10:48
yeah, it's funny.

Unknown Speaker 10:50
Like, I'm the star of the show. Don't steal my thunder.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
My thing that's my thing.

Unknown Speaker 10:56
Yeah, we always do like dogs too. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 11:00
so Okay, so I'm assuming you guys met on the Mac somewhere. How'd you guys meet?

Unknown Speaker 11:06
Uh, no, no, we met so so we've got a just just online. Okay, we really, we know we've got mutual friends so like my oldest best friends that I've like, outside the boys in the gym back home, which are like best friends of another side my like, oh geez, since I was like 10 years old, like I the same best friend groups, my fucking Middle School. And like, we just always kind of come up and they all live in Austin. And that's just a, you know, like a rock skip up the road from Santa. It's like, maybe an hour. And so all of I guess like the girl group that they hang out with, through college and whatever else. She was a part of that and so I met her later on, and just kind of like hit off and yeah, not that I took seriously because her name is Alex I never said like this is obviously just gonna be like a few good lays and then onward. And then it was just sticky did that. So okay, so

Unknown Speaker 12:05
what what initially I guess what are what are some of your turns on turn ons you know like what you're like he didn't like that her name was Alex you didn't like that she was training so what was appealing about this girl?

Unknown Speaker 12:16
Yeah, I mean just her attitude and personality like she's a for one she she holds it down she's uh she's completely independent with like she works there like a top four firm in Austin some company called KPMG. It's like, all over the fucking world that we I went to I went to a Christmas banquet thing with it. And like she was like, just management consulting, which like a vague term for just like, general management type, like pre management type shit. But she was doing auditing things or whatever, like I thought was an accounting firm. The bottom line is kind of the general business and accounting firm. And then someone's talking about like, like, I like a space division, and like astronautics and shit and I'm like, what's fun?

Unknown Speaker 12:59
Sounds like a

Unknown Speaker 13:01
cyber, I think what else do you guys do? Like I swear to god at the more that I hear, they've got like sectors and everything around the world and they're like, honestly a little like creepy, the more you get to know about them, like kind of like where they got their hands in, but she does that shit which is cool because you know, I went and got hired there and and she she doesn't she doesn't give a fuck like so I'm a real grimy kind of disgusting person who a lot of people probably, and I'll even my hands like um, you know, like out in the sand dunes or something like that because I'm just like a real very primal it's kind of barbaric dude. Yeah. And, and, and she keeps like a lady asked about a really kind of grilled her down honestly. But she supports that and like, completely, like a

Unknown Speaker 13:51
what's the word enables it enables so she just allows

Unknown Speaker 13:53
you to be you. You know,

Unknown Speaker 13:55
she keeps up with it. You know, she's like she's kind of groggy but she's completely grinding She used to be grimy and you know,

Unknown Speaker 14:02
she's the lady when she's a lady.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Yeah, yeah, but she's just she just really yeah, she's she's, she's a homie first and then it's like, Okay, well, like attractive and everything so

Unknown Speaker 14:15
well, I mean, the fact that she moved across the country for you, you know, that's a real one that's holding it down,

Unknown Speaker 14:20
you know? Oh, yeah, for sure. And like her job super cool, flexible like that. She's able to do that. So I want her to like, not be able to work. She sounds

Unknown Speaker 14:27
like a sci fi.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
Yeah, yeah. So she's, uh, she's got an office here in Denver, but she just finished working from home and every, every business kind of fucked right now with the COVID things. Everybody's working from home. So that's cool. Yeah, she's just out and she'll enjoy factory x too, because she needs training. So I'm gonna be fun.

Unknown Speaker 14:44
So you said, you're you're kind of grimy, animalistic. And, you know, before you were Alex squared. Were you kind of like a single guy allowed or did you tend to be in different relationships? Or would you consider yourself a relief

Unknown Speaker 14:57
person? Yeah, I'm out. Definitely done relationships I got like a really like I got like a really seriously sure when I was young like right out of high school like 17 years old up until like, like three years into hell like some other I've had like a few kind of decently long relationships like that like a couple years.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
So you are really

Unknown Speaker 15:18
kinda but also kind of not like felt like this like a third one. I felt like a couple guard kind of Yeah, I guess like maybe I've also done a ton of dirt in between just like, ransacked and pillaged Providence's like I've like I've ran through like, I was probably like first on the scene and like all that, like so I came in on like, a business game too, right? So I was in finance and I was fighting it at the same time now just going like what I did and being the business that you go out more and you like,

Unknown Speaker 15:50
you like

Unknown Speaker 15:54
I said hookers and cocaine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
Yeah, dude, if you're gonna like this Without any euphemisms I guess so yeah, there's definitely that kind of like edge to it. Yeah. Yeah, I was just going out like daily and then the fucking online dating thing start happening with like Bumbles and tenders and shit. Yeah, I could have I could have written a book on 24 hour conversions. I was like, I was like, Bumble God, dude. Like I like just killed the scene on like, four of those a week and then just going out and meeting people like a, you know, decent human. Well, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:33
not mention

Unknown Speaker 16:34
Bumble without telling me if there is like, I there's gotta be some crazy stories you had. I mean, did you ever get catfished

Unknown Speaker 16:40
or? I've been I've been catfished. So I've been semi catfish maybe once or twice. So I'm a gentleman. So I always thought through and I always

Unknown Speaker 16:47
wait so you always follow through with the date or follow through with showing them a good time.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
Yeah, the finish

Unknown Speaker 16:59
halfway up Now I'm going to clear the

Unknown Speaker 17:03
orange. Not gonna leave anybody. Anybody with a low morale or self esteem when they go home? That's right.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
More of a net guy rather than a single single rod fishing spear fishing gear. Yeah, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
I guess I thought some pretty like, I guess it probably would be some hilarious I don't know. I mean, I'd have to dig down the archives.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Nothing Nothing that comes to mind. I know

Unknown Speaker 17:35
really. Not nothing I care to share all the time. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
So, I gotta ask this it's not a it's not a comfortable question. But you said you were kind of grimy and then you get into relationships you know, obviously are changed man now think thank goodness for Alex.

Unknown Speaker 17:53
Oh, yes, but as far as as far as Yeah, I'm on the righteous path of Lord right now for sure. Yeah, I didn't like that. You know since since the girl but

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Still grimy as fuck

Unknown Speaker 18:01
yeah, but did you when you were let's say younger man have you you know had some problem with cheating here and there you know you know the

Unknown Speaker 18:10
the very the very early relationships like the very first one was kind of like a real messy nasty one but yeah, the woman I was like out of high school I was like oh that was it I think every young man he's a good psycho bitch and has like really hot crazy shape just to like ruin part of his adolescence you know as long as he doesn't like you know impregnate or like lose a bunch of money or marry or something it's like it's a good it's a really good inversely a girl these are too long it's not too abusive because like, mine definitely was crazy as shit. Like she would just break shit and tear shit and it was like, God is wild. So like, definitely like that. Definitely. He might be no like, like what I don't want. Sure. And then when you're so young, and you're like have this like, heavy thing. It just seems like that's the thing. But then once you're out of the storm you can kind of look back and see like that's a storm you're in.

Unknown Speaker 19:05
Yeah, the only problem is that sometimes people get they keep thinking that there's only crazies out there and they don't know that there's something better right? I mean you fall into that pattern of dating the crazies again and have you heard of this thing my boyfriend actually told me this and I looked it up and like that's a thing and I don't know if all guys know this but he's like you're not supposed to tell chicks it's called the hot crazy like matrix or the hot crazy oh yeah Yeah, yeah. Like if your

Unknown Speaker 19:31
matches your hot news or something like that,

Unknown Speaker 19:33
like the apex of it's like a unicorn and then just like a dude after that yeah that's a dude yeah, that's a dude she's too hot it yeah too hot and not crazy.

Unknown Speaker 19:44
Yeah, okay, so you know talking about but he showed me it I was like, this makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
No, it does. It does. It's definitely a juggling act. It's funny so like, I had like crazy pants out the gate. And and then I one ad did like one ad day. Completely and I don't even know if I like consciously did it like that like Christian ad or yes legitimately super Christian like I sold a lot of weed in college and so I always thought I was like Yeah, I was gonna I was a little bad boy there i thought you know what maybe you know maybe I'll you know I'll kind of turn into the dark side a little bit but she'll she'll be good and she'll have enough goodness in her and we'll kind of bounce out perfect. And then I end up just becoming a huge person. And, and like I was just trying to like fit in these shoes that just weren't fitting. And it started out kind of cool because she liked to bang on some gangster shit and was cool with the the, you know, the weed and everything but then it just got like, super super boring. It became super stale and you can't talk about like anything but like dentistry and it was like, sick of teeth. It was like it was it got so freestyle and move boats kind of like Yeah, no, I think we're, I think we're we've reached our you know, our into the road but it's again my past Yeah, this is my happy medium now. Yeah. And really it's not even a happy medium it's she's a fucking wild card. It's like, an enigma is you know, like, it's just just different most different human being I've ever met in my life. And like I like people like the kid, I just got character. Like more than anything else you want. You want the brains you want someone that lasted like 90% of shit. And you want you want some character. And like, she's got that so that's for sure you need someone

Unknown Speaker 21:37
someone especially like you. I think Alex you need someone who's gonna keep you on your toes, you know?

Unknown Speaker 21:42
Exactly, yeah. But they're all they're gonna they're gonna be there. They're gonna love

Unknown Speaker 21:45

Unknown Speaker 21:46
but they're not going to take your shit either. You know? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was

Unknown Speaker 21:50
me. Carla always talked about how like we want. We want a bad boy with his shit together.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
You know, and I feel like you need like, a good girl who's not gonna take your shit.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Yeah a little edgy little

Unknown Speaker 22:04
guy and a girl some professionalism

Unknown Speaker 22:07
yeah so I know you're you know you were Mr. playboy all that you know and then you met you know your girl but like do you find yourself being more of like a romantic at times have you ever

Unknown Speaker 22:18
you know I try to do I try to do so I'm more of like I'm on this spot maybe like I'm all about just kind of in the moment sort of stuff because I don't really respect you know, your birthdays one thing, but most days are so fucking arbitrary. Like, you know, like, oh today's like Valentine's Day or like even like, whatever day like even a father's day like I need a random fucking day to be like, give my dad something you know? And so like I just I just do things like whenever I like if I pass if I walk by some badass flowers in the store I'll just ordered by him. But there's like a good chance like on that day, you probably won't get anything because I probably didn't realize it was that day. You know, I mean, like, Oh, hey, we're going to fucking jail. Diego, that's what we're doing this weekend. So we just do it like, just shit like that, where like I'm all about experiences and like adventures and doing things and then just like I see it, let's just get it looks good on you. Let's buy it. Let's like the kind of in the moment just just doing things that that means something then rather than like, yeah, I'm terrible at planning, terrible about like communicating on plans. So I definitely like a lot of things slip to slip through the cracks like that. Yeah, I don't think my grandmother's who like hit me with reminders.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
Wait, wait, wait, your grandma was

Unknown Speaker 23:33
my grandmother's they hit they hit me on the reminders. I'm super cool. So I'm a grandma's boy. Dude, my that's Oh, really? Yeah, straight up.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Yeah, this way. Like, I mean, I got to ask why, you know, just

Unknown Speaker 23:45
so like I didn't so my mom passed down early age. So I had my dad which is just like, sounds like me, but way worse. Like, I get started in general pirate like just like that's like weird. Yeah, you're stuck. I'm the eldest son and so you know, he was always pretty gritty with me. And then I had like, I was like, I became really close to my grandparents though. It's like my grandma's were like that. There that there were those warm cookies at night. Yeah, that's I'm a

Unknown Speaker 24:17
similar situation. No one died, but not as well. But my grandpa Yeah, kind

Unknown Speaker 24:22
of took me under his wing and I'm a girl's girl. So when you said that, I'm like, Oh, you know, and you don't hear that a lot. I'm a mama's boy.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
something so special to grandparents like there is you know, they're like all the purity behind like, what your parents want to be almost but they can't Yeah, like, yeah, grandparents or events or special. Yeah, take advantage of those guys. And they, they they like they feel so hard that you just can't like I hit a point where it was like she's she's from Georgia. She's a sweet little Southern peach. But like, sometimes that fish thinks some ignorant shit and I'm like, oh, What are you saying dude? But you know what, like, she says certain ways that like, I'm not even gonna, you know, I'm just like, you know, you're right.

Unknown Speaker 25:06
You know? Yeah, it's hard to because like, you know, you're, you know, you want to respect her but you also want to, you know, I don't I get it I get it for sure. And they're just like,

Unknown Speaker 25:16
so old you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:18
like next week anyway is like

Unknown Speaker 25:20
yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 25:23
yeah, like, yeah, there's like experience similar stuff here. So it was something like divine happened. You're not gonna change your mind. Yeah, let's just roll with it.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
So okay, so your Grandma, grandma kinda reminds me to be more you know, don't forget her birthday, that kind of stuff, which I don't want to feel bad about. A lot of dudes are forgetful. But what I've learned in my dating experience, it doesn't mean if they forget something, it doesn't mean they don't care. Do they're just forgetful.

Unknown Speaker 25:46
You know. So it's just kind of like you by nature is not very good at that stuff. But some people are but that's again, that goes back to like that kind of thing that you're talking about. It's hard to get like, it's hard to get somebody that's really compassionate. And dialed into an itinerary set like that who's not a pussy? You know, it's it's hard.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
It's not even important if I mean, Okay, I'm gonna be corny right now. So have you heard of love languages?

Unknown Speaker 26:13
Yeah. Okay, so,

Unknown Speaker 26:14
so I mean, let's just, you know, without getting into depth with it, like, you know, certain people and we both know this kind of person, they're more, you know, excited about getting gifts rather than other types of signs of affection, you know, like, I would much rather spend time then get a gift in the mail. You know, some people want to be told how beautiful they are. So, you know, let's say, Alex number two, you know, your girl is Yeah, she's physical touch or words of affirmation or whatever, you know, like, I wouldn't feel so bad. You know, maybe your guys's Love Languages matchup.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
Right, right. No, totally. She's, she's kind of like she brought this whole

Unknown Speaker 26:55
language is the source to my attention.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Yeah, so I started. I mean, I didn't look into it. We just talked about it. No, that is definitely like, yeah, there's something something to that, I think like, people, people should look at the person giving whatever it is, right? Like, instead of like always, like, what's my love language or like, you know, let's say, let's say you're not a gift person, but somebody, like gave you something, you know, and you're coming on, that doesn't mean as much to me as this, but for that person, and maybe they saved up a lot of money. They're not they don't like giving gifts is harder to come by, rather than, like, you know, doing something, you know, so, so you look at like, what the, what the person giving you, you know, what the donor is doing? A little bit but where they came from, because, to me, that speaks more volumes, like I'm gonna give a fuck about what my language is. It's like, if it's if it's easy for you to like, do something for me. Okay, you did that. And I was like, Okay, well, you do that for everybody. But it's like you're on your way to get something and maybe it's too easy for you just to buy things. So you buying something doesn't mean anything to me versus like, yeah, you going and doing something. Yeah. Or you're

Unknown Speaker 27:58
a busy person and You know, carve out some time out of your schedule and you know, that person is busy, you know, and it's, you know, maybe they're taking work off or something, you know, it's, that's a sign like, Okay, this is a big gesture. Right, right. 1,000%

Unknown Speaker 28:11
Yeah. And for me, it's always been like, it's always been relaxed. Like Who's there? Who's there when you need them? Like, like for anything like Hey guys, I really need like, even if it's like, I really just need a ride here like like something happened. Or I need you to help me like pick this thing up. I need I just need like something. Like I expect like my boys to be there for me, because I'd always drop anything to be there for them or whatever. And I'm really bad with gifts. I don't do a good job with that. I don't think about stuff or gifts, but if you need me, I'll drop whatever I'm doing. And go do that for you. Yeah, I'll skip I'll miss a session I'll miss whatever if that's if you need that. I'll take care I'll do it. I'll do whatever because the people that are close to me more than me than anything that's that's why I am you know who I am what I'm doing. So, for me that's like actions always speak louder than words like little gift gestures or anything else is always like, what do you

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Yeah, for sure. And I think you know, I can't speak for everyone but I feel like I'm the same and most people are the same. It's not what you're gonna get them or buy them. You know, it's kind of how you how you make them feel. And maybe you didn't feel good by being there for them or whatever. But yeah, I get it. So do you know your girls love language?

Unknown Speaker 29:19
A man doesn't want to come about. Yeah, she's touch. Yeah, she's Miss touchy, dude. That's what she's like. I just got like better like Labrador sometimes. Sugar town. Yeah, but yeah, you gotta like give her those affectional comments like he's a lucky guy, Pat a guy. Yeah, get that tail wag. Back on with the day a little bit, but she needs those check ins.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Yes. Yeah, that's good. That's good. Speaking of petting. So how did you?

Unknown Speaker 29:48
How did you find out about sex when you're young? Did your parents give you the birds and the bees? Or did you grandma give you the birds and the bees talk. like

Unknown Speaker 29:59
shit. Sexual connection to the elderly just turned into like this truck fetish.

Unknown Speaker 30:09
Like don't you

Unknown Speaker 30:10
stop talking about grandma now during the sex part, okay, and we're still

Unknown Speaker 30:14
switching violets family now it's kind of completely hard, right? Yeah, perversions, but, uh, you know, I was just a curious young lad. I remember getting my first little like sexual dreams and kindergarten. Just just waking up from a nap. so goddamn horny. I

Unknown Speaker 30:37
don't even know why.

Unknown Speaker 30:38
Yeah, get my legs outside and see some sunlight just a blind out those images. But I think um, you know, HBO for sure. When you're in middle school, you start flipping through the tube and catching some catches some late night. pornea. That's, that's got to be. Yeah, it's got to be the ticket for sure. I think every kid gets pretty curious. On on TV, and that's kind of like you know, you catch a few movie glimpses and things you're supposed to close your eyes on didn't and then you know and then you start kind of and then and then sex that happens in like, fourth grade or or third grade or something like that. Maybe not there's like fourth or fifth grade.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
That's pretty early I think like back they wait until like high school for my in my school.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Well, I think the future I remember having a middle school too, but I'm pretty sure I I spoke of a vagina like in fifth grade. What is here? Yeah, and then I think like, I think in middle school, we ran it back. But

Unknown Speaker 31:42
that's good. So nobody's gonna be saw. I mean, most people you're right, like television, they talk to their friends, you know, but uh,

Unknown Speaker 31:49

Unknown Speaker 31:50
yeah, I mean, that's not even like an early super early age. Did

Unknown Speaker 31:52
you did you birds and bees or how'd you figure it out? You know, God, I

Unknown Speaker 31:56
had some extremely absentee parents. Like I said grandpa was around, but Purchase

Unknown Speaker 32:00
grandpa grandma didn't didn't have any point on the doll.

Unknown Speaker 32:04

Unknown Speaker 32:09
No, thank God. Yeah, but you're right. I actually I did I found my, me and my my brother were so like, naughty. We'd always like, fuck up the house when our parents were gone. And remember me and my stepsister found a like a VHS who really wants this

Unknown Speaker 32:25
and then we're just like, oh God, turn it off.

Unknown Speaker 32:28
And we were like, really young. And that was the first time I saw like sex or like a sec. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
You found a VHS in your in your parent or your grandparents dwelling or no,

Unknown Speaker 32:37
it's in

Unknown Speaker 32:38
my in my dad's dad's room like in there. It's so funny. He fucking said that. He just like brought back memory of the porn box. forgot about that dude. Yeah. living at my grandparents house when we were when I was a kid, my mom. I remember going downstairs one day and dirty Jerry has had this box. Just like mags, like not not like mags like like a magazine. Yeah. And their videos, they're definitely plenty of photos. And yeah, I remember flipping through that it's kind of a Yeah, that's a few birds and bees

Unknown Speaker 33:18
together with different things for sure. It's not just one conversation, you know, as you grow up here, you know, you say

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I just want the music videos like watching MTV and like, you know, just like provocative TV and stuff like that it

Unknown Speaker 33:32
was even that we're young, you know, and like now I'm like, Oh, the youth is good to see. I

Unknown Speaker 33:39
think it's all pretty gory. I mean, you might catch me on a Wednesday afternoon and my dad caught in the couch. Normal TV Yeah. watching some Lenny Kravitz music video little too early in the morning or something.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
So when did you first lose your virginity and tell me there's some awkward story?

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Yeah. So I was already was a late bloomer. I didn't hit puberty like 22 so I was like,

Unknown Speaker 34:03
wait, wait. 22

Unknown Speaker 34:05
Yeah, I was like super behind the ball and so like, like Life was hard man. These get called The Grudge kid in middle school, so I just looked a little too like cheeky and Asian like my cheeks are big and straight out here. The ground

Unknown Speaker 34:18
just think of the girl. Oh, that's the ring.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
Sorry. Dude, there's there's a boy.

Unknown Speaker 34:27
A little fucking Kitty Cat Boy dude.

Unknown Speaker 34:29
That's it. It's funny. You say that? I got called Asian when I was young, too.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
Yeah, yeah, I wish you know. I mean, Asians just like if you're not there, you're like hell. Anyways, um, so I Oh, so yeah, I wasn't really like popular with with girls at all until like, really? Junior year a bit Junior. I started casting cloud and then really senior years when I kind of started to blossom a bit. It took like, I can't it's hard times. I'll see some Photos of like freshman year. I really look like a toddler like it's crazy. So senior year started kind of pop off a bit. Catch a little under the bra over the pant handy. Yeah, starting to get started get a little provocative outside and then finally probably like second semester of senior year lost it. I was dating this girl like my first that's why I was like matching my first girlfriend. So senior in high school so who cares? Yes, your junior year of high school we lose it till senior year of high school 17 years old. And suddenly when I was just like, I just didn't hit puberty for so long. And I was like this idea in my head. And then it was like deeded to me even like in my dad. Yeah, like this kid even right? Yeah, I don't even know if I trust his dick. And, and the deck prevailed though it did. It did fail and it's served me

Unknown Speaker 35:59
in a bountiful way. And so

Unknown Speaker 36:00
where did it happen? Because if you're 17 it's either your parents

Unknown Speaker 36:04
house is at my home. Yeah. But not in my bed. It was in that dirty little guest bedroom never be the same. So

Unknown Speaker 36:12
why, why your bed though?

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Uh, I don't know maybe we just want to like create like a little sanctum four. You know? Maybe just like, you know lights and candles.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
You guys were 17 lights aren't making out and you just happen to be there.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
Oh, no, that's what happened. Oh, man, I forgot about this too. Did you bring it back all this nice trauma. So I've been dating this girl for a few months now. Right? And so this was like my first for like everything, you know? Because like all I've done is like, like over the pants back shed and like some make outs and I think I maybe felt a vagina by now. But I was like, yeah, late bloomer. So I'm finally Yeah, I'm getting after at all and, and we try to have sex. Two times. This was a third time I couldn't do it because every time we pull up the condom, I lose my boner. Like every time I try to put the condom on. Yeah, voter would just

Unknown Speaker 37:08
fizzle out. Oh, that's normal. Normal.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
No, yeah, no, I mean it happened like and so I put on and I just kind of like lose it and then obviously you start thinking about it. So it was a mindfuck at that point by the third time happened as I do, but bear back. Oh, yeah, dude, I can't rather do that and just be a fucking pussy forever and mortified through my graduating senior year. Just roll the dice Yeah, no, but super recommended but Dude, that prize that motherfucker. I mean, you can live with a lot of things. It's hard to live without that so I yeah, I I got it done. And you know, it's funny. I didn't think it was that great. Turns out with that girl that was the closest I ever got hurt finishing ever, you know, and it probably banged it out a few more times. After that. And Yeah, I always thought like, hey, bucket knocked it out right and she's like

Unknown Speaker 38:07
no. Yeah, she was terrible person though so

Unknown Speaker 38:11
you know, with her

Unknown Speaker 38:14
at all But no, I wasn't very embarrassing I just had like I said, I had a few like rough patches to get it going, and really wasn't really done but she was like, this like, sounds terrible. She's like the perfect. Like, coming of age kind of girlfriend for this where I can, like, we can like both do stuff and like shamelessly just kind of like figure it out. You know what I mean? Like, it wasn't like, like, wasn't really like anything was too embarrassing. So got that done. Right as I finished though. My dad came home. Oh, no. And, and we're like, I just forgot a purse up here. I don't really know. Like, how, how that like, why she was over when nobody was there and how I got away. That's my parents really strict. They're super children. Yeah super strict so I don't really know how my dad was just like whatever you know there's my stuff a little bit of problem but he's good all the house you know, it's like completely flustered red face little like girl leaving the house. It's kind of fucking but yeah, so that was it. I remember like getting done driving or my best friend's house. I got my car he like met me in the driveway. He's like he did I was like I did with a car like chasing each other like high fiving is pretty magnificent. That was Yeah, that was special.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
So Was she a virgin at the same time?

Unknown Speaker 39:37
No, shoot, actually just, I was her second guy. I was like, I was her 22nd guy.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
She was a bicycle.

Unknown Speaker 39:48
I was number two, so Okay, that's, yeah, me too.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
So no, come on.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
Yeah, that's good. You both still trying to figure it out. That's cool,

Unknown Speaker 40:00
right? Yeah. And I mean, nobody was good at anything. So you've come

Unknown Speaker 40:03
a long way obviously, since those days,

Unknown Speaker 40:06
I came a long way. And like the whole girlfriend thing really helped like having that serious girlfriend after that. I learned everything Dude, I was like, yeah, Houdini on the hooch, like I was,

Unknown Speaker 40:18
like, make it make it magic. You know, wizardry,

Unknown Speaker 40:20
so give her their age.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, you give me like, two whiskeys and I'll give it my all. Okay, I guess I'll give you everything I got. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
There are some gentlemen who abstained from cunnilingus if you will, and

Unknown Speaker 40:37
yeah, I know. It's kind of wack. I'm saying I after a couple drinks. It's like I don't even ask questions. I just go down. But But generally, yeah, I mean, just because it's like, I always, you know, always want to impress people make a good impression. You know, I do always want to make an impression. So I want I want people to be honest, that was a that was a dandy. experience. Generally,

Unknown Speaker 41:02
yeah. You know how to get to get a five star Yelp review

Unknown Speaker 41:07
is what you're saying. I do. Okay. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
So this is a question. I've been asking everyone because we are fighters and there is that myth, I believe, but some people say that there's some accuracy to it. Do you abstain from sex before a fight?

Unknown Speaker 41:24
No, no, the I don't think about anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
And then like, you'd also have to say like, well, how long you know, because generally you're gone by yourself a fight week anyways.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
No, I'm talking like, two weeks. a month. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:38
yeah, no, I don't do any of that. I don't think about it. I think I even like jerk off in the hotel. Like, not

Unknown Speaker 41:46
just if I'm bored or tense or if like two tires aren't around. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:55
You're taking a shit for

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah no

Unknown Speaker 42:03
don't don't

Unknown Speaker 42:07
but so no I don't know fighters I just don't think about anything like that I just don't and like I've talked to guys before to where they like they said like the week of the fight like no nothing I just don't do anything testosterone I just I just like I'm all about just feeling good that week just in cat general like I want to be mentally physically emotionally sound like I want to be sounds I just want I want to be kind just floating through the week feeling more and more confident feel more solid and so you know if some a Jackie was gonna do that, then let's pump it out. If not, then we'll keep the reserves tight. But yeah, I don't really. Yeah, I just don't overthink it.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
You know, you're This is episode nine. We've had nine other guests and not one person has said yeah, abstain. So I think the general you know, you know, agreement with all these top level fighters is if it makes you happy and it makes you feel good. Do it.

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Right, right and there might be some counter, you know, counter to science

Unknown Speaker 43:05
beyond Oh, you can't be having someone said this the other day to me they're like, you can't be having a Olympic, you know, type of sex before the fight, you know, you know, you know, me or something, but you know,

Unknown Speaker 43:17
you don't want to be going all out. Yeah. And just, you know, I mean, you're depleted stuff to see me feeling bad about yourself either. hams would just say,

Unknown Speaker 43:27
yeah, maybe we'll have the same vigor. Okay, so this

Unknown Speaker 43:30
this last part of this like sexy talk is called the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
created this because I want to get a little deeper into what you like, what you don't like, but we don't got that kind of time. And maybe some people are a little shy. So I call something out. You know, boom, boom, boom, you just gotta say yes or no. So it's called lightning round. You're ready. Let's get it

Unknown Speaker 43:56
all right. Dirty talking bet Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Yeah spank Okay, we're

Unknown Speaker 44:03
before before we go any deeper. We talking about like because everything's so circumstantial like dirty talking about like, Oh no, I don't ever want my girlfriend that's like

Unknown Speaker 44:13
talking crazy shit you know like spinning my ass

Unknown Speaker 44:19
like vicious like like before that you know just some random person you know maybe it'd be like it but honestly dirty talk often makes me laugh and it just makes for a good story so i don't i don't really take it too seriously okay

Unknown Speaker 44:36
I would say no on that one because if you use it as a joke that you're definitely not using it to get off right

Unknown Speaker 44:42
okay that's it Okay, that wasn't kind of boundaries nice. Just stipulate I would say I would say do I get off to it if that's a yes or no that we're going for did didn't know. I did not get off the dirty talk.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
Okay, good. All right. Spank would like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Yeah, good spanking school. All right, you better data than the E biting girl. Yeah. choking

Unknown Speaker 45:09
threesomes Absolutely. Do you watch porn? For sure. during sex? No, I haven't done that. foot fetish has done that. I don't think I've done that. No, no fetishes. Alright. bondage ropes blindfolds. Oh. I mean, it's hard to say like lightning

Unknown Speaker 45:32
sex route. Yeah, you know? Yeah. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 45:36
I've never done it. I think it's cool in theory. Yeah, that's pretty cool theory but not never like really been to inspire to do. Okay. Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Now, but stuff you are a partner.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Sure. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 45:52
all right. Does anyone answer yes, toys.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
R Us. I mean, yeah, sure. But, but both of things I don't really like Dive into too much

Unknown Speaker 46:03
I prefer I prefer the I prefer takeovers thing I definitely prefer like vagina but buttholes like desolate area little areas. You know, it's like man nothing's supposed to plant their fucking flag and stuff a stock. No belong in here, bro. I feel but if someone's like, hey, put it in your pocket. It's like, Okay, well if you insist, you know it gets you.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Right okay, but that's not your go to

Unknown Speaker 46:28
no not like and then the same thing like the toys like I want to say do a fine job like toys just aren't even like I think that like I've really I've dated a chick that that was like real heavy in toys and I was trying to like pull him out and never really did because I'm just gonna occupy the space but again game okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
That's what matters if you're open to it. You know, that's what

Unknown Speaker 46:49
that's it for lightning round the.

Unknown Speaker 46:56
Who do you think would be fun to hear on sex and violence? After you

Unknown Speaker 47:02
probably Carlos bars because she's afraid.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Yeah, a lot of a lot of people have been dming me a while I've had Carlo. She's like, I'm gonna be too deep. I'm not gonna want to talk about certain things. I'm like, you will talk I'll get you to talk. I

Unknown Speaker 47:15
will talk.

Unknown Speaker 47:19
Alright, so now we're gonna play Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 47:29
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 47:32
done. All right, so if you guys don't know, I'm gonna give him three names. He's got to choose to fuck one marry one kill one.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
gotta choose ready? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:41
these are all the female champions. So we got 115 Jessica on draws 125 Valentina Shevchenko. And finally 135 she wouldn't fuck you because she's lesbian but Amanda Nunez

Unknown Speaker 47:59
brutalized Okay, all right. All right. All right. All right. I think I would have to kill on john J. Now the other person I would just ask if I had to kill her. I'd have to. Fox of chenko and then just Mary Nunez and just have her as mine.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
She She will have you

Unknown Speaker 48:23
like, your little pinky holder.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Go get me this and good.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
Alright, so now we're gonna do fan questions cross.

Unknown Speaker 48:36
You're gonna push, watch.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
These are fan questions that you know, people from my fan base your fan base in our mutual fan base. Speaking of the first person at Carlos bar as a one wants to know, has he ever participated in a devil's threesome?

Unknown Speaker 48:57
No, I haven't. Oh, I have

Unknown Speaker 49:00
for you. people listening who do not do not know what a devil's threesome is. It is when there are two males and one female involved. And a good Christian threesome would be two ladies and one man. He didn't know.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Yeah, yeah, straight up. It does sound a little say tannic. Do you think about that? horns going around? No, I have not allowed a good woman like that.

Unknown Speaker 49:22
There you go. Carla. at Howard 25 wants to know, Would you ever consider coming out to an analytic song? The rythmics this one got me confused.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
Okay, all right. Yeah, I've needed some different dialects for that. So I'm not sure what you're

Unknown Speaker 49:36
saying. Okay, so you know that song Sweet dreams?

Unknown Speaker 49:41
Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
So I was like this. This guy asked this question twice. The rhythmics are like,

Unknown Speaker 49:51
not knowing that. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, that's hard. That's really hard. I'm into that.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
And I wonder why this guy. I'm like this guy. His name is how 25 Do you know this person?

Unknown Speaker 50:01
I'm gonna go for a fucking power walk tonight to that

Unknown Speaker 50:06
and I wonder like did he asked that because you come out to kind of unique songs

Unknown Speaker 50:12
um I don't know maybe he's just got a curious mind or you know what do you walk out to

Unknown Speaker 50:19
come out to some pretty

Unknown Speaker 50:23
just come out to gangster shit like it's just fitting for whatever the time period is like the first one was this like rocky asked like modern type sound tracting planning on you know what

Unknown Speaker 50:36
I mean no I found it like you have to like send it to you but

Unknown Speaker 50:39
just like movie like suspense building type

Unknown Speaker 50:41
yeah just kind of like like that like like I just

Unknown Speaker 50:45
like a champ Rope A Dope type sound and like walk out song no like lyrics is just like a like a Beatle I don't just write is beautiful. And then the next one. Got a little Wayne got to Dre got out. I like real old school gangster shit but just like the message and each one of them kind of fitted like the fight that I was going for yeah the feeling that I had for it so I do a pretty good job on a lot of walkouts that's good okay so at doctor one time lossing I'm done if someone's looking for killer was a look at the can fit box me on that one like I forgot what song up for that and they like played juicy by Biggie you know I was like fuck is this broad and asked as basic as shit and saw but other day I didn't want this as my walkout and they blocked me yeah and

Unknown Speaker 51:33
that's never happened I would be so mad because my walkout song is so important to me. Almost

Unknown Speaker 51:40
like I quit

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Okay, so at Dr. Sarah Wits wants to know what's more difficult for you to come back from physical setback like an injury or mental setback like a boss.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
I would say mental is everything you know, but like it The timeframe of things I would say physical takes more time, you know, you have like a big injury of six to eight months. And that's, that's it takes me doesn't take me that long to resurface. Yeah. You know, like, physically physical, like injuries you take, you know, like a literal amount of time more, but mental can be far more like cumbersome and difficult over time.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
For sure. I mean, some people, they hold their mental setbacks or losses, they keep

Unknown Speaker 52:28
them with them for a long time, you know, and that's it. You might not even realize you might think you're over it until you get back in your pocket, not over. Yeah, yeah. Question actually. Yeah. All right. So those definitely

Unknown Speaker 52:42
ask Nick underscore, e 00. wants to know, have you ever considered dropping down to 145?

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Yeah, I was actually going back on back and forth on that right now. Because I continually feel undersized. But again, a lot of it I'm finding out like as I was kind of doing this little gym tour and it was a time in Colorado, that So much of it's just like, again, my lack of experience expertise like things that I'm doing wrong maybe on the nutrition prep specific like conditioning prep, and then even the rehydrating and the week that we've just finished the whole week of the fight prep and so I feel fine you know, but I feel like I'm underperforming so like like going through the process I feel good but then you know, moment Allah I tend to feel and look a little undersized but maybe 10 pounds and don't don't feel great stamina wise last few times. So trying to try to work that out and I was kind of waiting to see what my weight would do as acclimate and Colorado just kind of sitting sort of heavy in the 70s so probably gonna stay at 55 and just tighten up just like get I was mowing strength conditioning coach last time nutritionist to anything that were to me hats on my last fight so do that.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Having people in place for this one. Did you think that when you move to Colorado, the altitude change your way. Are you thinking Well, no.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
It was, like, just working out and training. Like, what happens to my way? Like, okay, if I'm getting into the 60s pretty regularly then Okay, I think 45 you know, pretty feasible. But if I'm staying in like the mid Upper 70s, like I'm kind of hanging out on 75 usually says, and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 54:26
Yeah, you're leaving, like, Yeah, I remember actually, when we were hanging out, we all went to the gym together, and we were lifting stuff in. You mean, Carla?

Unknown Speaker 54:37
Looking at the No, no.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
I'm saying, I remember when we were talking, we had a conversation about how should

Unknown Speaker 54:47
I cut down to 125. And you're like, you looked me up and down. You're like,

Unknown Speaker 54:51
how? Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 54:53
a mission. I hate my life a lot of the time, but you're like, no. And I was like,

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Yeah, that's right. I can't believe that yeah. Yeah, so I was gonna either go into the same miserable vote or not. And I'm finding out so many things are so technical to, you know, like, things that like, I need to sit on some of my punch better or you know, grappling positions where I'm being inefficient. And I'm finding like, as I'm dealing with high level guys I normally don't ever get trained with it's like, sometimes I'll have a hard time holding down at 35 or 4570 guy just because of how they move, you know, the technique so it's like I don't know if I'll know if weights everything No, it's just kind of being efficient with your way. It's definitely not be technical. Yeah, yeah, I'm the fastest 55 or so I kind of want to keep that edge.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Yeah, when I posted your picture I got a lot of compliments on your body. I was like so my body guys she's like

Unknown Speaker 55:48
Okay, last question. At Ricardo j Gonzo wants to know what was the first martial art you learned?

Unknown Speaker 55:56
wrestler? Nice High School Wrestling's the base yet nice. Yeah, I did it in middle school for like a month and caught staff with the hospital for two days and wrap it up until high school so there's a restless limited dangerous life early on. Yeah, there's club mats.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
Yeah. Well, we're gonna end on that fucking note. That is it. Alex, thank you so much for talking to us. I really wish you the best of luck in Colorado. You and Alex squared hope you have lots of sex and acclimate to, you know, all the stuffing all the above. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
And I hope you come out and train in California. Again. Let's train and talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Cool. Thanks so much for having me on. I appreciate you talking about high

Unknown Speaker 56:39

Unknown Speaker 56:47

Unknown Speaker 57:00
That's it for episode nine, we're picking up momentum and it feels good. followers, subscribers and downloads have increased every day. And that's a sign of success. But like our new COVID world, just we think things are getting good, or at least back to normal. Boom, you're living in a weird movie like reality again. So with that in mind, if I faced some bumps in this podcast journey, I'm not gonna get discouraged. And I hope you guys don't either. We don't know when this is gonna end. But we do know that we are in it together. So you're not alone. And this will end. Keep your head up guys. be resilient in whatever it is you do. Be confident in the future, even if it is looking a little grim at times. And don't forget to unplug from the non stop overbearing news of impending world collapse. So find something that makes you happy rollerskate puzzles, online courses, and of course, lots of sex and violence. keep tuning in. Thanks for listening guys. If you like this podcast, help it grow, rate and review us on Apple or Spotify that helps us move up in the rankings so more people can listen. Thank you to our producer rectly at Wrigley audio engineer DJ soul at DJs Oh, tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official. And you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself. Ashley I'm ma subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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